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Goblins populate a large area on the continent of Althainia, south of the city of Althainia. They stand around 4 to 5 feet tall and weigh around 150 pounds. They have skin ranging from light brown to dark green. Goblins are immune to poison and disease, and it is rumored that their own saliva is poisonous to other races. Goblins are not normally very intelligent and like to speak only goblin and a very butchered version of common that is hard for any normal person to understand. Goblins are vicious creatures and pillagers. They are followers and very few would ever make a good leader.

Goblin are great Thieves and Nightshades, good Shaman, Charlatans, Warlocks, Witches, Bandits, and DragonSlayers, bad Mages, Necromancers, Invokers, Transmuters, Crusaders, Illisionists, Enchantors,  Jongleurs, Priests and Skalds, and are horrible Bards.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)

Hobgoblins are larger cousins of goblins. They are far more aggressive and organized than their smaller relatives. Hobgoblins stand 6 1/2 feet tall. Their hairy hides rang in coloration from dark reddish-brown to dark-gray, with dark or red-orange skin.

Hobgoblins are a military breed: They live for war and believe strongly in strength and martial prowess as the most desirable qualities in individuals and leaders alike.

Hobgoblins are great Assassins and Warriors, Good Thieves and Dragon Slayers, Barbarians, Shaman, and Priests, Bad Illusionists and Horrible Skalds.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)

The biggest and strongest of the goblinoids, bugbears are even more aggressive than their relatives. They live by hunting any creature weaker than themselves.

Bugbears are large and very muscular, standing 7 feet tall. Their hides vary in color from light yellow to yellow brown, with thick course hair of brown to brick red. Their eyes resemble those of a savage animal, being greenish-white with red pupils and they have wedge shaped ears. A bugbears mouth is full of long, sharp fangs, and it's nose is much like that of a bear, with the same fine sense of smell. This feature earned them their name, though they are not related to bears. Their tough hides and sharp claws also resemble those of bears, but they are far more dexterous.

Bugbears prefer to ambush opponents whenever possible. Their combat tactics are sound if not brilliant. They are experts at moving silently, especially for a large race. Bugbears have two goals in life, food and treasure. They are often found commanding Goblins and Hobgoblins, whom they bully mercilessly.

Bugbears make great Warriors and Barbarians, Good Shaman and Dragon Slayers, Bad Clerics and Rangers and Horrible Nightshades and Skalds.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)




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