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Players Online

[51 S-Elf Bla] (SH) Diplomat Ixi'kweez Sha'enras Aelindylos, King of Savings ==(^)== (Austinian)
[51 H-Elf Bla] (SH) Quarlani Maerliya Sha'enlas, Blizzard of the Kyorl *Stars*
[51 Human Asn] (WANTED) (VR) Baron Kaisan Mitsuhara, of the Death Marshes
[51 W-Elf Bla] (SH) Sage Nazerin Sha'falas
[51 Human Enc] (Abaddon) Initiate Aranin Aingar.
[51 Ogre Arm] (NT) Crownguard Rolus noosa'a, the Beast of Badiyyah
[51 S-Elf Pri] Priest Elrei Avendale, Prophet of Taliena
[51 Human Pri] (VR) Bishop Baron Dahakon Kensey (Voice Of Mencius) |Iolanthe| |<+>|
[51 Human Cru] (Abaddon) Lord Valdin Darksong, former/replaced Executioner of Abaddon.
[51 Ariel Mag] [ Red Robes ] Kawa'zuki, Apprentice to Ashlen
[51 Human Ran] (NT) Warmaster Teucer Arjuna, the Sentinel of New Thalos
[51 Kender Cha] (AR) Entertainer Aphasian <^> a Peaceful Translator from Arkane.
[51 HobGob Sha] [ Bloodlust ] Krazeth Rusthyde <***> rider of Rusty Death
[51 Human Cru] [ Knighthood ] Vulmar Gregor, Knight of the Shield
[51 H-Elf Dru] (AR) Lady Acoindra Aesuithiel * Phoenix Spirit*<=>*AE*GG*Umbra
[51 Wemic Sha] (AL) Instructor Meki Snowalker Hania (Elder) *** (RCP) (IAG)
[51 W-Elf Enc] [ White Robes ] Gaurth Ivydown
[51 Human Enc] (AL) Lady Forsythiae LaCharme (IAMT)
[51 M-Dwf Skd] [ Wargar ] A'vocsis.
[51 Human Cle] (AL) Page Daeymon Jette, Squire of the Spur (D'Laine) [Nadrik]{
[51 Ariel Ran] [ Loner ] Sygard
[51 TGnome Ill] [ Bloodlust ] Muryete Galiet
[51 Human Nec] [ Black Robes ] Gondor, ancient wraith, master of shadows
[51 D-Elf Tra] (Retired) Evary Hunvirr, MOOMOO Hooves Gemcutting Inc!
[51 Steel Dra] ( Dragon ) Syrlarrialth the Light in the darkness
[51 Yinn Bmg] [Quiet] [ Black Robes ] Vhadakhan [XF]
[51 Kender Pir] (WANTED) (AR) Renown Pirate Navigator Lufio D. Hookey, ||[^]||
[51 Kender Pir] (WANTED) (AR) Notorious Pirate Sailor Rikkah Burrbramble, |||-|||
[51 Human Mtl] (Abaddon) Wraith Syrieni Darksong (Sweet Dream or Beautiful Nightmare)
[51 Human Swb] [ Shadow ] Aethalides Raousset, Supplicant of the Legion
[51 Human Inv] (New Thalos) Sultan Lunez Dra'lok, the White Shadow of New Thalos
[51 Human Inv] [ Red Robes ] Ashlen Ne'thaer
[51 Human Ran] (AR) Private Tj'ire ||[-]||
[51 Yinn Pri] (AR) Novitiate Atar, a Cook from Althainia.
[46 Human War] (AL) Aspirant Kade
[36 D-Elf Nsh] [ Loner ] Tyerti (dirty)
[35 White Dra] ( Dragon ) Tiamot.
[29 Human Pri] (Abaddon) Novitiate Oathsworn Kioren De'vule, the Void
[28 H-Elf Swb] Sandokan the not quite masked.
[27 H-Ogre Jng] (NT) Fallah Stulgar of the sands
[25 Ogre Arm] [ Loner ] Ahriman Da'Rash Kashma
[25 Orc Sha] (Darkonin) Citizen Zhukt.
[25 Human Nec] [ Black Robes ] (WANTED) Maerdantis of Pan'Toll
[25 Wemic Ran] (AR) Loarrien Powerpaws. Omega
[23 Minotr Arm] (AL) Aspirant Gulathar The Althainian Farm Plow
[12 G-Ogre Ran] Goffel, a Hunter from Althainia.
[ 7 D-Dwf Cle] Gnok, a Soldier from Thaxanos.
[ 6 Yinn War] Viscro, a Artist from Arkane.
[ 1 Minotr War] Kazimir, a Blacksmith from Althainia.
There are 49 characters on, the most on for this boot was 79.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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