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Shalonesti Elf
These elves resemble "high elves" and are pictured to the very left above. Although of a very good nature, they do consider themselves above all other races. Shalonesti Elves are all descendants from the great house of Shalonost and the city of Shalonesti. They are well mannered and very well educated. Shalonesti elves are slightly taller than other elves.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)

Dark Elf
Dark Elves come from the generation of elves that betrayed and left the Shalonesti. They formed their own society and stood against the Shalonesti. The Shalonesti consider them to this day, banned from the city of Shalonesti and consider Dark Elves most evil. Dark Elves are toned a slightest shade darker due to their a number of them breeding with the almost distinct Drow Elves generations back.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)

Wild Elf
Wild elves come from the forests of Shalonesti. They are raised in tribes and although hardly unmannered, are often considered savages by other elves. Wild elves make great warriors and rangers and have a knack for survival. A Wild Elf is pictured second from the right.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)

Sea Elf
The sea elves are barbaric aquatic creatures who appear quite different from their elven cousins. These races have rubber bluish skin, wide eyes with narrow pupils, and webbed fingers and toes. Although they swim well in their elven form, they can also take the shape of dolphins.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)

Half Elf
Born half human, half elf, these half elves are shunned by elven society. Although they are considered outcasts, they are allowed to live in elven society. The Shalonesti feel that half elven is better than no elven at all. Half elves have the ability to grow facial hair, unlike pure elves. That may be their only physical distinction. Half Elves are pictured to the very right.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)




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