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Hall of Fame

Throughout the history of Algoron, mortals have made a name for themselves in one way or another. These are the players who made themselves known enough to be considered famous to their world.

(A more detailed explanation of each member will be available later)


Rhea Shalonost (First Speaker of the Shalonesti Clan)

Oge Ironclad (First Marauder leader, conqueror of Althainia, New Thalos and Shalonesti)

Tenoyar dur'Laina (Malice Leader)

Myra K'Sultra (First Sultana of New Thalos)

Pythia Shalonost (leader of Shalonesti)

Zingin Karma'k (Leader of Wargar)

Hammurabi (Marauder leader and conqueror of Arkane)

Jormungander (Blue Dragon, leader of the famed Storm)

Paziameira (Brass Dragon, oldest Dragon in DSL)

Maxx Maxtora (First AGL World Champion)

Serak S'a Vinitta (Emperor of Althainia)

Krugnir Krutchky (Leader of Wargar)

Cyriana Archangel (Sultana of New Thalos)

Shay Kayen (Leader of Shadow)

Iasadore (First High Priest in the game, Leader of Verminasia)

Mantaroth (Former AGL Champion, later converted to a Demon Lord)




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