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Players Online

[51 Human Arm] (AL) Page Sovik Tannen, Page of the Spur
[51 Wemic Bar] (NT) Fallah Kelthar, a stray Mercenary.
[51 Human Smg] [ Shadow ] Ibiza le Toad, Umbrian Visionary of Necrucifer
[51 Human Pri] (AL) Deacon Chevalier Garaint Majere {{***}(CoL)(Austinian)
[51 Human Tra] [ Black Robes ] Amex Arkin, Dark side of Team Ghizla.
[51 Human Pri] [ Shadow ] Deacon Ellminaidra Novack, Chancellor
[51 TGnome Tra] [ Red Robes ] Ghizla Coilslam, Queen of Team Ghizla
[51 Yinn Pri] (AR) Novitiate Atar, a Cook from Althainia.
[51 Felar Ran] (Marauders) Marshal Phemia Whitefang (Hunter Adept)
[51 D-Dwf Enc] (NT) Fallah Sogi Ebonyblood, Knowing death within life
[51 Human Pri] (Queen)(Verminasia) Bishop Liviya Madaur {{Queen Regnant} (Fel) |Necrucifer|
[51 HobGob Mag] [ Black Robes ] Frinkle Ulticer, Apprentice of Galmen'dy
[48 H-Elf Enc] (SH) Morungol.
[41 Human Swb] Noprukha Ruin
[38 Wemic Bar] [ Loner ] Raika Moonstalker
[34 Human Inv] [ Red Robes ] Mirrah, Magus of the Red Tower.
[33 Human Asn] [ Justice ] Vaerus Sicarii
[32 Human Mag] [ White Robes ] Vevrion, a Mercenary from Althainia.
[25 H-Elf Skd] (AL) Princess Kytania Mamoritai - (Little Melody of Light)
[14 HobGob Thi] Ashnazg, a Poet from Althainia.
[10 Minotr War] Effel, a Philosopher from Althainia.
[ 5 H-Elf Thi] (VR) Cadet Janus [VRA]
[ 5 Brown Dra] ( Dragon ) D'arude, the Sandstorm.
There are 23 characters on, the most on for this boot was 108.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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