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Giants contain the lineage of the Gods themselves, but not full blooded.  They are born to mortals and appear to be a normal race at birth.  However, they grow at a remarkable rate and almost always appear to be 14 feet tall humans at maturity.  Giants have 3 different races, dependant on alignment; Frost (good), Fire (evil), and Cloud (neutral).  Giants have the same benefit as Gods as they have unlimited mana.  However, they share a Gods fate in that if they die in the mortal world, their souls are dead and gone for good.

The Angels are the servants of the Gods of Good.  They were created by the Gods of good to carry their messages and act as their private agents.  Angels are normally 6-8 feet tall but very swift.  They have a huge wingspan of white feathered wings.

The Balanx are the most mysterious of the God servants.  The neutral Gods created the Balanx to be watchers and record the history of events throughout time.  Balanx are blue skinned with almost insect looking wings.  They are forbidden to interfere with mortal matters and anything that could influence future events.

The Demons of Algoron were created by the evil Gods.  They have either black or red skin and long leathery wings.  Demons are known for their brand of particularly dirty fighting and viciousness.

Metallic Dragons
Metallic Dragon's are the dragons of good. These were the first born of Algoron. Each color is represented by the metal which was used to forge them. Good Dragons are considered a little more powerful than evil ones because each has two breath weapons instead of one. Dragons grow in size, armor, and strength as they age. The older the dragon, the more powerful they are. For more information on a particular Dragon, click on the appropriate one.

Metallic Dragons come in Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze, Copper and Steel.

Chromatic Dragons
Chromatic Dragons are the world's evil dragons. Each color is represented by the elemental force used to forge them. Each has it's own breath weapon as well. Blacks have acid, Blues have lightning, Greens have chlorine gas, Reds have fire, and Whites have frost. They are all immune to their own breath weapon of course. Dragons grow stronger with age in both damage and armor AND size. For more information on a particular dragon, click on the proper link.

Chromatic Dragons come in Red, Blue, Green, Black, White and Brown.




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