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(190 active members)
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Current Leader:  Branzol
Current Wars: | Bloodlust | Talon | Shalonesti | Conclave | Chaos | Shadow |
Watcher: Nazca
Voucher(s): 9
Super Voucher(s): 0

War Statistics:

Shalonesti: 304 kills, 60 deaths
Wargar: 3 kills, 2 deaths
Knighthood: 2 kills, 1 deaths
Bloodlust: 3396 kills, 3226 deaths
Slayers: 1721 kills, 542 deaths
Conclave: 2408 kills, 600 deaths
Shadow: 1462 kills, 1661 deaths


The Wrath of Justice

The Wrath of Justice is a Chaotic Good clan where the majority of members
have come from harsh lives. They are willing to take their thirsts for
revenge against evil and their enemies to levels that most Good aligned
organizations wouldn't dare tread. The Wrath of Justice organization can,
at times, have few friends as the Knighthood despises their tactics and
other potential allies carry a distrust of the organization.

The Wrath of Justice specializes in dishonorable professions such as
Assassins, Charlatans, and even Witchcraft. They have been known to fund
Kingdom assassination attempts through secretive payouts to other kingdoms
and associate themselves with the Black Market and other illegal activities
to raise the funds to "clean up the world". Justice does have its share of
Lawful Good members as this clan understands it is more powerful with
numbers. However, the lawful side never seems to hold the political

The Wrath of Justice organization is lead by an Inner Circle of members who
keep their motives and plans to a very strict confidential level. The main
leader of this circle is known as the Executor and has full power. An
Executor does not stay in power long without the approval of the Inner
Circle, which are a council of 4 members chosen by the Executor. The
Executor can only replace a member of the Inner Circle with appro
val from 3
of the 4 members.

The 4 members of the Circle are classified by their guild:
Lord/Lady of Revenge: (Mage, Enchanter, Ranger, Warlock/Witch, Jongleur, Bard)
Lord/Lady of Tactics: (Assassin, Charlatan, Thief, Illusionist)
Lord/Lady of War: (Warrior, Barbarian, Swashbuckler, Crusader)
Lord/Lady of Survival: (Cleric, Shaman, Priest, Druid)

Below each Lord/Lady are their armies:
The Army of Revenge: (1) Captain, (3) Lieutenant, (5) Sergeant, Soldier, Recruit.
The Army of Tactics: (1) Captain, (3) Lieutenant, (5) Sergeant, Soldier, Recruit.
The Army of War: (1) Captain, (3) Lieutenant, (5) Sergeant, Soldier, Recruit.
The Army of Survival: (1) Captain, (3) Lieutenant, (5) Sergeant, Soldier, Recruit.


Top 10 Justice Player Killers
1 : Roahan (2209 kills) [ Justice ] Human, Skald
2 : Lactan (1037 kills) [ Justice ] Wemic, Dragon Slayer
3 : Branzol (779 kills) [ Justice ] Human, Paladin
4 : Taranys (747 kills) [ Justice ] Human, Skald
5 : Zentor (692 kills) [ Justice ] Centaur, Ranger
6 : Scitalis (630 kills) [ Justice ] Bakali, Assassin
7 : Zivan (357 kills) [ Justice ] Human, Druid
8 : Tinkr (308 kills) [ Justice ] Pixie, Illusionist
9 : Qzxauip (296 kills) [ Justice ] Half ogre, Skald
10 : Malikk (296 kills) [ Justice ] Hobgoblin, Armsman




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