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New Thalos

New Thalos Roster

Leader:  Lothaw

New Thalos, the Jewel of the Desert, lies on the Ishtar River near the coast and is a thriving port city. It is the only kingdom that has managed to thrive in the desert lands and remains an oasis for the weary traveller.

No one race predominates New Thalos and representatives from nearly all of Algoran's races can be found here. All work together with the common goal of ultimately making New Thalos the strongest Kingdom on Algoron. New Thalos is a monarchy based government ruled by a powerful Sultanate who takes an active role in leadership and development of New Thalos.

Althainia: Peace Verminasia: Peace
New Thalos: - Marauders: Peace
Shalonesti: Peace Nordmaar: Peace
Thaxanos: Peace Ganth: Peace
Arkane: Peace Darkonin: Peace
Abaddon: Peace  




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