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Perhaps one of Algoron's most brutal races, Ogre come from the continent of Icewall, Algoron's most savage continent. Ogres used to be the world's dominate race before their wars with the then enslaved minotaurs and the attack of the Yinn. The only city left in Ogres control is the Empire of Gruntz. Ogres are of the largest of the races, ranging from 9-10 feet in height. They are stronger than any other race, and almost as durable as the dwarves. They aren't too bright, however, and their huge size makes them more clumsy than the other races. Ogres make the best warriors of any race, but are ill-suited for any other profession.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)

Giant Ogres
Giant Ogres stand 12' tall - even kneeling they rise above the heads of other ogres. They are the largest race in the world (except for old Dragons, of course). They have tusk-like teeth that protrude from their broad mouths and are generally not as intelligent as other ogres. They make awesome warriors and are ill suited for any other class. They get fast healing for free due to their size and stamina. They have a fear and a vulnerability to lightning and are also vulnerable to mental attacks due to their slow minds. They are resistant to blunt weapons because of their enormous size. Giant Ogres live around icewall and don't always get along with normal ogres. Giant Ogres are almost solely responsible for preventing the takeover of the Empire of Gruntz by the invading Yinn army.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)

Half Ogres
Half ogres are a combination of Ogres and humans. They are outcasted from Gruntz and resented by all other Ogres. It is common for half ogres to have huge chips on their shoulders because of their mixed blood. Some can pass for human, but some half Ogres simply grow too large. Most half ogres have moved to human settlements, where they are not generally accepted and are ridiculed. But that's better than getting beat to death by pure Ogres.

(picture by Stephanie Shimerdla)




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