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Players Online

[ ADMIN DEPT ] [ Bloodlust ] (WATCHER - New Thalos) Sheikh Tashio.
[51 Human Skd] (VR) Kingsguard Dannora Duran [VEU]
[51 H-Ogre Bnd] [ Justice ] Gorrakh, handyman of the Wrath
[51 B-Bear Thi] (Darkonin) Drekun slips into the shadow and dissapears
[51 H-Dwf Run] [ Wargar ] Dewey Wilkerson Giggles of DOOM! Marshmallow Attack
[51 W-Elf Asn] [ Shalonesti ] (WANTED) Rafin Sha'falas Hoolfael.
[51 Orc Cru] [ Loner ] Ryakirdon Oth'tukk (Honorable Shadow) -=Nature=-
[51 Ariel Jng] (AL) Lady Dyami Tatchkoma {-Mimi{- (IAMT)
[51 Ariel Dru] [AFK] [ Slayers ] Tynan Falk
[51 D-Elf Tra] (Retired) Evary Hunvirr, MOOMOO Hooves Gemcutting Inc!
[51 Orc Arm] [ Slayers ] Kigor Ezerat
[51 H-Elf Mon] (WANTED) (SH) Neophyte Saelaira Renato Saryne Sha'evlas (Snowflake) -=-Kantilles-=-
[51 H-Elf Dru] (SH) Nameless Cieran Renato (PG)
[51 Orc Asn] [Quiet] (VR) Citizen Mau'thulakh,
[45 Human Mag] [ Loner ] Caorthann.
[37 Human War] [ Knighthood ] Lucan Breight, Page of Knighthood
[35 Human Swb] [ Shadow ] Santiaga Nav, Supplicant of the Legion
[33 Troll Bar] [ Bloodlust ] Cho'gath.
[30 H-Ogre Shu] [ Justice ] Labtiku - Life's A Burden. Then I Kill U.
[28 Human Sam] [ Knighthood ] Ragnarok Brokenblade. Page of Knighthood
[25 Human Shu] (Abaddon) Digger Damion Vai'Kel.
[25 Human Sam] [ Shadow ] Tiberius Kaine, Petitioner of the Legion
[ 8 D-Elf Thi] (AR) Tanaal, a Mathematician from Althainia.
[ 6 Wemic War] Thrunder, a Educator from Arkane.
[ 5 B-Bear Cle] Shakrun, a Translator from New Thalos.
There are 25 characters on, the most on for this boot was 128.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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