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The Underworld is a massive CLANNER only section of the game and here is how it works:

There is a portal in HELL that will take you to docks where you must sail a ship to the underworld. You need to disembark at the underworld docks.

Once there, every clan has a specific area where they can attack mobs and try to farm SEALS off of them. The SEALS drop at a random rate. You can use the SEALS to turn in at the SEAL merchant to get some special gear. The mobs have been specially developed so that will you most likely be forced to use different strategies for each type of mob. If you want the seals for your clan to drop at a better rate, you need to conquer one of the 4 new keeps in the area. Each keep will raise the rate of which the seals drop for your clan.

You will find out that you need a group of clan mates to be successful here. The more diverse, the better.

If you want to clear every keeps owner, you may sail from the underworld to the reset keep and kill the keep lord there. You will likely be attacked by Pirate Ships on your journey to the reset keep so be prepared for a fight. The reset keep lord has a chance to drop a lot of seals when killed.

The where command works for the entire area, so it should provide for some nice hunting for clanners. Remorts are forbidden to enter the entire area. Alter formed dragons will die instantly (costing them vitality) if they revert inside of the area.

There is only one room in which you can recall from in the entire area and it is located in the center. The seal merchant is located right below that room.

I designed this system literally over 4 years ago and it has slowly came to fruition due to the hard work of several immortals. So a HUGE thanks to Curumo for not only programming all of this, but picking it back up and getting it done. A MAJOR thanks to former imms Silic and Brictevia who built the majority of the project and a big thanks to old immortal Thames and current immortals Kyri, Joules, Nazca and Volodya for their hard work in getting this thing finished.

There are 6 pieces of clanner only gear for it and we may add more or make changes to them later.

Enjoy, we really hope that you enjoy this addition to clanned life.


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