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Player Written Story Note Archive

Note: If you see names without the note below, its due to their story not being posted to "All"

Listed By Author Name

The Arch of the Covenant
The Haunting Of Verminasia: The Ghostly Crew (Part 1)
Raising The Tower "Moving Day" (Part Three)
Ethos of war and humanity (II)
Raising The Tower "Moving Day" (Part Four)
Raising The Tower "Moving Day" (Part Five)
Raising The Tower "Moving Day" (Part Six)
A Cat's Curiosity, Part 1
The Work Begins Anew
Raising The Tower "Moving Day" (Part Seven)
A New Beginning
Unexpected Changes
The Early years, a long road.
And So it Began
Pocket Pixie, Scourge of Algoron
Fw: The missing link.
All magic is precious.
The Camp and The Bindstone
Finding Her Heritage
Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part One)
Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Two)
Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Three)
Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Four)
Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Five)
Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Six)
Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Seven)
Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Eight)
Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Nine)
Raising The Tower "Forward the Tower" (Epi-Logs: Part One)
The road less traveled. Part I
Raising The Tower "Forward the Tower" (Epi-Logs: Part Two)
Raising The Tower "Forward the Tower" (Epi-Logs: Part Three)
Raising The Tower "Forward the Tower" (Epi-Logs: Part Four) (THE END)
The Priestess: Research [Part I]
One step closer
The road less traveled. Part II
The Priestess: Research [Part II]
The road less traveled. Part III The dead end.
The road less traveled. Part IV: The dead end concluded.
The burial of a Godling.
Whispering Shadows
The Death of Elathan Blackmane
Thorny Weather
Creating a Blank Canvas
The Priestess: Designs of Heaven [Part I]
+ The Lord's Work +
Acceptance: Part I
A Cat's Conversion
A Happy Homecoming
Acceptance: Part II
Acceptance: Part III
Changes I
Changes II
Changes III
A New Home in the Jewel
Trial of the Archmagus
Leaving Arkane
The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (i)
The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (ii)
The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (iii)
The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (iv)
The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (v)
The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (vi)

Writer: Grawnak
Date Sun Aug 24 08:11:27 2014

Writer: Brawnwyn
Date Sun Aug 24 18:52:10 2014

Writer: Elrei
Date Mon Aug 25 00:36:32 2014

To All Taliena Imm RP

Subject The Arch of the Covenant

Implicit in the rage levied at him by those he had spoken out against
was the perception of a lack of authority, a lack of prerogative. Put
simply, Elrei had no right to judge them. And he had contributed to this
perception over the years, through his modesty: when asked what made him so
special, what quality he possessed which prompted Taliena to select him as
Her Prophet, invariably he would respond with "nothing" - that he was no
different from anyone else, and that he, himself, was unimportant on the

And so this facet of the reaction to his words was more difficult to
overcome. When it came to politics, the leader of a nation was assumed to
have authority to judge: leadership required decision-making, decisions
require judgment. More often than not a decision made in haste was better
received by the people than no decision at all, the latter being a sign of a
"weak" leader, even if the decision was later deemed incorrect. Even those
who disagreed with the previous Emperor's decisions never made the argument
that he did not have the authority to make them.

Yet it seemed a religious leader could not act in this way. The Prophet
of Taliena, according to some, had no right, no authority, to judge others
of the faith. Instead, the idea of brotherhood was stressed, with All the
mortal "children" of Taliena being equally without right to judge one
another. The first sermon he had attended post-banishment again stressed
the concept that none within the Light, not just those of Taliena's
following, had the right to judge one another. Weaknesses or failings were
to be overlooked, allowed to remain, so that the appearance of solidarity
could be maintained even if consistency was not.

If a religious leader, recognized by their own deity, did not possess the
authority to make any sort of judgment regarding others within the faith,
what was the point in the hierarchy? How could such a person even be called
a leader, if they could not be called upon to make judgments and decisions?
If a High Priest had no more right to correct the behavior of a Bishop than
a Novitiate did - if the only means of improving the quality of the faith
was to leave any and All criticism in the hands of the deity directly - then
the ranks of the priesthood were meaningless.

The only other explanation within sight was that this mode of thinking
was a fallacy, but one which had been supported and insisted upon as a means
to disregard the authority which existed. An authority that does not see
itself as an authority can be easily overcome, their power relinquished by
default because it was never realized and truly wielded. The few times
Elrei had attempted to wield his authority, he did so reluctantly,
hesitantly, and even apologetically. Considering his background that was
understandable, but it weakened his ability as a leader.

The fact remained that Taliena had more important things to do than
personally correct the behavior of every priest, every follower, who
misunderstood the faith. That She had sent so many priests to learn from
Elrei even when he was not of the Cloth should have made that glaringly
obvious. Priests were intended to be teachers, and a teacher who gives a
passing grade to every student without comment or critique is a poor one.
Priests were intended to be counselors, and a counselor who gives no advice
because they feel unqualified to judge is useless, though better than one
which counsels to ignore conflict in the hopes that it will disappear.

Priests were intended to be leaders. They had authority, and were
intended to wield it responsibly and confidently within the dictates of
their faith. While a sense of brotherhood and unity was to be sought, the
hierarchy still remained. The arch will not stand without the keystone,
even though the keystone is nothing more than another rock which was judged
to be the right shape.

Writer: Ilimilipili
Date Mon Aug 25 11:44:20 2014

To All Verminasia ( IMM Tashio RP Liviya )

Subject The Haunting Of Verminasia: The Ghostly Crew (Part 1)

Her eyes were growing worse.

Where once that infuriating mist only obscured faces and people, now it
marked the air itself. What was worse, it still -felt- as though there
should be people associated with it; as if those formless blurs were begging
for a shape, a name. On several occasions, she could almost place a face or
a name. Almost.

It had grown distressing enough that she had ordered her crew ashore for
leave; with a cheery voice, she had demanded that they All enjoy the city
for a while, before their next sail. She was certain that she had worn her
most convincing voice --- she was even more certain that at least a handful
didn't believe her.

Her Butterfly, for one, had been wroth to leave, wearing her tender worry on
her sleeve. It was hard to lie to her; but it would have been harder still
to tell her the truth: Her eyes were growing worse.

As she stood alone upon the Requiem's deck, surveying the old vessel, she
watched the small columns of crimson mist swirl and move, rolling across the
shift as if pushed on by some chaotic wind. She watched one column spiral
and climb up along the ship's mast, hovering near the crow's nest; another
moved back and forth again and again, slowly dancing over the boards of the

It seemed like ages since the last time she considered a cure; she had
actually grown accustomed to her accursed disability. Certain people, she
could now discern despite the mist; those closest to her, she could see even
with her back turned; small pinpricks of familiarity against a sea of the

But here, like this, with so much mist roiling without purpose or reason,
she was at a loss. Some moved close enough to brush against her, to pass
over her like a cold wave --- and in some of those banks of mist, she could
almost swear she saw faces, and partially defined bodies. But such was the
nature of mists and fogs. You could see anything, if you tried hard enough.

Almost idly, she began to unmoor the ship, seeking to place distance between
herself and the mists that plagued her vision; that made her near-blind with
crimson and gold hues. It was a struggle to raise the anchor; a chore to
draw the sails to their full height. She felt like she was suffocating, a
single thought threatening to push her over the edge with dreadful fear:

Her eyes were growing worse.

Well before she made her way to the wheel, the ship began to bump against
the side of the dock, as if the vessel herself was impatient to be gone from
here; perhaps she was. Ilimilipili fought to oblige, plunging through the
veil of mist with a grimace and a shiver. Any on the docks would certainly
think her mad, stumbling across the ship, dead- sober and in no condition to
sail. Perhaps she was going mad. Just a little.

After an eternity of struggle, she gained the sterncastle bridge.
Thankfully, the mist was thinner here; her eyes almost clear. There was
neither rhyme nor reason to it --- looking below at the deck, there was
still a seething sea of colors; here, there was but a single column of mist,
swirling about the wheel.

At first, it made little impact on her. It, like the rest, was nonsensical;
a sign of her vision receding, of her career ending. She had almost come to
accept it. Except ---

Her heart stopped, staring at the mist, tasting it. It missed a beat; then
another. She knew, beyond a shadow of doubt, what she was looking at. Who
she was looking at.

There was only one person who could catch her heart like that --- could
leave her cold as realization flooded her.

The eternally bold sea-captain crumpled to the ground, eyes never leaving
that single, short column of mist --- that spectre that she hoped no other
could see. The rage and sorrow were almost palpable; the youthful abandon
was tangible and unmistakable.

She whispered but a single word as the world faded; an apology, an
accusation, All mixed into one. A name; a torment; a benediction.

"Ryn... "

Writer: Ixi'kweez
Date Tue Aug 26 13:38:53 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Moving Day" (Part Three)

"I have to admit." Olybrius, Vice-President of Distribution and
Logistics, remarked quietly. "I'm very impressed with the elevator. We're
climbing rapidly, but I feel no vibration or friction at all."

"Yes, I'm very satisfied with how the elevator turned out." Thimtax
replied, as he casually glanced over some documents he was holding. "I give
Crillow most of the credit. You see, I've never actually built an elevator
before. But he's built several. Nothing on this scale, of course. But his
experience was invaluable. I couldn't have done it without him."

Reaching its intended destination, the elevator cab slowed and gently
stopped with a soft -click-. The doors opened up quietly, revealing the
executive lobby, high atop the 98th floor. The board stepped out onto the
pristine, beige and navy patterned berber carpet and looked around in
amazement. A large, wraparound oaken desk sat in the middle of the lobby,
presumably for the executive secretary. To the left of the desk was a small
sitting area. Around the perimiter of the lobby were six large rosewood
doors. Each door sported a stainless steel placard bearing the names of
Ooof, Olliwac, Olybrius, Thimtax, and Illiquin. The final door showcased a
blank placard. But what truly captured the attention of the board were the
walls themselves. The entire perimiter of the lobby was sheathed in
luxurious golen oak panels floor to ceiling. It was Olybrius who spoke

"The walls. I, I can't believe what I am seeing! It looks as if it is all
one continuous peice of wood, the entire circumference of the lobby. I
don't see any seams! How is something like this possible?"

"It truly is amazing." The Chairman said, himself awed at the level of
detail involved in such an undertaking. "And being in the lumber business,
I can tell you -exactly- how it was done. If you don't mind, of course,

"Or course, Ixi. Go right ahead." The hardhat wearing gnome replied,
still flipping through the documents in his hands. "I'll stop you if you
miss something."

"Very good then." The Chairman cleared his throat and began. "You see,
the sheets of oak used for this project are what we call in the trade
"Sequence Matched by Number". Making these requires a special technique and
a special mill. For something on this grand a scale, only the largest and
widest of oak trunks would do."

"Now. First, a notch is cut and made square, lengthwise along the trunk.
The notch will be approximately one inch deep, and the width of the
sawblade. Once this is done, the sawblade will fit flat into the notch on
its side. The blade is brought to speed, and the trunk is rotated -
towards- the blade. This allows the craftsman to essentially cut sheets of
wood -around- the trunk, rather than -across- the trunk. Incidentally, this
process produces less waste, as nearly the entire trunk is cut in this

"These newly cut strips of wood are immediately cut into ten by four foot
sheets, and pressed flat and dried. Each sheet is given a designated
number, indicating the order of which it was cut. When these sheets are
layed out next to each other in the proper sequence, the grain of each sheet
will match the grains of the sheets before and after it, giving the illusion
of of a single unbroken sheet the entire length of the run."

The Chairman took a breath and continued. "Now. The only difference
between normal sequences, and our circular lobby here, is that each sheet is
cut and then formed to a specific and uniform curvature, which would cause
the run to end at the beginning. Truly magnificent!"

"The Chairman is absolutely correct. I made sure to cut out the doors and
vents myself. Didn't trust that to anyone. One bad cut, and the entire
sequence would have been ruined. Thankfully, this is one of the only places
in the tower that utilizes this process."

Writer: Ithelim

Date Tue Aug 26 15:50:17 2014

Writer: Ithelim

Date Tue Aug 26 15:55:19 2014

Writer: Ithelim

Date Tue Aug 26 16:00:26 2014

Writer: Ithelim

Date Tue Aug 26 16:04:49 2014

Writer: Brollo

Date Wed Aug 27 13:54:55 2014

Writer: Trina

Date Wed Aug 27 15:50:31 2014

Writer: Aratorex

Date Wed Aug 27 17:27:34 2014

To Imm Raije All Mezlak

Subject Ethos of war and humanity (II)

The centaur found himself on the southern shores of Arkania. After
following a group of pirates who came inland to pillage the southern
villages of Arkane, Aratorex was on the shore searching for their ship. The
Pirates were returning to their vessel after a successful mission upon land,
bringing back with them several young hostages who would prove either good
ransom or good eating. Aratorex being half man and half horse, moved upon
land much faster than the pirates who barely managed to shake their sealegs
for land legs. Before dusk, the Centaur had found the group of four pirates
and their two gnomish captives. Without hesitation, the Pirates began
shooting pistols at their seeker. After dodging the rounds, Aratorex
quickly disarmed the Pirates as they were reloading, hoofing one into a tree
that broke his back. The Gnomes were freed, and Aratorex escorted them back
to their village away from the badly beaten pirates who the centaur granted
mercy to, even though he was outnumbered.

Writer: Ithelim

Date Wed Aug 27 21:36:29 2014

Writer: Ithelim
Date Wed Aug 27 21:36:39 2014

Writer: Ithelim
Date Wed Aug 27 21:36:44 2014

Writer: Ithelim
Date Wed Aug 27 21:36:50 2014

Writer: Ixi'kweez
Date Thu Aug 28 14:54:44 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Moving Day" (Part Four)

The ogre in the grey pinstriped suit scrutinized the walls around him,
clearly impressed. "Iz like being inside of a tree. Ooof like. Nice

"It's absolutely amazing!" Olliwac piped up excitedly. "I've never seen
anything like this. Not even in Shalonesti!"
The elder kender paused
reflectively for a moment. "So... Can we see our offices now?"

"Hrm?" The hardhat wearing gnome grunted absent-mindedly, looking up from
his papers. "Well, that's why we're here, isn't it? Have at it!"

Immediately, the various members of the board proceeded to their respective
doors and opened them, each revealing a large, well lit office. The outer
wall of each office was little more than giant windows floor to ceiling. As
they walked in, the luxurious beige and navy carpet extended into each
office, reaching the side walls, which were sheathed in rustic maple panels.
The panels ended about chest high, giving way to smooth plaster painted in a
neutral tone, matching the carpet. Along the perimeter of the ceiling, an
ornate cross-cut crown moulding sheathed the transition to the walls. A
long series of blinds capped each windowpane, reaching All the way to the
floor, allowing the occupant to limit the amount of light in the room. Each
board member also saw their own desk and chair from their prior offices,
sitting before them. Other than that, the spacious offices were empty.

"You will notice." Thimtax called out from the lobby. "The each of the
six offices are identical, and quite spacious. I'm sure you've also
noticed, that they are quite empty, save for your desk and chair. This was
intentional. I was contracted to provide the Board ideal office space, and
I have done that. Had I catered to the wants and needs of each individual
board member, we'd never have finished on time. You are executives. You
can afford to decorate it yourself."

"It's huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!" The elderly kender could be heard, clearly
out of breath, in All likelihood running around the confines of his new

"They really are, Thimtax." The Chairman commented, as he closed the door
with the blank placard. "A damn fine job youve done with them. But,
where's my office? Is it this one here?"

"No, that one isn't yours, Ixi." The hardhat wearing gnome answered cooly.
"That office will remain vacant until the time comes for the Board to
expand. We've also several smaller offices on the 96th and 97th floors.
But we can talk about that tomorrow. It's going to be celebration time
soon. I'm told the courtyard is being set up and decorated as we speak.
So, let us go upstairs, and I will show you gentlemen to the new boardroom."

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Fri Aug 29 14:16:10 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Moving Day" (Part Five)

Reaching it's final and permanent apex, the elevator doors opened up once
again. The Board was astonished with what they saw. The vast open floor
was glad in huge, granite tiles, polished to a high sheen. These reached
out in every direction to the walls, which were nothing more than giant
panes of glass, reaching from the ceiling to about waist level, offering
those inside an unobstructed, panoramic view of the majority of the
continent. A long dividing wall stood towards the southwest of the floor,
effectively blocking off a cross-section of the floor. A large blackboard
was mounted on the wall, sitting in a stately cherrywood frame.

Directly in front of the blackboard, sat one of the three corners of the
newly installed boardroom table, surrounded by a sea of corinthian leather
bound swivel chairs, brought over from the old headquarters. Looking inside
the cutout of the table, one could plainly see an intricate mosaic depicting
the Ixi-Mart angel, 'Emmy', embedded in the floor below.

The hardhat wearing gnome looked around at the other members of the Board,
pleased with their overwhelming approval. Looking at the Chairman, he saw
much the same thing. He detected a bit of disappointment in the Chairman's
eyes. The little gnome trotted over to the corner closest to the
blackboard, and gestured to the seat in front of it.

"You seem anxious, Mr. Chairman. Why don't you take a seat, and relax a

Ixi gave a perplexed look at Thimtax's last statement. The little gnome
gave a coy wink in reply, patting the chair beside him. Geniunely curious,
the Chairman cautiously acquiesed and indeed took his seat.

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Fri Aug 29 14:42:27 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Moving Day" (Part Six)

"So." The hardhat gnome offered. "Boardroom turned out nice, yes?"

"It is even greater than I had ever envisioned. A penultimate work."

"Yes, yes." The gnome began to pace around a bit, hands clasped behind his
back. "And this table, hmm? Looks pretty good in here, wouldn't you

"Agreed." The Chairman offered carefully. "I've never seen its equal."

"Very good table yes." Thintax turned around to regard the Chairman
slowly. "Looks sturdy, yes? I bet it could probably take quite a

"Oh, I'm sure it could." Clearly the Chairman was feeling uneasy, as if he
were being made the butt of fun once again. He scrutinized the little
gnome, offering nothing more.

"Well? Give it a try then! Go ahead!"

The Chairman was now convinced he was being set up. Not wanting to be made
the fool again, he tried to decline.

"Um, I wouldn't want to do that to this brand new table. We just got it up
here! And, it's getting late, we should really be getting down to the

The hardhat wearing gnome interrupted him, grinning widely. "Oh, don't be
shy! Hey! I know how to get you going! We just have to make you mad!
Hey, you! Grotar says your logs aren't half as good as his!"

Ixi smirked at the gnome's manufactured insult, not so easily baited.
"Grotar never said that!"

"Hey der, Mister Chairman." Ooof chimed in from across the table. "That
Ashlen got sum gud prices!"

"Ixi, I was talking to Lunez about New Serpantol, and I think he makes a
great argument for it!"
Even the shy Olybrius had decided to jump in on
the fun.

The Chairman sighed audibly. "Do we really have to do this? Nothing could
possibly damper my spirits today, let alone get me angry."

"Hey Ixi!" The elder kender piped up from the opposite end of the
boardroom table. "Perion says your not a good arena fighter, you just get
lucky a lot!"

"That insolent WHELP!!! "

The now instantly furious Chairman slammed his fists down on the table
before them. "I'll show him! I will DESTRO- wait. What was that?"

The Chairman now noticed that everyone's gaze was focused behind him, and he
swivelled his chair around to match theirs. The section of the wall where
the blackboard was mounted, had opened up, revealing the area behind.

Writer: Kelthar

Date Sat Aug 30 14:39:38 2014

To All New_Thalos

Subject A Cat's Curiosity, Part 1

Kelthar inhaled a lungful of the thin mountain air and held it Almost as
if the was trying to determine if this was a dream. It had been a long
trek, and he had fallen down the mountain more than once already. He hadn't
even thought that it was anything diffrent from the maze-lize moutain range
to the west that he had spent time mapping. But for him, this sight was a
masterpiece. It was unexpected, awe-inspiring, and like many of his other
travels, likely dangerous.

Kelthar let out the air in a heavy laugh. "I can't believe I've found
it..." He said as he surveyed the awe inspiring landscape. "And by chance
no less!" He exclaimed. The statue was absolutely massive in size A dragon
half a mile long from nose to tail, the space beneath it's spread wings
swathed by a roiling, hypnotic fog.

For a time, he stood lost in thought. Should he help others find this place
by making a map known? Surely Pickett would love to see a statue such as
this. Kelthar pondered this as he started his descent into the valley.
Only time would tell him the answer to that question.


Kelthar was panted heavily, covered in dirt and wounds. He wasn't
paticularly surprised at his state of affairs. This almost happened quite
regularly with his adventures, except with ancient liches of unfathomable
power, ancient wizards and ogres of horrific size. But this was a first.
There had been two large blue dragons standing guard in the entrance to the
valley. Neither were paticularly happy to meet him, but that he was used
to. It was shortly after he had escaped the massive beasts that he had
noticed something was terribly wrong... It seemed the air itself wished to
protect this vale.

Writer: Ghillena

Date Sat Aug 30 19:15:36 2014

Writer: Ithelim

Date Sat Aug 30 21:21:31 2014

Writer: Ithelim

Date Sat Aug 30 21:23:40 2014

Writer: Ithelim

Date Sat Aug 30 21:31:39 2014

Writer: Ithelim

Date Sat Aug 30 21:34:17 2014

Writer: Corwaen

Date Sun Aug 31 13:27:10 2014

Writer: Corwaen

Date Sun Aug 31 14:29:38 2014

Writer: Z'Quarus

Date Mon Sep 1 22:19:57 2014

To All Followers of Fatale ( Religion Imm Fatale )

Subject The Work Begins Anew

The candle burned low, its wick sputtering as the last of the wax melted
and pooled beneath it. Dawn would soon arrive and it would herald a new
day. But for now, the sky remained dark and the black moon full. The hours
had passed by as Z'Quarus sat unmoving.

The pages before him were not nearly full enough. It had been the same
since the beginning of the night. Too long had he been away from the field.
The clans had changed in more ways than he could count.

'Death requires strength in Its application. Failure is weakness, and
weakness is to be culled. Those who serve the Lord shall endure His tests,
lest they find themselves unworthy of His blessings. Those failing shall be
ground beneath the boots of fate. '

The words played in his mind as a mantra. This was his path. To seek, to
learn and to exploit failure. To turn strength to weakness. Tireless work
for unimaginable gain.

With a flick of his wrist the quill was in his hand and the pages began to
write themselves.

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Tue Sep 2 15:04:15 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Moving Day" (Part Seven)

"You wanted to see your new office, didn't you?" The little gnome
quipped playfully. "Well, go on. Go take a look!"

Completely taken by surprise, the Chairman slowly rose from his corinthian
leatherbound swivel chair and walked towards the new aperture in the
dividing wall. Pulling up just short of the doorway, he turned around and
face the gnome increduluously.

"Wait a minute!" Ixi exclaimed. "Did you rig the door to-"

Thimtax sighed in feigned exasperation. "Will you just get in there

Stately granite tile gave way to plush, verdant carpet, as the Chairman
crossed the invisible threshold. The carpet extended All the way to the
outer wall, which was mostly glass, as were the boardroom and offices.
Ixi'kweez's giant cherrywood desk sat just in front of the middle of the
window array. Not far off to its right, 'Statue Ixi' stood, facing the
doorway. The tops of the window array were adorned with ornate wrought-iron
treatments, holding up thick, velveteen green drapes, which were currently
open, allowing the last of the sun's rays in. The Chairman looked out,
smiling proudly as he gazed unobstructedly upon Shalonesti and the
surrounding forest to his left, the kingdom of Althainia to his right.

Ixi turned around back towards Thimtax, who remained at the entrance. Only
now did he see that on his side, the dividing wall was sheathed in oak
panels, floor to ceiling. This array appeared to have been manufactured in
the same manner as the circular lobby, where it All looked to be one
continuous piece of wood. The only difference was that this permutation was
of the flat variety. To the left of the door, several stainless steel
cabinets stood. Several painting adorned the walls, depicting various
forest scenes from around the continent; their green overtones complementing
the remainder of the office.

The Chairman slowly returned to the entrance, looking around him every step
of the way in stunned silence. After several seconds, Ixi finally spoke.
"It's All here." A huge, proud smile grew on his face. "Everything's all
here! Everything that we had envisioned, to the last detail, and far
beyond. It's absolutely amazing! Gentleman, we are ready for business!"

"Not so fast, Mr. Chairman!" The hardhat wearing gnome interrupted. "I'm
not signing this building over, until I have completed my final walkthrough
and give it my approval. Until that's done, this building belongs to me-"

The entire party watched through the window as a single, red flare slowly
reached it apex, and slowly descended again, leaving the night sky with a
reddish hue. The hardhat wearing gnome continued.

"That's the town, signalling us from below. I guess they knew we were up
here. Word travels fast, I suppose. Let's get on down there. The
celebration is beginning, and they're expecting us."

Writer: Cassioppia

Date Tue Sep 2 23:19:06 2014

To All Imm RP

Subject A New Beginning

Cassioppia decided to leave the woods of Arkane. It had never felt like
home to her, she expected the people to be helpful and friendly but she
found the total opposite. She felt alone and a coldness deep down in her
heart. Her decision to leave was an easy one for she made no friends, had
no connections, and had no family to keep her there. She decided a new
beginning would be good for her. Stance off she searched and made her
assessment and felt the desert jewel would best fit what she was looking

Cassioppia also felt that the walk of a warrior was not her calling Lord
Nadrik was calling to her heart for better and wonderful things. She chose
her path as a priest of Nadrik and felt her choice was his will for her.

New Thalos has been very good to her and she also felt she would fit in well
with the citizens of the desert jewel. She was very happy with her
decisions and very happy with her new beginning,

Writer: Corwaen

Date Wed Sep 3 12:58:20 2014

To All Shadow IMM

Subject Change

They say there is but one constant, change.

Corwaen sat the smoky tavern room. The numbing sounds of revelry and tawdry
music the perfect background to downing your own bottle of whiskey.
Something of an old habit, resurfaced.

He had found that you never quite finish a bottle un-interupted, yet another
constant if you will. This eve was no different.

Cowled and shadowed within his robes, Corwaen kept to himself content to get
right and drunk while thinking. Yet there was surly table of three,
drinking courage until they were ready to make a bit of silver roughing up a
simple traveller, Corwaen.

"Get up, and hand o'er wots be in yer pockets old man"

Without looking up Corwaen responded, "This no' bae th' foight yue think it
is, and it certainlae ain't th' foight yue want lads."

"Oh it tis, and it bae" said their now confident leader.

Corwaen set down the half filled glass and rose to his feet. At that
particular moment his heavy robes parted slightly revealing the chainmail
beneath, "well then, ye've waited long enough... Let's git started?"

Writer: Penda

Date Wed Sep 3 18:25:26 2014

Writer: Drew

Date Sat Sep 6 08:04:13 2014

Writer: Cassioppia

Date Sun Sep 7 09:35:54 2014

To All Imm RP

Subject Unexpected Changes

Cassioppia walked through the garden her mind wandering. She was feeling
unexpected feelings she had never felt before in her life for she had walked
alone for the majority of it. He had become the subject of All her dreams
when she could sleep and just about every thought in her waking moments when
she wasn't meditating or praying.

Their first meeting was so sweet and romantic that it was engraved in her
heart. She even asked advice from her friend who said she was falling for
him to reassure her that her feelings were true. Sheath did not trust her
own judgment because she never knew love before in her lifetime.

Cassioppia decided to see where her heart would lead her and trust in him
with All her heart.

Writer: Tarithan

Date Sun Sep 7 18:33:14 2014

Writer: Tarithan

Date Sun Sep 7 19:59:32 2014

Writer: Brawnwyn

Date Sun Sep 7 21:32:56 2014

Writer: Cassioppia

Date Mon Sep 8 13:12:35 2014

Writer: Cassioppia

Date Mon Sep 8 20:07:41 2014

Writer: Cassioppia
Date Mon Sep 8 20:18:59 2014

Writer: Nimesa
Date Tue Sep 9 07:11:15 2014

Writer: Rhaxx
Date Tue Sep 9 13:04:27 2014

Writer: Tyrinx
Date Tue Sep 9 15:28:38 2014

Writer: Tyrinx
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Writer: Tyrinx
Date Tue Sep 9 16:03:44 2014

Writer: Laiton
Date Tue Sep 9 17:03:30 2014

Writer: Drew
Date Wed Sep 10 00:16:57 2014

Writer: Bauk
Date Wed Sep 10 09:09:22 2014

To All Conclave New_Thalos Imm RP

Subject The Early years, a long road.

Bauk wasn't sure what this new life, new road would bring to him. He
spent his early years in bondage, enslaved, knowing there had to be better
for him. That part of his life was hard to speak about for Bauk, he'd never
had family and always felt alone. When he did finally escape his bonds and
find the road, he was again alone. In truth, when he did finally find his
biological father and a new home in New Thalos, the people were wonderful to
him, and he called it home, it was the closest thing he knew he'd ever find
to such a thing, but he'd always felt alone. That is until the moment he
met Cala. Cala was a bruteish female ogre, what female ogre wasn't a bit of
a brute? She was the only one Bauk had ever let put him in his place, tell
him what to do without some sort of fight - without wanting to get away
(though sometimes he does sneak away for his own peace of mind!) But for
Bauk, even more than New Thalos, Cala was his home.

Now, not entirely alone, he needed a profession if he was to make it in the
harsh world around him. Being no brainiac, magic was out of the question,
besides he was a little intimidated by magic and didn't trust it, though
he'd never admit any fears openly... His size left little room for thoughts
of being of a nimble trade such as an assassin - unless he could complete
his kill with the target seeing him coming from far away! No, what Bauk had
going for him was that he had spent his whole life battling. Battling to
get free, battling to stay alive, defending himself on the road to his new
home. Using his strength and size to intimidate and win his daily battles.

His father was a mighty ogre warrior, an armsman, trained in combat in every
weapon Bauk had ever seen and so it was no surprise that Bauk too took
quickly to the art of wielding weapons, both large and small. A lack of
book smarts held no influence on Bauk's skill with weapons. He found he
learned fast the mastery of many weapons and quickly choose his favorites.
He trained hard as an Armsman with a master and after lots of hard,
relentless effort and work, reached the pinacle of what the guilds could
teach him.

With his new skills/profession, a new wife, a new home... It was time to
find his place in the world.

Writer: Bauk
Date Wed Sep 10 10:02:54 2014

Writer: Cala
Date Wed Sep 10 11:54:37 2014

To All Bauk Conclave Imm RP

Subject And So it Began

Cala remembered the day she first saw Bauk. He was as strong and big as
any other ogre but he was different. He was battle scarred and looking a
little worse for wear.

She saw him as he made his way to the community fountain in New Thalos. He
saw her looking at him and nodded cautiously, looking like he knew her from
somewhere but couldn't figure out where.

Cala noticed some fresh wounds on his arms and legs, and offered him some
healing. He grew quite suspicious of her and backed away, muttering
something about staying away from magic. Getting irritated, she showed him
herbs and cloths that she used, saying it wasn't magic. Everything she used
c came from stuff she found and mixed up. Grudgingly, he finally let her
use her shaman ways on him.

Eventually, from that uneasy start, an uneasy friendship grew between them.
Sometimes hunting together, other times just arguing until he stomped off to
let out his frustrations out on something else. She wasn't going to let him
push her around, she stood up to him.

The relationship grew into a mutual respect (still with lots of arguing) and
odd pairing, but the pairing seemed to work out for both of them. She
admired his work with weapons, he still disliked her healing even if it was
for his own good and felt better after.

The best times were when they fought together, came home to the cave they
shared, and she could heal the two of them, gloating over their victories
and grumbling about their defeats. It was a good partnership.

Writer: Cala
Date Wed Sep 10 12:29:01 2014

Writer: Bauk
Date Wed Sep 10 14:59:04 2014

Writer: Laiton
Date Wed Sep 10 17:09:10 2014

Writer: Nimesa
Date Wed Sep 10 18:31:40 2014

Writer: Ayzrael
Date Wed Sep 10 18:53:09 2014

Writer: Rhaxx
Date Thu Sep 11 13:31:52 2014

To Nixx Conclave All Nimesa Laiton Amex Drakkara

Subject Pocket Pixie, Scourge of Algoron

"Wait for it... Wait for it... , " Rhaxx said to his small party.

A tiny strike force of five had infiltrated the entirety of Citadel Keep.
Armed with wands, staves, spells, and their wits, the lot of them attempted
to do what most fighters did with larger groups.

"Fine, " Nixx said impatiently. The rest quietly began whittling away the
at the awsome Lord of the Citadel. Waves of maladictions flowed from the
artists' hands.

A Bloodlust defender entered into the room, screaming to shock the siege

Nixx and Nimesa turned their focus upon the defender. He screamed for a
different reason then.

Writer: Nimesa

Date Thu Sep 11 18:15:56 2014

Writer: Amex
Date Thu Sep 11 20:33:01 2014

Writer: Atarvarno
Date Thu Sep 11 22:44:28 2014

Writer: Rhaxx
Date Fri Sep 12 11:11:29 2014

Writer: Rhaxx
Date Fri Sep 12 11:25:37 2014

Writer: Amex
Date Fri Sep 12 11:27:06 2014

Writer: Amex
Date Fri Sep 12 11:32:55 2014

To to All (Imm)

Subject Fw: The missing link.

| -----Original Message-----
| From: Amex
| To: Nimesa Rhaxx Conclave
| Subject: The missing link.
| Date: Fri Sep 12 11:27:06 2014

Amex watched as yet another would be victim ran away at the very last
second before death with a sigh.

"We need someone to hold the enemies we cannot hold down with our spells,
someone to knock them down so I can show them my favorite spell.
" Grinning
to himself he turned and disappeared without a sound.

When he returned to the tower there was the ogre Rhaxx and his pocket pixie,
Nimesa. The ogres size set gathered Amex's attention and he began to think.
Rhaxx is big, I bet he could do it.

Writer: Amex

Date Fri Sep 12 11:41:37 2014

To All Cherion Jorach Conclave (Drakkara Imm)

Subject All magic is precious.

Having set for on a journey of knowledge the Archmagus mulled over the
question he had asked the centaur Cheiron. Now he knew more but not enough
to call himself an expert and he had yet to find anyone with information on
the magic of song perhaps another look into its power was needed.

Song would have to wait the powers of nature were beginning to show
themselves and they were indeed interesting, Amex sat in a familure black
leather arm chain within the library and pulled out a filled with black
pacrchment titled "All magic is precious" and began writing

Writer: Nimesa
Date Fri Sep 12 11:45:45 2014

Writer: Nimesa
Date Fri Sep 12 12:13:50 2014

Writer: Nimesa
Date Fri Sep 12 19:14:13 2014

Writer: Rhaxx
Date Fri Sep 12 20:15:21 2014

To Bauk Nimesa Conclave Drakkara All Sebatis

Subject The Camp and The Bindstone

Nimesa kicked a rock with a huff, "Where IS everybody?! "

Rhaxx and Bauk waved their respective arms, buzzing away the undetectable
pixie, almost out of habit.

"She always like this? " Bauk grunted. "No, sometimes she also melt your
armor, burn your eyebrows, and toast hair,
" Rhaxx said, gently grasping the
bald spot on his head.

"Let's just hope we..... Ah, ha! " Nimesa exclaimed just as troops marched
in from Justice.

After the battles, Nimesa stood alone on the Dark Path. Blood everywhere.

Writer: Cheiron

Date Sat Sep 13 11:29:25 2014

Writer: Gurfing

Date Sat Sep 13 16:06:00 2014

Writer: Nathalos

Date Sat Sep 13 16:13:39 2014

Writer: Cassioppia
Date Sat Sep 13 19:23:53 2014

To All New_Thalos Imm RP Austinian

Subject Finding Her Heritage

Cassioppia slowly walked the long trail to the Highlands indecision in
her mind. Should she search? Do they deserve me time in even taking te
time te even search fer them?
She thought. They chose te leave me not I
She continued her walk her steps slowing as she went on.

Cassioppia sighed as she continued on passing a mountain goat along the way
and sadly smiling at the things she missed by never being raised in a land
she barely remembered. Her life in the forests was cruel and hard, she was
still surprised at how she had turned out with the life she had lived.
Sheath continued until she finally reached the registrars office. She was
afraid to walk in yet feared not enteringthis was the day she would face her
worst fears and her source of rage.

It took her two hours standing in the cold wind in with just her priestly
robe protecting her. No sooner did she walk in the door the head registrar,
a frail looking older lady, turned to face her a look of shock coming across
the ladies face. Analisa? Me thoughts ye perished ten yers ago.
Cassioppia looked at the lady in shock Pass... Passed away? She said
sadly. The lady took her glasses off and took a closer look at Cassioppia.
My word child, ye art te spitten image of yer mama. Ye art so beautiful.

Cassioppia could only stand back and look at the lady, she knew who she was
but Cassioppia didn't remember her at all. And me father? She asked the
lady not truly wanting to know his fate. The lady turned around and bent
down to reach for some old archives. Cassioppia couldn't tell how long the
lady was down there for when she entered the office she felt as if the world
stopped. After what seemed forever the lady pulled out a parchment and
handed it to Cassioppia and said I art truly sorry child, when te bout of
influenza tore through te lands many ran but died in their travels, others
died here in te Highlands and yer parents were amongst these.

Cassioppia was stunned. Not knowing how to react she took the parchment put
it in her hoard, Thanked the lady, gave her some blues, and walked out.

Cassioppia made it back to the garden where she cried alone.

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Sun Sep 14 01:21:36 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part One)

A resounding cheer erupted from the lobby of the Ixi-Mart Tower, as the
elevator doors slowly parted, revealing the Board members inside. The
Chairman exited the cab briskly, and strode through a corridor of friends,
employees, and citizens of Mart-Town. Blushing from the unanticipated
attention, he made his way through the lobby towards the tower entrance, his
Board in tow. From what he could see from his perspective, it seemed as if
every single person in the town was waiting in the courtyard. Though the
sun had All but set for the evening, Ixi could see that the courtyard
outside was ablaze in fires and colored lights.

"You weren't kidding when you said the town was planning a celebration."
Ixi exclaimed, leaning down to regard the hardhat wearing gnome scurrying
along next to him. "I wasn't expecting anything on this scale."

"No, and I won't lie. I wasn't really expecting All of this either. This
-is- a rather big occasion, I suppose."

Shouts began from the anxious crowd waiting outside.

"Hey! There they are!"

"There's Ixi! And Thimtax! They're All here!"

"Yay! Now we can start the celebration!"

Finally reaching the entrance to the tower, the crowd outside broke into a
huge wave of applause and cheers. The six Board members through the
entrance and stopped their forward path, as they gazed around themselves,
taking in the scene, All the while, waving and thanking the crowd around

The people of Mart-Town had pulled out All the stops for the evening's
festivities. For as far as the eye could see, the courtyard was lit
brightly by a myriad of torches, colored paper lanterns, and cooking fires.
Multi-colored paper streamers were criss-crossed haphazardly overhead,
strung from trees, makeshift canopies, and even the tower itself. Scattered
about were a plethora of meats, roasting and grilling upon roaring
spitfires. Each of these fires were ringed by several tables, heavily laden
with All manner of food and drink. Several more tables littered the
courtyard, many of which were already full of happy guests enjoying the
night's festivities.

The scene, however, stretched far beyond the cooking and dining experience.
Minstrels could be seen and heard, working their way through the crowd,
impressing them with their craft. Frenzied children and kender alike raced
in between party-goers, many of which were holding brightly colored
balloons. The Chairman and the Board were truly blown away by the lengths
the town had gone through.

A retinue of party-goers ushered Ixi and the Board to what could be seen in
the torchlight as a very long, mahogany table. As they closed the distance,
it was apparent that this was in fact the original boardroom table, brought
here from the old headquarters for use one last time. The Board members
elatedly took their respective seats at the table, with Ixi at the head.
Several people rapidly approached and loaded the table with the finest food
and wine, and the group settled in and joined in the celebration.

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Sun Sep 14 01:25:02 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Two)

The red and white moons rose high in the sky, as the celebration marched
on into the late evening hours. Feasting turned to dancing, and the
minstrels converged near the boardroom table, playing several lively epics
of times past. It was clear that some, board members included, were also
enjoying their fair share of wine.

A booming shout rang out from the crowd. "We want to hear from the
As a result, several similar cries rang out.

"Speech! SPEECH!!"

"Yuh! We wunt ter hear from der Chairman!" Ooof yelled while dancing
wildly, onlookers giving him a wide berth.

The celebration quickly ground to a halt as cook, musician, and party-goer
alike quieted down and approached the boardroom table, looking at Ixi'kweez
expectantly. The Chairman blushed furiously. It had not dawned on him that
he would be called on to speak to the town. When he woke up this morning,
he wasn't even aware that a celebration had been planned. It was not often
that the Chairman found himself at a loss for words. Thankfully, after
taking a few seconds to assess the situation, Ixi realized that he didn't
really have to say much at all. He took a deep breath and rose to his feet.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. First off, I want to thank you all,
for making this day such a momentous one. Myself and the Board are truly
blessed to have such amazing support from you all. We are forever in your

"But I, personally, can only accept so much of the credit for what has
happened here over the past year. I saw but a need, and had but an idea so
abstract, I could not even put it to paper. The stark reality is, if it
weren't for Vice-President Thimtax, that idea would still be but a picture
in my mind. Without his knowledge and skills, none of this would have been
possible. I think he's the one that should be speaking this evening, and
now, old friend, I invite you to do just that. Get up here, Thimtax.
You've more than earned it."

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Sun Sep 14 01:32:23 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Three)

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause once again as Thimtax removed
his hardhat and slowly climbed onto the surface of the boardroom table,
calmly greeting the crowd. Allowing a moment for the clamor to die down
once again, he spoke with confidence and composure.

"First off, thank you All for the absolutely wonderful celebration you have
planned, in comemmoration of the completion of the new Ixi-Mart Tower. This
has been an amazing journey for me, and I am forever grateful that I had the
opportunity to take part in it."

"I would like to take a moment to extend special thanks to the workers who
have come in here, day in and day out, working All sorts of crazy schedules
for months on end. This was arguably one of the largest architectual
projects Algoron has ever witnessed. And without the workers' strength and
perseverance, none of this would have come to fruition."

"I would also like to give my thanks to Chairman Ixi'kweez and the Executive
Board. An undertaking such as this one required unprecedented financial and
logistical support. Without such, we would be nowhere near complete at this

"But most importantly," Thimtax continued, slowly looking about him at the
masses before him, the mighty tower looming in the background. "Most
importantly, I want to thank each and every one of you. You see, I am but a
craftsman. My job is to produce. I was contracted to erect a tower.
Granted, that tower is now the tallest free standing object on the face of
Algoron. But a tower is but a building. It fulfills a function."

"But much more than that has happened here, hasn't it? Tonight serves well
to illustrate, that more than a simple building was erected here. Look
around you. An entire town, with its own society, is here now, yes? A town
that supports it's company, and a company that supports its town. I'd be
shocked if any of you could name a similar place."

"No, my friends." Thimtax smiled warmly as the crowd listened to his words
in rapt attention. "No, this place is much more than a tower now. The guts
of the town may lie within the tower walls, but its heart! It's heart is
found within each and every one of you. -You- are what makes this place
special and unique. And I will never be able to thank you enough for being
able to take even a slight part in it."

"Now." The little gnome reached down and grabbed his little hardhat,
placing it atop his head. "My work isn't quite finished yet. I've my final
walkthrough to perform, and then I will sign the documents needed to turn
control of the Ixi-Mart Tower back over to the Board. Thank you All once
again. I am forever blessed. I expect you All in here on time tomorrow
morning. We've got a lot of work to do!"

The largest cheers of the night exploded from the crowd as the hardhat
wearing gnome hopped down from the table. He shook the hand of each member
of the Board, and hurriedly made his way back into the Tower to complete his
walkthrough, amidst a sea of praise and cheering.

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Sun Sep 14 01:37:51 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Four)

"Excuse me, Sir."

The still inebriated Olliwac slowly opened his eyes. After several seconds,
they were finally able to focus on the figure looking back at him.

"Excuse me, Vice-President Olliwac." The quiet man in coveralls asked once
again. "But the celebration is over. Almost everyone has left. I'm with
the cleanup crew. Our job is to restore the courtyard back to pristine
condition before the tower opens for business this morning."

The elderly kender stretched his arms and slowly rose back to a full sitting
position. "Hrm. Ohhh, riiiight. It's time to go home and sleep it off."
Olliwac reached to a bowl of peanuts sitting on the table in front of him,
and turned to his drinking partner, who was still unconscious.

"HEY!" Olliwac yelled, flicking a peanut at Ooof's head. "Hey! Wake up!
We gotta go!"

The ogre in the grey pinstriped suit tossed in his overburdened chair, but
refused to open his eyes. "Mmrmmm... Ooof hammered. Go away. Ooof sleepz

"We can't stay here!" The kender slurred. "The cleanup crew's here tryin
to work! Move your fat ass!"
Olliwac grabbed another peanut and flicked
it at the ogre's forehead.

"Nut fatassss!" Finally, Ooof opened his eyes, slowly focusing on the
antagonizing kender. "Go away, bug! Mez smmush yerr face!"

Olliwac laughed sarcastically. "I may be old, but I'll be damned if the
likes of -you- could ever catch -me-!"
With that, another peanut smacked
the ogre right between the eyes.

Ooof unsteadily rose to his feet, grinning menacingly at the inflammatory
kender. "Ooof nut smush yuz... Kender old. Break hipz. Ner, I stringz
you up from der tower! Leave you for Ixi to find termorrow!"

"You ain't stringin up -nothin-!" A handful of peanuts left the kender's
hand, showering the staggering Ooof full in the face. The ogre in the grey
pinstriped suited grinned and bellowed out a war cry, and the elderly kender
was off, Ooof in hot pursuit. Olliwac quickly bounded onto a nearby picnic

"NUT FATASSSS!!" The impudent kender roared mockingly, offering his best
ogre imitation.

"Hur hur, mez got yuz now!" With that, the ogre dove at the table, just in
time to see the surprisingly nimble kender jump out of the way. The ogre in
the grey pinstriped suit crashed through the table, which promptly collapsed
under his massive bulk.

"Come on! Is that the best you can do?" Olliwac chided from feet away.
"Admit it! You can't catch me! Then we can go home and sleep it off!"

The drunken ogre staggered to his feet, grinning widely. He dusted the
debris from his suit and turned to face the kender. "Ooof jus gettin
started! C'mere you!!"

The man with the cleanup crew sighed, as he watched ogre and kender racing
off towards Gate 'A', and back into town, leaving a path of broken chairs
and tables in their wake. He shouted out across the courtyard, to noone in

"Hey! Can I get a little help over here?"

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Sun Sep 14 01:48:07 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Five)

The Chairman meandered aimlessly around the perimeter of his office in
the old headquarters building early the next morning, absent-mindedly
running his fingertips over the old, plastered surface of the walls as he
went. Like the remainder of the tired, old building, his office was All but
empty; his desk, chair, and important documents All having been transferred
to the top of the tower. What had in the past seemed small and cramped to
the Chairman, now appeared large and quite barren.

It had never occurred to Ixi'kweez that he would be upset by this. A wave
of nostalgia came over him, overwhelming the excitement he had for the grand
opening of the tower. For decades upon decades, the Chairman had lovingly
operated and grown his company here, which was in the beginning, little more
than a single storefront. Memory after memory flashed in Ixi's mind. The
meetings. The numbers. The speeches to shareholders. And now, the
building that made such an expansion possible, was little more than a
decaying husk. It had never even dawned upon the Chairman, to consider what
would become of the old headquarters. Perhaps after the excitement of the
new tower settled down, he and Thimtax could evaluate whether the old
building was at All salvagable.


The Chairman suddenly awoke from his musing, hearing the cry from what
seemed to be somewhat far away, though in the building. It took next to no
time at all, for him to ascertain that it was indeed Ooof's voice, and it
was closing the distance rapidly.

"Ixiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! IXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!"


Ixi jumped back reflexively as the ogre in the grey pinstriped crashed clean
through his office door, knocking it off of its hinges. Ooof wheezed
violently in a vain attempt to catch his breath. He was hunched over,
placing his hands on his knees for support. His skin was deathly pale, and
he had horrified look in his eyes.

"What in the blue abyss?!" The Chairman exclaimed, completely taken back
the the situation. "What on earth could possibly have gotten you so

"Hee---- heee------" Ooof gasped out desperately, still unable to catch his
breath. He raised one hand from his knee and gestured the Chairman to
follow urgently.

"Please, old friend!" Ixi pleaded with the upset ogre. "I need you to
calm down, and tell me what the problem is."

The frantic ogre stood up straight, shaking his head violently from side to
side. Unwilling to waste another second, he grabbed the Chairman by the
wrist and dragged him bodily from his office.

"Ner... Ner time. Letz go! Ooof explain on the way!"

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Sun Sep 14 01:54:53 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Six)

The elevator doors had barely parted when Ixi burst through the cab into
the boardroom. Without a moment's hesitation, he and Ooof strode quickly to
the boardroom table, where Olliwac, Olybrius, and Thimtax were grouped. He
immediately focused on the lifeless gnome seated opposite of the Chairman's
seat. Ixi slowly reached out his hand and moved Thimtax's hair away from
his face, and promptly stepped back in disbelief.

The little gnome was no more; his little head resting face down on the
table, his little hardhat sitting up ended on the floor below. The faint
trickle of blood from his little ears suggested a brain hemmorage. In all
likelihood, Thimtax had never felt a thing. In his little hand, a feather
quill still rested. There was a single document lying on the table in front
of him. Ixi'kweez reached for the paper and inspected it. This was the
final document, giving complete control of the newly finished tower back
into the hands of Ixi-Mart. His little signature adorned the bottom line of
the page.

The tower was officially theirs, and Thimtax was gone.

For several moments, the board did not speak a word. Most were in tears,
save for the Chairman, clearly still in a state of shock, the enormity of
the event not yet sunk in. The silence was broken by a raspy, high-pitched
voice shouting from behind them.

"Out of my way!" The elderly gnome yelled. "Let me through! I want to
see him!"

The elderly Illiquin, Vice-President of Accounting, pushed his way though
the surrounding board members. Slowly, he climbed onto the chair next to
Thimtax and onto the boardroom table itself. Kneeling down directly in
front of the body, Illiquin grabbed its head by the hair and pulled it
upright. The elderly gnome's eyes went wide with amazement. He turned
Thimtax's head for the rest of the board to see. On Thimtax's forehead,
just below his hairline, was a small representation of two crossed hammers,
the mark of Cliath. Satisfied that All had seen the mark, Illiquin
unceremoniously released his hold on the dead gnome's hair, letting his head
fall back to the table with a ingominious thud. He then addressed those
before him, a look of incredulity in his eyes.

"What the hell is wrong with you people?!" Illiquin's question went
unanswered, as the others looked at the elderly gnome in utter shock. "Why
are you crying? Don't you see what has happened? Did you not see the mark?
Don't you -dare- cry for him!"

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Sun Sep 14 01:59:07 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Seven)

The board gaped at Illiquin, dumbfounded by his seemingly callous words.
Unfazed, the gnome rose to his feet, maintaining his look of indignation as
he met the shocked gaze of the Board. He took a deep breath, and continued
speaking in a fevered tone.

"Every gnome that has ever been or will ever be, has what the gnomes call a
'Lifequest'; an inherent masterpiece within each and every one of us. Noone
is told what their particular Lifequest is. The only way discover it, is to
trust in yourself and your experiences to point you in the right direction.
If the Lifequest is indeed discovered, and that Lifequest is completed to
Cliath's satisfaction, He will take that soul, and said soul will dwell with
Cliath for eternity."

"You All saw the mark! You saw Thimtax's signature on the final documents!
There can be no question. He did it! He -actually- did it! This tower was
his Lifequest, and he -knew- it!"

Illiquin watched the blank, astounded stares of the Board members in front
of him. More energized now than ever, he continued.

"Do you not see the gravity of what I've just told you!? He fulfilled his
Lifequest! It has been centuries since the last instance was documented!
I've gone my whole damn life without so much as an inkling of what my
Lifequest is!"

"Oh, sure. We gnomes are no strangers to architectural marvels. Noone can
deny that. This tower is but one. But look around you! The tower is but
part of what he created here. He created jobs! He created an entire town,
and made sure the needs of everyone in it were met! And most importantly,
he created hope! Hope for you, for me, and for everyone who passes through
those outer gates and enters this place!"

"He had the love of hundereds! He got to ride a dragon! He's taken us to
places that we had never thought possible! And he did it -all- in but a
single year! Noone in this room will ever do more in our entire lives!"

The elderly gnome halted his tirade abruptly. As true as his words were, he
was no longer able to hold back the gutwrenching emotions within him. He
dropped to his knees once again and threw his arms around the lifeless body
of Thimtax, sobbing.

"Don't... Don't you dare... Cry for him..."

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Sun Sep 14 02:03:42 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Eight)

The Chairman had not spoken a single word, nor shed a single tear, since
he entered the boardroom moments ago. He was in a state of utter shock.
Thimtax had been a part of Ixi-Mart, as well as a trusted, dear friend, for
decades. He felt like a part of him had just died, and in a way, it had.
But he had to remain strong. He was the Chairman. However, he felt his
resolve wavering, and attempted to excuse himself.

"I.. I need a moment, please." Ixi slowly made his way to the dividing
wall and the blackboard. He pressed against the panel softly, but it did
not budge. A second, stronger attempt yielded the same results. He traced
his fingers across the wall, seeking a secret catch or fingerhold. He found
none. A flash of anger overcame the Chairman.


Noone dared utter a response, and the Chairman sighed, lowering his head.
He slowly turned around and made his way to his seat at the boardroom table.
Keeping his gaze to the floor, he spoke once more.

"God damn you, old friend." The Chairman half-heartedly pounded on the
table before him, and he heard the secret panel release from the dividing
wall behind him. He slowly turned around and trudged soundlessly to his
office. He was overwhelmed by what he saw inside.

No longer did 'Statue Ixi' stand vigilantly to the right of the Chairman's
desk. No longer did he wink impishly at onlookers, showcasing a dreadwood
log and the light-hearted thumbs-up. In its place, now stood a perfect
representation of Thimtax. He stood on a granite pedestal. He wore a
hardhat on his head. He smiled happily, holding a hammer in his left hand,
and waving to onlookers with his right. The pedestal on which he stood,
bore the inscription, "We've got a lot of work to do!"

The Chairman dropped to his knees at the threshold of his office and openly

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Sun Sep 14 02:11:41 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Celebration and Loss" (Part Nine)

The Chairman emerged from his office not thirty minutes later, once he
felt he was able to maintain his composure. He walked over to the boardroom
table where everyone was still amassed. He was relieved to see the other
board members were slowly regaining their composure as well. It was
Illiquin who spoke first.

"I've already contacted Gahboom, and told them of what happened. A
delegation will arrive here via portal any moment now. They will document
this event, and take his body home with them in triumph. We must respect

"They'll.. Take him?" The Chairman repeated, taken aback by how swiftly
events were unfolding. "But he-"

Just then, a bright flash of light burst forth from near the elevator, and
the very air tore asunder, revealing a small, dimensional portal, which
slowly grew in size. Reaching it's maximum, a total of four gnomes exited
the portal, and hastily made their way towards the Board. The lead gnome
introduced himself briefly and efficiently.

"Greetings. I am Livvix, Comptroller of the Department of Divine Occurances
and Unexplained Phenomena, and these are my subordinates. On behalf of
Gahboom, we would like to extend our deepest condolences for your loss.
Thimtax was a well respected individual, and will be sorely missed."

It was Illiquin who answered first. "Greetings, Comptroller. I am
Illiquin, Vice-President of Accounting for Ixi-Mart. Thimtax's sudden death
has had a profound effect on us all, but knowing that he will be granted a
triumph for his deeds makes All of this just a little less sorrowful."

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Livvix interrupted. "We can't just assume this was the
work of Cliath! Perhaps he had an anyeurism, or a stroke. This could well
be coincidental. We've months of testing before us before we can make a
determination like tha-"

The elderly gnome reached in front of him and raised the head of Thimtax
once again, turning it so the delegation could see the mark of Cliath. He
glared at Livvix impatiently.

"Good gods! That's-" the Comptroller halted his words and quietly conferred
with his associates for a moment. He then returned his gaze to Illiquin and
the Board. "Okay, so we're going to take him home in triumph. Murvin,
prepare the portal, please."

"Not so fast!" Ixi'kweez snapped at the gnome. "You're not taking him
anywhere just yet!"

Livvix raised his little head to meet the Chairman's gaze, giving no reply.
Ixi took that as a sign to continue.

"You can't just waltz in here and take him away like that. I understand you
are simply doing your job, but you need to understand just how important
Thimtax is to us and this town as well. One year ago, this place was
nothing more than an undeveloped plain. Because of him, an entire town has
blossomed. And the people of this town will be heartbroken over his
passing. Gahboom will have its triumph, but not until Mart-Town has

Livvix gazed shrewdly at the Chairman. Sensing the seriousness of Ixi's
tone, he decided not to press the issue. Relieved, the Chairman spoke once
again. "Alright, good. Olliwac, head on down and gather the people.
Inform them of what has happened. In an hour's time, the Board, along with
the gnomish delegation, will bring Thimtax from the lobby, through the
courtyard, and down Dented Steel Neckguard Boulevard. Once we're past the
town limits, I will personally raise the portal back to Gahboom. But for
now, it is time for Mart-Town to see their hero, one last time."

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Sun Sep 14 03:41:51 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Forward the Tower" (Epi-Logs: Part One)

"Mister Crillow is here, as per your request, Chairman." Hyaku'cho
spoke softly as herself and Crillow crested the stairwell from the lobby

"Thank you, Hyaku'cho." Ixi'kweez replied graciously. "That is All for
now." With that, the young Shalonesti elf lady turned on her heel and
returned down the stairs to her station in the executive lobby.

"Mr. Crillow. Please. Have a seat."

The burly man offered a polite nod and walked over to the boardroom table,
choosing the seat closest to him. He sat down and removed his glasses,
wiping them with a white, silken cloth. The Chairman continued.

"Crillow, I'll be brief. It's been several weeks since Thimtax's passing,
and we All miss him dearly. But, Ixi-Mart needs someone who can take over
his duties as Vice-President of Production. Thimtax had lauded your skill
and aptitude on many occassions. That's as good of a reference as I need to
hear. I would like to offer you the position."

"Me?" Crillow responded in surprise.

"Well, why not you?"

Crillow's expression turned somber. "Well, for one, I'm going blind. I
doubt I'll be able to see at All in a few years."

The members of the board exchanged glances across the table, but refocused
on the Chairman as he continued.

"I understand that, Crillow. Thimtax was quite frank about that. But
here's the thing. I don't need you down there, making things and
micro-managing. I need you up here, keeping the production department
running smoothly. I need your input, your feedback, your recommendations,
and your ideas. Your expertise would be invaluable."

Crillow considered the Chairman's words carefully, but had yet to offer a
response. Always the salesman, Ixi'kweez pressed on.

"I hear Momoko is considering opening a little restaurant in the undeveloped
quarter. Vice-President money could make that dream a reality real quick."
Still receiving no reply from Crillow, he folded his hands and laid them on
the boardroom table before him. "Look, Crillow. I get it. You've spent
your life laboring and toiling around the world, and now you've found
yourself a wonderful wife and daughter. You'd like to be able to slow down.
And you deserve to do that. And, you'll be able to do that up here with us.
I can continue to search for an adequate replacement if you wish, and you
could preside on an interim basis."

Crillow glanced around the table, seeing everyone's eyes focused on him. He
had not expected this when he was called up here. And he would have never
expected to be offered an opportunity like this. And the ability to give
Momoko the money she needed to start up her restaurant. The burly man had
little choice but to accept.

"Okay. I accept your offer. Thank you for this opportunity."

"Excellent! I'll have Hyaku'cho show you to your new office. Welcome

Writer: Cassioppia

Date Sun Sep 14 10:24:52 2014

Writer: J'zinea

Date Mon Sep 15 21:09:01 2014

Writer: Zedryk

Date Tue Sep 16 07:35:39 2014

To All Conclave Wargar Slayers Sebatis Imm RP

Subject The road less traveled. Part I

It was there! Like a perfect gem in the heavens. The red moon was full
and in high sanction. Zedryk loved to stare at it for hours on end during
his meditations. On this day in particular he was traveling on the merchant
ship Sygzani on a course to Arkania to complete a small errand for the high
priest of Althainia. He had lost count of how many times he had ridden this
ship with the same heading to complete practically the same errand. The
world was such an interesting place with so much to see and do, and he did
not enjoy the fact that until he could cast the greater transportation
spells he, Zedryk, would have to continue to be grunted at by the crew of
the sygzani. He was anxious to commence his self-appointed mission. He
would spread the word of Sebatis and do his best to aid those who already
followed his God. He remembered the day that he proclaimed his lonership to
the world and smiled to himself at how far he had come. He took a moment to
reflect on how few people chose the life of a loner. For him it had been
relatively pleasant so far. He had made some friends. A couple of hill
dwarves like himself who called themselves the GemSeekers. He was proud to
call himself a GemSeeker as well. As he scratched his beard he wondered,
not for the first time, where the temples to Sebatis were located. He had
come across temples to many of the other Gods during his travels, but had
not yet been able to find one for his patron. "Thar's got ta bae one out
thar somewhere! Perhaps in some hidden place on Algoron not frequented."
As the crew began to dock the ship he gathered his belongings, lowered his
head in a quick prayer to Sebatis, and disembarked the ship feeling
invigorated. He began to make his way along the northwestern coast of
Arkania towards the enormous tree along the north coast of the continent.
All the while he gazed up at the red moon in its most exultant phase. "Oh
yes. Ah bae uh GemSeeker indeed." He stepped off the shore and coughed on
a mouthful of salty ocean water. Spluttering and floundering in a less than
dignified manner he climbed back onto the shore soaked to his bones. Blast
ye Sebatis ah was tryin tah keep mah eyes on tha prize. Yer moon bedazzels
mah mortal sight. And now mah new clothes bae drenched and stinkin o sea
water." He arrived at the great tree and began to climb the trunk easily.
He found the missing emerald, but rather than scooping it up and running
back to the high priest he sat down next to it and spent the remainder of
the night enjoying the sight of the red moon while he wrung out his new
robes of gossamer.

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Tue Sep 16 21:36:20 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Forward the Tower" (Epi-Logs: Part Two)

Momiji's feet dangled above the floor as she sat atop a desk within the
Department of Marketing, Advertising, and Promotions, high atop the 22nd
floor of the Ixi-Mart Tower. She regarded the highly animated kender with
an expression somewhere between amusement and skepticism, as he gestured
wildly towards the wooden easel standing next to him. Standing atop the
easel were several large sheets of white paper, bearing several haphazardly
drawn diagrams and illustrations.

Olliwac waved a black crayon madly in his right hand as he spoke. "So. Ixi
wants more people in the stores. So we need to come up with some type of
promotion to make that happen. Here's one idea. We gather up thousands of
cedar logs. Then, we hire a bunch of wizards to cast a tornado spell, and
send them flying All over the world to potential customers! Then, everyone
gets free samples and see how great our products are!"

The elderly kender was disappointed as the little almond-eyed girl quirked
an eyebrow at him. "No, huh? Alright. Then how about this?" Olliwac
quickly pulled down the front sheet of paper from the easal, leaving it lie
on the floor. He pointed to the newly revealed sheet, showing what looked
to be a crudely drawn representation of a flight of dragons.

"Alright. We make a -million- flyers with our logo on them! Then, we hire
some dragons, and they'll swoop down on every city in the world and drop
loads of flyers All over the place! That way, everyone knows where to-"

The kender's words trailed off into silence as the look on Momiji's face
clearly registered one of disapproval. "What? You don't like that one
either? Well, you're new. I won't hold that against you. How about this?
Why don't you pitch -me- an idea for getting more customers into the

The little girl crossed her ankles and rested her chin on her hand,
pondering challenge thoughtfully. "Well, maybe we could have a sale. You
know. Lower prices on items we sell for a while. That way, more people
will want to shop at our stores."

The horrified kender stared back at Momiji in amazement. She offered
nothing more than a confident expression.

"A sale? That's it!?"

"Mhm." The little girl nodded her head vehemently.

"Well, that's not a bad idea. But, no dragons? No explosions? Nothing
raining down from the sky?!"

Receiving no further response from Momiji, Olliwac sighed and deferred to
the little girl's judgement.

"Alright. We'll try your idea this time. But you sure have a lot to learn
about marketing!"

Writer: Rhaxx

Date Wed Sep 17 08:02:23 2014

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Wed Sep 17 13:36:36 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Forward the Tower" (Epi-Logs: Part Three)

"So. Quite a masterpiece, wouldn't you say?"

Thimtax slowly craned his head up and down, scanning the outside of the
building, as he and Cliath stood in the open courtyard, shifted out of
phase. He studied his work for several moments before giving his answer.

"It turned out pretty nice, I guess."

Cliath quirked an eyebrow at the little gnome beside him. "You guess? Why?
What would you have done differently with it?"

"Well, I'm not crazy about the crown moulding we used in the offices. I
probably would've raised the ceiling on the top floor a foot or so. And
truth be told, I really should've made arrangements to have that god awful
Ixi statue disappear on its way into the tower."

Cliath mimicked the little gnome, peering up and down the exterior of the
tower, then returning his gaze to Thimtax. "Perhaps your definition of
perfection and my definition of perfection, are two different things. Oh,
and I've already taken care of that statue for you."

"Oh, good." The little gnome replied. "I hope Ixi wasn't too upset over

Cliath smiled softly. "Not at all."

"Good. So. I've been meaning to ask you. Where are the others?"

"Oh, I'm afraid it's just you and me for now." Cliath replied jovially.
"There is another, but he is off working on a secret project, and he has
requested a little privacy."

"Well alrighty then. So. What is next for us? What shall be our next

Cliath beamed a proud smile, clearly elated by the little gnome's question.

"Come on. I'll show you. You're going to love this!"

With a wave of his hand, the pair vanished from the courtyard.

Writer: Olaf

Date Wed Sep 17 19:36:36 2014

Writer: Ixi'kweez

Date Wed Sep 17 23:16:24 2014

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_kingdom Althainia Knighthood Justice Arkane Nordmaar imm rp Scorn Ehl'din Austinian Zandreya

Subject Raising The Tower "Forward the Tower" (Epi-Logs: Part Four) (THE END)

Furui Shinchu stretched out lazily across one of the massive, steel
perches Thimtax had installed on the roof of the Ixi-Mart Tower, basking in
the sun's warm rays. He gazed pensively upward as the occasional cloud
travelled across the azure background of the sky.

"He is saddened by the passing of the Thimtax. He had a great respect for
that one."
, The man in simple brown robes mused aloud. "However, his
efforts and accomplishments have earned him a place in Cliath's realm. He
has shown the world the potential that lies within each and every softling,
and what one is capable of when one dedicates oneself unilaterally to their

"However, it is one thing to create perfection. It is another, to maintain
and protect that perfection."
Furui pushed himself upright into a sitting
position and stretched his arms above his head. "It will not be long before
undesirables find their way to this place. There will be those who seek to
take advantage of, or even hurt, those who reside here in peace and

"And yet, this town has no sheriff. No peacekeeping force. No defenses at
all to speak of. Could this have been but a careless oversight?"

Furui looked down at the perch on which he sat, then looked around at the
three identical ones that ringed the roof of the tower. "Or perhaps the
Thimtax did indeed provide a defense, by binding me to this place, and
causing me to reevaluate my opinion on the value of the softlings."

The pleasant looking man hopped down from the perch onto the roof, and
walked to the edge, gazing straight down towards Mart-Town below. "Very
well, Thimtax. I will seek to perpetuate, that which you have created."

With that, Furui jumped from the roof. The floors of the tower flew by as
he began his transformation back into his natural form. In a matter of
seconds, Ol' Brassy spread his massive wings, slowing his descent rapidly
until he had levelled off, and made his way back towards his lair.

"He will ressst thisss day. On the morrow, he will gather hisss wealth, and
find himssself sssuitable accomodationsss in town. Let usss sssee what
thisss town hasss to offer."


Writer: Elva

Date Thu Sep 18 15:09:10 2014

Writer: Isabel

Date Fri Sep 19 02:08:54 2014

To Immersa Kuromaru Justice All ( Roleplay Immortal Austinian Religion Nazca )

Subject The Priestess: Research [Part I]

Isabel rubbed her eyes and took a deep breath. Exhaustion was finally
beginning to catch up with her after weeks of little sleep. She closed the
hefty tome that sat in her lap and sighed. A creature that invaded the
mind. A demon without a corporeal form that was able to invade the minds of
it's victims. She had scoured every scroll, book, and parchment she had
been able to find within the Wrath's library but her research had turned up
with naught.

She stood then, stretching her legs out as she walked across the room to
look out the open window. Evening had come already and yet again and
Isabel's stomach reminded her that she had eaten nothing since breakfast.
The corners of her mouth curved upward into a smile as she shook her head
to herself. It was both a blessing and a curse at times to become so
consumed with one's work that All else fell to the wayside.

The words of her mother whispered in the midst of her other thoughts. "Your
passion and drive will serve you well but you must be humble too. Remember
your own mortality. Take care of yourself so that you may make the most of
each day." A blush crept into Isabel's pale cheeks. She had a feeling
Helene would be displeased with her current state of lacking rest and

Folding her hands into the sleeves of her robes, Isabel treaded silently
down the hall to the kitchen where Ingraine was cleaning up the dishes left
behind from the soldiers who had already had their supper. Isabel paused at
the counter and rapped her closed hand gently against the wooden casing.
Ingraine looked up from the cupboard she had been attending to and waved her
finger at Isabel as she made a clucking sound at the priestess.

"Late again, I see!" Ingraine's tone was accusing but not unkind as she
brought out a steaming plate of steak and potatoes that had been hidden from
sight. Isabel nodded as she offered the cook a sheepish smile. "Yes, I'm
afraid I am... Tomorrow will not be so." Ingraine snorted softly as she
shot Isabel a disbelieving look. When Isabel took the plate from the cook,
she stared intently at Ingraine with an earnestness that could be felt in
her words. "I do mean it. While the work I do is important, I know it is
also my duty to take care of my own health. I will be more careful in the
future." She smiled meekly and Ingraine studied her for a moment. "I'll be
holding you to it, Miss Bells. Mark my words." The chef raised a ladle and
waved it teasingly at Isabel. Gasping in mock horror, Isabel giggled gently
and smiled warmly at Ingraine. While the older woman could be gruff, she was
motherly in her own way. The priestess found this to be comforting.

Writer: Kailyri

Date Fri Sep 19 21:44:24 2014

Writer: Laiton

Date Fri Sep 19 21:53:28 2014

Writer: Z'Quarus

Date Fri Sep 19 21:56:41 2014

To All Religion Fatale

Subject One step closer

Nimble. Graceful. Never would these words be used to describe the
hulking minotaur priest that sat cutting and polishing the gems before him.
Yet here he sat with cutting with precision and patience.

Death is patient in its blessings. It is a pale rider come to visit each
door, and as such, bears no need to act hastily. Seek always power in his
name, yet be wary that what is already claimed is not lost...

These gems were special. Every gem was. Each helped to glorify his master.
This set in particular would not only strengthen the horde but would also
allow him to pick the brain of a former member of Gareth Keep. One step
closer to his goal and hopeful victory for the darkness. And that which he
desired above all. Favor and power.

With a final appraisal of the gems Z'Quarus nodded and headed down the
Dungeon's to fuse the gems into the former knights armor.

Writer: Shalrienne

Date Sat Sep 20 09:36:39 2014

Writer: Shalrienne

Date Sat Sep 20 09:38:09 2014

Writer: Nathalos

Date Sun Sep 21 02:39:10 2014

Writer: Zedryk

Date Mon Sep 22 10:24:50 2014

To All Conclave Slayers Wargar Sebatis Imm RP

Subject The road less traveled. Part II

"Wher'd tha blasted Kender get to!" It was just past sundown and Zedryk
was lost in the woods of Tropica with the sounds of monkeys off in the
distance and mosquitoes biting him left and right. He looked about uneasily
at the lengthening shadows and shivered despite the humidity. He didn't
know where the Warp was located, but he was sure that at this moment he was
dangerously close to the halls of MalACHIVE's army of Chaos. His illusory
companion had not been seen in several hours. Zedryk wanted desparately to
count this as a blessing, but the Kender did seem to know the ways of this
continent like the back of his hand. There was a loud roar somewhere off to
the west, followed shortly by a strange bouncing noise that sounded
suspiciously like a gigantic spring being compressed and released. He
listened to this sound move farther and farther away and offered a quick
prayer to Sebatis that, for a short time at least, he would be left alone by
the enhabitants of this jungle. He moved along the sorriest excuse for a
path he had ever seen, All the while snagging his new robes on thorns and
branches. What a sight he would make. Sweaty, dirty, scratches and scrapes
up and down his arms, and covered in ichy welts the size of grapes. If
there was a temple to Sebatis out here in the pits of Tropica, he was at
least glad that there would most likely be nobody there to see his
triumphant arrival. He decided that it was getting too dark to make any
further progress today, so he set down his pack and began making
preparations for a sleepless night in the jungle.

Writer: Oszen

Date Tue Sep 23 21:29:08 2014

Writer: Traice

Date Wed Sep 24 00:19:01 2014

Writer: Isabel

Date Wed Sep 24 03:39:50 2014

To Immersa Kuromaru Gaudin Justice All ( Roleplay Immortal Austinian Religion Nazca )

Subject The Priestess: Research [Part II]

Isabel knelt near the hearth as she stoked the coals with an iron poker.
She shivered, still feeling the cold from Icewall that had seeped through
her clothing, chilling her to the bone. Though unlike what she was
accustomed to, it had been a rewarding evening despite the frosty climate.
The old knight's library might hold the key to All she had been seeking for
what seemed an endless time. While holding out her palms to the fire, she
bowed her head to whisper a prayer.

"Father Austinian, I thank you for fortuitous meetings and new friendships.
Such things are not coincidence -- I see them as Your hand guiding us gently
as we follow our path. Continue to guide me, Father. May Your will be done
in All things. Grant me wisdom and patience in this task. In Your name I
humbly ask these things. Amen."

Opening her eyes, she lifted the golden pendant resting on her chest to her
lips and kissed the symbol of Austinian stamped into the precious golden
metal. She smiled, dropping the pendant back into place. The names of the
unfamiliar tomes Gaudin had mentioned floated through her thoughts as she
placed another log on the fire. There must be mention of this demon
somewhere. If such writings yet existed, she would find them.

With a look of set determination, she stood, brushing the ash that had
touched the hem of her robes. Isabel returned to her desk and picked up her
quill. The parchment laid out on her desk was waiting for her to finish.
The notes she had made for her upcoming sermon were nearing completion. She
would wait until after the gathering before making plans to return to
Icewall. As Gaudin had said, the tomes would be waiting for her.


Curling her fingers around the mug in her hands, Isabel sipped on the
chamomile tea as she leaned back in her chair. The herb's properties seemed
to clear her mind and relax her. She always kept a small pouch of the dried
flowers nearby in case the opportunity to steep some presented itself. She
smiled gently, taking another sip as she looked over her outline. A flutter
in her stomach, not unlike the wings of hundreds of butterflies, stirred
inside her. She knew it was silly but she found herself overanalyzing
again, worrying how what she said might be received. She took a breath and
nodded as if to reassure herself. It was her place to speak the truth. If
she did so, she believed wholeheartedly that the Father would reach their

Writer: Shalrienne

Date Thu Sep 25 15:05:24 2014

Writer: Waaagh

Date Fri Sep 26 02:38:22 2014

Writer: Khalfren

Date Sun Sep 28 08:38:41 2014

Writer: Aiglet

Date Sun Sep 28 10:05:12 2014

Writer: J'zinea

Date Sun Sep 28 10:42:12 2014

Writer: Traice

Date Sun Sep 28 15:20:43 2014

Writer: Nathalos

Date Mon Sep 29 10:21:27 2014

Writer: Zedryk

Date Mon Sep 29 10:49:05 2014

To All Conclave Wargar Slayers Aiglet Sebatis Imm RP

Subject The road less traveled. Part III The dead end.

Zedryk awoke to a hangover the likes of which he'd never experienced
before. "Ah mae bloody skull! Whuz happened tah mae?" He was hanging
upside down by his ankles from a tree branch 10 feet or so above the
Tropican jungle and swaying back and forth in a rythmic pendulam motion that
only made him dizzier as he began to struggle against the extremely tight
bindings that held him. His arms were secured by his sides beneath the
cord, or whatever it was the held him. Reaching into his pack was
impossible. All he could do was sway back and forth, and if he fell it
would surely be death on impact as he would most certainly land flat on his
head. He stopped the list of oaths and curses he was grumbling under his
breath and listened close as the sound of many scuttling feet reached his
ears. Whatever was making the noise was moving closer along the branch he
was tied to and coming fast. His mind began to race as he tried to fight
the fear that raced through him. "This nae bae good." A faint hissing and
clicking noise could be heard now directly above his feet. Something very
large was lowering itself down beside him from the branch but in the dim
light it was difficult to see clear. He prayed for the wisdom of Sebatis to
enlighten him. Perhaps then he could think of a way out of this mess. It
took a moment, but he felt the connection to his God. The clarity of
thought, the expansion of creativity and the near artistic control of magic
swept over him. In a split second he cast a spell of holy flame in the
general direction of the descending body and heard a hissing screach. In
the brilliance of the holy light he could see his captor. A monsterous
spider was surrounded by the roiling flames which illuminated the
surrounding forest canopy with dancing colors. Zedryk could see a maze of
thick spiderwebs creating a dome among the surrounding tree tops. "Ah so
yer the filthy wretch. Prepare tah enter tha void ye fuzzy freak!" The
spider's many eyes focused on him as its legs writhed like snakes. At his
outburst it began making the hissing screach noise again, and a string of
thick rope shot from somewhere and hit him square in the face. Not only
could he not see, but he could not breathe either. As he struggled for
breath he felt his strength leaving him. Just then he felt a pinprick high
on his right arm and a cold chill began to run through his entire body.
"Tha blasted thing's poisoned mae" he thought to himself. "Forgive mah
failure lord Sebatis. Mah strength nae bae great enough tah fight this
foe." Just as unconsciousness was about to take over Zedryk heard a high
pitched laugh and a loud snapping noise. Leave Mr. Zedryk alone you big
jerk! We're not done with our adventures yet!" Zedryk heard the voice and
recognized it instantly. It was the kender he'd met on the Explorer's
treasure, Aiglet, who was now his travel guide through the jungle. He would
have laughed out loud if he could have. Zedryk heard a small popping noise
and then felt a small hand rubbing some ointment into the bite on his arm.
"I'm apprenticing as a nightshade and we have to learn All about poisons.
This is an easy one" said the kender enthusiasticly. The affect was
immediate. The chill faded to a dull numbing feeling, and Zedryk began to
have hope once more. With a few well placed cuts of the knife, Aiglet had
Zedryk's hands and arms freed from the webbing. "Grab the branch Mr.
Zedryk and I'll cut your feet. Hurry! That mean spider is picking himself
up and he looks mad." Zedryk did as he was told and pulled himself onto the
branch which bowed slightly as he wriggled upright. "Now", said the kender.
"Leave everything to me." Zedryk had his doubts that the kender could
handle the spider being as it was easily twice his hight, but in a flash the
kender was gone from his side.

Writer: Zedryk

Date Mon Sep 29 12:30:41 2014

To All Conclave Wargar Slayers Aiglet Sebatis Imm RP

Subject The road less traveled. Part IV: The dead end concluded.

A smile played across Zedryk's face as he watched the kender playing with
the spider on the jungle floor below. Okay so it wasn't playing. It was a
fight to the death with a beast twice his size, but Aiglet handled the
situation without the slightest hint of worry or concern for the outcome.
The whole seen was visible to Zedryk since the holy flames were still
surrounding the spider, adding to its menacing appearance. He knew that
their presence was taxing the creature, but it was still a formidible
oponent. Aiglet danced around the spider with ease, dodging and blocking
the spider's clumsy attacks as if they were being delivered in slow motion.
"Tha lad's fast." A shreak from below almost made him fall out of the tree.
Aiglet had spun around in a blur, dodging a blast of webbing, and moved in
close the the spider's face where he deftly buried the dagger to the hilt
into one of the beast's many eyes. The spider began to flail its legs
around wildly, snapping at the air in rage. "Oopsey, your not having fun
anymore. That's too bad" teased the kender. "That's okay though because
I'm getting bored too." The kender pulled a small paper object out of a
pouch and struck it with the tip of his dagger. "Look what I made for you"
said Aiglet as he hurled the object directly into the face of the spider.
It turned out to be some kind of flare. The spider shreaked louder than
ever and began to scuttle backwards away from the source of the light, but
Aiglet was waiting for it to do that. Flying through the air just behind
the paper flare were two daggers spinning end over end. One went into the
thing's open mouth and its scream turned into a choking gurgle, while the
other planted itself between another set of eyes. Aiglet was beside the
creature now as it lay dying noisely on the ground. In a display of
practiced skill, he casually popped open another bottle and spread a pungent
smelling substance over the blade of another dagger that looked more like a
shortsword in his tiny hand. The final blow was delivered so fast the
Zedryk missed it. The thrashing and gurgling stopped, and the holy flames
surrounding the spider went out. "Okay Mr. Zedryk you can come down now."
With a gesture of his left hand Zedryk cast the spell of flight and lept off
of the branch. He floated down beside the kender who had just finished
sacrificing the body. The kender looked at Zedryk with a sad look on his
face. "I'm sorry Mr. Zedryk, but I have some bad news." " Well um... You
see... Its not that I'm a bad guide... But..." "Out with it lad" Zedryk
demanded. "Well I saw a path yesterday while we were walking and I had to
check it out for clues. It led out of the forest and to a big lake where
people were fishing so I asked them if they knew of any temples to Sebatis
around here. They said they've lived here on Tropica for years and haven't
seen one. Turns out the one I was thinking of was for Kwainin." A smile
brightened Aiglet's face as he said the name. "But don't worry. We can
keep searching. We'll just go somewhere else. Maybe Icewall has one."
"Tha's alright lad. Ah'm given up on tha search fer now. Ye've shown me
that thar bae more important things ta be done than finding tha temple. Ah
need ta bae trainin fer starters. Time fer mae ta get back ta work." The
kender beamed a smile. "Oh yeah that's great. And the next time you want
to search I'll give you a discount!" "Discount! Ye ner got mae killed
abandoning mae like that! Yer not gettin 5 gold ye slippery little demon."
Aiglet laughed and held up a small pouch. "No no Mr. Zedryk you've already
payed me for this expedition. But I suppose we should get back to the port
now." And with that Aiglet dashed off down the path with Zedryk hot on his
heals swinging his mace and cursing the kender at the top of his lungs.
Aiglet broke out of the trees and reached the dock a few seconds ahead of
Zedryk. The nightshade boarded the Explorer's treasure just as the crew
untied the ship and hoisted the anchor. "Bye bye for now Mr. Zedryk."

Writer: Blaere

Date Tue Sep 30 22:14:24 2014

Writer: Zedryk

Date Wed Oct 1 09:23:44 2014

To All Conclave Nathalos Sebatis Imm RP

Subject The burial of a Godling.

Zedryk through a small pack of necessities over his shoulder and ran out
of the Althainian priest guild into the temple square. Vizier Nathalos of
the Conclave's red-robes had just informed him that Gabadeli, one of the
sons of Sebatis, had been killed in the Blackwood Forest on Icewall. The
serene mind-state he had just achieved through an entire mornings worth of
meditation was shattered in an instant, and now he could feel his blood
pounding in his ears. The vizier had asked him to travel to the forest to
perform the burial rights. He tried to cast a flight spell, which was
usually an easy ordeal, but his concentration kept slipping and the spell
would not manifest. "This bae unbelievable" he fumed. "Forgive mae lord
Sebatis. Ah should'a been by his side at All times." Finally the spell
took hold and he was launched into the sky above the temple square like a
corc popped out of a bottle. As he tumbled through the sky high above
Althainia he sent a request to Nathalos for a portal to take him to the
Blackwood. The portal opened just ahead of him and he fell through it,
landing sprawled on the other side at the wizard's feet. "Aaaaarg. What ah
day this bae fer us ay lad." Zedryk picked himself up and began to dust off
his robes. "Ye've retreaved the Godling's corpse ave ye?" The vizier
nodded silently. They walked around for several hours, trying to determine
the best location for the cloud giant's body to be put to rest. They
finally selected a peaceful glade by the river as the site and began to
prepare. They decided to dig a grave rather than building a pyre. Zedryk
summoned an earth elemental to aid them with the task, and the elemental
began moving around the glade making the ground perfectly level. Zedryk
paced the perimeter of the clearing while chanting prayers under his breath.
He was doing his best to sanctify the area, but he had never performed a
ceremony like this before. He stopped in the center and tilted his head
back. "Lord Sebatis. Hear our prayer. Today we lay your son, Gabadeli, to
rest. It was here in this forest that his life was taken, and it will be
hear that he shall remain. We pray that tha divine spark that was once
Gabadeli rejoins ye somehow, and that his memory lives on in you." He
stepped back and cast an earthquake spell. The ground was ripped open
forming A perfect fissure from north to south. Nathalos took out a small
round object that Zedryk assumed was an enchanted container of some sort,
and after casting a spell to grant him the strength of giants, began to
withdraw the massive body. "Help him brick fer brains" scolded Zedryk, and
the earth elemental bowed and stepped forw ard to assist. The body fit
perfectly into the grave, and the wizard, priest, and elemental began to
cover it with dirt. They stepped backadmiring their handywork. The
elemental began placing large boulders around the mound, and Nathalos began
blasting them with elemental cones to fuse them together. Zedryk withdrew a
torch afixed to the end of a long pole and planted it in the very center of
the barrow. He held his hands to either side, and the torch was lit with
holy flames. "Gabadeli" Zedryk bellowed. "Farewell ta ye. May yer spirit
be at peace." He drew his mace and saw nathalos scribing runes of
preservation along the faces of the boulders surrounding the gravesite. He
lifted the mace high above his head and a crack of thunder rang somewhere
high above the forest as the mace slammed down hard atop the barrow. "Thank
ye fer allowen mae ta bae a part of this vizier. It bae a sad occasion, but
Ah'm here ta do the work of Sebatis and tis an honor ta bae supportin his
followers." Nathalos thanked Zedryk and with a casual wave of his hand
opened another portal back to Althainia.

Writer: Cieran

Date Thu Oct 2 07:26:32 2014

Writer: Aliera

Date Thu Oct 2 10:31:28 2014

Writer: Ryael

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Writer: Rie

Date Thu Oct 2 15:59:25 2014

Writer: Rie

Date Thu Oct 2 16:03:06 2014

Writer: Ryael

Date Thu Oct 2 17:28:44 2014

To Abaddon All ( Fatale RP )

Subject Whispering Shadows

The Inquisitor sat upon a chair within his newly acquired chambers, peering
around at the other furnishings for a moment before settling his eyes upon a
darkened corner of the room. He raised his voice and spoke in a tone that
betrayed his irritation, "I do not remember asking you to keep watch on me,
Geoffre. What are you doing here?" A man stepped forward, freeing himself from
the shadows. His form was outfitted tightly with supple, darkened leathers,
and smoke blackened blades could be found in an assortment of sheathes around
his form. A hood concealed his visage from view, but it did not seem to bother
the inquisitor.

"I was waiting to see if you had any orders for me...", the man paused
briefly, a smile reaching his shadowed lips, "Inquisitor." The Inquisitor, for
his part, did not seem to be quite as pleased as the man standing before him.
Tilting his head toward the side, his eyes narrowed significantly at the man.
When he spoke, it was nearly a growl, "You are forgetting your role, Geoffre,
and I am not at All pleased. If you cannot tend to your duties without relying
upon me for constant direction, then perhaps I should find another to take
your place." Geoffre stiffened a bit, perhaps at the unspoken implication of a
man in his particular line of work being replaced with another. "No, my lord.
That will not be necessary...." He bowed his head and waited in silence,
keeping an eye upon the inquisitor. At the gesture of a hand he lifted it once
more and began to speak once more, "In your absence, there have been many..."

The briefing continued long into the night. When the Inquisitor finally
emerged from his chambers, he did so alone; the chamber appeared empty. Misty
irises scanned the darkness of the hallway before the inquisitor allowed a
smile to reach his lips.

Writer: Elathan

Date Fri Oct 3 06:30:24 2014

To Shadow Aeryc Ellminaidra Jurann All Ampersand Imm Roleplay Religion

Subject The Death of Elathan Blackmane


Another powerful blow sent Elathan reeling to the ground, blood dripping
from his nose and mouth where he had already taken a beating. This was a
lesson in progress that could only be taught through the pain of being
broken down until you were nothing. Knowing this didn't make it hurt less.

'There is one thing and one thing only, that made me accept this task, your
' the Field Marshal said as he stood over Elathan, shield in hand.
His chosen tool for teaching this lesson, 'No one can question that. But do
I believe you have the makings of a Shadow Knight?

Jurann stiffled a maniacal laugh and Elathan couldn't help but peer up at
the Field Marshal anger and defiance still showing in his eyes, 'Then why
take the task?
' he asked stupidly but Jurann ignored the question.

'Some come to me more than ready. Some I train in the field. Some I train
in tactics and some I try to break of their weakness,
' he turned his gaze
on Elathan, 'With you, we must start anew. So tell me, what are you,

Elathan had already taken a beating thus far trying to answer that question
by stating that he was a Knight of Storm Keep and Master of the Rose.
Clearly that meant nothing and Jurann would not hear it.

'I am willing to learn what I must to prove myself worthy. ' he tried

'The first step is not learning, fool. ' Jurann said as he brought his
shield to bare, once again, sending Elathan back to the floor. The
blackness of unconsciousness was becoming harder and harder to resist as
Elathan struggled to right himself.

'First you must unlearn. ' the Field Marshal continued and Elathan replied
simply, 'The I will. '

'What are you, then? ' Jurann asked keeping his gaze on Elathan, the
disdain evident in the way he looked at him.

Elathan did not need another lesson on what the Field Marshal wanted to
hear, '... I am nothing'

'And what does nothing have left to lose? ' he asked.

'Nothing. ' Elathan replied from his place on the floor, managing to get
himself to a kneeling position.

'Why the sanctum, Blackmane? '

'Because my life is already His and if I am to serve Him with All that I
have then I will do so in the utmost way possible.

'And what have you done to earn the Sanctum? '

Elathan didn't need to think to know that in Jurann's eyes he had done
nothing of any value so far, 'Nothing yet. My service up to this point was
all to prepare me for this.

'Serive? ' Jurann asked, 'Of what service do you speak? '

Elathan looked up to Jurann, 'My time within Storm Keep up until now. ' he
said foolishly and was answered with another hard blow from Jurann's shield
and sent back to the floor. His heart pounding in his ears through the

'I ask again. What have you done to earn the Sanctum? '

' Elathan answered quietly.

Jurann simply nodded, 'You learn slowly but there is hope. '

'Elathan Blackmane is now a thing of the past. A small flame in Storm
Keep's history. He served loyally but he is dead now.
' he looked back
down at Elathan, 'What is your name? '

Elathan answered, 'I have no name. '

'That will not do. Each person, no matter how insignificant, must have a

Elathan thought a moment and a name came to him, 'Brindon then. '

Jurann seemed to accept this and continued, 'Elathan Blackmane was loyal and
gave his life in service. He learned much throughout the years but his name
will always be tied to his beginnings and be the laughing stock of All our

He looked out over the darkened hallway as he spoke, 'Elathan Blackmane was
weak. He is no more.

He returned his gaze to Elathan and finished, 'I give you a day to ponder
the matter. Until then, you are to speak to none. Nothing cannot utter a
sound and one cannot become something without a name.

'Elathan Blackmane is no more. ' Jurann announced to the clan.

Writer: Elva

Date Fri Oct 3 11:11:18 2014

To All Conclave Shalonesti Imm Rp

Subject Thorny Weather

The Thorn Keep Lord clutches his chest. The Thorn Keep Lord says 'I will
return to serve you, my conquerors. ' The Thorn Keep Lord's head is
shattered, and his brains splash All over the party of elves and Ogre.

"Ouch! That was disgusting." Whispers Elva as she wipes the brains off her

Ta'karon glances at Elva curtly. Elva feels better as Ta'karon channels
natures energy through his staff.

Rhaxx says 'I cannot recall. Out of magic. It okay, I just die when Lord
appear again. ' Rhaxx stares at the wall miserably.

Elva says 'Ogre, have you forgotten about the weather magi? I'll help you.
' Elva winks as lightning begins to cackle on her fingertips.

Rhaxx and Ta'karon whispers 'Urhh... Elva.." As horror descended up their

"I'm out of here." Kisela utters the words, 'word of recall' and

Elva summons forth a massive tornado!
A violent tornado picks up All the objects in the room and lifts them away!
The tornado carries Ta'karon away!
Rhaxx isn't taken by the tornado.

Rhaxx roars boomingly 'WHO HIT ME!"

Elva summons forth a massive tornado!
The tornado carries Rhaxx away!

"Drakkara bless you."
The weather mage heaves a sigh of relief.

Writer: Py'nan

Date Fri Oct 3 18:53:26 2014

Writer: Jurann

Date Fri Oct 3 23:06:48 2014

To All Shadow Aeryc Ellminaidra Immortal (RP) Necrucifer Ampersand

Subject Creating a Blank Canvas

The words poured forth as at last his disdain for this weakling, who
thought himself an equal to All those who had come and gone within the
Brotherhood, true heroes and servants, could be revealed.

"There is no Dark Lord to protect you in this matter. You are not a Master
of the Rose, nor a Knight of Storm Keep. You are a disgrace. You reached
too high, and placed your fate in my hands. There is only me now, and I
stand between you and what you seek. I find you unworthy, and I deny you.
You are nothing. You are less than nothing, you are a worm, destined to rot
away unknown.

And yet, the fool was obstinate.

"I am a Knight of Storm Keep, and Master of the Rose! ".

There was no heat of battle here, no passion. Only disdain. This one was
not even worth using a weapon, fists would do. Another sharp right against
the nose sent the weakling stumbling against a wall, spitting out a tooth
and a stream of blood. Yet the fool kept rising, would not accept his
place. Did he not understand that mere men of this age would always be a
Shadow of those who had come before? The likes of this one would never
compare to the four that were once Chosen alongside the First. Lost in
thought, he almost missed his quarry rising once more, noticing only the
sliding noise of the hand upon the stone wall. Dismissively, almost with a
shrug, the Field Marshall sent him back to the floor with a shield blow to
the head.

What are you?

Finally, hesitation. Acceptance starting to appear in those eyes. And

I am a Knight of Storm Keep, and Master of the Rose! By what right are you
assaulting me! We are equals upon the Council!

And then there was emotion.

"EQUALS? You think yourself my equal? When I am done with you, there will
be nothing left. You know nothing, and are nothing!

Indignant rage filled the First of the Chosen, and Dark Tendrils laced with
purple fire gathered around his fist. He drove the Dark Bolts into the
man's chest, and watched him scream in dying agony, only to be made anew by
the Dark Father's Will.

This would be a long lesson.

Writer: Isabel

Date Sat Oct 4 02:08:49 2014

To Azbogah Justice All ( Roleplay Immortal Austinian Religion Nazca )

Subject The Priestess: Designs of Heaven [Part I]

The sound of a quill lightly scratching against parchment was the only
audible noise detectable within the haven. Isabel smiled faintly as she
looked over the rough draft of the blueprints she had been drawing up for a
shrine. She had chosen to bring her work to this place for that very reason.
The tranquil atmosphere and sense of peace that permeated the air made it an
ideal location to meditate and form ideas on matters of a spiritual nature.

Her heart felt light as a feather. Ever since she had taken her oaths as a
priestess, it had been her desire to oversee a place of worship and prayer
dedicated to the Father built. It was not that she wished to have a right
to boast or brag for constructing such a thing. Instead, for her, it was a
matter of bringing His light to the world. Every altar, temple, and holy
site given to the Father's work was a beacon of hope to not only those of
His flock, but to All of the Light and those who did not yet realize they
sought the Father's loving embrace. Every opportunity to draw people closer
to the Father was an opportunity worth pursuing.

Setting aside her drawing with the others that sat piled beside her, she
took up another blank sheet of parchment and began a new sketch. This was
not something to be rushed and she wanted to give it a great deal of thought
and effort. Her last conversation with the angel Azbogah was imprinted in
her memory and it aided her now, fueling the creative energies that flowed
from her heart and mind to the tip of her quill.


The healer paced silently around the haven, taking care not to disturb
the deacon as she concentrated on her art. Isabel had moved a few times to
stretch and now found herself sitting beneath the statue of the goddess
Siccara. She considered it was most likely her imagination but every time
she glanced up, it almost seemed as if the statue were watching what she was
doing and smiling in approval. The corners of Isabel's lips tugged up into
a smile. She knew that the Father was pleased with her endeavors thus far.
She prayed that this would also be pleasing to Him. She set her quill aside
for a moment and bowed her head, clasping her hands together as she broke
the silence of the haven of light with the words of a sincere prayer.

"Blessed Father, I thank You for this heart You have given me. A heart that
desires Your goodness and light to go forth in this world. A heart that
wishes to bring hope and rest to the weary, to teach those who eagerly seek
to learn, and that will persevere through trials and difficult times.
Continue to guide me with divine inspiration as I seek to make Your ways
known to these realms. May I find others who seek to do the same so that we
may bring glory to Your name. Amen."

Writer: Nessah

Date Sun Oct 5 22:42:49 2014

Writer: Deccan

Date Mon Oct 6 00:13:24 2014

To Abaddon All Imm roleplay religion

Subject + The Lord's Work +

The blood moon was high in the sky yet its light was mostly obscured by
clouds this night. The priests of Austinian worked diligently into the late
hours of the evening in their humble shack of a church. There were only a
handful of them and tonight they worked with a special foreboding sense of

'Why must we be here tonight? ' one of the junior priest asked meekly. His
hands fumbling with the candles as he worked to get them lit.

'You know why. ' another junior priest answered, 'We can't stop our holy
work just because tonight is the blood moon.

'Yes, b-b-b-but the noises that come from that dreadful swamp... ' the
junior priest cast his gaze out the small door towards the menacing swamp
just a few hundred yards away. It's edges shrouded in mist. Shapes seeming
to dance and move just within it's boundaries.

'Calm yourself, my Brothers, ' the elderly priests voice echoed through the
small church and brought with it a slight sense of calm to the two
frandtically working junior priests, 'Austinian protects this place. It is
holy ground. Finish your work and we can retire for the night and this will
all be...

The Father stopped speaking as he saw with some irritation that the junior
priests were paying him no attention but instead had fixed their terrified
gazes on the open doorway. The Father turned to glance at the doorway and
his heart nearly stopped right then.

'Don't stop on my account, Brothers, ' Deccan said with a dark smile, 'The
Lord's work is yet to be done.

As the sun rose in the sky that morning it shown down on the small church
with it's blood stained floors and walls and the three bodies crucified just
outside it's doors with a sign posted on one of the bodies, written in
blood, reading:

'Come, Brothers. The Lord's work is yet to be done. '

Writer: Jonathen

Date Mon Oct 6 06:38:06 2014

Writer: Ryael

Date Mon Oct 6 19:31:52 2014

Writer: Calvissus

Date Tue Oct 7 11:14:55 2014

Writer: Zedryk

Date Tue Oct 7 12:53:06 2014

To All Atheran Shadow Red_robes Conclave Sebatis Imm RP

Subject Acceptance: Part I

Zedryk made the appropriate gesture with his hand as he approached the
guard outside of the New Thalos priest guild and bowed as the guard stepped
aside for him. As he made his way down the flight of stairs the guild's
mistress gave him a silent nod as she lit a scented candle. He breathed in
the fragrence and settled down in his usual spot and pulled the miniature
scales from his robe and set them on the ground in front of him. He leaned
over and picked up the small hammer that he left on a shelf near the mat and
closed his eyes in contemplation. He had just returned from a trip to
Icewall and needed some time to clear his mind. In his mind's eye he
relived the memory of his conversation with the crusader Atheran in a very
remote temple to Necrucifer. "This is the first I've seen of this temple"
said the knight of Storm Keep. Zedryk knocked on the side of the statue
with his fist while Atheran moved to sit down on the ground. "It bae sturdy
tha's fer sure" said the dwarf. Atheran shrugged at his comment and
beckoned him to sit down. "It bae crazy how many temples thar bae fer
Necrucifer" exclaimed Zedryk. Ah cannae find uh single one fer lord
Sebatis." "Temples are hidden All over Algoron. Some are hidden, and some
are not. Perhaps there is one for Sebatis, but you've found this one
instead. Now sit down and let me tell you of another." Zedryk did as he
was told and sat down with a look of interest on his face. Atheran says "I
was told that there was a church whose members prayed to nadrik upon the
mountains of Icewall. I took six good petitioners out to find it. Four
died from the extreme cold. Upon the fourty third day, there it was."
Atheran held his hands out at an angle. "Posted high upon a mountain side.
The priests have been desperately trying to hide them from us." Zedryk
nodded sagely. "Wha did ye do after ye found it?" "The three of us that
survived the journey blended in with the followers of the church. It took
us a week to learn everything we needed. We waited for the moment when
every member was inside, and we burned it to the ground. The priest who
lead the church was the only one to survive." Zedryk's eyes widened as he
nodded slowly. Atheran's voice got louder and more intense as he said "He
was crucified alive outside it's smoldering walls to let nadrik's followers
know what was coming." Zedryk shivered and began rubbing his hands
together. "Tha bae particularly brutal, but ah suppose ye made yer point?"
Atheran smiled. "I do hope so." Zedryk stopped rubbing his hands together
and prayed for the wisdom of Sebatis to fill his being. "Ye followers of
Necrucifer ave a lot o spirit tha's fer sure." The knight gave him a blank
stare. "Now you know why the churches are hidden." Back in the priest
guild A sense of movement directly in front of him caused Zedryk to snap out
of his memory of the temple to Necrucifer. His miniature model of the
scales of balance that he used in meditation were now in motion. The scales
were painted a deep red, and consisted of a conical centerpiece with a red
orb balanced at the peak. The second piece was a long bar that came to a
ring at the center. This ring was just a bit smaller in diameter than the
circumference of the red orb, so it rested atop the sphere allowing the bar
to rock back and forth. At each end of this bar was a small hemisphere
shaped bowl. In one bowl sat a white orb, and in the other sat a black.
They were both identical to the red, which was wobbeling unsteadily from the
motion of the bar. The scales requiered minor adjusting periodically or the
entire thing would fall apart and the colored orbs would go rolling across
the floor which always agrivated the guild leader. Zedryk raised the small
hammer and placed the lightest tap on the white orb, which slowly sent it
back downward, causing the black to rise once more. "Balance truely bae an
art." He whispered to himself, and fell back into his memories.

Writer: Cassioppia

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Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Kelthar

Date Sun Oct 12 00:24:41 2014

To All ( Religion Raije Austinian IMM RP )

Subject A Cat's Conversion

Kelthar walked down the Sultan's walk in New Thalos as he inspects the
guards patrolling their routes. He watches each as they watch the people,
waiting for any sign of danger to show. Kelthar turns onto the main street
and sighs inwardly at the sight of more guards. More armor, and more
weapons, more suspicion. He couldn't help but wonder how much of the
kingdom's funds must have been spent just protecting the city from those who
wish it harm. He continued to walk, exiting the gates where even more
guards stood watching the road ahead.

Kelthar sighed again as he walked through the Sands of Sorrow, before
hearing Cassioppia awaken. A smile graced his face as he turned into the
grove where they always met. He looks at Cassie lovingly as he whispers to
her "My love, I must speak with you. " She returned his smile before
nodding at him to continue. Kelthar's smile fades as his face becomes
serious. "I do not want to pray to Raije for any longer, I do not believe
in his praise of conflict, and I can no longer stand to be under his banner.
Tell me of your God. "

Cassie looked taken aback at his words but still spoke "Holy Father
Austinian tis te father of All that tis good. How ye help people without
expecting anything in return, trying to wipe a tear off a sad face and
making them smile being there fer someone at there time of need, assisting
those with any need and feeling the joy it brings to the soul without being
prideful of tis. Tis those special things in life which art good. Tis is
what he offers.
" She smiles at Kelthar, her mind on the majesty of her

Kelthar looks at Cassioppia and smiles, he whispers "Then he is the God I
wish to serve.
" Kelthar bows his as he begins to pray "I renounce thee
Raije. You have done nothing good but for the sake of battle, and incited
wars for the sake of conflict itself. I renounce you with All my being, for
I cannot fly the banner of a selfish lord.
" He ends the prayer, stopping
to breath in the air of the meadow, and remembers the presence that has
graced it. Kelthar bows his head once again and begins to pray "Father
Austinian hear my prayer, for no longer do I carry a patron. Your ideals,
goals and wishes, are those of which I share, and for that you deserve my
soul. Please guide me on my future paths, clearing the darkness of a
greater future.
" He closes his prayer in silent meditation with his
beloved Cassie at his side.

Writer: Deccan

Date Sun Oct 12 18:37:02 2014

Writer: Annalisa

Date Mon Oct 13 22:27:04 2014

To All Nordmaar Imm RP

Subject A Happy Homecoming

Annalisa walked through the desert wondering what to do, she was only ten
when her parents died due to sickness in her village, All she had as a
reminder of her heritage was a small Highland flag. She was close to
turning nineteen, only two weeks away, and she finally decided to return to
the Highlands.

At her entry to Nordmaar the interview process started, first by one
recruiter and then the General. Annalisa could not remember which clan she
was born in for she was so young when her parents died and they never spoke
of their clan name. And the MacAllen's gave them her name. She was a bit
disoriented at first but then found her way about. She read every book in
the library with total interest in the history of the kingdom that once was
and now is her home. She is now happily home.

Writer: Zedryk

Date Thu Oct 16 11:43:40 2014

To All Atheran Shadow Red_robes Conclave Sebatis Imm RP

Subject Acceptance: Part II

The candles in the priest guild of New Thalos were burning low now. It
was fast approaching midnight, and Zedryk couldn't sleep. He had come a
long way in his training over the past few weeks and his excitement over the
spells he had gained was overwhelming. It had been some time now since
someone named Maracalettin had knowingly or unknowingly solved a serious
dilemma for him. This priest, or at least Zedryk thought they must be a
priest, had provided a document detailing the tenets of Sebatis. Zedryk's
attempts at finding a temple had met with failure, but at least he had these
guidelines to work with. He was even happier to discover that the words
sparked something to life within him. He could live by these laws. Part of
him was afraid that something in the doctrine might conflict with his world
view, but his confidence in the ways of his God was rewarded. He thought
back to the meeting with the crusader Atherin and the discussion they had
about the nature of the balance, and as he closed his eyes he found himself
back in the cathedral of ice on Icewall.

The knight gave him a blank stare. "Now you know why the churches are
hidden." Zedryk nodded solemnly. "The god of honor looks tah bae in dire
straits. Mah poor balance shall bae All screwed up fer uh while Ah
suppose." "You know our cause, priest" said the crusader with a steely tone
to his voice. "The scales are meant to tip and break." A low heartfelt
chuckle burst from the dwarf at those words. "Tha scales will right
themselves and the conflict will continue." Atherin glanced at the statue
of Necrucifer in the middle of the room. "Most worship from being lost.
They are given a cause that can guide them. Most also follow blindly. This
is how His children have found followers." Zedryk nodded in agreement.
"Causes bae nothing but tools. Lost spirits bae inefficient. Causes guide
and harness tha potential so thar can bae progress. Chosen or given to ye,
causes bae important. So how's tha return looking? Will Ah bae building
mah temple ta Sebatis just t'ave old Necrucifer come down in fiery
destruction tah burn it to tha ground?" Atherin allowed a smirk to flit
across his features for a split second. "Doubtful. There are more
important matters at hand."

Writer: Zedryk

Date Thu Oct 16 13:12:56 2014

To All Atheran Shadow Red_robes Conclave Sebatis Imm RP

Subject Acceptance: Part III

Atheran said "The false gods who claim honor, neutrality, and light.
They are who we seek to destroy." "Ah'm hopen he don't bae claimin tah bae
an expert on neutrality, cause thar bae others who understand it tru" said
the dwarf in a stern voice Zedryk knelt and prayed for the blessing of
wisdom and sighed in releaf as A feeling of divinity overtook his presence.
"You speak of Kwainin" asked the knight. The dwarf gave a snort. "Not only
him but tha rest o his ilk. But fer mae at least, Kwainin bae missing tha
point that Gods like Raij and Zandreya understand. ' The knight seemed a
bit confused. "Zandreya and Raije have a cause of their own." Zedryk stood
up and began to walk around the temple as they spoke. "Ye bae right.
Causes again." Atheran stood up as well and took on a rigid stance by the
statue. "Once the scales are no more, He shall take His throne. God will
stand and those who oppose will be enslaved or thrown into the abyss."
"Stickin tah mae God's law Ah can no bae allowing maeself tah bae enslaved.
So ah bae hoping that yer abyss bae nicely decorated when Ah'm a'plunging.
Ah'm gonna put one o these here statues in Sebatis' temple someday. Tha
thing looks almost alive." The little dwarf had finished his first trip
around the statue and looked over at Atheran with a wide grin splitting his
face. Atheran stepped closer toward the priest. It was then that Zedryk
noticed that this man towered above him in hight and had been tested in
battles the likes of which the dwarf could only imagine. "Abolyths will
feast upon you." "Ug I hate them fishy beasts. Tha ones that bae attackin
mae in tha oceans?" Asked the dwarf. Atheran shook his head. "Darker
beasts. But never mind that. Zandreya and Raije do not care who dies in
their conquest. Their own goals are All that matter." "But looky here"
said Zedryk waving a finger in the crusader's direction. "They expand their
cause across the alignments, not favoring only followers of good or evil.
Tha gods o magic have come up with a similar agreement, though there bae no
one god of magic with followers in All pantheons." Atheran paused for a
moment and gazed at the dwarf with a victorious expression. "As does
Malachive. Zedryk took a step closer, forgetting his momentary discomfort
towards the knight of Storm Keep. "Baeing neutral means playing with tha
scales. Not sitting back and doing nothing." Atheran nodded and waited for
him to elaborate further. Zedryk peered up with an intense gaze into the
eyes of this follower of darkness. "Austinian. What has he done fer
retaliatory action against tha darkness's asault on tha pantheon of light?"
"Nothing. You are quite right." "Also, Not up ta tha neutral gods tah bae
puttin things right again. Their score should bae with Malachive. Atheran
waved a hand impatiently. "I thought that was your kins goal?" Zedryk's
eyes took on a distant look. "Mah kin should bae workin ta keep the swayin
o tha scales in motion. Nay tah stop it in place at a rested balance. Fer
that would stop progress as surely as Necrucifer's plan, and Austinian's too
if he has one." The man stared at the dwarf with a surprised look on his
face. "That's an interesting view." Zedryk nodded several times. "What
would the darkness bae without light? And otherways round." "All powerful"
said the knight quickly. "With no light, darkness would just bae how things
are. Tha growth o tha power would stagnate and remain forever at tha same
level fer there would bae none strong enough to contest it. Where as when
tha two combat one another. Progress ensues. Gods needin tah make new
dragons, giants, heralds, and who knows wha bae comin next. Now tha's
exciting." Zedryk snapped out of his memory of his chat with Atheran of
Storm Keep and looked around the priest guild. The room was empty and the
candle was out. "Time fer sleep."

Writer: Sabaktes

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Writer: Drondon

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Writer: Arinik

Date Fri Oct 17 21:39:28 2014

Writer: Benthic

Date Sat Oct 18 00:50:39 2014

Writer: Tyrinx

Date Sat Oct 18 00:54:49 2014

Writer: Erebaal

Date Sun Oct 19 17:50:25 2014

To All Chaos Scorn ( Malachive )

Subject Changes I

Blood soaked the packed earth of the fighting pit, turning the dust into
a viscous slurry that made footing treacherous. Discarded body parts had
been left where they lay, the product of the day's slaughter left to fester
under the Tropican sun until the killing was done.

Judging by the chosen executioner that day, it would be awhile.

Like savagery incarnate, the crimson-clad butcher of Chaos hewed his way
through the ranks of prisoners taken on raids abroad, warriors who
surrendered to the martial might of Chaos in whatever skirmishes they had
engaged in around the world. Many of their number were battered, their
wounds untended and their injuries compounded by the "persuasion" used by
some of the more dim-witted followers of Chaos. Proud fighters looked on
with dead eyes, watching as, one by one, they were thrown into the fighting
pit to do battle with the blood-soaked Word Bearer.

Each was given a dull weapon with which to defend himself, its edges worn
down to near-uselessness. Some of the weapon were much too small for use in
the hands of larger men, some far too large for the occasional wilder elf or
amazonian fighter to wield without two hands, but it mattered little.
Against Erebaal Phaeron, not very much mattered.

Another man fell, clutching his abdomen. Ropy entrails pushed against his
bloodied hands, and he gurgled as he looked up at his killer. A fiendish
visage met the panicked stare, and a blur of desecrated steel served as the
man's last image before his head parted from his shoulders, tumbling through
the dirt and coming to rest like so much discarded refuse. Two cultists,
their faces masked as much against the stench as any attempt at anonymity,
leapt down into the pit and dragged the man's corpse away, even as the
gathered cultists jeered and howled at the bloodsport provided while they
were free from their various duties.

One of the corpse bearers chuckled as he hauled the bleeding cadaver, guts
strung out behind it like a visceral train. His goblin stink could not be
masked by the cowl and mask he wore, and his mangled common spoke of a
less-than-adequate schooling in its finer points, 'Word Beara's been 'avin'
an off day it seems, eh boy?

The other corpse bearer chose this exact moment to surprise his companion
by, in fact, being a woman, her voice husky but undeniably feminine with the
traditional musical lilt of elvish, 'I do not know what you mean, my
brother. He is in better form than ever since-..

The goblin nearly dropped his arm of the corpse in shock, peering at the elf
through the ragged holes in his mask before recovering himself, ''Is
fightin' style's got All weird, lady. C'mon an 'elp me get dis git in the
pit an' I'll show ya.

A quick disposal later, a headless, gutless body tumbling into the shallow
depression that would serve as the disposal grounds of Chaos' victims, found
the cultists back at the lip of the fighting pit, where the action was
escalating once more.

A lumbering half ogre, his right eye seared shut by a branded eight-pointed
star of Chaos, had recovered the weapon of his fallen predecessor, wielding
both now with a practiced ease. He loomed, taller by a few inches than the
Word Bearer, and rippled with musculature to rival the armored bulk of the
shorter man.

The Word Bearer growled, a feral ululation as he dug his heels into the
murky slime at his feet, bracing for the coming onslaught. With a hoarse
shout, the ogre dug in, barreling across the short expanse of the fighting
pit and into the reach of the greataxe perched on Erebaal's shoulder.

Writer: Erebaal

Date Sun Oct 19 18:14:29 2014

To All Chaos Scorn ( Malachive )

Subject Changes II

'I do not see anything strange, brother mine. He is fighting well so far.
' The observaton came with the clattering of arms, the massive bearded axe
sweeping down to curtail the frenzied rush in a clash of sparks and grinding
steel, notching the shoddy weapons outfitting the ogreking.

Erebaal took a step back to disengage, grunting with the effort as he swung
his monstrous weapon two-handed, smashing a divot out of the earthen wall of
the arena and earning a glancing blow, the half-ogre's attempt to dodge
meeting with limited success. Blood weltered from the wound, flowing down
the beaten ogre's chest in narrow rivulets.

A gravelly chuckle, like stones grinding, emanated from the enclosing helm
of the Word Bearer, stance lowering into a predatory crouch. 'No, dats tha
thing, lady. 'E normally fights like 'e's possessed. Woulda let tha git
break 'is swords on 'is armor den strangled 'im wif 'is own guts. 'E's
fightin' like 'e's got a bit of sense in 'is 'ead, or else somefin's takin'
away tha anger we know an' fear.

The masked face of the elven woman pondered her goblin compatriot for a
moment, 'Some would say that this would make him even more dangerous, my
brother. He has been marked by a greater power, they say. By the greatest

An incredulous snort met the statement as the clash of arms below continued,
increasing in savage violence as the ogrekin delved into his reserves of
desperate strength, raining blows with a zeal. 'Wot? Malachive?
Malachive's dead, boss 'ere says so least twice a day. We's fightin' for da
memory of tha greatest god as ever wos. Only got wot gave a fig 'bout
mortals 'cause 'e grew up wif em, not lordin' over 'em from tha 'eavens.

The elven woman took a step back and turned to the side as Erebaal's
monstrous axe flew up over the lip of the pit, landing hard and cracking the
earth as the bearded head of the weapon split the ground. Both cultists
gazed into the pit with interest now, even as her words flowed slowly,
fuelled by preoccupied thought, 'But you know what they call him now, yes?
What the new honor bestowed on our Bearer of the Word is?
' The ogre,
bellowing his hate and sensing victory, followed his disarm with a feral
charge, swords thrusting, seeking weakness in the daunting armor of his foe.
The Word Bearer held his ground, lowering his head into the charge. A dull
blade glanced off of his vambrace as he raised am arm, the other snapping on
his ghoulish breastplate. A snarl rewarded the impacts, and a gauntletted
hand seized the sword-bearing wrist of the ogre.

'They call him Everchosen now. '

The snapping of bone heralded the disarmament of the ogre, wrist mashed into
a useless sack of splintered fragments. A follow-up strike left the ogre
winded, spiked metal punching into bare flesh and sheathing the Everchosen's
hatred in unyielding steel. The ogre doubled over, saliva dripping from his
maw, and saw only the rising likeness of a screeching skull whipping toward
him before the Word Bearer's knee caught him right above the nose,
shattering the bridge and blinding him. The mangled ogre staggered,
threatening to lose his balance and tumble, when a leathery grip seized him
by the throat, hauling him back upright. Through bleary eyes, the ogre
looked down at his foe, musculature straining to manhandle the larger man.
One hand was around his neck, while the other was drawn back as though to-

The following punch knocked out teeth, while the next finished his jaw in a
popping crackle of ruined bone. The ogre fell now, unsupported as the Word
Bearer made use of both hands, standing over his enemy and pummeling the
doomed soul squarely in the face until a bloody mash of bone and brain oozed
from the veritably-concave ruin of a cranium.

Writer: Erebaal

Date Sun Oct 19 18:28:35 2014

To All Chaos Scorn ( Malachive )

Subject Changes III

Grisly work done, the Word Bearer rose from his feral crouch, the rage
leaving him in near of an instant. His cultists shied away, only too
familiar with the volatile humours of their leader. The crimson-clad
butcher walked up the narrow slope carved for the purpose of departure and
made his way around the perimeter of the pit, making for the corpse-haulers.
The goblin shivered, feet rooted in place, while the elf remained aloof,
gazing through the holes in her mask at the approaching warmaster.

His bulk seemed to defy comprehension for a mere man, the very fact of his
movement under so much armor being a clear challenge to the very prospect of
possibility. He was a monstrous being up close, and the goblin cultist gave
a squeak as a mailed glove twitched and an arm extended in his direction,
visions of a bad end like the wretch in the pit below running behind his
yellowed eyes.

With the crack of broken earth, the Word Bearer retrieved his weapon,
grunting with the effort of pulling it from where it had sunk. Dead dust
trickled from the blade as he propped it against a spiked pauldron, looking
down upon his cultists. His voice was the grating of bones mashing
together, the essence of visceral pain given audible form, 'In order to
create a leader, something had to be sacrificed. I am diminished even as I
am Ascended. The fury that was is fury no more, the insensate anger of the
Word Bearer buried under the monument of the Everchosen. You shall help me
find that rage once more.

The pronouncement came with the solemnity of a judge passing a sentence, and
then he was gone, turning away from his cultists and making his way back
into the pit. The smirk in the elven woman's voice was unmistakable, 'Still
don't believe, brother mine?

The goblin shook his head, unable to keep the tremble from his limbs as he
looked into the bloodied pit, 'N-nah. Ya got it right, lady. Let's take
care of dis'n an' take a moment fer nerves.
' He began to climb into the
pit, almost slipping with nerveless fingers. His elven partner gave a
chuckle and followed, moving with much greater alacrity to retrieve the
mangled remains of the half-ogre.

Transporting such a bulky corpse proved to be a much harder chore, but after
struggling and a little assistance from other onlookers ringing the outside
of the fighting pit, they found themselves underway once more. The journey
passed in silence, but for grunts of effort and muttered oaths as a root or
rock or depression caught a foot and caused a stumble. They had almost
reached the dumping grounds when the bellow reached them, shouted through
the thin treeline with a zeal that bordered on the familiar.


Writer: Jennalee

Date Tue Oct 21 10:25:55 2014

To All Imm RP

Subject A New Home in the Jewel

Jennalee sat at the old wooden dock that no longer served a ships purpose
neither for Althainia or New Thalos. Since she left Althainia and moved to
the Desert Jewel, she felt so much like she had a family now. With her
father who took off long ago, her fiance who passed two years ago, and her
moms passing just a year ago, she needed a home and here is where she found

Jennalee looked down at the water, her feet dangling from the dock and
smiled, how the times have changed so quickly. She knew she was in love but
did not know the way to tell him. She felt it was a bit too soon but how
can one ignore how she felt? This half elven fellow had stolen her heart.
There was not anything she could do. They sat and spoke for hours as he
joined her in the Jewel.

Jennalee could never be happier. Since Braedan's passing in the war, the
loss of her fiance weighed heavily in her heart then a year later her
mother, so much pain in such a short time. To find love again was almost
like a miracle to her. She looked to the sky and watched a few gulls fly by
feeling like one of them, full of freedom, soaring with the winds, happily
together, and just loving the breeze under their wings.

Jennalee felt the same way and now she was home in New Thalos.

Writer: Aelysse

Date Tue Oct 21 10:31:25 2014

Writer: Sindraste

Date Thu Oct 23 04:16:22 2014

To All Azheri Bloodlust Conclave ( Immortal Storyline Religion Fatale Drakkara )

Subject Trial of the Archmagus

The shadows of the forest moved with a life of their own, though what
they hid had no life, itself. Murky, indistinct shapes slithered through
the mists of the Great Forest during the midnight hour, of no natural origin
as to possess the mastery of the dark that they flaunted so easily.

The Warlord of the Dungeon had no fear of such things, for they obeyed the
Champion of the Darkness.

'Lethe'lain, be visible for once. I know you are here. '

The shadows surrounding Azheri Deza'th hesitated, if possible even seeming a
little affronted before they poured into a single, distinct shape before the
Warlord, taking on the dimensions of a cadaverous elf swathed in voluminous
layers, a dark red overcoat murky in the dim light of the late hour.
Despite the lack of natural light, however, crimson spectacles still glinted
and glowed, as though lit from within by some fell power, 'Hmph. No taste
for the theatric, I see, my dear Warlord. All too often, you are willing to
let me follow, if you already know I do so. What is different about this

Azheri offered nothing more than a coarse chuckle, shaking his head as he
looked the Lich over, 'You have shown a desire to join my Dungeon for a long
time, and have served my men well enough. They vouch for you, but you are
not yet ready. You are untested.

Lethe'lain bristled, Sindraste's body following suit. Fangs bared in a
sneer and a huff of irritation was torn from a feminine throat, the overall
effect most unladylike, 'I give you bodies, Warlord. I give you heads and
trophies. The hearts and blood, I keep, yes, but I give you the majority of
the remaining spoils. I've proven my power. What more of a test can you
put before me?

It was Azheri's turn to look cross, 'Mind your tongue, Lich. I've already
given you a compliment. Consider this another challenge for you.
' He
rested his hand on one of his sheathed weapons, casting a look around as
though for any other intruders in the dim copse of the Great Forest. Seeing
none, he continued, irritation abating as Sindraste's snit passed, 'You have
a great deal of power over death, taken from the fools of the Conclave. You
use it better than they can, and I want you to show them that.
' The
Warlord gave a wolfish smile as he gestured to the moons above, All three in
passing stages of waxing and waning, 'Bring me the heads of three of their
Archmagi, wherever you may find them. Their number are few, but not all
keep permanent residence in the Towers. Kill who you wish, but make sure
that their deaths are pleasing to the God of Darkness and His Son, Death.

The Lich seemed pensive for a moment, outline becoming indistinct as the
shadows fought to reclaim their own. Murky tendrils of inky black seemed at
once to radiate from and consume the thickly-clad elf, and it was a short
time before a dark chuckle escaped the necromancer. The sound was ugly, a
guttural laugh completely at odds with the slight frame of its maker- deep
as to be from a different voice altogether. Vicious fangs presented
themselves once more as the vampire gave a too-wide smile, the expression
empty of anything but a predatory desire to showcase each and every glinting
tooth, 'As you wish, my dear Warlord. I'm certain I will have my fun with
this, and shall be back within the month with your prizes. Try not to miss
me too greatly.

The shadows writhed as the Lich stepped back into their fold and was seen no
more, the oppressive presence in the copse fading with the pseudo-elf.
Azheri shook his head bemusedly at the woman's passing, 'I'll try. '
Business concluded, he began the journey back to the Dungeon. There was
little else to do now but wait.

Writer: Mezlak

Date Thu Oct 23 10:38:07 2014

Writer: Prosimur

Date Thu Oct 23 12:05:59 2014

Writer: Keryann

Date Thu Oct 23 18:36:27 2014

To All Imm RP ( Zandreya )

Subject Leaving Arkane

Keryann waited at the Arkane dock for her ship to arrive. How she was
going to miss her ex-father-in-law who now became her father. Her thoughts
of him and her adopted mother made her cry as her ship arrived. She boarded
the ship slowly looking back at at every step. How much she was going to
miss them.

Arkane was not the home she had remembered, the Arkane she remembered was
filled with laughter and love, a husband she loved with All her heart, and a
home they built together. After fifty one years Arkane had become her
prison, a prison of loneliness, a prison of anger, a prison of pain, and a
prison of horribly sad memories. How she missed the life she once had, the
husband that loved her with no reserve, and the home they had dreamed of
together. But All of that was left behind now.

As the ship slowly pulled into the port of Althainia, she tried her best to
be hopeful and think of positive things. But the pain still followed her as
she walked off the ship and headed her way into New Thalos. She walked into
the Registrars office and saw a gentleman sitting there and she spoke to
him, he was quite friendly, as he had her register herself in the books of
New Thalos. It is there where her next chapter will begin.

Writer: Rikam

Date Thu Oct 23 20:26:45 2014

To All Verminasia imm storyline devion

Subject The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (i)

From the Journal of Rikam Oneiroi, Vagrant

I set sail this morning aboard the smuggler sloop Julia Marie, which I am to
understand is named after a rather unpleasant spirit known to haunt the
ghastly little cove in the Blood Sea from which this ship makes berth. The
crew speaks of old Bloody Marie in hushed tones, if at all, and it seems
that they'd just as soon forget where the stories of her have come from.

Now I've met the Spirit of the Blood Sea before, and I'm here to tell you it's
got nothing to do with this ship, nor any woman named Julia. Superstitious
country rubes. Gods bless 'em.

I'd bet my last silver that this Julia Marie was a former lover of the
captain's (which, in my mind, makes her a uniquely brave lass) and that
because their courtship with one another was terminated well after the
naming of the ship, the good captain was forced to re-color the poor
woman's name and memory with a more sinister past.

The captain, for his part, is the most peculiar fellow I've ever lain eyes on,
and I've seen All kinds. I haven't yet decided if he is a very gangly dwarf, a
very short human, or a very awkwardly put together gnome. In any case,
he has no beard. His crew calls him Captain Oldbeard, and I've not yet
stopped laughing at this.

Oldbeard stands at roughly half the height of an average man, and his
right shoulder slumps at a dramatically uneven angle from his left. The
adjoining arm is cut off just beneath the elbow, and he's given to waggling
the stump at people when he wishes to emphasize a point.

His face is a most unfortunate latticework of scars and frown lines, so
much so that I am forced to imagine an acorn that was plucked from the
ugliest branch of the Ugly Tree, planted in an ugly bog, tended by an ugly
gardener, and then mutated into some new breed of ugly thistle bush
through which this already unpleasant and misshapen fellow was then
forced through. He is also missing his left eye and makes no attempt to
conceal the empty socket with either eyepatch or bandage.

Obtaining passage aboard the Marie was a simple matter. She makes
regular seasonal journeys down river to receive cargo from Camaraenaus.
The arrangement, from what I can tell, is maintained by my son Randal (or
at least one of my Enforcers charged with pursuing avenues of trade
outside the bounds of Verminasian law and taxation.) The exports they
deliver fetch a fair price in Icewall, which in turn keeps Oldbeard and his
crew sailing with relative security. It's good to have an old smuggler like
that in your pocket.

I made no indication that I was, in fact, the very Baron who kept their
pockets lined and hull full. Anonymity is key to this foolish adventure of
mine. Fortunately it was a simple thing to draft a note in the Baron's hand
and mark it with his seal and signature. "You are instructed," it read, "to
deliver this man to his desired destination. Your continued business with
our province depends on it. No questions asked."

Oldbeard was stoic in his acceptance of the instructions. The disturbance
was obviously unwelcome, but the man is a professional. He knows how to

We reach open water early tomorrow. Gods but I can't wait.

Writer: Rikam

Date Thu Oct 23 20:36:44 2014

To All Verminasia imm storyline devion

Subject The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (ii)

Don't ask me why I'm doing this. I haven't a clue.

"For my health," is what I told people back home. "To get some fresh air
and open space, that I might treat an old and relentless ailment." Not
exactly a like. Not even nearly the whole truth.

This is one of those many cases where the truth is just too bizarre a thing
for me to wrap up in words.

At any rate, it's a bit brilliant, sailing as an anonymous passenger on
someone else's ship. I haven't traveled like this since I was a young lad,
unburdened by rank or responsibility or expectation. All Oldbeard asks of
me is that I stay out of his bloody way and not make a fuss. As for the
crew, I'm practically invisible. Just another oddity of their trade that they'll
be glad to see the end of. A stranger and an oddity I may be, but this lot is
far too clever to believe I'm nobody. The captain, on behalf of his crew,
has taken it upon himself to prod at the mystery of me. A sensible move.
This crew is a close one, and any unexplored mysteries could easily
unbalance their morale.

"Mr. Quill," Oldbeard called out to me. It took me a second to recognize
the pseudonym I had given him. "I trust yer accommodation is
comfortable enough. Was no small thing, clearin' out space in the old fer
ta give one useless passenger the luxury of his own private quarters." It
was well into midday, and we'd long since made our tack northward. The
Arkanian coast was a distant strip of land spanning the western horizon.

"Aye, Cap'n," I said with a sidelong grin to the stumpy old man. "Your
hospitality's a wonder of a thing indeed, though if it suits ya better to
consider me as cargo, All the better."

"Bloodae right," Oldbeard grumbled. "Passengers -pay- their bloody way,
useless as they are." He waved the stump of his arm at me and turned
his one-eyed glare seaward.

"They do at that," I said with a chuckle, "Though rest assured this cargo is
still paid for in full, aye? By powers far and above the likes of you or I."
Oldbeard snorted at that. We both remained silent for several long
moments as we stood there, elbow to stumpy elbow, leaning against the
ship's railing as the Marie made her way through the wind and sea like an
old tortoise pushing her way through a vast, albeit yielding, trail.

After a long while, he spoke.

"Ya've got he clothes of a pauper, like one of the gutterslum lot from
Verminasia's capital. You've got the smell and shabbiness to match." His
voice was gruff, but it was more an appraisal than scrutiny. "Ya've the
makeup of a vagrant, aye, but ya walk about the ship like ya've lived
aboard it your whole life. 'N the way ya watch the crew at work...Ya make
a good show of hidin' it, but you're far from clueless when it comes to
their business."

I grinned at that and gave a low nod. Oldbeard accepted it as tacit
encouragement and continued on, "If I had to guess, I'd say Armada
trained, maybe even an officer, but the Baron don't pull in naval resources
for provincial work, do he?"

"I reckon not," I said with a shrug. "That's what he's got you lot for, eh?"

Oldbeard gave another curt snort. "A foreigner then, though your
Verminasian's good, I'll grant ya that. Might be you're one of them sailors
the Baron keeps off the books then, aye? Heard rumors of them. The
Baron-Admrial's given to All manner of games like that, if the stories can
be believed."

I allowed myself another chuckle and shrugged. "Could be, aye. But if
that's the case, mate, you'll want to be a bit more careful with questions
like that, yeah?"

Oldbeard snorted back what must have been the entire cluttered contents
of his ancient, broken sinuses and spat them out over the railing. "Just
checkin' the waters, Mister Quill. No point in insultin' each other's
intelligence needlessly. Keep yer bloody secrets, but ya'd best do me and
mine the courtesy of keepin' us out of 'em once ya've got where you're

Writer: Rikam

Date Thu Oct 23 20:38:31 2014

To All Verminasia imm storyline devion

Subject The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (iii)

The air is getting chilly, I like it.

It gives a sharpness to the senses, a sort of sobering clarity that separates
one's perception from the sweltering torpor of a warm bed, or regular
meals, or a safe, steady daily routine. The cold demands action. It
demands decisive motion. Already I can feel the Tiredness peeling away
from my mind. That sickly veil has plagued me for too long that I've nearly
forgotten the depth and expansiveness of which my mind is capable.

The sea is always a beautiful thing to behold, but here, as we approach
the shores of Icewall, I find it All renewed with vivid profundity. It is not only
a vast, far reaching world. It is a vast, far reaching world rich with

I am waking up once more. The depths are full. Devion be praised.

Writer: Rikam

Date Thu Oct 23 20:41:17 2014

To All Verminasia imm storyline devion

Subject The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (iv)

"You, Pigeon, are a vermin scoundrel and a bloody fool wreck of a liar
besides. And aye, mate, I love ya for it, but fond sentiment's never kept
me from takin' a fool's money. I'll raise ya fifty." I reached out to my stack
of coins and, without really counting, tossed a generous handful into the
pot. To his credit, Pigeon hardly flinched.

"Right then, Quill, ya damned showboat," he said to me, "I'll not be
bluffed out of my fair winnings this time. You and I both know who's got
the stronger hand between us, and All the swagger in the world won't
convince me that you've got the high ground."

There was nothing left to do but shrug and grin. For a bit of theatrical
effect, I turned my attention toward rolling a coin across my knuckles. It's
an old gambit, I know, but I'm a sucker for the classics.

Pigeon had a crap hand, that much was obvious. He'd given it away with
that last little jibe of his. Most men, when backed against an
uncomfortable wall, will begin talking just a little too much. Most
gamblers, anyway. I should know, after all. I've been running my mouth
since the day I figured out how to speak.

My hand was rubbish too, obviously, but Pigeon was already forgetting
that. He was more concerned, now, with his own dwindling pile of coins,
and with the fact that every other player had the sense to fold from the
get go, and with the notion that he was far too invested to cut his losses.

I'm not really sure why, but some people will stray so bloody far from their
good sense just to see me lose.

"Piss on your mother's grave, ya miserable son of a thieving goat." Then
he hesitated. "I'll raise ya twenty."

Ah hell. This brave idiot was ready to drive himself into the ground on the
sliver of a hope that his card was higher than mine. The odds were poor
for either of us and, at this point, winning between two garbage hands
would have been just as disappointing as a loss. I had to really sell this

"You're brave, lad, but you're stupid as well. I've cleared out the rest of
this wee ship's crew, aye, and I've no doubt ya'd like to see your mates'
losses avenged. Go on 'n look at 'em. Aye, that's the way. Have a look.
See how they're on the edge of their seats?" And indeed, they were.
"Right now, boyo, you're their champion. You're their gods damned
bloody hero! The whole lot of ya have gone head to head with the
mysterious Mr. Quill, and here you are. The last man standing."

Pigeon held my gaze, stone faced and utterly refusing to look away.
Inwardly, I smiled at the beads of sweat forming on his brow.

"They want to see ya win, mate. They NEED to see ya win. This game's
gone on far too long, and I've played it far too well. You're their last
vestige of hope. If the gold can't be in their pockets, it may as well go
home with one of their own. You can see it on their faces, can't you? 'Quill
has got to go down.'"

The whole crew hung on the silence. Pigeon's finger gave a slight twitch.
Time to wrap this up.

"Tell me, mate. Do ya reckon now's the moment? Do ya really think this is
the hand to end it? Is it worth this trip's wage? Your savings? You lose
this hand, and I figure you'll be workin' this smuggler's route 'till the day
ya fall over dead. If ya do, if ya REALLY believe ya've got it, then I'll tell
ya what, mate..." And with All the gravity I could muster, I took both my
hands and pushed the whole sum of my gold into the middle. "All in."

There was nothing left to do but wait.

Pigeon did not look well. He'd long since lain his cards face down on the
table. His face was a blotchy swamp of sweat and nerves. He looked
pale. Poor kid. He looked down at his hands, then out to the pot, then to
his hands again, then to my hands, and then, with raised puppy-dog
eyebrows, back to me. I found myself praying that he wouldn't begin to

"Fold," he said. He barely managed to whisper it.

Writer: Rikam

Date Thu Oct 23 20:45:46 2014

To All Verminasia imm storyline devion

Subject The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (v)

Some notes about old Oldbeard:

He's no naval captain, that's for bloody sure, and I'd bet the lives of my
children that he never was one. You can tell something about a naval
officer, former or otherwise. Even amongst the most irreverent of us,
there's a certain application of order, of decisiveness, of sharp precision.
Not in everything, but in All the places where it counted.

Oldbeard had All of these things, sure, but the color of it was different. Not
lesser, not greater. He simply learned them from a different place.

The point is this: Oldbeard is no soldier. He's a businessman. His crew are
his employees, and a loss to his crew is a net loss to his business.

He is not one to suffer losses lightly.

Writer: Rikam

Date Thu Oct 23 20:47:41 2014

To All Verminasia imm storyline devion

Subject The Laughter of the Earth: Captain Oldbeard and the Julia Marie (vi)

We are mere hours from our mooring in the Blood Sea. I will make my
departure from the Marie and her crew there. They'll be glad to see the
end of me and I, for my part, will be pleased to be away from their glares.
No one takes kindly to loss or humiliation, and that night of poker left them
hung with far too much of both. Perhaps I was too greedy.

At any rate, the sight of land has been a comfort as we've made our way
along Icewall's eastern shores these past few nights. I've always relished
my voyages through open water, but I find myself equally eager, in this
case, to reach dry land and begin my journey proper. There is much to do

"I've figured out what ye are, lad," said Oldbeard. We'd made our final tack
through the river, and he'd decided to join me at my little spot along the
ship's railing. It was the first time anyone aboard the ship had spoken to
me since last night's card game.

Everything about this man puts me off balance. He's too gnarled in
appearance, and too stoic for it. Too direct. Too bloody clever. He's the
sort of man who takes no pleasure in cheap parlor tricks but (and with
absolutely no care for the showmanship of it) could very easily reproduce
any number of them. All deadpan. No expression. Bloody irritating.

"That a fact, Cap'n? Well go on then, let's have a laugh." I was keen to
have this conversation over with as quickly as possible. No good could
have come of it.

"You're a pilgrim. I've seen your kind before. The tricks, the guises, the
glib manner of conduct. Ya don't know why, but ya feel the call. I'll bet my
ship that you'll follow it blindly to the ends of the earth." Oldbeard snorted
and spat a wad of phlegm into the water. "You're a faithful man of a
faithless god, Mr. Quill. Mind your footing, or this little adventure of yours
will lead you to your end."

I hadn't the slightest idea of what he was talking about. Still don't, in fact,
and I told him as much. "What in All the hells are you on about, eh? This is
government business, innit? Nothin' to do with any sort of...lark." And it
wasn't until I actually said it that I realized just how deep of a lie it was.

It was Oldbeard's turn to grin and shrug. "Do as you like, Mister Quill, but
in your last moments alive in this world, I urge you to remember that you
were warned. For the fee of last night's winnings, I'll take ya back to
Arkania safely. That'll be that. Death in the wildereness of this
godsforsaken continent is the only other outcome for ya. There is no other
way this pilgrimage of yours can end."

And that last bit cleared it up well enough. Whether it was a threat or a
gambit, I wasn't sure, but the man wanted his crew's money back. As I
reflect on it now, it seems to me he's a simpler fellow than I gave him
credit for. In the end, it's always about a fool's pride.

Well he can bugger off. Icewall awaits, and I'm keen to set out as soon as
I'm able.



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