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Marauders Roster

Leader:  Mezlak

The Marauders are a (non-clanned) military organization that consists of soldiers from all walks of life on Algoron. We strive for Discipline, Honor, and Fidelity to our cause and operate with a lethal precision. For centuries we have triumphed in battle, fought with bravery against all odds, and continued to raise our banner in victory wherever we have gone.

As new recruits enter our ranks they are trained in the Art of War, their skills honed to a razor's edge. During their training they will be placed within a battalion of their choice:

The (Blade)
The (Knight)
The (Pirates)
The (Magi)

Promotions and rank are given to those who show skill and ability, as well as how they conduct themselves and their actions.

There are no prejudices here any may rise to high rank, such petty issues have no place on the battlefield and are left behind when one is allowed into our halls. However, kender are NOT allowed entry.

Though Lord Raije's favor is upon us, one does not have to be a follower of his will to be allowed entrance. All religions are welcome within the Neutral or Evil faiths. Those who seek to lead a Military lifestyle and test their skills on the battlefields of Algoron are welcome to petition entrance to our ranks. Seek one of the rank of Lieutenant or higher for an interview.

Althainia: Peace Verminasia: War
New Thalos: Peace Marauders: -
Shalonesti: Peace Nordmaar: Peace
Thaxanos: Ally Ganth: Peace
Arkane: Ally Darkonin: Peace
Abaddon: Peace  



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