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DSL Conventions

The 2009 DSL Convention
July 31 – August 2, 2009
Gatlinburg, Tennessee


Schedule of Events:

Friday July 31:

11am-12:30pm The Park Grill Steakhouse (lunch)
(Direction at bottom)  Get seated yourself, we’re not paying the extra cash to be seated as a group.  We’ll meet outside after lunch, but come say hello during lunch!

12:30pm – 11am Sunday August 2: Scavenger Hunt
This event is untimed and will be judged Sunday morning.  Instructions will be handed out immediately after lunch in the Park Grill Parking lot or dining area.  Bonus points will be granted for creativity and humor.

4:30:  Meet at the Con Chalet. 
Do not come early as check isn’t until 4 and I need time to assign rooms to our guests and get some quick set up going.

Upon arriving at the Chalet, please SIGN IN.  I’d like to know who you are, where you came from and who you play (will be kept quiet by me). 

Upon signing in, you’ll receive your first con card (yes, just for showing up) and I’ll also hand out papers explaining some new con card features, the schedule and the DSL Survivor rules that we’ll be playing throughout the con. (starting friday night)

6:00 – 10:00:  Appetizer Competition and Various Competitions and Contests
Make some food! (non desserts) and have Scorn judge your dish. Con cards will be given to the top 3 dishes.

10:00:  DSL Survivor Friday Immunity Competition
Several people will be unable to get voted out of our game by participating in this DSL Survivor immunity challenge! Details to be given at the time of the contest.

2:00am:  Go Home to your chalet/hotel! It’s sleepy time.
I will encourage everyone to save the heavy drinking till Saturday since so many people need to get up for white water rafting the following morning.


Saturday August 1st:

9:00am: Breakfast
We’ll have bacon and eggs if you want to get up early and be there.

10:45: Leaving for White Water Rafting.
Do not be late.

3:30: Coming back from White Water Rafting
Maybe earlier.

6:00pm:  Dinner
Smoked pork and ribs at the Chalet.

7:00pm – DSL Round Table
Round Table discussion with Scorn about DSL’s plans, future and he’ll even TRY to field your questions.  The overall point of the round table to brain storm ideas and come up with the next 12 months of direction for moving DSL forward as a game.

8:00pm:  Dessert Contest
Make some dessert and make sure Scorn tries some for judging, the top 3 people will be rewarded with con cards.

6:00pm – 4am: Various contests with rewards
Beer Relay Teams
Video Game Contests
Who’s Line Is It Anyway
Belly Flop Contest
Make a Shot Contest (yes, al-co-hol, make enough for 3 judges)
Various other contests


Sunday August 2nd:

12:00: Clean Up.
Help clean up the chalet. We can NOT lose this $750 damage deposit.

1:00pm Lunch.
Pizza or something will be brought in.

2:00pm:  Poker Tournament
Texas Hold-Em Tournament begins. Con card prizes for top 3.

7:00pm:  Dinner
Grilling out.

Rules of the Convention

Just a friendly reminder on some of the rules we need to have for the convention:

1:  Be courteous to everyone.  The guy you hate so much from the game that you’re bitching about at the con may be standing right next to you.  Hell, he may own the game and have access to your pfile.  So use some tact.

2:  During the round table, its important that everyone allow the person who has the floor the opportunity to speak without having to yell over you.  So keep the chatter down please.

3:  No drinking in the pool, vomiting, urinating or doing anything to the chalet that will cost me my $750 damage deposit.

4:  No fighting. Duh.

5:  Watch your language. There are children present at con.

6:  No one under 18 is allowed without their parents.

7:  Bring your own booze, don’t be drinking other people’s.

8:  Don’t be a mooch.  If we order pizza, pitch in.  Don’t stay overnight in someone’s chalet or cabin without explicit permission.  Clean up after yourself.  Help keep the place clean.

9: Keep your clothes on in public. Unless you’re really hawt and female.  Then just don’t let kids see.

10:  Don’t bitch about the game or I’ll ignore all of your con card turn ins or just ask you to leave the con.

11:  Don’t harass Scorn for stuff that you could otherwise do in email.

12:  If you bring kids, WATCH THEM!! You will be asked to leave if other people end up having to be a parent for you because you got drunk or are otherwise just a terrible parent.

13:  Smoking and Pets are not allowed inside the cabin.  DO NOT DROP YOUR CIGGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND!!!!

14:  Courtesy flushes.  Seriously.


 Directions to the Chalet:  Hidden Point Lodge

From Pigeon Forge into Gatlinburg on 441:

After entering Gatlinburg, turn right at caution light #2, beside the Wilwood Hotel Sign.  After crossing the Little Pigeon River, turn right onto Hemlock Street.  Take the first left onto Hill Street, at the top of the hill, turn left onto Laurel Avenue.  You should see a small wooden sign for Hidden Point Lodge on the right, turn into this drive way.  Cabin will be at the end of the drive.

Other Information:

Phone Number:

If you need a contact number for the con, email Vivienne at writer@allengames.com.  The phone number given does NOT accept text messages.  Do not call this number after the convention as it is an 11 year olds cell phone. You won’t reach Scorn through that number.


We are supposed to have “high speed” internet at the Chalet, but no promises. I will be try to bring a wireless router, so feel free to bring your lap tops.

White Water Rafting:

You will get wet.  Bring old shoes, water shoes or sandals with the ankle(not flip flops) for this events.  Wear stuff that you know will get wet.  If you havn't paid the $30 a person by Wednesday, you aren't going.  (paypal tony@allengames.com)


The next DSL convention will be in Amarillo, Texas on August 1st - 3rd, 2008.  Details are being planned, if you have any ideas or comments to add, please email Scorn at scorn@dsl-mud.org.  More will be posted as August approaches.

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