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Thaxanos Roster

Leader:  Grumf

Thaxanos is the Dwarven city under the mountain. Thaxanos is known for being the most secure kingdom in the world as its inner Mountainous home provides great shelter. Thaxanos is also known for its liquor and craftmanship of its weapons and buildings. Thaxanos has 6 major clans, each with a Thane as their leader. The King of Thaxanos serves a life long term. Upon one's death, the Thanes vote in a new King.

Clans of Thaxanos

Wargar - The Wargar clan is a militant clan with a severe hatred for the elves of the world. Wargar has on many occasions been the strong arm militarily for Thaxanos.

When Thaxanos closed its doors to the world, Wargar chose not to cooperate, and to continue their war with the elves. Their disobediance to Thaxanos cost them the chance to ever lead Thaxanos with a King.

Xaprar - The Xaprar clan are the mountain dwarves. They are the oldest and most noble of clans. Throughout history, the Xaprar have dominated the position of King.

Xoxx - The Xoxx clan are the hill dwarves. Noble and ancient, yet they have held no where near the power of the Xaprar clan. Xoxx dwarves are proud and loyal to Thaxanos, but at times express severe anger at the mountain dwarves.

Kexrar - The Kexrar are the dark dwarves of Thaxanos. They lived many centuries under the mountain showing themselves only during times of revolt. The Kexrar are loyal to Thaxanos when its time to war other races, but will never miss a chance to try to gain power within Thaxanos.

Baewar - The Baewar are a clan of rash, crazed Dwarves. They are extremely loyal to Thaxanos. Their eagerness to fight and protect Thaxanos is so great, they are often times comical. No other clan seems to love being Dwarves more than the baewar.

Nuexpar - The Nuexpar are a clan of wealthy mining dwarves. Early in Thaxanos history, this group of dwarves were left ownership of what was believed to be the poorest parts of the mountain. Within months, they found gold and many other types of diamonds and minerals. They instantly became rich, and also became the envy of the other clans. To this day, many other clans are very jealous of the Nuexpar.

Althainia: Ally Verminasia: Peace
New Thalos: Peace Marauders: Peace
Shalonesti: War Nordmaar: Ally
Thaxanos: - Ganth: Ally
Arkane: Peace Darkonin: Enemy
Abaddon: Peace  



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