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Players Online

[ STORYLINE 4 ] Cahlizna pq request rp
[51 H-Dwf Brd] (THAX) Grunt Sohai Kegbreaker (Baewar)
[51 S-Elf WuJ] [ Shalonesti ] Fae'lin Sha'enlas, Mystic of the Elements -WindFlower-
[51 H-Elf Dru] (AR) Muse Acoindra Aesuithiel * Phoenix Spirit*<=>*AE*GG*Umbra
[51 S-Elf Enc] (SH) Initiate Edrinal Sha'enlas Silverspark. -= Destructioneer =-
[51 S-Elf Enc] [ Shalonesti ] Noami Sha'enlas Starchaser, Shalonesti [#1] enchantor (MF)
[51 Minotr Pri] (Ganth) Deacon Pharia Du'Broth, Priestess of Austinian (CoL)
[51 Human Skd] (WANTED) (VR) Baron Vincent de Vere <::-::> [VRA*] -{{The Death Marshes}-
[51 Human Shu] [ Shadow ] Avryenne Atennim, Novice of the Templar
[51 TGnome Enc] (VR) Purveyor Lioll Delain <:*:>
[51 H-Ogre Skd] (VR) Corporal Dakshi, Bushi of (Iagothal) [<:>] [VRA]
[51 Human Ran] (AR) Guard Kareigh ||[-|||
[51 H-Elf Skd] (WANTED) (VR) Countess Ashtiel Kayen De'loth <::-::> [VRA] (Iagothal) (Heir)
[51 Human Skn] [ Shadow ] (WANTED) Eraden Atennim, Lord Templar
[51 Human Asn] (AL) Vinira Ondore
[51 Human Cru] (AL) Lord Daeymon Jette, the Sword and Lance of [Nadrik]
[51 S-Elf Enc] (SH) Recruit Hayashi Sha'falas Kazemoto
[51 Orc Shu] [ Loner ] Azerog Nekruhl
[51 W-Elf Tra] [ White Robes ] Reme Raelyr, doesn't want to duel Brollo or Ulrog
[51 Minotr Mon] (Ganth) Emperor Saiboth Gloran'di Bogardan Sebatis
[51 W-Elf Bla] [ Shalonesti ] Valdarion Sha'falas, Narwhal of the Kyorl{
[49 G-Ogre Bar] [ Slayers ] Jimminy, a Gladiator from Althainia.
[47 Minotr Mtl] [ Black Robes ] Tevien Apprentice to Selonis.
[40 Yinn Sam] (AR) Skelv
[30 D-Dwf Enc] (THAX) Brunek
[27 W-Elf Nin] (SH) Page Shanyue Sha'enras, youxia of Shalonesti
[26 Yinn War] [ Justice ] Herogor, a Hunter from New Thalos.
[24 M-Dwf War] [ Loner ] Duin Grimbolt - Fat and Lazy
[19 Human War] Zerias.
[14 B-Bear Bar] Zasafras Greentooth
[12 Minotr War] Qazaq, a Soldier from Althainia.
[ 5 M-Dwf War] (THAX) Kae'ron (Navy) [Fatale]
[ 5 Minotr Mag] (NT) Fallah Calumnaruk Steelhoof, a Philosopher from New Thalos.
[ 1 Human War] Aeryic, a Soldier from Althainia.
There are 34 characters on, the most on for this boot was 136.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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