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Player Written Story Note Archive

Note: If you see names without the note below, its due to their story not being posted to "All"

Listed By Author Name

Kender Kin *P2*
The Game (1/2)
The Game (2/2)
The Power of Siccara
The Mistress of Brawlers (1/2)
The Mistress of Brawlers (2/2)
The time draws near
Dreaming the Past
Midnight Introductions, The Lioness
The Light
A Topsy Turvy World, The Befuddled Pixie
(Sory Time with Uncle Boof) (Part 1)
(Story Time with Uncle Boof) (Part 2)
What Plan.
What Past.
Tha'Dhal: Gnomish Vocabulary
Defending the Tower ''Odyssey'' (Chapter Four: Part One)
Defending the Tower ''Odyssey'' (Chapter Four: Part Two)
The Foxes Hunt The Hounds
Looking For a Snake in the Grass
Cerulean in Flight
The Decaying Vallen Tree: The Painful Decision
(Gobbo-tarian Aid)
Dead Sleep 1/3
Dead Sleep 2/3
Dead Sleep 3/3
Deliveries to Dolund'ir - The Towers Donation
(Gobbo-tarian Aid) Continues
In The Wilds (Part 1 of 2)
The Quest
Thoughts of the Zealot
In The Wilds (Part 2 of 2)
The Wages of Sin
"You will fall along the way..."
(Hand-Picked Devionite)
All or Nothing
A Simple Question
(Gobbo-tarian Aid) Continues
Searching Althainia *P1*
Searching Althainia *P2*
Midnight Convoys
Deliveries to Dolund'ir - The Tower's Decision
The Decaying Vallen Tree: The Ceremony
Searching Althainia *P3*
Searching Althainia *END*
Yo ho. Yo ho. (Part 1)
Murder in the Empire
(Baiting the Hook)
Walk About
Yo ho. Yo ho. (Part 2) Hoist the colors.
Yo ho. Yo ho. (Part 3) Lessons Learned
(Gobbo-tarian Aid) The Tower's Continuing Support
Searching New Thalos *P1*
Searching New Thalos *P2*
Walk About II
A gift to Sebatis
(Gobbo-Tarian Aid) The Squelcher
Searching New Thalos *END*
Yo ho. Yo ho. (Part 4) Dead Men Tell No Tales
Black Sails on a Black Ship.
(Gobbotarian Aid) For Terrorism Part 2
Joining the Walk
Shatter Me
(Gobbo-Tarian Aid) The Tower's Scheme
X Fill 'er Up X
Walk About IV (storyline)
Thwarted and double-crossed
(Gobbo-Tarian Aid) The Tower's Contraband
Cleaning up the mess
Searching Icewall *P1*
Finding Palquinn (Searching The Vale) *P1*
Finding Palquinn (Searching The Vale) *P2*
Finding Palquinn (Searching The Vale) *P3*
Finding Palquinn (Searching The Vale) *P4*
Finding Palquinn (Searching The Vale) *END*
What Came Back
The Fortification of Dolund'ir, Territory of Althainia
Life As Normal
Dream Terrors: Part One
Dream Terrors: Part Two
The Great Black
The Hunt for the Most Bloodshed
A Rose Of Pure Ice
(Killing Him with Kindness)
|A| Dream Terrors |A|
Awakening from the Nightmare
The Beast Within: Part One
Dreaming of Your Death
The Beast Within: Part Two
- Horrible Night Terror -
The Sands of Time
Dream Terrors Part 3
The Wargarian War Council
My first experience with magick
Deadly Dreaming
|A| Waking Terrors |A|
Waking Dreams
Waking Dreams
A Waking Nightmare
Help them
Powerlessness, and power
Dream or Premonition..?
Protect Them (1/2)
Protect Them (2/2)
X Victim of the Plague X
(Dwarf Herding)
Challenge Accepted
The Horns of Power
Guide Them
The Lifesong
Praying for the End
Losing Balance. *P1*
Losing Balance. *P2*
Nothing Shall Save You (Deathsong)
Lifesong: The Request for Zandreya
Father For The Mother
X Burning Bridges X
The First Dream
Sleeping History: Phred's Dreaming
X Ashes to Ashes X
Raising Hell: Prelude of the Storm I
The Stench of Death
Back or was She
Time for rest(like it or not)
Donning the Robes
Raising Hell: Prelude of the Storm II
The End of the Past
Reflections of an Orc (Part Three)
Reflections of an Orc (Part Four)
Restless Wings
Raising Hell: Prelude of the Storm III
The Mistake
The Dusting : A Tale of Voyage (Part 1)

Writer: Mercerion
Date Tue May 26 00:18:07 2015

To All Althainia Nadrik Damerus Immortal

Subject Greiving

Mercerion knelt silently in the sanctuary, head bowed in reverance as
sweat beaded on his brow. His mind raced almost as fast as his heart as
visions and images raced past his mind's eye. He had heard of the funeral
for his friend, and fellow former leader. He had been informed of the
exchanges and the tensions between the people present, but none of that
wounded him so much as the blatant disrespect and blindness that had become
so evident in Algoron.

A former King was stabbed, and now presumed missing or dead, and not but two
crowns showed to the ceremony. It pained Mercerion deeply to know that he
could not be present for the ceremony for his friend and brother in faith,
but Mercerion knew that if he had been present, a far worse besmirchment was
likely to take place.

In a sudden fit of anger, Mercerion's psionic wrath lashed out, obliterating
a censor of incense. "How could they be so blind? " echoed the words in
the back of Mercerion's conscience, like a surgeon's knife, cutting away the
skin covering a festering wound. "Yes, the Cardinal stabbed him. " She
stabbed him. That was attempted murder right there. Yet she was present at
the ceremony... Not in shackles... Not at spear- point... She was present
and speaking. SHE HAD HIS RING... Damerus wasn't missing.. He defied his
own God for the love of that woman. He bloody well wouldn't have gone off
without the ring.

Were they the only ones not deceived? It couldn't be so... When Mercerion
was a child, he knew the penalty for attempting to slay a monarch was death.
It was essentially universal. One of the few laws every kingdom actually
had in common. Yet here was this woman walking free... Admitting at the
man she tried to murder's FUNERAL that she had stabbed him.

There was no Justice in this... No Honoring of Damerus in this mockery of a
ceremony. It was quite simply another case of the Heathen despoiling
something that was Good in the world, and the very people Damerus bled for
were too damned blind to see it. Mercerion had seen it, and he had seen

He rose from his reverance, lifted his hands to the heavens and spoke to his
God, to his Friend, and from his heart. "You will be Honored. This
mockery; will not be the last the World knows of Damerus Firebeard, faithful
of the; Son of Honor. King of Arkane, slayer of Devion's demon, Father...
Husband... ; Friend." Mercerion clutched his holy symbol to his heard and
spoke the words of his oldest oath.

Nobilis Factum. Mors ante dedecoro.

Writer: Tzuljin

Date Tue May 26 13:32:57 2015

Writer: Devlin
Date Tue May 26 20:50:26 2015

Writer: Swilt
Date Wed May 27 09:20:25 2015

To All Talyn IMM

Subject Kender Kin *P2*

Swilt laughed at his own joke, he often was his greatest fan when it came
to comedy. The kenders laugh danced through the forest, as the morning sun
started to pull itself up from its slumber. There was a calm to the
morning, as if All the life in the kender forest was waiting for something
important to happen. Swilt had spent the night curled up on a mossy patch
that he had found more comfortable then his bed on The Bloodfang. Part of
him had a hard time sleeping, there was a strangeness to the stillness to
the world that came from not being on the ocean waves.

The upside was the frosted birthday cake slices that hed discovered in
Arkane. The four pieces he had this morning were giving his body a humming
feeling. He was chatting with himself about the dream he had had, the night

Me dont think Icewall good place for you, He spoke first in Ogre doing his
best impression of Boot. It was just a dream, itsjust what The Captains
treasure booksaidabout The Hand Swilt chattered back to himself in kender,
absently leaping over a fallen log. The kender forest was becoming alive
with tiny animals starting their day. He hadnt seen many of his kind. An
older couple that didnt remember much about the family he described, they
did share a couple long stories about some of their adventures that he

He had almost given up on finding much of a lead in these woods when he
stumbled upon a young kender girl. She was alone in the forest and he
stumbled upon her still deep in conversation with himself. Without missing
a beat the two quickly started to get to know each other over a breakfast of
cake. The girl couldnt have been much older then him. Being much better at
the civilian process of introductions with a handshake, something hed seen a
couple of times but had always assumed The Captain was exchanging goods.

He told the young girl his tale, of searching for his family, of having been
a pirate, leaving out some of the more grisly details, after All she was a
young girl. She suggested he post a notice in some of the kingdoms, that
someone might know his parents. He was slightly ashamed to admit that he
had never learned to write. The kender girl was more then happy to write
the message for him.

Swilt paced having come up with the places they might be to address the
parchment to, I am looking for my parents, signed Swilt Tumblewater. He
nodded his approval of the short statement. Something changed in the girl,
she stopped her writing and began to circle him as if seeing him for the
first time. As if some childrens story, like some faerie tale, the two soon
realized the family he was looking for was standing right before him, she
was a Tumblewater as well.

Swilt pulled the small cloth doll he had carried with him his whole life.
Talyn, he read the name on the back of the doll.

You took my doll? His new found sister was still smiling.

You were a baby and never cared about it. You can have it back. Swilt
offered out the only piece of his past hed ever known.

I never really cared for dolls, Talyn giggled.

Me either, I mean I am a pirate. Swilt laughed, tossing the keepsake over
his shoulder. Looking at the light brown of her hair, the moss green of her
eyes, her nose, her chin, he didnt know how he hadnt seen it right away.
Finally he had a family.

Writer: Rellinath

Date Thu May 28 02:39:45 2015

To All althainia imm RP

Subject Falling...

Subtle changes are usually the hardest to catch. Especially in yourself.

Rellinath didn't notice the changes in his mannerisms, his bright outlook on
life, his usual jovial behavior, his joking manner with the other officers,
at least not at first. But as the days wore on, the dark circles under his
eyes from lack of restful sleep getting worse, even he began to notice
something was wrong, but he didn't know what to do about it. Right now, he
didn't have much of a choice but to be strong. Between rebuilding
Althainia's military, the preparations for the city for the possible goblin
invasion and the other whispered threats that had reached their ears, and
caring for Mahalia in the wake of the wargames, not to mention the stresses
the others, especially Empress Aliera were under... Someone had to be
strong for them.

The preparations to the city were coming along well enough, at least, so
something was going right. He noted with some satisfaction as somme of his
defensive measures began going into palce. If the goblins tried to repeat
last year's fiasco for Head on a Pike Day, they'd be in for a rough time,
and hopefully the memory of it would help keep them at bay for years to
come. But osme of the other plans weren't going so well. Rell knew that
Feronious would refuse the idea he'd come up with to make sure Saelaira was
protected... Despite Sae's insistence that Feronious was a good man at
heart and he just hadn't been given a chance, Rell knew that at the very
least the man was stubborn to a fault. But he hadn't predicted how
viciously he would refuse. Sometimes he found it hard to believe the man
was truly a devout of Austinian, because he surely didn't act the part,
aside from being preachy. And to make matters worse on that regard, he had
decided to internalize the insults, believing that nothing productive would
be accomplished in reporting it, only to have the insults repaid yet again.
As Rellinath led the brave men of the Imperial Althainian Military against
one of their most dangerous foes, Feronious had stood in the city streets,
blatantly and openly, slandering their efforts in the city streets for all
to hear. And yet Rell couldn't touch him... And he knew it. They both

And then there was Mahalia. The wargames had not been kind to her, the
near-death experience and moral trauma she'd suffered such a shock to her
that at first she'd even struck out at Rell at times, not recognizing who he
was. Even now, she slept most of the time, and sometimes the nightmares she
had were so vicious that she woke up screaming in the night, thinking she
was back in the Shadow Grove about to be killed, and each night Rell held
her and spoke to her and calmed her down until she went back to sleep as he
lay there, wide awake and worrying.

Subtle changes are usually the hardest to catch, but when you do catch them,
what do you do about them if they're the result of something you have no
choice but to do? Rell didn't know how to fix this, any of it. He didn't
have much of a choice in the matter. He had to be the oak standing
defiantly in the storm, refusing to yield. He had to keep pressing forward,
keep working, and hopefully things would fix themselves soon enough. They
needed him now, All of them. He had to be there for them.

What he did not realize was just how close he really was to cracking. And
when he did, who was going to be there for him?

Writer: Kinnar

Date Thu May 28 16:26:11 2015

Writer: Ruydiez
Date Fri May 29 00:32:11 2015

Writer: Niantha
Date Fri May 29 09:55:26 2015

To All imm fatale RP

Subject The Game (1/2)

Niantha looked at her captives, taking long, deliberate steps as she
surveyed them. The young man and woman stared up at her, eyes wide with
panic, from the chairs to which they were bound. She'd tricked them,
promising them shelter from the storm that raged this evening, and then used
her magic to render them unconscious before hauling them off and tying them
to chairs in the small, unused cabin in the woods. She was sure nobody
living knew about the place, the owner, an elderly woodsman, having granted
Niantha shelter a year or so ago from a storm very much like this one, a
decision she was sure he regretted as his blood stained the hardwood floor.
But he'd been lucky, in a way. His death had been quick, an act of impulse,
before she'd learned to play with them before breaking them. A few more
passes back and forth, and then she stopped her pacing, intrigued to catch a
momentary flick of the young man's eyes towards the girl. Her gaze followed
the motion, looking over at her other victim, the eyes on this one pleading.
The man, not much beyond a boy really, spoke up, drawing Nia's attention
back to him.

"Let her go. You can do wahtever you want with me, just let her go! "

Ooh. This could be fun. She turned her gaze back to the boy, her brows
arching inquisitively.

"She is your sweetheart? Your sister? Some relation of yours, then? "

"My childhood friend. Please, let her go. I'll do anything. "

"Friend? Is that all? Surely there had to have been more? "

The look in his eyes betrayed it. The girl may not have known it, but the
spark of love was there, plain for Niantha to see. This could be VERY fun,
especially since she saw no such emotion in the eyes of the girl.

"I see. There was not. But you wanted more. A love unrequitted, how
delicious! I'll tell you what, you've piqued my interest. I will make you
a deal. "

She slipped around the side of the man's chair, his horrified gaze following
her every motion as she slid behind the young woman, who began struggling
violently at her bonds, terror welling up in her eyes and a scream tearing
its way from her throat as Niantha's dagger dropped... And cut her bonds.

"Your life, boy, for hers. If she entertains me, I will release her. But I
see no reason for you to die so unfulfilled after making such a brave offer.
So you, girl, you will kiss him, so that he does not die without knowing at
least a taste of that which he so desired from life, and then you will
entertain me by killing him. And in doing so, you will earn your freedom.
You may show him as much mercy as you wish. If you do not, you will both
die, and I will make it as long and agonizing as my skill permits. And I
assure you, my lovelies, I have practiced much. Do we have a deal?"

(continued next note)

Writer: Niantha

Date Fri May 29 10:03:50 2015

To All imm fatale RP

Subject The Game (2/2)

The girl's eyes welled up with tears as Niantha pressed a handle of wood
into her hands, a tiny razor-sharp blade adorning the end, and then sank
back into a chair in the corner of the room. The young man looked up at his
beloved and nodded, once, painting a brave look on his face as the look of
fear in his eyes was replaced with something else, and Niantha's lips curled
into a wicked smile as the girl drew closer to him. The girl kissed him,
and her shoulders began to heave with sobs as he groaned softly, his body
tensing for a few moments before dropping limp into his bonds. The girl
pulled back from him, blood staining her hands as the boy's head lolled
back, vacant gaze staring upwards at the ceiling. The single, surgical cut
that the girl had delivered to end his life was well-placed to Niantha's
practiced gaze, brining death almost painlessly to the boy. The girl's
heaving stopped as her ears perked up to the sound of Niantha rising from
her chair, the sharp tone of slow clapping fading and being replaced by the
sinister note of steel against leather and soft, almost mocking laughter.
The girl turned and her eyes locked to the steel in Niantha's hand, the
dagger she held in hand turning over slowly, ever so slowly as she
approached the girl. The strength in the girl's body failed her, and she
sank to her knees, the tiny blade which might have permitted some feeble
defense falling from numb fingers and clattering across the floor as she
took short, gasping breaths. As Niantha slid behind her, she managed to
stammer a few words to the vicious woman.

"But... But you said you'd let me go! "

Niantha's next step brought her fully behind the girl, close enough to press
herself to the girl's back, and her free hand siezed the girl's hair,
roughly yanking her head back and exposing her throat. Her lips quirked an
evil smile down into the girl's face, her own gaze catching the girl's
suddenly panic-stricken eyes as she corrected her mistake, revealing the
game behind the promise.

"No. I did not. I said you would earn your freedom, and that I would
release you. "

The dagger flashed.

Writer: Thaydius

Date Fri May 29 14:53:00 2015

To All Araaduli ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject The Power of Siccara

The Gods of Algoron spread their power out over whole domains that could
use their combined applications to replace the single hand of one of the
divine. Some were granted more power than others. The deeper their
connection to the Gods, the stronger their aura felt in the vast, crowded
space of spirits. Divine Messengers in particular caused something of a
singularity with their presence. To the sensitive, one could sense their
arrival from vast distances. They would be looking into a fragment of the
true essence of the lords and ladies of Algoron, the only glimpse this world
ever had into the beyond.

Thus, Thaydius felt the presence of the Messenger and saw it as a glorious
sunburst of golden light mixed into a constant stream of gold and red
washing over each other. And so he approached, tracing the outlines of the
rifts of magic in the sky and depositing himself into them, warping off into
the streams and emerging in the lands of Althainia. Elves had gathered with
the Angel to disperse whatever minor threat had surfaced. Araaduli was
never one to shy from conflict. Thaydius attributed that to Araaduli's
past, one that he tried not to imagine, himself. But his Mother could not
stand suffering and so she gave unto the Angel. It gave him a tremendous
understanding of the nature of Siccara, one that Thaydius could appreciate,
as she had given him a great gift as well.

As he admired the charity and purity of his Mother, he felt an ethereal hand
press onto his shoulder. All at once, the power of Siccara flowed into his
body. The tempest of divine energy that he struggled to contain arranged
itself neatly within his Titanic frame, harmonious and warm. To be so close
to the source of his power gave him the sort of clairvoyance that moved
mortals to conduct their greatest works. He saw the world through new eyes,
with his body glowing in the radiance of a Goddess's love made into energy
that had no limit.

It has been a long time, Messenger. You have brought me closer to my Mother
than I have been since I spoke with her in the Vallenwoods.

Thaydius studied his glowing hands, the light from them rich and vigorous.

Your faith is absolute. It is the least that I can do.

What does one do with such power? Do they lead a charge against the forces
of darkness? Do they gather an endless stream of magical weapons to
contribute to enchantors and allied factions to bolster their efforts? This
was the power of Siccara, devoted to the relief of the great suffering of
this world. He knew exactly what he had to do. He had people to heal.
With careful ears he listened, searching out the pure of heart so that he
might share the love given unto him.

Writer: Rikam

Date Fri May 29 20:59:46 2015

To All Verminasia Roleplay

Subject The Mistress of Brawlers (1/2)

What Rikam loved best about the Charlatan Guildmistress--in fact, what he loved
about All good Verminasian women--was that she pulled no punches when it came to
telling him what he needed to hear.

"You're utter crap for a swordsman, Oneiroi," she would say. "Your leg is
rubbish, your balance is wrong, you're slow, you're sloppy, and, frankly, you're
too bloody stupid to fight clever with a blade.

"Hey now!" Rikam shot back, "There's a fair difference between cleverness
and smarts, and a lack of one has never kept me from the other. I'll have ya know
that I was the Masked Master's prized pupil back when I was a lad.

Rikam heard the crack of the staff against his head before anything else. It was
like someone had clapped two blocks of wood right next to his ears and snuffed
out All the lights at the same time. He didn't remember everything going black,
but he sure as hell noticed the crackling sparks of his vision returning as he
struggled to pick himself up off the floor. He didn't really remember hitting the
floor either, when he thought about it. He was far too distracted by the skull
splitting pain that settled in where the Mistress struck him. It felt like she'd
bored her pointed nails into his skull and gave it a good twist.

"You're no lad anymore, Eteap, and you damn well know it." The Verminasian
word for "idiot" stung his pride in a way only a very few people could manage. He
did not especially like that it had become his name in her seedy bar. "Now pull
your arse off my floor and grab a staff. It's time you learn how to fight

Rikam staggered up to his feet and shot a cross-eyed glare at his new teacher.
'Don't need to fight with no bloody walkin' stick," he tried to mutter, but
the words only managed to spill out unintelligibly, thick and soupy as a drunken
slur. The Mistress tapped her staff impatiently against the weapon rack. Her eyes
were cold, faintly amused, and ready.

Writer: Rikam

Date Fri May 29 21:00:29 2015

To All Verminasia Roleplay

Subject The Mistress of Brawlers (2/2)

'Give me All your pretty flourishes and fencers' tricks," the Mistress said
as she sparred with her pupil, "and I'll break through each of them with a
firm, decisive stroke. Punch, Eteap! Punch with one hand, pull back with the
" And to illustrate her point, she cracked him twice on the head and once
on the side of each knee. Rikam's own staff fell limply out of his hands as he
crumpled to the ground.

"It's not...You're too..." He tried uselessly to defend himself between
gasping breaths.

"It's not a bloody sword, Eteap. Stop holding it like one. I've seen you in the
boxing ring. I know you can throw a punch.

Rikam planted the butt of the staff onto the ground and pushed himself back up to
his feet with a grunt. "What's wrong with fists, then? Or even knife brawling,
eh? I can manage that well enough.

The Mistress rolled her eyes and set to inspecting her pointed fingernails.
"Versitility, Eteap, is what you're here to learn. You're not a swordsman. You
sure as shite aren't a magician. Your hands are quick enough, but you've got no
grace. You're a brawler, through and through, but you're also a scrawny, runty,
spit of a thing with a crooked limp and pudding for brains.

"Stop, stop, I get it." Rikam waved the words away with a indignant frown.
Not because they were insulting, but because they were so infuriatingly true.

"My point is, Oneiroi, that if you're gonna be a brawler, use a brawler's
weapon. A walking stick, as you call it, is unassuming enough until you split a
fellow's head with it, or jab it into his gut. It's got All the reach of a sword,
and a million extra ways you can use it.
" She beckoned him forward with the
slightest gesture from her hand. A wry, wicked grin played at her lips. "Now.
Again. Land a blow and I might just teach you how to stack a deck of cards."

Inwardly, Rikam chuckled. What a devilish flirt she was. He couldn't possibly say

Writer: Asgeir

Date Fri May 29 21:22:03 2015

To All Derigimus Nordmaar ( storyline rp imm admin )

Subject The time draws near

The evening drew near. The last of the day's sun crept trough the window
and shone on Asgier's simple desk within the Dungeon of the Horde.

"The soujorn is near complete, long has my time been away from Thaagard

Asgeir reaches into his trunk and stares a moment, seeing the dull glint of
gold. Reaching into the trunk, he grabs the crown and begins to polish the
tarnish off of the metal.

"Looks like it is time to take my seat upon the throne of Nordmaar once

Asgeir looks into the crown as though it speaks to him, nods solemnly and
places the crown upon his head.

Writer: Indilwen

Date Sat May 30 08:28:16 2015

Writer: Eszka

Date Sat May 30 15:01:55 2015

To All Arkane

Subject Dreaming the Past

There was an abundant green smell All around her, her sleeping swing, her
mother frightened, her father tossing her from the burning tree to land
among the loamy ground. She awoke with a strangled cry, her hand lifted,
reaching for her father and mother. Eszka panted, blinking in the pre-dawn
light that pierced the leafy abode. She pressed her hands against her
chest, willing herself to calm, breathe.

"I should not have tried to come back to see. " She told herself in the
dusky alcove. "I should have stayed in Arkane and forgotten. "

She rose, brushing her robe, running a hand through her dark curls. Her
hair was damp from sweat, a sour smell accompanied the alcove. Eszka ran
her eyes over the room, almost laughing with incredulity.

"I will never come here again. I will never speak of our kind or their ways
again. I will become something new.

She stepped out of the alcove of dark green and let herself drop off the
tree, stretching her wings before she fit the ground, using the air to push
herself upwards beyond the canopy. Her iridescent wing shimmered in the
dawn as she glances down one last time. She flapped her wings twice and
then took the updraft to soar above the tree and ocean.

Writer: Jadelyn

Date Sun May 31 23:32:26 2015

Writer: Jadelyn

Date Sun May 31 23:37:35 2015

Writer: Jadelyn

Date Sun May 31 23:44:18 2015

Writer: Leadero

Date Mon Jun 1 00:41:49 2015

To All Liviya Niamah

Subject Midnight Introductions, The Lioness

The fire crackled in the heart, spreading its light and its heat about
the room. Despite the early stages of summer elsewhere, the warmth of the
season had not yet made its way into the manor. Most especially the stone
walls that were shielded from the windows by heavy drapes. For this
particular eve, the drapes were pulled back, exposing a view of the gardens
illuminated by moonlight and starlight.

Leadero tugged at his freshly acquired dress clothes, making certain that
all was in order for nearly the twentieth time. After so long in the
desert, living in his training gear and leisure clothes, he had forgotten
the feel of the fine stitching and softer materials. He had quickly become
re-acquainted, however, with the way such garments restricted his movements
and seemed to constantly creep out of place. The fact that he was being
made to wait alone had absolutely nothing to do with the fidgeting.

At the sound of the front door opening, he turned his back to the windows
and moved to stand near the set of chairs that were neatly arranged before
the fire. The door closed and the sound of muffled footsteps filled his
ears a moment before the door to the library swung open. With grace, two
women entered.

One was familiar to him. His mother moved a bit stiffly, but her inherent
grace was evident, and the cane that he had gifted her was clearly becoming
second nature rather than a practiced gesture. Her black attire was, as
always, pristinely washed and pressed, fitted with perfect elegance upon her
form despite the years and pains she now carried. He smiled and bowed in
his way and as he rose, his mother stepped aside, allowing the light
available to fall upon the figure that entered behind Liviya.

As his eyes landed upon the woman, whose hair reminded him of a golden
lion's mane, he felt something odd in his chest, for surely she was the
loveliest of females he had ever beheld. She stood tall, over six feet, and
proud. Her shoulders were not drawn like most noblewomen, but squared like
his own - set in the ways of a soldier. A warrior. The eyes that held his
own were the color of a mountain spring and unabashed in their direct stare.
She dipped a curtsey to him and he noticed the easy movements of her body.
The assurance, the easy flow of muscle beneath what little skin was exposed.

As the woman rose, she grinned at him, eyes sparkling as she seemed to hold
back a laugh and he slowly realized that Liviya was glaring at him. He had
missed what she had said. He grunted loudly and shifted from foot to foot.

"Sorry, mahmen, " he offered, and received an eyeroll in return, along with
an exasperated sigh.

"As I was saying: I have found a woman of suitable virtue, vice, and
temperament. Perhaps you will take a liking to her, as well. I will allow
you to perform your own introductions as I need to go and speak with
" Liviya said. Leadero kissed his mother on the cheek, and then
Liviya departed, leaving him alone with the woman with glacial eyes.

"Your mother already told me your name, " she began with a playful smile.
"My name is Niamah. "

As she offered him her hand, Leadero accepted the grasp and found it strong
and sure. As he turned the grip so that he could bow and lightly kiss her
knuckles, he said, "I am pleased to meet you. " What surprised him most of
all, however, was that he found the words to be true.

Writer: Pardo

Date Mon Jun 1 21:37:23 2015

Writer: Liviya

Date Tue Jun 2 03:06:27 2015

To Feronius Aliera Mercerion Rikam Telthian Arkane All ( Damerus Imm Religion Necrucifer )

Subject Hallelujah

I did my best. It wasn't much. I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch.
I've told the truth; I didn't come to fool ya. And even though it all
went wrong, I'll stand before the Lord of Song with nothing on my tongue
but 'Hallelujah.' - Leonard Cohen

* * *

'What will He take from you?' A pause. 'Everything, I imagine.'

The question and its follow-up rolled in Liviya's mind, tossing around and
tripping over itself like grains of rice in a pot of boiling water.

And indeed, so He had. Just when she had gotten comfortable with her
understanding of what it meant to be Evil. Just when the world had made sense.
The man she loved was dead, and it was probably ultimately her fault. Everyone
else was certainly sure of that.

The sentences of Arkane's guilds tricked in one at a time. Each one busywork.
Each one salt in a raw, open wound. A debt she was expected to pay to society
in spite of the pain in her barely-mended bones and the absence in her soul.
Yet she couldn't leave. She cleaved to the home she had in Arkane, because she
had nothing else. Darkness didn't respect her. Light didn't trust her. And the
God she had served with love and devotion wanted only her misery.

Damerus had made Liviya human. He had challenged and complicated her, and the
pedestal upon which she had stood in her youth was crumbled to dust below her

She had argued to Schwartz once that she was a better priest for it. She had
spent her time among the saints, but found her work a lot more rewarding when
rolling in the mud with the sinners.

Now, her mind lingered on the tale of a nun on Shokono who had lost her faith
in the Gods- not in Their existence, of course, but in Their vision for the
world. Yet she had stayed with her order because of the value she saw in their
work, the service they did to the people. With the name of her lord on her lips,
she had continued unto death, not for the gods but for the world. For the first
time, Liviya understood it.

It was idiotic to have a crisis of faith at her age- at her rank. But at the
core of Evil was a self-serving nature, and she didn't care much at All for
a God- or, at least, an Avatar- who had decided after three decades and one
previous promotion that her methods of spreading corruption were unsuitable.
For the first time in her life, she hated Necrucifer. Fortunately, it was
very likely that He did not care, as long as her service continued.

Then again, every time she thought she knew Him, Talmont threw a wrench into
the clockworks, grinding her very existence to an unpleasant, screeching halt.

She was too old for this. Too tired, too sore. Too jaded.

She didn't remember the last time she had prayed. It had probably been too long.
She didn't really care.

And the Cardinal sat cross-legged on the platform in the temple she had built,
wishing she could find her faith before anyone noticed it was missing.

Writer: Euterah

Date Tue Jun 2 16:12:42 2015

Writer: Euterah

Date Tue Jun 2 16:13:32 2015

Writer: Euterah

Date Tue Jun 2 16:33:16 2015

Writer: Daeymon

Date Tue Jun 2 17:11:14 2015

Writer: Euterah

Date Tue Jun 2 23:41:53 2015

Writer: Euterah

Date Wed Jun 3 18:01:24 2015

Writer: Euterah

Date Wed Jun 3 18:01:37 2015

Writer: Thaydius

Date Wed Jun 3 22:57:14 2015

To All ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject The Light

The web of golden energy stretched out over the entirety of Algoron, laid
out before Thaydius's cosmic eyes as he observed between realms with his
feet set on ancient stone. He regarded the millions of souls beneath,
feeling their hearts beat and hearing the whispers on their breath. An
endless stream of prayers layering over his mind, floating along his
attention and committed to memory. They wanted the strength to go on. They
asked for the wisdom to know how to find a better future. They wanted each
other to be safe. He heard them ask for simple and complex things.

A great deal of strife had met the mortals of goodness as of late. But it
was difficult to make out what he was watching through the vaults of mortal
logic. Is this the death of the Light? Or is it the birth of a new Light?
He thought back to when he learned the issues of making the perfect the
enemy of the good, many years ago. When the children of the Manor
progressed through Althainia unchecked, he felt a tiny whisper of the Peace
his Aunt had left behind. But he knew that the Slayers themselves would not
change. A decision like this planted the seeds that might bring change
later, casting the followers of goodness in a better light. All of this
noise about the law, about his Uncle and whether or not it was acceptable to
house the Slayers because of how they might treat others meant nothing to

The actions of others had no bearing on what he did. What was right was
right. It was not the words of the Empress that convinced him. It was not
even the words of the Angel that convinced him. He looked over his shoulder
and he saw his Mother, far away and in the sky, and he saw in those eyes the
memories of Kadiya resting on the surface. Someone would need to give
something up. The church of Siccara understood this selflessness. Of
course the Slayers were bad people. He wondered what the Empress herself
might offer the citizens of Althainia if they somehow managed to corner him
and carved his heart out. How would she convince them that it was right to
help these Slayers after they had murdered the Son of Siccara? It was not
likely to come to that, but he figured something like that might collapse
the gesture itself, if they continued to believe it was something so fragile
as law.

But mortals don't see the Light so plainly as one with the blood of a god.
And his unique perspective had always given him guidance. The Knights of
Gareth had resisted the change. He believed they were doing what they
thought was right. They All were. And some of them acted correctly, but
for the wrong reasons. The Light must shine on this world. On All of it.
Was this state of the Light better than the one before it? Or the one
before that? Well, leave that to Grandfather to decide. Thaydius had hope.
He always had hope.

Writer: Cytrina
Date Thu Jun 4 01:09:22 2015

To All Magni'fae and Sebatis ( Imm RP Religion )

Subject A Topsy Turvy World, The Befuddled Pixie

"Maybe there's too many pixies All over the world, now," I said to my
companion. As they had done for most of the night, they sat silently,
watching me with steady eyes. It made sense, considering it was a late hour
and the moons were beginning their downward arc through the sky. Everyone
was a bit loopy.

Sighing deeply, I let my wings fold and relax behind me, enjoying my seat on
the silk pillow. It was as though the fluffy material was attempting to
swallow me whole, like some sort of toothless, lumpy critter bent on forcing
me into early slumber. With a follow-up yawn, I rubbed at my eyes and gave
my head a shake, determined to follow up on my logic.

"Think about it," I insisted, though it evoked no further reaction in my
listener. "Malachive enjoys Chaos, and he destroyed the homes of bakali,
ariel, orcs and pixies. The bakali attempted to overthrow New Thalos, the
ariels are flying All over the place and stirring up allergies with those
big, feather wings, and orcs are running amok on every continent. Even
going crazy enough to join Malachive, go figure, right? And then you have
us, the beautiful, intelligent and lovable pixies with one itsy bitsy
problem: DUST!

"I mean, I love my dust and who wouldn't!? But I really think that us
pixies being All over the world might be causing everything to go whack-o!
Take, for example, All the things I've seen in the very short time since I
moved to New Thalos.

"First, you have that silly business where MORTALS somehow think they have
the gall to tell dragons to bend knee. Right!? Cause like... They're
mortals and they're nothing more than specks, or the blink of an eye, to a
dragon - a DIVINE BEING!! Those people in Justice and Knighthood have to be
off their father-given-rockers! Oh, and then there's Althainia... Y'know,
someone told me that Empress of theirs is actually the offspring of a mortal
and a dragon? So, that... That right there is just really weird. But say
it is true, and she has allowed SLAYERS into Althainia - those guys who kill
dragons for no reason I can understand - but the last I checked Knighthood
wasn't welcomed? What is up with that?"

At this point, I had to stop and get myself a drink. It really doesn't do
any good to go on a tirade and have a dry mouth, you know.

"And THEN, oh ho - and then, we have the fact that I was talking to a very
nice elf, his name is Neurion, and while I was, a GOLD dragon flew in and
just attacked him for no reason. None that I could figure out, at least. I
though Golds were supposed to be like Paladins, y'know? Always protecting
the Light and the Goodness, but he just attacks this good elf and when the
elf gets some back up, the Gold just flies away and vanishes. "I've seen an
Althainian carrying around a bunch of dung, heard rumors that the Queens of
Abaddon are awake, been spat at by a dwarf and befriended a giant ogre.
I've met a talking kitty cat, met a Highland Queen and one of her sons, a
pirate that isn't a pirate, the King of Darkonin, whom gifted me a very nice
mold sorbet I might add; I've scribed for a blue dragon and even asked an
angel for his feather!

"But I just don't get it... And I really think Malachive is to blame for
destroying pixie homes and making pixies explore everywhere. I bet if there
wasn't so much pixie dust, amazing as it is, then the world would behave the
way it is SUPPOSED to!"

With that, rant done, I flopped back into the pillows and stared at the
ceiling. Sometimes, it's lonely being a smart pixie. Especially in a world
bent on standing on its head.

Writer: Boof
Date Thu Jun 4 08:51:11 2015

To All ( Devion Imm Rp )

Subject (Sory Time with Uncle Boof) (Part 1)

Monolith Square was a mess of goblins and goblinkin, making their way
into the monolith, carrying on rituals that had been with them since before
they had been devastated by Althainia. Today however there was gathered a
small crowd of weepy eyed, snot nosed, squabbling children. Boof was there
to tell a story!

"Come children and sit on Uncle Boof's lap while himz tellz der tale ub der
originz ub der feud between himz sweet Lord Devion and der wicked stinker

The children scuttled to jostle for the best postion, seemingly at Boofs
feet, which were now covered by two dirty, ratting toothy little girls and a
scowling, sniffling young boy who wrapped an arm around Boofs leg, deterring
anyone from moving him. The other children ranged around, most notable a
baby troll, who towered over the children even at his tender age. Boof held
up his hands to garner their attention.

Long time ago, der was many many Godz, and themz were great and powerful and
was der best ub friendz. Der two best friendz were Nadrik and Devion.
of the children scoffed, the others joined in loosing epitaphs and swears
and choice words their parents had taught them, cursing the name of Nadrik.

Devion is der great and powerful Lord ub comedy, and wine, and habin fun!
Himz iz der toughest and most handsome ub All der Godz. Himz friend Nadrik
is a weak and tricksy thing, himz wantz ter control der world in der name ub
himz silly Honor. Himz lies and himz is very very mean!

The children All agreed, several voiced their opinion by starting a booger

One day, der Nadrik was jealous ub sweet sweet Zandreya and himz best
friend, der wonderful Lord Devion. So himz devised a plan. Zandreya and
Devion was ter be wed, and demz was very very happy tegether. All der Godz
said dems were der cutest couple eber!

One child made a gagging noise, suddenly there was a chorus of cries, Gross!
Poop ta weddings! Kissing is fer girls!
This brought on a rounding
argument between the genders at who liked kissing more. Boof had to
separate a few of the feistier children from pounding on each other. He got
them to settle and listen once more.

On demz wedding day der Lord Devion was distraught! Himz could not find
himz bride no matter where himz looked!

The children looked at each other, puzzled by this, werent they the cutest
couple ever? How could this be. They listened with rapt attention now, a
few mouths open wide enough for flies to land in.

Der filthy cur Nadrik had captured poor Zandreya and kidnapped her!
Stealin' her away ter himz stinky bright lair where himz tortured der poor
gobboz and shaved demz poor dwarfiez ter turn dem inter mulz.

The baby troll erupted into a tantrum and the other children hastily got out
of the way before they got sat on or worse.

Now calm down Thuhd, Boof hab told himz dat Lord Devion iz der toughest and
most powerful God ub dems all. Himz will see.
At this Thuhd let out
another wail and then stuck his filthy thumb in his mouth, listening again,
frowning as he sucked. Lord Devion is very wise, wise beyond compare. Himz
knew ub der stink ub der Nadrik and himz borrowed himz father'z dog ter
track down himz stink. Finally, after much toil and hardship himz arrived
at der lair. Nadrik heard sweet Lord Devion outside himz lair and himz
called out. "Youz will not get mez precious play thing, herz is mine fer
all ub eternity!

Der Nadrik were very very vain, as himz were ugly and stupid and very weak.
Our great hero Lord Devion knew dis. So himz said: "Der filth! Mez has der
riddle fer himz and mez will wager himz iz far too stupid ter answer it!
Iff'n himz answerz mez riddle right den mez will leave mez bride and himz
can hab her fer eternity! If himz is wrong, himz must give up mez sweet
Zandreya and himz must get punched in der face!

Cheers and laughter burst from the children.

(To Be Continued)

Writer: Boof

Date Thu Jun 4 08:57:35 2015

To All ( Devion Imm Rp )

Subject (Story Time with Uncle Boof) (Part 2)

(... Continued)

Ter dis Nadrik raged, "Mez is not dumb! " himz cried, "Mez will show himz
that HIMZ is der dumb one!

Ter dis Devion grinned, himz had der perfect riddle cause himz is so wise.

"Very well den! Iz very simple, himz has one minute ter answer! Der is a
house! One enterz it blind, but when demz comez out demz can see! What is

Nadrik drooled as himz attempted ter make himz puny and weak brain work.
After thirty seconds himz realized himz could not answer dis, and himz began
ter fly enter der fit ub rage once more. Himz screamed, "Der is no such
house, himz is der liar!" Flying out of der lair ter attack our sweet Lord
Devion, der Nadrik swung himz sword wide!

An audible gasp came from the children, one of the girls at Boofs feet hid
her face in Boof robe.

But Devion was nowhere ter be seen. And then, from the shadows Devion
answered, "Der answer is der school! ", and himz punched der Nadrik in himz
fat dumb face!

The children let forth squeals of laughter, cackles of delight, clapping and

Den himz save himz precious Lady Zandreya and together themz rode off inter
der sunset, libbing happily eber after. The end. Der lesson is ter not be
prideful like der wicked Nadrik, and ter go ter school like der wonderful
lord Devion.

The children cheered, crowding around Boof, touching Boofs robes and
anything else they could get their hands on, All wondering when the next
storytime would take place.

Writer: Euterah

Date Thu Jun 4 21:21:06 2015

To All Darkonin ( Imm Sunny )

Subject What Plan.

Euterah sat in the middle of the pentagram, the candle lighted on All the
points. She relaxed, letting herself ponder over the festival she was
planning. A blood blond, such a thing she had never attempted. It would be
to the honor of the gods she could accomplish it. She fidgeted within the
circle, trying to focus on the plans ahead.

A festival of such manner required dedication to the dark lords, she felt
she lacked the essence of what that meant. She let her head rest on the
cool cavern floor, feeling the hard rock of the mountain. The substantial
mass that sat under her, she let herself drift.

She dreamt of a different past completely.

Writer: Euterah

Date Fri Jun 5 00:34:12 2015

To All Darkonin ( Imm Sunny )

Subject What Past.

She woke up upon a bundle of rags, groggy, sniffing the rank air. She
inhaled deeper, loam, fungus, decay and some herbs. What was it? Ah
fennel, the fennel, she remembered her mother had hung it there in the
rafters to dry. She stretched, her rough cotton tunic scratchy, so she
scratched. She wriggled about getting out of the nest of sleep.

She frowned, faltering. Then shook it off and went to the cracked piece of
mirror above a stagnant bowl of water, clean water was so scarce. They were
very fortunate to be blessed with the ability to survive here, a blessing
from their creator Dragoth. A blessing.

She splashed water onto her face, scrubbing her skin with her hands. Today
her and mother were going to visit Father at the Monolith. She peered into
the mirror, smoothing her arched brows and plucking her pale cheeks to
create a darkening of green.

She dressed in her best shift, picking at the threads on her hem. Wrapping
her dread-locked hair into a pony tail at the base of her neck, she peered
into the mirror once more, satisfied she climbed down the ladder from her
loft to move to the kitchen. Her mother was there, busily making some
breakfast of bird eggs and mushrooms. She ate and joined her mother and
grandmother outside. The paths were lined with the nutrient dung, so many
mushrooms and fungus grew. They had to hurry or they would be late

Euterah spotted her father first, pointing and waving, calling out. Her
father, a ragged figure, beaming in the glorious maturation of materials on
his body. They entered the Great Monolith together to honor their Lord,
their god who made them able to survive.

Euterah stumbled again, trying to shake the feeling that this wasnt real.
This was real. They were All there.

She raised her head, a moment past. She came to focus on the caverns low
flickering light.

Writer: Crystallis

Date Sat Jun 6 00:11:54 2015

To All Verminasia Vadol Marcaus Imm Rp

Subject Tha'Dhal: Gnomish Vocabulary

'The gnomes speak so quickly, I do not know if I will ever master their
, ' Evadora Ryndyll Kel'sef spoke slowly to her mother in gnomish.
Crystallis smiled at her daughter as she sat next to her, looking over a
parchment containing various phrases the young dark elf had written in the
gnomish language.

'Your vocabulary is very good, dear, and once you are used to it the words
will come more quickly
, ', she replied, her own skill in the gnomish
langauge mastered, 'besides, my darling, these are deep gnomes, they do not
speak near as quickly as their scatterbrained cousins.

A light but rapid knock came at the door interrupting Evadora's vocabulary
lesson. Crystallis sighed, slightly annoyed, handing the parchment back to
her daughter who looked relieved by the disruption. A small grin formed
over the Baroness' lips, 'You were planning to write a missive to your
father today, yes?
' Evadora nodded, smiling brightly at the thought of her
beloved father. 'Good, ' Crystallis added with a nod, 'You will be writing
it in gnomish
. ' Evadora's smile faded as quickly as it came, she reached
for a parchment and dipped her quill in a bottle of ink, 'Yes, mother', she
replied with a soft sigh.

Crystallis brushed her daughter's white hair away from her face as she
gently cupped her cheek, smiling at her in adoration. 'Your father and I
care for you more than anything, Eva, and we will provide you with the
finest of educations. Though you may not always enjoy it... It is for the
best, my darling.
' The young dark elf nodded, 'I know, mother, ' she
replied in elvish, glancing at the door as another rapid tap echoed across
the Eva's private classroom.

With an annoyed sigh, Crystallis turned from her daughter and with a wave of
the enchantress' hand the wooden door swung open quickly, slamming soundly
against the wall. A tiny deep gnome stood behind the door, eyes wide with
surprise, his tiny fist in the air, prepared to knock once more.
'B-b-baroness, ' he stammered nervously, looking up at his still clenched
fist he quickly dropped it, placing it behind his back. 'The trees have
been removed.. Th-they are now floating down the river to the village as
you requested
. '

The dark elf gave the tiny gnome a pleased smile, 'Wonderful news, Draklyn.
The Baron and I are very happy with your work', she spoke to the gnome in
his native language, 'and what of the soil? ' Becoming more relaxed, the
gnome straightened his back and gave a proud smile, 'It is being prepared
now, Baroness, and will be ready for the cocoa trees tomorrow morning.
Crystallis nodded at the gnome, 'Keep up the good work, my daughter and I
shall be there tomorrow morning. She will be aiding in the planting process
as part of her lessons.
' The gnome tipped his head in farewell to the
Baroness turning on a heel, departing from the doorway.

Evadora looked up from her missive to her father, 'Why are the discarded
trees floating down the river to the village, mother?
' Crystallis waved
her hand, closing the door, softly this time. 'Because we are high elves,
Eva, we are not savages
, she explained to her daughter. 'The villagers need
the trees for the lumber and will make good use of it. We need nature on
our side to ensure our cocoa trees prosper and are plentiful with fruit. We
need to not anger Zandreya.

Evadora tilted her head at her mother, 'But do we not worship the Mistress
' Taking her seat to her daughter once more, she nodded as she
replied, 'We most certainly do, my dear, but that does not mean that the
other Gods do not exist.
' Crystallis scooted her chair closer to her
daughter, peering over her shoulder at the parchment, 'Now.. Let's see what
you have written so far. '

Writer: Isabel

Date Sun Jun 7 15:15:41 2015

Writer: Khorvash

Date Sun Jun 7 22:16:31 2015

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Mon Jun 8 17:56:06 2015

To All Althainia Arkane Nordmaar Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom imm rp Scorn Austinian Zandreya Ehl'din

Subject Defending the Tower ''Odyssey'' (Chapter Four: Part One)


'Hrmm? Ah don wanna... Grmshhm... ZzzZZZzzzzzz.... '


'Hrm.... *snort* huh? Hey! You scallywags keep it down out thar! Yer
Captain be in repose! '

Several seconds of silence followed, allowing the semi-conscious Captain to
slip back into the bonds of sleep. However, this would prove short lived.


'Arrrr, that tears it! I warned ye fools! Here ah come!! '

Head pounding from an evening of heavy drink, the surly, half awake captain
shrugged off his blankets with irritation, as he rolled from his bed onto
the cold, hard deck. Pausing only to grab a menacing looking cudgel leaning
against the wall, he made his way towards the door of the Captain's chambers
and threw it wide open, shouting threateningly.

'I told ye chowderheads not to disturb me sleep, and now ye shall All pay
the pri-... Huh? '

Captain Grannett halted his raucous tirade, as his menacing gaze panned
across the expansive, yet deserted deck of his beloved ''Witch's Teat'', one
of the swiftest galleons to ever launch from the frozen continent of
Icewall. This would not have taken the Captain by surprise, had he
remembered that in his stupor the previous evening, he had given his crew
shore leave for the next day.

'Yarrrr, I knew me crew knew better than to dist-'


Once again, Grannett halted his speech, still unable to pinpoint the source
of the distinct cracking sound. There was no obvious reason for such, from
the Captain's perspective. All barrels and crates were tied down securely.
The seas were dead calm, and the surface of the harbor was like glass,
causing the ship to sit eerily still. And he seemed to be the only person
on the ship. Vexed, the grisly Captain turned on his heel, intending to
head below deck to investigate further, when he heard it again.


'Arrr, it's coming from out here, somewhere! '

Grannett changed direction once again and quickly left the deck of the Teat,
stepping onto the docks of New Thalos Port, which were for the most part, as
deserted as the Captain's ship. The surly man was perplexed.

'Why, thar be n'ary a soul down here but the Portmaster and some funny
lookin midget! Now, let's see what's makin-'

-CRACK!!! -

Grannett could do little but gape in absolute amazement and appallment at
the funny looking midget before him. True to form, the Captain's words
returned quickly.

'Wha... What in the hell are you doing to me ship!? '

The figure in question turned slowly to regard the angry man before him.
Flashing a broad smile and waving his hand frantically in front of his face,
he answered him.

'Hiyo! I Yarbles!! '

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Mon Jun 8 19:39:07 2015

To All Althainia Arkane Nordmaar Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom imm rp Scorn Austinian Zandreya Ehl'din

Subject Defending the Tower ''Odyssey'' (Chapter Four: Part Two)

'Oh, well, good day to ye, -Lord- Yarbles! '' Grannett laced his words
with bitter sarcasm as he spat them out. ''Now, if'n ye can find it in yer
heart, would ya kindly tell me JUST WHY IN THE BLUE HELL YOU KEEP SMACKIN

The addled dwarf clapped his hands with glee and replied loudly.

WoooOOOooOoOOooonnnnnnNN!! TwoooOOoooOoOoOOOOOoooO!! '

Grannett furrowed his brown in frustration. ''Why ye be countin, and nay


''Gaaaahhh!!! Ye dimwit! Stop doin that! Hey! Portmaster!!

'All Aboard The Merchant Ship Sygzani bound for Arkania! '

'NARRRR! Don't ye dare ignore -me-, Portmaster! I know ye be seein what be
transpirin over here, ye blasted cur! '

-CRACK!!! -

''Will ye knock that off already! '' the furious Captain bellowed. Taking
a closer look at the ludicrous dwarf before him, it became clear to Grannett
that this was not a normal, functional dwarf. This dwarf, Grannett
surmised, had been 'touched by the gods', so to speak. Such a creature
should most certainly be accompanied by some sort of caretaker or chaperone.
However, there were none to be seen. The Captain didn't know whether help
the pitiful little dwarf, or to drown it and be done with it. After some
deliberation, he opted to call out, in hopes of finding his caretaker.

'Arrrr! Thar be a half-wit dwarf that's lost his way! How bout ye come and
claim hi-'

-SMASH!!!!! - -splintering-

Grannett gaped in utter horror, as Yarbles smashed his forehead clean
through the hull of the Witch's Teat, sending chunks and splinters of wood
showering All over the dock, and leaving a sizable hole in the hull of the
Captain's beloved ship, just feet above the water's surface.

'GAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! That one went through!! Ye gotta stop!! '

Furious as the Captain was, he simply couldn't bring himself to end the
little dwarf's wretched existence. However, he certainly would not stand by
as Yarbles slowly destroyed his ship. Grannett thought about it for a
moment, then decided on a different approach.

'So, Yarbles.... Ye hungry? '

(To Be Continued (Eventually))

Writer: Andry

Date Wed Jun 10 01:14:35 2015

Writer: Jadelyn

Date Wed Jun 10 20:05:43 2015

Writer: Jadelyn

Date Wed Jun 10 20:16:31 2015

Writer: Aliera

Date Thu Jun 11 10:30:49 2015

Writer: Rellinath

Date Thu Jun 11 18:18:40 2015

Writer: Rellinath

Date Thu Jun 11 18:27:38 2015

Writer: Jadelyn

Date Sat Jun 13 16:53:28 2015

To Aliera Althainia All ( Imm RP )

Subject The Foxes Hunt The Hounds

"You lot get a move on! I wanna get outta this port in ten minutes! "
Jadelyn ran about the deck of the Vanguard, making sure everything was in
order and that the sailors under her watch were actually working. Who knew
how long this trip was going to take, so she had to make sure they had
everything they needed. The chest was stocked with essential cannon-usage
supplies, as well as enough rum to drink the entire military under the deck.
She made sure the men and women knew to stock up on food, making note to put
the fruits close at hand. Scurvy was not something she wanted to deal with
this time... Or ever, really.

She wheeled around as she walked up to the mast and watched All of sailors
rushing around. Her fists clenched at her sides. It was like reliving the
past, much like she did every night.

Jadelyn just hoped she didn't have to relive that part of her past.

"Captain! " An aged sailor darted up to her and saluted, but before she
could correct him, he spoke again. "We've got everything on the ship. Just
need it All put away.

"Good. Get someone on the sails and someone in the nest. We're leaving. "
She saw the man blink in confusion just as she turned to head for the helm.

"B-But Captain! We haven't finished--"

"It can be done as we move. Get the orders out. " There was a moment of
silence and Jadelyn sighed. She turned on her heel and faced the sailors.

"If you need something done right... " Jade coughed into her hand before
using both hands as an impromptu megaphone. "OI YOU LOT! WE'RE SHOVIN'

"AYE, CAPTAIN! " Several men ran to the sails, while two more scurried up
the rigging to the crows nest. She smirked before leveling a glare at the
aged sailor.

"Do not hesitate when I tell you to do something. Hesitation gets people
" And without another word, she spun and made her way to the helm.
She didn't have time to lecture sailors on how to do their job. She had a
traitor to find.

Writer: Rellinath

Date Sat Jun 13 17:27:01 2015

To aliera althainia All ( imm RP )

Subject Looking For a Snake in the Grass

Rellinath walked back and forth in front of the assembled IAM forces.
The men shifted nervously under his gaze, which had a certain sternness it
normally lacked. His arms were crossed over his chest, the fingers of his
right hand, the knuckles wrapped in a crudely tied and bloodied bandage,
drumming on his left forearm idly. They knew something was up... Whatever
the General was about to brief them about, it was serious. "Roigh' then.
Yae're All t' bae 'eadin' ou' on patrol o' th' citae, an' All o' th'
territorae o' th' Empoire." Several of the men he was addressing flinched
at the accent... It was no secret that the General was of Nordmaarian
birth, but he didn't normally speak with the accent unless he was drunk or
highly upset about something. "Yae're t' foind tha' snake Feronious an'
drag 'im back t' jail, so as 'e can serve 'is sentence an' wae can bae done
wit' im' fer good. Ah'm wantin' nae stone lef' unturned, nae cave lef'
unchecked, bae tha' clear?" He waited for the combined affirmative from his
men before continuing. "Yae're t' bae takin' supploies wit' yae, unless yer
sleepin' yae're on duty fer th' nex' three days, unless yae're gettin' word
by courier tha' wae've go' 'im. If'n yae've nae 'eard augh' in three days,
yae're t' return 'ome an' resume yer normal duties. Bae anae questions?"

One man in the back raised a hand, and Rellinath nodded at him. "Sir, why
would we only search for him for three days? If he's a traitor to the
Empire, he should be returned no matter how long it takes, shouldn't he?"

Rellinath nodded at the man. "Aye, bu' in this case if'n wae've nae foun'
'im in three days, moren loikely it bae 'cuz th' snake's dead in 'is hole
an nae anae o' our concern nae more. Anae'un else?"

No other soldiers raised their hands. Rellinath nodded at the assembly.

"Roigh' then. Move ou'."

Writer: Jonathen

Date Sat Jun 13 19:12:49 2015

Writer: Jonathen

Date Sat Jun 13 19:45:46 2015

To All Nemien

Subject Cerulean in Flight

Down in the basement of Darksong Mansion a crew of three questionably
large men, likely with a touch of ogre blood in their veins, hauled a large
pallet down the stairs from the main floor. Nothing really brings a smile
to the face like watching other people do hard labor, so there Jonah sat in
a chair next to a work bench. Each time the movers set the canvas covered
pallet down with a thud, Jonah would grin and gesture one way or the other
with his hand which was met by three pairs of rolling eyes as the men
shifted the heavy an inch or two several times over. Good sports though,
he'd em a tip for toying around with them for the last three or four times
they moved the heavy cargo.

Out shuffled the movers, their pockets a little heavier with gold, and down
came a rather attractive dark elven woman, clipboard in her one hand and a
belt of sculpting tools in the other. She went to introduce herself but
Jonah's curiosity lead him over to the pallet to pull back the canvas cover.
Sitting in the center of a cluttered basement man cave on the pallet was a
enormous block of lapis, almost a full meter tall and about double that in

"So... Mister Darksong, about the payment?"

"You sure this is the biggest block of this stuff you have?" Jonah
replied, running his large hands across the surface of the blue stone.

"It is, and it's very expensive," said the woman. "If you make any
mistakes I can't replace it. You must be very experienced."

"Mood just struck me. Saw something really pretty."

The woman looked a little flattered for a moment.

"I've never modeled before."

"Wha? Oh... You thought? Hahaha-," and Jonah quickly stopped laughing as
the scorn on the woman's face gave the impression the price just went up a
little bit.

After an awkward exchange of money the woman left.

Jonah took a careful inventory of what he required.

The list looked something like this :

Giant block of blue stone. Check.

Some fancy new chiseling tools. Check.

Potions of focus ( he took a sip from his beer ). Check.

Over the next few nights Jonah locked the door of the basement and dwindled
on thoughts and blurs of something magical that he spent one afternoon
flying over the swamps. Only a couple of things outside of musical notes
ever really held his attention for more than a few seconds.

Slowly he chipped away at the block of blue, capturing on it's rough surface
the image of magnificence that burned in his mind. As the figure came to
resemble something recognizable, the Chronicler took his cloth and wiped his
brow, smiling just enough for his dimples to show.

Judging by beard growth, it took a good five, maybe six weeks to finish and
polish the stone, one of which was spent sorting through midnight blue
sapphires that were fit to use for the eyes. Most of the stone had been
sacrificed for the experience, leaving a modest sized figurine just large
enough to strain a back.
Every scale shimmered, and sharp crisp lines defined the wings as they
depicted the first born dominating the sky above the cloud tops that served
as base for the sculpture.

Etched into the bottommost cloud top were the words :

Where ever wings may carry you, a skald's words of your legend will be in your wake

Writer: Tairint

Date Sat Jun 13 22:26:30 2015

Writer: Iorisdir

Date Sun Jun 14 14:30:37 2015

Writer: Andreyna

Date Sun Jun 14 20:31:57 2015

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Tief Zandreya Imm Rp

Subject The Decaying Vallen Tree: The Painful Decision

Andreyna Sha'evlas pressed her hand to the mass of rotting roots, the
stump of an ancient vallen tree decaying before her. Silent tears slid
slowly down her cheeks, she could feel nothing, no life at All in the once
majestic tree, a gift to the elves from the Mother Zandreya. What happened?
How long had this tree been dying? Did it happen suddenly? So many
questions filled the minds of the elves in the Vallens since Nazerin had
first brought their attention to the massive stump deep within the
Shalonesti forest.

Many elves had studied the decayed stump, even Monsignor Tief made a trip to
the Vallens to offer advice. Soon the question became.. What do we do with
the remains of the dead vallen tree? It pained the elves to see one of
their precious vallen trees decaying before them. The elves were one with
their forest. Elf after elf touched the pile of roots, hoping to sense a
piece of life left, a piece of hope that the tree might be saved. But it
was too late. Neurion Renato-Sha'enras, the Althainian Prince who now
walked amongst the fray stated what needed to be heard.. But what the elves
dreaded to hear. The stump would have to go. Never before had the elves

been forced to destroy a gift from the Mother. However, it was the only
solution, the only way. It would be done with the utmost of care, with
respect to precious gift from Zandreya.

Writer: Andreyna

Date Sun Jun 14 23:15:26 2015

Writer: Boof

Date Mon Jun 15 09:57:54 2015

To All Darkonin ( Devion Sunny Imm Rp )

Subject (Gobbo-tarian Aid)

The water was cold and the wind tore flecks of flotsam and mist across
the mast. It was exhilarating. The SS Grudgestealer tore through the waves
off the coast of Icewall in a mad dash for the southern coast of Althainia.
The Grudgestealer was so named as it was built from the recovered debris of
the dwarvish Grudgebearer. Boof found this amusing, he enjoyed harrassing
the dwarves almost as much as the Althainians.

Slinking through the fog, a massive and angular shadow darted about. It had
been following the Grudgestealer since Darkonin's port. Normally Boof would
fear such a creature chasing his ship, but this was not an unknown. The
Deliverance was the pride of Darkonin's fleet. It was by far the fastest,
sleekest, and most devious vessel ever conceived.

To add insult to injury, Boof had procured forty five mul slaves and one
very grumpy pirate to act as task master. Gorbaz had been a friend of
Boof's for a very short time, but Boof enjoyed this hobgoblin a great deal.
Boof watched him with a grin as Gorbaz unleashed lash after wicked lash
against the hides of the filthy dwarves.

They were on an important mission. Normally the use of dwarves on a ship
would be lunacy, but in this instance, they needed the extra rowing power.
The Grudgestealer was a massive freight vessel, currently stocked with
thousands of pounds of meat, wine, and other necessities of life. Secondary
amongst these were various weapons and armaments.

Dolund'ir was a poor nation, and they needed aid. The Althainian's were
good on their word in -attempting- to send aid to the nation they had
subjugated. Unfortunately Boof knew the end result. While the Empress
spent very little time allowing for such niceties to come to the goblins,
she did allow some. But, between Dolund'ir and Althainia these goods were
almost always captured.

Boof had his suspicions of the sycophants that ate from their mistress'
hand. Foremost in his mind was her horrible nephew, Rhaelor Snowdragon.
This was the man that actively and without shame sought the head of Boof and
the extermination of All of his kin.

Gorbaz's yell tore through Boof's ruminations, screaming at the dwarves,
'Row faster ye lazy li'l bastards! ' His whip crashed into the face of a
young mul, causing him to fall to the deck, screaming in agony.

One of the elders of the slave-crew leapt up, falling prey to his own nature
and cursed Gorbaz, 'We ken' row no bloody faster ye fithy yellow-eyed
monstah! Leave mae lads bae!
' Gorbaz started forward, but Boof placed a
hand on his shoulder.

Stepping forward Boof proclaimed, 'Wez understandz yerz plight sir dwarfy,
and der Lord Devion iz pleased dat youz iz helpin ter aid himz favored
' Boof didn't miss a beat as a grin peeled across his face.
'Himz has told der priest Boof dat if youz can solve der riddle, himz will
order dat youz All haz der break, and free rationz ub rum.

The mul wiped his dirty face, and pondered this. He obviously did not trust
the goblin but what could it hurt? '... Fine, wha' bae yer riddle

'Iz simple! Which iz der most painful way ter die? Drownin, or burnin ter
' Before the mul could open his mouth, Gorbaz lunged forward, drop
kicking the poor creature in the chest. He flew several feet before
bouncing off the railing into the icy water below.

With that Boof raised his hands, whispering a prayer to Devion. A ball of
unholy fire swirled around his hands before screaming after the falling
dwarf. Screams and sizzling could be heard below, bubbles of smoke rose
forth from the waves as Boof wheeled on the remaining dwarves.

Der answer iz both! Now git back ter rowing youz filthy stinkin' dwarfiez
or mez will killz youz All one by one!

Turning back he kicked one leg up on the railing, arching his back he
warbled a laugh into the cold mist. Somewhere in the distance, roars and
cackles emerged from a shadow as it slid through the fog.

Writer: Taggett

Date Mon Jun 15 15:30:18 2015

To All Imms Conclave *RP*

Subject Dead Sleep 1/3


Moonlight from the White Moon cast itself through the gnarled dead tree
branches, like a search lamp. The ground in the section of the brooding
forest was completely charred, as if by some mighty great Red Dragon. Life
had only started to reclaim the cindered remains of some ancient disaster.
Small fireflies skimmed the surface of the green primitive plants that
managed to claw themselves through the ash. The wood of the trees All burnt
and shedding on one side in a radius, a focal point, a center point. Near
this center the ground itself was raised as if the rocks tried to mimic the
ocean waves. In the middle of that, something stirred, a small hand lifted,
at first but only a couple of fingers.


If you want to see some real magic, then we have to go someplace nobody will
ever find us!
Taggett Silverwolfe danced ahead of her best friend in the
whole world. Her snow white hair trailing from the round buns on either
side of her head. What better place then Shokono?! She shouted to the
kender who seemed to be curious about everything around them.

This was far from the first time she and Palaquin had made the trip to the
island. They had been obsessed with the culture for a long time, and both
tended to mirror the style of the people and culture. There had been a bond
between the two of them for more years then either could try to count.
Taggetts magic had always been a source of mischief for the two. Lifetimes
would never show on the girl, who seemed no more then an average fifteen
year old. The adventures they had shared could fill days with fantastical
stories. Taggetts life as a witch, turning herself into a kender. They had
fought in the ranks of Nordmaar, theyd lived life in Balifore. They even
shared a home there. Life was different then, Balifore was still the kender

Just up ahead! Taggett whispered something else under her breath and the
two girls lifted up and out over the forest branches. The sky was bright
and shining with a warmth that echoed the carefree joy they both were
feeling. This was how they wished it could always be. Life had changed
when Taggett joined the Conclave. She knew there would be sacrifice when
she went to school there. When she had the chance to learn All she could
from the brightest minds in Algoron. So much death, and battle she hadnt
been ready for.

Time changes things, people adjust, most even grow up but it wasnt so for
the perpetual teenager. Adapting she spent her days studying, she helped
when she could in the battle against those who would see an end to magic.
She had loving parents, she came into this new life, she matured in the mind
if not in her skin. She followed her faith to Kantilles unwavering.

Narrowly smashing into a branch the girls landed into a clearing near a
small pond in the middle of the forest floor. Excitement sparkled in
Taggetts soft green eyes. Finally she pulled her surprise from the white
robes that drenched her body. A deep black leather bound books.

I, what do you call it? Borrowed it. The two of them laughed as they did
when they shared something between only the two of them. Its from those
scary black robes,
Taggett settled the book on the rich green grass
inbetween the two of them. Palaquin ducked a look around as if they might
be doing something clever with a small tinge of mischief. She marveled for
a moment at the bright sparkling pond behind herself.

Its the perfect place isnt it? Taggett beamed as she also admired the
greenery. I could get in big trouble if anyone found out it was missing!
Again the girls laughed.

Writer: Taggett

Date Mon Jun 15 15:35:43 2015

To All Imms Conclave *RP*

Subject Dead Sleep 2/3

Seating herself cross legged in front of the book, Taggett nodded to her
friend to do the same. Ive always wanted to try it, but its such a
secretive magic, the power of the Invoker,
the young girl excitedly turned
the pages of the ancient book. Do you want to see it snow?! Taggett
beamed to her kender friend.

Palaquin nodded in agreement, Here? She watched as her friend flipped
through a few more pages stopping on something the kender could barely
understand. Only a few words made sense Cone of Cold

Taggett practiced the words a few times in her mind, something marvelous
began to happen at once. The girl had been blessed with magic her entire
existence, born a witch she took to almost any form of casting instantly.
Small sparkles of snowflakes began to fall from just above the both of them.
As one touched the human girls china white nose it sent an electric
excitement through her veins. The book began to hum in front of the both of
them, as she continued to chant.

That was when she felt it, a tug at the back of her mind, at first it was
just a glimmer of something, but soon it started to flood through her body
with a heat. The book was protected, a magic, to make sure none outside of
the course of the Invoker might tamper with it. Panic snapped open Taggetts

Run, she began to shout, but Palaquinn had already jumped to her feet and
back a step. The gentle snowfall instantly evaporated in midair as a flame
swirled at first in a constricted ball in the center of the pages. Taggett
knew Palaquinn was fast, but she could not outrun magic. She cast two
spells as quickly as she could. First one incase the second did not work.

With a forceful motion Taggett lifted her hand to her friend, sending the
kender falling backwards into the pond. She watched Palaquinns face for
signs that the spell took hold. She felt some relief as her friends eyes
snapped close and a expressionlessness came over her face. The water
rippled with a bright blue as Taggett raised her other hand, she could feel
the heat from the book boiling over into the air around her, small beads of
sweat falling from her face. Palaquinn vanished under the water.

Writer: Taggett

Date Mon Jun 15 15:42:12 2015

To All Imms Conclave *RP*

Subject Dead Sleep 3/3

Lifting her hands in front of her own face, she turned her body to stone.
With one last breath she cast a final spell, the fire in the center of the
book roared into an exploding blinding cone of fire. As the flames washed
over Taggett her eyes fell close, her mind went black, her expression went
dead. The spell shed cast on Palaquin now took hold of her, she slept the
sleep of the dead.


Ash fell, in tiny flakes from the china white fingertips. In one
exasperating gasp Taggett sat bolt upright, snarling vines, the only color,
clung to her body and snapped away. Dark black soot smudged her face and
coated her once white robes. It took a moment for her to remember how to
breath. Her hair a tangled web of gray, soaked with the disaster around
her. Pale green eyes, looked around in a state of absolute shock.

Memories raced back to her, broken, shifting ghosts that she could barely
piece back to where they were suppose to go. The highlands, the kender, the
conclave, yinn, so many memories, so many friends. How much time had
passed? Was anyone she knew still alive? In All the confusion there was
only one thing that remained constant.

The girl stood, shaky on her feet, she couldnt believed shed caused such
destruction. The pond shed teleported her friend through was gone. Her
friend? What was her name again?

Tearing a useless piece of cloth from her robe she freed herself to move a
few steps forward. The night sky shown countless stars framing the White
Moon, the Black and Red distant off in other directions. From what she knew
of astrology, the whole world seemed different. She could feel it in the
air, so many things had changed. She was one of the only things that hadnt.

There was one other constant, one other face in All of the history she could
remember. One last name that called to her. She knew she had to find her,
she had to find Palaquin.

Writer: Euterah

Date Mon Jun 15 16:17:47 2015

To All Darkonin ( Sunny Imm rp )

Subject Deliveries to Dolund'ir - The Towers Donation

It was night, but her eyesight was keen, the little light provided by the
visible moons enough to make the pathway clear. She kept her head bent her
scarf wrapped tightly, her clothing whispering against her skin. No one
could hear her over the noises of the dark forest and creeping forth she led
a motley band of recruits, mostly bored goblin lords from the palace who
never seemed to do anything but spend money. She flashed a grin full of
sharp white teeth that only she could see. Hefting her large bag up onto
her shoulder again, she spoke quietly to the rest, All of them loaded with
food and clothing from Darkonin.

"We are very close to the entrance, we will deliver our goods within and be
away before Althainia can spy us

They nodded in agreement. They were not built for fighting. They all
preceded creeping down a tunnel and arriving on a quiet path.

The reception they received was timid, scarce amount of goblins appeared and
when they dropped their parcels, only two more came to claim a share.
Euterah looked around, her dismay clear on her face.

"We will continue to help you where we can. We are kin. We have not
forgotten you are our people also
." She vowed, placing her hands over her

She and her midnight crew left as quickly and quietly as they came.

Writer: Elisbet

Date Tue Jun 16 17:08:01 2015

To All Darkonin ( Sunny Imm rp )

Subject (Gobbo-tarian Aid) Continues

Black as pitch, black as her heart, the ship cut through the waves. She
would run interference if there was any problems with the delivery of goods
to Dolundir. She followed the Grudgestealer and the slipped past, easily
out pacing the freight. She could hear Boofs shrill voice barking orders.
She chuckled to herself, the sound much louder than she expected and she
clamped her mouth shut, gritted her teeth and set to the task at hand. The
Plague was an easy ship to run, quick and hard to see, especially against
the midnight cloudy sky and the deep dark waters of the sea. She did not
see any other ships out, save the freight behind her. They would be
successful in their errand. She turned the ship to follow the coastline,
watching for any enemies that might impede their mission. No one was about,
nothing moved over the land. She watched the freight port off shore. She
turned the Plague back out to sea. She would wait for a moment until they

Writer: Gabhran

Date Tue Jun 16 20:44:14 2015

To Nordmaar All Imm Cliath

Subject In The Wilds (Part 1 of 2)

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity for Gabhran, and
although he enjoyed the company of clan and kin, there were times when he
felt disconnected from the world. There was plenty of great moments that
kept him laughing. His own mother filling his decantur with whiskey and
getting him so drunk he vommitted, in the donation pit, his sister turning
everyone into frogs, and countless evenings losing his coins to his people.

His countless nights at the gate watching out to the valley below gave him a
sense of belonging, but it also left his devoid of the healing power of the
land. The wind through the trees, birdsong filling the air, and the low
rustle of animals as they move through the brush. He had a day off coming
in his rotation. Being far too astute for too long dulls the senses, but he
spent his times generally making sure the guard rotations were fair and
balanced. This time, he knew he had to utilize it.

Taking a few of his kinsmen and off-duty guards with him, Gabhran headed for
the Blackwoods. Many a Viking came out for the outiing as well, bringing
casks of mead. He had them bring their husbands, wives and little ones with
them, as he knew keeping them locked up in the city was also bad for morale.
He would not allow the spirit of the Highlanders or Vikings to be crushed by
enemies, nor would he allow others to feel the sting of regret as they stood
by and watched life happen instead of living it. He needed to see them be
free and happy, to enjoy the gifts of Cliath just as much as he needed to
escape the endless days being a guardian of the most fierce and proud men
and women in All of Algoron. He was going to do it his way though.

As his kinsmen and friends set up food along the banks of the river, Gabhran
hung up his thick cloak on a nearby tree branch. As the people turned their
attention to their families and the food, Gabhran knelt on the thick grass
of the forest floor. His brows furrowed in concentration as his veins began
to swell and sweat started beading on his skin. His muscled back started to
change, small bumps starting to form across its surface. Small feathers of
mottled brown and white started to sprout from his flesh. His toes were
growing into sharp talons, and with a final screech his countenance was now
adorned with short, powerful beak. A giant owl now stood where Gabhran once
was. Spreading his wings, he flew to the top of the tree, and if owls could
smile instead of blinking at you condescendingly, he would have smiled from
earhole to earhole. Surveying a good branch, he settled down upon it and
scanned the forest floor below, even the smallest minute popping out to his
large eyes in perfect clarity. It was pure serenity, and he was finally
getting to connect with the world Cliath had so intricatelly fashioned.

For hours he stood upon his perch, the warm sun and cool winds creating a
the perfect amount of relaxing climate for him. As the sun started to head
towards the horizon, he turned his head towards some uncommon noises in the
direction of his people. A pack of wolves were coming in close, and the
sound from the festivities was keeping the people from hearing. There were
a small pack, probably about ten wolves bearing down at them, and despite
his screeching, they took it as ambient noise and were continuing with their
good time. Desperate and worried that they wolves would reach them before
he could, the owl took of from the branch and dove towards the ground. As
he was falling, he went into shock, the force of the change of him reverting
back his mortal coil leaving him plummeting to the ground. On pure strength
of will, he started to come to mere moments before he hit the earth, a large
thud as a huge puff of dirt was thrown into the air. There stood before the
group an enormous grizzly bear, menacing eyes and massive paws digging into
the land. The people took note and started to gather up their young as the
grizzly bear ran towards the tree line.

Writer: Taggett

Date Tue Jun 16 21:16:31 2015

To All Palquinn Conclave Imm *Rp*

Subject The Quest

Taggett Silverwolfe glanced back over her shoulder. The Tower of White,
a marble masterpiece befitting All of the knowledge Kantilles had blessed
onto the mortal world. This was the most recent of her memories. This was
the place she knew before the accident she had spent so many days and
nights. Studies of every form of magic, understanding the anatomy of as
many living creatures as she could get her hands on. She studied alchemy,
how to scribe a spell to parchment. The lunar cycles of the moons and how
they effect the world so far below. Secrets that only with intense studies
and dedication would the tombs be shown, the spellcraft granted.

Each room looked the same, and yet completely different. It was only the
library that seemed almost completely as she remembered it. Perhaps, it was
because here was where she spent so much of her time. She always tried to
impress her teachers, always strived to learn as much as possible. For a
moment she gave a nervous glance around the forest. Some habits were going
to be harder to break then others. Part of Taggett wished she could stay
longer. Shed met a half elf, just starting to decide what course of magic
she would take to. A smile came to the girls coral lips as she let her eyes
fully take in the Tower. She had a feeling this would not be the last time
she would see the girl, Taggett hoped her advice would help.

The forest seemed somehow lighter, shed remember a number of times running
down this path being chased by one clan member or another. Casting as many
chants as she could into the air hoping one spell or another would slow them
down. She couldnt be bothered with that right now. Even if she was so
entranced by meeting a real life pixie, something shed only spied a few
times at a distance. Even if part of her knew she could still do more, work
harder to help the Conclave grow. This was certainly one of the harder
decisions she was forced to make. Leaving this place, it was a painful
scab, memories of having left so many homes behind, so many friends,

This was not the time to feel sorry for herself, she had told the girl the
same in the library. In this life when you spent so much time around death,
trying to understand it, ways to stop it. The only reality was that in the
end it came for everyone. Some faster then others, and what we are looking
for cant be found in a book, we can only find in others. In our friends.
It was time to shed away any other distractions. She had only one mission
in this whole world. To find the one thing that meant more then anything
else in Algoron. It was time to find Palquinn Silverstream.

Writer: Vulgrim

Date Tue Jun 16 22:06:04 2015

To All Verminasia Imm

Subject Thoughts of the Zealot

Another day for Vulgrim as he jerks himself awake as per usual within his
darkened alcove in some alley which he called home. With a grumble he wipes
off his face and shakes his head to rid himself of the All too familiar
nightmares that plague his mind. Quickly gathering his thoughts as he walks
his way out, nodding slightly and tossing a gold piece to the nearby beggar
woman who he always has a small chat with now and then. Stepping foot
within the southern square of his kingdom of Verminasia, where rain has
begun falling.

Looking upward he takes a deep breath with a wide grin, 'A marvelous day
already' he speaks to himself. Quickly darting into a shadow of a street
lamp as he makes his way toward the Altar that is his life. Arriving and
shaking off some of the water upon his coat as he walks toward the statue
and kneels to what is his one and only care in the world, Necrucifer.

'Master, the one who for some reason has allowed me this life after All I
have done. My evident failure to your own Will before I became what am I
now, and yet you still seek to give me your blessing. Allow me to give my
thanks; for you have reborn my cowardice into zeal, my sorrow into strength
and my pain into something I know now as a lesson. May my body, blade, and
soul, forever be shrouded your blessed darkness. Your darkness, Master,
forever and always. Amen.'

Standing up with a deepened sigh he reaches into the coat that has been
through as much as he has. Taking out a dagger before rolling up the cuff
over his left arm. He looks up to the statue before laying his arm across
the Altar in front of him and with a heavy clench of his teeth, drove his
priz prized dagger into his arm.

A load groan echoes throughout the temple as he pulls the blade toward his
wrist until the cut stretches a few inches before speaking. 'May...My
pain show...My devotion to what I hold dear. My worthless breath, my
destroyed body, All for you, Necrucifer. Allow All my loss, misery, pain,
pleasure, and happiness All belong to you.'

With a load scream his hand slips, throwing the dagger to the floor before
taking a few deep breaths allowing his blood to pool upon the altar.
Standing up he quickly bandages his wound before slowly cleaning up the
newly spouted blood. With a small grumble of his own idiocy he walks out of
the temple toward his final destination, the bridge in which belonged to
his master's own wife. Upon taking step on the bridge a deep and heavy sigh
comes from Vulgrim as he leans upon the railing, gazing over toward the
river below in deep thought.

'Why is it, the one thing I believe to be true, is already a lie.' He
quickly shakes his head before peering down toward the glistening water.
'Master, just take me, and allow me to forever drown within your eternal
darkness' With those words he pushes himself away and walks onward, blood
dripping from his left hand that soon drops what he has been holding so
tightly within his hand; a blood stained rose

Writer: Gabhran

Date Tue Jun 16 22:20:11 2015

To All Nordmaar Imm Cliath

Subject In The Wilds (Part 2 of 2)

All of a sudden, the wolves burst through the brush and were met by the
massive grizzly. Teeth gnashed and jaws snapped as the massive forepaws
swiped out at the wolves. Fur was thrown everywhere, and blood splattered
the ground as the bear and the wolves fought. It was total chaos. Men and
women alike ran for their blades as the animals tore each other apart, the
ferocity of the growls and the cries from the wolves kept them at a
distance. The sunlight was starting to dip just below the horizon, and the
fighting was still as intense. A small group of people had the chance to
get the children to safety, but as the sun was lower than the forest canopy
it became increasingly risky for them to stay. The bear, with a backward
glance towards the highlanders, growled and inclined its large head towards
the trailhead. A wolf started to run towards the crowd, but the bear
snatched it by the tail and reared its head back hard, causing the wolf to
howl in pain. It's teeth flashed out and bit the bear square in the
shoulder. The bear growled in pain, and used its massive neck to pin the
head of the wolf in between his bottom jaw and his chest, squishing it like
a broken melon as its body slumped to the ground.

When the last human torch faded through the treeline, and only a few sparks
of light could be seen peeking through the tree, the wolves had grown tired
of the fray. Several of the pack laid dead upon the ground. From the look
of the count, it was far more than the ten originally estimated. Several
beasts hopped on injured paws away from the bloodied bear, tired snarls all
they could manage as they retreated. Aside from the bleeding wound on his
shoulder, and a few scratches across his back and torso, the bear was still
in decent shape. It slumped to the ground and rolled over on its back. Its
labored breaths started to slow as its form started to change. Its massive
form started to shrink, dark brown fur replaced by ruddy alabaster flesh.
His large snout started to grow copper in color, and replaced by Gabhran's
coppery beard. Laying on the ground now was Gabhran, tired and sore from
the fight, his tunic shredded and tinted red from the wolf claw scratches.
A row of teethmarks were present on his left shoulder. Slowing sitting up,
he shook the haziness from his head and trudged over to his waiting cloak.
He threw it around his shoulder and started to slowly make his way towards
the trail.

Before hitting the trailhead, Gabhran heard the rustling of something in the
bushes beside him. Grabbing his spear and barely being able to hold it, he
leaned the point towards the foliage. A small whimpering could be heard in
the dark green brush. Gabhran lowered the point of the spear to the ground
and knelt, his eyes sharply focusing on the noise.

"Come out, whoev'r ya bae" he says. "Nay worry, na' goin' to 'urt ya". A
small boy of nine summer old emerges from the brush, fear in his face but
trying to put on an air of courage. Gabhran smiles tiredly, nodding to the
lad. "Ya went an 'id lad, aye?" The lad nods slowly, trying hard not to
show his shame but still respecting his elder. "Well, don't bae tellin'
everyone lad, but I 'ave 'id from fights too when I was young'r. Ya are nay
just born baein' a 'ero, ya are made to bae one wit' experience."
boy's face started to brighten, as he approached Gabhran. Gabhran could see
that he was unhurt, but he was still exhausted. The young ones were
wrestling in the brook All day, and most of them would most likely be lying
in their beds right now, recuperating from the day's events. "Well, come
wit' mae lad"

The boy took a few steps, but couldn't make it long before he was lagging
behind. Gabhran tried to coak him along, but he was just out of energy.
With a small tired nod of understanding. Gabhran concentrated hard, and
turned into a giant moose. Kneeling down, he allowed the young by to climb
on his back as he slowly plodded his way back to Nordmaar.

Writer: Mercerion

Date Wed Jun 17 00:21:28 2015

To All Nadrik Immortal Religion Devion

Subject The Wages of Sin

Mercerion was deep in meditation within the temple, praying about his
imminent return to Gareth keep. The prayer candles flickered as the incense
burned, a sickly sweet aroma filling the temple. As he finished his prayer,
his mind was assailed with the conversation between Etoile searching for her
father, and the deceptive little imp of a hobgoblin named Boof.

Akelin, please awaken.

Mez eats hims.

Mez bring him back in bags.

Mercerion scowled. This wretched creature had been spreading Devion's filth
long enough. It was time for the Order to give a history lesson. As the
Templar entered the castle, he noticed the General was in the cots so he
made his way there.

Along the way, the Goblin was talking again, speaking of how Etoile was part
ogre, which was an explanation to her masculine features. As Mercerion
rounded the corner, Rellinath was already looking through a portal which
lead into a tavern in Abaddon. Sure enough, there was Boof. Mercerion
looked at Rellinath, and they shared a nod, and dove through the abyss into
the tavern.

Once arriving, Boof looked up from the table, and the three shared
pleasantries. Rellinath found the exit to the tavern and took up position
there, while Mercerion sat at the table, and questioned Boof about his
knowledge of history.

Care for a bit of History, Devionite?

Mez cares if its der TRUTH

Rellinath chuckled and said, "Oh you'll like this then."

Mercerion continued speaking to Boof about how in History, for his
deception, Devion paid the price to Nadrik in the cost of his left hand.
Boof of course had a quip about where was Nadrik now. At this Mercerion
rose from the table and said, "Lets play a game. In this game, I will play
the role of; Nadrik, upholding Honor
." Boof drew a dagger as Rellinath
plunged a blade into the door to keep it from opening. "And you will play
the part of Devion, whom pays the price for his dishonor in the; cost of his
left hand
." Mercerion drew a flawless silver sword and advanced on Boof,
whom drew a dagger and swung wildly at the air, refusing to let the Order
take his hand.

To Boof's credit, he called and pleaded to the world, but for All his
deceptions, his actual cry for help was falling upon deaf ears. Mercerion
advanced, and with the flick of his wrist, tossed Boof's dagger away,
sending him to the ground. Mercerion stepped on Boof's wrist and dipped his

The words of the LORD are pure, like silver refined in a crucible, purified
seven times over
And with that the silver sword leapt to a blazing fire, and
was slashed in a sweeping arc. A spray of blood and the sound of burning
flesh filled the air, followed immediately by the goblin's unintelligible
curses. Mercerion leaned down and grabbed the severed hand and said, "Let
this; be a lesson. All dishonor is Sin. The wages of sin must be paid.
Honor, above All else

Writer: Rellinath

Date Wed Jun 17 17:51:04 2015

To All althainia aliera boof nadrik imm RP

Subject "You will fall along the way..."

Spending time in a jail cell gives you a lot of time to think.

That's one of the thoughts... Maybe the primary thought.... That went
through Rellinath's head. He fully understood why he needed to be where he
was, of course. He'd broken the law, although he hadn't known it at the
time, but ignorance wasn't an excuse, and had he known they were going into
Abaddon to confront Boof he would have done it anyway, by his own admission.
He hoped that others would take notice of the example that he and Mercerion
were setting by giving themselves up for judgement in accordance with the
law, which none should be above, including themselves. But he somehow
doubted that. He was stirred from his thoughts by Empress Aliera as she
approached the two jail cells housing himself and Mercerion, and greeted her
through the bars as he normally would. They exchanged words for a few
moments over the event, the Empress even stating herself that she did not
take issue with the end that they had sought in going in pursuit of Boof...
In fact, she quite liked the outcome itself... But the next words out of
Aliera's mouth shook Rellinath to the core.

"They do not justify losing your honor in the process of obtaining them.
And you both have. Any good you have done in this is tainted by the fact
that you broke the law in order to do so. "

He hadn't considered that. He'd followed Mercerion through that portal
willingly, and although he hadn't known at the time where they were, when
it'd been explained to him that they had been in Abaddon he hadn't really
cared, but it hadn't occurred to him that those thoughts, that ambivalence,
stole his honor from him as much as any intentional transgression. He'd
fallen to the same trap as those of Gareth's Keep, of whom he was so
critical in their undermining of Althainia's law. In the pursuit of good,
he had broken the law, and in doing so he had indeed fallen. He was no
saint, no champion of goodness in that moment, though he thought his cause
righteous enough at the time. By breaking the law, he had dishonored
himself and his purpose. He was not serving the cause of Nadrik, only his

As Aliera left, nodding her head to him as he acknowledged and apologized
for his sin, he sat back on the ground of the cell and hung his head. He
should have known better. Hopefully next time, he would.

Writer: Boof

Date Wed Jun 17 18:48:26 2015

To All Mercerion Rellinath ( Devion Imm Rp Religion )

Subject (Hand-Picked Devionite)

Boof stared in disbelief as his hand fell from his arm. "This couldn't
be possible
", he thought, "This has to be a dream. " But as the hand fell
reality set in. Pain burst through his mind slowly at first, but soon it
became too much to bare.

He began to scream and cry, tears welling in his eyes. "Where was Vulgrim?
", he thought, "Perhaps he will arrive soon. " Screaming for aid, he
announced to the world the reality he had hoped was a lie. His hand had
been cut off, severed at the wrist by a flaming sword, wielded by the
worthless and filthy Knight of Nadrik.

Mercerion stared down at Boof as the hobgoblin cried in anguish. In a cold
and cruel voice he stated, as if giving a lesson, "Honor before All else. "
His lackey Rellinath pulled his sword free from the exit to the Fall From
Grace Tavern. Smirking he parroted, "Death before dishonor. "

Boof cursed the two, screaming his rage and anguish! As he cried and
sniveled at Mercerion's feet, the Knight bent and casually grabbed his
severed hand. Without so much as a word, the two vanished, praying for the
aid of their precious Lord Nadrik.

Boof cried aloud, "Mez will murder youz in yourz sleep youz filthy no good

Gasping from the pain, Boof drug himself to his feet. Patrons of the tavern
were stunned, some backed away and others watched. Knocking over a table he
tried to make his way to the door way. Snot and tears streamed down his
face as he tried to escape.

The last thought on his mind as he burst forth from the Abaddonian tavern
was, "No good mean Althainians... What had Boof ever done to them? " At
that, Boof passed out in the street, his fresh stump smoking in the cold

Writer: Etoile

Date Wed Jun 17 22:11:03 2015

To All Althainia Boof Nadrik Imm Religion

Subject All or Nothing

The Templar and the General within Althainia's jail cells. She'd read the
notice a couple of times and could only feel guilt, the more she read it.
It was her, after all, who followed the trail of Boof, despite not knowing
exactly where she had ended up. Even if for a brief moment, he might have
annoyed her, but All she wanted was to give him a bit of a scare.

Nonetheless, while others do make their own decisions and she would have
no control of such, it was her actions that piqued the curiosity of others
and eventually that got the ball rolling. She had not made much of the
General and Templar proceeding after she had gone, for she was tired, too
tired to remain for what might happen next.

'Ugh, I should be there too,' she sighed and after a moments of wandering
around, she found Rhaelor.

'Uncle, arrest me!' she placed her hands in front of him, while he looked
on with a puzzled expression on his face. Despite her explanation, despite
the situation, he would refuse and attempt to speak a little bit of sense
into her.

As they parted ways, it almost seemed like he had succeeded.



'What.. are you doing?' Rhaelor asked curiously.

Etoiled looked back, a bit startled by his presence at the jail cells, if
anything, it was a bit comical. She forced a smile, filled with much
embarrassment and replied, 'Trying.. to place myself in the jail cell.'

He smirked.

Writer: Cieran

Date Thu Jun 18 07:11:04 2015

Writer: Tairint

Date Thu Jun 18 10:59:50 2015

Writer: Tairint

Date Thu Jun 18 12:57:44 2015

Writer: Mahina

Date Thu Jun 18 18:08:37 2015

To All Althainia RP Religion Nadrik

Subject Turmoil

Mahina was on her last Aspirant task, the one that would prove to be the
hardest test, not only at the time, but also of her faith. She was not a
prideful person so asking for letters from those she assisted hurt her more
than anyone would ever consider. She thought of it as being prideful and
shuddered at the thought. She helped others out of the goodness of her
heart not for the recognition.

She finally finished her task and went to the Temple, bowed before His
statue and prayed, "Lord Nadrik, forgive me for my prideful actions, I am
your child bound to your will and you know my heart. I would do this for
anyone in need with nothing in return. Lord lead me as I continue on your
path of honor. Amen."
She stayed on her knees for some time before
getting up and walking out.

Writer: Thaydius

Date Thu Jun 18 18:13:06 2015

To All ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject A Simple Question

Doesn't the path of a Knight contribute more to the Light than a peasant

A trip through the fringe regions of Algoron gave Thaydius All of the
perspective he needed on the inherent virtue of the path of a Knight. He
had come upon a solitary tree in the southwest regions of Arkane. Flattened
grass and scorched earth told the story of a struggle. With care, he let
his lance float idly by and touched his frigid feet to the ground and leaned
over to examine. He took in a deep breath and stared on at the scene with
glowing eyes.

The young woman had been trying to evade her pursuers for days. She had
fallen off of her horse, trying desperately to nurse the arrow wound in her
upper arm. On her heels, four white chargers had been keeping up with her
in the twisted trails of Arkania's famous, rocky coasts. The witch looked
up at the sky, using her one good hand to grip one of the potions on her
belt. This wasn't her favored arm, but she gave it her All with the throw.
An inferno ensued, causing the chargers to buck the Knights off of their
horses. They called to the gods of Light to quell the flames.

When they made their way into the small clearing, the woman was nowhere to
be seen. But a trail of her blood from the arrow wound gave her away,
leading to a nearby cropping of rocks. She was too weak to resist, eyes
filled with the resilient focus of unmitigated anger. They forced her arms
behind her back and bound them, stuffing a bag over her head. In this, a
flux of time, Thaydius started to reach out, his actions imperceptibly slow.
There was no changing the past.

They dragged her to the tree and flung a rope up over a sturdy branch,
fastening the end of it around her neck without much worry for the resulting
tightness. The symbol of Zandreya around her neck jostled to and fro with
every action, blood running down her arm, her fear hidden behind the
faceless, burlap monster they had replaced her with. He yelled in protest
as they took the other end and yanked at it relentlessly, drawing her feet
up off of the ground so she could be displayed along this remote path. All
in the name of Nadrik.

He was hit with the present like a brick wall, staring up at the dangling
body as tears streamed down his cheeks. This half elven woman was a product
of her environment. Mages had destroyed her life, she was not accepted by
the humans who raised her and she was brutalized by the light. The same
light that had shown him everything that was good. His heart raced inside
of his chest as he cut the rope and carried the woman inland to the forests.
She was buried in a peaceful glade of flowers, her amulet tucked into her
hands. He shook his head and thought of All the other similar moments he
had witnessed.

Men in thick armor slitting the throats of bandits, burning the farms of men
that had sold grain to the enemy, so on and so forth. He could not fathom
how his Uncle would inspire them to commit such acts. His heart could
barely reconcile the Nadrik they thought they knew and the Nadrik he had
seen. Someone would have to weep for these tragedies. The tremendous
sadness of such cruelty needed to be addressed.

Not necessarily, no.

Writer: Elisbet

Date Thu Jun 18 18:30:13 2015

To All Darkonin ( Sunny Imm rp )

Subject (Gobbo-tarian Aid) Continues

She watched the waters, the sound of the sea against the hull of the
Plague a gentle lap as she waited, coal black eyes focused on the freight.
From the mists slipped a ship, a ghostly shadow that could have been a
specter for All its appearance. She watched it approach the Grudgestealer.
She wondered if this was the aid Boof had spoken of. She leaned over the
rail, peering at the ethereal gray of the hull. She spied the Captain and
realized the ship was none other than the Scythe. Abaddons own answer to
the swift ships of the oceans. She was impressed with the silence the
Scythe made as it dropped anchor. The crew lowered a skiff and quickly the
transfer of goods was underway. She raised anchor, trimmed the sail and
turned back for the Mountain. This adventure had been a great success,
thanks to the collaboration Boof had set up. She looked forward to
celebrating with Gorbaz and Boof later.

Writer: Taggett

Date Thu Jun 18 18:37:50 2015

To All Rellinath Zooey Mercerion Althainia Arkane Imms *RP*

Subject Searching Althainia *P1*

The fresh blood dripped from the heart in her ghostly white hand.
Taggett Silverstreams muted green eyes remained transfixed on a small ant
crawling up the side of one of the trees in her room at the Blue Pixie. It
had been the girl herself whod brought in a couple outside creatures to make
the room feel more alive. She loved life, she could feel it as strong as
death. Her knee hurt, shed taken a sickness, an arthritis from the knee of
Zooey Shrilinda, the new Wizardess of the Azure Tower. It All started to
sink in.

Shed spent most of the evening with Zooey, it was a tricky to get a clear
answer from Taggett about being a Lifemage. She didnt mind going into the
rational behind delving into the arts of death magic. It had been her
entire course study when she was part of the Conclave. Very few
Necromancers ever came from the White Tower. Her entire stay shed yet to
meet another. Zooey wanted to learn as much as she could, she was starting
a new era in the Azure Tower. A chance to build a strong school of
knowledge was always a noble cause and Taggett wished she could be more open
about the details of Life Magic. She knew better, she knew the Conclave was
protective of its knowledge, knowing if she broke that trust she would never
be excepted back when she finally completed her mission. When she finally
found her.

A firefly skimmed past Taggetts nose snapping her back to the moment, she
grimaced as she realized some of the blood from the heart she was holding
had speckled the white of her robe. She figured she should get it over
with. Shed shown Zooey a taste of her power taking the disease from the
womans knee, a condition which could have gotten very serious left
untreated. She also had collected another wound from Rellinath. Hed been
in a bar fight, she hadnt gotten much of the details, but she used her gifts
to take away his black eye. The trick was not taking too much of a persons
illness, every person had a multitude of possible disasters waiting in their
bodies. Zooey had questioned how Taggett would fix herself now that she had
brought the arthritic kneecap upon herself. Part of Taggett knew the
Wizardess wasnt as concerned about if Taggett had the ability but wanting to
see more of the art.

Rellinath had given Taggett a list of people to speak with including
Mercerion, who showed up that night. His arrival in the Tree House room of
The Blue Pixie, one of Taggett and Palquinns favorite places to stay, didnt
seem to sit well with Zooey. It surprised the Lifemage some that the two of
them knew one another, but only perhaps because she felt she knew not a soul
left in the world. It was her hopes that he might know of Palquinn
Silverstream, that her kender friend had been found, or awake and had passed
through here.

Mercerion spoke directly to Taggett, Perks of the Kindred. Hope swelled
inside and she didnt feel the need to hide the reality of her situation any
longer. She had been asleep for a very long time. It seemed Mercerion
might not have known the location of her friend but he served a much greater
purpose. He had been alive since before the separation of the continents.
He was a compass through time. He could give her some idea of how long shed
been asleep.

Writer: Taggett

Date Thu Jun 18 18:39:58 2015

To All Rellinath Mercerion Zooey Althainia Arkane Imms *RP*

Subject Searching Althainia *P2*

Looking down at the heart, she let her bare fingers trace the soft edges
one last time. She never liked to collect body parts herself so most of the
time shed visit large battle fields and drift through the shadows collecting
the things she needed. Closing her eyes she inhaled the scent of the dead,
she looked for some small spark still inside of the soft meat colored organ.
Finding it she pulled at that energy until she could feel a warmth pass over

There was a calming sensation through her whole body, the bruise around her
eye lightening slowly until it was gone completely, the pain in her right
knee trickled away into nothing. Her mind flipped through the images. What
shed learned the night before. She was hundreds of years old, frozen in the
body of a young girl, she could very well be the last of the Silverwolfe
family the once rulers of Arkane. Balifore had been destroyed, the kender
that had been there few escaped, most were slaughtered. The house she and
Palquinn had shared, destroyed. More then anything fear sank into her body,

She knew Palquinn wasnt dead or she would feel it. What she feared was her
friend could have woken years and years before, she might not even remember
Taggett at All if she did find her. The sudden feeling of being All alone
in this world filled her with a dread that facing the dead never had.
Opening her eyes she let the crumbling remains of the heart from her hand
into a small dish at her side. She had to trust Kantilles would lead her,
she had to trust that her friend was going to be found. Standing her kimono
brushed the soft grass of the rooms floor. She would keep looking,
searching the areas around Althainia. Talking with whomever would listen.
Once shed unturned every stone, she would have to move on. She would travel
to Shalonesti.

Writer: Rellinath

Date Thu Jun 18 20:47:36 2015

To All althainia darkonin imm rp

Subject Midnight Convoys

He crouched there, in the shadows and the mud and the vegetation, his
body painted with mud and draped with vines and half-buried under a rock,
perfectly concealed to All but the most wary eyes. Many of the goblins who
carried supplies through the tunnels to Dolund'ir passed within thirty feet
of his position, yet not a one suspected he was there. His eyes were
narrowed to mere slits, kept open only as much as needed to view what was
going on so that the whites of his eyes or the reflection of light off of
his corneas wouldn't give him away, as he watched the progression carting
crate after crate, barrel after barrel of supplies for the "impoverished"
people of Dolund'ir.

Althainia was, of course, well aware of the "secret" mission, though with as
many ships as they'd sent he wasn't sure it qualified as that anymore. Even
so, they might have missed it were it not for Althainia's secret weapon:
Captain Jadelyn Darkwater, once a pirate and scourge of the Arsataw Yaa, now
sailing under Althainia's colors as a commander of their Navy. The
Captain's previous career had developed within her a knack for picking up
trade convoys, and this one stuck out to her tuned senses like a sore thumb.
As a result of the Captain's report, scouts were positioned All along the
Althainian coastline to keep track of the fleet, though All were told to
keep their distance and keep under strict cover, as this was a scouting
mission, not an engagement of enemy forces. Rellinath had, of course,
figured where a convoy of merchant ships might be heading though, especially
after All of the fuss that'd been raised about the "oppression" of
Dolund'ir, so he had personally volunteered to keep an eye on the intended
destination, and true to his style had gotten perhaps just a little closer
than would be comfortable for most. Not Rellinath, though... From his
seventh to his seventeenth birthday he'd lived in the wilds, rarely coming
through civilization except to replenish some supplies or seek a healer on
the rare occasion he'd fallen ill or been bitten by something unsavory. If
he could hide from a rampaging bear or an angry badger intent on ripping him
apart for disturbing its nest and escape their detection, he could hide from
a bunch of goblins.

Several times he wondered if he should be doing more than just watching.
Dolund'ir was, after all, in close proximity to Althainia, and it might do
to discourage Darkonin from meddling here. He decided against it, though,
and his lips quirked into a wry smile, though he did not permit his lips to
part and let his teeth give away his concealment. He idly wondered if the
goblins had thought this through. Sure, on the surface it looked good for
them, aiding their poor "repressed" brethren, but Dolundir was an Althainian
province. The coin spent on buying food and supplies for their people was
Althainian. The goblins were directly, whether aware of it or not, aiding
Althainian citizens by delivering these goods to Dolund'ir, as they were
Althainian people.

As the supply train dwindled to a halt and the goblins prepared to leave
amidst the predictable shouts fostering revolt against Althainia, as the
ships weighed anchor and sailed back off to the horizon, Rellinath took one
more guarded look around the area to make sure he wasn't being observed and
then stood, muscles screaming in protest of moving after having been held
still for so long. And then he took off, silently through the underbrush,
to where the Empress awaited his report. He figured she would be as happy
as he would that the goblins had done them such a favor.

Writer: T'reef

Date Thu Jun 18 22:46:57 2015

Writer: Euterah

Date Fri Jun 19 12:16:45 2015

To All Darkonin ( Sunny Imm rp )

Subject Deliveries to Dolund'ir - The Tower's Decision

She fumed as she strode to the Archonites lair, her aura sparked and
fizzled around her. After her flagrant display of wild magic, she seethed
at the loss of control. Her emotions were not in check, she was so enraged.
She had to calm down or her aura would override her senses and then she
would be in trouble. She moved around one of the giant stones that formed a
circle in the lair, coming to the pentagram she sat, crossing her legs,
willing herself to meditate. She closed her brackish dark eyes, feeling
soothed by the darkness, the crackle of electricity dying down. Her mind
returned to what she had learned from Boof.

This is why she had such a loss of influence over her aura, her wild magic
bursting out from her, at least she had discharged the lightning at the
rock. She still could feel the anger roiling inside her. Those audacious
wretched Althainians and their twisted sense of honor, she sneered. Boof
paid a heavy price for their endeavors of taking much needed goods to
Dolundir. The fact that she was the only one livid over this travesty
seemed to rein her emotions in again. She thought about the conversation
with the Supreme General.

Xhyrryhx rumbled in his deep voice, "Dey will pay sebenfold! " She hissed,
her brackish eyes a swirl of seething simmering anger.

She stated, "What they do to one of us, they do to All of us, may our gods
be offended by their actions and smite them.
" The Supreme General agreed
with her.

"Oh. Dey got dere's coming. "

Euterah tapped her chin, thoughtful for a moment, she gave a sigh and
replaced her head wrap, winding it tightly against her head and neck. "Can
we not do something involving the politics of our world? Can the King not
order arrests? Demand them extradited? You and the king could decide this,

Xhyrryhx shifted his bulk, set her in his gaze "We are at war with
" This was an ongoing battle, building to what culmination,
Euterah could not see yet in her cauldron.

Euterah stomped her slippered foot in frustration. "It is unacceptable to
me that we leave this be. I want... No I demand recompense!

Xhyrryhx continued to look at her, wisely replying, "Dere are casualties.
But we are Darkonin. One ub ours loses a hand one ub deres loses a head.

Euterah narrowed her eyes at Xhyr'ryhx carefully, adjusting her head wrap,
bidding Xhyr'ryhx, "Good- evening, Supreme General, I must brew. "

She did not know if he was talking about the Althainians heads or if he was
speaking of the past heads that have rolled. She had escaped to her lair,
to brood and calm herself. She was having a difficult time of it. She just
could not let the subject go. She stood up and paced the room once again.
She would brew something evil, something to haunt those that would hinder
Dolundirs freedom. She would call up every nasty, filthy thing she could
imagine from the cauldron, may the Dark Goddess be blessed and the pantheon
of Darkness rejoice. She would visit Dolundir again. She made ready her

Writer: Saatma

Date Fri Jun 19 21:21:23 2015

Writer: Reagan

Date Sat Jun 20 07:01:21 2015

Writer: Gabhran

Date Sat Jun 20 10:48:41 2015

Writer: Andreyna

Date Sat Jun 20 16:01:18 2015

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Zandreya Zypher Imm Rp

Subject The Decaying Vallen Tree: The Ceremony

The ceremony was a quiet one, the Queen of the Stars allowing the druids
to handle the burial of the decayed Vallen tree. Though this was something
the druids have never had to perform before, the elves had complete faith
that the druids would do so with the utmost of care, returning the blessed
gift to the Mother.

The holy ceremony lasted throughout the day, elves coming to pay their
respects one last time, many gathering to stand with the priestess, praying
with her, offering thanks to the Mother for the many gifts She had so
graciously bestowed upon them, thanking Her for allowing them the pleasure
of beholding the life of this ancient tree, and allowing them the
opportunity to return what was Hers.

After praying over and blessing the sacred remains of the Vallen tree, the
druids removed it with great care, ensuring that each root, each piece of
bark remained intact. The tree was placed carefully into the ground,
covered lovingly with the soil of the Shalonesti forest, each spade full
blessed before being sprinkled over the remains of the once majestic tree.

Sadness no longer filled the hearts of the elves, they were thankful,
hopeful, knowing that the tree would return to the arms of their Lady
Zandreya. It would thrive once again, its branches stretching throughout
the heavens, no longer would it feel pain, life would course through it once
more. Now came the question of what to do next? Some had suggested
planting a Vallen seed in its honor- this would take the skill of the
druids, the blessings of the Mother. She had allowed the elves to gift the
Gray Church and Her Monsignor with a precious sapling, perhaps the elves
would be able to plant a seed as well. Others suggested that the Deacon
build a Shrine in Her honor, that would once graduate into a grand Temple or
possibly even a Cathedral. Perhaps both thoughtful ideas would be
appropriate- a seed planted in the ancient tree's place, and a Shrine in a
location for All of Her faithful to enjoy.

Writer: Reagan

Date Sat Jun 20 23:34:35 2015

Writer: Gabhran

Date Sun Jun 21 07:17:01 2015

Writer: Megan

Date Sun Jun 21 09:47:42 2015

Writer: Reagan

Date Sun Jun 21 14:18:07 2015

Writer: Taggett

Date Sun Jun 21 14:44:46 2015

To All Althainia New_Thalos Tryxie Lunez Imm *RP*

Subject Searching Althainia *P3*

Swirling vapor brushed the back of the white kimono that Taggett most
often wore. There was a chill in air, a stillness in the constant movement.
As if everything and nothing was In complete unrest. The air itself was
heavy. Taggett let her mute green eyes search as far as she could through
the thick fog. Lifting the long sleeve of her robe the air retreated back
as she dispelled the haze with a quiet chant.

The bottom of her kimono floated along the top of the water, her bare feet
sinking into the murky mud of the lake's bank. This was her last resort.
She'd traveled most of the surrounding lands of Althainia. The arenas the
forests, an asylum of the mad. She'd even gone to a place she remembered
traveling a few times, a rainbow high above the kingdom.

Every place she visited either she was told that no kender by that name or
description had been there or she couldn't find any evidence that Palquinn
was still there. She had even done a couple of spells to see if she could
locate a few items that Palquinn always carried, her dragonfly wings, her
goggles. Nothing but empty silence in the ether. She spoke to as many of
Althainia as possible. Learning their language, as she studied elvish and
dwarven for her next trip north. This would be her last stop.

He was waiting on the island, a strange man that seemed out of place, with
his button down shirt and tie. Something so frightening about the gentleman
even with his polite appearance. The conversation was nearly a whisper. He
did not blink the entire time. He gave more riddles then information, but
what he did give Taggett was the fact that none of the lake had seen the
kender, not alive or dead. It was a strange thing to have the power over
the dead, to feel the tinge of fear in the way she was regarded. She had
always thought of her magic differently. Shed never seen it as means of
control, always a means to protect those she cared for.

Taggett sighed letting her kimono dry on a tree branch of her room at the
Blue Pixie, she hoped by morning she would be ready to make the trip to
Shalonesti. Normally it would take as much effort as whispering a spell to
Kantilles to be at the elf kingdoms front gate. She figured it smarter to
travel by foot, or flight. This would give her a chance to cover some
ground in her search. Palquinn could be literally laying anywhere in
Algoron, after All Taggett found herself at the center of the devastation
shed caused generations ago. Palquinn could be almost anywhere.

A knock at the door changed everything

Writer: Taggett

Date Sun Jun 21 14:47:31 2015

To All Althainia New_Thalos Tryxie Lunez Imm *RP*

Subject Searching Althainia *END*

It was a kender whod spoken to Taggett briefly prior abut the situation
the Life Mage was in. Arkane had been already extremely helpful in passing
out fliers in hopes someone might have seen Palquinn. Tryxie Lightcatcher
was anything but an average kender. Her beautiful bright eyes showd All of
the signs of her race, but her shocking pink hair surprised even Taggett who
thought shed seen nearly everything.

Tryxie was a detective, and Taggett needed someone with that kind of
specialty on the case. The two discussed a great deal that the Silverwolfe
could reaccount, even giving her the details of how things had ended up like
this in the first place. Shed yet to admit that shed taken a book of the
Invokers and caused her and Palquinns death like sleep.

It was while the girl relayed her plans for travel that the kender spoke a
name Taggett hadnt heard in a very long time. Lunez, The name sparkled
across history, it flooded the Life Mage with memories. Of a knight shed
dated, was his name Sura.... Of a friend in the desert. She knew Lunez, if
this was the same man shed known nearly her entire life. An electric white
hot energy sprung through her body more then anything else had since shed

Rushing from her room with Tryxie following close behind the sorceress
opened a portal to the streets of New Thalos. She rushed toward the place
she assumed the leader of the kingdom would be and she froze. What if this
wasnt the same man. She needed to take a step back. She would write him a
letter, she would learn more about New Thalos. The way they spoke. She
would wait for him to reply.

A coolness washed over the room in the Burning Sands. She forgot how
chilled the desert air could be at night. She was so greatful to Tryxie, it
had been a while since shed felt close to someone. Letting the kender in so
close felt good. Almost like having Palquinn back around. Taggett sank
into the warm bath the candles in the room flickering as if mimicking the
relief the water sank into her bones. She would see Tryxie again, but for
now she had one focus. Closing her eyes she could still see the letter shed
just scribed on the bed. The name still wet, the name was Lunez.

Writer: Megan

Date Sun Jun 21 16:26:21 2015

Writer: Gabhran

Date Sun Jun 21 16:41:17 2015

Writer: Reagan

Date Sun Jun 21 17:59:54 2015

Writer: Jadelyn

Date Sun Jun 21 22:18:09 2015

To Althainia Darkonin All ( Imm RP )

Subject Yo ho. Yo ho. (Part 1)

Watch our borders. If you see them enter and can attack, you have my
permission to make sure that they will not be doing it again.

Jadelyn smirked as she watched the crew from the crows nest of the Vanguard.
They were preparing the ship for some... Late night sailing. Everything
seemed to be in order. The few men she allowed to accompany her were
checking the rigging and the cannons. They were going to be ready for when
the ship of supplies from Darkonin decided to show up again.

When. Not if. If they thought one convoy could get through without
consequence, they'll do it again. And again. And again.

And the former pirate captain was more than willing and ready to deal with
the trespassers.

As she continued to watch the sparse crew work, another worker called out.

"Captain! I have what you asked for! " A wicked grin tugged on Jadelyn's
lips. She jumped from the nest and grabbed a nearby rope, sliding down to
the deck with practiced... Well, grace was a good enough word for it. She
took only a moment to regain her balance before approaching the worker.

"Which one did you get? " The worker stood straighter, a proud look on his

"Both! The sail was easy enough to manage. We managed to find one buried
the in back of the shop. The other, well, we started work on it the moment
you sent us the design.

"Excellent. " Jadelyn handed the worker a blue diamond in payment as the
large black sail was loaded onto the ship, her crew already working to
switch them out. "Yes, I know, it's too much, but y' done good work, and...
Well, y'know to keep the Empress from knowin' I had it made 'fore she
'proved it.
" The worker simply nodded, a little wide-eyed at the the blue
in his hands as he disembarked the ship.

Another worker, one who had helped load the sail, walked up to Jadelyn and
handed her a box sealed shut with a single bit of twine. He bowed his head
and left while the Captain opened it. She smiled. Yes. This would do

"GENTLEMEN! " She turned to face her crew of few men, the devilish grin
never leaving her features. "Prepare the sail an' get some rest! We got us
a border to patrol the moment that sun goes down!
" She walked up to one of
the men and handed him the box. "Y' might be military, and y' might follow
protocol. But t'night... T'night yer not. We sail under 'er banners, but
we're not doin' so as the Althainian Imperial Navy.
" The crew glanced at
each other, which earned a laugh from the Captain. "Yer gettin' a chance to
play pirate, men. So leaver yer badges and uniforms behind! We're 'bout t'
have some real fun.

As the crew went back to work, Jadelyn turned and took one by the arm. "And
go tell th' Empress 'bout the sail. Let 'er know we do it t' keep from
bein' detected. She'll understand.
" The crewman took off and the Captain
turned back to the box, still held by the man she handed it to. Her fingers
traced the fabric inside.

"They will see my colors from every port... And they will know just who
sails for Althainia.

Writer: Aliera

Date Sun Jun 21 22:46:34 2015

To Althainia Dolund'ir Darkonin Imm RP Zypher Nadrik All Boof Rellinath

Subject Murder in the Empire

'Aliera murdered a member ub Dolund'ir fer no reason!!! '

Priest of Devion faced the Priestess of Nadrik and lied to the world, not
ten feet from her. At best, it was a deceitful attempt to mark her as a
tyrant who cared nothing for those of her Empire, especially the goblin-kin.
At worst it was a threat against her own life as well, summoning a guard of
her Empire and killing him before her, goblin or not. The General's
presence along with the one of the more wild members of the military sent
Boof scattering and praying home, leaving the Empress and her General behind
to deal with the aftermath. At her signal, a few of her personal guard
stepped forward and lifted the body of the murdered guard with the utmost
care and brought him to the Temple of Light.

As Aliera entered the city guards went back to their posts and a servant
excused herself as well, leaving the Priestess to prepare the dead. She
worked in relative silence, speaking only occasionally to Rellinath as she
removed the fresh blood from the man but respectfully not scrubbing his skin
clean. She knew little of goblins really, perhaps less than she should,
given how many were a part of the Empire. However, she did know that
offense would likely be taken if he was returned without the dirt and grime
they seemed to take pride in. After the blood was gone she straightened him
and wrapped the body in linen before cleaning the his armor. Each piece was
cleaned of blood and otherwise left intact, visually very similar to what it
would have been when he was summoned away from his post. The signet ring
was the only thing she made sure was pristine, the metal was old but well
cared for and obviously a source of pride. On her knees in the Temple of
Light and before the body of a goblin guard, the Empress polished the symbol
of Dolund'ir until it shone.

After a brief imparting of wisdom from a Child of the Gods, they left
quietly. The walk through the streets of Althainia was a silent one, only
the sounding of boots on stone of the guards in file behind the two of them
interrupting the quiet. Guardsmen at the gates and in the streets saluted
the body of a fallen comrade, goblin or not as the General carried the
wrapped body beside the Empress. As they moved into Dolund'ir they were met
with the now too familiar feeling that they were trespassing, only added to
by the outright scorn directed towards the Empress and the General both,
however they were on a mission. Delivering the body to the post he was
taken from, they surrendered to the body to the men at arms there. Aliera
spoke softly, dipping her head in respect and gaining an odd look from one
of the guards in a lapse from his outright anger at her presence. 'We
deliver your kin for the rites of the dead, may the Gods have mercy on his
soul, for his life was taken in murder by one of deceit, and I would not
have him disrespected further.
' Rellinath echoed his own sentiments, again
confusing the guard with the words 'Should you or yours have need, the IAM
stands ready to defend you from any threat. Despite our differences, we
look after our own. You've only to send word.

Going home, they left the goblins of Dolund'ir to wonder and warrant on
Boof's head for murder of a member of the Empire.

Writer: Lucien

Date Mon Jun 22 01:53:43 2015

Writer: Lucien

Date Mon Jun 22 02:00:02 2015

Writer: Boof

Date Mon Jun 22 08:05:59 2015

To All Althainia Darkonin Dolund'ir ( Devion Imm Rp )

Subject (Baiting the Hook)

Boof had been having a terrible week, or perhaps it was marvelous? It
was always hard to tell when doing his Lord's work. First the Althainians
had started picking on Boof and would not let up. Then when things were
looking up after he finished unloading supplies in Abaddon for relief aid to
Dolund'ir, Mercerion and Rellinath showed up out of the blue and cut his
hand off! Why were they so mean to Boof? He pondered this and came to one
very clear conclusion.

"Cuz themz iz mean, no good, stinky, dumb, and mean, and demz hatez gobboz
despite what demz liar ub a witch-queen sayz.

Last night was the last straw in a long line of last straws, or so he wanted
it to appear.

Boof glared about in the dim light of the muddy cavern. Goblins huddled
around him in fear, some crying, some cursing Althainia under their breath.
This was as it should be. Their anger needed to be cultivated and directed
to the right source. All of Nadrik's horrible brood must pay.

He winced as Malinweh Delamuut strapped the shiny new claw into place on
Boof's fresh stump. Malinweh was the best blacksmith money could buy in
Dolund'ir, and Boof knew if he purchased his services it would look good to
his poor goblins.

After the death of the poor goblin guard, All of Dolund'ir was willing to
aid Boof, including Malinweh. Boof was filled with pride at this. He had
left Dolund'ir only recently to strike out for Darkonin. And in such a
short time his name gained notoriety. His goblins were proud too, and
becoming ever more reliant on Boof and his quick tongue.

Boof whispered a prayer to Devion as the mithril claw was cinched firmly
into place. Turning to the guards that were assembled, in an angry voice
Boof said, "Wez must collect der wood fer der funeral pyre. Der fact youz
noble comrade died fillz Boof wit rage and hatred. We will hab der funeral
fer himz sacrifice ter der cause.

Scowling on the outside but beaming on the inside, Boof added, "Der fact dat
Aliera ordered herz guardz ter attack dat poor gobbo just cuz himz was
associatin' wit Boof...
" Leaping to his feet and brandishing his wickedly
twisted new claw he screamed aloud for All to hear.


Sad cheers filled the cavern as Boof reached up, as if calling on the power
of Devion to aid them in their struggle. With a flick of his wrist a ball
of light appeared, showering him in a cool glow. Boof attempted to look as
proud as possible as the light poured in on him.

Oh how he loved to lie. And luckily, his goblins still believed every word
he said.

Writer: Ruydiez

Date Mon Jun 22 09:22:09 2015

Writer: Drondon

Date Mon Jun 22 12:49:43 2015

To Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom All Imm Religion Zandreya

Subject Walk About

Drondon woke up early for once, maybe he was eager, or maybe it was more
nerves that got him up. He planned to be out in the Vallens and surrounding
villages and farmsteads that were outside the kingdom walls, and in the deep
woods. He was going to see how things were going since the last time the
dwarves razed the forest. The half-elf had the scars to remind him of those
long days and nights, and now serving the whole Vallens, and Zandreya, he
felt that it was his duty to aid the elves stricken hard by it. Some
healing of his own, and some healing to the forests and elves who needed it.

Shafts of sunlight pierced through the canopy of the trees as he made his
way through the forest. Soon he came to the line where the fires were
quelled, and a rush of emotions came over him. Sadness, a quick shake of
fear, then mostly anger while his jaw flexed and his fists clenched. He
remembered seeing elves run to the kingdom gates while he looked for ones
who were too injured to make it and carrying them back. He remembered
seeing the dwarf raise it's axe and before it could bring it down on the
crying child, Drondon snatched it up and ran like hell. All while the
forest was burning.

He dropped to his knees and dug his fingers into the charred ground. He
took a small breath then began to pray. 'Dearest Mother, we thank You for
Your gifts, Your strength, and lessons. We know that with death comes
rebirth. Destruction can be repaired with rebuilding, replanting,
reassurance in faith. We'll aid All that need it for You. Amen.

Writer: Lucien

Date Mon Jun 22 14:22:57 2015

Writer: Jadelyn

Date Mon Jun 22 14:56:26 2015

To Althainia Darkonin All ( IMM RP )

Subject Yo ho. Yo ho. (Part 2) Hoist the colors.

It was perhaps around midnight or so when Jadelyn noticed the ship.
Between the moon and the stars, she had plenty of light to see it come into
view. She pointed it out to the sailor next to her, silent for the moment
as an extra precaution. Better to be cautious than not, especially in this
type of situation.

The sailor nodded after spotting the enemy ship and he made rounds to tell
the others to prepare. Jade simply leaned against the railing on the deck
as she watched the ship draw closer and closer. The Darkonin sailors didn't
seem to noticed the Vanguard, and she was so glad that she had the sails
changed from the rainbow mess they started out in to black. Anyone would
have noticed then. With the removal of All light sources on the ship, they
were practically invisible.

Of course, the thought of casting a spell on the ship to make it invisible
was amusing enough to draw a quiet chuckle from the Captain.

"Everyone's at their stations, Captain. " Jadelyn glanced over her shoulder
at the sailor, her first mate in this encounter, and nodded before looking
back to the ship growing larger as it came closer and closer to the border.
Just a little longer...

A grin tugged on the corners of her lips as the Darkonin ship made its way
into Althainian waters. Well, well. Time to roll out the welcome wagon.
Ship. Welcome ship. That was what she was waiting for. Now that they were
trespassing, she had an obligation to show them the error of their ways.

"Hoist the colors. Ready the cannons. We don't want to hit them, but get
as close as you can. Let's scare the shite out of them.
" Her voice was
low and clear, All signs of her usual accent gone. It was time to get
serious. She needed to be clear in her orders so she could be understood.
There was no room for that kind of talk.

The "first mate" nodded with a grin and disappeared as Jadelyn stood up
straight. She closed her eyes, relishing in the excitement as she heard the
sailor give the order... "Hoist the colors. " The sound of footfalls
followed as the crew on the deck worked to raise not one flag, but two.

Jadelyn turned and looked up as the flags rose higher and higher. The first
was the standard Althainian flag. The second... The second made her
shiver. The grey cloth was covered in black lines that appeared to be a
very primitive way of drawing waves. Smack dab in the middle was a gryphon.
Not just any one, though. It was an exact copy of the gryphon that laid
upon the crest of Althainia, backed only by a pair crossed sabres.

My colors will be seen from every port...

Footsteps came up behind her. She didn't need to know who it was. Before
he could even say a word, she gave the order. "FIRE AT WILL! " She could
not contain her smile as explosions echoed around her, even though the
cannonballs landed in the water rather than hit the enemy ship. They didn't
need to hit the ship to get her point across.

They just needed to let the bastards know they were spotted and they weren't
going to get away.

Writer: Jadelyn

Date Mon Jun 22 15:43:35 2015

To Althainia Darkonin All ( IMM RP )

Subject Yo ho. Yo ho. (Part 3) Lessons Learned

The cries could be heard from across the water, and the Althainian
Captain nodded her approval. They were startled, rattled, and distracted.
Perfect for phase two of her plans. "Get the ship up close so you lot can
board. I'll meet you there.
" The first mate looked a little confused as
Jadelyn handed him her hat, whistled... And then dove right into the water.
She was back up above the water just as a dolphin's fin came into the view.
Good. He heard her. She smiled and took hold of the dorsal fin, letting
the creature carry her closer and closer, easily avoiding the cannonballs
still crashing into the water around them.

Once close enough, she let go of her dolphin friend, watching him go back
out to the ocean before she clambered up the side of the ship. Her eyes
scanned the deck to see the chaos that was going on, and it was All she
could not to let go and laugh. There were goblins and ogres running around
and calling out in whatever language they were speaking. It was amusing,
but she couldn't just sit there and watch. She pulled herself up over the
side and darted for the closest "person" she could get to.

It did not even have time to react before she was shoving the pommel of her
sword into its stomach. It doubled over, allowing Jade to send her knee
into its face. She didn't stop to see if they would recover. She was
already moving on to the next sailor. And the next. Never once did she
strike with the pointy end of her sword. It was always her fist or the
counterproductive to their mission.

Of course, in doing so she was taking a few hits herself. She'd probably
have to see a healer after this for a busted nose and a few bruises and
cuts. Not that she cared or minded. She WOULD get her point across to
these creatures, even if it bordered rather close to that legal/illegal
line. Besides, it wasn't a good fight unless you took SOME damage.

The sound of wood on wood drew her attention from her task, and Jadelyn
smiled. Reinforcements! A laugh escaped her as her men boarded the enemy
ship, aiding her in subduing the Darkonin forces. It didn't take too long
for them to wrangle the would-be sailors. They had the element of surprise,
after all. As the last of the group was tied on the deck, Jadelyn turned to
her men. "Find whatever supplies you can and put them on the ship. We'll
hand them out to Dolund'ir once we get back.
" A few of her crew set about
going below to find whatever they could.

"Food, Captain, by the looks of it! " Jadelyn simply nodded as she turned
her attention back to the Darkonin crew. She held her hand out to her side,
and waited until one of her own placed her hat in her hand. It instantly
found its home on her head, and she nodded in approval before smiling.

"You lot have been caught trespassing. Normally we'd throw you in the brig
and take you to the Empress for a trial, but me and my crew are feeling
merciful. We'll just take your supplies instead before letting you leave
with your tail between your legs.
" Of course, she was met with glares and
some sort of gibberish that she didn't understand. She could only assume it
was swearing, but she just shook her head.

Once the supplies were taken to her ship, and her men were on board, she
motioned for the plank to be raised. It was, and she once more turned to
the tied up "men".

"Let this be a lesson, you thrice damned sons of sirens. I better not see
your lot around these waters again. The next time you enter Althainian
territory, I will not hesitate in shooting down any vessel I see.
" She
grinned before backing up towards the ship. "Be sure to tell your leaders
that Captain Jadelyn Darkwater sends her regards. Oh, and thank you for the
supplies! The citizens of Dolund'ir will appreciate our gift! And with
that, she jumped the gap from one ship to the other, ordering her crew to
begin the journey back to the docks.

"Yo ho, yo ho... A privateer's life for me... "

Writer: Euterah

Date Mon Jun 22 16:16:06 2015

To All Darkonin Althainia ( Sunny Imm rp )

Subject (Gobbo-tarian Aid) The Tower's Continuing Support

She was married once more, which she gathered was not that bad. It was
not a trap or a play of power as she previously thought. She genuinely felt
Grulgon had been sincere in his words. Euterah focused her thoughts on the
task ahead. The Tower witch was brewing in the lair, the steaming viscous
concoction roiling slow large bubbles that seemed to burst with wicked
intent. Her head swam with All the ingredients she had procured to start
her tests. Which item would hold the key to a really vile potion? She
wondered and brooded over the cauldron.

Several days of exhausting work, note taking, experimenting, examining, and
she was satisfied with her gourds. About fifty in all, they seemed
guiltless nestled together in her bags, but they were filled with poison,
disease and death. She laughed to herself and traveled to the palace to
enlist the goblin nobles help. The bored lot seemed to do anything she
asked. She cleverly used this avenue of aid often, the students of the
Tower, either too unskilled yet or too loud. The goblin lords were all
trained in the arts of war and subterfuge.

Master Kaarn, Master Zelchi, I would like to procure you services once
again. I need to deliver an amount of gourds to Dolundir. They will be
used to deter the Althainians from patrolling the dark forest.

They seemed pleased with her request and told her the necessary provisions
and guards would be given to her. She smiled slightly and went back to the
lair. Those Althainia leaders would pay for what they did to Boof and what
they continued to do the people of Dolundir. She vowed she would see the
city sink to the sewers they so wished to avoid.

Writer: Gabhran

Date Mon Jun 22 16:43:33 2015

Writer: Gabhran

Date Mon Jun 22 16:43:49 2015

Writer: Gabhran

Date Mon Jun 22 17:06:56 2015

Writer: Taggett

Date Mon Jun 22 18:53:49 2015

To All New_Thalos Arkane Knighthood Conclave Tryxie Bruun Suradis Takeri Imm *RP*

Subject Searching New Thalos *P1*

Taggett Silverwolfe watched in fascination as particles of sand seemed to
drift right through her translucent body. The suns rays could not touch her
even in the heat of the desert noon. Shifting dunes of deep yellows and
almost orange seemed to snake across her vision as far as she could see.
Reaching out with her magic there was no trace of her kender friend
Palquinn. This time something else was calling her out into the sands. The
particles of sand swept across the ground like ghosts in a never ending
dance. It was a couple of hours into the journey she could see the first
trace outlines of the structure in the distance.

Kalib Duhr the towering walls came closer as the Life Mages feet just barely
skimmed the surface of the sand. Mute green eyes there was a stillness in
her expression. This place was calling her back. After so long, she was so
young then. She hadnt even known the history of this place. Shed exiled
herself there once. Suradis had been there, even Lunez if she was
remembering correctly. Part of her was curious about her once knight
boyfriend. Was he also still alive by some magic. She decided if he was it
was better to let his spirit rest, and not disturb him out of her own
selfish curiosity.

The morning sun had woken her through the windows of the Burning Sand. Shed
enjoyed a nice evening spent with Bruun and Tryxie. It had done her a lot
of good to simply put aside her quest and worries over meeting someone who
might remember her. To for just a night not feel desperate in her search
for Palquinn Silverstream. There was even some time for laughing. Oddly
enough a missive had been slipped under the girls door.

Shed hoped Lunez was summoning her to at last meet with him and hopefully
find out if the man was the same vague memory that sat at the corners of her
mind. The letter read


Taggett could that really be you? You look just like her.


Letting the note fall from her gloved hands, Taggett rushed down the stairs
of the Burning Sands and onto the street. How recently had the message been
delivered? Turning in place, the New Thalos streets bustled with merchants
and citizens alike. Normally Taggett would never simply grab someone from
thin air. She wasnt the time to yank a person through magic, it wasnt
polite. This was not the case, the chance to meet someone who knew her was
too great. Closing her eyes she reached out, searching.

The crimson of Takeris long hair glittered to life from nothingness. Her
warm amber eyes not as surprised as someone younger might have been by
Taggetts magic. The half elf seemed as curious by the Life Mage, as she was
about her. Takeri spoke of having met a boy claiming to be Taggetts son,
hed even shown Takeri a marker near Nordmaar of death. If the strange
feeling of having said the name Takeri many times before in her life wasnt
so strong shed have been sure the halfling was not thinking of the same

You look so much like her. Takeri was certain. Suradis.. Again the
name, this time from someone Taggett felt was so familiar had it not been
for her broken memory. So much time had passed. Centuries. It was taxing,
but Takeri had to be telling the truth. Do you remember when we turned into
frogs? And went All over the city of Arkane?
There was magic in Takeris
words. Sensations of history washing over Taggett. Eating flies in Arkane
Magic that was still lingering in the air around the Life Mage hundreds of
years since it was spoken

Writer: Taggett

Date Mon Jun 22 19:01:46 2015

To All New_Thalos Arkane Knighthood Conclave Tryxie Bruun Suradis Takeri Lunez Imm *RP*

Subject Searching New Thalos *P2*

Kalib Duhr a once powerful fortress destroyed much like old thalos.
Nagash had returned and many paid with their lives. The gate was still
partly opened. Phantoms swirled in and out of reality that only the keen
eye would notice. As she walked the blackened courtyard she touched each
corpse as she went. A rattling of bone, the figures stood and looked to her
as if expecting something from her. She wasnt sure why she was using her
magic like this. It wasnt a spell she called upon so casually.

It was this place. Shed exiled herself here once before. Afraid of her
magic, of who she was. What kind of person had she been? The only
knowledge she had about the girl she was, came in broken memories. The deep
feeling of devotion to Kantilles, to the White Robes when shed awoke. Who
was the girl before All that? She needed to spend time here. The rooms
filled, bodies shuffling in aimless wandering. Waiting for the Life Mage to
direct them in action. She had nothing for them. The room around her was
dark, blackened from a great battle. She needed to remember who she really
was. What scared her, is finding Taggett Silverwolfe might be as hard as
finding her friend.

Tears pulled at the corners of her eyes. A feeling that was strange and
comforting. Comforting that she still was able to cry at all. Why did it
all go away?
She'd asked Takeri if only perhaps to ask herself. No matter
what I learn of death...
Taggett whispered to her half elf friend.

Takeri seemed as pained by this as the Life Mage. I do not know.... Time
passes and we All change with it, or we fade away.
If only the half elf's
words were not so true. The people of New Thalos milled through their day
with hardly as much reflection as the two rediscovering eachother.

I don't want us to fade away. Taggett repeated the words now, as she sat
in the destroyed remains of a once great place.

Writer: Drondon

Date Tue Jun 23 00:46:16 2015

To Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom All Imm Religion Zandreya

Subject Walk About II

Drondon came up on one of the villages that was ravaged by the dwarves
and was met by a few elves that were injured. Scars crossed one elf's face,
another was missing a hand, and another was a young elf with no visable
injury. They exchanged pleasantries and the elves of the village showed him
around. Drondon saw some elves working on repairing a wall, and instead of
watching them do it, he got right in the thick of them and helped for a bit.

He was sweaty after some time, but he and the elves of the village got what
was needed done to the wall, but it was plain to see that some were still
doing work. An elf couple brought in a mule-drawn cart full of animal pelts
and skins. The Deacon could see on their faces that they had a long day,
and walked over to them. He told them to sit back, relax, and Drondon gave
them each a lollipop, and in turn they looked at him weirdly with the sweets
in their hand, and Drondon got to work. After a good hour or so, the
different pelts and skins were stacked, and others were hung up, or tacked
up on the walls of the building to dry. The elf couple thanked Drondon and
he gave a smile and shook each of their hands.

What seemed to be an elder of the village came up to Drondon and informed
him that the day was coming to a close and he was welcome to stay if he
needed. Drondon accepted the offer and told the elder that he would like to
stay and help the next day.

Writer: Lucien

Date Tue Jun 23 02:54:53 2015

Writer: Nistle

Date Tue Jun 23 12:23:52 2015

To All Sebatis Imm Religion RP Red_Robes Conclave

Subject A gift to Sebatis

Nistle flitted about Sebatis' shrine and nodded, smiling. He didn't get
to build it, but at least it got built. His wings faltered only slightly,
his smiling slipping a bit, as he realized that none of the credit came to
him. He was the one that woke the lazy priests, he was the one that got
them interested into building it.

A slight shrug and he was back to admiring the place. It would be a good
tower. At least it was built. No one would know it was his gift back to
Sebatis, but he would, and that was All that mattered.

Writer: Mahina

Date Tue Jun 23 13:49:50 2015

To All Althainia RP ( Nadrik )

Subject Challenges

Mahina had been thinking very hard on what path to choose. It took her
some time to releave the stress over what had happend previously. She had
finally come to terms with it but had made no decision. The General
approached her to ask if she were still interested in the Military and she
hesitantly nodded a yes. He offered her entrance and she agreed.

She took her tasks on with excitement and had them done in record time but
she also remembered that she was a priestess and had taken an oath to follow
the Lord Nadrik. She had taken on a challenge that would prove very
difficult but she was up for it. Her strength and dedication will lead her
to where she needs to be and through it all, she knows Lord Nadrik will be
with her every step of the way.

Writer: Elisbet

Date Tue Jun 23 14:31:28 2015

To All Darkonin Althainia ( Sunny Imm rp )

Subject (Gobbo-Tarian Aid) The Squelcher

The Squelcher was a decent ship, small, easy to man with a skeleton crew
and the cargo hold was big. The transport of goods was safe within the
belly of the ship. What she did not count on was the Vanguard rising up
from the horizon and chasing them down. She cursed, telling the navigator
to evade, but no such luck. They were boarded and she now sported a
beautiful black eye and sore jaw. They did not try to win this battle as
the Vanguards cannons were pointed at them. She did not say much, but
watched and listened as the goods were taken from the hold and brought over
to the Vanguard. She was so angry she could hardly think. The Vanguard
patrolling the waters would make shipments harder to bring in. Effectively
cutting off the supply lines, Elisbet growled, grinding her teeth. Her
vision turning red as the last of the cargo was delivered to the Vanguard.

They were told never to return. Beaten and beaten some more, Elisbet tried
to focus through her anger, cursing under her breath. She removed a grenade
from her bag, pulled the pin and punted it towards the Vanguards deck.

DEATH KICK! She screamed and the grenade connected with the deck, a blast
of explosive air and fire. Elisbet grinned wickedly, barking orders at the
crew to ready the sails, raise anchor and hoping to put some distance
between the Squelcher and the Vanguard, before they regained their wits and
blasted the little ship out of the waters.

Writer: Taggett

Date Tue Jun 23 17:14:59 2015

To All Takeri New_Thalos Nordmaar Kalib_Duhr Imm *RP*

Subject Searching New Thalos *END*

The stillness came back to Kalib Duhr as the legion of undead shes risen
started to grow stationary in their shambling. Taggett Silverwolfe looked
to the black of her gloved hands. She was sitting cross legged in her white
kimono in the center of the scorched bedroom. Time had decayed what wasnt
destroyed in the great battle. She felt so completely out of place here. A
single beating heart in an ocean of death. A memory hung in the center of
her hands, moving and dancing trying to take shape. She was a different
person then, a kender. How strange to except that shed been a completely
different race along the way. A spell shed came up with as her birthright
of witchcraft allowed.

She and Palquinn and a bunch of the other kender were sailing. Having so
much fun out on the open splashing blue waves. The kender vessel was quick
on the water, much like its people on land. Lemonade she could still taste
the flavor of the drink that splashed up from the fountain in the center of
the kingdom. Her heart broke in the deadly sadness of that sour treat as it
haunted her taste buds.

A fire snapped opened her eyes. She looked around the room, through the
broken walls at the living graveyard she had sprang to life. Yes, it was
true pieces of her life were missing. Her best friend was missing. It
didnt mean she was any different then she was then. Life continued to
always make room for death, she was smart enough to know that was the true
story of living. Standing the Life Mage made her way from the room to the
battlements of Kalib Duhr the countless undead warriors looking up at her.

Palquinn might have very well woke long ago, Takeri had been right, they
were inseparable. If shed woken up she would head to were she though
Taggett might be. She would go to Icewall. The young girl ran a hand
through the long length of her snowfall hair. She couldnt wait for the
Sultan of New Thalos to confirm she was the person shed become. Taggett had
to embrace she could not change the flow of time, any more then she could
get back the person she was.

It was time she found her friend, shed already found herself

The Life Mage waved a hand over the crowd of skeletons and zombies. Each
ones face moving in synch with her action. Taggett looked for the spark,
the small candle light in the center of each one of them. Closing her hand
she let the darkness wash back over the warriors. In a shudder of the small
girls body the undead army collapsed back to the dust.

It was Time to Go Back to Where it Had All Started.

Writer: Jadelyn

Date Tue Jun 23 18:58:51 2015

To Althainia Darkonin All ( IMM RP )

Subject Yo ho. Yo ho. (Part 4) Dead Men Tell No Tales


Jadelyn turned just as she heard the cry from the other ship. Her eyes went
wide, her mouth agape in shock. A grenade. A bloody grenade. How did

It didn't matter. It really didn't matter HOW. The tiny little bomb was in
the air and aimed right at the ship. HER ship.

"GET BACK! " The order was given just before the grenade hit the deck,
bounced once, and exploded in a fiery inferno. The blast was enough to send
her flying across the deck, her body hitting the side of the steps leading
up to the wheelhouse with a THUD! Pain radiated from her head, her back,
her arms... Hell, her entire being screamed. Or maybe that was the ringing
in her ears, the side effect of being as close to the explosion as she had
been. She groaned and opened her eyes, and immediately she wished she

Men... HER MEN... Several of them were strewn about the deck. A few were
in one piece, but at least a couple were missing limbs and who knew where
they were. Adelyn barely managed to choke back a sob as she thumped her
head back against the stairs (a bad idea in and of itself). No. Not again.
Not. Again. Crewmen were dead on her watch. HER men were dead. It was
the 'Dasher All over again. No... No no no no--

She felt hands on her and she jerked way as her eyes shot opened. A man.
Not a goblin. Some of her crew were still alive. And red. Why were they

"Blood", she reasoned as more men came up to her. They were scared. How
could they not be? They were nearly blown to bits. Her arms were held out,
and with a groan, she was pulled to her feet. She could feel herself
wobble, but she caught herself on... Something. Man, ship, she didn't
really know.

"SOMEONE TO THE SAILS AND TRIM 'EM TO FULL! " Jadelyn had no idea how loud
she really was, no thanks to her ears still ringing. "EVERYONE ELSE TO THE
She saw what was left of her screw scatter just before she turned to drag
her arse up to the wheelhouse. It was a huge effort, considering she was
sure she had a concussion, burst ear drums, and likely several broken bones,
not to mention any sort of shrapnel from the grenade casing stuck in her
somewhere. It took longer than she hoped, but she still managed to make it
up the steps and took her place at the wheel.

She could feel rather than hear the cannons below her going off, but she
didn't even bother to look to see if they hit their mark. She was too
focused on getting them All out of there before more of her men got killed.
Besides, she couldn't focus on more than one thing even if she wanted to,
not with her head pounding like it was. One task at a time, and one was
more important than the other.

The sun was just starting to peek over the horizon when Althainia's private
docks came into view. Jadelyn gave a sigh of relief, her eyes closing as
she wobbled again. She was tired, covered in blood, and more than just a
little sore. Guilt was eating at her, despite the "success" of their
mission. They had gotten the goods and they had gotten out of there. But
she knew her arrogance was to blame for the damage done to them.

It was the last thing she thought just before the world went black and she
collapsed onto the floor of the wheelhouse.

Writer: Aliera

Date Tue Jun 23 20:07:40 2015

To Althainia Darkonin All ( Imm RP )

Subject Black Sails on a Black Ship.

The sailor scurried from the room, more than a little happy to be
finished with his errand of informing the Empress that the Captain was
leaving and oh by the way, she had also changed the sails on the Vanguard to

Aliera sighed and shook her head. She trusted Jadelyn to follow her
instructions to the letter, but she also had no doubt that her
swashbuckling, red-headed pirate of a Captain would also be on just this
side of the law if she found it needed, or convenient. Her personal guard
followed quickly as the Empress mounted her horse and headed to the southern
part of the Empire. 'Black sails... On a black ship... At night, bloody
' Black sails at night meant only one thing, trouble.

The 'port' of Dolund'ir was little more than an inlet of water into the deep
caverns, most ships would have missed it unless they were purposely looking
for it and yet from this vantage point there were at least three in the inky
black of the darkened ocean. The Vanguard was recognizable, even from this
distance, cloaked in black sails as she was. There was a din that carried
over the waves and ambient sound of the below, the shouting of soldiers
before cannon fire rang out and echoed faintly across the water before
deadening against the earth of the tunnels. In an instant though, the tide
of the battle seemed to shift and Aliera frowned.

' Put out the call for healers... There might be a- Nadrik have mercy. '
her words were cut short by an explosion over the decks of the Vanguard and
the brilliant light spread over the ship in a concussive fire that could
only be one thing ' grenades. ' A sharp strike of her heels sent the
Empress and her guard flying back to Althainia at a breakneck pace, shouting
orders to the guards and what few sailers were at the Kingdom's docks, '
Prepare for the Vanguard, she will be to port soon, if she is not, track her
down. Ready the healer's quarters and the Temple, we have wounded and I
pray not dead as well.
' Dismounting at the castle gates she pushed up her
sleeves, it would be a long night and she would work with the wounded
herself. An image of her broken captain flashed through her mind and the
Priestess pushed it away, pirate though she may be, Jadelyn Darkwater was
Althainian's and the Empire would care of it's own.

Writer: Xhyr'ryhx

Date Tue Jun 23 23:04:22 2015

Writer: Aliera

Date Tue Jun 23 23:46:32 2015

Writer: Cieran

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Writer: Rellinath

Date Wed Jun 24 10:15:18 2015

Writer: Mercerion

Date Wed Jun 24 10:17:46 2015

Writer: Rellinath

Date Wed Jun 24 11:25:19 2015

Writer: Rellinath

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Writer: Rellinath

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Writer: Reagan

Date Wed Jun 24 12:36:26 2015

Writer: Rellinath

Date Wed Jun 24 19:50:25 2015

Writer: Elisbet

Date Wed Jun 24 19:52:18 2015

To All Darkonin Althainia ( Sunny Imm rp )

Subject (Gobbotarian Aid) For Terrorism Part 2

They were traveling over the most unforgiving trail, they were often
bogged down in the swampy earth. It was work. Work to load the trolls up,
work to push the trolls to move in one direction and keep them moving in one
direction, work for patience at having to deal with the crazy Marsh Hag who
seemed to be absent more than present as a guide. Still, the crates were
safe nothing had been lost in the journey, yet. Xhyrryhx and she were
covered in mud, the Hag perched on the shoulders of a troll, cackling and
generally getting on Elisbets nerves.

Elisbet and Xhyrryhx both brought up the rear wrangling the trolls to follow
the Hag on the lead troll. They were so ungodly loud.

Cannot you get her to keep the quieter? She hissed to Xhyrryhx, irritation
riding high as she heard the Hag cackle to the trolls in their weird sloppy
language. Xhyrryhx chuckled at her angst and gave her an encouraging smile.
We will be dere soon, Lub.

Sooner than later, Drakkara help them, the unwieldly convoy of trolls
slogged through the swaps. Elisbet and Xhyrryhx each taking turns to keep
them together, moving in a forward motion. Elisbet with curses and
haranguing, her temper turning sour as they continued from the swaps into
firmer ground, the forest provided better cover.

They were moving so slow and as soon as they hit the dark forest, the Hag
disappeared. Xhyrryhx reassured her they would meet with the Hag again at
the Woodsman Inn. She furrowed her brow in consternation.

I will take the lead then, since the Hag has slipped off, be well, Beloved.
She gave Xhyrryhx a gentle kiss against his stubbly cheek, her coal black
eyes peering into Xhyrryhxs eyes as she turned and made her way to the front
of the line.

She knew the way to the Inn from here.

Writer: Lucien

Date Wed Jun 24 22:12:25 2015

Writer: Aiowynn

Date Wed Jun 24 23:15:28 2015

To Drondon Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom All Imm Religion Zandreya

Subject Joining the Walk

Aiowynn walked along with Deacon Drondon, watching as the people waved to
him in greeting, clearly comfortable with having him around. Some pausing
to look at the stranger he had brought with him, who smiled softly at them.
A small leather pouch bounced against Aiowynn's right hip as she walked,
looking around at All the work that had been done to restore the village.
Walking away from the Deacon, she headed over to a part of land that had
been reserved for the planting of vegetables. Aiowynn approached the ladies
working at the dirt and whispered, 'Greetings, I'm Aiowynn. I came with
Deacon Drondon to help out.
' From her hip she unties the small pouch and
brings it forward to show the little individual pouches of seeds with their
small labels. Setting aside her hooded robe, Aiowynn gets to work with the
ladies, planting the seeds she brought.

Standing up, she smiles at All the plantings and quickly walks to join a
woman bringing a bucket of water, picking up one herself and taking it to
the vegetable garden to water the seedlings. Then returning the bucket to
gather more water, helping to take it to one of the homes.

As the day began to wane and work was put aside, Aiowynn finds a spot to sit
on ground, leaning her back against a tree and takes out her flute. With
nerves skidding around the edges, she raises the flute to her lips and
positions her fingers on the keys along the body of the instrument. She
begins to play a soft melody, watching as some of the children come closer
to her and some of the adults' attentions are drawn to her. She continues
to play the melody, letting the notes rise and weave gently, waiting for all
who wish to come close to do so.

Aiowynn nods to those gathered and smiles at the children, lowering her
flute a moment to run a finger over the mouthpiece and then the foot joint
of the flute before raising it to her lips again. She begins to play a
gentle tune, a soft shimmer of magic flows from her fingers to the flute and
then shimmers in the air, before an image comes into sight. As the music
plays from the flute, a seed is seen being planted on the ground, the image
wavering as it looks like rain, then shimmers and turns into the sun. The
melody picks up a little in pace as a story is told through the images,
something sprouts from the growing, growing green leaves, the top changing
from a bud to a flower, blooming wide and open. The flower looks beautiful
with it's vibrant pink petals before it begins to wilt, then dies.

The image draws a few gasps from the children, sad to see the flower
disappear. The music picks up in tempo as Aiowynn continues to play, two
buds sprouting from the ground, going through the stages of growth before
they bloom, more beautiful than the first flower. A hummingbird appears
through the song, dipping it's long beak into the bloom, it's wings
fluttering quickly, before it backs away and drinks from the next flower.
The notes rise for a few more moments before they dip, the hummingbird
disappearing and the flowers fading before the flute is lowered.

Aiowynn rests the flute on her lap, gently running her finger over the
mouthpiece as she draws her power back, then raises her head to smile at the
people gathered about her. The children jump up with excitement, running to
their parents with tales of magical music, the birth and rebirth of flowers,
and the ways of Nature.

Writer: Xhyr'ryhx

Date Thu Jun 25 02:31:37 2015

Writer: Jadelyn

Date Thu Jun 25 08:08:59 2015

To Althainia Darkonin All ( IMM RP Aliera )

Subject Shatter Me

Voices. She could hear voices. Or, at least, that's what she hoped they
were. Jadelyn's ears were still damaged from the concussive blast of the
grenade that had exploded on her ship. She tried to open her eyes to see
who was talking, but she was tired. Far too tired. Tired enough that she
couldn't even bring herself to protest as she felt herself being lifted in
to the air. She didn't know what was going on, but she couldn't bring
herself to care. Everything went silent once more as lost consciousness.


When she woke next, it was just like before. Muffled sounds, though not
nearly as bad as it had been. She could hear words, she knew there were
words, but she couldn't quite make them out. A woman? Maybe a man, too.
Jadelyn turned her head to look, her eyes opening for the briefest of
moments before she instantly regretted it. It was bright. Far too bright.
And the voices were just a little too loud with her head pounding like it

Though, she thought she could make out her name just before she blacked out.


Jadelyn didn't know how much time had passed when she finally came back to
consciousness. There had been other times where she woke up for a minute
before she was out again. She couldn't count how many, truth be told.
Hell, she didn't really care too much for thinking about anything. Her body
ached, her head throbbed, her mouth and throat were drier than a desert, and
she had no idea where she was.

A groan escaped her as she slowly opened her eyes, blinking once...
Twice... And noticed it was dark in the room she was in. It wasn't the
healer's quarters. Not a temple. She wasn't quite sure where she was, even
as she turned her head to take a better look around.

Dammit, but that hurt. It hurt a lot, and she had to close her eyes against
the pain to keep from crying out. Her hands gripped the sheet beneath her,
and it was then she realized she was covered from neck to toe by a blanket.
Weird. She didn't feel cold. Mind, she couldn't feel much of anything
other than how much she was hurting.

All right. Let us see the damage. One deep breath... Two deep breaths...
Three deep breaths and Jadelyn managed to push herself up into a sitting
position. Bad idea! Bad idea! Abort! Abort! The movement only made the
pain worse, and this time, the Captain couldn't stop the scream that rang in
her ears. Gods, what the bloody hell--

"Captain! " Oh no. Not her. Not the Empress. Not here. No. Get out!

The words never made it out. Jadelyn could only shake her head and bite
down on her lip, trying hard not to cry. It wasn't from the physical pain.
No. With the Empress there, a wave of guilt had washed over the Captain.
That's right. Your men are dead because of you. She couldn't even bring
herself to look at Aliera as the priestess helped her to lie back down.
Words were being said, but Jade couldn't hear them. Not over the many
apologies running through her head.

A hand was placed on hers, causing Jadelyn to freeze and turn to look up at
the Empress. Jade couldn't make out the expression on the Empress' face.
Her eyes had filled with tears, blurring her vision.

"I'm sorry, " she managed to say before she was draping an arm over her
eyes, a poor attempt to hide the tears that were freely falling. The former
pirate captain laid there crying until she, once again, fell into the
darkness of unconsciousness.

Writer: Euterah

Date Thu Jun 25 21:55:34 2015

To All Darkonin ( Sunny Imm rp )

Subject (Gobbo-Tarian Aid) The Tower's Scheme

It awoke. It neither remembered if it was a Her or Him properly, but it
did not care anyhow. It was Cat. Know by many names throughout the
centuries, currently Slack, it was a suitable name. It preferred its Ogre
given name.

The Cat arched its back, stretching and yawning showing a mouthful of sharp
teeth. Waking was always so tedious, so many things to attend to. Damn she
was insistent, fine, with a twitch of its black tail it was off, running
through the tunnels, keeping to the shadows, avoiding large feet. The
portal! It leapt and landed in the Haon, padding toward Althainia.

May as well see how Althainia fairs. The Cat felt a bit brawly after being
asleep for so long. There were plenty of mutts in Althainia. Ah, no
though, the task at hand.

Scampering through the city as only a Cat can parkour, soon the southern
gate was reached and the Cat slipped into the woods. Down, down, down
through the darkness and past the goblin guards. The Cat made its way to
the towering monolith that centered the city of Dolundir.

He better be there. The Cat muttered to itself and entered the monolith,
moving up the stairs like a silky shadow. Ah, yes, the Cleric awaited,
greedy little gobbo. The Cat entered keeping to the wall, looking
nonchalant and ordered. It sat not five feet away from the Cleric and
groomed, after a moment looking up at the Cleric with intense yellow eyes.

You know what to do correct? I would not like my Mistress displeased. You
have the paper?

The Cleric grinned at the Cat, offering the missive.

Burn it. Be ready.

The Cat turned and strolled out of the room, darting down the stairs and
reuniting with its Mistress.

Writer: Zola

Date Thu Jun 25 22:20:01 2015

To All Bloodlust Abaddon Fatale Dfedor Fatale

Subject X Fill 'er Up X

With the opening of the Grand Temple of Fatale, the Graveyard of Fallen
Enemies, had come the issuing of a challenge. Zola had been the one to
proclaim it to those faithful who had flocked to the grand opening like a
murder of crows, eager to hear the divine truth of their dark lord.

The premise was simple enough. The Graveyard of Fallen Enemies was aptly
named, but many of its graves lay empty. The objective was to fill them.
Zola had provided the foundation with the death of the very first, a
personal enemy of his whom had been entombed alive beneath the great
at the center of the graveyard. Their death had been slow, painful, and
full of terror before they gasped their final breath. With any luck their
cursed spirit would haunt the hallowed ground evermore.

They were challenged to do better.

Now he watched as others went out into the world to claim their own kills
and drag their bodies back to the graveyard, filling up the open graves.
Sometimes with victims still fleshly bleeding, staining the ground in blood
all colors and shades. Zola made a tiny profit from selling pine boxes
to those who requested them, for those interested
in such things. Others
left the bodies unentombed and sometimes even defiled, food for the worms
and grubs.

Fatale would be pleased. Crows flocked overhead as the graves were filled
with the dead enemies of the Lord of Murder.

Writer: Xhyr'ryhx

Date Thu Jun 25 23:11:27 2015

Writer: Drondon

Date Thu Jun 25 23:25:13 2015

Writer: Mahina

Date Thu Jun 25 23:46:41 2015

Writer: Drondon

Date Thu Jun 25 23:59:53 2015

To Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Aiowynn Neurion All Imm Religion Zandreya

Subject Walk About IV (storyline)

Drondon and Aiowynn made it back to the hall after a good day's walk.
The two elves departed as Drondon went to his home and Aiowynn to hers. The
half-elf did some things around the house for a moment then washed up.
Aiowynn had offered her aid again, and then the half-elf Neurion offered his
later. He made a note of some things that would be needed and took to rest.

The next day Drondon made it to the hall with supplies. Bags of seeds, and
a large sturdy wooden tool box with various hammers, saws, nails, planes,
axes of different sizes, and some levels.

He quickly scribbled on a couple pieces of parchment, balled them up and
threw them in the air. His letter carrying eagle swooped down before the
balled up parchments could descend and flew off to deliver them to their
respectable recipients. 'Time to go! '

Writer: Rellinath

Date Fri Jun 26 13:35:15 2015

To All althainia darkonin ( zypher sunny IMM RP )

Subject Thwarted and double-crossed

"In the name of the Althainian Empire, you will lay those crates upon the
ground and submit, or you will die. "

Rellinath's men, well over a hundred strong, fanned out behind him, weapons
or bows held at the ready and trained on the intruders, most particularly
the two ogres from Darkonin. Rellinath motioned with his bow and, on cue,
his men began to close formation, tightening the circle around them But
then, suddenly, the marsh hag screamed something in a tongue that Rellinath
did not understand, and the trolls, All thirty-eight of them, charged the
left flank of his forces, breaking through their ranks and fleeing the area,
still carrying the crates in tow. Xhyr'ryhx and Elisbet's eyes both went
wide, a tell that Rellinath did not miss... They'd been double-crossed,
same as he, and this was not part of their plan. To their credit, though,
they thought fast on their feet, taking advantage of the distraction to
break through the IAA's ranks themselves, fleeing for the woods as fast as
they could.

Rellinath was torn. On one hand, he knew who these intruders were. He knew
that imprisoning or killing them would be a great victory for Althainia.
And he knew that Elisbet was responsible for throwing the grenade that had
quite nearly killed Captain Jadelyn, so as her friend he had a personal
score to settle as well. The moral quandry was solved for him, though, as
he saw the two ogres drop their crates at the treeline, the pirate Elisbet
tossing a small cast iron sphere into one of the boxes before diving into
the woods. A few of his men began to follow... Rell had never seen a
grenade before, but he was sharp for a ranger, and his eyes went wide at the
implication of the act.


His men, well trained in following orders from their commander, hit the
ground, just as an explosion the likes of which Rellinath had never seen
went off, ripping the trunks of the trees apart and collapsing two of them
over the path through which the ogres had fled. He stood in sheer,
unabashed horror at the destruction that two crates had inflicted, and then
he remembered something that chilled his blood.

Thirty-eight more of them were getting away. The decision was made.

"Archers, fire a volley after them, make sure they know we mean business!
Everyone, after the trolls! We have to recover those crates! "

He picked up his own bow, joining his men in firing a volley of arrows
blindly into the woods after the two fleeing ogres. He didn't much care if
he actually hit them, as much as he wanted to terrify them at the thought of
ever coming back to Althainia or Dolund'ir, but he couldn't waste any more
time. His men took off in pursuit of the trolls and the marsh hag who'd
betrayed both sides, but the trolls had too much of a head start, and now
that they were following the orders of their real boss instead of just
faking compliance from the ogres, they were much faster than Rell's ground
forces. He himself could have kept up with them, but there was no way he
could take down almost forty trolls by himself. After several hours of
dogged pursuit in which the trolls kept putting more and more ground between
themselves and Rells' forces, he called off the pursuit.

If nothing else, he felt relatively sure that the explosives would not be
coming back to Althainian territory. The hag had a purpose for them, he was
sure, but she was crafty. Crafty enough, Rell imagined, not to make such an
enemy of herself if she intended to try and smuggle the cargo past him

He'd remember her for a long, long time after this.

Writer: Euterah

Date Fri Jun 26 15:51:00 2015

To All Darkonin Althainia ( Sunny Imm rp )

Subject (Gobbo-Tarian Aid) The Tower's Contraband

They were ready. The goblin nobles, Kaarn and Zelchi, recruited another,
Jhorg to help carry a bag. They were All dressed in dark clothing. Euterah
had exchanged her ice wolf cloak for a dark robe. She created a shimmering
gate leading to the edges of the dark forest.

We must be silent. We must be quick. She intoned softly, before stepping
thought the gate and arriving in a hushed wood. The darkness was profound,
clinging to her. Euterah said a prayer in gratitude. The fog was thick.

Her load was lighter than expected, three goblin Lords followed, they had
obviously not distributed the gourds evenly. Euterah allowed herself a
small smile. She prayed to Drakkara and Dragoth both, pleading for disguise
with the cover of darkness. Goddess bless, God keep us save, she moved so
carefully over the forest leading her small band of insurgents deeper
heading for the tunnel that lead down into Dolundir. Her heart was in her
throat, she felt each beat thud against her breast as if it were to escape
her body altogether.

She was hopeful she would be able to deliver the gourds, fifty in total, to
the Cleric of Necrucifer. He in return would distribute them to a larger
group of dissidents within Dolundir. They would use them to poison or
disease any that patrolled their wards. Use the poison to empty out over
the earth and seep into the ground, into the water, let disease pour from
the very veins of Dolundir, she smiled to herself.

Now to sneak past the guards without alerting them to her presence, she
spoke the arcane words and the group faded away from sight. They had just
reached the tunnel when some huge explosion rocked the night. From the
distance she glimpsed it, something big had blown up. She did not have time
to dwell on it, four goblin guards charged up the tunnel towards them.
Euterah barely had time to get out of the way, she tripped and fell with a
sickening crunch and suddenly All the foul contents of her bag seeped out
into the dirt. Euterah pursed her lips, muttering, Such a smell of sulfer.

She stood, watching the unusual fire glow against the sky and thanked
Drakkara and Dragoth both for providing the distraction. She scurried to
follow the others down the tunnel and into the city.

Writer: Plutarch

Date Fri Jun 26 19:47:35 2015

To All Drakkara Rp Imm

Subject Red

It was over the Arsataw Yaa today where fishermen spotted a crazed ariel man
slashing at the sea, stabbing fish, whales and sea mammals in order to stain
the clear blue waters red. With sure thrusts, each attack found home in the
bodies of the creatures, causing the workers to lament and howl with rage as
the red waters began to fill with the bodies of dead fauna. Even when the
sharks came up to feast on their corpses, the marauder laid waste to them as
well to add to the growing pile of the deceased.

The figure seemed to relish the attention for the briefest moment before lift-
ing his visor and gliding towards the shores.

Writer: Rellinath

Date Fri Jun 26 21:27:06 2015

To All darkonin althainia ( zypher sunny imm rp )

Subject Cleaning up the mess

"What was she doing here? You know, she was here meeting with you. Talk.

It didn't take long for Rellinath to uncover the truth about the poisoned
gourds that'd been delivered to Dolund'ir. Any lingering remorse he may
have felt about shooting the goblin witch with an arrow was dispelled as he
and his men retrieved the entire shipment, dumping the foul things into a
pile before dousing the whole mess with oil and throwing a torch into it
from a safe distance, far away from the cities of Dolund'ir and Althainia,
where nothing could possibly be harmed by the noxious fumes.

He idly wondered how much more aggression they would be forced to endure,
how many more plots they would have to uncover and thwart, before it came to
all-out war... He didn't relish the idea, though he was a military man. He
rather enjoyed times of peace instead of battle himself. But war seemed to
be coming, and unless something changed quickly, dramatically, there would
be untold bloodshed coming from both sides.

His eyes narrowed. He'd been a key player during Head on a Pike Day, during
the revolt that Darkonin had inflamed so readily. He was certain that the
goblins from Darkonin had seen him on the front lines, cutting down the
insurgents easily. What they didn't know is that he'd been holding back
that day, because the goblins he'd been killing were Althainian, no matter
how misguided. His blades fell only when they had to, and each strike was
placed carefully to ensure that if death befell his victim, it came quickly,
with as much mercy as possible.

Darkonin was very quickly making themselves into an enemy, a very dangerous

If it came to war, if the lives of Althainian men and women were at stake,
Darkonin's forces would not know his mercy.

Writer: Aiowynn

Date Sat Jun 27 00:39:11 2015

Writer: Euterah

Date Sat Jun 27 15:45:49 2015

To All Darkonin ( Sunny Imm rp)

Subject Never...Forget

Euterah reflected on the many ways she could have died, arrow, squished
by a giant ogre, bleed out, consumed by lightning, head chopped off. They
had not even tried to question her, so she did not believe that she would
have been safe had they taken her into custody, perhaps the knight would
have kept her safe. No, she was saved by her crazy wild magic and almost
fried her insides at the same time. She turned on her side, her whole body
racked with pain. She felt so sluggish, so drained physically, mentally and
spiritually. She was betrayed by one of her own kind, her own people. That
had to be the only way any of the Althainians would have known. Why would
they care a gobliness was working in the Monolith?

She thought to her loss of control over the wild magic. It was starting to
eat at her, she could feel the elements of electricity roiling within in her
body even now and she groaned, gritting her sharp white teeth. She should
not have lost such control. Her clothes and hair were filthy, dried blood
flaking from the tunic and onto the giant bed she was tucked in. She gave a
bitter, caustic laugh. She was so nave to think the Althainians would not
investigate. They seemed to be everywhere.

She thought to Krazeths story while he helped her heal. A slow, satisfied
smile curled over her lips. She knew now, never forget.

She curled in on herself, exhausted, she fell asleep finally and dreamed a
familiar scene. She was so small. There was her mother and her father,
both so tall and strong and wise. She reached up to them. They were gone.

It was dark and deep. They were underground, her mother and her grandmother
whispering together, stirring the cauldron, keeping her hidden until she was
discovered and taken and scarred and beaten and starved and used. To be
returned to them to heal her, so it could All begin again. So privileged,
the others whispered. Indeed.

She was rescued. She was damaged. She was confused, tossing in her sleep,

She needed to find the blue mage in her heart of hearts she believed this
mage to be a master of the elemental arts. She remembered how the mountain
had shaken when the blue mage came. She knew that was the beginning of loss
of control over her aura, the lightning as it coiled and sparked around her
that first time. Now it seemed imperative to either discover where the mage
came from or be consumed by her own wild magic.

Writer: Taggett

Date Sat Jun 27 21:52:22 2015

To All Icewall Reagan Nordmaar Darkonin Palquinn Suradis Imm *RP*

Subject Searching Icewall *P1*

The cold dawn air was crisp with newly fallen snow. Each step under
Taggetts boot made a crunch that was firm, as if the snowfall was angry to
be disturbed in this icy air. Nordmaars high walls seemed to be growing
smaller and smaller behind her. Part of the Life Mage was sad that Palquinn
hadnt been waiting for her there. Something seemed poetic that shed find
her friend in the place shed grown up in this world. It was not to be, and
although shed met Reagan a delightful princess of the kingdom, shed found
little evidence in the way of her friend.

Taggett continued to look back over her shoulder as if to cherish the
memories of that place until there was nothing left to see of it. She
missed the those days, King William, how long ago had that life been. She
turned back to the main road, and something bright in the distance caught
her eye, standing out like a torch in the daylight, framed by the endless
white of the world. It was at first just a speck on the horizon but then
the shape seemed like a round ball shifting from side to side. It was the
color that was so intense. A gold that sparkled as it took in every last
ray of sunlight it could find. Ducking next to a tree she found a deep
stretch of shadow that cast itself along the trunk. Whispering a spell she
felt the strange sensation of the darkness pulling her into its belly. The
colors of the world shifted loosing something in the translation.
Everything seemed to go from dull white to muted gray All at once. That was
everything except the golden figure that was growing closer and closer.
Finally, Taggett was able to make out what it was. A strange tingling
feeling came over the front of her mind, as if some excited memory was
dancing to be heard. Huge clawed feet broke the snow, three pronged the
giant bird seemed to have little trouble with the frozen surface. In a
world without color the gold of the chocobo was brilliant in its rich hues.
The rider didnt notice her but as the animal passed so close she could have
almost touched it, she felt like it was looking at her with its wide keen

Shed once had a pet like this, a gift from Suradis wasnt it? The words Red
whistled through her ears as she left the embrace of the shadows. So
many phantoms haunted Algoron for the girl. She wasnt even sure where she
fit in anymore. Once she found Palquinn she would have to face that truth.
Glancing one last time over her shoulder both the bird and Nordmaar had been
replaced with a blanket of snow in every direction. She still had a few
places to look. The next worried her, no one belonged in Darkonin

Writer: Taggett

Date Sun Jun 28 03:09:40 2015

To All Ogut Reagan Megan Vitriosablet Palquinn Zooey Bruun Darkonin Nordmaar Arkane Imm *RP*

Subject Finding Palquinn (Searching The Vale) *P1*

It had taken some work to get this far into Darkonin and not be noticed.
She was happy she could walk in the world of shadows, but she could feel the
sun starting to rise, even if she couldnt see it in the caves. There was
also the crystal around her neck that also started to glow warning of the
spell becoming pointless as daylight would give her away. She found herself
in a temple, a place of many faiths represented, though it seemed odd that
anything good would be in this place. It was a gigantic owl that was the
first to find her in this place. The creature was much larger then she,
huge eyes of amber that seemed filled with a magic. She realized she had
trapped herself the bird in front of the exit.

It wasnt as if the Life Mage was without magic should she need to protect
herself, but she also knew she was in the heart of a very dangerous kingdom
and getting into any kind of fight seemed futile even if it was out of
protection. She could only ask what the animal truly was, it hinted it
could take the shape of many beasts.

Ogut Frostbeard took the place of the large winged owl, blue and white
markings painted on the visible portions of his face, skulls hanging from
his belt, and Taggett feared she might very well end up being one of them.
A black cat slinked in from the shadows, and the girl couldnt help but feel
the sinking sensation of being trapped tighten in her stomach. The Life
Mage was not nieve to what a familiar looked like, and could tell the cat
belonged to someone, but there was something else there.

With some hesitation she let the feline run her body across her kimono and
kneeling down Taggett rubbed the creature in the corner of its mouth gently.
Now we have one anothers scent. The girl whispered to the animal.

I know you, Taggett froze as the cat spoke with such a truth behind its
words. She knew at once what was meant. There was legend that some
familiar not only served its first Witch, or Warlock but many over great
spans of time. Could this be true, could this actually be the same familiar
she had once called...

Have you taken the name I called you from time? Taggett blamed her broken
memory on the feline. She could not be distracted, not even by this
realization. A familiar, even if it had been once devoted, loved by her.
Would always serve its current master, there was no telling who it belonged
to, and the Ogre Ogut seemed to know where Taggett needed to go. Even if
she hadnt completely realized it.

The girl had traveled All over Algoron, shes been All over Althainia, New
Thalos, shed been to Gaboom, shed been to ever small Nomad Village, shed
been in ever lost temple and catacomb that she could think of. She had been
all over this realm and still she could not find Palquinn. The fire
consumed her, she had to find her friend, this had All been her fault and
she couldnt let the kender pay the price for her actions. The North was not
meant for mortals. There was a place she hoped that time had forgotten, a
place that even if Palquinn had ended up she might have not been found in
the hundreds of years since that day the spell had gone so completely wrong.

Writer: Taggett

Date Sun Jun 28 03:13:36 2015

To All Ogut Reagan Megan Vitriosablet Palquinn Zooey Bruun Darkonin Nordmaar Arkane Imm *RP*

Subject Finding Palquinn (Searching The Vale) *P2*

He refused to take her, The Vale was not a place Taggett would survive.
It almost seemed to her that even the Ogre was afraid he would die should he
truly visit. Dragons, the most powerful creatures Taggett had ever
witnessed on Algoron. Even the cat seemed to know this place was not
somewhere anyone should ever go.

With some begging and help from her once familiar he agreed on going to the
edge of the mountain, the place that kept the valley behind from outsiders.
He would search with his magic, he would look for Palquinn for Taggett. He
would not take the Life Mage with him, and this worried the girl. He wasnt
as close to the kender, would he even know what to look for? She didnt have
a choice, she agreed and the two of them left her alone. The Ogre would go,
and report back, what choice did Taggett have?

She played with a small pearl at the bottom of her bag, she didnt have a
choice did she? Chanting a portal sizzled open in front of the Life Mage.
She could see Ogut he was trudging through open ice fields, she ran to the
next room, flinging open another portal with little thought, hed gone a
little farther. The next room and this time she waited, it hurt, every
second that passed. He was nearing the trail that lead to Ganth and
Nordmaar. She jumped through and he looked annoyed to see her. He
commented on her patients before he was gone in an instant. Reaching into
her bag she cringed. That had been her last pearl.

She rushed to Nordmaar, shouting in a panic. Reagan! Taggett yelled into
the chilly air. Reagan appeared coming down the street, she was walking
with another, that the Life Mage barely glanced at. Do you have a
glittering stone, magic?
Reagan introduced her mother Queen Megan
MacCallum as the noble woman gave one of the stones shed requested moments
before. Taggett couldnt sink into feeling so ashamed for not having
realized who this woman was, but requested forgiveness before she quickly
whispered a spell leapt her away.

Holding the stone Taggett chanted, nothing. Again she focused on the Ogre,
nothing. She even prayed to Kantilles to give her just a little more power,
she had to follow. If she could open a portal she could reach Ogut and even
if he wouldnt lead her to The Vale, he wouldnt have much to say if she was
already there. He couldnt be the only one who knew the way there. The
notion struck her hard, as she looked to the stone in her hand. Of course
he wasnt, there were many who lived on Icewall, many educated, many like

Follow the otters northish, she repeated the vague directions the Highland
Princess had given her, although it had sounded a little different in the
accent. The river wasnt hard to follow and soon, the huge mountain breaking
through the trees made it even easier to locate. The mountain, on the
otherside she would find The Vale.

A strange sensation started to tingle at the back of her mind, as she
reached the edge of the jutting stones of the mountainside. It was
something familiar, something she hadnt felt for a very long time. It was
Palquinn she could feel her best friend, at the edge of her spirit, it was
like an echo that was just making its way down a long corridor. There was
no clear place to start up the mountain, she simply went. She didnt care if
shed been warned, Palquinn was on the otherside, she could feel it in every
inch of her body.

Writer: Taggett

Date Sun Jun 28 03:18:23 2015

To All Ogut Reagan Megan Vitriosablet Palquinn Zooey Bruun Darkonin Nordmaar Arkane Imm *RP*

Subject Finding Palquinn (Searching The Vale) *P3*

The sun was almost completely vanished as she came to nearly the peak of
the epic climb. Had she not used magic to fly from time to time she would
have never been able to make it as quickly as she had. Something shifted
across the sky, so completely black that it shut out the darkness around it.
Its shape cut a black path in the sky. She knew at once what it was, shed
been warned. A dragon. It was a Great Black Dragon and it made the earth
tremble as it landed in front of her. She could smell the acid that dripped
from its jagged teeth as its hot breath came close to her body. Its sharp
spiked bones extending ina line from the middle of its skull to the tip of
its nose. Eyes so haunting they contained no color, just an endless black
that never looked away and she was sure could see to the inner most point of
her existence.

She took in the dragon from head to barbed bone tipped tale, stained red,
she was certain with blood.

Panic the Life Mage tried to explain to Vitriosablet what had brought her to
the home of the Dragon kind, that she had no other quest but to find her
friend. Night was setting in and she was ready to be pulled to the shadows
should things get scary. She wasnt even sure that the shadows could protect
her from Vitriosablet. She didnt know if such mortal magic would work
against a black dragon.

The dragon seemed confused with why Taggett would risk her life for
Palquinn. She isn't just a kender... The girl rebuttled. She is my best

Vitriosablet spoke She is not worth your death. Taggett knew only a little
from reading on Dragons but she promised she would give him something in
return if she could simply retrieve Palquinn from The Vale.

What confused the dragon also perplexed the Life Mage, if Palquinn truly was
in The Vale what stopped her from having been found by the Dragonkind, what
had protected her from being eaten decades ago? The night was now thick
around them, and Vitriosablet was but a shadow, although an epic terrifying
shadow. Taggett tried to think, what had she done exactly when shed cast
the spell to protect Palquinn, could it have been possible, that not only
had she put Palquinn in a death like sleep. Had she done more then
teleported Palquinn far away, had she also locked her in the realm of
shadows. Had she lodged her friend between the light and the dark. Was
that why she hadnt been found in so long. Was this what protected her now
from being eaten.

It was worth a test. If Vitriosablet, wasnt able to see Palquinn in the
shadows he wouldnt find Taggett either. Swiftly, Taggett cast the spell and
everything went a dull gray, she made a dash down the mountain, the valley,
a place protected by Dragons was near with every step, she leapt and only
with the magic that she was in did she not fall quickly. She made it to the
edge of the valley and Vitriosablet was still nowhere to be seen.

Writer: Taggett

Date Sun Jun 28 03:22:06 2015

To All Ogut Reagan Megan Vitriosablet Palquinn Zooey Bruun Darkonin Nordmaar Arkane Imm *RP*

Subject Finding Palquinn (Searching The Vale) *P4*

Shed passed huge Guardians that would have tore the flesh from her body
should they have been able to see the girl. The valley was frightening,
swirling with mist, she couldnt see where she was going, the color taken
from the world, there was no chance to actually see where one thing began
and another ended. She passed through creature, through lifeless
structures. She couldnt see but she could feel, she could feel one other
heart beat in the distance. Faint, but she knew it, it was Palquinn.

From time to time Vitriosablet would fly past her, was he hunting her to
help, or kill her and eat her bones. She knew enough to know that a black
dragon was not to be trusted, and now that shed ran into The Vale. He may
have allowed it in the first place to rid the place of the kender, but he
might also have only done it to make a game of chasing the girl through The
Vale. Closer, she could feel Palquinns heartbeat so close now.

Mist swirled around the fragile form of her friend so stark, standing out
from All the chaos of the world around them. Palquinn lay motionless, her
clothes tattered shreds that barely covered her body. Chanting a spell
Taggetts muscles surged with strength and she almost crumbled with emotions
as she scoop up her friend. The feeling of being this close to her best
friend almost ended her urgency with crippling relief. She couldnt stop

Rolling from the shadows she and Palquinn lay motionless on the side of the
mountain. It had taken the last of her magic to pull them both from the
shadows. Palquinn still in her death sleep. Taggett stared with disbelief
at her friend as the sun just started to edge its return from sleep. The
nightmare was still very real and Vitriosablet skimmed the side of the
mountain before landing next to them. For the first time a real fear clung
to Taggett. Now, now she had something very real that she could loose. At
last she was with her friend, and now she had a very real weakness.

She called out to any mage that she knew might be listening but it was so
early she didnt know if anyone was listening. Vitriosablet had been
promised something in return for letting Taggett retrieve Palquinn from The
Vale. It so happened what he wanted was the very thing the Life Mage had
gone in to get, he was hungry for kender.

Writer: Taggett

Date Sun Jun 28 03:25:46 2015

To All Ogut Reagan Megan Vitriosablet Palquinn Zooey Bruun Darkonin Nordmaar Arkane Imm *RP*

Subject Finding Palquinn (Searching The Vale) *END*

A portal blazed to life, someone had heard. Zooey of Arkane Azure Tower
appeared, and though Taggett tried her best to push Palquinn into through
the magic opening. The Great Black was much more powerful and scooped up
the helpless kender. You dont want to eat a kender, they are much to
pathetic for something as great as you. A kender is something for a Gold,
or a Silver dragon, not something as great as you. You dont want something
to eat as a reward that should be gone in moments.
Taggett tried to reason
as she clung around the claws that now lifted her and Palquinn in the air.

Ripping open her own bag of holding hundreds of body parts shed embalmed
fell to the ground below them. This would make a much better feast Taggett
tried to offer Vitriosablet something much more filing, but her own words
came back to haunt her as he refused food as an offering. Something that
would last such brief moments was not interesting to him any longer. Eating
the kender would cause Taggett sorrow much past this brief pile of arms,
legs, brains.

Zooey offered the question, what would Vitriosablet like. The answer was
much simpler then Taggett had expected. A Riddle. He loved them, more then
all the treasures that he already owned. He wanted it from Taggett. Shed
promised him something in return for Palquinn. Fighting fear she looked to
the fading night sky. Someone had told her this once, At night they come
without being fetched, And at night they are lost without being stolen.

Although she muttered another riddle that didnt seem to interest
Vitriosablet. This riddle seemed to do the trick. He set the girls down,
and seemed to loose All interest in them.

Dashing through the portal, Taggett, Zooey, and Palquinn were now in Arkane

Taggett woke a couple of times, she felt sick, perhaps it had been the
acidic breath of the beast. The cold, the amount of magic shed cast, a
combination mixed with relief. She wasnt sure where they had ended up.
Bruun was there, was that real? Was Palquinn real? Other voices, Fynix?
The next few days would be hard for the Life Mage. Sleeping off the fever,
cuddled close to her friend on Bruuns couch.

For a long time, Taggett had been afraid, been afraid Palquinn was nothing
more then a memory. Perhaps not even a real memory. As she clung to her
magically enchanted sleeping friend, she made a promise. She would never
let her go again. Dreams rumbled through her mind, mixed with memories and
the roar of the Great Black Vitriosablet.

Writer: Reagan

Date Sun Jun 28 11:48:07 2015

Writer: Khorvash

Date Mon Jun 29 12:27:25 2015

Writer: Taggett

Date Mon Jun 29 15:41:10 2015

To All Palquinn Bruun Vitriosablet Arkane *RP*

Subject What Came Back

The glow of the floating disk reflected on the china white of Taggetts
face. Her mute green eyes skimming over the mammothly large book resting on
the hovering surface. Small cuts had becoming tiny pink knicks, remains
from fleeing Vitriosablet and returning Palquinn from The Vale. The night
had filled Bruuns home and she tried not to disturb anyone who might be
sleeping. Not that she could wake Palquinn if she tried. Bruun and his
wife had been kind enough to let the girls stay in their home until Taggett
had a remedy for her friends death sleep. It seemed now, as her eyes grew
tired staring at the ritual, that might be within her grasp..

Taggetts head gave a jerk, she was no longer sitting on the couch next to
her kender friend. She was standing in the middle of The Blackwood Forest.
A squeal filled the night sky above her as winged bats broke into bombing
swoops latching their teeth around insects both large and small. She
couldnt find the White Moon in the sky, but the Red shown down like a bloody
omen and cast its eerie glow on the trickling stream in front of her.
Kneeling down her eyes looked on in entrancement as the deep red water. Was
it water? Removing the black glove from her hand she dipped her hand into
the stream, it felt warm to the touch, thick, it oozed in around the white
of her skin.

TAGGETT! An excited voice spun her around and the sensation of taking her
hand from the blood lingered with her. Palquinn was running from a break in
the trees, her goggles bouncing on the top of the kenders head. One of the
Taggett could see had a small crack in the lense. For a moment she was
certain the kender looked afraid, which the Life Mage knew wasnt even
possible, as her friend like All kender was immune to fear. Was something
coming out of the trees after her? Taggett stared to the opening and though
nothing parted through the shadows, for a moment she was certain something
was there in the darkness. TAGGETT!

Looking down at her friend, recoiling fear swept through Taggetts body and
the white of her kimono splashed into the bloody stream. Palquinn was now a
vision of some horrible nightmare. One of her eyes was missing behind the
goggle. Decayed holes in her flesh exposed rotten teeth in her mouth. A
long jagged claw mark ripped down the center of her neck and chest. She was
holding a finger out toward the girl, motionless, wordless the kender stared
at her with her one putrid green eye.

This is All Your Fault

A lurch lifted Taggett from her sleep, and disorientation to where she was
and what was happening. It was still the middle of the night and a sound
scattershot across the livingroom of Bruuns home. The sound came from
nothing the Life Mage could see but it dashed from right next to her across
the floor and banged itself into the cherry pine armoire. The voice of her
decaying friend still ringing in her ears. Palquinn was still in her
motionless death sleep. For a moment, Taggett could not move her body. As
if some deep fear was pinning her to the spot. The dim light of the
floating disk casting shadows across the room. As the panic of the
nightmare started to fade she felt again as if she was safe in the cozy

She did not sleep again that night, she could barely concentrate on her
book. Her mute green eyes keeping guard on the armoire, a small crack
opening the doors. At times it felt like something was looking back at her.
A frightening thought continued to drift into her tired mind. What Followed
You Out of The Vale?

Writer: Rellinath

Date Mon Jun 29 18:08:12 2015

To All althainia darkonin ( zypher imm RP )

Subject The Fortification of Dolund'ir, Territory of Althainia

Rellinath stood on the beaches near Dolund'ir, marvelling at the might of
the Althainian fleet, All proudly flying the colors of Althainia. One ship
in particular, the Vanguard, flew also the colors of Captain Jadelyn
Darkwater below Althainia's flag, in honor of the Captain's bravery. Though
she was still sorely wounded from the grenade blast that had nearly claimed
her life and could not yet sail with her crew, she had stubbornly insisted
on being on board the Vanguard anyway, even as it was stationed as part of
the blockade she herself had ordered. Rellinath wasn't entirely sure she'd
keep to her bed if something happened... In fact, he was relatively sure
she wouldn't... But he knew she could take care of herself. He nodded in
satisfaction. Nothing would be getting through to Dolund'ir by sea.

Nor by land, he reminded himself, as he turned to walk back through the
tunnels leading to the main city, to be challenged by and then saluted in
turn by the three hundred soldiers now garrisoning the goblin city, with
orders to question everything and anything that passed through any of the
city entrances. Althainia had suffered the intrusions of Darkonin enough.
They would suffer them no longer. His men were sharp, they were attentive,
and they were numerous. Dozens upon dozens of war wolves, born and bred in
Dolund'ir and thus accustomed to the smells of the natives and the
Althainians (but not, pointedly so, of the denizens of Darkonin) patrolled
with them, and the outskirts were kept under close watch by several of
Rellinath's allies from the wild, including his best friend Minah, stalking
the Miden'nir. The Magi of Althainia's wizard tower were on site as well,
using their detection magics to periodically sweep the city for any sort of
hidden threats. Plus there was the matter of the goblins themselves. The
fact that Althainia had not, despite Darkonin's claims, been abusing the
goblins and had actually been actively trying to improve their lives through
imports and renovations to the goblin city had not escaped the notice of the
population, and they were beginning to grow accustomed to Rellinath and his
men as trusted guardians that could be relied upon. There was also the
rumor that Darkonin had tried to murder All of the goblins by blowing the
city of Dolund'ir up using the explosive crates that had been intercepted
going around... Rellinath hadn't started the rumor and didn't know who did,
but he wasn't about to dispel it, especially since he wasn't sure it was a
lie anyway. He didn't know what Darkonin had planned to do with the crates,
but the sheer rashness of the move certainly indicated some level of
aggression, and he doubted that Dolund'ir would have survived it unscathed.

That was neither here nor there, though. They had eyes on the land. They
had eyes on the sea. They had eyes in the wild. And they had eyes from
within the city's populace itself. And All were ready, willing, and eager
to fight to defend what belonged to them, to the Empire, and to the people
it represented, the goblins of Dolund'ir included.

If Darkonin wanted a war, by the Gods, they would pay dearly for that in

Writer: Taggett

Date Mon Jun 29 22:48:42 2015

To All Arkane Bruun Crokus Eszka Zooey Palquinn Shalrienne Imm *RP*

Subject Life As Normal

A tiny clown fish kissed a few small piece of coral, and Taggett wondered
what he was thinking. She wondered if he existed at all. She hadnt slept
since Palquinn had made their way in a stumble sleep like state to the
Fellowship Saloon. The ritual had worked. She with the help of Zooey,
Bruun, Crokus, Eszka and Shalrienne, had finally waken Palquinn Sliverstream
from the near death like sleep shed put the kender in centuries ago. Her
only concern was what it might mean for those that walked through the realm
of the dead with her that night. Would they be alright?

Taggett let herself fall back into the pile of pillows and faced her friend.
It was nice to know that this sleep was only temporary. That Palquinn would
wake once her mind and spirit had time to rest. There was much they needed
to discuss. She couldnt break it to the kender how much time had really
passed since the spell had locked her away from the world. There would be
enough time to face the reality of the situation. It was nice to just let
her think it wasnt a big deal. It was nice to feel like things were going
to go back to normal.

A wide yawn tried to pull Taggett to sleep. She was too excited and her
mind wouldnt listen to her body. Finally, things could get back to normal.
They could start a life in Arkane. All of the mess shed made with her magic
was behind them. They could try to make a normal go of things. Sleep clung
to her eyes and for a moment she nodded off. With a start the Life Mage
woke, looking around the room that had the illusion of being deep under
water, surrounded by a magic bubble. Her chest hurt, she couldnt shake the
feeling something had been sitting on it.

She smiled to Palquinn the feeling subsiding. It was time to let things get
back to normal.

Writer: Euterah

Date Tue Jun 30 11:30:39 2015

Writer: Ogut

Date Tue Jun 30 17:45:29 2015

Writer: Ogut

Date Tue Jun 30 17:52:01 2015

Writer: Euterah

Date Tue Jun 30 18:47:21 2015

Writer: Euterah

Date Tue Jun 30 19:43:13 2015

Writer: Mahina

Date Tue Jun 30 21:32:58 2015

Writer: Vitriosablet

Date Tue Jun 30 22:32:17 2015

Writer: Eszka

Date Tue Jun 30 23:08:35 2015

To All Arkane Taggett Palquinn Zooey Shalrienne Crokus Brunn Fynix Zarina Azah Letholdus ( Imm rp )

Subject Dream Terrors: Part One

Her wings spread, she was held aloft between heaven and earth, a
simplicity so complicated she could not comprehend. Her vision was keen, a
darting red herring, a small ugly octopus, creatures far below the waves she
perceived. The call of a lone bird took her attention, she watched as one
beat against the surf to raise itself into the air. She held herself in
place with a slight ease to the left catching a breeze. She thought of the
great progression of life, the heedless abandon of procreation, perhaps
love, and felt an ache in her chest. It was a deep throbbing that grew.
She had felt strange ever since her experience in the circle.

Unexpected, Eszka was seized with a pain, her wings clapping against her
sides as she fell from the sky. Hitting the ocean, her wings immediately
bogging her down, she reached for what she thought was the surface. She
could not breathe! Panic set in at the edges of her mind, she tried to
struggle to the surface, but she couldnt. Her great dark wings dragged her
down, she was trapped, she searched through her silk black pouch, praying
she had a potion of underwater breathing, her fingers fumbled, her vision
started to gray. She clenched her eyes closed, starting to shake her head
back and forth, refusing to give in.

She could not hold her breath any longer, she exhaled harshly and sucked in
- air.

Writer: Eszka

Date Tue Jun 30 23:23:39 2015

To All Arkane Taggett Palquinn Zooey Shalrienne Crokus Brunn Fynix Zarina Azah Letholdus ( Imm rp )

Subject Dream Terrors: Part Two

She panted and blinked her eyes trying to orientate herself. She was in
the Hoard. She tried to move, yet could not. It was as if she was held
down by some invisible force. It was almost more frightening than the dream
her heart beat frantically within her chest. She struggled tried to catch
her breath, tried to cry out but nothing and suddenly she was back in the
dream and she was drowning. The ocean coughed her up on to a sandy beach,
she knew it. Tropica, and she gasped in air, looking up with a sinking
feeling in the pit of her stomach. She did not want to be here. She did
not want to be here at all. She cried out as she was lofted through the
air, not by her own volition. Her eyes closed against the assault. An
acrid smell filled her senses, heat blazed against her. She stopped, held
in the air before her parents village, her village once upon a moon. She
struggled against the bind, but All she accomplished was being able to still

The heat was intense and she felt her feathers curl with singe. She
collapsed against the hold, exhausted, her breathing ragged, smoke clogging
her senses.

El rah enaiam?

Her dark indigo gaze turned to the voices, the insistent voices, voices.
Her pulse banged in her head and she arched her baack against the hold,
crying out. This was not real! This could not be real. She felt tangle in
the arms of a nightmare, yet she could not wake up.

She watched her parents flame bright and burn, the villagers die, scatter
and felt her heart break All over. She writhed against the presence that
held her in this scene. She wept and went limp, broken under the memory she
so wished to bury.

Wake. Up.

Writer: Anathaelynn

Date Wed Jul 1 00:50:35 2015

Writer: Taggett

Date Wed Jul 1 01:43:49 2015

To All Vitriosablet Euterah Palquinn Dragon Arkane Imm *RP*

Subject The Great Black

Perhaps it was the lack of sleep since the ritual to wake Palquinn had
been performed, but she looked to the muddy bottom of her kimono she truly
question how shed become so foolish. Taggett Silverwolfe has spent the last
few months searching for her best friend in the whole world. One of her
searches had brought her to Darkonin, it was there she first came in contact
with a black cat, a familiar. It had been hard to remember its name at the
time, but it could not be mistaken that at one time this animal, if it
really could be called one. Had once been the same familiar she had been
linked so close to.

The marsh, she wasnt sure she had ever seen such a place, for sure not on
Icewall. Shadow, that was the name of once magical partner. The black cat
slinked ahead of the young Life Mage. Shed made the creature promise her
intentions were not of wicked intent. If only shed thought to realize it
had been hundreds of years since the two of them had been linked. It had
grown in its powers as she had herself. Making it promise on the first
Witch, didnt seem to have the power it once did...

It was the vitriolic stench that should have been her first tip something
was going horribly wrong. She was familiar with the ogre language as there
were few in Algoron she didnt have a grasp on. The walls of the cavern that
began to bring them down into the earth was marked with drawings, and ogrish
symbols for death, disease, strength, courage. Only the glow of a huge pool
of acid created an ominous mood to the dark confines. There was something
alive down here. Much larger then the Ogre she was told she was going to
see. This creature was familiar as well, it was The Great Black Dragon, she
had never learned its name.

Vitriosablet, had made a deal with the black cat, to bring Taggett to its
lair. Its epic size more frightening then she had remembered in the wide
open world of The Vale. Part of her knew this day would come. Giving the
beast a riddle in exchange for Palquinn would only be the start. At least
until the black scaled monster grew bored of her. Then she would join the
trolls he boasted of just eating.

She only was able to take away small details of what the favor had been by
the dragon for the cat. Poison gourds. She filed the detail away, along
with the memory of seeing Shadows new master. A goblin witch of Darkonin.
For now she tried to be as interesting and mysterious at the same time as
she could for the dragon. Along with peaking his interest for future
reference should he grow bored with the familiar. What would it taste like
to eat one of these animals? Taggett knew better, he promised her safety,
still she made a prayer to Kantilles. Taggett silently cursed that if
anyone should take a fancy to her it had to be an evil swamp dragon, instead
of the dazzling handsome God of White Magic. She focused, now was not time
to think about her crush.

She gave the dragon what he wanted, information about the familiar. Putting
as much doubt in his mind about what appeared nothing more then a black cat.
He grew restless bored, as something so old tended to do. Content with the
information shed supplied she was excused. The visit perplexed Taggett,
what had she really been brought there for. He seemed so curious about her,
even more then that. Something in his wording, how different his life would
be with her?

She let night take hold of her, bringing about a spell she rarely called
upon. It was late, a black aura bleeding around her body. You will forget
my name
She narrowed her mute green eyes at the cat. The familiar reminded
her of no longer having power over it. Taggett knew she didnt need power
over it. She revoked her name, there were some rules even ancient familiars
had to follow. Soon it wouldnt even be able to remember her name. She
would disappear from the layers of other witchs it had served.

Writer: Plutarch

Date Wed Jul 1 14:45:37 2015

To All with a Taste for Blood Bloodlust Drakkara Rp Imm

Subject The Hunt for the Most Bloodshed

"From the minute we take our first breath away from our mother's breast, we are
held firmly within the finality of Lord Fatale's grip!" hollered a street-priest
in the streets of Verminasia. He was dressed in the burgungy robes of a Fatalite
and his face was a strained mixture of excitement and crazy.

"The moment we first live, is the moment we also first realize our own deaths,"
shouted another man, a believer of the God of Murder, in the crowd watched over
by the priest. The crowd murmured in agreement, while some broke away from the
gathering to continue their business in the Dark City.

"But none has down our Lord more service than the Agents of Chaos, who have not
only slain mortals, but have also unlocked new possibilities.. they can pursue
the deaths of the very Gods, themselves!" bellowed the street-priest. A few in
the audience ceased their chattering, as the very thought of murdering the Gods
left the taste of bitter taboo in mouths of many.

The Priesthood of Fatale had always been a strange clergy who revelled in the
prospect of bloodshed and murder. Their church shared a unique relationship with
those of Zandreya, as it is believed that the Circle of Mortality is one that
begins with Goddess Zandreya and ends with the Cloaked Man, the God Fatale. The
men and women of Fatale are a sinister lot who revel in death, and just like in
the relationship of Zandreya and Fatale, so did Fatalites share a strange rela-
tionship with Chaos: the only group in known history capable of slaying the Gods
themselves. Naturally, the other churches fear and loathe Chaos. However, the
Church of Fatale found new ways to celebrate death with the passing of the Gods
Turpa and Kadiya.

"Through Chaos, our Lord will open the gates of Oblivion for the churches of the
light! As Malachive and his General Erebaal soak the realm in the blood of the
Gods of Good, our Master will welcome them with cold indifference! We are taught
that death welcomes All with eyes of indifference before the gates, but even the
Hells themselves will clatter with excitement as Austinian one day passes thru!"

The crowd erupted with a chaotic mixture of cheers, jeers and bellowing as the
townspeople argued their disagreement with using Malachive, while the others did
their part in making noise to hail their agreement. Among the crowd through was
an ariel with a wide grin on his face and a crazed twinkle in his amethyst eyes.

The blood of the Gods themselves.. what a treasure, he thought to himself.

Writer: Shalrienne

Date Wed Jul 1 18:08:00 2015

Writer: Thaydius

Date Wed Jul 1 18:31:57 2015

To All Elynsynos ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject A Rose Of Pure Ice

A great span of mountains stretched over the Western Reaches of Icewall.
Some of them, particularly those closer to the South, were dotted with life
or home to settlements. But some were quite barren, frozen over and whipped
by constant winds. Thaydius had been going to those peaks to meditate or be
alone for years.

A great deal of constant effort went into suppressing the vibrance of his
natural aura. In solitude, Thaydius could devote his power and control to
external forces rather than fit into the world around him. But in general,
he didn't seek power. That behind the strength of his will he kept a deluge
of magic that could flood and destroy a lot of the world was always a
factor. It made some mortals fear him. He so thoroughly disliked being

In the heart of a glow that would extend for miles, Thaydius was drawing
power from the White Moon. His luminescence had grown to ten times his size
and the physical vessel that carried his divine soul was distorted,
stretching out toward the sky, its source. The giant's endless eyes cracked
open, revealing the fragments of his immortal core, studying the work within
his infinite grasp with scrutiny. After all, the recipient of this gift
wished for a piece of him to be placed within it.

Reaching into his aura and using it to craft this particular sculpture would
print his essence in All the magic it contained. Every tiny fragment of the
rose was built from millions of bits pressing together which were then
frozen so cold that nothing but a god or goddess would ever turn this ice to
water. He daintily held the artifact between his fingertips, letting the
nova he had created start to calm. With a quick whisper, he decided to
regard the object with the sense to perceive magic. It was a bit bright,
honestly. But he figured a big, bright lady could handle.

Writer: Boof

Date Wed Jul 1 21:30:08 2015

To All Darkonin ( Devion Imm Rp Sunny )

Subject (Killing Him with Kindness)

Tubar Spiritfist hated his life. Tubar was a hill dwarf of a prestigious
bloodline in Thaxanos. He was very rich, and his youth in the Nuexpar had
been very kind to him. But now? His life was terrible.

First of all, he was short. Now that's not terribly surprising as Tubar is
a hill dwarf, All dwarves are relatively short compared to humans and elves.
But, Tubar was scarcely three and a half feet tall. For years he was unable
to join the Baewar's elite Kuldjargh because, his axes drug the ground when
he attempted the killing Rage.

Tubar -hated- his height, but he would live. His next source of disgust was
his beard. It too was short, and not for lack of trying. He had done
everything he could think to grow a long and luxurious beard like that of
his father, Tufar. Nothing worked. Not bat guano, not elf blood, not
dipping it whiskey, not rubbing it with grease. None of it worked. And so,
he was resigned to hate his life and his pathetically short beard.

At least he was rich is what most would have said. But no, this was not the
case. In his youth Tubar had done well for himself this is true.
Unfortunately what little he hadn't pissed away gambling was now far away in
Thaxanos and unable to be accessed.

His life is very sad, and there is good reason for him to be so maligned
about the world at large. Mencius was his only respite. It allowed him to
direct his rage, to use it however he wished. This rage had saved his life
many times, and was the reason for his wealth back in Thaxanos.

It was a double edged blade though, as it was the source of his most current
and greatest discontent.


Tubar Spiritfist, follower of Mencius, member of the Nuexpar, and renowned
for his evil and underhanded talent at gaining coin was a slave. And not
just any slave. He was the favorite slave of his worthless master, the
Devionite Priest, Boof Rog.

From Tubar's perspective, Boof, was a moron. His intelligence was
definitely lacking, and his cowardice knew no bounds. But somehow, through
Devion, Boof always managed to land on his feet. Even after he had his hand
cut off, Boof remained terribly happy about the state of things.

His master's happiness resulted in much affection that Tubar hated more than
anything. Tubar wasn't just a slave, he was much closer to being a pet.
And there was nothing he could do about it. The much larger and luckier
Boof -loved- Tubar, and made sure to let Tubar know on a daily ba sis.

Boof would preen and poke the poor dwarf. Cackling wildly at his disgust
and hatred of being touched. But Boof's favorite thing to do was to hug
Tubar, very very hard. Boof knew how much the smaller dwarf hated this, and
greatly enjoyed it when Tubar writhed and cursed.


Writer: Fynix

Date Fri Jul 3 01:16:50 2015

To All Arkane Taggett Palquinn Zooey Shalrienne Crokus Brunn Lothaw Eszka Zarina Azah Letholdus ( Imm RP )

Subject |A| Dream Terrors |A|

A cool breeze caressed his face as he floated on the clouds drifted past
underneath. Floating on the air as it passed underneath his golden
wingspan, Fynix was free to watch Algoron pass below him. He smiles as he
watched kingdoms and peoples blissfully unaware of his presence overhead.

A cloudbank obscured his vision, and the Great Forest came into view.
Smiling, he angled lower, the great trees zooming up to meet him as he
angled his way between them, racing the wind as he dove in and out between
the trees.

This All seemed familiar somehow, but Fynix couldn't quite place his finger
on why it was so.

Then there was singing. A womans voice, soft and lilting. He spotted a
forest grove coming up, and knew a pool was to be found there. Ever
delighted to find a chance to meet someone new, he angled himself around for
a better view... Catching a sight of a woman's silhouette, hip deep in the
cool waters. A pair of iridescent wings unfurled behind her shoulderblades
as she bathed in the waters, and Fynix grinned in delight at the prospect of
meeting her...

Suddenly, joltingly, he remembered why this seemed so familiar. This had
happened before... His head snapped up, but like before, he wasn't int ime
to correct his flight path before he slammed hard into a tree branch,
clipping his wing and sending him tumbling...

... Tumbling to the ground beside the bed, the agony jolting him awake
instantly as he gave a yelp of pain. His broken wing hung at an unnatural
angle behind his back as the healers moved swiftly to mend his injury, the
mages talking about how 'it was still here' and 'it was attacking them in
their dreams' but right now Fynix could not even think through the white-hot

Writer: Lothaw

Date Fri Jul 3 01:30:13 2015

To All Arkane Taggett Palquinn Zooey Shalrienne Crokus Brunn Fynix Eszka Zarina Azah Letholdus ( Imm RP Zandreya )

Subject Awakening from the Nightmare

Lothaw Katel never in his life imagined he would be in Fynixs bedroom and
by the Blessed Mother, he did indeed see the unnatural there. Only his
trusted friend Zooey would ever have gotten him in there. Though it was
hardly what he had expected. The dream horrors that Eszka, Fynix, Zooey,
Taggett among others had been experiencing were quite out of his range of
experience, yet he had studied such things when he was younger. The high
pitched screams of the two ariels were still echoing through his ears, even
after he had healed the physical injuries this unnatural malady had
inflicted upon the two of them.

Working quickly, the dark elven cleric dug through his satchel to produce a
few basic materials. Lothaw hastily sprinkled holy water across the room,
making sure to splash everyone lightly at least once. Then he drew a
protective barrier in a salt trail around the bed. He filled in the circle
with appropriate symbols of healing and lit both candles and incense,
offering a bit of fresh air to the room after everyone had been perspiring
in horror at what had happened in it.

Finally Lothaw knelt and said the appropriate prayers, both to protect those
in the room and heal the spirits of those inside of any injuries. This
unnatural dream demon had already frightened the dark elf from his brief
second hand encounter, and he was certain that if any god would hear a
prayer regarding this it would be Mother Zandreya. Lothaw was also worried
that by proximity he may soon see these horrors first hand.

Writer: Zooey

Date Fri Jul 3 02:24:10 2015

To All Arkane Taggett Palquinn Shalrienne Crokus Bruun Fynix Lothaw (Imm RP)

Subject The Beast Within: Part One

The blackness which surrounded her was tangible, enveloping her like a syrupy
shroud of emptiness. There was nothing where she was, only her own body - suspended
in the darkness, floating motionlessly in its depths.

Zooey looked around herself in frightened confusion - unable to how she'd come
to be here or where she'd just been. The silence of the place so bleak that
her own heart pounded in her ears like a war drum, its beat rising in tempo with
every second.

A flash of movement to her left caught her attention and her eyes darted to follow
it. The mere act of moving her head was agonizingly difficult. It was as though All
of her strength had left her - her body loathe to obey her commands.

She recognized the woman who stepped toward her immediately. She'd seen her during
the ritual to retrieve Palquinn's soul from the Realm of the Dead, the woman who had
claimed to be her mother. Standing on nothing yet appearing somehow grounded - the
vision before her seemed to move just fine, uninhibited in the way which Zooey found
herself. Her mother offered a warm smile, hands clasped behind her back. She opened
her mouth to speak, but it was as though Zooey had gone deaf - for no sound came forth.

Zooey frowned - or at least thought she did, her eyes fixated on the mute women moving
her lips animatedly, a cheerful expression on her features. So focused was she that
she almost did not see the man step out from the darkness to her right. With great effort,
she again turned her head, inhaling a sharp breath at the sight before her.

The man who she'd been told was her father approached her, eyes black as the darkness
around her. Snaked around his arms, holding the man possessively against his chest,
was the black creature - covered in inky, sharp spines and scales, his mouth nothing but
a gaping circular maw with an endless spiral of sharp teeth. When he opened it - Zooey's
mind was flooded with the sounds of children screaming in terror. She snapped her eyes
shut as though to somehow drown out the horrific shrieking, a serpentine whisper lacing
the edges of her thoughts. "You know what you are. And you know what you're becoming."

Writer: Taggett

Date Fri Jul 3 02:31:44 2015

To All Arkane Lothaw Zooey Bruun Crokus Synri Eszka Fynix Palquinn Imm *RP*

Subject Dreaming of Your Death

A smile crept across the coral lips of Taggett Silverwolfe. Sitting at
the end of Fynixs four post bed. A laugh suddenly breaking the silence of
the otherwise empty room. A look of startled surprise passing over the
girls face as she clasped both of her gloved hands over her chest. A panic
starting in a tingle from the center of her gut. Broken glass covered most
of the room, the bed she was sitting on, the floors, most likely even the
bubbling hot tub. The doors that had once exited to the balcony had now
been crumbled All across the floor.

What are you? The Life Mage looked to the ground in front of her as if
seeing something that wasnt there, her mute green eyes standing still in a
perplexed questioning. Everything that night had been a wash, screaming,
pain. Eszka had been hurt, Fynix wing broken? Zooey something was wrong
with her arm. Who was this Synri? A fog was hanging in her mind, the
moments of the evening mixed up, a realization troubled the Taggett. Had
she been awake the whole time?

Standing she knelt to the faded trail of magic that lingered in the air.
Whatever it was, what they knew was that it wasnt from the beyond the grave.
It could have come from her trip into The Vale. Everything else was
horrible mystery. Split up? Why had she told Bruun to make everyone split
up? Had she really told him that?

Walking around the room, she paused at a mirror. Her eyes looked so tired
she wondered how long she had looked like this. Running a hand to groom of
one her frost colored buns, how long had she looked like this. Like a
sixteen year old girl? She thought of Zooey who had Crokus, Bruun and his
wife. Eszka even had Fynix.

Youll die with your stupid kender. Her reflections lips moved and it
caused Taggett to take a couple steps back. Sleep was hanging in her eyes,
had she grown so tired that she could nod off from time to time just
standing in place. Rubbing her eyes, she turned back to the room and nearly
went faint looking to the hot tub. Glowing a soft white was Lothow shed
only met the dark elf this very night. He was in the bubbling hot tub up to
his bare chest.

Wont you join me? The image of the dark elf beckoned her closer. There
was a warmth, in the embrace, in the water. She could finally just relax,
she could just, sleep.

Warmth, the feeling washed over her whole body, there was such a comfort
through her mind. There was no struggle as you would imagine, not like
this. Not with him holding her down under the water. It was so peaceful.
A burping of the bubbles splashed wide as Taggett pulled her wet sleeve from
the bottom of the hot tub. Dragging herself from the water, her eyes
frantic, she was very much actually soaked through. The tingle of sleep
gone, her body was electric.

Looking around the room one last time, the Life Mage walked to the balcony
looking back inside the room. Something dark hung from the ceiling. Even
if what was haunting them left when the person wakes. It left a very dark
shadow in its wake. What happen here this night, the misery it had created,
had tainted this place. Whispering a spell she lifted into the air, her
hair tangled and dripping still. She needed to figure out what it was, or
all of Arkane might never sleep again..

Writer: Zooey

Date Fri Jul 3 02:39:33 2015

To All Arkane Taggett Palquinn Shalrienne Crokus Bruun Fynix Lothaw (Imm RP)

Subject The Beast Within: Part Two

Consciousness flooded Zooey as she sat bolt upright in bed, a thin sheen of sweat covering
her body. The screams - oh god, the screams were still there ...but they were coming from
her own throat. Her voice finally broke, descending into low wails and pants as she struggled
to catch her breath. She became aware of Crokus, his arms around her, whispering comfortingly
to his wife, trying to calm her terror.

She sank against him and sobbed, feeling more exhausted than she had when she'd fallen asleep.
It was the fourth night in a row that she'd had the same dream. Always the same. Her mother,
then her father, then the thing possessing him telling her what she was. ...but what was she?

Once he'd managed to calm her she pulled herself from the bed and stepped out onto the balcony,
her arms wrapped around her body protectively.

She'd never known her parents - she'd been found as a baby in the gardens of the Althainian
Castle and raised in the nearest orphanage, the way that far too many children were. She'd
wondered at times, of course, who had abandoned her - where she'd come from, but she'd usually
been too busy with her current life to worry too much about the one which could have been.

Glancing behind her, she stared at Crokus for a few minutes - completely silent, ensuring that
he was asleep. Turning her body toward the lighted room, she pulled down the shoulder of her
gown as her anxiety flooded her, making the world spin.

The patch on her arm had gotten bigger after that dream - just as it had after the one before.
Half of her upper left arm was now covered in gleaming, black scales each edged in a metallic
strip of blood red. A thin, flexible spine, each barbed, protruded from between each one. She
straightened her arm, the spines lying flat against her upper arm, standing straight outward as
she flexed her bicep.

Her heart raced as she looked at her arm. She'd come to the awful place of knowing that she should
tell someone what was happening to her but having waited so long that she'd let the fear of anyone
discovering her overwhelm her completely. Closing her eyes, she calmed herself with great effort,
pulling her gown back up around her shoulder and lowering her eyes. She knew that she couldn't hide
it forever. Sooner or later someone was going to notice what she was being consumed by - what she
was becoming.

Writer: Synri

Date Fri Jul 3 10:02:44 2015

To All Arkane Lothaw Zooey Bruun Taggett Palquinn Fynix Eszka Crokus ( Imm RP )

Subject - Horrible Night Terror -

Sitting in the Amphitheatre of White Magicks, Synri was watching over
Eszka and Fynix. Her mind drifted back to the scene that had literally been
imprinted and not likely to go away anytime soon. Seeing the glass on the
floor, the terror in Eszka's eyes, Fynix on the floor in agony (Of course,
her first thought was someone kicked him in a not so.. Good place.) , The
rest of the people in the room. She would have laughed, if it were a
comical scene because she was definitely surprised and startled upon
entering the room, but it was serious and no laughing matter, which made her
features turn to concern as well as wary and scared. Something serious had
happened. Very serious.

As she leaned back on a pillow, Synri stared out into the night, her eyes
straying to the stars above. Folding her arms into a relaxed pose, she
glanced over at her friends. Both were asleep again. Her own eyes were
starting to droop before she gave her head a vigorous shake. She had to
stay awake, she just had to. But sleep was soon was overwhelming her and
eventually it had won. And that was a mistake in and of itself.

It was like going back in time, reliving the horrible nightmare she
desperately tried to forget. There was blood... Everywhere. The stench of
it so strong, it would make one's stomach roil. She watched her younger
self, trying desperately to wake her parents, yet they were already long
gone. The girl looked up, her tear-filled eyes wide with fear as the shadow
of a being came nearer and nearer, a weapon of some dark energy held in its
hand. It had spoke, the voice raspy and cold as ice, saying she would fetch
a pretty price. Synri tried to call out to her younger self, screaming for
her to run, to get out. No sound was heard as she watched in horror as her
smaller self was picked up like nothing....

Flashing to the present time, she was running, her heart pounding in her
chest as she dashed through the forest, trying to get to the safety of the
kingdom. The young woman glanced back over her shoulder, that same shadow
figure from her childhood nearly almost upon her, reaching out to try and
grab hold of her as its sinister laughter was heard, close to her ear. And
that's when she felt the sharp pain in her side, the scream of terror and
pain jostling her awake, coming from her own throat as she holds her side.
There, as plain as day, are what seem to be five claw marks on her skin,
each bleeding and turning her gown red.

Just what on Algoron was going on?

Writer: Lothaw

Date Fri Jul 3 12:07:17 2015

To All Arkane Taggett Zooey Bruun Crokus Synri Eszka Fynix Palquinn ( Imm rp Zandreya )

Subject The Sands of Time

It was an experience of horror for Lothaw Katel. How he couldnt say but
somehow he was trapped inside a glass cage. Yet despite All his best
efforts he couldnt break free from his conical prison. There was nothing
surrounding his prison but darkness and the curious thing was, there was an
inversed glass cone immediately above him. Then the dark elfs eyes widened
when he saw someone else trapped inside that one. It was his wife Kaerlia,
whom he had barely seen at All for the last several years and whom he missed
dearly. So close to see, yet too far to touch. What sort of strange
nightmarish prison was this?

Then the image of Kaerlia was gone and falling from a small hole from the
cone above was sand. Dry and coarse. It was then Lothaw realized this was
no prison, but an hour glass. They said time flows in one direction, memory
in another. Soon enough the sand falling from above was no longer an
inconvenience, but a dire threat as it started to bury him. With desperate
effort Lothaw tried to claw his way up and towards the opening the sand was
falling through, but with each moment it seemed like he was further away
despite his effort. As if time was literally hammering him into the ground.
Lothaws cries to get Kaerlias attention went unheard and soon were muffled
altogether by the sand as it started to rise over the dark elfs head.

With a start the dark elf cleric sat up, drenched in sweat in his home. His
bed was empty, no sign of Kaerlia and the house was quiet, dark and empty.
Exhaling deeply several times, Lothaw rose to get some water and realized he
ached All over. Though the truly scary moment came when he light a candle
and discovered why he ached All over. His skin was chaffed and raw and
covered with scratches. Almost as if it had been rubbed raw by a large
amount of sand. By the Blessed Mother what in the world was happening?

Writer: Eszka

Date Fri Jul 3 18:18:06 2015

To All Arkane Taggett Palquinn Zooey Shalrienne Crokus Brunn Lothaw Zarina Azah Letholdus ( Imm rp )

Subject Dream Terrors Part 3

She had not even realized she had fallen asleep again, so warm and held,
snuggled into familiar smell, feathers. She was walking somewhere and then
it came to her, she did not know how she had arrived there. She looked
around trying to get her bearings. It seemed like a place she should know,
but the sounds were All discord. Screeches, howls, hoots, growling noises
these were not making her feel any better about the place she was in. There
were trees All around, tall, so tall she could barely make out the canopy.
It was dark, but a cloying dark, a dark that would not recede. She sang the
words and notes and a torch appeared. She grasped it. She felt suddenly
very alone and very frightened.

She continued walking, the noises setting her nerves on edge. She felt the
back of neck prickle. She kept turning around, thinking someone was
watching her, waiting for her. It was like before in the dreaming, a
something or someone just beyond her field of vision. She could sense its
presence, but it was evasive. She was not a strong enough mage to see.

She trembled, squeaking a little whimper, there was nowhere to go except
that which led down the path into the dark deep wood. She kept to the path,
the noises startling her, turning and twisting every which way to try to
keep from being ambushed. She felt pursued, tracked down, chased. The path
came to an abrupt end and a clearing was before her. As she raised her eyes
her strength was gone completely, fixed to the trunk of the tree was a
figure. She did not was to see it she wanted to escape, fly away. But her
feet and wings would not obey her and she was compelled forward until she
was not four feet from the tree, looking up.

She cried out, a low anguished sound, her heart wrenched from her body and
she reached up. Oh no, how could this be? She dropped her torch numbly.
She reached out to the touch the feet of the figure, stiff and cold under
her fingers. She could not keep the tears from blurring her vision, a lone
lock of gold over the wasted, decrepit figures head, body nailed to the
tree. All her connections shattered and she fell to her knees and wept.

It was All for naught, a struggle, nothing to anchor to, nothing to keep her
from going adrift. A brightness flickered within her vision, she tried to
catch her breath. She was surrounded by fire, torches, she looked for her
own on the ground, but did not find it. She tried to draw her dagger, but
found she had none. The fire enclosed on her and through her terror she
heard voices.

You did this. You murdered him. He rots because of you. Your parents.
Your fault. Gone because of you. Give up. Give up. Go to sleep and be no

Be no more. You are nothing. Grist for the mill. Nothing. Less than
nothing. Ruin follows you.

She could not wake.

Writer: Thzad

Date Sat Jul 4 23:40:15 2015

To All IMM

Subject The Wargarian War Council

The Thane spoke to All assembled "Ye sure this bae what ye want?"

All heads and beards nodded in agreement save one white clothed dwarf
holding the crest of his nose and shaking his head.

The Thane paused and then spoke gravely "The aye's have et. Ah'll send tha
missive then."

The dwarves assembled cheered and pounded their stein's on the table in the
War Council room in celebration. As they did so the Thane rose from his
seat at the head of the table and stepped into his Throne Room.

The white clothed dwarf appeared in the doorway of the Thane's Throne Room,
"Ah word, Thane?"

"Aye, Lord Mountain Fardoc, come on en lad"

Fardoc Galehammer, the previous Thane, walked in and stood respectfully
before the Throne set into the living stone of the wall of the chamber. "In
all due respect, Thane, ye must know this bae folly, aye?"

Thzad drank from his stein and grumbled, sitting down on the Throne.

Fardoc continued "We war tha mages, now we war tha Knights. What shall we
do when we've burnt every bridge and have no allies left at all? Ah don't
want tah lecture ye, just think you could use some cooler council before you
send that missive off to Gareth"

The Thane nods and continues to sip his stein

Fardoc pinches the bridge of his nose and lets out a deep breath. "Ah'll
support ye lad, as always, ye been me friend for years, but Ah implore ye,
think this over. Sometimes the job of ah good Thane is to restrain our lads
instead of giving em what they want."

The Thane took another sip from his stein and simply nodded.

With that, Fardoc nodded and let himself out of the Throne room. Thzad
stayed sitting on his throne, sipping his stein. When his stein was empty
he stood up and went down deeper into the hall to Carlsbad Tavern.

As the Thane went down deeper into the halls of Wargar through the Pantheon
dwarves cheered and yelled out to him. A great celebration was taking place
as news of the War Council's decision spread from dwarf to dwarf. Julthax
and Brollo were arm-wrestling on one of the pews and yelled out WARGAR!
When the Thane walked past, and the whole room took up the chorus. The
Thane nodded in his perpetually grumpy way and headed up to the Tavern where
dwarves would eat, drink and fight in no particular order. A dwarf tending
the bar nodded to Thzad and said "Hail, Thane! Tha usual?" Thzad nodded
and handed a missive to the bartender "Make et ah double. And see this goes
out to the Generals of Gareth's Keep with tha next rider."
The bartender
took the note and promptly shuffled off to deal with other customers and
avoid the Thane's ire. He could tell the Thane was in a mood.

Thzad stared into his stein and muttered to himself. Well, he thought, it
is done. And he prayed to Raije under his breath for wisdom in the trials
to come.

Writer: Niantha

Date Sun Jul 5 20:18:24 2015

To All arkane imm RP

Subject Defenseless

She couldn't take it. She had to do something.

Niantha walked east out of the city, trying to escape... Something. She
wasn't sure what to call it. She was pretty sure it wouldn't matter, it'd
follow her wherever she went. But she couldn't just sit around the Haven
anymore, suffering everyone who passed her who asked her how her task was
going in silence anymore. Every time one of them said something to her it
was like a dagger driven into her pride, reminding her of how much she
couldn't do without her magic. She'd had enough of it, so she was going to
go hide for the rest of her trial. Five days without magic had sounded like
such a trivial thing at first, but here she was, only midway through the
third day, and she was on the verge of breaking. Sheer force of will alone
kept her from casting a cantrip to amuse herself, to feel... SOMETHING
where that void was. She was a creature born and raised on magic. She'd
learned to cast spells at such an early age that she didn't remember a time
that she couldn't control the Art to some extent or another. This feeling
was entirely foreign to her. It was as if she'd lost a part of herself, and
though she knew it was only a few more days that she had to endure, each
minute seemed an hour.

She found herself walking through the Glassrose Mansion, a place she'd come
to love since she moved to Arkane. The beauty of the sun as it came through
the glass and filtered into myriad colors and cast both light and shadow all
over hadn't been understated by her sister, and she spent most of her
"alone" time here. Not that the word alone was appropriate, because the
mansion was populated by guests, and an unfortunate one happened across
Niantha now, pushing through the glass door without noticing Niantha sitting
against the wall and bumping her foot painfully. Niantha stood, eyes
narrowing, and drew her dagger. At last, she'd found a distraction. Nobody
would notice this guest disappearing amongst All the others, not in this
place, and the guest knew it too. Her face paled and she screamed, pushing
back against one of the walls, looking for some secret route through the
glass, but finding none.

And then Niantha felt it. The tingle of magic, through the hilt of her
dagger. She hadn't drawn the weapon when she'd gotten rid of All of her
other magical trappings in preparation for the task, but it was imbued with
life-stealing powers and certainly qualified as magical. Worse, Niantha
hadn't brought any other weapons. Without her dagger, she couldn't kill her
victim. With a growl, she threw the thing across the room and it shattered
a hole through the glass wall, skittering away into another room and beyond
her reach. She immediately realized her error, and turned wide-eyed to
regard the guest, who regarded her curiously.

And then the guest's lips quirked up into a sadistic smile.

It was Niantha's turn to scream.

Writer: Niantha

Date Sun Jul 5 20:24:08 2015

To All arkane imm RP

Subject Flames...

She dragged herself down the path, but her strength finally failed her
and she collapsed into a ditch off the side of the road, mercifully shielded
from both passerby and the weather. She didn't want anyone to see her like
this. She'd barely made it out alive, for when the guest realized that
Niantha was defenseless she'd turned on her and assaulted her with a fury
that would have matched Niantha's own. Her clothes were ripped and dirty,
both with mud from the road and her own blood, and she'd lost a slipper
somewhere along the way. She was covered in bruises and cuts, including one
deep stab wound in her side just above her hip where the guest had grabbed a
shard of glass and stabbed her just before she'd managed to find an exit to
the mansion and flee to safety. One eye was swollen almost shut, and her
lip was split open from the multiple kicks she'd taken to the face once she
was down. And she was pretty sure that her right arm was broken, for it
hung uselessly and painfully at her side. She reached over with her left
arm, inspecting the wound in her side, and grimaced. She was skilled enough
in the art of torture to know a mortal wound when she felt one, and this one
certainly was unless she did something about it. But there was only one
thing she knew of that could seal it, aside from her magic... And as
stubborn and prideful as she was she was NOT about to fail now.

*Click. Click. Click. * The sound of flint and steel.

*FWOOOSH* A torch roaring to life.

And then the sound of her own agonizing scream cutting through the night as
she cauterized the wound.

Writer: Krankle

Date Sun Jul 5 21:55:19 2015

To All

Subject My first experience with magick

My first experience with magic was when I was a small gnome. My father
was an inventor and always took the time to address my natural childhood
curiosities with long winded explanations on various topics, needs,
solutions, and methods of extending research. Because of this, I became
very good at figuring things out and manipulating situations to my

Over time, I gained the reputation of being a little over confident when it
came to pretty much everything. This can be confirmed by any of my
siblings, but mostly that of my sister Trizzle.. Which really doesnt have
much to do with this story Anyway, one of our favorite games was a game
called tool pocket, which is a form of hide and seek. The main difference
is that the person that is the leader goes and hides and then everyone else
goes and tries to find them. Once they are found, the people join the
original hider and the last person to find everyone becomes the leader.

So there I was, cocky and full of youthful stupidity. I thought it was a
good idea to bet a whole opal that I could hide where no one could find me.
I even packed a lunch and two changes of clothes. Once everyone started
counting to 100, I took off to what I thought was the best hiding spot ever.
About a minute and a half later, was in the hidden cave I discovered under
the rocks near the north side of the pond.

Ten seconds after that I was standing in the spot where everyone was
counting. In addition to loosing an opal, I also gained a few tidbits of
knowledge. The first was to turn off summoning. The second was to hide in
places that are not summoned able and where portals cannot be directed. I
took many weeks of jesting over this experience. I still do to some extent
when the family gets together.

Writer: Taggett

Date Sun Jul 5 22:43:36 2015

To All Arkane Zooey Lothaw Bruun Crokus Synri Eszka Fynix Palquinn Imm *RP*

Subject Deadly Dreaming

Taggett hadn't slept in many days, the feeling was as being stuck in
quicksand. Her thoughts came in slow murmurs, like bubbles of tar bursting
from the earth. It was safer this way. When she did sleep, the nightmares
quickly washed over her in vivid terror. She liked the waking world better
anyway. Her best friend Palquinn was back in her life and it was like
stepping through time.

Candles flickered in the tranquil dim glow, across the book perched on the
floating disk before the Life Mage. If this had only been the first time in
her life that her gifts had caused such chaos. The sleepless night kept
reality slightly removed from Taggett, shed even completely missed passing
some of friends on the streets. Her mute green eyes drawn to the ground in
a perplexed daze. The library was empty besides for the white haired
teenage looking girl. It had to be nearly morning. She would be happy for
the sunlight, she was use to dark nights, having studied the way of

Necromancy, it would take a lot to get the girl to admit no matter what
words she crafted, the basis for her knowledge. Reading the book on the
strange, the creatures of Algoron that could cause the nightmares plaguing
not only herself but many of Arkane. So many of the creatures fed off
death, and the section even spoke of legendary Necromancers that had ravaged
kingdoms, and families. She had to skip through much of it.

Lifting her gaze, she rubbed her tired mute eyes. The combination of dim
light, reading, and sleeplessness stung at her eyes. A couple of hairs
stood at the back of neck. A few tables from her a figure sat slumped in
shadows. It was the silhouette of an adult male, should could tell by the
shape of the shoulders, the close cut of hair, if they had any at all. As
she stood acting as if shed remembered needing a book from the shelves she
raised her candle enough to see if she could leverage a better view.

A cloak of deep blood red draped itself down over the face and shoulders of
the shadow. Not a single movement, no book positioned in front of him.
Taggett couldnt the strange clues that was causing her fear of the image.
His hands drawn down under the table, as she moved she could see the fabric
fold and follow her direction. With a quickening to her pace she made a
darting motion into the stack of books. Her candlelight drawing long
shadows through the tightly packed alleys of literature.

The sound of a heavy breathing grew in close, Taggett felt as if at any
moment something would leap from the shadows and it would drag her to her
death. Crouching low, she heard something move in the row next to her.
Blowing out the candle, shadows took her in its embrace. She knew she was
completely invisible in this light. She didnt dare look up the breathing
was right next to her. Something was standing right next to her. Opening
her eyes slowly, a gasp broke through the girls lips. A face decayed and
yet extremely strong, noble stared at her from just past the crimson cloak.
Looking right at her. Your All going to die. She was helpless as the
creatures long sharp finger tips flashed foward to grab her face.

A muffled gasp lifted Taggetts head from the book in front of her. A
droplet of blood falling from her coral lips to the book before her. The
page was turned to a creature that ate the tears of children, and had been
known to kill and mimic human childrens parents to eat and grow from their
prisoners. A frightening thought washed over her. If they couldnt figure
out what it was, the only thing they did know. Was where it had came from,
perhaps the only way to find out what shed brought back to Arkane was for
them to return to The Vale...

Writer: Drew

Date Mon Jul 6 09:38:28 2015

Writer: Fynix

Date Mon Jul 6 16:29:41 2015

To All Arkane Taggett Palquinn Zooey Shalrienne Crokus Brunn Lothaw Eszka Zarina Azah Letholdus ( Imm RP )

Subject |A| Waking Terrors |A|

After the nightmares first efforts to leave him crippled, Fynix seemed to
have been the lucky ones. It did not return a second night for a subsequent
attack. Perhaps
it found the muck and mire that was the inside of his mind
distasteful, as many had publically proclaimed his thoughts to be so many

Still, the nightmare wasn't over yet for everyone. Fynix still saw many
with restless nights weighing heavily on their souls. Some were still being
tormented by bad dreams. Others were just
having restless nights thanks to
the very idea of the dream demon. A creature that could maim or kill in
your most vulnerable, unprotected state. It was more than a little
unnerving to say the least.

He was no great warrior, no powerful sorcerer, no wise priest, not even a
learned scholar... some might have even wondered just what Fynix was. Many
accused him of being nothing at All but a worthless layabout who did nothing
more than play pointless games and chase skirts. He still vividly recalled
the insults he had recieved from a band of ariel who called him a "disgrace
of their species" and worse

But right now people he cared for were in trouble. And he was going to do
everything he could to ensure they were alright.

Writer: Krazeth

Date Tue Jul 7 03:56:48 2015

Writer: Milleuda

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Writer: Khorvash

Date Tue Jul 7 15:45:25 2015

Writer: Eszka

Date Tue Jul 7 16:42:32 2015

To All Arkane Taggett Palquin Zooey Shalrienne Crokus Brunn Fynix Zarina Azah Letholdus Synri ( Imm rp )

Subject Waking Dreams

Eszka came to consciousness suddenly, her breath catching in her throat
as she sat up. She whimpered and collapsed, she felt like a hundred pounds
were weighted to her limbs. Her entire being was sore as if she had been
tensing her muscles for days. She heard a noise, a scratch, scratch,
scratch, coming from the balcony and huddled further down in the pillows,
trying to become as quiet and still as she could, like a sparrow hiding in
the foliage of the enormous bed.

She heard the scratching again. It was like something was drawing against
the balconys floor. Claws is what she imagined, rending tearing claws and
she inhaled slowly, her heart was trying to make its way up her throat, she
imagined the thing outside could hear it. She burrowed further into the
bed, trying to make herself as small as possible, her wings flat against her
as if their dark cloak could protect her.

Her nightmares were reality. She felt her limbs uncurl and her frame rest
at the edge of the bed, great dark wings limp against her back. Her voice
said I am coming lover, but she did not want to speak the words. She did
not want to move. Her body was acting of its own volition again, was she
sleeping? Gods, she did not even know anymore, everything was a hazy,
dreamy blur.

She walked to the balcony and opened doors that had been recently fixed.
Her fingers were numb. She tried to turn back, yet could not. Her wings
spread and she rose into the sky, destination unknown. She tried to utter a
cry for help, a scream, some noise. She managed a clenched jaw and

She felt it again, the presence, that creature that held her with terror.
She felt the scraping dirty claws against her skin this time, a slavering
snuffle against her neck. She wanted to weep, but could not. Her strength
waned and she came to a crashing landing somewhere in the forests near
Arkane. She did not even know if she was yet in the world or in her own

The creature held her, caressed her dark curls and drank her horror, it was
growing stronger. It would use her up and go on to the next. She tried to
fight against it, but she felt so tired and weak. She lay back on the
forest floor and succumbed to the creatures need.

Writer: Eszka

Date Tue Jul 7 17:09:24 2015

To All Taggett Palquinn Zooey Shalrienne Crokus Fynix Synri Zarina Azah ( Imm rp )

Subject Waking Dreams

She came back to the place she had been called from, her indigo eyes
searched the room with an eerie violet glow. She was not herself and yet
she was. She saw no one in the room and tensed, they were here. They were
here somewhere and when she found them she would destroy them utterly. The
creature whined at her and she cringed against its sound, cradling it
against her breast like a newborn.

She needed blood, fresh and warm to feed the baby, her baby. Her glowing
violet eyes scanned the room. She moved to the door and opened it with a
banging sound. She looked down the hall. Too many doors, the creature
cried against her. She did not know what to do, she felt so lost. She
could not provide for her baby. She wept and offered herself to the
creature. It crawled up her to snuffle at the base of her throat then tore
with teeth into her pale flesh as she screamed. The floor of the hallway
splashed with her blood. She dropped to her knees and collapsed.

Writer: Lothaw

Date Tue Jul 7 20:00:31 2015

To All Arkane Taggett Zooey Eszka Fynix Crokus Brunn ( imm rp Zandreya )

Subject A Waking Nightmare

The mug of coffee sitting on the desk of Lothaw Katel has become a fairly
constant presence of late. The elvish cleric hadnt been sleeping well of
late at All to put it mildly. Coupled with the amount of time he had been
spending pining over old books from various sources, it was a wonder his
social skills were holding as well as they were. His normal calm composure
had been showing cracks aplenty these past few days.

He had taken to checking out and borrowing books from libraries in Arkane,
Althainia, Verminasia, and even Shalonesti and Thaxanos through third party
proxies. Pausing to take a sip of his coffee, he testily glared out his
balcony at the evening moons which didnt provide enough light for him to
read comfortably by. That many people were shrilly expecting him to provide
a solution to this dream problem, rather insistently despite the fact they
couldnt even tell him how it was caused in full was rather typical. He
didnt even make any claims to be able to stop this, in fact he was quite
persistent this wasnt his area of expertise, yet that didnt stop the
expectations laid on him. Sometimes he wish he could just lay his problems
at other peoples feet and expect them to fix them. A deep sigh was followed
by another sip of the potent mug of coffee.

Regardless, an obscure elvish text hinted at a solution he thought. A wild
elven text hinted at a victorious war against demons of dreams, mind and
darkness, though didnt provide much information beyond that. Regardless, he
had a lead to follow up on and hed do so. Packing his equipment, the same
gear he usually took with him on a hunting trip for the most part, except
for a large decanter of coffee, he left at once. No point in waiting for
the sun to come up as dawn wouldnt bring any relief.

Writer: Thaydius

Date Tue Jul 7 23:30:58 2015

To All Althainia Cassidy Araaduli ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject Help them

She had spoken of him to the Deacon. His heart had raced at hearing
about it. The thought was inspiring though he was mired in less than
favorable circumstances. For hours, Thaydius had been wandering through the
city and removing a plague from the people. It had even gone so far as to
form sores on his own body, tampering with the beauty that his mother had
given him. He wasn't immune to it, but it was too weak to cause him great
harm. He removed the sores, over and over, becoming desensitized to their

He toiled for so long in the presence of this sickness that eventually his
armor had gone sour from the pus and infection, prompting him to shed it in
a particularly remote place. But she had spoken of him to the Deacon. He
was supposed to help. So he did. The disease challenged even his might of
magic, taking sometimes two dozen words to remove from the sickly mortals,
but All in the name of Siccara. He watched healers and children devoted to
Siccara returning to try to find their energy, a task that he did not have
to partake in, but he admired their dedication. Everywhere he had gone, the
disease kept cropping up behind him. He would take ground only to have it
pushed back. This was the nature of the battle against suffering. He had
known it for most of his life.

But what the Angel said of him was true, his faith WAS absolute. And no
amount of sickness was going to come between him and his duty to his family.
So he kept on healing these people, shedding his armor down to rags and
healing them still as the nauseating scent of pus was smeared away by
berries and flowers that he rubbed over himself. His flesh constantly
healed itself against the sores, leaving only the ooze of what had tried to
tarnish his perfect form behind as he wiped it over through the night. The
look of appreciation in the eyes of the people as he healed them, that was
precious to him. Their strength returning. Their hope finding its place in
their heart.

He left his weapons behind, too. This wasn't the time for pointless
battles. And though he was determined to do something about this, it
continued to feel like there was something he was missing. His mother had
said he would help, but what exactly was he supposed to do? He could go on
doing this forever, but it wasn't going to stop this sickness. Just like
the last plague, with the corpses. At least this one wasn't killing people,
he felt good about that. He wasn't a god, after all. How much could one
child change the world?

Writer: Niantha

Date Wed Jul 8 10:47:24 2015

To All arkane imm RP

Subject Powerlessness, and power


The sickening crunch of the rabbit's neck breaking both amused and horrified
Niantha. She'd only brought enough food for the one day she'd been
intending to stay in Glassrose Mansion, expecting that boredom would bring
her back to the city that evening, or possibly the following day. She
hadn't been expecting... This. But although she was no longer in imminent
danger of dying, if she didn't have sustenance of some sort, she would waste
away, and she knew that with the amount of blood she'd lost she wasn't
entirely out of danger yet. So she'd lain still, horribly still, until the
rabbit had come over to inspect the bit of clover she held in her hand, and
then grabbed its leg as it tried to bolt. The thing screamed, a
particularly shrill, terror-filled sound as she picked it up, clubbed it on
the ground a few times weakly to stun it, and then wringed its neck with her
one good working hand. It took an agonizingly long time for her to find the
purchase and strength to break its neck and kill it, and although it meant
she'd have something to eat for the day, she couldn't help but feel
horrified at the fact that this was the first thing she'd successfully
killed since her prohibition began. To think that a powerful spellcaster,
capable of warping the mind itself and calling up the destructive energies
of fire and lightning, would be reduced to this. Without her magic, she was
weak. She was defenseless. She was... Useless. But the meat of the
rabbit sated her hunger, and its blood helped toslaked her thirst a bit, and
she fell back into fitful, oft-interrupted sleep.

She didn't know how many times she'd awakened during the night because of
the pain. It was pitch black. There'd been no moonlight the previous
evening. She was out of torches, and her lantern had run out of oil long
ago. The blackness of sleep was the same as the blackness of awakening to
her. But eventually, her eyes drifted open through her exhaustion, and she
saw it. The light of the sun, breaking over the horizon.

The herald of the sixth day. It was over.

She let her willpower drop, allowed the full flow of her magic to flood
through her being, almost drunk with the feeling of power. A few words
whispered brought healing energies surging through her body, knitting the
bone of her arm and mending the numerous cuts and bruises, including the
wound in her side, dulling her pain. She rose to her feet, testing her
balance, and although she was still exhausted from the ordeal, she found
that she could walk with little trouble, could once again use her arm. She
made her way towards the temple of Siccara, then shook her head. She could
heal herself well enough, and although she'd likely forever bear the scar of
cauterization on her side, as her magic could not mend that, she was glad
for it, in a way. She didn't want All of her pain and suffering to go away
quite yet. She had business to attend to first.

She went back to Arkane, visited the weaponsmith, and bought the first,
nastiest looking dagger she could find.

It was that guest's turn to scream again. And with her magic restored, Nia
meant to make her death take a long, LONG time.

Writer: Leadero

Date Wed Jul 8 16:56:45 2015

To All Carrionmaw Liviya ( Imm RP Religion Necrucifer )

Subject Dream or Premonition..?

For nearly a week, the dream had come to him every night. Always the
same. Always as elusive in its purpose, or meaning. Always leaving him
with the same questions that had yet to be given an answer.

He stood upon a dark, barren plain. Though he was not himself. He was
inside the personage of another - one untroubled by the whipping winds that
howled and screeched, stirring up grit and sand. Though there was a thick,
dark, and shadowy fog that obscured almost everything, around him there was
some visibility. That was how he knew that the ground beneath his feet was
parched until it was cracked and devoid of any vegetation. That was also
how he saw the figures.

Totaling nine, though not counting whomever it was he inhabited, the figures
stood in a ring around him. Nearly the same size, though with small
variances in height or bulk, the figures were obsidian cloaks. The cloaks
obscured any features that might have given insight to gender, and their
drawn cowls hid their faces.

Though he knew it was coming, the deafening roar that filled his ears
heralded the quaking and startled him faintly. Or perhaps it was only the
figure which he watched the events through, because he felt disassociated
from the scene; as though he saw through the eyes of his landlord, but also
saw them as if floating nearby. With the loud roar, the landscape erupted
into violence.

A great shaking tore apart the world with enough force to rattle bone and
drawn a scream from the ground itself. Fissures tore free of the monotony,
spewing sand and scalding gases into the air. One of the fissures grew
large, a great, stony maw opening with jagged edges for razor sharp teeth.
Two of the cloaked figures were cast into the ravenous pit and vanished,
while a third was flung to the edge where fingers gripped onto the edge
until they turned white. The small point of contrast was hypnotizing
against the backdrop of horror and darkness.

Then, as if the terrible cries of the world were not enough, the sky was
sundered by a brilliant and blinding ray of light. It eradicated everything
- sound, sight - it was as though existence itself had come to an end.

The first thing to return to him was his sight, the dull pallet of the
dreamscape slowly coming back into focus. After blurry images began to take
focus, his ears began to pound as he heard the rush of his own blood; a
quiet cacophony in wake of the tremendous sound that had assaulted him so

It was then that he could see the smoldering ash where one of the figures
had been. Nothing was left beyond the ash, no trace of the robe, or a
skeleton to be found. While the remaining figures righted themselves, now
totaling a mere five if he did not consider himself, their eyes moved to the
same pile of debris. Before long, the wind swept through and then even the
ashes were blown away.

All that was left was the dark mists, the mutilated ground with a blackened
scorch mark, and the figures. Before he woke, the darkly clad beings
shifted, their obscured faces turning in his direction leaving him with the
crawling, shriveling sensation of pure evil tunneling through his veins.

When he did wake, after the fifth time of the dream assaulting him and
leaving him drenched in sweat, his gut churching with the need to act, he
knew exactly what needed to be done. He only wondered if he would be able
to do it, and if it was, in fact, a premonition or if he had simply become
the fixation of some creature bent on driving him mad. Either way, he had
things to do.

Writer: Thaydius

Date Wed Jul 8 22:06:53 2015

To All Cassidy Araaduli ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject Protect Them (1/2)

He had ventured out to the solitude of the peaceful glade, under the
image of his Mother dominating the colorless sky over the strange, shifting
dream. It was there that he made a stream and cleaned his things and
himself, wiping away the influence and debris created by the sickness. When
he was finished, he looked down at the contaminated water and froze it,
probably a hundred degrees colder than needed, but just to be safe. Then he
did the same thing with himself to kill anything left. After emerging from
the moment he spent encased in ice, he tilted his head back and regarded the
deliberately shaped stars and stared for a few moments.

The response of the others who were dedicated to his Mother had filled his
heart with hope. He was going to have to trust them today. Instead of
going to the major cities, he decided to make his way to dozens of
settlements falling outside of the vast, protective walls made around the
capital cities. There, people would have locked up the infected and prayed
earnestly, hoping to spare themselves from what was likely to slowly spread
outward to them. He knew that the temple clerics and famous healers would
start at the hearts of the cities, so he had to try to work from the other

He went from town to town and eventually made his way from province to
province before his journey crossed the borders of one nation into another.
After several hours, he found himself grabbing onto the rifts of magic and
going across the ocean to see how things were progressing in and around
Arkane. In some cases, the villages were uninfected. He made certain to
speak to Elders and inform them of what was happening far and wide. And
when he came upon sickness, he did ... Well, what he was meant to do. He
was the Son of Siccara, after all.

Where he went, he took out a large piece of parchment and made a simple
symbol of Siccara, giving it a few magical words and pinning it at wherever
peasants would pass in these villages. He told the people what they could
do. He provided them with extra stores of food and water to keep them from
the trade roads. He prayed with them. And, when he was presented with the
opportunity, he healed them.

He came upon a village where a young boy had gotten sick. They had locked
the toddler away in an abandoned house and forbid others from seeing him.
His mother refused to abide by such orders, even knowing that going in to be
with him would make her sick. Of course, it had to be a human village.
Fitting into these homes was a bit of a pain, honestly. But he could endure
it for a short time.

Writer: Thaydius

Date Wed Jul 8 22:08:08 2015

To All Cassidy Araaduli ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject Protect Them (2/2)

He focused on his magical energy, trying to control or contain its
endless power as he shrank his body down to a point where he could fit
through the door. He donned a simple robe and blinked his cosmic eyes,
revealing the truth of their surface by drawing his light inward. As he
went through the door, there were no warnings from the woman as she cradled
her sick and infected child. She, too, of course was covered in sores but
kept a strong face for the boy. In closing the distance, he exposed himself
to the plague they had caught. As sure as it had All the other times, the
infection started to crop up over his body.

He wandered around and sat in front of the woman, silent at first. His
gaze, though the woman couldn't trace it with his eyes as they were, focused
on her and then the boy. There was a soft spot in his heart for the bond
between a mother and child. He imagined it was quite obvious as to why.

You shouldn't have come here...

He kept his face pointed toward the woman until she looked up and finally
saw his face, his skin and his otherworldly eyes.

Oh ... Maybe you should have come here.

Her face twisted in uncertainty. He hadn't worn his symbol of Siccara or
anything save for the robe he had impromptly made to garb him while he was
this size.

You are very brave.

She scoffed a little at that. She didn't seem angry, maybe a little
surprised to hear it.

They think I am stupid.

He shook his head, offering her a very sincere smile.

I don't care what they think. You're braver than I am. I came here knowing
I could cure you. You came here because of love. Love is the most powerful
force in this world.

The woman furrowed her brows, as if wondering why she had taken so long to

Who are you?

He really didn't hide anything from anybody.

My name is Thaydius. I'm the Son of Siccara. I'm here to cure you both.

The woman let out a quiet sigh and looked down at the boy. He wasn't in
good shape, but it wasn't anything that was going to give Thaydius trouble.
She nodded and tried to hold in her emotions as a tear started to sneak its
way down her cheek. He reached in and gently wiped away the salty speck,
his physical contact projecting a rush of warm, soothing energy into the
woman. And then he stood and held out his hand, drawing a symbol of Siccara
on the back of it before he wiped the sickness away from All three of them.
Now a tiny hand reached up from the child and gripped one of his fingers
after he finished his words. He looked down at the boy and smiled, feeling
the strength and health of the grip.

May my Mother watch over you...

Writer: Zola

Date Wed Jul 8 22:56:21 2015

To All Bloodlust Abaddon Verminasia Darkonin Fatale

Subject X Victim of the Plague X

It had been a busy day. Patients had flooded the healers tents as the
new plague washed over Algoron like a tidal wave, leaving moaning, sick
victims everywhere it went. Healers of Siccara had done their best to take
care of them all, while doing their best to avoid similar
infection. The
forces of Darkness had taunted safe from the sidelines, while Chaos had made
similar claims of grandeur and nihilism, but the healers had ignored them
all and focused on what was important: the people. Knights and Generals,
Common Folk and
Sorcerers, anyone who had succumbed was being helped, and
anyone who hadn't was working to help.

The elder healer of Siccara washed his hands in a basin of water as he
finished with his last victim, a young boy no older than twelve. Sadly, he
had been unable to save the boy's ailing mother, but the boy and his father
were still alive and were reunited in the
safety of the 'all clear' zone.
Sighing, the older man removed the handkerchief he'd been wearing around his
face to protect him from the plague. Many of the others had been doing the
same, healers and victims alike.

He turned back around to begin clean-up, and almost jumped out of his skin
at the sight of the other in the room.

"Oh Siccara, you almost gave me a heart attack," he said, clutching his
chest and breathing a sigh of relief. It must have been another healer
hoping to come deal with the plague. He was definitely dressed for the
part, wearing a hooded robe and his face shrouded
by a plague doctors mask.
"I think we have seen the last of them... not everyone could be saved, of
course, but we did our best."

"That you did," agreed the masked figure, lifting up his left hand and
revealing a ceremonial dagger hidden in the folds of his sleeves. Without
warning he plunged it into the healer's throat, simultaneously ensuring his
death by loss of blood and cutting his vocal cords
to ensure he could not
pray for healing magicks. "We are most displeased," Zola added, watching
as the white-haired man collapsed onto his back on the floor of the healing
tent. His blood oozed in copious amounts
as he gurgled out something,
perhaps his last words. They were too muffled by blood to be distinguished.
Not that they mattered.

Behind his mask, Zola smiled dully. Another enemy of Fatale's dead, another
body to fill the graves in Fatales hallowed church. This healer was a
particular offender. Perhaps not against Fatale personally, but the unified
Darkness was upset by his efforts to heal the plague
victims, sparing many
whom Dragoth would otherwise claim for himself. The Dark Brothers worked in
tandem in such instances, and this healer had denied them their due.

Clapping his hands once, Zola strolled out of the healers tent. As he did
so, his minions descended upon the corpse, dragging it behind him as he
returned to the Graveyard of Fallen Enemies. Already they were looking to
expand and open more graves in the
cold ground as quickly as they were

The work continued.

Writer: Drew

Date Thu Jul 9 04:56:03 2015

Writer: Boof

Date Thu Jul 9 08:51:44 2015

To All Darkonin ( Devion Imm Rp Sunny )

Subject (Dwarf Herding)

Boof trundled through the halls of the arena in a panic, his legs
carrying him as fast as he could go. Clutching his robes with his good hand
and holding a lantern in front with his claw, he screamed at the top of his
lungs for his pets.

Boof, was terrified. He had no idea if his favorites yet lived, but he knew
the rest of his dwarves had perished. Spending the majority of the night in
the dwarf pens, he soothed his dwarves suffering with blessings and prayers.
He even sang with them to help them on their journey to the Void. But
nothing worked.

What at first he found interesting, terrified him to his core. He was sad
to see so many dwarves go, but they were fodder. They existed only for
experimentation, and once that was over, they became food for his work of

Passing a corridor, he cried out for his pet. "DWARFY!!! "

Boof panted as he held the lantern high in the air, light glinting off his
shiny new hook. "Where could himz be? " Boof wondered, as Tubar was not
sleeping in his kennel.

Boof had an idea, turning, he ran to the arena's dungeon. He cried and
screamed for his dwarves with All of his might. He genuinely loved his
little Tubar, and felt nothing but pride for his creation Muldingo. This
confused many of the members of Darkonin, and with good reason. Dwarves and
goblins -hated- each other with a visceral passion. They were born with
this hate, it wasn't a learned behavior but a reaction of natural selection.

But, as with many things, Boof was lacking in his survival skills and
instincts. Had his curiosity not overpowered his instincts to run, he would
still have his hand. As a child the elders in Dolund'ir had thought him a
savant. A genius, chosen by Devion himself to cause mischief and harass all
those he saw fit.

The reality however was that Boof was a moron. He was so distorted on
reality that he had confused many of the obvious emotions of others with
their opposites. And in the case of his pet dwarf, his natural hate was so
strong that he actually wanted to hug him and pet his beard.

The sad part being that Tubar hated Boof with a passion. And what Boof did
to show Tubar his affection only caused him misery, which Boof thought was
hilarious. All part of the game that Tubar and he played on a daily basis.

He panted as he landed in front of the dungeon door. Gripping the lock with
his slimy green hand, he threw open the door.

He raised his lantern and peered inside. Drool and sweat dripped from his
face as he stared in. Lurking in the shadows was a fearsome sight. Sitting
on the ground, was a -massive- mul dwarf. Standing this mul would easily
exceed five and a half feet. Hanging from his broad, muscular, and scarred
shoulders were great lengths of chain. Tied to these links were the
chewed-on remains of other dwarves. Maggots and filth covered some, bits,
while others were nothing more than bone. The meat chewed from them long

"MULDINGO!!! " Boof yelled as he saw the poor mul sitting within. He
sobbed for only a moment before he turned an annoyed look on the mul.
"Where iz Tubar!? Youz better not hab eated himz! "

The mul looked up, simply grinning with sharpened teeth at the goblin.


Writer: Ashtiel

Date Thu Jul 9 20:21:20 2015

Writer: Asrar

Date Fri Jul 10 13:31:29 2015

To All ( Fatale Zola Imm rp )

Subject Challenge Accepted

Asrar walks calmly, unseen through the darkened city of Shalonesti. It
has been nearly two days since she has fed, and the demon is becoming
restless. At first she thought to just grab the first one she saw, feed,
and make her exit, but quickly decided that was not what she wanted. She
was tired of settling. Centaurs, goblins, she wanted something sweeter,
more tender. Her ears perk up as she hears the cry of a child in the night.
The sounds of one awoken by a nightmare and she smiles. That is what she
wanted, The innocence of youth. The blood of the untainted. Focusing on
the sound she picks up the childs fast beating heart and calmly makes her
way through the city to a small house. Without a sound she floats up to the
second floor window and pushes gently. The window opens without a sound and
Asrar grins, her teeth glistening as she anticipates the kill. Standing in
the shadows she watches the child, no more than seventeen, maybe eighteen at
the most. Another woman walks in holding a small candle and begins soothing
the girl, reassuring her there are no monsters, no things that go bump in
the night. The sound of their heartbeats drumming in her ears, filling her
with need. The woman pulls the girls blankets up and kisses her forehead.
With a smile she stands and walks out, coming within a few inches of her.
Asrar could barely contain herself, the woman's heartbeat loud... Screaming
in her ears. Floating over to the bed she looks down at the girl.
Untainted by men. Untainted by the horrors of this world. The smell of
rose and lavender oil permeating her bedclothes and blankets. Her breathing
slows as sleep reclaims her. With a smile and a small prayer of thanks to
Fatale for All he gives her, she sinks her fangs deeply into the virgin
elf's neck. As the girl's eyes fly open, Asrar stares deeply into her eyes,
quelling the scream that was about to erupt. As the bloodlust overtakes
her, Asrar closes her eyes and drinks. Lost in the moment she doesn't hear
the girl's heart slow to nearly nothing. A few moments later Asrar removes
her fangs from the dead girl, letting her corpse fall to the bed. The blood
has satiated her thirst for the moment, and was worth every risk to have it.
Wiping her mouth on the bedclothes, she picks up the drained and lifeless
body. With a whispered word she vanishes, reappearing in Abaddon. Stepping
into the graveyard just as the sun begins to rise, she drops the body into
an empty grave. Raising her head to the heavens she prays softly 'Lord of
Death, Master of the Void, Let this be a token of my faith. Let this
graveyard be filled with those that feed your servants. To you be glory.

Writer: Dxutim

Date Fri Jul 10 15:35:07 2015

To All Admin Drakkara Imm (RP)

Subject The Horns of Power

The aegis of lightning surrounding the Minotaur flickered slightly
followed be an insane laughter. The catalyst of any Minotaur's power was
within Dxutim's hands, he looked down upon the Hill dwarf who had returned
them to him.

"Thank your dwarven master for the return of these, I shall see him rewarded

With that the Champion turned his back from the dwarf and looked down at
what was once again within his possession, the memory of how they were taken
had haunted the Champion and the look upon his face craved vengeance.

Writer: Ashtiel

Date Sun Jul 12 06:18:15 2015

Writer: Euterah

Date Sun Jul 12 13:41:19 2015

Writer: Jainie

Date Sun Jul 12 14:54:45 2015

Writer: Thaydius

Date Sun Jul 12 17:16:56 2015

To All ( Religion Siccara Imm )

Subject Guide Them

These people will listen to you.

The Archangel observed something that he had kept neglecting. A young woman
with rich, red hair tucked a symbol of Siccara neatly into her new, white
robes. Next to her, an elf and dwarf argued over the taste of wine and ale
from their respective nations. A minotaur sat on a sturdy rock, looking
over those gathered as the other couple dozen socialized quietly. With a
flash of light, Thaydius arrived in the secluded meeting place and All of
those gathered grew quiet and looked toward him.

A time will come when you do great things.

The woman's voice was rather matter of fact about this. He had told her so
many times that he couldn't guarantee he would even see her again. She
wouldn't hear any of it. A gnome clutched a white stone and forged a
magical gate between wooden markers before a cart was led through into a
little village beyond. Behind him, young men were packing up supplies into
crates and stacking them into piles where others with parchments went over
the details. Further back, Thaydius glowed with magical exertion as he
forged fresh water and magical food that others collected and processed.

They need you more than you can know.

The skies themselves had spoken to him, reminding him that he was always
being watched over. So he decided to watch over the others, sending out
parties of scouts and Knights into the wilderness. Some of them wore the
symbol of a shield. Others had religious garb. All of them worked together
to secure churches and temples. Thaydius opened a palm, firing a thick
blast of frost that coated a previously unseen bandit. He reached down with
alacrity and gripped the man, wandering out into the sun as it started to
burn away the criminal's flesh. It sneered defiantly at him before he
squeezed its neck with his other hand, twisting and pulling the body apart
so it could fall to the ground and burn into ashes.

You don't know how much this means to me.

He stood in Thalosia, gazing down at the Deacon with a sense of pride. She
had come so far. He remembered when he first met her. That the Archangel
had chosen her was something he found reassuring, given her merciful lean.
Together they kept pushing back the plague, pushing it out of cities, trying
to offer the people some rest. In the meantime, his collected followers had
been fortifying the people who lived outside of the walls, away from the
infected guards.

You should be more proud of what you are.

He thought back to the Silver's advice. How he missed All the firstborn of
his younger years. Of All the adventures they had together, he contemplated
if they would have already figured this out by now. After days of healing,
of coordinating, of fighting and of praying he found himself taking another
short break in the dreamy fields. There, he stared up at the sky and
watched the stars, feeling them through the vast distance. He thought of
what mattered to him most.

A newborn boy, safe in the arms of his Mother. In a world small enough to
fit in such a delicate woman's arms, and to be the world to that woman. The
goddess looked down at the tiny infant, letting her chin dip down as her
silky hair spilled over a shoulder while she shifted.

I love you, Thaydius.

He wiped his face and stared up at the sky, taking in a long view of the
White Moon.

I love you, too, mother...

Writer: Andreyna

Date Sun Jul 12 19:25:03 2015

To All Shalonesti_kingdom Shalonesti Arkane Nordmaar Arthais Asrar Megan Zandreya Zypher Imm Rp

Subject The Lifesong

Andreyna Sha'evlas made her way through Shalonesti's groves, from elf to
elf, offering aid to her cousins. She comforted them, prayed with them,
offered spells of nourishment, and the blessings of the Mother to hasten
their recovery. The elves were exhausted, the plague had taken a toll on
them, and yet they continued to go out, continued to heal any who was
stricken with the disease, continued to aid the other kingdoms, continued to
search for the source.

The Queen of the elves looked over the groves, some elves slept, some packed
their pouches with herbs, preparing to leave to aid once more. She sighed
softly, she wanted to leave, she wanted to aid her cousins, she wanted to
travel across Algoron to fight the plague. It had been days since she left
the groves, ordered to stay safely inside, the elves protecting their Queen
and the Shalonost child she carried.

Andreyna climbed into a hammock, pulling a pile of missives into her lap,
thumbing through them, reading each one. Most of the missives contained
information and concern about the Deathsong, All of Algoron was looking for
the source and for a permanent cure. Another missive was from the
Sha'falas, a young elf had gone missing from her home in the middle of the
night a few evenings before, there was still no sign of the girl. The
girl's mother was in despair, she had sent the girl to bed, reassuring her
that she was safe, that nothing was in the darkness to harm her.

Raising her eyebrows in astonishment, Andreyna read over the missive from
the Queen of Nordmaar. The elf laughed softly, shaking her head. The
Vallens as well as Arkane had closed their gates in hopes of keeping the
Deathsong out, protecting their citizens, and the Highlander had taken it
personally. This truly did surpise the elven Queen, she did not expect this
from Nordmaar. Many other kingdoms had expressed their understanding in
Shalonesti's wishes to close their gates, but the Highlanders were genuinely
offended by it. Shalonesti along with Arkane had helped countless citizens
of other kingdoms, had gone in search of the source of the plague, they were
more than willing to aid anyone who needed it, they simply wished to keep
the plague from entering their kingdom. Was that such an awful idea?
Andreyna laughed softly, she would never truly understand humans.

Tired elves began to make their way into the groves once more, Andreyna
tucked her missives away, and climbed out of the hammock. A light tickle
ran across her rounded tummy, the baby moving about inside her. The elf
laughed caressing her tummy gently. 'We just won't worry about that right
now, will we?
' The plague was running rampant across the lands, the elves
were working around the clock to aid, to find the source, they were
exhausting themselves, the cause to end the Deathsong was much more

The Deathsong, the Deacon of Zandreya was tired of hearing those words, she
dreaded the moans of the infected echoing throughout the lands, her heart
ached for those who fought the plague, for the elves coming into the the
groves exhausted, only to go back out to fight once more. Andreyna moved
about the groves once more, placing her hands on each elf, a song praising
the Mother began to emerge from her lips, a song about birth, about growth,
of nature's blessings, a Lifesong.

Writer: Gabhran

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Writer: Gabhran

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Writer: Gabhran

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Writer: Gabhran

Date Mon Jul 13 00:47:00 2015

Writer: Gabhran

Date Mon Jul 13 00:59:11 2015

Writer: Mahina

Date Mon Jul 13 12:45:05 2015

To All Religion Nadrik RP

Subject Praying for the End

Mahina ran from kingdom to kingdom as the requests for assistance were
received. The thoughts of self preservation far from her mind, she must
heed the calls for everyone's safety. Day and night passed, yet she
continued healing the infected, setting her needs aside.

Another day and night passed yet their were no signs of controlling the
sickness. Her attention returned to Althainia where the outbreak once again
returned. Exhaustion was setting in but she continued with All her strength
until she could go no more.

She barely made it to the Temple of Nadrik and walked over to the statue.
Her legs gave way as she dropped to her knees and cried. When she finally
calmed, she looked up at the statue and she prayed, My Lord, I have tried my
best yet I have failed. Send me your strength to continue to assist the
citizens, the hope that we can find a way to totally cure them, and the
patience to continue even when the feelings of frustration set in. I ask
this in Your name, Amen.

The moment she finishes her prayer, she falls over on the ground in a deep

Writer: Jainie

Date Wed Jul 15 19:30:19 2015

Writer: Krazeth

Date Thu Jul 16 18:17:33 2015

Writer: Taggett

Date Fri Jul 17 13:25:01 2015

To All Arkane Lothaw Chaos Kantilles Austinian Necrucifer Imm *RP*

Subject Losing Balance. *P1*

Taggett Silverwolfe has a few reasons for boarding The Black Crane that
morning. It had been a very long time since shed taken a trip to Shokono.
It was maybe the weather, but something was pushing her to get out of the
Haven. Shed kept herself there for the last few weeks, wanting to keep
Sunbeam, her golden chocobo safe from the disease that had become so common
place on Algoron. Packing a healthy number of gnarled staves, she tied
Sunbeam off in the safety of Arkane. Arkane, Taggett let her mute green
eyes drift across the docks of the port as she thought of her new home. It
had taken a good deal of time to get back to feeling somewhat normal.
Having waken after hundreds of years would have that effect on anyone. With
Palquinn back in her life, it made things easier, the kender girl was her
best friend and they seemed to be the only ones that still shared the same

Loud men roared at each other as they prepared for the huge ship to break
into the open water. Taggett had enjoyed this trip many times in her life.
She liked that Shokono was protected by magic. It made even someone like
her slow down and life a simpler life. Placing her gloved hands to the
railing she looked down from the crows nest. She needed some time away.
Arkane hurt her heart sometimes. She found so many good people inside its
walls, but at the same time it allowed for so much darkness to walk hand in
hand with the light. Lothaw had made good point in the fact she didnt want
to force her will on others. Yet, she also knew she was not a keeper of the
balance, she was truly a child of Kantilles. She believed in good, she
believed in kindness. She believed the Gods would see them had should there
not have become some corruption to that love along the way.

The thought of Kantilles brought a warmth to her cheeks. She couldnt help
but have a completely maddening crush on the God. After All every story
shed heard of him was basked in kindness, knowledge, and he was always
depicted as exceptionally handsome. The waves rocked under the boat as the
ship started to make some real speed across the Tirixin Belian.

It might have been the confined space that had started to gnaw at everyone,
the mood that was thick with just a little anger. People had grown mad that
the Gods would still let them suffer as they were. People needed relief.
It was the night before Lothaw had given her four artifacts from a time many
had forgotten. She was surprised he would let something as important as the
pieces of ice go. Two of them were deep and dark, the other pair bright and
glowing. They had been shed by Necrucifer and Austinian when they had been
battling. Collecting essence, the story was strange, she wished shed been
awake to have been there for something so shaping to the history of Algoron.
Gods could die, something shed never have imagined in her life.

Writer: Taggett

Date Fri Jul 17 13:29:34 2015

To All Arkane Lothaw Chaos Kantilles Austinian Necrucifer Imm *RP*

Subject Losing Balance. *P2*

The four pieces of never melting ice, clinked together in her gem pouch.
It was a collection of short conversations over the last few days that had
brought her to think of the plan. She debated back and forth between
Shokono and Tropica. Tropica might have been a better plan as the cult
Chaos resided on its shores. She would at least start. She had a feeling,
the banks of the weeping crane river would be as good a place as any.

Shimmering green dragonflys buzzed back and forth from the water, to plant,
stopping in midair before zipping off again. Kneeling she placed the first
piece of glowing ice to the ground. She would build a circle. One piece of
the ice to each direction of the elements. Part of her still remembered the
wild and forbidden magic shed been born with as a witch. Now she would rest
here, she would meditate. She would listen to the elements. She would pray
to Kantilles. She would use the knowledge she had of disease. She after
all was a self proclaimed Life Mage. Shes spent years in the Conclave
learning All there was about death, illness, plague.

Magic was part of her whole life, and if the disease was coming from a
source of magic, it shared so many similar qualities to the Scourage, a
deadly plague of the Necromancer. If it was coming from something magic she
would find it. If it was from the Gods she would call on them, if it was
part of the natural order she would listen to the elements. If it was none
of those things, then may the White Gods protect their children.

All she knew for certain, If she didnt want to be part of thebalance, then
she needed to start acting like she was part of the light.

Writer: Erebaal

Date Sat Jul 18 05:52:13 2015

To Kingdom Clan Chaos ( Malachive Scorn All )

Subject Nothing Shall Save You (Deathsong)

Pathetic creatures.. '

Far below and away, mere insects from the distance, a great commotion was
stirring. Peasants and commoners milled about the capitol of Arkane, pushed
back by armored figures whose protections glinted faintly in the sunlight.
It was quite a ways from the cliffs in the Kender Forest, but on the still
air, the distant sound of agonized singing was plain. The entire world
seemed to hum with it now, a keening chorus of growing pain.

The Everchosen observed from his distant perch, mailed arms folded over his
chest as he watched the distant villagers surge again, desperately
attempting to enter the kingdom's great city- for family, for their
belongings, for an audience with their King, for healing. Each time, the
guards rallied and pushed them back, diverting them to the north and south
with little undue cruelty. Tensions were running high, but the Arkanian
guard was well-disciplined, at the least. Bloodless lips curled into a
snarl, and clawed gauntlets scratched at the layered plate of his upper arm.
It would take more than this early stage of the Deathsong to break their

The Everchosen began to turn away when a faint murmur caught his attention.
A discordant note among the eerily unified song of the plague creeping
through the bodies of its innumerable hosts. A soft chant, a rhythmic
utterance interspersed with the rasping clank of mail. The crunch of loose
stones being crushed underfoot heralded the arrival of the Everchosen's
company, the uninvited intruder on the lord of Chaos' musings and
observations. 'I've found you at last, Everchosen. Did you think you would
go unnoticed long when you stand your ground above All others, holding
yourself up like a king while the rest of the world suffers?

The Everchosen finally turned away from the sight as the rabble far below
began to properly disperse, spirits broken by the stringent martial law
imposed by the Arkanians- doubtless a few of the guardsmen had been infected
through even these passing exchanges. His Deathsong was exceptionally
virulent, if not particularly lethal for the present. Dark eyes peered
through an infernal mask, the Abhorrent's gaze fixed upon the newcomer, a
strong-jawed man bedecked in gleaming silver and platinum. Mail-backed
gloves were layered with intricately-filigreed sigils, and a cotton tabard
was dyed in gentle yellows and strong blues in the shape of Siccara's
faithful, 'The entire world hunts you, monster, but it falls to me to end
your terror.
' A straight sword already found a home wrapped in a leather
gauntlet, bared for use, 'I will take the seal from your corpse and the Lady
shall see to your evil deeds.

A heartbeat passed before a hideous sound passed the still air between the
two men- laughter. Deep, rumbling laughter, belly laughter, poured from the
jagged mouth of the Everchosen. It had become more and more common since
the unleashing of the plague, this expression of dark, sadistic joy, 'You,
boy, shall unseat a champion. Come, then, child, and strike me down before
I claim your heart for my next horror!
' The Everchosen's arms uncrossed
and fell to his sides, iron claws flexing as he beheld his foe, the grim
amusement fleeting as the moment of murder quickly approached, 'Your
mistress shall not save you, just as she has not saved this world.

The crusader balked, then spat a vitriolic oath as he adjusted his grip on
his sword, taking one step forward before leaping, leading with the killing
edge of the blade, 'And nothing shall save you, monster! ' The sword darted
with a serpent's speed, carried on a zealot's faith, but found itself
arrested as the Everchosen's arm rose, the thick chains encircling his
forearms snagging the blade on their barbed links.

The moment of stalemate lasted a breath, a moment that stretched on for
eternity as the crusader realized the depth of his folly. Opposite him, the
Everchosen smiled a predator's smile. He had found another offering.

Writer: Ferg

Date Sat Jul 18 14:02:23 2015

Writer: Andreyna

Date Sat Jul 18 14:51:37 2015

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Drondon Cytrina Boof Darkonin Chaos Zandreya Siccara Zypher Imm Rp

Subject Lifesong: The Request for Zandreya

'On behalf of the world, I am asking for your help', the tiny pixie's
high-pitched voice echoed in Andreyna's mind, Cytrina requesting the
Deacon's aid. The pixie, and the world it seemed, believed that Zandreya
would be able to aid the world with defeating this Deathsong. The blessed
Mother, being one with nature, might be able to sense a shift in the
balance, might be able to locate the source of this most unnatural plague
sweeping across the lands. The pixie believe that since Siccara came to
aid, perhaps Zandreya would as well. Siccara was unable to heal the world
the from the plague, but perhaps Zandreya may be able to point them in the
correct direction, may be able to help them in finding the source.

Andreyna kneeled before the statue of Zandreya within the Atrium in the
Vallens. She had never been one to beg the Mother for aid, her prayers to
the Goddess had usually be ones of thanks and gratitude for the blessings
She had bestowed upon the world. The Deacon had always believed that the
Mother would naturally provide them with strength, knowledge, endurance,
that their goals and needs would be achieved if it were the Mother's will.
But this was different, this was a situation the world have never dealt with
before, this was a plague created by Chaos that was destroying the lands,
this was unnatural, this was against the Mother's will.

The elf Queen looked up to the statue, her voice spreading throughout the
Atrium as she prayed to the Goddess, as she begged the Mother of Nature to
come down and aid Algoron. The world needed Zandreya. The world requested
the aid of the gracious Goddess. Tears filled her eyes as she thought of
the suffering, as she felt the pain of her cousins, of the Vallens, of the
faithful of Zandreya. Hope filled her heart as she thought of the many
search parties searching for the source of the Deathsong, of the world
coming together as one to end this plague, of the cries for Zandreya's aid.

The Deacon finished her prayer, rising to her feet. She approached the
statue, bending to kiss the feet of the Mother, 'The world needs You,
blessed Mother.
', she whispered softly in Elvish. She turned to leave the
Atrium, the Vallens was infected again, an enemy of the elves had snuck in,
a swashbuckler hiding behind their mask, spreading the plague, doing the
work of Chaos. The pregnant Queen no longer stayed safe within the Groves.
Her people needed her, people begged her to call upon Zandreya. She had no
doubt that her child would be safe. She would heal the afflicted elves once
more, she would sing to them the Lifesongs, the songs of the Mother, the
songs of hope. She would again join the search parties of Darkonin, or
whomever else invited her along. There would be an end to this Deathsong.

Writer: Eszka

Date Sat Jul 18 16:24:30 2015

Writer: Merrida

Date Sun Jul 19 09:10:18 2015

Writer: Laiox

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Writer: Ferg

Date Sun Jul 19 12:41:12 2015

Writer: Asrar

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Writer: Ferg

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Writer: Ilimilipili

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Writer: Yurgeon

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Writer: Rosa

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Writer: Azjuhb

Date Mon Jul 20 21:38:00 2015

Writer: Azjuhb

Date Mon Jul 20 21:48:09 2015

Writer: Derdrui

Date Mon Jul 20 22:26:33 2015

To All Shadow Imm *RP*

Subject Father For The Mother

Dont forget and do not open this door until I come Back.

There was a point in Derdrui's life when she thought she was truly going to
be happy. All that time on Shokono. The library of Storm Keep was quiet,
grand in its scale. She hadn't expected that, she hadn't even expected a
library. She wasn't sure what she had expected going in. Perhaps some dark
hole under ground. Sometimes the idea of living in a dark hole sounded good
to her.

Candles flickered against her sun soaked skin. Her flame red hair falling
in tangles framing the cold steel of her eyes. The book in front of her was
deeply engrossing, almost quieting the voice at the back of her head.
Reminding her what day it was. It had been two weeks.

She had been instructed not to leave until she'd read every last piece of
work about The Knights of Necrucifer. No small task, much like having
searched out a way into the Storm Keep.

Months ago shed reached an end to her desire to keep living the life she had
been. Killing for profit, frightening the right people to make a living.
If it was just her, perhaps it would have been easier. She needed to
provide a better life. The stress turned out to be too much.

It came a point in which Derdrui, the woman only called D. Submitted to
life. She had to believe she was meant for something more. She would give
herself to Necrucifer she would trust her devotion would mean better things,
for her, for...

Her back itched, fresh tattoos down her back. The names of the dark
Pantheon of gods scrolled down her back in elvish. She could not scratch
them through the fur coat. The coast of Icewall was bitter. She had to
break the rules. She had to sneak away just for a moment, she'd finish the
books before anyone knew she was gone.

It had been two weeks, since she'd left her alone. The cabin stunk of old
food and looked completely a mess, as it shook in the cold winds outside.

Relief filled D. Sitting on the edge of a bed looking as if she'd just
woke, holding a knife in protection of whoever might be intruding. Sat, her
fourteen year old daughter.

I didn't forget mother, I didn't let anyone in.

Writer: Zola

Date Tue Jul 21 03:18:16 2015

To All Pitheuis Bloodlust Abaddon Verminasia Darkonin Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Fatale

Subject X Burning Bridges X

Forays into the Shalonesti woods were an uncommon occurrence for Zola.
Normally he let lumberjacks acquire the wood he needed and
left them well
alone, only making infrequent appearances to attack and harass the elven
people, keeping them on edge, reminding them
of terrible things in the dark
that they should fear. But today he caught sight of something unexpected,
and swiftly hid himself in
the shadows of a nearby tree to watch the

A silver-haired elf, muscular and large, probably one of the wilder
descendants. Deeply engaged in a battle against two other elves,
armed with swords and staves. Zola recognized his fighting style, the very
annoying (and very painful) bladesong. He was a
Shalonesti... Yet he
fought against his own people? Curious, Zola tilted his head to listen more
closely to his words. He knew
enough Elvish to figure out the jist of his

He spoke of arrogance and stupidity amongst the elven people. Of smug
superiority and endless, pointless debate. He spoke of
purification by
fire. He was almost gleeful as he declared the Vallenwoods would burn to
the ground and become naught but ash.

His vision was heartwarming, and Zola found himself nodding in agreement,
the view one he'd often shared of the future. A future
consumed in fire and
blood and death. Not just for the Vallenwoods but All of Algoron as
Darkness Descended upon it. Still,
you had to start somewhere.

Pitheuis was his name, Zola later learned. Nemesis, some called him.
Traitor, Oathbreaker, Heathen.

He had burned the bridge of his past so thoroughly that it would be nothing
but ash. Yet what would rise from those ashes, Zola
was very keen to
witness for himself.

Writer: Krazeth

Date Tue Jul 21 04:08:03 2015

Writer: Taggett

Date Tue Jul 21 14:12:23 2015

To All Quinlan Palquinn Kantilles Arkane Nordmaar Imms *RP OBVIOUSLY*

Subject The First Dream

The sound of ocean waves started to fade. As if the water had suddenly
started to funnel down into the earth until the echoing sound spiraled to a
silence somewhere below her. Taggett sat upright. This wasnt right, she
had fallen asleep next to Palquinn and Quinlen. This was not Shokono. The
forest floor was coated in a thin layer of fresh snow, powdered and crunched
as she moved. Looking around she found Palquinn. The kender looked
different, yet more familiar somehow.

Tagget, you look old again. Palquinn was saying something to that effect
as she moved to get close to the Life Mage. Taggett didnt have to see
herself to understand what her friend was talking about. Palquinn looked
older as well, as if Taggetts spell had never been cast, as if she was the
age she would have been, give or take a couple hundred years.

The plague, the only logical explanation Taggett could come up with. This
didnt seem to help Palquinn understand. I didnt become, people dont study
Necromancy just to help others.
Taggett sighed hating to admit to one more
spell in a scrolling list of magic shed put the kender through over the
years. I cast a spell on us, one when I woke in the destroyed forest, and
one on you when I found your body in The Vale. A spell that should our
bodies near death, we would again sleep.
Taggett shook her head with a
heavy sigh.

What about Quinlen? Palquinn looked around the Blackwood Forest. Dead
Taggett groaned He didnt have the spell on him. Even as she said it,
something didnt make sense about the whole situation. If they had entered
the death sleep again, how did they end up on Icewall when theyd fallen
asleep on Shokono. Unless someone had moved their body. Was it again
hundreds of years since everyone they had known lived?!

Stand Up! An Ariel male swooped in at a narrowing speed. A huge mace in
his hand, and a kilt? Palquinn was on her feet in an instant, but Taggett
was trapped in her thoughts. Why didnt it feel cold? If they were one
Icewall, if this was snow on the ground, why wasnt it cold? Your under
arrest in th name of Nordmaars Ariel Queen!
A Gate Taggett! Palquinn was
shouting something in the back of the Life Mages mind but she couldnt be

We are both having the same dream! Taggett looked up at last, as Palquinn
was yanked upward holding the ankle of the Ariel attacker. She watched as
her kender friend in a shot hoisted herself up and slammed a blade into the
Ariels side. She hit something important inside the man, his wings stopped
and he started crashing back down. Blood, so much blood, it rained down and
covered over Taggetts face. Palquinn sprang down from a couple of the tree
branches she had caught herself on. Taggett felt a sudden rush of
excitement. It was her first dream since shed woken. It was her first
dream in hundreds of years. Here she was sharing it with her best friend.
It meant the spell was fading. That they were going to have a second chance
at a normal life.

I missed you, Taggett wrapped her arms around her kender friend. Palquinn
looked young, as she was now. They had a second chance at a normal life.

Taggett opened her eyes and looked up at the stars above Shokono. Her once
mute green eyes, now a bright gaspeite green, so bright they glowed back at
the stars. So bright she could see the reflection in the waters waves. So
bright she knew something had changed inside of her.

Writer: Phred

Date Wed Jul 22 12:59:46 2015

To All Nordmaar ( Imm RP )

Subject Sleeping History: Phred's Dreaming

Phred did not often dream, when she did they were confusing pictures and
people and places. A smoky hazy charred ground that seemed to go off into
each direction as far as she could see, she took a step forward and
something crunched under her boot. She looked down and a skull grinned up
at her. She lifted her foot and was thoroughly muddled. It was not a human
like skull, it was some animal, smaller than a cow, a sheep, she thought.
She stood and looked around, hoping some clarity would come to the scene.

A wind blew grit in her eyes, she lifted hands to wipe her face and realized
they were so much smaller than she thought they should be, in fact looking
at herself she realized she was a lot smaller, younger, was a better word.
She was little again. She started to run then, feeling as if she was missed
or missing. She seemed lost and the gray gritty landscape did nothing to
dissuade the growing anxiety that was building within her small body. She
ran for All she was worth, until her lungs were on fire, heart pounding, a
stitch in her side caused her to stop and pant for breath. She realized
something was watching her, something very large that suddenly covered her
in shadow. She turned and was paralyzed by dragonfear. Her small childish
brain consumed for a moment. She understood what had happened. Everything
was gone, destroyed, eaten, devoured, her family, brothers and Ma and Dad,
all their sheep and fields and chickens, her cat, the house, her collection
of wooden dolls that her brothers had carved for her birthdays.

Nothing was left for her, except a big black shadow that seemed to watch her
from a distance, she heard a deep rolling laughter and suddenly her childish
mind burned through the dragonfear and she screamed in fury at the beast.
She picked up a rock from the ground turned and threw it as hard as she
could at the shadowy beast. No more fright in her small frame, she was all
fight now. Something reached out and tapped her head. She closed her eyes
and braved death, but when she opened them, she was in a forested area. She
looked around, so confused and then collapsed against a tree, slumping down
and exhausted, fell out of the dream and woke.

Phred was huddled in a cloak still and she gave a sigh, rubbed her face with
a hand and snuggled down, seeming more tired now than when she had fallen
asleep last. She closed her eyes and forgot about the dream, letting sleep
claim her once more.

Writer: Zola

Date Thu Jul 23 03:05:02 2015

To All Bloodlust Abaddon Verminasia Darkonin Fatale

Subject X Ashes to Ashes X

The graveyard was silent now, as the black moon rose high in the night
sky. Drakkara cast her dark gloom over the Graveyard of
Fallen Enemies.
Only the Deathscythe was there to appreciate it, All petitioners, faithful,
or other servants of the Lord of
Murder had departed.

It was a glorious sight to behold.

When first the Challenge had done out, the faithful had been sluggish to
respond. Lost, confused, unguided and unmotivated to
take part in it. What
did it matter when and how they killed, some had argued. But now more of
them were answering the call.
More were taking it upon themselves to make
the enemies of the unified Darkness suffer before death. They and their
loved ones
dragged here, buried in the Graveyard, filling in the open graves
with fresh soil. No flowers grew on any of the entombed
bodies, but here
and there a black candle had been lit atop of their grave makers, casting a
flickering, feeble light that
threatened any minute to be snuffed out by the

Truly, a glorious sight. Zola cast out his hollow gaze over the rest of the
graveyard, however, seeing many more graves yet
to be filled. They had many
enemies yet to bury still.

And much work to do.

Writer: Ryakirdon

Date Thu Jul 23 15:12:29 2015

Writer: Ryakirdon

Date Thu Jul 23 15:15:35 2015

Writer: Ferg

Date Thu Jul 23 16:09:34 2015

Writer: Ferg

Date Thu Jul 23 16:09:37 2015

Writer: Ashbie

Date Fri Jul 24 00:40:48 2015

To All Verminasia Marcaus Immortal Roleplay

Subject Raising Hell: Prelude of the Storm I

The pitter patter of rain was like the soft running of cats. Except it
wasn't just a couple of cats. Maybe it was more like several hundred. It
was only their feet though. Soft. Gentle. Soothing. Wet. It was definitely

Ashbie had never minded the damp though. Most of her life had been spent on
ships. She'd spent more time on land in the last couple of years as
Verminasia's highest-ranking General than she probably had in All of the
years leading up to that point. Ashbie reached up with a hand already
soaked to the bone from being out in the rain All day. She tried futilely
to clear her eyes from the rain drizzling down across them. She should
have worn her helm, but the bloody thing was uncomfortable. It itched.

In front of her stood an impressive line of men and women. Soldiers in
truth. When one was armored and standing at attention it was difficult to
tell them apart. Ashbie knew of course. She tried to know as much about
every soldier as she could. It was an impossible task, Verminasia's army
was far too large for her to. She did try to remember names though. And
occasionally she had the chance of surprising someone by knowing that
they weren't, in fact, a man. Or, on rarer occasions, a woman.

It was true that martial life had a tendency to gruff one up to the
appearance of a man. Ashbie wondered sometimes why she hadn't fallen into
the same morass of gender confusion. Occasionally someone would mistake her
for a man by her name, but few continued mistaking her after meeting.
She supposed it was because she took time to cultivate her appearance, not
all women did. Nor did they have to, but she certainly took a fancy to it.


A delicious sin. Yet, it was still something that had to be kept in check.
Just because Verminasia was known as the kingdom of "Evil" didn't mean
that they simply languished in vice. Too much of anything was always
toxic. Knowing that had always kept Ashbie ahead of the curve. Higher
Evil, Lower Evil. Ashbie knew the arguments. She certainly fell in the
former, though she knew many who let themselves get lost in their
indulgences. They weren't bad people either, but she was definitely
better than them.

Ashbie continued down the line of soldiers. All of them stood still, like
statues that had been carved thousands of years ago. Somehow, impressively,
as motionless and perfect as when they had been made. There was no "I" in
the Royal Verminasian Army. Even Ashbie had to turn down her flamboyant
flair a little, play along with the formalities and niceties.

Still, she had gotten to where she was because she was better. In her
heart, Ashbie knew it to be true. Her parents had ingrained in her a
loathing of slavery. Ashbie knew that keeping people as property was a
bit wrong, but she had never fully convinced herself of the idea that
everyone was created equal.

Sometimes she still wondered if her parents hated her for that.

Claudette and Rikam. Maman and Papa. They loved her, just as she loved
them. Blood is thicker than water. Cliches and All that, but it still held
true. The one thing that the priests of love rarely, if ever, mentioned
was that just because hate was on the other side of the coin didn't mean
they couldn't coexist.

Random probabilities suggested that a coin flipped hundreds of times would
come to a roughly equal number of heads and tails. So it was true with
the unending bonds of unconditional love. At least, that's what Ashbie had
found. If you loved someone so much that you couldn't ever not love them,
then it was likely you spent just as much time hating them as well.

It was perfect. Beautiful.

Ashbie tilted back her chin, holding her head up. The fire that burned in
her eyes was not hate, but it looked similar.

"Verminasia!" She cried out, bellowing across the cat-footed rain.

"VERMINASIA!!!" The legion called out in response, thundering in her ears.

Writer: Lira

Date Fri Jul 24 09:15:23 2015

To All IMM RP Religion Siccara

Subject The Stench of Death

The ship to Shokono seemed to take forever to Lira, she knew the ride to
the manor would take even longer and she was in a hurry to get there. She
was so worried for her parents she did not care for her own safety she just
wanted to get there and now. She rode Midnight at a gallop All the way and
as she reached the gates the stench of death filled the air. She dismounted
the stallion and led him into the gates.

Lira looked to the right and left at the large fires being used to burn the
bodies of those who died of the plague, she continued to walk past, calming
the stallion, as she reached the manor steps. One of the healthy stable
boys arrived to take the stallion to a stall.

She entered the double doorway of the manor as the scent of disinfectant
shocked her senses, the smell was so strong she could barely breath. She
started up the spiral staircase, calling out to her mother and father, but
no one answered. She was starting to get concerned because they always
answered. She walked slowly to the master bedroom and she could hear a soft
crying. She went to the door expecting the worse.

Lira quietly turned the nob and slowly opened the door, there laid her
father, his skin pale, his body wasted away, unable to speak a word. She
walked over to his bedside and placed her hand lovingly on his head, "Holy
Mother, I would beg you for your healing upon my father, but even I know
when when his time has come. Take him into Your loving arms where I know he
will be in peace. I ask this in Your name. Amen.
She once again looks
down at her father, taking his hand, as he breathes his last breath.

She turns to her mother Why? Her mother says nothing and Lira leaves the
room. She leaves the manor as quick as she can, asking for her stallion,
and boarding the ship back home. The only heir to a manor she no longer

Writer: Lira

Date Sat Jul 25 09:55:01 2015


Subject Back or was She

Lira led Midnight into the gates of the Kingdom trying her best to avoid
contact with anyone. She slowly made her way to the quiet garden and sat on
the bench, the anger and hurt building inside. She could see her father
lying on the bed unable to speak a sound. The questions in her mind only
served to feed her anger.

Why had my mother not contacted me sooner? Why did she leave me in the
dark? Why did she not give me the chance to receive his final blessing?
WHY? She stood as she started to pace the garden unable to control the
anger festering inside. She decided to to the only thing she could do,
train until she was too exhausted to train any longer. She grabbed the
stallions reins and headed out.

Writer: Alathen

Date Sat Jul 25 11:00:44 2015

To All Imms RP Taliena Aliera

Subject Time for rest(like it or not)

Alathen a breath away from Fatale's grasp, Curing plague victims
studying. Over and over and again staving of Death Song's plague from the
City, countless times. Had brought him to point exhaustion where one breath
could be his last.

Waiting till the last moment where he could do no more not even standing he
called for aid. Teimhnean and Aliera quickly came to aid. Everything was
blurs of black or white. Pure agony coursed threw him as every muscle, far
closer to dead then alive.

Healing magic was muscle tearing threw his senses like fire while renewing
his body. Barely breathing and nearly stripped of life he drifts away from
the little consciousness he had. Slowly of endless healing day and night,
Pain felt endless healing his extremely exhausted body.

He will need several days rest, only for brief moments of drifting in and
out consciousness. While he breathes softly does he even appear to be
alive. After stripped of All strength he'll need a long rest.

He would be forced to rest now if he liked it or not.

Writer: Ferg

Date Sat Jul 25 11:35:32 2015

Writer: Lira
Date Sat Jul 25 13:04:46 2015

To All IMM RP Siccara Religion

Subject Donning the Robes

Lira trained far into the night until she had finally reached her goal.
She sighed softly as she looked at the area surrounding her, before
returning home to see her mentor.

She walked into the clerics inner sanctum as her mentor tipped his head "Are
you prepared for the path you have chosen?"
She looks at him with sadness
in her eyes "I am ready for and honored to don the robes as Her priestess."
The cleric looks at Lira "Pray to Her my child."

Lira bows her head "Holy Mother, I have made the choice to enter your flock,
may I be a blessing to them as I help them in any way that I can. I will
seek those who can teach me of your ways and pray for your blessings as I
seek Your ways. I pray in Your name. Amen"

She spoke some time with the cleric and accepted All the books she needed,
and started her studies as Her priestess.

Writer: Ferg

Date Sat Jul 25 14:07:17 2015

Writer: Ashbie

Date Sat Jul 25 22:11:50 2015

To Verminasia All Marcaus Immortal Roleplay KWARS

Subject Raising Hell: Prelude of the Storm II

The tides were changing. Ashbie remembered when she would stand on the
firm planks of a ship, staring out at the coastline. Most people looked
at the land. They saw the trees and the roads. They saw the people on the
shore. Sometimes they saw houses. Leaning shacks and massive estate manors.
Ashbie rarely noticed those things. The other half of the coast was the
ocean itself. The movement of the waves, rolling towards the shore. Then
they would crest and crash. The very line where the seas met the coast
was intriguing too.

Sometimes it was in low tide and water was retreated from the shore. There
were little pools where sea life survived, waiting for the mother ocean to
bring them back in. There were sometimes even little streams, rivulets of
water trying desperately to make it back to where it belonged.

Then there was the high tide. The ocean was a queen, reminding the people
of the shore that she was never far away. When a storm met the high tide,
she reminded the people of her anger. They could be near her, touch her,
sail on her, but they were never her equals. She cut through the weak like
a scythe through chaff. Leaving only the strong. The worthy to gaze upon
her magnificence.

Ashbie looked down at the letter in her hand. The paper was fine, soft
between her fingers. It was like velvet to the touch. It had a distinctive
smell too. The odors of ink and fresh parchment wafted up. At the base of
the letter was a Royal seal. From the King of Verminasia himself.

Well, not the King. He was General now. His daughter, Liviya Madaur was
Crown. Still, the Royal seal was there, and the elegant script definitely
belonged to Marcaus Madaur. He rarely wrote his own correspondance. He had
been in charge for so long that he had far too much to do than sit down at
a table and write. Yet, more than most, he knew that trust could only
extend so far. Some messages were meant only for the eyes of those to whom
they had been written.

Lady Picard-Oneiroi,

I trust that your adventures have served you well
in your time among the horde of the Dungeon.
However, I have need of your services in Verminasia
once more. Return immediately and we will meet to

Marcaus Madaur
General of the Royal
Verminasian Army
Count of Markon

Ashbie let her fingers slide across the smooth skin of her cheek. She had
gotten used to the dim lighting of the Dungeon's stronghold. She rarely,
if ever, participated in the fray. When she'd left to join their number,
ashamed and beaten by a worthy foe back home, she had imagined of the
grand fights that awaited her. Ashbie had always felt whole when fighting,
it was as much a part of her nature as anything else.

However, the fray did not deliver on its promises. Ashbie would awake to
find only one or two of her comrades ready to fight. She would venture out
in search of her own entertainment, only to be set upon by her enemies.
The Knights, the thugs in Justice, even the Elves, All of them were just
as bloodthirsty as any Ravager from the Dungeon.

And the numbers.

Ashbie shook her head to the side, freeing some of her honey blonde hair to
fall across her vision. A simple breath removed the errant hair to where it
belonged. She reached up and tucked it behind her ears, first the right
side and then the left. She never let go of the letter though.

She was being called back home. It was exactly what she wanted, and yet
she felt the deepest sense of foreboding. One question dominated her


Writer: Ashbie

Date Sat Jul 25 22:12:17 2015

Writer: Lei'raylat
Date Sun Jul 26 02:18:35 2015

Writer: Lei'raylat
Date Sun Jul 26 02:19:39 2015

Writer: Lira
Date Sun Jul 26 14:46:52 2015


Subject The End of the Past

Lira held in her right hand the only memory she had left of the life she
once knew. The times her father took her to the fields to make sure the
workers were not mistreated, the time he taught her how to ride his prized
white stallion, the days they would have picnics in the orchard, just him
and her.

She arrived at her destination, at the Great Tree in Arkane, she did not
want to take the trip to Shokono again, she wished to never look back. Her
hand tightened around the item as indecision filled her heart. The last
reminder of what was, of the manor, of her father. He had given it to her
long ago to always remember her heritage and what it meant. She was the
last. No male heir was born in the family. Their heritage stopped with

Lira opens her hand to look at the small gold family crest and sighed
heavily, the memories of her father flooding her mind, "Father, you had
always been there for me and have taught me everything I know. I will
cherish every memory and keep them with me alway. I know you will always be
watching over me." She brings the crest to her lips and kisses it lightly
before throwing it in the ocean. Her final farewell to the past and now to
face a new future.

Writer: Dyrfinna

Date Sun Jul 26 17:32:22 2015

Writer: Dyrfinna
Date Sun Jul 26 17:58:00 2015

Writer: Gholbine
Date Sun Jul 26 21:18:36 2015

Writer: Gholbine
Date Sun Jul 26 21:22:06 2015

Writer: Gholbine
Date Sun Jul 26 21:30:44 2015

Writer: Azjuhb
Date Sun Jul 26 23:29:40 2015

To All Pitheuis Ferg IMM KYRI RP Bloodlust

Subject Reflections of an Orc (Part Three)

Some time had now passed since the Warlord had approached the Orc about
the treaty and understanding forged between the glorious Elf of Death,
Pitheuis, who had committed acts of High Treason against his own kind: One
of which being the savage burning of a large number of small elven children
to their untimely deaths in their beds while they slept and there had now
been adequate time to reflect upon the activiteis of this elf and its
relationship with the Dungeon.

The Orc stood musing with these thoughts in his head, delicately scraping
some remaining hair from his armpits. He had already shaved his chest
with a delightfully sharpened blade, trimmed his pubic hair, and shaved
the stubble from the side of his head leaving nothing but the spiked
Mohawk on top. He started at the mirror before him inspecting his work.
Nice and smooth, the Orc thought to itself. He reached absentmindedly for
one of the many oils he enjoyed slathering himself down with and began to
apply it liberally to his nude form, aggressively working the oil into
hiskin. This particular bottle was formed from some of the rarest herbs
that could be found in Shokono - and blended together to create an odd
musk like odour which was both pleasant to the scent and to the taste.
If anyone were to lick this Orc they would be pleasurably surprised by
the gentle but delectable mixture of fragrant aromas and subtle tastes.

The Orc completed his task with a mere few drops of this fine oil and
gazed, impressed, at the result in the mirror. A sort of a satin gloss
finish to the skin. Mild aroma. Grease free. Affected in a positive
fashion the Orc attached a label to the bottle and producing a piece of
coloured chalk wrote upon the label "Beach Walk" additionally noting in
finer print: Infused with natural essential oils, Beach Walk fragrance
oil is the purest and most concentrated form of the rare herbs gathered
from Shokono. Use lightly warmed by hand and apply sparingly to skin
post steam bath.

He replaced the bottle on the shelf with an assortment of other similarly
labelled bottles. He thought to himself that if he were ever to get bored
of slaying cowardly Elves and the wretchedly pathetic Knighthood that this
could be turned into a profitable business endeavour. But no matter now.

The Orc walked through the halls of the DUngeon to the common area and
stood looking at the various specimens of life that stood in the room or
lay resting in some of the hammocks. Fascinating, he thought to himself.
There is even a disgusting Troll here which does absolutely nothing. He
looked at the Barbarian with contempt in his eyes. This creature loitered
for considerable lengths of time in the Dungeon and participated solely
in the games of Algoron but never really ventured forth to aid in combat.
It made him sick to look at it. He cast his gaze elsewhere. The Orc
had trouble tolerating this disgraceful Troll. He secretly took pleasure
in its death.

The Orc pushed past the commons to the Room of Worship where he sat down
heavily upon one of the chairs that lined a massive stone slab which
served as a table. Lighting an oversized candle reminiscent of his own
savage manhood he kicked his feet up on the slab and leaned back in his
chair, producing a MInotaur horn pipe and stuffing it with some potent
greenleaf. The Orc allowed the aroma of this fine herb to list in the
air briefly before applying the flame from the candle flame to it. He
sucked at the pipe deeply, lost in thought, allowing the rich flavour
to enter his mouth and lungs before expelling it, blowing small but
perfect smoke rings into the air. The Orc heard coughing from the commons
to the west and inwardly chuckled. Probably that pansy of a Troll.

The Orc produced a stack of papers and perused through them, All the while
lavishly smoking on his pipe. He reached a hand to his groin and scratched
himself absentmindedly. Itches of this kind were common after heavily

Writer: Azjuhb
Date Mon Jul 27 00:48:24 2015

To All Pitheuis Ferg IMM KYRI RP Bloodlust

Subject Reflections of an Orc (Part Four)

The Orc separated a few leaves of paper and spread them out in front of him
and produced a quill he had fashioned from the feather of one of the Ariels
he had put out of their incessantly screeching misery. He began to write:

Today was a day of glory for the Dungeon. I have spent the majority of
the sunlit hours and went deep into the depths of the darkness with the
Warlord Ferg. From the miserable Gareth Keep, unceremoniously slathered
in as much sheep wool as would be needed to create clothing for each and
every orphaned child (the ones Pitheuis hasn't already burned to death)
in the land, to the urine soaked forest of the ELves - we have left a
myriad of slain corpses with their body parts and entrails hewn from
our fallen enemies from one side of the land to the other. Tired of the
same scenery we eventually ventured forth to Arkania where the Warlord
Ferg led us once more to glorious battle. He even demonstrated his
proficiency at laying traps, and set one which a few dim-witted and
self-soiling Elves gated straight into and were soon added to the great
numbers of dead from our days slaughter. The smell from the released
bowels of our enemies became distracting at last, and due to the swarms
of flies eventually it was decided we should retire and cleanse ourselves
to be fresh for battle another day. The musings of the day are not why
I have lifted my quill however, as I must touch on another subject.

The subject deals with the Pitheuis, a name which I am still somewhat
uncertain as to how to pronounce.

The Orc laughed quietly to himself, for Pitheuis to him should be said
as 'Pity Us'. At least so he thought. An apt name for a creature as
degraded and miserable as an Elf. Their kind continued to disgust the Orc
to great lengths and it took All of his will power and self control just
to avoid throwing himself upon the ones that lived within the same Halls
that he did. He bit his lip and continued to write:

The Pitheuis has for some weeks now been fighting alongside the Dungeon
and has been proving himself to be an extremely valuable ally. Not only
has he answered All of my questions regarding Bladesong and its abilities,
the length of duration and such, but has also led me through the forest
of the ELves and shown me where many Elves like to cower and soil
themselves from fear of combat. He has spoken of the cowardice within
the Vallens and of the weak leadership, of the gross incompetence of many
of the other Bladesingers that dwell in the forest - and of the reasons
for his departure from this particularly depressing and worthless group
of individuals. I cannot blame him for I have oft thought that were
I born an Elf myself I likely would have offed myself decades ago upon
the realization that my kind did not deserve to exist.

Thus to glory this one Elf has turned, and by burning the bridges that
would allow him passage back to the dreaded urine-soaked trees of the forest
he has demonstrated himself to be truly black of heart. There is no
turning back now. I will continue to observe the actions of this Elf,
but must state for my own record that I have seen him throw himself upon
those of the Vallens with as much fervor and hatred as I would myself.
I even came to find him once standing over the slain body of one of his
former mates, frothing at the mouth as if some rabid animal. With eyes
ablaze Pitheuis was repeatedly stabbing this fallen Elf relentlessly.
It was All I could do to get Pitheuis to stop, and only then by explaining
that he was foolishly blunting a weapon by driving it through this corpse
into the ground when it should be left sharp to pierce the next of his
victims. As I have learned from this Elf and will continue to do so, it
too will learn from me. I am looking forward to continued combat with
this deranged creature for clearly it has the spirit of the Dungeon.

Writer: Milleuda

Date Mon Jul 27 17:37:45 2015

Writer: Eszka

Date Mon Jul 27 17:49:52 2015

To All Arkane Fynix ( Imm Rp )

Subject Restless Wings

Eszka soared above the oceans watching the waves. It was nice to have
the only sounds of the surf and breeze. She felt so strange today, she woke
up late again. She could not seem to shake off her tiredness. She thought
she might be ill, but she had been cured of the plague several times.
Perhaps, it was just wearing her down. Or perhaps it was the Ball, staying
up entirely too late. Even though she felt a little sleepy, she was
restless and so she flew.

The world was peaceful from so high in the air. One could not see the
differences of any people. The lands looked calm. There was no plague to
worry about, just the blissful sounds of wind and the distant waves below
her. Her skin was flushed again, she felt very warm suddenly and banked,
giving slow lazy flaps and circling the currents until she landed in the
Great Tree in Arkane. Taking shade within its enormous boughs, she perched,
letting her dark iridescent wings fan from her back, the teasing gusts
playing through her feathers. She could not understand her overheated body,
she like she had been flying the world three times over. She pressed the
back of her hand to her cheeks, feeling very odd.

She stood on the bough forty some feet above the ground and let the wind
push against her, leaned forward and dropped, passing branches and opening
her iridescent black wings to slow to landing to the ground. Her dark
indigo eyes searched over the ocean. Her mouth lifted into a decisive
smile. She would travel to Icewall.

She beat her great dark wings, lifting herself easily into the air, soaring
in to horizon.

Writer: Ashbie

Date Mon Jul 27 21:49:02 2015

To Verminasia All Marcaus Immortal Roleplay KWARS

Subject Raising Hell: Prelude of the Storm III


Ashbie FELT the hush fall as the dimly lit room gathered into silence once
more. It was as if Marcaus had commanded the room to silence rather than
simply become quiet. One word. Marcaus Madaur was never a man to go on at
length when a few words would suffice. Ashbie was used to it, and yet the
word he'd uttered. Ashbie looked up at Marcaus with wide eyes. It was rare
for anyone to catch her surprised.

Marcaus betrayed no signs of surprise himself. Though rare for Ashbie, she
suspected that he was used to the facial expressions that went along with
surprise or shock. He had mastered his own expressions as far as Ashbie
knew. She could not recall having ever seen him smile or cry. He was like
a statue, carved out of the most rigid of stone.

"That is what I need from you." Marcaus offered after a long moment. He
spoke slowly, as if offended that Ashbie had not been able to pick up on
his own thoughts, while, at the same time, giving her the distinct
impression that he could read her own.

There were some who had such an ability. However, Marcaus had never given
her any inclination to believe he had that power. While she was not great
in her magical prowess, her will was like an iron wall. A probe into her
own thoughts would have been felt. Marcaus was not reading her mind. He
was simply that good at reading her face.

Ashbie sighed and rubbed her palm up her face, fingers splaying out fully
by the time her hand met her hairline. "When I left..." She began, but
then she paused. Marcaus was not a man who was impressed by
self-deprecation. He expected confidence. He demanded winners. Shaking her
head slightly, Ashbie continued. "You told me to leave. I've always been
drawn to the sea. Now you want me back as a Commander of the Royal
Verminasian Army?"

"Precisely so." Marcaus said in response. His dark eyes flickered, but
revealed nothing. Was he judging her unworthy already? Or perhaps he was
irritated that she did not think herself suitable as he had. Maybe he was
just waiting for her to accept so he could move on to his meal. It was
right around supper time after all.

The room that Marcaus had summoned her to was sparsely furnished. It was a
room designed for the express purpose of planning war. There were no food
provisions. It wasn't a meeting over lunch. Ashbie's stomach churned,
reminding her that she was hungry too. Or perhaps she was nervous about
what he wanted.

"Why me?" Ashbie finally ventured. It was a reasonable enough question. It
was succinct, as Marcaus liked, and allowed just enough doubt without
actually betraying any. It was a question that even the most confident
person might ask, if only to get the other person thinking more about them.

"You have experience. You're dedicated. Loyal. These are the things I need
from you." It was a fair amount more than she had gotten from Marcaus in
consecutive fashion. And for All that it was still as abrupt as his manner.
It was neat and tidy. It left plenty of questions for Ashbie to ask
herself, but All of them she could answer. It was a conclusion to their
conversation as well.

The hidden statement in his words was simple, "Accept or don't. Not
accepting would be a regrettable mistake."

Ashbie swallowed and nodded once. "I will have my answer to you tomorrow

Marcaus considered her response only half a moment, then gave a curt nod
and rose. "I wait for it."

Even though she had known Marcaus for the entirety of her young life,
Marcaus' impressive height never ceased to amaze her. Ashbie was tall for
a woman, and yet, among men, Marcaus stood above even more. She had seen
bigger and brawnier creatures than the former King, but few of them cut
quite as striking a figure as he did in All of his height.

Without another word, Marcaus turned and left. Ashbie remained, forced to
consider far more than she bargained for.

Writer: Taggett

Date Tue Jul 28 23:10:14 2015

To All Nordmaar Megan Reagan Quinlan Kantilles Imm *RP*

Subject The Mistake

It was one of the hottest places she knew on Icewall. Right now she
needed the warmth, she was feeling so cold inside. Taggett Silverwolfe was
resting in the garden of the Crystal Monastery. The beauty helped, being
close to Kantilles helped. There was a heavy sickness in her heart, and as
much as she tried to ignore it, it kept beating along with the broke pieces
of her feelings. The Highland Princess had been venomous in her speech.
Had she it was suppose to be a secret she wouldnt have gone to the dice game
in Nordmaar. She would never made the mistake of leaning over and asking
the Queen to speak in private.

Wench Taggett couldnt remember ever being called such a name. It hurt more
only because shed known the Princess before Taggett had met the girls
brother. Before the crush had started to turn into a different kind of
feeling. It frightened the Life Mage. The idea of trying to be normal,
when everything about her was something completely different.

The problem had come from some record. Taggett scowled at the ground, shed
spent her time in Nordmaar serving, doing what everyone else had done.
Perhaps, shed had more adventures, trouble had followed her more then
others. Shed been informed there was record of a banishment by someone of
her name. They didnt know what clan shed been in. It had to be some lie.
As if she was being blamed for something from some other Taggett from some
other realm. When Nordmaar was first established to be very much of this

Her sadness turned into a bit of anger, which she never liked feeling. The
princess had accused her of wanting wealth, of wanting to be a princess.
How simply annoying, didnt she know, she had been a princess. She also had
more then enough wealth being a Silverwolfe. Her feelings for him had
nothing to do with stupid politics. She cursed the thought silently.

She cursed herself, why had she made it so obvious. Why had she asked to
talk to anyone. If he said he wouldnt have been banished he knew what he
was talking about. At least until shed showed up and made a mess of All of
it. Starting into the wilds of All the different plants of Algoron she
prayed to Kantilles, she prayed that it would All work out in the light of
the white moon.

He was her storm starter, they were fire and ice..

Writer: Reagan

Date Tue Jul 28 23:33:23 2015

Writer: Gabhran

Date Wed Jul 29 00:19:52 2015

Writer: Nierwyld

Date Wed Jul 29 12:25:22 2015

To All Conclave White_Robes Tyrinx Kantilles Imm Religion RP

Subject The Dusting : A Tale of Voyage (Part 1)

Nierwyld stood next to the wheel, looking through his telescoping lens at
junker. His men had scoured the coast of Tropica for this damned ship, and
here it was, floating off of Zaven. Damn informants can't get their
bunghole plugged right if they sat on it.

He put the lens back to his eye and grinned, the junker's sails were still
down. The Dusting's yellow sails would help them this morning. The sun
rose up behind them as Nierwyld lifted his hand for full sails, the command
whispered through the ship lest their voices carry over the morning waters.

His grin widened as he felt the cutter lurch forward, his crew already
aiming the mortars, the broadside's loaded, and the chaser's ready.

'Alright, bucko's. This one's been transportin' to the Warp! Burn 'em
down. Send 'em to the depths, cut their bellies open and let 'em smile
wide! Loot their goods and give no quarter!

The ting of the bell marked the time.

Drawing his blades the little pixie flit to the bow, standing among the bow

The cutter rocked slightly as the mortars fired off, their fire crashing
over the junker. Their bells rang out as their sails lifted. They'd have
back up sooner rather than later, but if he could take them out, he'd be
able to fade away into the morning sun.

His cutter closed the distance as they came up along side the junker, orc's
were the main crew, but a few humans and even a gnome were on deck.

A fireball flew past his head as the gnome hid behind the human.


This time the little ship tipped more than rocked as the whole port side
cannons fired, ripping through the junker's hull and crew alike.

"BRING 'EM CLOSE FOR A STEELY KISS! " was Nierwyld's order as he flit
across from ship to ship, his feet slamming into the first orc and sending
him flying. Dust and grenades flew from the little pixie, scattering back
the defenders, allowing his crew to climb aboard.

(to be continued)

Writer: Gabhran

Date Wed Jul 29 22:57:11 2015



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