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Algoron Jousting Association (AJA)

Last 5 Tournament Winners:

Heralded by Ocelotia

Heralded by Odin

No Herald

Heralded by Iocaste

No Herald
7/18/16 8/17/16 9/28/16 10/26/16 11/29/16

The Algoron Jousting Association is an in game jousting league designed for the role-players of Algoron to compete with each other via Jousting Tournaments.

How to Compete

Matches are completely 100% Role-Play inside of the AGL arena.  Yes, betting will be enabled, usually.

To be eligible to compete, a jouster must be signed up under a House's banner.  Anyone can register a House by finishing the Family Crest graphic below, emailing it to scorn@dsl-mud.org and paying a one time 1 egg registration fee.

How a Match Works

A jouster should bring a herald who will announce their jouster via the yell command to the entire arena.  This is where quality Role-Play comes in.  The judge of the contest will grant the jouster a bonus of 0 to 3 based on the quality of the herald's announcement.

Then both jousters will tell the judge if they wish to aim LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH.  This works in the traditional Rock/Paper/Scissors fashion, where High beat Medium, Medium beats Low and Low beats High.  If they choose the same aim, the jousters will have a pass where no one is dismounted from their mount and they will begin a new pass with a new aim strategy.

When a jouster loses the aim, they will get a chance deflect the blow and stay mounted.  The chance will be a 2d6 dice roll with the RP bonus added to the roll.  An 8 or above will allow the jouster to deflect getting dismounted and another pass will occur.

The Jouster and Herald will lose a -1 to the roll for each 10 levels below level 51 that they are.

Steps to a Match

  1. Call to Tournament Announced (preferably ahead of time)
  2. Brackets Determined
  3. Herald Introduces their Jouster
  4. Odds will be declared based on the RP bonus awarded by judges
  5. Jousters will give the judge their aim strategy
  6. The judge will perform the arena message and ask the losing jouster to roll the 2 dice.
  7. The Judge will echo the results

Other Information

Tournaments will vary in rewards and setup.  Some may require an entry fee and some will have special requirements and stipulations.

A "House" can only use one Jouster per tournament unless otherwise declared.

Winners of Tournaments will be recorded to qualify for special events.

In Character Rules

Jousters MUST be mounted, unless jouster is a Wemic or Centaur.

Jousters can wear any armor or weapon and ride any mount available in the game, to be gotten by the jouster. 

Jousters are not required to wear armor, shields or polearms.  It's a fantasy world and the league will accommodate all types of jousters whether traditional or magical.

Jousters can offer the judge their own way of dismounting an opponent, but the judge will decide on how the other jouster is dismounted.

List of Registered Houses and Jousters

House Bumbleweed
Led by Brunster
Wins: 10

House Lyon
Led by Perion
Wins: 4

House Kylen
Led by Traice
Wins: 2

House Noosa'a
Led by Rolus
Wins: 2

House Warchylde
Led by Mokla
Wins: 2

House Shafalas
Led by Rezekir
Wins: 1

House Atazra
Led by Ferg
Wins: 1

House D'arvele
Led by Kaelowyth
Wins: 1

House Nadiv
Led by Baruch
Wins: 1

House Shalonost
Led by Laendyn
Wins: 1

House Copperbuckle
Led by Pickett
Wins: 1

House Tensyo
Led by Flike

House Godwind
Led by Arthais

House Rinji
Led by Anaria

House Kayen
Led by Reklah

House Snowdragon
Led by Kahlyn

House Fel-Madaur
Led by Liviya

House Beasteater
Led by Grotar

House Fel
Led by Laleine

House Blackslate
Led by Omngoten
Jousters: Atheran

House Aingar
Led by Orlen

House Fiddich
Led by Glennwyn

House Tully
Led by Lewis

House Shiroken
Led by Kuromaru

House Picard-Oneiroi
Led by Claudette
Jousters: Rikam

House Mitsuhara
Led by Kaisan

House Atennim
Led by Crelius

House Vai'Kel
Led by Ryael

House Arnason
Led by Malasand





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