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Players Online

[51 D-Elf Tra] (Retired) Evary Hunvirr, MOOMOO Hooves Gemcutting Inc!
[51 M-Dwf Bat] [ Wargar ] Irmli Igneson
[51 Mul Bat] [ Wargar ] Juzza Aldren Maximus
[51 D-Elf Skd] (NT) Vizier A'kariel Baljhet, the Royal Minister of Thalos
[51 Felar Ran] (Marauders) Commander Phemia Whitefang (Hunter Adept)
[51 Human Asn] (VR) Prince Lowenir Madaur [Queensguard] [VRC] [Heir Apparent]
[51 Human Brd] (Marauders) Private Saiorce Kun [MA]
[51 S-Elf Pri] (SH) Novitiate Thodrelan Shalonost <Zandreya>
[51 HobGob Cha] (Darkonin) Citizen Junaki the Guy you can Trust
[51 B-Bear Bar] [ Bloodlust ] Quagoth
[51 Human Swb] [AFK] [ Bloodlust ] Roahan.
[51 Human Enc] (Nordmaar) Lady Cherrae Bruce [<*] (The Highland Turtle Dove)
[51 W-Elf Bla] [ Shalonesti ] Nazerin Sha'falas
[51 Black Dra] ( Dragon ) (WANTED) Innueshade
[51 Human Inv] [ Black Robes ] Galmen'dy, The Elderly. [ODB]
[51 HobGob Mag] [ Red Robes ] Skumz Dungbreath, Master of the Brown Robes
[51 Pixie Inv] [ Red Robes ] A'nekou the Red.
[51 D-Dwf Enc] (AR) Isildur Dublyn, Enchantor of [ *Slaygar* ]
[51 Yinn Cru] (WANTED) (NT) Fallah Gaelyk Ju'Nar, a mercenary from abroad.
[48 Human Pal] [ Knighthood ] (WANTED) Chretien de'Troyes, Captain of the Crown
[47 H-Dwf Bat] [ Wargar ] Kulgrit Stoneheaver
[46 Ariel Brd] [ Loner ] Hrask
[46 Minotr Bar] (AL) Aspirant Elliander the (IAM) Aspirant!
[42 Human Cru] [ Shadow ] (WANTED) Alyra de'Fayn, Novice of the Legion
[42 Human Wit] [ Shadow ] Asyrlin Amira, Petitioner to the Legion
[40 W-Elf Enc] Rudy
[40 W-Elf Pri] [ Bloodlust ] Novitiate Zaerhya Kinslayer
[35 W-Elf Asn] [ Shalonesti ] Rhal'eam Sha'falas [Guardians of the forests]
[35 Human Mag] [ Black Robes ] Morna D'Naz
[35 Human Skd] (AL) Citizen Shoshanna Rothschild, Aesthetic of Taliena
[29 TGnome Mag] [ Red Robes ] Valas Apprentice to Archmagus Nistle
[28 Human Swb] [ Shadow ] Varamyr Darksong. Sixskins. Petitioner of the Legion
[25 Minotr Arm] Zargran, a Mercenary from Althainia.
[25 Human Mtl] (NT) Rafsan Purveyor of Shadows
[23 TGnome Mag] [ White Robes ] Quomin, Seeker of Lost Knowledge.
[21 Human Skd] (AL) Knight Antramita uth Brennan, Captain of the Spur (Austinian)
[20 M-Dwf Arm] (AR) Skarg Kegbiter
[19 G-Ogre Arm] (AL) Citizen Klack Ironfist, Does a little WAR dance.
[17 D-Elf Mag] [ Black Robes ] Rehthzz Apprentice to Advisor Amex.
[16 S-Elf Mag] Aern'th, a Merchant from Shalonesti Kingdom.
[13 W-Elf War] Tyorl, a Hunter from Althainia.
[ 6 H-Elf Cle] (AL) Andreynia Grace
[ 5 H-Dwf Skd] [ Wargar ] Turgon Redbeard
[ 2 Yinn War] Azrakk.
There are 44 characters on, the most on for this boot was 97.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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