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The Arboren appear to be made of animated wood. They are 4 to 5 feet tall and have the skin of various wood types depending on where they were born. The males sprout leaves or various needles and the females sprout flowers for hair. Arboren bleed sap instead of blood. They speak common, but tend not to speak unless it is important, preferring solitude and silence.

The Arboren have populated Algoron since the early days, living in small communities of forest on every continent. Only wars, fires and logging have caused the Arboren to recently venture out into cities.

Although slightly shorter than most humans, the Arboren are strong, stout and wise. Their dense bodies make them slow. The Arboren ae vulnerable to cold but resistant to bashing. Every Arboren have two racial skills, ROOTVEIN which allows them to root into the earth and travel to another forest on the same continent. DEEPROOT allows the Arboren to root into the earth making them almost immune to being stunned.

While appearing to be made of wood, they DO NOT resemble Treants as they do wear armor and have humanoid type arms and legs. Arboren do not use names in their forest communities, but in the world they prefer to be called names similar to the wood of which they came from for males and the flowers for which they sprout for females.

Arboren are exclusively neutral by nature and make great Druids, Priests and Rangers. Arboren can only be Clerics and Warrior classes, excluding Swashbucklers.





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