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Players Online

[51 Mul Bnd] (THAX) Eleros.
[51 S-Elf Bla] [AFK] (SH) Quarlani Ixi'kweez Sha'enras, the flying eggplant.
[51 Orc Bnd] (NT) Kiyna
[51 G-Ogre Bar] (Abaddon) Executioner Relbag [=Forsaken=[>
[51 Human Enc] [ Knighthood ] Kaeira Eareen, Knight of the Shield *
[51 Yinn Pal] [ Knighthood ] (WANTED) Terces Amdis, General of the Crown. |Nadrik|
[51 Human Enc] [ Knighthood ] Enora Hale, Knight of the Shield
[51 Human Cle] (Nordmaar) Roseleyn Hakonsen [v]
[51 H-Ogre Skd] Damerus Firebeard The Demoneyed Wanderer (Nadrik)
[51 Human Pal] [ Knighthood ] Thasgerd O'Shannahan, Knight of the Shield |Austinian|
[51 Goblin Enc] (AR) Magus Skiiz Sack
[51 Mul Nin] (THAX) Defender Drogin StoneSplitter [BAEWAR]
[51 Human Brw] [ Knighthood ] Laerik Leoncourt, Knight of the Lance
[51 Goblin Nin] (AR) Commander Hoggle <|***|>
[51 Human Pal] [ Knighthood ] Gaudin Leoncourt, Colonel of the Crown **
[51 Goblin Wit] (Darkonin) Queen Euterah Warchylde, Witch of The Mountain and Northlands
[51 Human Enc] (WANTED) (AR) Ezek X, el Residente
[51 Human Swb] (Nordmaar) Kory Hakonsen [<]
[51 Arbor Ran] (AR) Arbutus
[51 HobGob Pri] [ Bloodlust ] Bishop Boof Rog! -=(Thane of Bloodlust)=-
[43 G-Ogre Sam] Temuji Tsu Tomegi (The Iron Price)
[43 H-Elf Enc] (AL) Auraelyse O'Shannahan
[40 Human Mtl] [ Knighthood ] Ari'ella Kara McBree, Page of Knighthood (CoL)
[38 W-Elf War] [AFK] [ Shalonesti ] Arlatian Arger
[28 Arbor Ran] [ Loner ] Gysahl
[26 Human Swb] Lutz.
[25 Human Cha] (VR) Director Ghambyt Holfax, [RFG] the Highroller of Verminasia{
[23 Frost Gia] [ Loner ] Meisolas
[ 6 Mul Arm] (THAX) Kirgill, a Soldier from Arkane.
[ 5 Black Dra] ( Dragon ) Ysarog Saas zbb Szidsxaz
[ 2 Human Brd] Podgy, a Cook from Althainia.
There are 31 characters on, the most on for this boot was 75.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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