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Player Written Story Note Archive

Note: If you see names without the note below, its due to their story not being posted to "All"

Listed By Author Name

The Hunt v: Confession
A TideWeaver's Curse
The Final Stand: The End of Tim Longshanks
A ssassin s Report
Assassins Penance
The Monster's Calm
Forgotten, Not Dead: A Simple Prayer
Assassins Penance pt 2
Assassins Penance pt 3
A Blessed Surprise
Creatures of the Night: The Return of the Hunter
Creatures of the Night: The Better Part of Valor
Slack's Unrest
The Changing Times
Not Today
Painful News
The Big First Day
Life without Rolus
Forgotten, Not Dead: Dissension
Forgotten, Not Dead: Words of Wisdom
Forgotten, Not Dead: Calm, before the...
Forgotten, Not Dead: Fast, but Slow
Forgotten, Not Dead: On Pain of Memory
House Warchylde : Preparation
House Warchylde : First Strike
House Warchylde
The last hours of Rolus Noosa'a
Assassins Links
The Following Days
A Time of Celebration
Attack on the Vallens: The Death
Part One: Letters Home
The Spirit Speaks - Rolus Noosa'a
House Warchylde : Respect
Learning Experiences
House Warchylde : Lesson Learned
Devising the Trap
X Shambling Corpses X
Attack on the Vallens: Returned to the Mother
House Warchylde : Call of Trumpets
Life Can Be A Bit Crazy
Hot off the press!!!
Reprimanding the Guards
The Witch's Journey: One
The Village
The Village Part II
The Village Part III
Forgotten, Not Dead: The Sounds of Silence
Untapped Magicks
|A| Polishing the Gold |A|
House Warchylde : Moving Forward
Childhood fading
Hell and Providence (I)
The Witch's Journey: Two
Whitewash Mission
Watching Paint Dry
House Warchylde : Breaking Molds
"House Warchylde : Harnessing Strength
House Warchylde : Practice Makes Progress
Fetid Waters
Who Can She Trust
DreamWalking * Daylight
DreamWalking * Chosen
After the Joust
Who Can She Trust Part 2
Forgotten, Not Dead: Book burning
Hell and Providence (II)
Hell and Providence (III)
Hell and Providence (IV)
{oThe Boys
Spirit Walking
Spirit Walkiing, part two
The Beast Slumbers I
The Beast Slumbers II
The book inside Azheri's bag
Stupid Letters
|Skull Keep: Distraction|
|Skull Keep: Distraction 2|
A Darkening Decision
Sneaking in the Dark
Apotheosis I
Apotheosis II
Apotheosis III
Apotheosis IV
Apotheosis V
Apotheosis VI
Apotheosis VII
Seeking the Truth
Returning to Familiar Surroundings
No Place Like Home
Ruins of the Past (Day Four) Distraction: 4
Forgotten, Not Dead: The Words of a Prophet, the Peace of a Prayer
Forgotten, Not Dead: Stubborness
The Boys and Loti
His eyes are many...'
Ruins of the Past (Day Four) Distraction: 6.5
Ruins of the Past (Day Four)
Things we do for our wives
X Shades of Gray X
Lessons ( IC )
Throwing Herself Into Her Work
The Boys
Starting From Scratch

Writer: Ashbie
Date Mon Mar 21 21:45:55 2016

To All Ayrora Aybel Immortal Storyline Roleplay

Subject The Hunt v: Confession

It had been a particularly awful day that had driven Ashbie to it. She was
new to the pirate thing. There were days that she questioned her decision to
run away from home. Her parents weren't really All that bad, and she'd had
it nice in Verminasia.

Still, there were days like today.

The Captain had reemed her out personally. It was unusual for the Captain to
take matters of discipline into his own hands, there were plenty of men
who had rank on her on the ship, and there weren't any women among them.
Well, except the First Mate. But Old Salts had never treated Ashbie nicely.

Old Salts had found out Ashbie's true identity. A real feat, considering that
Ashbie had mastered the art of faking her identity by the time she was
twelve. It didn't surprise her though, Ashbie had picked up quickly that
the woman was good at what she did. It was no surprise she was First Mate.

Ashbie had screwed up badly. She had finally been given some measure of
responsibility and Old Salts had given her some of their cargo to sell off.

Taking care of ill-gotten goods quietly was no easy task. If a merchant was
clean, they'd report you to the authorities and take a nice little cut. You
had to be sure the dealer was someone who played dirty. You had to get skin
in the game to get that sort of information.

It happened that they were making port just outside New Thalos. The paper
she'd been given was stamped with the Captain's personal seal. Well, the
one he used for his Captain identity. It had been given to her to be
delivered to a specific merchant he knew outside the city limits. The
instructions had been explicit to the letter, including how much to
barter towards in order to get the price the Captain was expecting.

Ashbie knew the cargo. She also knew a merchant in New Thalos she'd been
able to use a year ago and she knew she could get him to turnover for a
lot more than what the Captain was expecting...

She shook her head. It wasn't any good dwelling on what happened. What
mattered was that she was sitting in a temple to Austinian, wondering if
any of their inane spouting made sense. Maybe she needed to confess. Then
again, no one was holding a knife to her forehead.

Ashbie grinned. The tip of the blade of her dagger drew the tiniest pearl
of blood. In front of her was Longshanks. Tim Longshanks. She'd left him
waiting for a confession. This was a far more fun way of getting one. Plus
she didn't have to admit anything at all.

She liked this game.

"Blo- bloody heeeeelllllllllllll..." Tim was breathing heavily, "...woman,
ya aren' righ', ya know tha'? Somethin's wrong with ya."

"I want one thing, and then I'll be out of your hair..." Ashbie whispered,
adding in a little sensual purr to the end. Yet, even as she did so, she
drew the dagger down, allowing it to part his flesh cleanly in a shallow,
but painful cut.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!! Fi- fine!" Tim
whispered, his voice raising in pitch, "I was gonna have my way an' then
dump 'er off tha bridge. Just like tha others, alrigh'? Le' me go!"

Pouting a little, Ashbie withdrew the dagger. Longshanks gasped in relief,
immediately taking in huge gulps of air as if he'd been drowning. Ashbie
stepped away, wiping the blood off on a cloth at her side and sheathing
the dagger as she walked out.

"Lock him in." Ashbie muttered to the guard. The man shivered, the tone
of her voice was so cold, like the air at the top of one of Icewall's
great mountains.

An avalanche was coming.

Writer: Mercerion

Date Tue Mar 22 00:06:47 2016

Writer: Mercerion
Date Tue Mar 22 00:07:21 2016

Writer: Aearion
Date Tue Mar 22 03:27:02 2016

To New_Thalos Fastia Kwainin ( RP All ) Imm Gryko

Subject A TideWeaver's Curse

All the years of travel, the time spent in Baaren Gaer, the moments
dedicated to prayer and meditation. Had he been running or searching this
whole time?

Verily, he could imagine the voice of his grandmother patiently speaking to
him, urging him to be calm, take his time and determine his path.

"When you run out of time and patience, simply begin again. " She had
advised. "Begin again. " He muttered to himself, his gaze drawn to the
flickering of a candle's flame on the table. It was not as easy as he had
imagined it might be but there was a comfort in familiar things.

The scent of the books around him, the desert beyond the door, the dry chill
in the night air. The shifting of the shadows. He saw them, from the
corner of his eye. They didn't match the flickering flames.

Tension tightened his shoulders and sang down through his back. This was
familiar, he knew what it meant, what it would lead to but he couldn't stop
it. He couldn't entirely understand it either.

Lightning began to flicker. He couldn't tell if it was outside the temple
or within but something his grandmother had said - something Fastia had told
him years ago, lifted out of the ashes of time.

"The flickers of lightning - a sign of the imps - could be seen in the room."

"Kwainin preserve me" He breathed, his hands fisting on the table as he
braced himself.


They came at him, dove beneath his flesh. They ripped and tore, set a fire
in his blood and All he could do was scream.

He awoke to the echo of his terror, his skin chilled by sweat, his hair
clinging to his face and neck. Frustration couldn't immediately replace the
terror but it lifted alongside it and with a sharp motion he pushed away
from the table where he had nodded off and paced the confines of the night
dark library.

Nightmares had plagued his father. He had for a time thought he would
escape that curse but even as a child, there had a been something wrong with
him. With his dreams. He understood now the weight he was intended to
bear, even two generation removed from the days the former
goblin-turned-creature-of-nightmare had haunted and attacked New Thalos.

Perhaps a sliver of its plan had succeeded.

Writer: Ayrora

Date Tue Mar 22 11:27:54 2016

To Ashbie Aybel Verminasia All Immortal Roleplay

Subject The Final Stand: The End of Tim Longshanks

Ayrora walked calmly down the dungeon stairs her objective as clear as a
sunlit day. The guard could hear her footsteps and started to get uneasy
not knowing what to expect or what mood she would be in. She turned the
corner and smiled at the guard leaving him even more confused. "Open."
She pointed to the door where Longshanks was being held and the guard
quickly obliged.

She entered the door, with the guard close behind her, and looked at the
bloody and battered man. "I returned. I always keep my word." Longshanks
looked at her angrily through swollen eyes, "I should have killed you when I
had the chance."
She smiled calmly as she stared down at the pathetic and
broken man, "You lost your chance. And since my mother did not finish you
off, I will have to see to it myself."
She feigns a sigh. "So the sweet
little kitten thinks she can put me down for good?"

Rora grinned as she turned to the guard, "Your sword please." The guard
looked at her in surprise, not only in the calm way she asked for his sword
but also the fact that she asked for it. "I shall not ask again and I am
waiting." The guard unsheathed his sword and passed it to her. Longshanks
looked at her thinking she would not do anything. In a quick movement she
grabbed his hair, pulled his head back, and slit his throat releasing him as
he flailed on the ground.

Rora turned and handed the sword back to the guard, "I apologize for the
disgusting mess on your blade. Make sure to have someone clean this room
out I do not wish his stench to linger anywhere in the manor. Thank you for
your service."
She turned and walked out the door. She left quite proud
to be her mothers daughter.

Writer: Mokla

Date Tue Mar 22 13:59:49 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject A ssassin s Report

Sitting within the royal apartments and supposedly allowing the medics
work to take hold, Mokla grew steadily impatient and stewed inwardly

With a growl he rose from the bed and approached the parlor table sorting
through the piled parchment until finding Dkom's expected report. Seating
himself at the table he unrolled the scroll and the pouch within. Dkom's
familiar scrawl covered the parchment in a detailed account of the attack
and the findings of his investigation afterwards.

Three attackers, one now dead, one escaped, and one in a cell. Their
efforts had resulted in twenty-eight injured to varying degrees, two dead
mounts, and the injuries the queen and he sustained. The attackers appeared
to be of common stock ice goblins with no distinguishing markings. The four
cast steel arrow points retrieved from the bodies of the mounts and leg of
one ogre bystander were common ice goblin crafting. Spilling them from the
pouch, he regarded the broadheaded points well suited for bringing down
large game.

Mokla sat back dragging a hand over his face as he considered the four
hunting points... So unlike the forged barbed bodkin point drawn from his
own shoulder. Vershae's warning of opportunistic third parties came to mind

He leaned back in his chair in surprise at the instant hope that it was he
and not Euterah they targeted. His thoughts on this combined with the
already present anger and he felt the unwanted, yet familiar cold shadow
move across his soul. Like a hunger, it called for it's needs to be met.
Slipping his arm from the restraining bandages, he reached for his leathers
knowing where the need would be quenched.

Writer: Mokla

Date Tue Mar 22 16:57:32 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject Assassins Penance

The sounds of occasional drips from the ceiling and the sizzle when one
found the glowing coals within the brazier near him, were the only company
for the ice goblin chained and stretched across the wooden table in the dark
cell of Darkonin's prison. Attempts at struggle had ceased days ago when
futility finally sank in. The only one he had seen since they had chained
him spread-eagle was the dark uniformed hobgoblin who silently entered and
merely fed and stoked the brazier and left as silently. He measured the
time with his comings and goings, mentally clicking off another notch in
time as the sound of the door rattled and opened behind him.

The sound of light steps moved about him slowly, within the shadowy limits
of his vision as the door closed solidly once more. Sensing something
different in the daily ritual he mentally girded himself against the likely
torture he knew to be forthcoming and called out in challenge. "Hoo ya?...
Vatcha vantin?.."
He spit out to the shadows in the goblin accent of the
Ice Folk. Silence answered back, only broken by the slight sounds of
breathing which continued it's circling. Minutes passed like hours drilling
deeper into his brain as the unknown presence paced. The mounting anxiety
was punctuated suddenly with the wooden thunk of a stool being set upon the
floor near his head and next to the brazier.

Twisting his head to the side he made out the form of another large
hobgoblin in the glow of the brazier's coals. It's silence and lack of
uniform puzzled him as it slowly stirred and shifted the tongs and pinchers
within the brazier, inspecting the cherry red glow of their ends. It turned
to face him silently, the brazier's glow casting shadows across it's face
leaving the bright yellow eyes to peer at him from the dark recesses. The
purity of the glow within those eyes left him awed and as his skin tightened
over his frame and ice filled his veins, he knew it by it's true name,

Writer: Euterah

Date Tue Mar 22 17:37:21 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny IMM Scorn )

Subject The Monster's Calm

He waited within their cramped quarters, All sorts of degenerates ranged
around him. His rag tag band that consisted of the dregs of Icewall, seized
from their doomed lives in the Prison were ultimately more loyal to him than
any other. The ex-general grimaced a smile and scratched absently at the
missing horns base. Soon everyone would know his name and fear him. There
was a scrabbling near the entrance to their hide-out. The Minotaur rose,
ducking his head to avoid cracking his one good horn on the caverns ceiling.

Jardor, where is Gyff? He called out, striding to the ice goblin that
entered. Their eyes met. The Minotaur grunted.

Let us hope he does not talk for his familys sake. I told you to be quick
and unseen. You obviously did not listen.

The ice goblin cringed, lowering his eyes. Vasnt our fault, Lord. Dere vas
anudder. Fouled up da plan.

The Minotaur snorted. Tell me.

Dere vas one not of us. He did try fer the Queen. Not our plan. But goot
news. Her King vas vounded in the fight. By one of the Masters arrows. So
poison. Mebbe die, ya

The Minotaur clenched his fists for a moment, flexing. The ice goblin back
away hurriedly. Not our fault! Not our fault!

The Minotaur turned moving back to the place he rested at before the goblin
came. He grew silent, contemplative. He turned to a slip of a hobgoblin,
thin and grimy.

Vermat, you go out and see that Gyff isnot talking. Make sure he cannot.

The hobgoblin turned, eyes glittering with the madness one only gets from
long years of isolation and torture. He nodded mutely and took his pack,
leaving the cavern.

The Minotaur settled. He would wait. He would keep watching the Mountains

Writer: Arreana

Date Tue Mar 22 17:39:49 2016

To All Immortal Religion Storyline Roleplay

Subject Forgotten, Not Dead: A Simple Prayer

--------------------FORGOTTEN, NOT DEAD-------author:Arreana------------01
In Algoron, there was one kingdom alone that admitted no red auras within
its ranks: Althainia. Of course, the organizations of the Wrath of Justice
and Gareth Keep of the Knighthood, along with the White Robes also barred
membership to those who either worshipped the pantheon of Evil deities or
worshipped one of the deities of Balance, but fought for the causes of

Devion; Mencius; Fatale; Dragoth; Drakkara; and last, but greatest of all,
Necrucifer. The deities of Evil remained strong.

By contrast, the light of Goodness worshipped a family of deities that had
lost one of its own, Kadiya. Left were: Nadrik; Kantilles; Siccara;
Taliena; and the greatest of these: Austinian.

Arreana knew the stakes. Nadrik was held prisoner on the Black Moon, a
location where he could be killed permanently, where his Immortal soul was

There was a hope, however. One of Algoron's most famous, and infamous,
arcane casters was a man simply known as Seanan. His powers had become so
formidable that he had created a device that it was believed could summon
a deity from anywhere.

Naturally, such an artifact was disturbing to the deities of Algoron. In a
rare moment of unity, they broke apart the item, but its magic was either
too powerful to destroy, or none of the deities of Algoron were willing to
openly admit that such an artifact could prove useful. So the Shards of
Seanan were created. Legend had it that if enough shards were obtained,
the device would function and it would be possible to summon a deity.

The path laid out before them was clear. Recover enough shards to bring
Nadrik home, or suffer yet another brutal and tragic loss while Evil
continued to gain a stronger hold in the world.

Shaking her head, the Ariel priestess, a Bishop of Taliena, looked down
at a small book in her hands. There were no engraved titles, and the
pages, when she opened them, bore the signs of wet ink, as opposed to
some of the magical means of transferring words from a page to another.

The handwriting was familiar as well. Anyone who had read Elrei's work
once would easily identify his work elsewhere.

Taliena's Prophet was more of a hermit these days, but his legacy
continued on. It happened, that just a few days previous, he had chosen
to approach Arreana with something.

A book.

Elrei was already known for his Book of Love, an extensive treasure of
parables, poems, and songs relating to the many virtues, qualities, and
realizations of Love.

This book was different though. It was so much simpler and smaller, a
handbook. In it were brief, easy-to-follow instructions for any follower
of Taliena to understand how to interact in an Algoron plunged in
darkness, as it presently was.

Perhaps it was coincidence, or perhaps it was fate. Either way, it didn't
matter. What mattered was that Arreana had intended to write a book too.

Arreana's plans were a bit more ambitious, but Elrei's handbook reminded
her that ambitious plans were best achieved when working together. The
ideas of others would help simplify, clarify, and ensure the finished
book would be a worthy guide for ANY follower of Goodness to follow and
ensure that their actions in the world were in line with their deities.

Perhaps then they would be inspired to wake. To return home from sojourns,
to fill up the ranks in not only Althainia, but across Algoron. Reminding
the world that Goodness had not lost. They were not defeated.

They were not dead. Just forgotten, and what is forgotten can be

Writer: Mokla

Date Tue Mar 22 17:44:28 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject Assassins Penance pt 2

Mokla simply gazed at the restrained form before him, his mind filling it
with All the rage, loss, pain, and worry this goblin had brought into being.
The emotions were lifeless things now, frozen and unfelt, he floated above
it and stood apart in a place where life never reached. He spent several
minutes savoring this state of being, unblinking and poised over the
question of how to proceed. The gobbo attempted to challenge again, "V..
Va.. Vatcha .. Vant.?"
, The steel in his voice melting away in the
quiver of his lips as he stared back into Mokla's eyes.

Mokla turned away slowly, stirring the brazier as the gobbo stammered on
about not talking and of course knowing nothing. Reaching into the brazier
Mokla picked up a brightly glowing marble-sized coal between his talons and
dropped it onto the bare stomach of the gobbo. Screaming and bucking
against his bonds, the coal rolled and traced a blistering path across his
skin before falling to the floor. Mokla watched passively as the gobbo
writhed in torment, his face devoid of any expression. "I don't care if you
talk.. I don't think anything you could say matters to me."
Mokla stated
softly and prodded at the newly raised blisters with his talons. {"Oh I could
play the games.. Make you see me as your Master.. Or perhaps even the
friend who saves you from All this... But even though I could never get
bored hurting you, your debts are not to me alone.."
Mokla continued
dragging his talon through the scorched flesh amid the thrashing. "I'm sure
Dkom would take whatever you wish to say.. I need something else."
said returning his gaze to the gobbos face.

"You see you and your band hurt a lot folk.. The Queen's folk.. My folk I
suppose.. What shall they take of you?"
Mokla said tapping his finger
against his lip in contemplation and raised it to shake at the air as he
nodded thoughtfully. "You see many of them were newly arrived from
Dolund'ir, and were drawn to the Queen's generosity in search of food,,
you're always hungry in Dolund'ir you see.. So your attack interrupted
that. So to fix that, I think a blending of cultures is in order."
began. "Back in Dolund'ir on occasion we were able to kidnap an unwary
Imperial,, or even a dwarf which was better. Sturdy sorts always worked
better for a little thing we called 'The Buffet'.. It met the needs of hate
and hunger All in one motion,, very clever."
Mokla said nodding.

Noting the confusion on the gobbos face, Mokla patted his head gently and
said "Don't fret I'll gladdly explain it to you.."

Writer: Mokla

Date Tue Mar 22 18:34:44 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject Assassins Penance pt 3

"You see, we would take our capture and bind him very tightly, then cinch
a cord high up the legs.. About here."
Mokla said softly reaching to
trail his talon across the join of the gobbos thigh and hip, "Always the
legs first.. That's important."
"Then you gather the folk who come by and
carve a bit of meat for themselves and family, gotta keep the cinch tight to
keep then from bleeding out. Then you move to the arms, after cinching at
the shoulder of course."
Mokla crooned softly Mokla noted the quiver of
the gobbo with satisfaction and stroked the gobbos hair, leaning in nearer
his ear. "If you do it right.. You avoid them getting shocky and
croaking,, keeps the meat fresh. That's why dwarves are favored,, very
sturdy.. Like us in someways."
He said. Rising to his feet Mokla trailed
his talons along the straining gobbo as he walked to stand at it's side.
"Keep them going helps the flavor.. Of the sweet meats. The last part of
the menu."
Mokla said slapping the tight belly of the prisoner.

"I think they will appreciate the small gesture.. Bringing a bit of home to
their new lands, don't you? That will be what you owe them for your actions
I think."
Mokla then moved to crouch once more near the head of the
trembling prisoner and ran a finger across his sweating brow. "As for what
you owe me.."
Mokla whispered then drew in deeply from his nostrils,
letting his eyelids flutter closed, then licked his finger. "I think I have
what I wanted now... Your fear."

Mokla stood and cackled loudly, his mood enlightened and invigorated. He
turned and strode to the door banging loudly and shouting "All yours Dkom!
Go easy on the delicate bits!"

Writer: Laleina

Date Tue Mar 22 21:33:25 2016

To Vulgrim All Immortal Roleplay

Subject A Blessed Surprise

Laleina arose early, which was very abnormal for her, her normal routine
lately had been to sleep in quite late and laze about the house. She barely
had the energy to get out and do much but this day was different. She had
gotten up and cleaned the house, took a long walk, she went to the Shrine
and cleaned out some of the pit, and even had gotten to the Altar of
Darkness to clean it up and pray and meditate.

She had seen signs but did not think anything of it. Since the move to the
desert she had not been feeling well due to the change of the temperature so
she had started spending more time in her home in Verminasia. She walked
down to where Vulgrim and her met and smiled. A baby, hopefully a girl this
time. She placed her hand gently on her belly. Now to tell Vulgrim.

Writer: Thasgerd

Date Wed Mar 23 11:28:34 2016

Writer: Thasgerd

Date Wed Mar 23 11:51:15 2016

Writer: Glailen

Date Wed Mar 23 15:45:59 2016

Writer: Glailen

Date Wed Mar 23 15:46:08 2016

Writer: Glailen

Date Wed Mar 23 15:46:25 2016

Writer: Glailen

Date Wed Mar 23 15:46:28 2016

Writer: Glailen

Date Wed Mar 23 15:46:35 2016

Writer: Rellinath

Date Wed Mar 23 20:44:10 2016

To All althainia shalonesti_kingdom shalonesti knighthood nadrik zandreya imm RP

Subject Creatures of the Night: The Return of the Hunter

Rellinath sat at the gypsy camp beyond the forest of Gathna,
contemplating his findings over the last few days. After the attack on the
Vallens, he had come back out to the dangerous forests to investigate his
suspicions that something was amiss in Gathna. The reports stated that the
beast had reverted to a human form instead of that of a wolf upon being
slain, and that he appeared to be a gypsy. That evidence was too compelling
not to investigate further. And indeed, he had found several things to be
concerned about since his arrival. The gypsies were All holed up in a
single tent in the camp, sleeping together as if sheer numbers alone would
protect them from the horrors of the night. The hunters themselves,
normally roaming the wilds with silver-tipped arrows, were gathered about
the entrance to the camp, refusing to go out to hunt. Only a scant handful
of brave souls stalked the woods at night in search of their quarry.

And the creatures themselves! Their numbers had multipled, likely due to
the hunters' negligence of their duties in keeping them in check, and though
Rell had not fought against the beasts for some time, he could sear they had
grown in strength as well since the last time he was on the Hunt. Every
night, as the sun set, he and Minah would head out into the wilds fully
prepared for battle, and every morning at sunrise, they would come back to
the camp, some nights limping with wounds, some nights just panting with
exhaustion, his blades slick with the blood of his foes and his armor
splattered with that and, more often than not, his own as well.

The invitation to come spend some time at Aliera's house came as welcome
relief, as he'd not seen anything resembling civilization for almost a week.
Though his last visit to her house had left him feeling out of place and
awkward, especially the parting comment from Glailen, he was grateful for
the chance to take a break. As he walked, he tried his best to scrub the
worst of the blood off of the gleaming arcanium scales of his armor, and
apparently to some success since nobody made mention of it on his arrival,
though that could be because they'd All seen each other battle-weary and
wounded so often that it wasn't anything out of the ordinary anymore. A few
hours later, after spending some time with his adopted family, he made his
way back out into the woods, his bear companion Arval at his side this time,
leaving Minah comfortably napping in "her" chair in Aliera's den. The
kitten had done well over the last week, and deserved some rest.

They arrived at the entrance to the woods shortly after dark. Rell drew his
blades and walked confidently into the forest, knowing the path well enough
to walk it even on a moonless night, though the white moon shone brightly in
the night sky this evening. He and Arval turned a corner in the path...
And stopped dead in their tracks, nearly three dozen pairs of blood-red eyes
and drooling maws filled with sharp, white teeth along the sides of the and
filling the clearing ahead of them.


Writer: Rellinath
Date Wed Mar 23 20:49:44 2016

To All althainia shalonesti_kingdom shalonesti knighthood nadrik zandreya imm RP

Subject Creatures of the Night: The Better Part of Valor

Rellinath looked down to his blades, then back up at the mass of beasts
before him, then off to the side at Arval, who turned his great, ponderous
head to look back at Rell, then back to the beasts once more...

And then they turned and ran like hell. Rellinath was a capable fighter,
strong, graceful, and imbued with newly found abilities that augmented his
fighting capacity beyond most mortals, but he damned well knew when he was
outmatched, and sometimes discretion was the better part of valor. He'd no
less than promised Jadelyn that if he came across something he could not
defeat that he would flee rather than fight, and there was no way in hell
they could take thirty of the beasts at once! Five, yes. Six, maybe. But
thirty? That was folly, and he knew it.

They dashed back down the pathway the way they came, the sounds of the
creatures right behind them, Rellinath sprinting with inhuman agility down
the pathway and Arval simply crashing through any undergrowth that got in
his way, the contrasting display of grace and brawn probably quite hilarious
were it not for the fact that they were pursued by death itself. Finally,
they broke free of the forests, the werecreatures stopping at the edge of
the woods and howling for blood, unwilling to pursue their quarry any

They camped there until daylight, when the werecreatures reverted back to
their wolf form. Throughout the day, Rellinath and Arval purged the woods
of no less than sixty of the beasts, and even then by the time they dashed
into the gypsy encampment just before nightfall, there were easily still
scores about, transforming into the weres once more and howling murderous
threats throughout the night.

Something was very, VERY wrong with the forests of Gathna, and Rellinath
wondered how long it would take him to get the beasts back under control,
back to tolerable numbers. But at lest he no longer wondered why the stink
of fear permeated the camp.

He knew full well what they were All so scared of.

Writer: Aliera
Date Wed Mar 23 23:16:11 2016

Writer: Glailen
Date Wed Mar 23 23:19:56 2016

Writer: Erwin
Date Thu Mar 24 11:12:16 2016

Writer: Euterah
Date Thu Mar 24 22:01:31 2016

To Vitriosablet Mokla Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm Scorn )

Subject Slack's Unrest

Slack paced over the windowsill, pensive, ears back. Rumors, rumors,
rumors was the Noosaa leader passed or not?

It twitched Its tail. It turned Its head to the Witch, sleeping,
distressed. Stupid Witch.

Slack bounded off the sill and moved out of the Tower, mincing through the
door of the Darkonite as a customer left. The Cat shivered, fluffy black
fur against the wind. Skirting boots and heels, keeping to the shadows as
It could the Cat slunk into the Hearth. It needed Its friend, but sniffing
the scent was old. Slack sneezed. Padding to the other room and slipping
into the in between to arrive at the Icewall port the Cat moved beyond.

Slack knew and began towards Its destination.

Writer: Euterah
Date Thu Mar 24 22:09:47 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny IMM Scorn )

Subject The Changing Times

The Witch paced, waking from a forced nap, too long awake trying to
recover some facts of what happened after the Joust. It was days ago now
and the note was disturbing. The fact that they could not find Rolus Noosaa
was more perturbing. She had tried to discover the facts of this event
though, very little had been uncovered. She remembered vividly the bright
crimson that dripped heavily from the Ogre as he came to where Gaurak and
she were in the stands. How the both greeted, Gaurak offering healing.
Rolus shaking his head, refusing. Why?

She did not want dark clouds to bank against her Kings success. She was
uncertain how to proceed. Memorial? Or, a celebration? No one seemed to
understand what was going on.

Mokla had done what none had sought to do in a long while and triumphed. It
was such a time for joy, yet that

sense of anxiety still held her, something, her heart was distressed.
Something was amiss and the Witch found herself drawn in thought to the Ogre
leader who had prevailed against so much.

The Mountain was silent to the Witch. She waited with breath tight on
inhale for word.

Writer: Vincent
Date Fri Mar 25 00:10:37 2016

Writer: Vincent
Date Fri Mar 25 00:12:41 2016

Writer: Ayrora
Date Fri Mar 25 07:55:48 2016

To Verminasia All Immortal Roleplay

Subject Not Today

Drip... Drip.... Drip...

The rain woke her and she groaned with frustration. She had not slept well
that night and did not feel like getting out of bed and the rain did not

Drip... Drip... Drip...

Rora pulled the comforter closer around her trying to get more comfortable,
trying to fall back to sleep, trying to stop the thoughts that now started
racing through her mind. She knew at that moment that trying to sleep was a
waste of time. She frustratingly tossed the comforter aside aside and sat

Drip... Drip... Drip...

She stood up and walked over to the window. It was pouring. She sighed and
shook her head before turning to her wardrobe to get dressed. No ride to
the Orchard today which is what she looked forward to every morning. She
would have to take the carraige to the city to start her day.

Drip... Drip.... Drip....

How much she despised the rain....

Writer: Balloria
Date Fri Mar 25 19:14:46 2016

To New_Thalos Darkonin All ( Raije IMM RP )

Subject Painful News

The Ogress was pretty distraught upon reading the news of Rolus' death.
She had heard some rumors previous and had discounted them as not being
true. 'Raije no let Rolus die. ' she had calmly assured herself. But now,
apparently, he was dead and buried. She thought back on their wonderful
life together. Sadly, she recalled the last several days of his life. She
had gotten herself badly stuck not once, but twice, deep inside Ravencrest
castle while completing the Sultan's quest. She could have, no, she
-should- have spent that time with Rolus. Hindsight was far clearer than
foresight it seemed. She had thought he would be so proud of her for doing
it All by herself.

As she returned to their home in the desert, she was wondering how to
contact their son. He was off adventuring in Icewall and she had not heard
from him for some time. He would need to know of his father's death. Upon
opening the door to their home, she heard a bloodcurdling noise. She rushed
in, weapon drawn, to find Rolus' akita making the noise. The dog was wildly
running about to the end of his leash and howling loudly. Balloria tried to
calm him, even removing the leash. The akita then rushed to the door,
scratching on it furiously. Balloria was puzzled, but when she opened the
door, the akita ran out heading south and quickly disappeared from view.
Balloria sighed and closed the door. 'Maybe tomorrow be a better day. '
she thought to herself.

Writer: Thasgerd

Date Fri Mar 25 21:34:25 2016

Writer: Thasgerd
Date Fri Mar 25 21:34:59 2016

Writer: Vyasa
Date Sat Mar 26 22:39:28 2016

Writer: Evanlyn
Date Sat Mar 26 23:29:30 2016

Writer: Evanlyn
Date Sat Mar 26 23:33:15 2016

Writer: Evanlyn
Date Sat Mar 26 23:37:51 2016

Writer: Vyasa
Date Sun Mar 27 16:21:27 2016

Writer: Rosaeria
Date Sun Mar 27 17:10:43 2016

To Verminasia All Roleplay Imm

Subject The Big First Day

Rosa set foot within the manor for the first time after a long time of
waiting for people to get to her about things about being a servant.
Finally she could not wait any longer and unlocks the doors, pushing them
open with both hands. At first sight, a gasp of awe escaped her and she
nearly tripped upon her dress as she tried to shut the door behind her in
her hurry to look around.

Shaking off her awe, she quickly heads to her task of cleaning up. Pushing
up her glasses she heads off to the cleaning supplies within the servants'
quarters and grabs many things to keep the place looking spick and span. "I
should get to work on the railings of the foyer and work up from there! "
she thinks to herself, grabbing her rag and one of the few cans of polish.

Humming a small tune as she dabs her rag into the can and starts to shine
the foyer banisters. "Oh I can not believe how I have been so lucky and
happy lately... " she talks to herself as another servant taps her on the
shoulder, "Miss? Are you okay? " Nearly jumping out of her skin, Rosa
whirls around to look up at one of the housemaids, "Oh! Y-yes ma'am...
Why? " The maid makes a small laugh as she looks at the railing, "Well, you
are using shoe polish and ruining it. "

Her eyes go wide as she turns back and looks over the railing, noticing it
is now black from shoe polish and not at All right. "Oh no! I must have
grabbed the wrong one! " she panics, quickly grabbing a new rag from her
pinafore and doing double time to get the polish off before it set. Soon
the banister is shining anew before Rosa sighs heavily at her blunder nearly
already messing something up.

Thinking it best to continue her railing cleaning while she has the right
polish and continues on up throughout the manor. By the time she is
finished, the day is nearly over and she collapses with a bright smile and a
heavy sigh upon the steps. "She will be home soon and I hope All is well...
Tomorrow maybe I should cook something for her...That sounds like a great
plan! Tomorrow it is!"

Writer: Balloria

Date Mon Mar 28 11:18:52 2016

To New_Thalos Darkonin All ( Raije IMM RP )

Subject Life without Rolus

It had been several days now since Rolus' reported passing. Balloria
still did not really believe it. She was so lonely it hurt. During the
day, she found herself looking up at every sound, expecting to see Rolus
walking through the door as if nothing had happened. She was having a hard
time focusing on any one task, and found herself wandering from room to
room, starting and stopping work on one project after another.
Occasionally, she would lean out the window and call for Rolus' akita. It
had never stayed away from home this long before. But, she remembered,
Rolus had been there then. Every day she felt more and more sad and the
days dragged on, seeming longer and longer each passing day. Yet, at the
same time, she felt as if she was waiting for something to happen. The
Ogress could not figure it out. No matter what it was, she was not sure how
much longer she could go on this way.

Writer: Arreana

Date Tue Mar 29 06:43:02 2016

To All Immortal Religion Storyline Roleplay

Subject Forgotten, Not Dead: Dissension

--------------------FORGOTTEN, NOT DEAD-------author:Arreana------------02
"If I ever get my hands on such a book, I will burn it."

Arreana had never felt particularly like a controversial figure before.
She had always done her best to be friendly with everyone, and that had
worked well for her.

Until now, apparently.

While the choice of name for the book she was attempting was still up for
debate, she saw no reason why such a book would be considered heresy. It
didn't make sense for the book to be titled after Love, Honor, Healing, or
any of the other traits associated with Goodness.

That which is holy has the blessing of the divine, and if the Light of
Goodness' followers could not receive such a blessing, then there was
something seriously wrong with their faith.

There were, however, a lot of legitimate questions to be answered. Such a
project was oft pursued by those who sought to enhance their own glory.
However, Arreana didn't even have plans to attach her name to authorship
of the book. It was meant to be a collaborative project. A gift from
mortals to their immortal guardians.

Arreana sat at her desk, contemplative. Her wings were outstretched, but
were curled in a fashion that suggested comforting rest. Few truly
considered how Ariel's differed from the rest of the world. Her wings were
easily the most considerable part of her form. They stretched out as wide
as she was tall. Their volume could shelter others in shade against the
sun. They also enabled her to fly.

Closing her eyes, Arreana drifted into a memory. She was high above the
desert west of New Thalos. It was a sea of sand that spread out for miles.
Behind her was the road that led to Althainia, and, off in the distance,
she could see the walls of New Thalos.

She pitied those who could not fly. Only the dragons shared the skies with
her kind, though they were fiercely defensive of their domains. There were
other creatures in the sky as well, birds, and wyverns.

Yet, of the sentient races, the Pixies were the only ones who could be
considered to fly, though their flight was more akin to a hover, one that
could be duplicated with a flight spell. Anyone trying to fly in such a
manner simply could not ascend too high, or they risked being taken by the
fickle nature of the wind. Rip currents were horrifying phenomenon within
the sea. However, up in the sky, hook currents were far too common.

An Ariel's sharpened senses allowed them to detect subtle changes in the
air that identified such currents. Dragons could also detect them, though
most simply brushed such currents off as easily as one might brush ants
off their clothing.

Arreana brought herself forcefully back to the present.

She looked down at the parchment in front of her. Arreana had worked on
the art for over three days, painstakingly detailing the scene that would
be shown on the cover of the book.

There were things that she needed to work on in getting ready for initial
input from members of the Light of Goodness when they met on the 27th of
the Old Calendar.

She was nervous.

It had been a long time since Arreana could remember her hand trembling
as it did now. Perhaps the first time she had gone up to speak as a mere
Novitiate of Taliena.

Arreana was being bold, and being bold took risk. For All she knew,
Taliena might smite her down. She felt it unlikely. In fact, Arreana was
confident that the Holy Mother would see her true intentions behind
the project.

The real question was: would everyone else?

Writer: Arreana

Date Tue Mar 29 06:45:20 2016

To All Immortal Religion Storyline Roleplay

Subject Forgotten, Not Dead: Words of Wisdom

--------------------FORGOTTEN, NOT DEAD-------author:Arreana------------03
It was pouring outside. Arreana had a feeling that this would be a day
spent indoors. She had cause to dislike rain more than most, it made it
difficult for her to fly.

Of course, it wasn't impossible. However, in addition to the extra weight
it put on her form, the rain was often accompanied by incredible winds.
What might be something that seemed slightly ominous to those on the
ground was outright terrifying in the sky.

Arreana cozied up to the warm fire burning away gaily in her fire place.
In her hands she held several pieces of parchment, All from the same author.
The writing was remarkably neat, considering who wrote it. However, far
more impressive than the penmanship was the content of those letter. Here
was the writing of someone whose wisdom easily surpassed Arreana's own.

When reading the thoughts and philosophies of others who had spent time
contemplating the will of the deities, Arreana often found a beauty to the
way that some minds approached it. When one was familiar with another's
style of thought, they could often see the point being made long before
the other author got around to it.

Taking up a quill in hand, Arreana began transferring her own thoughts to
the page. She always had blank parchment, ink, and a quill ready when she
read something. More often than not, the thoughts of others would inspire
thoughts in her as well.

She paused for a moment in her writing and stood up, looking around her
study. Piles of blank parchment lay against the walls, giving off that
distinct earthy aroma that those who wrote as much as she did were
intimately familiar with. However, Arreana's attention was drawn to the

As much as she disliked rain, Arreana could nelp but be fascinated by
the sheer, and often brutal, power of the storms. There was something raw
and primal about it, something she could appreciate, even if her prayers
did not go to Zandreya.

This storm, however, she connected with on a different level. It mirrored
Arreana's mind. Her thoughts felt as turbulent and discordant as they ever
had. It was difficult, therefore, for her to feel the peace and grace
that she needed to be receptive to the thoughts of others.

Arreana wasn't entirely certain why she felt the way she did. In her
heart, she felt confident she was on the right path. The Light of Goodness
needed to see more leadership and activity, to remind its faithful that
champions of goodness still fought for them, and that Nadrik would not be

Never would she forget the day that Taliena visited her with a reminder of
Nadrik's plight. While the Holy Mother hadn't sounded fearful, there was a
certain pain that Arreana felt.

She wasn't just a priestess of Taliena, but, instead, of All of Goodness.

No matter that Arreana gave her prayers to Taliena, could talk at length
about Taliena far more than any other deity, and was charged by Taliena
with specific tasks, there was still a sense of duty that ran deeper than
everything else.

It was Arrena's job to not only to preach to the faithful about Love and
Taliena's role in the world, it was also her responsibility to teach
others how to follow in the Light of Goodness, and also to show those of
dark and other ill paths what the Love of the Light truly was, for it
extended far beyond Taliena's Love. The Love of every family member of
the pantheon of Good was a testament to the holiness of the path.

It wasn't just something for those who followed to know. That fact had to
be known throughout Algoron in order for it to truly take root.

Writer: Arreana

Date Tue Mar 29 06:49:43 2016

To All Immortal Religion Storyline Roleplay

Subject Forgotten, Not Dead: Calm, before the...

--------------------FORGOTTEN, NOT DEAD-------author:Arreana------------04
It was always somewhat ominous the moments of expectation preceding some
tremendous event. Even if Arreana was hopeful and excited in the event's
coming, she could not deny that her own mortal failings made it so easy
for doubt to creep in. That doubt created foreboding.

For many, the fear of the unknown held them back from doing things. Many
were inspired by Arreana's "bravery" of being able to go up before a crowd
and speak of Taliena. Their own fear of speaking restrained them, caused
them to become paralyzed to the point of inaction.

Arreana let out a breath.

The air was chilly today and she was thankful for the added layer of a
cloak to drape around her slender form.

Like All of Arreana's clothing, the cloak was designed such that a wing
could fit through the garment and then neatly appear as though her wings
were sprouting from the fabric itself. Such clothing didn't come cheap, it
had to be custom tailored, but Arreana hadn't had to worry about being
poor since the day when she finally chose to fight for the Wrath of

Previous to that, it had been difficult. She had to forage and beg,
appealing to the gentler sides of the sentient races of Algoron, All the
while realizing that most wanted to take advantage of her.

Pausing for a moment, at a vegetable stand, Arreana began to look through
the produce for the freshest, most appealing vegetables. Since Arreana
didn't eat meat, she had to ensure she found the best vegetables, fruits,
beans, and nuts to fill out her diet.

Being an Ariel meant that she couldn't eat too much at once, it was bad
for flying. However, her metabolism was so high that she needed to eat
often. She couldn't afford to go hours without a meal, unless she had
prepared for it in advance. The only way she could fast was if she had
intentionally gorged herself, realizing she wouldn't be able to fly
during the fasting period.

It was an upcoming fast that had brought Arreana to the market, even
on a day when the weather was less than favorable. She drew up the cloak
more tightly around her and continued to sort through the bins.

Arreana planned to fast on the day leading up to her first meeting with
those interested in a collaborative, unified text for members of the
Light of Goodness. She had received both encouraging comments and outright
hostility after announcing the project.

Who would show up to the meeting?

A brief image of commoners with pitch forks, being led by some champion
of the Light, All of them chasing her and calling her a heathen. Arreana
shivered, she knew as well as anyone how cruel those of Goodness could be.
Mortals were All fallen. Capable of both Good and Evil, but having to
constantly decide between the two.

Their free will was both a blessing and a curse. While it meant that even
those who committed the most heinous of deeds could be saved, it also
meant that they constantly had to be vigilant for those who might lead
Good people astray.

It meant that, even those who had showed their absolute devotion to faith
could be questioned by anyone who might think to be suspicious. Even
when those suspicions were unfounded.

Arreana shook her head and, finally, selected what she needed from the
stand. She held up her purchases to the merchant in the stall. She needed
to make sure this meal counted. It was the one positive thing she would
have until tomorrow's meeting. Tomorrow would be spent in prayer, offering
supplication to Taliena for Her blessings on the endeavor.

Writer: Arreana

Date Tue Mar 29 06:55:18 2016

To All Immortal Religion Storyline Roleplay

Subject Forgotten, Not Dead: Fast, but Slow

--------------------FORGOTTEN, NOT DEAD-------author:Arreana------------05
There were few pains like hunger pains. Arreana was intimately familiar
with them. As an Ariel, she began to feel the clawing pains if she didn't
eat something every hour and a half or so. By the time she was several
hours overdue for feeding, she was usually found in a struggle to
reconcile the pain within without letting her suffering show without. The
entire point of fasting was to offer dedication to a person, thing, or
cause. It was an intimate offering of one's own ability to handle
suffering for the greater good.

In Arreana's experience, the deities of Goodness rarely asked their
followers to suffer. Such things were typically limited to those who had
recanted their Evil ways, a test to see if they were ready to give
everything in that conversion. Suffering would also be handed down when
one had truly earned the wrath of a deity. Justice, not vengeance, drove
the deities to punishing wayward followers. However, suffering was their
last weapon of choice.

Nevertheless, she fasted.

Fasting was sacrifice, but it was nothing compared to the blood and death
rituals of the darkness of Evil. They were branded, burned, and subjected
to excruciating pain as a test of faith.

By contrast, Arreana felt a little light-headed and there was an awful
gnawing in her stomach, but she also had more time to contemplate the
peace and beauty of her existence. An existence where she could fast

The pain achieved another purpose as well. It was as much a test of
her own personal will as anything else. She would be tested again and
again by her brothers and sisters in the Light. Some would have the best
of intentions, and yet might lead the project astray. Others would be
outright hostile, cursing her name and anything to do with the project.

It had happened once. It would happen again.

Arreana got up from the altar where she had been kneeling. Her knees
protested quietly. Though Arreana remained active and fit, her age was
slowly catching up to her. She understood now why so many older clerics
preferred kneeling cushions.

She spent All day in prayer for good cause though. Even now, Arreana felt
the gentle touch of Taliena's grace. Even though the Lady had not spoken
to her, she knew that she was on the right path.

Arreana would guide others of the Light into the creation of this book.
Together they would share their experience, their love, and their wisdom
with new and old followers alike, with Algoron at large.

All would take notice and realize that the Light of Goodness was the one
true way. The one true path.

Writer: Vyasa

Date Tue Mar 29 10:53:15 2016

Writer: Thasgerd

Date Tue Mar 29 23:37:23 2016

Writer: Elrei
Date Wed Mar 30 15:21:45 2016

To All Immortal Religion Storyline Roleplay

Subject Forgotten, Not Dead: On Pain of Memory

Elrei's mind wandered as his practised hand scribed the words of a
third copy of his latest endeavor. It was an attempt to extract the essence
of what he had intended for the Althainian church, and distill it further
into something that could pass beyond walls and borders, something that
could serve Taliena's Church as a whole.

He had given the first copy to Arreana. As one of only two Bishops
within Her faith, and the only one Elrei still knew to be active, he felt
she would likely be best suited to give a critique of the work. Her
response to it would tell him whether it was something worth pursuing, or
whether his current task of making another was simply more wasted time in
his life.

Ever since the troubles in Althainia, he no longer trusted his own
judgment in such a valuation. Truthfully, his self-confidence had never
been whole since his removal from the Senate in Shalonesti, so very long
ago. Always, it seemed, he was put into roles which were ill-defined -
roles which, in theory, held some sort of power or authority, yet never with
any idea of its extent. He had been hurt, so very many times, by apparently
overstepping those unstated boundaries. He was tired of the pain. That was
why he resisted the repeated inquiries from Althainia to return, why he
resisted the siren song of community in any location. That was why he
turned to the Bishop, to judge his work.

But as with his Ceremony of Affirmation, that he had sent to All of Her
priests some years before, it seemed his words lacked the necessary power to
inspire others to respond either in the positive or negative. Once again,
it felt as though he sent his words into a void, uncaring and unresponsive.

Elrei set aside his quill, resting it in the inkwell, and gently rubbed
his hands together. They were cold, shaking slightly, whether from the
slight chill in the air or from his own thoughts. Regardless of source, he
could not have such marring the book, no matter what its eventual fate may

Several times, since the last rites he had given to his former Regent,
Daun'valyn, Elrei had commented on what he called "Love's Memory" and
"Nature's Memory," and how they differed in remembering the dead. Nature
did not remember the individual, but they would live on in new forms as
their body fed the earth. Love remembered the person, what they were rather
than what they might become, and, as he often pointed out, they would never
truly be gone until they were forgotten.

But what about those who were forgotten before death?

Writer: Leylani
Date Thu Mar 31 18:02:00 2016

Writer: Corlan
Date Thu Mar 31 18:47:59 2016

Writer: Mokla
Date Thu Mar 31 20:26:24 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject House Warchylde : Preparation

The sound of laboring breath came from the empty stall at the end of the
stables, each breath punctuated with a grunt. Standing within, Mokla
Warchylde strained with the effort to raise the heavy jousting lance in
uncounted repetitions. From thigh to above his head, each lift calling on
recovering muscles and pulling tightly upon the still fresh stitch work in
his shoulder. Face pinched tight in concentration, one thought curled
around his brain, .. Is there time?..

The announced joust had found him lacking the preparation he had hope to
achieve before the first test of the fledgling house's efforts to bring
glory to the Mountain. The attack in the Hollows had left him with an arrow
wound and the dead carcass of his primary mount. The skill of his lance
work remained from the days of the DeathRiders and had returned quickly, but
lance work required him being able to hold a lance first. He momentarily
reconsidered his resolve to be the first rider of the House with the twinge
of pain as he gripped the lance. Gritting his teeth and offering the pain
as tithe to the gods and knew his earlier decision was sound. If he was to
ask another to face a test like this, he would know full well of All it
required and face it to it's end. What seemed wisdom before tasted of folly
now, but resolve stayed.

The sudden sounds of a gequine's hoarse braying, bangs against the stable
wall, and a gobbo squealing caused Mokla to drop the lance in disgust and
storm out through the stable door to the training corral. Placing his hands
on his hips, he regarded the sight of the stablehand being lifted into the
air by his arm and banged about by Malice, the gequine stallion chosen as a
replacement mount. "WE.. DO.. NOT.. HAVE TIME FOR THIS!" Mokla roared
across the corral as the stablehand batted at the gequine with his other
hand in futility before being tossed loose to bang against the stable wall
once more. Marching across the sands Mokla approached the rearing stallion
ignoring its tantrum and stood scowling at the beast. When the stallion
lowered to snap at him in it's rage, the toothy jaws found only air soon
replaced by the sting of a studded leather fist upon it's sensitive muzzle.
It's fury lost in sudden confusion, Mokla snatched the halter and twisted
it's head to peer through slitted eyes into the gleaming red eye of the
stallion. "Your name may be Malice, but was I who laid it on you.. And I
you'll heed to."
Mokla whispered softly. The gequine steadied slowly
nostril flaring with each breath, but relaxing within the grip upon it's

Gazing over at the bewildered gobbo now picking himself up from the ground
Mokla said "If you act weak.. You are weak.. And next time Malice will
gnaw your bones, got it?"
. Nodding slowly with a wary eye to the stallion
the stablehand brushed himself off and worked at his arm. "Now get him
saddled.. And fetch my lance and shield, we've work to do."
Mokla said
and peered into the stallion's eye once more whispered "Both of us.."

Writer: Mokla

Date Fri Apr 1 17:42:45 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject House Warchylde : First Strike

The noise of the crowd's wild cheers filled the ears and hampered the
efforts to calm the eager gequine Mokla grasped by the halter as his
opponent was announced. Looking up at the sudden embrace of his queen, the
kiss and whisper of "You make me proud" swelled his chest. The thought of
bringing honor to the name she wore, his name, steeled him and brushed away
any doubts over his course as he watched her stand upon the sands and
announce his name amid the jeers and murmuring of the crowd at this new
unknown house. Fate had set him a daunting challenge, to face a champion in
his first ride, and the one who had offered advice and lessons in the
formation of his house. He hoped a more serious lesson would not be
forthcoming as he stared down the length of the run at the steady and proven
foe. Final instructions given, he took his place at the end of the till
fighting to rein in the rearing stallion which snapped at the air amid the
noise and foreign smells. Then as he looked down the run once more, a
curious feeling overcame him. The run seemed to stretch before him, the
crowd noise fading and the totality of what he a faced enveloped his mind.
This stood apart from any experience before, unlike a duel where escape
could be found, or war where chaos created change by the second, this stood
to be faced to it's end. There could be no turning away, and only certainty
could be found in the glinting lance head poised to seek him out. As if
sensing the stillness of it's rider the gequine settled and gave one last
snort as it too stared down it's own version of fate. The eerie calm broken
by the call, "CHARGE!"

Setting his heels to the stallions flank both rider and mount jolted
forward. Unable to steady the bobbing lance at the gequine's eager pace,
Mokla curled behind his shield, eyes glued to the onrushing threat. The
sudden crash came before expected as the opponent's lance struck the shield
and skittered free. His own passed by low and untouched, as he leaned out
to the side absorbing the shock of the blow and continued on to the end of
the run clinging to his mount with gripping legs. Turning his mount around
he cursed himself for taking a losing tact in focusing on the threat and not
the target. Steadying himself once more he resolved to maintain his focus
and let fate settle the bill.

The second pass saw both lances find some purchase and his confidence grew
with the third pass taking toll on both riders. The fourth proved to be a
telling moment, the stamina of the riders and power of the mounts being
measured and leaving Mokla's opponent found wanting. The strike upon the
other rider's shield turning him aside to falter and slide from his mount
washed away the growing ache within Mokla's shoulder from the constant
pressure of the heavy lance. His pride swelled as he turned the stallion to
look upon the fallen champion and then gaze to the stands to find the
beaming face he most wished to share the moment with. Approaching slowly to
his opponent he felt compelled to offer a simple salute, new found respect
he hoped was shared.

Raising his lance to the crowd as the announcement of the victory rang out,
he simply stared to where his queen stood amid the throng, and hoped she
knew the calling out of his name was her victory as well.

Writer: Euterah

Date Fri Apr 1 18:49:55 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sun IMM RP Scorn )

Subject House Warchylde

It was not as if she had not ridden before, strapped in practice armor, a
long sharpened stake in her hand. She would first see is it was possible to
ride the fierce gequine stallion. She barely stood at its withers. The
Witch steeled herself and walked up to the stallion.

The garish horse reared, almost hauling one of its goblin tamers up off
their feet. The stallion stamped, shaking its great head, staring at the
Witch with fiery eyes. She paused, took a breath and ordered the stallion
to calm, putting her wild magic, willpower and power behind the command.
She did not draw much from the Mountain, but the Witch felt she needed to
make a point. The stallion snorted, pawed the ground again. She flickered
her dark brackish eyes over the tamers and they unlooped their ropes. The
Witch ignored the stallions boasts, grabbing the saddle, hooking a boot into
the stirrup to mount. Kreegah shivering with a snuffle of hot breath, yet
letting the Witch settle over his back. She grumbled to herself as she
realized she needed to hand off the long sharp stake. She finally found
herself atop the gequine, reaching down to accept the long sharp stake.

{uKreegah, you be nice now.
The Witch admonished the stallion and forced
what power she had into the beast. The strange dappled horse shivered and
stilled. She looked at the target, a straw figure on the pulleys. Taking
up the reigns, she went to the start of the list. Kreegah tosses his head,
flecking the sand with foamy spittle, All too ready.

The Witch tried to focus on the stallion under her and the target before her
and the weight of the long thin stake in her hand. Balancing All this
proved rather difficult for the Witch. As the call for charge was shouted,
Kreehag pounded forward intent on his own role in the game, the Witch caught
off guard brought the stake to high as she gripped the reigns, clinging,
managing to squelch her cry.

The power and strength of the gequine hit the Witch and her dark eyes
flickered with static electricity, righting the stake just before the straw
dummy, it stuck awkwardly and fell to the sad. She could only manage to
stay mounted from the recoil of not letting go soon enough. A valuable
lesson, her arm throbbed.

Kreegah was not finished though, a war horse, blood of fire and conquering.
Though the Witch tried to control the gequine he thundered after the straw
figure, hopping the separation ropes of the run. Gaining on the straw
figure the gequine dashed it with front hooves lashing out. The Witch clung
to the reigns with All her strength as the stallion trashed the figure
snorting and stomping and then prancing the Witch screeching for the
stallion to cease. With a blowing of lips at his fallen foe, the gequine
turned his neck gazing with fiery baleful eye attentive to the Witch.
Catching her breath, loosening her fingers that somehow found way into the
thick bristling mane, she murmured, Good boy.

Certainly unsure of this endeavor as the tamers came, lassoing the gequine
and she was helped off and whisked back into the stables. This was
important and she knew it. She would not be detered by this beast. She
clenched her sharp white teeth, determined.

Writer: Rolus

Date Fri Apr 1 22:14:08 2016

To Lunez Nazirah All citizens of New_Thalos Raije Derigimus Tashio RP

Subject The last hours of Rolus Noosa'a

Rolus hobbled as he left the sand of the Althainian arena, dragging his
right leg. He had been dismounted in a quick blur of medal and blood.
However, he was focused on his leg and it's strange wounding. It bleed
profusely and the leg was rendered useless yet completely painless. In
fact, his elblow and neck hurt worse from the rushed dismount. Huffin and
the remainder of his gnomish entourage gathered his mount and circled the
wounded ogre. "Crownguard, should I fetchahealer? "; note + Huffin
questioned as he took notice of ogre's walk and posture. Rolus looked to
his leg and back to Huffin with a smirk as if amused by Huffin's concern.
Is good. Is just blood. It don't even hurt. Rolus looked around to his
crew and ordered. Ready the caravan. We go soon as I get back. He closed
his robe, concealing the wound, and headed for the stands. Huffin chased
him down the corridor pleading "Rolus, lemme getahealer. Hecan bind itinthe
stands. You're bleedin'good.
" Rolus paused at the first rail and raised a
hand, singaling Huffin to wait. He gaze out to the sands as the king of
Darkonin charged a brave squire. The would be knight met him with an
equally fierce charge but still fell under the might of the new king.

Rolus lowered his hand and grunted as he turned to Huffin This one wants
more. Him win.
; Huffin was to focused on the wound to care about the
joust. He could see the blood running across Rolus' right foot, soaking his
sandal, as they headed to the upperdeck. "Ah don't thin-" the gnome was
quickly cut off by the excited ogre. "Yes! Him beat Perion. That one has
most wins... All champions are falling..
" Rolus slurred before chuckling
lightly as he swayed. "NOROLUS YOURLEG!! " the frantic gnome exclaimed.
Rolus stopped at the entrance to the upperdeck and turned with low growl.
Rolus stared down intensely at the gnome. "Go back now. I be there after
next fight.... Go, leave Rolus be
. " Huffin tugged his goatee in silent
frustration and headed to his duties with a nod.

Rolus walked into the upperdeck as the crowd frenzied and howled, banners
waving in unison. Rolus began to feel dizzy and hobbled to a seat. He
peered around, watching the king's house led in cheer by their enigma of a
queen. She glanced over to Rolus and quickly turned offering healing. The
weakened ogre stared in confusion. He saw her mouth moving but could not
hear any words. He slurred and mumbled to himself, as he began to think he
had been poisoned. He stood up and stumbled. Barely catching himself on
the rail, he slid his body along the rail to the exit. He felt weak and
disorientated. In his confusion, he wandered into an empty part of the
stands and sat to rest.

Rolus sat and wondered if this is what death feels like. He wasn't scared
or pain. "Why they scream? " he wondered. He felt cold and too weak to
move. He stared off as his mind wandered. He was content in All things he
had done but felt something missing. He thought to the one thing
unfinished..... The word bearer. Rolus began to wake as he grew angry.
The thought that this false prophet has inflicted horror on his people,
swore war againist the gods and to undo All they have done. Rolus burned
with rage, still unable to move. He wanted to kill the retched creature but
no one seemed to be able to do it. Now he would never know the Crownguard's
retribution. Rolus laid there, fixated on this thought, as he bled to

Writer: Aliera

Date Fri Apr 1 22:41:20 2016

Writer: Glailen

Date Sat Apr 2 10:16:35 2016

Writer: Leylani

Date Sat Apr 2 23:37:10 2016

Writer: Mokla

Date Sun Apr 3 15:37:06 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject Assassins Links

The Queen's inquiry into the matter of the prisoner's interrogation had
caught Mokla off guard, and the momentary sense of guilt had been difficult
to suppress. She had both the right and need to know both held greater
weight than his own need for retribution. The sense of selfishness had
overridden duty and he would not, could not allow it to create space between
them. It was after All a matter she may understand and pardon, as she often
and regularly surprised him with her innate resiliency. In any case, she
would judge with All the facts and details in the matter, to do with as she

Upon reaching the small office within the Hollows, Mokla was ushered in
while the peacekeeper explained that Dkom was expected back from patrol at
any moment. Waving away offers of refreshment he was left within to study
the simple and orderly furnishings, eyeing with a small grin the unused
cookstove left behind by Dkom's predecessor. Noise of tramping feet and
hushed conversation broke his contemplation as the door opened once more.

Dkom entered and snapped a rigid, closed fist salute still dressed in his
patrolling trappings and covered in the slowly melting frost of his journey.
Acknowledging the officer in return, Mokla greeted the steady hob he had
come to rely upon and even admire for his strict discipline. "This is
unexpected, M'lord.. If I had known.."
The officer began before desisting
at Mokla's raised hand and reply "Not necessary, I needed to get out and
cover my own lack of attention to matters. Your own patrolling continues I
The start of a slight grin began at the officer's lips before
discipline returned to settle it as he replied, "Yes, M'lord.. With your
permission I have, and glad for it. Seems to strip back the wear of age, I
feel years younger already."
Nodding with a grin of his own Mokla said,
"It does that.. I had a bit myself"

"A well known tale hereabouts.. It's caused quite a buzz among the guards
and folk. Seems they have found a new hero."
Dkom replied no longer
suppressing the grin. Mokla smirked at the notion and replied "Obviously
they misunderstand the label.. It's you they should look to, not me playing
at war."
. Dkom nodded at the compliment and said, "Very kind of you to
say, but it's not me they imitate down at the dtodzus fields."
raised an eyebrow at the notion then simply shook his head, and thought to
himself that if the Hollow folk found a bond with the Mountain in such
silliness then so be it.. Any bond was welcome and any distraction from the
earlier troubles worked also.

"Perhaps I'll look in on it.. But I really came to ask for the full report
of your interrogation of the assassin. I'm sure you filed it, but I most
likely have yet to sort it out of my paper pile.."
Mokla said as Dkom
closed the door and they settled into chairs. Drawing a set of parchments
from his desk Dkom glanced at them briefly before sliding them across to
Mokla and said "A few added details.. Some confirm what we knew.. Others
may lead to dismissing other false leads.."
Mokla nodded as he skimmed
through the report and Dkom continued. "He didn't have a lot to offer.. A
low level figure for sure.. Probably why he was the quickest to flee. He
showed little resistance and we felt he had given up All he was capable of."
"Amid jabberings of freed prisoners, and pleading to be spared he did offer
something we did not recognize."
Mokla glanced at the officer without
raising his head from the report and the officer explained "A name.. It
sounds like a cow name. Kar'.. Gas.. Kar'g.."
Frowning at his own
struggles over the pronunciation, Dkom settled upon "Kar'geshk.. Yes..
That's how he said it. Kar'geshk was who we sought was an answer we got
enough times to make me feel we had All we could from him."
Mokla looked
up, placing the finished report on the desk and said quietly ".. And the
Dkom's face tightened a bit and replied "Your orders were
followed exactly.. The settlers took to it with relish."

Writer: Euterah

Date Mon Apr 4 19:49:16 2016

To darkonin All ( sunny imm rp scorn )

Subject The Following Days

The Spirit of Rolus Noosaa appeared before them suddenly, the Witch and
the Bandit King. It was certainly troubling and confusing. In the
courtyard, the Heart of the Mountain, the Witch had made a circle of power
and called the Spirit forth only to become more puzzled as the Spirit wailed
against the circle, breaking it. She swore she could still hear its
reverberating screams in her head. The Witch inhaled sharply, covering her
ears for a moment, shaking the memory from her. She tried summoning the
Spirit again, but was either too inexperienced or too weak to maintain the
circle. Even with the extra support of the priest Zola.

The Witch pondered All this and kept herself in close counsel. This was
certainly troubling. She had only discovered a few people who seemed

Walking to the stables, she found herself standing in front of Kreegahs
stall. She could hear the stallion snort and paw the ground as if it knew
she was there. Seeing no stable hand, she let herself into the gequiness
presence, closing the door behind her. This was one thing she could

Kreegah stomped, fierce independence in his fiery gaze, the Witch let her
dark brackish eyes settled on the beast. The gequine tossed his head,
gnashing its sharp teeth. Foam flecked its lips, a certain hatred fixed on
the Witch.

Euterah centered, no mere beast would best her. She drew back her
frustration and anger and mourning as if it All coalesced into an arrow.
The bow was taught in her hand, she felt All that stress of the last few
weeks become a metaphysical weapon that she wielded. No, she would not
indulge the stallion any longer. As Kreegah reared meaning to harm her she
let loose, fingers releasing All that energy against the gequine. It was a
spectacle. The magic laced around the stallion as he landed heavily and
shivered his hide, whipping tail over flanks as if he itched. The Witch
watched as the wild magic of her aura bled into the gequine. Kreegahs
dappled gray hide shimmered for a moment and dulled.

Kreegah snorted again, but the fire was calmed in his eyes. The Witch
looked up at her new companion, wondering at what they would be able to
accomplish together, yet thoroughly pleased was she. She placed a bridle
over the stallions head, crooning to him and led his to the practice lists
in the arena.

Writer: Ssaithis

Date Mon Apr 4 21:58:09 2016

Writer: Vershae

Date Tue Apr 5 10:16:50 2016

Writer: Ayrora

Date Wed Apr 6 08:14:11 2016

To All Aybel Ashbie Verminasia Roleplay Immortal

Subject A Time of Celebration

Rora led Braedan to his stall after their morning ride, she had already
unsaddled and removed his bridle and put on his soft harness. She washed
him down, dried him, and put his blanket over him making sure her prized
stallion was taken care of. She made sure he had plenty of oats, hay, and
water before she was satisfied and left the barn. While most would leave
such menial jobs to the stablehands, she would allow no one to touch the
stallion her father had given her with much love. Braedan was hers and she
took care of him as a mother would a child.

She started walking torwards the side of the Manor where tables and
streamers and balloons were everywhere. People were chatting happily,
children running about playing, and so much food and drink everywhere. So
many things had happened in the past few weeks that had left her pondering
many aspects of her life. She watched for a while as more people gathered
but stayed far enough away so she could not be seen. She had awoken in a
wonderful mood that morn but this was a bit much.

She walked into the front of the Manor and through the large halls going
straight to the kitchen. A few servants were cooking and chopping
vegetables as one stopped what she was doing and walked over to Rora, "May I
fix you some breakfast Lady Tenneal?
" Rora sighed softly but smiled at the
young girl, "I am fine. I can handle it. " The servant frowned slightly
but went back to work. Rora poured herself a glass of orange juice and
headed up to her room.

Rora looked in the mirror and smiled. She could not get him off of her mind
no matter how hard she tried, not that she truly wanted too. With her goal
for the day complete, she now prepared for the traditional function. She
despised being the center of attention but she would have to handle it for
one day. She decided on a deep blue gown, combed her hair into an upsweep
with a crown of deep blue flowers, then stood and looked in the mirror yet

She hears a knock on the door, "Enter. " In walked the chambermaid,
"Someone wishes to see you. I told him it was not proper but he is
" Rora smiled at the young woman, "It is fine but you must
remain in the room.
" The young woman agrees and allows the gentleman
entry. Rora turns and smiles at him as he walks up to her and kisses her on
the cheek, "You look beautiful, my dear. " She blushed slightly, "Thank
you, dear." He held his arm out to her, "Shall we? " She placed her hand
in the crook of his arm and they walked out the door.

Writer: Zelatia

Date Thu Apr 7 21:04:43 2016

Writer: Glailen

Date Thu Apr 7 21:40:13 2016

Writer: Erwin

Date Fri Apr 8 00:47:28 2016

Writer: Thasgerd

Date Fri Apr 8 08:17:39 2016

Writer: Thasgerd

Date Fri Apr 8 08:18:09 2016

Writer: Andreyna

Date Sat Apr 9 04:27:33 2016

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Knighthood Syrrlarialth Zandreya Nadrik Imm Rp Religion

Subject Attack on the Vallens: The Death

'Where are you? ', came the familiar voice of her friend, Dame Aliera
Amarandus. 'Shalonesti', was Andreyna's reply, she and the elven guards
struggling with the beast prowling in the kingdom's shadows and slaying the
elves one by one. The Knights of Gareth's Keep were on their way, they
would soon be here to aid the elves, proving once again the strength in the
alliance between Shalonesti and Knighthood.

The werewolf suddenly appeared, lunging at the elf-queen as she made her way
through the kingdom's streets. The priestess moved quickly, narrowly
escaping the swipe of the wolf's large paw. She spun around to face the
werewolf, bright rays of divine power coming forth to sear the skin of the
unnatural beast. Arrows embedded themselves deep within his thick skin, the
wolf ignored the pain and readied himself to attack again.

Andreyna whispered softly, spells of protection replenishing themselves and
glowing brightly around her. She held her staff in her hands, ready to
defend herself against the werewolf's attacks on her. A blinding ray of
light rushed past her. Andreyna quickly turned her head, relieved to see
the Priestess of Nadrik standing nearby, spells of her God leaping from her
hands and striking the beast with precision.

Battle cries filled the elven city as more Knights rushed down the street,
charging fearlessly at the werewolf. Swords, arrows, and spells came at the
wolf in All directions, overwhelming it, causing the beast flee and hide in
the shadows once more. The party of elves and humans roamed the streets of
Shalonesti, every eye searching, every ear listening, each member ready to
defend themself against the wolf.

All throughout the elven kingdom, the group traveled, the wolf jumping out
at them periodically, his main target the elf-queen. Time and again, the
party beat the wolf back, causing it to flee and hide in the shadows over
and over. 'Allow us to come to you. ', came the serpentine voice of a
Firstborn. The wolf attacked again, Andreyna deflected its swipes with her
staff. The elf-queen responded to the dragon, allowing the Firstborn
permission to gate to her.

Within a second the massive silver dragon appeared, a thundering roar echoed
throughout the Vallens. Dagger-like talons clawed at the werewolf, quickly
ripping and shredding flesh from his body. The werewolf tried his best to
get away from the relentless attacks, unable to escape the claws of the

The Knights and elves continued their attack upon the werewolf, blood
pouring from his wounds, growing weaker as his life began to fade from him.
Andreyna faced the wolf, the Mother's spells glowing brightly around her,
divine rays shooting from her hands, the wolf's flesh burning before her.
'In the name of the Mother you will leave Her chosenlands, demon. You will
go back to Hell from which you came.
', the Deacon declared as the
werewolf's body slumped into a lifeless heap on the ground.

The group stood silently around the body of the wolf. An elven guard nudged
it with a sword, laying the flaccid corpse upon its back. The body of the
wolf began to transform. Its snout and fangs shortened, its fur smoothed
into skin, the body of a human now lay before them.

He was close to middle-aged and he had handsome features for a human.
Andreyna's heart softened as she continued to look upon him, feeling sorry
for him. The elf-queen tilted her head, noticing a marking on the human, a
tattoo design that she had never seen before. 'The mark of the Gypsy',
Aliera said aloud to the group with a nod, furrowing her brows slightly,
clearly in thought. The tattoo raised more questions than it gave answers.


Writer: Celestaea

Date Sat Apr 9 04:42:05 2016

To Shalonesti_kingdom Shalonesti ( All )

Subject Part One: Letters Home

Resting in a hammock within the groves of Shalonesti, she careful hands
smoothed out a piece of fresh, crisp parchment. Though the smell of green
growth was everywhere, the faint acidity of the ink bottle, uncapped nearby,
tickled her nose. The quill within her grasp was familiar, the enchantments
within the grip familiar and cool to the touch. Nearby, a Queen and a
Prince worked on their respective tasks, paying her little mind, though she
was grateful. It was difficult to be in the presence of Royalty, even if
Andreyna and her son Heiryal were both kind - the latter was even like
herself in that he enjoyed the company of books to people. Or maybe it
wasn't that he preferred their quiet companionship, but, like her, was more
comfortable with them. Social situations could be... Messy.

Focusing on the task at hand, Celes bit down on her bottom lip and dipped
the quill before she began writing. As she wrote, drops of ink would smear
her gloves, sleeves, or skirt, but the enchantments woven into her items by
her father held strong and an attentive eye could watch the ink slowly fade
away before disappearing entirely, which left her white clothing immaculate.
She had promised to write home, and while she was eager to, she also found
that the words were difficult in coming. She was so excited, she had no
idea where to begin first.


Dear Momma and Papa,

I know that our farewell was somewhat sad, but I want you both to know
that I am doing really well in my new home of Shalonesti. So many kind elves
have been helping me. There is Elder Elyrial, who handled my registry papers
and even went so far as to buy me a few books for my research after giving me
a tour of the Groves. You will never believe how much green there is here,
and it is everywhere - I can smell
it. There is a sea elf here whose name
is Folt, and I think he may be a pirate-dolphin. He was with me for some of my
guild training, and he talked a lot about rum and the sea. He kind of reminds
me of dad with All of his energy.

I have met so many of the Shalonosts. Queen Andreyna seems very nice, if
a little tired. She must get overwhelmed helping to run an entire nation of
elves, All with different agendas and ideas. I hope she gets enough sleep. I
know you would like the princess, momma. She granted me some training armor
to wear while I was studying with the others, though I've since given it to
her younger brother, Prince Heiryal. Heiryal spends a lot of time with me in
the Groves - he reads Ancient Elvish, sort of, and works hard to translate it
into the more common form. He recently finished a text called "The Stained
Glass" and I think you would both enjoy it. With his permission, I will send
a copy of it along with the letter!

Papa, I know you are worried about me, and that was why you worked so
hard on my clothes. Thank you for them, papa. They are very popular here with
a lot of elves that do research. Their may be a big influx of business for
you both soon, if I keep spreading word of your work, and I hope the fresh
coin will help you both, and my siblings.

I have joined a House! I wanted to be a part of the Sha'tavas, but it
seems that House was absorbed into the Sha'enlas, so I am officially a Named
elf. I hope you will both be proud of me. I want to work very hard at my re-
search and help the world become a little closer to Zandreya with the results.
After all, She is Sebatis' mother, and a lot of our magical supplies come
from items She grants us, just like you both have always said.

I need to get back to work, but I love you all, and hopefully soon we can
arrange for a visit!

With love,

Writer: Euterah

Date Sat Apr 9 10:55:24 2016

To Darkonin New Thalos All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject The Spirit Speaks - Rolus Noosa'a

The Mountain thundered around her through her, over and under and she was
reduced to liquid bone and skin. The essence of the Mountain rising within
her blood, flooding her brain as she let loose her control and let It speak.

It called, {uRolus Noosaa speak.
It was like always, that same heady sense
that she was there and yet not, because All was unfocused as if she looked
through clouded glass. The Mountain used her voice and called forth the
Spirit of Rolus Noosaa, the apparition appearing though she could only sense
it vaguely through the Mountain presence. The Mountain ignited her aura and
she felt the lightning rake through what seemed like a cold hole in reality.
Yet is seemed to strengthen the Spirit and indeed it did speak.

Few words, but precious words to those who searched for answers to this
perplexing problem.


And odder still.

[RRaulosht is mine Witch

The Witch was left with more questions.

Writer: Mokla

Date Sat Apr 9 12:18:57 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject House Warchylde : Respect

The tingle along his skin and roaring of All his senses filled Mokla with
a rush as heady as strong drink as he guided Malice out through the arena
tunnel to the ready rooms. Although longing to ride this new found wave he
fought it back to concentrate on readying himself anew. Gaining his
assigned stall he tossed his lance to the waiting stable hand and
dismounted, moving to grasp his mounts halter in a steadying grip. Noting
the stablehand's reluctance to deal with the large, ferocious, and
unpredictable gequine, Mokla called for buckets of ice water. "Easy now,,
easy.. You'll get your fill.."
Mokla whispered to the still
battle-inflamed beast whose nostrils flared and blew foam from it's mouth as
it shifted constantly, twitching it's sweat-covered flanks. He had worried
over Malice's stamina in these warmer airs, but those worries were overcome
by the hoped advantage of size, power, and strangeness the beast might
provide over other rider's mounts.

Looking over to the bucket laden stablehand who approached, Mokla ordered
one set before him and the others dumped over Malice to cool him rapidly.
Glancing at the tall mount warily the Hand moved over a barrel to stand upon
and raised a bucket to pour. The first splash caused Malice to jolt a bit,
causing the Hand to nearly leap away in panic. Eyeing him with a scowl,
Mokla's demeanor compelled the shying Hand to follow through with the other
two buckets as he raised the last to allow the mount to drink greedily.
"Leave off brushing, you'll just irritate him.. And find some meat he'll be
thinking on food if we make it through the next round. He's not as much fun
when hungry."
, Mokla ordered grinning at the last instruction.

Tying off the mount, Mokla turned to inspecting the lance and his equipment.
Scuffs and scratches stood visible but no functional damage to be found on
the studded leather armor. The lance however showed the stress of impact in
cracks and a few missing splinters, a new one needed. Selecting and testing
a new lance, Mokla placed it in the ready rack and went to turn away, but
found his eyes settling on the heavy two-handed warhammer. Something
beckoned in his mind and the remembered sight of the bevy of weapons his
opponents carried. He called for the Hand to see it strapped to his saddle
before the next round, and looked up suddenly as the noise of the continuing
contest changed from wild cheers to a unified cry of alarm followed by an
ominous murmuring. After a final thorough check of his shield, he readied
himself to go into the stands and await the next call of the lists.

Reaching the northern stands where he knew his Queen and the Darkonin
contingent awaited, he let slip the ready grin he could never suppress at
the sight of Euterah. The excitement dancing in her eyes as they embraced
overrode his usual aversion to the touch of strangers as many a hand shook
his shoulders and clapped his back in congratulations. Nodding and
murmuring thanks his eyes turned to the limping approach of an ogre whose
size alone bore out the name commonly used, Rolus, the Mountain. Mokla
watched the ogre settle heavily onto a seat and their eyes met and held a
moment before Mokla broke to approach. Mokla gave a nod of respect as he
stood before the champion, and noted the deep wound to his thigh, the
entrance small but the welling blood bore the dark aspect of serious danger.
Raising a steady finger towards Mokla, the ashen faced and labored ogre
spoke with a voice sure as stone. "Do you know what you just did?.. Who it
was you beat?"
The ogre asked insistantly, never breaking the lock of his
gaze on Mokla. The moment seemed to stretch in time as Mokla read the eyes
of the ogre finding a sense of bond, some respect and possibly even
expectation. All these thoughts settled into him cementing his earlier glee
into their proper places. All the thoughts flooding his mind stilled and
settled into the clear simple statement he offered "Yes.. I understand."

Writer: Rolus

Date Sat Apr 9 14:19:35 2016

Writer: Rosaeria

Date Sat Apr 9 15:37:22 2016

To Verminasia All Roleplay Imm

Subject Learning Experiences

"Another big day! ", Rosa thinks to herself as she wakes up and
stretches. Sitting up in her bed, she reaches over to the bedside table and
feels about for her glasses... Wait, they are not there! "Where are
they... " she starts frantically looking around in her nightgown, looking
under the bed and over every nook and cranny before she realizes they are
were on her maid outfit.

"Oh I am so forgetful... " she giggles softly as she places the wide
glasses over her ears and on her nose before dropping out of her gown, only
to replace it with her normal everyday clothing. Leaving the one little
room she is happily staying in, she gets to work on cleaning. Dusting the
walls, making the bed, cooking some food for when Lady Valanthiriel awakes,
and polishing silverware and dishes.

As she tidies up the kitchen, cleaning out some pots and pans. She hums
gently to herself as she peers out a window and smiles happily as she
daydreams. A moment later she snaps back into reality as the sink overflows
with water and over the floor. Quickly, and nearly slipping, she grabs a
mop and starts to clean up the mess and finishing with a heavy sigh, "I do
need to be more careful...I will certainly work harder at it!" she
declares to herself, a happy smile over her face before ironically tripping
over the mop and dropping a plate to the floor.

Later in the day, she finishes up her daily chores. A heavy sigh escapes
her as she smiles happily and giggles as she looks down at her stained and
worn out outfit. "Time to do some laundry I suppose" she thinks to herself
as she heads back to her room to change. After she is finished and lays the
clothing to dry she smiles happily to the sky through her glasses.

"I wonder... If I will ever be able to put it behind me... " her smile
slowly fades as it is replaced by a stern frown. She closes her eyes as she
reaches up to take her glasses in her hand, and slowly pulls them from her
face. As she opens her eyes, they shift from her unaware and clumsy look,
to a more focused and serious gaze. She slowly scans the area, taking in
details never noticed. Her eyes taking in small scratches upon things such
as stone, tiny bugs crawling over the trees from far away. After a moment
she quickly shakes her head and shoves her glasses back on as she falls to
her knees with an exasperated gasp, "Oh my...I...Should not have did
that... " Slowly she picks herself up and dusts herself off as she glances
around as if anyone but her and Lady Valanthiriel was there and recollects
herself. "Not today... Maybe I can try again tomorrow... " she sighs as
she takes her dried clothing and returns to her room.

Writer: Rolus

Date Sat Apr 9 16:35:22 2016

Writer: Mokla

Date Sat Apr 9 17:34:43 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject House Warchylde : Lesson Learned

The blare of horns signalled the call to return to the lists, and Mokla
nodded once more to the seated champion, pushing the thought of the grievous
wound from his mind. Returning to the stalls he found Malice ready and
seeming eager at the call of the horns. Mounting up and accepting shield
and lance he took a deep breath and steadied himself before leaving the
stall to check the lists for his opponent. A banner emblazoned with
Knighthood markings and a name he did not recognize stood across from his
own warg-headed banner.

Emerging from the tunnel he took position and waited as the other's herald
introduced the opponent. Malice flared his nostrils at the first strange
scent and sight of the brightly clad knight atop a unicorn. Rearing and
snapping at some new challenge the mount fought Mokla's reining. As they
readied themselves for the call, Mokla watched the other rider intently.
Noting the loose, upright posture and bobbing of the lance something seemed
to call out in his mind as he continued to fight back Malice's eagerness to
have at the strange beast.

The signal to charge was called out and Malice leaped ahead, clawing speed
from the ground. The rider came on easy still riding tall in his saddle,
unlike his own bunched and tensed frame. The difference struck him suddenly
as the nagging crystalized to clarity. The rider had had the advantage of a
bye in the first round, and though still fresh Mokla sensed by his stance
this likely his first ride ever, evidenced by the mistakes he himself had
made in his very first pass of the first round. Too tall.. A big target
and already leaned back in anticipation of the clash. The lance wavered..
Concentration rested upon Mokla's steadily oncoming lance seeking avoidance.
Mokla recognized it All in a flash and knew where his advantage lay.

As the moment of clash came, Mokla took the instant before to roll his
shoulder forward driving the steady lance solidly and surely into the middle
of his opponent's shield. Braced to deliver the blow, the full weight of
the much larger gequine travelled through the lance and it's target which
was deposited untidily on the ground in the pass. Malice taking advantage
of the exposed rump set teeth to the staggered unicorns's rump tearing loose
a strip of flesh before proceeding past. Reaching the end of the run Mokla
turned to see his opponent stirring from the ground and approached slowly.
Stopping before the fallen knight, Mokla gave a simple salute then leaned to
say in hushed tones only the two could hear "A rough first ride.. But it's
all part of the show"
and gave a simple wink. The simple courtesy seemed
appropriate and Mokla felt a bit magnanimous at it. Malice however, had his
own sensibilities and took the moment to pass casual water in a spreading
flood upon the ground near the rising opponent across the fence.

Hearing the rush, and seeing the spreading puddle, Mokla reached to tear a
bit of the unicorn flesh from Malice's jaws and chewed upo it slowly and
with a full mouth grinned and said "Beasts.." And with a shrug made for
the arena exit.

Writer: Nostarion

Date Sat Apr 9 17:42:39 2016

Writer: Euterah

Date Sat Apr 9 18:35:48 2016

Writer: Zelatia

Date Sat Apr 9 21:08:16 2016

Writer: Zelatia

Date Sat Apr 9 21:11:44 2016

Writer: Zelatia

Date Sat Apr 9 21:16:02 2016

Writer: Zelatia

Date Sat Apr 9 21:21:19 2016

Writer: Shiara

Date Sun Apr 10 10:01:46 2016

To Conclave ( Tashio Roleplay Drakkara All )

Subject Devising the Trap

"Without knowing the particulars, it's your business of course, can't say
I'd jump at the chance." Her colleague was already dismissive, returning to
his own interests. Probably tired of her loitering near his favorite books.

How dull. Timidness never led anyone to greatness, but the line between the
bold and the reckless is a thin one.

She had scoured the libraries, maybe an excuse to stall for time. It was
tantalizing, that curious mix of excitement and apprehension. The allure of
the opportunity had not yet overcome concern.

To trap a soul, to capture and hold it in an object. Krankle's scheme,
somwewhat old now though not forgotten, had seemed sound. But not just
one... Some unknown number?

His theory was based on an item of middling rarity, the quality here would
have to be exceptional. A gem of sufficient purity, properly prepared might
require much less work. In this particular case, even remove the need of a
transmuter altogether? But at what risk?

Reading it over and over, delaying again. Stuff your notes, get up and
leave. The only obstacle is yourself.

Writer: Zelatia
Date Sun Apr 10 11:07:25 2016

Writer: Zola
Date Sun Apr 10 19:07:53 2016

To All Abaddon Bloodlust Verminasia Darkonin Immortals Fatale

Subject X Shambling Corpses X

Zola did not like Arkane. It was too dead.

The irony was not lost on him, but he had not expected this when he'd
bypassed the crumbling keep of Ironclad and come to the Mystic Kingdom. By
all reports, a vibrant city full of people from All walks of life. Every
race, every culture, every sort of faith. To say nothing of his old friend
and mentor the Cardinal. He expected to learn much in Arkane.

Instead, he found a city of walking dead. People who went through the
motions of life without truly being alive. Many barely acknowledged him as
they went about the day. Be it crafting yet another identical metal or gem,
or reclaiming another lost trinket for the High Priest. None of them were
alive. None of them had purpose. Their eyes were open... But they were

His efforts to rouse them prove fruitless. Don't trust him, they whispered,
Zola is dangerous. Don't listen to him, he doesn't say anything we want to
hear. It was infuriating to see such potential wasted. Death would be a
kindness to visit upon the majority of Arkanians.

Zola would not miss Arkane when his time came to depart it. What little he
had learned here was that it was a waste of his time. A time was a precious
commodity, after all. Life was not meant to be squandered.

Writer: Zorreau

Date Mon Apr 11 06:19:10 2016

Writer: Aliera
Date Mon Apr 11 08:52:06 2016

Writer: Aliera
Date Mon Apr 11 08:55:29 2016

Writer: Aliera
Date Mon Apr 11 08:58:07 2016

Writer: Archal
Date Mon Apr 11 12:06:38 2016

Writer: Archal
Date Mon Apr 11 12:07:45 2016

Writer: Erwin
Date Thu Apr 14 01:00:07 2016

Writer: Zelatia
Date Thu Apr 14 14:50:06 2016

Writer: Nymaya
Date Thu Apr 14 17:04:03 2016

Writer: Nymaya
Date Thu Apr 14 17:16:46 2016

Writer: Nymaya
Date Thu Apr 14 17:42:09 2016

Writer: Nymaya
Date Thu Apr 14 17:49:26 2016

Writer: Andreyna
Date Fri Apr 15 04:29:33 2016

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Knighthood Syrlarrialth Zandreya Nadrik Imm Rp Religion

Subject Attack on the Vallens: Returned to the Mother

Andreyna and Aliera knelt upon the ground before the shrine to the Mother
located outside of the elven city's southern gates. The body of the human
lay between the two priestess, having been brought there by the Knights of
Gareth's Keep. The humans and elves gathered close behind them and stood
quietly, some with their heads bowed in prayer. The silvery-blue scales of
the steel dragon glistened in the rising sun as she hovered lightly nearby.

The elf-queen nodded silently to the statue, remembering the words of the
Mother. She was to slay the unnatural beast and free the human of the demon
controlling it. She had done just that with the much needed aid of allies.
The werewolf was gone and the lifeless body of the human-host remained. She
was now kneeling before the shrine, Zandreya having declared that the
human's body would be returned to Her.

Andreyna gathered a handful of soil and sprinkled it lightly over the corpse
as she prayed to the Mother out loud. She thanked the Mother for keeping
them safe and giving them the strength they needed to protect the Vallens
from the undead. She asked the Mother to bless the human and accept his
freed body back to the earth to be with Her always. On the other side of
the body, Priestess Aliera softly whispered the blessings of her own Lord
over the human lying between them.

The earth suddenly began to trimmer as long vines grew out from beneath the
shrine, twisting and winding their way toward the body. The vines entanged
the corpse, wrapping securely around its limbs and torso. With one fluid
motion the vines pulled the corpse beneath the shrine and into the ground,
welcoming it back to the earth.

A comforting voice washed over Andreyna, praising her for her dedication to
the Mother and her elves, as well as praising the Knights and Lady Steel for
their loyalty to the Vallens. The elf-queen rose proudly to her feet,
having ascended in the ranks of the Mother's church. She would continue to
lead the elves in the Way of the Mother. She would protect the Vallens from
any undead and return their freed bodies to Zandreya. And she would
remember the aid she received from old friends.

Writer: Thasgerd

Date Fri Apr 15 20:19:57 2016

Writer: Mokla

Date Sun Apr 17 17:04:41 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject House Warchylde : Call of Trumpets

The cheering and excitement in the stands afterwards was a welcome
distraction to the endless thoughts of what came next. An opportunity to
ring a bell in history, and let All see who rings it for a change. A chance
to see Darkonin listed first, the Mountain rising, sending thrills he pushed
aside to begin mentally preparing himself once more to face fate. The
embrace of his Queen and the gleam of her eyes settled him into purpose,
knowing clearly why he rode and eager to get it done.

Checking the lists as he passed to the stalls, he noted the Arkanian colors
once more set opposite his, then entered to find his readied mount. Double
checking his equipment, he led Malice out of the stall to approach the
tunnel as the fanfare began to build in the arena. The call of his name
sounded, he exited the tunnel leading Malice to the far end of the run and
mounted up, his eyes searching and fixing the Darkonin contingent in the

Turning attention to his newest opponent, Mokla noted the lack of lance and
the drawing of a long sword. Mokla had never faced this in actual tilt, and
wondered at the lengths of the differing weapons. The familiar prickle of
facing the unknown set his eyes narrower, and breath to deepen. The call to
ready, brought his thoughts back to the present fighting to hold Malice from
his eagerness for the signal.

The command given, and dropping flags had Malice surging forward in an
instant, clawing ground as Mokla continued to eye his target warily. The
weaving sword gave Mokla a sense of it's reach, and he settled to take his
aim on the center mass of the rider. The crucial moment came suddenly as
his lance was parried away to scrape ineffectually across the riders shield.
And Mokla forced to duck the passage of the blade narrowly in the instant
following. The second and third passes went much the same with tighter
results both given and taken as they found the reach and timing of the
opponent. The satisfation at landing one solid hit dimmed quickly at the
jarring his shoulder took on top of All it's other pains. The fourth
brought end to the stalemate, as Mokla's lance splintered upon the passing
blades edge, leaving him to toss the handgrip away in disgust.

The stablehand rushed to retrieve a new lance but stopped at Mokla's wave of
negation. Peering down the run at his opponent once more, Mokla knew the
game must change before his frothing mount wore out or his own aches ended
his ride. Laying a hand to the side of his saddle, he slid a long, heavy
headed hammer and wrapped the long leather leash around his wrist. Mokla
rocked the hammer back and forth on it's strap, then drew it in a two handed
grip into a whirling circle. The swoop of the hammer became a whir overhead
as Malice cantered slowly forward sensing the tightened grip of his rider's
legs. His opponent charged forward, blade pointed like a spear as Malice
slowly gained speed yet steady to the efforts of Mokla's exertions to keep
the hammer aloft. The moment came in fractions of time as always, the
thrusting blade passing through the space to land and tear loose the studded
shoulder cap of Mokla's armor jolting him back in a painful flash. The
hammer would not be stopped though, the energy stored in the tilting swing
added to that of the bulk and power of Malice's final bound, to bring All to
bear flatly, solidly, and terminally against the side of the target lifting
it bodily and brushing it aside to find the dust.

Turning slowly, the end of the run a memory of pain and a jolt which passed
through his frame nearly losing his grip on the hammer, he saw the fallen
opponent, the knowing smirk lost from his face. The roar of the crowd came
back to him as realization settled in on what he had just done. The
announcement and trophy awarding were a blur in the face of his whirling
thoughts and no thanks uttered matched the grin and raising of the trophy to
the stands where he watched the wild cheering of his source of strength and
greatest backer.

Writer: Symantha

Date Mon Apr 18 02:42:40 2016

Writer: Ayrora
Date Mon Apr 18 15:52:42 2016

To All Ashbie Verminasia Immortal Roleplay

Subject Life Can Be A Bit Crazy

Rora needed a day to get away, a day to not have to think of anything,
just a day. The plans for the Fools Day Bazaar, working on her weapon
making, the wedding plans, working with the planners for the house it was
just far too much for one person to handle.

She galloped Braedan down to the creek bed, somewhere they rarely went for
it was far into Sacnoth lands. The guards wanted to follow her but she left
before they could gather their horses, she did not want company today. She
dismounted quite easily, accustomed to so many years of riding with him, and
walked along the creek bed as she watched the water flow. She was trying
her best to push everything from her mind.

Rora pulled an apple from her satchel as Braedan nudged her shoulder, "I
know silly boy have patience."
He tossed his head in understanding as she
laughed at him. She cut the apple in half and offered half to the stallion
which he quickly devoured, she then cut the other half in half and started
eating a portion of one as she offered the other to the stallion which he
quickly ate.

Soon Braeden's head went up and his ears went straight and she knew they had
found her. "I guess we have been found and it is back to reality we go."
She sighed softly as she mounted her stallion and the guard appeared. "We
have looked All over for you."
She looked at the guard disapprovingly "Did
you ever think I did not wish to be found?"
He looked at her in shock for
a moment, "My job is your protection as per your mother." She smirked at
him. "And since when have I ever had guards follow me by orders of my

Rora turned Braedan and started galloping towards home.

Writer: Ashbie

Date Tue Apr 19 07:24:30 2016

To All immortal roleplay

Subject Hot off the press!!!

Ashbie kicked her feet up onto her desk and leaned back in her chair. Her
heeled boots were clean, she was fastidious about that. In her hands was a
newspaper, the smell of fresh printing-press ink gave off a distinct odor
that permeated the office.

She had to admit, she hadn't expected to be doing this.

After the last ACFL season, Ashbie had shut down the print shop in
Verminasia that she had built specifically for the ACFL News. However,
when the season was over, the only writer on staff was Ashbie. There'd
not been much interest from others in contributing to it.

Then there was the demand.

Citizens All over Algoron were appalled by the fact that they would
no longer be receiving the ACFL News. The vast majority of commoners
would never be able to attend a match. Having the paper deliver on a
regular basis kept them as a part of the action.

A wry smile curling on her lips, Ashbie thumbed through the pages. She
couldn't deny, she loved the flair and attention.

Writer: Zorreau
Date Tue Apr 19 09:09:14 2016

Writer: Ayrora
Date Tue Apr 19 12:30:39 2016

To All Ashbie Aybel Immortal Roleplay

Subject Reprimanding the Guards

Ayrora stood there as she waited for the gu ards to assemble before her,
she would have none of this being followed around any longer. Her temper
flaired and even Braeden was uncomfortable as he stomped the ground as he
felt her energy. Patience was one of her strong suits but not today, not at
this moment. She watched as they gathered one by one and once All were
there they stood at attention.

The head guard took one step forward, "You called for us Lady Tenneal?"
She waved him back into place as she looked at them one by one, the fire in
her eyes blazing. "Heed my warning, if I am followed ever again by any of
you, You will not have to worry about what my mother will do to you but what
I will. I killed one before." She looked at the guard that was in the
dungeon the night she killed Longshanks, "I will not hesitate to do the same
to any of you. Save your guarding for my siblings for I can take care of
myself. This is MY order. Do you hear me?"

The guards stared at her in silence not knowing what to say. "I said, Do
you hear me! I shall not repeat myself again!
The guards answered in
unison "Yes Lady Tenneal." She peered at them All as she turned and
mounted Braedan. "You are dismissed." She turned Braedan and rode off.

Writer: Euterah

Date Tue Apr 19 15:29:26 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP Scorn )

Subject The Witch's Journey: One

The Witch rode her gequine stallion over the packed gravel road,
remembering what the wood was before it was exorcised. The bare columns of
hardwood and the dark fringe of pine studding each side of the Witch and
Kreegahs path, but there was no longer that sense the trees were reaching
out to take her. They rode without disruption. The road was a scarce three
mile, but it always seemed longer with her memories of what had passed of
what her people had already overcome. They had won the Neverwood, built the
Hollow Road and completed Fort Ghyt. The Neverwood with its old spirits its
damned power wrought by an age old curse, with the combined might of the
races of Darkonin they had solved the problem and progressed. The Hollows
overcrowding was beginning to dissipate as immigrants from Dolundir moved to
Fort Ghyt. With the promise of new land, some of the Hollows people moved
also. Fort Ghyt was becoming more of a village.

She rode with a retinue because the remaining problem of the raiders had not
been solved. They had little opposition since the increased guards and
soldiers escorting the immigrants over the ice plains. Yet, the Bandit King
was adamant that she not go out alone considering the attack on he and the
Witch was still fresh in his mind. She had left it off. The Witch was onto
other things, thinking herself secure and safe.

Still the Witch would have liked to bond with her new ride. She missed her
ice wolf, Berox. The pang returning to her heart, causing her to sigh and
duck against Kreegahs course black mane so different than the thick pelt of
Berox brought her back to reality and she resumed her upright stance. The
guards around her reminding her of her position, she let her mind drift over
the memories, The death of Khorvash, still unresolved, the ascension to the
throne, the Neverwood, the unification with Mokla, the Hollow Road, the
treaty Althainia, the immigration of those from Dolundir and everywhere
else, the building of Fort Ghyt which excelled beyond All the Witch though

Kreegah wanted to run, his stamping trot growing impatient. The Witch let
him have full reign and hung onto the horns, laughing suddenly with a wild
burst of delight. They tore past the rest of the retinue, the gequines
steely hooves striking the icy plain surefootedly. They coursed over the
road and arrived at Fort Ghyt shortly. The gequine snorting, rearing had
almost tossed the Witch to the hard packed snow. She clung to the horns.
Thrilled by the ride, the pace and the strength and endurance of the beast
beneath her, she swung off K'reegah and handed him off to a straightbacked
hob who ran up to give her aid.

The Witch inhaled the chill spring winds, still rife with flurries and
storms, yet somehow subdued by the warming sun. She ordered the gequine fed
and brushed and proceeded to the main building.

What would they found beyond the gates of Fort Ghyt vastly amazed the Witch.

Writer: Cleo

Date Tue Apr 19 19:38:20 2016

To Niles All Imm (RP)

Subject The Village

.. The pall of death hung heavy over the village..

The violence of their existence had lasted centuries and would likely
continue unto its end. This bloody past weighed heavily upon the residents,
most of whom were too poor to leave it.

The village had little wealth on whole. It's people earned their way
herding cattle and farming. Despite the constant struggle of their lives,
there was a sense of community between those who called it home.

The citizens worked and toiled to survive in between the raids that
continuously culled their population.

The twins themselves were born during such a raid. The earth shook with
battle as their mother, Josie, pushed the first of them into the world of
fire and death.

The girl came first, nearly a full three minutes ahead of her brother and
her cry was every bit as fierce as the warriors who fought outside. The
shaking subsided as the boy came, his song of life joining his sister's in
the chaos.

Their mother had not survived.

Writer: Cleo

Date Tue Apr 19 20:09:45 2016

To Niles All Imm (RP)

Subject The Village Part II

The loss of their mother had hardened their father.

Zeager Rukahs had always been a pacifist but the hole left in his life by
her death destroyed the serenity and replaced it with a burning need for

The village Chieftain denied him his request to leave in search of it,
hoping that the children would help heal this festering wound.

But as the years passed and the raids continued, the hatred in him continued
to build.

Cleo and Niles grew quickly. Their days were spent in the village streets,
stick fighting with the other children, daydreaming of grand battles. They
viewed the struggle of life and death waged within their small village with
the whimsical awe common in children.

But death was not picky. It eagerly fed on the young with the same hunger
it fed on the elderly.

The raid that taught them this lesson claimed seven of the village's
children and their father, who had foolishly stepped out to face their enemy
and had paid for it with his head.

The twins witnessed the removal.

Writer: Cleo

Date Tue Apr 19 20:38:39 2016

To Niles All Imm (RP)

Subject The Village Part III

.. The violence and hatred were contagious..

The villagers seethed with it, making them distrustful of outsiders. The
few children who were fortunate enough to survive into adulthood carried
this hatred deep within, a flame passed from one generation unto another.

The unwelcoming shroud of gloom did little to provoke new residence and the
village struggled to maintain its population.

Taken under the Chieftain's care after the loss of the father, Niles and
Cleo remained at their family home. Life continued on as it always does.
Time passed.

The next raid severed their ties to home completely. The single fighter
that attacked their village left every nomad within it dead.

The last fingers of sunlight stretched across the sky as the first sounds of
warning issued forth from outside the Chieftain's home.

Niles and Cleo, there for their weekly devotional and meditation were
instructed to stay inside as the Chieftain had turned to leave.

He never made it to the door. His murderer was swift, moved like the
shadows and his katana sliced through the Chieftain with a whisper of sound
that was soon muffled by the rattle of his last breath.

The ninja paused as he stopped, dark eyes studying them both before deeming
them unworthy of death. The shadow left as quietly as it had come.

The pall of death was All they had ever known.

The constant flood of heroic fools from the western path had left everything
they had every loved in ruins.

Hatred became rage.

The nomad twins turned their vengeful eyes onto the world.

Writer: Maithion

Date Tue Apr 19 22:35:16 2016

Writer: Ryim

Date Wed Apr 20 02:36:28 2016

Writer: Arreana

Date Wed Apr 20 09:59:39 2016

To All Immortal Religion Storyline Roleplay

Subject Forgotten, Not Dead: The Sounds of Silence

--------------------FORGOTTEN, NOT DEAD-------author:Arreana------------06

For some it was a discomforting feeling. When one was filled with the
bustle of city life, silence usually meant something ominous. However, to
one such as Arreana, it simply meant peace.

Peace. Kadiya. The Mother had taken up the banner of peace when her
daughter fell to Malachive. It was a sensible appointment. Like all
virtues of Goodness, Peace was derived from Love. However, that did not
make it the same thing.

For Arreana, peace meant that she was able to release the tension in her
muscles, to close her eyes, to focus on her thoughts and slowly remove
them one by one and then listen to the waiting silence. Sometimes, often
at times, and infrequent during others, she would hear something in her
head. Whether it was the voice of Taliena, a message to her from a
messenger, or simply a little-known voice inside of her head that was
drowned out by All the noise, whether it was any of those things was
irrelevant. All the really mattered was that the seeds planted by those
voices bloomed into glorious enlightenment.

It was a peace borne from Love, but also not Love. It was a Love for
herself, and a Love for others that allowed her to come to such
epiphanies in the silent peace of her meditations. Yet, it was not
warm like the Love she was so used to. Neither was it the sort of Love
that hurt, not because Love was painful, but because Loving others
could often be painful due to the inherent sinful nature of mortals.

Peace had evolved and shaped itself into something transcendent and
new under the guidance of Kadiya. While Arreana had no doubt that
Taliena's wisdom and Love would be enough to continue to develop
peace, it was undeniable that the world felt less peaceful without
Kadiya as its shepherd.

It was often more difficult for Arreana to find quiet moments these

First had been the death of Kadiya. News of her demise traveled the
realm quickly, and even the remote Ariel village that Arreana had
called home had heard. Even though Arreana prayed to the mother rather
than the daughter, she had become stricken with grief at the news.
It had subsequently become more difficult to find a silent moment
where her thoughts could reflect on positive things, as opposed to
the terror, melancholy, and ponderous thoughts that had come to
dominate her consciousness.

Second had been the invasion of her home. Malachive's forces had been
brutal, and the vast majority of her kind had been exterminated from
the face of Algoron. It had been one of the quickest, most successful
military campaigns ever waged. Though some Ariel, Centaur, Pixies,
and Bakali had escaped, their numbers were so few that even to the
present day, years removed from the conflict, Arreana remained a novel
being to many.

Peace had become more elusive these days. The sounds of silence were
often more defeaning than the sounds of the every day world. When even
silence didn't always guarantee peace, the world felt broken,
shattered. What little light was left was fighting a losing battle
against overwhelming darkness.

Would that faint flickering light be extinguished? Arreana could
feel her fingers clench into a loose fist, she hoped not.

Writer: Ozleust

Date Wed Apr 20 21:28:21 2016

To All Conclave ( IMM RP Kyri Trinity )

Subject Untapped Magicks

Shinalstin... Shinalstin...

This part of history baffled Ozleust. Who were they? What happened to
them? These were the questions he needed to be answered. This, for
Ozleust, the knowledge needed to be researched.

Perhaps, just perhaps, this is what is needed to further strengthen the
Conclave. An item? Possibly. A spell? Helpful. What can he find in the
history of the old. Better yet, what will the Trinity allow for him to

A protector of Conclave was Ozleust's role, but he still remained in the
books, Searching... Finding... Discovering.

He will find answers.

Writer: Fynix
Date Thu Apr 21 03:54:34 2016

To All Arkane Gypsies Arthais Flike Perion Meki Cayenna

Subject |A| Polishing the Gold |A|

The Hoard was bustling with activity tonight, as Fynix stepped across the
threshold, making his usual rounds. Shaking hands with gentlemen and
kissing the hands of ladies, ensuring everyone was having a good time. He'd
been fortunate his business has been spared the rash of graffiti markings
that had plagued Arkane lately. So much so, in fact, he'd been approached
by the rulers of Arkane about possibly luring in the culprit. Advertising
the Hoard as an unmarked business in the hopes it would encourage the
defilers to strike again. Sprucing up the exterior decorations and giving
everything a nice little bit of spit and polish to make it extra shiny. He
may as well have been asking for someone to come along and mess it All up.

Not that Fynix was taking chances with his beloved Hoard, whom some claimed
he loved more than he would ever love any woman. Whether or not that was
true was debatable, but he obviously wanted to ensure his business was safe.
He had asked for extra guards from the Marshal to patrol in front of the
casino (disguised of course) and made sure to lock up the valuable winnings
in the Hoard Vault at the start and end of each evening. Triple-checked and
kender-proofed. Even the waitresses were getting extra protection. The
bouncers could look after themselves (that's what he paid them for, after
all) but Fynix was very protective of his wait staff. So he'd discreetly
commissioned an enchantor or two to lace their uniforms with protective
runs. On the inside, of course. No reason being safe meant they had to
look any less asthetically pleasing.

It remained to be seen if this graffiti-er would strike again, personally
Fynix was curious what their intentions were. If it was anarchy and chaos,
they were sadly lacking any sort of punch behind their strikes. If it was
artistic, they had talent, it just needed to be focused into something more

Time would tell, but either way, Fynix had hedged his bets, and was ready to
roll the dice and find out.

Writer: Mokla

Date Thu Apr 21 18:44:38 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject House Warchylde : Moving Forward

A tense cackle broke the quiet of the palace bedroom as Mokla was helped
out of his cuirass to expose the purplish bruise forming on the front of his
shoulder opposite the miraculously untorn and healing stitches he took with
him to the contest. Trying not to flinch at the touch of the cool water his
queen dabbed around the injury, he knew by the look upon her face that more
than a bruise concerned her. Catching her eye finally, he grinned and said
"It's the Rolus thing, eh?" , Lifting an eyebrow in inquiry.

Euterah dabbed quietly a moment then said "Yes.. If the rumor is true then
I am concerned.. We offered him aid, and he waived it off. But worse... I
see how dangerous this can truly be."
Looking into Mokla's eyes evenly.
Mokla sat quietly and nodded slowly thinking to himself, there was no
argument that her fears were well founded and he had responsibilities..
Injury or worse is always a risk... But,, He wanted to ride. He could not
deny the spectrum of experiences had called him and he heard it still.

Couching his argument like a lance he knew targeting and unsaddling this
fear of hers was the critical strike. "I understand your worries.. I had
to ride though. I had to know if what we train was right. I know so much
more now than 6 hours ago."
Mokla said smoothly. "Rolus knew much.."
The witch queen said softly catching Mokla speechless, with mouth slightly
ajar at the hammer blow to his argument, victim to Euterah's deft mind once
more. Eh.. Yeah.. There's that.. But until I get another rider I have to
.. Ride on I guess?"
Mokla finally replied working a grin onto his face.
"You could train a rider? And have them face the same?" Euterah asked,
her face the picture of concern.

Seeing an opportunity to seize the lead once more Mokla quickly replied, "Oh
yes! The methods are sound, with what I know now I can prepare so that they
are completely safe, accidents occur when preparation lacks.. This house
will not lack for preparation."
"In some ways they'll be safer off than I
Finished stridently hoping to ease her with his confidence. "You
could do this with a rider? Are you so sure?"
The queen asked with a
skeptical eyebrow raised at Mokla. "Oh yes.. Training.. It's all
training.. And I know I can train them."
Mokla said with a reassurring

"Very well.. When do we start?" The Queen said firmly, a twinkle in her
eye as she gazed at Mokla watching the expected reactions play over his
face. The sensation of being caught trapped was something Mokla had rarely
endured, at least until matched to his Queen. Now once again, as the shades
moved across and off his face he knew he never led this conversation at all.
As much as he admired the play, he still squirmed getting caught in it.
"You've thought on this so I won't bother telling you that you may be crazy.
If this is something you truly desire, I will see you have the best of
everything... But I may ride again as well.."
Mokla said ending with a

Straightening up and beaming brightly Euterah's excitement was evident and
it softened the blows he's taken both in and out of the arena this night.
"Well then, if it is a House it seems a family affair. So the family will
Euterah said gleefully and giving a big smile to Mokla.

Writer: Kabal

Date Fri Apr 22 21:56:21 2016

Writer: Trai'tyn

Date Sat Apr 23 01:38:45 2016

Writer: Trai'tyn

Date Sat Apr 23 17:16:28 2016

Writer: Ocelotia

Date Sat Apr 23 18:50:40 2016

To All Arkane Skylla Trylum Meki Leomire Kalanie Trai'tyn Roi'ken ( Cayenna Imm RP )

Subject Childhood fading

Ocelotia Snowalker stood in the small wood before the family den,
watching the creek as the water burbled its own babbling conversation. With
whom she did not comprehend, yet. She perceived herself growing, becoming
taller, certainly ganglier hands and feet bigger. Or, perhaps it was that
everyone else was getting smaller. She would ponder this as childhood gave
way to adolescence, the perception of others altering as she became more
mature in her thinking. So, she hardly realized it when she had finally
slipped from self-centered to selfless.

Now because of this breakthrough in awareness, this epiphany allowed her to
sink deeper into her studies the nature of the Great Mother and the purpose
of Ocelotia within Her mystical mysterious workings. The girl sat on the
bank, looking over the small wood the Mother created for her family to
share. They were blessed. More blessed than the young felar had thought
previously. Her growing experience had been far different than that of her
friend Traityn and that of Roiken, vastly different than their young adopted
brother Mysner.

Ocelotia thought hard about All this and came to a conclusion. She would
need to spread this well-being, this hope to everyone she could reach. To
reach All those people, she was going to need the strength of the gods, the
Great Mother. The realization zinged from her tufted ears to the tip of her
tufted tail and she grinned. She looked forward to the Spiritwalk,

Writer: Archal

Date Sat Apr 23 20:38:30 2016

To All Shadow Crelius Necrucifer Reklah ( Ampersand Imm RP )

Subject Hell and Providence (I)

Two solid oak doors closed, quiet as a mouse. Before they closed, a man
would have been silhouetted against the light of a torch from the otherwise
dark hallway behind. Now, he stood as one shadow in front of another, in a
room of shadows.

The Chamber of Strategy remained dark. It often did, since Archal returned
to that particular office. He hated the light, since he got back. Not in
some metaphorical sense. This isnt a simile. He literally hates the light
now. Also figuratively, but that was there before, and its not going
anywhere. Anyway, thats not the point.

Since his return from Hell, Archal in a very real and literal sense
experiences intense displeasure in the presence of too much light. No, hes
not a vampire, hes not going to be a vampire, stop asking if hes a vampire!
Archal is a servant of Necrucifer. Necrucifers scourge, now, he thought on
more than one occasion. He was raised from hell to scourge or be scourged,
or perhaps both. But thats getting back to his figurative dislike for

He navigated his way through the dark chamber, taking his seat at the north
end of a wide, oblong planning table. He could not see it, but his seat
bore the insignia of the Legion. Perhaps its where he belonged. Easing
himself down, his scarred skin protesting against the stretching action of
bending, he considered this. Perhaps his title Field Marshal represents a
success. Having previously won the title in All official capacities of Dark
Lord, perhaps it represents a failure. Perhaps in light (figurative) of the
latter, it is also a lesser version of the former, having returned to
meaningful service.

These thoughts drove him mad, but not as mad as the itching of his scarred
skin. Not literally mad, either. He remained quite sane, or perhaps had
returned there. He was still unsure if his time in hell qualified as
insanity. Probably the truth is he had begun to slip. Reality had faded
away, though he never embraced any alternative. He hadnt embraced madness.

He hadn't embraced madness.

In hell he had only embraced pain. In hindsight, he probably been desperate
to be absolved of his guilt, at remaining in hell and not serving Necrucifer
on Algoron. But which is the chicken? Which is the egg? And which came

Archal exhaled. You could call it a sigh, though he wouldnt have lost his
composure had there been others present. No dust stirred on the map of
Algoron spread below him, a fact he saw moments later when he lit a candle -
the reason for his audible exhale. He needed light (literal) as much as he
did not want it.

The map beneath his arms was free of any debris. He had been pouring over
it since his return. He loved maps. Maps provided him with inspiration.
Maps showed land that could be held. Land that could be taken. Maps
highlighted the work that needed to be done.

This map was also marked with The Place. The spot through which he had left
for a while. The spot he almost hadnt come back from. He could remember
where it was, and he could remember where he ended up, and he could remember
somehow leaving, as though he were vomited back onto Algoron. But he
couldnt remember getting there. He couldnt remember much, just the feeling
on the way. Theyd asked him before, and he hadnt had much to say.

Oh. This was new.

His forehead began to sweat. It was cool in the chamber, despite the
desert heat outside. Feet of granite and marble are good for that. No,
this sweat was cold, and came with a swimming sensation. How long had his
mind been swimming? His elbows dug into the table, his hands dug into his
temples, his eyelids dug into each other. He tried to squeeze out the light
(literal) and stop his mind from swimming, but when he did so, it only got

Writer: Euterah

Date Sat Apr 23 21:41:41 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject The Witch's Journey: Two

The Witch led the gequine to the stables, not trusting anyone else would
be able to touch the monster horse. Certainly Kreegah attracted the
attention of a crowd of ragged children and she wondered what progress the
people had made on setting up the school and guilds here. She would look in
on that after she had settled Kreegah. She brushed and combed the gequine,
fed him and then exited to the stables to meet with those in the guards that
were in charge. The Witch made her way to the two story fort, it \ looked
forboding, but she understood that it needed to be formidable against the
wilds of the ice plains and mountains.

A meeting she attended, drawn out as she doled out the simple common sense
judgements most of her kin seemed to lack. Easy, though it left the Witch
drained and she retired thankful to her sparse room within the Fort proper.
The heating moving up from the main fireplace through the ventilations
system that had been built in, the flumes venting smoke and letting in heat
so the room was chilly but not uncomfortable. She crawled into the thick
blanket of knotted fibers, remembering suddenly the loneliness that once
gripped her, missing the presence of her Bandit King. She huddled under the
blankets and slept restlessly.

Upon waking she threw open the shutters and look out the long slotted window
over the plains which glittered like diamonds and All glassy gems. She
squinted, her brackish eyes tearing and turned away before it overwhelmed
her. They would need to move again. Soon, into the Northlands the fort was
doing well and now was the time to strike.

Once more into the unknown, the cold and night to overcome, conquer and
claim. The Witch gritted her teeth as she performed the ablutions of the
day and descended the steps to once against meet with the guards.
Presenting the plans of the furthering mission, answering the concerns and
questions to the best of her knowledge as she fostered the schools and
guilds. It was a lot of work. She finally understood the difficulty of a
progressive kingdom. It was not above her means, but she certainly knew.

Stepping into the hands of a groomer the Witch was boosted onto Kreegahs
back, the people of the Mountain were moving forward, as they should.

Writer: Odin
Date Sun Apr 24 07:37:04 2016

To Raije All Imm RP

Subject Sparks

The gentle swaying of the Black Crane as Odin stood looking out over the
open ocean was comforting to Odin. It had been years since he had had
enjoyed the roll of the ocean, the smell of sea salt in his beard. The grey
sky overhead was showered with sparks of lightning from Cliath's anvil as he
struck its etheral steel, each bolt crackling across the sky with the
furiousness of the primal days of his ancestors. Odin surveyed the huge
swells as the ship listed and lulled against their travels across the vast
ocean. For a moment, All was right in the world.

Odin stood at the crow's nest, Ashtiel resting silently beside him. She had
offered to show him the island of Shokono, a land he had never heard of
before. She didn't know the entirety of his story, his time spent on
Tropica which kept him from receiving new information. When he confessed
not knowing of this land, Ashtiel suggested taking the voyage. Odin needed
no internal argument to find his way on a ship again. It was time to see
another world.

It took some time for the voyage, and Odin's mind drifted back to Icewall.
His clan, Clan Volsung, were a lively people. Living off the land near the
North Shores of the continent, his people fished the waters and conducted
raiding parties along the shores of Tropica and Arcania. He was born into a
large family, eleven brothers and sisters in all. Clan Volsung was not
among the number of Vikings who invaded Nordmaar during the Yaenni invasion.
They did not want to accept the help of the Highlanders, not out of
disrespect but out of pride. They weren't just from Icewall. A number of
his clan were brought to the encampment through raids, serving as slaves and
indentured servants. If one could prove their worth, fight through the
years and strive to be better than what they were the before, they were
accepted into the clan as a free man or woman.

Odin and Ashtiel reached the shore, and spent time touring the island,
nearly in its entirety. On horseback, riding along the shoreline, he found
a respect for the place. It was not cold and unforgiving like Icewall, and
many of the people he saw as soft, but there was beauty here. Odin rode
along Ashtiel with a small smile, feeling the rhythmic gait of his steed as
the waves crashed upon the shoreline. There was no going back to the
encampment in Icewall. Whatever was left of Clan Volsung was scattered by
the plague or the carnage he encountered when he was finally able to return.
He would have to find a new place for a home, a new place to start what his
people started so long ago. For now, this was a good start. Seeing the
world with a new set of eyes, an appreciation of freedom, and a huge axe
strapped to his side.

In the distance, sparks of lightning scattered across a sky full of clouds.
It was a damn good day.

Writer: Arthais
Date Sun Apr 24 22:13:09 2016

Writer: Ocelotia
Date Sun Apr 24 23:44:24 2016

To All Arkane Trylum Skylla Kalanie Meki Trai'tyn Roi'ken Flike Arthais ( Cayenna IMM RP Storyline )

Subject Whitewash Mission

She had to get to the truth. There was much more out there than just
what she experienced in the den and in the haven of Arkane. She gave
herself over to the work. Whitewashing the shopkeepers place of business,
it was not a glorious job. It was messy. The paint flecked off onto her
golden pelt and stuck together her fur in the most loathsome way. Yet, she
strove on, trying to at least paint over the colorful unknown symbols. She
had heard the Lord Rarau speak today about the shops closing, thought back
to what Roiken had mentioned and decided to take action. She was certain
she would be in trouble for breaking curfew and going out without a guard.
Grimacing she moved the brush up and down trying to be as silent and quick
as she could. She did not want the people who lived here with her to be
disquieted, upset and this most likely had something to do with the war.
That stupid concept she had yet to grasp.

Plunging the brush into the whitewash, slopping it over her legs and feet
she determined to try to finish the painting before she succumbed to sleep.

The truth was there was a lot to be considered.

Writer: Roi'ken
Date Mon Apr 25 14:29:56 2016

Writer: Ocelotia
Date Mon Apr 25 15:40:22 2016

To All Arkane Flike Trai'tyn Roi'ken Kalanie Skylla ( IMM RP Cayenna )

Subject Watching Paint Dry

The very next morning beamed bright and the young Snowalker woke and
scampered to the city to see what else could be accomplished. She saw there
were many stores still covered, even a lookout tower! Some of the shops
were even closed, Ocelotia noticed. This was not good, even at her tender
age she recognized this. So, the provocation was ever clearer, she needed
to continue to cover over the offensive grafitti. She went to the supply
store, the shopkeeper there attending to her request for paint with almost a
dismissive manner. Loti learned that paint was not readily available in
Arkane. So, she sought the help of her friends.

Roi'ken procured the paint, white, thicker than what she had used the
previous evening. The young dusky wemic also brought paintbrushes. So they
formed the plan and began to paint over the buildings. Loti spoke with the
weaponsmith, asking if it was All well to paint over the storefront. She
tried to understand the frustration with the acceptance of her help, but
being so young it was lost on her. So, she did the best she could. And
painted over the words and crude designs, she hardly comprehended, though
she knew they were rude.

Soon, Trai'tyn joined her, much to her pleasure, for he was much taller and
could reach the spots she could not. The two were finished with the first
and moved onto another storefront. This time taking the advice of Meki and
scraping off the paint before laying the new paint over.

Working throughout the day they progressed to paint four storefronts. They
spent an exhorbant amount of time on the Saloon, as it would be their trap.
She hoped everything would work as planned and they could finally help the
shopkeepers feel at ease.

Good thing there was a lot of time to watch paint dry.

Writer: Mokla
Date Mon Apr 25 17:50:42 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject House Warchylde : Breaking Molds

"Yes, shield must be up!" Mokla offered from the fence of the corral,
watching Euterah attempt to gain proper control of her equipment atop
K'reegah after a failed pass at the target. Dropping the reins to regain
her grip on shield and lance, her mount easily turned about and stood steady
until she at last picked up the reins and started another pass. Once again
the weight of the equipment jostled her aim, then continued on to repeat the
turning ritual sans reins. Mokla watched intently and knew no amount of
hard work would make the long lance less heavy or out of balance to her.
Rubbing his chin in thought he considered her strengths first as the
fleeting mists of an idea began to coalesce behind his eyes.

Her riding was superior, effortless even on that brute K'reegah, until she
tried to juggle All the equipment. The shield could be lighter but then
what worth would it have against a lance? And her agility in the saddle was
only hampered by the shield. If only there was a way to get the gequine to
carry the weight of the shield, Mokla thought eyeing the saddlemakers stall.
Approaching the saddlemaker, Mokla took the next few minutes explaining his
wants and amid hand gestures, eyerolls. Head shakes, a nodding agreement
was reached. "And soonest.. Everything else waits." Mokla concluded and
turned towards the corral waving to his queen.

Mokla's grin matched hers as she cantered easily to meet him just inside the
gate and he said "I have good news for you.. The shield?.. The lance?..
Dump em!"
Mokla gestured and grinned as Euterah worked through a confused
look, until at last both had fallen to the dirt. "Now.. Here's what we
want to do.. The reins? Leave them dropped.. I want you to run him
through passes reinless till you know every step K'reegah takes in a full
Mokla said confidently as he double checked her stirrup straps. "..
But what of the target? How will I.."
The queen began before Mokla looked
up grinning and said "Oh don't you worry about Mr. Strawman for now..
You'll have fun with him later."
Adding a wink.

After watching her take the gequine steadily to his mark and a reassuring
wave and grin, Mokla headed over to where lances were fashioned. Ignoring
the lone half ogre tuning a slow lathe with a crank, Mokla stepped to the
stack of long rectangular lances waiting to be turned down. Studying the 9
foot shafts he selected one, and holding it horizontally sought a balance
point. Turning finally to the half ogre Mokla said "Alright,, new task.. I
need a quarterstaff made now."
, Mokla then paused glancing at the long
piece of wood and continued "Well maybe more like a flagstaff,, but I needs
it now."
Blinking slowly the ogre nodded finally, and slowly set to his
new task.

Returning to the fence Mokla watched the powerful lunging starts grow
smoother as K'reegah took guidance from the queen who had folded her arms
across her chest and still eyed the strawman with a gleam. "Oh My Queen..
Yer gonna break more than hearts soon enough.."
Mokla crooned.

Writer: Mokla

Date Mon Apr 25 19:32:49 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject "House Warchylde : Harnessing Strength

The flurry of activity was unusual for this time of morning, but with
design, and redesign All occurring in anticipation of the next joust, the
added excitement among the many helping hands was pushing things along
quickly. The groomers had brought the ever shifty K'reegah out to see him
fitted with the new saddle design. The second design had produced a tall
metal and leather covered buckler extending out from the saddlehorn.
Centered and facing front it would allow protection without the added weight
of a large shield dragging on the queen's arm, and allow her to lean easily
to either side. The curving wings extending down would shield her legs from
the front and outside, allowing her grip of the gequine to remain close.

The Queen's approach was heralded as usual by the sudden flurry of activity
and urgent chittering falling away to a hush Mokla recognized and caused him
to grin around the leather strip he worked in his teeth. "You slipped out
early.. But not nearly as quietly as you thought."
Came the voice over
his shoulder so easily recognized by Mokla bringing a grin. "Well.. I had
a few things I wanted to see completed before you arrived.. Thought you
might need the extra rest."
Mokla replied. Mokla stretched the leather
cording as he gestured towards where K'reegah stood restlessly awaiting his
rider, and said "What do you think of your new harness?" The Queen eyed
the saddle with a quizzical look which grew into a clever smile as she ran
her hands along the fresh leather.

Taking a long while to look over the saddle before putting foot to stirrup
and mounting the gequine, Mokla wondered in silence as to what her thoughts
were. Her determination had not lagged even through the failures of the
earlier equipment, he hoped this new vision would suit her as well as he
dreamed it would. At the least he prayed it kept her as safe as possible.
He had studied the problem and this was he best attempt, one he felt would
meet the challenge he knew his queen would not shirk. Looking over the
crowd to see where Euterah and K'reegah cantered easily going through their
paces testing the new saddle and waited for the expected return when she
finally laid eyes again on her nemesis of straw.

When the moment came the question on her lips and her approach were met with
a gesture for patience from Mokla as he turned and bent to retrieve what he
had been working on. Straightening up he raised a long wooden staff,
wrapped in a leather grip and ferruled with a rounded black iron ball on
each end for the Queen to see. Placing one hand in the center of the staff
he lifted it to her showing off the balance and light weight with a
snickering grin. Taking the staff from his hands, Euterah inspected the
staff as a slow smile widened in appreciation of what such a staff could do.
Lifting it and giving the long staff a few experimental twirls she grinned
at Mokla once more before turning the gequine to approach the start of a

At some unseen cue, K'reegah bolted forward as the staff began to twirl
easily each shift of wrist giving the staff a dip or rise of the solid
ferrules. The speed of mount and rider at last brought the ferrule's reach
into the space Mr. Strawman had once used as a head and left chaos in it's
wake. The glee on her face at the turn told Mokla All he needed to know.
The girl could ride..

Writer: Meki

Date Mon Apr 25 21:01:25 2016

Writer: Rarau

Date Mon Apr 25 23:56:02 2016

Writer: Zorreau

Date Tue Apr 26 05:37:15 2016

Writer: Euterah

Date Tue Apr 26 20:05:25 2016

To Darkonin All Mokla ( Sunny IMM RP )

Subject House Warchylde : Practice Makes Progress

The Witch watched the Gouskal from a dark corner of the corral. They
were trying to quiet an upset Kreegah. The gequine tossed its tri-horned
head, having none of it. The beasts red eyes were wide, daring them to come
and take him. The Witch watched with a faint smile of amusement over her
lips. The Gouskal were established long ago by the ingenious Ogrekin, the
ice goblins after learned of the skill through various cunning means. The
two races eventually worked in tandem. Over the years, the Gouskal became
renowned for their skills at handling the beasts from yearling to adult.
The gequine was a delicate balance of monster and beauty. The Gouskal
understood with their aged wisdom the complexity of rearing such a beast.

The Witch wondered at such knowledge, her dark brackish eyes moving over the
tri-horn the tough thick mane. The sound of the screeching whine as the
gequine stomped the ground, daring the Gouskal. He was bonded to the Witch.
She climbed the fence and whistled. Kreegah stopped his prancing and pawing
rough play, shivering its hide and flicking tail, stilling. The Witch came
up to the stallion barely coming to Kreegahs withers. She spoke softly,
calming the beast.

The challenge was coming soon. They would need to be prepared.

Get Kreegah saddled and ready, I will work with the staff tonight until I am
She walked back to the dark corner, faintly listening as
gequine gave a whining screech once more. Tomorrow night would be
interesting indeed.

Writer: Roi'ken

Date Wed Apr 27 09:36:09 2016

Writer: Skylla

Date Wed Apr 27 12:45:39 2016

Writer: Odin

Date Wed Apr 27 22:04:20 2016

To All Rp Raije Imm

Subject Scraps

The torrential downpour on the island of Zaven continued its assault on
the inhabitants, drenching hunters and grells alike. Odin stood under one
of the large trees, shivering from the cold sting of water as it splashed
onto his exposed arms. He was waiting for the right moment to break into
one of the huts and steal what he was looking for without arousing
suspicion. He fought his way though several hunters to get to this point,
but didn't want to get sloppy now. Though there is glory to be found in a
good battle and a good death, for such a meager trophy, it was better to use

Peeking though an exposed crack in the mud hut, Odin spotted the man with
the dark cowl over his face leaning against the wall. He appeared to be
resting, but he didn't want to take any chances. He moved slowly around the
hut until he got a better vantage point for the inside of the hastily made
hut. On the floor were several female hunters, appearing to be in deep
slumber. Why so many were concentrated here, he only had supposition. It
didn't change his goal, getting the dark collar he desired, but it would
change his tactics. A grand entrance could wake the lot of them, and force
Odin into a fight in which he may quickly be overwhelmed. He would have to
use guerilla tactics in order to overcome this obstacle.

Moving as quietly as he could, Odin finds himself directly on the other side
of the mud and stick hut where his target rested. He unsheathes his dagger
and starts to work at the rawhide ties holding the sticks together. The
slow popping of the sinew was thankfully muted by the falling rain. Odin's
hands trembled slightly at the task, but he was determined. One by one, the
stick wall was weakened through strategic removal of its cross supports.
When it was All finished, Odin sheathed his knife and prepared himself.

Looking up at the heavy grey sky, Odin muttered a prayer of glory to Raije
before rushing forward with his arms between the weakened struts of the hut.
The flimsy wood gave way and allowed his arms passage into the interior of
the room. Grabbing the man and his collar firmly by the throat, Odin thew
himself backward onto the ground, the side of the clay and stick wall
collapsing on top of him, along with the man. Clearly suprised and gasping
for air, the man lets out a shrill yelp as he tries to roll away and catch
his breath. Odin grunts and picks himself slowly up from the debris piled
onto of him. Fumbling at his sides, he reaches for his blades. His arms
were scraped and bloody from the wooden supports, washing down his skin in
watery streaks when mixed with the rain.

The man sees Odin advancing upon him, and clumsily reaches for his own
weapon. Tired and at a disadvantage, his initial counterattack was weak but
not wholly unsuccessful. He managed to get a few good cuts at Odin's arms
and legs before slipping on the wet footing of the ground. The battle was
less than graceful, more the desperate, wild swings of aged warriors than
battled hardened warriors. In the end, it was Odin that ended up
victorious, a sword buried in the man's gullet. He reaches down towards the
lifeless form of the man and retrieves his prize. This simple, near
worthless scrap is how he survived now. One small task at a time, reliant
on no one, but aided by very few as well. It was the price one pays for not
claiming a home, and hoping that your home will one day find you instead of
the other way around. He missed his family and the other members of Clan

One day, he vowed to put right the sins of the past, but for now, he had to
fight for scraps... One tired battle at a time.

Writer: Rhyane
Date Wed Apr 27 23:06:08 2016

Writer: Fionn
Date Thu Apr 28 15:24:56 2016

To All Rhyane ( Abaddon RP )

Subject Fetid Waters

Fionn slept in the darkened hull, the time passing in uneven gaps. He
couldn't remember when last he'd eaten, or seen the light of day. Only the
shifting of the hull told him that the boat was still afloat - and only the
sound of drunken laughter told him that his captors were still very much his
captors. Around him, the fetid stench of despair and deprevation filled his
nostrils. He thought longingly of the swamp he had begun to call his home.
The earthy smell of loam and death was much more preferable than that of the
human offal that surrounded him.

The rattle of chains arose him from his partial slumber. Others shifted,
moved, tried to find some meaning to this existence. They worried him,
chained as they were, ankle to ankle to ankle - but they didn't worry him
quite as much as those that didn't move. Those that hadn't moved for days.
If the ship sank. If they made a move for freedom. If anything happened -

The dead were always dead weight.

He breathed in, and shivered. His mind turned to his beloved, but only for
a moment. Such fine things could not exist, here. Not without inviting
hope. And hope could not exist without despair and disappointment.

The ship sailed on, uncaring.

Writer: Odin
Date Fri Apr 29 06:02:55 2016

To All Raije Imm

Subject Scars

Odin slumps against the wall of an ornate building, surprised at the
level of decoration for an undergrown cavern. He had been looking for work
for some time now, and found a local hospital that needed to make room for
some more patients, one way or another. It wasn't the most prestigious of
work, but fighting off insane hordes of crazy elves was not only a way to
test his skills in battle, but a mercy.

As Odin recovered from his first wave of attacks against the insane
population, he looked down at his uncovered arms. They were littered with
scars from countless battles, and a lifestyle full of proving oneself. It
was in the Viking culture to believe in battle, to test one's skills against
another for the sake of honor, glory, and the pursuit of riches. With a
small grin laced with a hint of irony, Odin realized that All he had
received in this lifestyle was scars. He was by no means rich. Most days
he picked up what food he could from the homes of the places he raided. He
slept on street corners and under bridges. He spoke with few who know only
his name, and not his character. Each precious gold coin went to saving for
better armor, which was designed to save its wearer from new scars.

With a small but knowing smirk he thought of the irony of the situation.
True scars do not reside on the body, but in the soul. He may have the
roadmap of his journey with every sword blade knick etched into his arms,
but the injuries that hurt the most were buried in places armor is not
poised to protect. It was the horrors he endured in Tropica, the death of
those he held dear once by the plague that he carried around with him the
most, but couldn't show to the outside world. It was the act of being and
not doing that were some of the more intricate battles he had undertaken.

Odin stood and moved towards the asylum to finish his task. Moving from
room to room, the macabre display of crimson painted over crisp, white walls
was beautiful and gruesome to behold. He did not face the moral dilemma of
his actions. He was an instrument of battle, not a philosopher. This made
sense to him, though in the back of his mind, as he stared at the padded
white rooms, a small part of him felt the stirring of fear. Perhaps one day
he will be locked in a room such as this. It was naught but the wandering
mind of warriors too comfortable in their skin that was speaking to his
spirit, but there was some poetic justice in this task. For years, he was
locked away in a place that was not his home, much as these poor, deranged
elves were. His own liberation was not unlike this, full of chaos, blood
and screaming. Yet he emerged victorious, which he would not allow to
happen for these unfortunate wretches.

When the task was fulfilled, Odin found himself climbing out of the hole to
the drow city and into the forest, the sun gleaming through the treetops in
a blinding contrast to the underground metropolis. It was here, in the
midst of the wildlife and woods that he had felt most comfortable. Clan
Volsung was not known for their politics, their diplomacy or their city
ways. He may be the last member of his people, but he was not someone who
betrayed his beliefs. It would be the woods where he would retreat to, try
and find what emptiness filled his soul. It would be where he sought to
find the answer on where he fit into this world. It would be where he faced
his greatest battle... Himself.

Writer: Ayrora
Date Fri Apr 29 08:04:31 2016

To All storynote Immortal Roleplay

Subject Who Can She Trust

Ayrora grew more and more anxious every day. Those she thought were her
were becoming freinds and one she had thought a very close friend had done
and said thing yjat put questions in her mind. She paced in her room after
her normal ritual she performed when she returned from her ride. Even poor
Braedan had noticed her distress and was extra loving but that did not
console her nor stop the thoughts running through her mind.

She left the room and descended the stairs deep in thought on her way to the
kitchen as usual. She normally hated to be fussed over but today Semaia
approached her and led her and seeing the look in her eyes, led her to the
dining table, helped her to a chair, and ran to retrieve her breakfast.
Rora did not complain, which was not normal for her, she sat there so deep
in thought that she didn't even notice when the young girl returned with her
breakfast and set it in front of her.

Rora finally realized the food was there when she smelled the scent of the
bacon. Bacon was one of her favorite things to eat. She looked to Semaia,
"Thank you. " It was All she could say. The young girl expected to be
dismissed as usual but Rora didn't send her away. She looked at Rora with
concern for, in the years she had worked for the Tenneal's, she had never
seen Rora in this state.

Rora was a serious child and very refined but never turned anyone away if
they needed assistance in an emergency. She treated others as normal people
not making them feel as though their work was not important. They took
pride in working for the Tenneal's for they knew their hard work was
appreciated, even if it were just seen by Her. She cared about the lands as
much as she cared about protecting it's workers whether it were from wild
animals or sometimes each other.

Rora sat there barely picking at her food. She normally had a good appetite
after her rides and Semaia didn't understand. Rora looked over at her
offering her a soft smile in understanding. How can she explain something
to the young girl that she could not understand herself. At this point she
didn't know who she could trust anymore other than her family. She ate half
of what was on her plate for she knew it would please Semaia stood up,
offered the young girl a small nod, and left the room. She whispered to
herself, "I guess it is back to the beginning. "

Writer: Symantha

Date Sat Apr 30 01:36:29 2016

Writer: Odin
Date Sat Apr 30 05:30:01 2016

To All Raije Imm

Subject Spoils

The cold wind whipped through the landscape, drifts of snow hitting Odin
from one direction as the endless downfall of white from the clouds above
seemed to come from All the others. It was not a pure white-out, as Odin
trodged on ahead with a purposeful gait, his belted fur cloak wrapped around
his shoulders. He had only had the opportunity to land on the continent
once since his escape from Tropica, and even then it was on a small jetty
where his encampment once stood. Finding no one home, and several
unidentifiable frozen corpses in the longhouses, he left to explore the
world. Now, it was time to investigate a little further.

Each step through the blinding wastes and unforgiving terrain of Icewall
felt like a step towards... Something. He wasn't sure if it was the truth,
fate, or just spectres of the past which haunted his dreams. He held not
onto hope, for hope is the wishes of those who do not understand action. It
wasn't optimism, hatred, revenge, or any of these blinding emotions which
drew him. It was knowledge.

Despite the fact his people valued the strength of prowess in battle, Odin
knew that knowledge was the cornerstone of building a strong foundation for
the future. Whatever happened to his clan and kin, happened for a reason.
One does not mourn the dead who went before you if they died valiantly. To
be one of the souls chosen to go to Valhalla was an honor like no other.
Knowledge however, can be used not to prolong death, but to ensure that
bravery and opportunity go hand in hand. Odin wished to make sure he did
not fall like his clan, but to build a future for those who choose to join
him, and for himself.

Up ahead in the distance, Odin squints and sees the outline of a dark shape
standing contrast against the sea of white. As he approaches the gate to
what appears to be a village, he spies a reindeer in the forest glaring at
him, its large head raised in alarm. Odin glares back, though the sentiment
was lost to the reindeer, and it choose to saunter back into the forest
unimpeded. Arms outstretched, Odin places his hands against the double gate
and pushes it open wide.

From somewhere in the middle of the quiet village, Odin hears the small
clanging of a bell. Most likely an alarm, he pats his side and feels for
the familiar comfort of his axe and daggers. A small trembling could be
felt in the earth, and the distant rumbling of something approaching him
started to echo off the stone walls. Placing weapons in hand, the gates
behind him shut on their own accord. The sounds of the rumbling started to
increase in volume. The snow itself started to subside, showing the village
in more clarity. At the end of the cobblestone street, that is when he
finally felt what was headed towards him at full speed.

Large, red and furry, ivory tipped horns charged towards Odin with purpose.
Several minotaur males had gathered, their heads down and at full speed as
they approached Odin. Knowing that he couldn't meet their velocity, Odin
turned down a random corridor, hoping to find a blind corner to take them by
suprise. Running through the village, at every corner he found more of the
charging minotaur. Odin ducked and dived out of their way, swinging his axe
at a few of the closer ones and trying to cut their tendons. It was a true
running of the bulls, he thought to himself. Finally backed into a corner,
he knew he had to fight his way out, and a glorious battle ensued.

As the dust settled, and the sound of hoofbeat was finally silenced in the
village, Odin walked among the carnage, collecting the spoils of his victory
and placing the gold coins in his pouch.

"I vonder vhere they kept their coins" he said outloud as he stepped over
the pile of bodies. "They nay vear pants".

With a small shrug, Odin heads back out to the gate, and deep into the
vastness of Icewall's badlands.

Writer: Odin

Date Sat Apr 30 10:44:16 2016

To All Raije Imm

Subject Stares

Odin traveled through the night, picking his way carefully through the
underbrush of the Blackwood forest. When he was but a boy of twelve
summers, he remembered coming here was his father. The game was abundant,
the lands beautiful, and the waters as crisp and clean as you can find in
Algoron. He didn't see why anyone would want to live anywhere else. He had
to deal with some grumpy trolls in his trek, but those trolls bred like
rabbits. They would be back one day, so getting a little blood on his axe
during the trek didn't make him lose any sleep.

He felt as if the sun had just risen over the horizon, for the blackness
which covered the forest subsided slightly. There was still a haze of fog
covering the ground, small tendrils of mist rising into the air in an
etheral manner. In the air was an almost undetectable drizzle, but he could
still see small droplets of water fall occassionally off of the tree leaves
as he walked along. Odin located his target, an ld rotting log lying on the
forest floor. With a small grin, he knelt down and placed one knee onto the
damp soil, looking into the yawning abyss of the log.

A glint of something caught his eye, and Odin reached his large hand into
the log's void. Cold metal graced his fingertips as he clasped his hand
around the object. With a bit of negotiation, Odin pulls forth a small,
black kettle. As the sun's rays started to shine through the misty veil of
clouds, the gleam from the kettle intensified. A grin formed on Odin's
face... It was gold. Odin picked up a handful of coins and let them fall
back into the kettle. The dull metallic clang they made was music to his
ears. Small flecks of light reflected off their bright surface, sending
tiny rays of light dancing on the forest floor. All of a sudden, Odin yells
out in a grunt of surprise as a sharp pain is felt at his right ankle.

Odin looks down, and sees a small statured man in a green suit whacking at
his ankle with an old, weathered tree branch. The tiny man was hopping mad,
literally, as he jumped up and down and repeatedly whacked at Odin's ankle
with the branch.

"Vhat the devil is that for, ya grass-suited vrat jouster?" Odin asks the
tiny man.

From below, staring up at him, the man stops hitting his ankle and shouts up
to him. "That bae mae pot of gold, ya overgrown lump of bear dung! Ya need
to let it go, and get the 'ell out of here!"

Odin smiled broadly, shaking his head with a mischevious grin afterwards.
"And vhat do ya plan to do, ya fire-haired kobold vaxer if I say no?"

The man, a leprechaun if the old Highland lore is to be believed, took
another swing at Odin's ankle with the branch. "It bae mine!" Again and
again he assault Odin's leg, relentless and savagely for one of such small

Odin placed his right hand on the hilt of his axe, and the left hand he made
an open hand gesture against his mid-thigh. "I've had it up to here vith
ya, vee-man! Prepare yerself!"

Ten seconds later, the fight was over. Odin knelt down and retrieved the
branch the leprechaun was holding. For a moment in time, his head felt
faint but his body seemed to grow, his entire senses assaulted by the
sights, sounds and smells of the forest. On instinct, Odin wandered to the
east. Finding an ancient obelisk, he stepped into some brushes and found an
ancient tree. Without a word, the branch he held hypnotically in his hand
was placed at the roots of the tree. The branches and brambles on either
side of the tree opened into a glade, and Odin slowly made his way forward
into the Verdant Woods.

After emerging from the shadowy path, Odin found himself walking into a
sunny glade, random faerie rings arranged about the area. A few more steps
in and he was met with a semi-circle of druids staring at him with

A wisened old druid took one step forward from the center of the
semi-circle. "Friend or Foe? He simply asked Odin.

Writer: Trai'tyn

Date Sat Apr 30 10:58:40 2016

To Meki Skylla Ocelotia Kalanie Roi'ken Trojori All ( Imm Rp )

Subject DreamWalking * Daylight

The soft noises of the forest and an eyeful of grass for a view brought
the young wemic to a rising panic as he gained awareness pf his surroundings
and situation. He'd fallen asleep.. Again. The spill in the library had
been bad enough but now he'd been gone All night in the Great Forest. The
rigors of the days, with training, studying and working to remove the
persistent graffiti had only left the nights to prepare as best he could for
the Spiritwalk and the lack of sleep was catching him. He couldn't even
remember relaxing in this spot much less walking into it. The indistinct
blurring and wavering at the edges of his vision had become a daily
companion and only concentration kept him from turning his head to chase the
constantly fleeting figures which seemed ever just out of direct sight.

Rubbing a hand over his face, the rising adrenaline cleared his thoughts and
he knew he should move now and he might catch up with the others before they
left to start the clean up work. Gathering his pack his broke off in a
stumbling trot through the trees towards what he hoped was the road. The
early dawn broke across the tops of the great trees casting shadows which
confounded his still waking sense of balance and several stumbles proceeded
the eventual and inevitable outright wipe out as a log rolled under foot.
Raising his face from the loam for the second time in the short morning, a
grin began on his lips as he recognized the trail he'd landed in. That grin
never made it to completion, as his ears alerted to the single derisive
snort a few body lengths ahead of him. His prickled senses knew what his
eyes had yet to confirm and the thought ran cold through his mind and left
his fur feeling rigid and brittle as he raised his eyes to the nightmarish
boar once again.

Slowly drawing himself up, he fought to grasp control of the icy river in
him, he clenched his eyes shut willing himself rid of this dream and turned
his back dismissively. As the air stilled and the sense faded, he opened
his eyes and his momentary calm was shattered anew as the derisive snort
came loudly and much nearer his back. Panic overwhelming the threat of
paralyzing fear launched him into a forward roll, opening the distance and
coming up in a crouch with sword drawn and a snarl. The boar tossed it's
head and it's bristling mane shook as smacking jaws closed around sharp
curling tusks, and it's hoof pawed the dirt. The boars eyes, red as drops
of blood glared into his own driving icy spikes of fear at his mind which
his building anger and desperation blunted. The boiling inside him grew and
the first spill over came in the shouting words "WHAT DO YOU WANT? ! ? "

The boar lowered it's head and bunched it's shoulders menacingly at the
shout, it's jaws shuddering in a bony clacking. Trai'tyn felt the panic
fuelling his anger and felt further panic at the rage he felt could
overwhelm him. His internal war was suddenly blunted as he locked his eyes
to the boar and his mind was stilled with the booming words ***to live!

Writer: Trai'tyn

Date Sat Apr 30 12:08:17 2016

To Meki Skylla Ocelotia Kalanie Roi'ken Trojori All ( IMM Rp )

Subject DreamWalking * Chosen

The words swirled within him adding confusion to the rush of emotions and
he panted raggedly to pull clear thought from the mess as his presented
sword tip wavered in his shaky grasp. Old images racing past his mind to
mesh with the one before him tunneled his vison and left him feeling heady.
The ring, the jeering and cheering, the smell of the docks and slopped ale,
his Cap'n giving encouragement on what a "Goodlad" he was to face it all.
How his help would keep the house in fresh fish for weeks. Just like every
time before. The blood-crazed boar which emerged from the cage to meet him
seemed to smell of rage and the experiences of "everytime before" fell away
uselessly as he moved to do his part for his Cap'n.

The memories settled upon the now as the boar's words brought the halting
reply in a younger Trai'tyn's voice "I.. I didn't wanna.. I didn't wanna
kill you, but.. You hurt me bad."
The sudden stinging burn upon his flank
exploded in his mind with the words ***Yes I did.. My lasting mark on
you*** and he turned to regard the old wound seeming opened anew and
bleeding from the ragged torn edges. The painful sight brought a renewed
flash of anger which boiled up quickly expanding and crowding other thoughts
aside, the pain mingling to become accepted and almost welcomed. ***You
feel it now as you felt it then.. The rage.. A fire which burns away all
but the fight for life.. It frightened you then.. Does it still? ***

It had frightened him, the near lust to destroy, the loss of self when only
living the next few seconds mattered. The thought of being that destroyer
was frighteningly desirous and he had suppressed it from his thoughts since.
***It does.. You will learn to let it free.. And in it I will live again.
We are bound now as we have been always. You will bear my Rage and I will
share it's moments tasting again of life and the fight to keep it. ***
Trai'tyn sank slowly to his knees shaking his head slowly. He did not want
this gift nor the companionship it included. Only Trojori and the sense of
belonging occupied his desires and the friendly faces found therein the only
companionship he sought. "No.." Came the soft reply as he shook his head
in negation.

The derisive snort blasted once more and Trai'tyn looked up as the boar
turned and walked toward the trees fading as the words boomed one last time
***You do not chose here, Rage Bearer, you are chosen... ***

Writer: Odin

Date Sat Apr 30 19:15:32 2016

To All Raije Imm

Subject Sores

Odin stood amidst the circle of druids, rays of sunlight piercing the
glade in blinding pillars randomly through the treetops. He folded his arms
across his chest, looking at the weathered but wizened faces of the men.
There were several ranks of druids here, from neophtes to Arch Druids. The
one whom addressed him seemed to be the Grand Druid, based on his ornate
staff and position in the center of the circle.

"As to friend or foe, that depends. None ov ya have laid a hand against me,
so I vill take that as a good sign for now"
Odin replied to the Grand Druid.
The Grand Druid nods, some of the faces of the men in circle seemed to
relax, though each still gripped their staffs tight enough to turn their
knuckles white with the effort. Odin moved to speak again, but thought
better of it. For a long time, the group stood their in silence, until the
Grand Druid spoke again.

"Then I take it you come seeking wisdom then, or tales of yore. Few come to
the Verdant Woods on their own accords. The path is hard, and the predators
are known to eat man and beast alike." Odin nodded, not knowing why he
truly came to this place, but playing along nevertheless. The Grand Druid
nodded once more, taking a step back to complete the perfect semi-circle
that centered around Odin. "Very well then. Who are you, so that way may
divine what wisdom the woods shall provide."

Odin cleared his throat and moved to raise a fist in salute to his heart.
In his customary deep voice, he greeted the gorsed of druids.

"I am Odin, lost son ov the Viking Clan Volsung, a vanderer now in these
vorlds, and a proud varrior"
. At the mention of the name "Volsung" a quiet
but terse murmer made its way through the druid ranks. Body language of the
men changed, each taking small steps backs or uncomfortably shifting their
weight. This change was not lost on Odin.

The Grand Druid took a step forward, planting his staff firmly in the
ground. With a look of equal parts concern and annoyance, he spoke in a
forceful tone towards Odin. "There is no one from this clan you speak of
among the living. This jest is not to be tolerated in our holy place."

Nods of agreement from the gathered accompanied his proclamation. Odin's
brows furrowed, taking a small step towards the gathering.

"Vhat do ya mean? Here I stand, in the flesh. Do ya call me a liar? I
vill nay have my honor questioned, ya vrinkled up old tree-huggers."

The Grand Druid narrowed his eyes at Odin, advancing slowly, the lift and
fall of his staff as it hit the ground causing small tremors beneath his
feet. "You, Viking, know not of what you speak. This clan Volsung you
speak of, was wiped out by the plague long ago."
With each step he started
to draw closer to Odin, small bits of energy starting to crackle from his

Odin's anger started to well up inside of him, his hand resting at the
handle of axe as he strode towards the Grand Druid. "And you old man, be
delusional. I vas on the vraid to Tropica, the vone that vas ambushed as ve
made landfall. I vas not killed, nor vas I viped out by any plague."
Grand Druid faltered for a moment in his steps, a look of temporary
confusion and then disbelief in his eyes.

"If that be true, then unfortunate you are to have found your way here."
The Grand Druid shook his head for a moment, and looked to his left towards
one of the master druids. The master druid raised his staff and started to
say words in a tongue Odin did not understand. Odin saw the movement looked
around the semi-circle. More than this druid was starting some type of
chanting. It was not looking good for him. Without waiting to see what
would happen next, Odin took his axe in hand and flung it at the chanting
master druid. As he watched it spinning towards its destination, his
eyesight started to become hazy, dimming gradually until All was blackness.
Sores appeared on his arms and legs, as he lay on the forest floor.

Writer: Odin

Date Sun May 1 06:23:27 2016

Writer: Odin

Date Sun May 1 09:50:08 2016

To All Raije Imm

Subject Seer

The Grand Druid stood at the head of a black altar in the center of the
glade, a few Arch Druids at his side. The red moon was high in the sky,
bathing the altar in an eerie crimson glow. Odin could say the formation of
druids ahead, dragging his tired body to the procession. Fresh blood
trickled from his new scrapes, and his gait was that of the undead, slow and
labored. He had survived death so far, and that the Gods only honored those
who did not fear its cold grasp. Come what may, he would face it.

The Grand Druid looked up from his musings to see the silhouette of Odin
amble in visual range from the darkness. Gripping his staff, he raised a
hand in warning to his fellow druids. Each turned in surprise at the
encroaching spectre, making signs of their Gods as he finally came into the
red light.

Odin stumbled up the mound to stand at the opposite end of the altar from
the Grand Druid. He moved one ragged arm towards his axe, but could not
find the strength to remove it from his sheath. An Arch Druid lifted his
staff and started to chant, but the Grand Druid raised a single hand and
shook his head.

"There will be no need for that, Brother. One does not stare Death in the
eyes and survive without having some purpose in this world."
The Arch
Druid lowered his staff with a nod, and All eyes remained on Odin. Odin
placed both hands to support himself against the altar. Some of the druids
visibly bristled at this, but did not make a move to correct it. Odin set
his jaw and stared directly at the Grand Druid. He said but one word, the
tone unmistakingly firm despite his weakened voice.


The Grand Druid seemed to ponder this a moment, mimicking Odin's stance and
placing his hands on top of the altar. He looked around the gathering of
druids and gave a knowing nod. One by one, they dug into the folds of their
robes and pulled out a small leather pouch. Each druid in turn took a pinch
of what seemed like ashes from the pouch and placed it on the altar top in a
pile. After this was completed, the Grand Druid lowered his face to the ash
pile, staring directly in Odin's eyes. He inhaled sharply, some of the
powder entering his nose with small tendrils of smoke visible in the
moonlight. Then he exhaled forcibly, the remaining ash blowing into Odin's
face. Odin didn't have time to react, inhaling the cloud of ash. As it
swirled around him and entered his lungs, he had the sensation of floating
above himself, a connection to All things around him. He felt the rays of
the moonlight bathe his skin, heard the heartbeats of each living being
around the altar. He felt the dew in the grass on his feet and heard the
distant calls of owls in the forest.

Shadows... Faces... Flashes of Battle... Yinnae... Snowstorms...

Sporatic images drifted in his mind, and darkness encircled his eyes for a
moment more. When he awoke... Was awake the right word for it? When he...
Materialized... He was standing... No, floating... He seemed to be
floating in a Viking Settlement along the Northern Shores of Icewall.

He drifted between the longhouses and huts, small billows of smoke coming
from the hearth fires lit within. He was drawn to one longhouse in
particular in the center of the settlement. He could hear mens' voices
arguing from within. He felt as if he floated through the oxhide covering
and into the great hall. Viking men and women, each adorned with ornate
armrings and torcs of various stations stood around a mighty fire, their
shadows dancing on the walls. Odin didn't recognize a single face, though
he spied something All to familiar on the armring of a tall, fair-haired
man. The raven-shaped crest of his clan, Clan Volsung. Not a soul looked
Odin's directions as he moved closer to hear what the congregation seemed to
be arguing about.

Writer: Odin

Date Sun May 1 12:27:31 2016

Writer: Euterah

Date Sun May 1 13:53:34 2016

To Darkonin All ( Sunny Imm RP )

Subject After the Joust

She lasted only one tilt, but it did not discourage her. The Witch
visited her gequine stallion in the stables, passing the Gouskal and
slipping into the stall. Kreegah greeted her with a sound of teeth
chattering, the beast coming to the tiny Witch and lowering its great horned
head. The Witch smiled small and whispered inspiration to the gequine as
she stroked the silken nose. She reviewed her moves and those of her
opponent, searching for actions that could have bettered her odds. The
Mountains Bandit King had done exceeding well. Yet she wondered what
strategies to use next.

The gequine and the Witch rode out to the Hollows, she let the stallion have
full pace . The chill stung her lips and cheeks, brought tears to her eyes,
but she loved the speed. The clean fresh smell of frost and snow woke her
up. She as Euterah, not a Queen, not a Witch, not anything but herself,
pounded over the ice plains with Kreegah the beast snorting plumes of steam
as it powered over the worn road to the Hollows, hooves striking the ground
in echoing rings.

It was a lark that she had told the King she would ride. Then it was a
challenge. Now it evolved into something else, more of a contest between
her defiant nature and daring the norms of convention, yet she could not
quite comprehend which harried her more.

The Witch and genquine slowed as the entered the caverns. The great
tri-horned head raised proudly as Kreegah breathed heavily trotting past the
ogre guards. The great thick doors that lead to the Hollows commons were
opened, the gequine and the Witch Queen skirted the markets and throngs of
merchants, goblin wives haggling with them, Ogrekin, ice goblins All mingled
together. She felt her heart swell to see the Hollows was thriving.

They came to Hollow Road and she let Kreegah canter past Neverwood. The
Witch was lost in thought as they arrived at Fort Ghyt. The gateguards
announced her arrival and the great wooden and iron gates, ushering her into
the Fort. There she would meet with the Leaders of the Community and the
Sergeant of Arms. A royal visit was welcomed by the people, the Witch led
the gequine to stable to bathe and bed the great beast, for she still did
not trust Kreegah temperament with others.

Back in her room they had prepared for her within the Forts largest
building, the fortified two story stone and wood construction. She readied
herself for the meetings ahead. There seemed always many considerations to
discuss. She did not begrudge these concerns though. As she settled the
crown on her head, she thought she was very fortunate to serve the Mountain
in these ever changing times. She left the room feeling as if All was well
in the World.

Writer: Ayrora

Date Sun May 1 15:14:37 2016

To All Storynote Roleplay

Subject Who Can She Trust Part 2

Rora left the Manor and decided she would take a walk to try to clear a
bit out of her mind, maybe even figure out some answers. In a way she was
glad her father sent her to Sacnoth for it was usually where she felt the
most at peace. Although her her body was at peace her mind was not, she
could not understand why those who called themselves friends would act in
the manner that they did. She sighed as she walked down the path as the
workers watched her pass by. Some workers were concerned for her silence
and others worried by the look on her face.

She could sense someone following her but at the moment she did not care.
Most of the guards would not follow her because of her orders but she knew
one hard headed enough not to listen but today she did not have the patience
nor the mind to deal with him. There were far too many other things
occupying her mind and she didn't want to waste her time on him. The more
she tried to straighten things out, the more things became far more
complicated to understand.

She had finally straightened things out with one of them and she was glad
she did but she could not understand the rest. She continued walking until
she stopped at the sound of water. She looked down only to see she was at
the creek bed that she was at the other day with Braedan. She hadn't
realized she had travelled that far and sighed softly as she realized how
far she had come. The walk back would take forever but she would make it
back sometime after dark.

She could hear hoofbeats from a distance and definately knew now someone had
followed her. At that point she just gave up and decided to give in, a hot
cup of tea and a warm bath sounded good right about now. She looked up
towards the embankment awaiting to see the guard come over the edge when she
saw a familiar head peek over at her, it was her loving Braedan. He sensed
she had gone and followed her scent until he found her. She could not be
any happier. She ran to him, hugged him tightly, "Let's go home, pretty
" She mounted the stallion and they headed for home.

Writer: Odin

Date Sun May 1 22:27:01 2016

Writer: Glailen

Date Mon May 2 07:03:52 2016

To All Arreana Knighthood Immortal Religion Roleplay

Subject Forgotten, Not Dead: Book burning

The drizzle of rain fell as the loud rumble of thunder echod through the
surrounding area. Knights of All ranks, from aspirant to colonels,
surrounded the large stack of Ixi-mart brand logs. The last log was set as
a loud whistle was given and a set of mule pulled carts moved forward. Each
cart was packed full of thick stacks of books.

Glailen took one book from a cart as a line was formed toward the carts.
Each knight passed the books down the line until each cart was emptied and
the books were stacked on the logs. Glailen stood in front of the large
pile as the knights rearranged and fell into the formation. At once the
knights fell into parade rest with a single, loud thud.

He paced in front of the formation, thinking of just what to say before he
stopped and turned. He slipped a hand into the inside of his surcoat and
pulled out a thick, black book with the words "Book of Evil" detailing the

"This book is the end of All that we stand for. This is what we attempt to
stop every day.
" Glailen throws the book on the large stack of books
before holding up his other hand, holding the Bible of Arreana. "The light
has come to the conclusion that we must follow behind Necrucifer's flock, we
must write our own book that forces the opinion of mortals onto our minds.
The false prophecy of our own ends here.

Glailen threw the book on to the stack and raised his hand, offering a
prayer. The rains picked up as he summoned forth the powers of Turpa. A
thick bolt of lightning arched from the sky, striking the the logs and
books. With a powerful strike, the stack shuddered and lit with a powerful
flame. Pieces of book and ash slowly fell to the ground as Glailen smiled
to himself.

The formation was dismissed as he made his way to the keep. He peered out
of the drawbridge as he entered, still seeing the fire. He knew that the
Althainian's would see it.

Writer: Kalanie

Date Mon May 2 08:00:00 2016

Writer: Archal

Date Mon May 2 19:50:21 2016

To All Shadow Crelius Necrucifer Reklah ( Ampersand Imm RP )

Subject Hell and Providence (II)

Gasping, Archal stood, forcing his eyes open now, though stars were
swimming across his vision like his thoughts swam through his head. He
leaned on the table for support, and his eyes locked onto The Place.

He was remembering.

Months ago, though it felt like a lifetime, Archal had set out for the
hellmouth he'd discovered. High in the trails of southwestern Tropica, far
above the vast stretching plains of the savannah, he returned to the
overhang where he felt the ley pulling to him.

Newly Dark Lord of Storm Keep, he was determined to move forward. He had
lead not just the keep, but the men and women themselves, back to activity
and prominence. Just as they had stood behind him, so would he entrust them
for his journey.

It would be short, after all.

Down, into Hell itself. Surely, here he would prove himself as he had
above, and climb his way back out. In hindsight, it was beyond foolhardy.
At the time, he was flush with victory and sure of his own strength.

He was Kayen, after all.

'Kayen... '

The rasping whisper came back to him. He caught his bearings. Now, here,
in the present, Archal remained in the Chamber of Strategy. He was Field
Marshal, now, not Dark Lord. But he had been

'Kayen! '

The hoarse voices on his descent. Here, in the Chamber of Strategy,
Archal's best plan was to sit back down before the past dragged him to the

He secured the rope above the overhang, and rappelled over the edge. He did
not have to descend far - perhaps two, three meters, before it began to give
way. There, in the cliff face, an opening, barely more than a crack.

This story is no cliff hanger - we All know the outcome. But there was a
moment, gaining momentum, that Archal thought he might plunge to his death.
Specifically, the moment his rope snapped. But it was the right moment, and
he reached the opening by finger and toe.

Collapsing inside, Archal saw the broken and tumbled-down ruins of what once
was a great, unholy shrine. Two gargoyle-like statues stood in stoney
stoicism, and upon investigation, proved to mark the another hole.

Torch in hand, Archal found the edge, and peered over it, only to find inky
blackness far below. Fashioning a second torch, he dropped the first, which
protested with the mild roar of flames in the wind as it accellerated into
the abyss. Archal watched it until seconds turned to minutes, and the glow
receded to a pinprick, then disappeared.

Extinguishing the torch he'd kept, he watched further, the faintest glow
fading once more into black, and still he watched.

Archal felt closer to his God here than ever before. Staring into such an
abyssal drop should have caused fear, or at least discomfort. If he was
wrong, if this was not a doorway to Hell, then certain death awaited.

But he wasn't wrong. He'd felt it then, the draw of Necrucifer. The way
your ears begin to rush in the silence, he began to hear the whispers of his
God. The way your eyes see spots in the dark, his began to perceive the
faintest red aura. Not the glow of a torch, but the malevolent presence of
his one true Master.

As though in meditation, without a thought in his head but only feeling the
Darkness of his destination, Archal stepped forward into the abyss.

It was not a graceful descent. He'd carried a bit too much momentum, and
after a few seconds of free-fall, his shoulder slammmed into the far wall.
Arcanium squeeled and screamed against the edge and he began to tumble like
a rag doll.

He remembered the periapt that Crelius had recommended him to find.
Falling, tumbling, spinning through the air he struggled to reach into his
straps and pull out the headless knight doll he'd had since he was in a
child in Iagothal.

Writer: Archal

Date Mon May 2 19:52:46 2016

To All Shadow Crelius Necrucifer Reklah ( Ampersand Imm RP )

Subject Hell and Providence (III)

Like the torch, his falling stretched from seconds into minutes. After a
while, he noticed he wasn't spinning any more. It had been a while since
his last crash into a rocky wall. Then, ahead, he began to see visions,
though they were distorted, wrong. Through the black he saw Storm Keep, the
sensation of falling gaining the rhythmic cadence of a galloping steed.

Approaching through the wastes of the desert, Archal saw bodies All around
him. Some dessicated, some fresh, some still with the spark of life inside,
but none human. They All wore armor and uniform, and something familiar
tugged at the back of Archal's mind, but he could not grasp it, he could not
remember, and then he was getting closer and the bodies were strewn in heaps
around him and not a single human was there but All knights, All dark

And then he was at Storm Keep, and Storm Keep's Dark Knight's stood watch as
they always had. They stood stoic guard. They were fine. They showed no
sign of hostility, nor compassion as they gazed at the dying and dead which
surrounded the Keep on All sides, stretching to the edges of vision.

Now Archal saw the bodies, and not one bore a visible wound. No arrows
pierced the bodies nor the desert, no cuts broken bones. Armor flawless,
the yinn and minotaur and even gnomes and goblins All seemed to have died
with bodies yet in tact.

One yinn near him was still alive and he managed to lift a single finger
towards Archal. 'Kayen... Water.. ' was All he said, and before Archal's
eyes, the life drained out of him. The very water drained out of him, and
the creature who had begged for water moments ago now appeared a dried-out,
mummified by the heat.

Above, the humans welcomed Archal. 'Dark Lord Kayen, ' they greeted him,
opening the doors to the marbled keep behind.

Inside, it was cool, and fresh. An oasis. Water flowing through fountains
everywhere, lush with palms. His soldiers basked in the sun, drinking fresh
cool water.

The keep semed to whirl around him until in fury Archal shouted 'Why do we
let them parch!

His men All turned to him, baffled to a one. 'Purism, Sir. Let them rot.

Another man chimed in, 'But Dragoth's not here, nothing rots out in that
' and was met with hearty laughter from the rest. They turned away
from Archal, each returning to their leisure, drinking.

Archal himself began to feel parched and he snatched the canteen from one of
his men who was pouring it out upon another. He raised it, tilting his head
up, desperate for the water to pour over him but it was only sand, sand and
more sand, and Archal was covered in sand, drowning in sand, and then he was
falling once again, falling with only blackness All around him.

But the black did not remain, nor did silence, and Archal heard his name,
his family name, called out, rasped, gasped from the images of Knights of
non-human lineage. Yinn the most common, and minotaur after. 'Kayen.. '
they rasped. 'Kayen, ' they moaned. 'Kayen! ' they cried, and Archal
began to feel the weight of failure.

All those Knights of Darkness, where had they gone? Algoron today knows
only the Knights of Storm Keep. Bloodlust, perhaps once promosing a home to
those who would be Knights of Darkness had turned from that path, destroyed
it, giving Deathknights not to those who would pursue the goals of their
faith with honor and devotion, but to those who were retired Warlords.

It disgusted Archal and he heaved into the darkness. He felt the weight of
their service, their failed service, pushing him deeper into the abyss.
Faster, those Dark Knights of the Eclipse could never serve again. The
images blurred together as he fell until suddenly, he stopped.

All around him, he saw himself reflected.

Writer: Archal

Date Mon May 2 19:55:48 2016

To All Shadow Crelius Necrucifer Reklah ( Ampersand Imm RP )

Subject Hell and Providence (IV)

The weight of failure dragged on him palpably. Already he began to feel
reality slip. His sense of time was lost, and he thought only of how long
he'd left his Knights without a word. He thought of All those creatures who
would have served as Necrucifer's Knights, if only they'd had a place. He
saw reflected in himself every failure of his life, from childhood gaffes to
mistakes which got his companions killed. As he stood there abject in his
own failures real, imagined, remembered, and expected yet to come, two
figures began shambling towards him. They were slow, and clumsy, and Archal
could have stopped them, could have drawn his sword, but he did not. He was
lost, remembering and imaginging every past failure and every future failure
and every possible failure and wondering if this success had actually been
the precursor to that failure and suddenly he was locked in a cell.

A cell of mirrored walls, closer now than before, closing in on him,
trapping him in his failure.

Still while his mind had remained lucid, he briefly wondered what he might
be seeing had his descent filled him with visions of success, or joy, or
love, but it had not, it could not, for this was hell and not some fantastic
paradise promised by the false and blinding ones.

And he succumbed to his dark thoughts.

He believed himself a failure and he believed that he deserved his
punishment, and the punishment came. At the end, what Archal could remember
when he finally left this place, this has been detailed already. It exists
in the archives, and on the parchment Archal had given to Crelius upon his
return. The parchment upon which he wrote his remembered failures.

But it was only the last that he had thought of, when he was mired in his
own devices. First, now, early on, the failures had been drilled into him.
Failures not own his own. Many would argue successes - Purism. Purism was
attached to the Kayen name and they came, they came from All the reaches of
hell, they came like fictional zombies seeking brains only these were real.

Former Knights, fallen Knights, none of them human, All of them angry,
seething with rage. Here is a Kayen, champions of Purism. Where were the
Kayens when the Skull Keep fell? Where, a place for those other Dark
Knights to crusade?

Archal felt their weight upon him drilling into him that He, Kayen, had
failed them, failed the legacy of All these fallen Knights of the Eclipse.
Left them with no legacy whatsoever.

Then came the craven, the thieves, the dishonored dead who blamed Archal,
who blamed Kayen for not leaving them with a beacon as Storm Keep beckons
those who would strive in honorable determination. Where could they serve
that required more from them? They were left with Bloodlust, with
Greystoke, left alone in the world to their own devices. They ran afoul of
themselves without a place of true structure and discipline and order. They
fell before they could stand because they had no place to give them a spine.

Archal saw the honorable dead and saw their legacy destroyed, he saw what
they saw, hour after hour after day after week they stood around him and
their reflections poured into him until Archal began to believe it, to feel
the blame, that Storm Keep was the heel of the boot on the neck of All those
evil who did not happen to be born Human but still would have, could have,
should have had their legacy honored.

Archal saw the disonorable dead and saw their potential destroyed, without a
place to find and hone their honor, without a place to instill and enforce
and encourage and grow their discipline. Those who served themselves more
than they served Necrucifer, those who failed Him or simply did not earn a
place of honor near him in their death because they had no place to turn, to
learn, to earn that honor themselves.

Archal, now, present day Archal awoke in the Chamber of Strategy.

He had remembered. Hell was furious at Storm Keep.

Writer: Archal

Date Mon May 2 20:11:39 2016

Writer: Ocelotia

Date Mon May 2 21:07:59 2016

To Arkane All Skylla Kalanie Trai'tyn Roi'ken Meki Flike Arthais ( Cayenna Imm RP )

Subject {oThe Boys

Loti, thats what her family called her and she did not think it a bad
nickname. It was the fact that she had people around her to nickname her in
the first place that found her so full of wonder. She sat, cross- legged on
a knitted blanket on the floor of the arenas locker room where All the
little boys and the bigger boy slept. They had not awake since the night
they were caught. She presumed this had been a number of hours, since she
had slept a long while herself, perhaps a day? Maybe? She was so puzzled
by their presence. They smelled wrong. Roiken had confirmed it for her.
Traityn did not want to be around them. There was something off. They had
tried to rouse the boys to bring them to the waking world. They did not

Loti grew restless pacing the room as the others had gone off to run their
own errands and leaving her to watch over the sleeping boys. Not that she
minded, the young felar cleric rather gave a wistful thought they were a
practice flock sent to her by the Great Mother. She took a position of
charge over the boys, even though there was an adult close to guard the
young Trojori princess. She wondered what they could be if they were not as
they were. Theyre appearance so real, tangible. She knew very little in
the grand scheme of things. A puff, like a dandelion seed blown and tossed
upon the wind, so tiny in the vast world, she was yet a wondering wandering
malleable being. It is something to be tested and molded with the Worlds
situations and her own decisions, for now she remained small and curious, a
tempest to be unleashed. Her ideas yet to foment maturation were coming

Writer: Trai'tyn

Date Tue May 3 20:12:41 2016

To Trylum Skylla Meki Ocelotia Kalanie Roi'ken Trojori All ( Cayenna Imm Rp )

Subject Spirit Walking

"What is the purpose of the Spirit Walk, cub?" Intoned the chief in his
deep growl of a voice peering across the small fire at Trai'tyn. "Finding
a.. Your true path.. And .. Uh.. A spirit guide."
Trai'tyn stammered
out, his nerves gumming up his tongue. "You will also meet your ancestors
and learn from them."
The chief counseled, earning a surprised look from
the young warrior. Trai'tyn had always avoided thinking on his origins and
what might have been, he was here now and the now suited him.

Drawing a hand from a small pouch and holding it poised over the fire, the
chief peered at him closely and asked "Do you wish to go on? You can still
back away now.."
Trai'tyn had no hesitation in confirming his intention to
go on, you always had to go on. Opening his hand to spill the herbs over
the fire, the chief grinned as the air began to fill with a noxious smoke
adding burning eyes to the oppressive heat. Trai'tyn coughed and felt
light-headed finally giving in to the urge to rest. The chief's voice
droned on with a chant which seemed to echo strangely in the small hut.
When instructions came later Trai'tyn could only make out a few of the words
but nodded and said {"yYep.. Piece a spirit temple.. Yep"
, to which the
chief merely grinned and ducked out leaving him alone.

The time spent looking into the fire settled into a sleep, only to awaken
suddenly to see a native woman holding a basket standing in his hut. He
jerked back at the sudden presence and her gaze upon him was like a wave of
pressure, every blink a jab in the chest. She gabbled at him in some
unknown tongue, each syllable a slap at his face and he felt his anger
rising dangerously and yelled out to ease the pressure "STOP TOUCHING ME!!
The boil of rage cried at him to shred his assailant in a rush of fury, but
he bit it back in a choke and rolled aside to dive out the door and suck
heavily on the cool air.

Standing looking up at the myriad stars he calmed himself, alarmed at the
blood craze which swelled so quickly. Pondering whether this was part of
his trial, he fought to recall the instructions Trylum had given in hopes of
salvaging the test. Something about a piece of the spirit temple and his
animal guide would take him or at least something like that. He hoped. As
for his animal guide, he still dreaded the lack of choice his chief and made
him aware of.. Perhaps if he was wrong. ***Your Chief speaks truth, and I
have no need to lie to you.. You are chosen. *** came the words in his
head and he turned to regard the dread beast which appeared to laugh amid
it's low rising squeal and smacking jaws.

Writer: Trai'tyn

Date Tue May 3 22:33:30 2016

To Trylum Skylla Meki Ocelotia Kalanie Roi'ken Trojori All ( Cayenna Imm RP )

Subject Spirit Walkiing, part two

A resentful stare was All Trai'tyn could muster as he once more looked
upon the boar which had once terrified him and now claimed him. He could
feel no part of him where the beast's rage would be welcome, and dreaded
feeling akin to it. ***In time, Rage Bearer. Until then, we go on. ***
came the words once more to which Trai'tyn crossed his arms over his chest
in a defiant pose. "And where is it we're going? You're the guide, so
guide.. Or whatever you do."
, He spat out irritably. ***You must decide
where you would go, I will get you there*** came the reply along with a
smacking of jaws. Trai'tyn turned his back and stood staring out as he
thought silently.

"Ancestors.. Trylum said ancestors.. I want to see my origin" Trai'tyn
said without turning. Several snorts and the thump of hooves on earth were
his only reply, and he was about to turn when he noticed the flicker of
shadows before him and the sense of heat upon his back. Whipping around in
a crouch he regarded the burning hut, one among many now as the sounds of
shouting. Snarling, and roars filled his ears. A tall furless came around
the side of a hut bearing an ax and passed within a few yards before turning
to burst into one of the flaming huts. The wildcat snarl which changed to a
shriek suddenly raised the hair upon Trai'tyn's back and set him in motion
as a second furless appeared, and called out "Hey You! Hold on!" Trai'tyn
timed his leap, and unleashed a foreclaw to open the furless' throat, and
passed through to stumble into the dirt as his foe also entered the burning
hut. Rising quickly he pursued to peer inside and saw the first man sling a
limp bloody felar over his shoulder to drip down his coat. The second man
fought with something small and wild, hissing and growling pitifully calling
out "Lookee here! Wee bugger still fightin!" And cackled as the flames
caught the cubs tail. "Brain it.. You might get a glove outta the pelt"
The first called stroking his own trophy. "Nah.. I'll see what I can get
for it" the second man replied as he licked his thumb and finger and finally
extinguished the burning tail near it's root, finishing "Best to be getting
rid of the burned bits.. So don't look like damaged goods"

Trai'tyn swiped in futility as the two men passed through once more and
jogged back through the trees and towards the shore. He chased them till he
topped a rise and looked out over the beach and the ship waiting at anchor.
He stood and gulped air staring at the colors flying from the captain's
staff, and remembered their prominent display about the house in Haven.
***You see now. Rage has a place. Rage could have stopped this. *** came
the familiar tones as he sensed the beast approaching.

Trai'tyn turned to the boar and said "So now what? Where does rage need to
With a frustrated tone as he tried to think on it all. ***Only you
will know, Rage Bearer. This is just the beginning. We will find much
together. We will keep going on. *** came the reply. "How?!? How do we
keep going on, Guide?"
Growled Trai'tyn irritably. ***How do we keep
going on? You just open your eyes, Rage Bearer*** and the squealing,
smacking noises which passed as a laugh still echoed in his ears as he awoke
face down in the hut.

Writer: Rhyane

Date Tue May 3 23:40:26 2016

Writer: Erebaal

Date Wed May 4 03:30:53 2016

To All Chaos Malachive ( Scorn Storyline Converts )

Subject The Beast Slumbers I

The rolling seas kicked up a vicious spray, arcing up and over the rail
of the lorcha, kicking up a salty mist that went ignored by the deckhands
who tended the vessel. Aside from the creak of the ship in motion and the
growing restlessness of the sea, the crew worked in stoic silence, laboring
under the attentive eye of their captain, who manned the helm with a
practiced hand. Despite the growing turbulence in the waters, the vessel
maintained its course, guiding its two escorts unerringly westward. The
grizzled seamaster glanced over his shoulder to the man at his flank, who
carried a copper spyglass and used it constantly, sighting straight ahead
with an unwavering stare. Not even the tossing and bucking of the ship
seemed to unsettle the man, his movements as fluid as the churning ocean
that sought to unseat him, and the spyglass' focus remained level, ever
pointed toward the small fleet's destination. 'Are you sure of this, my
lord? To sail directly into the dragon's maw..

'The dragon is yet dormant, Captain. A slumbering beast that will perish if
we cut off its head before it can reach full wakefulness. We must move
quickly, and we must strike surely if we are to be victorious. Put faith in
me, Captain, and our master will be well pleased with what we have done.
The man's voice was smooth and even, the cadence pitched with careful poise,
and the Captain found himself relaxing at the reassurance. Ever since the
departure from Dojia, it seemed the world itself was set on denying their
course to the west. A storm off of the southern coast of Arkania had put
one of their lorchas on the ocean bottom, with than half of the men aboard
lost, as well as the supplies and weaponry to be brought to bear in their
mission. More telling, however, was the blow to morale. To lose almost a
quarter of their disposition before even setting foot upon land.. The host
against which they fought had been whispered of for some time. Of an
implacable foe, led by champions with even fewer scruples than the infamous
Horde of Arkania, with vicious cunning and no capacity for mercy whatsoever.
The blight that had been unleashed by their Lord had ravaged the world over
before its mysterious disappearance, and those scarred by the Deathsong
still complained of its memory in the cold hours of morning. Then had come
the whispers of an army being raised. Of cultists and madmen trickling
southward, heeding a call to arms that susurrated through the dismal
underbellies of the world's myriad societies. No matter where in the world
one was, there was a sordid, neglected quarter that seemed willing to listen
to the rallying cry, and so the filth of the world had begun to turn out,
turning their backs on a world that had rejected them with a hateful

When those whispers had reached the Imperial Court of Dojia, a swift ban on
travel followed. Any who sought to leave by sea- truly the only way off of
the continent- had to carry a writ of travel authorized by the port
authorities. The Court had deliberated long and hard, and the collective
pride of the assembled lords failed to provide a unified answer, for each
wished to please their Emperor with the most cunning and decisive solution.
It was only after the Court was adjourned that the Captain's master had sent
for his General, the man to his flank, and gave unto him his secretive
orders. A covert invasion, unsanctioned by the Emperor and the Court. No
warships could be brought to bear, and so the civilian cargo vessels of the
port were commandeered from those who had not the means or the reputation to
secure their writs of passage. Four lorchas bearing eighty men apiece, each
outfitted with siege weapons and supplies, each helmed by men as stout as
the Captain, by men hand-selected by the General. It was a risky
undertaking, but the faith of their master and the skill of the General were
a potent elixir for the men.

Writer: Erebaal

Date Wed May 4 03:41:43 2016

To All Chaos Malachive ( Scorn Storyline Converts )

Subject The Beast Slumbers II

As for the General... The Captain spared another glance to his lord.
His reputation preceeded him. A willowy man in his thirties, possessing of
a hawkish visage and a high forehead, playing host to a sharp widow's peak.
His grooming was immaculate, from his tidily-kept goatee to his raven hair,
tied back in a ponytail. He was the veteran of a hundred minor skirmishes
along the Dojian borders, keeping the beasts, the demons, and the thieves at
bay. It was said that he had never been bested in single combat, and that
his measure of a man could be taken in the time it took to lock eyes.

As though sensing the gaze, even with his focus guided through the narrow
lens of his spyglass, the General spoke again, 'Be at peace, Captain. The
worst is behind us, even with the storm ahead of us. The dregs of the world
may have heeded the monster's call, but they are no army. Not yet. Three
hundred men shall serve as enough to cut their heart out before they can
become more than a rebellious mob. For that, we need only slay one man.

The Captain pursed his narrow lips, wresting the helmsman's wheel as another
wave crested. In the distance, the speck of Tropica was becoming larger by
the moment, 'One man guarded by his Champions, my lord. By his host, no
matter how untrained. They say it is a thousand men strong, now. Through
numbers alone they may drown us...
' His concerns were cut off by a sharp
sound from the General, an interjection as his hawkish face furrowed in

'His pride will be the end of him. This I promise you. I have heard much
the same stories as you have, of this man who would lock blades with the
Gods and their heralds, with champions and children and All manner in
between. He has survived more than any one man has a right to, and he
thinks himself invincible for it. No, we shall carve up their flanks, and
when the beast presents himself, we shall take him, for he cannot help but
come to the fore to answer our challenge. He has his pride and his might,
yes, but there are limits still to such things. He possesses low cunning
and he possesses a maddened charm, but when he falls, so too does this paper
fortress he has built around himself and his pride. I shall be the one to
take his head, Captain. This I have promised to the Gods and our master,
and so I promise to you as well. I, Taranaki Kurokawa, shall kill the
Everchosen and end his foolish crusade.

The Captain nodded slowly, the words again striking a chord within him that
set his nerves at ease. It was a strange gift of the General, to strike
decisively at the heart of matters. In combat, in politics, in leadership.
He never seemed to misstep, always reading those around him and soothing or
slaying them with a well-honed strike. Tropica grew larger in the distance,
but the sense of dread lessened. No matter what came in the coming weeks of
campaigning, the Captain had faith in General Kurokawa. There was room for
only one invincible warlord in the world, and the time had come to put the
Everchosen's claim to the test.

Writer: Ocelotia

Date Wed May 4 13:13:21 2016

To Skylla Trylum Meki Kalanie Trai'tyn Roi'ken Trojori All ( Cayenna RP )

Subject Spiritwalk

The time had finally arrived and Ocelotia was a ball of energy and
nerves, tightly wound from All the experiences of the past few weeks. She
settled on to the furs with her mother as Skylla built up a fire so intense
it almost reached the top of the den. The cave was filled with that
pleasant aroma of wood smoke and then as her Mother tossed herbs on to the
fire after questioning her daughter. She grew almost sleepy, transported by
chant and essence of magic to an unfamiliar wood.

She lifted to her feet and looked around, tufted ears perking for any sound.
There was a rustling from the bush, a snuffling. She turned her attention
to it and saw a snout sticking out. She parted the bush to find out what
was there and a fox, bright eyed, bush tailed, dark red fur looked up at

Oh, say there, hullo. The fox spoke. Ocelotia gave a little gasp and
blinked at the talking animal. Found me then, eh? Or, perhaps, I found
you, huh?

The fox stood up on hind legs, which Loti thought was quite the skill, and
offered her a paw. Shall we go to the party?

Oh yes! I like parties, Mister Fox! She answered, taking the foxs paw and
walking with him through a blur like smudged paint, the forest blended
colors together as they seemed to move faster than she could imagine. They
arrived at a table, filled with animals of All shapes and sizes, they were
laughing and drinking and a large cake was centered in the middle, three
tiers with glossy pink and white frosting dripping down from carefully
wrought flowers in fondant. She looked at the fox hesitantly as they fund

Friends! Friends! Let me introduce you to the guest of honor, Miss Ossie
from the Other side! Let us welcome her to the party!

All the animals sent up a cheering as Ocelotia, blushed, still rather
confused by the whole ordeal, talking animals! A boar was thumping the
tabletop with a hoof, drink running from its snout, a rabbit and wolf were
talking in low terms to each other, a falcon picked at the runner with its
claw, looking bored suddenly and there were so many others she could scarce
count them all. A butterfly flitted and lit upon her head for a moment
before winging off. The young felar turned to the fox, who was watching her
with amused foxy expression.

What am I to do here? She wondered, looking over the tea cup in front of
her, the small china plate with blue design, the gleaming gold fork. The
fox took a moment.

What do you think you are doing here? He asked. Ocelotia thought for a
moment before answering.

Taking my Spiritwalk? She asked. The fox chortled.

Of course you are, there is no such thing as a talking fox. What else

Loti took a long moment this time, looking over the party animals, To seek
my ancestors.

Hmm, the fox said and nothing more.

She looked over the table again and suddenly it was filled with felar and
wemics, All the animals changed to leonine. They All turned and looked at
her. She felt very small suddenly and very insignificant.

All our spirits join with our animals. She said finally. The fox nodded.
We are All one and the same as we grow and learn.

You are on your way, Miss Ossie. You have the heart of compassion. But a
quick mind, I doubt Ill be your only guide. But for now, well work well
together. For you must be a fast thinker when you are a priestess, the
goddess will not always give you direct answers
. The fox stroked its long
whiskers. Suddenly she felt a little ill. The fox stood up once more,
offering her a hand.

Too long in the Spirit realm and the body begins to grow tired. We will
talk again soon, dovey. Go back.

The felar raised her head. She was inside the den, yet on the pile of
skins. She blinked, her head a little groggy and stepped outside to the
wood, inhaling the clean fresh air. She had come back! She had succeeded
and the fox would help her move forward. She felt a refreshed and full of
promise, just like her Mama said.

Writer: Roi'ken

Date Wed May 4 13:47:04 2016

Writer: Malthiel

Date Wed May 4 17:17:54 2016

Writer: Archal

Date Thu May 5 03:00:15 2016

Writer: Kabal

Date Thu May 5 12:14:22 2016

Writer: Kabal

Date Thu May 5 12:23:16 2016

Writer: Azheri

Date Fri May 6 10:37:39 2016

To All roleplay RP imms

Subject The book inside Azheri's bag

While his servants were cleaning Azula's room, they found a dusty book
covered in beautiful dragon scales. The book closed by two pieces of animal
hide twisted and tied together. They bring the book to the doors of the
Dungeon, leaving it marked for Azheri, and Azheri only. The Horde left the
book there, untouched, as there were little who were literate.

Azheri returns to the Dungeon after the ACFL game after beating the
Cardsharks, and notices what once belonged to him. He opens his book, and
reads through page by page, word for word. Azheri whispers to himself,
"Memories of Azula.. "

It was not a book. In fact, it was not even a diary of Azula. It was his
log when he was a Knight, as every single person in the Gareth kept one.

Writer: Ocelotia

Date Fri May 6 20:30:23 2016

Writer: Mysner

Date Sat May 7 16:27:04 2016

To Hania Trojori ( Imm rp All )

Subject Stupid Letters

Mysner sat staring at yet another dumb letter. This one was B. B,
straight line and two circles, why was he so stupid he couldn't write it.
He was fine if his mama was there or Loti to help him, but as soon as they
left him alone to work by himself the B just wouldn't cooperate. It kept
trying to go backwards, or upside down. His numbers were the same. 3s
became Es, 9 became 6, 8 became B.

Loti showed him again, and again, and again, and thought he had it then went
off to work on something else leaving Mysner by himself to write his
letters. Finally, with tears streaming down his face, he stabs his quill
through the parchment and shreds it with his claws yelling 'I HATE STUPID
' storming off with his leg bone to bash something.

Writer: Traice

Date Sun May 8 01:47:43 2016

To Shadow Verminasia All ( Necrucifer Roleplay Ampersand Imm )

Subject |Skull Keep: Distraction|

Rain poured down from the skies, splattering its mist and cast-off across
the faces of the two Knights. They walked calmly down the dirt pathway off
from the main road in Verminasia. The taller of the two men pulled his hood
up over his face, covering it in shadow, while the other followed without
word. The pathway itself that they walked was covered in a thick muck,
quickly turning into an almost flowing sludge of dirt and rainwater. Each
step they took echoed with suction until they arrived at their destination.

The hooded Knight stepped forward, one eye missing, with burns covering most
of his face. His gauntleted hand pushed the poorly maintained door open. A
flood of light cast from the building poured into the alleyway seconds
before the sounds of laughter and music followed. As the wind began to howl
and swirl the rain around the two men, they stepped forwards into the pub.

Heads turned towards the doors as the the two men stepped through the
threshold. All conversations ceased momentarily until the bard's next tune
began to take form. The drunken patrons easily forgetting the most recent
event to focus back upon their ale and music.

The tall, hooded Knight made his way across the floor, muddy footprints
following him to the bar. One hand reaching inside of his cloak, he pulled
out a small ring attached to a leather thong. While removing his gauntlet,
he slipped the ring over his middle ringer, setting his hand flat on the
counter, his single grey eye looking towards the barkeep, giving a single

Returning the nod, the Barkeep beckoned the two around the bar, and led them
into the back, before stepping out of the room.

'Pull out the maps, Archal. ' the tall Knight spoke in a raspy voice.

The other Knight, slipped his pack off his shoulders, pulling out a set of
lambskin parchment, smoothing it up against the wall. Archal held the map
open on the corners as the hooded Knight walked over, pointing to a single
corridor on the map.

'Once we enter this entrance, there will be no turning back. The path is a
dead end, leading to the keeps entrance. This passage we take there will
close behind us. Are you ready, Field Marshal? " rasped the larger.

'Open the passage, Traice. ' Archal spoke confidently.

Traice walked to the passage, inserting the ring on his finger into a small
cleft in the wall and twisted - the wall seemingly dissolved, brick by brick
magically in front of them. The pair of Knights stepped forwards into the

Writer: Ashtiel

Date Sun May 8 11:26:53 2016

Writer: Traice

Date Sun May 8 12:45:16 2016

To Shadow Verminasia All ( Necrucifer Ampersand Roleplay Imm )

Subject |Skull Keep: Distraction 2|

As the two Knights stepped forwards from the passageway into the sewers.
The stale scent of tepid water mixed with bodily waste bombarded the two as
sure as any catapult. Traice pulled his hood back, his grey eye scanning
the corridor before nodding over to Archal.

'This corridor must be held. We need that intersection. '

'Indeed, we can let none behind us. '

As the two Knights spoke, a half-elven woman stepped forwards, appearing out
of the Shadows like a ghost through a wall. She gave a curt nod of the head
towards Traice and spoke with a soft voice, the edges of each word dripping
in venom.

'The corridor will be held. Your retreat guaranteed. '

Traice nodded once to the woman, rasping his words out at her.

'Very good, Valanthiriel. Darkness empower you. '

The woman gave one final nod of her head before disappearing back into the
shadows where she came. Traice nodded once to Archal and together they
strode to the end of the corridor. Placing the ring within the crevice, he
turned it once more. The stones falling out of the way, opening a passage
into Skull Keep.

Writer: Archal

Date Sun May 8 13:41:20 2016

Writer: Vulgrim

Date Sun May 8 15:21:21 2016

To All Necrucifer Religion IMM Roleplay

Subject A Darkening Decision

Vulgrim feel asleep the night before feeling apprehensive about something
he was unsure of. The thought tearing through him as he slept brought him
agony and his normal nightmares. For a nice preemptive measure he had
decided to sleep upon his cottages couch, and he was glad he did so as a
small scream escaped his lips as he awoke. Quickly letting his eyes glance
around he threw his coat off of him that was keeping himself warm beside the
cozy fireplace and walked upstairs. He stuck his ear to the door, listening
for any sounds that might have come from within. As silent as he could,
mustering his old shade training, he cracked open to the door to peer upon
the one he had felt so much love for; his beloved wife, Laleina.

Noticing that All was well and his night terrors seemed to not awaken his
family, he closed the door and made a soft sigh. "Seems like it will be one
of those days. " he spoke to himself with a small smirk as he walked back
down the steps to the couch and flopping upon it with a groan. "I swear I
am growing much to old to be fighting these same battles. " His chromatic
eyes shifting colour in the light of the fire as he reaches over to the side
table and picks up the book that he always has carried with him; The Book of
Evil, a book written solely upon the Dark Master Necrucifer.

He thumbed through the page quickly as if searching for something specific,
even though he had read through the book front to back more times than he
could count. He finally opened the pages to the Master's Will and Way.
"Live only to Serve Him in All ways. Seek Always to build Unity in His
Darkness. By His Will shalt thou seek to fulfil His Prophesized Return. "
He recites to himself quietly, pondering a choice.

"Master" he starts his prayer, "I have done All I can for you, and I bring
forth your name every step and breath I breathe. However some have fallen
from you and it sickens me. Speak to me, give me a sign, anything like you
have before to me. Bring me a vision, or dream, anything to tell me. Do I
hang up my rapier, and take up your cloth, to bring forth your name as I
always have, but finally as a true member of your Chosen? " he finishes
with a deep sigh and closes the book, his eyes drifting to the fire. "If
only that grasp was around my neck now... " he speaks in rememberence of
what had happened before, his hand unknowing rubbing at his neck. "I
suppose I best return to bed" he nods with a glance out a window, still
showing the moon high in the sky. A small smile as he stands, placing the
book upon the table, and walking off to sleep with his beloved family.

Writer: Laleina

Date Sun May 8 15:50:23 2016

To All Vulgrim Roleplay Storyline Immortal

Subject Sneaking in the Dark

Laleina awoke in the middle of the night alone yet again. She sighed
softly as she realized Vulgrim was asleep yet again on the couch downstairs
by the fire, even after their talk a few nights before. She rubbed her
belly gently as she felt a soft movement and smiled warmly as she sat up and
put on her slippers and robe. The rain made the house feel a bit damp but
she decided to forego the slippers so Vulgrim would not hear her walk down
the stairs.

She tip toed down the steps and could see him sleeping on the couch
peacefully. She stood there watching him for a spell before finally walking
softly into the kitchen to grab two cups of warm tea. She set the tea on
the table as she turned to put everything away when she heard a scream. She
sighed softly, "Another nightmare. " She grabbed both cups of tea as she
walked into the living room. She saw Vulgrim sitting up with his head in
his hands startled by her entry into the room.

She walked over to the couch and sat next to him, placing the cup of tea
carefully in his hands. She smiled softly at him, "Drink my love, it will
calm you. I was going to wake you but you beat me to it in not such a
loving manner." He looked at her with love and concern in his eyes, "I
hope I did not wake you, my love.
" She smiled lovingly at him, "Not at all
dear. Our little one is a bit restless so I came down to make some tea.

He finished his tea and waited for her to finish hers, then took both cups
and placed them on the coffee table. He leaned back on the couch and gently
pulled her towards him, kissing her on the forehead, and wraps his arms
around her. "Remember our talk, my love. " He looked down at her and
smiled, "How could I ever forget, my dearest"

Writer: Meki

Date Sun May 8 18:48:24 2016

Writer: Thaydius

Date Sun May 8 22:48:37 2016

To All ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject Apotheosis I

Countless stars sat in a celestial still whilst the spinning surface of
Algoron loomed in the distance, layered in a swirl of clouds that
asynchronously crawled against the planet's rotation. A chunk of rock,
maybe a few hundred meters in diameter, housed two men locked in a
spectacular battle. Thaydius was reeling from the Ancient of Fire's
attacks, conditioned to battle on the defensive.

It was clearly a mismatch, though it was also ostensibly another training
session. They had done hundreds of lessons over the many years the Frost
Giant had sought the tutelage of his elders. This particular spar had gone
on for hours, long past the point of barriers, though there wasn't any
likelihood that such a weakness would be used to bring the detrimental
effects so many mortals desired. For All of his speed and strength, the
Ancient was just faster and stronger. To a casual observer, the fragments
of time between their strikes, blocks and collisions would seem as instants.

There was no fatigue for their kind, so it simply went on and on.
Sporadically, the Fire Giant would connect a blow to Thaydius and plant him
onto the floor or across the circle-shaped arena drifting in space. Once,
after a particularly powerful palm, the Frost Giant careened off of the
platform out into frictionless drift, slipping into the vast void lacking in
gravitational pull. The Ancient would gesture effortlessly and draw him
back onto the platform.

After All of this time, you're still hiding that power inside of you. Do
you know what you are capable of?

The dismal burns and bleeding wounds continued to shrink themselves out of
existence, but his raiments grew increasingly charred and stained by the
continuous assault.

I know what I am not capable of.

With a click of his tongue, the Fire Giant held out both palms and produced
a heavy beam of pure fire, directing the column in Thaydius's direction. On
reflex, Thaydius mimiced this magical power to answer with his own beam of
concentrated frost and ice. But the Ancient was barely tapping into his
power, able to slowly overwhelm Thaydius as the beam crept closer and

This world is going to need you to understand who and what you are. We
can't keep waiting forever. You need to stop wasting your time trying to
save these people until you're ready to save them.

Thaydius didn't have to answer. The Fire Giant knew exactly what Thaydius
was thinking, and it didn't please the Ancient. He began to feel the heat
of the encroaching beam upon the surface of his glowing hands, as eventually
the inferno began pressing against him in its entirety. Power was something
Thaydius valued much behind his own control. This was a test of pure might,
his ability to reach into the divine energy that was a part of him. But he
couldn't reach into himself fast enough, controlled enough to satisfy the
Ancient's test. Every moment of his refusal to prioritze control made the
burning worse.

Writer: Thaydius

Date Sun May 8 22:49:00 2016

To All ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject Apotheosis II

Back on Algoron, Thaydius went far away from every living soul and tried
to meditate as to communicate with the White Moon and reflect on what had
transpired. He had met so many different individuals that guided him on the
role of power among those of pure heart, but he found himself narrowing
those who taught him to the firstborn. This was when he remembered the one
that taught him the most about power and how it could do good, but ... He
lamented that somehow he had outlived one of the Metallic Dragons.

It was so bizarre that a Giant would live to see the end of something or
someone so significant. Then he remembered the last time that he saw her,
in the pastures of the nomads far north of Althainia, with the rain beating
down on both of them. She was protecting a young woman, and mistook him for
an intruder. She turned and summoned forth some of the signature lava of
the Steel Wing. In retrospect, he was being burned by those who understood
power greater than he did for a long time.

Suddenly, he didn't feel comfortable with them parting on this encounter.
There was no opportunity to tell her how much she had meant to him. To say
goodbye to her. He took a hold of the rifts and whisked himself far away,
for there was somewhere that he desired to be.

The massive rock formations might have been a deterrent to wandering
mortals, but he traversed them with relative ease. Such a trek wasn't any
particular barrier to him, though a literal barrier would present itself
when he ventured close. He recalled the first time he came upon such an
obstacle, when Vasitatsu tried to shelter him when he was young. So he
reached out and put his palms upon the edges of this mysterious energy,
feeling forlorn of the persistent locks and restraints about him, his
adventures and his mind.

No, he had to do this. He had to see her one last time. He pressed against
the unseen force, trying to curl his fingers and grip it. Ice began to
harden in his presence as his heart burned with desire to see if he could
affect the world, in one small way. The glowing flesh covering his body
swelled with muscular definition, and he strained. And then, with sheer
disbelief, he found himself able to pass.

Writer: Thaydius

Date Sun May 8 22:49:20 2016

To All ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject Apotheosis III

His heart was racing. There was no possibility that what he was doing
would go unseen by the White Moon. There wasn't a moment that they weren't
aware of his thoughts, his actions. For so long it had kept him from even
thinking of doing something like this. These were the rules. What would
even compel him to break them? What was he hoping to find here, in
Immersa's home?

As he approached the heart of the mountain, he saw the wide gap between the
inner faces of rock and the island surrounded by lava, covered in an endless
stash of gold and treasure. And then his breath stopped as he saw the slack
form of the first Steel herself, draped over the center of the island, as if
she hadn't moved in ages. He took slow steps, subverting the lava pit by
constructing a bridge of idle chunks of ice that gathered beneath as he
walked, letting him move forth.

When his feet touched the hardened rock surface once more, his movements
became even gentler. At this point, it was as if he was sneaking. There
was nothing but silence in the whole of the mountain. And the light had
faded from outside sources, but the lava gave off enough glow that he could
see the details of the overlapping sword-shaped scales. He got close enough
to reach out and touch the firstborn, and so he did. First, he put his
glowing palm upon the massive maw of the female. His heart broke.
Immediately. Into thousands of shards, ripped apart by the sheer sadness of
a great force of goodness lost from this world.

With a quiet thud, he slumped down onto his knees and put both hands onto
Immersa's face, tracing the gargantuan details as he swallowed past a hard
lump in his throat whilst tears streamed down his face. Why? Why did she
have to die while he still lived? Why would she not see Nadrik returned to
this world? He leaned forward and pressed himself against her, and he wept.
He couldn't just leave her here. Not like this. She was a hero and a
legend. There had to be something that he could do for her. It was

Writer: Thaydius

Date Sun May 8 22:49:40 2016

To All ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject Apotheosis IV

The jingle of chainmail being sorted kept spilling into the air while he
removed his armor, piece by piece, leaving it All on the center island.
Down to his simple, clothen attire he closed his eyes and thought hard about
what he was planning to do. With repeated whispers, he spoke silent words
to his Mother, drawing the latent energy of the White Moon into himself from
far away. Devoted to what he now thought was a reason to use his power, it
filled him like it never had before.

Coins were budged gently on the massive pile of treasure, shifting and
sliding down along the sloped surface. He had hoped that he would not
disturb the Steel's possessions, but he was not entirely aware of what was
happening. Over a series of seconds, he grew to a size that made the island
almost difficult for him to fit both feet upon. He looked down, amazed at
what had been capable through his heart and through the White Moon working
with him.

Carefully, he used his glowing hands to draw up Immersa's slacked form like
that of a sleeping cat, draping her majestic head over his shoulder while
the wings hung down slack with the long tail. Again, he felt a sincere and
powerful pain over the closeness, stroking his warm palm from the base of
Immersa's skull along the back, letting his fingers appreciate the ridge of
every new layer of scales.

I'm taking you home.

He whispered the quiet words to his friend and his mentor. With that, he
left the treasure and the lava beneath, darting up slowly at first but
picking up speed as the world's features grew smaller and less distinct over

Writer: Thaydius

Date Sun May 8 22:50:06 2016

To All ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject Apotheosis V

They made their way up into the sky and eventually poked their way
through the clouds. As the air began to grow thin, Thaydius took one last
solemn breath before he relieved himself of the need to breathe through
magical force. He was unaffected by the deep chill of an increasingly thin
atmosphere, just as immune to the unbearable cold of the space that

Ahead of him, still immeasurably far away, was the White Moon. His endless
eyes were fixed on it, and the world grew smaller and smaller as he moved
out toward it. His heart was strong with this newfound determination, as he
careened through the endless void between one world and the next. Ice began
to coat him, though he continued unrelentingly, his eyes ever shining
through the obstructing frost. Behind, the world of Algoron was small
enough to be seen in its entirety without moving one's head. Still, the
moon seemed impossibly far away, but he thought it might be just as far to
get there as it would to go back to the rocky retreat.

Parts of him, the ones that were less than divine, began to dim. They were
failing while being smothered by the nothingness of the black ocean all
around him. He didn't care. With a push, and through careful calculations,
he gave himself enough speed to ensure that he would travel toward the White
Moon, whether he would see it or not. There were details on the surface,
barely noticeable. Someone had once described the place to him as a

As soon as he began to see it, the whole world was drenched in a blur that
marked the end of his ability to endure the harshness of the void.

Writer: Thaydius

Date Sun May 8 22:50:30 2016

To All ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject Apotheosis VI

From the surface of the White Moon, a white trail of light came falling
out of the sky. As the powerful beacon drew closer and closer to the
ground, six distinct figures became apparent alongside the frost giant and
the steel dragon. They brought the two adventurers to a gentle stop to
touch down on the surface of the moon. Then, without much fanfare, they
folded their several pairs of wings against their backs and looked back and
forth to one another.

These angels were dressed in simple robes, three men and three women. They
did not have to share words with one another, though their expressions
seemed to convey whatever they were communicating. With a nod, three of
them untangled the Steel Dragon and then adorned her in a holy blanket while
strong unicorns materialized out of thin air, with coats of perfect white,
transporting Immersa away from Thaydius, who was splayed out, still unable
to wake.

One of the remaining three touched Thaydius's toe and shrank him back down
to his usual height. With that restored, they too wrapped him in a holy
blanket and began to make their way with him toward a white citadel nearby.
From within the sanctum of such a place, they reached out and touched
Thaydius's shoulder, bringing his eyes open for the first time upon the
surface of the White Moon. He was overwhelmed by the energy All around him,
causing his hands and his eyes to glow rather radiantly, making him weakly
reach up to cover his face.

Part of you is not meant to be here. We are sorry, but you will need to
endure something we thought you would only need to do once.

Just like that, he felt the process of ascension All over again. That
night, outside of New Thalos, where he stopped being a boy and became a
demigod. It was as if everything passed through him, and he watched the
universe made and unmade, waking up, again, to something new and impossible
to understand.

Suddenly, he was in a field of grass. In the distance, there was a young
woman. As soon as he saw her, his heart began to race. He took a single
step forward, and then he looked down in confusion. He had the body of a
child. He thought, in his ascension, that the child had been destroyed so
that his divinity could be housed in something stronger. In reality, it was
the 'Giant' body that was the weak component in him, the boy son of Siccara
wielding power greater than the words he learned on Algoron could express.

But there she was, right in front of him. It was Siccara. It was his
mother. He had ... Wanted nothing other than to see her since the last
time he had. He was an infant then. And this was All he wanted.
Overwhelmed, he started to walk toward her. It was quickly replaced by his

Writer: Thaydius

Date Sun May 8 22:50:52 2016

To All ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject Apotheosis VII

In a dead sprint, he traversed a great distance but the field of grass
didn't seem to end. And she was still far away, her back to him. But he
knew it was her. She was so close. Why? What was standing between them?
Why couldn't he be with her once more?

As he struggled to understand, he took in a deep inhale. All at once the
image passed into memory, revealing the rocky arena floating gently above
the surface of Algoron. His body was covered in burns and blood, but he was
encased in a deep ice, drifting away from where the battle had transpired.

The severity of his injuries came rushing to the front, making him grimace
against his cold cocoon. He hadn't dreamed since before he ascended. He
hadn't even slept, save for the short bursts forced upon him by mages and
other nefarious sorts. After letting his body clear away some of the pain,
he changed his newfound home to something more of a disc to sit upon as its
long, elliptic path started to careen closer to Algoron.

What could he learn from this dream? What could he learn from the trials of
the Fire Giant? It was unclear. But to be close to his Mother, to his
home, was touching ... Even if it had only happened in his imagination.
How strongly he missed her. They had not spoken in a long time. He had not
pined for his family like this in some time, drawn to minor tasks and

With a sigh, he stood and studied the surface beneath, watching it in
motion. After another moment, he stepped off of the disc and adjusted his
position so that he would fall toward a specific destination. No matter how
comfortable he was or wasn't being what he was, no matter how much he wished
to bridge the gap between him and his family, his work was not yet done.

Writer: Zorreau

Date Mon May 9 05:46:08 2016

Writer: Cailene

Date Tue May 10 09:50:23 2016

To All Brajda Roleplay Storynote Immortal Tashio

Subject Seeking the Truth

Cailene and her group of felars traveled through the cold mountains of
Icewall in search of Brajda with no sign of him. She passed a few leonine
prides but none had any leads to her missing mate. She continued up the
mountains until they could travel no more. They found a den, built a fire,
and sat around it telling stories of their younger days as Cailene sat there
staring at the flames thinking about their plans for a future pride that
never came to be.

She finally joined in with the others telling them how she was her papa's
favorite and spoiled rotten. How much she still loved him and even admitted
that she still needed him. Meki and her may not see eye to eye but she
loved him more than words could ever express. Things seemed to quiet down
as slowly everyone fell asleep except Cailene. Shelooked up at the night
sky and watched the stars, "Wherever you are, I pray you are safe. " She
closed her eyes and slept.

They awoke in the morning to finish their hunt and moved on to the next
area. They jumped on the ship to the savannah. When they reached port,
they ran down the gang plank as quick as they could and headed straight
towards their destination. They searched far and wide without a trace of
Brajda anywhere and after a while decided to rest by the waterhole. It was
warmer than what she remembered then the days she spent there with him
before he disappeared.

They returned to the search once more until the sun was starting to set, she
turned to the others and thanked them for their assistance as she nuzzled
each one in departure. As one by one they left, she sat and watched as the
sun set before finally returning to her home back in Althainia with no
answers and no hope.

Writer: Ayrora

Date Tue May 10 13:35:53 2016

To All Ashbie Roleplay Storyline Immortal

Subject Returning to Familiar Surroundings

Braedan was back in his comfortable stall with his rack full of hay, a
bucket of fresh oats, a warm blanket, and his favorite treat a sweet bran
mash. He loved when Rora spoiled him and she enjoyed doing it too. He was
special to her and they had been through many adventures together and she
was sure many many more. She had given him a good brushing when they
returned to Sacnoth from the Capitol and now it was time for her to spoil

She left a dim light on, as she always did, and walked towards the Manor
with a smile. Their ride had been quite long and she rather enjoyed it.
They went past the marshlands and saw a few alligators, then rode through
the apple orchards and picked a few for Braedan, but her favorite of All was
going the the abandoned chocolate factory.

She dismounted Braedan and tied him off before entering the abandoned
building and could still imagine the workers in it. The chocolate being
made and packaged, in her mind she could actually smell the scent of
chocolate in the air. A loud neigh broke into her thoughts and she knew she
was being followed. She laughed softly as she thought of her mother and how
she would never give in to her not having some type of guard, as long as
they weren't the tin cans, as she called the armored guards. She just
shrugged her shoulders and headed back out to Braedan. They had then headed

Rora made it up to her room and undressed and got into a hot tub, her
muscles starting to relax as the many thoughts raced through her head. She
would be restructuring the Intelligentsia. With the wedding temporarily on
hold she would focus on other important things but now it was time to relax.
She sunk deeper into the tub and lay her head back enjoying the warmth of
the water as she daydreamed about her wonderful ride.

Writer: Ashbie

Date Tue May 10 14:45:43 2016

To All Verminasia Ayrora Aybel Aldrin Alysa immortal roleplay

Subject No Place Like Home

Ashbie filed her nails as she stretched out on the balcony at her manor
house in Sacnoth. She'd only just returned from her interview with Ashtai,
one of the more exciting ACFL draft picks of the season. It had been an
interesting interview, though she had gotten the distinct impression that
he was annoyed, rather than flattered, by the interview.

Nevertheless, she now had an issue of the ACFL News to publish.
Thankfully, she had transplanted headquarters to the capitol of
Sacnoth: Rashburne, so she could simply walk a couple blocks down
the street to check in on the printers and their handlers.

Putting the nail file down, Ashbie picked a chocolate-dipped nut out of a
clear serving dish on the table beside her. She popped the little treat
into her mouth and began chewing on it as she picked up a carefully
written missive in a detailed and complex cipher of her own device. It
was merely a report from the leader of her newly hired taskforce to follow
and track Ayrora.

She'd also set guards on Aldrin and Alysa, also with strict orders to
not be seen or heard.

The company she'd hired from had been well known to her because Ashbie had
been employed by it on more than one occasion. They hired the best of the
best. The guards or spies hired from them All knew how to blend into a
crowd, or a desolate area, so as to not be seen, or, if seen, go

The report itself was as ordinary as her guards were extraordinary. Ayrora
had visited a shop, Ayrora had spent time at home, and Ayrora had taken
a trip out to the chocolate factory that had long been abandoned.

Crystallis had begun the endeavor, Ashbie remembered it well, because the
current Advisor had revealed her plans to her before they'd been set in
motion. Ashbie popped another chocolate-covered nut into her mouth. The
project had fallen into decline as Sacnoth began to suffer without the
strong leadership they'd had previously under the Fiddich family.

Ashbie wasn't sure of Ayrora's intentions with the visit, but she hoped
that Ayrora would revive the project.

She sighed and put the report down. She hated being so nosy in her the
lives of her children, she never thought she would be as overprotective
as she had become. It was a natural response to her life before becoming
a mother. As a professional "fixer", she had kidnapped and ransomed
children on more than once occasion. She had assassinated adult children
often enough as well.

When money, power, or status was involved, the stakes for survival always
grew in proportion. She couldn't risk the possibility of any of her

Shaking her head, Ashbie tried cheering herself up with another chocolate-
covered nut, but as her gaze swept out across the ocean, her thoughts
found no rest.

Writer: Vredaeres

Date Tue May 10 16:10:44 2016

Writer: Traice

Date Tue May 10 20:59:58 2016

To Shadow Verminasia All ( Ampersand Roleplay Necrucifer Imm )

Subject Ruins of the Past (Day Four) Distraction: 4

Bone fragments showered the walls and armor of the two Knights. Archal's
warhammer cutting a swath forwards through the skeleton swarm. The dual
demon-headed flails of Traice flew wickedly through the air, impacting skull
and ribs alike. The clumsy attacks of the skeletons bounced off the armor
of the mountain-like armsman. Every step forward was met with a new surge
from the skeletons. Seemingly raised out of no where, dropping from ledges
above and pouring out of side rooms. The lich in the back cackled wickedly,
its eyes gleaming with a pale-blue aura, magical essence bouncing between
hands as the skeleton horde continued to shatter and re-assemble.

Traice's continued to hammer his way through the skeletons, losing Archal
from his view as he set his back to the ancient walls of the basement. He
felt the shovels bounce off of his armor, the pickaxes, cutting and hooking
his arms as his flails fell to the ground. As a skeleton advanced on him,
he reached out, gripping the skeleton's arm and tearing it from his socket.
He flourished the arm like a club, caving in the skulls of his opponents
until the bone snapped.

In one deft move, Traice slipped his massive, double-headed axe from around
his back, the blackened flames pouring out from its head as he gripped it.
Swinging it violently at the swarm. Over the top of the crowd, Traice spied
Archal. His warhammer swinging viciously at the lich, narrowly missing with
each attack. The lich spun his magic with unnatural ability, batting the
weapon away and countering with fire, ice and acid, All bouncing off of the
Field Marshal's shield. As the battle raged, the sound of alarm began to
flare throughout the keep, the spectral army completely alerted to their

Writer: Kabal

Date Tue May 10 23:11:23 2016

Writer: Arreana

Date Wed May 11 09:19:39 2016

To All Immortal Taliena Religion

Subject Forgotten, Not Dead: The Words of a Prophet, the Peace of a Prayer

--------------------FORGOTTEN, NOT DEAD-------author:Arreana------------07
The soft trickle of flowing water was as welcoming as an embrace as
Arreana stepped through the archway that led towards Taliena's temple
in Althainia. When the time was right, as the sun broke free of the
horizon, the entire temple was bathed in orange and yellow light. It was
one of Arreana's favorite places, not because of the fact that it was a
temple to her goddess, but because it was a place of serene beauty. It was
a place that Taliena Herself would have been pleased to wander into.

With her wings slowly spreading out, Arreana turned in place to gaze at
the simple grandeur of the place. It was near noon, so the temple was not
bathed in dawn's light, but it was no less impressive for the lack of
such. Arreana had been here hundreds of times, and would likely count up
into the thousands before it was her time to forever part with the
realms. In spite of that fact, it was no less wonderful to her than the
first time she had walked in to behold it.

Today, Arreana had come because she needed peace.

She had finally finished the first book that she hoped would go into her
so-called "Bible of Holiness".

True to his word, Glailen had burned the work when she had sent it to him
and others for their review. She had seen the smoke plume rise above
Althainia's western walls, but only found out an hour or so later what
had caused it: a massive book burning of "heretical" texts. She needn't
have asked what the books were, the timing was too close to be merely

Arreana sighed, her wings rising and falling with the intake and release
of breath. She hadn't been surprised, but Arreana had also secretly hoped
that when the knight had seen her work, he would come to the revelation
that the book had nothing to do with her and everything to do with

As she approached the altar, Arreana's thoughts drifted to a recent
encounter with the goddess' prophet, Elrei Avendale.

Do not begrudge your words simply because they are yours, though.

Did she? Why was it so difficult for Arreana to feel proud of the work
she'd put into the book? Perhaps it was the ominous quiet after releasing
the first draft her work for public consumption. Silence normally meant
peace, but in this case, silence was worse than a thousand people yelling
at the same time.

There were two primary reasons not to respond: the book was perfect; or
the book was so terrible that it did not register a need to even try and
help. It was possible that those who read it felt unworthy to offer up
their own views. It was also possible that they were being bullied not
to help. There were those who opposed the creation of such a book, a
knight in Gareth's Keep, Glailen, being but only one of them.

What was worse was the silence of the Holy Mother. Arreana berated herself
inwardly for failing to pray more about it. She also couldn't quiet the
voice that reminded her that Taliena was a busy goddess, and couldn't
be bothered to respond to Arreana's every request.

She sighed, though a warmth blossomed in her chest Taliena loved her,
this Arreana knew to be absolutely true. If Arreana erred, the goddess
would let her know, but she wouldn't forsake her out of hand.

That love quieted the worries of Arreana's heart like nothing else
would. '...simply because they are yours though...'

Arreana knelt in the holy place, and, eyes open, she gazed up into
the sky, picturing Taliena's face in her mind.

{pGoddess, I beseech your blessing upon this work. I believe it

{pworthy of you, and with your approval, other books about your

{pchildren and husband can be written...

She had spoken. Now she would wait.

Writer: Arreana

Date Wed May 11 10:38:15 2016

To All Immortal Religion Storyline Roleplay

Subject Forgotten, Not Dead: Stubborness

--------------------FORGOTTEN, NOT DEAD-------author:Arreana------------08

Arreana grumbled, though she didn't show any other outward signs of her

Glailen was quickly becoming a painful thorn in her side. The knight was
well-meaning, she knew that much. However, his persistence in persecuting
her for her work on the Bible of Holiness was extending beyond mere
stubbornness and barbed questions.

He hadn't stooped to harassment yet, which is why Arreana hadn't brought
the matter before the Crown General, or the Crowns of Althainia. Still,
it was troubling to hear rumors that he may have burned copies of her
draft on the Book of Taliena. She couldn't be sure, but she'd seen the
smoke rising outside of Althainia's western wall, and Glailen had not
been subtle in his ongoing threats to burn everything to do with the
"blasphemous" Bible of Holiness.

Arreana rubbed a thumb-knuckle on the bridge between her eyes, as if the
mere contact could dispel the headache that was forming there.

"M'Lady Lightwing?"

Arreana turned to face the soft, inquiring voice. By reflex, her wings
began to spread out slowly, though she stopped their progress halfway.
Standing in front of her was a child. Human, by the look of her, and
perhaps eight to ten years of age.

The child had large brown eyes, a cupid's bow of a mouth, a heart-shaped
face and a simple brown dress. She was not anyone that Arreana recognized,
nor did she share any familiar familial resemblance.

"Yes?" Arreana offered the girl a soft smile.

Returning the smile, the child took out a small envelope from the bag at
her hip, slung over the opposite shoulder by a long leather strap.

The envelope bore an unrecognizable seal, and the handwriting on the
front, which said "To one Arreana Lightwing", was alien to her as well.

Arreana opened the envelope slowly, inside was a letter in the same
handwriting as was found on the envelope:

To Arreana Lightwing,
You do not know who we are, but we're interested
in your quest to find Aidyn Kestrel. We too have
been trying to locate him, but have had no
success in doing so.

We believe he may have passed. If not, then he
is, at the very least, in hiding. However, if
you do find him, please let us know at once. It
will be to his great benefit if we are aware of
him walking the realms once more.

The Wellesley Company

Looking up, Arreana wanted to ask the girl who handed her the missive a
couple of questions. However, in the time it took Arreana to read the
note, she had vanished.

Arreana wasn't familiar with the Wellesley Company, she wasn't even
certain how she was supposed to respond to them, which she desperately
wanted to do. If they had been searching for Aidyn, then they might have
information on what he was doing last.

Collapsing into a chair in the temple, Arreana released a heavy sigh,
her wings shuddered with the violent expulsion of air from her body. What
had happened to Aidyn was a mystery, and, it seemed, Arreana was just as
stubborn as Glailen in some respects.

She wouldn't stop looking for the man she married.

Even her work on the Bible of Holiness would not get in the way. It was
certainly the priority, but she had and would continue to pour her spare
resources into locating what had happened to her husband.

Oh Aidyn, please be alright? the thought raced through Arreana's head
as her stomach clenched tightly, gripped with the paralyzing fear of what
might have happened to the man she loved.

Writer: Meki

Date Wed May 11 21:18:02 2016

Writer: Laiton

Date Wed May 11 23:34:42 2016

Writer: Mercerion

Date Wed May 11 23:50:50 2016

Writer: Mercerion

Date Wed May 11 23:53:20 2016

Writer: Mercerion

Date Wed May 11 23:54:13 2016

Writer: Ocelotia

Date Thu May 12 08:26:19 2016

To Arkane Trylum Meki Skylla Kalanie Roi'ken Trai'tyn Flike All ( Cayenna Imm RP Storyline )

Subject The Boys and Loti

Loti always felt a longing to see those in need helped, it was part of
her nature. Now more so than ever she wished to please the Great Mother
with her service and kept close watch over the boys in the locker room. She
brought food and toys, told stories to entertain them. They seemed to be in
flux, a juxtaposition that thwarted her still maturing mind. They were far
less rambunctious than her sister and she had been when they were that
small. So, it was far easier to care for them as they tended to stay
huddled and close to each other. It gave her time to think over events that
had recently taken place, to puzzle over her position within Zandreyas
flock, to ponder over Traityn and her developing affection for her friend,
to wonder over the city and its different people. There were so many
different lives being lived in Arkane, so many different religions and ideas
and agendas. It often boggled the young felars mind!

She served a lunch for the boys, who quickly consumed the fare messily.
Thats the one thing that still made them child-like. They ate with pleasure
and with All pretenses about civility were thrown out the door. Loti
grinned as she cleaned up after the small crowd and brought the boys around
her to tell them about the Great Mother and being a steward of their world.
It was to be their own in a short amount of years. She hoped that her
efforts would produce something of pride in the boys, help them to be more
confident in themselves.

Writer: Laiton

Date Thu May 12 09:18:17 2016

Writer: Laiton

Date Thu May 12 09:18:32 2016

Writer: Archal

Date Thu May 12 10:54:39 2016

Writer: Archal

Date Thu May 12 11:01:00 2016

Writer: Vaerus

Date Thu May 12 14:17:17 2016

To All Chaos Erebaal Malachive (Scorn Storyline)

Subject His eyes are many...'

For one who ate... Subsisted rather, on fish, beef stew from the various
ships that docked at the port, and whatever else he could find/kill, Vaerus
was in good shape. Each day, well, night as he preffered the dark, started
the same: thoughts of rage, of hatred, followed by the obligatory "I hate my
body" run on the beach. Sand, as we All know, being a spiteful, malicious
beast. Each granule a minitaure ball of hate and misery. Relentless in its
quest to penetrate into each and every nook and cranny of anyone stupid, or
masochistic, enough to go near it. This, of course, is to say nothing of
how much extra effort is required to actually run in the damned substance.
Muscles starting to ache, lungs burning, and every part of him where skin
rubbed against itself or his clothing chaffed raw Vaerus ran on.
Northwestwardly, past the Fane, past the docks, eventually altering
direction to circle around the Crystal Bay. Towards the bottom end of it,
he'd slow to a jog and reach into a pocket, pulling forth a handful of
small, white pills. Most people knew of them, some even used them. Vaerus
though... Vaerus abused them. Popping the pills into his mouth, eight of
them infact, he started to chew them. Gnashing, gnawing and grinding them
to an almost paste like consistancy in his mouth. The bitter taste, which
once made him wretch, years ago, a welcome thing. Within minutes the active
chemical within the pill being absorbed sublingual via the mucos membranes
under his tongue.

A surge of energy hit him with jolt. His thoughts took on a focused,
obsessive quality, the pain and burning of his body now forgotten, or at
least ignored, he sprinted onward. Heart pounding inside of him, rapid fire
like a blacksmith forging his masterwork, he completed the circuit of the
bay. Exiting where he entered he turned left, to the west. Running, his
body drenched and dripping with sweat he followed the coastline as it curved
southwestwardly. Mind racing, body screaming in agony that only served to
feed into the intoxication of the stimulant-like haste pills, adrenaline,
and endorphins his body naturally produced he ran on.

Sucking down the sticky, humid air of the island he pressed on along the
southern coast, passing the Temple of Good and the nearby village of
natives. Breathing heavily, his body taxed, flooded with lactic acid, he
slowed to a jog. Something off the coast, out in the water, caught his eye.
Three ships, ugly, stupid looking ships, Lorchas, though he knew not their
name. Each minute the winds and tide brought the Lorchas closer and closer,
nearer and nearer to the Fane. Like the typical ambush predator that he was
at heart, Vaerus ducked into the nearby jungle. Torturing his body yet
further he climbed into a nearby tree and observed.

Soon enough the creak of the wooden ships was heard mingled with the
crashing waves and various other sounds of Tropica. Minutes seemed like
days, an agonizing torment, but his patience was rewarded. He could see
dozens of men hurrying about the ships, lowering sails, dropping anchor.
Then, a large ramp hit the water with a loud splash followed by a hollow
thud as its weight carried it to the sand inches beneath. Another agonizing
minute, or perhaps it was just seconds, hard to tell really when you were as
impatient as Vaerus was. Men started laboring down the ramps, pulling ropes
behind them. Slowly the tip of a giant ballista came into view. He could
only guess what was happening on the other ships due to his view being
obstructed, but he knew what this meant. The Wordbearer must be told.


Writer: Traice
Date Thu May 12 20:11:24 2016

To Shadow Verminasia All ( Necrucifer Ampersand Roleplay Imm )

Subject Ruins of the Past (Day Four) Distraction: 6.5

Traice deliriously half-carried, half-stumbled back towards the entrance
with Archal. A forced retreat as the skeletal undead were drained of their
"life". The pair of Knights moved westwards, bottlenecking themselves near
the exit. As the skeletons fell away, bones clattering down to the floor, a
new wave of forces began to encircle them. First, the Eclipsian spectral
minotaurs. He was barely aware of Archal starting to walk under his own
will, he was even more surprised when he watched his flaming axe cut through
head and limb of the minotaur foes. Blood dripped off of his black armor, a
trail of it following him as he dove into the enemy.

Too many. Too many surrounded them. Maven's forces had faded from minotaur
to yinn. Archal struggled, pulling himself up on the large crate and had
begun to yell at the opposing force. Seemingly having the desired effect,
as the yinn gave pause at closing. Traice lowered himself to one knee,
panting as the blood loss began to blur his vision. While using his axe as
a support he watched the crowd carefully. As Archal spoke, Traice began to
feel the ground tremble with the movement of an army. The question remained
as to if it was Storm Keep's army or Maven's.

Writer: Cieran

Date Fri May 13 08:34:06 2016

Writer: Crelius
Date Fri May 13 21:39:02 2016

To Shadow Verminasia All ( Necrucifer Roleplay Imm)

Subject Ruins of the Past (Day Four)

The lone rider stood in silence atop a meadowed rise afront a dark tree
line, looking down with patience over a misty valley below. Torch fires
baubled across the valley floor, weakly alighting the encampment through the
veil of fog. Moans and clamor from an earlier skirmish echoed through the
valley. Flashes of fiery manifestations and wisps of unnatural light toiled
to and fro towards the far end of the encampment beneath a gothic monument.
Denoting a battle that still waged towards the base of the fabled Skull
Keep. The Dark Lord had entered the field no doubt, taking the vanguard to
its very gates.

His gaze turned upwards towards the heavens, noting the peculiar existence
of the moons heralding the night sky. The pale crimson observance of
Sebatis satellite was empty this night. Only a black mass, hidden, amongst
the pool of celestial characters and battles. Of most peculiarity was the
white orb of Kantilles, shining brightly and full in All of its luminous
grandeur save a small sliver darkness manifesting at its edge.

He watched the moon for several moments. Taking note of the small slice of
darkness that was slowly growing over the countenance of the white moon.
Certain of what he saw now, he grasped a crude wooden periapt about his
neck. An eclipse, no small portent of what he and his comrades were about
to endure. The black moon slowly took its place in front of the white moon,
ominously diminishing its lunar light

With a knowing sigh the knight reached beneath the fold of his cloak. He
placed a mailed grip upon the haft of a weapon of forgotten legend to this
age of man. The mere touch of the ancient maul sent his mind reeling
towards memories of old.

Clad in rag tag armor the young knight knelt beneath the towering figure of
the Yaenni warrior.
"Doth do I bestow you the Hammer of Highlords, rise
Highlord Crelius Atennim, Te Occidere Possunt Sed Te Edere Non Possunt Nefas

He blinked with a gasp and regained his composure. Atennim considered the
events that had assailed the knight the prior evening. The visitation from
an old spirit that he once regarded as a father figure. The oath he
declared to him within the very confines of his most sacred place, the
sanctum. He had sworn to release his old mentor from eternity. In turn he
had been given the one measure that could see that declaration through, The
Hammer of Eclipse.

Crelius considered the possibilities of this impasse as he surveyed the
battle below, waiting. Surely this was the key to undoing the curse of the
Ceriloch, to undoing Maven. However he had encountered the being before.
It will stop at nothing to lure him into his clutches. It would be with
faith and faith alone that the knights of storm would cleanse ruins of the
keep of the skull.

His gaze sharpened upon the ruins towards the bottom of the rise. A single
flaming arrow was launched a league into the air above. This signal was
sent. His part to play in this endeavour had begun. Crelius spurred his
horse and descended the hill towards the gates of the keep.

Writer: Pashhur

Date Sun May 15 13:05:48 2016

To Jennaya Althainia ( Imm rp All )

Subject Things we do for our wives

Pashhur steps into the Captain's quarters where he and his wife Jennaya have
been calling home and frowned. The place was a pigsty, and worse it looked
like All his crap. discarded weapons lay haphazzardly on the floor and
leaning against various objects. Clothing both clean and dirty litterd the corners in heaped piles. Empty food conisters left to feed the flies on the dresser and desk.

Okay, not All of it was his, but most. Getting a brush, bucket, and wood oil
from the supply closet, Pashhur started into his work. Clean laundry whether
his or not were folded neatly and put into the footlockers. Empty food
canisters were taken to the galley to be washed and stored. The bed stripped
and new linens tucked into the mattress. Then the hard work began.

Taking the water he just threw the entire thing over the floor, got down on
his hands and knees, and started to scrub. Every inch of the floor and
baseboards were scrubbed leaving nothing but polished wood behind. Then with
a towel and the oil he shined All the furniture. From the desk legs bolted
to the floor, to the headboard and the dresser. When he was through, the
Captain's quarters looked better than any other place on the Sojourner.
Stowing the supplies back into the closet, Pashhur heads back into Althainia
to get to his other duties. Many shot strange looks at him as he strode
down Wall road looking quite pleased and whistling to himself.

Writer: Morgance

Date Sun May 15 14:26:10 2016

To All Nordmaar

Subject Routine

Blood, Morgance Gunn, remembered the taste of blood.

It was her first weeks living in a kingdom, she hostly knew little about.
There was no mistake, she was a Gunn. She had a temperment much like her
father, and a thirst for battle that came natural to her everyday. She was
a creature of habit and she wouldn't have it any other way. Her mornings
consisted of a large breakfast, mostly proteins, eggs, sometimes a oat
porridge, sometimes she'd find some berries or things to put in it, but it
was most of the time very bland. She didn't care, she understood food as
only fuel. Only energy that would ready her for her day.

Since moving to Nordmaar her normal free spirited run, had shifted into a
detailed scouting mission, to maintain the safety of the area around the
kingdom. To make sure nothing dangerous lurked on the edges of the mighty
kingdom that might endanger the citizens or the throne. In total truth,
most days it was pretty uneventful. So much so that she had to start to
make a game of it, to maintain some sort of interest. She after All was
still young, and there was a fantastic daydreaming to her mood some of the

She was an escaped princess, fleeing from the chains that bind a noble life.
She had been seperated from her only companion. A dwarf that sometimes
acted more like a kender, she'd named Obious.

Morgance stopped suddenly, the forest was quiet in the early morning chill.
There was a crisp frozen stillness, only stirred by the steam of the girl's
breath. There was a cave in the cliff side, one she hadn't remembered. Her
mind shifted slightly in the story. She remembered a story her mother had
come to tell her when she visited. Her parents were devoted to the Nordmaar
military, even having never exceeded much fame. However, her mother had one
story she always told. Of her battle with a witch, a curse that binded the
bloodline from casting magic ever since that day.

The cave smelled, of death, of things rotting in the darkness. She steadied
her mighty claymore. She steadied her mind for battle. She was instructed
to parole and report back. This was her fuction, and this cave could make a
perfect base for any sorts of ill doer. Darkness started to surround her as
she drifted into the cave, she could feel something large breathing. She
felt fur, she felt claws, she would remember the taste of blood the bear
collided with her body, bashing it's towering brown body against her. She
felt her sword dip deep into it's side.

Writer: Zorreau
Date Mon May 16 07:14:19 2016

Writer: Kasandra
Date Tue May 17 02:01:43 2016

Writer: Zola
Date Tue May 17 05:27:05 2016

To All Abaddon Bloodlust Verminasia Darkonin Immortals Fatale

Subject X Shades of Gray X

The eloquent Kingdom of Evil.

If ever there was a kingdom that mirrored the Dungeon, favored Clan of the
Lord of Murder, it was here in Verminasia. A multitude of peoples, all
races, All walks of life, united towards a grand, dark purpose. The faith
was strong here. True, it was also mixmatched and varied amongst
and Twilight, but the upper echelons were firmly in the favor of the Lord
Fatale's hallowed father, the grand Master of Darkness, Necrucifer.

After so long amongst heathens and non-believers and walking dead, it was a
balm to sooth the wretched soul of the Deathscythe, who eagerly began his
work. With such resources at his disposal, he intended his time in
Verminasia to be meaningful and memorable. If anything, he was going to
have to make a list to ensure he used his time wisely.

He was going to have to begin work on many lists, in fact.

Writer: Mysner

Date Tue May 17 16:00:09 2016

To Skylla Ocelotia Trai'tyn Trylum Kalanie Roi'ken ( All imm rp Cayenna )

Subject Lessons ( IC )

Mysner sat with his ink, parchment, and quill, staring down at a nothing.
He hated his lessons. Letters and numbers were impossible for him. Don't
put those together, wait, unless.. All these stupid rules... I before E.
And knife is Kni... Nife is nnnnnnnnnife not kahnife... Stupid letters.
He knew Ocelotia wouldn't let him off the hook, so he dipped the quill into
the ink and started to work. His handwriting was horrid, the letters going
from too big to too small. Too cramped to too far apart. Cat turned into
Ca T. It made him feel dumb. Others his age could ready without problems,
their letters neat and together, forming words and sentences. His? A mess
and waste of ink. He didn't care, he was going to be Shaman, his knowledge
was outside. Potions and herbs, his magic came from the Ancestors.
Finishing quickly, he noticed something new this time. This was the first
time he did his lessons that didn't end with him in tears. He did this much
for his mama, but he still couldn't understand what he wrote. For his mama
though he'd still try, still waste ink, maybe one day he'd get it...

Writer: Zorreau
Date Wed May 18 06:23:38 2016

Writer: Ayrora
Date Wed May 18 17:04:09 2016

To All Aybel Ashbie Immortal Roleplay Storyline

Subject Throwing Herself Into Her Work

Ayrora prepared Braedan for the long ride early that morning as the sun
rose. "Saldorion, Nefratin, lets go we have no time to waste. I must
return to the Capitol also.
" The two Guards looked at her in surprise.
She had taken being the Steward quite seriously and, since the engagement
was off, she had more work to keep herself even more occupied.

"We will pass the Chocolate Factory and head to Rashburne. It is the first
city on my list.
" The Guards nodded in agreement, they All mounted their
stallions, and headed off to the Chocolate Factory. Once there, she made
sure her lock were still in place and that none had broken any newly
replaced windows. Satisfied with her assessment they continued on to
Rashburne, her thoughts on how much she detested having to have Guards but
knowing her parents would never have agreed to anything without them.

She turned to Saldorion who had a grin on his face, "Something humorous
" He turned to her with a serious look on his face, "Why no, Lady
" He did not turn away. "They I suggest you wipe that silly grin
off your face as I know you think you outsmarted me but you have not.
Nefratin chuckled softly as Salodorion turned away.

The ride to Rashburne was quite long but Braedan was as careful as he always
was with his caretaker and owner. He loved Rora as much as she loved him.
Upon reaching Rashburne she could not believe the beauty she saw. The
cliffs, the ocean far and wide, and a city built into the cliffs. She
wanted so badly to explore but had no time for that, she was here for a
purpose and that she would do.

She watched the comings and goings for a while from afar and saw nothing
strange and proceeded to speak to the Merchants. They seemed quite content,
business was going well, and everyone seemed to get along. It was well past
noon before she was done and Nefratin turned to her, "Lady Tenneal, the ride
back will take some time. Shall we return now?
" Rora turn to him, "You
are correct Sergeant. Let us return.
" She mounted Braedan quickly and
they headed back home.

Writer: Biem

Date Wed May 18 17:07:08 2016

Writer: Ocelotia

Date Thu May 19 12:10:13 2016

To Arkane All Trai'tyn Skylla Meki Flike Brunster Arthais ( Cayenna RP Storyline IMM )

Subject The Boys

Time moved faster once you understood it enough to want it slow down,
Loti felt the moments rolling past her as she studied and worked with the
boys. They had All moved to the Coliseum. The boys had some more of a
semblance of home. As she grew to know the boys she felt heart break over
their plight, no parents, no guardians, no one but a kingdom to take care of

She had the task of gathering clothing for the boys and visited with the one
furless she knew to be well dressed. Flike and Loti looked over the wares
at the various clothing stores, finally she settled on a tailor and ordered
the tunics, pants and cloaks. She visited a shoemaker and ordered leather
boots for All of the boys. She talked with her Pawpaw Meki and with
Traityn. They All settled into something like a routine with the boys.
After breakfast was a small lesson and then playing, lunch, napping,
reading, play, it was almost like growing up once more. Loti found it a
soothing and rewarding. The boys seemed to enjoy the Leonines presence.
They waited for her to come, eager young faces bright. They would tackle
Traityn and Meki, who let them be far rougher in play than Loti.

Her tufted tail flicked side to side as she watched the boys settle into a
quiet time of reading, practicing writing and drawing. They were a funny
bunch of furless. They were worn out with learning to ride horse with
Brunster All morning. She smiled as she thought about the funny little man
who was so cheery and colorful.

Arkane was certainly an interesting place All together. She thought over
this as she walked to the Orchard to spend some quiet time with Traityn.
She glanced once more at the tents and furrowed her brow.

Writer: Perrinn
Date Sun May 22 05:18:08 2016

To All ( Tashio RP)

Subject Starting From Scratch

Perrinn sat down meditating after a long day of training his many

"No, that wasn't right. That still does not have the right nuance. I have
too many bad habits in my use of maces.

"I must break these bad habits! I must relearn how to wield my Nature's
Wrath and Heated Grozing Iron with more finesse. I must start from the
basics, from the ground up.

'I will get the timing down right. From now on I will forget everything I
knew about maces and devote myself to learning them anew!

Perrinn stood up again and begin swinging a mace slowly over and over,

Writer: Odin

Date Sun May 22 22:27:00 2016

To All Imm RP

Subject Unwanted

Odin stumbled out of the halls of Winterhaven, sweat dripping of his
forehead from his efforts. He had found it south of a large castle in
Arkania, and it served as a decent distractor to his thoughts. It was all
he did these days practically. Training. When he wasn't fighting battles
just for himself, he was assisting others. Some were grateful, and was was
happy to make their acquaintence. The kind and benevolent Meizhin had
helped him on more than one occassion. Alby, the somewhat unhinged but
ferocious gnome was also a boon to have fighting at his side. Others were
just there, hardly a presence to be noted.

He had finally had the opportunity to speak to the King of the Elves, and he
didn't feel it went as well as planned. Clan Volsung was supposed to be
bigger than himself. The ideal that any with the courage of blood could
come together and be part of the Viking heritage had All the makings of
greatness, but lacked any type of prestige. He knew it had promise, but he
was a virtual unknown to this world, and did not wish to give up his
namesake to purchase credibility. Hell, he barely had a few gold coins to
rub together anways, let alone the hundreds people seemed to deal in these

His travels had taken him All over Algoron, but he had yet to find a place
to belong. He knew Nordmaar would not accept his beliefs, and he was
unwilling to give up his name. He had yet to find anyone from Arkane to
speak to, and for some reason it seemed home to a large amount of cat-like
creatures. New Thalos was bloody hot, and although Althainia had a few kind
souls he was able to speak to, he didn't really understand what it was

Interestingly enough, the one place and people that stood out to him as
understanding his mission was the Mountain. He had met the King and Queen
of Darkonin, and they welcomed him into their palace. Their ideals on how
the world work was eerily similar to his own. The world and land itself was
alive, the creatures that run to and fro among its grounds connected in a
way that is hard to simplify in words. There was bravery in the souls
there, and a savage ferocity of those protecting their homeland that was to
be both feared and admired.

And yet, he was human. There would be no living within its walls, although
King Mokla and Queen Euterah had graciously offered that he could visit
whenever he wished. In short, his clan and his plan seemed unwanted.

Odin wouldn't allow this to deter him, but the weight of its revelation
weighed heavy on his soul. As he made it to the port of Arkane, he boarded
the first passage he could to Icewall, learning against the railing and
allowing the sea-spray to help calm his tired mind.

Writer: Evanlyn
Date Mon May 23 18:39:49 2016

Writer: Evanlyn
Date Mon May 23 18:47:07 2016

Writer: Zorreau
Date Tue May 24 05:11:49 2016

Writer: Zorreau
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