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Players Online

[51 W-Elf Ran] (AL) Lord Silvain Gluviel [GL] whalehunter
[51 S-Elf Tra] [ Red Robes ] Elva the Weather Mage
[51 Yinn Tra] [ Black Robes ] (WANTED) Xord of Iridith
[51 DGnome Sha] [ Slayers ] (Hostile) Gnarlroc, Rabid Wombat of Greystoke (RAIJE) <<V>> *+*
[51 M-Dwf Skd] [ Wargar ] Thzad Grimbolt (Lord Mountain)
[51 Ariel Dru] [ Bloodlust ] (WANTED) Vyrastai Silverwing
[51 Blue Dra] ( Dragon ) Xercobaltax, Unholy Tempest of the Obsidian Moon
[51 D-Elf Mtl] [ Slayers ] Lesimo *
[51 Ariel Ran] [ Loner ] Sygard
[51 H-Dwf Run] [ Wargar ] Dearg Marblegold, :Lord of the Hill Dwarves:
[51 Yinn Cru] [Quiet] (NT) Fallah Gaelyk Ju'Nar, a mercenary from abroad.
[51 Human Enc] Xendu, Enchantor to the Stars
[25 Mul Nsh] (NT) Fallah Esprit
[25 S-Elf Pri] (AL) Novitiate Pastor Caterina Gluviel *Silvain*
[25 H-Dwf Bat] [ Wargar ] Chibbs Lowenbrau, Stalwart of Raije
There are 15 characters on, the most on for this boot was 99.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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