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Verminasia Roster

Leader:  Ashtiel

Verminasia, the eloquent Kingdom of evil.

Once its streets were hailed as the most wondrous in all of Algoron. Now its former glory has gone. Yet all the delights and hidden charm remain, its streets may not be paved with gold anymore, but they still harbor stores where lovers charms and fine restaurants are the norm. This non-clanned realm is ruled by a King and Queen, and is home to all the followers of the dark gods. Those of neutral beliefs may also find a home within this kingdom.

Citizens may seek a position within the magical and clerical orders or seek a place in Verminasia's military. Race and sex have no meaning here, rank and privilege given out on merits alone. Verminasia strives to regain what once was and spread the shadow of the dark gods across Algoron, at the head of the Aversian Empire, by any means necessary. Verminasia stands a bastion in a world of light, but even the sun casts shadows.

Althainia: Enemy Verminasia: -
New Thalos: Ally Marauders: Ally
Shalonesti: Peace Nordmaar: Peace
Thaxanos: Peace Ganth: Peace
Arkane: War Darkonin: Ally
Abaddon: Ally  



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