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Wemics are part human, part lion, combining the two as centaurs combine human and horse. The wemics leonine body has a human torso extending from what would be a lions neck. Wemics grow to 10 feet long reaching heights of six to seven feet when standing erect. 

The leonine body is covered with ducky golden fur, while the underbelly fur is short and white. The tip of the tail is a brush of long black hair, and adults also have a flowing mane of long black hair. The face is leonine and the eyes are golden with slit pupils. The claws of the forepaws are retractable (and make a dangerous attack), while the hind claws are not. 

Wemics are the male version of the leonine species while their female counterparts are known as felars. Wemics blend leonine and aboriginal human cultures in a primitive society. They live in nomadic groups called "prides", surviving through hunting. Wemics have human intelligence, and can learn if exposed to more complex skills, provided they can get past their superstitious nature. 

Wemics make great Dragon Slayers, good Warriors, Rangers, Barbarians and Shaman, bad Thieves, Warlock, Priests, and terrible Assassins, Crusaders, Skald, Mages, Bandits and Nightshades.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)


Felars are the female version of Leonines. They are sleek and slender and are know for both their agility and "nine lives".  Felar have slim feminine bodies that are covered in fur and have cat-like faces and long tails.  Felar tend to be smaller than humans, averaging about 5' in height. They have very muscular builds, though, more so than would be expected. Fur on felars can run from almost none to 90% of their body covered. Their colorings vary.

Felar make good dragon slayers, thieves, druids, rangers, jongleur and nightshades and bad bards, armsmen and skalds.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)




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