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Players Online

[51 Human Smg] [ Shadow ] Ibiza le Toad, Master of the Umbra
[51 D-Elf Tra] (Retired) Evary Hunvirr, MOOMOO Hooves Gemcutting Inc!
[51 Orc Arm] (VR) Reservist Khwam [VRA]
[51 S-Elf Eld] [ Shalonesti ] Uruvion Sha'evlas Saedul =-Guardian-= Wolf of the (Arlathil)
[51 Human Pal] [ Knighthood ] Kiery Elistar, General of the Crown
[51 Ariel Dru] [ Bloodlust ] Tynan Falk
[51 Human Pal] [ Knighthood ] (WANTED) Chretien de'Troyes, Captain of the Crown
[51 Ariel Dru] [ Bloodlust ] Iaon Falk
[51 Sea-E Inv] [ Red Robes ] Nathalos invokater of the red robes
[51 D-Elf Ill] [ Black Robes ] Daesmond, Apprentice to Vizier Galmen'dy
[51 Human Arm] (AR) Marvolo de Granpre
[50 G-Ogre Bar] [AFK] [ Justice ] Klonk Strongarm, Lets loose a WarCry
[47 Human Skd] (AL) Knight Gadrien Struan, Veritas et Aeuqtias (Austinian)
[37 Human Skd] [ Slayers ] Turgeon.
[34 Human Skd] [ Knighthood ] Antramita uth Brennan, Knight of the Lance (Austinian)
[30 Minotr Pir] Cabin Person Aurik
[25 W-Elf War] [AFK] Cynders, a Artist from Althainia.
[23 S-Elf Mag] Aern'th, a Merchant from Shalonesti Kingdom.
[20 Fire Gia] [ Loner ] Giza the liquid sword of Necrucifer
[17 Human War] Plato Aurelius, son of Callisto
[ 1 TGnome Cle] Turmen, a Philosopher from Arkane.
There are 21 characters on, the most on for this boot was 115.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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