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Gray Church


Gray Church Roster

Leader:  Tief

This is a nonclanned group who are devoted to helping those in need and/or are new to this land. They have sworn to pursue a life of peace and service to others. The Gray Church does not involve themselves in the political struggles of this land and remain neutral in all such affairs. Those who choose to violate this stand can be asked by the leader to leave the group.  The Gray Church does not recruit individuals to join their order, rather an individual must seek the order out and petition the leader of the order to join.

Individuals of any alignment are welcome to join the order, but all prospective members must accept that the Gray Church exists to assist all those in need, and be completely impartial in all other matters of the realm.

The order has a single leader who is chosen by the former leader usually after consulting with all the prominent members of the order. No one who is clanned can be a member of the Gray Church, regardless of alignment.



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