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( active members)
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Current Leader:  Aeryc
Current Wars: | Knighthood | Justice | Talon | Shalonesti | Conclave | Wargar | Chaos |
Watcher: Ampersand
Voucher(s): 0
Super Voucher(s): 0

War Statistics:

Justice: 1661 kills, 1462 deaths
Wargar: 28 kills, 20 deaths
Shalonesti: 1451 kills, 884 deaths
Bloodlust: 7 kills, 16 deaths
Slayers: 517 kills, 270 deaths
Conclave: 1480 kills, 58 deaths
Knighthood: 1124 kills, 1331 deaths

Independence breeds chaos. Submit and be strong. Death is patient. It flows both from without and from within. Be vigilant in all and skeptical of all. One who follows the heart finds it will bleed.

Prophecy foretells the return of Necrucifer, who will slay both Austinian and Kwainin and take the land as his own. The Shadow Knights seek to ensure that the world is prepared for his coming.

Any who would enter into the Shadow Knights must begin as a Petitioner in the Legion. They must remain in the Legion until they are deemed ready to advance to the rank of Novice. At this time, members may choose entry into either the Templar, the Crimson Rose, or the Gray Robes, or remain in the Legion. The Legion is the military might of the Shadow Knights and the center of political power as well. The Templar form the clerical order of the Shadow Knights. They practice the healing arts and are dedicated solely to Necrucifer. The Crimson Rose is in charge of both external intelligence and internal security. They work their art by stealth and quick, deadly force rather than brute strength. The Gray Robes are an order of wizards. They operate completely outside the conclave of Algoron, refusing to swear allegiance to any of the three robes. They work with the Templar in maintaining order both in conquered lands and their own home territories.

When joining the Shadow Knights, each member dedicates his body and soul utterly to the cause. All thoughts of self are submerged, sublimated. Yet this does not mean that members cannot think for themselves, which brought about the creation of the code. The code is complex in the extreme, yet elegant in its detail. Strict adherence to the code is required, but each case is considered on its own merits, and exceptions can be made. A Shadow Knight is allowed to lie, cheat, steal, and commit murder, as long as it can be proven to advance the vision. Since a knight who violates the code is seen to have also violated the vision and broken the blood oath, the punishment is usually death.

The Shadow Knights accept only human followers of Necrucifer. Alignments other than lawful evil are discouraged. Roleplay is required.

Top 10 Shadow Player Killers
1 : Maccus (1144 kills) [ Shadow ] Human, Skald
2 : Aeryc (793 kills) [ Shadow ] Human, Armsman
3 : Zorreau (620 kills) [ Shadow ] Human, Shadow Knight
4 : Eraden (507 kills) [ Shadow ] Human, Shadow Knight
5 : Rasavadi (463 kills) [ Shadow ] Yinn, Shukenja
6 : Drakonn (428 kills) [ Shadow ] Human, Jongleur
7 : Janic (230 kills) [ Shadow ] Human, Armsman
8 : Cho'manno (194 kills) [ Shadow ] Human, Swashbuckler
9 : Jern (187 kills) [ Shadow ] Human, Shadow Knight
10 : Calest (173 kills) [ Shadow ] Human, Ninja




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