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Players Online

[51 Human Pal] [ Knighthood ] Thasgerd O'Shannahan, General of the Crown **
[51 W-Elf Wlk] (SH) Diplomat Sli'thanis Sha'enras Hawk, Onvoy of the Vallenwoods
[51 Human Sam] [Quiet] (AL) Inquisitor Erlestoke Greypoole
[51 Human Skd] [ Shadow ] Maccus Kesepton, Dark Knight of the Legion
[51 TGnome Tra] [ Red Robes ] Zhooom the wingless pixie of Doom!
[51 Cent Sam] Rhal Talam
[51 Yinn Nin] (AR) Sentry Jarvan, stealth, precision and constant learning.
[51 TGnome Enc] (AR) Mentor Gerdink the alchemist, casting spells here and there.
[51 Pixie Mtl] [ Red Robes ] Mosha, Apprenticed to Zhooom! of the Red Tower
[51 D-Dwf Enc] (THAX) Tholven (Kexrar)
[51 Human Pir] (NT) Pirate Jachael Wettentacle, jackleg pirate. "The Jackal"
[46 Human Nin] Yurika Torikku, a traveling Scholar
[39 D-Dwf Wlk] [ Wargar ] Gandrok Direbrew
[15 Arbor Cle] Ixia, a Sculpter from Althainia.
[ 1 W-Elf War] Triana, a Sculpter from Verminasia.
There are 15 characters on, the most on for this boot was 86.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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