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Players Online

[ ADMIN DEPT ] [ Justice ] Tashio - RPR:{o + Off + Status:{o + Building +
[51 Ariel Enc] (VR) Overseer Siderum, [VEU]
[51 Human Enc] (AL) Magus Germac, a wreck
[51 B-Bear Bar] [ Justice ] Darxal, Thorn of the [ Black Rose ] [X|L]
[51 Kender Cle] (Gray Church) Prioress Iocaste, Approved Healer
[51 Yinn Shu] (Abaddon) Godsworn Rouxelle Renard, Obsidian Order [Guardian]
[51 TGnome Enc] (AR) Initiate Wrenpip Pinkerton is Closed ||Azure Tower||
[51 H-Dwf Bat] (WANTED) (THAX) Coltrane KegBreaker.
[51 Orc Arm] [ Justice ] Vege'tarix Bonecleaver, Florist Fantastique! |weedwhipper{
[51 S-Elf Enc] (AR) Wizard Kaladon Iratus ||Azure Tower||
[51 Human Ran] [ Loner ] Nieyn Greenstar
[51 Human Cru] (AL) Lord Daeymon Jette, the Sword and Lance of [Nadrik]
[51 Yinn Asn] (Gray Church) Brother Narsh
[35 Felar Brw] Kimara, Jungle Native
[35 Yinn Pir] [ Slayers ] Cabin Person Ohnix Black of the + Howling Insanity +{
[26 Pixie Inv] [ Red Robes ] Si'gwen, Magus of the Red Robes
[26 G-Ogre Bar] (Gray Church) Postulant Bathunk Obekk [Brother-in-Arms] [Protectorate] [P]
[25 S-Elf Nsh] (SH) Nameless Vy'tharian.
[25 TGnome Mtl] [Quiet] (AR) Jinko Dalrymple
[ 5 Ogre War] Grakk, a Bandit from Althainia.
There are 20 characters on, the most on for this boot was 75.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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