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These huge, bull-headed (literally) demihumans stand a hulking 7-9 feet tall. Their torsos and limbs are humanoid: rippling chests and muscular arms, legs, and hands. Their feet, however, end in cloven hooves. Their whole bodies are covered with a layer of short hair. Most minotaurs, like most humans, have only one color of fur. Minotaur horns grow to 24" long. Minotaurs are an honor-bound race. They believe strongly in preserving their honor and emerging victorious in the struggle for dominance in the world. Their brutish visages belie the keen minds within; many are smarter than the average human. Oddly, of all the many races, minotaurs are most like a diminutive folk - the dwarves. Both races value honor, strength, family, hard work, and the superiority of their race. Minotaurs live mainly on the southern coast of Icewall, where they control almost every port there.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)



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