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Players Online

[51 Cent Sam] [ Justice ] Keruda Karmia
[51 S-Elf Inv] [ Red Robes ] Aymer, Criminally seductive Lord of Thunder
[51 Human Cle] [ Knighthood ] Eleric dePayens, Squire of General Amarandus
[51 Human Swb] (VR) Lord Riordan Atennim, the Seneschal of Verminasia
[51 Human Tra] [ White Robes ] Ulyssus MacAllen, Archmagus of the Ivory Tower
[51 Human Enc] (AR) Prodigy Kenyan Nauticalling, The Somnologist
[51 Minotr Arm] [ Justice ] Alazanor Ku'gra, soldier of the Wrath
[51 B-Bear Bar] [ Slayers ] Bonga Boom, Disciple of Raije
[51 Steel Dra] ( Dragon ) (WANTED) Zeithus.
[51 Arbor Pri] (WANTED) (NT) Deacon Hajji Agarwood, Roots of Reason [Sebatis]
[51 H-Elf Pri] (NT) Priest Penelopina S. Sha'aryas, aka "Penny" [Tough Love] (CoL) {o(PQ{o) {{PCT} (Harmonia){
[51 Bakali Nin] (AR) Zenolous Athan
[51 Minotr Arm] (Ganth) Emperor Domacius Raij'Wi Khar'Marlin [DragonHeart] -=(Nadrik)=-
[43 W-Elf Asn] (AR) Guyel Specialist
[33 Ariel Nin] Shilo L'muria
[32 S-Elf Mtl] (NT) Kreo
[25 D-Elf Nec] [ Black Robes ] Thindyss Shiegnath, Magus *****.
[18 Arbor Cle] Behremorghen, a Sculpter from New Thalos.
There are 18 characters on, the most on for this boot was 60.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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