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There are 5 basic guilds in Algoron.

The Warriors Guild is for giving people of all races the basic training in the art of fighting. This includes many skills and even some basic spells if the person chooses to learn them. Warriors are big and strong and the best fighters of all of the basic four guilds.

The Thieves Guild allows almost any race inside for training. They don't general allow Giant Ogres due to their enormous size and lack of stealth.  This guild trains people in the art of lock picking, stealing, and moving with great stealth. They make good fighters due to their backstabbing styles and they can even learn some basic magical skills.

The Mages Guild teaches people of all races, except Kender, magic.  Kender are by nature too curious and mischievous and teaching one any magic is strictly forbidden.  Mages are encouraged to enter the Conclave to get the best knowledge, but many mages prefer not to, limiting themselves to lesser magic's.

The Clerics Guild is for those who wish to follow and serve a particular God or Goddess. When these clerics choose not to worship a God or Goddess at all, they are stripped of their powers entirely. This guild is open to all religions and all races.

The Bard Guild is for those musicians that wish to learn more of the (sometimes) magical art of music. Bards also know some of the fighting skills, mostly the ones they would pick up in bar fights, and then they have their repertoire of songs which produce varying affects. Bards are well known for being drunk and spending a lot of time in bars or taverns.


Warrior Reclasses:(13855 - 12316 combined pk record for Warriors and Warrior Reclasses)
Warrior Base Class:   (382 played)
(220 played)
(Warriors trained in nature, survival and tracking)
(286 played)
(Big warriors trained in the roughest frontiers, they detest magic)
(135 played)
(Nice dressing quick witted swordsman. Charming, yet dangerous)
(187 played)
(Master of Arms, a master with almost all weapons)
(119 played)
(Powerful military nobility of the Shokono Empire)

Thief Reclasses:(14162 - 6441 combined pk record for Thieves and Thief Reclasses)
Thief Base Class:   (177 played)

Assassin (128 played)
(Trained in the art of assassination and the martial arts)
Bandit (59 played)
(Professional thieves, better adept in the art of "obtaining")
Nightshade  (77 played)
(Masters of Stealth and Stealth based attacks)
Pirate  (101 played)
(Scourge of the sea, Masters of firearms and incendiary devices)
Ninja  (146 played)
(Trained in martial arts, they are excellent spies and assassins)

Mage Reclasses:(3806 - 9543 combined pk record for Mages and Mage Reclasses)
Mage Base Class:   (341 played)
(female) or Warlock (male) (97 played)
(Witchcraft training at its finest, create many potions to throw upon victims)
Illusionist (80 played)
(Masters of Illusions and deceptive magic)
Enchanter (272 played)
(Enchanters of items and weapons and conjurers of magical beings)
Mentalist (120 played)
(Masters of the mind causing their opponents to feel fear and other bad things)
Wu Jen (85 played)
(Elementalist, this class can control 2 of the 5 natural elements)

Cleric Reclasses:(15229 - 13643 combined pk record for Clerics and Cleric Reclasses)
Cleric Base Class:   (252 played)
Crusader (136 played)

(great holy fighters, normally mounted)
Druid (172 played)
(Worshippers of nature, powerful magic users)
Shaman (135 played)
(Barbaric witch doctors, powerful and frightening spells)
Priest (162 played)
(Priests of the Gods, holy and faithful)
Shukenja (91 played)
(Priests of the Gods, holy and faithful)

Bard Reclasses:(17466 - 11638 combined pk record for Bards and Bard Reclasses)
Bard Base Class:   (134 played)
Jongleur (74 played)

Charlatan (55 played)
(Trickster/Con Artist)
Skald (205 played)
(Singing, Chanting Warriors)
Brewmaster (100 played)
(Drunken Fighters with an assortment of bar tricks)

Clan/Kingdom/Other Specific Advanced Guilds:

Battlerager (Wargar) (39 played)
(Dwarven Berserkers, one of the most deadly classes)
Runesmith (Wargar) (16 played)
(Dwarven Runesmiths, powerful dwarven magic)
Bladesinger (Shalonesti) (40 played)
(Elves who have learned the art of bladesinging)
Eldritch  (Shalonesti) (18 played)
(Physically Weak, but strong elvish magic)
Shadow Knight (Shadow) (15 played)
(Honorable Evil Knights of Necrucifer)
Shadow Mages
(Shadow) (6 played)
(Grey Robed Magic Stealers of Necrucifer)
(Knighthood) (18 played)
(Great Knights of the Gods of Good)
Confessor (Knighthood) (6 played)
(Fanatical Knights of Siccara)
Anti-Paladin (ex-Knighthood) (0 played)
(ex-Paladins gone bad)
Necromancer (Conclave) (26 played)
(Magic users who use magic from the undead)
Invoker (Conclave) (53 played)
(shapes magical energy to create an effect or object)
Transmuter (Conclave) (47 played)
(Mages that change physical properties of an object or creature)
Battle Mage (Conclave) (18 played)
(Plenty of Hit Points and physical defense based magic, poor offensive magic)
Monk (Manatonics) (37 played)
(Manatonics who dedicate their life to their art)
Dragon Slayer (Slayers) (21 played)
(Warrior like fighter with a specialized skills for slaying Dragons)

* = In planning, development or testing stages

Training Locations

Althainia (all directions are from the Market Square)
Universal: 3n, u
Armsmen: s, 2e,s, w
Assassin: s, 4e, 5s, w, n, d
Bandit: 3w, 2s, w
Barbarian: 3w, 4n, 2e, 4n, 3e, s, d
Bard: n, 3e
Charlatan: 3e, 2s, 2e
Cleric: n, w, n
Crusader: n, ne, e
Druid: 3w, 4n, 2e, 4n, 2e, 2n
Enchantor: 3e, 5s, se, e
Illusionist: 3e, 5s, ne, nw
Jongleur: 3w, 3n, e, 2s
Mage: 2w, 2s
Mentalist: 2w, s, w
Nightshade: s, e, s, w
Priest: n, nw, w
Pirate: from althainia's eastern port 4w, sw
Ranger: 5w, 2s
Shaman: 4e, 4s, 2w, se, e
Skald: n, e, s
Swashbuckler: s, 2e, s, e
Thief: s, e, s, e
Warrior: 2e, s, e
Witch/Warlock: s, 3e, 2n

Arkane (all directions are from the Town Center)
Universal: 2e, n, 2e, s
Armsman: 4w, 4s, 4e, n
Assassin: 4w, 2n, 3e, s, open east, e
Bandit: 4w, s, e
Barbarian: 4w, 4s, 4e, s, 2se
Bard: 4e, 2s, e
Charlatan: 4w, 2n, 3e, n
Cleric: 2e, n, 2e, n, e, s
Crusader: 4e, 3s, w
Druid: 7e, 2se, e
Enchantor: 4w, 3s, se
Illusionist: 4w, 3s, ne
Jongleur: 4e, 3s, e
Mage: 4e, 2s, w
Mentalist: 4w, 3s, nw, w
Nightshade: 4e, 3s, open south, s
Priest: 2e, n, 2e, n, e, n
Ranger: 7e, 2se, s
Shaman: 7e, 2se, w
Skald: 4w, 2n, 2e, s, w
Swashbuckler: 4e, s, e
Thief: 8e, d, 3e, s, open east, e, open down, d
Warrior: 4e, s, w
Witch/Warlock: 4w, 2n, 2e, u, w

Ganth (all directions are from Ganth recall)
Armsmen: w, open west, 4w, 2n, all west
Barbarian: w, open west, 4w, 2n, 2w, n
Cleric: sw, s, e
Crusader: w, open west, 4w, 2s
Mage: w, open west, w, 6n, 3w, 1n
Priest: n, nw
Warrior: w, open west, 4w, all north

New Thalos (all directions are from the Center of Market Square)
Universal: 4w, 4n, e
Assassin: 3e, s, 2e, open east, e, n
Bandit: 4s, 5w
Barbarian: 7s, sw, w
Bard: 6n, 6e, 2s, w, n, e
Charlatan: 3e, s, 2e, open east, 2e
Cleric: 4w, 3n, w, 2s
Crusader: 4w, 3n, 2w, n
Druid: 8n, 2ne
Jongleur: 6n, 6e, 2s, s
Mage: 6e, 2n
Nightshade: 3w, 2s, open west, w
Priest: 4w, 3n, 2w, s
Ranger: 7s, sw, e
Shaman: 8n, ne, nw
Swashbuckler: 4s, 2w, 2n
Thief: 3e, s, 2e, open east, e, s
Warrior: 5w, 2s
Witch/Warlock: 4e, 2n

Shalonesti (all directions are from Shalonesti Recall)
Universal: n, e
Assassin: 2d, 2w, d, w, 6s, 4w, s, open down, d, s
Barbarian: 2d, 2w, d, w, 13s, 3e, s
Bard: 2d, 2w, d, w, 10s, 2w
Charlatan: 2d, 2w, d, w, n, 2e, se, e, 2n
Cleric: 2d, 2w, d, w, s, e
Crusader: 2d, 2w, d, w, s, w
Druid: 2d, 2w, d, w, 13s, 5e, n
Jongleur: 2d, 2w, d, w, n, w, s
Mage: 2d, 2w, d, 2w
Mentalist: 2d, 2w, d, w, 3n, w, 2u
Priest: 2d, 2w, d, w, 7s, e
Ranger: 2d, 2w, d, w, 13s, 6e, s, w
Shaman: 2d, 2w, d, w, 13s, 6e, n, e
Swashbuckler: 2d, 2w, d, w, 3s, e, se, ne, e, open north, n, 2e
Thief: 2d, 2w, d, w, 10s, w, open south, s
Warrior: 2d, 2w, d, w, 9s, e
Witch/Warlock: 2d, 2w, d, w, 3s, w, n, d

Other (from various locations)
Dolund'ir Universal Trainer, from Althainia's Market: 2s, d, s, 2w, n, 2d, n, w, enter monolith, up

Verminasia (all directions are from Verminasia Recall)
Universal: n, 2w
Cleric: 2n, e, d
Crusader: 2n, e, n
Enchantor: 3s, 3w, n, sw
Illusionist: 3s, 3w, n, se
Jongleur: 7s, e, n
Mage: 3s, 3w, n, u
Priest: 2n, 2e
Skald: 7s, e, d
Thief: 8s, 2e, n, w, d
Warrior: 3s, 2e, n



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