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Players Online

[51 Human Pal] [ Knighthood ] Gaudin Leoncourt, Knight of the Crown **
[51 Pixie Enc] (AR) Sentry Torrel, (-Sebatis-)
[51 Human Dru] (Nordmaar) King Cormac MacCallum.
[51 Human Mag] [ Black Robes ] Pervern Magus of Black Robes
[51 Arbor Ran] (NT) Chloranth Weatherseed
[51 G-Ogre Bar] [ Bloodlust ] Tobryck Beast of The Dungeon, Tip of the {uSpear -->
[51 Pixie Inv] [ Red Robes ] Abech Harlow, the Sorcerer Supreme
[51 Human WuJ] [ Knighthood ] Agapitos di Lucis, General of the Lance
[51 Human Skd] [ Shadow ] (Hostile) Maccus Kesepton, Warder of the Legion
[51 Human Cru] [ Knighthood ] Raimbaut Reinhart, General of the Shield
[51 H-Ogre Brw] [ Bloodlust ] Orbach A.S. Doppelbock *OBC*
[51 Bakali Asn] [ Renegade ] Z'szytheis, The Butcher.
[51 S-Elf Inv] [ Red Robes ] (Hostile) Aymer, Criminally seductive Lord of Thunder
[51 H-Elf Mon] (Abaddon) Spectre Aeshtyn Sciatorius Trixter of Abaddon
[51 Orc Arm] (WANTED) (VR) Lieutenant Rhylgar ShadowFang <===}-{u@Black Wolf of {uVerminasia{{-{u@
[51 S-Elf Dru] [ Shalonesti ] Flynoal Sha'falas Arrael, of Zandreya.
[51 D-Dwf Sha] [ Wargar ] Higgins, Emissary of Raije
[51 Human Skd] (Nordmaar) Baroness Fionnha MacCallum (Cliath)
[51 Human Mag] (Abaddon) Student Temethy Stroder
[51 D-Elf Enc] [AFK] (Abaddon) Countess Emmyth Sciatorius >>@Mourning@<<
[51 Human Enc] (Nordmaar) Maycen MacGregor, [v] -=Cliath=-
[51 Minotr Pri] (Abaddon) Count Bishop Z'Quarus Daravgar +|Fatale|+
[51 H-Elf Mon] (AL) Duchess Kyrlynn Mamoritai, Aspirant of Knighthood |Nadrik|
[51 Felar WuJ] [ Chaos ] (WANTED) Rorra Moonstalker - Incendrix Iconoclast
[51 H-Ogre Skd] [ Slayers ] Ameus
[47 Bakali Asn] (NT) Ophion
[44 Orc Shu] (AR) Sentry Rhavud
[43 Kender Nin] [ Loner ] Avel Khrabrie
[27 TGnome Enc] (AR) Ormorn the Round, exploder of things.
[25 Human Shu] (Abaddon) Acolyte Natsuo Midori, <:o:>|An Ardent Spiritualist|<:o:>
[25 Wemic Ran] Rao'mrath the golden-eyed.
[12 W-Elf War] (SH) Kaerthan, a Nameless Wanderer.
[12 H-Ogre Skd] (AL) Citizen Odie, a Scholar from Althainia.
There are 33 characters on, the most on for this boot was 40.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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