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Thorn Keep
(Owners of this keep receive the thorn aura spell effect)
Current Owners: Bloodlust
Taken From: Wargar

The Citadel
(Owners of this  keep receive bonus saves)
Current Owners: Bloodlust
Taken From: Conclave

Misery Keep
(Owners of this keep controls the veil of misery spell)
Current Owners: Knighthood
Taken From: Bloodlust

Current Spell Target: Conclave

Purgatory Keep
(Owners of this keep receive the Purgatory XP Bonus)
Current Owners: Verminasia
Last Owners: New_Thalos

NorthEast Underworld Keep
Current Owners: None
NorthWest Underworld Keep
Current Owners: None
SouthEast Underworld Keep
Current Owners: None
SouthWest Underworld Keep
Current Owners: None

The Magma Cup Announced!
(Wednesday March 04, 2015)


Untitled Document

(Wednesday March 25, 2015)

The Arkane Stars have won the ACFL Season 5 Championship after defeating the Karecus Card Sharks 3 games to 0.  This was the 3rd time the Stars have met the Card Sharks in the ACFL Finals.

The Stars have become the epitome of the ACFL capturing their 3rd Championship in 5 seasons. 

In a post match interview, Stars owner Flike said "It is amazing to have a third trophy displayed in Twilight. We were honestly preparing for the Brute Squad, so we were taken a bit by surprise with the Card Sharks playoff upset. But the captains on the team weren't shaken by the unexpected turn, and they did why they do best: Win. We are all looking forward to the challenges six will bring us."


Player Killer of the Week
[Bloodlust] Xzixz - Assassin Bakali - Bloodlust

Top 20 Player Killers of the Week

Rank Name Kills Clan Class Race
1 Xzixz 42 Bloodlust Assassin Bakali
2 Azheri 29 Bloodlust Skald Human
3 Karkillian 25 Conclave Armsman Minotaur
4 Ashlen 23 Conclave Battlemage Human
5 Ferg 17 Bloodlust Assassin Yinn
6 Waaagh 15 Slayers Barbarian Bugbear
7 Alleluia 15 Chaos Druid Ariel
8 Yurgeon 14 Bloodlust Crusader Yinn
9 Szehl 12 Bloodlust Warlock Ariel
10 Pterinopelma 12 Bloodlust Assassin Bakali
11 Ilungru 12 Bloodlust Barbarian Half ogre
12 Brollo 10 Wargar Battlerager Mul
13 Azjuhb 10 Bloodlust Armsman Orc
14 Penvrane 10 Conclave Transmuter Human
15 Druothiz 9 Bloodlust Barbarian Bugbear
16 Perrinn 8 Loner Armsman Orc
17 Branzol 7 Justice Paladin Human
18 Sperrin 6 Bloodlust Skald Human
19 Calest 6 Bloodlust Crusader Human
20 Riansas 6 Bloodlust Shaman Ariel

Algoron Gladiator League

Jurann, (10 - 3) Human Shadowknight from Shadow

Tyrinx, (16 - 5) Pixie Transmuter from White Robes

Current Top 10 Contenders

Rank Name Record Race and Class Affiliation
1 Symiad (32 - 24) Wild Elf Bladesinger Shalonesti
2 Merilith (18 - 7) Wild Elf Druid Bloodlust
3 ^Xantiln (11 - 4) Human Swashbuckler Verminasia
4 Shawn (16 - 9) Human Skald Verminasia
5 Nistle (12 - 7) Pixie Transmuter Red Robes
6 *Perrinn (15 - 15) Orc Armsman Loner
7 Branzol (10 - 5) Human Paladin Justice
8 Kiid (16 - 13) Human Swashbuckler Bloodlust
9 Irmli (11 - 7) Mountain Dwarf Battlerager Wargar
10 Gnarlroc (8 - 7) Deep Gnome Shaman Slayers



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