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Thorn Keep
(Owners of this keep receive the thorn aura spell effect)
Current Owners: Justice
Taken From: Shalonesti

The Citadel
(Owners of this  keep receive bonus saves)
Current Owners: Shalonesti
Taken From: Bloodlust

Misery Keep
(Owners of this keep controls the veil of misery spell)
Current Owners: Bloodlust
Taken From: Shalonesti

Current Spell Target: None

Purgatory Keep
(Owners of this keep receive the Purgatory XP Bonus)
Current Owners: Darkonin
Last Owners: Thaxanos

NorthEast Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Bloodlust
NorthWest Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Conclave
SouthEast Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Bloodlust
SouthWest Underworld Keep
Current Owners: Bloodlust

World Quest Scheduled
(Monday Jun 18, 2018)

There will be a World Wide Quest on Sunday June 24th at 4pm system time.

This is for the 8th Shard of Seanan, with Knighthood having secured Good's 4th shard in a previous Clan Only quest.

To catch up on the Shard Storyline, please go to http://www.dsl-mud.org/algoron/history_notes.asp#159_

Since that was posted, Good was given the shard for the 6th Quest andKnighthood won it for good on the 7th.

Good Requires 8 Shards to combine the Shard and rescue Nadrik, Evil requirsonly 4 to prevent that from happening.

The CURRENT Score is: Good (4 shards), Evil (3 shards).

The Shard MUST be given to the side of Good or Evil upon winning it. (justto shut down poor ideas afterwards)

This quest is for ANYONE who wishes to participate, but obviously working together can only help.

Knowledge of this quest is OOC only until you see the new history note sometime this week.


Untitled Document

Karecus Card Sharks win ACFL Championship
(Monday May 28, 2018)

Card Sharks Defeated the Ganth Goliath in the Series 3-2

The Karecus Card Sharks are the season 7 ACFL Champions after riding their home field advantage into a 3-2 series win over the Ganth Goliath.

This is their 2nd championship in a row and their 3rd all time Championship for the Card Sharks which ties them for all time championship with the Arkane Stars.

This was a very successful season for the Card Sharks, having finished the season 18-2 and winning the treble, which is all 3 trophies to obtain; The ACFL Championship, The Magma Cup and the Champions Shield.


Player Killer of the Week
[Wargar] Xolthus - Skald Hill dwarf - Wargar

Top 20 Player Killers of the Week

Rank Name Kills Clan Class Race
1 Xolthus 193 Wargar Skald Hill dwarf
2 Zentor 167 Justice Ranger Centaur
3 Maccus 83 Bloodlust Skald Human
4 Zagan 56 Justice Druid Ariel
5 Donimas 45 Conclave Mentalist Dark elf
6 Diarmued 43 Shalonesti Samurai Half elf
7 Valdarion 38 Shalonesti Bladesinger Wild elf
8 Thanatael 37 Shalonesti Bladesinger Shalonesti elf
9 Tsuji 36 Bloodlust Pirate Orc
10 Janic 33 Loner Armsman Human
11 Musen 30 Conclave Transmuter Sea elf
12 Kahrnin 29 Justice Skald Human
13 Oozella 29 Bloodlust Nightshade Goblin
14 Azheri 28 Bloodlust Skald Human
15 Grimsgald 25 Conclave Wujen Dark dwarf
16 Kuzzik 25 Wargar Warrior Mul
17 Symiad 23 Shalonesti Bladesinger Wild elf
18 Venox 23 Bloodlust Assassin Bakali
19 Masc'dec 20 Slayers Dragonslayer Half elf
20 Karkillian 19 Conclave Armsman Minotaur

Algoron Gladiator League

Erok - (11 - 4) Orc Pirate from Bloodlust

Aratorex, (15 - 2) Centaur Druid from Slayer

Current Top 10 Contenders

Rank Name Record Race and Class Affiliation
1 Symiad (41 - 32) Wild Elf Bladesinger Shalonesti
2 Merilith (25 - 8) Wild Elf Druid Bloodlust
3 Ferg (27 - 10) Yinn Assassin Bloodlust
4 Fumero (17 - 1) Troll Barbarian Justice
5 Xolthus (21 - 14) Hill Dwarf Skald Wargar
6 Kiid (22 - 19) Human Swashbuckler Bloodlust
7 Z'panqal (10 - 2) Mul Brewmaster Wargar
8 Brollo (14 - 5) Mul Battlerager Wargar
9 Sagramore (11 - 7) Centaur Druid Slayers
10 Perrinn (27 - 29) Orc Armsman Red Robes



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