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Thorn Keep
(Owners of this keep receive the thorn aura spell effect)
Current Owners: Conclave
Taken From: Wargar

The Citadel
(Owners of this  keep receive bonus saves)
Current Owners: Bloodlust
Taken From: Wargar

Misery Keep
(Owners of this keep controls the veil of misery spell)
Current Owners: Conclave
Taken From: Wargar

Current Spell Target: Chaos

Purgatory Keep
(Owners of this keep receive the Purgatory XP Bonus)
Current Owners: New_Thalos
Last Owners: Verminasia

NorthEast Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Slayers
NorthWest Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Slayers
SouthEast Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Slayers
SouthWest Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Slayers

2023 State of the Mud
(Saturday Feb 11, 2023)

Hello all. It's been a while since I've gotten to post a State of the Mud and there are a few important announcements that I wanted to share. It's a good thing for you all know what we're working on and I'm hoping you can get as excited as I am for some of this.

CON - July 21 & 22 2023 – Amarillo Texas.

We haven't had a convention in Amarillo for quite some time and based on last years terrible events, we're going to have this one here at our new house. It may not be as nice as the mountain con chalets, but there is room enough for entertaining folks similar to what we did back at the Seattle Washington con. Also, we have a salt water pool so bring your trunks! We will post more on this as we get closer to the date.


Yes, for real and this is my favorite thing on this list. This will begin in mid April (2 short months away) and will work in a way similar to before with the following exciting changes.

1- ANY active level 51 can own an Army. Anyone who owns an army will be referred to as a Lord or Lady for the purpose leading your own loyal troops. Kingdoms will always have an advantage due to tax revenue, certain troops types being available, existing armies and a Kingdoms built in natural defenses, but ANY PLAYER may start their own personal armies and place their loyalties in with larger armies, or just a conglomerate of other players forming together for a common goal. Be careful who you trust Kingdoms and Lords/Ladies, because the opportunity for deceit exists too. Lords and Ladies can choose to NOT participate in a battle after giving support OR even fight for the opposition.

2- There is a real GRAPHICAL interface for the land based battles (no Navy Sim quite yet, but I am looking), based on the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator engine. (hoping the workshop for UEBS2 is released soon too because its wayyy better, but we can use either) Some of the troops types may not look as they supposed to be in the graphical interface, but the Stats for the Troops and numbers will be completely accurate. The fun here is being able to watch the recorded battles much like the teaser I put on You Tube a couple of months ago. These battles will have a corresponding Kwars note to go along explain the story behind any battles.


3- A real time updated map with smaller territories divided up to fight for. Some territories have a greater strategic value than others which will be explained or should be common sense based on location.

4- Turn based system. All orders, moves, battles and results will be processed once a week on Wednesdays. The cut off for orders will be Wednesday mornings at 10am system time.

5- Kingdom Cities will be the HARDEST thing to conquer, but if done and kept more than 30 days, we will allow change to be reflected in game in the form of guards, banners, etc, etc.

6- There is a LOT of details that go into this, all of it will be available to everyone mid-April, shooting for April 17th.


Based on player feedback, we are making a change to the way PKP's work by limiting the bonus effects gotten from them after a few are spent on each stat. We'll share the exact amount of this after we do some testing.


Thank you to everyone who responded to my request for balance feedback. I was looking for some common feelings amongst the players and we will be making adjustments based on that. You'll see the first a few planned ones later this month. Please keep an open mind and test out any changes you see before falling into any dramatic shock. We will make monthly adjustments for the rest of the year.


We will be adding a new Kingdom Keep this year. That's all I will say now. Who doesn't like surprises???


Speaking of surprises, there is a brand new class and race planned and I hope to have them announced at Con and then released the week after con. The race is a little more light hearted than the class is, meaning that the class and race have nothing to do with each other.


This is getting back on track starting with the Crystal Dragon and more to slowly make their way in.


We will be starting a new form of competitive events to be known as Leveraged events. If its popular, we may use this method for AGL, ACFL, etc. The idea is to leverage a competitors HP/Mana based on their race and class to even the playing field. If popular, we'll move on with this to see where it takes us.

These are our current projects and focus, but we also want to bring more story driven quests into the world both large and small. For that we are adding a little more help to the Imm world.

Please be kind to Imms, keep an open mind and be the type of player that helps others want to be here. I appreciate all of you who do this very much!
I hope that you are excited and we are all more than ready to see this progress move forward.




Untitled Document

4th Annual Magma Cup Tournament Standings
(Wednesday Oct 6, 2021)

Final Standings

Team Wins Losses Winning % PF PA +/- Games Behind

Gruntz Gargantuans
5 0 100% 15 0 +15 -

The Shadowlords
4 1 80% 12 3 +9 1

Gruntz Crystal Dragons
3 2 60% 9 6 +3 2

Bloodland Hellhounds
2 3 40% 6 9 -3 3

Blazing Phoenix
1 4 20% 3 12 -9 4

Dread Lords Hellfire
0 5 0% 0 15 -15 5



Player Killer of the Week
[Bloodlust] Tobryck - Crusader Giant ogre - Bloodlust

Top 20 Player Killers of the Week

Rank Name Kills Clan Class Race
1 Tobryck 4 Bloodlust Crusader Giant ogre
2 Jahrial 4 Slayers Dragonslayer Ariel
3 Daburds 4 Slayers Jongleur Ariel
4 Dinol 3 Wargar Battlerager Hill dwarf
5 Pardo 3 Knighthood Confessor Human
6 Aymer 2 Conclave Invoker Shalonesti elf
7 Tsuji 2 Bloodlust Pirate Orc
8 Bonga 2 Slayers Barbarian Bugbear
9 Ulyssus 2 Conclave Illusionist Human
10 Ruaqheix 2 Dragon Dragon Steel dragon
11 Z'szytheis 1 Slayers Assassin Bakali
12 Branzol 1 Justice Paladin Human
13 Gares 1 Wargar Battlerager Hill dwarf
14 Higgins 1 Wargar Shaman Dark dwarf
15 Sasahmel 1 Demon Demon Demon
16 Thindyss 1 Conclave Mentalist Dark elf
17 Lochlan 1 Conclave Invoker Pixie
18 Gladrim 1 Shadow Shadowmage Human
19 Alazanor 1 Justice Armsman Minotaur
20 Goltarus 1 Wargar Battlerager Hill dwarf

Algoron Gladiator League

Aratorex - (17 - 2) Centaur Druid from Loner

Shaik, (30 - 2) Pixie Necromancer from Red Robes

Current Top 10 Contenders

Rank Name Record Race and Class Affiliation
1 Dinol (18 - 3) Hill Dwarf Battlerager Wargar
2 Waak (16 - 8) Goblin Charlatan Bloodlust
3 Maccus (28 - 41) Human Skald Shadow
4 Agarwood (8 - 1) Arboren Priest New Thalos
5 Rithor (14 - 22) Human Paladin Knighthood
6 Z'szytheis (13 - 2) Bakali Assassin Chaos
7 Pardo (9 - 3) Human Confessor Knighthood
8 Piknim (10 - 0) Kender Witch Verminasia
9 Tobryck (17 - 21) Giant Ogre Crusader Bloodlust
10 Thuken (7 - 6) Mountain Dwarf Priest Wargar



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