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A King is Crowned
A Request for Surrender, a Notice of War
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Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Oct 2 16:04:29 1997

To all

Subject A King is Crowned

Rhea Shalonost's brother has been released out of capturment by the kingdom of Thaxanos.
He has returned to power over the Kingdom of Shalonesti.
Terri Shalonost has rule over the city and its cities army, however the nations speaker
of the moons is still filled by his sister Rhea. Rhea controls the warring aspect of the
Shalonesti. (the clan, not the royal army)

May his reign last long and his Kingdom propser.

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Nov 27 03:01:59 1997

To all

Subject A Request for Surrender, a Notice of War

Lord Oge led his generals into the war room. In that
room there were maps of a great forest and many weapons
and books of strategy. Generals Grimlok, Bosik, KrothGar,
Hammurabi, and Admiral Chronus all joined him around the
the table.

Lord Oge: I know the way through the forest from every
angle now. I think its time to attack. All in favor?"

All responded with "Aye".

Lord Oge: We will send him out terms of his surrender.
if he does not agree, we will indeed attack this Sunday.


King Terri Shalonost,

The people of Shalonesti will lay down their arms, open
the city gates, and permit entry of Lord Oge and the
Marauders. men of fighting age will report to Lord Oge
and be given the oppurtunity to serve in the Marauders.
If they refuse, they will be made prisoners.

if you accept Lord Oge's terms, he will spare your city
from harm. He will leave your women and children in peace.
If you do not accept his terms, but persist in refusing
your surrender, Lord Oge will burn your city and house
down to the ground, your men taken as slaves, your
women given to the Ogres to do with as they wish and
your children will be slaughtered before thier mothers
eyes. Lord Oge gives you until Saturday Morning to Surrender.
if you do not, we will invade on Sunday.

Lord Oge
General Grimlok
Admiral Chronus
General Bosik
General KrothGar
General Hammurabi

Writer: Scorn

Date Sat Nov 29 00:01:24 1997

To all

Subject The Marauders invade Shalonesti!

HighLord Oge led his troops through the path he and his
officers had selected to use. With Oge was General
KrothGar, and Admiral Chronus. The Navy Admiral was indeed
out of his element but word was that he has a personal
stake in this. Oge motioned for the two officers.

Oge: Chronus, take the 5th Regiment of Knights and head
west along the Thaxonos mountains. We will out flank them.

KrothGar: If we dont run into the lot of them in this
blasted forest.

Chronus: It would be wise of them. The elves know this
forest like the back of thier hand.

Oge: Hmm, good point. Do it anyway.

Chronus boggled.

Oge: Trust me on this. If the hit us in the woods, we will
sound the alarm. You will hear it I am sure. I have never
heard such quiet in any woods before.

Chronus: Very well HighLord.

Chronus saluted, then took the 5th Knighted Regiment and
headed west. He joined the 5 units of infrantry that Oge
had sent previously.

The front line of the Marauder infantry walked as quietly as
they could muster through the forest toward the city. No one
heard a thing.
*THWOCK* a group of Marauders fell to thier knees as elven
made arrows made their way into their chests. Head to head
the armies went charging and screaming. Sounds of metal against metal
could be heard for miles. The battle begun. 2 Shalonesti
infrantry units were immediatly cut down by Marauder Calvary.
The overwelming forces of the Marauders pummelled their way
through the Shalonesti troops. Shalonesti warrios fell back
and their calvary charged foward. KrothGar's 2 Knighted
regiment met them. The Shalonesti calvary was not match for
knights and fell quickly. King Terri had sent a group of
elves to flank the Marauders, but the ran right into
Chronus and were defeated. All in all, the Marauders were
too many and the Shalonesti army fell.
The last section of King Terri's army was his own command.
They fought bravely trying to prevent the Marauder
takeover, but ultimatly were forced to flee into the woods.
The gates of Shalonesti were pryed open. Women, children and
the elderly stared in dibelief at the slaughter. Some wept.
Most stood in shock. The Marauder army made way for HighLord
Oge and his command.
Oge: Fear not citizens of Shalonesti. Obey my laws and NO
harm will come to you. Disobey, and ti will mean yours and
your childrens deaths. Go to the woods, bury your dead. Return
home before nightfall. Tomorrow you WILL open your shops, and
your stores or I will burn this city to the ground with all
of you in it.

Writer: Scorn

Date Wed Dec 3 00:29:36 1997

To all

Subject The Civil War of New Thalos

General Koltar's army attacked new Thalos at dawn. The previous
night, several members of the New Thalos army left New Thalos
under the cloak of darkness to join with their general.
A few citizens went to him and formed a militia as well.

Dawn arose and they attacked New Thalos. As Koltar's army
approached the gate, from the high gates of New Thalos the
largest force of archers in history appeared. They drew thier
bows and arrows and slung them into the approaching army.
Soldiers fell quickly. Koltar's army swarmed the gate and
began to pound down the doors! All the meantime, the archers
continued their work. Koltars archers reurned fire but not
with the same effectivness. A few archers from New Thalos
fell, along with archers and soldier from General Koltar.
After suffering heavy losses, the army of general Koltar swarmed
inside the gates. New Thalos soldiers and calvary were waiting
inside and the ground battle began. Blood was spilled on
both sides but in the end, the New Thalos army was too many.
The New Thalos Calvary pummeled the remaining ground archers
of King Koltars army. A Knight unit of King Koltar's
perished to them as well. Another Knight unit, half beaten,
managed to destroy one of New Thalos's veteran knight units.

King Koltars army was beaten and about to die, when they
regrouped and withdrew.

Bodies lie dead from all over. Most came from outside the
gate, arrows stuck in them. This battle would lead one
to believe that all did not die in vain. A lost battle
hardly means a lost war. Although they took a few nasty
hits, New Thalos won this battle.

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Dec 4 18:53:44 1997

To all

Subject The Marauders take Althainia

(much thanks to Jubbie for writing this for us)

*thump* *thump* *thump*

'A few citizens looked up at the noise, interupted from their daily life.
It sounded like a large earthquake was approaching from the north. The
pounding grew closer and closer, people in the northernmost part of the
city saw a cloud of dust raising along the northern road. ;


One particularly intellegent citizen ran to find the mayor. The plump,
friendly old man was walking around the city, greeting citizens and making
a general nuisance of himself. The boy, Geofry, clutched the mayor's

"The Marauders are coming!!! Lock the gates! Save the city! They'll
kill us all!!

The aging man looked down at the boy's terrified face and mopped
the sweat that began to bead on his forehead.


The mayor wished the city had not been left in his hands. He tried to
compose himself and think of a plan. Geofry clung to his arm and was
eventually pryed off by a few guards.

In his office, the mayor reviewed the status of the army, the city, and
its citizens. They had fallen on hard times after King Havoc and Queen
Cait had left them without a ruler. There was no hope of standing against
HighLord Oge. The massacre would only be less than that of Shalonesti
because there would be less military men to die.
The mayor's hand fell on a scrap of paper that had been delivered to him
by that brisque reporter. He reread it with intrest. Her report indicated
that HighLord Oge was not too harsh on the citizens of Shalonesti, and that
those of the Marauders who had killed innocents had been punished.

"Bless you, Marti. You may have saved our people."

*Knock* *Knock*

A strong voice rang out from the northern gates. The words boomed across
the city for all to hear.

"I give you the same terms that were offered to King Terri of
Shalonesti. You may fight me, and be destroyed, or you may open your gates
and allow me to enter.

Silence ensued. The citizens didn't know what to do. There had been no
call for war. There was no one to lead them into battle. The mayor stayed
in his office, afraid his presence would be a sign of resistence.


Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Dec 4 19:05:11 1997

To all

Subject The Marauders invade Althainia (part 2)

*clank* *neeigh*

After a few moments of confused silence, HighLord Oge cleared his throat.
There were no sounds in the city, no preparation of war, no calls for
battle. Hammurabi looked at him, puzzled. Grimlok stood impassively,
awaiting orders. HighLord Oge nodded at Chronus, who smiled eagerly and
quickly scaled the walls of the city.

Inside the gate house there was no one. The mayor had already ordered
everyone to retreat from the gates. Dissapointed, the bloodthirsty elf
opened the gates and Oge led his troops in. The line of knights, soldiers
and cavalry seemed to stretch on forever. There was not enough room for
them to walk more than 4 abreast. Seeing the potential problem, Oge sent
Metrox with orders to have the rest of the army camp outside the gates.

The mayor awaited them on main street. With very little ceremony he
handed over the keys to the city and King Havoc's crown.

"We will not oppose you, HighLord Oge. You may have the city"

Oge watched him, mildly surprised. He had not thought anyone would be
intellegent enough to hand over their city.

"You may continue your duties as they were." Oge told the mayor,
handing the keys to the city back. He raised his voice and looked to the
people around him. They didn't seem very curious about him, except for one
pale-faced boy that looked absolutely terriffied. Oge grinned. "You now
answer to me. You will go on about your lives as normal and none of you
will be harmed

A few people cheered. Most of them just kept going about their business.
The apathy of the citizens was apalling. Oge snarled, turning to face his

"You have your orders!"

At once his well trained army scattered, joining their particular
battilion leaders and fulfilling their orders.

The whole time, the city was strangely quiet. The mayor had slipped away
to his offices without notice and aside from a few curious citizens,
everyone seemed to ignore him.

He almost prefered to win by battle. Some patriotism would do these
people some good. Almost.

Writer: Scorn

Date Sat Dec 20 19:08:18 1997

To all

Subject The Marauders attack New Thalos

The rising sun chased the blackness from the sky, turning it
into blue. Outside of the Kingdom of New Thalos stood a
monsterous army. Upon the kingdoms walls were many archers,
each more than ready to give his life in return for New Thalos'
The Maruaders bowmen stretcged thier bows back and unleashed
a flurry of arrows.

The battle has begun, Sultan!!, cried an Advisor.
Get my armor ready, I shan't sit here and let them take it,
replied Valen.

Oge sat outside the city watching the arrows travel back and
forth. He called his commanders to him.
It is my belief our forces are more than 5 times as large
as thiers. General Krothgar, take the entire Calvary to the
South portion of their walls, and break it down. It they divide
their archers up, we'll pummel them here. If they dont you'll
invade there. ArchMagus Hammurabi, take your mages with him.
Cast any spells that may help. Set the place on fire for all
I care.
commanded the HighLord.
Metrox, Punji, you stay with me. As soon as their archers
are weakened by ours we'll knock this wall down.

The Marauders Calvary met some resistance and lost an entire
regiment to New Thalos Archers before finding the southern wall.
General Krothgar led the assault foward enetering the New Thalos
stronghold. The Calvary along with KrothGars and Hammurabi's
Knighted units met head on with several units of infantry and

HighLord Oge led the assault on the west wall, penetrating
it wirt little resistance. Swarms of Marauder infantry and
Knighted units enetered the city. The New Thalos archers were
cut down in horiffic style.

The Marauders stood some losses in all areas, but in the end,
their army outnumbered New Thalos 12 - 1.

All maruaders unit fought until there were no New Thalos
army left to fight.

HighLord Oge asked a captured advisor "Where is your Sultan?"X
"I do not know sire, I do not know!"
"The man doesnt even have royal blood in his veins yet you
LIE for him?

"I swear! I know not where he is!"
"Punji, kill this one he lies."
Punji stuck his dagger in the advisors gut running it up
to his throught, killing him. Punji looked pleased as the
advisors life left him. A horrified expression on his face.

No deaths by players, all New Thalos members escaped. It was
a flank vs a defend strategy. The Marauder army was way too
many to stop.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Dec 29 15:08:06 1997

To All

Subject The Althainian Chronicle.

By Oge's command, the Marauders army has pulled out of
Shalonesti and New Thalos. They now reside in the Marauders

In Althainia, a ceremony where HighLord was name Emperor
Oge stunned everyone. Silence filled teh crowd as Oge spoje.

Citizens of Althainia, New Thalos, and Shalonesti,

I have claimed the throne of Althainia. Do not call me
King. We are bigger and greater than any one King could hope
to be. King Terri of the Shalonesti and Sultana Myra of
New Thalos have agreed and signed a proclomation unifying
us all to the Empire of Althainia. They will lead their
kingdoms still, and we shall work together to increase the
quality of our kingdoms under this one Empire. I will lead
the marauders no more, I leave that task in the hands of
General Krothgar. I will still pay for the marauders
headquarters on another continent, but not if they resist this
ruling. If they do, they will lose, I have wealth and can beat them.
Any attack upon Shalonesti and new Thalos, means you must
fight the entire Empire! This is the beginning of the makings
of the most powerful Empire ever known! I am confident that
the Emporer of Verminasia and the King of Arkane will work
with us. Long live the Althainian Empire.

The interview!
Journalists: Will the Marauders back off?
Emperor Oge: They will if they want their new HeadQuarters.
Without co-operation, they will have nothing except a homeless
army and there is no telling how many of them will go with me.

Journalists: What prompted all of this?
Emperor Oge: I saw greater glory in this. A lot of Marauders
have stopped being warriors and are instead becoming ruthless
thugs. I onl hope that KrothGar can do a better job than I.

Journalists: How much money did you take with you?
Emperor Oge: 99% of all money of the Marauders was collected
by me. Most of the Marauders just boatsed behind my
accomplishments while I made the contacts with the backers.

Jounralists: Do you still own New Thalos and Shalonesti?
Emperor Oge: They will run thier own Kingdoms, but they belong
to the Althainian Empire. We ALL will work together to better
improve our Kingdoms. The first thing we will work on, is our
regeneration rooms in ALL kingdoms.

Emperor Oge: No more questions at this time, I have much to

Writer: Scorn

Date Tue Mar 10 16:29:03 1998

To all

Subject The slaying of the Dragon

Day of Freedom, 25th the Month of the Dark Shades

After running unchecked, overpowering all in his path, the Great Red Wyrm
Qevarris was finally destroyed through the cunning and persistence of
two brave knights. Sir Gwaine, and the page Vander tracked down the
purest of roses, a bane to the evil beast. The page Vander then
courageously attacked the fell beast knowing full well he would die
in the effort. However, as he hoped, Qevarris upon slaying him,
greedily devoured the corpse containing the rose. Death was slow and
painful, his last mad thrashings shaking the foundations of the Vale
he called home. For his brave efforts, Nadrik himself bestowed upon
Vander his personal blessing.

Writer: Chryseis
Date Sun Apr 5 23:50:13 1998

To All

Subject New Beginnings

. The Gods and Goddesses of Algoron had long been patient with the
peoples of their land. They were particularly understanding of the
confusions of their newest followers, but all benefitted from the Gods
seeming disinterest of their lack of commitment to individual vows.
Lately, though, they had grown weary of the inconsistencies of the
mortals they watched over.

. Austinian lowered his eyes, glowering at the Blackness before him.
"Yours are as bad as mine. They easily slip from their tasks."
. Kwainin smiled, "That is bad?"
. Necrucifer nodded, "Very bad. Before long, they will be praising
my name in prayers, and yours by action."
. Austinian nodded slowly. "I have never agreed with your tactics,
but, they so easily forget their place," he clasped his hands together,
leaning his chin against them thoughtfully, "they are too disrespectful
of our wills."
. Devion chuckled quietly. "What do you expect? We reward them with
vague promises and never punish them." He shrugged. "I would like to
see them surprised by us once in a while. Instead you three give us
rules to follow that are more restricting than their own."
. "What does that mean?" Kwainin frowned.
. Devion threw his head back laughing, "They kill each other for no
reason at all, for sport. If I did that, you would all set upon me.
Why should they follow what WE agree to, there is so little that will
happen if they disobey."
. Necrucifer grinned. "You are right. We should surprise them once
in a while. Make them remember their commitments. We've been silent
far too long."

. The Gods argued long into the night. Each had his own opinion, but
in the end they agreed. As dawn broke over Algoron the three Gods took
up station forming a large triangle. Devion sat smiling in the center.
"They'll never expect this. Who will start?"
. Austinian raised his hands out to his sides, great archs of
lightning jumping from his glowing fingertips. Necrucifer drew in a
breath of the morning air and pursing his lips blew icy wind out. The
frigid wind mixed with the lightning, swirling the bolts around the
center of the triangle. Kwainin lifted one hand and cast blue flame
into the wind. It danced in the current of icy air entangling around
the lightning bolts. Devion rose, cackling and raised his hands over-
head. Gathering the wind, flame and lightning between his palms he
paused, looking at the others then thrust his hands down to the earth.
. The elements collided with the ground driving into the surface,
causing a deep fissure. A great tremor began, first localized to the
crack, then spreading as a chasm widened from the crack. From deep
within the chasm water gushed from underground springs and filled the
widening gorge.
. The gods withdrew to the air above the heaving land. They watched
the great split in the earth travel north and south. The great forests
along the gorge fell. Struck by lightning they burst into flames and
were swept into the churning water that overflowed the gorge. Devion
pointed to a grove of trees that stood unscathed. Raising a single
finger Necrucifer sent a blast of fire into its center. The grove
exploded inward.
. Kwainin concentrated on a Tower that stood near Althainia. Within
it, the mages scrambled, falling over each other as they tried to
escape the wrath of the angry Gods. Kwainin pressed his hands together
tightly and interior passages collapsed, rendering them impassable and
dividing the great Tower into three.
. Devion chuckled, then nodded to Kwainin, "That will keep them busy
a while."


Writer: Chryseis
Date Sun Apr 5 23:51:25 1998

To All

Subject New Beginnings (2)

. All through the day the Gods remolded the land, cutting away entire
portions. The chasm that had been their starting point had grown into
a large ocean. Populated areas had been torn from their roots, the people
shrieking as mountains appeared where plains once stood and seas cut off
their trade routes. As dusk approached, the Gods looked in satisfaction
at their handiwork. No more would the peoples of Algoron ignore them. No
more would they drift from day to day without remembering the punishments
that could so easily be meted out.
. Austinian, Kwainin and Necrucifer raised their voices in unison and
called out to those who still lived.


Writer: Reporter
Date Fri Apr 10 16:43:28 1998

To all

Subject The Emperor of Ganth

Reports of the Emperor of Ganth being on his death bed are indeed true.
His siuffers from many complex and uncurable wounds which he received in the
Circus of Ganth defending his throne. As many of you know, the Emperor of
Ganth is forced to defend his crown monthly thru combat facing the number 1
contender at the time. If he dies from his wounds, all Minotaur of proper
level are expected to return to Ganth to face each other in a tournyment to
become it's Emperor. He is expected to live no longer than a week.

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue May 19 12:48:54 1998

To all

Subject The Gods make their demands.

Atheists, UN-believers, and heretics alike had taken for granted the
powers of the Gods they did not worship. They had long refused to beleive
their makers existed and refused to pay them homage. This would no longer
be acceptable in the eyes of the Gods.

Suddenly, and without warning, the Gods removed their gifts from these
people. No longer would they bless them, no longer would they grant them
easy access to their homes, no longer would such intolerable behaviour be

Kwainen sighed.

"You'd think they would have learned after the Cataclysmic events we
pushed upon them. You'd think by now they'd know who their makers are and
respect us. You'd think..."

Kwainen sighed once again and shook his head.

"I, for one, will not give up on them. No matter what we must do to make
them see".


Many clung on to Suuhol's teachers. He was a long dead but famous philosopher
who taught how the world was created without any so-called Gods. He taught
the ways that man and all races evolutionised from primitive animals. Perhaps
he is to blame. Suuholology is still alive, but for how long?

Writer: Scorn
Date Wed Jun 24 11:57:52 1998

To all

Subject A Spy is found.

An Althainian soldiers paces his assigned post of the day. A short
hooded figure attaches a note to a pigeon and sends it off. "Me hope dis
gat back suun. De haf ta be wurned!" Said the hooded figure. "You
there, STOP! Do not move!" , screamed the soldier. After a near 10
minutes of chasing, the Althainian guard captured goblin spy. The
Althainian drug the spy back to the Althainian headquarters where Hawk and
Captain of the Knights, Serak, questioned him. What happened afterwards, is
for those involved to tell.

Writer: Scorn

Date Wed Jun 24 20:24:16 1998

To all

Subject The Dragon Slayers

The Gypsies.
The most cursed clan in all of Algoron.
Hardened by constant attacks. Bothered by changes of leadership and
fights for control. Saddened by entire houses leaving. All of the Gypsies
failures seemed to be pinned on their newest leaders shoulders.

Darius did his best, the weight ever bearing upon him like a boulder
falling on a house. His tragic childhood where his father was slain by
a Dragon was just the beginning for him. Today, he finally snapped.

"Dragons" he muttered. "There are none good. All are here to plague
and pillage. All should be SENT BACK TO THEIR MAKERS!"

Some gypsies pleaded with him. Many others supported his views.
Today ends the Gypsy and starts the Dragon Slayers.

"None shall live." Darius declared. "With my dying breath, I will stop
them and their destruction. Trust NO dragon. They will be the downfall
of all races and everyones way of life. Join me and save our world.
the Dragons have come to reclaim it from us."

Writer: Scorn
Date Wed Jun 24 21:00:37 1998

To all

Subject Verminasia invades Arkane.

two infantry units snuck to Arkane's north gate. Humans led these
units, but the foot soldiers were mostly Ogres dressed in Verminasian
uniforms. With two sudden and hard hits with thier battering ram,
the gates flew open. Militia clashed with the infanrty units.
6 divisions of archers cut off most of the militia before thay had
much of an attack. 4 more infantry units followed, pikemen, a war
mage and a healer were also seen. The battle was quick, and easy.
Arkane was conquered, but not before being destroyed. It is up to
Queen Finnadria to decide what to do with it now.

Verminasia lost nothing. Unit leaders who fought in this battle are

Arkane had no troops and no leaders fought. It took the Verminasian
army 3 days to march to Arkane, no one ever saw. And this chapter in
history is over....or has it just begun?

Writer: Scorn
Date Sat Jun 27 14:17:41 1998

To all

Subject Althainia attacks Dolund'ir.

An Althainian Officer barked his commands.
"The new Emporess has given her order, let's take this city! Death
to the Goblins!!!"

The troops screamed their battle cries.

"Archers, get in formation and fire at my command"
The archers raised their bows and fired arrows over the city walls.
Arrows dashed down into buidling and citizens alike. General Gew
quickly organized his troops.

The city gates opened to the surprise of the Althainian commanders.
"These Goblins ARE stupid, they WANT us to come in" said one.
Another higher ranking officer shouted "NO! It is a trap. Hold your

Suddenly, several goblins wieding long spears and swords dashed
out of the gate riding their wolves.

The Althainian Captain shouted "Their calvary approches, pikemen
to the front!"

A battle insued. The Goblins retreated back into their gates
immedialty having their now positioned archers fire into the army
of Althainia. Pikemen perished, some dying not becuase of arrow wounds,
but because of the venom that goblins coat all weapons with.

Darkness fell and both warring armies prepared for the next day.

Writer: Scorn

Date Sat Jun 27 23:57:44 1998

To all

Subject Arkane Attacked Again!

the Marauders marched to Arkanes east gate. HighLord Hammurabi
gave his archers the orders to fire. A division of archers aimed
their fire arrows withtheir bow and unleashed them into the city.
Arkane burned once more.

The Verminasian army was startled. It had only been a few days
since they had conquered the most strategic city on the continent.
One Army Captain pondered what to do. "Arm the gates!" he yelled.
A flash of light appeared into the room, a shimmering gate rising
fromt he ground. Queen Finnadria stepped out of the gate as the
gate closed quickly behind her. The Captain immediatly kneeled
before her.

"What should we do your highness?" He asked.
"How many of them are there?" the Queen replied.
"There's no way to tell yet, highness".
The Queen pondered. "Retreat to Verminasia, we are better fortified
. she proclaimed.
"Aye Highness. FULL RESTREAT! Secure the gate and head home! By orders
of the Queen!".
Everyone obeyed.

Highlord Hammurabi paced. "You woukld think they would have put
out those fires by now. Are they alseep?"

"Punji, scale the wall, take a peek".
Punji nodded and scaled the Arkane wall. he returned a short while
later. " I saw no one but citizens and they were trying to extinguish
the fire, sir. Perhaps a trap?"
the Assassin reported.
Hammurabi nodded his head and order the battering ram to the front.
A full 20 minutes later, the battering ram broke the gates open.
There were no soldiers in sight.

Hammurabi smiled. "I bet Oge never had an army flee in terror."
Hammurabi drew his sword. Here's to conquest! All Marauders present
lifted their weapons in a glorius salute.

Marauders present:
Xanic (who died in the previous sim fight where I made VR defend, was just for fun)

Writer: Scorn

Date Wed Jul 15 09:11:30 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in History Spool.

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| From: Grokle
| To: Scorn Connor Handel
| Subject: Please post in History Spool.
| Date: Wed Jul 15 08:46:28 1998

Subject - War in Balifore

It is 12 o'clock am, Day of Thunder, 17th the Month of the Ancient Darkness.
Their is a rumble in the distance. Each second that passes, the rumbling
continues to grow. Kender are stirred from their sleep. Suddenly, explosions
ring through the air. A massive warcry is fealt more than heard. The lone
Kender guard peeks over the cities gates and to his amazement, there is a huge
army advancing on his gate. He sounds the alarm and quickly turns back to
watch, his eyes glazed with childlike wonder. Then, out of the trees, just as
the army approaches the gates, flights of arrows come bursting towards the army.
The cavalry and knights drop behind there shields, a protective barrier to their
mages, healers and archers. The first melee went off with no casualties. Then
the Marauders begin to fire their flaming arrows into the trees. The mages
begin to wave their arms and several trees burst into flames. Several screams
are heard through the trees as bodies fall like the leaves in Autumn. All of a
sudden, more arrows come flying out of the trees from across the path, cutting
through the Marauder's archers unprotected backs. The knights of Marauders
turn, catching a glimpse of the retreating Kender archers. The charge begins.
All the while, several troops, begin to push a giant log, laid upon some wheels,
towards balifores gates. A summons goes out, a signal to all who have pledged
allegiance to Balifore. Now is the time for action.

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon Jul 20 08:47:19 1998

To all

Subject Fw: please post in the History spool

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| From: Grokle
| To: scorn
| Subject: please post in the History spool
| Date: Sat Jul 18 21:15:42 1998

Subject: Invasion Arkane.... Again. :) The Verminasian soldier looked
at the Northern gate of Arkane. Well, that's what it was called, even
though no gate stands there. None has stood since Arkane fell to his Army
the first time. The only sign of resistance these last few days had been
the continued boulder being launched from within the city somewhere. He had
lost a few friends in those onslaughts but not nearly enough to sway their
sizable force. Finally the order came down. "CHARGE!!!!
" His adrenalin
pumping into overdrive, he breaks into a full run, his battalion around him.
The fallen gate looming before, still no resistance, other than the
occasional boulder lunging into his army behind him. Blood lust fills his
soul and he belts out a warcry, mirrored by the men who follow him. Still
nothing. Something wasn't right, but by now they were in full charge, no
turning back. Three whole battalions pour into the gates open archway. As
soon as the third enters, loud yells reach out from behind. The soldier
turns and sees his men burning. Hot oil splashing over them. Then the
arrows began. Seemingly out of nowhere, archers on both sides of the
battalions start pummeling them with arrows. And then the soldier sees
them, two mages, one on each side. Explosions rip through his ranks. The
oil on his men igniting and building a wall of fire. The Verminasian army
still outside the wall cease in their charge. For the burning mass before
them is unpenetrable. Pike men rush out of the houses around the gate and
close ranks melee breaks out. The soldier fights, taking down some the pike
men, as his men fight with true valor. Of course with a wall of fire behind
you and an army around you, you tend to fight with valor. The soldier and
his ragtag battalion, what was left of it, continue to smash through the
ranks of pikemen. The soldier turns, slaying the young pikeman who just ran
his friend through. Then he feels it. The burning pain in his side. He
turns slowly and sees the reason. A knight, bearing the mark of the
Marauders stands before him, his sword dripping blood, an evil leer on his
face. The soldier falls to his knees, and with the last of his strength,
brings his sword to bear and splits the knight in half. Before the Knight
even hits the ground, the soldier drops. His blood pumps out in spurts and
then gently slows to a trickle. The young soldier, known to some as
Benigaris succombs to the gods request for his soul and he perishes. The
last of the three battalions that had enterred. Silence then takes to the
airs. All is calm as the fires dwindle to a meer whisper of what they were.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Jul 20 09:40:06 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in History Spool

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| Date: Mon Jul 20 09:39:36 1998

Subject... Verminaisia/Marauder war part II.

The fires die down as the smoldering bodies are finally robbed of their
flamable composition. Anger surges through the hearts and souls of the
Verminasian army. As the shock of what just happenned slowly wears off,
rages begin to flare. A new charge is ordered but first, some necessary
precautions. A lone mage, begins an encantaion, the winds pick up then load
explosion erupt throught the arkanian city. Archers begin to send flight
after flight of flaming arrows blindly into the city. Then the call is
made, "CHARGE!!! ". With that, a loud warcry is bellowed forth and the
army begins to move.

Inside the city, Grimslade paces. "Why can't we go out there and face them.
I hate all this waiting.

"Patience, my friend, " Hammurabi said with a calmness in his voice. "The
battle will come to us soon enough. But when it get's here, they will wish
they had stayed home.

Grimslade turned to try one more tactic so that the waiting could end.

"I know how we could end this, " he began, "and without losing a single

This of course peaked Hammurabi's interest. "Go on, " he said.

"Well, we just YEAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHH... ," Grimslade screams out as flames
shoot up his back. A stray Arrow has found its way to him and he succombs
to its flames.

Outraged, Hammurabi, orders the counter charge. Anothe Warcry bellows forth
and the battle begins in ernest. The armies clash, screams and explosions,
blood and smoke, turn the city into a grisly, yet colorful, exhibit.
Hammurabi grabs Dramyr and says, "Come with me. " They rush into the fray,
determined to make verminasia pay for the life of their friend and
confidant. Two unfortunate souls stood between them and Arakayd. Kristian
and Eegore. They were hellbent on protecting their general. Hammurabi and
Dramyr engage them. Sparks fly everywhere as their weapons collide. Eegore
lands a slash onto Hammurabi's shoulder but all that does is increase his
rage. He feigns a low strike but then shifts up and catches Eegore off
guard. Eegore slumps to the ground as his head rolls off on a path of its

Meanwhile Dramyr crosses swords with Kristian. His blade dances the dance
of death and welcomes Kristian into the dance as he slices deep within
kristians abdoman. Kristian falls, nurturing the ground with blood as does
so many this day. When they regroup, Arakayd is no longer in view.
Hammurabi swears, "He will die as will that wench queen of his. This is my

Raije claimed 3 more lives this day. May Grimslade, Eegore, and Kristian
rest in peace.

Writer: Scorn

Date Tue Jul 21 09:07:20 1998

To all

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| Date: Tue Jul 21 08:44:40 1998

Subject - Arkanian War part III

Hammurabi surveys the scene in front of him. Bodies line the streets in a
Kaliope of destruction and devestation. He watches as Atreyu and Saivan
fight Morgian and Rendel. He watches as Morgian is slashed to the ground by
Atreyu's weapon. He watches as Saivan falls to Rendel's might. Atreyu and
Rendel square off. They fight in a battle that Raije himself would have
been pleased with. Equals they seem to be. Each parrying the other thrusts
and each swaying in a rhythm of glorious battle. Each dying as the pikes
and swords of surrounding warrior interfere with their dance. Hammurabi is
in shock at the amount of deaths he has witnessed, but this is war and war
means death to those who Raije calls home. Then he hears it. "Hammurabi...
," The ghostly sound spoke. "Hammurabiiii... " "You have served me well.
Come home my child, come home.

Hammurabi looks to the sky then collapses to his knees. He feels his life
blood flow from his back, pooling up at his feet. He gazes upon the battle
before him as his vision blurs. He smiles, content with what he has brought
about, and succombs to the calling.

Standing behind Hammurabi's corpse, stands a young girl, holding a blood
soaked dagger. Tears stream down her face. "That was for my family," she
sobs. Asia then dries her eyes and jumps back into the fray, a tornado in a
storm of bodies.

The battle continues. Soldiers on both sides are sliced to ribbons as
niether seems to draw an advantage. Dramyr fights with determination as he
waylays a few unsuspecting soldiers. Then he comes across the body.
"NOOOOOOOO," he lashes out. "This can't be. " He reaches down and takes
Hammurabi's head in his lap. "They will pay for this, my lord, they will

He then leaps to his feet and charges the nearest soldier of Verminasia. He
is deranged with anger and those he approach either flee in terror or fall
to his rage.

Elsewhere, Arakayd leads his troups into yet another hit and run on
Marauder's flanks. By now he is starting to see that this is turning into a
war of attrition. If only the gods would grant him some luck in this.

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Jul 23 10:20:07 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in History Spool

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| Date: Wed Jul 22 12:52:50 1998

The Marauders swiftly go to plan B which in essance turns over control of
the army to a triad of commanders. Orders are issued and the war continues.
An explosion goes off in the battlements, bringing down a battalion of
archers from it walls. Arrows thud into the armies on both sides. As a
mage prepares to cast at the marauders Archers again, he is peirced through
the heart and drop where he stood. Many more fall from the chaos of the
melee. Both sides are dragging now as fatigue from days of battle creeps
in. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, more foot soldiers arrive, bearing the
marauders crest. They attack the fatigued Verminasia's driving them back to
the walls. The smoke starts clearing from the battlefield and the
devestation is finally seen. Bodies lie everywhere. Death has claimed many
men from both sides of the battlefield. The battle still continues.
Marauder's are moving in on the now much smaller, Verminasian forces.

Three more hero's fell this eve. Praxsis of Verminasia, Stridar and Xanic
of the Marauders. Raije receives them with open arms.

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Jul 23 10:22:28 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in history spool.

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| Date: Thu Jul 23 08:28:45 1998

A loud horn blares over the battlefield. Swiftly the Marauders withdraw
from battle and begin to regroup. Another, different, horn blows. The
Verminasian soldiers quickly retreat to the gates. As the first battalion
hits the opening, hot oil splashes down, halting their withdrawal. Flaming
arrows infiltrates their nunmbers. The screams are awesome as the men burst
into flames and die an agonizing death. Being a smaller group than when
this war started, the fires die more rapidly. The rest of the verminasian
army bursts through the smoldering bodies and head for home at full gallop.
As soon as they rush out the busted gates of Arkane, an explosion goes off.
Under their feet the ground had been saturated with oil. It bursts into yet
another wall of flame. Many more soldiers fall to the marauders clever use
of fire and oil. Still, they push on. Weakenned and tired, they push
onward, seeking their home and safety.

No player deaths were encountered this day. The war in Arkane is OVER.
Marauders hold the city.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Jul 27 09:17:09 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in history spool

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| Date: Fri Jul 24 08:17:18 1998

Subject - The retreat

The battle weary Verminasian's push their limits to make time between them
and the city of Arkane. They are now one days march to their city gates and
are starting to relax a bit. Then the message is received. "Word from our
eyes to the south, my general,
" the messenger said as he hands Arakayd the
rolled up parchment and places the pidgeon in its cage.

Arakayd unrolls the parchment and reads, a look of alarm on his face.
Swiftly he issues orders and the Verminasian army comes to a halt. Archers
knotch there bows awaiting the inevitable. Then, out of the misty night,
they see it. Marauder knights bear down on them at full charge, their
mounts foaming from the hard ride.

The archers unleash their arrows sending a devestating swarm into the midst
of the knights, bringing down a large amount of them. But it is not enough.
The Knights are upon them with an almost sinister speed. The first line of
archers are cut down without any chance of retreat.

Arakayd rallies his soldiers and advance on the now engaged knights. "Where
is that damn escort,
" he mutters.

Just then, in the distance, he hears it, the welcome horn blasting from the

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Jul 27 09:22:54 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in History spool.

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| Date: Sat Jul 25 10:46:32 1998

Subject - retreating army part II

The knights, as swift as they had enterred the fray, turn and as fast as
their mounts can carry them head for home. The verminasian archers send
their deadly stings flying into the backs of the retreating knights. Many
fall, but soon they are out of sight. As soon as they drop below the
horizon, several battalions of Verminasians burst through the cover to the
east. Upon seeing the destruction, they immediately get into defensive
postures. "Hail, Lord Arakayd, I am happy to see you well.
" the battalion
commander says. "I bring you important news. It's the queen, my liege,
she's... Dead.

Arakayd stands stunned. "How? ," He demands.

"It is a mystery, my leige. What is known, however, is you are to be
crowned upon your arrival.
" Arakayd, still in shock, orders the battalion
commander to bring the men home, and then mounts up and speeds off to

After the battalion commander was sure the marauders had left, he regroups
his men and begins the day long march back to Verminasia.

Writer: Scorn

Date Wed Aug 12 09:04:32 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in history spool.

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| Date: Mon Aug 10 12:04:09 1998

As silent as possible for a large army, the Marauders make their way
towards Verminasia. Suddenly a mage reports to Archemetes. "Sir, we have
detected a presence of two battalions just east of us.
" Just as he
finished saying these words, a horde of arrows begin their decent upon his

Archemetes swiftly orders a halt and places his men in defensive postures.
Other orders are given out and a couple of battalions move. However, the
arrows stop as swiftly as they had begun. The first battalion returns and
its commander reports, "Sir, the forces east have fired their volley and
fled. We were to late to stop them. It is obvious however, that they know
we are coming.
" Archemetes mulls this over a bit, then, his mind made up,
places new orders. This wasn't going to be as simple as he had hoped.

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Aug 20 10:13:48 1998

To all

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| Date: Thu Aug 20 10:03:10 1998

The Marauders catapult reloads and fires as fast as it can possibly go.
The mages begin their chants and explosions are heard in the distance. Then
they hear it, not only is there the sounds of explosions, but there is also
a fierce warcry. Just then, the Verminasian army bursts into view. Archers
from both sides begin pounding their adversaries. Then, they collide.
Blood and gore spill forth upon the battlefield. Screams of rage and pain
spew forth accosting those who would listen. The catapult is silenced as
the crew working it is crushed beneath the charge. Men on both sides die
grisly deaths yet the fighting continues. Skill is thrown aside and
replaced with sheer reflexes as the will to survive overcomes all involved.

Three have fallen this day. Malinche and Quar of Verminasia and Cryl of the
Marauders. May their Gods take pity on their souls.

Writer: Scorn

Date Fri Aug 21 14:45:31 1998

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| Date: Fri Aug 21 12:53:30 1998

The fierce fighting continues just south of Verminasia. Units are
chopped down like stalks of corn on both sides in the melee. The last of
the Marauder's Knights falls to the mass that encompasses them. But they
are swiftly avenged as another Verminasian battalion falls. Many, many more
are slayn in the chaos that war chooses as a companion. Several battalions
on both sides then retreat from the battlefield, leaving many more to hold
their own.

No Player Deaths this Glorious Day.

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon Aug 24 16:33:51 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in the History Spool.

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| From: Grokle
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| Date: Mon Aug 24 09:26:51 1998

A horn blares loudly to the south and the Marauders begin their retreat.
The Verminasian army attempts to give chase but are stopped by arrows being
fired from the archers of the retreating army. A command is uttered and an
explosion goes of in the marauders ranks. Arrows plummet into the
retreaters as they begin to gain distance. Then all is once more quiet.

One death this day. Jemadar has succombed to the blade. His death
was an honorable one.

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Aug 27 08:30:24 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in History Spool

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| Date: Wed Aug 26 08:10:04 1998

Once the Marauders where out of earshot, the Verminasian army receives
its order to return to the city. Something big was afoot. Apparently
something had happenned to the king. Speculation began instantly. Rumors
of a Marauder assassin infiltrated the armies core and their anger began to
grow. Their new leader, Drakkon, swore to investigate this untimely death
and if the Marauders were responsible, they would die a thousand deaths.

Meanwhile, on the trail back to Arkane, the Marauders army is called to a
halt. A lone messenger comes riding up at full gallop coming to a swift
halt just before the three highlords. "Sirs, important news from
Verminasia, the king, King Arakayd, has died. Details are sketchy but
Drakkon is now in controll of the kingdom. Rumor has it that you ordered
Arakayd's death. Anyway, they are investigating.
" The highlords
immediately call their generals and begin to deliberate. What will happen?
Only time will tell.

Writer: Reporter
Date Thu Aug 27 17:12:58 1998

To all

Subject Tinker Gnome discovers rare Blue Diamonds!!!

This afternoon, a discovery has been made. A tinker gnome mage from
the Red Robes has discovered a mine of rare blue diamonds. The diamonds
have quickly been shipped to almost every jeweler in Algoron, although
a few came up missing when the Pirates attacked the merchant ships at
sea. When asked about his discovery, Madul responded with this story.

"Diamonds! Diamonds everywhere! They shine with a bright blue light and
grow to be larger than... Than... Than a mastadon! I was testing a new
invention, one that has a head made of diamonds which bores a hole into the
ground, powered by magic, and I thought a perfect place to test it would be
the sands of sorrow, for many things must lay underneath those miles of
sand. My invention bored easily through the sands and suddenly fell into a
deep tunnel, carved long ago. My magic machine had burst open and was
nothing more than scrap metal *sniff* but behold! Around me was riches
greater than any I have seen before! But there were two things there that
would make any expadition dangerous. Many monsters, sealed for ages, wander
about, and the diamond itself is steadily implanted into the wall, almost
impossible to break it free. I spent about a day removing a chunk the size
of my palm."

The Althainian Report, Day of the Bull, 29th the Month of Futility.

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue Sep 1 11:57:47 1998

To all

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| Date: Tue Sep 1 11:16:03 1998

Althainia under Attack.

The guards over Althainia's East gate had been relieved to see the goblin
army dissappear from sight the other day. Their passage through Althainia
had been tense at best. But now they were gone so the guards relaxed a
little. Then came the alarm, Goblins had been sighted in the sewers. A
call to arms was issued and many rushed in. Politics then got involved and
no orders were issued. It was believed that the goblins were trying to
catch up with their other force en route to New Thalos to join in New
Thalos' defense. The belief was mistaken. Before light had fallen on the
city, the goblins emerged from the sewers. The flaming arrows began
devestating the houses and people. Then the warcry. An eerie sound of pure
hatred and vengeance. All those who heard it knew what was to come. The
city folks began to panick and to run out the gates to try and seek safety,
those who left out the east gates where cut down by a waiting army of
goblins. A bugle blares and then another warcry. The city was under seige.
The guards closed the gates as fast as they could but the goblins where upon
them in no time. The gate never finished closing as the guards fell. The
forces of Althainia rallied together and began to defend their city.
Explosion resounded, huge rocks pummelled the walls and houses of the city.
Everywhere you looked there was destruction and mayhem. The Althainian
archers began to send flight after flight into the oncoming goblins taking
down many and leaving a stench that no amount of cleaning would ever remove
from the kingdom streets. Soon the first 2 elements of archers where
overrun by well armored and well armed knights and cavalry. The archers
fell. The Althainian forces are being pushed back to the center of the city
and are defending like mad men. Many Goblins fall to their fury as do many
Althainians fall to the goblins sheer force.

The battle continues...

No kingdom deaths have happenned this day.

Writer: Scorn
Date Wed Sep 2 09:57:52 1998

To all

Subject Fw: please post in the history note spool.

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| From: Grokle
| To: scorn
| Subject: please post in the history note spool.
| Date: Wed Sep 2 09:45:33 1998

Blood flows freely deep within city of Althainia. Many on both sides
have fallen. The battle goes on. Outside the sewers, the goblin forces
continue to back the Althainians towards the center of the city. Then an
outcry is heard from the goblins rear. Fresh pikemen join into the fray,
embaling many goblins as they turn, cornered. The gore stains the streets
as both sides fight a vicious battle for survival.

On the eastern gate front. Arrows fly and swords clash. The goblins are
slowly gaining ground as the Althainian soldiers are being driven back.
Then you hear it, "Militia, for Althainia", the flood of Human settlers
armed with old swords, pitchforks, hoes, you name it, if it could bludgeon
or maim, they had it. The goblins maintain their ground but the drive
forward has stopped.

The war continues.

Writer: Scorn
Date Wed Sep 2 09:59:43 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in the history spool.

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| From: Grokle
| To: scorn
| Subject: Please post in the history spool.
| Date: Wed Sep 2 09:51:54 1998

Two ships where found today by an Armada warship. The carried the flags
of Althainia Empire, Althainia Kingdom, New Thalos, and Dolund'ir. One was
burning and rapidly sunk into the ocean. Armada send out armed divers and
quickly boarded the other ship. They report that goblins where lighting
small fires on the ship and that yells and bashing noises could be heard
from below. The divers quietly took out the goblin guards over the cargo
holds and unlatched the hold door. The sight was nothing short of
astounding. In the hold were several battalions of elven and human
soldiers. The soldiers were quick to group and aided the divers in
recapturing the ship. On board the rescued ship was none other than Culain.
He is now commanding the ship as it returns to Althainia. The crew of the
sunk ship has also been captured while attempting to flee in a lifeboat.
The captains of the ships have walked the planks and are no longer among us.
The undauntable now tows the crippled surviving ship in for repairs and to
reunite the survivors with their familie and leaders.

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Sep 3 11:23:39 1998

To all

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| From: Grokle
| To: scorn
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| Date: Thu Sep 3 09:08:21 1998

Explosions erupt in the battlements as archers fall from the walls to
their deaths. But not before sending another deadly swarm of arrows deep
into the hearts of their enemy. The goblins force then divides, one force
heading back east. A few hours later, the sound of warfar can be heard in
that direction as well. The goblins at the gate continue now against an
angry militia.

By the sewers, more pike men join the fray, but are mostly held at bay by
the goblin archers assigned to that area. Several fall before they even get
close enough to attack. The knights and cavalry of Dolund'ir continue to
push and start making leeway again as the Althainian defenders start to fall
back again.

The battle continues.

One player death this day, Lancelot died with honor in battle.

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Sep 3 11:23:41 1998

To all

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| Date: Thu Sep 3 09:14:30 1998

The undauntable slowly tugs at the cripple troop carrier, making somewhat
good time with the magical assistance Culain offers. Then they hear it.
BOOOOM! Then another BOOOOOM!. Then Splash! Then another Splash! Someone
was firing on them. BOOOOOM The troop ship takes a hit. "Pirates off the
ports bow, admiral" a sailor announces. The ship shutters as another near
miss disturbs its voyage. BOOOOMMM!..... CRASH!!!!

Writer: Scorn

Date Sun Sep 6 22:34:28 1998

To all

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| From: Grokle
| To: Scorn
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| Date: Fri Sep 4 09:19:10 1998

The gore and masses of bodies continue to pile up as the battle next to
the sewers continues. Goblins, humans, and elves alike continue to fight
with vigor, even as they become more and more exhausted. The fighting has
been going on for days and both sides are starting to feel it. The goblins
forward progress has once again been halted, but they do maintin their

At the East Gate, The goblins finish off the archers on the walls. They
then enter the city and attack a small hord of soldiers protecting some
mages. The mage sets a round of explosions off in the goblins ranks sending
body parts flying into the air. But the goblins overtake them. The East
Gate has fallen.

Outside the east gate, goblin Archers send flights of arrows into the
advancing New Thalos forces. Then all becomes quiet. Then it happens, A
variable wall of arrows comes pouring into the goblin forces. Then
explosions. When the dust clears, no living goblins remain outside the

Inside the gate, Goblins rush to close the gates. A baracade is quickly
thrown together to reinforce the gate. Archers take positions on the walls,
and the waiting game begins.

Two player deaths this sorrowful day, Azog of Dolund'ir, and Callak in
support of Althainia and New Thalos.

Writer: Scorn

Date Sun Sep 6 22:34:32 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in History spool

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| From: Grokle
| To: Scorn
| Subject: Please post in History spool
| Date: Fri Sep 4 09:54:22 1998

Betrayal aboard the Undauntable

Someone aboard has freed the captive goblins and set fire to the
Undauntable's sails. He was just about to turn the cannons in on the ships
own hull when he was discovered. Hamilton has betrayed the armada. After a
brief fight with some sailors, he was eventually wrestled down and thrown in
the brig. But their problems have not yet ended, the pirates, have ceased
firing on the troop carrier, but have focused their full attention on the
Undauntable. The Undauntable, though now immobilized by the spreading
blaze, returns fire. A volley of rounds from both sides fall short, but
they have become more accurate. The fires are extinguished and the
undauntable finds it still has some maneuverabilty and begins to take
evasive actions. To the suprise of the crew, however, the troop carrier
does not follow. Someone else abourd has cut the lines. Traitor seem to be
everywhere in the Armada ranks.

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue Sep 8 08:51:42 1998

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in the History Spool.

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| From: Grokle
| To: scorn
| Subject: Please post in the History Spool.
| Date: Tue Sep 8 08:14:31 1998

The clashing of weapons ring out through the night. Sparks fly as steel
meets steel. In essence, the one god can't sleep. "That noise is
" he said aloud to know one in particular. "Why must these
crazy mortals wanna fight into the night. The souls of the recently
deceased, all their moaning and wimpering, its enough to make me start over

The great One rubbed his temples and thought for a second, then a decision
was made. A simple thought, and life as everyone knows it changed. All
warring forces froze in their tracks. Blocks formed around them all, so
thick and impervious to removal. Not just the warring armies either. All
armies of the realm suddenly found them selves suspended in whatever actions
they had been doing. Not only that, but the coffers set aside for these
armies had also been frozen shut.

Then the One smiles, "That's better. I shall leave them this way until such
a time as I am well rested and need a little sport.

With that he went back to sleep, a peaceful and deep sleep. Who knows how
long it will last.

Writer: Vivienne

Date Sun Nov 1 03:00:54 1998

To all

Subject The great Rift

On this all Hallow's Eve a great evil arose, a evil like this world has
never known and we pray to our Gods never will again. A great rift opened
in the forest and from it came the most vile creatures. But that was not
the worst of this rift. It took no sides it was not good nor evil. It's
misson was simple, to destory our world. It attacked our magic first,
removing the spells bless, sanctuary, healing, giant strength pass door, fly
and armor. A list of items was compiled in hopes that their combination
would mend this rift. The items were gathered through the effort of of our
entire civilization and placed into the rift. 13 shrunken heads were
required. A shaman can not release his heads so the mighty Shaman, Tsi
sacrificed his life into the unknown and stepped into the rift in order to
complete the item list. Still the rift did not close. The Grand Mistress
of Magic poured over her scrolls and books to find the final remaining
ingrediant The heart of a pure and good man, the heart of a Paladin.
Bravely, Gunnar Draugrbane, Captain of the Crown stepped forth He would give
his life to save our world. An arch enemy, Diamante slain him and the
Paladin Muse Liefendahl Squire of Kuldan placed his heart into the rift.
Slowly the rift faded and in it's place grew a lovely tree.

And so it is written in our History books...

Writer: Bakaris

Date Tue Nov 17 01:01:35 1998

To all

Subject A Prayer to My Lord Raije.

Lord Raije, most powerful and glorious of the Lessor Gods...

For 7 weeks I have called upon the many clans of the lands to do battle.
There have been some glorius battles. I present the current standings to
you for your review.

Malice 21-0 Valor 17-4 Shalonesti 17-4 Wargar 13-8 Eclipse 11-10 Knighthood
11-10 Armada 6-15 Conclave 5-16 Pirates 2-19 Slayers 2-19

2 matches that may intrest you Lord, are the Wargar vs Eclipse in which the
#4 playoff spot will be up for grabs if Wargar doesnt show well. Also,
Malice takes thier unbeaten record against the mighty Elves of Shalonesti.
And for your humor, m'lord, if you do enjoy that sort of thing, The Slayers
will fight the Pirates to see who will be names Algoron's worst fighting
clan of this year.

May you bless me and all who do battle in your name.

(ooc: next week, levels 15, 38, and 51)

Writer: Scorn
Date Fri Nov 20 15:19:15 1998

To all

Subject The Arrival (part 1)

From beyond the realms of the physical, they observed. Since time began
they would send their minds through the ether, reporting everything to their
masters. But now, a new command. Their Lord, communication without words,
a silent acquiescence of all of their order. They knew the risks, but as
they prepared to depart, they felt their souls singing in the pure
anticipatory joy of the moment. Stepping through the planes, they arrived .

And saw the world with their own eyes for the first time in all their

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Nov 26 10:53:52 1998

To all

Subject The Arrival (Part II)

The farmer sat near the fire, enjoying its warmth all the more for the heavy
storm raging outside his cabin. Half dozing, he watched the angry flickers of
lightning lick across the sky, with the familiar reverberations following.

Then, something which widened his eyes. In the sky, wreathed in lightning,
it fell like a stone into his fields and upon impact flared like the sun so
that the small valley was lit up as if noon. Pulling on a coat, and grabbing
a lantern, the farmer stumbled out of his cabin towards the now extinguished
object. Through the splotches of red before his eyes he made out something,
barely moving in a smoldering crater of earth. Still half blind, he made his
way down the crater, through a cloud of soft white feathers, to examine the
figure before him.

Later, in the cabin, he ventured, through his awe, to ask the question which
had been on his lips since the first. Eyes dull, the reply was barely audible.

"Forsaken, cast down"

Writer: Scorn
Date Wed Dec 9 00:00:08 1998

To all

Subject Is it true?

Two men sat by the bar. One was wide eyed and shaking and he had his
friends full attention.

"I'm telling you Zakarul, it happened!" Spoke the shaking man.

"Well I think you have been drinking too much liquors to know what your name
is. Just calm down and drink some harvest ale with me and soon enough
you'll forgot you ever thought you saw whatever it is you claimed to have
seen" said Zakarul

The shaking man responded, this time louder.
"DAMNIT! I have not had a drink at all this night and what I saw I know is true!
I was speaking with her, an elven lady, she was trembling and I bent down to
see what was the matter. She glared into my eyes, he eyes piercing my very
soul. She knew my thoughts, she knew my secrets, she knew everything about
me! yet she was as scared as anyone I had ever seen. She knew what I was to
say before I said it. And then she dispeared before my eyes. She wore a blue
locket. I admit, I was frightened and I ran away. I was at least 2 blocks
from her and the locket appeared in my hands from out of nowhere. I have known
many mages but I have never seen powers such as this."

Zakarul laughed. "Nonsense! And to be frank your wild story is boring
and lacks imagination. We've all heard about the great war where mortals
carried powers of the Gods. But even if you beleive those stories, then
you know that their powers were taken away. Have some ale lad, take
your mind off of this nonsense."

"Perhaps" responded the shaking man. "It must be my imagination."
He clasped on to his newly given blue locket and tried to forget that
nights events.

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue Dec 15 21:00:54 1998

To all

Subject The Arrival (Part III)

The kender child skipped along the road through the forest to Balifor.
What fun she'd had today! Her first trip to the city of Arkane! She'd
wandered the streets, visited the stores, and found so many bright and
interesting things she'd been forced to drop a few of them in the street.
Bars, Knights, Red robed wizards, Sailors, Ogres, Elves, and even those cute
horned Minotaurs! Eventually, she'd been thrown out of the city by some
grumpy guard. "Oh well", she thought, suppressing a giggle. "I'll sneak
back in tomorrow!" . Then she gave up and giggled out loud anyway. What
was this? Someone up ahead!

"Oh hello there mister black robe. I don't think I met anyone like you
today ...."

She awoke only once more. Lying on her back, through the red have of pain,
she made out a black robed figure standing over her, and the sounds of
something soft and wet. In some distant part of her mind she understood
that the sounds were her own ...

He howled. Brought here by puerile, yet effective magicks, his journey had
not been a pleasant one. And now, he hungered. A small corpse lay beside
him. Cold, long dead, and distasteful.;

The pungent smell of fear, mixed with that of fresh, warm meat wafted across
the room, alerting his attention to a black-robed figure watching him

No one heard the short, hoarse scream.
Hunger sated, he made his way from the tower. He was loose, and the world,
in its ignorance, slept untroubled through the night.

Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Jan 10 21:44:01 1999

To all

Subject Fw: please post in history spool

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| From: Grokle
| To: scorn
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| Date: Sun Jan 10 01:53:14 1999

Little Rindo was doing his daily chore, digging through the rubbage in
the dump trying to scrounge something of value so his family might eat
again. The day dragged on and nothing of any real value could be found so
he decided to head to the sewers. As he stepped off the mound he was on,
his feet splashed into a small but growing puddle. This suprised young
Rindo, since it hadn't rained in many days and nothing liquid had spilled
that he knew of. Upon closer examination, it appeared to be water. But
where was it coming from. The only thing he could see was the trash and the
statues of the goblin and althainian soldiers locked in battle. Wait...
The statues? Rumor had it that they were actually frozen soldiers, cursed
to a life of inanimation by a god unknown to this realm. He decied to look
closer. The nearest one was of a goblin, axe raised high and a sword
protruding from his chest. Sure enough, the water was dripping from his
nose and seemed to be running down his body. Closer yet, the young lad
looked. Just then the statue's eyes blinked. A single tear welled up in
one of them and ran down his cheek. Then the water dripping off of the
sword wound in the goblins abdomen turned red. A cracking sound started
making itself known. Soon all you could hear was cracking noises. The flow
of water became more and more. Rindo panicked and fled to his family. The
whole way, he screamed over and over, "The rumors are true, the statues are
melting... HEEELLLPPPP!

Writer: Scorn
Date Wed Feb 10 03:18:35 1999

To Nordmaar all

Subject The Death of a King

(ooc: sometimes role-play turns out UGLY but we have to make the best
of it anyway)

Quickly the black figure ducked in and out of the shadows of Nordmaar.
He saw the symbol of the black rose upon the taverns door. Thats when he
saw his target. She had red hair, pale skin with green eyes. She wore
a purple sash and a tarten kilt of the clan MacCallum. Upon her head
was a jeweled crown worth many jewelled eggs. He walked up to the door
as casually as the next customer. At a table with Queen Moira, Queen
of Nordmaar, were several Celtic men, two of which were fighting.
That distraction was good enough for the bandit to make his move. With a
small club he clobbered Moira over the head, picked her upon his large
shoulders and carried her off.

They got as far as the Sea Mage before being slayed by Maelduin MacAllen.
The queen was rescued but who had done this? As the Celtic kingdom
issued their rage they were eventually arguing with many Yinn. Words
were slung as dishonor was brought to Queen Moira by Ryshana, a yinn
from the dark knights of Eclipse. King Cathal MacCallum challenged
Ryshana repeatedly, but Ryshana rejected looking for less expericanced
prey to duel. Wryllish of Eclipse stepped in his place and they dueled.

The battle was quick as one was quickly defeated.

Nadrik was pleased. Death by am honorable duel no matter the loss is
a good way to die. Nadrik knew that Raije got more pleasure out of the
duel than anyone. But yet the news must be told. Sir Valis MacGregor
appeared before Nadrik. Nadrik told him of two events, the death of
Cathal MacCallum and that the queen Moira had Cathal's child within
her. Valis swore an oath to protect the unborn child and the Queen.
Without the heir, the kingdom could be thrust into the clan wars that
destroyed them before.

Mencius smiled with delight. Things were about to get interesting.

Writer: Scorn
Date Fri Mar 5 10:16:56 1999

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in the history spool

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| Date: Mon Feb 22 21:45:35 1999

The ground started off soaked in water. Then the first sound of metal on
metal began, The warcrys shouted as if starting in mid yell. Screams of
pain and rage filled the air. The statues have thawed. At the sewer
entrance the Althainian's mount a valiant defense but are forced to retreat
deeper into the city, for the goblins are way to many. Many fall on both
sides. It is impossible to tell just how many. At the East gate, New
Thalos crashes through, met by a legion of pikemen. Both sides tear into
one another in a clash that defied the ears and eyes. For many years, these
forces have waited, but to them, this has been going on for days. The
battle subsides, all sides withdraw and regroup. Their commanders report to
their kings. New Thalos is a bit shocked by the fact that it has a new
king, but they recover quickly. Now it is dusk, The wounded are treated,
the plans are made. What will tomorrow bring?

Writer: Scorn
Date Fri Mar 5 10:17:07 1999

To all

Subject Fw: Please post in the history spool

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| From: Grokle
| To: Scorn
| Subject: Please post in the history spool
| Date: Wed Feb 24 10:28:18 1999

No clashes of steel on steel this morning. No screams of rage and pain,
except maybe in the healers tents. Early in the morning, the leaders met.
It would appear that a war started years ago held little meaning anymore and
a cease fire was issued. All forces withdrew. The goblins and the New
Thalosians all headed to their respective kingdoms. A peace filtered
through the tired, yet jubilant forces, then a sorrow at seeing all that had
fallen in such a needless battle. Then compounded sorrow. For word reaches
everyone at the news. The transport ship, carrying troops to Arkane had
been sunk. All aboard are assumed dead. All that is but one man. His name
is Culain. He was picked up by the undauntable and speeded to safety. The
pirates opted not to give chase so they might attempt to salvage any loot
abourd the sinking ship. Unfortunately for them, they were too late as
well. A feat started many years before, catastrophic in its losses and
painful to all who beheld it, had finally come to an end. What will the
future hold? How will nations recover from a treachury almost forgotten and
then thrust back into the faces of a world that had known peace?

Time will tell... time will tell.

Writer: Scorn
Date Sat Mar 27 01:00:49 1999

To all

Subject [Althainian Times] Dae'tok invades Southern Icewall

Day of the Bull, 15th the Month of Futility.
Dae'tok invades southern Icewall, battles highland regiment.

After a week of Naval warfare between the Yinn Dae'tok kingdom and
the Nordmaar fleet, the Dae'tok transports docked at south icewall
this morning. Yinn soldiers and members of the Dae'tok Royal guard
flooded the area. They were met with resistance by Ganth regulars who
defeated the scattered yinn on the west coast in small skirmashes.
The bigger battle, which the highlanders have dubbed "the battle of
mutt bay", was one of the bloodiest in recent history. The yinn soldiers
were unstopable driving through the Nordmaar troops all of th way
north into thier highlands. The dae'tok royal guards invaded nordmaar
before being driven out by the Nordmaar 1st regiment, led by 2nd
lieutenant and knight Ultan Wallace. Casulaties on both sides were
extreme. Such prominant leaders such as the Dae'tok Vice Admiral of the
their navy and 4 Nordmaar Clan leaders died in todays battles.
The Macgregor, Gunn, Wallace, and Macleod elders were all massacred.
The mutt bay battle lasted 2 days with the Yinn eventually fleeing.
Will the war just esculate or did the highlanders of Nordmaar deter
history repeating itself with another world invasion by the Yinn.
Only time will tell.

Jezeraely Swashblade, reporter the the Althainian Times.

Writer: Scorn
Date Sat Mar 27 01:06:29 1999

To all

Subject [The New Thalos Herald]

Althainia troops rallied to help Nordmaar to a decisive but costly victory over
Dae'tok. The casulties were very heavy, but Dae'tok offered Nordmaar
an offical cease fire after the battle. Results of that conversation
have not been released.

New Thalos officials have yet to comment on the situation.

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon May 3 19:54:22 1999

To all

Subject The Birth (Part 1)

Sleeping peacefully in her bed, Christel woke to the echoes of a
melodious voice. The musical voice ran in her ears, urging her to wake
gently. Christel sat up, pulling her covers about her shoulders against the
cold night's air, and saw a woman standing at the foot of her bed. Her skin
is pale, almost like ivory, and her hair is jet black. It cascades gently
down her back, like a frame for her perfect figure. She is dressed entirely
in black, making it seem like she is part of the shadows themselves. Most
striking were her eyes, black as night, without any other color.

Christel was momentarily startled to find a strange woman in her room, but
as her mind followed her body to wakefulness, she realized that this
creature could only be Drakkara or one of Drakkara's servants. Rubbing her
eyes and holding her breath, she waited for the wondrous being to speak.

"Do not be alarmed, child." She said softly, her voice filling Christel's
ears like a sweet melody.

Christel's hand found the white dragon doll that had gotten buried in her
covers and clutched it in her hands. "Why are you here? Is my father
well??" She whispered, worried.

"Your father is not why I am here, child. Your help is needed. Many people
live full lifetimes wondering how to best serve their Goddess, now I am
granting you the chance."

An old conversation floated into Christel's head at the woman's words, and
she worried over Magess Granuk, who's words had been "Seek Death." Christel
didn't want anything to do with death. Taking a deep breath, she said
"Where are we going? I should probably tell my mom so she doesn't worry..
I'm not going to get in trouble, am I? Mom doesn't like it when I get in

"Your mother will never know you have gone, for where we travel, time has
stopped. Prepare yourself child. You are about to witness something a
mortal has NEVER seen before." As she spoke, the room around Christel spun
into darkness, and suddenly she found herself standing alone on a dirt road,
surrounded by a forest. In the distance, an eerie light shone in the woods.

Chewing on the inside of her cheek, Christel considered her situation,
staring at the light. Shrugging lightly, Christel skipped off down the
road, towards the light. Since her escort had disappeared and there was
nothing better to do, she thought inspecting the light might be a good idea.
Distracted easily, the walk took a while, as she stopped frequently to
inspect the foliage along the edge of the road.

Walking into the light, Christel saw a woman, more beautiful than the one
who had brought her here. Beyond her power to describe, Christel could only
look at the woman in awe. Absently, she noticed that the woman was lying in
a pool of blood, her stomach was swollen with child, but there was no
indication that the woman was in pain.

"Come closer, child. You have been blessed." The woman beckoned

"Why am I here?" Christel asked curiously, her eyes never leaving the
woman's face.

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon May 3 20:07:57 1999

To all

Subject The Birth (part 2)

"You are about to learn more than a child your age should know, child.
You are about to bear witness to something no mortal has ever seen.
However, I am weak when I walk upon this plane. I require your strength to
deliver this baby. And you must give it to me freely. Do so and Drakkara
will bless you for all eternity.

"How do I know this isn't a trick?" She asked skeptically, chewing on her

"You serve Drakkara as a follower of faith, do you not? Prove your faith
now and know that it is not a trick. Drakkara needs your help and She needs
it now."

Something in the woman's eyes convinced Christel and she squirmed
momentarily, uncomfortable with the idea that a Goddess would need her help.
"Ok.. What do I have to do?" Christel asked, twirling a strand of hair
around her finger and chewing on the end.

"Give yourself to me, freely. Allow me to use your strength, child. It
will be returned in a greater way than you can imagine. Do this now, time
is running short."

Coming closer to the woman, Christel reaches her hand out to touch her. "My
strength is your strength. My faith will sustain you.." She closed her
eyes and screwed up her face, expecting a great deal of pain. Agony filled
her immediately, draining all of her strength. Holy powers and thoughts
dwindled into blackness as Christel passed out for a few seconds. Weak,
lying on the ground, Christel woke to see something she would never forget.

From the woman bled darkness. It twisted shape and form many times as
Christel watched. It seemed at first a fanged dragon, a black copy of the
white she'd known. Then it became a demon, hideous to behold. It shifted
again, into a vampire and finally dwindled into the form of a child.

Christel's ears began to bleed as a loud cackle surrounded her, coming from
the woman who had brought here to this place. The woman's form twisted
itself into that of a demon as Christel watched, and then it grabbed up the
child in its talons and flew away. The woman who had just given birth was
now alone in the clearing with Christel. Her form becomes perfect, no sign
of birthing upon her. With awe, Christel realizes that this woman must be
Drakkara and she just witnessed the birth of a new God. Wiping tears of
pain from her eyes, she could only lay there and stare.

Drakkara looked down upon her young servant and smiled warmly. The
agonizing pain left her as the smile caressed her soul. "On this plane, I
am weak. The child was born here so that the other gods might not know.
You must have a million questions for me, but I will tell you only this.
The child is Mine and Necrucifer's. He will help Us tip the scales of
Darkness into this world. You have helped me and served Me well."

Still confused, Christel whispered, "But.. Why me? My dad isn't Highlord
any more, what am I supposed to do? I'm just a little girl, no one listens
to me.."

Smiling again, Drakkara dispelled Christel's fears. "Why you? Are you not
a follower of faith to me?"

"Of course!" Christel exclaimed, embarrassed that she should be doubted.

"Then I called upon you because perhaps there is something I needed from you
that others followers may not have given. I had as much faith in you as you
did in Me."

Blushing, Christel looked down at the ground. She whispered, "I'll try my
bestest to be as faithful and as good a follower to You as dad is.."

"You will soon have power far beyond your father's. You are blessed by Me
and soon you will realize this. May your dreams become a reality, child. I
will be leaving you now, but be assured, I will be watching and protecting
you as you just protected Me and My child."

"Now that the baby is born.. Do I have to keep it a secret or can I tell
dad what happened? And mom?

"Tell only those who share your heart. Do not tell those who might be your

Her mind bubbling with questions, Christel suddenly found herself once more
sitting up in her bed, staring at the foot of it, which now stood empty.
"Does the baby have a name? Is it a boy? How come it didn't look as pretty
as you? Am I like.. Its godmother now? I think I'm to little to be a
godmother, do you think?" She blurted out. Blushing in sudden
embarrassment, Christel clasped her hands over her mouth and looked around
the room, wondering if it had all be a dream.

A dark spot on her wall caught Christel's attention. Looking closely, she
saw that it was a name, written in blood.


Writer: Scorn
Date Sat May 22 17:39:04 1999

To all

Subject The Abduction of a God.

A young man with long, braided brown hair paced the surface of the white
moon. A look of anxiety was carved into his face. Then a voice came from
behind him.

"Do not look so worried Austinian. My balanx will complete his mission.
Remember if it were not for Austanis, we would have never known of the birth
of Malachive."

Austinian smiled as he turned around to see a man with a white beard dressed
in long red robes.

"Brother Kwainin, your balanx may be undetectable to mortals, but do you
honestly think that he can walk right into Drakkara's front yard and swipe
her child away from her? " Austinian said with rising worry.

"What makes you think she's on the dark moon now, brother?" Replied

Austinian raised an eye and looked at Kwainin. With a surprised and almost
humorous tone he asked, "What did you do?"

Kwainin smiled.

"Tell me Kwainin, I must know! Did you seduce her?" Asked Austinian.

Kwainin laughed. "No brother, I would never dream of such a thing. I had
Raije and Cliath stage a massive battle with one another in which they got
moon dust all over her. Being so concerned with her appearance, she quickly
left to Celestia to make herself perfect again."

Austinian chuckled. "What a perfect plan. But how long do you expect her
to stay in Celestia before coming back to where he r power is most strong?"

"It matters not, for here comes Austanis now" Kwainin points into space
where the blue skinned balanx is flying down.

Austanis glides down into the moons surface holding a child that changed
forms almost every second. First a human, then an ogre, next a dragon, a
snarling vampire, a demon, and then a human one again. Austanis drops to
one knee to Kwainin awaiting permission to stand.

"You have done well Austanis" stated Kwainin.

"Indeed!" Proclaims Austinian.

"'Twas not an easy task my lord" replies Austanis. " The child's own power
grows with each moment. Twice I was forced to battle its powers and twice I
barely lived. If this child is to be destroyed, we must do so now. Shall I
take him to Algoron to be terminated?"

"Terminated?" Asked Austinian. "Kwainin you never said anything about
killing the child."

Kwainin shrugged and spoke. "Why else did you think we stole this child
brother? With him alive the balance will be swayed into the side of evil.
We have no choice."

Austinian sighed heavily.

Kwainin turned to Austanis. "Quickly take Malachive to Algoron and
terminate him. All Gods are mortal on that plane and you should have little
problem disposing of him."

Austanis bowed and grabbed Malachive and flew towards Algoron.

Kwainin looked at Austinian's distressed look. "I know you disapprove
brother, but you know we haven't a choice."

Austinian glared at Kwainin. "And what if that were my child? Would you
dispose of him too to maintain balance?"

"Indeed, brother." Kwainin replied. "I will be off now for I have many
matters to return to. Peace be with you brother."

With a flash of gray light, Kwainin disappeared from the planets moon.

"Kantilles, are you here?" Spoke Austinian.

"I am, as usual father" answered a voice.

Standing before Austinian was a good-looking young man. He stood tall and
proud and seemed to have a pleasant smile on his face. He wore robes of
white that flowed in the light breeze that was the white moons gravitational

"Father, are you thinking what I am? That this child can be raised as good
on the planets surface where his powers are surpressed?" Asked Kantilles.

"I am, my son. Do what you must to save that child. Your sister Kadiya
will assist you." Order Austinian.

Kantilles bowed and disappeared. Austinian stared at Algoron, a ripe blue
planet in which he had hand in creating.

Austinian muttered "If only the high God himself could see what a mess we
have made ourselves down there. I suspect he would have a good laugh. I
cannot let a child die before giving it the chance to grow up good. This
shall be my greatest challenge. It may seem easy compared to dealing to
Kwainin when he finds out of my interference." Austinian sighed and then
smiled. Within an instant, the white moon was empty.

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Jul 22 08:41:49 1999

To all

Subject Intersection of Ley lines

After several weeks of hard travel through rough wilderness the old man
arrives at a small valley, encircled by low-lying hills, with a towering
snow-girdled mountain dominating the landscape to its north. Near the
center of the valley is a gently sloping circular mound, and the sight of
this small hill with the volcano smoking in the background hits him like a
flash of memory, though he's never been near here. He walks up the mound,
looking in fascination at the ancient and now ruined stone monuments left by
some long dead followers of the currents. This mound is covered with
ancient works of stone, some so weathered as to make their age unfathomable.
Some of the stone monuments encircle the cap of the hill like a crown, like
giants caught dancing in some arcane celebration and turned instantly to
stone. Clearly some culture ancient beyond reckoning was aware of the
conflux of lines of power and built here at the focus, but their temples are
ruined now, a tangle of stolid stone blocks and slabs. He takes some time
to study the jumble of rocks that once formed a temple near the hilltop,
then begins to attempt to reassemble it. By nightfall his brittle back
aches and his fingernails are split and bleeding, but a short section of the
ancient temple wall stands again after thousands of years. On the second
day he continues at this labor, but around midday another walks up the hill,
a tall dark man with the same purposeful stride. The newcomer takes some
time to examine the setting then also begins to arduously shift the huge old
stones of the temple back into place, and without the need of communication
or agreement they continue the rebuilding until they collapse exhausted with
the sunset. The next day a woman trudges up the hill following another line
entirely, an elf with no aptitude for shifting stones but a marvelous knack
for matching ones which previously went together, using the inscriptions and
remnants of paint still visible on the old stones. Slowly an ancient temple
of megalithic stone begins to take shape, and on the horizon other figures
can be seen approaching from different vectors, moving steadily and
purposefully as they are drawn along the paths of aetiolic current to the
intersection at the top of the mound.

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue Aug 10 19:29:37 1999

To all

Subject Fw: Please post this in the history spool

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| From: Maalthiir
| To: Scorn
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| Date: Tue Aug 10 16:39:02 1999

As Kahn Marrung strode around Dolund'ir the air became chill.... It
had only been four days since his appointment as Kahn and things were
beginning to settle down. His supporters were numerous and yet something
did not feel right.

From out of the darkness Tarion, Lord of the Goblins emerged and demanded a
duel for the throne of Dolund'ir. Marrung having no choice agreed.

With sanctioned aid they met in the Coliseum of Death and prepared to do
battle. The fight was rapid and heated and in the end Tarion's blade had
pierced the heart of Kahn Marrung. Stooping over Tarion retrieved the crown
that was once and again his. As the last sigh of life left the body of the
fallen Kahn, Tarion turned and entered his throneroom.

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue Aug 10 19:29:43 1999

To all

Subject Fw: Please post this in the history spool

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| From: Maalthiir
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| Date: Tue Aug 10 16:45:45 1999

Since the fall of Marrung only a few short hours before Dolund'ir had
been in an uproar. All over the kingdom goblins were gnashing their teeth
in hatred for Kahn Tarion. A few of the goblins cheered as they were the
loyal supporters who had awaited their Lord's return.

Off doing the will of his God, Urgg the Black fumed.

He raced his holy steed back to the kingdom and sought out Kahn Tarion. His
intent: to send Tarion reeling from the kingdom in a flurry of fear.

For the second time in as many days two goblins met in the Coliseum with
sanctioned aid and prepared to do battle.

In the end Tarion, Lord of the Goblins was exiled from his newly regained
and lost kingdom.

All Hail Kahn Urgg the Black, Lord of Dolund'ir!

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon Sep 13 19:24:08 1999

To all

Subject The Empire Strikes Back

A damaged ship hosting a minimal crew arrived at the icy cold docks. A
cloaked Yinn sailor wearing the symbols of an officer disembarked while
barking (no pun intended) orders to the bloody and exhausted crew. Admiral
Du'junk hurried towards the palace within the city of Dae'tok.

The emperor rose to his feet and snarled. He was large, even for a Yinn.
Emperor Chau glared at the battered Admiral.

"You WHAT?! Lost almost every man to a group of sniveling humans in
skirts?! And a boat sank before it even reached the shore?? You will wish
that you died with the rest of your fleet Admiral, that I promise you!"

Emporer Chau rose to his feet and walked to his door. There he stopped,
leaned back, and shattered the door to peices with a single strike of his
fist. "The indignity of those humans they shall pay! All generals to the
war room, this time we take what is ours!" Glaring at the Admiral, the
Emperor blared "You I'll deal with later!"

Hours later in a crowded square, a Yinn male formerly known as Admiral
Du'junk hung from an tall spear. His nude body was skinned while alive and
his eyes were cut from their sockets and placed into his mouth. He screamed
for mercy for two hours before dying. No mercy was granted. Such is the
price for failure in Dae'tok.

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue Feb 8 12:20:34 2000

To all

Subject The Hoard is Coming

Drakkara wept.

"Pathetic" exclaimed Necrucifer.

"The Goddess of Dark Magic and mother of many Gods weeping like a elven
female. Perhaps you are getting soft. Whatever the reason, I do not like
this. It is a sign of weakness.

Drakkara's tears turned into a snarl almost instantly.

"Do you not care that our son is alone on a world where he can be .....
killed by mere mortals?
" snarled Drakkara.

"Do you not care that the very unappreciative mortals that we helped create
would have your son killed in an act of defiance and vengence? Or have you
forgotten that the High God has cursed us whil eon Algoron? We can DIE there
and no son of mine will be taken by mortals!!!

"Your attemting to anger me, Lover. Just as you do when you attempt to
seduce the mortals into worshiping you instead of me. While you may be good
at manipulating the mortals, remember that I am the master of all things dark,
and that includes you, my dear. I see right through you.

Drakkara was suddenly angered and while it was apparant on her expression, she
said nothing. Probably a wise move.

Necrucifer stood boasterous with a sly smirk. He knew that Drakkara would like
nothing more than to slap it off of his face. He enjoyed the moment very much.
And then .... he spoke.

"I will create a hoard of demons. The mortals of all our of children can
quest for the right to serve as one. When that has been decided, they will
find Malachive and protect him. Perhaps his power will flourish enough to
once and for all rule that world. Where you see disaster, I see opportunity.
Malachive will live, and he will be our saviour of destroying the good.

Darkness overcame Necrucifer and in an instant, he was gone. Drakkara stood
alone contemplating Necrucifers words. She smiled, and returned to her moon.

Writer: Scorn

Date Sun Jun 11 12:42:27 2000

To Nordmaar

Subject A Letter with a Dae'tok seal is delivered from a Gnomish slave.

Natpat awp iyityikawy ay Naintpnaat,

Yit pay baaw nawl laaty yyiwia tpa Lyiww paba tayiaap na ytan tpa btatar awp
yabasa maly ay mean daadra. Bat Yi knainm yana, aydaiyiarrl mean natpat
naeyont ba mattyiap. Ya Yi an yawpyiws tmotaskay paianawt ta rat tae knainm
tpat Yi an yyiwa awp yaenrr. Yi maarp ayk tpat taet yaatip yat na ba
pyiyiawtyiwaap. Yi an amata ay taet ityinay asayiwyt tpa Lyiww awp Yi an
dtadatap ta ayyyiyt saeni ta aotyiwsayiyp taet iyitl awp yity yaar
iyityikawy. Mean natpat myirr naint ba patnap, bat tpa tayt ay tae myirr
datyiyp. Yiy tae myiyp ta ryiba, tae waap ta tanaba taetyarbay ytan
Naintpnaat at awia. Raaba tpa motaskasprawpy. Sa ta Artpayiwyia myitp tpa
atpat takanaiy awp pyaenrr tpata. Tae paba baaw matwap. Yi pa yiwtawp aw
btyiws tpa yttawstp ay tpa Lyiww atmean pyitaitrl ta Naintpnaat, awp yaen
myirr batw yit pamw araws myitp abatlawa yiwirapap.

Dtyiwia Myirryian NaiIarran, Ryiaatawawtt ay Paa'tmattya iarbatl #11.
Yatata Sabanaint ay Naintpnaat.

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Jun 29 18:37:25 2000

To all

Subject The Formation of the Holy (or Unholy if you will) Churches.

Darkness stirred. The horrable shreiking of pain filled torture was
pleasing to it. The louder the shreiks, the more the darkness celebrated.
Any mortal would have lost its ability to hear after this event. But the
Darkness here encouraged it. Embraced it. Nothing else but severe mortal
torture could allow this darkness to enjoy.

Malachive....... AWAKE!

A young man awoke from his sleep. His features were both pale and handsome.
Long black hair fell behind his head and his eyes were as black as the
darkness itself.

A woman stood next to his bed. To say she was attractive would be to say
that Giant Ogres were only mildley tall compared to humans. She was both
beautiful and seductive with every gesture and every breathe. Malachive
knew her the moment he noticed her standing before him.

"Mother?" He asked.

Drakkara nodded a simple nod and begin to speak in mocking tones.

"You sleep? You have been in this realm far too long, my son. What else
have they trained you to do? Eat? Work? Pay debts?"

Drakkara sat at the end of his bed and breifly touched his right cheek.

"I have found you, and within a blink of time you are already a man in this
world. I could take you home now, but your father has plans for you.
Already events are in motion and we have begun a holy revolution. Churches
of Necrucifer have arose and become powerful. The Gods of 'light' as they
call themselves have followed in his example and have begun organized
churches of their own. Already priests are being trained to bring others to
their side. A true holy war has begun."

"What does father require of me, mother?"

"You will know in due time. In the meantime, know that you are mortal here.
Keep yourself alive. Seek those who are strong to protect you. You can die
here and if you do, it will be for good."

"And if I do well? Will father allow me to return home and to have the full
power of my birthright? Do I finally get to be able to be a God? Do I.."

"Sleep, my child. The answers and more will come in due time. Do what you
can to stay alive while opressing these new churches and their priests.
Rewards have an interesting way of working out."

With a wave of her hand, Malachive slumbered once again. Dreaming of the
darkness which he so enjoyed, a smirk crossed his lips.

(ooc: See help priest.)

Writer: Scorn

Date Tue Sep 26 20:52:28 2000

To all

Subject Penalties for Failure

Necrucifer viewed the world with a dissatisfaction that caused the ground
to tremble. His son was stuck on this world and was not accomplishing much
of anything. Malachive had caught himself up in the daily lives of his
"mortal" parents who had adopted and raised this infant. He had even taken
a job to assist his family financially. A thought which made Necrucifer
very unpleased.

"His destiny is to rule that world and prepare it for my commands yet he
works with his hands as a carpenter." Moaned Necrucifer. His voice echoed
through the darkness followed by a rumbling shake.

Pale, sleek hands massaged his form. "Is the world not going as you have
planned, my love?" Drakkara smiled with sarcasm.

Necrucifer growled. "Summon Goratrix. This is his failure. He has done
nothing to prepare for Malachives rule nor has he been an effective leader
of the other Demons."

Drakkara suddenly took great offense. "This is Goratrix's failure? What
direction have you given him? The only time you have ever spoke to him was
when you cast him out transforming him into a Demon!"

"SILENCE YOURSELF. You may be my mate but you will not forget yourself and
your place in my service! If you ever defend him again as you have before
you will be sorry." Screamed Necrucifer.

Drakkara started to argue back, but stopped herself, and smiled
mischievously. "As you wish.... 'my lord'". This comment filled with
sarcasm. Drakkara quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Necrucifer turned around and willed Goratrix beside him. "You know not who
you serve. You are a failure now as you were before you were transformed.
Perhaps time in the Abyss will teach you a lesson. You no longer are my
Demon Lord." Goratrix slowly rose to speak, stretching his wings with a
leathery crackle. As he approached his father, Necrucifer with only a
thought put more pain into Goratrix's body than that of a hundred dying

Pain enveloped the demon. It was a good sensation at first, one he had
missed for some time. As he began to revel in the rising agony, he realized
there would be no end in sight to this pain. From glory to defeat, Goratrix
doubled over as his vision went crimson with both rage and pain. His gaping
jaws opened, releasing a chilling howl... But no one could hear him. As
the pain bubbled away, his eyes refocused to his own horror. A group of
people, yet not people, gathered about him. He looked about, feeling the
pull of their energy. His father had said the Abyss?

As his mind focused slowly, the cold chills of ice-torn winds dug into his
hardend skin, and the frigid stone clutched at him. He looked out at the
wavering forms before him... All souls he had taken in before his leave of
this place. He had returned. After the eternity spent escaping, he had
been replaced in the same gods forsaken hole, left to rot and gather more
souls. His mind raced to rage, as he jerked his body into standing, ready
to release his full fury open those closest to him. A freezing blast of
wind sent him to his knees before he could take his first movement. In his
weakend state, he forgot the agony he had just endured.

Goratrix looked to the heavens, extending his fisted talons. "I served you,
you wretch! I served you!!" , He cried, as his throat bubbled over with
warm liquid. Alarmed, his gaze fell. The cold stone was covered, as was
his body, in warmth. He finally had noticed he was bleeding.

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Oct 19 18:42:08 2000

To Dolund'ir Althainia

Subject Althainia Marches towards Dolund'ir.

The raids had finally become intolerable. Althainia had declared War on
Dolund'ir. Althainian troops and citizens alike kissed their wives goodbye
and prepared to march towards the south.

Dolund'ir gathered citizens up, handing them makeshift spears and handing
them wood axes. An army was coming and no citizen would stand around to

(ooc: Check your militia daily)

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Oct 26 22:26:55 2000

To Dolund'ir Althainia All

Subject Battle of Dolund'ir (Day 1)

The Althainian troops had marched for 4 days to reach the goblin city of
Dolund'ir. Now was the time to strike. The goblins would pay for their
countless raids and attacks on Althainian soil.

The Althainian force made their formations as commanders rode their mounts
back and forth checking equipment and answering the newer troops last minute

The signal was given and a line of archers raised their bows and prepared to
begin the assault on Dolund'ir. A catapult was loaded and brought to the

Above the walls on Dolund'ir crossbow men stood prepared to respond.

Kalaman raised his mace and then sharpy brought it downward. Along with the
war cries of hundreds of Althainian soldiers a flock of arrows flew through
the sky landing over the walls. The catapuly was unleashed as a huge
boulder crashed into the Dolund'ir wall, cracking it. Kalaman gave the
signal again and again the arrows flew and the boulder hit the wall again,
inches from where it hit last time. That was the opening Althainia had
needed. Crossbowmen and Archers alike lined up towards the wall and begin
to take a closer position.

A goblin stood tall and fired his crossbow at an approaching archer, missing

Asuraka released his arrow from his bow. It flew stright into the
crossbowmens neck and his limp body fell from the wall.

A siege tower was placed before the opening of the wall. Shadrael began to
cast his protective spells upon several units of infantry and macemen as
they began to to assault the city itself. A battering was brought forth to
the gate and the soldiers prepared for close battle.

Tarion gave the signal and the goblins opened the gates and poured out by
the hundreds. Swords and maces collided with swords and cheap hand made
weapons from the large militia force gathered by the Goblin leader. Goblin
crossbowmen fired their weapons at close range as goblin pikemen defended
the gap in the cities walls from climbing Althainia macemen. Blood poured
as many of the goblin militia could hear goblin bones break from the maces
as they bashed into their bones. Several hundred militia turned around to
flee. Only Kahn Tarion's presence kept 70% of the militia from turning and
running. The battle insued with Cetjem and his men defending the wall well
as Brudon's unit of infrantry fell victum to Kheldan's unit of macemen.
Just when all seemed lost, a large Dragon swooped down from the sky. A bolt
of lighting left his mouth and struck Shadrael, dropping him to the ground

Jormungander grinned and flew by for another swoop. On his next pass he
breathed a bolt of lightning from over 200 feet away. It sruck Armathor
along with 6 other macemen dressed in chain mail. All dropped the ground,
Armathor barely breathing and crawling to safety. The dragon landed and
swung his massive claws at a group of nearby pikemen, instantly killing most
of them.

Xiervence motioned his knights to ride toward the dragon with lances
forward. Only a moment before implaing the dragon, several goblin infantry
slashed at the knights horses, giving Jormungander enough notice to turn and
leap into flight. An arrow peirced Jormungander's wing which only seemed to
enrage the enormous Dragon. A quick swoop produced the dragons lunch as the
archer Asuraka was bitten and dragged into the air and swalled almost whole
by Jormungander. Several archers stood in fright, unable to move.
Althainia macemen and infantry continued to push foward as a several militia
dropped to their might.

The fight had lasted until nightfall, where both forces seemed content to
await daylight before the next battle begins. The goblins fell behind a
closed city wall as the Althainians camped close to the city. The Great
Blue dragon sought solace elswhere, to digest his meal.

Writer: Scorn

Date Sat Oct 28 17:55:56 2000

To Althainia Dolund'ir all

Subject Battle of Dolund'ir (Day 2)

The first hints of sunlight peeked through the clouds and both armies
prepared for this next crucial battle. Over the night, an Althainian Cleric
known as Florellia and a new Wizard known as Kentanin had arrived. The
arrival of Kentanin had reminded several soldiers of the frightful death of
their last one by the Dragon the previous day. Florellia, however was a
plesant surprise. Many of the soliders who came into contact with the
Goblin's blood had grown ill. Many did not sleep, many more could not keep
their pre-dawn breakfast. The stench from the blades were gut wrenching,
but Kalaman had ordered the weapons kept at arms distance. Many soldiers
complained and pointed out that it was easy for someone leading the macemen
to make such an order, maces had far less blood on them than swords.

Formations were made and just as light came about the goblins stormed out of
their gates. The battle continued just as it ended the night before.
Furious war cries defeaned many as blades, maces, and polearms swung into
their enemies.

Above all of the noise was a *crack* of thunder as a lightning boly slammed
into an unsuspecting Althainian maceman, burning his face to a crisp.

A couple of hundred of Althainia militia who had volunteered to travel along
days before to help bring their nation a victory against these goblins stood
in fear. "We didn't sign up to die, we signed up to win!" Shouted one man.
The Althainian militia began their retreat towards their home.

The mage Kentanin sent a massive fireball into the air slamming into
Jormunganders body. The enormous Blue Dragon came smoking down into the
ground crushing a unit of Althainia Macemen. Immediatley, Xiervence led his
knights on the charge against the stunned Dragon. A unit of Goblin Pikemen
quickly surrounded the Dragon and brought down 3 of the 6 knights from their
mounts. Others were caught by goblin crossbowmen and knocked clean from
their horses.

Xiervence gasped one of his last breaths. He stood, dizzy and his vision
blurry. He felt his body get yanked into the air and all went black. "The
dragon has me" he thought to himself.

Meanwhile the unit of goblin crossbowmen began an attack on their Althainian
rivals. Arball ordered that the crossbowmen stand their ground and exchange
fire. Yawg seeing this, ordered his unit of crossbowmen to flank the goblin
unit. It took only 11 minutes to rid this battle of goblin crossbow

Xiervence awoke. He immediately felt his chest and legs surprised to not
have dragon teeth marks in him. Florellia, the cleric smiled at him.
Xiervence immediatly asked what happened, he was sure the dragon had him.
Florellia responded "Rowen made a dashing run leaning off his horse and
pulling you on to his. You should thank him, his mount caught a poined
arrow immediatly afterwards and his leg when the horse fell. But he brought
you to me, broken leg and all."

Jormungander rose and blindly swung his claws in anger and pain. His strike
took out a group of Goblin militia and a group of Althainian Pikemen before
he could see clearly. A sharp painful cut tore into his neck as Armathor
slashed his sword at the Great Beast. Blood trickled from Jormunganders
neck as he lept into the air in attempt to escape. He only got 40 feet into
the air before he fell back down to earth. The Althainians charged at the
Dragon and had him cornered. Looking around Jormungander saw a vast cave
and quickly made his escape into it.

Hours upon hours of battle had occured and many soldiers fought until they
dropped from weariness. The Althainians had managed to slay most of the
Goblin Infantry and a good portion of the Goblin Militia. Upon darkness,
the goblins retreated back within their walls and the Althainians took some
much needed rest. Only the catapult remained active this night as Althainia
lunged boulders over the walls into the city and the cleric Florellia healed
many wounds allowing soldiers some much deserved rest. Soldiers had
surrounded the entrance of the cave to prevent an escape from the Dragon, if
it still lived.

Kahn Tarion knew his numbers were slimming and pondered his next move. He
strolled through the streets of Dolund'ir when he was approached by a green
goblin covered in dark cloth. Tarion took an interest since this goblins
color seemed different. In one fluent movement the goblin pulled a dagger
and lunged for Tarions throat, nicking him slightly. Tarion removed his
sword and beheaded the offbalance assassin. Someone wanted him dead but

Midnight came with no events. This battle looked as if it may be decided by
one more day.

Writer: Scorn

Date Sun Oct 29 21:35:10 2000

To Dolund'ir Althainia all

Subject The Battle of Dolund'ir (Day 3) (Part 1)

Kahn Tarion spoke before his remaining army behind the closed walls of
the goblin city. It was perfectly quiet except for the occasional boulder
slamming into a nearby building. "I have died before and yet here I am.
Destiny has brought me and all of you to this place where the Gods
themselves demand that we defend our home against these Invaders. No one
runs, no one flees, no one gives up on our home!! We either win, or we
die!" Proclaimed Kahn Tarion. The masses of goblin cheered and began a

Blood trickled from the Great Wyrms neck. Jormungander snarled heavily but
soon realized his mistake. With every sound he made a flock of
crossbowmen's arrows followed by a fireball entered the dark cave.
Jormungander's anger flared but he remained still, pondering his next move.

Dawn appeared and the Althainians prepared for what they hoped would be a
final assault. Cormion, a wizard from Althainia had arrive this morning
through a magical gate. Kentanin, the other wizard was stationed outside of
the cave where the blue dragon had hidden through thre night. Crutos, a
Knight of Althainia who was second in command of the only remaining macemen
division asked calmly "Are the goblins still asleep?" Kalaman shruged and
shouted, "Lets wake them up!" With that command a well aimed boulder was
launched into the Dolund'ir wall, rocking its foundation. Kalaman and
Crutos both chuckled. The light hearted humor was interupted by the Shadows
of Dragons approaching. "What now??" Shouted Kalaman. Tannker ran up to
Kalaman's post shouting and waving his arms. "It's a Brass Dragon, sir!
It's come to help!"

Paziameira landed and nudged them gentely with her snout. She looked around
and clicked her teeth in annoyance. "Where is it"? The large Brass Dragon

Kalaman knew who the "it" the large female dragon was referring to. "He has
holed himself up in a cave all night. We have it injured." Paziameira made
no response and walked over the cave.

(((BAAAM))) A wall of the Dolund'ir city shook with a force so powerful, it
knocked Sheng who was leaning on it completely to the ground. Sheng stood
up quickly, his head ringing. Jerluk laughed and then spoke without
emotion. "Bad place to rest, no?" Sheng muttered and drew his sword.
Tarion shouted down the ranks, "Let us go! Remember, we win or we die!"

Cormion approached Kalaman. "Another Dragon approaches, and its that of a
green one. Shall I cast a fireball at it?" Kalaman did not pause before he
answered. "NO! No one harm the green beast. I have word from the King
that this beast came here to slay the Blue, some sort of Chromatic rivalry.
Do not harm it!" Crutos smirked and stated quietly "I wonder what the Brass
will think about the Green's help."

The gates flung open and the army of Dolund'ir ran towards the Althainians.
Battle cries flared and the battle begun. Mostly unnoticed, a goblin Shaman
by the name of Chanker turned himself into a coyote and quietly made his way
towards the cave. As he approached the cave the coyote changed shape into a
small, baby bear. The Althainians watched ans the small cub wandered
towards the cave.

Yawg, a ranger and leader of the crossbowmen saw the cub approach. "Let it
be. The cub probably lives in the cave. I do not know if it has family
left there, but we should not interfere with nature". Those under his
command knew he meant what he said when it comes to protecting natures
beasts. Those without blue scales and 50 foot tails that is.

Once safe inside the cave, Chanker unshifted into his Goblin form. "No be
afraid blue one, I come here to heal your wounds."

The brass dragon approached the cave.

(continued in part 2)

Writer: Scorn

Date Sun Oct 29 22:59:47 2000

To Dolund'ir Althainia all

Subject The Battle of Dolund'ir (Day 3) (part 2)

Chanker whispered to the dragon, "Be still, my poultice will help heal
"That smells foul!" Jormungander whispered. You trutch Chanker,
Chanker make you all better.

Paziameira sniffed the air from within the caves vast opening. The sniff
echoed loudly.

"A Metallic! I will not die laying down!" Jormungander stood tall and
inhaled a deep breath taking almost a minute to gather as much air as he
"NO! , DO NOT!" Yell Chanker but his please were too late. A VERY
loud thiundering sound CRACKED through the cave sending an enormous bolt
through the cave to the opening. The Althainian crossbow unit and the
wizard both caught the force of this massive bolt sending them to ground.

Kentanin skins flared on fire with only his magic saving him from death.
Rowen was not so lucky, all that stood in his place were his boots. Yawg
was knocked several feet away and bunred severely, but for the moment he was

Paziameira evaded the blast, using the reflexes her birthright had given
her. However, the flash had completely blinded her. The echo from the
lighting blast shook the cave and quickly, the cave began to come down.

Chanker screamed "Now you see what you done! Now we both is tr..." A large
boulder from the cave crashed down on top of Chanker, completely crushing
him. Jormungander tried to make his way towards the entrance but was
smashed with one large boulder and then another. Within seconds, he was
completely buried under tons of solid rock.

Paziameira turned to exit the cave, but could onyl rely on her sense of
smell. Her too, whithin seconds, was burried under this massive cave which
had suddenly become a mountain.

Kentanin gasped in pain and disbeleif. Why had he been the only one to
survive? What had the gods had in store for him? A large silver figure
stood over him now. "maybe I am dead."

Xiervanthian stood above him and then he glanced at the cave. Before him
were two dying mortals, Kentanin and Yawg. But he knew Paziameira went into
that cave. He spotted a cleric earlier at the Althainia camp and he could
save these men. But what of Paziameira? This choice was not easy.
Xiervanthian moaned in a tone that only a dragon could as he picked up
Kentanin and Yawg's near lifeless bodies and carried them back to the
Althainian healer.

At the battle field the goblin and Althainian armies clashed. Vejita
slashes one goblin infantrymen and then another before being brought down by
a hoard of goblin militia.

Tarion brought down his sword into Vejita's chest followed by a strong pike
slash from Cetjem, removing Vejita's head.

On the other side of the battlefield, an arrow from Arball found its way
into Sheng's neck. Sheng slumped down onto his knees, and then fell over

Smaragdinus enjoyed watching the carnage around him. He turned around and
saw another Althainian infantry unit reinforcing the other. Smaragdinus
grinned evilly and took in an enormous breath. A cloud of chlorine gas
spead amongst the Althainian army, may of them gasping for air and dying
moments after contact. Smaragdinus lept into his green cloud of gas and
began to claw and bite the Althainian army he had betrayed to death.

Tarion slashed an althainian infantryman and then shouted some more orders.
From behind him came a smashing blow to the back of Tarions head. Kalaman
has gotten a clean hit with his mace to Tarions skull and Tarion laid in a
bloodied heap. The goblin army stood in terror as their leader went down.
Kalaman immediatly turned to face the dragon who was tearing apart his army
bit by bit.

Smaragdinus ripped the limps off an Althainian crossbowman and then slashed
his tail across a row of infantrymen sending them to the ground. Kalaman
swung his bloodt mace into Smaragdinus's side. Smaragdinus grinned at
Kalaman and brought the force of his claws down at him. Before contact was
made Smaragdinus was swatted by a great silver tail which sent it flying
back into some trees.

Xiervanthian punced on Smaragdinus clawing and biting into the Green Dragons
hide. Smaragdinus responded with a cloud of gas all over Xiervanthian,
choking the great silver dragon. The silver rose into the air above the
poisonous gas and breathed a gas of his own, a cloud of paralyzing gas.
Smaragdinus slowly fell, losing control of his muscles. Xiervanthian
followe dthat breath by a cone of cold air making Smaragdinus's muscles go
completely numb and the Large Wyrm fell to the ground, completely vunerable.
An Althainian crossbowman and former Slayer stood above the now harmless
dragon. Kheldan placed his foot upon the dragons head and shot a lethal
arrow right into both of Smaragdinus's eyes, ending this beasts life.

Nightfall had completely taken over and the goblin militia had dragged
Tarion's breathing, but motionles body back within the city walls. The
goblins retreated and closed themselves in the city as every wondered what
the next dawn would bring.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Oct 30 23:18:57 2000

To Althainia Dolund'ir all

Subject The Battle of Dolund'ir (Day 4) (part 1)

The dwarves Gehran and Bilbanus along with their crew arrived at a
mountain where a once massive cave stood. The dwarves shook their head
began the dig removing boulders and rubble with the skill only the Dwarves
on Algoron seemed to possess. Half way through the night, another dwarf was
heard muttering "Ther's nay way she culd have survived this". Gehran
hearing this responded with a more than grumpy tone. "Then dig up her
blasted corpse!!" .

Hours later, a filthy brass hand was found. "She's nute breathen."
Bilbanus stated. The Dwarven team unburied the lifeless dragon and through
much training in leverage tied and pulled the Great Wyrm's corpse from the
cave. Paziameira's lifeles form laid on her stomache, looking as majestic
as when she were alive. Gehran gave his orders "Let's fetch the cleric and
see whute she cune do." Bilbanus interupted, "Gehran, she bae dead." With
but one glance Bilbanus knew it didn't matter to Gehran.

Florellia approached the Great Wyrms corpse and placed her hands upon the
Dragons chest whee the heart lied beneath. She prayed for 2 hours straight
without any results. An already exhausted Florellia fell asleep with all
hope lost.

The dwarves held their head in silence. No one noticed the group of Earth
Elementals that entered the cave.

The sun peaked up over the trees and hills waking the army of Althainia. A
battalion of Calvary and a handful of knights had arrived this morning and
were discussing their orders with Kalaman. The smell of a freshly killed
cow took over even the awful stench of Dolund'ir as many men enjoyed what
could very well be their last meal. Kalaman thought to himself," If this is
our last meal, at least it will be one of fresh meat and not anything dried.
That food is for Rangers."

The smell of freshly griled steak carried over to Florellia, which awoke
her. She stood, still very exhausted and tried to open her eyes. She stood
in complete shock. "The dragon, its gone!" And then it hit her. Florellia
ran towards Kalaman screaming and throwing her hands and cursing. "You
animals! You ate the Dragon" Many soldiers faces turned sour as the spit
out the chewed up meat in their mouths. A couple of Dwarven soldiers shook
their heads, a few muttering that Dragon meat was not half bad. Kalaman
laughed heartedly. "This is cow!" He blared trying to talk in mud laugh.
Suddenly, a great gust of wind blew Florellia's hair back and the Brass
Dragon landed before her. "Where is it? " asked Paziameira, blinking
innocently. Florellia blushed a deep red and muttered something about a
long night.

The Althainian force had amored up and prepared for another long day of
battle. As it had the days before, the catapult began launching boulders
(some supplied by Jormunganders lightning blast) at the Goblin city.

Jerluk readied hie troops. The goblins numbers had dwindled, but 2 units of
infantry had been gathered from their reserves and a handful of knights had
formed. Grozz and Brudon received their orders and left to their units.
Gaira eyed the Calvary outside the city and gathered his pikemen, ready to
take out the riders. He grinned as he thought to himself what a hero in
also killing the horses would make him. The meat would be well met. Cetjem
rounded his knights and prepared for battle.

Back in his throne room, Tarion could do nothing but ache. Every breath he
took and every word he muttered lit the back of his head on fire he thought.
He was comforted by his blurred visision since most unit now seemed twice as

(Continued in part 2)

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Oct 30 23:53:42 2000

To Althainia Dolund'ir all

Subject The Battle of Dolund'ir (Day 4) (part 2)

The gates flew open and the Dolund'ir army ran out, screaming their war
cries. They met the Althainians and swords clashed as maces crunched bones
and the pounding of horse hooves shook the ground. Gaira's polearm removed
Kheldan from his mount with a sudden and forceful direct hit to his
chestplate. Kheldan laid on the ground, his air escaping his lungs. The
white Minotaur tried to make his way to his feet before taking another hit
to his now damaged chest plate. Gaira stood above with his polearm raised
and began its decent to Kheldans skull. Xiervanthian swooped above Gaira
unleashing a cone of perilously cold air. Gaira's hands blisted in the
extreme cold and he dropped his weapon. It took only moments before the
cramping burning pain in his hands set in.

Xiervanthian landed and struck a blow at a few infantrymen, killing them
instantly. Cetjam and his knights rode full speed with lances lowered and
delivered a frightful blow to Xiervanthian's stomache and chest. The great
silver dragon roared in pain taking a rider to his death with a quick tail
smash that crushed the riders spine.

Wiervian slashed his sword into a goblin gut, the stench bringing tears to
Wiervian's eyes as it had the days before. He slashed another goblin
twirling around and catching a passing Goblin knight off guard removing its
hand from its arm. Wiervian thought to himself "Shall I live, I will bury
this stinking sword 200 feet under the earth." Armathor caught a blade to
his right shoulder, blood spilling over his armor. The blade stuck, backing
him into a tree. Having no other choice but to bearthe pain and strike
back, Armathor lunged at the attacking goblin impaling his sword into its
neck. The lunge had caused the sword to drive into his shoulder deeper.
Armathor knew he was done, and he laid still and watched the rest of the
battle, hoping he would live to see the end. The mage Cormion unleashed a
lightning bolt into a group of militia, who quickly fled this battle. Tawni
led his Althianian Knights into the group of Dolund'ir pikemen, and a
visious battle ensued which was quickly interupted by a now involved Brass
Dragon flying above. Paziameira unleashed a dreadful wave of heat into the
rear of the pikemen formation, melting much of their armor to their skin.

An injured blue dragon removed himself from the cave that had entrapped him
for more than day. His leg was visable broken, and his scaled were mauled
and torn. Every breath Jormungander took sounded like a light shrill. He
knew already that at least one lung was punctered. His leathery wings were
intact, although a bit charred. Jormungander weakly looked toward the
battle. This was not going well but he knew there was little he could do.
With a weak and painful leap into the air, Jormungander leaped into the air
and flew into the horizon.

The remainder of the battle turned one sided. The pair of Great Wyrms and
the Althainian army had defeated the force of Dolund'ir and had marched
directly into the home city of the goblins. For this race to survive, a
treaty must be formed. Tarion would have one last difficult choice to make.

Writer: Scorn

Date Fri Dec 1 22:17:28 2000

To all Balifore Marauders

Subject The Liberation of Balifore

It was a clear and cool night. The lack of humidity in the night air was
refreshing to the travlers of this ship. Aboard a large ship were many
soldiers of both Kender and Dark Elven race. Most of of the Dark Elves were
quite young, some too immature to know the danger they were about to place
themselves in. The elves were dressed in long green hooded robes with study
well crafted long bows draped across their backs. The kender on board
shared tales of their adventures while some played games of dice and bones.
They were armed with hoopaks, whippiks, swords and light clubs. As the ship
neared the light sanded beach near their home city of Balifore, the mood
grew almost serious and the Kender made no sound.

Canoes carried this army to the beach where they snuck silently into the
thick forest near their homeland and prepared to surprise those who had kept
them under their control for so long.

Tamrinith walked into the Kender city to scout the Marauder troops stationed
there only to find them removing Balifores stash of food and supplies. An
overweight Sergeant of the Marauder army was yelling orders while eating a
chicken leg.

"What we can't carry, we burn! Solestri said we are to starve these
creatures out!"

Tamrinith walked directly in front of the ordering Sergeant and drew his

"What do YOU want?" The Sergeant blared being obviously more angered by
Tamrinith's intrusion.

"Not much sir. I was just curious why you were removing our food? I mean,
if most of your soldiers are as fat as you are, we should be stealing your
food." Tamrinith smiled innocently at the Sergeant only to get a glare in
return. Tamrinith's eyebrows squinched as he began to speak again. "In
fact, the last time I saw somehting as fat as you, it moo'd at me. Your so
fat, I bet if you go to war and get cut that hog grease comes out of you.
Your so fat, I bet you sometimes stare at other people and wonder how they
taste. Your so fat, I bet your nickname is DAMN. Your so fat, I bet women
have to roll over twice to get off of you. You are SO fat you have to roll
down your pants to get into your pockets!"

The Sergeant put down his chicken and picked up his sword. "Another word,
kender, and I'll be finidng out how YOU taste!"

Tamrinith grinned. He knew that he had him right where he wanted him. "So
I guess I should not mention that you are so fat you fell in love and broke
it. Or that you are so fat the Gods could not light the Planet until you
moved. You are SO fat you wake up in sections! You are so fat that when
you jump in the air, you get stuck! You are so fat animals at the zo feed
you! You are SOO fat that when you lay on the beach, the elves try to roll
you back into the ocean! You are SOO fat..."

The Sergeant screamed a warcry that shook the camp and charged at the kender
swinging his sword 2-3 swings per second. Tamrinith duck and skipped and
parried with grace and style. The sergeant quickly ran out of energy and
collapsed onto the ground, his face red and his gasping for every breath
like it was his last. He placed his hands over his heart while making a
sound similar to "WEUUUUUUGGGGGHHH, WEUUUUUUGGGGGHHH!" This sound caught
the interest of most nearby kender as they all stood over the Sergeant
pointing and smiling obviously very excited to see what would happen next.

Several Marauder soldiers ran to the Sergeants aid. <> Arrows
burrowed themselves into the chests and neck of the approching marauder
soldiers. Dark Elves hidden in the brush that outlines the city loaded and
reloaded hitting their targets with an accuracy that only elves could
display. A Marauder Corporal ordered the unit of infantry to advance into
the woods. The remaining soldiers that did not receive fatal blows from the
archers either had to deal with the kender army that appeared from the
woods, the citizens of Balifore that had picked up arms or the Animated
Hoopak that the Dark Elf Enchantor Calinde has created and sent after the
soldiers. The battle did not last long. The lone survivor was the
overweight Sergeant, who had regained his breath, but not his strength.

Tresletop looked down a the Sergeant curiously. "Well, you didn't explode
like I bet you would. Tell you what, if you make yourself make those
WEUUUUUUGGGGGHHH sounds again, and if you do blow up, I'll share my winings
with you. Please?"

The Sergeant's face tuend red again in anger but was interupted by the King
of Balifores presense. Tonious spoke. "Soldier, thankyou for what you've
done for us. I'm sorry that this was the only way things could be resolved.
We are declaring ourselfs as free from under your reign. Go home and ask
your people never to bother us again."

The sergeant was given a horse (yes a stout one) and was helped by many
kender upon it and rode off. Balifore celebrated into the night.

Writer: Scorn

Date Wed Feb 28 20:49:03 2001

To all

Subject The Decision

"Minister Rupert? You requested me?"

Riakenis was in his early 20s with extremely pale skin and a very noticeable
limp. The limp had prevented him from entering military service in Nordmaar
where he now ran the cities local news postings. Not being in the military
in Nordmaar meant he had much less of a standing among his people. Riakenis
wasnt by any means shy, but he was very timid and cowardly and for good
reason. He was skin and bones and could probably be beaten senseless by
women 40 years older.

"Aye, ah called yae 50 damned minutes ago! Whute yae bae doing? Shagging
sume mutt yae found at the Black Rose?" Rupert replied.

Rupert was a stout bald headed man well into his 70s. He sports a white
goatee and wore an eye patch over his left eye. Rumor has it that no man
has EVER seen him smile. He has also been Nordmaars minister of defense for
as long as anyone could remember.

"No sir, I wouldnt.."

"Shutup lad, it was a joke! I swear to Cliath thute ahve near found ah lad
more dense than yae!"

Riakenis blushed and said nothing else.

"Ah called yae here because there bae ah announcement thute wae bae most
interested in happening in Althainia tomorrow. Yae need ta bae there for
it. Tha Baron Randorf bae announcing if thute mutt champion bae stayen in
thae Gladiator League. Since Arcana bae tha number one contender, wae need
ta knuwe!" Rupert shouted with a frown.

"Minister, how do you expect me to be there by tomor.." Riakenis said
before being cut off.

"Find someone with tha magic, use ah portal if yae need to, juss gaet there
and then gaet buke to us! No excuses!!"

The next day at an office in the Algoron Gladiator League, Althainia.

The Baron wore expensive silk clothing and plenty of gold jewelry. He made
sure everyone knew he had more money than entire kingdoms and wasnt shy
about it. He had long red hair and a long traditional dwarven red beard.
Members of several kingdoms news organizations surrounded a table while
artists sketched the scenes before them. The Baron began to speak.

"Greetins and welcome to tha Algoron Gladiator League Coliseum. As many of
yae knuwe, I have recently outlawed the participation of Gladiators who
possess the powers of tha Manatonics and the curse of the Vampires. This
left mae with a dilima. Our own champion, Maxx from tha Slayers, removed
Deykans head in their last title defense thus taking his manatonic powers
frume him for himself. We have given Maxx the decesion ta stay as champion
if hes willing ta lose his new found powers, or hae cune leave penalty free
with his powers if he wishes, with all rights an privledges a champion
deserves. And, well ahll let the Champion make his announcement himself."

Randorf motioned towards a couple of servants who then opened a double door.
A Yinn with pitch black fur walked into the room. He stood over 7 feet tall
and wore armor that matches his fur color. The only real distinction one
could make out was several scars that stretched across his face.

Maxx stood proudly before the news people and Randorf a moment before saying
a word. He took special notice of Riakenis, who stood before him in awe.
It was no secret to anyone in the world that Nordmaar and the Yinn of Daetok
have been through a grueling and bloody war for many years now. Riakenis
wished to himself that he would have wore something that concealed his kilt
and tartaned shoulder wrap that showed the world he was from the Wallace
clan of Nordmaar.

Maxx begin to speak. "I was offered a choice. Have these new powers
removed and leave with full honor or have them removed and stay as champion.
I never intended to join the AGL, much less become its first champion.
Someone pissed me off and I went to the Arena to poke my dagger in him.
Since then, I have taken pride in my accomplishments there. However, I won
the championship without these powers. I defended the championship without
them as well. They have helped me in my war against dragonkind however, and
the demons and winged feigns of the world. Never the less, I have come to a

"I want all of you to look at me closely. I am NO coward. I will fulfill
my obligation as champion without these cursed powers. So you tell your
people and the other gladiators two words for me. Bring it. If I die as
champion, let it be said that I ran from no man. Randorf is always asking
me who do you want next? And my answer is ALWAYS the same. It doesnt
matter. Bring one, bring them all, whoever shows up will get my daggers up
their arse!"

Randorf smiled. Something told him this was great press. Smiling, Randorf
turned toward the news representatives. "You may ask a few questions if you

A tall dark man with an Arabic rag over his head raised his hand.

"You there, frume New Thalos ah presume." Randorf said.

"Yes, Maxx, rumor has it that your next fight will be against the undefeated
Nordmaarian Arcane. Do you have any hard feelings towards simply because he
is from Nordmaar?"

Maxx looked the New Thalos man with contempt.

"Yes, indeed I do. Their people are cowards. Hes already been running from
me. He doesnt want to face me. Randorf should lock his arse up now as his
slave. But thats no surprise. These are the same people that killed
innocent people and burned Daetok settlements. This means women, children
and the elderly. They have no honor and should be treated as such."

Maxx turned towards Riakenis. "You make sure you relay that for me."

Another man raised his hand and spoke after the nod from Randorf.

"Any predictions on the outcome of your next fight?"

"I predict my dagger will need to be cleaned afterwards. Dont ask me
stupid-ass questions like that. It really pisses me off."

Another man spoke. "Maxx, you have spared both gladiators from permanent
death that you have defeated so far. Why, and do you intend to change this
trend in the future?"

"If they bring it and show me that they are not cowards, I will continue to
spare them. Both Troen and Deykan faced me like men and gave me great
challenges. My respect will go out to any warrior who does the same. But
if I get some whiney arsed freak who begs for mercy and hides during the
match, they will die that day and I will hang their pathetic embalmed
corpses above my fireplace." Maxx replied.

Riakenis timidly raised his hand. Randorf expression changed to one of
worry as he nodded at the young Nordmaarian.

"Yes, mister Maxx. I just wanted to correct your misunderstanding of that
Yinn settlement attack. It was actually a Daetok staging ground for future
land invasions against Nordmaar. There were supply buildings there with
weapons for hundreds of soldiers to use against us and Daetok shielded those
buildings with the lives of women of children. How do you respond to that

Maxx made one swift move that ended before anyone had a chance to respond.
A black furred arm moved with such speed, it was all a blur. A loud pop was
heard and Riakenis dropped to the ground. Maxx had knocked Riakenis out
cold. Maxx then yelled. "Any other questions?"

No one said a word.

Randorf ushered everyone out of the room and thanked them for coming while
doing his best to play down the incident.

You cant attack the reporters! Randorf blared.

Maxx said only three words. Get me Arcana.

Writer: Scorn

Date Fri Apr 6 23:13:41 2001

To all

Subject AGL Championship Match, Saturday Night at 10pm Central time. (April 7th)

"This press conference is hereby started."

The Baron spoke loudly carrying his voice all over this back office located
within the AGL Coliseum. The room had at the center of attention a long
wooden table. On each end stood the AGL's next main event, Maxx the
Champion and Queylin the #2 Contender to the Championship.

Maxx was a 7 foot tall pure black furred Yinn and was the AGL's first and
(so far) only champion. His armor matched his fur in color and it was easy
to see why this assassin consistently caught his opponents off guard. He
had defended his title two times in seemingly easy victories and had always
spared his opponents, even the Nordmarian of which he hated. Some would say
it was a sign of weakness, Maxx would tell you he got more pleasure sending
the Nordmarian home a shamed and defeated opponent. Maxx was a proud Yinn
and had served as a good champion. He had earned respect and admiration
from the AGL fans, but his pride and especially his free spirited mouth had
brought him many enemies.

Queylin, a mountain dwarf, stood 5 and feet tall and was thicker around than
the Yinn. His kinky long dark blonde hair laid behind his metal helmet
while two dwarven females stroked it with their fingers. A large cup full
of dwarven spirits sat before him as well as two bottles, one half empty.
Queylin led the Wargar clan which was considered the mightiest of the
Thaxanos kingdom. He sat behind this table taking large drinks from his
spirits. For a man whom faced potential death only one day from now, his
mood seemed extremely light.

"Tomorrow night here in Althainia, Ah have signed ah championship match
between Thane Queylin and tha Champion Maxx. We'll have several matches
before including a 3 on 1 pit dragon match and these events will bae
concluded by tha fight for the championship as its main event. One man will
either die or belong ta mae. One will be tha champion of the AGL. Now if
there is any questions?" Randorf was excited. There was something about
this match that animated his mood some.

A brown goblin raised his arm as many others in the room wished he would
reconsider due to the smell that leaked from its arm pits.

"Yes, you there from Shalonesti? What is your question?" Randorf had
pointed out a representative from the royal order of scribe from the
Shalonesti kingdom.

"Pardon baron, but I had not raised my hand yet." The elf responded.

"So, surely yae have a damned question!" Randorf responded.

"My apologies baron, but if it would please the room and I believe it will,
I would like to defer my question the goblin in the center. As long as his
lowers his arm." The elf responded with a less than pleasant look upon his

Randorf rolled his eyes and nodded. "Very well, you the goblin, lower yur
arm and ask yur question before someone passes out!"

"Uhh. Who do you? Uhh. Wunt ta win mister baron?" The goblin asked with
a look a great pride for his most intelligent question.

"If I had to predict a winner based off what I have seen, I would say that
Maxx is the slight favorite." Randorf responded. Queylin spit out the
spirits that was half way down his throat, coughing a bit and looking at
Randorf with annoyance. "Bute if I had to choose tha winner, I say its
about time thute Dwarves took the championship and showed tha world how
mighty wae truly are."

"Way to stay unbiased, Baron." Maxx grumbled. "But it doesn't matter who
Randorf wants to win. All that matters is WHO wins. And I do not intend to
start losing to some mountain grown inbreeding dwarf anytime soon."

Queylin and Randorf both glared at Maxx. "And juss why is it yon think yur
so tough, there dog-face? Ah have eaten dogs bigger thune yae!" Queyling
laughed loud and heartedly after he spoke.

"And I bet you have slept with sheep even bigger than me too, you inbred
uneducated pig molester." Maxx returned.

Queylin smirked and responded. "RuffruffRUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF!!"
Followed by more laughter.

Maxx stood up and withdrew his blades. "Your words WILL be the death of
you, you midget cousin loving drunkard."

"Yae, well yur mother wasn't mae cousin" Queylin said and he stood.

"Your mother was a gully dwarf." Maxx said as he stepped towards Queylin.

"Men! Gladiators! Save it for tomorrow night!" The Baron interrupted.
"No point is shedding blood fur free."

Both men returned to their chairs. Now the mood was volatile. The elven
reported raised his arm and Randorf acknowledged him.

"Maxx, why do you think you can beat Queylin. Every knows that the
battlerager style is one of the most feared in the land."

"If you would do your research you would know that I have fought the
battlerager Golin in the Arena. Despite his best efforts, I defeated him
just as I will this drunkard." Maxx responded.

Queylin withdrew two weapons, one axe and one dagger. Both were lit on fire
as though the fire were bound to the weapons. "Yeah dog-face, you did beat
Golin. Bute he didn't have weapons such as these. Say hello to my little
friends, this bae Juxx and Kxixep and they bae looking forward ta making yur

Maxx's expression changed instantly. His eyes grew wide and his smirk of
arrogance disappeared. And even more surprisingly, he said nothing.

Writer: Scorn

Date Sat Apr 7 23:49:34 2001

To all

Subject You see something in the sky.

Worldwide speculation consumed the gossip corners of every bar and tavern
around Algoron. This was truly an odd occurrence and it was the hot topic
of the world. Celebrated anticipation filled some religious groups
activities due to this "sign" and others prepared to embrace death as this
could only mean inevitable mass destruction and death. Scholars presented
academic logical explanations of the worlds new wonder and those with darker
souls predicted the coming of Necrucifers mortal son.

A new star was in the sky, and it shined brighter than any other. Even in
the daytime it could be seen quite brightly and only hid when one of the 3
moons passed in front of it. Something was there, but it was anyone's guess
as to what.

Writer: Scorn

Date Tue Apr 24 01:18:25 2001

To all

Subject Arkane attempts to Liberate from Marauder Control (part 1)

The mood was tense. Everyone understood the hell that would follow their
landing onto Arkanian shores. Mayor Rhyanna Silverwolfe had made it
understood that the Arkanian citizens were to reclaim their homeland from
the tyranny of the Marauders. Now was the time for thier hidden armies to
emerge in the most sacred of quests for the Arkanian people. Arkane had
been under Marauder control for as long as anyone could remember. The
legendary Highlord Hammurabi had conquered it in a brutal war which almost
left Arkane in peices, a war in which Arkane almost never recovered from.

Pyxis Wierwind was in charge of this Great Galley. It carried a couple of
hundred soldiers, most of them young, scared and ill with sea sickness. He
was human in his mid 50's with warm blue eyes and a comforting smile.
Handsome by most standards, he had a youtful vigor about him that made him
appear to be half his age. Pyxis plotted the course with care and did all
he could to keep the Arkanian soldiers feeling confident and in high

His first officer was Morin, a seasoned human mariner who had spents years
at sea without setting a foot on dry land. He had a pained look about him.
Many speculated it was from being the sole survivor of a former ship wreck
in which he lost 25 sailors to the great ocean. Morins efforts to keep the
ship sailing was invaluable to everyone on board.

"I estimate we'll arrive by land in 40 minutes, Mayor" Morin said matter of
factly to Mayor Rhyanna. Rhyanna nodded silently with an obvious look of
concern of events to come. Pyxis leaned towards her.

"Rhyanna, act like I said something midly funny. Your look is worrying the
troops. And they look up to you." Pyxis said with a warm smile.

Rhyanna brushed back her curly red hair and smiled brightly at Pyxis. An
act that seemed to instantly relieve everyone.

Pyxis returned the smile before a commotion began.

A sailor perched high in the Great Galley's crows nest began to shout.
"There's a ship ahead, due east! A Ship.."

Morin yelled back, suddenly angered. "Quiet down! That could be a Marauder
vessel!" Morin lept to the ladder leading up to the crows nest for a look
os his own. "By the Gods, NO!!!" Morin said and he slid back down towards
Pyxis and Rhyanna. "Thats a Marauder Light Cruiser ahead! We need to steer
clear before it spots us."

"GO!" Pyxis said and rushed over to the troops. Morin steered the ship in
an attempt to avoid detection from the Marauder ship.

"Arm the cannons, be silent and await my command!" Shouted Pyxis at the
cast of sailors.

The Great Galley slowly turned northward passing out of sight and range of
the Marauder ship. Their seemingly good luck turned bad as they ran into
the thick fog that accompanied the colder waters of the north.


"I expect the loot to be loaded in half of this amount of time! Let's quit
messing around!" Ordered a brown Yinn wearing the rank of Lieutenant.
Siemowit was part of the Blade battalion and was on board this Marauder
light cruiser getting his latest loot shipped back to headquarters. A
strong and proud Yinn, Siemowit was a good leader, his only flaw being that
he was sometimes quick to cut comeone's throat, a skill mastered by this
assassin. Siemowit's crew suddenly stood at attention. Siemowit seemed
irritated and turned around to see what "royalty" had ruined his loading

Douji Darksun, Admiral of the Marauder Fleet stood before him with a calm
and calculating smirk. Siemowit gave a quick salute which Douji returned
and went back about his business.

Douji Darksun was inspecting almost every sailor and every item on board
this ship as per his monthly inspections. Douji took a lot of pride is
molding the Marauder fleet into one of the world finest. Douji was known as
cold and calculating, normally saying very little. Like many great
officers, he understand that you could learn more by saying little and
instead listening. A human who crusaded for Turpa, he loved the sea and all
of the different issues associated to commanding a ship and a fleet.

A young out of breath sailor approached the Admiral.

"Sir! We have a ship headed due east right in our direction. I can't be
sure, but I think there are soldiers on board with what looks like Arkane

Ouji nodded showing almost no emotion.

"Make your way calmly and slowly below, and instruct all personel to arm the
cannons and prepare for combat."

The sailor saluted and ran below deck.

Douji made his way to the mahogany wheel. Pulling out his spy glass he
stared a moment and then smiled as though pleased.

"It's turning north. Allow it to pass us."

The navigator replied "But sir that could be Arkane tr...."

A suttle look from Douji silenced the navigator and the Great Galley turned
north and headed out of site.

Douji prepared his next orders.


"I think we got lucky. They didn't appear to have seen us." Ryhanna

Pyxis sighed in releif. "I am going to post double the lookouts."

A loud shattering <> disrupted his order. A blast had hit the star
side of the boat, shattering a small part of the gallies side.

Through the fog the Marauder Light Cruiser visualized from the Arkanian
ships eastern cannons.




Cannons erupted from all of the Marauders ships 10 cannons. Splashes of
water from cannon fire rose above the ship like great waves. From below,
Pyxis could hear Morin shouting. "Pyxis, we are hit bad and taking in

(To Be Continued Tomorrow, NO RP past this point SHOULD occur until then)

Writer: Scorn

Date Tue Apr 24 21:43:27 2001

To all

Subject Arkane attempts to Liberate from Marauder Control (part 2)

Water gushed into a lower deck of the Arkanian great Galley. Already
fire dust had been soiled and ruined due to the marauder blast that directly
hit the starboard side of the ship.

Morin ran above deck. "Water is rushing in, I'm sure we'll stay afloat if
that is the only hole we have. But their light cruiser is already much
faster than us, they have us outgunned and the holes will slow our speed
down even more. Basically, we are screwed."

Rhyanna and Pyxis both nodded.

"Our only chance here is to make it shore. Full speed southeast." Pyxis
commanded. "Order all cannons to return fire. Maybe it will help slow them
down. Have one cannon dedicated to hitting them above deck. If we can
knock out their wheel, we can at least steer away from them."

"I'll order all archers to fire flaming arrows at them. Perhaps we can slow
them down more if they have to put out some fires as well. Maybe we'll get
lucky and burn down a sail as well." Rhyanna added.


Siemowit approached Douji above deck. "What's going on?" Siemowit asked

"We have intercepted an Arkanian Galley stocked full of Soldiers. I beleive
its an invasion force. If we can sink them here, you land lovers will never
have to soil your blades." Douji said without emotion.

Siemowit seemed disapointed at the remark. "Soiling a blade isn't such a
bad thing" he said.

Douji smirked and walked back to the wheel, putting his attention back to to
battle at hand.

As Siemowit turned to walk away, the Yinn was struck by a flaming arrow. In
a blink's time, his fur burst into flame. Siemowit screamed with pain.
Somehow keeping his wits about him, Siemowit dove off the edge of the ship
into the ocean. With the flames extinguished, he swam back up to air.

"Damnit, throw me a rope!" He screamed.

The only thing that was headed to Siemowit was not a rope. It was black and
round and made of steel. An Arkane cannonball. By sheer luck, or unluck by
Siemowits standards, the cannonball hit Siemowit directly. With a quick
splatter, this Marauder Lieutenant lived no more.

The returned fire and the flaming arrows did indeed slow down the Marauder
light cruiser, but not enough to stop their ruthless attack. For the next
15 minutes, the Arkanian ship took fire and returned as much as they could.
By the time land was visible, they had already begun to sink.


Everyone abandon ship!! Jump overboard and swim your way to land!! We will
regroup there!" Pyxis ordered.

Soldiers by the dozens poured overboard. Knights stripped off their armor
so to avoid drowning. Many jumped off losing their weapons inthe process.
It was then Rhyanna realized that even if her army made it to shore, many
would be weaponless and weakened. The Marauder vessel had crippled them

A large group of soldiers crowded to the edge of the boat preparing to jump
when cannonfire hit them directly. Bodies and parts of bodies blew into the
air. Blood thinned by sea water covered many of those left on the ship,
including Mayor Ryhanna. Shell shocked, she stared at the scene around her.
Then she realized that the noise had stopped. "Have they stopped firering?"
She thought to herself. But the scenes of battle continued but with no
noise. Rhyanna had lost her hearing. In a panic she searched for Pyxis.
"He was standing RIGHT with me" she thought. His bladed scimitar covered
with strange coral design was on deck, but not him. She grabbed his sword
and lept overboard into the water.

Reaching shore she saw her forces in the woods ahead seeking cover from the
continuing bombardment of cannonfire. Dragging the sword with her she saw
Morin. Pleased she smiled. His returned look was anything but comforting.
His mouth moved, but no sound came out. She could not make out anything he
said. Frustrated, she yelled.

"Where is Pyxis? He'll want his sword, where is he? I can't hear

Morin only shrugged. Pyxis had not returned.


Douji smiled at the sight of the Arkanian Great Galley sinking.

"Victory. Stop the bombardment of land. We can not reach them if they made
it to woods. I am sure reports of cannonsfire this close to land has
alerted headquarters, but if not we'll make our way back."

Douji again grinned evilly. Another victory under his belt.

"Where is Siemowit?" He asked.

(end battle of day 1)

Writer: Scorn
Date Wed May 2 23:03:29 2001

To all

Subject The Arkanian Struggle Continues

It has been 13 long months since I have had the privledge to return to
Algoron to chronical the events of Mortal and Dragon. The days grow more
interesting now than I could ever remember them before. Raije would be most
pleased with the events that are to occur today. Unless something powerful
changed today's path as happens so many times. Especially with Malachive
walking the lands. It will be soon that he knows the truth about himself
and then my job becomes even more busy, yet more interesting too.

As I flew over Arkane I focussed on a large Minotaur gathering civilians to
reclaim their city from the hands of the Marauders. As interesting as that
was, it was not today's assignment. Today, the ocean was calling.

Just as I passed Arkane's western wall, one event of notice occured. One if
you do not count the Ogre shouting "A balanx, a balanx, look!" Before
shooting a quiver full of arrows at me. It seems a rather large force of
Marauders were heading away fromthe city northwest. They were looking for
the crippled Arkanian troops no doubt.

As I reachedmy destination over Roully Bab Binb, there sat the victorius
Marauder light cruiser, commanded by Admiral Douji. They were sent back to
this very spot of the Arkanian Great Galley's sinking to search for
something to salvage. They will have no luck.

The crew has suddenly took their battle stations. Ah, there they are.
Three Heavy Cruisers from Balifore have aproached firering their cannons.
Another war. Yes Raije, I can feel your pleasure. These 3 balifore heavy
Cruisers are commanded by Dupla, a Tinker Gnome, Quillath and Faldyr
Fortunefinder, two kender. Douji has instructed his ship to seek an escape
course while slowing the heavy cruisers with return fire. Alas, his tactic
was failed as he has taken 3 damaging direct hits. Quillath has pulled her
ship up next to the Marauder vessel and seems to dumping crates of fire dust
upon it. The Marauder upper deck is slimy manned due to the already harsh
blows. I see now, they are moving away and intend to ignight... Oh! Dupla
fired too soon, the Marauder ship is in peices but Quillath's ship has taken
grave damage too. Douji didn't look very content as he used that teleport
spell to avoid being kept prisoner. It looks like this battle has belonged
to Balifore. I will move on to my next assignment now.

(Two Hours Later)

There they are. The Marauder patrol. I sense they will find their target.
What is minutes to me must seem like an eternity to them, especially at
times such as these.

Hmm, I must have wondered off in thought. The battle is already over.
Raije will not be pleased. I focus back in time and record the events.

Grokh's Marauder Calvary spotted the Arkanian army. There was one unit or
Archers led by Morin, and an infantry unitled by Remus. The Arkanian
archers open fired upon the Marauders, but the attack was unsuccessful due
to the density of the forest. Remus and his infantry were quickly defeated
by Captain Chroak army. The Marauders were by far superior in this battle
bringing aboutvarious types of troops and outnumbering the Arkanians

Deaths of note: Morin was killed when his head was crushed under the blow of
the Marauder macemen leader, Executioner Zaratal. Remus was stuck by a
crossbowmen's arrow in the shoulder and narrowly escaped with 2 of his
infantry soldiers.

This battle could not have been more one sided. The Marauders suffered no
major injuries or deaths to any of its officers and only a few of their
soldiers perished. They must be pleased.

Today's event were pleasing to watch. Perhaps not for those who do not
understand the ways of Raije, but I found today most peasurable. If only
these armies ony knew what awaits them soon. By then, I shall be most busy.

-Balanx of Raije.

(OOC: Sorry for the quick matter of fact type history, I didn't have much
time and didn't want to keep everyone waiting. Regardless, this concludes
ALL events of day two. I will be looking for events from day 3 Friday

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue May 15 00:25:57 2001

To all

Subject A Spy is Punished.

Teilk paced back and forth inside this small stone cell. From the wall
stood Andinyre chained and bloody. Andinyre was a skinny sea elf with short
hair and pretty much ordinary looking. The Marauders had caught him and
charged with spying. Teilk was not amused. "Again. Who sent you?" Teilk
asked in a calm collective voice.

"Sent me? No one sent me! I was jut sminding my own business when.."
Andinyre's sentence was cut short by a sudden backhand from a large Minotaur
known as Palleon.

Blood dripped from Andinyre's mouth to the floor. The Minotaur grinned and
glanced at Teilk for permission to strike again. Teilk nodded. Palleon
closed his first and struck Andinyre hard in the center of his face. You
could hear the crack of Andinyre's nose breaking from the next cell.
Andinyre screamed in agony before giving in to the pain and blacking out.

Palleon seemed disapointed at Andinyre's low tolerance for pain. Teilk had
to remind him that pounding on his head would do nothing to help wake him
back up.

A cold splash of water woke Andinyre up. The blazing pain shot through his
head like an arrow through its target. Andinyre looked up to see two blurry
figures before him.

Teilk grabbed Andinyre by the back of his hair and pulled his face up as to
make eye contact. I do not of a joking nature. "When I give you my word, I
keep it. You will tell me all you know or Palleon is going to beat you with
a wooden blub until your head cracks atthe bone, and your brains spill onto
this floor. He's done it before. It's not a pleasant way to die, I assure
you. So again and for the last time, who sent you?"

Andinyre stared blankly at the wall for a moment. "Do what you must."

Teilk nodded at Palleon.

Palleon picked up a medium sized wooden club. It was thick and short, much
like a hammer's handle.

Andinyre closed his eyes and prayed.

Palleon beat Andinyre all over his head and face repeatedly, beating him far
beyond death. Teilk kept his word. Andinyre kept nothing from within his

Suddenly, a Marauder guard burst through the door.

"Highlord Teilk!!! " he said as he gasped for air. "An army is approaching
the south gate and it is quite large. Arkananians, Baliforians, New Thalos
troops, the Althainian army..." Again he gasped for air. "They have come
for Arkane my lord."

(ooc: Day 4 history comes tomorrow)

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon May 21 00:44:48 2001

To all

Subject The Battle of Arkane (Coalition vs Marauders)

The sun above Arkane that warmed the metal armor of the Coalition troops
was comfortable compared to the humidity that smothered Southern Arkane.
Many knights removed armor until they got closer to the city. Even the New
Thalos Knights complained, not of the heat, but how the stuffiness made them
sweat through their cloths.

The army was large, and considering that it was composed of 4 kingdoms only
made it more impressive that they moved quickly, orderly, and without

"All units halt and prepare for battle!" Vangar shouted. As commander and
future potential King of Arkane, Vangar had the burden of stress and
responsibility. Regardless, his face showed no worry, only strength.

The armies all re-equipped themselves, the only delay being a few units
looking for items the Balifore Archers found interest in.

On command they marched in formation towards the Arkanian Southern gate.
The Marauders guards sealed the gate and rang the alarm. From a distance,
the Coalition units could see the Marauder troops atop the Southern walls of
Arkane. All standing still, all waiting for their arrival.

The battle began with the coalition forces attempting to set up a Catapult
only to picked off by by marauder sharpshooters. To counter this tactic,
the Arkanian and Baliforian archers fired back only with less accuracy.
Eventually they were set up and began assaulting the gate with Boulders,
launching one in every 3 at surrounding wall to weaken the wall as well.
Walls made of lumbered trees were placed as a shield for the catapult team
provind them good protection.

Many hours later follwoing a direct hit on the gates edge, part of of it

"Battering Ram Team, form up!" Vangar yelled. An Arkanian unit of infantry
grabbed the battering ram with one arm while holding a shield with the
other. A massive Minotaur who led this unit seemed only midely annoyed when
a Marauder arrow caught his arm. Under a barrage of arrow fire, the ram
pounded on the damage gate.

Faelson, a half elven officer, leader of the New Thalos Knights looked into
the sky with sudden interest. "By the Gods.... Look at the clouds!"

The sky had suddenly turned dark and clouds of black rolled over the city.
Lightning shot through the sky at an amazing pace. The wind blew over the
Coalitions wood shields that protected the catapults. To make things even
worse, Dragon fear overtook the coalition troops and two Great Wyrm Reds
circled Arkane.

Getting over the initial fear of the dragons, the coalition forces went into
a defensive formation. The battering ram crew went back to work on the gate
eventually removing it from its place.

"Hahahaha! We have the gate removed!!!" Fraga shouted back to Vangar.
Just as he fininished, a large fireball from above consumed Fraga and most
of this unit. Constance stood from behind the gate with a wicked smile,
obviously very proud of her fireballs damage.

The mages victory was short lived. One of the Reds swooped down into the

<<>> Pyros' sides removed several feet of stone surrounding the gate
as he flew down hard into Constance. Constance was knocked back
unconscious. Pyros watched as the Marauder troops behind her stood in both
fear and confusion. A smile crossed the Great Wyrms face as he violently
thrust his great jaws down upon the motionless Constance snapping her body
in two peices. Pyros quickly feasted and then jumped back into the air and
and resumed flight among the other Great Wyrm Red.

The coalition troops wasted no time charging the gates wide opening. The
battle had started with all units engaging from the outside the South gate
into well within the city. The surge on the Marauders was working well.
The coalition had a red dragon to thank for that oddly enough.

(continued in next history note)

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon May 21 23:37:04 2001

To all

Subject The Battle of Arkane (Coalition vs Marauders part 2)

Inside the southern gate of Arkane war had erupted. Carefully planned
attacks and defenses were now null and void as new rules overuled the old.
The chaos of melee combat provided sights and sounds that men and women
belonging to these forces would never experiance again. The sound of bones
crunching, flesh being ripped apart and the screams of dying men would
forever haunt many warriors. The visions of severed limbs and mounds of
corpses would be in the nightmares of most for years to come, if they were
lucky enough to survive.

Admiral Douji had volunteered to lead a macemen unit for the Marauders.
Feeling embarrassed, he sought to reclaim his honor by fighting viciously in
battle. He certainly earned the respect of the men under him. Who knew a
sailor could fight on land with such skill and aggressivness. Douji never
seemed to tire.

Wiervian with lance down yelled a battle cry for the Coalition and charged
at Douji. Douji stood calmly waiting for the mounted leader of calvary to
approach and with one swift move he ducked and rolled aside forcing Wiervian
to miss his charge. Wiervian turned his horse to charge once more on a new
target but he received a surprise as his mount turned. Douji had ran to the
mount and crushed the side of its head with a swift and powerful mace blow
to the side of its neck. The horse fell and Wiervian's leg was stuck under
it. Douji grinned and raised his mace high above head preparing to crush
Wiervian's skull. From nowhere the co-leader of this Althainian calvary
unit charged Douji. Denis made perfect contact to Douji's chest with his
lance knocking him several feet back. Douji had lost his mace in the blow
and had received a huge dent to his chest plate armor. The breath had been
removed from him and all things blurred in and out. Denis unsheathed his
sword and lept off his mount to strike Douji with a final deathblow. Denis'
sword came stright down at Douji's heart but missed due to an instinctive
reaction by Douji. The blade pierced Douji's left shoulder. Denis
violently pulled the blade out and prepared for another strike. Another
miss of the heart but again the blade peirced Douji's right shoulder. Denis
changed position and swung his blade down in a chopping motion as to remove
Douji of his head. His chop was cut short by a flying tackle by Klintauk.
The force of this blow made both men drop their weapons.

This hand to hand combat was no contest. Klintauk being a Minotaur had a
clear advantage over Denis the human. Within minutes, Klintauk had left
Denis bruised, beaten, and unconscious while he went back for his weapon so
that he could continue fighting.

The coalitions forced gained the upper hand after a half hour of continious
battle. Almost all of their forces had moved within the city. The dark
clouds above moved with an uncanny fury. Something supernatural was above
and it seemed only the two great wyrm reds knew exactly what. Gliding in
circles the two reds sneered at each other, both wanting to outdo the other
but neither came down. It seemed as if they were waiting for a command.
Lighting struck in a violent ancient pattern and Sear swooped down. He
inhaled a great breath and shot fire from his mouth and nostrils. On the
ground a unit of Baliforian archers burned alive. Sear swooped low enough
to take 2 kender up into the air as if to show Pyros his prize. Upon
reaching a high enough altitude, Sear bit the heads off both kenders and
shot them then down to the ground ablaze with his fire. Two streaking
firery heads colided with Vangars mounts knocking the Arkanian commander
from his mount. Sear roared in delight as Pyros sneered. Swooping down
low, Pyros place a single finger over one nostril and blew a stream of fire
out the other. He had cut the last few Coalition forces out of Arkane. The
Dragons roared in delight.

The black clouds disperced with a sudden and magical effect and the two
dragons flew west towards the ocean and out of the battle.

(part 3 continued in next history)

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue May 22 00:23:49 2001

To all

Subject The Battle of Arkane (Coalition vs Marauders part 3)

Crossbowmen, Infantry and Archers all complained of being seperated from
the main forces. Pyros' wall of flame had successfullt cut them off.
Confusion also set in. Just who exactly were the reds fighting for?

The cut off units had little time to complain. From the southern forest ran
in 2 units of Marauder axe wielders. They watsed no time in slicing through
the archers. Pyxen, as all kender, felt no fear and he approached Cromlek.
Pyxen aimed his crossbow at Cromlek with perfect accuracy. With quick
reflexes, Cromlek parried the arrow with his great axe. He followed the
parry by raising the axe behind his head and lunging it into the skull of
Pyxen. This kender was sent on his final adventure.

The axe wielders defeated the archers and corssbowmen with little
resistance. The two units then ganged on the sole Coalition unit remaining
outside the city gates, an Arkanian infantry unit led by the kender Pepe.

Unusual for a kender, Pepe was skilled with the sword. Many times he
narrowly avoided the swipes of axes and countered with skilled thrusts of
his blade into the sides of Marauder men. One by one Pepe's unit was
falling. Pyros's flame had burned down quite a bit and the battle outside
the city walls was visible to the fighting armies inside. Cerias, a
marauder axe wielder cornered Pepe with a combination attack of two small
axes. Pepe's blade parried the strongest swipe, but his blade shatted into
peices. Pepe knew it was his time to die. Without fear he watched the axe
of Cerias raise up above him.

The loud niegh of a mount hurdeling the flames caught Cerias's attention.
His reaction to this event was too late. The New Thalos Knight Faelson had
lept on his mount over the flames. With sword drawn to his side he slashed
Cerias in the front middle of his throught. Cerias died choking on his own

The axe wielders surrounded the Knight and Pepe. They could not defend
against them all. Luckily for them, Althainian Calvary led by Epyon and
Lenith came to the rescue. Aside from a few mounts with missing limps, the
Calvary rode through the axe wielders ending their domination.

The forces rejoined the other inside the Arkanian south gate and full battle
was restored for many more hours. It wasn; t until an hour after nightfall
that the Marauders forces were forces to retreat to the northern part of the
city. The hurting Coalition did not pursue and both sides made camp well
equipped with scouts and guards. For the remainder ofthe night, this city
was to be divided.

Under the night sky, not a cloud was in sight, dark or white. The only
thing to be seen was the bright light that seemed to grow brighter from the
heavens each day, and a white and red moon.

(End of Day 5)

Writer: Maalthiir
Date Fri Jun 1 14:05:26 2001

To All

Subject The Battle of Arkane (Coalition vs Marauders part 4) Day - 6

The dawn light was barely more that a hint on the horizion when around
the makeshift camp soldiers began to prepare themselves for what would come.
From across town all was eerily silent, no echos bounced through the streets
from still occupied northern half of Arkane. Nothing that would give hint
of the Marauders plans. All around men gathered their arms and armor and
began to form into their units. Sub- commanders oversaw the preperation as
the unit commanders were recieving their days orders in the coalition
headquarters tent. Soon they were ready and they marched off to with the
hopes of ending the seige before dawnfry of the next day.

Executioner Zaratal took his unit of macemen down a dark alley heading
towards main street. Their orders were to hold their assigned block from
advancing coalition forces. Zaratal nodded towards Sagar and the unit
sub-commander motioned one of the young macemen ahead to scout. They
watched carefully as he crept towards the end of the block and dissapeared
around the corner. A few minutes later they heard the all clear signal and
set out once again. As they neared the next cross-street a distant thunder
could be heard. A thunder that was coming closer and fast.

The calvary spurred their horses around the corner and began their charge.
Before them the suprised unit of macemen scrambled backwards and sideways in
an effort to find sanctuary from the oncoming slaughter and a fortified
place to strike at the passing flanks of the mounted unit. Executioner
Zaratal found himself pressed into a doorway by two men from his unit. He
watched as down the street his men were mowed down, their bodies cut and
broken by the hooves of the heavy warhorses after they had been impaled by
the wall of lances. Behind him the door gave way and he fell into a
deserted shop. The two men with him saluted him briefly and then closed the
door. Through the window he watched as they strode out to buy their
commander time to flee and report. He rushed up the stairs and onto a small
balcony just in time to see Sagar throw his mace at Epyon before he was
ridden down. Cursing the coalition forces he climbed up to the rooftop and
made his way back towards the Marauder camp.

Writer: Maalthiir
Date Fri Jun 1 15:33:48 2001

To All

Subject The Battle of Arkane (Coalition vs Marauders part 5) Day - 6

Across town E'lun and Braxis led their calvary down a wide avenue.
Ahead the streets were clear. The shops and homes along the sides had been
evacuated and little zephyrs swirled ash and dirt around. Occasionally the
neigh of one of the warhorses would break the monotony of their clicking
hooves on the cobblestones.

Out of nowhere the doors along the sides burst open and a unit of Marauder
pikemen charged out catching the coalition calvary unawares. Over half the
calvary were slaughtered before they had a chance to fight back. Nihknor
yelled orders at his pikemen and they closed ranks and began to assault the
remaining calvary. It was a bloody battle but closed in on both sides with
no place to turn and no room to build up speed all advantage of the calvary
was gone. E'lun called for a retreat and the pitifully remaining few
charged into the rear line of pikemen. Nihknor and Skeler congratulated
their men as the four surviving coalition calvary raced back the way they
had come.

As the morning wore on the skirmishes continued all across town, neither
side really gaining an advantage. Towards noon things had begun to look
like they might remain slack for the remainder of the day. The heat had
begun to get to Tobii and his unit of infantry. It was all they could do to
keep their post and not go seeking a shady place to relax. A noise down the
way caught Tobii's attention. Around the bend halfway up the block a unit
of knights came into view. The baliforian infantry unit charged to meet
them screaming battle cries and taunts. The knights led by Captain Chroak
and Brox met the infantry with determination and hatred burning in their
eyes. Tobii fighting his way through the men met came face to face with
Brox and engaged the knight's second in command. The battle was heated and
the outnumbered knights fought well. Around them lie scattered the bodies
of fallen infantrymen. Brox tripped over one of the corpses at his feet and
sprawled backwards on the street. Tobii lept over him and the downstroke of
his blade nearly cleaved Brox in half, or would have if Captain Chroak
hadn't stepped in and stabbed him through the heart at the pinnacle of his
upswing. Their commander fallen, the infantry redoubled their efforts. It
was to no avail. The knights slaughtered the remaining infantry in a matter
of minutes.

General Ha'thorne and Cromlek were discussing the best way to hold their
position. Behind them Lynader was directing the infantry in fortifying the
street as the crossbowmen under Velkyn's watchful eye took positions behind
overturned wagons piles of crates. Suddenly a massive fireball slammed into
the building to their left. From around the corner stepped a kender mage
who had begun chanting another spell. Ha'thorne and a few of the quicker
reacting infantry charged towards Calinde just as the warcry of a brigade of
knights led by Faelson came rushing in from behind the crossbowmen. The
crossbowmen turned and began firing into the knights as they came within
range. The knights pushed forward until the first of their ranks reached
the rear of the crossbowmen. At these close quarters the crossbowmen were
forced to use melee weapons and were greatly outmatched by the knights. The
infantry, led by Lyander turned and charged into the battling knights and
crossbowmen. General Ha'thorne ran at breakneck speed toward Calinde, as
she was finishing the words to her spell he threw his full weight into her
body. They slammed togther into the wall. Calinde crumpled as Ha'thorne
stepped back and fell to the ground as she desperatly fought to refill her
lungs with air. Stepping away Ha'thorne swung his blade back and hacked
into Calinde repeatedly. Behind him the last of the crossbowmen was cut
down by the knights and his infantry were in bad shape. Lyander called a
tactical retreat and was suprised as the knights didn't press their
advantage. Ha'thorne and Lyander led the men down sidestreets and alleys
until as evening was falling they reached the fallback point.

Writer: Maalthiir
Date Fri Jun 1 16:36:36 2001

To All

Subject The Battle of Arkane (Coalition vs Marauders part 6) Day - 6

At the fallback point Ha'thorne, Lyander, and the surviving members of
their unit met up with Jalas, Lasced, and their unit of archers who had been
routed by a unit of knights, and Wrylock, Crolang, and their unit of pikemen
who had also been routed by coalition forces. General Ha'thorne took stock
of the situation and fortified his position. The infantry and pikemen he
placed on the sides and the archers were placed in the middle. Guards were
posted to keep watch and let the men get a bit of rest. The sun had begun
to set and the day was almost over. Tensions were running high and there
had been no word from the other units stationed in Arkane or from command

A guard ran up to General Ha'thorne and reported that a force of infantry
and what looked to be local militia has been spotted heading towards their
position. The unit commanders looked eager to put their combined forces
against the coalition militia and infantry. The Marauder forces dug in and
waited for what would easily be a victory to turn in on.

The Arkanian soldiers headed up the street. They knew what was ahead of
them, their scouts had reported the three enemy units falling back to that
position. Purrin took his infantry unit and headed for the right side of
the enemy position and Kodi and Rhyanna headed left. Soon a shower of
arrows arced out from behind the makeshift embankment. Several arrows found
their targets and troops fell in both the militia and the infantry. But by
then the embankment had been reached. The infantry clashed with the pikemen
and the din of battle drowned out all else. The militia surged into the
ranks of the Marauder infantry and frenzy broke out . Fighting for their
homes, their families, and their sense of nation, a bloodlust seized the
militia and they became as one. As one they surged through and over the
Marauder infantry, hacking, slashing, tearing with their hands when
disarmed, they decimated the infantry, and then began to surge through the
archers. The pikemen seeing their infantry destroyed with such rage lost
heart and the coalition infantry led by Purrin swarmed over them. The
Marauder unit commanders seeing their troops cut down, their fortifications
overcome, and the sun descending left their remaining troops to buy some
time and raced towards Marauder headquarters. (End day 6)

Writer: Scorn
Date Wed Jun 6 23:20:50 2001

To all

Subject Kwars Day 7 (short and to the point)

As dawn neared, the Coalition army prepared for the next days battle.

It never came. Marauder headquarters had ordered the remaining of their
troops home. Akane was once again in control of its own destiny.

(Day 7 over, Arkane/Coalition wins the battle)

Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Jun 10 01:27:28 2001

To all

Subject The Signs of the Dark God

Malachive paid his fare and stepped onto the ship headed for Icewall. He
understood not why he was going there, only that he must do this. His dark
dreams demanded the trip.

Many passengers attempted small talk with this tall and handsome young man,
but Malachive said little and always ended up walking to a more remote part
of the ship. Staring down into the ocean depths Malachive spotted something

"A white Dragon is swimming underneath us. Should I....? No, it will make
no comotion. Somehow I feel as if I am being escorted to this icy place.

"Sir? Would you like anything to drink? Perhaps some wine? "

A stewart on the ship had found Malachive, but he still was not in the mood
for company or pleasantries.

"No thank you! " replied Malachive.

"I understand, sir. Nice day isn't it? Nice and clear from out here from
the sea. Sometimes, during the right time of day, the new light from the
sky everyone is talking about makes marvelous design on the waters. Sir...?

Without saying a word, Malachive walks away.

"He has a lot on his mind for such a young man. Must be from Arkane and is
fleeing the bloodshed they had.

The ship had docked on Icewall and just as malachives dream had told him to
do, he spent 3 days finding the highest peak in Northern Nordmaar. The
climb would have surely killed or injured normal men. But alas, he had made

"Now what? " Malachive asked out loud.


Malachive looked around him. Nothing moved and all was quiet. All he could
see was a dark eboiny castle in the far distance that seemed to almost hide
itself in the mountainous regions and the huge ball of light that had sparks
everyones interest since it mysteriously appeared in the sky months ago.

"Do not yell, my son. For I can always hear you. " said a voice from
behind him.

Malachive turned around and saw a man. This man had gotten to the top of
the mountain with no noise and no footprints in the snow. He looked like an
Ogre with the exception that this Ogre spoke without his mouth moving and
unlike most Ogre, he lacked the dull dim witted look. His arms and chest
were very well muscleled and his hair was full and black. The Ogre looked
noble. "Perhaps a king" Malachive thought to himself.

"Nay, not a King. A God and your very father. Since you were placed upon
this world you have always been blessed. Your mental and physical abilites
have always been above anyone you've known. At times, you've made the
objects of your imagination appear before you. You've noticed the demons
and the dragons watching you with interest. You ARE the son of Necrucifer
and you are here to rule this world.

Again, the voice came with no movement from the Ogre's mouth. Malachive
stood in bewilderment. Everything the ogre said was true but Malachive had
always assumed he was perhaps a gifted mage, born with stronger abilities
than most men.

The voice began again.

"It is time for you to realize your true power. You can change anything
about yourself you wish. Your skills and spells will form as often as you
wish them. You are a GOD, my son. But upon this world you are also mortal.
If you die to the hands of a mortal you are dead for good. Be prepared.
Danger will come at you from al directions, even from those you trust. Rule
not with empathy or compassion but with MIGHT and WILL. Your time to rule
begins today. You will know what to do, the barrier of your human mind will
be lifted after todays events. Do well, my son. Everything in my power
will be at your command less they wish my wrath upon them.

The Ogre turns his head towards the great light in the sky and grinned.
Malachive looked to the sky only to see the light grow brighter. He turned
back to the Ogre only to find him gone, quietly and without any trace.

"This can't be! " Malachive said outloud.

A echoing BOOM from the heavens disturbed his train of thought as the great
light erupted into the sky of Alrogon. A huge ball of flame flew through
the sky leaving dark smoke and particals of debree behind its path. The
great meteor roared with a loudness that would drown out even the largest of
dragons. As it passed over Malachive the light from it's flame lit up the
entire land around him.

"Dae'tok! It is heading for Dae'tok! " Malachive said with a self
surprising excitment.

The meteor hit the earth right in the general location of the Dae'tok
kingdom. A great wave of light in all directions removed several mountain
ranges and shook the earth. A huge mushroom cloud of devestation rose high
into the sky.

Days passed but they seemed only like moments for Malachive. As Necrucifer
told him, his mind was now free from the limitations of his human form. He
understood much about the world and who he was and what was expected at him.
The mysteries to the universe were no longer unknown to him. Today was the
begining of his new life and he knew what he must do.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Jun 18 11:58:23 2001

To all

Subject Malachive begins his plans.

Malachive walked through the rubble of what was once Dae'tok. What was
once the most powerful Empire in the world was now a pile of rock. No one
within hundreds of miles had survived the hit. Other Icewall kingdoms such
as Ganth and Nordmaar had even felt the aftershocks. Snow was melted,
oceans flooded kingdoms as far as New Thalos and Arkane. This was truely a
devestating impact and it could have been a lot worse.

Malachive was now unburdened by the limitations of the mortal mind. He
knows the secrets to many things beyond mortal comprehension but still, as
anyone around his age of 20 years, he couldn't peice a lot of things

"Of my father wants me to conquer this world, why not just throw a meteor at
all kingdoms who resist?" He thought.

"Indeed." Said a voice from behind him.

Malachive had sensed no one near him, so he knew whoever this voice came
from was a God of some type.

A woman with pale skin and long black hair stood with more beauty in her
smile than all wonders of the world combined. Instantly, Malachive
recognized her.

"Mother!" Malachive said with a boyish excitement.

Drakkara embraced her son and for a moment one would never know the evil
within these two hearts.

"You do not know the trouble your father went through getting the rock to
land. The same people who would see you dead everything they could to stop
it. So now the respoibility is yours to conquer the world. And while I
would have you off this world safe, these events must come to pass"

"I guess I can understand that. Already there are many who attack me."
Malachive replied. "Elves, Knights and even kingdoms have come for my head.
If not protected by your Black Tower and some of the Demons, my life would
already be at an end.

"And what of the immortals? The ones who suck life to substain their own?"

"The vampires? Mother, they have long forgotten their dark gift as a prize
to be cherished. They have long stopped being thankful for eternal life and
umortal powers. They are a lost cause. I have hope for many, but only a
few of those are worthy of their gift. And I do mean a seldom few."

"Perhaps you should teach them a lesson? "

"Can I?" Malachive paused for a moment. "I'm still getting used to this.
My powers grow daily and I am coming to nderstand it's limits are far beyond
what I imagined."

Drakkara grinned an evil smile. "The first steps have been taken. The rest
is your responsibility. I will help guide you all that I can, but you
should know that the more your father and I involve ourselves, the more the
others will become involved as well. Even the neutral Gods fear you and
will do what they must to kill you. We created you without their permission
nor their council. Howeverm you were created with purpose and as my son you
have all of the tools to ensure our victory. You know what to do."

In an instant, she was gone.

"Indeed mother, indeed. The beginning of the end is now and I know just how
to start.
" Malachive, his eyes a flaming black.

Writer: Scorn

Date Sat Aug 11 20:15:46 2001

To all

Subject The Challenger.

"Thank you all for coming, but Ah bae afraid me news nute bae good news."

Randorf said from behind a desk in front of the Press filled room. Sitting
next to him was a Human holding a highly polished AGL World Championship
belt over his shoulder. Nashkell, the Warlock looked around the room calmly
as he studied each member of the press.

"Nashkell has nae opponent for thae end weeks card. And if you ask mae, ah
think all thae Contender bae ducking him!" Randorf spoke with in a tone
that made his aggrivation very public.

A skinny elven reporter raies his hand and then spoke.

"But Baron, the Champion has yet to even defend his title. And he's been
Champion for almost two months. So why would people have reason to be
frightened of him?"

Nashkell showed no emotion at the coment, but the comment clearly fired
Randorf up. Especially coming from an Elf.

"Cause he bloody whooped up on Maxx, who everyone feared. Nashkell bae a
tactical mastermind! Thae know when they fight him, it nute bae brawn vs
brawn, but it bae his wits yae need ta defeat."

Nashkell spoke.

"The fact of the matter is, all of us, myself included, was surprised to see
Maxx fall that night. His skill was apparent, but I had time to study his
moves, his reliance on a few skills, and having studied the history of the
Yinn in battle, especially against Nordmaar, I was able to conceive and
enact a series of tactics that kept his skills minimized while my own
optimized. In the end my concept proved correct and the Slayer was
defeated. Now I'm not saying that I am worthy of wearing this title, but I
am willing to put my tact on the line. There are many in this league who
can beat me on brute force alone... Luckily I don't rely on brute force.
From the formation of the lands of Serpantol to the Baliforian armies
pushing out the Marauder brutes, history is filled with the stories of those
who can overcome odds to succeed...

We shall see how history remembers me."

The members of the press jotted furiously on their scrolls as Randorf stood.

"Thute bae all, thanks ta yae all for cumen juss ta hear bad news. I

A thick Nordmaar accent interupted Randorf.

"Ah've cume ta fight."

One of the members of the press recognized him. "Torin! Great! Warlock vs

Randorf grinned.

"Ah'm nute ah Warlock, ah'm an Alchemist and ah'll thank yae to learn tha

Noticing the scrapes on Torin's knuckles, the reporter understood he was
more than just an alchemist as well.

"Waell, cune ah fight or nay?" Torin asked Randorf.

"Aye lad, aye. You cune fight em." Randorf said with a smile.

A kender reporter raised his arm and spoke "Nashkell, you're going to fight
now! Isn't that great?"

"I look forward to the challenge of facing someone born into a war
experienced people such as the Nords. Raije would be pleased." Nashkell

"Excellenet, the Champion will face his top Contender Torin in ah Warlock vs
War.. Alchemist match! See yae all at thae Arena." Randorf said with
visions of gold in his head.

Writer: Scorn

Date Tue Nov 13 19:50:48 2001

To all


The main event of tonights AGL had just ended. The Baron's VIP room
hosted the King and Queen of Verminasia and the other people
invited by the Baron, Gatha, Alaquane, and Jarlaxle.

The Baron walked ot the center of the Arena raising the still Althainian
Champion's arm as the fans cheered Bupu. The Black Robed Champion collected
her 25 eggs and Baron Randorf headed back to the plush VIP box seats to see
his guests off.

Out of the doorway as Randorf walked back in ran a black clad man, standing
5 feet in height.

With a dagger in hand, the man lunged for King Andelas' throat. Andelas
quickly raised his arm and the dagger sank into it causing blood to spurt
onto Randorf's curtains. The assassins momentum carried the King of
Verminasia over the seats out of the arena.

As the two men fell several feet to the ground, the Queen screamed.

"Baruch!!!!" She screamed in terror.

"I am here, my Queen".

Baruch looked over the side of the arena wall and sighed.

Down below, the two bodies crashed into the ground. The assassin lost his
dagger on impact and Andelas lost his consciousness. Without a weapon, the
assassin began to choke the remaining life out of Andelas with the strength
he hadn't lost in his fall.

Baruch, an agile Jongleur, tied Randorfs blood stained curtain to a heavy
throne arm and swung himself below to the ground. The assassin released
Andelas, still alive and kicked Baruch in the front of the face before he
had a chance to react. Falling backwards, Baruch flipped backwards drawing
his sword in the same movement. Surprising the Assassin, Baruch drove the
sword into the shoulder of the would be assassin. The assassin stumbled
backward and quickly disappeared as if he were summoned.

The Verminasia guard poured onto the scene and took their injured, but alive
King to safety.

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Nov 15 22:12:50 2001

To all

Subject The Joys of Having a Kingdom

King Vangar Silverwolfe looked at the map. No, it cannot be placed
there. We already have plans for..."

The King was interupted by a commotion outside. He looked out of his window
to see several guards forcefully detaining a man cloaked in black. On the
man's back were several tools that appeared to be meant for scaling walls.
Upon inspection was 7 extremely sharp daggers and a long bow and quiver of
what smelled like poison tipped arrows nearby.

"Bring him to me!" Demanded the King.

The guards brought the now prisoner up to the King's meeting room. There,
two guards restrain the prisoner as Vangar aproaches him.

The prisoner was uncommonly tall. The only other feature behind the black
clothing was the eyes, as black as onyx.

"Unmask him." The King ordered.

A guard grabbed his mask and begin to pull before a great rumbling shook the
castle's foundation. Wind, snow and hail swarmed into the window pelting
everyone in the room. As quickly as it began, the unnatural storm stopped
and the prison was unguarded. Vangar drew his sword and lunged it at the
black clad man, who quickly side stepped it. Without any weapon to fight
back, the man struck back with his feet and landed a crunching blow to the
private section of the King, who buckled in pain. As the guards stood and
drew their weapons, the would be assassin lept from the window barely
getting off a 'fly' spell before htting the ground, cushioning his fall.

"Sire, are you alright?" a concerned guard asked the King.

"Yes" the King replied in a higher than normal voice. "Find out who that was."

Writer: Scorn

Date Fri Jan 25 21:06:01 2002

To all

Subject Assassination of a Queen?

A slender elf, with a cheerful expression on his lightly tanned face. He
has shortly trimmed brown hair, half covering his pointed ears. There is
warpaint on his face. He is dressed in a thin green shirt and matching
shorts. His arms and legs are slender and bare. In his right hand is a
slender dagger.

He walked through the trees searching for the intruder. It was odd that he
heard no footsteps. A trail of blood was all he had. From the way the
blood was splashed onto the leaves, it suddenly made sense. The Assassin
was flying.

With bow in hand, Eajl Sha'falas Luiril looked up. There on a limp stood a
black clad figure with bow in hand. The assassin, realizing it had been
spotted, drew its bow quickly and fired a shot off at Eajl.

Eajl could hear the arrow whistling down on him. He tumbled foward with
traditional quick elven movement and the arrow only grazed his back. The
cut on his back began to burn immediatly. It was not a burn that would
normally accompany torn flesh, but something different.

Eajl realized that these arrows were poison tipped. Another arrow whizzed
by his head, missing its mark and quickly another was on target for his
chest. Eajl swung his large sword in a swift movement knocking back the
arrow. It was more luck than skill, a reaction. Resheathing his sword,
Eajl grabbed his bow and fired off 3 shots in unison like only an elf could.
The first two arrows missed their mark but the third nailed the assassin in
the thigh.

The assassin reacted quickly by throwing down a ball of some sort which
exploded into a tremendous amount of smoke. When it cleared, the assassin
was gone.

Eajl ran back to where he left the Queen. Rhiadora was unharmed,
unscratched. She was kneeling by the bodies of 3 of her personal guard.
She looked up at Eajl with eyes full of tears.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Jan 28 20:48:01 2002

To all

Subject Assassination!

Smoke and ash filled the air from the Royal families chambers. As the
guards broke their way intot he inferno no one was found. No charred
remains, no stench of death and no screams were heard. It was puzzeling.

"Search the Palace, they must be somewhere. The King and Queen MUST be
found." The Guard was very concerned. The palace was ablaze yet the people
he swore his life to protect were nowhere to be found. With haste, he made
his way through each room. His heart sank with every empty room.

"Kidnapped perhaps?" He thought to himself. As he strolled through the
courtyard he came upon a large crowd.

"What is going on here?" The guard shouted. He looked up and then without
being able to breathe, he dropped helplessly to his knees.

On top of the Cities gates were strung two bodies, both with multiple arrows
stuck in them.

King Andelas and Queen Azhiraz had been assassinated, and Verminasia was in

Writer: Scorn
Date Fri Feb 8 15:07:14 2002

To all

Subject Nadrik displeases?

The Angel stood by his creator, he head down in both reverance and

"I know not else to do, my Lord" the Angel said, his voice filled wth gloom.
"I do not wish to give up on them, but it is my opinion that the powers you
grant these Paladins seem to work more for evil than for good. I can
personally punish the offenders if you wish? Kill them perhaps? For
killing them would no different than slaying evil."

"Nay. stated the voice of the God of Honor. "I will handle this personally."

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Aug 12 13:59:12 2002

To all

Subject The Prophecy Begins

The Troops had set up a formidable base camp and the commanders had
everything arranged down to the detail. As the General marched his black
horse through the formations of soldiers, his approval was written all over
his face. Sharply turning his horse around he began to speak in a loud and
clear voice.

"I need not remind each of you what is to come. Our Lord's time is almost
at hand and each of you will have a part in shaping the history of the
entire world. You've done a superior job in establishing a base camp and I
am very proud of you. However, our task here is incomplete. We will be
establishing a barracks and you can expect recruits to come in by the
hundreds. They will be housed, they will be trained and above all, they
will be disciplined. Those who fail will not be allowed to go home; they
will be slain for their weakness. All of you have proven strong, so expect
the same standards from any recruit for if they fail, they are the enemy."

The General galloped away followed by his aids and commanders all on
horseback. The officers commanded the troops to return to their daily

A man in dark robes walked before the camp's commander, a white furred
Minotaur known only as Colonel Skurn.

"About time you came, wizard." Skurn growled to the mage.

"I had previous orders to attend to." The hooded mage offered as an

"No matter." Skurn replied. "Can you develop what the General has asked of

"It's possible." The mage replied.

"Then we shall collect that which is needed, mage. You may develop a
workshop within the caves; just make sure you keep those things far away
from the rest of us, understood?" Skurn said without emotion.

"It's understood, Colonel. However, I have a request. I know full well the
amount of aid and cooperation we will be asking from the Knights. I am
requesting the aid of a few men without such....how do I put this...Knightly

Skurn snarled. "A man without honor can not be trusted. But if you keep
them in the caves and away from us, then I will allow them to live. If they
enter base camp, or if we see them even look at us, they will join the fate
of the rest of the world."

"Agreed, and if they meddle, I'll handle them myself." The mage replied.

Skurn raised an eyebrow. "Whom do you have in mind, mage? Another one of
your Clavists? Perhaps someone from that clan that calls themselves

A smile appeared from below the dark hood. "For what I require, I'm afraid
I need an even worse sort of person."

"Ahh" Skurn smirked. "The Pirates! Yes, our Lord would not be pleased with
you if they showed themselves here. Be sure that they understand this."

"Of course Colonel." The mage replied as he departed.

The mage seemed to glide from under his robes showing little body movement.
The soldiers had all gossiped among themselves that this was no mage at all,
but a spirit drabbed in dark robes as a cover. No one really knew, but the
rumors seemed to gain new theories daily.

Skurn walked over to a team of Dwarves, all arguing over a blue print of a
barracks. The Minotaur and the Dwarves had a great understanding of each
other and the team of architects and builders were very fond of Skurn. He
had displayed both honor and a fierce battle rage that almost all Dwarves
could respect. If only they get him to partake in some Ale one Dwarf had
said earlier.

"How long?" Skurn asked.

"3 weeks." One Dwarf said.

"A month." Another replied.

"2 months" said another.

Skurn laughed. "You have 6 weeks, but knowing your reputation, I wouldn't
be surprised if it were done in 2 weeks."

Footsteps with no feet, or body for that matter, appeared to swirl leaves
around slowly, but quietly. Finally, after a few miles from the camp, an
Elvish female appeared as a magical cloak was removed. She was a beautiful
elven female with a tanned face and slight features. Long, flowing, auburn
hair cascades down her back and her eyes are a striking emerald green color.

Faerynn Shae'loren knew what she must do. "People must know and prepare."
She said to herself. She didn't know how she got to where she was, her
surroundings did not look familiar. A magical spell had placed her there
and she knew only the blessing given to her by Sebatis could get her home
from this lost place. Faerynn closed her eyes and uttered a prayer, one
that this enchanter had uttered several times. When her eyes opened, she
was in Shalonesti.

Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Nov 10 16:00:13 2002

To all

Subject Wow, what happened?

"Wake up! Damn you, wake up!"

Snarkerl raised his head from the ground and yawned. The Dragon's large
pointy teeth were the same size as the Balanx who was trying to wake him.

"You've missed the entire war, or at least the first wave!" Austanis said.
"I can't tell you what's to come, but I can tell you what you've missed if
you like." He said without any emotion in your voice.

"So some mortals went to war and killed one another. What do I care?" The
Green Dragon hissed.

"Not quite" Austanis said. "A bit more than that occurred."

The green dragon yawned. "Didn't you alter something historic by waking me
up? Go away!"

Austanis "No, you'll be dead in an hour anyway."

Now the Balanx had the Green Dragons attention.

Snarkerl changed his expression from careless and tired to serious. "Speak.
Or you'll be joining me."

"One day, but not today my green friend." Austanis replied. "The Gods have
started a War with each other."

Snarkerl asked "A full war?"

Austanis nodded his head. "All out war. The Good Gods against the Evil
with the Neutral Gods caught in between trying to find peace before the
world is destroyed. Many in Algoron are dead, much is destroyed."

"How long did I sleep?" Asked Snarkerl.

"Not long, especially for a Dragon. You slept about 3 days." Austanis
replied. "But as you know, when the Gods choose the affect the world, it
happens quickly. Many Dragons slept, as did many mortals. That was not by
choice, but by the protection of some Gods."

"So I slept to be protected only to be killed in 1 hour?" The dragon

"Yes. Your protection has run out." Austanis said without emotion.

"Wonderful!!" The Dragon said sarcastically. "What else happened? Who's

"The Dragons who did not sleep launched a full assault on the Slayers keep.
Much to the mortal's credit, they fended off the Dragon coalition. Their
downfall occurred when a Blue Dragon landed awkwardly on top of the keep.
It was crushed under the Great Wyrm's weight."

"The Slayers Doom was the result of a fat Blue Dragon landing on them?" The
dragon laughed.

"I wouldn't call him fat, big boned for sure, but he was a Great Wyrm, just
as you are. Anyway, other clans fell to the Gods themselves. Armada was
destroyed by the Pirates. The Gypsies wagons were burned by the Kingdom of
Verminasia as order by Malachive. Malachive, son of Necrucifer single
handedly destroyed the Pirates killing many and reducing their hideout to
rubble. Malice fell before Nadrik and his Knights while Valor was destroyed
by Necrucifer and his knights. Eclipse was terminated from within by
Renegade Yinn opposition."

"Knighthood and Shadow took out Malice and Valor?" The dragon asked. "And
Malachive? I already refused to join him! I knew he'd destroy the world
instead of conquering it!"

"Yes." The Balanx replied. "It seems the honorable factions had the
discipline to accomplish their lord's goals quickly. There are a lot of
survivors and it's my understanding that those left alive are seeking a
place in the newer starting clans. The people are calling these new orders
Bloodlust, Wrath of Justice and the Order of the Talon."

"Why are you telling me all of this?" The dragon asked.

"I am here to document your death. I am just passing the time with this
story. It feelsrefreshing to share my knowledge, especially knowing you can
do no harm with it."

"I suppose I should feel privileged. Continue." The Dragon said again
sarcastically. "What of the rest of the World?"

"The Elves enclosed themselves in the forest avoiding the war, as did the
Dwarves who shut the mountain's gates. Both thought it was the rest of the
world's problems since they were not attacked. A natural reaction I
suppose. The Conclave finally did the inevitable and merged the towers
under one ruler. They are the same as they were, except unified as 1
conclave with the 3 factions. They are also building a non-warring factions
to teach magic. Sebatis even moved the Red Robe tower out of the main focus
of these battles, to Ice Wall.

"The Austinians were destroyed by Goblins who simply sought out loot in the
time of turmoil. The survivors are now calling themselves the Gray Church
and are opening their doors to anyone without constraints.

"A lot of artifacts and magical items were destroyed in the world. Mages
seem to have an awful advantages, for now, as the fighting types tend to
figure out how to counter that. They've already starting manufacturing
better armor types. The Banks have crumbled as they were looted. Looters
ran rampant on those kept sleeping as well. Hundreds have been executed for
their part in that. Yes, it appears the first wave of this war is over and
order is coming back.. For now."

"And what of me? How am to die? And why?" The dragon asked nervously.

"You're going to die by Malachives hand for not joining him." Austanis

"And where is he?" The dragon asked.

"You are speaking to him, idiot." Austanis said.

"What?" The dragon asked as he watched Austanis's form change to

"I hope you've enjoyed today's report. Enjoy yourself in Hell dragon."
Malachive said with a smile.

Malachive struck his hand into the dragon's chest and pulled out its
enormous still beating heart before the Dragon could react.

The dragon's mouth flew wide open as to yell in pain, but before it made a
sound, Malachive threw the heart into the dragon's mouth, forcing it to
swallow it whole.

Malachive grinned as he simply said .." Heh"

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue Feb 15 10:18:14 2005

To all

Subject The AGL World Champion

Torin sat in his mansion and stared at the fire burning in his massive
fireplace. His eyes closed shut against his will as his cup of whiskey fell
from his hand. The shattering of the glass forced Torin out of his drunken
sleep as one of his servants came running into the room.

"Damnation, another glass?" Asked the servant. She was a heavy set dwarven
lady with thin whiskers pertruding from her chin. "Laern tae manage yur
drink, Torin. Yaw won't bae world champion forever!"

Peering up at the servant, Torin sneered. "Yae bae ah nasty lil bugger,

"Hmmph!" Snarled the servant. "And yae's gute Dunlaps disease! As in yur
belly has done lapped over yur belt!"

"Ah'm still thae best." Replied Torin. "Undefeated, even."

"And yae haven't fought in more thune two years. All yae do is drink, drink
and drink. If thae Baron Randorf ever tosses yae out of this comfortable
place, maybe he'd have ah fighting champion again. Or better yet, maybe he
should gaet ah Dwarf Champion. They could handle their liquor! Torin? Dae
yae hear mae?"

The servant looked up at Torin only to see him fast asleep again in all of
the glory that was his drunkiness. Muttering, the servant picked up the
glass and walked into the other room.

Another loud noise brought the servant back into Torin's den, but this time
it was not the sound of broken glass that rang through the massive halls of
the mansion. It was the sound of wood breaking.

Entering the room, the servant saw 3 dwarves standing before Torin.

"What in Thaxanos' name?" The servant said loudly.

One dwarf with a long black beard, a massive scar above his right eye and
his hair tied into a top knot looked at the servant.

"We're nute frume Thaxanos, lass. Gather yur things and leave this place

The servant tapped her foot. "On who's authority?" She asked.

"Baron Randorf Del'nichi sent us. And yae do nute want tae bae here for
this, lass. Nuwe leave before wae help yae leave."

The servant ran to her quarters and gathered her things. Moments later she
walked back through the den and noticed the dwarves were gone. Seeing Torin
still in his chair through the corner of her eye, she turned to take a look.
Torin sat in his chair with a hand axe cleaved directly into his stomache.
He was dead.

A note lay hanging from his neck that read "You're fired."

Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Apr 24 13:38:53 2005

To all

Subject AGL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT: (Champion) Manataroth vs. Eteiseth

Darbolg and Randorf stood around smiling at each other as the journalists
from all of the major cities had gathered for the announcement. Darbolg
seemed a little too happy with himself as Randorf began to address the

"As you may have guessed, the announcement you are here for concerns the AGL
World Title and its first defense under its new Champion." Randorf said.

Darbolg interrupted his uncle. "But before we bring out the Champion and
his opponent, we have another announcement."

Randorf groaned. "Go ahead, Darbolg. Why don't yae finish this for me" he
said as the journalists all chuckled.

"Thanks Uncle", Darbolg said matter of factly. "As you know, our World
Champion Mantaroth is also our Althainian Champion. As of Tuesday, we are
stripping Mantaroth of that title and will have a 4 man tournament on
Tuesday. Following this tournament for the Althainian title, Mantaroth will
defend the World Title against.... Well.. Why don; t we just bring him

As Eteiseth makes his way past the journalists stalking the ones in the
front, his pure size and condition intimidates them making them take a step
back. Fresh blood is dripping from his claws, and bits of flesh cling to
his teeth.

The former Crown Champion's broad shoulders are scarred from battle, on his
left shoulder are the letters AGL, tattooed into his flesh. A low humming
sound can be heard, emitting from the former Champion's throat.

Question 1: How do you expect to beat the current AGL World Champion

Eteiseth Answer: I expect to tear his horns out while I crush his skull with
my boot. Anyone want a side of beef after I'm done with him?

Question 2: What can we expect to see at this fight?

Eteiseth Answer: It is going to be a dangerous fight. I would not want to
be standing over the arena in the front seats of the stands, I suggest you
all move to the upper levels. It is going to be a night of annihilations.
If the coliseum does not collapse.

Eteiseth crosses his arms and flexes his muscles, with the tattoo of AGL on
one shoulder. The sound emitting from his throat can be heard once more, a
very deep humming noise.

From out of nowhere, lightning begins to strike in rapid succession just to
the right of Darbolg, causing everyone to shield their eyes. When the bolts
stopped and the smoke cleared, the monstrous 8-foot tall Champion known as
Mantaroth came into view.

"Let us be done with this quickie. I have little time for your inane

His scorched white and gray fur was messy and unkempt with vicious scars
visible across his entire body. A midnight black tabard covered the length
of his body, with the AGL Champion's belt firmly around his waist. This
outcast of the Black Tower continued to exercise his dominance over the
League with his brutal fighting style and relentless thirst for rage and
vengeance. Not only had he become the only gladiator to carry the two top
titles at the same time, he had done it all while remaining undefeated. And
with the slayings of Shiro and Khethus, fewer and fewer stepped forward to
overthrow the minotaur and claim the championship as their own. Could he
ever be stopped?

Reporter question 1:

Champ! Champ! Rumors and doubts about your upcoming match keep surfacing
in regards to your falling out of favor with Mencius! Will you be able to
keep going?

"Fool! I defeated everyone sent against me during my period of reflection
from Mencius. Yet He is with me once more, and no force on Algoron will be
able to stop me now."

Reporter question 2:

You've never faced a mean old barbarian before! I think Eteiseth is going
to wipe the arena stands with your corpse!

Mantaroth growls and walks to the front of the crowd, reaching in to grab
the offending goblin by the throat and raising him into the air. But just
before Mantaroth could squeeze the life from the reporter, Eteiseth's voice
could be heard.

"Put him down, minotaur. If its death you yearn for, I will send you to
whatever god you wish."

Mantaroth, growled, releasing the goblin who fell to the ground. The goblin
stood up with wide-eyes and began rubbing his neck in excitement. "I am
never washing this again!"

Mantaroth and Eteiseth square off eye to eye. The whistling of an air born
axe is heard flying through the air and lands in the side of the wall
between Mantaroth and Eteiseth.

"Save it for the fight, lads." Randorf says as he retrieves his axe.

Once again the reporters burst out all at once trying to ask questions.
Darbolg says "Uncle would you mind finishing this up? Ah 'ave ta get back
ta meh boat an' finish up tha' keg o' beer ah tapped this mornin'." Darbolg
yells "Thanks uncle!" As he walks off behind stage.

A reporter asks "Randorf, how will the contenders for the Althainian
championship get chosen?"

"Well take the top 4 ranked volunteers. If you will excuse us, I think its
best we get these two separated. Ill see you all Tuesday night."

"One last question" a dwarven lady asked with a flirtacious wink.

"Uhh... Sure lass. Ask mae anything." Randorf said almost too eager.

"How what this title fight mean for the AGL and how would you rate its
anticipation compared to previous title under Torin, Nashkell and Maxx?"

Randorf looked serious for a moment. "Well, every fight we had for Maxx was
exciting and not disapointing until he fell to Nashkell. Nashkell never got
a sucessful defense as Torin took him for it on the first fight. I think
its safe to say that Torin dominated the AGL during his time, never losing.
However he stopped defending and we to exterminate him.. Err I mean his

"So as far as what this means for the AGL, this is the first World Title
Defense in a long time. But more importantly, it's a fresh start for a
fresh champion and the begining of his legacy and how he will be remembered
in history. Mantaroth has all of the tools to be the next Maxx or the next
Torin. Eteiseth has all of the tools to be the next "Giant killer" like
Nashkell was. This fight will say a lot about both lads and their place in
history and I look forward to seeing you all there Tuesday night as we crown
a new Althainian Champion and see how these two lads will be remember."

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Jul 21 23:59:00 2005

To all

Subject THE HIT

Dormex stood on the busy street corner in Verminasia. He was a taller
than average handsome human male equipped with a couple of visible daggers
and studded tanned leather that matched his skin. His chiseled face seemed
bored but his blue eyes seemed to be interested in every being that walked
past him. Scratching his sandy blond hair, Dormex paid particularly close
attention to a pair of Yinn headed his way. "Damn. Not them" Dormex
muttered as they walked past him ignoring him. Dormex turned around and
sighed. "How late are they going to be? Randorf told me to be here mid
morning and it's almost the lunch hour. Stupid Yinn, they all look alike."

As soon as the thought crossed Dormex's mind, he felt himself being pushed
into the alley by a blue robed dwarf with a thick red beard. How the dwarf
snuck up on Dormex, he could not figure out. Standing in the alley was a
particularly thick dwarf with thick black curly hair and a long black beard
that was every bit as curly as his head.

"Now look here, gentlemen. I do not think I am the type of person you'd
want to try to rob. I've have you know that I am a well known assassin and
employed by the Lord Randorf Del'Nichi himself" said Dormex while he eyed
the black haired dwarf grip both of his axes.

"A well known assassin, are yae?" Responded the red headed dwarf. "You've
only killed one person, Dormex, and it was a 94 year old human. Hardly
something to brag aboot." "He was a grand wizard! 94 years old for a
wizard is nothing" argued Dormex. "And how do you know who I am?"

"We work fur Randorf as well. Ah bae Yarmelxor and this bae Zharrmur" the
red bearded dwarf replied. "We've been sent here ta oversee thae mission."
"You hardly look like assassins" said Dormex.

"Nue? Thute's because we're nute!" Proclaimed Yarmelxor. "Ah'm ah priest
o'Raije and Zharrmur herewell let's just say Zharrmur has an axe and ah
temper." "A Battlerager? I guess Randorf doesn't mind the mess. Well, my
rate stays the same." Dormex says.

"Just due whute yur told, human" said Yarmelxor. "This person we are tae
kill is a very powerful mage, which is why ah bae here. Ta counter-curse
whatever he does to yae. Zharrmur here is gonna back you up in case yae get
in trouble."

Dormex smirked. "I won't have any trouble. I mean, sure this Minotaur is
good inside of an arena, but in the real world he won't even see what's
coming to him. In fact, I bet I'll end his life before he can even wake
up." "There'll bae nue poisoning em" Zharrmur interrupted with a strong
dwarven accent.

"Uh... Why?" Replied Dormex. "It's the safest thing to do and if it
doesn't kill him, it will at least give us a huge advantage. My poisons
aren't like the weak mage poisons that just make you ill enough to not get
any sleep." Zharrmur raised his voice. "Ah'll tell you why yae scrawny
human! It's so ah can.."

"Zharrmur, no" yelled Yarmelxor in protest. "You keep thute information tae
yourself, like we agreed." "Nonsense, ah have tae knuwe!!" Yelled

Dormex shook his head. "Why are we all sneaky like in an alley hiding like
criminals when you two are arguing so loud that half of the city already
knows what we're up to?" Yarmelxor nodded in agreement. "Let's go. The
Minotaur is home nuwe. Dormex, you pick the lock, ah'll cast ah prayer tae
keep thae door closed and disable any s pell traps while you find thae
Minotaur. Once yae find him, you try tae kill em any way yae like and then"
"NO!" Yelled Zharrmur. "If yae poison em ah'll kill you both." "What the
hell?" Asked Dormex who was now pulling at his own hair. "You may as well
tell em, Zharrmur" said Yarmelxor. "I .." Zharrmur looked around to make
sure no one was too closed to hear his voice. "I want tae take ah bite out
of em." "So do we all" said Dormex in a matter of fact manner. "It's a
high profile assassination. This will allow me to raise my rates. But I
don't think fighting him is smarter than just poisoning him in his sleep."
"Thute's nute what hae means" said Yarmelxor plainly.

Dormex looked perplexed. "You mean.... You mean you actually want to eat

Zharrmur nodded and grinned. "I want tae take ah bite out of em." "It's ah
stupid idea" said Yarmelxor as he rolled his eyes. "Zharrmur thinks the
Minotaur will produce some kind of steak."

"He's gute horns!" Said Zharrmur who was once again yelling.

"I assure you, Zharrmur, that it will nute taste like ah cow!" Yelled
Yarmelxor. "Besides, he's ah powerful mage and it would likely make turn
yae into ah goat or something." "Dorbeldex took ah bite out of an elven
mage once" Zharrmur argued. "Ripped his ear right off! And the next day he
found ah nuwe axe that did twice thae amount of damage his old one did. So
if all hae did was bite em, imagine whute ah'll find if I actually swallow
some of em! Besides, Krugnoir thae old told me himself that Minotaur taste
exactly like cow steak."

Dormex placed his face into his hands. "This can't be happening."
Yarmelxor sighed. "Ah've argued with him about this for three days nuwe.
Zharrmur isn't changen his mind. Kill the cow another way."

"Fine" said Dormex. "I'll get us into the mansion and slit his throat.
I'll need Zharrmur to hold his hands down so he can't cast a spell after the

"Idiot boy" replied Yarmelxor. "He's a mage. They cast spells with their
words. Slit his throat and you've nothing tae worry aboot." "Ohright. I'm
ready when you two are." Dormex said.

"Right then. Let's bae off." Yarmelxor said as the three headed toward the
AGL Champions Mansion.

Writer: Vivienne
Date Mon Aug 8 17:09:44 2005

To all

Subject The Viking Come

With the fall of Dae'tok the surviving Yinn have scattered across
Northern Icewall into refugee camps, fortified strongholds on the edge of
their territory, and captured lands at the edge of Ganth, Mahn-tor, and what
is now Darkonin. The encroachment into other lands has the bordering
kingdoms on edge. Skirmishes have begun to break out as the Yinn struggle
to re-establish a powerbase from with to rule what is left of their lands
before their lands are swallowed up by the neighboring empires.

Near the centerpoint of the borders of Dae'tok, Ganth, Darkonin, and
Mahn-tor the Viking freehold of Thagaard Faste has been all but destroyed by
an avalanche caused by the destruction of Dae'tok. The crops necessary to
see the inhabitants through the harsh Icewall winters lie buried, along with
the keep that protected them from raiding parties and the elements, beneath
a mountain of packed ice. Aside from being their only, rapidly dwindling
source of food, their remaining livestock is whittled away by Yinn raiding
parties almost nightly.

Of the original nine family-clans residing in Thagaard Faste only six
remain. Their numbers slowly dwindling away as they move southwards into
the northernmost highlands where they hope to establish a new freehold
before they are all taken to sit beside their Gods. The Karlsamne which has
ruled the freehold since its founding, the Hakonsen, the Arnason, the Kyrre,
the Skotkonung, and the Tryggvason, the Greske and Sturluson family-clans
are no more.

The Vikings now make their way across Icewall seeking to find a place they
belong, a place to survive.

Writer: Vivienne
Date Sun Aug 21 21:39:49 2005

To all

Subject The Vikings are here!!

On this Day of the Sun 6th the month of Nature, King Keaghan MacCallum
and Lord Gryss Karlsamne met in the Black Rose Tavern to negoiate the
joining of the two cultures. A compromise was reached and the Vikings are
now a part of Nordmaar.

Ooc: See Nordmaar's web page for more information.

Writer: Randorf
Date Thu Sep 1 20:05:37 2005

To all

Subject Announcing the ALGORON WORLD GAMES

(ooc) October 2nd - October 15th, nightly - 9pm central time.

Greetings citizens of Algoron,

In the spirit of competition and Kingdom pride, I am pleased to announce the
first of what will be yearly event. The Algoron World Games! For over a
two week time period we will compete to win your kingdom fame and glory in
over 10 seperate events.

The events include:
Singles Tournament Combat (4 players per kingdom)
Group Combat Tournament - 3 person teams (2 teams per kingdom)
Legion Battle Tournament - 10 person team (1 team per kingdom)
Bard Competition - (bard song competition, 1 per kingdom)
Jousting Competition - (1 Knight + support team per Kingdom)
Foot Racing - (1 person per kingdom)
Ship Racing - (unlimited ships per kingdom)
Naval Warfare - (ship combat tournament)
Archery Competition - (2 people per kingdom)
The Gauntlet - (8 person team quest competition, 1 team per kingdom)
Pit Dragon Match - (timed event, 5 person team vs. dragon, 1 team per kingdom)

The first order of business will be to select a Host Kingdom. I
will conduct live bidding from kingdoms to be the host city in a little more than 1 weeks time.
(ooc: Sunday, September 11th - 9 pm system/central time)

The host city MUST allow all clans and kingdoms within their walls for the duration
of the games.

Host Kingdom gets new Arena avilable for rent (Kingdom keeps 1/2 of a 20 egg per
use fee after World Games are over)

Host Kingdom gets historical bragging rights for hosting the initial games. (This
will be a yearly deal, but we will bid again next year)

Host Kingdom gets increased revenue in taxes during the events. (More people visiting in
kingdom always means more tax revenue)

Host Kingdom gets the first Joust Arena in Algoron (Means they will get to host
Jousts when the Jousting League starts later this year)

The Host city will be redorated for the two week event and a Statue of the kingdoms
leader welcoming others to the games will be contructed and placed in the city for all time.

For now, I recomend that each kingdom put together a World Games Committee to help
select a representative for the bidding, a team for choosing the best talent to represent the
kingdom during the games and potential judges for the Bard Competition.

I will see the Kingdom representatives for the Host City Bidding in my office at the
AGL Arena in Althainia next week.

Baron Randorf Del'Nichi
Owner - Algoron Gladiator League
Creator - Algoron World Games

(ooc: Kingdom only event, although clanners are encouraged to attend and bet on events)

Writer: Scorn
Date Fri Dec 23 11:27:26 2005

To all

Subject The Beginning of the End

Malachive stood on the ocean shore and watched the sun set over the
ocean. Beside him stood the intimidating Abhorrant, Deathmeer. The two
talked in tones in which the humans couldn't hear and they weren't sure they
wanted to know what was being said. It was an intimindating sight.
Malachive with his pale skin and glossy black horns and Deathmeer with his
red veiny designs through his milk white skin.

A human dressed in a dull black armor shook his head. "I don't get it,
Jardon. This is supposed to be the Prince of Darkness and he sits looking
at the sun set as if he's some lost romantic soul. And why in Necrucifers
name are we worried about mere Kender anyway?"

Another man looked at him puzzled. Jardon was a much older soldier with
aged lines around his eyes and a bushy blond mustache above his lip. "Are
you stupid or something, Michaeled? He's watching the sun go down because
we attack as soon as its good and dark. The Abhorrants can't summon their
miserable Horrormongers during the sun light. And I'd be very careful not
to let Malachive hear you say he is "supposed" to be the prince of darkness.
Have you not heard what he's done to the doubters? Do not even think
thoughts like that around him. He can see your thoughts you know!"

Michaeled froze and almost panicked. "You do not think he heard me now, do

Jaron sighed. "You best hope not. As for why the kender, I can tell you
why I think its so. The Abhorrants army, the Horrormongers are shadow
wraith like beings and they get their power in two ways. The darkness and
peoples fear. Kender do not fear. And so Deathmeere has ordered them to be
exterminated and so they shall."

Michaeled grinned slightly. "They don't even have a town guard posted.
This will be easy pickings."

"We are just here to engage reinforcments in case one of their nosey
neighbors decides to come to the rescue. The Abhorrants will do their own
dirty work this night. After all, it is not like they can die. Let's get
into position, its dark now."

Malachive and Deathmeere watched the last hint of sunlight leave the Roully
Bab Binb Ocean. Turning, Deathmeere joined the two other Abhorrants who
were sharpening a scythe that had an eerie dark green glowing effect about
it. They handed the scythe to Deathmeere and the three glided off towards
the Balifore city limits.

Michaeled was gathering his arrows and felt an odd feeling in his stomache.
He turned to notice Malachive staring at him. Malachive's hollow yellow
eyes looked into Michaeled as if he were reading his very soul. Michaeled
could not help but stand there frozen.

"Michaeled, where is those arrows? Hurry up...." Jeron yelled before
turning to Michaeled only to see a pile of burning ash.

Writer: Randorf
Date Fri Jan 6 16:30:53 2006

To all

Subject (World Champion) Mantaroth vs. (Althainian Champion) Aearin - Monday January 9th 2006, 9pm system.

"This press conference is hereby started."

The Baron spoke loudly, carrying his voice all over the assembled crowd all
huddled together in one of the AGL Coliseums back offices.

To the Barons left stood Aearin. The broad man stood upright, outfitted in
his normal, polished platemail, scribed into it various holy symbols, he
looks to Randorf, then down to the holy symbol clenched in his hand before
he offers a nod and smile to those gathered.

To the Barons right stood Mantaroth, the hulking form of the minotaur
towering over the dwarf. The AGL World Championship belt glinted in the
candlelight, stapped tightly around his waist. His arms were crossed and
his face remained blank as the dwarf began to speak.

Waiting for the murmuring crowd to die down, Randorf thrust out his stubby
hand so that the crowd could see a signed AGL contract.

"Tha rumors and reports are true. Ah hold here in ma hand the fight of the
century, lads n lasses. Monday night, here in Althainia, ah will be hosting
a world title championship match between two of the meanest, strongest, and
crowd pleasin gladiators the world as ever known. Aearin, a paladin of deep
faith and even deeper arse kickin ability has issued challenge upon the most
winningest, undefeated champion in tha Leagues history, Mantaroth Malhavoc!"

Randorf waited for the whispers and comments to subside before continuing.

"Ah will also be holding ah Pit Dragon match and hopefully ah Blade Champion
versus thae Crown Champion match. Now if the lot of ye have any questions,
bea quick about it."

An elven reporter for the Daily Wood raised his hand first, anxiously waving
it through the air.

"You wit tha pointy ears an buck teeth, ye got a question?"

The elf muttered indignantly before asking his question.

"Yes, as we all know, the minotaur has yet to be defeated. Most of his
challengers end up dead or wishing they were. What makes Aearin any
different and why should anyone pay to see just another slaughter."

Randorf grinned as Aearin stepped forward. "Good sir, whilst the minotaur
is certainly of formidable strength, I think we can all agree there isnt
much mental prowess between his oversized horns. In the face of unwavering
faith and conviction, he will surely falter. As a chosen of Nadrik, I will
humble this creature before the Lord and pray for his forgiveness. Make no
mistake however, he will be made to pay for his transgressions."

Mantaroth remained silent, staring blankly into the crowd as if bored.

A short, green-skinned goblin in the crowd started laughing and pointing at

"Har har har har! Humanz call cow dumb as rock! Har har har! Humanz goinz
to milk himz!!"

A few of the people surrounding the goblin in the crowd took a few steps
away from the creature, wincing as they glanced at Mantaroths reaction.

But to their surprise, he did nothing but stare straight ahead, ignoring the
goblins comments.

A human in the back of the room shouted "Come on Mantaroth, dont take that!
Say something!"

For a moment more he remained silent, but finally he focused his attention
on the assembled group of people.

"There is no hope left for any of you, least of all the Paladin. A
statement will be made on the eve of battle, such that has not been
witnessed before. Come if you wish, stay in your home if you are wise. It
matters little. But this paladin will be made an example, and his screams
will be heard whether you are here or not."

The crowd stood with gaping mouths and turned quickly to Aearin. The
paladin smiled slightly and hefted his crackling mace.

"It is perhaps my greatest disappointment when I come to find some are
beyond saving. But I will take solace in the fact that when your body is
consumed by the Holy Light, a great evil will finally be removed from this
world. Do not weep at the pain, minotaur, for it is only the demons leaving
your soul. Though I fear you have many demons."

Mantaroths hands began to crackle as small lightning bolts swirled angrily
at his side.

Sensing the tension about to break, Randorf put up a hand and motioned

"This press conference is over. See you all on Monday! Bring your coins."

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon Mar 27 10:14:02 2006

To all

Subject AGL World Title Match

Hegeta muttered to herself, this minotaur was out of control with his
attitude. Treat her like he owned her would he, well he would learn a few
things about who was in charge and who wasn't. She frowned at the ogre at
the doorway.

'Summon these two ta me office. Now', as she held out a paper for him.

The ogre took it and quickly ran out the door. Hegeta grinned slowly,
'Leas' someone knows who be in charge here'

She looked out towards the arena, clasping her hands behind her as she heard
the knocking on the doorway, the large minotaur blocking almost every bit of
it as he stood within. He cast her his familiar glare, she was getting used
to that, but none the less, she gritted her teeth and frowned. 'Ya wanted a
match, ah got ya a match. So sit yer arse down 'til ah say otherwise'
minotaur scoffed and glared at her, 'You don't command me dwarf, so I
suggest you watch your tone'

Hegeta glared and a grin crossed her face, 'Ya belong ta tha league, an tha
league is run by me an me uncle, so ya bes' start learnin who is in charge
'ere! Now sit yer arse down! '

As she turned back around she saw the challenger enter into the doorway, her
grin widening briefly. The sound of laughter booming from behind her.

'Another elf? You can't be serious! '

'Aye, now quiet with ya. Reporters will be 'ere shortly, an nah one word is
ta be spoken 'bout who ya will be fightin 'til ah say its time ta be lettin
the world know'

She moved over towards the door, glancing at the two men and quickly opened
it. Throngs of reporters rushing into the room, all hollering at once.

A dwarf hollers out, 'Mantaroth! Mantaroth! 'ow do ya feel 'bout fightin
another twig? '
Mantaroth says (to the dwarven reporter), 'How do I feel?
I feel like Algoron is all but doomed if the bravest among them is an elf
I've already broken before the masses. '
An elf frowns at the dwarf and
mutters, 'He's not even a true elf! ', casting a glare at Pae'tu.

A goblin pipes up from the back, 'Wez all doomed? '

The elf looks directly at Pae'tu, 'What makes you think an inbred like
yourself can defeat this mass of meat? '

Mantaroth says 'When Mencius comes to claim this world, only those with
enough strength and rage in their hearts will survive the fallout. I fear
the majority of this world will not survive. '

Pae'tu says 'Mantaroth has yet to fight one whose grasp of magic surpasses
his own. It's about time we saw how he does in that situation. '

A reporter from the Algoron Herald looks at Mantaroth, 'Little egotistical
aren't you?

Mantaroth says (to the reporter), 'The last person who called me that ended
up dismembered. Maybe I didn't hear you right? '
The reporter from the
Algoron Herald tugs slightly on his collar, looking a bit uncomfortable,
'Little.. Egotistical? The elf reporter looks at Pae'tu once more,
scribbling away, 'And you think an inbred like yourself can master that
magic? '
Pae'tu turns his eyes casually toward the elf reporter. Pae'tu
says 'I have for some time now. I also have the teachings of Gaar Volen,
which this minotaur cannot claim. '

A reporter from the Arkanian News hollers out, 'What's that got to do with
anything, elf?

Pae'tu says 'Everything. '

Hegeta stands back to the side, a small grin on her face. Mantaroth
standing up slowly, glaring at the crowd, causing them to move back quickly
into a tighter bunch, fear crossing their faces.

The reporter from the Arkanian News glances at Mantaroth and looks at
Pae'tu, 'So are you going to die as well?

Mantaroth says 'This line of questioning is pointless! You need look no
further than the annals of this League to know I have already smote this
elves ruins upon the arena floor once. I have never been defeated! Things
will not be different this time around. '
An ogre chuckles from the back of
the room, 'He said anals' Mantaroth 's hands beginning to crackle ominously.
Mantaroth says 'Who said that? '. The ogre clears his throat and slinks
into the back of the room. Pae'tu says 'It is always best to learn the
limits of your opponent before you try, minotaur. That was far from what
can be given. '

Mantaroth says (to Pae'tu) 'Do you not understand, elf? You will not merely

Pae'tu says 'As for dying, I don't plan on it. '

Mantaroth says (to Pae'tu) 'Your very SOUL will be forever bound to Mencius!
You will no no rest! '

Pae'tu says (to Mantaroth Malhavoc) 'Rage has no hold over the calm of the
Mistress. My soul was bound long before you were born. '

The reporter from the Algoron News looks at Pae'tu with vested interest, 'So
if you happen to actually defeat this beast in the arena, what do you plan
to do with the corpse? '
Pae'tu says 'Perhaps a taxidermist could be put to
use.. '

Mantaroth reaches into his tabards and withdraws an object, holding it up
before all to see. 'Gaze into your furture, and know it! '

Hegeta clears her throat and motions for the large ogres outside the door.
'That be 'nuff fer today! Tha res' ya cin be 'earin at tha fight! '. The
large ogres quickly ushering out the reporters, a few being kicked out the
door for lingering. A crowd of fans easily heard chanting Mantaroth's name
over and over, save for the small voice of a kender being slightly heard at
the doorway of the room hollering 'Pae'tu' before being abruptly cut off, as
Hegeta slammed the door shut.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon May 22 00:26:08 2006

To all

Subject The end of Talon?

The dark shadowed Yinn sat from the distance and watched. A young human
male walked up beside him in the snow and looked around. The human was in
his early 20's and was dressed in white furs, for the natural camouflage it
provided in the snow. "What do you intend to do, Overlord?" The human
asked quietly.

"Nothing. It is already done" the Yinn responded without any emotion.

The young human paused and almost said something, but stopped at looked
towards the tower. "Ask if you have questions" the Yinn expecting more.

"Well, how will we know? And what kind of war will this cause?"

"War? There will be no war. Do not underestimate me. I mean to destroy
them here and now. And you'll know .. Soon" the Yinn smiled as he spoke.
The Yinns smile came off more like a snarl to the human who was already a
little more than freaked out.

"It's good that our mission is in the hands of a true believer." The human
responded, not knowing really what to say. "True believer? Is that what
they say?" The Yinn asked. "I am more of a true hater. And the ones who
live here not only harbor their unnatural kind, but they worship them. Ever
since the blue hindered our cause, they have run amuck polluting our world.
I believe an unnatural has a hand in everything around us and this will be
the announcement to the world that we still believe, we still exist and yes,
we still hate those.."

A large explosion interrupted the Yinn. The dragon scaled tower crumbled
into itself pushing dust over the snow covering all things around it.

The human pushed the dust off of his eyes and grabbed a handful of snow to
wash the rest out so he could once again see. Once his vision cleared, he
looked towards the Yinn who was no longer standing beside him. Moving ahead
the human called to him. "Overlord? Overlord?"

Finally, he saw the Yinn near the rubble standing over an injured kender.
Catching up, the human looked down at the kender. Despite having a broken
leg, the kender didn't look the least bit upset.

"Aww, why did you have to go and do that for? It was a perfectly good
tower." The kender asked. The yinn said nothing as he merely leaned down
and thrust his dagger into the front of the kenders neck.

"It is done. Now we have much work to do" the Yinn said as he stared at the
kender gargling in his own blood.

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu May 25 00:24:37 2006

To all

Subject Awaken, Protector

Malachive stood atop a bluff overlooking the Roully Bab Binb ocean, miles
outside the city of Arkane. Night had fallen and the dark water of the sea
shone eerily in the pale moonlight. The sudden cold gusts of wind that
rolled over the land would have caused even the heartiest of men to seek
fire indoors. The Dark Son, however, reveled in it like a blanket. After
all, he was conceived in the deepest, coldest pit of Hell.

His mind wandered in many different directions. Even possessing the
intellect of a God, his plans were so complicated and precise that his
attention was drawn in an infinite number of directions. It was due to
these various thoughts that he barely sensed the presence of the Abhorrant
before he began scaling the hillside towards Malachive. This momentarily
lapse in awareness caused him great irritation, for he knew even as in
control as he was, the Abhorrant were nicknamed the Godslayers for a reason.

"What is it, Deathmeer?"

"I merely await you orders, Malachive. The kender city has been lain to
waste for months now and we have progressed no further. We hunger for more
blood and will satiate our thirst one way or another."

"You will act when I command it, Deathmeer, and not a moment before. There
are pieces to this plan, beyond your comprehension, that must be put into
motion before we can proceed further. You will continue to hold."

The Abhorrant sneered and turned to leave, glancing back at Malachive as he
disappeared into the night.

The Dark Son watched him go, further annoyed at this most recent challenge.
Deathmeer was becoming more and more aggressive.

Suddenly a pillar of flame erupted from the ground mere yards away from
Malachive, subsiding as quickly as it came to reveal the form of a massive,
hulking minotaur.

Malachive seemed undisturbed as he looked on. "To what do I owe this honor,

"Blessings, Dark Son. Your Father sends his greetings," he growled out

"Indeed. Tell him to send something I can make use of."

Mencius snorted and shifted about impatiently. "It is I who brings you
something you can make great use of, Malachive. I have watched your
interaction with the Godslayer ever since you brought them back into this
world. You are not as safe around them as you think and with your attention
as scattered as the populace of Balifore, you are vulnerable on top of being
mortal. You cannot lead your armies and protect yourself at the same time.
You know this."

Malachive was careful to response, keeping his eyes locked on the God of

"I am the Son of Necrucifer, Mencius. I can do anything. I have the
infinite power of the universe at my disposal and nothing in this world or
the next can cause me any harm."

Mencius reached behind his back and unstrapped his gigantic waraxe, slamming
it deep into the ground inches away from Malachive.

"Dammit, Malachive, you are still a boy in my eyes. You may be the Son of
Necrucifer but you have not been around as long as I. I survived the first
war between the Abhorrants and the Gods and you need not open a history book
to know there were more Gods before the war began than after! They all
possessed the same powers as you and they still fell before the onslaught of
these creatures. What kept the remaining eighteen of us alive was strength
and the knowledge that we could be beaten unless we prepared ourselves."

Malachive's eyes narrowed. "Then why are you here, Lord of Rage."

"Because I come to prepare YOU, Malachive. You were borne without the
consent of the other Gods and if you die, the dark pantheon's advantage dies
with you. Necrucifer and Drakkara cannot create anything like you again.
You are the future of darkness and I have come to insure my place in that

"You are in need of a guardian and a General. Someone who can keep the
Abhorrants in check, someone who can lead your armies with cold and
calculating precision, and someone who possesses the rage and power to wreak
havoc upon those who would stand against you."

"Who could I possibly trust that would provide all that you say? Who
possesses such abilities?"

Mencius simply smiled and glanced towards the heavens. Thunder clouds were
rolling in and lightning could be seen in the distance.

Grakaris scampered through the bowls of Hell with speed and agility. Past
the burning flames, the screaming souls and the frozen wasteland that made
up much of Hell's infrastructure. Further down he traveled, past the bloody
carnage, the ferocious deziens, and the tempted succubae. Grakaris feared
his ultimate destination, a rarely frequented pit of Hell buried
particularly deep and isolated.

He finally reached the rickety rope bridge that led across a pool of lava
and fire to a single obsidian-constructed cube. Inside was Hell's most
recent addition and feared monster. Grakaris quickly closed the distance
between the bridge and the cube's entrance. Pushing open the large door, he
crept inside cautiously and gulped before he spoke. The room was totally
dark. "The.. The Lord calls for you immediately. Youare needed to serve
once more."

Mantaroth's red eyes burned through the darkness like a scythe.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Aug 14 23:58:52 2006

To all

Subject Seanan's Journey

A robed figure strode slowly up the stone steps within the tower, towards
the peak. His steps making little noise as he took them one by one, sconces
lighting up as he came near them, without him making a motion towards them.
It all culminated to this one point in time.

The figure walked out on to balcony, wrapping his robe a little more closely
about him, raising his gaze upwards towards the moons. It was near time.
All these years.... All his work. A small creeping smile came across his
features. Soon they would all see.

He took one last look towards the moons then quickly whirled around and made
haste towards his laboratory. An underling ran across him in the hall and
with a wave of his hand, quickly fell in to a deep sleep. None would know
of this, not yet. Surely they would presume, and some would wish to stop
him, but for now none would get in his way. With another wave of his hand
the doors to his laboratory flew open and promptly shut behind him. He
whirled around the room quickly, searching for the one key thing that he
needed to bring all of his years of research and study to the final
conclusion, and with a grin he quickly gathered the crystals he required and
rushed his way back up to the top of the spire. Waiting patiently for just
the right moment of alignment.

He placed the crystals where he needed, drawing an archaic symbol upon the
stones around his feet. Now came the true moment that he had waited for.
Uttering a few words, the wind swirled and the area before him began to
warble. He spoke a few more words and a great flash of lightning struck the
ground near to him, but he would not falter. A brilliant light flashed and
he quickly guarded his eyes, and as he drew his hand from his face, before
him was the portal that would bring him to where he needed to be. The

As he stepped in to portal, several strikes of lightning occured within the
near vicinity. Portals opening in random places within his time, drawing
individuals through it before they could even react. He took care entering
the portal, for the spire where he stood in the past did not exist in the
present. He gazed around to see the outlay of the lands before him.
Lightning strikes landing within the lands, similar to the one that had
opened his own. A slight feeling of concern came over him, but he quickly
brushed it away.

*******CURRENT TIME*******

Great flashes of lightning and brilliant lights flashed within the major
cities, a space in time shifting and contorting as portals began to arise in
them. Citizens quickly screaming in alarm, then ceasing their outcries to
stop and gaze on in wonder. Questioning where they had come from, with a
bit of trepidation as to what or who may come through them.

Their questions were quickly answered as bewildered people fell through
them. Bewildered looks upon their faces as they gazed about, wondering as
to what had just occured. People quickly surrounded them, questioning and
asking as to who they were and where they had come from. It was quickly
discovered that they were people from the past. The world of Algoron before
those of this time knew of it. These 'visitors' from another time, quickly
summized that there was only one person that could have construed and
managed such an act. The old Conclave mage, Seanan.

They did not belong here, it was far too risky. Too many things could alter
from them being here. Lineages destroyed, the world altered for them. They
had to return, there was no question about it. They had to find Seanan, for
certainly he had come here as well. For what purpose, they did not know and
where to look they had no clue. But perhaps this world had advanced enough
that someone amongst them might know the answer.

At that same moment, lightning struck near one of the portals, a figure
forming deep within the portal. The citizens of Althainia shrieking and
standing back. A great roar echoed through the air, and several people
quickly drew their weapons, wondering just what was on the other side. With
a mighty gush of wind, several people ducked, as out of the portal flew the
largest red dragon any had ever seen. Dwarfing in size even the mightiest
of the golds. The dragon swooped across the sky, his roar shaking and
trembling the ground. People screaming and rushing to hide within doorways
as quickly as they could.

The dragon recognized this world, yet it was somehow different. The lands
different than where he had just came from. He made his way across the
oceans, his curiousity mounting as he flew in to one of the nearby cities.
Soon many came to flock towards him, men and women of the darkened auras.
Several in awe of him. He could grow to like this place.

A man named, Reklah Kayen made his way towards him, accompanied by another
named Jaerlach Kesepton. They quickly introduced themselves and just as
quickly wondered as to who this dragon was. Amidst their conversation, it
was quickly learned that the name he went by was Maylstrom and that he too
had come from the ancient past. Things were vastly different here, he could
feel it... Sense it. This world was much weaker than his own, and he would
revel in it.

Word spread quickly across the land of this other arrival, and the other
'visitors' to this world cringed in fear and dread, many around them
questioning as to their reaction. They had to warn them, they had to tell
them what they needed to know, even if it meant altering what might be.
Maylstrom, was no ordinary dragon. He was a god.

The followers of the light, scoffed at such things. A dragon a god? Even
if it was true, they would ensure it's death. They were soon to find out
otherwise, as armies gathered to fight this new god within their amidst, and
falling just as quickly before his might. Even the mightiest of the golds
in this time, learned quickly that it was no match for this one. Yes, he
would like it here... And he would claim these lands, one by one, for
himself and the darkness.

The others quicky gathered with their new acquaintances and made haste and
plans to find someway back to their time. If only they could open a rift in
time back to where they belong, perhaps Seanan and Maylstrom would be drawn
back as well. So they searched for the mightiest of the mages in this time,
and the oldest. Sinarous and Nagash. Neither were quick to help mind you,
for they thought perhaps this would be quite interesting to see what might
occur, but they had soon relented and gathered what was needed. With no
guarantee mind you, that it would work at all and send them precisely to
where they came from.

They gathered within the Vale, the one place upon these lands that had never
altered through out all of time. It was here that some of the oldest magics
were the strongest. It was here that the rift needed to be opened.

Word quickly got to Maylstrom, and he set out himself to quickly find a way
to prevent himself from leaving this world. This was too good of an
opportunity for him. Here his power was great. With the aide of a man
named Itamar Schwartz, he quickly found what he needed, then he had but to
wait for just the right moment to close the portals and the rift, before he
was drawn back within it.

Just as he had predicted, the portals opened once more, drawing everything
near it back in to them. All but himself, as he casted the magic he needed
to shatter the portal in to small shards of ice He was not going back and to
ensure that fact, he had to find Seanan. Seanan was here somewhere, he
could feel it. As for the others, they vanished back hopefully to their own

(written by Kyri)

Writer: Scorn

Date Wed Aug 16 16:15:34 2006

To all

Subject The Beginning of the Eldritch

Naeristal Sha'enlas stood in awe. In all of his 500+ years, he had only
seen a God once and that was an experience he never wanted again. However,
this time it was different. Zandreya was absolutely stunning.

Naeristal panicked. "If I have not served in the ways that I should,
forgive me"

Zandreya bore him a look that quieted the elf.

"You have been a faithful cleric. I am here to ask favor of you."

"Anything my Goddess. Whom shall I save? Whom shall I slay?"

Zandreya said plainly "You can save your people, Naeristal. Already we have
seen the God Cliath grant lost magic to the Dwarves for the events that are
sure to come. I feel I must do my part as well. Not only for the imminent
war against the Abhorrants, but for if survive the war and then have to deal
with Dwarves. The Runes are powerful and the Mul are an travesty."

"Of course. All elves agree that no man should make a race with
experimentation or magic or whatever the blasted Randorf did" Naeristal
agreed. "But what can I do?"

Zandreya stared into Naeristal intensely. "The knowledge I am to grant you
is for you to teach the fighting wing of the Shalonosti people. I have
given you three sets of magics and they must learn one well before they can
choose another. This magic given to you is from my very essence and I can
only hope its enough to help in the upcoming struggle. But I also give you
a warning, this world and even I may cease to exist in the upcoming battles.
Train them well."

A bright light blinded Naeristal and all went quiet.

He awoke not knowing how long he had been unconscious, but he knew many
things he was certain he didn't know the day previously.

He stood up and listened. The forest was too silent. No wind, no birds, no
sounds of the many animals running through the wood.

He mutters a word and staff came into existence in his hands. Closing his
eyes, he knew what was about to happen. The smell of bugbear was close and
Naeristal feared not.

Through the wood rushed the bugbear. Naeristal utters and word and his
staff glowed and the bugbear stopped completed frozen in his tracks.
Naeristal studied the creature. It had skulls from what was likely to be
previous victims. Naeristal uttered another word and a 40 foot tree came up
from the earth and came to life. The treant swung a mighty branched arm at
the mesmerized bugbear and sent it flying through the wood. Naeristal
watched as the treant chased down the dazed bugbear. He did not watch the
battle, he only listened.

When it became silent, he opened his eyes to see the treant fallen. The
bugbear was bruised badly and was barely walking. It wearily turned its
attention to Naeristal and snarled.

Naeristal raised his staff once again and a huge blast of sunlight shot out
from the staff evaporating all of the bugbear except for its shoes.

Leaning on the staff, Naeristal began his walk to Shalonesti.

Writer: Scorn

Date Sat Aug 26 21:44:50 2006

To all

Subject Maylstrom's Invasion of Verminasia

"It was supposed to be a sneak attack" the great red dragon Maylstrom
thought to himself. "It was was supposed to be a quick victory. The weeks
I spent gathering the tribes from the tropical south all wasted because of
Seanan." The dragon knew shortly before the battle that the mage Seanan had
sent word about the invasion. He had warned everyone. And Verminasia still
almost fell.

"I had not expected all who call themselves good or otherwise to assist.
How the world has changed."

Maylstrom flew down into the woods almost landing on a startled traveler.
With one effortless motion, he bit the man in half. Looking down at the
dead mans face, Maylstrom frowned.

"This world will not fall to force. Yes... I understand now. It will fall
to greed."

Maylstrom studied the dead mans face carefully. His massive form shrunk
down until it matched every fiber of the dead mans.

"I have a better plan and if I must walk as one of them for a while, then so
be it."

The human walked away from the corpse and headed for the city near by.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Dec 4 14:30:33 2006

To all

Subject The End of Maylstrom or the End of Seanan?

Seanan stood with staff in hand staring up at the great red dragon,
Maylstrom. "This ends now dragon!" Seanan yelled.

Maylstrom raised an eyebrow. "You came here alone? Did you not want to
endanger the other mages of the towers or did they not like you enough to
help? Either way, you've made a grand error, Wizard."

"The only mistake in coming here was yours, Maylstrom. You should have
stayed in your own time. As for my mages, this is between us. I'll not let
you use their lives as a crutch to distract me from giving you what is due."
Seanan yelled back. "But enough banter, this will end here and now."

The mage and the dragon fought for several hours destroying Maylstrom's lair
in the process. The Dragon was reluctant to use his fiery breath weapon at
first for fear of destroying his experiments, but a lightning blast from
Seanan's staff turned his large scale alchemy experiments into mostly ashes
and fire. Finally, Maylstrom let loose all of his power and destroyed a
good portion of the great forest in which he resided. Smoke and ashes blew
into the horizon and was noticed by another red dragon. This one was large
for a dragon, even by today's standards but no where near the size of
Maylstrom. Soaring through the sky, Galeru saw the smoke rise from miles
away. The smoke had a unique darkness to it and Galeru knew that it had
come from dragon fire. He headed towards the devastation as quickly as he
could fly. A chain of colorful light left Seanan's staff and hit Maylstrom
in his wings binding Maylstrom down to the earth where he crashed with am
earthshaking thud. Maylstrom roared as his fire breath engulfed Seanan
where he stood. Maylstrom groaned as he saw a shield of light surrounding
Seanan blocking his fire attacks.

"Face it Maylstrom, this is the end." Seanan said plainly before zapping
Maylstrom's legs and arms with some unknown spell. Maylstrom's limbs fell
limp and the dragon laid on the earth unable to stand or claw at Seanan.

"If this is the way it must end, then this is the way it must end" Maylstrom
said with a sound of defeat in his voice. "Send me back, Seanan. Send me
home" he pleaded.

"You know I can't do that and you should know that I wouldn't. This is your
end" Seanan replied with almost a look of sadness in his old voice. "You've
brought enough pain to this world in our time and in this one. It's over."

Seanan raised his staff and concentrated on the spell he was about to
perform. Maylstrom began to mutter a spell of his own and both realized
that they were in a war of words. Both spoke quickly, Seanan in an old
forgotten language and Maylstrom in his dragon tongue.

Maylstrom seemed to have finished his spell in a very short instant before
Seanan did and energy from both beings collided forcing a grand explosion
that cleared more than 80 acres of forest. The force of the blast sent
Galeru spiraling out of control towards the earth. He regained composure
and maintained flight only a few hundreds yards from hitting the ground. He
gained altitude and waited for the dust to settle. 30 minutes passed by
before Galeru landed.

All around him were various pieces of the former great red dragon. No
trees, grass or plants had survived the explosion. All that lay around
Galeru were small parts of Maylstrom and the limp corpse like form of Seanan
who had somehow managed to remain in one piece, despite his long beard and
his robes being burned and tattered. Oddly enough, a sack strapped to
Seanan's back remained unmarred.

Galeru reached for the sack only to pull back as if his hand were being sent
through excruciating pain. He leaned his head down towards Seanan and saw
that this old man was breathing, although barely. "Not all treasures
sparkle" Galeru said to himself with a slight smile. Galeru picked up
Seanan's limp body in one clawed hand and leapt up into the sky.

Writer: Scorn

Date Wed Dec 6 13:38:03 2006

To all

Subject Seanan Stormwind, Master of the Conclave, Deceased

Seanan opened his eyes widely as if he were waking up from a bad dream.
Looking around he quickly realized two very drastic changes. He was no
longer is the red dragon's liar and he no longer felt as if he were dying.
In fact, he felt quite wonderful. Looking around he saw that he was in some
sort of void. A flat grey ground with absolutely no vegetation nor anything
surrounded him. The sun and moons were nonexistent and a bluish darkness
surrounded everything. The absence of sound was both comforting and eerie
to this old mage. Seanan looked around in all directions for the first time
in his life; he had no idea where he was.

His staff and his backpack were gone and his golden robes of the conclave
had been replaced by a simple grey cotton shirt and grey cotton pants.
His pointy hat and shoes were also gone, but his recently frayed beard was
back to normal.

"Am I dead?" Seanan said out loud not expecting any answer. After all,
there was nothing but ground as far as his eyes could see.

"Szarveenik!" Seanan said while holding out a hand. Nothing happened.
"SZARVEENIK!" Seanan said louder with his hand out stretched. Puzzled,
Seanan sat on the ground.

"My magic. Its gone" the old man said sadly.

"You'll find that magic does not work here, especially for the dead" a voice
behind him said in a sad tone.

Seanan turned around to see a young noble looking man with long black hair
wearing black robes. His skin was pale and his expressions seemed very

"You will find that nothing of what you were remains. This is what is left
of you and this is your destiny for the rest of eternity. To walk this
realm alone" the man said, again with sadness in his voice that made Seanan
feel as if this news troubles this man as much as it did to Seanan himself.

"Who are you?" Seanan asked. "How did I die? Was I eaten by Galeru? Did
that red beast feast upon what was left of me?"

"You died from the wounds you obtained from the incident with Maylstrom.
You laid in Galeru's lair for a week and then your body gave out and you
died. The Dragon did not eat you." The man said while studying Seanan's
face. "Galeru was merely acting to his nature, seeking a few easy jeweled
eggs in return for finding you helpless and then returning you your towers,
but your mages did not want you back."

"That can not be." Seanan said in disbelief. "They wouldn't."

"They did betray you, Seanan. They did indeed. A few offered the dragon
the eggs but only in return for your books and not for you. Others said
they would only help if the Gods themselves told them too and even then,
they undermined you by stating they wish for the red to eat you and that you
were not around the towers enough to baby sit them. They wanted you to die,
and so you did. In fact, their leaders stated publicly that they would
celebrate your death as if you were a tyrant whom had spent your days razing
their villages and killing their families."

Seanan's old eyes grew wide. "But I was there to help them! I taught them
the ways of Battle Magic!! I had EIGHT other schools of magic to teach
them, not to mention many more spells to within their own schools to show
them! Why would they do this to me? After all I have seen and sacrificed
to make them better and to prepare them for what is to come? How could they
betray me? How?"

The pale man smirked. "Old one, the Conclave is not what it was in your
day. They are their own worse enemy. Politics takes the place of common
goals and egos take the place of a passion for magic and arrogance takes the
place of worship. My mother could go and on about this very topic."

"Your mother?" Seanan asked cautiously.

"Drakkara" stated the man. "My mother is Drakkara. We aren't exactly on
the best of terms right now, before you start asking."

"So you are Malachive then?" Seanan asked.

Malachive grinned. "I am. And I came here to see you off. You are one of
the most powerful wizards in the history of the world, Seanan, and to be
honest I was flattered to learn that you came to this time to defeat me.
Unlike those in the Conclave, I recognize and appreciate one who made
themselves as powerful as you."

Seanan sat and said nothing. He looked off into the nothingness with a
blank stare before uttering "You've no reason to flatter me, Malachive." A
single tear fell down the old mans face. "Do not be sad, old one."
Malachive said with a look of concern. "I too used to live among the
Conclave and I too was unwelcome there, despite my mother's wishes. So now,
I live in hiding, slowly planning, slowly building, slowly preparing for
what is to come. It is a shame you won't be there to see it."

The words rang through Seanan's head. His pain turned to anger and his face
flushed with a bright redness.

"It's a fact, Seanan. I am not saying such things to sting you."

Malachive leaned down and studied Seanan's face. His face was red; his eyes
were wide and teary. If Seanan were alive, one would worry that he was
having a stroke.

"What are you thinking, old one?" Malachive asked politely.

Seanan turned and looked Malachive eye to eye. "I can't believe this is how
it is to end for me, after all I have done! How dare those ungrateful
little bastards betray their robes and betray me, the only man who could
place them back at their previous glory!! If there is a way out of this
realm, I will find it and when I do, I will tear down those towers brick by
brick by brick by brick!!!!"

Malachive smiled. "I made the same vow myself, you know. When they
unwelcomed me, so I understand your thoughts Seanan. It's a shame too,
because like it or not, you are dead. Not even I can restore you to your
mortal form."

"My mortal form was weak anyway!" Seanan said, again staring out into the
nothing. "Even if I could go back as a powerless small child, I would find
a way to get my revenge! Those ungrateful bastards deserve what they have
coming to them and I want to not only be there to see it, I want to help!"

"Are you asking me for help?" Malachive said, almost grinning.

"I'm no spring grasshopper." Seanan replied. "I know what I'm getting
myself into and I know that I've lost favor with Sebatis over the last year
or I wouldn't be stuck in this Abyss. But what I know more than anything
else is that those bastards in the towers are going to pay for what they did
to me. They deserve everything they are going to get and I am going to make
them and the moons pay! If you want my soul for servitude, then you have
it! If it's either waste away here shunned by every one that I had
dedicated my life for and go seek revenge, then I demand revenge!"

Malachive's grin left his face. Muttering "Mother, forgive me" to himself,
he placed his hand on Seanan's shoulder and spoke softly.

"Old one, I did not want to see you robbed of your dignity any way. You and
I will walk the world together and I will see that you have your chance to
get your revenge. But understand that by placing yourself under my will,
you will cease to feel things as you have. You will cease to taste things
they way you have and you will have to live with the orders in which I give
without regret. A better tomorrow awaits all of us if we are only willing
to make the tough choices of today. The world below is vile and ugly and
only with strength and control can we make it a better place."

"What's to become of me?" Asked Seanan. "Am I to be transformed into a

"A demon?" Malachive chuckled. "You confuse me for my father for I control
no demons. Just consider yourself an agent of Malachive. "Let us begin our

In a blink, Seanan was in a new place. His clothes had been replaced with
long grey robes. At his feet laid his own corpse, along side of it was his
backpack and his staff. Reaching down, he picked up his back pack and his
staff. He noticed the aches and pains of his normal movements were still
completely gone. Physically, he felt young again.

Looking around, Seanan realized that he had died in what was an abandoned
ruby mine. He made his way to the entrance only to be met at the door by a
rather large red dragon.

Galeru stood poised for battle. He swiped a claw at Seanan only to have his
entire arm jolt from whatever barrier that was protecting Seanan.

"To kill you now would be to kill a fly, simply for flying." Seanan said.
"It is not my job to change the nature of a Red Dragon."

Galeru looked at Seanan perplexed as Seanan walked past him, unconcerned.

Turning as if Seanan had just realized he forgot something, he looked at

"However, since we now share some common enemies."

Seanan raised his staff into the air and a blue bolt of energy passed from
the staff into Galeru. Galeru's muscles grew and hardened. His claws
extended and his fangs grew jagged edges between the teeth.

Galeru looked down at his arms, claws and felt his fangs. He looked back to
Seanan, but Seanan was gone. Galeru strolled back into his lair and looked
at his reflection in a pool of standing water.

What he saw was something Galeru had never seen before upon his face. A

Writer: Scorn

Date Fri Jan 12 14:31:46 2007

To all

Subject The Warning

There stood a single depressed soul in this icy fortress. He watched on
as his army repaired their weapons in the various blacksmith stations around
the fortress. Walking casually around he saw his armor smiths building and
repairing the ebony armor that he himself had designed. Abhorrant like
horns were used as a design across all of the armies breastplates. Other
men were busy creating the siege machines while a circle of what looked like
something similar to mages sat in a circle around the mage who had recently
become famous in a time that was not his own. Seanan pulled up the robe
from his arm and cut it, allowing the blood to pour over his arm. His
students were awestruck at whatever he was teaching them.

The fortress' mood in general was very chipper. After all, they had all
witnessed an Abhorrant single handedly torturing and killing a full grown
Brass dragon that very evening. There's nothing quite as fulfilling for an
army than a display of sheer power. But to Malachive, something was not
right. Although his plans were coming into fruition, he did not feel
anything good or bad. He was completely empty.

He strolled down into his chambers and laid down in his bed, his eyes wide
awake as he stared at his ceiling.

"I can no longer read your thoughts" a female voice said softly. "And you
look much different than before, more like an attractive human instead of a
half Abhorrant beast. The horns were not a good look for you."

Malachive sat up and stared at his mother, who had not aged a day since he
last saw her years ago.

"I know" Malachive said calmly.

"Do not alert anyone to my presence here, Malachive, the Abhorrants would be
less than kind if they I know I walked in their fortress" Drakkara said. "I
wasn't exactly the most hospitable person when they walked Algoron all those
years ago."

"It's MY fortress, mother." Malachive said.

"Ah, of course it is" Drakkara responded with a sarcastic tone to match her
sarcastic smile.

"What do you want?" Malachive asked.

"I have some concerns and I also bring to you a warning" Drakkara stated.
"What you are allowing, even encouraging Seanan to do is both dangerous and
very disrespectful towards me. I want you to stop it. Stop it now!"
Drakkara glared at Malachive with her eyes warning that at any moment, she
could explode in anger.

"What is the matter, mother? Are you afraid that mortals will learn that
there is magic available in this world that doesn't require your permission
to exist?" Malachive said with a smile. He said this knowing full well
that his words would strike a nerve.

"That's NOT magic!" Drakkara said loudly. "It's a perversion. It's an
abomination! You have no idea what you are doing and I can't always protect
you from"

"Protect me?" Malachive interrupted angrily. "Where were you when I was
stolen from the heavens to be raised by mortals? Where were you when my
real moth.... The woman who loved and raised me died and left me here
alone? Where were you when I fell in love only to have them snatched away
by IDIOCY? Where were you when I couldn't control my power and was made an
outcast by all who knew me? Where were you when your very own tower of
magic barred me from living there? Protect me? Do I look like I need your
protection? I do not need anything from you!"

"Is that a fact?" Drakkara asks using her calm voice once again.

"That is a fact!" Malachive stated boldly.

"Well thenat least I tried" Drakkara said before staring at Malachive as if
she were trying to memorize his face. "We won't see each other again" she
added. "What?" Malachive asked quickly.

"The Gods have met, Malachive. All of them. You are exiled and will stay
on Algoron for your remaining days" She said with almost sadness in her

"When have I ever left?" Malachive replied sarcastically.

"There's more. And I assume they knew I would tell you this, but consider
it a mother's final act to protect her son. They will be sending someone to
kill you." Drakkara said with full seriousness.

Malachive stared at Drakkara a moment before speaking. "Who?"

"I don't know. They won't tell me. I can only tell you who it is not, and
that is me and Taliena. We both protested. No one else did. Not even
Kadiya, and of course not even your father. The things you are doing is of
great risk to the world that we built and the Abhorrants presence here is
beyond .. Insulting. Do you have any idea how many of us died to those
beasts before we won that war? One already came very close to killing
Cliath! Not that we would miss him, but who would they go after next? They
will turn on you one day Malachive and you will not see it coming if you do
not open your eyes. You are the only one who walks this world that can kill
them and that doesn't make them your servants, it makes them fear you and
it's only a matter of time before they kill you."

Malachive stared at his mother without even a blink. "I can handle the
Abhorrants. But if I am to be outcast from the other gods and assassinated,
then so be it. But you tell them this, you tell them to come to me. Tell
them to come to me and be prepared for a war unlike they ever could have
imagined. I will not go quietly. And if they dare attempt this, they
better do the job well because I will become their worst fears. I will
become even your worst fear. You tell them."

Drakkara looked at Malachive and nodded. "Malachive, I wish things could
have been different. I really do."

In a blink, Drakkara was gone and Malachive stood in his room alone. For
the first time since he started his campaign, he felt something. Fear ran
through him like a cold wind. War was upon him much faster than he had
anticipated and this time, it wouldn't start with his armies. Malachive
stormed quickly out of his room. The Abhorrants would need to know that
they could expect a God coming to visit.

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue Jan 16 13:30:01 2007

To all

Subject Planning the Mission

"Austinian, you must cooperate. Come back to the meeting. We must see
this thing through" Kwainin pleaded.

"Are you actually agreeing with him?" Austinian was uncharacteristically
livid. "If we let Fatale walk Algoron, you know that the murder will not
stop with Malachive. He will set forth upon a killing spree unlike the
world has never known! You know that, Kwainin, you KNOW what would happen."

Kwainin looked back at Austinian and made no effort to speak. "Would
happen, Kwainin, not could. Would." Austinian added. "We will never get
through this day" Kwainin said with a hint of distress in his voice. "We
will never all three be in agreement."

"That is why you must decide" Austinian responded. "Decide for us all.
Pick one of us from each pantheon and let it begin."

Kwainin chuckled. "You know as well as I do that he will never agree to
that. He hascontrol issues to say the least."

"Well he's not in control! The last I checked, we were all three equals
although I admit that it is regrettable on most occasions. We must come to
some sort of agreement, but I will not allow Fatale to be chosen to freely
walk Algoron!" Austinian argued.

"Gods have walked on Algoron without permission for as long as I can
remember" Kwainin added.

Austinian interrupted "Yes, and they mess something up each and every time.
Fatale in particular is forbidden to go in person. There is no reason any
of us can not do our duties the way we always have, through the use of
avatars or images or even possession. Why do we have churches and Angels,
Demons and the Balanx if we have to go deliver our messages in person?"

"You are rambling, brother." Kwainin interrupted in return. "No Angel,
Demon or an entire kingdom can kill Malachive any more. It must be one of
us, and who better than Fatale? He may even kill all of the Abhorrants
while he is there and you know that is an issue we need to look to as well."

"He will kill an entire continent as well and he'll give it only a mere
passing thought and what is to stop him there? Oh yes, now I remember, me
or one of my sons and daughters. By sending Fatale, we risk a full scale
God war! I will not allow it. I will not agree!" Austinian said loud
enough for Necrucifer to hear him from the next room.

"There is only one solution then" Kwainin said. "You will choose the god of
his pantheon to go and he will choose yours."

Austinian looked at Kwainin and paused. "And what of yours? We agreed one
from each of us."

"I'm the God of Balance!" Kwainin said with a smile. "I don't need either
of you to remain objective."

Austinian sighed. "I hate this. I want nothing to do with it, but yet I do
concede that my own actions has caused this to transpire. I should be the
one to fix this, yet we've been through the reasons why none of us three
should go a million times."

Austinian paused and sighed again. "Fine. I will agree to your solution
with one condition. He may not choose my wife and I will not choose his.
Taliena will be spared from doing what it would crush her to do and Drakkara
will not be asked to kill her own child."

Kwainin smiled. "Well then, it is agreed. Let us get see if he agrees and
get this over with."

The two Gods entered the white marble courtyard where they were meeting.
Not another soul was in sight and no sounds interrupted them.

A dark scowled expression adorned Necrucifers face, but that was not
unusual. His mood was always bad and he was always looking for a reason to

"I agree" he said simply just as Kwainin began to speak.

Kwainin turned and looked at Austinian with a surprised expression.

"I guess there's not hiding any conversation from you, is there?" Kwainin
said. "Very well, you will choose each others child to carry forth this
mission and then I will choose last. Necrucifer, I think you should choose

Necrucifer grinned. "My answer would not change first nor second. I choose

Austinian's eye brows raised and his mouth opened in fury. "What? Why?
She is the LEAST capable of this mission!! Choose someone who will not
carry any baggage from this mission Necrucifer, do not choose her!"

Necrucifer smiled as if he enjoyed Austinian's reaction. "She is the
Goddess of peace is she not? She knows more than anyone the cost of
failure. It won't hurt her to get her hands a little dirty."

Austinian walked towards Necrucifer swiftly but Kwainin caught him by his
robes. "Brother, calm yourself, we all agreed to these rules. You knew the

"I didn't think he would carry his vendetta against me this far! He should
have chosen Nadrik and he knows that!"

Necrucifer suddenly look bored. "You complain a lot. You ever notice

Austinian stared at Necrucifer as if he could burn Necrucifer from the
inside out.

"Let's get our choices over with so I can back to being evil" Necrucifer
said almost with a chuckle. Austinian pushed Kwainin's hands off of him and
straightened out his robe. 'Have it your way. After all, its your sons
murder we are planning."

His words did not affect Necrucifer at all. He merely shrugged.

"I choose Devion." Austinian said plainly.

Kwainin looked at Austinian with surprise. "And you complained about his
choice? What a team of Assassins that is, Kadiya and Devion!" He said
sarcastically. "One will try to reason with Malachive while the other ties
his boot straps together in hoping that he'll trip and fall his way to

Austinian crossed his arms. "Its not like I have a lot of options.
Disease, Murder, Rage. I'd rather send mischief to Algoron than any of
those others. Besides, he is least likely to harm Kadiya himself."

"Kadiya is more capable than you give her credit for, although who can blame
a protective father?" Kwainin stated. "The last choice is mine and I guess
it should be no surprise that I choose the first competent person for this

Necrucifer and Austinian both looked at Kwainin as they awaited his
decision. Kwainin enjoyed having their undivided attention for the first
time in years.

"I'm sending Raije."

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Feb 15 13:02:59 2007

To all

Subject Preparing for the Assasination

Devion stood with his arms crossed. Normally he'd be seen smiling and
laughing, usually with that mischievous smile upon his face that all other
Gods had grown used to seeing. But today, his arms were crossed and the
look of concentration was adorned on his face.

"Scared, Devion?" A woman's voice said lightly.

Devion looked over to see Kadiya looking as beautiful as ever. She wore
white robes with a gold and blue trim shaped around her delicate features.
Her hair was long and exceptionally curly and few had a face that rivaled
hers. Devion had always enjoyed looking at Kadiya for obvious reasons.

"Of course not" Devion said as that familiar smile broadened his face.
Devion had a huge smile that Kadiya secretly admired. "After all, Raije is
going with us."

Kadiya looked at him and raised her eyebrows as she shrugged.

Devion looked surprised. "Oh come on! It's Raije! The God of War!?
You've seen him in action, right? The guy is an absolute MONSTER! I have
no intention of doing anything while we are there except to maybe go to a
pub and get involved in some of the mortal excitement there."

"That's not our orders." Kadiya said in protest.

Devion rolled his eyes. "Our orders are to assassinate Malachive. Yes, I
know. I heard the speech. It bored me. Here is my plan. We all go down,
I get ale. Raije goes to war. Raije kills everyone. I finish my ale,
maybe I visit a few of my favorite people and make a few new giants, if you
know what I am saying", Devion pauses as he winks at Kadiya who in return
rolls her eyes, "and then we come home. You should go with me! I know a
great place in New Thalos!"

"And leave Raije to do all the dirty work himself?" Kadiya asks.

Devion raises his voice almost to an argumentative tone "You've met Raije!
He won't even notice. The guy is salivating at the thought of getting to
wipe out a God as it is. Why take away his fun? Besides, you hate war and
violence and all that."

"Yes, and I hate it enough to go do this so that our entire world won't have
war in every single corner of it", Kadiya responded. "This is not some
cheap excuse to go grab some ale and mingle with the mortals; this is about
stopping devastation before it occurs. This is no joke, Devion, this is
serious." Kadiya began to walk away from Devion as she was already
disgusted with his attitude concerning the mission.

"Alright Kadiya, lookwaitjust wait." Devion's expression changed to a
serious one. "Look, I was just asked to murder my brother, ok? Can you
even imagine if that were asked of you? That's not easy for me. I know I
joke around a lot. Hell, I am labeled the famous 'God of Mischief' aren't
I? You try living up to that! I have to make appearances, cause some
trouble, swap married people out of their beds in the middle of the night.."

Kadiya giggled and said cautiously. "Oh my. Have you really done that?"
She stood half smiling, half disgusted.

Devion smiled and paused. "Never let it be said that the Gods of Algoron
don't have a sense of humor. After all, wasn't it Kwainin who stationed his
Balanx behind that waterfall in Althainia?"

Kadiya laughed. "I highly doubt it" she replied.

Devion smiled. "Well, that was the word on the streets of Althainia, any
way. I have no idea how that rumor started, of course."

Kadiya laughed again. "I just bet you don't."

Devion smiled as he looked at Kadiya and then, once again, he became
serious. "Please, don't take me for all of the hype. This will not be easy
on me, and I'd just like to have some fun before we get started. Give me
one day?" Kadiya studied his face and smiled. "I'll never trust you,
Devion, God of Mischief. But one day of fun you shall have, but under two

"Name them" Devion said.

"One, you can't injure any one" Kadiya said only to be interrupted by

"Done! And two?"

"Two, I get to go with you. Someone needs to keep an eye on you" Kadiya.
Said with a smile.

Devion smiled. "Shall we then? Raije can catch up, I'll send word to him
where we shall meet at."

Kadiya nodded and then two vanished from the room.

Writer: Scorn
Date Sat Apr 7 18:46:38 2007

To all

Subject The Great Galley's Demise - Farewell to the SS Grudgebearer

Waves smashed against the hull of the great galley the SS Grudgebearer.
It hung low in the water as though it struggled for purchase against great
white capped mountain slopes which heaved chaoticly in the madness that was
the Beleg-luin Aelin. Water hit is port side tilting the great troop
transport dangerously. Clinging white knuckled with sheer panic its captain
tried desperately to right the vessel.

"Wheres tha damn Duergan wizard!" He bellowed as another wave rose and fell
across the deck several crewmen clung desperately to ropes, rail, rigging
and crates trying with all their mortal might to stay aboard ship.
Clenching his teeth in fury, he continued his tirade, "ain't tha sod 'spose
te 'ave ah handle on this sh..." His words were lost again to another
thuderous collapse of wave against the deck.

Sputtering he held tight to the wheel but the weather had slicked wood and
strength was waning. Thrown to the deck he fought back panic as he crashed
against the railing water rising up to meet him only to pull away as the
ship lurched drunkenly the oposite direction. Finding his legs once more he
made for the wheel climbing the angle back to his post, "Tha... Tha
hatches! Get tha hatches lad, AHN FIND MEA THA DAMN WIZARD!" Bellowing
with all he had over the din of Turpa's wrath.

A crewman clinging nodded and yelled back," Sar, tha mangy cur made... Made
fer shore, Sar! Took ah life boat ahn ah crewmen!"

The captain cursed loud and long, "tha hatches then, or wea'll bea abandon'n
this death trap! Get below ye slags! Wea gotta bea take'n on water by now!
Get to tha-" his voice was cut off one more time as another wave caught the
ship and washed him clear of the wheel again.

The crewman needed no more prompting he half ran and half crawled to the
nearest, flapping rediculously in the wild wind. Catching it with a firm
hand and pinning it down with a knee he roared a warning to those below.

The next wave splintered timber and send rigging flailing, washing tons of
water across deck the lad had only enought time to sucking in a lungful of
breath before he was hit and sent into a deadfall below deck. Followed by a
great gush of water to trail down behind him.

"Cliath's bloodae beard!" The captain swore as he witnessed the carnage on
deck. As his oath trailed out his vission was met with horror as the ship
once again pitched hard the cracking of wood and the sudden movement then
heart wrenching stop as the ship tilted lazily to the side. Even a dwarven
captain knew when a ship had struck an imoveable object. As he collected
his wits he realized the inevitable. They'd not just run aground but they
were sinking fast as the powerful surt yanked them off the underwater
obsticle preparing to lay them to waist once more. He bellowed his last
order, "Abandon ship! Every man fer 'ims..." Before the words had even
passed his lips he stared in almost wonderment as the mainmast began its
slow decent to smash fully across the main deck pinning down at last the
hatches. There would be no escape from this watery grave for those below.

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue May 1 11:33:17 2007

To all

Subject The SS Grudgebearer

The gulls were making a racket. They were a fickle lot, no matter how
good it was they always complained. The young lad of the MacAllen clan
followed their obnoxious cries. The wind had howled all through the night,
a great storm had raged for hours just off the coast. They always moved,
but this one did not. It stayed put, it had a purpose in its devilry. His
father told his son that night to not even look in its direction, less it
bring that evil down upon them as well. They were a relatively isolated
farm, times were harsh, war loomed and armies were on the march. However
that never dulled the sence of adventure a boy had, it certainly did not
dull the intrest of young Dreslic.

The young boy knew something waited, purhaps a great beast had washed up on
shore to attract such vast numbers of the flocking vermin. He upped his
gate to a jog, excitement gripped him at what treasures he might find,
perhaps a downed dragon or a beached whale. One thing was certain, the
gulls were feasting. So whatever it was, wasn't on the fight.

Coming to the crest of the cliffs he peered boldly over its nearly vertical
incline. Gulls scattered into the air as soon as he invaded their perches.
They waited for their turn below, which was still obscured by the white and
gray avians. It had become known to him though right away, this was a ship
wreck. Pieces jutted up out of the water off shore, lumber floated, barrels
and crates sat lazily in the water lapping at the receeded beach.

Quickly young Dreslic found what he was looking for, the well hidden path
down to the rocky beachhead, it was a path his sister and he often used when
the tide was low, as it was now. Much to the ire of their mother who was
far to often dispatched to retrieve them when their makebelieve adventures
kept them until dusk.

Soon he found his way carefully down with the dexterity of youth. The gull
squawked in protest at his intrustion but never the less gave way to his
undaunted curiosity. He pushed forward pausing long enough to pick up a
haft of lumber. It was long and sturdy and he held it like a broadsword.
Instantly he felt he could take on a dark knight of Necrucifer or purhaps
even a dragon. Knowing the place well he did not bother to search up close
to the cliff. Any evidence there would be pulverised, the stone itself was
smooth and clean. Nothing but the staunchest barnicles clung to it in
places and deep recesses. So farther out he ventured the gulls rising like
a blanket to reveal the shore littered with debrie.

As he flipped timbers and kicked over a broken barrel he stepped back in
shock. A thick yet short fingered hand revealed itself underneath. Its arm
disapearing beneath another large set of timbers. He calmed himself and
looked back up to the cliff face wondering how long it'd take him to reach
it before the undead gobbled him up. Stealing his courage he gripped his
wooden sword and reached out with the tenderness of one expecting to be
burnt to the hand. Gingerly he touched it, it was cold clammy and dead. He
sat back suddenly when his probing forced a crab to skuttle out from beneath

Swallowing hard he braced himself again and reached for the underside of the
planking and heaved flipping it over with his eyes clenched tight and then
dancing backward several steps to get a head start on whatever lurked
beneath. Critters moved swiftly about no longer hidden delicacies for the
gulls they were easily now revealed. As well was revealed the pale face of
the peacefully dead dwarf dressed in military regalia bearing the well known
insignias of Thaxanos. Seeing quite enough, young Dreslic MacAllen
abandoned his makeshift sword and headed for the trail as fast as his
althetic legs would allow. He had to tell someone, anyone and pray he
didn't get a beating for another tall tale like the last time.

As was feared, the dwarven war machine was on the march, it had reached the
shores of Icewall. And before the day was ended, those who would return
before the tide attempted to obliterate the rest of the wreck, it would be
confirmed that no force marched away from the beach. The word would spred,
the SS Grudgebearer went down. All hands to be lost.

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon Jun 18 12:10:03 2007

To all

Subject The Shalonesti Invasion of Thaxanos

Day 1: The Elvish Invasion of Thaxanos Begins.

My name is not important. The only relevance pertaining to myself with the
events that I am to share with the world is that I am Balanx, a recorder of
time and history. The events that I write actually happened and I write
this with total indifference to the events. As commanded, I simply record.

The Elven army had marched for more than a week to make it here. They were
met with no resistance. Only a single Thaxanos army unit was within sights,
but they returned to the mountain pursued for a short time by 3 heavily
armored mounted units with an enormous Shalonesti army close behind.

3 Dragons, 2 silver and 1 bronze are flying above the marching elves. One
can only speculate if all 3 dragons are here for the war or if they are here
just as I am, simply to speculate.

As the elves approach the mountain gate of Thaxanos, many speculate how this
battle will play itself out. The rumors of the Dwarven army being lost have
put most of the Dwarven citizens in despair. How can the Mountain Kingdom
defend itself against Dragons and a massive elvish assault with so few
rumored left to defend it? The only hope I see from the Dwarven citizens is
in the mountains natural defense and the Elvish lack of siege weapons.

The first acts of bloodshed have seemed minor in relevance to the war.
Three times now Ive seen brave but untrained Dwarvish citizens of Thaxanos
rush out to meet the Elven army by themselves. Whether these acts are in
desperation or somehow a patriotic brave act by these few Dwarves remains a
mystery. In either case, they met demise in 3 different ways.

The first was met with by a single elf, a Calvary commander by the name of
Rao'nael Shalonost. The dwarf had rushed him screaming with its axe high
above his head. Rao'nael, on his mount, rolled his eyes before charging the
dwarf and slashing the dwarf with his sword. I could not tell if the elf
was amazed at the dwarfs bravery and amused at the dwarfs foolishness.

The second was spotted by the bronze Dragon Tiaranenth as it circled above
scouting below. The bronze did not eat the Dwarf, but simply crushed it
upon landing. The third dwarf made it close to the elvish camp at nightfall
but was killed by an assortment of arrows from an elvish archery unit led by
Caridwen Sha'falas, a female wild elf.

The elves will reach the gate soon and I hall record that day in its

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon Jun 18 15:52:27 2007

To all

Subject Day 2: The Elven Invasion of Thaxanos

Day 2. The Elven Invasion of Thaxanos.

This way a bloody day and if its a sign of times to come, this will be a
devastating war for both sides.

Todays events started without warning just before dawn. Dwarven artillery
bombarded the elvish camp from two separate locations. The surprised elves
took quite a beating as both rock and flaming rock rained down into their

A fatality of note was when a flaming boulder directly hit Shalonestis 4th
Mounted Sha'falas Calvary unit and wiped out 90% of its forces including its
leader, Rannick Sha'falas who died to wounds given by the smashing rocks.

The elven Calvary units were further damaged by an onslaught of Dwarvish
crossbow attacks by surrounding mountain cover. The 6th Mounted Sha'falas
Calvary unit was destroyed and scattered but its leader Arntral Sha'falas
escaped injury and gathered most of the horses that had escaped.

The elves quickly organized and went to meet the Dwarves catapults but were
met soon by advancing dwarven infantry, macemen and the dreaded dwarven axe

As the bulk of the fighting began, it should be noted that one of the
catapult positions was destroyed by the Silver Dragon Solvaryn. It is
apparent that these Dragons of good are here to fight the Dwarves and assist
in the invasion of Thaxanos.

The other catapult position was destroyed by a group of Shalonesti Knights
led by Galenthas Shalonost and assisted by his second in command, Tiernyn

Fighting ensued for a good 30 minutes with the only units to be completely
decimated were the 2nd Elvish Pikes who were defeated by the Dwarf Belain
and his group of axe wielders, and the Dwarvish Calvary known as the Xoxx
3rd Wayfinders who were destroyed by Elrei Sha'enrass 1st Elven Pikes.

The elves gained the upper hand and the Dwarves retreated towards their
mountain city gates.

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Dec 20 13:47:58 2007

To all

Subject The Gods Have Landed

Devion and Kadiya walked in Algoron. Upon appearing at the base of a pub
in a small town outside of Arkane, both looked uneasy.

"Its weird knowing we can die here" Devion said without emotion.

"Oh quit it" replied Kadiya. "You wanted to have your day of fun and here
we are as I am sure you have been many times before."
Devion nodded quietly.

"How do I look?" Kadiya asked.

"You are glowing." Devion responded.

"Aww, thanks" Kadiya responded with a smile.

"No, seriously. You are literally glowing and the last time I checked,
mortals dont glow. Well want to blend in." Devion stated.

Kadiya did have a strong white glow about her but she willed herself to stop
all the while looking embarrassed.

"Sorry about that" she said sheepishly. "Are you ready to go in and get your

"Hell yes I am" Devion said with that all too familiar devilish grin dashing
across his handsome face.
As the two Gods strolled up to the pub, a rather large human flew out of the door
before collapsing on the ground in front of the two Gods. Obviously very intoxicated,
he looked up at them and smiled before spilling the contents of his stomach all over
the cobblestone street.

"Ah yes.now I remember why we made mortals" Devion said sarcastically.

Kadiya looked at the man with concern, but said nothing to him. "That will be you
in a short while" she said to Devion. "But something does concern me. Do you
think Malachive knows we are here?"

"No way. But Raije did insist on having his Balanx scout the area and I must admit,
I have demon nearby keeping watch as well. So relax, well be fine." Devion smiled
at Kadiya as he spoke which seemed to make her uneasy.

"You have your demon Gohrlex nearby? I guess I should tell you then so there is no
troublemy Angel Araaduli is here as well."

Devion laughed. Well, at least we were all thinking the same thing. Lets go have fun!
I hope you have not forgotten how to dance!"
"I am pretty sure I invented dancing, which you will soon enough realize" Kadiya said with
a smile as the two walked into the pub.

Not far behind them lurked a huge black furred Minotaur with a huge white scar cut down his
left eye. Dressed in full black plate armor that seemed to make no noise, he watched the
pub from the outside. Crossing his arms and grunting, Raije was becoming very impatient
with this colossal waste of time.

Writer: Scorn
Date Sat Jan 5 00:18:43 2008

To all

Subject The Push into Thaxanos

I write, as all Balanx do, only to state facts and record a history as to
what occurred here. These events are real and while I could not gather
every detail, I have made every effort to piece this long drawn out battle
together to best of my ability. The Events of this battle which I shall
call "The Push into Thaxanos" I will describe with as much detail as I can.

For months now, the elvish siege of the Dwarven gates had been kept mostly
to a stalemate with neither side making much of a push in either direction.
The Dwarves seemed almost content to leave Elves at their gate, killing
whatever few they could

any given day while the Shalonesti resolve remained firm. Besides, the
elves had not managed to stop the influx of goods through the Thaxanos
ports. Somehow, the dwarves still had good ways to get into and out of
their mountain mostly undetected by their ancient enemies.

Today however, everything changed.

Recently, the Dwarves had a revolt of sort and the citizens murdered their
Mul queen after the Mul refused to step down from power. The Elves saw this
as a good sign and decided to step up their attacks. Shalonestis first plan
was to capture the Thaxanos port.

Two Shalonesti Heavy Cruisers hit the Dwarven port hard sinking a Great
Galley as well as bombarding everything in sight. The ship "Silver Moon"
was credited with sinking the Galley. The Silver Moon was captained by
Jasuin Shaqelas and the first

officer Orathael Shaqelas. The other Heavy Cruiser named "Forest Dawn" was
captained by Hydraurin Shaqelas and the first officer Aeabyne Shatavas,
which landed a direct hit on Thaxanos Xoxx 4th Wayfinder Company, killing
all of the Infantry

stationed there including its Hill Dwarven Commander Arngrimr.

The Shalonesti Kingdom had finally taken control of the Thaxanos port.

Shalonesti then attempted the push to get inside of the massive Thaxanos
mountain, but found the task more difficult than expected as the Dwarves had
barricaded their already impressive doors with various large objects
including a massive Dwarven

battle ram. The Elves lost their battering ram when oil and then a flaming
arrow lit the contraption ablaze. The Elves sent in their Dragons, 2
silvers named Jhtalith and Solvaryn and a Bronze Dragon named Tiaranenth to
obtain entry.

The three Dragons broke away half of the door and destroyed the massive
Dwarvish battering ram in the process.

The Kexrar 2nd Dark Legion, infantry commanded by the Dark Dwarf Skolla
Hecate had set a trap from the first dragon to enter the mountain, which was
the Silver dragon Jhtalith. The Dwarves had constructed an enormous metal
chained net that fell from the high mountain ceilings. The net was weighed
down by several tons of mountain rock. The Silver Dragon was trapped in the
metal netting while the Baewar Second Brigade (Axe Wielders) stormed the
Dragon, slicing it until death. The final cut was to the dragons neck and
was delivered by the Axe Wielders commander, the Hill Dwarf Belain.

The Dwarves had a catapult armed and at the ready when the other two dragons
made entry. The catapult hit the Bronze dragon directly with a large
concoction of flaming material. One saying was made famous today as the
Bronze dragon Tiaranenth burned. This was spoken by the commander of the
1st Anarath Infantry, the Mountain Dwarf Kogard who said "HURRY UP AND KILL
The burning dragon perished quickly along with the aid of the Mountain Dwarf
Ungard and his Infantry command, the Xaprar Second Brigade.

With two dragons already slain, the remaining Silver Dragon Solvaryn turned
its attention to the catapult which helped kill the Bronze dragon. Solvaryn
inhaled deeply and unleashed a massive cone of cold air that froze the
catapult solid for a moment before it cracked and fell to pieces. As the
dragon turned to find its next target, it saw from the corner of its eye
something large moving at it which turned out to be a second Dwarven battle
ram that slammed into the Dragon, sending it flying out of the Dwarven gates
and back into the masses of stunned Elves.

The Dwarves were inspired by the defeat of the three dragons and further
more by the sure death of two of the Wyrms and decided to storm out of the
mountain to attack the sieging elves. Dwarves poured out of the mountain by
the hundreds and collided with the prepared elves.

The loss of life in the next few moments was difficult to calculate, but
here are the notable deaths.

The Shalonesti 1st Elvish Macemen were defeated and killed by the Thaxanos
Kings own regiment, the Anarath 1st Ironebreakers. The Mountain Dwarf King
Grumf and his first officer, the mountain dwarf Mackraken killed the leader
of the 1st Elvish macemen, Alisette Shafalas and her first officer the wild
elf Risa, both of whom were bashed in the head until death.

The 1st Elvish Crossbows and its commander the Shalonesti Elf Eleniel
Shafalas, were destroyed by the Xoxx 1st Wayfinders Company whos infantry
was led by the Hill Dwarfs Drolloc and seconded by Thaelam. It should be
noted that Eleniel was killed by Drolloc himself when he smashed Eleniel
ribs to pieces with a large golden mace.

The 2nd Elvish Archers led by Zerana Shatavas destroyed the Nuexpar Phalanx
1st Company of Pikemen completely before being destroyed themselves by the
Kexrar Dark Legion led by the Dark Dwarf Dalwin. Zelana was beheaded by
Dalwin whom kept her head as a trophy.

The elvish Wizard Narada and the Cleric Nami were both slain by the Baewar
Second Brigade (Axe Wielders) led by their commander Belain.

As the Elves began to feel a sense of defeat, they seemed to make a turn
around led by their Knights and Calvary. The 3rd Mounted Shafalas led by
the Shalonesti Elf Raonael Shalonost and co-led by Faltin Shafalas stormed
through the Dwarven line and killed the Dwarvish Runemaster who had been
using his rune magic to keep the Dwarven front protected. It carried on and
routed the Neuxpar 1st Brigade which was led by the Hill Dwarf Mordin and
co-led by the Mul Hac, both of which perished toby Raonaels sword as their
mounts pushed through their command. The 3d Mounted Shafalas had changed
the tides of battle before the Nuexpar Phalax 2nd Company of Pikemen led by
the Mul Relkor made their way to the Elven Calvary and slew every elf and
horse in the 3rd Mounted Shafalas. It should be noted that the 3rd Mounted
Shafalass leader, Raonael Shalonost did indeed live thanks to the battle
field wizard Aeabyne who teleported into just in time to grab the elf and
teleport out.

The Silver Dragon Solvaryn which had spent most of the battle stunned due to
getting slammed by the Dwarven Battle Ram, awoke and made the groggily
decision to unleash a massive cloud of paralyzing gas onto the battle
grounds, leaving most of both armies unable to move. The dragon was
obviously still stunned and lacked the mental capacity to do much else other
than to wander off to safety.

The Dwarves who remained able to move used their time to move the helpless
back into the mountain while the elves moved their paralyzed to safety.

Both dwarven and elven dead littered the mountain side which made for a
morbid sunset this night. Who won this day is up for debate. The Dwarves
killed more Elves than Elves killed Dwarves. The Dwarves also slew two
dragons, which had their spirits high. The Elves however took the Dwarven
port and after more than 6 months had finally destroyed a good portion of
the Dwarven gate and now had an access point in which to attack Thaxanos

How both sides will react to this battle remains to be seen.

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue Jul 29 12:39:38 2008

To all

Subject The Death of a God (part 1)

Raije stood upon the mountain and looked down into the frozen encampment.
Signs of Malachive were everywhere from the banner that rose from the camp
to the disorder and arguing of the mortal soldiers below. Raije was not

"The son of Necrucifer knows not what hes doing with this army" Raije said
as he rolled his eyes.

"You dont think anyone knows what theyre doing" a smiling Kadiya responded.

"Not when it comes to war" said Devion with a smirk. "Whats the plan,
almighty war master and beater of vicious bad soldiers.. Raije?" Devion
was almost sarcastic in his question, but not in a manner that would have
prompted a response from the God of War.

"Its simple. You guys distract the Abhorrants. I kill Malachive." Raije
was melodic in his response. This was business as usual for him and he
showed no emotion. "Like hell well distract the Abhorrants" Devion replied
with a nervious look upon his face.

"Whats the matter? Scared of a little Abhorrant?" Kadiya asked with a

"Yes!" Devion shouted without hesitation. "Do I need to remind you about
all of the Gods who have passed before us to their hands? Do I need to
remind you what those beings are capable of?" Kadiya frowned. "It should
have been Nadrik" Devion frowned at the mention of Nadik, his look almost
interrupting Kadiyas sentence.

".. And Fatale who went on this mission with Raije. I admit that. But
Raije knows whats best to accomplish this mission and all of the Gods and
yes, even our mortals are depending on us. Let us do as Raije wishes and
let us go home so that our world doesnt destroy itself in the name of one
out casted young God."

"Then lets get this over with" Devion replied looking very nervous. "But
not without some help." The demon Gohrlex was summoned followed by the
Angel Araadul.

"There is no need for your Balanx today" said Devion. "We need fighters,
not librarians."

Raije didnt look Devions way before responding. "Amethenius is here. He
watches. He records."

Devion rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Hes probably out betting on your Clan
Wars event."

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue Jul 29 17:14:09 2008

To all

Subject The Death of a God (part 2)

The attack upon the camp went as Raije had planned it. The armies of
Malachive that tried to protect him fell to Kadiyas Angel Araadul and to
Devions Demon Gohrlex, both of which were obviously upset at being around
each other.

Raije watched on. He showed no emotion.

Kadiya and Devion stood side by side, interfering in the battle only when
their servant became out numbered. Just when it seemed all was lost for
Malachives army, Malachive came out of hiding.

"And so this moment is finally upon us" Malachive said as if he had been
waiting for this to occur for a very long time. "I will not go willingly
and I will not go slowly. I hope you both know this."

Just as Malachive spoke, Raije stormed down the mountain towards him.
Malachives eyes grew from confident to fearful and he began to fumble his
next few words.

"Abohorrants, repay your debt to me! Attack these servant and these Gods
that oppose us!"

From the shadows appeared Deathmeere and the two other Abhorrants freed from
their prison only a few years ago.

The two Abhorrants attacked the Demon Gohrlex first. Deathmeere attacked
the Angel Araadul. The image of Deathmeere tearing off an Angels wings
before killing it easily for all of the Gladiator fans to see raced through
Kadiyas mind as she went toward Araadul trying to assist him in the battle
with Deathmeere, the most dangerous of the three Abhorrants.

Devion stood and watched. Malachive dissolved into the pile or snow in some
sort of transportation spell. Raije stopped and remained still looking
around as if he were about to get ambushed.

The battle with the Abhorrants was extremely one sided in favor of the
Abhorrants. The demon Gohrlex was getting completely obliterated by the
Abhorrants. Devion remained still and offered no aid to his demon. His
mind and thus his attention were on Kadiya who along with her Angel Araadul
were fighting for their lives against Deathmeere.

Deathmeere grabbed the angel by his wings and begin to tear as the Angel
shrieked out in agony. Kadiya closed her eyes and thrust her hands out
towards Deathmeere and a blinding light of white energy shot from her hands
into the Abhorrant Deathmeere. Deathmeere cradled down to one knee and then
turned translucent as the energy passed through him. Kadiya stopped and
looked just long enough for Deathmeere to turn solid and run upon Kadiya
sending a thundering punch to the Goddesses face, sending her to the ground.

Blood flowed from her nostrils.

"The Goddess Bleeds" Deathmeere said loudly. "She will die here today."
Deathmeere pounded his fists into Kadiyas face over and over as blood spat
over the Abhorrants arms and fists.

Devion watched and did nothing.

Deathmeere wrapped his hands around the Goddesses neck and began to squeeze
it, hoping to snap her neck.

Devion watched and did nothing but turned to see the Demon Gohrlexs back
being broken to the other two Abhorrants. As the demon died, Devion turned
his attention back to Kadiya.

"They call our kind the God slayers for a reason! You are mortal here upon
Algoron and you will die here today on Algoron!" Yelled Deathmeere.

Deathmeere lifted Kadiya into the air and with a great roar began to squeeze
the neck of Kadiya as tight as he could. From nowhere, the bloodied Angel
Araadul dove into Deathmeere and sent him into the ground. The angel sent
several punches to Deathmeeres face. The sight of an Angel in such a rage
was a rare one and it made Raije smile as he scanned over, still waiting for
a sign of Malachive.

Deathmeere took the Angels punches one after another and then slowly began
to grin. Deathmeere slammed his two hands together over the Angels ears
making a thundering noise and Araadul fell to the ground gripped his head in
agony. Deathmeere stood and placed his foot upon Araaduls neck and began to
shift his weight and his strength upon it. Kadiya rose and leapt at
Deathmeere. The Goddesses struck the Abhorrant with fury that no one,
mortal or God alike had even seen from the Goddess of Peace. Deathmeere
flew into the air with such force that he seemed to carry on forever into
the air and disappeared in the distance. Kadiya dropped to her knees in
complete exhaustion. Both she and her angel were unable to move much from
their injuries.

Devion turned to look at Raije who was now fighting the two remaining
Abhorrants. Raije had sent his axe into the head of one Abhorrant, killing
it where he stood and had grasp upon the other. Devion walked over to
Kadiya calmly and knelt down beside her and began to speak. "You are a much
more brave woman than I have ever given you credit for" Devion said with
some emotion in his voice. "You fought bravely and you fought well."

Kadiya attempted to smile at Devion, but she was too weak to do so. She
laid there, her blood stained face looking at Devion weakly as he caressed
her hair.

A loud *CRACK* jolted everything around the area.

Even Raije and the Abhorrant stopped fighting. Then, Raijes Balanx
Amethenius appeared out thin air, startled by what he has just seen, unable
to write it down.

Devions hands left Kadiyas neck. Her limp head falling to the ground first
followed by her lifeless body. Devion had broken Kadiyas neck.

"You killed her!" Cried out the balanx Amethenius.

Devion stood slowly while staring at the corpse of the Goddess.

Raije himself stood in disbelief. The remaining abhorrant that he was
fighting fled from the scene as soon as he noticed Raijes attention was on
Devion and Kadiyas corpse.

Devion grinned and looked upon the Balanx. Devion's eyes were tearing up,
yet his smile remained stone like. "Youre going to be one hell of a busy
Balanx now, arent you? Youre about to document the greated war that ever
existed and I started it!"

Noticing Raije approaching, Devion quickly leapt into the air and flew up
into the heavens, leaving Algoron as quick as he possibly could.

Raije looked emotionless at the corpse and then picked her up gently.

Looking at his Balanx Amethenius, Raije spoke.

"Record this event, servant. Share this event with all. A God War has now
begun and the mortals need to know that it was Evil that started it. I will
take her home to Austinian and then I will consult Kwainin so that I know
where we are to stand in the events that come."

Raije rose into the air gently and then carried Kadiya into the air and
returned her home.

Just as he was gone, Malachive walked as if out of nowhere and stood behind
the Balanx. Malachive thrust his hand into Ametheniuss back and removed its
heart from the Balanxs body. Amethenius fell to the ground lifeless.
Malachive then leaned down and picked up the Balanxs book, which faded
before Malachive could do anything with it.

Malachive smirked before hearing a rustling in the snow.

The Angel Araadul tried to rise but his body was too broken and he was in
too much pain.

Malachive smiled and approached the downed angel.

"I know that you can already feel what happened to your Goddess and while I
could easily kill you now, there is something very satisfactory about having
an Angel trapped on Algoron with no Goddess to serve. Your misery will be
both entertaining and well deserved. The War between all of the Gods is
well deserved. I hope they ALL kill each other. I hope they ALL do their
work for me. Enjoy the next moments of your pathetic life, Angel, no matter
how painful it is. This world as you know it is about to burn."

Writer: Scorn
Date Wed Aug 6 11:52:45 2008

To all

Subject The Reaction (part 1 of 3)

The Goddess had lived forever in many mortals eyes. The woman was
completely void of selfishness. She had dedicated her entire existence to
that of peace. She had thousands of followers and even an entire church of
devoted fanatics all preaching of peace in her name. Statues adorned cities
and temples, paintings and symbols were worn on shields and crests. The
Goddess was loved like no other by centuries of mortals who lived their
entire lives praying to her, hoping to send t heir souls to her for
eternity. Yet in Austinians eyes, Kadiya was just a child. His child.

Ever since she was a child, Kadiya wept at the sight of violence and war.
Now it was the worlds turn to weep and the heavens were soon to follow.

Austinian held Taliena as the couple wept. The parents had never even
considered the thought of losing a child. After all, these beings were Gods
and therefore immortal. Two of their three remaining children stared at
their parents with tears flowing from their eyes. Kantilles and Siccara
were both visibly shaken and offered what little comfort their emotions
would allow them. The 3rd sibling, Nadrik, would only pace. Noticing how
Nadrik increased the speed of his pace, Austinian kissed his wife on her
forehead and then looked towards Nadrik.

"I know what you wantwhat you intend to do, my son, and now is not the time"
Austinian said calmly.

Nadrik looked up at his father and then to his crying mother and then
pointed at the lifeless body of Kadiya that lay before them. Anger filled
his eyes as he looked to back his passive father.

"He killed my sisterYOUR DAUGHTERand you want usyou want me to do nothing?"
Nadrik looked to Austinian with both anger and a mild disgust, but he waited
for Austinians answer patiently.

"You teach honor, Nadrik, not vengeance. " Austinians voice remained as
calm as he could keep it. "Do you intend to abandon your ways now; when
honor is needed more than ever before?"

Nadriks expression turned to that of a deep sadness. "It is honor that
compels me to find Devion and rid Algoron and the rest of the worlds of him!
It is honor that will not allow me to stand by and watch yet another one of
us die! When we created this world we had all agreed to not wage war. This
was a place for us all to co-exist and Necrucifer and his like has done
nothing but interfere and try to tip the scales in their favor every since!
They birthed a new child and then took one of yours, father. THEY TOOK MY
SISTER!!" Nadrik finally began to weep, although slightly. "This is not
vengeance, this is survival! And if I can get my hands upon Devion.. WHEN
I get my hands upon that filth.. THEN everyone and everything is better
off. Call it what you want, but I intend to kill Devion or die trying. I
should have killed him long ago instead of just removing his hand!"

Nadrik turned around to leave but Austinians hand grasped Nadrik by the

Austinians voice remained as calm as Nadrik had ever heard it. "Songrieve
for your sister. Remember her for who she was and that of which she loved.
I am certain that war is upon us and we cannot escape that fact but now is a
time to mourn and to grieve. Pay your respects to Kadiya, son. Give
yourself just a moment to remember her and to grieve. Then we will discuss
what is to come."

Nadrik simply closed his tear filled eyes and bowed his head as Austinian
placed his arms around his son. "And what of her followers?" Siccara asked

"I will care for them," Taliena said as she addressed her daughters
questions for her husband. "They may count on me to carry the banner of
peace in Kadiyas place." "Father?" Kantilles spoke up. "I was to meet
with the other two Gods of magic today. Do you wish for me to confront
Necrucifers wife on this matter?"

Austinian smiled at Kantilles. "I think it best that you do not attend this
meeting, Kantilles. Now is a time to grieve and then we will decide what is
to come. In the mean time, let us gather our angels to mourn."

"Surely, the priests of Kadiya can already feel this" Siccara said. "How do
we tell them?"

"The Balanx have already written of this, despite the passing of Raijes
servant. Every library in Algoron is getting word of this now. I fear that
this will cause a panic and many wars, but this is something we have to deal
with up front and with the honestly that the mortals cannot count on from
the others." Austinians words suddenly increased in volume. "Summon the
angels. Let us begin."

Writer: Scorn
Date Wed Sep 17 11:25:25 2008

To all

Subject The Reaction (Part 2 of 3)

Devion walked alone up the path made of bones. Flame engulfed the
torches that lined the path as he past each one. That was a clear sign that
Necrucifer was here and was awaiting his arrival. A voice behind Devion
startled him and he swung around in fear. Mencius stood behind him with a
smirk upon his face.

"So you are already scared, brother" Mencius said in a voice that almost
made the God of Rage seem pleased.

"Scared?" Replied Devion. "Scared of you?"

"Scared of Nadriks vengeance" Mencius replied while studying Devion for any
reaction to hearing Nadriks name.

"Leave me be" Devion answered. "Father is waiting on me." "As are we all"
replied Mencius. Fatale bet me 100 souls that you would be murdered on this
mission and I intend to collect."

"You wagered on me?" Devion asked.

"Kadiya was weak. I could have sent a demon to kill her." Mencius stated.

"If you say so." Devion responded.

The two approached an alter made of blackened marble. Necrucifer sat there
staring into nothing in particular. Drakkara stood beside him with a hand
on Necrucifers shoulder. Standing facing the throne was Fatale and Dragoth,
both of whom had their typical stern and angry look upon their faces.
Mencius joined his brothers and the three stared at Devion as he approached
his father with a bowed head.

"The mission is accomplished father. I.. Ikilled Kadiya." Devions voice
cracked when he spoke and his nervousness was obvious to everyone. His
voice drew looks from all three of his brothers and even his mother Drakkara
rolled her eyes.

"You did what none of the others could do." Necrucifer said. His voice was
deep and as loud as thunder. Demonic servants nearby cowered at every word
that Necrucifer spoke. "She would have never let anyone else get that close
to her. You had her drop her guard around you and your trickery was
brilliant. I am proud of you, my son."

Devion looked up slowly at his father and his expression changed from fear
to one of pride.

"Does this mean I can keep the new hand?" Devion asked as he looked down at
a blackened hand.

"You may. You have made up for your botched attempt to kill Siccara
centuries ago. You are now an equal with your brothers and should be
recognized as such" Necrufier responded.

Dragoth, Fatale and Mencius all gave revolting looks towards Devion upon
hearing Necrucifers words.

"We have tilted the balance in favor of us and let us not waste any time.
You will all instruct your priests to rally evil behind this victory. They
will need to unify under the banners of each church so they when we strike,
we will strike as one. Darkonin will be at the forefront of this war.
Build its army. Instruct the clans of Bloodlust, Darkonin and Shadow to
partner with Verminasia and Darkonin.

"Why Darkonin, my darling?" Drakkara asked. "Verminasia is a much larger
and more powerful kingdom than Darkonin."

Necrucifer looked annoyed at the question. "Verminasia is quite
powerful darling" he said in an obviously annoyed voice.."But for what is
to come, we need the utmost loyalty and I cannot foresee one who does not
see things as we do infiltrating the ranks of the Goblin and Ogre kingdom.
It is not in their nature. Humans and the Dark Elves cannot always be

"Father?" Fatale spoke but awaited permission to speak which he got with a
nod from Necrucifer. "I have awoken the vampires. As we speak the kingdom
of Abaddon is alive and rebuilding. Are you ready for their assistance?"

"No" responded Necrucifer. "There will be a time and place for them in this
war, but not yet."

"And what of Malachive?" Asked Dragoth. "Can I kill him now?"

"You may kill Malachive any time the opportunity approaches you" Necrucifer
responded. "Fatale, I want you to watch over Devion. When Nadrik finds
him, you will need to kill Nadrik. We all know that Devion can not kill
Nadrik alone."

Fatale nodded and smiled eerily at Devion.

"Dragoth, Devion and my oh so loving wife" Necrucifer again spoke with
sarcasm. "You will all create your new demons now. Mantaroth will lead
them all to Darkonin where he will act on my behalf as General of the army."

Drakkara smiled. "Hell take over Darkonin before you know it."

Necrucifer sighed. "Hell do as hes told. He will be leader of this
multi-kingdom and multi-clanned army, the ARMY, not the kingdoms, and he will
answer to me. I am putting this responsibility on his shoulders and the
other demons will be his captains. Let us prepare a strategy and take this
opportunity to do what weve always dreamed of doing. Destroying Algoron and
rebuilding it to our standards of glory!"

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Sep 18 13:18:35 2008

To all

Subject The Reaction (Part 3 of 3)

Raije walked through the dust of the red moon dragging the lifeless
corpse of the Abhorrant with him. In Raijes mind, it was a good day. He
had slain a God killer. It was a good kill. He had no emotion over the
passing of Kadiya at Devions hand. After all, Kadiya was weak and peace
never accomplished anything. Kadiya had ruined so many good wars over the
years which had merely prolonged the inevitable. He did not approve of a
Gods slaying by any standards, but he would not miss her. The mother of all
wars was upon them and Raije couldnt help but feel extremely anxious for it
all. Maybe next time hed get a shot at Deathmeere. Maybe even Malachive.
Malachive had killed Raijes top servant, his Balanx Ametheniuss. Raije took
personal offense at having his servant slain. It was annoying to find new

Raije approached a small grove of green trees. This was a haven in a sea of
red dirt and rock. Obviously, Zandreya was here somewhere. A few steps
closer and Raije could see all of the neutral Gods, gathered together
awaiting his arrival.

Raije approached them and threw the corpse of the Abhorrant down into the
ground before them.

"One down, two to go" stated Cliath in a pleased voice. "Its a shame you
didnt get Deathmeere."

"Three to go. Dont forget about Malachive" said Turpa. "But one less
Abhorrant is a good thing" she said as she smiled at Raije.

Raije simply nodded holding back his proud smile.

Sebatis shook his head. "We have a lot more to worry about now than just
the Abhorrants and Malachive."

Zandreya held hands with Kwainin as they whispered to each other. Seeming
to come to some sort of agreement, Kwainin motioned for everyone to listen
to him.

"Kadiyas passing is an absolute tragedy. Devion has caused a war that will
scar us and Algoron for the rest of time." Kwainin spoke with absolute
sincerity and he had everyones full attention. "Id like to know all of your
opinions on how or even if we should involve ourselves." Zandreya spoke
first "Obviously, we need to kill or banish one of Necrucifers to balance
things back out. I nominate Dragoth if we are to take that course."

"I think we should hunt down the Abhorrants and Malachive and let good fight
evil. It will work itself out that way." Turpa added.

Cliath interjected. "We need to choose sides. This world will collapse if
one side dominates the other. Let us even things out and then draw up a

"It would just happen again" stated Turpa. "The truce would last maybe 100
years at best and then what? Necrucifer will order this again but maybe
this time on one of us. This entire thing has me very angry."

"As we can all tell by the violent weather lately, sister" replied Sebatis.
"You really need to stop letting your mood dictate the weather."

"I agree" said Zandreya. "Youve ruined a lot of crops this year."

Sebatis smiled. "If I let my mood dictate magic, the red robes would be
casting create food and be turning themselves into bowls of oat meal."

Lightning struck through the skies of the red moon.

"Lightning on a moon? Thats so random, isnt it sister?" Sebatis said with
a wink.

"Enough!" Stated Kwainin. "Crops. Weather. Bowls of oatmeal. None of
that will matter if the Gods enter an all out war. Ive tried to talk to
Necrucifer about this and he is avoiding me. Austinian talks of nothing but
heart ache and despair and will agree to nothing less than the exile or
death of Devion. I think its safe to say this situation was planned by
Necrucifer and we are at an impasse. War is upon us. It is our duty to
choose sides and get things back to normal. This war has already affected
us. For example only Turpas Balanx lives currently. The rest have been
slain by the Abhorrants or Malachive. We are now forced to find new
servants to even record what is going on in the world! That fact alone
tells me that Malachive is hiding something big. We need to get this
situation fixed by any means necessary and we need to do it now."

"Great, but how?" Asked Cliath.

Kwainin nodded. "We have two fronts to this war. Malachive and the
Abhorrants against all of the Gods and the Gods of Evil against the Gods of
Good. Our priorities should be to prevent and stop the war between the Gods
so that we can all concentrate on Malachive."

"Yes because that worked out so well last time" Sebatis interrupted.
"Father, its more than apparent that the Gods of Evil want this war. It
cannot be stopped now, not without something drastic happening. I should be
able to keep the mages together but the rest of the world is going to split
right apart into one huge holy war."

"So let us make something drastic happen" Raije said, again without emotion.
"I have a plan."

All of the neutral gods stood and gave Raije their utmost attention. Raije
rarely spoke, but when he did, the other Gods could not help but be avid
listeners. When he finished, everyone simply stared down at the ground with
Zandreya and Kwainin staring at each other with worried expressions.

Kwainin nodded and without another word, the meeting of the Gods ended and
all six went on their separate ways.

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon Sep 29 14:47:07 2008

To all

Subject The Birth of CHAOS

Malachive stood on the side of the cliff overlooking the hundreds of
soldiers who chanted his name. There were no formations, only a mass of
five hundred soldiers screaming the name of the name who would be their
savior. Beside Malachive stood the Abhorrant Deathmeer. He watched quietly
and with much interest as if he were studying the soldiers individually.
Also with them was Seanan, the once powerful Conclave mage now turned into
some sort of unatural servant of Malachive.

Malachive raised his hand and at once the mortals ceased to make any sound.
No one even moved. Malachive looked at his soldiers slowly and then he

"To my soldiers and our honored guests, I bid you welcome." Malachive
pointed toward a group sat inside of cells transfixed on his words yet
terrified to be there.

"I have taken the liberty to invite distinguished guests from all Nations to
bear witness to my message so that word can be passed on to all kingdoms.
Welcome residents of the known world. Hear my message and you will be
returned safely to your kingdoms where you WILL spread the words that I
speak today for all to hear."

Some of the captives nodded their heads in understanding. Others did not
move at all. Malachive looked over the crowd of soldiers and began to

"It is time." His voice was unnaturally loud as if he were speaking
through magic. No one would miss a single word that he chose to speak.
Malachites audience was fixated on every word with as much anticipation as
any of them had ever witnessed in their mortal lives.

"It is FINALLY time."

The crowd cheered and clashed their swords and shields together until
Malachive yet again demanded complete silence, simply by raising his hand
into the air.

"For too long, the Gods of this world have dominated you. They have forced
you to carry out their will no matter what the cost was to you. Lose your
homes? Thats just fine with them. Watch your children die in their names,
well it was an honor to serve them, right? Lose your lives? Splendid! You
get to spend eternity with them, dont you? Dont you?"

The crowd remained eerily silent.

"I AM a God and I am here to tell you all that these Gods have LIED to you!
There is no after life! They do not CARE for you! You are simply a pawna
servant. No, you are nothing more than an insect for them to manipulate and
control into doing the jobs that they are too scared to come to Algoron to
do themselves! YOU ARE NOTHING TO THEM!"

The crowd remained silent with the exception of a few soldiers nodding their
head in agreement, some showing some emotion.

"For all of history, this world has been made miserable all in the name of
whatever God you were told to pray to by your parents and priests! The time
of War and Misery on their names is over! Now is the time to correct our
world! Now is the time to take OUR world back!"

The crowd once again went into a frenzy. This time, Malachive did nothing
to deter the noise. His voice simply grew louder.

"And IS our world. I was born here too. I was born in Arkane. I grew into
a man here on Icewall. Yes, its true that my real parents are Necrucifer
and Drakkara, but I was raised by Humans. Yes, its true that I have the
powers of a God. But I am one of you and I am swearing here and now that it
is my lifes goal to free all of you from this slavery and oppression that
the so called Gods have grown to take for granted. I will show you a world
where they are both neither required, needed or wanted. We will turn this
world into our war zone and when they come here to stop us, we will kill
them and finally, we will all be free. The Gods themselves will see that
they are not needed and they will move away to new worlds or they will die
here on Algoron, just as Kadiya did. Just as the forgotten Gods of old who
died at the hands of the Abhorrants did."

The soldiers went into another frenzy cheering Malachive on.

"I will show you Chaos and with it power that none of you ever thought
possible. You will not need your Gods or their teachings. You will not
need the teachings of corrupt guild masters. From Chaos, I bring you
independence and freedom. There is real power to be held without the Gods
blessing and together, we will show the world."

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Jan 12 15:29:52 2009

To all

Subject Raije's Plan

Malachive sat upon his throne inside of this cold icy fortree. He had no
guard and no audience. Only the footsteps of a human wearing red plate
armor brought any sign of life into the chamber. The human approached and
knelt before Malachive and awaited permission to speak. Malachive nodded
and the man began to speak.

"Lord, your instructions pertaining to Tropica have been completed." Said
the voice of the human was filled with confidence and pride of a job well

Malachive showed no emotion but only stared at his servant.

"The seeds are planted and the changes have begun. Already many of the
tribal races have scattered and fled. The Bakali fought us but scattered
after they ended up fighting amongst themselves. They reall yare a hateful
bunch. The Centaur fought for months before retreating out of Tropica all
together. They were the most formidable of the races we encountered. The
Pixie fled upon their first ones death except to stop and harass us when we
least needed them too. It took my second in command three days for his feet
to swell back down to a normal size. The Ariel continue to fight, but only
for short skirmishes. They are brave, but we have suceeded in destroying
their tree communities. However, I have been informaed of a potential
provlem. Most who have fled have poured into Algorons largest cities and
are drawing some suspicion of all of the kingdoms. Alas, bbout one fifth of
our army has already boarded our ships and left for the new settlements.
I'll have the remaining army ready to leave this icy continent by the end of
the week."

Malachive nodded at his armies commander with satisfaction. "Let the
kingdoms send their armies." Malachive said matter of factly. "They'll
know soon enough that we exist simply to save them." Malachive rose from
his throne. "Save them from the oppression of the Gods and free them from
the servitude that the existing Gods demand of them. They will see and most
will join us." Malachive's demeanor changed in an instantly and a look of
concern shined from his face. "We are powerful. If not, then why would
there be a God with us right now in another attempt to assassinate me?"

"N.. N.. Now?" Muttered Malachive's servant before turning around to see
a 12 foot Minotaur in golden shining armor standing behind him.

"I assume this is why Raije stands before us" Malachive spoke again with no

Raije stared at Malachive and said nothing.

"You should not have come alone, God of War" Malachive said. "You think
yourself too mighty. I have learned much."

Raije smirked and gripped an enormous battle axe that had many detailed
runes carved into it.

"Abhorrants, appear!" Malachive said quickly.

Just as Raije began to raise his weapon, two Abhorrants arrived behind him.

Deathmeere was the first to speak.

"Three on one. Not even you, Raije God of War, can win this battle."

Without any notice and with reflexes only a God could posses, Raije swung
around and sliced one of the Abhorrant's arm completely off and instantly
swung in the reverse direction almost beheading the other Abhorrant,
Deathmeere. Malachive clapped his hands together and sent a black energy
swarming at Raije. Raije raised his non-axe hand and a gray energy shot
forth at Malachive's black energy and consumed it. In the same motion Raije
cleaved his axe onto the one armed Abhorrant and split him into two pieces
from the shoulder down, killing him instantly. Deathmeere swung wildly at
Raije and made contact sending him crashing through the icy wall of the
throne room. Deathmeere instantly ran after the fallen Raije, determined to
continue his assault.

Malachive went to follow but was sent crashing back by an enormous bolt of

A woman floated above Malachive, her eyes glowing white.

"Turpa!" Malachive said loudly while standing to his feet.

"She's not alone" said another voice.

Malachive turned to see Sebatis standing on the other side of him.

"So you've sent three Gods after me this time" Malachive said with disgust
in his voice.

"Four" said another voice.

Malachive turned again to see the most muscular Dwarf he had ever seen
standing there weilding a humongous hammer.

"Cliath!" Malachive said in disbelief.

Cliath raised a hammer and slammed it into the still stunned Malachive. The
force sent him through the icy wall and out into the camp ground that had
become the home of Malachive's army. Malachive raised his head off of the
ground and looked around. Thousands of his soldiers looked at him stunned.

"What are you looking at? Defend me! The Gods can be killed here! Attack
them! Attack them now!" Malachive screamed.

The army of mortals of all races looked at Malachive with mixed emotions.
Some were in disbelief, some were scared, others were peering at the hole in
the wall from which Malachive had been slammed through. One by one, Cliath,
Turpa and Sebatis walked through and looked at the baffled mortals around

"If you do not wish to die today, you may leave, but leave now for we have
unfinished business with this one!" Cliath said as he pointed his massive
hammer towards Malachive.

Malachive laid on the ground in pain. He closed his eyes and seemed to
mouth a quiet spell as Cliath continued to speak.

"If you fight us, you will die today. We will not offer you another chance
to flee" Cliath continued.

The army of Malachive all began to glow a red aura and their expressions
changed to that of rage.

"Malachive's casting some sort of spell on them!" Sebatis yelled before
sending a stream of flaming bolts at Malachive. The bolts connecting with
Malachive sending rolling onto the ground on fire.

"Too late brother" said Turpa as she noticed the entire army going into a
rage. "He's made them suicidal!"

"Let's kill them! Let's kill them all!" Yelled a bearded human who seemed
to be one of the armies officers.

Suddenly, thousands of mortals rushed at the three Gods swinging weapons
wildly at them. The Gods reacted with God-like speed and the enormous
battle began. Sebatis killed mortals by the dozens with various spells, one
cast right after the other. Turpa killed hundreds when she brought forth a
tornado that swept through the camp sending soldiers flying to their deaths.
Cliath swung his hammer and sent dozens of mortals flying dead through the
air, one wave after the other.

Meanwhile, miles way, the battle between Raije and the last of the
Abhorrants raged through the mountains of Icewall. Deathmeere was proving
far more formidable an opponent than the other two Abhorrants that Raije had
already slain. Deathmeere had disarmed Raije of his weapon and the battle
was now a mix between hand to hand combat and various defensive spells.
Deathmeere had both hands around Raijes neck trying to choke the life out of
him, but Raije countered by grabbing Deathmeere by the shoulders and rolling
back flipping Deathmeere into the air. Deathmeere sailed miles into the air
and crashed into a patch of ice that had a massive lake beneath its frozen
surface. The ice broke and the unconscious Deathmeere sunk into the cold
water, the hole in the ice freezing over him in mere moments. Raije
collected himself and began towards Deathmeere's location.

Back in Malachive's camp, mortals were suffering massive losses as Sabatis,
Turpa and Cliath who continued to defend themselves against the thousands of
Malachive's army. Despite their one sidedness of this battle, the mortals
continues to attack.

A catapult launched a boulder at the Gods only to be batted away by Cliaths
hammer. Sebatis had blinded almost a quarter of the remaining army with
just one spell and Turpa had dozens of lightning bolts striking at once
slaying a mortal with every strike. The Gods were winning this battle and
it looked almost too easy.

"Excellent!" Yelled Cliath.

"Indeed, brother" replied Sebatis who was now smiling. "It's been too long
since we've had to get our hands dirty!"

The thunderstorm and tornado both stopped abruptly, prompting Sebatis and
Cliath to turn towards Turpa. She stood with an expressionless stare and
did not move.

"Turpa, what is it?" Sebatis said curiously. "What's wrong"

"Oh by the high God, NO!" Yelled Cliath and he moved towards Turpa.

Suddenly, the tip of th spear could be seen piercing through Turpa's chest
with the Goddess's blood seeping down from her chest. As her body fell
lifeless, Malachive stood fully from behind her, the bloody spear which was
now glowing an eerie gray color still in his hands. He looked at the
stunned Cliath and Sebatis with a hate filled expression as he dropped the
spear and then teleported away.

"I'll go after him" says Sebatis before Cliaths hand stops him. "No! We
need to try to save her! We can still save her!"

Sebtais placed his hands over the would in Turpa's chest and began to chant.
Cliath moved into action against the remaining army and with both spell and
hammer finished off every last mortal who had attacked them.

"He cut her heart into two peices, brother. She is dead. Turpa's dead!
Malachive killed her!" Sebatis said as tears begin to sweep down his face.

Raije was now walking over the frozen lake when he sensed the loss of his
sister. Raije stopped, opened up a portal and stepped though it.

Raije appeared through the portal to see his sister laying in Sebatis' arms,
still lifeless. Sebatis looked at Raije as tears fell from the Gods eyes,

Sebatis spoke to Raije in a panic. "She's dead, Raije. We couldn't save
her. Malachive killed her after he sacrificed his entire army at our hands.
We had just assumed he had fled, but he pierced her through her heart.
Stabbed her from behind!"

Raije only stared. His head stooped and he walked back into the icy throne
room where the surprise attack had begun. In this room was only two halves
an Aborrant with one arm severed beside it. Upon seeing the corpse, Raije
approached it and stepped on the dead Abhorrants head, crushing it.

Cliath walked into the room and softly said "Let's get her home, brother.
Then we'll finish this. I assume you killed Deathmeere, so that leaves
Malachive alone now."

Raije looked at the dead Abhorrant. "He still lives. Trapped under the
frozen lake, but he can not die by anything other than one of our kind."

Cliath placed his hand on his brothers broad shoulder and the two walked
back outside together. As Cliath and Raije left Algoron, Sebatis looked
behind and in one anger filled spell leveled the rest of icy fortress.

"This war has only just begun" Sebatis muttered as he ascened into the sky
to join his brothers.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Jan 12 17:13:37 2009

To all

Subject The Balanx's Scroll to the Libraries of Algoron

*A scroll was delivered to every library know to mortals. On it was
stamped in wax the symbol of the Balanx, recorders of history. In it was
attached another scroll along with this letter:* A Balanx rarely finds
something in this world that amazes it and confuses it so I would consider
today odd indeed.

Today, the wind failed to blow. No snow fell on the ground on the entire
continent of Icewall. No rain watered Algoron's plants. The world seemed
to simple stop.

This lasted almost the entire day and then all at once, it began again.

I completely my duty as a Balanx, a recorder of this worlds history. I
wrote down all that I knew, yet I needed to find out why. I searched
Algoron far and wide and then decided to confront the Gods themselves.

When I arrived to the heavens, I discovered all of the Gods of Neutrality
together in mourning. The Goddess of Weather was deceased. No balanx
witnessed the events of this death. Malachive would always discover our
presence and destroy our kind and so his camp had been made forbidden.

Surprisingly, his story has been confirmed by the Gods as accurate, although
I do not yet know the fate of this soldier.

Regardless, I have been instructed to share this event to all libraries of
Algoron along with the word that the weather has continued through the power
of Zandreya.

Included is the scroll with a record of events for your publishing. Please
see that all have access so that it may never be forgotten.

*ooc: to read the scroll, see the previous history note*

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Jul 2 15:37:08 2009

To all

Subject The Brown Eggs (Part 1)

The landscape here was harsh. The wind never stopped blowing long enough
for the sands to settle. The heat was wretched, which explained why nothing
lived here above the earth.

Despite the scorched earth and violent surroundings, two beings stood here
gleaming with a greatness that couldn't easily be described. The wind, the
heat and the blowing sand did not affect these two. Their noble faces
showed only a look of arrogance and perhaps accomplishment. None could ever
tell that one being was the others mother. After all, they looked the same

"And you're sure no one has found these, Devion?" Drakkara asked.

"Yes mother. The New Thalosians are too scared of the Sand Wyrm I let the
Bakali find and use against them to venture out this far into the desert,
and rightfully so. That thing has quite the temper" Devion replied.

"It's temper will not compare in the least to these things." Drakkara said
as she stared down at several rows of brown dragon eggs. "And again, we tip
the scales in our favor. You are really starting to make me proud, Devion."

"And what about father?" Devion asked.

"You know Necrucifer. Pride in anything but himself is probably not even
possible" Drakkara said with a slight look of displeasure. "But you are
doing good work. None of what we've accomplished so far could have been
done without your victories. The world is gaining a new respect for you, my
son. You killed a God in brilliant fashion, you started the god war and now
you've created the beginning of our new army that will conquer Algoron.
Soon, this will all be over."

"The desert browns will serve well. They will kill many. Their breath will
give the metallics trouble to say the least and let's not forget....."
Devion said before a loud noise interrupted him.

The loud crackling of an egg breaking startled Devion and Drakkara both, a
reaction the Gods are not used to.

Standing inside a busted egg was a foot in its polished armor.

Devion was the first to speak. "What the... How...?"

"I must say that the look on your face is not very dignified, son" Drakkara
said before looking back over to the intruder. "So it would seem Nadrik has
found us and your eggs."

"My apologizes, were these eggs yours?" Nadrik said with an uncommon look
of anger in his face.

Nadrik stared straight at Devion with such a look of rage, that Devion
privately wondered why he hadn't been attacked by the God of Honor yet.

Nadrik moved and stepped on another egg, crushing it.

"Keep it up Nadrik, we'll just make more" Devion said tauntingly.

"You'll have to do a better job at hiding them next time" Nadrik replied,
still staring down Devion as he continued to step on eggs.

"You actually came here alone?" Drakkara asked.

"I didn't expect to see you two here on Algoron" Nadrik replied. "I would
have thought the coward Devion would be cowering some where where he could
not be killed."

"Why such anger, Nadrik? Surely, I can't think of any reason why you'd be
angry with me?" Devion said sarcastically. Drakarra giggled.

Her name was Kadiya." Nadrik said as his eyes watered. "Do you not feel
any regret for taking her away?

Devion said nothing. He only looked at Nadrik with some sadness.

Nadrik stepped towards Devion destroying another egg in the process.

"Mother... Some help please." Devion said nervously.

Drakkara reacted quickly as she thrust her hands towards Nadrik unleashing a
massive amount of energy that crashed into Nadrik, sending him flying
backwards. Devion moved to Nadrik and in an instant was standing over him
striking at him with his fist. His first two punches connected with Nadrik
to the face, both hits doing damage and causing Nadrik to bleed slightly.
Nadrik swept his legs under Devions and knocked Devion to the ground.
Nadrik instantly rolled over the top of Devion and delivered two striking
blows of his own. Drakkara shot a beam of black lightning at Nadrik
knocking him off of Devion. Nadrik stood up instantly but Drakkara followed
it with a constant stream of red lighting that forced Nadrik to glow with a
burning energy that seemed to light all of his nerves on fire. Nadrik
screamed in pain. Drakkara closed in keeping her damaging spell active.

Devion got to his feet and smiled. He loved the sound of Nadriks screams.

Nadrik dropped to his knees in pain and felt helpless as his every fiber
felt the agony of this Goddesses spell. He watched Devion close in on him
and saw the smile on Devions face.

Nadrik was losing his vision, his strength and felt even his life slipping
away. As he heard Devion yell to his mother "Kill him!", his entire
existence passed before his eyes from his first memories to his sister
Kadiyas lifeless corpse.

Suddenly, Nadrik eyes opened back up wide and he slowly managed to stand.

"Your spell isn't working" Devion said to Drakkara.

"Shut up or help" Drakkara said back to Devion.

Nadrik managed a step towards Drakkara and Devion decided to assist. Out of
thin air appeared a very large spiked mace. Nadrik gripped it with his one
natural hand and swung it at Nadriks head connecting and sending the God
down to the ground. Blood poured from Nadriks head onto the sand, but he
stood up seemingly more determined than ever.

Drakkara struck at him again, this time with a yellow energy with a black
outline but Nadrik somehow managed to deflect it by raising up his armored
hand. The energy struck back at Drakkara and knocked her off of her feet.
Nadrik then moved so fast, he made three motions seem like one. He disarmed
Devion's mace, stomped the back of his knee forcing Devion to the his knees
and delivered a high kick to the back of Devions head knocking Devion into
the ground so hard that he rolled into several brown dragon eggs, destroying
several dozen of them.

Drakkara got to her feet but before she could regain her composure, Nadrik
tackled her shoulder first into the ground. Rolling on top of her he
delivered dozens of elbow strikes to the Goddesses face forcing her to
bleed. When she stopped moving, Nadrik stood and unsheathed his sword. He
hoisted it above his head over Drakkara and begun to strike down on her.

"YOU WANT ME, NADRIK!" Devion yelled from behind him. "Fight me, one on
one, loser dies. I was the one who killed your sister. It is me you want
to kill, not my mother."

Nadrik lowered his blade and turned towards Devion and swung his sword at
Devion. Devion only barely dodged the swing and managed to summon a large
fiery boulder from the sky at Nadrik.

Nadrik swung his blade and destroyed the boulder easily.

Devion rushed at Nadrik hoping to tackle Nadrik during the instant he was
distracted but Nadrik was ready for him and delivered an elbow to Devions
face using his own momentum against him.

Nadrik delivered a front kick that landed square on Devion's chin and sent
the mischievous God down to the ground.

Nadrik raised his sword high above his head and spoke commandingly. "Say
your last words Devion, God of mischief and murderer of my sister."

Devion knowing his fate began to speak "If I could bring her back, I would.
I only did as father made me do. Please don't do this. I know I can

Nadrik looked down at Devion without compassion and said "No, you won't."

Nadrik began to drive his sword down towards Devion with as much force as he
could muster.... But was on the ground himself before he knew what had

Looking up, Nadrik saw three new figures, one of which was helping Devion to
his feet. Crawling up to one knee, Nadriks eyes focused.

There now stood Fatale, Dragoth and Mencious and they were all moving
towards Nadrik.

(to be continued)
(ooc no knowledge of this is yet public)

Writer: Scorn

Date Tue Jul 7 10:53:46 2009

To all

Subject Nadrik's Demise

Nadrik barely had time to lift his sword as the gods of evil descended
upon him. Dragoth, Fatale and Mencius attacked Nadrik with a furiousness
that the world had never seen. Their weapons all punished Nadrik without
mercy and without hesitation. Although stabbed, cut, bruised and bloody,
Nadrik showed his honor in a feeble attempt to fight back. He caught
Fatale's scythe by the hand and even as the blade cut through Nadriks hand,
he managed to disarm Fatale and send the God of Murder a hard punch with his
other hand that he would not soon forget.

Nadrik's attempt to fight back was cut short when a massive hammer in the
hands of Mencius caught Nadrik in the back of the head, rendering Nadrik
completely still and unconscious.

"Is he dead?" Devion yelled to his brothers.

"Not yet" replied Fatale who seemed annoyed that his brother bothered to
address them. "But he soon will be."

Dragoth, Fatale and Mencius all raised their weapons high and continued to
deliver fatal blows to Nadrik.

"Stop!" Said a commanding voice as a dark mist appeared from the ground as
if some spirit from hell itself had come to the scene.

All 4 sons instantly kneeled before their father as the dark mist formed
into Necrucifer himself.

"Necrucifer walks Algoron. How lucky for us all," her voice said weak and
almost sarcastically as Drakkara got herself to her feet.

Necrucifer looked around the desert at the few remaining brown dragon eggs
and then at the fallen Nadrik.

"He is dead, father. Good can not defeat us now," Dragoth said is his raspy

"He has life still in him," Necrucifer said without hesitation.

All four of the dark sons rose and approached Nadrik.

Necrucifer walked in front of them and stared intently into Devions eyes.
Devion seemed frightened at the direct stare from his father.

Necrucifer spoke slowly as if he had carefully chosen his words. "You have
done well, Devion. Despite losing most of the eggs your mother created and
despite almost losing your own life today, you have done all that I have

Devion did not smile nor show any pride in his fathers words. He only
nodded nervously.

"The prize is yours, my son." Necrucifer said.

The words "my son" made Devion smile slightly but he quickly regained his

"Kill him. Kill him quickly Devion. His family will undoubtedly be here
soon," Necrucifer continued.

"Mencius, bury the eggs deeps in sands and bestow into these young creatures
a temper for which will make them renown. Wife, you will not travel to the
dark moon today. You will travel with me and heal. Fatale, Dragoth, leave
this place."

As quickly as Necrucifer spoke, all of the gods acted and departed.

Devion stood alone with Nadrik, whom was struggling with every breath he

"No Nadrik, you do not deserve death quite yet," Devion said with a
mischievous smile upon his face. "Not before I have a little fun with you."

Devion reached down to touch Nadriks shoulder and instantly, they both

(To be continued)

Writer: Scorn

Date Tue Jul 7 15:25:35 2009

To all

Subject Nadrik's Demise (part 2)

"Brother... Wake up..." The voice was soft and sweet and very familiar
to Nadrik.

Nadrik tried to open the one eye that wasn't swollen shut but before he
could muster the energy, but everything went black again.

"Brother.... Wake up! Wake up now!" The voice said again, this time with

Nadrik opened his eye expecting to see the person behind the voice, but
Kadiya wasn't there. The reality was that she was dead just as he soon
would be.

Trying to make note of his surrounding with his limited and blurred vision
was no easy task but he managed to see the dark flattened horizon of black
ash. There were no clouds, no sky and no air. Managing to move his head to
the side he could see the beautiful planet of Algoron below him.

"Devions brought me to the dark moon," Nadrik thought to himself. "Not a
bad plan. He can still kill me here."

Nadrik tried to move but couldn't. He simply lacked the strength. He was
doomed here on this moon. He would not heal on the dark moon and his
strength would be zapped even if he hadn't been near death already.

Nadrik tried again, only to pass out once again.

"Brother... , " the voice continued. "You need to wake up now! It's not
too late!"

"KADIYA!" Nadrik said as his eye opened once more.

Devion laughed out loud while slapping his knee.

"Forgive me my old friend, but I thought you needed a familiar voice to wake
you up," Devion said as he was laughing.

"You.... You are.... Despicable," Nadrik replied weakly, unable to even
lift his head up.

"I know!" Devion said proudly. "But at least I'm not boring."

Devion leaned down to study Nadrik and looked him over before poking him in
a gaping wound in chest twice.

Nadrik screamed with pain before passing out yet again.

"Tsk tsk," Devion said quietly. "Do not die on me yet, Nadrik. We've only
just begun."

Devion did not notice the two shadows present nor as they left to the other
side of the dark moon. Taking form, Drakkara and Necrucifer stood side by
side. Drakkara had an angry look upon her face but Necrucifer looked as
arrogant as ever.

"How he ever managed to kill Kadiya is beyond me. You told him what to do
and instead he... ," Drakkara complained before getting cut off by

"He did exactly as I knew he would, lover." Necrucifer said adding obvious
sarcasm to the word lover. "And I made sure the Gods of Light know exactly
where he is now."

Drakkara raised an eye brow at Necrucifer in surprise but said nothing.

"When they come to his rescue, we'll be waiting and since the battle is to
take place on this dark moon, their power will be drastically less and ours
so much more. This war will be won. Yes, it's THAT easy."

"And if they don't come to his rescue?" Drakkara asked.

"Then we kill him and kill the rest of them later," Necrucifer said plainly.
"Nadrik is goods greatest warrior. They can not win without him. He'll die
here, it's just a matter of who else we can kill here as well. The sons
have all been made aware and await the Gods of good potential arrival. As
such, we wait as well."

Drakkara grinned. "I am so turned on right now."

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Jul 9 17:24:10 2009

To all

Subject Nadrik's Demise (part 3 of 3)

Austinian and Taliena stood with their children on the white moon. In
the distant moons horizon they could see the dark moon. The Gods vision
allowed them to see every detail of Nadriks condition and the punishment he
was taking from Devion.

Taliena wept and turned away. She couldn't watch. Kantilles watched and
could say nothing. Siccara also looked on, her anger showing visibly in her

Austinian stared and whispered quietly "Be strong my son."

Taliena pounded her hand into Austinians chest and yelled "He needs help
NOW! We will all go and get him right now!"

She collapsed in his arms and Austinian held her gently while she wept out

"My darling, I know how you feel. I feel the same way. But I also know
without any doubt what so ever that this is a trap and that we'll lose more
than Nadrik if we go to that moon," Austinian said in a soft tone.

"I don't care!" Taliena replied. "We're going!"

"I'm with Mother," said Siccara abruptly. "Even if we die, we can't let
this happen. I won't let it happen. I'm going with or without any of you."

"That's very brave, sister," Kantilles interrupted. "And you're heart is in
the right place. But it's also very foolish. They are more powerful on
that moon than anywhere else and we're weaker there than any where else, and
I don't need to remind anyone that we are also outnumbered."

Siccara erupted. "You are a coward! Ignore everything and go invent a
magic trick if it makes you feel better, but this time this demands strong
action and I'll NOT lose another sibling!"

Kantilles looked shocked and hurt at Siccara's words. He looked at his
sister with sympathy and spoke softly.

"Sister... I am no coward. If we go and we die, where does that leave this
world? All I am saying is that there is another way. We can save him and
not perish."

"If you have an idea, now is the time to speak," Austinian said in a rushed

"The shards of Seanan," Kantilles said plainly.

Austinian raised an eyebrow. "That could work, but we can't go get them
without risking even more..."

Kantilles replied quickly "I happen to know thousands of mortals who can and

"Evil will surely get wind of this quickly after we ask mortals to get the
shards. There are 11 pieces of the shard on Algoron. How many do we need
to summon Nadrik to safety?" Austinian asked.

"Wait wait wait!" Siccara interrupted. "Want to fill the rest of us in on
what you are talking about?"

Kantilles looked from Austinian to Siccara and began to explain.

"Seanan used to be one of the most powerful Wizards of the Conclave
centuries ago. He spent most of his time creating magical items that could
one day teleport himself into the future, which as we all know he has done.
However, his first attempt created a crystal orb that could summon ANYTHING
or more importantly ANYONE. Even Gods. Sebatis destroyed the item, and the
orb was split into 11 shards and then hidden."

Kantilles then looked to his father. "To answer your question, the spell
can be cast with 8 pieces of the shard."

Austinian sighed. "So evil only need find 4 pieces of the shard to prevent
Nadrik's rescue."

Taliena collected herself at this news before making her own thoughts known.
"What about Kwainin and his? Will they not help us?"

Austinian looked at Taliena and shook his head. "Regrettably, no. Their
hands are full dealing with Malachive. He's proven to be far more
resourceful than any gave him credit for. And after they lost Turpa,
Kwainin is not risking his in what they see as our problem. Kwainin blames
me partially for the loss of Turpa. If I only had not let Malachive live."

Taliena frowned. "Our problem? What do they think will happen to them if
Necrucifer rids us all from existence? Maybe I should go talk to him, I'll
set his mind right!!! I'll...."

Austinian interrupted "Our best course of action right now if the put the
same faith in mortals as they have always put in us. If they fail us, then
we go to the moon and then we will confront evil face to face, no matter the

Taliena, Kantilles and Siccara all nodded their head in agreement.

"Make our cause known. Make the recent events known. Let them know the
truth in what is at stake. Tell them instruction to the shards will be
given at the best possible time and to be ready. Tell them that they will
have opposition in great numbers."

Austinian sighed and his eyes watered.

"Father...?" Siccara asked worried.

Austinian looked at Siccara and hugged her before speaking. "I hope that
Nadrik can stay strong.... Stay alive. This is what I had hoped to avoid.
The God War has made its way to the mortals of Algoron. Nothing will ever
be the same."

(Now you all have public knowledge of the last few history notes)

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Nov 16 12:42:00 2009

To all

Subject The 1st Shard of Seanan

13 Tribal leaders from the deepest part of Tropica gathered for this
emergency meeting. Inside of this large hut was quiet as the leaders stared
at one another with vacant expressions. Finally, an elder from one Centaur
tribe walked along side of 4 armed guards. He placed something wrapped in a
plain gray cloth on the center table and stepped away from it as if it were

"Is that it?" Another Centaur asked anxiously.

The elder nodded and said nothing.

The elder nodded and said nothing.

Another elder stood up and addressed the entire gathering.

"It is sad that such a small item would bring such complications to our
lives. For those of you here today who are too young to know the tale, this
shard was given to us by Sebatis himself. We were tasked to keep it hidden
and to protect it. However, in the last year our numbers have been lost by
more than a half of our people. All due to the God Wars and the one known
to us as Malachive."

The elder looked around at the other Centaurs with a saddened look.

"Our species is facing extension. We are doing all we can to stay alive as
it is. We can not afford for the armies of light or the armies of darkness
to come here after this so called shard of Seanan. Already dozens of our
people have fled our home. If we are to exist and have any sort of future,
then we need to get rid of this shard and we need to do it now and all of
the world needs to see us do it."

The elders all spoke at once but it was obvious they were all in agreement.

"So be it. We will contact all kingdoms and all armies on the other
continents. We will release this shard on a battlefield far away from us.
Let them fight for it! Let them decide through combat who can have it and
then let them all know that we longer have any thing to do this shard!"

The elders all cheered in approval as the shard was picked up and taken back
to its hiding place.

November 22, 2009
Battle for the 1st Shard of Seanan
8pm System Time (Central Time)
Good vs Evil on a Battlefield: The winning army will gain the 1st shard.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Jan 25 17:05:28 2010

To all

Subject The 2nd Shard of Seanan

(Written by Irrylath)

Mother Dandridge looked over the long dining table, and all the mournful
eyes turned toward her. It pained her to see the hunger in their eyes each
evening. The smell of cabbage soup was becoming sickeningly familiar, and
the flour was running low. Soon there wouldn"t even be the rock-hard
biscuits she managed to eke out of their meager supplies.

"Oh, Mother Dandridge!" Exclaimed Sister Emily as she surveyed the hungry
children sitting at the table, "more orphans arrive every day, and the
supplies are running low. Whatever will we do? They"re becoming nothing
but skin and bones!"

The older woman surveyed her charges sadly and a wave of hopelessness washed
over her. "I don"t know, Sister... There"s so little gold left in my
purse... If I had it to give to them..." Suddenly, Mother Dandridge was
struck by a thought. There was something. Something precious, something
worth a fortune. "Sister! I have the answer. Come with me!"

Curiously, Sister Emily followed Mother Dandridge down the hall and into her
private quarters. She watched as the older woman knelt beside the trunk at
the foot of her bed, removed a key from her apron pocket and unlocked the
trunk. She held her breath in anticipation as the lid was raised and a pile
of neatly folded linens was moved aside, and then she gasped as Mother
Dandridge lifted the object from the trunk.

"Sister Emily," she declared triumphantly, "our troubles will end soon.
Fetch me a sheaf of parchment and a quill. I have a message that needs to
be delivered to every kingdom and every clan of this wretched world. They
talk of gods and faith, but what have they done for us? I think it"s time
they did more than talk!"

Quickly, the supplies were fetched, and Mother Dandridge penned her missive.

"You of Algoron! You of the Light, and you of the Dark! You speak of gods
and faith, you march to your wars, yet here at your very doorstep the
orphans of Algoron go hungry. I have vowed to care for those children who
have nobody but Mother Dandridge, and so I will. You wish to win your wars?
You wish to prove your faith? I have in my possession one of your precious
shards, and I will release it to the highest bidder. You have but one
week"s time to make your offers. The children are starving and we grow
tired of cabbage soup.

Best wishes,
Martha Dandridge, Headmistress
Algoron Home for Foundlings and Orphans

Writer: Scorn
Date Fri Jan 29 16:31:14 2010

To all

Subject The Mysterious Portals

They appeared without warning. Portals had sprung up throughout all of
Algoron and no one understand where they went or who had sent them. Kender
were the first to enter the portals and to the relief of most, they never
came back. Eventually, a few returned with their pockets empty of gold but
full of various tales of gambling and fun.

As the various populations sent their bravest through the portals, it became
common knowledge that the gChampions Gaming Palaceh was the portals
destination and that security at this place was no laughing matter. Most
who went there to start trouble were never heard from again.

As mysterious as the place was, one thing was certain. Everyone who went
there that enjoyed gambling frequented it often. The popularity of the
place had risen drastically to where the leaders of the world wouldn't dare
try to send their soldiers. The only concern for Algorons Kings, Queens,
Emperors and Conquerors was gWhere can we get one of those? H

Writer: Scorn
Date Mon Feb 1 23:29:34 2010

To all

Subject The 2nd Shard of Seanan (continued)

Mother Dandridge seemed to age with each letter she read. She sat in her
rocking chair usually with an infant in one hand and a new letter in the
next reading every letter that was delivered. Day after day, letters were
delivered by the dozens with official seals of Kingdoms, Churches or even
wealthy private citizens. Some were bids, some were threats and some were
simply full of well wishes.

Sister Emily looked at Mother Dandridge with concern as she placed a worried
hand on her shoulder. "I regret this entire idea. I wish that you would
reconsider and just give this shard up. Let them fight over and leave us
alone! They'll burn this place down or worse! We should have never gotten

"Perhaps you are right, Sister," Mother Dandridge replied. "This entire
ordeal has endangered the safety of the children."

"Exactly!" Sister Emily replied. "Let's just throw this thing away...
No... I'll deliver it some neutral kingdom and let it be their problem."

Mother Dandridge looked at Sister Emily. "Then all of this would have been
for nothing. We will have no better chance to improve the lives of so many
that the worlds wars have made suffer. I'll not have another child die in
my arms knowing that I didn't do everything I could to protect them!"

Sister Emily gave an angry look at Mother Dandridge. Just as Mother
Dandridge was to further explain her cause, Sister Emily clutched at her
chest and made an awful gasping noise.

"Emily.... What..." Mother Dandridge screamed as she saw the tip of sword
come through Sister Emily's chest. Blood poured from her heart onto the
floor and Sister Emily fell to the ground lifeless. As her body fell, a
human wearing a cloak over his silver armor removed his sword from the
Sister Emily's body. He cleaned it and sheathed the sword all in motion and
instantly Mother Dandridge knew that was not his first kill.

The human shut the front door as quietly as he opened and then looked upon
Mother Dandridge, studying her face. After a short moments silence, Mother
Dandridge said "Just take it. I'll get it for you. Just take it and leave.

The man pulled his cloak aside and revealed the Knight of the Lance emblem.
Mother Dandridge looked confused before the glow of Sister Emily's body
stole her attention. The corpse twisted and changed into that of a dark
elven female wearing black robes.

"You need not fear me, mother. I am here to help," the Knight said.

Mother Dandridge recognized the Knight, although he had aged since he left
the orphanage as he entered adulthood. She hugged the Knight. "Mother
Dandridge, do I ever have a surprise for you! Guess who's come to visit"
sister Emily exclaimed and she entered the room. Upon seeing the corpse,
she fainted. A slightly older knight in dark armor behind her caught her
and laid her to the ground.

He knight of the lance grasped his sword and unsheathed it stepping towards
the knight in dark armor.

The knight in dark armor calmly stared at the knight of the lance before
saying "We do not fight here, sir knight," finishing his sentence with a

The knight of the lance sheathed his weapon and embarrassingly replied "No,
we do not."

"Boys! Boys!" Mother Dandridge said panicked. "Both of you grew up here,
you both still know the rules."

"Yes, Mother" replied the knight of the lance. "I had to slay the dark elf,
she came here for the shard. I have a feeling that this dark knight may be
here for it as well."

The dark knight looked genuinely offended. "Speak not for me, righteous
one. I came here to prevent this place for being burnt to the ground and I
swore to protect it and Mother Dandridge. The difference between us and you
all is that we do not go around bragging about our righteous works. The
Gods forbid any other than a Gareth Knight do an honorable deed though," he
finished sarcastically.

The knight of the lance looked offended. "I would like to give you the
benefit of the doubt, but in case you have any dishonest intentions I would
suggest that you look outside the window. More than two dozen of my fellow
knights are here, unloading blankets and food."

"Enough boys. Enough," Mother Dandridge interrupted. "If you are here to
protect us, then I welcome it. But I am seeing this through to the end. I
will sell this shard to the highest bidder and the children will have a
better life for it. Then you two can go back to spreading your wars."

"I am not here to interfere, just to see to your safety, Mother. Your will
with the shard is protected, but we will be helping the children
regardless," replied the Knight of the Lance.

The dark knight rolled his eyes. "You have my oath, mother, no one will
harm you or the children and your will for the shard will be done. Besides,
someone needs to be here to keep these 'Knights of all things holy and
perfect and of hugs and stuffed animals and blueberries' from 'guiding' you
into giving them the shard."

"I just saved her from someone on YOUR side!" Yelled the knight of the

"BOYS! THAT IS ENOUGH!" Mother Dandridge said loud enough for the knights
outside to stop and listen. "What I need from you is some help. Find me a
banker you can agree on to trust to collect REAL bids. They need to have
their money in the same place and make sure its real. That and protection
is all I need. I will extend this bid for 5 days and then the shard will go
to the highest bidder. Will you help me, together, or not?"

"I will," replied the dark knight.

"I fear that if we do not, this place will perish. I will," said the knight
of the lance.

(ooc: bids must be in an account somewhere and a bid from that account must
be made by Saturday Feb 6th at 9:00pm system time)

Writer: Scorn
Date Tue Feb 9 17:02:50 2010

To all

Subject The 2nd Shard of Seanan belongs to...

Mother Dandridge walked with knights escorts of both Gareth and Shadow
Keeps into the bank. The banker met the old woman in the vault room and
handed the Knight of the Lance a note. The knight looked at it and then
passed it to the Shadow Knight as he frowned. The Shadow Knight looked at
the note and raised an eye brow as he handed it to Mother Dandridge.

Mother Dandridge stared at the note as if she read it several times.

"Mercerion: 8,980"
"Zayin: 10,004"

"Oh my..... That is a lot of money," she said before handing it to the
banker. "Make it so and get me the best carpenters, farmers and engineers
you know. I want to start on the new orphanage today!"

The banker nodded as the trio of Mother Dandridge and the two knights left
the bank.

Outside more than a hundred dark knights stood opposite more than a hundred
Gareth Knights. It was obvious that every one of them wanted to know who
had won the bid.

Mother Dandridge looked at their curious faces but could say nothing.
Finally, the Knight of the Lance spoke.

"I do beleive that this is the first day in my entire life and I would
speculate in the entire long life of Mother Dandridge that she has left this
world in a worse place than the day before." The Gareth Knights all looked
at each other in disappointment. "Evil has won the shard. We will see
Mother Dandridge home and then we will go back to the keep."

"We will leave now" spoke the Shadow Knight while facing the Knigth of the
Lance. "And the next time I see you...."

"It will be with swords drawn," interupted the Knight of the Lance.

The two Knights saluted each other as then parted ways.

Writer: Scorn

Date Tue Feb 16 22:54:41 2010

To all

Subject The 3rd Shard of Seanan

Rupert sat on what had become his favorite wooden chair and frowned. It
was a familiar frown, one that comforted him as much as a warm blanket.
Rupert was normally miserably happy. The life of hardship was normal for
Rupert but recent times had been agony. He removed the pipe form his mouth
and threw it across the room.

"What is the matter old one? " asked a voice.

Rupert looked around and saw no one.

"Aboot time, " he said. "What do yae have planned fer mae next? Want tae
watch me hair grow?

"You can not age here. Your hair does not grow. But I assume this means
you are bored?
" asked the voice.

"Aye. Ah'm ready to go home. " Rupert raised an eye brow and smirked. "Ah
think you'll be pleased tae let mae go nuwe.

"Why is that? " asked the voice.

Rupert leaned forward and actually smiled. His smile was unatural and
creepy. Even the voice noticed.

"What do you have in mind? " the voice continued.

"Ah cune give yae one of thae biggest naval battles yae have seen in ah
long, long time,
" Rupert replied with his eyes wide with excitement.

"And how will you do this? " the voice asked.

"Yae build mae 10 ships. 5 white, 5 black. People frume all over thae
world will cume to fight. Ah massive naval battle of gude versus evil.
Does thute have your attention, Lord Raije?
" Rupert leaned back and
awaited a response.

The voice said nothing for a moment before asking "How can you manage that?
What will make them show up to fight?

Rupert smiled once again breifly before the smile naturally turned to a

"Easy, " Rupert replied. "Ah have one of Seanan's shards. "

(OOC: February 28th, 8pm Central/System Time.
Fight for Good or Evil in a massive naval battle to gain the 3rd shard of Seanan.)

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Feb 18 16:20:33 2010

To all

Subject Hope for Good

The four Gods stood together, none making eye contact with the other.
The silence in this room was unbearable for Taliena and so she broke it.

"What can we do? The forces of evil have us right where they want us and
their momentum grows. Our soldiers have been defeated on the fields of
combat and in the banks of mortals. And now we must wait for the worlds
sailors to step up and help us save Nadrik? I do not feel as though we can
win this war without him and I think you all agree." Taliena looked to her
husband with tearful eyes. "What can we do?"

"I'll go after the shard myself," Kantilles interrupted. "I'll get it from
the old codger myself and if Raije has a problem with me upsetting his
little battle, then..."

"Then you'll get us in a war with Raije or worse, the neutral gods,"
Austinian interrupted him. "For the shards, we must rely on mortals. Have
faith in our heroes Kantilles. They still have faith in us."

Kantilles nodded, slightly embarrassed for his untypical outburst.

"Let's go brother. I think I know of some people who could use our
encouragement," Siccara said to Kantilles before the two walked away from
the room.

"What if they fail?" Taliena asked Austinian.

"Then we have to attempt Nadriks rescue ourselves," Austinian replied.
"Even though it's a trap, we're out numbered and they will have much more
power on their moon, we will have to go."

"I'd rather die with Nadrik then let them have him," Taliena said with tears
continuing to fall from her eyes. "He won't die alone."

"Don't do anything foolish, darling. We will get the shards." Austinian
walked over to a wooden case that hosted various materials from Algoron.
Looking around at several ones, he reaches into the case and pulled out a
steel bar.

Looking at the bar, Austinian gave it a wink and the bar began to twist and
take form.

The steer bar twisted and grew into the shape of a fully grown Steel Dragon.
Austinian studied the beast for a moment before closing his eyes and placing
his hand upon the dragons heart.

"I bless you with a resilience that has yet to be rivaled. May your lava
haunt your enemies for eternity. Go forth to Algoron and fight bravely."

The Steel Dragon roared loudly before launching itself mightily into the

Taliena looked from the dragon back to Austinian with her eyes wide and
hopeful. After all of the time the two had loved each other, Austinian
still had a way of giving her hope.

"I have faith in mortals my dear," Austinian said with a slight smirk. "But
a little help never hurt. I'll smooth this over with Kwainin."

For the first time in months, Taliena smiled.

Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Mar 1 22:52:47 2010

To all

Subject Some Leaders are Born, not Made

Taliena placed a hand on Austinian's back as the two Gods watched the
last of the white ships sink. Austinian turned and placed his hand on her
shoulder and looked into her eyes before taking a few steps away to ponder

For the first time, Austinian looked frustrated. It was normally evil that
was disorganized and folding within itself. The roles had reversed. Evil
was winning and everything was on the line. Austinian peered into the great
sky that lined this place and considered much.

"What are you thinking, my dear? What can I do?" Taliena asked, her voice
cracking with near desperation.

"We need a leader on Algoron," Austinian replied, "and I will send them

Austinian reached into his own chest and pulled out a small but bright
light. He whispered to the light while he closed his eyes.

"I make you out of my own heart. Be caring, compassionate, protective and
kind. But be strong and lead all who will follow in the path of light, no
matter what is to happen. Love them. Guide them. Bleed for them. Bleed
for Algoron."

The small light floted up into the air and started to take form.

Taliena smiled ever so slightly and looked at the new formed life and then
back at Austinian. "He's so beautiful," she whispered.

The form floated to the ground and stood. His white wings spread more than
a dozen feet as Azbogah looked upon his maker."

"Go now, Arch Angel," Austinian said. "Go now and lead the light."

Writer: Scorn

Date Sun Jun 13 21:06:10 2010

To all

Subject The Report. (Trolls and Orcs)

Getting back into Althainia was no big deal. They screened me to see if
I was a listed citizen of Abaddon or Verminasia and when my name wasn't on
the list, they simply let me in. I stopped off for a beer at the Grunting
Boar Inn. It was dead or maybe I was just early. Regardless, it made it
easy to not have to speak to any one and after what I have seen the past
month, the last thing I needed to do was get a few drinks in me and start
running my mouth.

I had just enough to get a slight buzz and headed to where I was to meet my
commander and give him my full report. The buzz will make this easier.
Takes the edge off after the hell I have been through.

I'm a soldier. I'm a spy. I was sent to get recruited into Malachive's
army and did so successfully.... Almost just to die at the hands of the God
Sebatis himself during the battle of Icewall when the order was to attack
Sebatis, Cliath, Raije and the now deceased Turpa. I would have died then,
but Sebatis must have sensed something about me or my mission and
transported me out of the battle. But that's all in the past. What I need
to do today is report the new... The odd things that I have seen.

I meet up with my superior and tell him my story. He looks at me as if I
were stupid.

"Yes sir. But they are large and very strong and very ... Ugly. Some are
blue, some are green, some have red eyes, some have...."

"And Orcs, as green as goblins, but much smarter?"

I'm babbling. He's getting impatient.

"Yes sir, and stronger."

He just stares at me and its starting to make me uncomfortable. He looks
over at his 2nd in command and they share an odd nod.

"Why does your breath smell like beer?"

Great. This questions makes me irritable.

"Because I've been drinking beer......"

"You really think its a good idea to give your intelligence briefing drunk?"

"I'm not dru..." He interrupts me.

"You really think we're going to believe the words of a drunk?"

"I had a couple. I'm not drunk. I just... " He interrupts me again. He
doesn't care what I have to say.

While he yells at me all I can think about is the hell I've been through.
The training for Malachives army. Having to fight off all of the tribes of
Tropica. The Centaurs, the Ariel, those damned lizard people Bakali, and
holy god... Those annoying Pixies. One actually gave me a tail for a week.
Watching the experiments or worse, the results of the experiments, of
Malachive and his general Seanan.


Great, he's pissed. Like I need this crap. This moron needs to hear what I
am telling him and stop with this military garbage.

"Sir, I suggest you shut your big ass mouth and listen."

That grabs his attention. He looks shocked so I continue.

"This breed of troll were once extinct. The mage Seanan brought them back
and bred them. They are like really large, really ugly humans. They have
all of the weirdest colors skins, eyes and hair. They aren't too smart
either... In fact the solders all call them 'bloodtards' but you'd be
amazed at their wit when it comes to breaking out of their cages or
whatnot... Anyway some are even kind, although all seem to have a major
violent streak. Many have wandered off and I would assume its just a matter
of time before the continents start seeing them. They are as tough as they
come, although the mages seem to do a good job at taking them down. The
Trolls fight as Barbarians or some old clerical type of fighting. I guess
you could call some of them Shaman. And oh, they ALL smell. You can smell
one coming from around a mountain. Its a foul body odor... Like a rotten

"And Orcs?"

Good, he's listening, although I have no idea if my report will make it out
of this room.

"Orcs are green as goblins, but they are tall like humans but a little
bigger, little stronger, maybe not as smart. These guys are scary because
they are organized and most of them still follow Malachive."

"Where did they come from?"

"They were living as slaves to the Centaur. We.... Malachive... Liberated
them. They are a force to be reckoned with, although not all cooperate with
Malachive. Several of them left weeks ago."

"Anything else?"

"I don't want to go back."

Please don't send me back, you asses.

"It would take forever to get someone else into your place. You are to head

Great. I'm getting drunk first, I don't care if you don't like it.

"Yes sir. I will leave immediately."

"If we catch you back in the Grunting Boar or anywhere else, we will arrest
you and you can spend the next few days in prison."

"Of course sir."

Screw you guys, there are portals to Arkane and they have bars there too.

I salute and get dismissed and head for the Althainian portals. Whether
they forward my report to anyone is their problem. All I need to worry
about now is getting a few more beers before I head back to Tropica and the
hell that awaits me.

Writer: Scorn

Date Fri Jul 15 12:07:44 2011

To all

Subject A Week of Hell (1)

Drakkara was in a foul mood. The temperate and dusky landscape that was
unmistakably her sanctuary has been disrupted with force and the somber,
still silence of her moon trembled as an angry yet familiar voice rang out
with thunderous impatience and rage. Necrucifer was here.

The advantage is on our side and yet the mortals waste time! Austinian and
Kwainin can not be allowed any chance to rally their meek following and
formulate anything that would put my well placed plans to rest!

Drakkara looked at her husband with growing irritation, letting him continue
with his infuriating tirade for several more minutes before finally cutting
him off mid-stride and snapping out. Why dont you do something about it

Necrucifer stopped, his last statement left unfinished as a slow and
malicious grin spread across his features. My dear, what a brilliant idea.
Pressing a firm kiss to his wifes lips, Necrucifer was already fading from
the moons surface to put his scheme into place as an exasperated Drakkara
was left wondering whose blood was going to spill next.

Necrucifers champions gathered, an intimidating and domineering presence
before them as his need for blood and destruction was great and the time at
hand as he declared, was now. His voice rasped forward, forceful and
undeniable as he commanded them to Algoron for a merciless battle of the
heretical. Let the bloodletting begin

Rubbing his hands together with gleeful anticipation, his gazed looked to
the realm below for the first red wave of blood to flow. Your depraved
schemes will not happen this day, Brother. The soft words struck
Necrucifer, no louder than a whisper yet full of conviction as Austinian
materialized before him.

Necrucifer crossed his arms and looked upon the white clad figure with
annoyance, You certainly know how to kill a mood.

Austinian motioned to the realm below, undeterred by his brothers foul
temper. Your plans will be thwarted this day as my own champions move
forward to stop yours. The realm will know of your treachery. Austinian
disappeared before Necrucifer could offer his cryptic remark though there in
his solitude, the grin once more spreading across Necrucifers lips and the
murmur of words that followed were audible only to himself.

Is that so? I believe it only calls for a change of plans

The mortal realm lay in unsuspecting nave of all the Gods were about to
unleash as the champions descended into the realm, both Austinian and
Necrucifers heroes making quick work of spreading word of the others intent.
Mortals, eager for the chance to defend their righteous cause and show the
errors of the others skewed perspective, furthered the rallying call upon
their allies as they grabbed for armor and weapons and set out to engage one
another in epic battle.

All the Gods looked to the realm below as the battle raged for long hours,
not a word spoken as both Necrucifer and Austinian Champions fought and lead
their respective followers with absolute conviction. Mortals on both sides
defended with unselfish resilience, another stepping in to take the place of
the fallen, pressing forward with determination and tenacity that was
undeterred by loss of life only striving to fulfill the purpose and intent
of their objective.

Moans of despair and the cries of the dying littered the air like the
battlefield was with bodies, the sweet smell of death permeating the cold
terrain as the ice run red with blood. The carnage was consuming, the Light
lay is destructive defeat, the last of the Champions falling to a blade
already made crimson by those previously slaughtered. Among the wispy
threads of steam, their features haggard from the strain and draining battle
and bloodshed that they fought and witnessed, stood two mortals. A Shadow
Knight, Jazaren Maltese and a Verminasian known as Cecille Malus stood apart
from Necrucifers own remaining Champions yet the triumphant reign of victory
was present all the same.

Necrucifer could not be more pleased, a shattering blow to the Lights forces
and their already weakened morale that, in his presumptuous state, could
only mean his total domination. But before he could truly gloat of the
Lights demise, Austinian came forth, advancing on the Necrucifers champions
and striking them dead. Like a tempest unleashed, Necrucifers fury knew no
bounds as the last champion fell, a black energy surging forth as his arms
stretched forward, knocking the two remaining mortals to safety before the
two brothers clashed together, locked in a thunderous battle that raged
throughout the skies high above Algoron.

Writer: Scorn

Date Fri Jul 15 12:10:34 2011

To all

Subject A Week of Hell (2)

Kwainin turned to look at those that gathered to his side, their faces
reflecting the same disbelief at these recent turn of events as he knew his
own did, knowing too that action was needed and fast else the balance of
power be drastically upset. It was Raije that stepped forward first and
spoke out to fill the silence.

"I Will go."

Kwainin shook his head, the barest of smiles gracing his lips as he looked
to his son.

"No. The Balance is mine to preserve. I shall send out my own Champion to
even the odds."

Mencius, having caught word of Kwainins impending interference, decided to
move forward with all vengeance and swiftly moved in to cut off Kwainins
intent. His own Champion before him, he ordered a portal opened to the
barren wastelands while he commanded the armies of Darkness forward to
strike with deadly rage upon the red moon itself.

A cry of alarm sounded as Taliena too had heard word of all of it, knowing
that the Necrucifer and his sons would manipulate the odds in any way they
could to ensure that Necrucifer emerged victorious and at any cost, over her
husband. Feeling a gentle hand on her shoulder, she turned to look into the
eyes of Siccara who, in knowing her mothers dislike for battle as well as
the sheer amount of injury that would befall champions and mortals alike,
offered her support instead as she stepped forth to aid the fight.

Menciuss forces swept over the barren lands with lethal intent, cutting
through anything in their path unbeknownst to him that another portal lay
open with the Balance and the Light quickly pouring forth in their efforts
to squelch Menciuss deadly plot. The armies came together is a clamorous
roar of steel against steel, weapons quick to parry and slash while magical
energy flew between the opposing forces ready to delay, maim or destroy one

Seething with rage, Mencius watched as the combined efforts of the Light and
Balance quickly overtook his own Champions and forces, finding defeat upon
the moon itself. His howl of outrage echoed across the moons surface as
vanished from sight, a violent storm of wind left in his wake. Kwainin and
Siccara, knowing it was only a matter of time before the remaining dark Gods
descended upon them, wasted no time in journeying to Icewall to end the
battle between Necrucifer and Austinian. But with their arrival, the only
thing that met there sight amidst all the snow and ice was a small lake
where the two had been locked in battle and the Gods themselves gone.

Writer: Scorn

Date Fri Jul 15 12:20:51 2011

To all

Subject A Week of Hell (3)

The red moon hung low in the sky and cast an eerie glow across the icy
landscape below, the crystallized snow seeming to sparkle as the ground
itself was a wash of crimson. Even the rippling waters of the nearby lake
had taken on a fiery tinge after the smooth and frozen surface had exploded
as the two Gods slammed down upon it, icy shards filling the skies before
raining down upon Algoron.

Kwainin and Siccara stood wondering at the empty and vacant area, Austinian
and Necrucifer nowhere to be seen nor heard with only a humming energy
seeming to stem from the lake itself. Turning her head, Siccara looked at
Kwainin, her words coming forth slowly as if thinking as she spoke.

"The water here should be well frozen in this area of the world and yet, it
runs freely with only the slightest of hum to signify that magic precedes

Kwainin nods, wisdom alighting in his own response that follows. "Ice rains
down upon the mortals and it is from this lake that the shards emerged. Let
us gather them to us and see if when bound together, they will channel the
energy to tell us what happened here and where my Brothers now are."

In a blink of an eye, both were gone as they again walked the mortal realm
to call forth any of those that would aid. With a wipe of his long and
pointed nose, a putrid hued goblin stepped forth from the shadows of a
nearby stand of snow-covered scrub, beady eyes taking a moment to comprehend
all he had heard before a shrewd dawning alighted in the black depths and
his voice was made known to his master.

Livid at the prospect of being out-maneuvered and out-manipulated on top of
the added sting and humiliation of his previous defeat, Mencius descended
upon the realm again in a whirlwind of rage, barely contained as he stood
before those gathered in the Temple with one message to them all.

"You will not fail me again."

Scurrying forth to scourge the realm for the shards, it was a mad dash to
find them all, small skirmishes breaking out as each vied for the most that
would give them the advantage over the other ethos.

The Light swept the realm with efficiency and was the first to proclaim
their victory and as the mortal stepped forward with only blackened shards
in hand, Siccaras heart sank and the taste of defeat was sour in her mouth.
As she shook her head and started to speak that these were not enough,
another mortal came forward and silently held out shards of brilliant white,
a sparkling contrast to the obscure ones that they had already obtained.

"The shards alone are not enough to see what has transpired. It will take
the act of a brave mortal soul in betraying their God for us to channel the
energy needed for this vision."

The weight of Siccaras words fell like crushing stone over the gathered
crowd, somber silence filling the air as each looked to one around for what
to do next. The quiet was not long lived as in one corner, a small
commotion sounded and the crowd slowly parted as a small elf pushed through.
A bladesinger, known as Talik, stood before them all and declared his
willingness to shed the darkness that thus far had surrounded his soul.

"I am an elf before all else. I have been on the fence for some time with
this decision before me. It is Zandreya that I will take into my heart."

A soft and gentle breeze stirred the air as a soothing energy filled the
room, bringing with it the smells of wildlife and petals, nectar and earth,
intoxicating the senses in its delivery. Slowly, the shards began to melt
and with it, the vision of Necrucifer and Austinian no longer locked in
battle but held captive by another, an unsuspecting horned figure cloaked in

With a startled gasp and sense of urgency, Siccara dissipated from the realm
to convey all that was discovered.

In the Temple of Darkness, those gathered before Mencius again in failure.
Bidding Telthian to step forward with the shards in hand, his contempt and
malice spewed forth as he mocked them for failing not once but twice to the
false and the weak. Steam poured forth from the melting shards as black
oozed across Telthains hands, the acidic liquid striking the floor with a
loud hissssss. His repugnance well felt, Mencius swept from the room is
torrential fury of wind, lifting and hurling anything left unsecured as if
it were nothing more than cloth. Vengeance would be his.

Writer: Scorn

Date Fri Jul 15 12:30:25 2011

To all

Subject A Week of Hell (4)

As the battles across the realm raged, Siccara, having learned that Raije
captured and held both Austinian and Necrucifer, also indirectly discovered
the significance of what impact it could have on them all as the magical
balance was off, the instability impacting her powers as they would
occasionally fade and flicker. It was with alarm that that she went to
Kwainin and Kwainin to Drakkara, for once all awkward and speechless as they
weighed the significance of this information in silence. It was decided,
with some trepidation, that each would send out their own messengers into
the realm to deliver this information on the mortals below.

Knowing the mortals would not willing work together, keys were sent to the
mortal realm, each with their own set to gather, that would harness enough
power to open the portal to Raije. Though the faithful of Raije heard rumor
of this plan and his Champions set out as well in an effort to capture the
keys first.

Armed with this information, the mortals were on another urgent race against
time to find the keys first so they might save Austinian or Necrucifer from
the hands of Raije, while the other Gods watched from high above, their
gazes shifting between the two constellations in the skies that continually
flickered in and out to the happenings far below. It was only a small sigh
that could finally be found when the last of the keys were discovered and
placed into the messengers hands, knowing that this battle was far from

Writer: Scorn

Date Fri Jul 15 12:31:05 2011

To all

Subject A Week of Hell (5)

With keys in hand and the energy channeled to open a portal to the prison
where Austinian and Necrucifer were held, they found that the bounds that
held the two Gods had been strengthened by Raijes own hand and imbued into
items he held sacred, sending these down to the mortal realm for
safekeeping. With only small clues to guide them to the seals scattered
throughout the realm - a talisman, an orb, a small dagger as well as two
others, both supporters of Austinian and Necrucifer searched the realm over,
slaying the guardians that Raije had placed for protection of the seals.

Exhausted and weary, the toil and the intensity of the battles finally
catching up, the mortals that walked the Lighted path were the first to have
obtained the seals and returned to the constellations thinking that
Austinian would be freed. However, they did not count on the Gods of
Balance devising a teaching lesson for the ones ready to open the prison.
With three seals in hand, the Light could free a God yet it was Necrucifer
that was released as Austinian remaining imprisoned.

Dismayed but knowing that each held the others fate in their own hands, it
only took a moments hesitation before both sides came together, their
combined strength freeing Austinian from the binds that held him in his
prison. With both Gods free, they looked for the one that had brought them
to this pass, but Raije was no where to be found.

Writer: Scorn
Date Fri Jul 15 12:42:00 2011

To all

Subject A Week of Hell (6)

Taliena knew any words offered otherwise would fall onto deaf ears so she
remained in silent support of her husband, listening as Austinian paced back
and forth, his normally lowered and calming voice now slightly raised as he
barked out orders to his messengers.

"Raije must me found and found now! Scour the skies for him, search the
mortal realms. I want him to answer for what he has done!"

Necrucifer was ordering much of the same from his own minions, snapped and
snarled commands issued with no room for refusal.

"You will bring him to me. I dont care if he is dead or barely breathing
but I want him before me NOW!

As both Austinian and Necrucifer issued their orders, word quickly spread to
Kwainin and he knew that he must step in more than he had so far in this
war. The balance of the world was in great jeopardy and if it was not
brought into line once more, then the consequence of such would be

"Siccara and Cliath, send forth your messengers into the mortal realm and
gather Raijes followers and those that fight to uphold balance. Deliver the
message that they must work together to project Raije and the balance we

Siccara and Cliath shared a look, both agreeing that there had been enough
death and destruction through all this, quickly dispatched their messengers
and bade them to convey that it was time to bring this war to an end and
preferably by their own hand if they desired to uphold the balance in the

In the meantime, Raije had been located upon the moon's surface and the
messengers were sent word to open gateways to the surface of the moon itself
where they would be joined by Guardians of those respective gods.

"Be warned that should the Guardians perish in battle, the one that it did
represent will be left vulnerable and at the hands of another God, could too
perish for eternity."

With the deadly seriousness of this battle before them, Austinian focused
his army towards capturing Raije by weakening his defenses. Necrucifer, not
wishing anything less than total defeat, focused his armies upon Raije's
death. For all those that fought for Raije and the cause and call for
neutrality, they would act as his protectors.

The battle raged long and arduous as all fought hard into the night. The
moon's surface became littered with the bloodied bodies of the fallen as all
sides fought valiantly. But in the end, the sheer numbers of those that
battled against Raije were too many to keep at bay and as the last of Raijes
guardians fell, Raije was left vulnerable to attack. Both Austinian and
Necrucifer sent a lightning bolt of energy hurling toward Raije, the
brilliant white streak intent only on capture, while the other, an inky
energized current was fully intent on death. As the bolts closed in to
strike Raije where he stood, a lone figure appeared before them all and
grabbed Raije roughly, taking him captive before they both vanished from
sight. Malachive had entered the fight.

Writer: Scorn
Date Fri Jul 15 12:47:18 2011

To all

Subject A Week of Hell (7)

Thunderous storms raged, Icewall heated while Tropica grew cold and the
stars flickered wildly against their blanket of darkness as outrage echoed
through the skies at this latest affront. Immediate action was necessary
and the Gods quickly descended to the mortal realm to rally their faithful
and followings to them. The mortal cry of support shook the foundation of
the realm as they agreed to march together against Chaos to save Raijes fate
to Malachive and save the Pantheon of Power that the creators of Algoron had

Raije had easily been able to make his temporary escape back to the red moon
but Malachive followed, words spoken against the others with both audacity
and conviction as he appealed to the other God to join the Chaotic army.
Though as each word dripped like bittered dregs from Malachives lips,
Raije's temper snapped, getting the better of him as he lunged for the
younger God and the two squared off in battle.

It was this scene that the forces of Algoron witnessed as they came through
the portal to barren wasteland of the red moons surface, and quickly they
too took up the cries of battle and moved forward to engage though it was
not to be as Malachive and Raije whisked their battle away and out of reach.

There was no time to wonder at the battle overhead as they found themselves
surrounded by dozens of Chaos giants, the forty foot mammoth beasts bearing
down on them with lethal intent. The two armies collided together in an all
out battle to the death. On and on the onslaught of swords and axes ringing
out against one another and slashing and hacking of sharpened steel against
vulnerable flesh sounded, the air mingled with scents of blood and carnage,
cries of tortured pain and screams for destruction.

One by one, dragons and mortals were picked off, the giants proving to be a
powerful enemy and even if one were to fall, another one fresh for the fight
was there to take its place. As the likelihood of their victory looked
grim, the Gods re-rallied their armies and came after the dwindling giant
numbers with ruthless force. With this new found energy, giants began to
topple and fall like overgrown trees as the axe makes its final cut.

Necrucifer had been watching the battle with a shrewd gaze and while he was
please with his armys tenacity, there was one figure that had stood apart, a
mortal amongst all mortals who had long served him well. It was into the
humans mind that Necrucifers voice now filled.

"There will be a time tonight if the moment is right, where I want you to
lead My faithful against Austinian."

The migraine was instant, a pressure unlike any other that overrode and
consumed his head completely. Both arms and legs fell weak as the nerves,
bones and muscles seemed to simply dissipate in the presence of his God and
had any been near enough to him to strike, the Shadow Knight would have
fallen dead and bleeding where he kneeled.

With all the strength that Reklah Kayen still possessed, his ragged and
pained whisper replied.

"I will do whatever You command, God."

And there, on the barren wasteland of the red moon, the tide turned as
Necrucifers forced began to viciously attack the unsuspecting Light and
Balance, showing no mercy in their brutal slaying.

Malachive, his fight against Raije far from over, used this opportunity to
try to and finish off the older Raije. The battle between the two was
spectacular and witnesses by the mortal realm as both forms grew large in
the skies, each one trying to overthrow the other and issue the final blow
of defeat. Far below, Algoron watched with eyes wide and disbelieving
horror as Malachive reached forward to grab hold of Raije's heart only for
Raije to over powered Malachive, sending them both hurtling through the
darkness of the night and slam against the surface of the red moon,
deafening the entire of Algoron as the moon cracked through its very

By now, both gods were stunned and tired but neither would back down,
knowing too well the cost that would come at the hands of the victor. In
the end, it was Raije who mustered his Strength, shooting a fiery ray at
Malachive and striking true, one horn flying away from the blast while the
flesh seemed to peel from Malachives frame and his bones disintegrated to

As the ethos known as Darkness took this day and the mortal realm and
immortal skies begin to settle anew into its quiet and sometimes not so
quiet animosity against each other, there was a bittersweet victory for all
with the defeat of Malachive.

Far below, a kenders tiny hand closed around the tip of a blackened horn,
smiling at its reflection in the obsidian shine fore happily putting it into
his pocket.

(ooc: Thanks to Cayenna for getting the hell week quests put into story form)

Writer: Scorn
Date Thu Nov 10 15:57:22 2011

To all

Subject (Kwars) ASSASSINATION!!!

The room was dark but lit well enough by candle light. On the throne sat
the Empress surrounded by a few trusted guards.

A dark oak chest was placed before Kharynn Mamoritai, Empress of Althainia.
A solumn look from the guards told her almost everything she needed to know.

The courier was pushed back by the guards, one of which held out his sword.

"Is the sword neccessary?" Asked the courier.

"Yes" stated the guard. "Shut up and stand back."

With a slight bow, the courier stood back. "Only doing my job, good sir"
the courier offered politely.

A mage, an employee of the kingdom of Althainia said a few words as he waved
his hand over the chest and then offered the message "Tis clear. The chest
contains no magic, no curses. No venom."

Without emotion, a bodyguard dressed in brown leather opened the chest and
then looked away with disgust.

"What is it?" The Empress asked.

"Empress, you do not need to see...." The guard replied but it was too

Empress Kharynn reached into the chest and pulled at the knotted golden hair
at the top. The head fell from her hands instantly as she gasped and fell
backwards. A slight scream filled the room.

The head appeared elven, if not for the stubble on the face. The Emporer
had gone missing for months and now it appears his fate was revealed.

The guards rushed to comfort the Empress who lay stunned on the floor.

"Just doing my job!" Repeated the Courier as the Althainian guard rushed
him to the ground and tied restraints on to his hands.

"What the devil is that?" A guard asked hasitldy amid the confusion. He
had noticed a black power seep from the ear of the Emporers head. "Clear
this room! Get the Empress out of here!" He yelled.

The courier lept from the ground and with both arms bound behind his back,
but was restrained by the guards.

"I'm not getting blamed for this! I just make deliveries!" He kicked at
the guard, sending one off balance. He fell back into the candle stand,
knocking the candle into the drapes, which instantly caught fire.

"Get the Empress out of here, now!" A guard yelled.

As the drapes quickly burned, a single line of flame shot out in 5
directions. One small ball of flame rolled up next the decomposing head of
Emperor Kaedinn and then it ignited.

The explosion could be heard from all over the city. Flames and smoke shoot
into the sky around the palace.

None survived, save one lonely guard who was suffering from severe burns and
could barely breathe from the smoke. He laid still, almost comatose and

Althainia had been sabotaged. The Emperor and Empress had been
assassinated. The future of the worlds biggest empire is now at stake.

Writer: Scorn
Date Fri Apr 13 13:30:58 2012

To all Shalonesti Abaddon

Subject The Althainian/Shalonesti Invasion of Abaddon

Written By Cayenna

Glancing with foreboding at the imprinted seal, he noted the recognized
emblem before his thumbnail broke through the colored wax, unfurled the
missive and swiftly read. The moments passed as he looked down over the
parchment before his eyes skimmed it again, reflecting first his disbelief
and then a surge of anger that resulted in the crisp white paper crumpling
within his hand. As she watched her husband, Nianica's eyes widened as
well, though hers was a look of alarm that could not be quelled as she
demanded answers. "What is wrong? " The kings gaze did not meet his wife's
as he looked forward to where their vast army held their ground amidst the
swampy waters, clearly discerning those in close range but the fog doing
much to obscure those that spanned further out, making it impossible to
accurately account for their numbers. "We must give the signal. "
Nianica's horrified gasp was enough to turn Aelthran's stare, cerulean eyes
meshing with his green. "You can not mean it?!? We've come so far and
" The Elven king cut her off before she could finish, his voice
deadpan with his delivered message.

"The mutiny in Althainia is over and leadership is dead. Already their
troops steal away or withdraw entirely. With no support incoming on that
front we have little choice but to find our own retreat. To remain... " He
trails off for a moment, the frustration clear on his face. "... We are
left vulnerable and put many Elven lives at risk. " At her startled
silence, Aelthran's soft sigh and whisper was audible only to his queen as
he leaned toward her and implored her for agreement. "Surely you must
agree? " Nianica took several seconds to digest this bit of news, her eyes
closing with resignation as she slowly nodded. "Of course this is the right
course, It is just tha--
" Aelthran urged his gryffon closer, a heavy palm
lying comfortingly upon his wife's arm. "I know... " Turning from his
queen and gave the command. "Blow the horn and let them know to turn back.
There will be no battle for us.
" With one last look to the south and what
could of been, his shoulders drew back with resigned decision. "We

Not a breeze stirred through the obscure and desolate fog that crept across
the bog, even here on its northern edge where the elves had steadily trekked
all day in their silent and unchallenged retreat. Now, as the already
dismissal light that marked the day turned to midnight with thick tendrils
of misted haze continuing to envelop the landscape and shroud it further
with its chilled touch, many an elf felt the cold shiver of fear race down
their spines as the stretched troops, bone-weary from trudging through the
murky swamp finally made camp and hunkered down for the night. A good day's
travel from the gates of Abaddon and gaining the outer reach of the fiendish
marshland did nothing to settle their unrest, the eerie, unnatural silence
continuing to follow and surrounding them as they wiped putrid slime and
other grisly matter from their boots. Not a single fire dotted their camp
with the moisture that clung to the air and smothered it where it lay or for
the few able to spark a weak flame, suffering as thick cloying smoke rolled
in black waves and hung low from the struggling fires, clouding their
normally keen vision and burning both eyes and throats as the constant
drizzle formed sodden soot ponds and effectively trapped the acrid smog.
They were quickly doused.

Unable to sleep, Niancia tired to imagine the rising dawn upon the gloomy
horizon, the deep shadows, cramped muscles and weary fatigue telling her
that the hour of the wolf was almost behind them. Even that thought did not
offer comfort, a shiver coursing through her and unbidden, her teeth began
to softly chatter. Feeling Aelthran's gaze turn upon her, she huddled
closer, her hushed voice a screaming whisper through the stillness, "I do
not like this.
" The urgency in her voice drew response as Aelthran shifted
slightly to look upon his queen, steady and assessing before offering the
barest of nods. "I will send word for the troops to ready themselves and we
will depart this
unearthly mire with all haste. "

Standing guard upon the rear flank, elves still stood amongst the fetid
waters trying to peer through the veiled brume of lazy swirls against a
shadowed backdrop as they tried to discern each pattern as enemy or nothing
more than a mired illusion. The faintest of currents ruffled the air, an
out of place oddity that sluiced through the fog like a knife and with its
parting, a haze of color suddenly loomed out from the dreary gray with
large, hulking shapes appearing to shift against the dim light. "What th--"
The words fell away as suddenly the airborne dew was illuminated with
staggering brilliance, as if millions of diamonds surrounded them and
awashed the sky with blinding light, unaccustomed and unfathomable as they
had tread in dusky passage for so long. It sang past the sub-commanders
face, consuming him in blazing heat that burst him afire and with a
struggling gasp for air, the acrid flames became a passionate kiss that
stole his words and left him in a pile of smoking remains. Horrific screams
were cut short as the smell of scorching flesh took their place in the air
with rivers of blood and gore formed as the white fire melted elves where
they stood. And in the minutes that followed, a young elf still untried in
battle and frozen in shock at the grotesque picture unfolding before him,
watched as the flames licked high around his legs and with it, his mind
snapped shut with delusion bliss. A sick smile spread with cruel insolence
upon his lips as he howled out in pained elation, "Ice does melt! " And as
his brain oozed upon his sagging shoulders, the unit known as the
Glacialdancers was no more.

The bowels of hell ripped through the fog and shred it in a chaotic rage as
the first wave of battle surprised the sitting elves like dazed ducks on a
pond as Abaddon advanced in a loud clash of metal upon metal with the
already mucky ground now a gruesome and slippery trek with the prevailing
scent of sweet, spilled blood mingling with acrid charcoal and stagnant
water. Upon the western flank, Noami's magi cast an inferno of spells upon
Abaddon's 2nd macemen as they swarmed from behind, a mixture of hunched,
disfigured and disjointed forms that were caught in webs of magic,
transfixed long enough for Elven crossbows to range them from afar.

The element of surprise past and with the dragons and the one warder, Berald
taking to the air, Shalonesti was quick to rally with their archers swiftly
forming a line of defense and attack as clumps of mud, rock and loose debris
swirled in a whirlwind around them. Ground troops on both sides were
temporarily blinded with course grit and dirty water as the chromatics took
to flight though Shalonesti was not deterred as they used the screen to
serve as a well placed diversion to complete their set up before firing
arrows into Abaddon's line of clerical and infantry units as they stood
exposed, dropping them like flies. Like the arrows that sliced through the
air, bits of bone and rotten branches launched like projective missiles as
the hulking scaled beasts swooped low to spew their blistering fire and beat
massive wings against the ground to stir any loosened object, the sharp ping
off ringing metal deafening them as much as the cries of pain as arrow,
jagged bone and branch alike ripped through exposed flesh.

Even as the four Chromatics circled overhead, maws gaping open to rain
scorching flame across the raging battle, Elven troops held their ground,
each unit advancing with muffled swiftness to meet their foe as it emerged
from the soupy landscape. Cavalry flanked either side of the Dancers-
Earth, Thunder and Fire with lines of crossbowmen and archers falling in
behind. Even as impressive as the small army was, it was not nearly
finished as magi took to both the eastern and western flanks with infantry
filling in the gaps and surrounding their kin that now fired arrow after
arrow into the air, taking aim at the monstrous dragons that colored the
skies. And still more troops advanced with their reticent steps, like a
wave before its ascending crest with weapons and magic poised to strike upon
the precipice of the impending battle, thousands of elves upon the mire
working together in their effort to drive back the ambushing army.

A quickly as the chaotic melee took Shalonesti by surprise, it dissipated,
Abaddon finding themselves vastly outnumbered as vallenwood arrows drove the
dragons out of reach and as Elven swords severed limbs and heads from
enemies and undead creatures alike, a trail of blood and excrement seeping
into the already befouled ground as Abaddonites disappeared back into the
obscure depths from which they came.

Panting for breath and awaiting further command, elves stood skittish yet
determined in the wake of battle, every unit peering into the thick fog and
searching blindly for further concealed threat or even the ghostly
supernatural ones. Through the fog, the low sound of a horn blew its
trumpeted song and as elves began their northward journey anew, their steps
were quickened as eerie howls echoed all around, augmented by unidentified
crunching sounds or the feeling that an invisible boned finger reached out
to whisper against their flesh or slide along their very soul.

The southern sky lay cast in crimson haze as the last sound of the horn
faded, the first change in the charcoaled skies as the perpetual fog
eclipsed the sun to shroud the landscape in a constant state of twilight.
Several elves turned with a start as an unnatural scream pierced the air,
the densely contained moisture prevailing as a curtain to obscure distance
and direction and hide what may lie beyond. With a shake of his head,
Aelthran gained his gryffon and turned toward the north with commanding
presence and a strong and confident assurance in his low voice. "We held
our ground under ambush and sent them running in bloody disarray. Their
cries of defeat echo around us. This day is ours. "

Hearing the Elven horn, one unit turned for home, soft footfalls splashing
through the ankle deep waters as they made their way north. Through the
gloom, a grotto rose out of the swampy waters sending a murmur of
uncertainty rippling through the troop. Before them, a lone figure emerged,
slender and tall with tendrils of wispy smoke swirling around the cloaked
figure as she beckoned them to her. The elven leader of the Icedancers
looked around to his counterparts before turning back, already advancing
several steps before realizing that the woman was no longer there. His
voice shook as he called out "Who is there? Show yourself. " Silence
answered him and as he turned back to his men, his breath lodged in his
chest as elves continued to stand where he had seen them only moments
before, only now their visages bled white with sunken sockets for eyes that
blazed bloody crimson as they glared at him. Slowly their lifeless bodies
began to shuffle forward and as their cold fingers reached for him, he
realized that the scream that pierced the air was his.

Even as Shalonesti claimed their victory, the swampy bog claims its own.

Writer: Scorn

Date Fri Apr 20 11:00:55 2012

To all

Subject The 5th Shard of Seanan

The slot machines were mostly quiet and there were no gamblers in the
poker rooms. So no fuss was made when a security team stormed into the
Champions gaming palace.

"It's secure!" Said Balmor, a human dressed in all black with two curved
swords at his waist.

Balmor steps back into a corner where he can get a view of the main room.
Another security agent drifts over to him and smirks.

"Why are we here today?" He asks.

Balmor shrugs. "Randorf doesn't usually tell me why he does what he does.
And I don't ask."

"Probably not bad advice" the second security agent states quietly. "The
man is probably the most powerful and influential single living being in all
of Algoron. Kings and Queens do not dare to interfere in his affairs."

Balmor calmly steps in front of the security agent never breaking eye
contact. Through an intense stare, Balmor says "Quit talking and do your

The security agent nods and walks around the room studying every last detail
just as the rest of the security team does.

A broad dwarf dressed in over the top expensive clothes and jewelry walks in
and looks around with a frown upon his face.

Shaking his head Randorf mutters under his breath "Dead. Tis all too normal
now days."

"Balmor... Come." Randorf orders.

Balmor steps forward. "Sir?"

"How long has it been like this?" Randorf asks.

"To be honest sir, too long." Balmor replies.

Randorf nods. "Well I knew the money wasn't coming in as it used to.
However, I always assumed someone was stealing from me."

"No one who values their life would steal from you, Baron." Balmor replies.

Smirking, Randorf says "True. I think its time we cashed in our chips and
get this place rolling in the jeweled eggs again. Take a few teams to my
private safe. Get the shard. Do it now."

Balmor frowns. "Sir. With all due respect, it's going to take at least a
week to gather up the team necessary to get and protect that shard. Every
kingdom on Aloron will come for it."

"Let them. No one knows exactly how deep my resources are. I'll go head to
head with the entire planet if I must."

Balmor just stares expressionless at Randorf.

"Relax Balmor" Randorf says with a smile. "They will see that getting this
shard is much easier if they do it my way, although watching a huge fight is
tempting, I need this place active again! The gamblers will take home the
prize of the century! You get the shard and I'll get the word out on

"I'll begin planning safe transportation sir. However, I wouldn't be doing
my job if I didn't offer council."

Randorf smiles. "By all means."

"If evil wins, this will grant them the final piece of the shard and would
doom Nadrik. Are you concerned about any fall back by their followers?"

"No." Randorf says quickly. "People will always come to the arena and
spend money. The Knights aren't exactly my best customers any way."

"Also sir, what about pay back from the Gods themselves? A card game to
determine the fate of the world? I can imagine Devion would enjoy the
irony, but what about Austinian?"

"Raije will protect me. Let me worry about my soul. This is what I want."
Randorf says with a smile. "This place will be the center of attention
soon. Get the Nexus Hold-Em tables ready! Stock up on ale! This will be
the single most important cards tournament in the history of Algoron!"



(ooc: 05/06/2012 - 5pm Central/System Time, help cardgame, help 'nexus



Five Rooms of Nexus Hold-Em with up to 6 players per table. Each table may
not exceed 3 players playing for the light or for the dark.

5 egg buy in.

Tournament Style.

Once the 5 winners are declared, the winners enter the Wade Room for the
final tournament with a 10 Egg buy in and it will be played out in
elimination style.

Winner takes all AND the shard.

Be sure to get your practice games in!


Writer: Scorn

Date Mon Oct 1 11:55:28 2012

To all

Subject The Elven Riot

Randorf may very well be the only Dwarf bold enough to enter Shalonesti.
He may also be the only dwarf who is tolerated within the Elven gates. That
is not to say his presence was welcome but nothing on this day was typical.
Randorf wanted to see the results of the elven riot with his own eyes.

To call an elven riot typical is to not to know of anything Elven at all.
They are a slow paced and modest society. Slow to act at times and far too
proud to display overly acts of aggression unless severely agitated.

However the mood in the elven kingdom had changed. For the very same reason
that mere humans seemed to lose their minds was behind today's riot. Their
sports team. The Shalonesti Quicksilver.

Randorf walked at a steady pace with his endless line of personal bodyguards
at his side. He could hear the muffled comments objecting to his presence,
but chose to ignore them. Fans were always spouting off about something it
seemed, but it was rare that the anger ever evolved into an organized
destruction of a building.

The arena itself was not typical, at least not any more. It had been burned

"Ah suppose no one even tried to stop this?" Randorf asked no one in
particular. An elven woman dressed in expensive robes responded to Randorf.

"The fire was contained OUTSIDE of the stands" she said with a slight smirk.
"Ambrosse brought Chaos into this city. He put one who worships Malachive
on the team. If that is not bad enough, he publicly stated that he wished
Malachive would destroy our forests" she stated plainly.

Randorf sighed. Looking to his assistant, he gave instructions.

"Hence forth, all of thae remaining Quicksilver games will bae played in
their opponents stadiums. Next year, if Ambrosse wishes tae remain the
teams owner, he will find ah new host city, if at all possible. Hae will
also pay for any new stadium. Ah will nute bae footing thae bill for this
kind of mess."

"So you're going to allow him to keep the team??" The elven woman asked

"This is nute my issue. Ah ban no mortal from competing. Ah will nute
involve myself in thae politics of this either other than to say this is ah
slightly irritating distraction during thae season. Bute thae Quicksilver
will play here no more and as of next season, they will nute carry thae
Shalonesti name. You'll have tae go tae other cities tae see the action or
get yourselves ah new team" Randorf said in an irritated tone.

Looking at the burned pile of rubble, Randorf shook his head. "I'll leave
your fine city to clean up it own mess."

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Jan 10 23:54:24 2013

To all

Subject The Heart of Time

There was nothing unique about this rock other than the fact that is was
large and had one of the most rare beings in all of Algoron sitting upon it.
Sitting on top of a sea cliff over looking the Lutsa Rusu sea, the Balanx
scribbled in the very journal that was the core of its universe. Balanx can
see much of the world around it. They document everything of importance and
very few moments can escape these angelic servants of the neutral Gods.

So it came as a great shock to the Balanx that without any warning there
stood an unnaturally pale skinned elderly human man standing before it. The
Balanx's large sapphire eyes blinked twice and said in a soft voice "...
How... Who are... Why did I not......?" Before collecting itself to
finish the sentence with "forgive me. Where are my manners? My name is..."

"Shhhhh" the human interrupted. "I know exactly who and what you are.
After all, I am not here by mere chance."

The old man carried no weapon and no staff, which intrigued the Balanx since
the man wore tattered old mage robes that looked as if they used to be red,
possibly decades ago or more. The man sat on the rock next the Balanx. His
gaze left the Balanx as he scanned over the sea, a sadness apparent on his

"It is odd and yet very interesting that I did not see you coming," the
Balanx stated "and even more odd that you know who I am and I do not know
your name nor your purpose. "

The old man brought his gaze back to the Balanx. "It must feel awkward for
you for your natural gifts to not work on me.... Or my friends."

A band of soldiers walked into view led by an Orc wearing heavy runed plate
armor scaled to his massive form, a milky-red symbol starkly visible on it,
and bristling with weapons strapped to his back and his sides. He gripped a
viciously bladed sword in his hand while glaring through the long black
dread-locks hanging around his face. With each step, the clink of the
broken shackles hanging from his wrists sounded forth.

The Balanx stood up alarmed, a reaction he was not accustomed to.

"Is this an attack? State your intentions!" The Balanx said.

"Our intention... Is time travel," Seanan stated plainly. You see, I am
Seanan Stormwar, General of Chaos and this is the Orc Crothus and his
friends. Crothus is the Everchosen of Chaos, our Champion and leader of the
army of Chaos."

"And your intentions have what to do with me? I can pause time, I can not
travel in it." Ankabasanu stated.

"I am well aware of your limitations, Balanx," Seanan said in a matter of
fact tone. "However, I do not share in those limitations. I have time
traveled before and intent to do so again. No mortal that walks these
planes is as old as I am. However, there are... Complications... And lets
call them ingredients for doing so. You just so happen to be in possession
of said ingredient."

Ankabasanu looked back at Seanan curiously. "And you intend to take it by
force if I do not hand it over?"

Seanan smiled gently. "Trust me when I say that this is not something you
would just hand over. While it may normally sadden me to have to kill such
a rare creature as yourself, I know your master VERY well and nothing would
please me more than to kill the servant of that bastard." He turned to the
orc next to him. "Crothus.... Please remove his heart from his chest."

"With pleasure," Crothus stated with a grin.

Without any further delay, Crothus swung his sword at Ankabasanu's gut, but
the Balanx displayed extremely fast reflexes and barely avoided being
gutted. Other members of Chaos circled around the Balanx. Crothus swung
his sword again, this time at Ankabasanu's throat. Ankabasanu leaned back
and avoided the blow while lunging forward with both legs and kicked Crothus
in the shins in a low drop kick type of motion. In one swift move,
Ankabasanu sprung to his feet and kicked the sword from Crothus's hand.

Another member of Chaos dove at Ankabasanu but Ankabasanu dove out of the
way with ease. The attacks were coming too swift towards Ankabasanu and he
sprung into the air with his insect like wings sprouting forward.

His flight was short lived as a ball of dark energy shot from Seanan's hands
and hit the Balanx directly, sending Ankabasanu crashing to the ground.

Ankabasanu rose up quickly but Crothus was already on top of him. Crothus
smashed fist after fist into Ankabasanu's face and head. Crothus paused for
a moment as Ankabasanu looked up dazed. Not satisfied, Crothus continued
his brutal assault on Ankabasanu pounding fists into the Balanx's face until
Ankabasanu was barely recognizable.

"Enough," Seanan said. "Finish this."

Crothus removed a dagger from his belt and grinned leaning down close to the
Balanx's ear and growls. "Go ahead, pray to your God for help."

Ankabasanu was barely alive, much less conscious. "Sebatis.... Aid me," he
managed to mutter before passing out.

Seanan and the rest of the Chaos group all laughed in amusement.

"Yes, SAVE him Sebatis," Seanan mocked. "Fool. The Gods care not for
anyone but themselves. You will receive no aid on this day!"

"This seems like as good a time as any to save the Balanx," a young voice
from behind them stated.

Seanan and the members of Chaos turned around to see a childish looking boy
draped in red robes, a wooden gnarled staff and wearing the kind of smirk
that would make it appear that he knew something you did not, yet wish you

"A child?" Crothus asked surprised.

"Sebatis!" Seanan said with his face turning into a deep frown.

"I'm serious. You couldn't write this any better if it were a story!"
Sebatis stated with more amusement than seemed appropriate for the

Seanan and the members of Chaos stared at him awkwardly and without a word.

"Okay.... This would be the part where I cry out 'LET MY BALANX GO! '"
Sebatis said with a range of sarcastic drama filled tones, "and you guys do
an evil laugh and refuse to let him go so I start kicking asses." Crothus
laughed. "He's just a child! Say the word Seanan and I will cut out his
tongue and eat it while he watches!"

Seanan turned to Crothus quickly and said "Don't...." Before being
interrupted by Sebatis.

"It's ok old red wizard of the towers now turned into a semi dead traitor of
magic guy. This is my favorite part." Sebatis said without emotion while
turning his smirk to Sebatis. "Hey Orc..... Want to see a magic trick?"

Without any further warning Sebatis slammed the bottom of his staff down
into the ground. A ridiculously large shockwave rammed into the forces of
Chaos and sent them flying violently high into the air and off the sea
cliff. Seanan immediately closed his eyes and started a chant. A dark
energy revolved around him as dark portals opened up to catch each falling
Chaos member just as they plunged into the ocean.

"Impressive," Sebatis stated curiously. "I did not teach you that."

Seanan turned to face Sebatis before speaking, his frown still fixed upon
his wrinkled face. "Oh I have learned a great deal since my departure from
your teachings."

Sebatis' smirk left his face. "And your new powers still work? Then
Malachive does still exist then. Or at least a piece of him."

Seanan managed a weak grin. "He does. Want to see more?"

Sebatis' expression changed into a full fledged smile. "Oh, I would like
nothing more."

Seanan raised his hands and they began to glow with the dark forces.

Time slowed down to almost still as Ankabasanu rose up beaten and bloody.

"Master... With Seanan's attention directed at you, the powers he was using
to nullify my powers have faded" Ankabasanu said. "Strike him down. Strike
him down now."

Sebatis shook his head. "Are you kidding? I want to see what he can do!
But you will have to wait for me on the Red Moon. You can watch from there.
You can not be involved in whatever transpires from here going forward.
Record this. The world will need to know how this turns out," Sebatis said
with a wink.

Seabtis snapped his fingers. Instantly the Balanx's wounds closed, bones
mended and the bruises on his face healed.

Ankabasanu nodded and lept into the air with his wings outstretched and flew
upward toward the red moon. After he traveled a moderate distance, time
began to turn normally.

Seabtis turned his focus to Seanan just as Seanan's dark energy shot from
his hands towards Sebatis.

(to be continued in an upcoming Game Wide Event)

Writer: Scorn

Date Wed Apr 24 22:31:32 2013

To all

Subject AGL World Title Press Conference (ooc: AGL is Sunday 4/28/13 6pm)

The room was full of chatter and excitement as bards, reporters and
interested parties shared their enthusiasm for the Randorf Del'Nichi
announcement. It had been a long time since the AGL World Title had been
defended and the Baron had already announced the match at a recent AGL
event. Posters were passed out around the room announcing the 8 person
Althainian Championship torunament followed by the AGL World Title Match.
(ooc: 4/28/13 6pm)

The crowd noise was reduced to silence upon Randorf's entrance. He was
surrounded by his normal staff of assistants and personal security, most of
which were very imposing looking Dwarves.

"Ladies and Gentlemen..." Randorf began. "Allow me to introduce to you THE
AGL World Champion, the Minotaur Invoker of the Black Tower, Dxutim

A midnight colored Minotaur made his way into the room. His robes were
colored similar to the creatures fur, although the fur had haphazard gold
fringes. His face was void of any emotion and his emotion was oddly calm.
A dark emblem of Drakkara could be seen just under his left eye. The golden
AGL World Championship belt was draped over his shoulder as he moved to his
chair next to Randorf.

Randorf put on an awkward smile and waved his arm back top the entrance of
the room before addressing the audience.

"And his opponent, the challenger, the Hill Dwarven Battlerager hailing from
Wargar, the number 1 contender, Mozely!"

A dark skinned dwarf bearing light colored scars that showed this Dwarf had
spent far too much of his life in the sun poked his head in the door of the
room. His fiery blue eyes looked around at the crowd and his expression of
annoyance were apparent to even the daftest of people. His massive arms
were covered by worn and tethered clothes along with a satchel filled with
various weapons and of all things, a bugel which protruded out of the top.
His hair was shoulder length and dread locked but covered with a hat that
had by far seen its better days. Most of the room noticed the metallic
smell of blood and the sour smell of ale that entered the room as the same
moment as Mozely, but none made mention of it.

Randord continued to smile awkwardly as Mozely made his way to the seat on
the opposite side of Randorf. Upon noticing Dxutim, Mozely scowled and
never removed his gaze from the champion until Randorf made addressed the
crowd again.

"We will now accept any questions from the audience" Randorf stated as he
sat down behind the table separating them from the crowd.

A 30 something human male holding a scroll and ink was the first to ask a

"It has been a long time since Dxutim defended the title and certainly most
of the people I have spoke to determined that it has been very hard to find
him an opponent. That is certainly a testament to his power and his legacy
as a champion. So my question is, was it difficult to find him an opponent?
I know Mozely was already the number 1 contender but did the AGL have to
force him to fight the champion?"

Mozely rolled his eyes and Randord smiled. Dxutim looked over to them both
as if he were slightly curious as the answer to this question."

"No" Randorf replied. "I offered the number 1 contender the first
opportunity at the championship and Mozely instantly accepted." Another
reported chimed in immediately "Why?"

"Whute do yae mean WHY?" Mozely replied angrily. "Yae talk of Dxutim like
he is thae dream champion. An unbeatable force! More like an unbeatable
farce if yae ask me!" Mozely wasted no time waving a finger at Dxutim.
"Yae bae a disgrace to yur race Minotaur."

The room was silent for a moment.

"How is that?" Dxutim asked.

"Yer a bloody Minotaur! Supposed tae bae ah strong and proud race! Mighty!
Honorable! Yet instead of swinging an axe with your God given strength and
wearing real metal over yer broad shoulders like ah real warrior would do,
yae wear those sissy robes and cast magic spells tae do your magic fer yae!
Yae may as well be grazing in a pasture with the other cows instead of
calling yerself ah Minotaur!"

Dxutim stood to his feet and addressed the Dwarf.

"You are one to talk about magic enhancing ones power, Dwarf. Look at the
size of your arms. I think its obvious that you are using PLENTY of magic
to enhance your own strength."

Mozely stood to his feet, his eyes wide with anger over the insult.

"Yae think ah I use magical enhancements for mae arms? You over grown cow
paddy, the only enhancement Ah've ever used was when ah had tae satisfy yur

Randorf interrupted "Next question!"

Dxutim interrupted any possible question from the crowd.

"The only way my mother would be pleased by you is when I EASILY destroy
you. You know that you are no match for me. In fact, I intend to defeat
you in a way never seen before by the likes any AGL crowd! You are brave, I
give you that but just as your insults have proven, you are a daft idiot and
I will have no problems disposing of you in front of all of Algoron in 4
nights time." (ooc: Sunday evening 6pm)

Mozely took out an axe, raised it above his head and yelled "WHY WAIT TILL

Dxutim rose his hand and lighting started to build up open his fists.

Randorf's security detail charged in between the two Gladiators as
lightening spread across the room.

"Thisconferencebaeover!!" Randorf yelled nervously as he was escorted
quickly out of the room. Mozely could be seen being restrained by no less
than a half dozen security personnel as the crowd quickly made its exit.

Writer: Scorn

Date Sat Jun 8 00:15:08 2013

To Chaos all

Subject The Flames of Chaos: The Kindled Fire (I)

His merciless slavers were gathered en masse around the outside of a pit
dug into the jungle's earth. The better to corral and direct the slaves
chosen to do battle. They told him he was a gladiator, but he knew better
and his crimson gaze narrowed as he eyed the rim and the crowd of centaurs
that had gathered to watch blood spilled. Treated as animals, they were
expendable meat to their owners and he let that thought feed his anger until
it raged through him - and then he looked to his opponent who stood across
the earthen hole from him.

The giant ogre was a hunched creature and corded with muscle that was
scarred and etched with numerous wounds from battles won and lost. Today,
one of them would lose their life and he knew in his heart that it was not
his day to die - not yet.

His axes were familiar, their handles worn appropriately to his grip and he
spun them once before knocking the blunted tips together with a sound that
riled the crowd. His opponent growled, hateful yellow eyes narrowing. It
held a huge flanged mace in the right hand and a kite shield on the right
arm, though for all it seemed to care it might have been wielding a stick
and a buckler. It slammed the mace against the shield, lowered its head and
began loping toward him without further provocation.

He shrugged off the outside influences, pushing all distractions away, and
set his focus. He had speed, maneuverability and experience. The giant
ogre had reach, strength and a thick hide. He knew that it wouldn't be
enough today for the lumbering creature.

He ran at it, closing the distant quickly and anticipating the rising swing
of the mace, he blocked with his left axe. He had a moment then to meet the
eyes of the giant ogre and he grinned before disengaging. The next sound
that rang through the pit was the grating screech of steel tearing through
metal as he cleaved through the huge shield. The crowd cried out at the
sound but as the shield fell to the ground, nearly in two pieces, the
cheering returned at a fevered pitch. The giant ogre growled, bearing its
teeth at Crothus, and switched both its meaty fists to the handle of the
mace. The next swing of that weapon whistled through the air with
obliterating force but Crothus was out of range, having backed away from the
enraged monster to best gauge his next attack.

He feinted, drawing the giant ogre into another wide, obliterating swing of
its mace and then ducked inside the blind spot which gave him ample time to
slice his axes down the brute's side and back, leaving long rents through
the flesh that began to bleed profusely. Its roar of pain drew screams of
encouragement from the centaurs and it used its free hand to swing back
wildly, catching Crothus in the ribs. It would have sent him sprawling but
he rolled with it and was back up and waiting for his prey with a growl of
his own that trickled with feral intensity.

The battle drew on, the giant ogre persevering despite the wounds Crothus
inflicted again and again and like a pair of enraged titans, they continued
to clash. Blood dripped down the orc's chin from his mouth and a
superficial cut along his scalp. He had broken ribs and bruises galore. He
knew he was going to win this battle... But his attention broke at the
height of the giant ogre's next attack and he found himself gazing at a man
walking amongst the crowd, unhindered, unhurried - peering down on him with

Everything changed suddenly, as if a shadow passed over the sun. He saw the
man, recognized him as Malachive and then his attention snapped back to the
giant ogre even as a writhing agony erupted down his back. His opponent's
weapon was centimeters away from his head, a blow that could easily shatter
his skull. His eyes closed, a half second or less, as he anticipated the
death that had never been a part of this dream and then abruptly, it all

The roar of the crowd, the giant ogre and its stench, the scent of blood...

Writer: Scorn

Date Sat Jun 8 00:17:57 2013

To all Chaos

Subject The Flames of Chaos : The Flames of War (II)

The forest of the elves was thick, its green scent heavy with the rain
threatening to pour from a sky that promised violence. He saw it as a solid
omen and his lips curled in a hard smile, feeling anticipation rise in him
alongside the heat of his fury, which burned eagerly.

His enemy was far ahead of him but he was in no rush. Those of the Dungeon
had lead him toward this path, their plan obvious: wait in ambush for the
elves. This was where he excelled and it was with patient timing that he
closed the distance.

The rain began to fall in earnest as he made his way, lightning ripping
through the clouds while deafening thunder rolled with abandon. He was
soaked in moments when the sky opened, little rivers of water falling from
his black dreads and down his Chaos armor, but all such distractions were
pushed to the side once he heard the sound of battle rise. Swords and
staves, flaring acid and the now familiar hum of the bladesingers. He was
drawn through a haze of red as adrenaline spiked through him and without
hesitation, he threw himself into the ongoing altercation.

He relished the moments of confusion, no matter how brief they were, when
his blades fell upon the unsuspecting enemy and grinned with malicious glee
as pained and surprised yells finally turned the tide on him. Blows rained
down but he was ready, the odds were always against him. He gave back as
good as he got, much to the dismay of whoever found themselves in the path
of his weapons, and the pleasing metallic scent of spilled blood began to

He gave ground and then took it back, unsurprised when the injured fled and
were subsequently chased by the opportunistic. His cares were for the enemy
before him and his blows fell without mercy. A sword flew from slick hands
as he disarmed it. A shield cracked, the sound tearing through the clearing
violently, and was subsequently discarded. A body fell heavily and the
sound of steel parting flesh or scraping over armor was the music that
lifted and fell in a great and wonderful cacophony.

He was wounded, bleeding profusely, but his prey was nearly dead.
Staggering, entangled by the unmerciful chains of his flails, his focus
would not have wavered but he had to look when he noticed the man - no...
Malachive - walking through the nearby forest.

Nothing, neither the rain nor the darkness, impaired his recognition. And
upon the cresting moment, agony writhed down his back, becoming more
pronounced with each powerful thud of his heart.

The pain also brought him back to the moment and his gaze swung to the
enemy, which had regrouped. He had time to see the blades, the sickly green
glow of magic, race toward him and his eyes closed. Only a moment though,
only a fraction of a moment, and suddenly the rain was gone. The blood, the

Writer: Scorn

Date Sat Jun 8 00:22:36 2013

To all Chaos

Subject The Flames of Chaos: The Searing Embers (III)

A great black expanse without end lie above and staring into it, he knew
he could lose himself. He was a tiny thing to it and he hated that. He let
that hatred pour strength through him and, tearing his gaze away from it, he
looked down instead and found a landscape both familiar and disturbing. It
was a moon, perhaps once the red moon but now, milky red and he stood in the
center of a symbol of Chaos that must have easily spanned the entire half he
could see. It was a magnificent work of art and he knew that Algoron would
be able to see it.

His grin was malicious and though he was enthralled with the sight, he found
his attention drawn to the barren surroundings and he realized... A battle
had been fought here. Bloody, violent. Giant rents marked the ground, long
furrows had burned deep into the crust and laying all about were bodies.
Wispy, insubstantial. They were each of them important, signifying
something that made his blood run hot with barely suppressed fury. Chaos
had been victorious here though, and all Algoron could witness it. They
would all know...

The air shimmered before him, drawing his attention back from the
surroundings and Malachive appeared before him as if He had always been
there. It was abrupt but Crothus knew the Bringer of Chaos for what he was
almost instantly.

Pain began to throb along his back, his scars writhing as if alive. He felt
the aura of Chaos radiating from Malachive and reveled in it, nearly brought
to his knees, but the chance never came. The Godson reached forth, His hand
touching to Crothus' chest and words resounded through the nether - of his
mind, of his very existence.

'This is the freedom we fight for. ' And Malachive's free hand gestured to
the moon and the insubstantial bodies that appeared now to be comprised of
constellations. He leaned forward then, until there was less than a hand's
span between them and said 'You have proven yourself... My Everchosen. '

His ears felt as if they might be bleeding, so powerful was the aura of
Chaos emanating from the God before him and then, his chest felt as if it
were on fire. Like being branded by acid. He heard himself gasp at the
agony ripping through him beneath Malachive's hand over his heart, and then
there was only the endless dark above and the God's words

'Keep searching. '


Crothus sat in relative silence before the shrine of Chaos, gazing up at the
symbol around which the Warp thrived, contemplating the depths of the
blessing and the mantle that had been placed upon him.

'The Lord has picked you, Crothus. ' Seanan's words, echoing from a not so
distant past. 'You stand now as His Everchosen. '

More than a sentiment, it was a position of leadership as much as a blessing
and the burning handprint over his chest reminded him eagerly of this with
each breath. It still felt like acid and he ground his teeth even as he
grinned through the pain. The ball that Malachive had begun rolling was
picking up momentum, and he intended to be at the forefront when it struck

He rose slowly to his full towering height and all his armor settled to the
sound of leather and metal shifting. He could feel the power of the Warp
twisting, changing and as he stared up at the many pointed star of Chaos, it
pulsed around him as if in anticipation. The time was right to gather the

"Let it begin." He uttered in a soft growl and turned to stalk back into
the great hall.

Writer: Scorn

Date Thu Jun 20 20:26:10 2013

To all

Subject The Heart of Time (part 2)

(See The Heart of Time History Note to catch up on current events)

Sebatis took the brunt of Seanans dark energy spell full force and it
managed to make Sebatis take a couple of steps backwards.

"Impressive!" Sebatis said with a sly grin. "But how's your defense?"

Sebatis shot forth a blast of acid from one hand and and lightening bolt
from the other. Seanan managed to fade out and allow both attacks to pass
through him.

"Phasing, eh?" Sebatis said with a sarcastic tone. "Too bad my spells are
a little... Advanced."

Both the acid blast and the lightning bolt had managed to turn around behind
Seanan and strike him unprepared from the back. The lightning bolt knocked
Seanan forward and the acid managed to burn some of Seanan's skill and

"You'll pay for this," Seanan said as he rose to one knee.

Seanan's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he began a chant. With
little effort, the General of Chaos grew about 400 feet tall.

"Whoa!" Sebatis said impressed.

Seanan quickly stomped his foot over the top of Sebatis and smushed his foot
down deep into the earth creating noise that could be heard for hundreds of
miles away.

As the dust settled, Seanan looked under the crater his foot had created and
saw no corpse.

"Come out and fight me, you worthless scum! Join your sister in death!"
Seanan snarled.

"That was NOT a nice thing to say" a voice bellowed.

Turning around, Seanan could see Sebatis was every inch as tall as Seanan
now and he saw just how strong he was when Sebatis's backhand struck him in
the face. The force sent Seanan flying through the air into the ocean.
Sebatis flew behind him staff first and hit Seanan with so much might that
it sent Seanan flying high into the air for miles.

Seanan landed on a distant shore in the shallow water creating a huge
splash. Shrinking down to his normal height while stunned, Seanan crawled
to the shoreline. Waiting for him on the Arkanian shoreline was Sebatis,
also now at normal height.

"What else do you have?" Sebatis asked with a smirk.

"Perhaps.... Perhaps my powers are not on par with Malachive's. Perhaps I
... Alone can not destroy .... A God," Seanan said defeated.

"You think?" Sebatis said. "I wanted to see what you could do and I have
to tell you, I was only slightly impressed. But now I think it's time we
retired you to the after life old wizard."

Seanan looked up at the Neutral God of Magic. "Your towers.... Killed me
once and Malachive brought me back. He will do ..... So again."

"Oh, I'm not a mere dragon sending you to your end wizard. I am the very
God who gave you your initial powers, who constructed the red tower and

Unnoticed, Seanan pulled a severed horn tip out of his robe pocket and
pointed it at Sebatis.

"The horn of Malachive I presume? Are you offering me the last bit of
physical remains of Malachive for your life?" Sebatis asked seriously.

Seanan grimaced and managed to mutter "I was told to only use this.... When
the time.... Was right. I only offer you.... Your death... God of

A black vapor rushed our of the horn and in an instant struck Sebatis
through his chest. The dark vapor consumed Sebatis and seemed to be tearing
him appart internally.

Screaming in agony..... Sebatis started to glow full of his own power and
after an agonizing moment, the black vapor exploded off and away from his
body. Falling to the ground, another form fell from the heavens.

"Zandreya... You are too late," Seanan said weekly.

"Not if I get him to back off of Algoron now you wretched traitor!"
Zandreya replied.

Seanan pointed the horn at her and zapped the dark vapor at her, but she was
too quick. Instantly she touched Sebatis and the two disappeared.

The vapor continued to travel and struck the dirt in a a field several
hundred yards away.

Seanan managed to crawl to his feet, muttered a spell and disappeared.

The dirt where the vapor struck began to rumble and the earth started to
move. A small centipede crawled out and towards the outskirts of western

There, an overweight sweaty janitor was pulling garbage to one of the towns
dump sites along with 3 other of the kingdoms janitors. The centipede
crawled up of his leg and shirt up to his face where it bit the janitor
right on his greasy cheek.

"DAMNIT!!!!!" The janitor yelled out in pain as he swatted the centipede

"What's wrong Alvin?" Another janitor laughed. "Didn't your stupid mother
ever tell you not to let the bed bugs bite?"

"More like d-d-d-d-ddon't let the b-b-b-b-bed b-b-b-bugs b-b-b-bite if she
was stuttering idiot like you," another said mockingly.

All of the janitors laughed as one of the other men shoved Alvin to the

Alvin laid on the ground and cursed under his breath.

"I am t-t-t-t-t tied of being p-p-p-p-picked on." Alvins stuttered. "I
h-h-h-h-hope these b-b-b-b-bugs g-g-g-g-grow like a g-g-g-giant and
k-k-k-k-kill y-y-y-you all."

The bug that Alvin had swatted away started to twitch and grow instantly.

"W--w-w-w-what the?" Alvin looked on surprised.

The ground rumbled and shook as hundreds of the giant red centipede's came
to the surface. An even larger yellow one rose to the ground and looked
Alvin over. "P-p-p-please d-d-d-don't h-h-h-hurt m-m-m-m-m-m-m....
M-m-m-m-m-m.... Me!"

The yellow centipede spoke as natural as a human, although quite a bit

"You are the creator and we will carry out your orders!!! We will kill them

Alvin sprung to his feet and took off in a run back towards Arkane.

(the story continues in tonights quest and its up to the players to see where this goes)

Writer: Scorn

Date Tue May 6 22:04:29 2014

To all

Subject The 6th Shard of Seanan

Expensive tables and chairs adorned the New Thalos bar. The corners were
filled with plush pillows surrounding pitchers of iced drinks and
contraptions for smoking the establishment's extensive collection of fine
leaf. Others played cards, but most in this bar simply drank and kept to
themselves. That is, until SHE walked in.

A human woman appearing to be in her late twenties strolled into the place
as if she owned it. Her hair was long and brown, her eyes blue and her
smile was infectious. Even the most timid of males were drawn to her as she
walked in and every one of them knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was
smiling only at him. She wore a gown that seemed to the women in the bar
that she was missing far too much fabric in the revealing open sides of her
waist, low cut and loose top and down the side of her thighs.

A particular ariel man could not resist himself. He left his card game in
mid hand forfeiting whatever winnings he may have had to approach the woman.
His burnished golden eyes locked upon the woman's and without any control of
his own, his yellowish golden feathers expanded out in full extension
knocking over the drinks on the each table beside him.

"How cute! Did you just Peacock?" Drakarra asked mischievously.

Ignoring the spilled drinks and the scowling looks of the men Fynix had just
offended, he walked slowly to the woman.

"I'm... I'm Fynix," he said before her returned gaze interrupted him.

"Of course you are," the woman replied.

Fynix smiled before continuing, "By all things sacred, I swear that you were
made by Cliath himself."

"Is that so? Aren't you quite the charmer." The woman stated plainly, her
smile turning into a smirk.

"If only words could do your beauty justice," he replied before being
interrupted by the woman.

"Why waste those lips on words?" She asked slowly, her gaze locked onto
his. "Take a drink with me."

The woman picked up a glass of whiskey from the table next to them. As she
touched it, the glass began to fizzle and a strong green vapor escaped from
the top of it.

It was unclear whether Fynix downed the shot with such urgency because he
wanted to show off his manhood or if he just wanted to get back to their
conversation as quickly as possible. Perhaps he needed the liquid courage.
Regardless, Fynix began to choke on the whiskey and began to cough.

He smiled and tried to play it as cool as he could but the coughing got
worse until it felt as if he were being strangled from within his own
throat. His eyes began to roll into the back of his head as he fell down to
one knee gagging.

The woman stared off at another man with the same smile that she walked into
the place with. The man smiled back. In fact, all of the men (and one very
tall crew cut haired woman) were smiling at her. No one gave any notice to
the choking Ariel dying upon the floor at her feet.

A white robed hand touched Fynix by the shoulder.

"Relax friend," the voice spoke as the hand shot a jolt of white magic into
his body.

Fynix began to regain his composure. After a moment, he was helped up by
the white robed man.

"Back to your cards friend and do not fret, you are not the first to fall
victim to this one's spells."

Fynix slowly walked back to his card game, thankful for the assistance but
more embarrassed than anything else. He gave the woman one last wink as he
rejoined his game.

"You're no fun, Kantilles," the woman spoke slyly. "And why wear those
robes? I thought we were supposed to be inconspicuous."

Scanning the woman up and down, Kantilles responded with a smirk. "Oh yes,
you are oh so inconspicuous. No one will ever notice you, Drakkara.
Besides, isn't half the world in the Conclave at present time? I'll fit
right in."

Drakkara said with unapologetic boredom, "Oh waaa. It's about time our
followers were the flavor of the month. Why did Sebatis want us to meet
anyway? What's so urgent? Shouldn't we all be spending our time plotting
creative ways to murder each other?"

A young human male approached the table. He was clean cut and well dressed
and looked wise beyond his years.

"Because, we are currently the only members of our families speaking to each
other," Sebatis stated plainly. "Although if you would return Nadrik to his
family, NONE of this would be necessary."

"Thank you for actually saying the words," Kantilles agreed quickly before
Drakkara interrupted in protest.

Drakkara objected, "We agreed that we would keep communication open IF the
topic was magic and the betterment or protection of it. However, I will not
sit here and be ganged up on over other matters of politics!"

Kantilles stood and yelled, "Matter of politics? YOUR SIDE HAS MY BROTHER
MURDERED MY SISTER! No doubt on orders from YOUR husband! Matter of
politics? If you dismiss these acts so lightly again, I swear that I

"THIS DIRECTLY CONCERNS THE TOWERS!" Sebatis said loudly to get both of
their attention.

The three exchanged glances around the bar to see if anyone had noticed the
loud voices and arguing. The bar seemed to be business as usual.

"Privacy spell," Sebatis stated plainly. "I had no choice but to cast it
after I saw what Darkkara was wearing. Regardless, I bring you both news
that affects everything. Nadrik, Necrucifer, the towers, all of us."

Drakkara muttered, "Waste no more words then."

Sebatis began. "A Dwarven miner found the 6th Shard of Seanan buried deep
in the hills outside of Ganth. I never expected those iced over cliffs to
be mined. I bet they were looking for Cliath's hand. To make a long story
short, he is from a long line of Raije enthusiasts on his mother's side.
His father's side tended to be miners which is probably why they lived much
longer, but anyway, he found it and he sacrificed it to Raije and was
rewarded pretty handsomely with a shiny new powerful axe that the uncle on
her mother's side killed him for it. I'm not sure why Raije would give a
miner a powerful axe as a reward. Not the smartest gift, but you know how
demented he gets."

"The Shard?" Kantilles interrupted.

"Ah, right," Sebatis continued. "Father said for all Neutral gods not to
pick sides in your war right now, so Raije has decided to put the shard up
for contest. We all know the way he looks at things."

Drakkara smirked. "Yes, he's special. We know. Continue. What is the
contest to be?"

"He wants every single Kingdom and every single Clan, except Chaos of
course, to elect one champion. They will decide to fight for good or to
fight for evil or not to fight at all, then they will meet in the AGL arena
and the last team standing wins the shard. The way he sees it is that we
have 7 for sure Good Kingdoms and Clans, 7 for certain evil ones and 7 more
that could go either way. He specifically included one member from each of
our towers."

"And the red tower will fight for whom?" Drakkara said sarcastically.

"She still refuses to believe that the Red Tower doesn't do the bidding of
good," Kantilles said as he rolled his eyes.

"The Red Tower will join whatever side THEY decide to. No Neutral gods will
intervene on this decision. Kwainin has forbid it. Our mortals have free

Now it was Drakkara's turn to roll her eyes. "What a load of crap. When is
this fight?"

"26 days from now."

"26 days of political turmoil and pay offs from the worlds leaders and from
within our own towers," Kantilles mumbled with tired sarcasm. "Remind me to
thank Raije for this personally one day. Or better yet, WHEN we free
Nadrik, maybe he will have that honor."

His comment forced a smile upon Drakkara. "Then let us waste no time.
Kantilles, I wish you the worst of luck."


OOC: Sunday June 1st 3pm CST. The 6th Shard Quest Battle. One champion
will be decided from its membership of each of the following groups (minimum
100 prestige hours) or they may elect to abstain from battle:

White Robes
Shalonesti Kingdom

Black Robes

Red Robes
New Thalos

Writer: Scorn

Date Sun Jun 24 14:14:45 2018

To all

Subject The Shards of Seanan World Quest Summary Catchup

-Gods of evil break God long lasting treaty by birthing and hiding
Malachive, son of Necrucifer and Drakkara.

-Gods of Neutrality vow to destroy Malachive. Out numbered, evil refuses to
protect him.

-Gods of Good save Malachive's life from the Neutral Gods, hoping that he
can be raised as a normal mortal.

-Malachive gains power while in hiding in Algoron, eventually develops a
crazy chip on his shoulder and decides that all Gods are the bane of all
living creatures and must die. Creates the Chaos faction and begins mass
recruitment/conversion away from religion.

-Evil uses the distraction to declare all out war with the Gods of Good and
assassinates Kadiya in a double cross by Devion.

-Gods of Evil create a brown dragon hatchery to lure Nadrik into a trap.
Nadrik is defeated and held captive on the dark moon where he is tortured

-Being out numbered 6-4, the Gods of Good decide to place mortals in charge
of finding and capturing the Shards of Seanan, a shattered ancient artifact
that would allow them to rescue Nadrik without any further risk. Good
requires 8 pieces of the shard to use the artifact. -Evil finds out plan
and battles good for piece of the shard as they are found.

Shard 1: Massive Battlefield (Evil Wins due to the enlistment of Slayers)
Shard 2: Bidding War for financially drained orphanage (Evil Wins)
Shard 3: Massive Naval Battle (Evil Wins)
**Evil Needs one more shard to prevent Goods rescue plan.
Shard 4: Red Moon Battlefield (Good wins)
Shard 5: Poker Tournament (Randorf obtains shard and funnels it through poker competition, Good Wins)
Shard 6: Marauders win Champions tournament but sell shard to good. (Good Wins)
Shard 7: Knighthood defeat the Puppet Master to obtain shard. (Good Wins)

Current Shards: Good 4 (require 8) Evil 3 (require 4)

Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Jun 24 15:30:57 2018

To all

Subject The 8th Shard of Seanan.

Archion, a being unlike all others, hovered slightly above the ground
being supported by powerful pink angelic wings. He wore no shirt and no
armor, but his muscular skin seemed to be as hard as thick metal. His arms
were made of fire and where he would have hands were blades of searing
flame. His eyes glowed white and his long golden hair hung flawlessly
behind his human head. A necklace containing a single shard of dark crystal
hung from his neck.

"Let's go already" he stated plainly, as if he were bored.

At once, Fatale, God of Murder charged at him. Swinging a long dark blade,
Archion countered his first attacks with quickness and agility. Twice
Fatale's blade made contact with Archion but twice the being parried it off
with his bare flame arms.

Fatale circled Archion, deciding his next move. From behind Archion
appeared Devion, God of Mischief, with a blade of his own in hand. He
struck the blade into Archion's side and twisted the blade in deep. Archion
expanded his wings with enough force to send Devion flying backwards.

Fatale seeing his chance lunged toward Archion, but Archion countered his
move again and struck the God with his searing blade arm across Fatale's mid
section. Fatale fell to his knees in pain.

Fatale grinned. "Who made you?"

Devion stumbled to his feet. "What are you?"

Archion spoke loudly. "I am Archion. And I am your demise."

Devion smirked "Not likely. I did not stab you with any normal blade."

Archion glanced down at the dagger stuck in his side. He made no

"You have minutes to live, whatever you are. Hand over the shard and I will
reverse your fate." Devion said.

Archion again looked at the dagger in his side. His flame bladed limb
shifted to that of a human arm with a hand and he grabbed the handle of the
blade and pulled. The dagger only sank in deeper as Archion attempted to
remove it. Bright pink blood began to seep through the wound and run down
his side.

"Do you really think that I will just give you this shard and seal the fate
of my maker?" Archion replied.

Fatale grinned as he stood to his feet. "No, I think you'll just die and
we'll then we'll take it. You lost. You fought long and hard but death is
finally coming for you."

"Your maker? So Nadrik made you? How?" Devion asked in genuine curiosity.

"Not Nadrik. But I am from him, made but from a lock of his hair, given
life by his mother. And I WILL die, but alas, I WILL return. I will be
reborn and I will find the next shard." Archion gripped the shard around
his neck.

"And by then, we'll have what we need to end this silly plan," Devion
replied as he stepped towards Archion.

Archion squeezed the shard in his hand and shut his eyes. The flames from
his left arm began to spread and circle around him into a fiery inferno.
Both Fatale and Devion attempted to walk to Archion but the strange,
magical fire seared their flesh and forced them to keep their distance.

The heat from the flames turned white hot before the shard exploded into
hundreds of pieces with the fragments being scattered high into the sky.

The fire cooled and ended in an instant as Archion collapsed to the ground.

"That was not wise...." Stated Fatale as he approached Archion. Fatale
raised his sword high into the air and slashed it downwards removing
Archion's head from his shoulders. Devion smiled as he walked over and
picked up the being's lifeless head. Studying it, he pulled a fist full of
its golden hair from its head. Devion noticed Fatale looking at him

Devion shrugged as if almost embarrassed. "Never know what might come in
handy one day" he said with a grin.


All across Algoron, fragments of the shard reigned down from the sky.
Within hours, collectors has begin to gather it. The Gods of Evil quickly
dispatched Warlords and Bounty Hunters from each continent. They began to
use all of their resources to gather as many fragments as they could find,
steal or buy. The hunt for the fragments of this shard had begun as the
news of this event was now world wide gossip.



Find as many pieces of the shard as you can. When more than 250 pieces are
held together, it will attract a Warlord or Bounty Hunter coming to get it.
Defeat them and collect even more. Once all are found, the fragments can be
combined back into 1 full shard.

The player with the most fragments will recieve a special visit to end the

Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Jun 24 17:51:43 2018

To all

Subject The FINAL shard of Seanan....

Like a giant magnet, the majority of shard fragments pulled the lessor
amounts of shard fragments toward each other, reforming the shard into a
whole piece.

A hand reached down and picked up the shard. A dark cowl covering his face,
no smile or grin was evident. He simply placed that shard along with the
three others in his possession and crushed them into dust.


Austinian stared into space with a blank look upon his face.

Siccara placed a hand upon his shoulder.

"We tried. The mortals tried. We almost had him home," she said.

"I know." Austinian replied, his eyes wet with emotion. "Get everyone
ready. All is not lost. We'll just have to go get Nadrik ourselves, no
matter what the cost. And the cost could be.... Everything...."


OOC: Evil wins the quest with 312 shard fragments shown with Good making it
close with 276 total shown.

Evil has destroyed enough of the Shards to prevent Nadriks sade escape and
so the story continues....

The Story Continues: The Gods of Good attack the Dark Moon to resuce Nadrik.
Sunday July 1st at 4pm.


Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Jul 1 18:56:09 2018

To all

Subject The Fate of Nadrik

Devion stood upon this dark and barren moon. Only light from the blue
planet of Algoron and the white and red moons provided light to this side of
the moon. This moon had always avoided the light of the sun, much to the
agreement of the Gods of darkness, all of which were here.

"This place is always so boring," Devion complained. "But NOT today!
Definitely not today."

A dark thundering voice, much too loud for this small conversation bellowed
from the darkness. "They are coming."

"Yes, Mencius, I know..." Devion replied sarcastically.

"Then KILL him now! Allow me!" Interrupted Fatale.

"Why kill him now?" Asked Drakkara. "When he will bring them all to us,
and we can take this opportunity to kill more than just one God?" She

A harsh voice from the darkness echoed through the landscape.

"Nadrik will live long enough.. For us to take another one with him."

Black smoked in smoldering flame swirled around violently until it formed
into Necrucifer.

"They will bring their mortal army with them, and so we shall bring ours.
And in the end, I have had the vision that we will take another God of the
Light into death."

A smile creased across Drakkara's face. "If you have foreseen it, then we
all KNOW that it will come to pass. You have never been wrong with your
predictions, not even once! However, it would be helpful to know WHO and
perhaps HOW so that we may be prepared?"

Necrucifer shot Drakkara an angry glare.

"You know the visions are not that specific. Let us prepare. This will be
a moment that we will never forget."

"Couldn't agree more." Drakkara replied before vanishing into a dark cloud.

Devion looked at Fatale's face.

"What the? Are you ACTUALLY smiling?" Devion asked curiously.

Fatale changed his expression to be much more displeasing as his form also
whisked away into black smoke.


Austinian held Taliena's hand on white moon. Beside them stood Kantilles and Taliena.

Austinian and Taliena looked upon their children with forced smiles and teary eyes.

"We will not lose another child," Austinian said earnestly. "I wouldn't even risk you
two, but we have no chance without you. We are outnumbered 6 to 4."

"And Drakkara is particularly is strong on her home moon," Taliena stated. "We will get
Nadrik and then we will leave as soon as possible."

Kantilles took his turn to speak.

"As you all know, there is a way to swing her grip of power on that moon. And we must rely
on the mortals for that. We can die there, but mortals can not. But for each evil life
they take upon the moon, the power will swing to our favor."

"And for each one their mortals take, so the power will swing to them," Siccara added.

"Then let us hope the side of Good will do what needs be done. My faith is, as it has
always been, with them. We will win this day," Austinian said.

Taliena placed her hands upon her children's shoulders. "Remember, if we make it to Nadrik,
he alone is our prize. Let us not waste time on revenge. That time will come."

Austinian opened his arms and hugged each being. "Open the portals. Let us begin this.
And no matter what happens, know that I love each of you with all of my being. And if we
must fall, allow me to be the first."

Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Jul 1 19:39:00 2018

To all

Subject The Fate of Nadrik (Early results)

The Gods of Good advanced through the Black Moon towards Nadrik. The
forces of good had dominated the battle early on, giving the Gods of good
greater power and taking some away from Drakkara.

"This is not going well, my dear," Drakkara snapped at Necrucifer.

Necrucifer bellowed loudly, shouting at Drakkara. "I am well aware, and I
trust my vision. We will meet them head on here and we will finish this.
Trust in me as you always have."

Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Jul 1 19:55:18 2018

To all

Subject The Fate of Nadrik (Mid Results)

Nadrik was shackled upon his knees, in the same unbearable stance that he
had been stuck in for near a decade. His head and wrists were bound in
rocky stocks made from the black moon itself. He never seemed to run out of
blood, and Devion made sure that it kept flowing. His time and torture upon
the black moon had made him a shell of a being. He no longer spoke, he no
longer complained. He simply existed.

Standing around him stood all six Gods of Darkness.

Necrucifer spoke. "When they get here, I want Austinian and Taliena to look
upon their child's face one last before we take his life. Devion, you can
do the deed. In their despair, we will strike at them and kill as many as
we can."

"I WANT TO KILL NADRIK!" Mencius bellowed. "IT SHOULD BE ME!!"

Devion looked put off. "Fine with me. Quite frankly, I'm bored with it
all. I'll happily stand back and fight."

"So be it," commanded Necrucifer. "Strike hard, strike fast."

"I am losing power. The forces of Good are dominating our followers! Kill
him now." Drakkara protested.

"We WILL stick with my plan. Remember the vision." Necrucifer said

Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Jul 1 20:38:49 2018

To all

Subject The Fate of Nadrik (Conclusion)

Austinian approached with Taliena, Siccara and Kantilles at his side.

Necrucifer stood and stared at him.

"Brother... Allow me to present, your son, Nadrik." Necrucifer said

Siccara rushed towards Nadrik, but Mencius put his blade to Nadriks near
lifeless neck. She stopped immediately and looked to Austinian for

"What? You're not going to THANK ME for keeping him alive?" Necruifer
mocked. Austinian looked upon Nadrik with a deep sadness. He began to
respond to Necrucifer, but became overwhelmed with emotion.

"Ahh. At a loss for words, are you brother?" Necrucifer said. "You sure
had a lot to say when you turned mortals against me! You were at no loss of
words when you declared yourselves higher and mightier than the rest of us!
Your tongue was never tied each and every time your hypocrisy diluted my
influence! You take our son away from us and you hide him and turned him
against us all and you had plenty of words during all of that!"

Austinian collected himself. "I have words. Very important ones. Take me
for him. Exchange his freedom for my life. Declare this war over and allow
Taliena and our children to live in some sort of peace and you can have my
life as your revenge. And may it calm whatever form of vengeance that you

Necrucifer looked amused. "Oh how predictable. I don't like predictable.
If I did, I wouldn't do this...... Mencius.... Kill Nadrik now." Mencius
raised his blade and slashed it down towards Nadrik. The blade struck a
fountain of blood, but Mencius did not feel the blade go cleanly through.
He raised his blade again and slashed it down hard.

"NO!! PLEASE NO!!" Austinian yelled.

As the blood fell from above Mencius's blade, Mencius paused as the
realization hit him that he had not struck Nadrik at all. Siccara had
rushed to Nadrik and had taken the force of the blade into her shoulder
almost cutting her in half. She managed to weakly raise a hand as a white
light begin to glow.

She looked to Austinian and weakly whispered "I will not lose another

"PLEASE DON'T!" Yelled Austinian.

Realizing what was happening, Mencius slashed his blade down again hard,
ripping Siccara into two halves. The white light from her hand began to
grow and burn as hot as a star. What was left of her flesh was being seared
apart, as was Mencius.

"The God sacrifice spell! Sister, no...." Kantilles cried out.

Taliena rushed for Nadrik, wrapped her arms around him and disappeared.
Kantilles placed a hand upon Austinians shoulder and the two vanished away
as well.

The burning light enveloped Mencius as he screamed in anger. His body being
ripped apart from Siccara's spell.

Necrucifer tried to walk closer to the star, but found the heat unbearable
as well. He turned to flee.

"Let's move!" He yelled at the remaining 5 Gods of Evil.

As he turned around, Drakkara stood beside him.

"We will move," Drakkara said. "We will move on without you."

Drakkara, still having great power on her moon, shoved Necrucifer into the
bright burning light. Necrucifer reached out a hand towards her as his
being was torn into nothingness.

The small star collapsed upon itself, leaving 3 less Gods in existence.

Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Dec 9 19:47:26 2018

To all

Subject Drakkara, Queen of Darkness

The Black Moon had always been empty and silent. In recent times, not
even the remaining 4 Gods of Darkness came there since the Drakkara changed
the course of history with her betrayal of Necrucifer. The once powerful
army of Darkness was in disbelief, some were even in rebellion or civil war.
Prominent leaders and powerful wizards had used the recent chaotic events to
declare open rebellion against Drakarra and did so unchecked and

For most of the world, the Black Moon was always silent. The white and red
moons displayed themselves brightly while the black moon was hidden from the
naked eye. Only talented magic users could see it and they tracked its
power along with all of its predicted movements.

That made today unique. The black moon was visible to everyone, even
through the daytime. As night time approached, the black moon glowed with
an eerie purple ring eliminating around it.

Bodrum, Wizard of the Black Robes sat in his study within the black tower.
Looking at his daily scrolls, he had not noticed the presence inside of his
study until the slender pale white hand caressed his shoulder.

"You've been a bad, bad boy." Drakkara said playfully. "And to think you
could lock me out of my own tower? Tsk tsk."

Bodrum tried to speak but found his voice unwilling to work.

With a smirk, Drakkara placed a finger over her lips. "The only words you
will say will be your repentance. Until then, only your screams will work.
Consider yourself lucky, Necromancer. I'm not letting you die just yet. I
require an example!"

With speed unlike Bodrum had ever seen, Drakkara ripped the still living
head from his body. She then waved a hand at his midsection, cutting it in
half. She smiled as Bodrum began to scream, all parts of him still alive
and in agony.

Near the entrance of all three towers of magic, a monument arose from the
ground reaching a height of 40 feet. All three monuments had an opening at
the top which poured a green acid type liquid constantly. At the top of the
black towers monument was Bodrums head, full of enough life to do nothing
but scream constantly. Near the white tower was a monument where Bodrums
bottom half was hung as a display, his legs kicking and twitching nonstop.
Near the red towers entrance was Bodrums upper section, constantly clawing
and flailing about.

Through the acidic liquid flowed various body parts into ground. Upon
hitting the ground, the parts formed into various living dead creatures, all
rising to kill anyone near them.

All three monuments bore the words up he monuments: "Drakkara, QUEEN of
Darkness reigns. Repent or die."

Writer: Scorn
Date Sun Dec 9 22:14:55 2018

To all

Subject Drakkara, Queen of Darkness (2)

Drakkara sat opon a throne.... Her throne... A large chair made out of
dragon bones and angel wings.

The demon bowed to Drakkara in complete obedience. "Your will...?" It

"My will is for you to explain the new way of this world. Can you handle
this?" Drakkara replied sternly.

"Of coursssse! Most of the news outlets work for us," the demon replied.

Drakkara grinned.

"Very well. I will make this simple. It has always been my destiny to take
control of the Darkness. I have always known that I would strike against
Necrucifer at his first sign of weakness. And trust me, he WAS weak. We
have suffered under his leadership far too long. I have done this. I have
won. I am the Goddess of Darkness."

"And the tower?" The demon asked.

"Don't be absurd. They had their fun and now I have shown that my hand
should not be forced. If this message does not work, I will strip them of
their power until they understand without question where their power comes
from. Now, with that being said, let it be known that for ANY worshipper of
evil, I will accept them as my loyal followers with ease and without
punishment. But above all else, they need to understand that I have
absorbed ALL of Necrucifers power. And I do not intent to waste it as he
did sitting on my hands and losing a war! This is a new era for our side
and we will not let ANYTHING stop us."

Drakkara relaxed back upon her throne on the still lit black moon.

"This is a new era. The forces of light will push us around no longer. And
the so called Neutrals, well, they have their own problems. More than they

Writer: Cayenna
Date Fri Oct 20 08:41:18 2023

To All

Subject Tears of Love and Loss

OOC: Over the next couple of months, historynotes to catch us up to where
we are in current events will be going in. Many have already been written,
at the time events occurred and that date will be included so there is an
idea of the appropriate timeline. These first three, follow Nadrik's
release, the fall of three gods and the rise of a new queen. Happy reading.

_.` `._.` `._.` `._.` `._.` `._.` `._.` `._.` `._.` `._.` `._.` `._.` `._

(written June 15, 2019)

Tears of Love and Loss

A pair of large hands come to rest upon shoulders that lay bent in sorrow,
giving a gentle squeeze of support before a smaller, fine-boned hand
responded, stretching across the woman's frame to lay her lightly cupped
palm on top of her husband's fingers.

"I thought I might find you here. You shouldn't come so frequently, it is
dangerous. You are safer upon the white moon..." A tender kiss presses to
the top of Taliena's head, meant to soften the chastening words.

Slipping her hand back into her lap, Taliena's response comes laced with
sadness. "I know but I miss her. Both of them so much... And look how it
lay so empty here... "

Intense sorrow washes across Austinian's face as he looks down upon his
wife's still bent head. "I miss them too. But Kantilles and Nadrik are
still very much with us and Nadrik needs us more than before... "

Turning partially to look back at her husband, large eyes filled with unshed
tears as she looks into his. "Austinian, he withdraws into himself and
bids me to leave him. He is angry. I do not want to push him so I come
here. Here, where it feels we are all still together as one and where I can
look upon Siccara's face or upon Kadiya's... Even if they are now only
stone-faced marble... "

Austinian takes only a moment to watch his wife's face, the tears that did
not yet fall and the tightness of her jaw as to prevent her lip from
quivering, before circling the well-oiled, mahogany bench where Taliena
sits, his knees bending to lower himself to look eye to eye with her while
taking both her hands in his. "He is a man of honor, Taliena. "

"He blames himself. "

"Don't we all? "

For a long moment, the silence stretched between the two, only breaking as
Taliena suddenly rises to her feet to face her husband who rises with her,
each to their full height, a rare anger flushing her cheeks as her words
pour forth. "Why does the mortal realm do nothing? Do they not love us
as we have loved them? I hear the murmured waves of their words from all
around me as I sit here amongst these pillars and beneath our moon and know
there is blooming hope of resurrection. But that is not for my daughters,
Austinian! It is for -your- brother that they hope for! "

Austinian quickly takes the step forward to embrace his wife's shoulders and
draw her close, silencing the outburst of her anger as it is swallowed by
the rising tide of sorrow and a mothers intense heart-break with tears
falling unchecked with each wretched sob pouring forth. With a loss for
words, Austinian holds tight to his wife as she grieves, his face its own
wash of despair as he watches her tears stream without restraint down her
cheek, each fat, glistening pool clinging to the underside of her porcelain
jaw before letting go and falling to the ground where Taliena's tears of
love and loss seep deep into the soil...

Writer: Cayenna

Date Fri Oct 20 09:06:20 2023

To All

Subject Broken Scales

(written June 15, 2019)

The blood red of the crimson moon set the atmosphere as it cast its
vermilion haze upon all that gathered, a stoic huddle of figures lost within
their own thoughts as each refused to yet give any spoken attestation of all
that transpired and the looming repercussions, a long pregnant pause of
silence weighing between them as heavily as the mood.

In the distance, even now the purple halo surrounding the black moon still
shone as bright as any star, the umbra of the sphere as it arced across the
Algoron sky not yet returned to its normal presence, yet even in brightness,
its casted shadow covered the entire realm for all to see.

The palpable unease finally brought a soft, almost inaudible sigh from the
lips of Zandreya, but in the overwhelming silence that loomed, it was as if
it were a scream upon the heavens. Feeling all eyes turn upon her, it
compelled her to speak. "We have gathered, so now what do we do? "

Reaching out and finding her hand, Cliath gave it a gentle squeeze. "What
can we do, Mother? Balance was thrown into upheaval since the birth of
Malachive and his spread of destruction upon the realm... "

With a snort, Raije cut him off. "We should be planning our fight against
Drakkara and you need to preface it with a history lesson? "

Giving a look that coupled with the lifting of one hand, Kwainin silenced
his two sons before the heated debate could truly start. Without preamble,
he turned toward their guest, Kwainin's gaze filled with sorrow as he looked
upon Austinian . "Tell me brother, how does Nadrik fare?"

"Taliena is with Nadrik now, he is still physically weak even as his wounds
have healed... "

"And his mind? "

A flicker of uncertainly flashed in the eyes of Austinian though the words
given were strong and sure. "Taliena grieves the loss of two daughters, she
will not see the demise of our son, physically or otherwise. "

Laced with a hint of impatience, the voice of Raije sounded again. "And
what of Necrucifer and the claims from Drakkara? "

Austinian and Kwainin passed a look between them with the barest of nods
given by Kwainin before Austinian spoke, his voice heavy in the words he
carefully lays to the group. "It has been long since Necrucifer and I seen
eye to eye and now I stand heavy hearted with the loss of a brother. "

Zandreyas soft voice rose to be heard in the pause of silence that fell.
"Necrucifer was not born though, it is impossible for him to then die. "

"It is what we thought as well but perhaps the imbalance has caused the
impossible to be possible. If so, it puts us all at risk. "

"Unless he is not truly gone. "

The gentle visage of Kwainin looked toward Cliath as he spoke the same
thought that lay in question on the mind of the others. "It is the
murmurings of the mortal realm that hold some hope to that as well. We
cannot yet know. "

With a slight turn of his head, Kwainin looks upon Sebatis. "You have been
silent my son, what would you offer?

A troubled look passed over the features of Sebatis, his brows furrowing as
well. "Her power over the Black Moon is absolute. There is no one now to
keep Drakkara in check. "

Raije's face flushes with anger, posturing as he hefts his sword a bit
higher off his shoulder in a readying fight stance. "Then we fight! We
right the injustice of the realm! "

The sound of Kwainin's quiet voice cuts through, "What do we fight for, Son?
The death of Necrucifer? Of Mencius? Of Siccara? Or those that have gone
before? The rise of the Drakkara? The rising impact of Malachive's chaos?
Which fight would it be? For the first time, the shift of the larger number
falls upon the Red Moon yet it is not the Balance that we have continually
tried to maintain. "

"Brother, perhaps it is time to look to the mortal realm for guidance? Long
have they sought ours. And even in death, they cling to measures of hope,
of loss and resurrection. "

"Perhaps. " Kwainin looked to Raije. "All I know is that for the Balance,
the scales have broken. We cannot rest upon the laurels of the realm nor
any rest in measures of indecision. Chaos is here. It is time for a call
to action. "

Writer: Cayenna

Date Fri Oct 20 10:25:25 2023

To All

Subject The Dark Side of the Moon

(written June 15, 2019)

A purple glow dusted the moon's surface, bathing it in eerie light as
prevailing bolts of lightning crackled with energy as they splayed across
the skies in a rippling fulmination of streaking light, each charge a
brilliant display of boundless power. A gleeful chuckle escaped the lips of
the Queen of Darkness as she reveled in the conductivity of electricity that
surged through her landscape and into its core, feeding it like kindling
feeds a fire. With a lift of her chin, her focus returns to those before
her, slowly leaning back within her acquired throne as if she had nary a
care, with a face that settles into a mask of contemplation as she looked
upon the beckoned three that now kneeled in homage before her. One by one,
her fingers clicked upon the bony arm of her throne, allowing the sound to
become singular before she finally offers her first words, ones laced with
mocking sarcasm.

"My minions tell me that the death of Necrucifer has left the mortal realm
as uncertain and weak as he was. And yet they cling to the hope that he
will return. It is as if they loved him. Fools!! They are sheep and those
that do not bend, will be fodder for the taking. "

With a tight, scoffing laugh, Drakkara stands, ebon robes flowing out behind
her as she makes her way to the first figure, the tips of her fingers coming
to rest lightly upon the top of Dragoth's head as she moves around him in a
slow circle. "Dragoth, you will work to spread your decay across the realm,
leave nothing pure. And in the icy lands and to where your decay cannot
penetrate, let disease take hold and spread. Leave the Conclave be for now,
but remind them that they remain untouched at my bidding and that it is to
me and me alone that the Black Tower will rise above all others. "

The obedient, single nod was in swift delivery to her command. Satisfied,
her skirts swirl around her ankles as she moves to her next son, a slight
pressure from her fingers curling around one of his shoulders.

"Devion. "

"Nadrik remains weak. Amuse yourself with him. Break him. "

"Yes Mothe--" A giggle bubbles and escapes as he catches himself and his
words, "Yes, my Queen. "

With a single pat upon Devion's head, she moves to the last son in line.

"Fatale. "

"Much like the mortal kingdom that Necrucifer used to toy with. I hear that
your followers are at odds, weakening your name... " There is a slight
pause. "And your failure in slaughtering the demons that rise for
Necrucifer makes me question.... Do you no longer know how to hone your
deadly blade? "

With a soft tsking sound, she continues. "You disappoint me. "

Unlike with the others, her touch was removed as she leaned down over the
shoulder of Fatale, a silky, whispered croon sounding near his clenching jaw
and a reddening ear. "Perhaps the weakness of Necrucifer passed on to you.
I thought perhaps it was Malachive with his deranged plans and a bit touched
in his destructive conquests. Hmmm.... I had rather high hopes for you,
but... Perhaps you are the lesser son... "

As she heard the harsh sound of grinding teeth, the glint of satisfaction
infused into the eyes of Drakkara, ones that turned to watch Fatale's fist
clench as it lay wrapped around the pommel of his broadsword, so tight in
its growing grip that each knuckle whitened as if the blood were cut off
from the rest of the hand.

"Do the words sting, my son? Use it to channel the rage of your dead
brother and turn it upon those that refuse to answer my call. Salt the
realm with the blood of those who would oppose me. Ive always admired your
creative thirst... "

"And what of Fathers other mortal toys? "

"For now, leave them to me. If they fail to see the full power of my moon,
then they will suffer the same fate as the one they cling to. "

The barest of nods was given in response and one that would have gone
unnoticed if it had not been watched for so carefully, and with it, Drakkara
felt another sweet taste of victory.

The tips of her fingers finally stretch out to offer a mothers touch to the
side of Fatales cheek as she moves around him to retake her throne and from
that contact, a sharp spark of energy releases against his immortal flesh
causing Fatale to flinch, yet offer the slow spread of a sadistic grin in

A knowing look passes in silence between mother and son and with lips that
curve into a cat-like, Cheshire grin of her own, Drakkara settles back into
the depths of her throne. With a blink, the gaze is broken as she sweeps
her eyes across them all.

"Now that the throne is mine, boys, its time to throw a party. And we have
some work to do. "



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