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Current Leader:  Jazaren
Current Wars: | Knighthood | Justice | Talon | Shalonesti | Conclave | Wargar | Chaos |
Watcher: Dekaios
Voucher(s): 16
Super Voucher(s): 4

War Statistics:

Shalonesti: 5601 kills, 2809 deaths
Wargar: 793 kills, 196 deaths
Knighthood: 2084 kills, 1553 deaths
Justice: 3226 kills, 3396 deaths
Slayers: 2208 kills, 971 deaths
Conclave: 6637 kills, 3371 deaths
Shadow: 16 kills, 7 deaths


They seek power to the fullest and embrace evil as a means to an end.
Bloodlust is ruled by a single Warlord who relies on an Overlord and a few
Underlords to enforce his rule. Members of Bloodlust consist of varying
types from the most honorless Assassin to the most honorable Knight of Necrucifer. However, this is not a clan without order. While the members
of bloodlust are vicious and sometimes unrelenting in their battles, the
members of bloodlust are typically extremely loyal to each other and can be
very well organized.

Bloodlust has an Honorable Evil Division of highly skilled members called
the Death Knights. These Knights are honorable evil and some of the most
skilled members of the clan. The most feared, however, belongs to division
named the Blood Reavers. This band of killers are sent in to do the clans
dirty work, executing missions that would make most other members cringe.

Bloodlust has the following Ranks: Warlord (Leader) Overlord (2nd in
Command) Underlord (sub-leaders)

Elite Honorable Evil: Death Knight

Elite Dishonorable: Blood Reaver

Level 51: Blood Rager
Level 35 - 50: Devourer
Level 20-34: Ravager
Level 5-19: Savage
New Recruit (First 2 weeks): Minion


Top 10 Bloodlust Player Killers
1 : Azjuhb (1794 kills) [ Bloodlust ] Orc, Armsman
2 : Boof (1165 kills) [ Bloodlust ] Hobgoblin, Priest
3 : Xantiln (1164 kills) [ Bloodlust ] Human, Swashbuckler
4 : Ferg (1161 kills) [ Bloodlust ] Yinn, Assassin
5 : Gorrakh (1085 kills) [ Bloodlust ] Half ogre, Bandit
6 : Treluver (890 kills) [ Bloodlust ] Wild elf, Ranger
7 : Gurfing (767 kills) [ Bloodlust ] Hobgoblin, Assassin
8 : Donimas (705 kills) [ Bloodlust ] Dark elf, Druid
9 : Oozella (579 kills) [ Bloodlust ] Goblin, Nightshade
10 : Kiid (540 kills) [ Bloodlust ] Human, Swashbuckler




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