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Players Online

[ ADMIN DEPT ] [ Conclave ] Tashio - The Forecast is GLOOM with a chance of DOOM
[51 Minotr Inv] [ Red Robes ] (WANTED) Granak.
[51 Ariel Asn] [ Bloodlust ] Ashtai Ironsky, (Mockingbird) [Quicksilver]
[51 Yinn Asn] (Gray Church) Protector Narsh
[51 Human Swb] (Nordmaar) Malasand Arnason [<<<] King of The Norse
[51 H-Ogre Skd] (Arkane) King Damerus Firebeard (Nadrik)
[51 Pixie Mag] [ Red Robes ] Ishi'khail "Ishi" Everclear
[51 Yinn Nin] (Abaddon) Digger Kracler -Soldier of Solitude /Rage/ [=Forsaken=[>{
[51 D-Elf Tra] (Retired) Evary Hunvirr, MOOMOO Hooves Gemcutting Inc!
[51 W-Elf Nin] [ Shalonesti ] Treluver Sha'falas. Assassin of RAIJE. (Protector)
[51 Black Dra] ( Dragon ) Sedraxsis {
[51 TGnome Enc] (AR) Archmagus Wrenpip Pinkerton, ||Azure Tower||
[39 Human Sam] [ Knighthood ] Hasaki Shiroken, Squire to Knight Amdis
[26 Human Nin] (AR) Klyde, practitioner of "darshun kyo"
[25 H-Ogre Brw] (NT) Fallah Harvar.
[ 6 Human War] Benthic Delphinus, Let the World Burn - X Fatale X
[ 5 G-Ogre Bar] [ Loner ] Gotagrok, a Soldier from Althainia.
[ 4 H-Elf Brd] Daeni Viditai
[ 1 S-Elf War] Zethos, a Politician from Althainia.
There are 19 characters on, the most on for this boot was 20.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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