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Player Written Story Note Archive

Note: If you see names without the note below, its due to their story not being posted to "All"

Listed By Author Name

The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 2
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 3
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 4
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 5
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 6
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 7
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 8
Grogu's restoration
A flicker in the flames
Returnings I
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 9
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 10
Raimbaut Prays
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 11
Grow your gardens: Tim's Tipu Tree 1
Grow your gardens: Tim's Tipu Tree 2
Memoirs of a Masked Man: Vol I - Into the Abyss: II
Born in the Night
Memoirs of a Masked Man: Vol I - Into the Abyss: III
Memoirs of a Masked Man: Vol I - Into the Abyss: IV
a plate of {nfried chicken
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 12
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 13
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 14
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 15
Grow your gardens: Taliena's Tropica Temple 1
Grow your gardens: Taliena's Tropica Temple 2
Taliena's Temple: Spaces
Returnings II
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 16
The Arkane Conflict
Grow your gardens: Temple Tabib 1
Grow your gardens: Temple Tabib 2
Grow your gardens: Temple Tabib 3
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers Part XVI
{uThe Tide Rises - XIX
Kenderific: An Origins Tale (Lessons 1 - 3)
The Future of the Tree
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers Part 18
Libraries, Whiskey, Prayer.
Hats for Worms
Last Ride
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers Part 19
Death is only the Beginning
Death is only the Begining pt II
The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers Part XX

Writer: Nikola
Date Mon Oct 4 14:24:23 2021

Writer: Anbraxas
Date Mon Oct 4 18:13:57 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Marauders Andreyna Laendyn Skoden Fredrik ( IMM RP Religion Xenophon Cayenna )

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers

Deep within the bowels of the earth among the caves lay a massive sand
dune, out of place for the surroundings. Grains of sand tumbled down the
slope as the ancient beast buried beneath rose from it's slumber. Nostrils
flared first as the blinking open of massive eyes followed. A massive blue
dragon shook itself free from the mountain of sand. As wings spread out to
fill the chamber and old claws scratched into the stone below the dragoon
inhaled a deep breath.

It had been many years since he last took to slumber. Many new scents
filled his nostrils as he refamiliarized himself with the world around him.
It was not uncommon for dragons to sleep for a century. In fact, he had
intened to do so when last he lay down. But of the many scents bombarding
him now, one was unmistakable. Offensive enough to rouse the beast from his


When he was but a hatchling in the care of Anzu the elves had tormented him
relentlessly. Eventually he grew. Many battles ensued and with time many
an elf had fallen to his claws and teeth. He had sundered parts of the
vallenwood to ash with his lighting breath. But the time had come as all
dragons felt called. He eventually went to hibernate deep within his lair,
as All dragons are called to do.

The scent was strong now, offensive even. The sickly sweet scent of elf
filled his nostrils. The wyrm's breath rumbled in a deep growl that shook
the walls around him.

They were close now. Within his territory. No slumber would be had with
these creatures nearby. And he could not forgive them their offense of
intruding upon his realm.

The dragon clawed his way through the tunnels of his mountain on the
Arkanian coast. The slits of his eyes narrowed as he entered the sunlight
for the first time in many years. Massive wings eclipsed the sun and
gigantic claws shattered stone as he took to flight. It was long past due
that he survey his territory....

Writer: Anbraxas

Date Mon Oct 4 18:33:03 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Marauders Andreyna Laendyn Skoden Fredrik ( IMM RP Religion Xenophon Cayenna )

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 2

High above the clouds the primordial dragon soared. Well beyond the
distance of sight from mortal eyes he flew in lazy circles above his
territory. As he made his way southwards was much as he remembered. The
village of kobolds in close proximity could be seen in abject panic as the
creature took wing once more. Pathetic little creatures scurried here and
there. They created effigies and laid out what offerings their primitive
people would consider lavish. The blue did not spare them but a glance.
True enough the little rodents had their uses, but he did not doubt their
fealty. They were easily startled, and as such they served the massive blue
dragon like a god. And he would demand no less from them.

But today his attention lay further south...

As he drew closer the sickening scent burned his snout. The elves were
close. And they were numerous.

Eventually he came upon them. He saw the smoke from the camp fires first.
As he circled above he saw the true extent. Elves. Numbering in the
hundreds. An entire army. Lightning sparked in his toothed maw as a deep
growl of anger rumbled forth from the ancient blue.

Who were these elves to encroach upon his sovreign realm in such a manner?
His most hated foe daring to march right up to his front door. And what was
worse, they had not even dared to come for him. Instead they were headed
south. The elves held short lived memories in comparison to the wyrm. Had
they forgotten who lay claim to these lands? What madness had caused them
to so risk his wrath?

It was no matter. He would remind them.

An ear-splitting roar shook the earth as the blue wyrm descended from the
skies. He dove towards the elven camp in rage and fury. Such wrath a storm
has never displayed as the colossal streak of lightning that flew forth from
the dragons maw to cleave a line of death through the heart of the camp, as
the ferocious lightning seared flesh and ignited the camp...

Writer: Andreyna

Date Tue Oct 5 01:45:42 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Marauders Laendyn Svelana Anbraxas Skoden Fredrik Zandreya Imm Rp Religion Xenophon Cayenna

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 3

Andreyna walked throughout the massive elven camp, hundreds of elves had
been called to the Arkanian continent to defend it from the Marauders and
the Warp's creatures that now filled their ranks. She whispered prayers to
the Mother as she made her way throughout the camp, weaving her way around
elf after elf, blessing each and every one of Zandreya's chosen. Though
there was no tension felt within the ranks, the elves were still on high
alert, the battle with the wandering pair of warpspeakers had given them a
taste of what they were going to deal with should the armies of the elves
and the Fort meet with one another. However for the moment, the elves were
set to defend the Arkanian continent. Their first goal, ensuring the Fort
was not able to take over the kingdom of Arkane. If needed, they would
defend Verminasia as well.

A gentle breeze fluttered through the camp as Andreyna made her way through
the formations of elves and campfires and tents. The elfqueen smiled as she
felt the softness of the wind upon her face, as if the Mother was planting
sweet kisses upon her cheeks. She continued to make her way toward her
tent, she would be meeting with the Speaker and Generals soon to further
discuss their plan. Though the Marauders had made numerous threats, they
did not seem to making any advances, perhaps a siege was in order.
Attacking the Fort head on was not something they wished to do with the
Warp's markings littering their walls and streets, feeding off of spilled

As she approached the tent she and the Speaker shared, the priestess spotted
her white mare standing outside whipping her head frantically from side to
side. Andreyna tilted her head in curiosity as she watched the mare.
Stardust became more and more anxious by the second as the large horse began
to stomp her hooves upon the ground in a panic. The elfqueen reached out a
steady hand to the mare, her soft voice attempting to calm the mare as she
spoke in elvish, 'Stardust, what is wro-'. Her sentence was suddenly cutoff
as she heard a horn blare. Stardust rose high in the air on her hind legs.

Andreyna quickly turned her head, her keen elven eyes searching about. The
horn was from a scout, something was amiss. Was it the Marauders? More
Warplings? The elves not in formation rushed to join their ranks. That was
when she felt it- a great presence, a threatening presence. The elfqueen
brought her eyes to the sky, but it was too late. It was upon them, a
massive blue dragon, its maw open wide with streaks of lightning spewing
forth, littering the elves with its deadly bolts.

The Bishop grabbed at Stardust's reigns, pulling the horse back to the
ground and gaining control. Quickly, she hopped up into the horse's saddle
and charged toward her kin. She whispered a prayer to Zandreya, but the
dragon's breath had already begun to do its damage, multiple fires had
ignited throughout the camp and many of her kin lay wounded or dead.

Looking ahead of her, Andreyna could see a large formation of elves lining
up, bows tilted to the sky. High above them the dragon came back around for
another assault. As the massive blue neared the camp Andreyna could hear
someone shouting to the archers to ready themselves, 'Archers ready! ', in
one swift motion each elven archer placed an arrow in their bow. The dragon
drew closer, 'Loose! ', came the voice shouting to the archers. Andreyna
raised her eyes as the sky darkened with hundreds of arrows.

Writer: Anbraxas

Date Tue Oct 5 09:34:50 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Marauders Andreyna Laendyn Skoden Fredrik ( imm rp xenophon cayenna )

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 4

The massive dragon saw the elves below him in the camp ready their bows
upon him as he descended for the second pass of his assault, but his rage
would not be contained. He continued his dive even as the multitude of
arrows let fly.

His anger grew and another ear splitting roar pierced the air as arrows
shattered upon his scales. Here and there one found it's way between the
armored plates and his torso became studded with the shafts of the elven

The arrogance of these creatures truly knew no bounds. He had offered them
mercy, and they had spat in his face. And now they had the audacity to fire
on him?

They would learn the error of their actions through blood and misery.

The ancient beast landed briefly on the field, his massive form reducing
several supply carts to splinters under the force. Pure unbridled anger
glinted in his eyes as he opened his maw to unleash a column of lightning.
Sweeping his head in an arc he destroyed everything within his immediate
sight. Tents burst to flame, supplies caches exploded, elves fell to their
deaths in agony.

But while his power was unmatched, his foe was like an ant hill swarming
against much larger prey. His claws and tail thrashed violently sending the
bodies of elves flying in every direction. But it seemed for every one he
felled two more came to take it's place.

The dragon knew victory would not come to him this day. His enemy was too
numerous. Every moment he lingered under the onslaught of blades and arrows
the risk grew greater. With one last roar, he took to the air and flew back
northward, arrows tattering the membranes of his wings and jutting from his
hide as he made his tactical retreat.

As the elves raised their weapons and gave cheers of victory, a cloaked and
hooded figure now stood watching the camp from the top of a distant forested

"Enjoy the brief respite while you can. This is not over. Death comes for
you all.

Writer: Laendyn

Date Tue Oct 5 17:59:38 2021

To All Shalonesti_Kingdom Shalonesti Marauders Andreyna Svelana Anbraxas Skoden Fredrik Zandreya Imm RP Religion Xenophon Cayenna

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 5

The feeling in Laendyn's shield arm was returning as he walked with the
leaders of his knights. The sun was setting and the normal campires that
dotted the camp were noticebly absent save for the outer ring of the lands
they held. His anger was barely held in check as he conversed and made
plans with the knights, All of whom were veterans of the Shalonesti/Thaxanos
war and even the march on Abaddon. Battled hardened and specially trained
to take down dragons, they were the new line of defense for dealing with the
Blue that had unleashed his unwarranted anger upon the elves. That, and the
full contigents of archers that were now set throughout the camp, and the
next tussle with the Blue would not go his way.

He summoned a runner and handed a small scroll with the Shalonost seal on it
to him and, with opening a portal, sent the young elf on his way to deliver
his message. Though the threat of the Marauders loomed on the horizon, the
Blue would now feel the full wrath of a thousand elves that just had to bury
their friends and, in some cases, their family. With the thought of family
his mind left to focus on Andreyna, who spent the day tending to the wounded
and saying prayers over the dead and dying. As always, and in everything
she did, he was proud of her and loved her furiously even more.

Shaking his his back to the matter at hand, he sent All but one captain out
to their missions. Soon enough he was with a full contigent of knights and
kyorl and he mounted his Moonbeam. Sliding his helm into place he glanced
out into the distance, his face calm and nigh expressionless, and knew they
would meet with the Blue again soon. He only hoped his note to the siege
builders back home would reach them in time.

Writer: Anbraxas

Date Tue Oct 5 20:44:01 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Marauders Laendyn Skoden Fredrik Imm RP Xenophon Cayenna

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 6

The humanoid figure sat hunched at a desk, scribbling furiously by the
light of the candles that illuminated the room. Cloak and hood completely
enveloped him, hiding his face in shadow. The room in which he sat was
grand and expensive, and in fact he and his entourage seemed a bit out of
place. Him with his humble black robes lacking any adornment. And standing
behind him in anxious patience were the chieftans of his bannermen as they
were. Long ago had the Blue subjugated the primitive tribes of the area
surrounding his lair. They worshipped him as a demigod and made regular
offerings to his hoard to earn his mercy.

Those gathered in the room watched and waited for word from the hooded
figure. None of them had ever seen his face and they knew him only as the
herald of the Blue.

The gathered chieftans exchanged looks as the figure continued to scrawl
with such furiosity that his quill threatend to shred parchment. Among them
were represented the lowly feral races of Algoron. A bulky gnoll, his
spotted hide heavily scarred and one ear torn off. A tall and muscled
lizardfolk who's olive green scales were smeared with blue warpaint. A tiny
quivering kobold wearing an elaborate head dress who looked much as if he
was the unfortunate soul to draw the short straw. And a grizzled human
bandit dressed in rough furs.

Finally a voice emerged from beneath the hood. "The Tempest will not abide
these elves upon his realm. Each of you know what will happen if you cause
him to be displeased. The issue will be dealt with.
" He turned first to
the gnoll chieftan and lizardman as he spoke. "Your kin will conduct
guerilla warfare from the forests skirting the elf camps. Each from your
own lands as to create a pincer
". Next he turned to the quivering kobold
and the gruff human bandit. "You shall be responsible for sabotaging the
supply lines from the port. For every wagonload of supplies that reaches
the elf camp, one of your own shall be offered to the Blue in sacrifice.

The assembled peons looked at the hooded figure in confusion. No mention of
war had been given before this day. What had transpired? None dared ask.
They only stared in confusion and fear. The poor kobold's mouth stood
openly slackjawed.

Sensing the hesitation, the voice spoke again from beneath the hood. "Serve
well and you shall be rewarded. A bounty from the Blue's own hoard for
every set of elf ears presented by your men. Refuse in cowardice and you
will suffer the same fate as the elves."
Each of the Lieutenants now bowed
their head in salute. The kobold going one step further and prostrating
himself upon the floor.

"Go now. Make every single elf regret ever setting foot on this soil."

The lieutenants scrambled backwards out of the candle lit room, chattering among themselves in hasty preparation.

Writer: Laendyn

Date Wed Oct 6 18:00:01 2021

To All Shalonesti_kingdom Shalonesti Marauders Andreyna Svelana Anbraxas Skoden Fredrik Zandreya Imm RP Religion Xenophon Cayenna

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 7

Reports flooded in that everything from gnolls to kobolds and lizardmen,
to raids on the supply trains. He didn't know if it was the Blue or
Marauders, but at this point they were one and the same. "{oI want the Sky,
Rain, and Sword Dancer battalions to form a buffer from the port to the
supply camps and have the Force of the Tsunami riders to take up defensive
fortifications there. Send out the Force of the Thunderstrike and Squall
cavalry units to the northwest of camp and let them set up the defense on
these raiding bands of gnolls. To the northeast I want the Walls of Thorn
and Razors to begin building the fortifications necessary to repel the
lizardmen. They will be supplemented with the Wilders of Spitfire crossbow
unit. Send our best ranger and scout teams and find where these gnolls and
lizardmen are coming from. Do not engage just yet. I want to know where we
can destroy them.

With nods and salutes the commanders and generals left the tent, only the
commanders of the Wrath of the Stars and Wrath of the Haunted Song, along
with the Kyorl that never left his side, stayed. Laendyn sat down in the
small camp chair, the edges of the vallenwood varnish tarnished by the
fires. "{oI want your two units to stay with me. We're going to hunt for the
kobolds. They're never far from a dragon's lair. I want this dealt with.
If we are on his lands, a simple request would have had us move, but now he
must face the Mother's Wrath. I want you to each pick a cavalry unit and
meet me on the north side of camp in two hours.

A few nods and the commanders emptied the tent. "{oNythalia, please go ready
Moonbeam and find my wife. In that order.
" The slip of a girl dressed in
golden leathers nodded and slipped out of the tent.

With a small sigh Laendyn leaned over the table and put his official seal on
a few documents. With a call of "{oRunner!
", and the quick response of one,
he sent those too, out to their respective destinations. He leaned back in
the chair and flexed his shield hand. It still did not feel at one hundred
percent, but there was nothing else to do for it. With a resigned sigh he
stood and grabbed his yklwa and shield. As he exited the tent he could see
the fortifications of pits being dug and walls being errected around the
entire camp. A bit off to the side two monstrous siege weapons were being
built. The long bases made from the trees being felled to buildup their

Let the Blue come again. He would find a much more dangerous foe this time.

Writer: Symantha

Date Mon Oct 11 04:11:37 2021

Writer: Rauge

Date Mon Oct 11 10:11:04 2021

Writer: Euterah

Date Tue Oct 12 20:13:05 2021

Writer: Andreyna

Date Wed Oct 13 16:02:31 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Marauders Chaos Laendyn Anbraxas Zandreya Imm Rp Religion Xenophon Cayenna

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 8

The air was crisp and cool as Andreyna walked through the Vallens, fresh
dew kissed the blades of grass, her feet wet from the cool moisture. In her
hands she carried a silver urn, the container etched with a vallenleaf and
elvish scripture dedicated to Zandreya. She removed the lid of the urn and
passed it over to the druid walking quietly beside her. Reaching inside she
pulled out a handful of ashes and began to spread them about the forest
floor as she walked, her lips murmuring a soft prayer to the Mother.

It had been several days since the Blue dragon had surprised the elven army
with a vicious attack. His lightning breath caused damage to the camp,
fires had burned down tents and supplies, many elves were injured and some
had also perished in this unprovoked attack. The elves stood their ground,
the knights- specially trained in fighting dragons, and the archers with
their bow and arrows had overwhelmed the large Blue, causing him to flee the
battle. They had not seen hide nor wing of him since.

Portals had been opened to bring the injured and the dead back to the
Vallens where Andreyna and other healers cared for them and also performed
their funeral rituals. The Queen-Priest was not going to leave her dead kin
to rot in the ground upon Arkania, each elf had been carried back to the
Vallens where they belonged.

A large funeral pyre had been erected that evening, a holy ceremony was held
as the elves burned the bodies of their kin who had lost their lives in the
unfortunate battle, who had died fighting in their quest to defend the lands
of Arkane and Verminasia from the Marauders and their host of warpbeasts.

It had taken a few days for the ashes of the fire to cool so the druids
could gather the remains of the perished elves and place them into the urns.
Now, Andreyna and her kin were tasked with spreading the ashes of their
beloved cousins throughout the forest of the Mother's Holy Lands. More of
Her Chosen Children dead due to the Warp.

Writer: Grogu

Date Sat Oct 16 15:40:51 2021

To All Skoden Marauders IMM

Subject Grogu's restoration

Every swipe made by the scrub brush revealed a bit more of the Temple
Altars original walls. Earlier that morning, the Fort has still been
covered by a garish graffito left behind by the Chaos usurpers before his
return. Grogu knew he had a day of hard work ahead of him to fully remove
the bloody symbols All over the Fort. But there were even worse things that
happened during the siege - for example, when the branders carried out
executions against those who would not submit while others concerted
"bombing" action of vandalizing parts of the Fort after Grogus ousting for
refusal to submit to the new rule. A sigh escapes his lips as he sees the
wall is clear of the marking. His hands pruned from the consistent expose
to rid his vision of what came and went. Onward he moves to clear what else
remains of the remnants of ideals that were thwarted swiftly.

Writer: Raimbaut

Date Mon Oct 18 09:12:26 2021

To New_Thalos Knighthood All ( Imm RP Cliath Austinian )

Subject A flicker in the flames

He tended to his horses, his humble land, that of a Sheikh of Jewel. He
took a brief stop at a little garden before heading indoors. He placed
himself at his hearth, pipe in hand. Lighting it and taking a few puffs, he
rubbed the back of his bald head, as the front was warmed from the fire.

His dark eyes peered into the flickering, fleeting flame. Memorized by the
flames, thinking. He smiled a bit, coming to a bit of a realization. How
many decisions, how many thoughts have been passed before such a fire. It
was a natural reaction to fire, warmth, comfort, safety, it seemed, to most,
if not All of the folk of the world.

It will most likely be quite a shock for him, given his easy going life now.
But the forces within him stir, like the crop to the horse. He would take
it up soon, and be glad to do it, a journey blessed by the Sultan as well.
Ho he said in a rough and rumble voice, talking to his pipe once again, the
flames of the fire fervently reflecting from his eyes.

Writer: Timmel

Date Mon Oct 18 22:31:20 2021

Writer: Timmel

Date Mon Oct 18 22:33:25 2021

Writer: Timmel
Date Mon Oct 18 22:35:14 2021

Writer: Caerwes
Date Wed Oct 20 13:00:49 2021

Writer: Caerwes
Date Wed Oct 20 13:46:26 2021

Writer: Caerwes
Date Wed Oct 20 14:34:23 2021

Writer: Caerwes
Date Wed Oct 20 15:14:59 2021

Writer: Caerwes
Date Wed Oct 20 15:58:37 2021

Writer: Caerwes
Date Wed Oct 20 16:41:13 2021

Writer: Alatar
Date Mon Oct 25 13:43:22 2021

Writer: Lavinah
Date Tue Oct 26 00:11:16 2021

To All ( religion rp dragoth immortal )

Subject Returnings I

The dark elf walked through the city's gates for the first time in
seasons. Much had come back to her at once: her manners and poise, her
rules and traditions. Some things escaped her, most notably her use of
words. There were terribly few familiar faces, and she was so very
different while, remarkably she thought, so much the same.

The realm was changed drastically. The Father was dead, the Mistress now in
his place was by far the most spinning revelation in a few days of many,
many revelations. And how the pantheon had sunk into such a lull by far the
most disappointing.

There were new kings and queens, new voices of weight and few, if any
strings to pull. That, she thought, was simply a matter of time - something
the dark elf hoped she had in ample supply.

And so she began, as she always did, talking and learning - not yet ready to
teach. It would be some time before she was comfortable again, there were
seasons of knowledge and happenings to learn of, and the woman knew full
well the cost of speaking unprepared.

Yet, the easiest step was the first. Lavinah would serve.

Writer: Anbraxas
Date Wed Oct 27 18:20:29 2021

To All Shalonesti_Kingdom Marauders Andreyna Laendyn Skoden Fredrik Imm RP Xenophon Cayenna

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 9

The hooded figure sat behind a desk within a small but expensively
furnished room looking over a variety of parchments. His gaze rose from his
letters to the matter that now came before him. Flanked on either side by a
pair of gnoll warriors, a beaten and bloodied elf captain knelt bound at the
wrists. With a malicious prod of his spear one of the gnolls growled out
"Tell him what you told us. "

The elf, wide eyed with fear hesitated and seemed to choke on his words.
The gnoll again pushed his spear into the elf, this time twisting the the
blade slowly in the wound. A cry of agony left the captain before the words
began to spill more freely. Voice trembling, he recounted the strategic
advancements made at the elvish war camp. He spoke of new fortifications
and more worryingly, new weapons made ready to defend agaisnt the Blue.

When the elf had finished speaking, the hooded man simply nodded. A long
pause followed, the elf looking with pleading eyes, until the voice finally
came from within the shadows of the hood. "Prepare his head as a gift to
the Elf Queen. We shall remind her of the blood that stains her hands. We
will show her. All they stand to gain in their endeavor is further
" Waving a hand he added as an afterthought, "The rest of the
corpse you can have. Feast on it if you wish.

A soft and defeated "no... " left the elf captain as one of the gnolls
grinned wickedly and raised a rusty serrated dagger to the elf's neck. As
the edge touched skin, the hooded figure's hand raised. "No. " A brief
moment of relief crossed the captain's face, but it would not last as the
rest of the order followed. "Not here. I do not wish this carpet stained
with elf blood.

The gnolls nodded obediently and each one grabbed a wrist, dragging the
captain out of the room...


The night was still and quiet as the hooded figure emerged from a black and
twisting portal onto the city street. The sounds of his footfalls broke the
silence as they echoed off the pavestones. Beneath his arm was nestled a
large box. Adorned with silver accents and made of the finest of woods, as
was fitting for the presentation of a royal gift.

As he continued forward on his path towards the temple of Zandreya, the glow
of approaching torchlight came upon the horizon. The hooded figure and the
pair of elven watchmen approached each other at a casual pace. When their
paths did cross they met with a cordial nod of the head, with neither party
slowing their pace. It would seem the hooded figure was welcome within the
city, an advantage the elves were not yet aware of.

The hooded figure chuckled to himself as he lay the box before the steps of
the temple of Zandreya. His finger scrawled as magical cerulean script
scratched itself into the very air to linger above the box. How many is it

Writer: Andreyna

Date Thu Oct 28 00:03:15 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Laendyn Anbraxas Zandreya Xenophon Cayenna Imm Rp Religion

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 10

Andreyna sat upon the couch within the royal chambers of the Vallen's
groves. A gentle breeze rolled through, giving the leaves upon the branches
of the vallentrees a faint rustle. In her lap was a stack of missives that
she thumbed through and sorted. Despite the troubles that plagued the
world, the morning had been peaceful and relaxing- she hoped it would last
through the rest of the day.

Suddenly an urgent voice came from below her, just outside of the opening to
clearing in the groves that secretly hid away and protected Zandreya's royal
family. 'Majesty?! The Mother's temple! You must come quickly, please! '
The elfqueen stood to her feet and hurried through the opening in the trees
and down into the groves. The voice came from one of her Kyorl, who quickly
ushered her out, sword in hand, into the streets of Shalonesti. Upon
leaving the groves, she was met by three more Kyorl who escorted her down
the lane to the temple- the bladesingers surrounding her, blades drawn, keen
elven eyes peering about the streets.

Andreyna's heart began to race as she scurried as quickly as she could
toward Zandreya's temple, her thoughts overwhelming her, what could have
happened now? Upon reaching the steps of the temple, the Bishop saw a crowd
of elves, guards, and Kyorl All gathered about it's entrance. The guards
were on high alert and many were hurrying up and down the streets as if
searching for someone or something. Some of the elves gathered were crying,
tears of sorrow running down their cheeks. However many others paced back
and forth, anger and rage fuming from their fair faces.

The crowd parted when they saw the elfqueen approach, many dipping their
heads respectfully, while the guards and Kyorl formed a half-circle around
her, leaving her access to the temple steps. As the elves stepped away from
the entrance to Zandreya's temple, Andreyna's eyes darted to the ground,
sitting upon the bottom step was a neatly wrapped box. Upon seeing the box,
she looked quickly to the Kyorl and guards surrounding her, her hand
motioning toward the 'gift' as she spun in a half-circle looking for
answers, 'What is this? '

The Kyorl who came to retrieve her from her chambers stepped forward, 'It is
quite safe, my Queen. I have already opened it myself, however, you will
not like its contents. For that I am sorry, but you must see this for
', the bladesinger spoke to his Queen, his head nodding toward the
box laying at their feet, 'It is addressed to you, Majesty. '

Andreyna turned her attention back to the box, her gaze glancing back at the
bladesinger as she kneeled down to look at the box. 'What is this..? ',
the Bishop whispered as she lowered herself to the ground, her eyes catching
the blue script that hovered above the box. 'How many is it worth? ' The
elfqueen turned her head quickly to look up at the bladesinger, 'What's in
the box??
' The bladesinger swallowed hard, his head nodding at the Queen
as if to encourage her to open it.

Slowly turning her attention back to the box, Andreyna lifted the wooden lid
with caution. She stood to her feet and stepped back immediately upon
seeing its contents, her hand flying to her gaping mouth. 'Mother, no.. ',
she gasped, unable to pull her eyes away from the brutally severed head of
one of the Vallen's captains. The flesh upon the neck was jagged, shredded
into pieces. It was obvious this was no clean cut, his sapphire eyes were
wide open and lifeless, yet they seemed to stare straight into Andreyna's

The Bishop took a couple of more steps back, tearing eyes away from the box.
Her graceful features sneered up, her mouth and nose wrinkling into a snarl.
'Until he is dead', she nodded, her eyes scanning the crowd. 'He attacks
and murders Zandreya's Chosen!
' The guards slapped their swords against
their shields in one swift movement, 'Notify the Speaker. '

Writer: Raimbaut

Date Thu Oct 28 13:20:11 2021

To All imm RP Austinian

Subject Raimbaut Prays

He knelt at an altar so well worn, he hesitated before kneeling. The
hesitation was for respect, a moment of realization. How many have set
their souls to bare on simple wood? He was a newcomer in the Keep walls,
but he was comfortable enough in them, that was certain. His mind,
thinking, considering the change, could not be happier. He was just
starting, and yet, he was eager.

Thus he knelt, and bent his head in prayer for guidance.

Writer: Andreyna

Date Thu Oct 28 22:53:59 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Laendyn Anbraxas Zandreya Imm Rp Religion Xenophon Cayenna

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 11

The wind was cool and crisp, the sounds of owls, bats, and other
creatures of the night could be heard as Andreyna made her way quietly
through the vallenwoods. The light of the moon peaked through the trees
here and there, its luminescent beam occasionally finding the elfqueen,
casting her long platinum hair and silken dress in an eerie silvery light,
as she slipped her way through the forest, her delicate elven footsteps
leaving no sound.

Soon the Bishop came upon a small clearing between a circle of vallentrees.
A small fire was built at the center of the grassy patch, its logs hissing
in the heat, small flaky embers floated up into the sky, carried by the gray
smoke. Andreyna stepped into the clearing and towards the fire where four
elves of Zandreya's church awaited her, each one either a priest, cleric, or
druid of Her Will.

As she came to a stop at the fire, the elves tipped their heads respectfully
to the Queen-Priest and she did the same in return. The priestess stared
into the fire for a moment, the flame flickering a reflection in her emerald
eyes. 'Tonight we come to pray', she spoke softly as she raised her eyes to
look at each of the elves individually. 'Tonight we ask for the blessings
of the Mother's darkness. We ask for the strength of Her vengance, the
power of rage to enter us, and to drive us to avenge those who have wronged
Her Chosen.

The elves nodded as they All joined hands together, 'We pray to the Mother
tonight lend us Her fury as we bring Her wrath down upon those who have
murdered Her Children
', the priestess joined hands with the elves on either
side of her. 'We stand against the Fort who harbored the Warp, allowed them
to spread their filth, took their cursed marks, and now fill their ranks
with the hideous creatures of corruption,
', the elves nodded as their Queen
continued to speak. '.. And now, we stand against the Blue, the mad-wyrm
who murdered Her elves though we stood to protect his lands. He has been
warned by many, he has been given chances.. And yet he still hunts those
who fight against Malachive's cult.

The Bishop lifted her face to the sky, the fire crackling All about the
elves, casting their shadows upon the forest surrounding them, 'Here us,
Mother. We will not stand by as Your Children are murdered. We will not
stand by as Your Children suffer. Vengeance will be had.
' In the distance
a lone wolf began to howl, breaking the silence that stilled the
vallenwoods. Soon after came the answer of its pack, their musical howls
filling the night air.

Writer: Zorreau

Date Fri Oct 29 10:13:21 2021

Writer: Rahma

Date Sat Oct 30 13:40:52 2021

To All New_Thalos Timmel ( immortal rp religion Siccara Taliena Zandreya )

Subject Grow your gardens: Tim's Tipu Tree 1

"Grow your gardens."

Outside her work at the Hospital on Tropica, Rahma tabib Qadira of New
Thalos felt more like a doctor of plants than of people lately. It was not
work that one should degrade or dismiss; the entirety of animal life,
including the Gods' blessed sentient creatures, fed and existed upon the
plant world. Food, shelter, and endless resources; the richness of the
world could be measured in the variety and health of the plant life.

"Grow your gardens." The powerful hatun had said, "Whatever they may be,
literal or figurative." Perhaps the battle hardened knight had intended her
words more metaphorically for preparation; however, the literal benefits to
the world had not escaped the physician and druid. So many things in
Siccara's art rested upon the gifts of plants. A proper diet, medicines,
and even the cloth that made simple bandages were All born of the plants of
the world.

Given this line of thought, it should be no surprise that so many requests
of her skills of late revolved upon the growth and care of plants. It was
one of the many things that had drawn her to study with the druids, after

The task from Brother Tim she considered now was one long in consideration
and making. A lack of funds and the general building slowdown had
discouraged him from realizing his dream home for some time. Now, though,
with evidence that the Builders Guild were at work again, albeit slowly, and
his final procurement of the funds needed to pay them and the Sultanate for
the lands he had reminded her of the favor she'd promised.

It was one of those cheeky promises you make that you never expect to have
come through on. A silly idea. What did buying and building a home have to
do with the druid doctor? Well, Brother Tim would be Brother Tim, and his
idea of a dream home was a tree house - naturally. He needed one of those
great, grand trees; strong, broad and patient enough to support a little
home in its boughs.

To the casual desert visitor, this may seem an absurd request. Yet, there
was a type of shade tree that with the encouragement of the druidic arts and
magics could do the job. The sun loving tipu tree was unfazed by the heat
of the desert. With Tim's fascination with water and ramp pumps it was
unlikely the tree would ever want for water under Tim's care. In nature the
tipu would grow fast enough on their own, at least in an elf's point of
view. The idea of applying the growth rituals to one even seemed a little
silly to most practitioners of the art. But Tim's human youth would not
last forever, so an enhanced tipu is what the doctor ordered.

Writer: Rahma

Date Sat Oct 30 13:48:00 2021

To All New_Thalos Timmel ( immortal rp religion Siccara Taliena Zandreya )

Subject Grow your gardens: Tim's Tipu Tree 2

Brother Tim had seized upon the idea of her druid magics helping him to
make a tree house after watching her show off by casually growing two sturdy
trees just the right size and distance apart to hang her hammock between. A
tree to support a tiny house was the logical next step up in complexity.
Elven druids had been perfecting the art for millennia, and the most
practiced and skilled were capable of growing homes right into the living
vallenwood trees themselves without need for nail or rope or beam at all.

This project that she would attempt was a far more humble and reasonable
task, appropriate to the skill of a relatively young half elf druid. Yet it
still required some study and preparation on her part. While the entire
ritual may just look like the druid closing their eyes and a useful tree
miraculously grows; like so many things it really wasn't that simple. At
least not if one wanted a safe and successful tree house tree.

It was not just knowledge of plants, how they grow and how to strengthen and
enhance that growth that was needed for the task. One must take the time to
understand physics; the engineering and mechanics of what works. Pure
arcane magic could be used to compensate for illogical designs or create
bizarre, impossible engineering feats, but the safety minded, practical
doctor wanted to be sure what was grown worked within Nature's laws. So the
challenge was to understand the mechanical, physical needs of the project,
and then describe them and coax the tree to meet the need.

She prepared herself in study. Set upon the pile of texts and manuals on
building and construction of small homes: the lore and wisdom of elven
druids and gnomish engineers, was a winged tipu seed. It looked much like
the better known maple seed; the leafy wing granting it the ability to whirl
in flight from its mother tree to a new site to grow and prosper. This seed
she had selected from the brood of a massive old tipu had grand potential
all on its own. Soon she and it would be ready to place the gift in the
desert ground Tim had picked out. Near a spring that would feed his budding
oasis in New Thalos. An act and ritual that would honor the love and
respect for the life and bonds they shared in the harsh desert home.

In looking to the broken sky above the Sultanate, it seemed just the sort of
healing magic the world needed more of.

"Grow your gardens."

Writer: Zorreau

Date Mon Nov 1 13:26:59 2021

To All Shadow Verminasia ( Imm RP Necrucifer Drakkara Carrionmaw Crelius )

Subject Memoirs of a Masked Man: Vol I - Into the Abyss: II

He sat. He waited. His patience was running thin.

The rabbit-like creature hed managed to hunt was simply taking too long to
cook. His stomach rumbled in distress, what was the last thing he had
eaten? What? He couldnt even remember when the last time he ate was.
Zorreau turned away from the slowly roasting meat, picking up his dagger and
a stick, already thinking of how to catch his next meal.

His eyes, normally full of life, sat sunken within his dirty face. The
constant barrage of dust and debris weathering him beyond his years.
Turning his head; his eyes laid upon the crack within the ground, the
spitting lava charring the earth around. His thoughts whirled around his
head. This had to work didnt it? This journey had to mean something.
Turning his focus back to his hands, Zorreau continued whittling his next

The dark knight managed to zone out for a time, his attention only returning
as the rabbit-like animal begins to crackle on its spit. Burnt. A weary
sigh passes his lips. He grasps the makeshift spit and takes a crunching
bite of the charred meat. Awful, but he must eat. Silence weighed heavy
within the chamber as he tucked in like a ravenous wolf.


Time had passed, though Zorreau had no concept of how long. This entire
plain didnt offer any notion of time, no rising tides, no settings suns.
The only thing confirming hed fallen asleep from exhaustion was the dying
embers of his own fire and the mouthful of dirt he awoke to. Taking his
decanter, Zorreau pours a plentiful amount of water into his hands before
splashing over his face. The initial dirt washes away but the dust simply
smears across his features, the momentary refreshment is enough to wake him

Pushing himself from the makeshift bed of rocks and dirt, Zorreau brushes
himself down before striding over to his belongings. Sat beside his armor
is a battered and worn backpack, which appears to be running low on supplies
and an item wrapped in cloth, long in length and strapped to the backpack
with thick twine. It was this package he wanted. He tried to untie the
knots but the twine had been subjected to the same elements and was simply
not budging. A flick of his wrist and the demon claws mounted on his
gauntlets make light work of the rope, releasing the package.

With the newly retrieved item in hand, Zorreau turns and steps back to his
favoured rock for sitting on. Showing an additional level of care with the
cloth-bound item as he lays it on the dirt in front of him. Two more flicks
of his wrist follow and the claws slice through the smaller ties at either
end of the package, allowing the cloth to fall slack.

He grabs his decanter once more, firstly taking a large swig of the water
before pouring more onto his hands. He checks around his body to find the
cleanest article of clothing and roughly brushes his hands, attempting to
make them as clean as possible. Peeling back the edge of the dusty cloth
package, a glint of metal is briefly seen before his fist wraps tightly
around it.

Taking extreme care, Zorreau pulls the item from its cloth enclosure. Its
soon revealed to be an expertly crafted blade which the dark knight holds on
the flat of his palms and begins to inspect. The hilt is an intricate
basket which features a broad demonic wingspan to protect the wielder, a
blood red jewel is encrusted in place at the centre of the wingspan. His
eyes scan across the flat of blade which has been etched with several
indecipherable symbols.

Casting his gaze across to the crack in the earth once more, he stands with
blade in hand.

He approached.

Writer: Deanndre

Date Mon Nov 1 15:44:58 2021

To Gidion Arkane ( All Imm rp )

Subject Born in the Night

Deanndre layed yet another log on the pile in yet another miserable day
of working the oak trees. She was hot, her ankles were swollen, and the
cabbage leaves she wore to keep milk from spilling into her shirt were
rubbing her raw. Picking yp another log she started the arduous chore of
removing the limbs when warmth spread down her legs and puddled at her feet.
Panic set in quickly. She was in the middle of the Shalonesti forest. She
knew there were elves in the trees, but she didn't see anyone. Quickly she
called out to the midwives and as the first contraction hit her, screamed
out the spell that would open a nexus to the flowergirl.

The pain subsided as she walked, as quickly as she could, to the bleeding
hearts and stepped into her room. The midwives were already there with
towels and fresh water and wasted no time. Helping her out of her clothes
the redressed her quickly in a cotton nightgown as another contraction
wracked her body. The baby was coming.

The inn, normally teaming with laughter and merriment, was oddly quiet. The
only things to be heard was the screams of the seargent as contraction after
contraction wracked through her body.

The labor was hard and lasted well into six hours but in the end held no
complications. At the end she was exhausted, her body and spirit tired and
worn out, but she was holding her new baby boy, eagerly suckling at her
breast as she drifted off to sleep.

Writer: Zorreau

Date Mon Nov 1 15:58:13 2021

To All Shadow Verminasia ( Imm RP Necrucifer Drakkara Carrionmaw Crelius )

Subject Memoirs of a Masked Man: Vol I - Into the Abyss: III

It was insufferable.

The air was suffocatingly humid and more than a few beads of sweat pooled
upon the dark knights brow. He knelt beside the molten flow, as close as he
safely could. Hed taken the time to make sure to re-equip his platemail
greaves and gauntlets, hoping for any form of protection from the spitting
furnace before him. The recently revealed broad rapier lay on the ground
before Zorreau, its unmarred blade dancing with the reflection of embers.

What was that? That couldnt have been his voice, surely? He hadnt uttered
a word since he arrived because there was no reason to. There was no one to
speak with and hed avoided casting any spells to avoid detection. How long
had it been since he spoke? Instead of sounding, and feeling, like he had a
throat made of gravel. Zorreau opted to offer a silent prayer, his gauntled
hands both held out before him hovering over the blistering heat.

Head bowed, his prayers start to have their affect, a blackened essence
beginning to surround the immeadiate area. Over and over, Zorreau repeats
the prayer causing the essence to thicken into an impenetrable obsidian mist
which casts a shroud over him. Opening his eyes and satisfied with his
work, the knights arms drop as he takes a few moments of rest.

Pulling off his gauntlets and dropping them at his side, Zorreau rips a
piece of his cloak and wraps both hands tightly in the blackened scraps.
His cloth-clad right hand grasps the hilt of the rapier, sliding easily
underneath the intricate basket which shrouds the hilt. He lifts and turns
the sword until it points vertical, the flat of the rapier directly before
his closed eyes, offering a personal salute. Tilting his head towards the
blade, the dark knight silently prayed again.

He waited.

Writer: Zorreau

Date Mon Nov 1 16:28:24 2021

To All Shadow Verminasia ( Imm RP Necrucifer Drakkara Carrionmaw Crelius )

Subject Memoirs of a Masked Man: Vol I - Into the Abyss: IV

The scene within the chamber appeared frozen, only a slight shifting of
the blackened mist and odd crackle from the molten lava proving time was
still moving. The dark knight remained stationary, still holding the blade
before him and praying, time had passed but he couldnt quantify it. He
simply waited. He wouldnt have the energy to do this again, he didnt even
know if he had enough within him to do it this one time.

A trademark smirk spread across his features, his eyes snapping open.

Suddenly, Zorreau sprung into action. His wrapped right hand drives the
rapier as deep into the furnace as far as he possibly can. Pain is evident
on his face, the lava spluttering and firing scalding shrapnel flying which
lacerates parts of his hand and arm, blood quickly beginning to flow from
the wounds and down towards the blade. His body shudders as he fights the
initial agony and tries to withstand the volcanic conditions.

His left fist clenches tightly and a low growl begins to emit from his
throat. Steeling himself and using the remainder of his energy, Zorreau
thrusts his left hand into the air and calls upon the power of Necrucifer!
The chamber immediately fades of All light, the sound of rumbling thunder
and powerful lightning strikes echo throughout the vast cavern. Vitality
saps from the dark knight and he begins to waiver, struggling to maintain
his stance and grasp on consciousness. As the desperation kicked in, the
anguish and prayers proving too much, Zorreau calls upon a second rapture.


A bolt of unholy energy bursts through the cavern ceiling causing debris to
start falling, the energy crackles and fizzes through the air as it hurtles
towards the outstretched arm of the Shadow Knight. As it pierces the misty
shroud, the energy seemingly absorbs the essence before striking the
clenched fist. Zorreau accepts the unholy blessing of God and begins to
channel it along his sword arm, down into the rapier buried within the
molten floor.

His grip on the sword became unsteady, a mix of exhaustion, pain and unholy
power flowing through him. He quickly moves his left hand to help steady
the rapier, both hands now trembling from the vibrations flowing through it.
With whatever strength remained, Zorreau yanks firmly on the hilt and
dislodges the blade. The combination of heat, unholy power and lightning
energy proving too much of a dangerous combination, a chain reaction of
explosions causes the dark knight to be thrown back through the air. He
crashes into a stalagmite, striking the back of his head against the jagged

Darkness quickly followed.

He fell unconscious.

Writer: Timmel

Date Mon Nov 1 17:43:47 2021

To All Rahma Lothaw ( Taliena IMM RP )

Subject a plate of {nfried chicken

It was late at night, nary a sound
as the Fruit Bandit Timmel was out sneaking around
He wandered the streets, looking for those in need,
Feeding and clothing those who asked was one of the few things he took serious indeed.

He popped his head into the Samaritan's headquarters to check on the basket of fruit,
Peaches and pears and plums were abundant, this he could not dispute.
"Somethin' is missin" he mumbled out loud,
"Got it! We needs some chicken!" He avowed!

He climbed up onto his pet Mammoth Lunchbox, and tore off into the streets,
on an adventure to gather unimaginable quantities of those delicious, fried meats.
He arrived at the Bronze Dragon bar, sliding a blue and looking up at the Yinn
Timmel exclaimed loudly "I need All yer chicken! Fill up this bin!"

The Yinn cook shrugged, happy to abide
his fried chicken and mashed potatoes known country wide.
40 plates of chicken and taters that were mashed
Timmel grabbed the bin and headed towards the headquarters completely unabashed.

Filling the basket with 40 delicious fried chicken meals
was not even remotely enough the young swashbuckler could feel.
Off to the streets Timmel landed back in the bar,
the look of confusion from the Yinn could be described as bizarre.

"Was 40 plates of fried chicken not enough? " The Yinn cook inquired,
Sliding another blue "Hell nah! I need more!" Timmel required,
The Yinn shrugged and filled the bin with 40 more again,
Fried chicken and mashed potatoes after All were his domain.

Time and time again, the young man made his fried chicken run,
He would not stop, he would not falter, not until the job was done.
8 blues later and part of whatever sanity he had remained,
3000 plates of fried chicken and mashed potatoes he had attained.

"I'm thinkin' my job is done here!" He proudly declared,
The effort and stress surely turned the poor Yinn cook white haired.
Running off, telling All to get a free plate with the widest of grin,
The Samaritans headquarters permanently smelling of fried chicken within.

Writer: Gidion
Date Mon Nov 1 18:01:57 2021

Writer: Telthian
Date Tue Nov 2 22:33:20 2021

Writer: Andreyna
Date Wed Nov 3 13:39:47 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Laendyn Anbraxas Zandreya Imm Rp Religion Xenophon Cayenna

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 12

Andreyna walked through the formation of elves- knights and archers as
far as the eye could see. They stood in perfect formation. They were tall,
proud, poised, they were Zandreya's elves. With her hands raised high above
her, the Mother's Queen-Priest called for blessings of nature to protect her
kin, to guide their swords and arrows, to fill their minds and hearts with
the fury of Nature's wrath.

The elves had suffered so much. The Vallens had almost been destroyed,
their Mother sickened by the Warp. They go to aid others, to protect the
lands of others from the Fort and the warpspeakers who filled their ranks,
and they were attacked by a mad Blue wyrm. A dragon whose lands they were
merely trying to protect from its own destruction.

Her kin had seen so much illness, so much death, and yet they continued to
hold strong to their faith in the Mother. They continued to hold strong to
the beliefs that She would protect them and in turn they would protect the
many gifts she had bestowed upon Her Chosen Children. They would never
falter in their faith for Zandreya, they would seek their vengeance against
all who had wronged them in the name of their blessed Mother.

The dragon had attacked them once, he had captured one of their Captains and
brutally murdered him, leaving his head as a gift for the Queen-Priest.
This was unforgivable. All he had to do was ask them to move their army.
All he had to do was reject their aid, and the elves would have gladly moved
to a different location. However, he chose a war. A war against those who
fought against the Fort, who fought against Chaos, who fought to help to
protect their allies.

As Andreyna made her way through the formation of elves she thought of the
allies they had come to protect. Where were they now? Where were they now
that the Blue had attacked the elves, had beheaded one of their own. Not a
single one had offered their aid or any sort of information about this foe.
Yet, here the elves stood, still protecting those who had not offered any
aid to them. However, they were not alone. The Mother was always with

Writer: Anbraxas

Date Wed Nov 3 17:31:50 2021

To All Shalonesti_kingdom Andreyna Laendyn Marauders Skoden ( IMM RP Xenophon Cayenna )

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 13

The hooded figure stood in the night rain atop the far off peak from
which he usually watched the main elvish encampment. As he knelt down and
peered from beneath the hood, large drops fell heavily upon the leaves of
the forest surrounding him. It was enough to drown out All nearby sound and
cloud the vision. But nevertheless the hooded figure remained fixated on
the object of his scrutiny. It would seem his senses were keen enough to
pierce the veil of this storm as it showed little effect upon him.

He rose from his perch and made his way out from the tree line and out
towards the open. As the rain beat oppressively upon him and the wind bit
with cold he raised his head to face the sky. The hood fell back a bit to
reveal the jawline of the figure, more than he would normally reveal in
company but he stood alone upon this peak. The mouth smiled. He relished
the storm. Each sharp drop across his face felt as a loving caress. Soon
both hands joined his gaze in reaching towards the sky.

As his arms reached the apex above his head the very storm seemed to react
and shift. As if a moth drawn to the flame the clouds of the area gathered
in a violent spiral above his form and growing ever darker. Lightning and
thunder began to break the night's stillness. The clouds above grew and
intensified, spreading outwards from the center in an ever-darkening

The storm now was one of true magnitude that would be reserved for the most
tragic of natural disasters. Lightning struck the ground All around the
figure, reducing ancient trees to mere splinters and leaving the earth
singed and smoking. The lightning struck at regular intervals now. Smoking
craters left every few seconds where the bolts struck. With the wind
battering him and ripping at his soaking cloak the hooded figure lowered one
hand, and pointed it south.

The hooded figure watched as the storm followed his will. He watched until
the lightning began to strike the elvish camp. Fires could be seen glowing
in the distance of the night sky as the storm's wrath sundered
fortifications and life alike. When he was confident the storm's full fury
was upon the elves and the night sky choked with smoke, he strode out
towards the edge of the hill. With a flash of black smoke the hooded
figure's black robe collapsed in an empty heap on the ground as a shockingly
large blue dragon leapt into the sky from the spot....

Writer: Andreyna

Date Thu Nov 4 00:03:16 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Laendyn Anbraxas Zandreya Imm RP Religion Xenophon Cayenna

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 14

Andreyna sat within her tent nestled within the elven encampment looking
over several maps laid before her. His lair had to be around here
somewhere. The elves where obviously upon the Blue's territory, but where
could the entrance be? The Bishop looked up from her maps as she heard the
wind begin to howl, the flaps of her tent began to flutter. Rising to her
feet, the priestess walked to the entrance of her tent and peered outside,
storm clouds began to move in over the encampment, lightning striking
viciously All around them.

Looking off into the distance she noticed the skies were clear, but over the
elven encampment the massive storm shrouded them in darkness, heavy rains
began to beat down upon them, while massive bolts of lightning struck the
ground at increasing intervals. This was no natural storm. This was set
upon them. This was the work of the Blue.

A wave of fury washed over the elfqueen as she ran from the tent and into
the wild storm. Horses were in a panic, elves ran about dodging bolts of
lightning, and rushing to put out fires. Andreyna looked about her, quickly
scanning about for any sign of the Blue. He had to be close by. Thunderous
cracks were heard overhead as the lightning and winds tore down upon the
encampment. The Blue had chosen to play with nature, to set the Mother's
gifts against them.

Andreyna quickly made her way through the encampment. Her pace quickening
with each step, she ran past elves scurrying about, formations of knights
and archers standing guard, ready for the Blue to strike. Within a few
moments she reached her destination, a large cliff overlooking the elven
camp. Climbing to the top of the cliff she stood at its edge and looked
over at the elves below her. Fires had sprung up here and there, the elves
were doing their best to extinguish them, while hundreds more stood ready
for the Blue to attack.

Raising her hands high into the air, Andrenya peered up into the sky, her
platinum hair and ivory dress billowing All about the elfqueen. 'You dare
to bring a storm down upon us, Blue?
', she yelled into the storm. 'I am
Zandreya's Bishop, wyrm! ', she screamed in fury, her voice carrying upon
the winds. 'I am Queen of the Mother's elves! We are HER CHOSEN and you
' Her hands held high into the air, the Queen-Priest
began chanting in elvish. She would not allow some mad-wyrm to control the
Mother's gifts. How dare he? The Blue as truly out of his mind if he
thought he would win a battle of nature against Zandreya's Children.
Andreyna continued to chant, her elvish incantations a song upon the winds,
in hopes the lightining storm would cease and soothing rains would fall upon
the lands, extinguishing the fires cause by the Blue.

As the elfqueen continued her chants, she soon heard voices joining her own.
Elven druids and priests alike had joined her, their voices rising in
harmony as they fought to control the massive storm brought down upon them.
Whether brought on by magical or natural means, storms were ultimately
Zandreya's domain. Her Children would not be destroyed by Her own gifts.

Writer: Anbraxas

Date Thu Nov 4 19:24:43 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Marauders Andreyna Skoden Xenophon Cayenna IMM RP

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 15

The wind whipped fiercely and the lightning crashed All around him as the
massive blue circled overhead of the elvish encampment. He was born of
storms. He was perfectly at home here within the full fury of the storm.
His eyes pierced the clouds to look below him with complete and total
clarity upon the elvish forces that strained to see through the pouring rain
and pelting hail. Lightning struck even the blue at regular intervals. But
rather than inflicting harm it seemed only to energize him further. Every
inch of armor plated scale now crackled with intensity as it was impregnated
with the raw electrical power of the lightning. A deep and bellowing
chuckle rumbled forth from his chest with enough force to almost be heard
over the storm as he watched the full might of the elvish army prepare for
his onslaught.

But it did not come.....

The blue ended his lazy circle and began to climb up and out of the storm.
Ever higher his immense wings carried him with each beat, until the
seemingly all-consuming storm was but a distanct speck on the landscape
below. His gigantic head turned and his body followed to now follow a
straight path. At this altitude it would take mere moments before he was
upon the coastline of Arkania. As he headed out onto the open ocean it did
not take long for his eagle like eye to spy his mark below.

The blue had not grown this old by acting on impulse. The elves had under
estimated him. Called him mad. And while it was true his wrath was mighty,
the blue did not go in to any skirmish without thinking. An army needs
constant supplies, a fact the blue was quite well aware of.

A fleet of supply ships sailed below. The four civilian merchant vessels
were of course guarded by a pair of Shalonesti navy frigates. Less than he
had hoped for. But hopefully enough to cause a significant morale blow.
Rations, medicine, materials. All stuffed into the holds of those galleys.
The path by sea was not a short one from the forests of Shalonesti to the
Arkanian coast was not a short one. It would take some time to resupply.
And in that time, the blue hoped many an elf would know the sorrow of an
empty stomach and a broken spirit.

He tucked his wings in close and descended into a full dive. The meters
long horn jutting from his snout pierced the air as the bellowing voice
shook the very air. "VERMIN! ". As the maw gaped open it revealed a
gathering force of electricity behind the wicked teeth. It grew and grew in
intensity as the crackling lightning was drawn from the blue's body to
concentrate the full strength of the storm within his throat.

The cannons had turned on him already. But it was too late. As a volley of
fire broadsided him and cannonballs cracked thick scale, he let loose with
all his might. A column of lightning burst forth from his maw with the
intensity of a child's magnifying glass upon an ant hill. As he swept his
head back and forth the fleet exploded to splinter and ash.

Writer: Rahma

Date Fri Nov 5 19:56:17 2021

To All Geirhart Bragin Rahynia ( immortal rp Taliena Siccara Kadiya Zandreya )

Subject Grow your gardens: Taliena's Tropica Temple 1

"Grow your gardens."

The imperative remained true to the Thalosian physician. Perhaps the words
had been just a turn of phrase by the holy hatun. Intended to comfort the
masses with understanding platitudes. Yet the words rang true after many
hours of consideration with sages, priests, mystics, mages and the crazy
Thalosian fruit bandit she called her friend. This action was the only one
that made much sense in the big picture of the world and how it worked. It
also was an action that was, well, actionable.

"Grow your gardens."

This would be garden she tended now had long suffered a wicked curse. The
ruins of a Temple to Taliena; broken, burned to ash, and then set with a
bizarre and horrible curse of twisted chaos magic. Said to be one of the
early victories of Malachive and or followers of His in a time when the
misfit evil god walked the land. If someone remembered or knew the real
details it seemed lost to time. The ash and destruction was indeed
indicative of the other early work by Malachive the druid knew of: Balifore.
In more recent times the newer generation of chaos cultists had demonstrated
some sort of blood magic that corrupted most divine attempts at dispelling.
They had bigger plans for conquest or destruction or whatever they were on
about, and this one small seaside ruin was a long forgotten sidenote. A
primitive early work that hardly displayed the gory glory and power of their
bizarre and horrible religion.

Rahma tabib Qadira did not know much detail of the history of the cult.
Almost century ago she would have been a new initiate and student of
Siccara's Sacred Sisters of Mercy and that study and focus had filled her
life. Monastic orders were fine places of education and shelter from the
crazy of the world. Her Sisterhood had a stern purpose; however, in that
they studied the arts of healing, plyed scientific methods and testing to
put the skills to work in aiding others. So, at some point, the reality of
the world had to be met.

This ruined temple was not far from their own hospital and base on Tropica.
For years it was thought a loss and the Sisterhood kept away. Cringing at
the sight of the beheaded statue of the Mother of Siccara, now Matron of
Healers, and shaking their heads at the bizarre chaos magic that marked the
ruins. Then Geirhart and Bragin's miracle happened there, and proved, quite
vividly, that yes, Love can and does overcome, when one bothers to give it a
chance. The slowly expanding circles of purification were a real and true
hope. If this curse could be lifted, and holy spot reclaimed, then so could
any number and manner of evils in the world be healed.

Writer: Rahma

Date Fri Nov 5 20:03:03 2021

To All Geirhart Bragin Rahynia ( immortal rp Taliena Siccara Kadiya Zandreya )

Subject Grow your gardens: Taliena's Tropica Temple 2

Like many others, Rahma had been drawn into the task of cleansing the
temple. Taliena's infallible love for everyone, and the near universal
public disdain for Chaos and Malachive brought out many who would cheer and
aid the project on. Yet still the temple resisted cleansing. Much had been
done, spiritual and physical cleaning with soap, water, and elbow grease or
magically animated brooms and mops. Ultimately what seemed to work best was
just being there with others, sharing love and peaceful conversation; using
the temple for what purpose it had been originally intended. That was
something she and her idiot romantic husband, Thasgerd, had been more than
glad to do.

Plans for rebuilding had begun by the priesthood and among these plans was a
garden space. This appealed more to the druid and part elf than a new brick
and mortar temple. Fresh sea air and medicinal plants would both honor the
Goddess and be of practical use to those in need. The plants could also
serve in aiding with the final push to cleansing the cursed land. This is
what brought her out on this day. Armed with compost, seeds and starts, the
druid wandered the edge of the cursed ruin, where it met with the forests of

Meandering between trees and underbrush, she encouraged the tropical forest,
stirring in the plant food and nurturing her little green invaders. The
youthful plant army of allspice, cinnamon, lime, tamarind and wasai trees
were started at the garden's edge. Cardamon, ginger, galangal, turmeric,
and suma plants All were sung to, and urged on as Rahma hummed the songs her
wild elven colleagues did to heal and tend plants. Sweat dripped down her
face and back in the tropical heat, much heavier and wetter than her home
desert. The act of cultivating and encouraging life brought a smile to her
face. The joy of giving hope, creating a chance for something or someone to
grow into beauty and purpose was in essence why she was a doctor and servant
of Siccara. She hoped that in cultivating the flavorful and medicinal
bounty of the tropics, that Zandreya's gifts would help her Goddess of
Healing and Peace shake Chaos' magic from the cursed place, and return it to
a more natural, healthy state.

She found the trickle of water that ran from the seaside hill, and watered
her new additions, as well as drank her own fill. Then she tied up her
hammock in the shade of the two trees she had grown in the ruin and relaxed
and waited. Pilgrims, and her friends, would be wandering in soon, and with
them the cleansing joy they shared at taking back this one small corner of
the dark and shattered lands. It was important to make sure they did not
eat or trod upon the plants yet. Especially Brother Tim's mammoth companion
animal. As the druid dozed in her hammock, she wondered where he had been
stabling the beast. It would be a grand source of fertilizer for the

"Grow your gardens."

Writer: Rahynia

Date Sat Nov 6 09:02:02 2021

To All Rahma Thasgerd Immortal Taliena

Subject Taliena's Temple: Spaces

Walking the spaces.

The temple plans had been completed to the best of Rahynia's ability,
she was no builder. Yet, with the ideas of others, the plans drawn up
by Angela, and a good deal of faith, she had put together a proposal
that she felt would serve the most interests. Importantly, it would
serve the interests of Taliena.

Siccara and Kadiya wouldn't be forgotten either.

That was especially important to Rahynia. Even though both had died
before she entered the priesthood, she had grown up praying to Siccara,
and though Taliena's spirit had encompassed the spaces left behind by
her daughters, they deserved to be remembered.

As she walked through the ruins of the Temple that was, Rahynia found
herself looking at objects and things that weren't yet there. The rubble
was cleared aside already. In the center of the room were the glowing
concentric circles. There were patches, places, where Rahynia could see
some work being done to start the garden.

To the south of where the garden would be, there was a cabin. It was
one part of the old Temple that still stood. It would be torn down,
though, in order to rebuild the actual stone and mortar temple that
would replace the one that used to exist.

Rahynia could see the half-roof, the open design, a Temple which
would glorify not only Taliena, but also the natural beauty of Tropica.
Tears came to her eyes as she looked at what would one day be. One
day... couples would get married there. They would pray for guidance,
for healing, and for love.

The space was already being used for the purposes of love. In that way
it had already been reclaimed, but the new gardens and temple would
truly solidify that change.

Change. It would All change, Rahynia only hoped Taliena would love it
as well.

Writer: Lavinah
Date Mon Nov 8 10:58:28 2021

To All ( religon rp dragoth immortal )

Subject Returnings II

It took a short time for Lavinah to find the gardens she loved so much,
wandering the housing district until her bearings returned to her. And,
fortunately, it was just as she remembered - untouched by the treachery that
gripped Ironclad nearby. She spent much of her time here, as she did

Shortly after, she found her home. Pausing at the entrance, looking at the
small garden of wilted flowers, a smirk crossed her lips. It would make
things far easier. And with a soft tilt of her head, she made her way to
the workshop, the runes sealing the door giving their soft glow in release
as she approached. And she settled, everything, knowing finally that she
was still herself in full.

The workshop was, in a word, a mess.

Lavinah settled into a trance, cleaning everything in front of her,
carefully checking each sample and box. Hours turned quickly into days, the
woman forgetting to eat as she had an immediate purpose in front of her.
And finally, running her fingernails across the polished metal table, she
set her first new sample upon it.

A small piece of flesh that bore the mark of the godsson, seared in green

Writer: Andreyna
Date Tue Nov 9 14:22:09 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Laendyn Svelana Anbraxas Skoden Marauders Zandreya Imm Rp Religion Xenophon Cayenna

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers pt 16

Andreyna stood high upon the cliff, druids and priests gathered with her.
Together they chanted and called out to the Mother, the elvish voices rising
high into the winds that gust around them. Their magics and prayers seemed
to be working. The storms began to calm down, the lightning ceasing,
turning into a downpour of rain. Fires had sprung up throughout the
encampment and elves did All they could to save supplies while the Mother's
rains drenched the flames.

The Queen-Priest threw her head to the sky as she heard a flapping and
familiar presence, high overhead the form of a wyrm could be seen, circling
the encampment before turning to make its way toward the shore. It was him.
Why did he insist on attacking them when they had done nothing to provoke
it. They only came to defend the lands, to defend their allies. Allies who
were mostly silent on the Blue's actions.

The Blue continued his flight toward the shore, never looking back at the
encampment and the destruction he had caused. The Bishop furrowed her
brows, but he did not win. The elves were determined not to lose a battle
of the Mother's gifts, even if the Blue did hold a powerful breath of

Down upon the shore a fleet of supply ships were gathered, having just
reached Arkania. They were preparing to dock to unload the goods when a
great shadow passed overhead, the Blue was upon the fleet, circling his
prey. Cannons were quickly readied and aimed at the Blue, the elves not
hesitating to fire upon the great wyrm. However it was too late, as soon as
the cannons fired the Blue released his deadly breath and bolts of lightning
rained down upon the fleet.

Many elves were able to jump from the boat, just before the ships were
struck. However, others were not. The ships, supplies, and many elven kin
were incinerated almost instantly. The little bit of evidence that remained
bobbed upon the waves before sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Just around the bend, hiding a short distance away was a gathering of
several galley ships. The elves knew better than to leave their supply
ships unguarded. The Sha'qelas had been warned of the Blue's approach, a
dolphin could be seen in the distance, flipping high into the air, its
warning whistles carrying across the waves. The cannon-filled battle ships
aimed at their target and fired. The blasts of multiple cannons firing
echoed loudly in the air, massive cannon balls soared through the air,
aiming directly at the Blue. Several more aimed just ahead of and behind
the dragon, hoping to strike the Blue should he try to maneuver and dodge
the onslaught of cannon fire.

Upon the deck of three different ships sat a massive wooden bow. Nestled in
each was an enormous iron arrow, cranked back and ready for release. The
captain of the lead ship held his sword high into the air, 'Loose', he
shouted for All to hear as he dropped his sword arm to his side. The three
iron arrows were released. They soared with a swiftness through the air.
The elves hoped their aim was true.

Writer: Symantha

Date Wed Nov 10 00:28:39 2021

Writer: Telthian

Date Wed Nov 10 09:17:39 2021

Writer: Euterah

Date Wed Nov 10 18:51:58 2021

To All Darkonin Cayenna Skiiz

Subject The Arkane Conflict

The shadows moved across the stones, images shifted over the wall of the
cave, the Witch Queen watched. The hearth flamed low and hot. Shadows
coalesced parted forming dancing garish gleeful characters over the uneven
surface. The Witch blinked slow, dark brackish gaze discerning. The
shadows crept up the curve to the ceiling, feinting futures though the paths
diverted several ways. The pale green figure watched, standing within the
pentagram upon the cavern floor. The portents were ambiguous, shadows
flickered, telling little. The wild magics that blessed the Witch Queen
eluded understanding.

The World was moving and though the Witch felt little prepared there was
faith in the Mountain and the stoney strength of Its folk. Despite finding
the Kingdoms united once more for like cause the Witch Queen felt compelled
to travel to the encampment on Arkane. She had not seen what reality lay
within the drawn lines, but rumors had increased. The Witch felt the hairs
on the back of her neck stand, being twined with elements she realized the
distinct charge building in the atmosphere. She shivered as the moment
chilled to the bone.

K'reegah was handed off to the Witch Queen at the portals. The gequine
snuffled the Witch, bending low to allow the Witch Queen to mount. A small
moment did Euterah allow herself to reflect on the last month. The portal
swirled with color, three Titans, personal guard, and the Witch Queen of
Darkonin Mountain rode through to a wholly different Arkane than for which
they had prepared.

The Front was a efficient bustle of races, the Witch Queen was directed to
where Darkonin's encampment lay. Mountain warriors, hardened soldiers
saluted their Queen as she rode to find the Officer liaision. Sorely, the
Witch needed to know the state of this conflict. Brackish, discerning, dark
eyes took in the camp and the soldiers. Everything apeared well used, but
solid, noises of conversation, training, steel on steel, creaking armor came
to her. The sights and sounds of the contingent were unfortunately

The Witch let a sigh softly escape her lips. There were never war bygones,
reasons were simply black and white. A meeting with the other kingdom
leaders in this battle would glean a better understanding. The Witch Queen
did not wish to ask of the Mountain's folk sacrifice of warriors without a
solid foundation from which to move.

The Mountain would not move until the Witch Queen had a satisfactory cause.

Writer: Rahma
Date Sat Nov 13 13:53:04 2021

To All Thasgerd Timmel Bragin Rahynia ( immortal rp Taliena Siccara Kadiya )

Subject Grow your gardens: Temple Tabib 1

A vigil was kept at the broken temple. Amongst the scarred stone and
cursed ash clerics and pilgrims came and contemplated the miracle there.
The concentric circles of pure cleansed marble and the flowing divine
script. The flame of hope that the branded land and air could be saved.
The hope that they All could be saved.

"Grow your gardens."

At the edge of the forest near the seaside ruin, where nature's green met
with the chaos' ash, the druid doctor had worked. Wandering amongst young
trees and tropical herbs she fed, watered, and sang to the burgeoning flora.
Most had a medicinal purpose, yet for now there were another kind of
medicine altogether. The plants would grow, convert, and purify the wounded
land as a part of the healing of the burnt out space. They had the
potential to prepare the land for other plants and make homes for new animal
life. Insects, bugs, and worms to aid them in converting the lands.

A curious bird from deeper within the forest interior had sung out its query
to the druid. In time it would nest in the trees and brush, eat the insects
and worms, and add the songs of its children to healing the ruin. For now,
though, the wild silver haired, dark skinned Thalosian physician would help
move the healing along.

She had paused by one of the tiny tamarind trees, inspecting its progress.
It had been dubbed "Haggis" by her husband the day he aided her in tending
the plants at the edge of the would be garden. It seemed well enough to
her, though sniffing the ground there was the distinct smell of coffee.

"What has Thas been feeding you, Haggis?" She asked the plant, though it
gave no answer, keeping secret what lunch had been passed to it by its
paladin patron. It appeared entirely content. If it was just coffee
grounds, that would be a fine gift to the soil, but Siccara only knew what
else her husband fed it. Thasgerd would share food with anyone or anything.

The plants were tended, and healing would take time. So there was plenty of
time to see to another task related to the healing and rebuilding of the
temple that she could aid with. Finding a healer.

As much as she enjoyed aiding this project, Rahma tabib Qadira had her own
gardens to grow and tend in New Thalos. She could not stay the post
forever. A temple healer would have to be found by the Church to reside and
care for the garden, temple and pilgrims. Deacon Rahynia had asked for her
help in the matter, for indeed she had made many contacts with many healers
and doctors and medicine persons over the years. The project was well
funded, a heartening proof that when given the choice between love and
chaos, the world chose to put its money on love. The real challenge was to
find the right person who would live at the seaside tropical site, far from
any city or settlement.

Writer: Rahma
Date Sat Nov 13 13:56:53 2021

To All Thasgerd Timmel Bragin Rahynia ( immortal rp Taliena Siccara Kadiya )

Subject Grow your gardens: Temple Tabib 2

Having served with Siccara's Sacred Sisters of Mercy on Tropica for most
of her life, Rahma knew many of its peoples. Life had been disrupted and
lost due to the violent rise of Chaos, and it seemed reasonable that one of
the native healers might take interest in the post. So she quested along
the trails and paths she knew to tell of the position.

She paused at the black sands of the southern shore. This sand was
different from the corrupted ash of the temple or the magically transformed
sand below the rip in New Thalos' sky. This sand seemed benign, neutral,
normal. Perhaps made by the grinding waves against dark volcanic rocks from
a volcano that lived while the world was young and dragons flew thick in the
skies. The natives that made their village here were humans, fun loving and
clever folk. They enjoyed pranks with the prickly burrs and the simple
life, taking what they needed from Tropica's generous gifts. Weaving
baskets, hammocks, and fishing nets, they had resisted most efforts of
reintegration with civilization. To them she made the need known, and
traded for a new hammock.

Further west into the jungles was an old Temple of Good. The order there
celebrated and worshiped the Gods and Goddesses of Good in the old ways of
hidden monasteries, sheltered from the world and its concerns. Some, as
she, still clung to Siccara's worship, as well as Kadiyans that kept hidden
away from the world, living in sacred peace. To these followers, as well as
Taliena's she made her call, urging a healer among them to come take refuge
at the temple by the sea.

She followed the twisting paths west into the enchanted jungle around the
forbidden Enchantress' Tower. Past jungle streams and enchanted flora and
fauna she came to the hut of Groa'da, the half ogre shaman. The medicine
man was one of Tropica's best, and she asked him to mention the need for a
temple healer to any young shaman that came to learn from him. She told him
of the garden of medicinal plants and inquired his advice on cultivating

Leaving Groa'da with a sachet of colorful root stock to add to the garden,
the druid would wander the interior of Tropica for a time. Leoine prides
wandered and settled everywhere there was life to be found. In mountain,
desert, and savanna. In caves and mud huts. Hunting and gathering for
countless, furry, generations.

They were well in tune to what was needed to survive every biome of Tropica.
Some prides she had worked with before, and knew how to find them. Others
she happened upon by fortune alone, and took up with their shaman and
medicine men and woman, trading knowledge and letting them know of her quest
to find a healer for the broken temple.

Writer: Rahma
Date Sat Nov 13 14:02:20 2021

To All Thasgerd Timmel Bragin Rahynia ( immortal rp Taliena Siccara Kadiya )

Subject Grow your gardens: Temple Tabib 3

At long last she came to the life giving river and emerald forests of
Mebn Ehlweb. A home away from home. A tribe of wild elves whose influence
in the northwestern forest was perhaps one of the most populous elf homes
outside of Shalonesti. The tribal druids had even grown the traditional
vallenwoods upon their sacred river island.

This wild elf tribe had always had much to offer in terms of knowledge of
plants and their uses in medicine. It was difficult to say at times if
Rahma's own order of Siccarans offered them charity and services, or if the
Sacred Sisters were the recipients of wild elven charity. The order's trade
of knowledge and even persons as wild elves came to join the Sisters over
the years was greatest with this tree city and their people.

The tribe had suffered not All that long ago, sickened when Chaos attacked
Shalonesti with its blood tree. The Sisterhood also was troubled in that
time, but the non elves of the order had prevailed, providing care and
comfort during those troubles, till the wicked spell of disease and
suffering had been lifted. So to the wild elves of Mebn Ehlweb she spoke of
taking back the ruined temple from Chaos, and the need of a healer to reside
there and watch the gardens and care for the pilgrims.

She had taken a long journey around about the tropical continent. In time
her worn sandals brought her back in a circle to return to the ruined
Temple. The ash strewn, broken walls punctuated by her defiant trees, and
the numerous gifts left in the cleansed circle. Animated holy symbols of
the three Goddess' floated in the air, distracting the eye away from the
floating emblem of chaos. A clever use of magic by Bragin.

In this ruined place a garden would grow. All that was left was to have
patience. To wait and see what would grow here; what plants and bugs would
take that chance and turn the ash to fertile ground. To wait and see how
the love of the pilgrims and those who kept vigil would nurture and grow
beyond the polished circle. To wait and see what Brother Tim cooked upon
the grill. To wait and see if a healer would make the journey, take the
chance, and become a tabib of this sacred place. To tend garden, temple,
plants, creatures and people who came to worship. To see hope made real,
and be healed as they healed this sacred ground.

"Grow your gardens."

Writer: Laendyn
Date Sat Nov 13 20:10:58 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Andreyna Svelana Anbraxas Skoden Marauders Zandreya Imm RP Religion Xenophon Cayenna

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers Part XVI

The battle fevered ever higher as more kobolds came rushing into the fray
in a haphazzard pincher movement counter to the lizardmen's flanking
assault. Elves gave cries to their ancestors and the Mother and fought
valiantly. The odds were against them as the kobolds joined in, but the
elves stood firm and were able to repel the initial assault. In the middle
of the battle sat Laendyn atop of his horse, Moonbeam. A team of royal
guards surrounding him, their blades humming and the Haunted Song escaping
from each of their lips. A different instrument, but All of one Song. A
squad of knights stood their ground in a ring off to the side, their heavy
plate protecting them from blows that would cripple them, and their pikes
piercing the bodies of many lizardmen. The pounding of hooves grew louder
as a unit of calvary raked past some kobolds, either trampling or cutting
down a score of them as they urged their mounts on and rode off through the
woods to regroup and make another pass.

From the distance a wardrum could be heard getting louder as a flood of
kobolds came over the crest and crashed upon the elven defenders like a
wave, overwhelming and cutting down a few of the noble elves. As the
kobolds came at them, Laendyn noticed one standing at the top of the hill, a
silly headdress of bone and feathers nearly swallowing its head with its
humerous size. Well, humerous was a bit of an over exaggeration in the
moment as the kobold leader yelled out a set of orders from its squeaky,
crackeling, voice and lobbed a fireball into a group of elves, scattering
them for the moment.

With a command of his own, Laendyn turned Moonbeam towards the hill and took
off at a gallop and raising a banner of Zandreya. Kobolds and lizardmen
fell before him as a unit of calvary joined him, flanking both sides. With
the show of devotion a rallying cry from the elves carried through the woods
and seemed to inspire and invigorate the elves, their blades dancing in the
early dawn light that filtered through the trees.

"{oThis is the Mother's land! Drive them from it and reclaim it in Her name!
Her Will will not be denied!
" The words flew from his lips as a fireball
engulfed his upper torso, but what intensity began from it, dissipated
quickly and the blast of fire became nothing more than a bad sunburn.
Kobold guards attempted to block the charge but they were cut down and
Laendyn's yklwa sliced cleanly into the kobold leaders neck, sending its
head rolling down the hill where the elves were overwhelming the leftover of
the lizardmen and kobolds.

"{oMake sure none escape! Slay every last one!
" Not too much longer and the
sound of blades quieted bit by bit until, at last, the elves stood
triumphant, though not without some loss from their ranks. As they carried
their dead to the rear of their formation for extraction, an elf clad in a
myrid of greens and browns came up next to Laendyn and offered a nod.

"{nSire, there are two kobolds that are on the run from here. What are your orders?

"{oFollow the one, kill the second.

Writer: Symantha

Date Sun Nov 14 06:13:25 2021

Writer: Symantha

Date Sun Nov 14 06:29:29 2021

Writer: Ithelim
Date Mon Nov 15 21:16:12 2021

Writer: Madison
Date Tue Nov 16 19:47:48 2021

To All Symantha Telthian Ithelim Shadow Drakkara Cayenna Imm Rp Religion

Subject {uThe Tide Rises - XIX

Standing over a mound of black sand, Madison bowed her head and whispered
a prayer. A shovel stood upright underneath her right forearm and she
leaned her weight upon it as she looked around. Her normally free-flowing
locks had been tied up into a messy coppery bun, a few curly tendrils had
escaped and clung to the sweat the glistened from her face and neck. The
chest of the Novice rose and fell heavily with each breath. She was

Though the Storm had won the battle against the diablerie, it did not come
without deaths, and it was her job as a Novice to bury these dead. She was
not used to being told what to do. She was not used to manual labor. At
times it would take a moment to calm the fire inside of her when she was
forced to remember her place within the Storm. She reminded herself that it
was for the best. It was where she belonged. It was her duty to the
Darkness to aid in bringing the Mistress' Infinite Night upon the world,
even if it meant following orders and remembering her duties as a Novice.

Madison gave the heap of black sand one last nod and thanked the fallen for
their service to the darkness before turning on her heel and making her way
back to the supply wagon. She tossed the shovel into the back of the cart
and reached her hand down to the canteen that dangled at her hip. She
turned the lid on the simple container and took a sip with a sigh of relief,
the water was crisp and refreshing. Lifting the canteen over her head, she
poured some of the cool liquid over her head, allowing it to drip down her
face and neck. Madison took a deep breath, her shoulders rising and falling
as she relaxed. 'Remember your place', she whispered to herself as she
screwed the lid back on to the canteen and fastened it back to her hip.

The Novice then climbed up into the supply wagon and grabbed the reins of
the horse. With a light crack of the leather straps, the horse began to
trot, the Storm began to move forward once again, deeper into the Rip.

Writer: Zarina
Date Sat Nov 20 17:04:11 2021

To All Arkane Conclave ( IMM RP Sebatis )

Subject Kenderific: An Origins Tale (Lessons 1 - 3)

(Posted on behalf of Aurielle, Lvl 1 Kender)

{u Aurielle knew that she was special: Her mother always told her so.

{u All kender are special, or so the youth would be reminded. A simple fact
{u of the universe, as immutable as earthquakes and dragons. Kender that were
{u not special couldn't survive the trials and tribulations of growing free;
{u they would wither away to become dwarves and gnomes, boring and steadfast
{u and quiet, instead.

"Don't be a dwarf,"{u her mother would whisper, on cold nights in the woods.

"Keep laughing, keep loving, keep living."{u she would be reminded.

{u It was a rule. A fact. A lesson. A part of living. And so, the littlest
{u of little kender wrote it where All such rules belonged: In the littlest of
{u little books. Aurielle wrote and wrote, reminding herself of each new and
{u important rule, and All of her mother's wisdom. Word for word, reason for
{u reason. Now and again, her mother would laugh and admonish her:

"Don't spend so much time with your nose in a book,"{u she would take
{u the time to caution, "Or you might turn to a gnome. Too sausage-fingered to turn pages, too blind to read words."{u

{u Ever thankful to her mother for that sagely advice, Aurielle wrote down
{u that new lesson, too. Right aside the others. One day, her own sons and
{u daughters and other assorted children, pets, and family members would have
{u All this ageless wisdom to look at; to grow with. She only hoped that she
{u could provide for them without becoming a gnome.

"Don't look so serious," that mother would murmur, petting her hair, "Your face might freeze up like that, and a goblin you'll become." And Aurielle
{u would scrunch up her nose, roll her eyes and give her best goblin face. For
{u even the youngest of children knew that goblins came from those who forgot
{u to bathe or change their clothing - not scrunched up faces and serious
{u thoughts.

{u Each day, Aurielle would learn something new; a new risk of straying
{u from the kender path; a new way to be transmogrified into a gnome or goblin
{u or dwarf or mul. And each night, she would write down the risk, the terror,
{u the unforseen. So that she might never forget them.

{u Life was not All goblins and ghasts and sausage-fingered dwarves for the
{u kender, though. Practical lessons were slipped in amongst the philosophical
{u ones. How to forage for food, the ettiquette of borrowing. The many ways to
{u stretch a silver coin into a gold one, and the many ways to spend them both
{u when done.

{u Where to shelter, and when to hide from the rains; when to strike out to
{u the cities, and when to linger in the wooded lands. How to be quiet; how to
{u be loud. How to be both, at once.

{u Important lessons, for any kender.

{u Aurielle was, on the whole, happy with this education.


(To Be Continued Next Week In Kenderific, Lessons 4 - 7!!!)

Writer: Telthian

Date Sun Nov 21 10:46:44 2021

Writer: Andreyna

Date Sun Nov 21 19:29:32 2021

To All Laendyn Gabriela Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Zandreya Imm Rp Religion Xenophon

Subject The Future of the Tree

Dark and twisted roots jutted up from the ground, grabbing at anything
that came too close, pulling it beneath the cursed and bloodied tree,
consuming and feeding off of it's victims. The bark was dark and oily,
soaked in the blood of the elves, in the blood of her kin. Zandreya's
Children were ill and weak, some crazed out of their minds, the Vallens
slowly decaying.

Andreyna sat up suddenly, breathless, her chest rising and falling heavily,
sweat glistening from her face. She turned her head frantically, looking
all about her. Everything was peaceful within the Groves. Elves slept all
around her, the stars overhead twinkled here and there through breaks in the
Vallen trees. It was just a dream. Another nightmare. She had several
this past week, All the same, the blood tree was alive once more with its
blood magic, threatening to destroy the Vallens.

The priestess slid her feet over the side of her hammock and stood slowly,
her limbs still a bit shaky from the images. She slipped past the sleeping
elves and out into the streets of the Vallens. Perhaps it was just stress
causing her nightmares. The Vallens had sent troops to Arkane to defend the
continent against the Fort and the lingering presence of the Warp that
plagued its walls, and now, they had a blue dragon attacking them. Arkane
did nothing except state that they had permission to be there. They offered
no aid to the elves who had pledged to protect their homeland.

The Vallens were quiet, the air was crisp and cool as the elfqueen made her
way down its beautiful streets, her feet carrying her to the Temple of
Zandreya. She knew it was just a dream, but she had to be sure. She had to
know that the tree had not somehow been cursed again, that the ritual she
and the High Keeper had performed still held strong. A sigh of relief
escaped Andreyna's body, her shoulders rising and falling with the deep
breath. The tree was there, its bark smooth, no barbs and no roots were to
be seen. She closed her eyes and whispered a soft prayer of thanks to the
Mother. In the morning, druids would begin their daily ritual upon the
tree. Praying and blessing the vallen, hoping that it would never return to
its state of destruction.

The Priestess of Dragoth, Lavinah, had asked if she could see the tree. She
wanted to take samples to study. The Queen-Priest felt that the dark elf of
Decay truly meant no harm, but she was going to have to decline the request.
Something inside her told her this was not yet over. The tree may still be
dangerous, and no matter Lavinah's intent, Andreyna felt that it was not
wise to the disturb the once cursed tree and soil.

The tree was dormant, for now.

Writer: Symantha

Date Tue Nov 23 15:56:21 2021

Writer: Anbraxas

Date Tue Nov 23 17:49:22 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Andreyna Laendyn Skoden Marauders Xenophon Cayenna IMM RP

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers Part 18

The Blue's hubris was broken as the sounds of cannon fire cracked the air
with a defeaning cacophony of thunderous booms. It was too late to react
and maneuver himself out of the way at this speed. He had effectively
allowed himself to be broadsided by the escort ships. Cannonballs struck
the Blue like a swarm of furious hornets as he let out an earsplitting roar
of absolute hatred and anger in response. Most ricocheted off of his armor
like scales hardened over millenia, as if cast from a child's slingshot.
But for every five or six that left less than a bruise, one or two found
it's mark between the scales and blood erupted in spurts from the Blue's
chest at the impact.

As he swiveled his massive horned head swiveled in reactive surprise at the
sudden barrage, his keen eye caught the actions on the decks below just in
time. Armored elves had already cranked back the massive bows as the arrows
let loose in the air. As they left with blinding speed the Blue entered a
sudden dive in an attempt to avoid the arrows. Too slowly. As he avoided
the brunt of it, he was unable to dodge the final one. His eye fixated upon
it as it came directly for him. He maneuvered out of what would surely have
been a direct strike to the heart but instead the projectile found itself
easily piercing it's way through the relatively unarmored underside of his
front leg.

The terrible roar gave way to a cry of agony as the Blue tucked his wings to
his side and turned into a steep nosedive. His whole body took on an
aerodynamic shape as he made his way for the waves below, though his damaged
leg noticeably did not quite conform. He hit the sea like a speeding
meteorite square in the middle of the escort ships. White splashes broke
the calm sea as gigantic waves swelled outward from the site of the massive
creature striking the surface. The ocean heaved and splashed in a foam of
bubbles at the site as the silhouette of the Blue gradually faded into the

Writer: Raimbaut

Date Fri Nov 26 18:46:32 2021

To Knighthood New_Thalos Rahma Thasgerd Timmel All ( Imm RP )

Subject Libraries, Whiskey, Prayer.

Books. All the bloody books! He had seen libraries, but nothing quite
like the dusty volumes of Gareth Keep. He closed his bloodshot eyes for a
few moments, flashes of light and words and black spots in his vision, as
you get when you stare at something too long. A deep breath and a sip of
whiskey later, he opened his eyes again to the volume.

He had already thoroughly explored the ruins of Serpantol and Pan tol,
finding nothing new. He knew it was already known because he had already
read about it in the chronicles of those who came before him. He knew a few
Serpantol words now, All because of their efforts.

Of course, he grinned and continued, tipping his flask again to honor those
who came before him, closing his eyes again in a silent prayer for the work,
all the work, that was already done.

Writer: Timmel

Date Sat Nov 27 17:11:48 2021

Writer: Timmel

Date Sat Nov 27 17:19:13 2021

Writer: Timmel

Date Sat Nov 27 17:20:49 2021

Writer: Timmel

Date Sat Nov 27 17:20:52 2021

Writer: Thasgerd

Date Wed Dec 1 20:50:42 2021

To All Knighthood Althainia Rahma Timmel Carrionmaw Cayenna Xenophon ( IMM RP Religion )

Subject Hats for Worms

He remembered the day he saw it, the giant, mammoth, titanic worm. He
was strolling through Althainia, probably carrying more than his fair share
of coffee, bacon, and pastries. He stopped to look at the decorations that
Kyrlynn and Mercerion had the empire's builders set up for display.

Thas admired the tree, ornaments, and other decorations and sauntered off,
but a few steps in he blinked and his brow furrowed. "Wai'.. "

He turned around and his gaze fell on the worm, and it's monolithic form
seemed to wrap around the entirety of the city.

He spoke to Rahma and showed her, spoke to Timmel, and even Geirhart.
Through talking, and through Rahma he found out it wasn't just a giant
earthworm, but more a representation of the dragons of Shokono. Sleek,
skinny, and serpentine.

The man shook his head from the thought and sipped at his coffee while
standing and looking at the statue with a wry grin. Rahma wasn't around and
it was probably a good thing. He had ideas for the statue.

Thas took mental measurements and his grin got wider. Images started to
play out in his mind. He was going to need a lot of fabric, nothing too
expensive and he had an idea where to get amount he needed. A Shokonese
dragon should have some Shokonese fabric, hopefully they had enough of the
colors. The easily excited paladin ran for the Keep and dropped off his
goods, taking a cup of coffee, a few strips of bacon, and a few baked goods
and headed to Shokono.

The Archangel docked and he made his way to the obviously best choice there
was for such a ginormous task. He eagerly walked into the Algoron
Threadworks and beamed a question, "Ya'lls go's raed cloth an' so'e whi'e

The workers stopped what they were doing and just stared at Thasgerd. He
didn't even say hi, and secondly, he just kinda showed up in their work

A short woman came to Thas and looked up at him with a most confused
expression. Thas looked back down with a wide smile plastered on his face.

"First, how did you get in here? We're working. Second, you need what and
what, for what?

"Oh righ'. Sorraey 'bout tha'. " Thas looked around and gave a small
apologetic wave to everyone that was working at their looms and seperating
spools of different colored threads. "Oh! I'm naed'n a 'at. Li'e one o'
'em poin'y 'ats. Ya's know, tha ones ya's sae fol's waer'n 'round Gif' Daey

The little woman blinked slowly and shook her head, mumbling, "I don't get
paid enough for this.
" She sighed and asked, "I know what you mean. Do
you have measurements?

Thas happily handed her the measurements he hoped were right in his head
that he wrote down. The little lady's eyes went wide then she looked at the
man before her.

"You want--a giant hat? For what? And do you know how really big it's
going to be?

Thasgerd nodded eagerly, like a child who was excited to know he was getting
ice cream after dinner. "Ayup! It's for Toby! Tha Gif' Daey Worm! 'e's a
yuge worm, so gonna naed a yuge 'at!

The woman sighed, seeming as if All the care for life had left and took a
trip to get milk but never came back. "Fine. Give us a week. And I'd
bring--I don't know, something big for your big hat to be hauled off.
Thasgerd thanked the woman and left with a silly and proud smile on his

The woman looked at the measurements again and mumbled, "Big dumb hat. "
She rolled her eyes and then had All the workers gather around.

Writer: Ranan

Date Wed Dec 1 21:12:19 2021

To All Nordmaar Nadrik Imm Rp

Subject Last Ride

After a Long week of training he returned to the stable where his
Stallion was boarded. Walking in he could hear him pawing at the ground as
if he could sense his master. He opened the gate and walked in the stallion
rubbing againsed him fire still in his eyes but shades of gray now mixed in
the black hair of the aged stallion. After a moment of reconnecting he
began brushing him down knowing in his heart the next ride is going to put
them both out to pasture. Although his age does not show through he is
beginning to feel it. The both of them Have served four Generations of
Nordmaarian royalty. His love for his homelands keeps him driving on. He
whispers to the stallion "ahm sorrae ol frien ah need ye teu carrae mae on
one last Dutae fer tha Crown Et will bae ah long task but et will bae our
las roide"
Ranan walked over to a blanket in the corner and removed it
uncovering a saddle and a wooden chest. The black saddle with red stitching
and a claymore stitched into the sides of it still looked almost brand new.
He threw the saddle on the stallions back tightning the cinch and girt
straps and placing a matching bridal on the stallions head. He walked back
to the chest and kicked it open revealing his old black studded armor.
After replacing his training armor with the black studded leather he
strapped on his old weapons with his assassins belt. The last thing in the
chest a Gift from King Tiernan a Long black cape with a red Claymore
stitched on it. Throwing the cape on his shoulders he kicks open the gate
and climbs on the Stallion saying "Les try ahn wake tha hoighlands up
The two of them darting out of the stables headed toward the Gates
of Nordmaar.

Writer: Andreyna

Date Thu Dec 2 15:31:14 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Anbraxas Laendyn Skoden Marauders Xenophon Cayenna Zandreya Imm Rp Religion

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers Part 19

The bellowing cry of the Blue wyrm thundered through the air. The elves
had hit their target, but precisely where was hard to tell with All the
cannon smoke billowing through the air. Like a bolt of azure lightning, the
massive Blue dragon spiraled into the ocean with a magnificent force. A
massive tidal wave rolled over the sea, its large crest breaking over the
elven ships, rocking them back and forth. Elves who were caught off guard
stumbled about, staggering to keep to their feet, several even falling
overboard into the depths of the ocean.

Rope ladders and lines were thrown over the sides of the ships in hopes of
saving the fallen elves from the swells of the sea, the waves left by the
massive Blue overwhelming many. 'Where is he? ', the captain of the lead
galley shouted to the elf high above in the crow's nest, 'Do you see him?

The Sha'qelas office high above cupped his hands as he shouted back down to
the Captain, the Blue was no where to be found. The Captain turned to the
elves and began to shout orders, 'Pull them out of the waters! Quickly!
Keep your eyes open.
' He turned back to the elven crew manning the
cannons, 'Reload, now. Any sight of him, fire at will! Load another set of
' The elven Captain scurried about the deck, pulling elves to their
feet and steadying them, 'Everyone on guard! This wyrm is not dead until
the Speaker has his head!

Writer: Rahma

Date Sat Dec 4 12:32:31 2021

Writer: Rahma

Date Sat Dec 4 12:37:25 2021

Writer: Alatar

Date Sat Dec 4 23:55:02 2021

To All Shadow ( Imm rp )

Subject Death is only the Beginning

Hot piercing pain rips through Alatar's side as Telthian's poleaxe
pierces his flesh just missing the floating rip on his left side. Hot blood
flowing down his hip and leg as the wound, deep but not close to fatal, is
opened. He knew this time would come but he only had to endure a little
longer. Telthian prattled on about weakness but there was a glee in his
eyes as the poleaxe tore through Alatar's flesh. He had been waiting a long
time for this moment. Raising his weapon he brought it slowly down on
Alatar's right shoulder. The sharp blade like a razor needed only the
weight of the weapon to cleave through muscle and bone. With a twist his
clavical was snapped like a twig forcing it up through the skin to stick up
into the stale are of the Spider Queen's den.

The pain was excrutiating, and though Altar wouldn't give the man the
satisfaction of crying out, a groan passed his lips anyway. By the time the
poleaxe descended on his left shoulder his body was already numb. Shock had
set its course and he knew it wouldn't be long until it would be over.
Finally death would claim him and whatever waited on the other side of Life.
Then Telthian's words ripped through his fogged brain. Death would be far
to good, you will searve as the undead
' Pulling a dagger from his robes,
Telthian began to utter words Alatar had never heard. The dagger piercing
his flesh over his heart. Though he didn't feel it, he could hear the blade
slice through skin and bone. Efficiently and quickly Telthian spoke the
words of some ancient ritual as Alatar's heart was pulled from his body.
Alatar knew there were only seconds left before his suffering would end but:
As the moments passed and seconds turned to minutes, death did not come. He
watched as his heart was passed to Symantha as dread filled his mind. He
would not die. He would live on as something only spoke of in hushed
whispers. An Undead Servant.

Alatar's conciousness faded, his eyes turning from vibrant green to
blackened orbs, and as the ritualistic incantantations slipped away until
only a single thing focused his body. He serves Telthian.

Writer: Alatar

Date Sun Dec 5 00:08:47 2021

To All Shadow ( Imm rp )

Subject Death is only the Begining pt II

Alatar felt nothing, only the pull. His heart was moving, his Master was
out there.

The Spider Queen moved over her web closing in to wrap up her latest catch,
but Alatar was not prey. Without pain and without thought, Alatar ripped
himself free leaving swaths of skin left on the fibers of the web. Taking a
step, then another he walked through the darkness of her den into the
countryside west of Althainia. One thought, one impulse, drove him. He
must get to Master. Master needs him. Midday turned to evening as he
started to move from forest and swamp into the arid sands of the desert
surrounding New Thalos. By lights end he was on the trade road with Storm
Keep only a few miles out. Its ramparts and guard towers easily seen across
the arid sands.

As the sun dropped below the horizon and darkness was full, the stars above
glinting in a clear sky, Alatar arrived at the gates of Storm Keep. Master
will be waiting. The guards stood their ground but as Alatar went to pass
the Portcullus he was stopped. An invisible barrier prevent him from going
any further. With a howl of fury that caused even the seasoned guards to
cringe, Alatar paced. His heart was calling to him. His Master was in that
Keep. Stopping before the gates Altar waited and stared unblinking into the
courtyard of Storm Keep. Waited for his Master. Waited to Serve.

Writer: Joat

Date Sun Dec 5 13:21:45 2021

Writer: Laendyn

Date Mon Dec 6 21:42:00 2021

To All Shalonesti_Kingdom Shalonesti Anbraxas Andreyna Skoden Marauders Xenophon Cayenna Zandreya Imm Rp Religion

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers Part XX

As the night blanketed the realm, the elves continued to erect the
fortifications in the makeshift camp. Trees were felled and buried half
into the earth while the other half was angled out and sharpened into
points. These facades were positioned offset from eachother All around the
camp to better funnel any enemies that chose to attack them. As it was,
kobold and lizardfolk alike continued to harass them. The kobolds would
ambush anyone sent to gather the material and the lizardfolk would attack
with bow, sling, and javalin. Yet the elves persevered. The elven scouts
catching many of the kobolds off guard and the eagle eyed archers taking
better aim than the lizardfolk. The elves did lose some soldiers, but the
dead of the enemy far outweighed their losses.

Two nights passed before the scouts that tracked the kobold came back,
kobold in tow.

"{oWhat have you found? And why is this thing with you?

"{nSire. We have followed this thing and found the main kobold encampement.
We nearly walked into quite a few traps before overtaking this one. He..
She... It would be able to guide the entire encampment through the traps
placed around them. Also, not only were there kobolds, but there were
encampments of gnolls and humans about the place as well
" With that the
scout laid out the roughly drawn map and indicated where the different
encampments were with pieces of stone.

"{oExcellent. We will move the entirety of the army against them. I want all
scout units to survey the land around it and take out as many traps as
possible. Should they get a chance to engage any enemies, they are to do so
without alerting the encampments. I do not want them to know we are coming
until the last possible second. {" Looking to the captains gathered around
him, "{oGet your soldiers ready, but we are staying here till the other half
of the army is in position, then we will meet at the other side.
" With a
hurried scribble he gave a missive to one of the runners. "{oI want those
ballista readied and on the move as well. They are to remain protected.

The messenger nodded and took off, two scouts flanking him as he made his
way into the darkened forest.

With that, Laendyn bent over the maps and began conversing with his
captains. It was time to take the fight to the Blue.



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