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Thorn Keep
(Owners of this keep receive the thorn aura spell effect)
Current Owners: Shalonesti
Taken From: Slayers

The Citadel
(Owners of this  keep receive bonus saves)
Current Owners: Justice
Taken From: Shalonesti

Misery Keep
(Owners of this keep controls the veil of misery spell)
Current Owners: Slayers
Taken From: Shalonesti

Current Spell Target: Shalonesti

Purgatory Keep
(Owners of this keep receive the Purgatory XP Bonus)
Current Owners: New_Thalos
Last Owners: Abaddon

NorthEast Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Justice
NorthWest Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Justice
SouthEast Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Justice
SouthWest Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Justice

The 2016 DSL Convention Schedule and Information
(Tuesday July 26, 2016)

You can see all of the Convention Information and Schedule HERE.

DSL Convention Information and Schedule


The Convention House Address is:
1202 Brooks Hill Dr
Breckenridge CO, 80424

There is no house phone.

If you keep skype on your cell phones, feel free to add us at dslmud so you can contact us during the convention if needed.
Otherwise, email scorn@dsl-mud.org.

Schedule of Events

Thursday (Pre Con: Chili and Chill)

6pm - 2am:  We are making Chili and chilling at the house.  We have enough chili for about 20 people, so bring pizza and drinks if you like.

Friday (It's Con Time!)

Noon:  We'll start accepting guests and playing table top games.

2pm:  Jumbo Jenga Tournament

4pm:  DSL Quest Workshop with Scorn

5pm:  Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

6pm: - Dinner (We are smoking pulled pork and grilling hot dogs and burgers)

6pm:  Side Dish Contest:  Make a side dish for everyone, the top 3 picked by random judges will receive rewards.

8pm:  Mortal Kombat Tournament (Xbox One)

 10pm: Desert Contest:  Make a desert, the top 3 picked by random judges will receive rewards.

Saturday (It's still Con Time!)

Noon: Meet at the House to begin Scavenger Hunt

4pm:  Back the house for judging

6pm:  Appetizer Contest Make an appetizer, the top 3 picked by random judges will receive rewards.

8pm:  The DSL Round Table

9pm:  Games and Contests Including but not limited to;

FIFA 16 (Xbox One)
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Whose Line is It?

2am:  Go Home!  We have to be cleaned up and out by 10am.


Untitled Document

The ACFL Final Standings
(Wednesday July 13, 2016)


Team Wins Losses Winning % PF PA +/- Games Behind Streak

*New Thalos Hydra
15 5 75% 52 26 +26 - W3

*Arkane Stars
15 5 75% 52 26 +26 - L2

*Karecus Card Sharks
13 7 65% 41 23 +18 2 W3

Highland Gallowglass
9 11 42% 36 40 -5 6 W2

Shalonesti Quicksilver
6 14 30% 22 50 -28 9 L4

Althainia Brute Squad
2 18 10% 20 57 -37 13 L3


Semi-Finals Game 1: 
defeated 3-2

Semi-Finals Game 2:  
defeated 3-0


Game 1:
defeated 3-2

Game 2:
defeated 3-0

Game 3:
defeated  3-0

Game 4:

defeated  3-0


Player Killer of the Week
[Slayers] Benaelohim - Jongleur Ariel - Slayers

Top 20 Player Killers of the Week

Rank Name Kills Clan Class Race
1 Benaelohim 26 Slayers Jongleur Ariel
2 Azheri 20 Bloodlust Skald Human
3 Oridan 19 Conclave Necromancer Dark elf
4 Thistlebane 17 Slayers Pirate Kender
5 Azjuhb 13 Loner Armsman Orc
6 Petrichor 13 Shalonesti Ranger Wild elf
7 Tyrinx 12 Conclave Transmuter Pixie
8 Sagramore 12 Bloodlust Shukenja Centaur
9 Arcadimus 12 Justice Crusader Yinn
10 Zorreau 10 Shadow Shadowknight Human
11 Waaagh 9 Slayers Barbarian Bugbear
12 Azrakk 9 Justice Samurai Yinn
13 Anaiya 9 Justice Druid Wild elf
14 Zhooom 9 Conclave Transmuter Tinker gnome
15 Juelian 8 Shalonesti Bladesinger Shalonesti elf
16 Zerias 8 Bloodlust Swashbuckler Human
17 Roahan 7 Slayers Swashbuckler Human
18 Sperrin 7 Bloodlust Skald Human
19 Kenkari 7 Shalonesti Bladesinger Wild elf
20 Xirdneh 7 Conclave Invoker Kender

Algoron Gladiator League

Gnarlroc - (11 - 7) Deep Gnome Shaman from Slayers

Azheri, (18 - 13) Human Skald from Bloodlust

Current Top 10 Contenders

Rank Name Record Race and Class Affiliation
1 Tyrinx (19 - 7) Pixie Transmuter White Robes
2 Merilith (21 - 8) Wild Elf Druid Bloodlust
3 Ferg (18 - 5) Yinn Assassin Bloodlust
4 Ixi'kweez (28 - 31) Shalonesti Elf Bladesinger Shalonesti Kingdom
5 Erok (7 - 3) Orc Pirate Bloodlust
6 V'zath (12 - 3) Orc Armsman Bloodlust
7 Branzol (11 - 6) Human Paladin Justice
8 Aratorex (5 - 2) Centaur Druid Slayer
9 *Perrinn (17 - 19) Orc Armsman Loner
10 Pitheuis (10 - 4) Wild Elf Bladesinger Shalonesti



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