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Players Online

[51 TGnome Enc] (AR) Tinkerwizard Wrenpip Pinkerton, ||Azure Tower||
[51 G-Ogre Bar] (Darkonin) Mastermind Xas Moore (Advisor to the Mountain)
[51 Minotr Inv] [ Loner ] Granak
[51 W-Elf Bla] (SH) Songkeeper Aelaer'mes Sha'enlas Amello, Shade of the Kyorl.
[51 Human Swb] (Marauders) Private Maccus, Gladiator (Raije)
[51 Human Swb] Illirya Curuven, The Blue Hair Succubus. (Zazbaz)
[51 Human Pri] (Abaddon) Cardinal Minister Zola the Deathscythe |Obsidian Order|
[51 Human Asn] (Abaddon) Eidolon Catroina Millar, Sanguine Guard
[51 G-Ogre Sha] (WANTED) (Darkonin) King Vershae Khamaseen, Ogrelord of [Noosa'a Clan]
[51 M-Dwf Pri] [Quiet] (Thaxanos) High King High Priest Grumf Thislebeard (Xaprar) (Raije)
[51 Pixie Inv] [ Red Robes ] Ishi'khail "Ishi" Everclear
[51 Orc Bnd] [Quiet] (Darkonin) Boss Velok Darkmane, Orcish Businessman -(@)-
[50 W-Elf Bla] (SH) Regent Ronilas Sha'enras >>> Eclipse <<< of the Kyorl
[48 G-Ogre Bar] [Quiet] [ Bloodlust ] Lordram The Veteran Soldier
[44 HobGob Arm] [ Loner ] Strovlak Blackclaw
[32 H-Elf Nsh] (VR) Citizen Vladimir Ka'vanth Palemoon
There are 16 characters on, the most on for this boot was 90.
The most we've ever had on was 340.



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