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Era of Creation

* The gods create the planet and populate it with fish, game, birds, and plant life. Water, trees, land, and mountain, soil and stone.

* The gods create dragons

  • Dragons created

* Dragons given reign over the world, but they end up bickering* Gods see dragons as threat to creation and order them to forfeit a part of their essance to the Draconus, that they can be called together if need be. Some refuse, some agree.

  • Draconus created
  • Metallic Dragons created
  • Chromatic Dragons created

* Gods create mortal races

  • Elves created
  • Humans created
  • Ogres created

Fall from grace

  • Kender created
  • Dwarves created
  • Minotaurs created
  • Centaurs created
  • Goblins created
  • Gnomes created
  • Yinn created

* Elves blame Fall from Grace on humans, form private nation

  • [ Shalonesti ] founded

* Dwarves blame Fall from Grace on elves, form private nation

  • [ Wargar ] founded

* Humans lost and helpless, Ser'Pahn, barbarian leader, organizes first human settlements.

  • [ Serpantol ] founded

* Tesalon Gareth and his warriors organize military.

  • [ Knighthood ] of Serpantol founded

* Cathas Daroconus discovered secret to magic through moons.

  • [ Conclave ] of Serpantol founded

* Cathas assassinated by Spellath the Dark of [Shalonesti], first book of incancations stolen
* Shalonesti outcasts Spellath but keeps the book, known as the Spellbook.
* Elves learn to use magic. Spellath spreads his limited knowledge of magic to minotaurs.
* Conclave/Serpantol split
* Conclave/Shinalstin join forces

  • [ Shinalstin ] founded

* Conclave-Shinalstin fight Ogre War. Magic goes astray at high sanction of the moons, and size of ogres is doubled.

  • Giant Ogres created

* Ogres are run out of Shinalstin area
* Yinn appear in the far north, occupy part of north Shalonesti
* Knighthood/Serpantol part ways, Knighthood continues to protect Serpantol
* Knighthood moves operations south. Gareth Castle built. Citadel of the Conclave built
* Yinn expand southward and westward, taking over part of Serpantol and part of Shalonesti. No one does anything about it
* Dwarves get spooked and shut the doors of Wargar. Dwarves caught outside during the 'Great Betrayal' forced to live off the hills.

  • Hill Dwarves created

* San Gohdam, leader of Knighthood, sick of old laws of Serpantol still governing knights. Splinter group formed.

  • [ Eclipse ] founded

* Knighthood-Eclipse war
* Gohdam murdered, spliter faction of Eclipse formed

  • [ Malice ] founded

* Knighthood-Malice war
* Eclipse makes alliance with Ogres and Minotaurs, the Dark Alliance
* Citadel of the Conclave raided and sacked, Draconus stolen
* Eclipse uses Draconus to harness chromatic dragons
* Eclipse begins quest of world conquest
* Metallic dragons show up, called by the Draconus
* Knights, Conclave, and Malice fight Eclipse, Ogres, and Minotaurs
* Draconus captured by the Conclave, evil dragons turn on Eclipse and decimate the clan
* Eclipse brought to its knees
* Conclave splits the Draconus into 5 parts to ensure no further abuses
* Parts are given to Wargar, Shalonesti, Knighthood, Conclave, and Eclipse
* Thane of Wargar killed by Targetter of the Eclipse
* Dragons go to war with Eclipse to retrieve Dracon, Moderate of Eclipse found and killed, Dracons nowhere to be seen. Members of Eclipse vanish and the clan is about to fall. 2 Dracons lost.
* Yinn put pressure on Knighthood, and Knights yield. Yinn storm Shalonesti and Serpatol. Shalonesti hold out, Serpantol falls.

  • [ Serpantol ] destroyed

* Shalonesti closes itself from world, included Shalonesti elves living outside Shalonesti proper. These elves forced to fend for themselves against ogres, dragons, and yinn.

  • Wild Elves created

* Yinn advance further south and decimate Shinalstin

  • [ Shinalstin ] destroyed

* Gareth Castle sacked, Knights scatter. Several years of civil war amongst Knights as factions battle for the crown. Conflict ends when the lords of Valor go their own way and the Knighthood chooses a new leader.

  • [ Valor ] founded

* Targetter rebuilds Eclipse quietly while rest of world fights Yinn
* Knighthood - Shalonesti alliance go against Yinn, army destroyed
* Yinn left alone, Serpantol given up for dead, Dracon lost
* The Ka'tath murder the Speaker of Shalonesti and steal the Dracon.
* Elves chase Ka'tath out of Shinalstin, Ka'tath form new sub-culture

  • Dark Elves created

* Shalonesti and Dark elves fight bitterly for years, Dracon never found or recovered, leader of Ka'tath revolt unknown

* Years of relative peace pass, with small skirmishes between clans.

* And the first chapter of modern history begins!




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