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AGL Elite


The House of Del'Nichi
Level 1
Record: 0-1  -0%

Lanista:  Randorf
Current Gladiators:  


The House of Sli'nack
Level 1
Record: 1-1  -50%

Lanista:  Azzure
Current Gladiators:

The House of Madaur
Level 1
Record: 1-2  - 33%

Lanista:  Marcaus
Current Gladiators:
Krimac -
Hobgoblin Warlock

The House of Schwartz
Level 1
Record: 1-2  -33%

Lanista: Telthian
Current Gladiators:  


The House of Mors Mortis Veneficus
Level 1
Record: 3-1  75%

Lanista: Bodrum
Current Gladiators:  
Animaas - Human Druid (1-0)

The House of Dra'lok
Level 1
Record: 2-0  100%

Lanista: Lunez
Current Gladiators:  
Thesh -
Hobgoblin Shaman (2-0)

The House of Baljhet
Level 1
Record: 0-1 (0%)

Lanista: A'kariel
Current Gladiators:  



Elite Gladiators:


Dead Gladiators:

Thraek - Human Assassin (Executed after loss to Animaas)

Morith - Human Druid (Executed after loss to Thesh)

Solideo - Human Skald (Executed after loss to Thesh)

Yavaran - Human Crusader (1-0) (Executed after the loss to Morith)

Charce - Wild Elf Druid (2-0) (Executed after the loss to Eamenoth)

Taevael - Wild Elf Druid (Executed after the loss to Eamenoth)

- Human Swashbuckler (Executed after the loss to Yavaran)

Mailian - Wild Elf Druid (2-0)(Executed after the loss to Charce)

Ra'pulo - Human Warlock (Executed after the loss to Mailian of House Arteri)

Gorduz  - Hobgoblin Priest (Executed after the loss to Mailian)

Zalx - Yinn Assassin (Executed after the loss to Charce)


Denwo - Mul Assassin (Executed for Failure to show)

  - Giant Ogre Barbarian (Executed for Failure to show)

Ragresh  - Hobgoblin Warlock (Executed for Failure to show)

The Algoron Gladiator League ELITE division is where slaves...err...gladiators, belong to a slave owner...aka..a Lanista house...and if they lose a match, they are dead and gone forever.  This means that every single match consists of undefeated gladiators.

The AGL registers "houses" to a slave owner (a Lanista) for a fee and allows them to purchase slaves.  These slaves are trained as elite gladiators and called to fight in the arena's.

The AGL will track Houses, Elite Gladiators, and House/Gladiator records.  Not all matches will be 1 vs 1, some will be against Dragons or perhaps even 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3.  Gladiators may not always know what to expect before the match takes place.  All losses are perma death.

How does this work, exactly?

All gladiators will be set to 1k per level for their base class AND their reclass.  All skills and spells will be set to 100% from the start.

Lanista's own gladiators (slaves) that will be assigned to fight in the arena.  These special gladiators are FORBIDDEN to join any clan or kingdom or to compete in ANY other contest until such a time that they have earned thier freedom. (10 wins)  Remember, they are SLAVES.  An elite Gladiator is required to fight at least once every 30 days or the slave will be assassinated by the league and the Lanista will be forfeit the gladiators entry fee.  While there will be fights schedules on other days, most AGL Elite matches will occur on Sunday evenings.  (be available most Sunday evenings if you want to play an Elite Gladiator.

Any Lanista who's gladiator thought to willingly forfeit a match will not only be decertified, but may be subject to harsher penalties, perhaps even death.

To become a Lanista:

Get the approval of Randorf Del'nichi and pay a licensing fee of 200 eggs.  There will be a limited number of houses and when one become inactive, they can be decertified by the league.  All houses are required to submit the art for their own house flag.  (a 275x115 JPG)

To become a Gladiator:

There are two ways. 
(1) EMAIL Scorn and get on a waiting list for when a Lanista wants to purchase a random slave.  You will be contacted and given instructions
(2) Speak Out of Character with one of the registered Lanista's and await their instructions.


Q:  Are there any restrictions to becoming a Lanista?
A:  No.  Even dragons can own their own houses.  However, owning slaves may not fit the Role-play of some of our more honorable characters.

Q:  What's it take to get approved as a Lanista?
A:  Impress Randorf with your role-playing skills, your dedication and have the 200 eggs entry fee.

Q:  What's the best way to contact Randorf?
A:  A Quest Note.  (QN to Randorf)

Q: How long is the waiting list to become a gladiator?
A: Depends on how many people attempt this and how when spots in a house becomes available.

Q:  I don't know or feel comfortable contacting other players out of character, but I want to participate.  What do I do?
A:  Sign up with scorn via email and either get your Gladiators assigned to you (as a Lanista) or get assigned to a Lanista (as a gladiator).

Q: How will matches be scheduled?
A: The AGL will work to schedule gladiators.  If no progress is made, you will be assigned a match time with at least a weeks notice. (Most likely on a Sunday evening)  Failure to show will result in your assassination.

Q:  I live in South Africa or Australia or somewhere where Sunday Evenings isn't Sunday evenings.  Will special times be made so that we can participate?
A:  Yes.  We will make every effort to accommodate you.

Q: If I lose a character in the AGL Elite, can I make a new one?
A:  Yes, after getting registered with a house.

Q:  Can limited races or remorts compete as Elite Gladiators?
A:  No.

Q:  If you can't clan, how can a Clan Restricted Reclass compete?
A:  They can't.  (we may reconsider this later)  Only public classes and reclass may enter.

Q:  Can I enter an existing character?
A:  Yes, if its not a limited race, remort or CSR (Clan Restricted Reclass)

Q:  What about dragon alter forms?
A:  Yes, but if they turn into a dragon or DIE in the arena, they are dead.

Q:  Can my elite gladiator level up and quest?
A:  Yes, but they are forbidden to join any clan, kingdom or other league.

Q:  Can my elite gladiator also compete in regular AGL?
A:  Nope.  At least not until they are free.

Q:  Can I clan or join a kingdom after I am free?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Is there any other way to become free?  Even if I give up my stats?
A:  NO.

Q:  Can I retrain after I am set to 1k?
A:  Not after your reclass is set to 1k.

Q:  What if I can't get to level 51 in the 30 days that I need to register?
A:  You're dead (and that's lame for a 1k character).

Q:  I am a Lanista.  Can I also play a gladiator?
A:  Yes, but not in your house.  That would be multiplaying and is against the rules.

Q: Can we pass off our equipment when we die?
A:  No, everything you own passes away with you.  Your entire corpse will be burned on site at the AGL Arena.

Q:  What if I go Link Dead during a match and I die?
A:  Sucks for you.  Make a new character.  Hopefully you made your Lanista at least 100 eggs before you died to pay for your entry and your equipment.

Q:  Does it have to be perma death? Seems kind of harsh.
A:  Hey, you were 1k and set to 100%.  You can make those characters in a DAY!  (suck it up Princess)

Q:  Can the Lanista hand over their house?
A:  If it goes to a son or daughter, the transfer will be CONSIDERED by the AGL.

Q:  What happens to the Gladiators if a Lanista quits playing or gets denied or gets decertified by the AGL?
A:  All will be sold to other Lanista's or put to death.

Pricing and Rewards:

Winning an AGL Elite match:
100 Eggs to the Lanista.

A Gladiator wins 10 AGL Elite matches:
The gladiator has the right to claim their freedom from slavery and the league. They will also be awarded 250 eggs to the Gladiator (and 500 eggs to the Lanista) and well as have their statue put up in the AGL Arena for all eternity.

To become a Licensed Lanista:
Approval of Baron Randorf Del'Nichi
200 Eggs

After licensing, to register a gladiator:
50 Eggs

House Upgrades

Level 1
1 Gladiator Roster

Level 2
2 Gladiator Roster
(5 house wins and 200 eggs)

Level 3
3 Gladiator Roster
(10 house wins and 200 eggs)

Level 4
4 Gladiator Roster
(25 house wins and 300 eggs)

Level 5
Ludus (House)

(50 house wins and 500 eggs)
House is a 4 room Lanista Suite with Max Regen
It also has a 3 room training arena
1 private room per gladiator (3 rooms total)
1 viewing box


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