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Players Online

[51 Ariel Wlk] (VR) Citizen Szehl Ryushinron.
[51 Human Skn] [ Shadow ] (WANTED) Zorreau de la Vega, the Malus Lupus (Lord Templar)
[51 Fire Gia] [ Loner ] (WANTED) Asaza
[51 Human Skd] [ Bloodlust ] Sperrin.
[51 D-Elf Tra] (Retired) Evary Hunvirr, MOOMOO Hooves Gemcutting Inc!
[51 Yinn Pir] (NT) Pirate Merchant Xord Atazra
[51 Minotr Cru] (AL) Soldier Krinthos
[51 Human Pri] [ Bloodlust ] Priest Zola the Deathscythe ||Fatale||
[51 Sea-E Swb] [ Shalonesti ] Dargonne Sha'falas Stormsong, Cassiopeia of the Kyorl
[50 H-Elf Arm] [ Slayers ] Masc'dec.
[46 Cent Dru] (VR) Citizen Juridon.
[32 Human Mag] [ Black Robes ] Adrik Issien, Apprentice to Magus Belatrise
[28 Human Cle] [Quiet] (AR) Noxiunae Tuaki
[25 Cent Dru] (AL) Citizen Phexaemon Glorymaw, ...learning...
[14 S-Elf Mag] [ White Robes ] Iorisdir, a Alchemist from Althainia.
[12 Orc Bar] (WANTED) (Abaddon) Digger Grizsk Snaggletooth
[ 3 Minotr War] [Quiet] Laekphire, a Translator from Althainia.
[ 1 S-Elf Mag] Gilithas, a Artist from Althainia.
There are 18 characters on, the most on for this boot was 126.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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