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The Algoron Capture the Flag League

Season 1 Champions Season 2 Champions Season 3 Champions Season 4 Champions

Season One History

Season Two History

Season Three History

Season Four History



Team Wins Losses Winning % PF PA Games Behind Streak

Arkane Stars
8 0 100% 24 4 - W8

Althainia Brute Squad
6 2 75% 20 8 2 W2

Highland Gallowglass
4 4 50% 13 13 4 L2

Karecus Card Sharks
3 5 38% 16 16 5 W1

New Thalos Hydra
3 5 38% 10 17 5 L1

Shalonesti Quicksilver
0 8 0% 0 24 8 L7

PF - Points For, PA = Points Against, GB = Games Behind First Place
* - IN Playoffs




Season 5 Champions

(All Matches begin at 8:30 central/game time with the 2nd match to immediately follow)
* = Owners paid for match

# Home Away Location
Tuesday, 06 Jan 2015
1 Brute Squad - 2 Stars - 3 Brute Squad
2 Card Sharks - 3 Hydra - 0 Card Sharks
Thursday, 08 Jan 2015
3 Gallowglass - 3 Quicksilver - 0 Gallowglass
4 Stars - 3 Card Sharks - 0 Stars
Sunday, 11 Jan 2015
5 Quicksilver - 0 Brute Squad - 3 Quicksilver
6 Hydra - 0 (DQ) Gallowglass - 3 Hydra
Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015
7 Gallowglass - 3 Card Sharks - 1 Gallowglass
8 Stars - 3 Quicksilver - 0 Stars
Thursday, 15 Jan 2015
9 Brute Squad - 3 Hydra - 0 Brute Squad
10 Gallowglass - 0 Stars - 3 Gallowglass
Sunday, 18 Jan 2015
11 Hydra - 3 Quicksilver - 0 Hydra
12 Card Sharks - 2 Brute Squad - 3 Card Sharks
Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015
13 Quicksilver - 0 Card Sharks - 3 Quicksilver
14 Brute Squad - 3 Gallowglass - 0 Brute Squad
Wednesday, 21 Jan 2015
15 Stars - 3 Hydra - 1 Stars
16 Quicksilver - 0 Gallowglass - 3 Quicksilver
Thursday, 22 Jan 2015
17 Stars - 3 Brute Squad - 0 Stars
18 Hydra - 3 Card Sharks- 2 Hydra
Sunday, 25 Jan 2015
19 Card Sharks - 2 Stars - 3 Card Sharks
20 Brute Squad - 3 Quicksilver - 0 Brute Squad
Tuesday, 27 Jan 2015
21 Gallowglass - 0 Hydra - 3 Gallowglass
22 Quicksilver - 0 Stars - 3 Quicksilver
Wednesday, 28 Jan 2015
23 Card Sharks - 3 Gallowglass - 1 Card Sharks
24 Hydra - 0 Brute Squad - 3 Hydra
Thursday, 29 Jan 2015
25 Quicksilver Hydra Quicksilver
26 Stars Gallowglass Stars
RESCHEDULED - Wednesday, 4 Feb 2015
27 Brute Squad Card Sharks Brute Squad
28 Hydra Stars Hydra
Tuesday, 3 Feb 2015
29 Gallowglass Brute Squad Gallowglass
30 Card Sharks Quicksilver Card Sharks
Thursday, 5 Feb 2015
31 Gallowglass Quicksilver Gallowglass
32 Card Sharks Hydra Card Sharks
Sunday, 8 Feb 2015
33 Brute Squad Stars Brute Squad
34 Hydra Gallowglass Hydra
Tuesday, 10 Feb 2015
35 Stars Card Sharks Stars
36 Quicksilver Brute Squad Quicksilver
Thursday, 12 Feb 2015
37 Stars Quicksilver Stars
38 Gallowglass Card Sharks Gallowglass
Sunday, 15 Feb 2015
39 Brute Squad Hydra Brute Squad
40 Gallowglass Stars Gallowglass
Tuesday, 17 Feb 2015
41 Hydra Quicksilver Hydra
42 Card Sharks Brute Squad Card Sharks
Thursday, 19 Feb 2015
43 Brute Squad Gallowglass Brute Squad
44 Stars Hydra Stars
Sunday, 22 Feb 2015
45 Quicksilver Card Sharks Quicksilver
46 Stars Brute Squad Stars
Tuesday, 24 Feb 2015
47 Hydra Card Sharks Hydra
48 Quicksilver Gallowglass Quicksilver
Thursday, 26 Feb 2015
49 Gallowglass Hydra Gallowglass
50 Brute Squad Quicksilver Brute Squad
Sunday, 1 Mar 2015
51 Card Sharks Stars Card Sharks
52 Hydra Brute Squad Hydra
Tuesday, 3 Mar 2015
53 Quicksilver Stars Quicksilver
54 Card Sharks Gallowglass Card Sharks
Thursday, 5 Mar 2015
55 Stars Gallowglass Stars
56 Quicksilver Hydra Quicksilver
Sunday, 8 Mar 2015
57 Brute Squad Card Sharks Brute Squad
58 Hydra Stars Hydra
Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015
59 Gallowglass Brute Squad Gallowglass
60 Card Sharks Quicksilver Card Sharks


PLAYOFFS  #2 vs #3
Thursday, 12 Mar 2015
Sunday, 15 Mar 2015
Tuesday, 17  Mar 2015
ACFL  FINALS  - #1 vs #2/#3
Thursday, 17 Mar 2015
Sunday, 20 Mar 2015
Tuesday, 22 Mar 2015

(Click a team's flag to go to teams page)

Team Name:   Highland Gallowglass

Owner: Rarau

City:  Nordmaar

Colors: Silver/Dark Blue

Team Name: New Thalos Hydra

Owner: Dar'shin

City:  Verminasia

Colors: Purple/Gray

Team Name:  Arkanian Stars

Owner: Flike

City:  Arkane

Colors: Black/Yellow

Team Name:  Karecus Card Sharks

Owner: Marcaus

City:  Verminasia

Colors: Dark Red/Black

Team Name:  Althainia Brute Squad

Owner: Grushg

City:  Althainia


Team Name: 
Shalonesti Quicksilver

Owner: Ambrosse

City:  Shalonesti

Colors: Green/Silver

Season 5 Draft

Sharks - Grendel (Troll Barbarian)
Gallowglass -
Fardoc - (Mountain Dwarf Priest)
Hydra -
Reklah - (Human Shadowknight)
Stars -
Laiton - (Shalonesti Elf Transmuter)
Sharks -
Nazerin - (Wild Elf Bladesinger)
Brutes -
Slann - (Bakali Assassin)

Quicksilver - Atheran - (Human Crusader)
Gallowglass -
Ferg - (Yinn Assassin)
Hydra -
Vyrastai - (Ariel Druid)
Sharks -
Shawn - (Human Skald)
Quicksilver -
Ellminaidra - (Human Priest)
Brutes - forfeited pick due to time limit
Sharks - Kuromaru - (Human Priest)
Hydra -
Rogle - (Ogre Armsman)
Stars -
Lerun - (Shalonesti Elf Jongleur)

Sharks - Hartney- (Mountain Dwarf Runesmith)
Hydra -
Aroc - (Dark Dwarf Invoker)

Hydra - Tongpu - (Hobgoblin Battlemage)

Hydra -
T'airetre - (Half Elf Bandit)
Brutes -
Jojo - (Troll Barbarian)


Drafted Players:

Grendel - Troll Barbarian
Fardoc - Mountain Dwarf Priest
Atheran - Human Crusader
Reklah - Human Shadowknight
Laiton - Shalonesti Elf Transmuter

Slann - Bakali Assassin
Nazerin - Wild Elf Bladesinger
Ferg - Yinn Assassin
Shawn- Human Skald
Vyrastai - Ariel Druid
Ellminaidra - Human Priest
Kuromaru - Human Priest
Rogle - Ogre Armsman
Lerun - Shalonesti Elf Jongleur
Hartney- Mountain Dwarf Runesmith
Aroc - Dark Dwarf Invoker
Tongpu - Hobgoblin Battlemage
T'airetre - Half Elf Bandit

Jojo - Troll Barbarian

Free Agents
Gulthurak  - Ogre Armsman (Released by Quicksilver)

Undrafted Players - May be picked up until trade deadline.
Letholdus - Human Druid
Teucer - Human Ranger
Tarpu - Gully Dwarf Assassin
Dustinius - Human Barbarian
Juzza - Mul Battlerager

Players on Discipline list for Season 5

League changes: As approved by the ACFL Ownership group.

1) The use of Thauma during an match is forbidden.  This includes passive powers being active when entering the arena.

2) The team rosters have been lowered from 10 to 8.


League Rules

  • All teams are to have one primary owner. 

  • Dragons, Giants, Angels, Demons and the Balanx will not be allowed to enter this league as owners or players. (Dragons alter forms are allowed, but they may NOT revert to dragon form in the arena)

  • If an owner chooses to play in the league, he or she can only be on their own team.

  • The sale of any team must first be approved by the majority of the board of owners  and then by the league's commissioner.

  • No one may become an owner if under current contract by another team.

  • In the event of an owners death, the team may be willed to another person who is not currently on another team or the team will be placed up for public auction.  If the death is in the middle of a season, the team will be appointed an acting owner by the commissioner.

  • League dues are 50 eggs and are due at the beginning of every season or the league will place the team up for auction.  These dues are not due in a teams first season in the league.

  • Game payouts will be 14 eggs per loss and 26 eggs per win.  Money to pay the teams players will be taken from this total. Teams that qualify for the post season will get a 100 egg bonus.  Championship Teams will collect a reward of 500 eggs.

  • Owners will receive 10 eggs per win at the end of the regular season.

Team Rules

  • All teams will play a complete 20 game schedule, playing all other teams  a total of 4 times.

  • Manatonics and Vampires may enter the ACFL at their own risk but may NOT use their powers outside of the field of play to assist their teams.

  • Players will enter the league via a draft. The first year draft order will be determined at random. After the first season, the teams with the lowest records will gain the first draft picks with the past seasons champion getting the last pick of each round.  Any new teams will be added to the beginning of the draft order.

  • Any draft pick will be forfeited till the end of the draft after 24 hours of not choosing. The following rounds time limits will continue to be cut in half for time until a successful pick is made. If a forfeited pick is missed in the last round, the league has the right to find new ownership.

  • Rosters are set and all trades must be made through the league office.  The board of owners can veto any trade with a majority vote. The Commissioner also reserves the right to veto a trade.

  • The trade deadline will end after the 30th game.

  • You may not pick up undrafted players after the 30th game.

  • Combatants are on their drafted team until released or traded.  Released combatants will be forced to miss the rest of the season and the following season UNLESS ownerships cuts them for lack of desired skill.  Those who are cut for any other issues such as not showing up or suspicious behavior will be forced to miss the next season and may only re-enter the league via the public draft.

  •  All competitors WILL be compensated by the teams ownership through the league office to the amount of 2 egg per loss and 3 eggs per win, per team member who PLAY.  Members who  show up and do not play get 1 egg no matter who wins.

  •  All teams will be compensated by the league office on a match by match basis. Winning teams will make the majority of money.

  •  The top 3 teams will compete in the playoffs with the 2nd and 3rd team playing each other to see who gets to play the #1 seed in the championship game.

  •  All teams will have rosters up to 8 combatants but may only field 4 members of separate classes for any given match.

Game Rules

  • A team may only field 4 players per team with no substitutions for any reason after the match has begun.

  • A team may not enter more than one type of player class per team. (only 1 warrior, 1 cleric, etc.)

  • A Match is over after a team captures its 3rd flag. The match will be scored by how many flags the teams have captured.

  • No spells or skills or any type of help other than verbal commands will be allowed from outside of the fielded team.

  • You may not summon anything into the preparation rooms. You may not heel in mounts from outside the field of play.

  • You may not be grouped with any one outside of your fielded team.

  • All gear will be returned to owner after the match. A player may not steal or keep any other players equipment gained from the arena.

  • Any team who prolongs a match in order to boost stats (such as gaining more kills) will be disqualified.

  • All owners, players and spectators will remain in character during these matches.

  • League will fine 5 eggs to player fine for dragging out matches.

  • The use of manatonic Thauma inside of the arena of any kind is illegal.  This includes passive power carried into the arena.

  • The following spells, gourds or potions are illegal to use during match play:

    1. Tornado

    2. Gate

    3. Teleport

    4. Frog gourds

    5.  No healing potions. No pills. No scrolls. No staves. Only Protective/Benediction wands may be used, and only on your own team.

    6. Quest Potions (Resistant Weapon/Magic Potions or Scrolls of Immortality)


Trades and Releases Season 5

Gulthurak  - Ogre Armsman (Released by Quicksilver)
Slann - (Bakali Assassin) TRADED FROM Brute Squad FOR Gurfing (Hobgoblin Pirate) FROM Card Sharks


Disciplinary List


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