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Con Cards

Con Cards are in game rewards given to people at various DSL Conventions, hence the name Con (convention) Cards.  Con Cards are also given out for various contests throughout the year.  These prizes vary from obtaining Dragons to Second Merits and much much more.

To turn in a con card for use on a character, fill out the forum below.  You may also check on the status of a con card already turned in.  Processing times vary, but you can check your order in the queue.

WARNING:  Once you submit a con card, you may NOT change your mind on who or what to use it on.  Be certain on its use before filling out this form.  Also be sure that your character is ready for it to be procssed.

Submit a New Con Card

Your Name:  
Email Address:  
Character for Card to be Applied to:  
Name of Card:  
Card Code:  
Additional Notes:
(Be sure to add type of 2nd merits and types of dragonskins or any important information here)

Check the Status of a Previously Turned in Con Card

*Con Cards such as enchants, spellcrafts and dragonskins require your character to be online for processingDo a whois scorn and if you see him, feel free to pray up asking if he has time to process it. (Just don't get spammy)

Card Code:  


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