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Players Online

[ ADMIN DEPT ] [ Conclave ] Tashio has ideas, plotting and planning once more.
[51 Human Skd] (AL) Yxul Brasi, a simple swordsman <(Raije)>
[51 D-Dwf Mag] (VR) Citizen Kregan, a Mercenary from Verminasia.
[51 Yinn Pal] [ Knighthood ] Thrakhath, Sentinel of Austinian (General:Crown)
[51 Minotr Pri] (VR) Novitiate Aziriel, Priest of ( Mencius ),
[51 Orc Cru] (Abaddon) Raider Rakasa [=Forsaken=[> will Raid for Blood
[51 W-Elf Bla] [ Shalonesti ] Ronilas Sha'enras >>> Eclipse <<< of the Kyorl
[51 Human Swb] Illirya Curuven, The Blue Hair Succubus. (Zazbaz)
[51 Human Arm] [ Chaos* ] Erebaal Phaeron Word Bearer ///
[51 H-Dwf Bat] [ Wargar ] Balur McFistface : Wargar Bare Knuckle Boxing Champ
[51 S-Elf Bla] (Shalonesti) King Talyariel Shalonost, Speaker of the Stars
[49 Human Skd] (AR) Dras
[45 Felar Shu] [ Slayers ] Liocen'ht, cavalier of tropica
[45 W-Elf Pir] [ Bloodlust ] Cabin Person Treluver - The nightmare in the shadow of -=Raije=-
[36 Goblin Nsh] [ Bloodlust ] Oozella Pusbucket, the itch you don't dare scratch
[32 H-Elf Wit] (Abaddon) Student Veronnica Miete
[30 W-Elf Dru] (Abaddon) Reaver Tahlia Erlar [=Forsaken=[>
[28 H-Elf Arm] (Abaddon) Vassal Haden Locabre
[26 Ariel Enc] [ Slayers ] Thatch?
[25 TGnome WuJ] [ Black Robes ] Nikola la tes
[25 W-Elf War] Ereal
[16 H-Dwf Arm] (AR) Private Auger is working it!
[13 Kender Skd] (AL) Meshkin Raggedpants
[ 7 Minotr War] Molech Primordial Entropy
[ 6 Silver Dra] ( Dragon ) Erisma, Snowpuff of Siccara
There are 25 characters on, the most on for this boot was 66.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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