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Shalonesti Roster

Leader:  Talyariel

The house Shalonost has guided the Shalonesti for thousands of winters, since the beginning of time. We, the Shalonesti, are the firstborn of the gods.

Shalonesti Kingdom is nestled deep in the forest of Shalonesti. It is led by a Speaker of the Stars and the four leaders of the houses who form the kingdom branch of the Senate.

The Speaker may be the King or Queen, and they possess three votes each.  Senators have two votes each and their regents have one/half each. A majority vote always wins, but the Speaker has veto power.

Within the kingdom, there are five houses:

House Shalonost, Royal, ruling house of Shalonesti.
House Sha'falas, Protectors, protect the Shalonesti from aggression.
House Sha'tavas, Astral, house of arcane learning and religion.
House Sha'enras, Advisors, keeper of Shalonesti history and diplomacy.
House Sha'qelas, Naval Fleet, protectors of Shalonesti's ocean borders.

Only those of elven blood may join Shalonesti permanently, although it is not unknown to accept an ambassador from another race for a period. The newest member will not be admitted into one of the Houses until they have proven themselves to the kingdom. Until then, they are nameless and without voice. Also, to join the kingdom one must send a note of your history to the kingdom for review.

Once an obscure and tiny kingdom hidden in the Vallenwoods, Shalonesti has risen to rival Althainia in size. Zandreya is its official patron, and she runs the kingdom through her monarchy and priests.

Althainia: Ally Verminasia: Enemy
New Thalos: Peace Marauders: Peace
Shalonesti: - Nordmaar: Peace
Thaxanos: Enemy Ganth: Peace
Arkane: Peace Darkonin: Enemy
Abaddon: War  



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