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Players Online

[51 Human Skd] [ Shadow ] Elathan Blackmane, Master of the Crimson Rose
[51 Human Swb] [ Knighthood ] Kennis Locksley, Page of Knighthood
[51 Steel Dra] ( Dragon ) Immersa Anorati, Aegis of Nadrik (Eldest Steel)
[51 Yinn Cru] (AL) Soldier Willex Snowalker, Templar of Creation (Cliath) (IAM)
[51 Human Nsh] (WANTED) (Abaddon) Paragon Rohesia Vai'Kel (Most Wanted Sister of Slaughter)
[51 S-Elf Enc] [ Shalonesti ] Noami Sha'enlas Starchaser
[51 DGnome Sha] [ Slayers ] Gnarlroc, Rabid Wombat of Greystoke (Raije) <<V>> *+
[51 HobGob Wlk] Vrilok
[51 Human Asn] (Abaddon) Undertaker Najya Isa [Forsaken]
[51 W-Elf Tra] [ White Robes ] (WANTED) Reme Raelyr, Captain of Team Ghizla
[51 Human Wit] (NT) Marcilyne D. Blacksabre
[51 Bakali Asn] [ Justice ] Jaalis Orochi
[51 Sea-E Inv] [ Red Robes ] Nathalos invokater of the red robes
[51 Human Pri] (Queen)(Verminasia) Bishop Liviya Madaur {{Queen Regnant} (Fel) |Necrucifer|
[51 Kender Swb] [ Slayers ] Blimbo the Magnificent.
[51 Blue Dra] ( Dragon ) Xercobaltax, Unholy Tempest of the Obsidian Moon
[51 H-Elf Arm] [ Shalonesti ] Juin Nightingale (A Century of Sobriety)
[51 M-Dwf Skd] [ Wargar ] Thzad Grimbolt (Lord Mountain)
[51 Human Enc] (NT) Magistrate Morbazan Dra'lok, the Merchant Arbiter of New Thalos
[51 Human Swb] Illirya Curuven, The Blue Hair Succubus. (Zazbaz)
[51 S-Elf Bla] (SH) Songkeeper Ixi'kweez Sha'enras, 'Si monvmentvm reqvires, circvmspice.'
[51 Human Pri] [ Justice ] Deacon Isabel Clere (Survival) (Austinian)
[51 Human Enc] [AFK] (Abaddon) Artificer Nessah (Takorei) _=*Coven*=_
[51 H-Elf Skd] (WANTED) (VR) Peon Trina, (Ithersea) constant motion
[51 Human Cru] [ Slayers ] Zenthin **
[51 Yinn Pri] (AR) Novitiate Atar, a Cook from Althainia.
[36 Yinn Cru] Gaelyk Ju'Nar, a mercenary from abroad.
[32 Mul Arm] (WANTED) (THAX) Beardless Drogin Stonesplitter Fights for the Mountain (Baewar){
[32 H-Elf Nsh] (AL) Princess Kytania Mamoritai - (Little Melody of Light)
[32 Yinn Asn] (AR) Azah Grayclaw, Asylum hunter.
[27 Bakali Swb] [ Bloodlust ] Ph'yrnahndoz is just a Bakali in his Bakali world...
[25 W-Elf Thi] Aruhla.
[12 H-Dwf War] [ Wargar ] Arinik Marblegold ==(Fist of Stone)== *Nadrik*
[ 7 Minotr War] Flack, a Bandit from Althainia.
[ 6 H-Dwf War] (THAX) Chibbs Lowenbrau, Stalwart of Raije
[ 6 M-Dwf Cle] Drognar, a Scholar from Thaxanos.
[ 5 W-Elf Bar] (SH) Nameless Elrendel
[ 5 W-Elf Cle] Kalyndriel.
[ 5 Human Brd] Tayua
[ 1 Human Mag] (NT) Micayah, a Sailor from New Thalos.
There are 40 characters on, the most on for this boot was 104.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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