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Current Leader:  Fardoc
Current Wars: | Bloodlust | Shalonesti | Chaos | Shadow |
Watcher: Kyri
Voucher(s): 0
Super Voucher(s): 0

War Statistics:

Justice: 2 kills, 3 deaths
Knighthood: 1 kills, 4 deaths
Shalonesti: 2272 kills, 3303 deaths
Bloodlust: 196 kills, 793 deaths
Slayers: 9 kills, 5 deaths
Conclave: 6 kills, 6 deaths
Shadow: 20 kills, 28 deaths

[ Wargar ]-We are the dwarves of the Wargar, greatest among the clans, and the chosen of the Gods. When the cold forge of the mighty father of the gods was struck by his hammer, the sparks that flew became the souls of the dwarven race.

Through the tides of Time, we the Wargar were one with the mountains and hills of northern Althainia. No one challenged the might of the great dwarven kingdom of Thaxanos, and all was well. Until, that is, the blasted elven hovel of the Shalonesti elves was discovered in the forests to the east of our great kingdom. Many of their frail bodies littered the forest paths before their cursed magic transformed our greatest warriors into little more than babbling idiots. May the hammer of Raije guide our battleragers' axes in battle!

The Wargar clan consists of three hierarchically separate structures, the mountain dwarves, hill dwarves, and the dark dwarves, each lead by their own Lord or Lady.

Any member ranked Clansmen or above may call a mutiny for Thane. The Warcouncil votes on the mutiny, majority decision wins. To mutiny a Lord (or Lady), the Thane must approve the mutiny and then any member of the clan of the same race of the Lord being mutinied gets to vote. Majority vote wins.

Top 10 Wargar Player Killers
1 : Xolthus (1702 kills) [ Wargar ] Hill dwarf, Skald
2 : Julthax (1156 kills) [ Wargar ] Hill dwarf, Battlerager
3 : Brollo (1090 kills) [ Wargar ] Mul, Battlerager
4 : Ryltar (746 kills) [ Wargar ] Mountain dwarf, Battlerager
5 : Golin (460 kills) [ Wargar ] Hill dwarf, Battlerager
6 : Gares (379 kills) [ Wargar ] Hill dwarf, Battlerager
7 : Dinol (268 kills) [ Wargar ] Hill dwarf, Battlerager
8 : Murdux (242 kills) [ Wargar ] Hill dwarf, Battlerager
9 : Kuzzik (233 kills) [ Wargar ] Mul, Battlerager
10 : Plike (208 kills) [ Wargar ] Mountain dwarf, Battlerager




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