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Darkonin Roster

Leader:  Vershae

Darkonin is one of three kingdoms located in Icewall. High atop Mt Darkonin, the entire capital city rests neatly within a split in the middle of the peak. The climate is cold and largely inhospitable, but its residents have adapted.

Darkonin was purchased from the ice goblins of Icewall by an unprecidented merger of the goblinoids and ogre-kin of the realm. The goblinoids, seeking freedom from persecution and a new home since their former home of Dolund'ir was now under Althainian rule, and the ogres seeking a new home after the collapse of their native kingdom of Gruntz (literally, as it fell into a great chasm), united under the Darkonin flag and made the perilous journey to their new home high upon the mountain.

Darkonin boasts of a highly defensible location, and a unique architecture.  It is open to goblinoids and ogre-kins from all walks of life. It is largely considered an evil kingdom but was actually founded on the principles of balance. It's citizens are ruled by a monarchy and its military is ruled by a Supreme General. The Supreme General ultimately answers to the monarchy as well.

Althainia: Enemy Verminasia: Peace
New Thalos: Peace Marauders: Peace
Shalonesti: Peace Nordmaar: Peace
Thaxanos: Enemy Ganth: Enemy
Arkane: Peace Darkonin: -



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