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Player Written Story Note Archive

Note: If you see names without the note below, its due to their story not being posted to "All"


Writer: Thrakhath
Date Wed Mar 21 02:53:34 2018

Writer: Wyltte
Date Thu Mar 22 20:28:41 2018

To All Necrucifer Imm RP Religion Verminasia

Subject Riding the Lands

Wyltte pulled back the hood of his robe as the drizzle from the grey
skies subsided, beads of rain rolling off the material as he trotted along.
His steed was but a few years old and barely greenbroke, but it was strong
and sleek, as well as tough enough to hold his enormous frame. He held onto
the reins with one hand, steering the horse with the inside of his thighs as
taught long ago, the clip clop of his hooves against the cobblestone echoing
in the still air.

Wyltte had been back for a few months now, and much had transpired. After a
time, he was promoted to Legate of the Verminasian Deathwatch, and worked
tirelessly in the war room for the kingdom. He outlined tasks and
responsibilities, rank requirements, and a purpose for the troops. He gave
every ounce of mental faculty he had towards the task. Now, he needed a
small getaway to figure out what was next.

As he drew closer to the historic Kayen lands in Iagothal, he started to
survey his surroundings. The land seemed fertile enough, though much of it
had grown wild. It would take some heavy landscaping to clear a lot of the
brush that had grown up in his absence. Large groves of trees and small
forests spread out as far as his eyes could see. From time to time he heard
wolfsong piercing the sky, the howls both lonesome and daunting at the same
time. A good many visitors have never made it back from these roads, and it
was easy to see why. Iagothal was wild, beautiful and dangerous... Just
like its inhabitants.

As Wyltte rounded the corner of one bend, his steed started to get nervous.
Wyltte places his large hand on the side of his neck, patting it in
reassurance. A low growl came out of the brush at his side. All of a
sudden, a blur of fur came rushing out of the greenery and into the middle
of the road. Two large direwolves stood shoulder to shoulder in front of
him as his horse reared up on its hind quarters, nearly throwing him off.
Their stance was low, head close to the ground and hackles up, fangs bared
in a menacing, drooling growl. Wyltte narrows his eyes at the direwolves,
using his left hand to pull the reins down so he could get control of his
horse. Their growls intensify, eyes boring into him as their bodies shake
in anticipation. Wyltte growls back, baring his own teeth at the large
direwolves. With a swift movement, he swings his leg over the saddle and
lands onto the stone road.

This oddly calms down the horse, who comes to stand behind Wyltte, his nose
buried in the small of his back. Wyltte looks back at his brave steed,
keeping the menacing growl on his face. "Chicken" he says, and turns his
attention back on the direwolves.

Their continued stare was intense, their bodies moving in tandem as the seem
to try and pace around Wyltte. He matches their movements, not letting the
wolves get between him and his horse. Wyltte doesn't move to grab his
weapon, but keeps his hands up and chest level, his arms slightly bent in a
type of grappling pose. The wolves give more warning, but their eyes flash
a sign of something different. Not fear, but perhaps a moment of curiosity.
They move a few steps closer to Wyltte, testing his resolve. He knows if he
ran at this point, they would give chase and devour him wholly. Wyltte
insteads takes a step towards the direwolves, keeping his hands steady.

"Son and daughter of the wild, you of the unshakeable courage" he says. "I
greet you in the name of Darkness. These are our lands, yours and mine
. At this the direwolves' growling slightly lessens, their lips
snarling a little less. "Yours is a place of honor, keeping the wilds from
the weak"
he continues. "You find no enemy in me, only a wolf in man's
clothing. You find yourself amongst kin here. I am Wyltte Kayen"
. At this
the wolves narrow their eyes once more, but their stance changes. Raising
to full height, they sniff the air for a moment, then come back down onto
all four paws, trotting off into the woods.

Writer: Scribpog

Date Thu Mar 22 23:54:57 2018

Writer: Maccus

Date Fri Mar 23 03:06:12 2018

Writer: Zola
Date Sat Mar 24 12:13:07 2018

Writer: Mercerion
Date Sat Mar 24 14:44:05 2018

To All Knighthood Religion Cayenna Scorn Immortal

Subject Pilgrimage: Honor's Fall

Mercerion moved about the temple in determined silence. He had received
permission from the acting Generals to undertake a pilgrimage into the sands
of New Thalos, to seek the last known spot where Nadrik walked Algoron. It
was his hope in this effort, to build a shrine here to Honor Nadrik, and
with any luck, recover artifacts from the struggle.

He had been given orders to include other knights, and he would soon be
looking through the active rosters to determine which knights would be
viable to accompany this journey. It would of course, be a long pilgrimage
and likely treacherous, as the rumors were that the fight took place out
beyond the sand worms, which they would likely have to fight past in order
to find the location they sought.

He had gathered some rudimentary materials, including clothing to protect
against the sands and the heat, and some weapons more fitting to the
climate. He would likely forego the heavy plate he was accustomed to, and
rely more upon his aikido training from his past for defense, though he was
bringing his shield as well.

With a final look over his materials, he moved to the altar and began to
pray to Nadrik for strength and guidance, readying his mind and body for the
journey to come. Once he completed his prayers, he began to pen a missive
to the sultanate, as there would be work to be done with them as well.

Writer: Siderum
Date Sun Mar 25 23:37:33 2018

To Verminasia All ( imm rp )

Subject Branching Out

Architecture had always fascinated Siderum Confractus. It seemed a
reminder of civilization and typically reflected what sort of civilization
it was. He found his gaze lingering upon the carvings within Verminasia,
where he led most of his adult life, of late. The statues, reliefs, mosaics
and other such art varied. The variations got even more profound when the
scope expanded to other dark lands and temples. Large statues demonstrating
crude power, carvings of great victories and mass slaughters, tangled altars
of despair both eloquent and cruel, and in the case of Abaddon architecture
a certain amount of madness. The themes were consistent at the very least.
Still as he studied the works, the ariel couldnt help but feel a pang of
disappointment. With perhaps the exception of the Drakkaran monuments there
wasnt much beauty to be had. Art should be pleasing to the eye, Siderum
always thought.

When he was young, an orphan wondering the streets of New Thalos, he often
passed the time by carving. He even found his mercantile roots there, as
what started out as an amusing diversion became a talent people would pay
for. His most successful trinkets were good luck charms worn about the neck
that started their life as crates on the docks. It wasnt as if people
bothered to ask why things were lucky, they just wanted to believe it. His
efforts expanded into statuettes of important people, loved ones, gods. His
first blue diamond had been earned by an exquisite carving of an angel of
all things(though he insisted it couldve been an ariel) whose wings had been
nearly lifelike. Siderum had been loathe to let that one go, even if it
represented a good payday at the time.

Even when he went into business as a merchant and enchantor, his carving
roots never escaped him. Now in his spare time he collected the rare woods
for the finest weapons and armors in Algoron, so it was a foundation that
served him well in life. Though Siderum felt a certain longing of late to
take up the carving blade once again, maybe even try mediums he hadnt had
the daring or finances to venture into. To create something not just for
profit, but pleasing to the eye. Who knows if hed get around to it, he had
enough projects to juggle as always and people always pestering him for
things, but it was a nice daydream if nothing else.

Writer: Bodrum
Date Mon Mar 26 12:23:30 2018

Writer: Ashtiel
Date Mon Mar 26 12:55:39 2018

To All Verminasia Immortal Tashio Kyri Ampersand Storyline Necrucifer

Subject Lost City - Preparations


The time that had passed since their initial venture into the ruins of
Dae'Tok had not been wasted. The long winter months had afforded them the
opportunity to plan and prepare for the harsh journey that lay before them.
The people of Verminasia worked tirelessly throughout the season to gather
together the extra supplies requested for the upcoming expedition.

The last weeks of winter had brought with them a fresh flurry of activity.
The palace forges burned day and night as the blacksmiths worked to complete
the weapons that had been ordered by the Crown. Shipments from every
province arrived in the capital each day to be loaded onto the ships to
ready them for departure. By the first day of spring the Armada's stores
were filled with everything from food to boots with iron spiked soles that
were meant to aid those who traveled to the northern reaches of Icewall in
their trek through frozen climes.

Though their ships were stocked to the brim, the supplies would only be
enough to sustain them until their camp could be established and their
portals set for future deliveries. The construction of the encampment
itself would rely heavily on supplies gathered from the local surrounds.
Building from lumber harvested from the site would greatly reduce the effort
and risk required to transport it.

The soldiers of the Deathwatch gathered within the city proper by the unit.
The magi of the Research Academy brewed their potions and practiced their
spells, flooding the dark skies above Verminasia with the occasional bout of
artistic fireworks. The list of volunteers had grown slowly but steadily to
encompass a wide range of races - elves, ogre, yinn, human, ariel and pixie.
Both the Knights of Storm and the Knights working to reform the Eclipse had
offered their assistance.

With plans in place and supplies packed, there had been little else to see
to aside from some political nuisances that delayed their departure by yet
another day. The next morn, the people of Verminasia gathered together on
the docks to bid farewell to the first wave of Verminasians traveling to
Icewall. The fleet set sail just past the break of dawn on the fourth day
of Spring.


Writer: Ashtiel

Date Mon Mar 26 12:56:55 2018

To All Verminasia Immortal Tashio Kyri Ampersand Storyline Necrucifer

Subject Lost City - Landfall


Three days passed at sea. Rough weather slowed the armada's progression
along the northern coastline of Icewall until the ships turned inland, using
the serpentine curves of the Dae'Atha river to travel deeper into the
northlands. The river proved no less treacherous, the water still crusted
in places with a thick layer of ice that occasionally barred the way. The
Requiem creaked as it lead the charge through these icy waters, sailors at
the prow working with spears to break apart and shove away the larger chunks
of ice that threatened the ship's integrity. The magi helped as well, using
fire and flight to tend to the same.

Ashtiel hated sailing. It was not that she did not enjoy a good battle at
sea but aside from such an adventure, she had never come to love bobbing
about on an unsteady piece of wood amidst oceans filled with All manner of
creatures, some of them shades. Thus, habit found her standing at the
highest point of the ship. Perched within the crow's nest, with her back
against the mast. Her eyes strayed continuously over the people who rushed
to and fro below and kept a wary watch on the path ahead as she hummed
quietly for hours on end. The vibration of her song resonated through her,
traveling from her through the very wood of the ship and into water
surrounding it to aid with the task her people worked diligently to

Ahead, through the evanescent silver mist that drifted around them, an
archway of crumbled and broken stone appeared. A shout below announced
others had spotted it as well, the first landmark recognizable from the
ancient and faded map carried by their King. The stones of the structure
were massive, the surface of them wind smoothed and slick enough to reflect
the sunlight. The archway curled over the river from one bank to another,
rising high enough overhead that the ship sailed beneath it without even
coming close to scraping its center. Yet only one of the massive yaeni
sculptures that guarded the way remained upright. The other lay,
decapitated and on its side, half buried by the icy waters of the river.
Its visible surface was covered with frost encrusted vegetation and snow
amassed around its edges. Even without its head the scope of it rivaled the
length of the ship.

A few miles beyond the gateway, the ships were forced to a stop. Ashtiel
climbed from the nest to convey with the Captain and Telthian. The glacial
ice that covered the river had become a solid shelf too thick to traverse
without risking the safety of the armada and clearing it would take time.
Though the journey inland would cost them days, it was unanimously agreed
that the Verminasians would make landfall and clear the path to Eastdrift.


Writer: Zola

Date Mon Mar 26 18:45:41 2018

Writer: Zola

Date Mon Mar 26 22:17:32 2018

Writer: Zola

Date Mon Mar 26 22:17:34 2018

Writer: Zola

Date Mon Mar 26 22:17:36 2018

Writer: Nymaya

Date Tue Mar 27 16:59:09 2018

Writer: Narsh
Date Tue Mar 27 19:37:26 2018

Writer: Narsh
Date Tue Mar 27 19:58:36 2018

Writer: Nymaya
Date Tue Mar 27 20:01:06 2018

Writer: Telthian
Date Tue Mar 27 21:45:49 2018

To All Verminasia Immortal Tashio Kyri Ampersand Storyline Necrucifer

Subject Lost City - Landfall - II


The weathered stone countenance peered from where it lay half-submerged
within the frigid waters, as if in an incredulous display of greeting to the
first outsiders to visit in generations. On the foredeck, men and women
draped in heavy furs stared back, and on the wind the Priest-King heard one
of the rangers wonder aloud at the age of the statues.

Hundreds of mortal lifetimes had passed since the days of the Twin Emperors
of Dae'tok. Despite the vaunted achievements of Brother and Sister,
architects of that nearly indomitable Imperium, this was All that was left
of them. Two statues. Akenash All but lay in ruins, and his sister, Akazi,
was so worn by time that her canine features were unrecognizable.

An involuntary tremor ran through the Priest's swordhand. The burnt skin
protested as he clenched his fist, stifling the tremors. With an exhalation
of breath he shifted his gaze down river, where it narrowed and the surface
ice thickened. Beneath his skin he could feel the creatures twisted by
starfall lurking somewhere far off in the distance. The slender hand at his
shoulder brought him back from his musings.

Over the next several hours provisions and supplies marked with the black
sun of Pharthati were ferried from the armada to the frozen banks.
Sheltered from the wind in the back range of the Frostania mountains, the
expeditionary force set about the final preparations before the trek through
snow and ice through Narrowbreak pass and on to Eastdrift.


Writer: Nymaya

Date Wed Mar 28 17:28:20 2018

Writer: Telthian

Date Thu Mar 29 16:05:20 2018

To All Verminasia Immortal Tashio Kyri Ampersand Storyline Necrucifer

Subject Lost City - Landfall - III


As the last of the provisions were ferried from ship to shore, the combined
expeditionary force began preparations for the trek further inland. It
would be another day before the pack animals arrived, just over two score
caribou acquired from the barbarian tribesmen of the reach in exchange for
Verminasian-forged steel. Such a prize would unsettle the balance of power
between warlords, but each spear, axe, and sword would be a concrete
manifestation of the Master's power to the pagan idolaters. In the steppes,
Godliness was second to survival.

High overhead, the trinity moons poured their pale light through the vast
emptiness onto the host below. As the stars began to fade into the
advancing dawn, the templar worked hurriedly against the coming snowstorm.
Sanctified vessels of firedust and oil were offloaded from the ships, their
contents passed through the clergy and distributed by acolyte, templar, and
shadowknight alike.

The landing force assembled in loose formation without mind for homeland,
creed, or affiliation. Human, elf, minotaur, goblin, pixie, and ogre, a new
vision of the Dark Alliance of old in this modern era, standing shoulder to
shoulder as the clergy moved through the ranks. At the fore of the host, a
cadre knelt in the snow before the Priest-King one at a time. Dipping his
fingers into the sacramental oil, Telthian painted the umbric symbol of the
Six upon the brow of each member of the circle in turn.

The snow and ice crunched beneath his feet as Telthian lowered himself to a
knee, holding the vessel overhead to the Bishop, as he clutched the ancient
iron-bound tome before him and invoked the power of Necrucifer. Joining his
voice with the Abbot, Wyltte's outstretched hand drew the symbol upon the
Priest-King in turn. One by one, the cadre of Verminasians and Knights of
both Eclipse and Storm rose to their feet and joined their voices with the

A lyrical hum reverberated through them, as Ashtiel's magic took hold,
amplifying their voices as she began to beat the skin stretched taut over a
hand drum in time with the ritual chant. Cold winds tore through the host,
whipping their standards and pulling at their furs as dark power built,
until in unison the clergy set the firedust alight.

With the force of a wave crashing down upon the shore, the power of the rite
overtook them. Otherwordly fire swept through the camp, consuming the very
air and licking at the fervent bodies of the expeditionary force. The
firedust burnt itself out within seconds, and where it lay a massive
smoldering umbric sign remained, encompassing the camp.

The wind wailed in protest at these invaders of the Imperium's graveyard,
yet the gale seemed to have lost some potency to its piercing bite.
Telthian called out in a harsh, commanding tone as if by force of will alone
he could master the elements of Icewall.

"South! We follow the old road, winding with a serpent-like suggestion
through the pass and beyond into the corrupted countryside. There is a
sickness in the ancient pitted cobbles of the Imperium, yet on this writhing
path you will find wealth, glory, and the power to reshape this world as we
Wish it!

So steel yourself and remember: there can be no bravery without conflict.
This road will take you into the pit, but in that gaping abyss we will claim
what is ours! "

The powerful blast of a warhorn cut through the air, and with righteous
clamor the Vanguard pressed forward on the march.


A stirring of shadow far beyond the edge of the burning sigil betrayed an
unfamiliar witness as clouded, milky eyes looked on with malign inspiration.

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Thu Mar 29 16:56:33 2018

To Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Clan Kingdom All Necrucifer Drakkara Imm RP

Subject Of Blood and Duty (1/2)

Narsh, and Elathan had just left. Planning was done, yet there was one
last thing to do. "I have but one bit of business left for today" Rasavadi
rasped in his tortured voice to Nymaya and Tamaska.

Nymaya raised her eyebrow in a quizzical manner. "We were pretty thurough,
wonder what they're thinking now" Rasavadi thought to himself as he pulled
off his gloves. The familiar sting of air on his withered flesh greeted him
like a long familiar, irritable family member.

"Have you a dagger handy?" He asked Tamaska stone faced. Nymaya fiddled
with her left hand before placing it behind her back as if standing at
parade rest while Tamaska chuckled and replied "No, I gave it to our

Rasavadi looked over to Nymaya inquiringly and she unsheathed a slim dagger
bearing a masterfully crafted opal hilt. Rasavadi gently accepted the
offered weapon and turned toward Tamaska. "Today, during the joust, I
called you something. Do you remember what it was?"

"Guardian of the blood?" She responded in her throaty rasp as Nymaya
responded "Seeker."

"We are All Seekers though, but there can only be one Guardian." He replied
to Nymaya. Continuing on, "The Eclipse was always a brotherhood even though
there are some that castit aside. Purists like the Storm and Zayl, Sons of
Malice, and such." Sighing deeply his tone turned somber. In the end, the
word meant little. Ultimately that is what nearly destroyed us.

Rasavadi pulled a small decanter from his robe and placed it gently on the
floor. "From humble beginnings our siblinghood will rise." His voice
deepened, and became strong, while fervor glistened in his eyes. "From this
day forth All whom come to us, that have taken the vision, will have the
opportunity to be our siblings."

Rasavadi took the dagger into his right hand and knelt upon the floor.

"By these words and by this blood I pledge my life to you, siblings of blood
and steel." He vowed, and then drew a thin line across his left palm. A
single drop of blood plopped quietly into the empty container. "With our
mingling of lifes essence may be we bound forever."

Without looking he reversed the blade and held it over the decanter not
knowing if any would follow him. He was rewarded with Nymaya's soft touch
as she took the dagger from him. "I should add to it, aye?" She inquired
to which Rasavadi responded softly "It is your choice of course."

Nymaya lowered herself to her knees by the decanter gripped the hilt of her
dagger and pierced her left palm. While the drop fell fer her palm she
recited the words, "By these words and by this blood I pledge my life to
you, siblings of blood and steel. With our mingling of life's essence, may
we be bound forever."

Nymaya deftfully flipped the dagger around again and offered its opal hilt
to Tamaska whom accepted the weapon.

Similiarly Tamaska knelt in her place around the decanter. Striking a slice
through her left palm she allowed it to well up a moment before tilting her
hand and allowing her blood to drip into the decanter. "By these words and
by this blood I pledge my life to you, siblings of blood and steel. With
our mingling of lifes essence may be we bound forever."

Rasavadi's heart pounded in his helmet. The words could barely be heard
over his outpouring of respect and love for his sisters. Swallowing back
the lump in his throat he choked out. "With these three drops we will
reform an empire. All whom complete this ritual are equal under the banner
be they a newly blooded sibling or Highlord."

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Thu Mar 29 16:59:36 2018

To Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Clan Kingdom All Necrucifer Drakkara Imm RP

Subject Of Blood and Duty (2/2)

Rasavadi's heart pounded in his helmet. The words could barely be heard
over his outpouring of respect and love for his sisters. Swallowing back
the lump in his throat he choked out. "With these three drops we will
reform an empire. All whom complete this ritual are equal under the banner
be they a newly blooded sibling or Highlord."

His voice deepening back to normaly he turned his head towards Tamaska and
said, "Sister, you are hereby appointed Guardian of the Eclipse and will
hold our blood and maintain the ritual. Though there will be ranks beyond
Brother and Sister, there are none more important."

Turning towards Nymaya he said, "And you my Sister, I hereby appoint you
Keeper of the Eclipse, and shall maintain the ritual of Imparting the
Vision. You have already begun chronicaling our new history, it seemed

They both took deep breaths, a slightly stunned look upon their face.
Rasavadi had planned this for some time now, but kept his secrets well. He
had always known those two would be The two, but not in what role. Their
actions eventually guiding the final decision.

"Now, since this is the first time, there is one last part to the blooding.
Tamaska, as Guardian, will yell for All to hear "Kill for the living." And
everyone else who has been blooded be it today or in the past are to reply
'Kill for the dead. '"

Rasavadi let the instruction and announcements sink in a moment before
saying, "After you Guardian."


Tamaska clan gossips 'Kill for the living. '

You clan gossip 'Kill for the dead! '

Nymaya clan gossips 'Kill for the dead! '

Tamaska clan gossips 'Kill for the dead! '


Special thanks to Mrakkerz for saving the day!

Writer: Tamaska

Date Thu Mar 29 23:32:48 2018

To Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Clan Kingdom All Necrucifer Imm RP

Subject Of Blood and Duty (1/3)

It had been a long and eventful evening between the jousts and the
planning. She could feel the soreness starting to settle in from the
beating she took on the sands. Her mind was wandering to thoughts of a nice
long soak in tub full of hot water to ease her battered muscles when
Rasavadi turned to her and Nymaya and spoke. "I have but one bit of
business left for today." Tamaska's curiosity was piqued, it could be
anything from specific orders regarding the expedition to news of a possible
new member.

She was certainly caught off guard when he asked her if she had a dagger.
Admittedly, it took her a moment and she might have even slipped her hands
down to pat her pack as she tried to remember if she did. Then she recalled
that she had passed All her blades to their brother because they were little
use to her. With a soft chuckle she told Rasavadi she had passed it along
and did not have one on her. He inquired with Nymaya who unsheathed one and
offered it up.

"Today, during the joust, I called you something. Do you remember what it
was?" Rasavadi inquired. Tamaska didn't have to think back to remember,
she had noted it the moment she had heard him say the words. It had caused
her pause at the joust but she had filed it away for a later inquiry.
"Guardian of the blood? The words poured from Tamaska lips and already she
could hear her heart starting to thud in her ears, nearly drowning out
Nymaya's response of 'Seeker. '

"We are All Seekers though, but there can only be one Guardian." He replied
to Nymaya. He continued on, talking about the brotherhood of Eclipse and
how the lost of such had nearly destroyed them. Tamaska was frozen in
place, reminding herself to breath and taking in every detail she could.
This, like the Imparting the vision, was one of those moments that she would
remember for the entirety of her life. Her brother had a knack for
springing such moments on them but it made them All the more memorable.

Rasavadi produced a decanter and placed it on the ground. The young yinn
had no doubts about what they were about to do, what they were about to
embark on. She'd read about All the rituals, admired them. She had made a
vow to herself to respect the traditions and savor those moments. Life can
be swift or it can be long but no matter the length there were always the
days that meant more than the rest. This was one of those.

"From humble beginnings our siblinghood will rise." Her heart no longer
thudded in her ears but it was pounding in her chest, she briefly wondered
if the others could hear its fit-filled race. "From this day forth All whom
come to us, that have taken the vision, will have the opportunity to be our
siblings." She watched proudly as her brother placed the decanter upon the
ground and knelt before it. They had not grown up together, in fact they
had only met in recent times but the kinship was there already. Some
believe you choose your family, others believe that you are bound by blood
whether you choose to be or not. Tamaska knew that blood made no
difference, Rasavadi was her brother, by blood, by choice.. Always.

Writer: Tamaska
Date Thu Mar 29 23:35:35 2018

To Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Clan Kingdom All Necrucifer Imm RP

Subject Of Blood and Duty (2/3)

"By these words and by this blood I pledge my life to you, siblings of
blood and steel." She watched in silent reverence as her brother sliced the
dagger over his palm. Normally, she was not one to let emotions get to her
but at this moment, watching the blood drip from Rasavadi's hand into the
decanter, her eyes were glistening and any hint of words were stuck in her
throat. She swallowed hard, trying to push the rising lump back down.
"With our mingling of life's essence may be we bound forever." He flipped
the blade around and held the pommel out above the decanter. Tamaska
remained still and silent, as if frozen by the importance of the moment.

Nymaya stepped forward and took the blade in her hand. An elf.. Tamaska
certainly had no issues regarding anyone's race. If they served and proved
them self in her eyes then they were worthy of her respect. She had not
known what to think of Nymaya the first time they had met but she recognized
something in her and she had seen the level of respect that her brother held
for the elf. It had made her take notice and pay attention to the woman's
actions. Now she was watching a sister by choice take the oath of blood and
it filled her with as much pride as watching her blood brother do so.

The blade pierced Nymaya's left palm and a drop of blood fell into the
decanter below it as she recited her vow, "By these words and by this blood
I pledge my life to you, siblings of blood and steel. With our mingling of
life's essence, may we be bound forever." With the words finished, Nymaya
flipped the blade and offered the pommel to Tamaska. She drew in a shaky
breath and willed her feet forward, reaching to take the dagger in her right

She lowered herself to her knees, her eyes gazing down into the decanter as
she did. Once again that lump in her throat rose upward and she swallowed
it down. Thoughts of the significance of this moment raced through her
head, threatening to pull her focus. Tamaska drew in a deep breath,
straightened herself up and sliced the blade into her left palm. She
watched the blood for a moment, allowing it to accumulate before she tilted
her hand and allowed it to fall down to the decanter.

"By these words and by this blood I pledge my life to you, siblings of blood
and steel. With our mingling of life's essence may be we bound forever,"
Tamaska managed to finish the vow just before the lump in her throat
threatened to strangle her voice again.

Writer: Tamaska
Date Thu Mar 29 23:40:25 2018

To Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Clan Kingdom All Necrucifer Imm RP

Subject Of Blood and Duty (3/3)

"With these three drops we will reform an empire. All whom complete this
ritual are equal under the banner be they a newly blooded sibling or
Highlord." She managed a nod at her brother's words and rose from her knelt
position, stifling a groan as her sore body protested.

How her brother still managed to catch her off guard, she was uncertain.
She knew he had referred to her as Guardian at the joust but still the
weight of his next statement stole what breath she had away. "Sister, you
are hereby appointed Guardian of the Eclipse and will hold our blood and
maintain the ritual. Though there will be ranks beyond Brother and Sister,
there are none more important." She managed a nod in his direction and
followed his gaze as it moved to Nymaya.

"And you my Sister, I hereby appoint you Keeper of the Eclipse, and shall
maintain the ritual of Imparting the Vision. You have already begun
chronicling our new history, it seemed fitting." Though Tamaska was still
frozen in the moment, she agreed completely that it was a fitting role for
her sister.

"Now, since this is the first time, there is one last part to the blooding.
Tamaska, as Guardian, will yell for All to hear "Kill for the living." And
everyone else who has been blooded be it today or in the past are to reply
'Kill for the dead. '"

"After you Guardian." Tamaska drew in a deep breath, instilling that her
voice was strong and wouldn't crack in the moment.


Tamaska clan gossips 'Kill for the living.'

You clan gossip 'Kill for the dead!'

Nymaya clan gossips 'Kill for the dead!'

Tamaska clan gossips 'Kill for the dead!'


Writer: Nymaya
Date Fri Mar 30 19:13:46 2018

To Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Clan Kingdom All Necrucifer Imm RP ( Tamaska Rasavadi )

Subject Of Blood and Duty (1/3)

"I have but one bit of business left for today."

It was impressive, in hindsight, how often Rasavadi D'Aerthe managed to
catch her off guard but that was just one of his interesting quirks. Her
burgeoning respect for the Yinn had begun the day she'd watched him fall
from the Aspect's realm, covered in blood and acid.

"Have you a dagger handy? " He'd asked of Tamaska after removing his
gloves. A process, she noted, that seemed to cause him discomfort,
hearkening her back to the moment she had truly understood the ramifications
of just what the Aspects had done to him.

The motion brought her attention around to the stiffness in her left hand, a
semi-regular occurrence now, and while she glanced at Tamaska she flexed her
fingers before simply setting her hand at her back. It had become a habit
that continually reminded her of the missing digit, and she found herself
more interested in why Rasavadi was asking for a dagger.

Dismayed perhaps that she did not have one, Tamaska chuckled quietly and
replied that she had given it to their brother. She only had a moment to
wonder at Astartix before Rasavadi swung his attention to her. Already
prepared for the question that followed, she drew the opal-hilted dagger
Dar'shin Ka'vanth had had made for her and handed it over without
hesitation, which gave her a moment's pause afterward.

"Today, during the joust, I called you something. Do you remember what it

He was solemn, serious, and abruptly the nature of what was about to happen
settled atop her surprise at recognizing that not only did she trust these
people with her life, but she felt no doubt about this path or where it
would take All of them.

"Guardian of the blood? " Tamaska's query was uncertain, which seemed
appropriate. She had been distracted by the joust - they both had, she
realized, and felt her own uncertainty rise at the question which was why
she stated, "Seeker" shortly after.

"We are All Seekers though" Rasavadi explained patiently, "but there can
only be one Guardian. The Eclipse was always a brotherhood even though
there are some that cast it aside. Purists like the Storm and Zayl, Sons of
Malice, and such."

She and Tamaska nodded, fully engrossed now, and Rasavadi - the uncontested
Highlord of their new inception of Eclipse - placed a decanter on the
ground with formality.

Writer: Nymaya

Date Fri Mar 30 19:20:56 2018

To Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Clan Kingdom All Necrucifer Imm RP ( Tamaska Rasavadi )

Subject Of Blood and Duty (2/3)

"In the end, the word meant little. Ultimately that is what nearly
destroyed us." And he gestured down at the opened receptacle. "From
humble beginnings our siblinghood will rise."

"From this day forth All whom come to us, that have taken the Vision, will
have the opportunity to be our siblings."

The words intoned were ceremonial and the weight of what Rasavadi was
detailing overwhelmed her briefly. Was this what it had been like in the
halls of Skull Keep? Was this the sort of importance the men and women of
Storm Keep felt when they participated in ceremony?

She and Tamaska watched as Rasavadi lowered himself to his knees by the
receptacle and, taking the dagger she had given him, intoned, "By these
words and by this blood I pledge my life to you, siblings of blood and

A single drop of his blood fell from his palm into the decanter, her dagger
slicing a thin line across his flesh. "With our mingling of lifes essence
may be we bound forever."

This was not the first time she had witnessed a blood ritual, but it was the
first time she felt its impact keenly in her heart, and when he flipped the
blade into his palm to offer it to the next she hesitated only to make sure
she would get it right. She had had time to watch these Yinn, to fight and
bleed alongside them. She hadn't hesitated to give him her dagger, she
hadn't hesitated to give her oath or follow them to the battlefield, because
she believed this time. In them, in the cause they were fighting for and
the Vision they sought to bring back to Algoron.

The weight of the dagger was familiar in her grasp and, kneeling by the
receptacle, she set the arcanium tip to her palm and let fall a drop of her
blood while she intoned, "By these words and by this blood I pledge my life
to you, siblings of blood and steel. With our mingling of life's essence,
may we be bound forever."

The words meant everything but it was only after she offered the hilt to
Tamaska, feeling an abundance of trust and pride in the woman who also went
to her knees by the decanter with blade in hand, that she let herself be
overcome by the precedent. The moment allowed for deep, respectful silence
as the Yinn beside her drew blood and let it fall to join Rasavadi's and her

"By these words and by this blood" Tamaska rasped softly, "I pledge my life
to you, siblings of blood and steel. With our mingling of lifes essence may
be we bound forever."

And in a tone that veritably pealed like scripture he stated, "With these
three drops we will reform an empire."

Writer: Nymaya

Date Fri Mar 30 19:32:12 2018

To Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Clan Kingdom All Necrucifer Imm RP ( Tamaska Rasavadi )

Subject Of Blood and Duty (3/3)

The certainty in Rasavadi was inspiring and more and more, she could see
it. She already believed it but his vision - the vision - had become
clearer and the more she learned of it, the more it appealed.

"All whom complete this ritual are equal under the banner, be they a newly
blooded sibling or Highlord." He went on, and she bowed her head, her
fingers closing around the shallow cut in her palm. What followed was not
entirely unexpected but it helped further cement what she was already

"Sister," Rasavadi stated to Tamaska, "you are hereby appointed Guardian of
the Eclipse and will hold our blood and maintain the ritual. Though there
will be ranks beyond Brother and Sister, there are none more important."

She lifted her head to glance at Tamaska as the woman took in a steadying
breath and clenched her hand around the cut the dagger had made. It was
comforting to see that she was not the only one deeply affected by what was
occurring. What she was not prepared for - yet again - was Rasavadi's next
proclamation when his attention returned to her.

"And you my Sister," He rasped. "I hereby appoint you Keeper of the
Eclipse, and shall maintain the ritual of Imparting the Vision."

All she could do was bow her head to him.

"You have already begun chronicling our new history, it seemed fitting."

Her inspiration had been derived from The Sunset Dawn itself. A grand
seeking such as theirs deserved a place in history. The names of her
companions deserved it as well and the words of Nagash continually haunted
her; Your world weakens daily through the thoughtless loss of knowledge.

Further generations would never know half of what had come to pass, would
have no Vision to guide them, if Algoron's populace continually let history
slip away.

"Now, since this is the first time, there is one last part to the blooding."
Their Highlord went on to explain. "Tamaska, as Guardian, will yell for
all to hear 'Kill for the living.' and the newly blooded would reply 'Kill
for the dead.'

He then gestured at her invitingly and rasped, "After you Guardian."

There was an undeniable thrill that followed then, as the Highlord, the
Guardian and the Keeper sent their voices forth for Eclipse and for the


Tamaska clan gossips 'Kill for the living.'

Rasavadi clan gossips 'Kill for the dead!'

You clan gossip 'Kill for the dead!'

Tamaska clan gossips 'Kill for the dead!'


Writer: Wyltte

Date Fri Mar 30 22:41:20 2018

To All Necrucifer Verminasia Immortal Taship Kyri Ampersand Storyline

Subject Lost City - The Road - I

As the last bit of firedust scattered into wind, the large procession of
troops and supplies took south down the road. Wyltte organized the band
into a working pack, much like the direwolves run in on his lands in
Iagothal. A band of of his best warriors blazed the trail ahead, with the
King and Queen shortly behind. There were no feeble or weak in this group.
All who came here were chosen personally from the best, as the Master
demanded no less than the most complete effort. Afterwards came the
supplies with some of the camp workers, and they were followed by another
band of elite warriors. Wyltte took the very last position, choosing to
keep an eye on the entirety of the procession. It was both glorious and
fearsome to behold.

In order to maintain a watchful eye, he commissioned some of his warlocks to
use their ravens to communicate back and forth with the scouting parties
which went ahead. They had sent word that weather was devastating in some
spots, so Wyltte wanted to keep a close eye on what was to come.
Additionally, he sent some of his Shaman in Owl form to fly above the
procession, keeping their sharp eyes out for any who may try and hinder
their progress. He afforded no chances in this outing, nor would he be the
one to allow his people to be caught unawares.

The wind blew icily through the air, and Wyltte pulled his bearskin cloak he
had made for the trip around his shoulders. It kept the chill of the wind
off of his frame, but it still lashed at his cheeks, even through the beard.
Small icicles were forming underneath his mustache, so he had to keep wiping
them away. He pulled his blade from the sheath slightly, making sure it was
intact. He had each of his soldiers who carried swords and daggers wipe
down their blades in whale oil, keeping them from sticking to their
sheathes. It was an old trick, but an effective one.

Their numbers were vast, and as they wound through the weather roadway, the
passage seem to close in on them, the lands rising above the road on both
sides. Wyltte let out a whistle, and a small wild elven woman wearing the
Deathwatch uniform came to his side.

"Shade, ride on ahead and tell the first warrior band they need to send a
body up the hill, see what's on the other side. We have aerial recon, but
sometimes eyes close to the ground can see more."

"Yes Legate" she said with a crisp reply and even crisper salute, and
bounded off quickly to the front of the pack. Wyltte kept his eyes on the
hillsides, warily scanning for whatever was making the hairs on the back of
his neck stand up.

He made the sign of Necrucifer, once again pulling his cloak which had
opened slightly around him. There was something ahead. Something he knew
didn't want them there.

Writer: Wyltte

Date Fri Mar 30 23:09:55 2018

To All Necrucifer Verminasia Immortal Tashio Kyri Ampersand Storyline

Subject Lost City - The Road - II

It was more than thirty minutes before the Shade returned to Wyltte's
side, her voice nearly as breathless as her horse. Tiny crystals seemed to
fall from the air as she spoke, the air had grown so cold to freeze her
breath mid sentence. Wyltte looked on in anticipation, the pit of his
stomach knotting in anticipation.

"Legate, Shade Wyldebon reporting as ordered. I talked to the front ranks,
and they feel uneasy about the path. Their horses are getting spoked, but
they cannot see any indicators of attack
" she said. Wyltte looked at the
Shade with a stern gaze, and she snapped out of her pause. "I made sure to
give them your order Sir, and several climbed thei hill on both sides...

Wyltte nodded curtly, looking down at the Shade for a moment. "Go on, get
on with it. What did they see?"

Here the Shade was hesitant in her answer. "Nothing Legate, they saw
nothing. Just an old decrepit cottage falling apart in the western
lowlands, and to the east there appears to be some type of bog"
At the
mention of the terrain, Wyltte turned to a warlock at the group ahead.
"Legionnaire, signal the King and Queen to put up wards! Send your ravens
to the skies to tell the Shamans to get on the hill tops and put out Mojo
Wyltte spurred his horse forward without another word, the
soldier's quick to follow suit. They moved closer to the supply group, each
galloping along in unison. The air was near a sheet of ice, making each
breath labored. He came to stop right in the middle of the supply group,
looking at the startled population. One large blacksmith trotted over to
Wyltte, looking up at him from the ground. Wyltte looked down at him with a
small nod.

"Listen to me carefully. Take some of your finest, purest steel stakes, and
hand them to everyone you can. Those who cannot wield them, place them in
the very center of this caravan. Whatever you do, do not drop them."

Wyltte said a prayer outloud, and as the blacksmith got out the stakes, the
poured unholy water on each one. After this was completed, he rode up to
Telthian and Ashtiel.

"Your Majesties...." Wyltte started to say, as a shrill howl from the
easterlands shattered the eerie silence that swept over the camp.


Writer: Thrakhath

Date Sat Mar 31 09:59:29 2018

Writer: Thrakhath

Date Sat Mar 31 10:02:09 2018

To All Knighthood New_Thalos Lunez

Subject A Dance with the Sands of Time

Almost motionless, like one of the statues along the hallowed halls of the east
and west corridors of the Keep, the yinn stared long and hard at the paintings
at the galleria.

The Sultan's words rang in his mind, he was honor-bound to fulfill his end of
the bargain. Quite the unlikely student of history and philosophy, the yinn
always bemused at the fact the despite his outward appearances as a hardened
warrior more comfortable on saddleback, he thought of himself more as a scholar
of history and philosophy. Almost a lifetime ago, he did aspire to a life
dedicated to the Serpent's Eye, the life of a ascetic, a recluse.

And now, the Sultan's request put the yinn right at a comfortable spot -
history. The Sultan expressed his interest in a particular point in history,
one that is muddled by the passage of time. The yinn had his reservations on
being able to find enough information. He knew the libraries and archives of
the Order would be the best place of reference to start.

Some book delving and dusty tomes await the yinn. But at that very moment, he
hoped, and prayed for the Sultan's patience. This would not a simple act of
finding things altogether in one single tome.

Writer: Wyltte

Date Sat Mar 31 11:30:41 2018

To All Necrucifer Verminasia Immortal Tashio Kyri Ampersand Storyline

Subject Lost City - The Road - III

The shrieks continued in waves, even rising hire than the winds blowing
from the north. The temperature dropped dramatically, to where even the
bits of perspiration from the frenzied activity of preparing the convoy
started to freeze in people's hair. Wyltte rode hard along the line,
issuing orders and overlooking every detail. He knew they were coming, he
just didn't know when.

He waved over a large beast of a man, lowering his head to speak to him.
The man was already pale, but the shrill howl of the distant wraiths tended
to lighten him up even more.

"Centurion, you are from here, are you not? What do you know of these
Wyltte asks, eyes scanning the hill line.

"Aye Legate, vas born and vraised in vittle village outside ov Gaeerenborg.
Ve heard tales ov these spirits, and even heard a stray vail from time to
time, but nay anything like this."
The large man made the sign of Mencius,
crossing his hand over his heart.

"Then tell me Man, what did you do to keep yourself safe from these
Wyltte asks, his horse jittery from the nervous energy of the
people All around. The viking just looked up at Wyltte with a helpless

"Ve prayed".

Wyltte's eyes flashed with fire, jarring his mount to ride the line again.
His shaman scouts on the hill used their magic to shoot flaming snakes into
the air.

It was time.

The wraiths were on the convoy before most people had a chance even raise
their weapons. Darting too and fro, phasing between others and letting out
their ungodly screams. Wyltte saw the chaos and disorganization of the
group, and was filled with anger. He would not allow this expedition to be
ruined before it even started. He grasped the blade of his sword in his
hands, letting it slice into his palm. The blood ran down the blade as he
looked towards the blurry sky in defiance.

"Master of Darkness, this blood is spilled to show your sacrifice for your
people, to drive away those who hinder your dark purpose"[x he yells to the
sky, the black moon overhead but shrouded by the clouds. "Let any who
oppose you, live or dead, be fearful of your might!"
With this, Wyltte
grabbed the blade harder, the slick blood running over the hilt of his
blade. He hefts it high for the convoy to see. "For Necrucifer!"

The blade started to glow with a dull-red sheen, the people watching in
fascination as Wyltte charged headlong into a group of wraiths tormenting a
wagon of horses, their rider trying to fend them off with the blessed steel
stakes. He road fearlessly into their midst, slashing as their ethereal
vapors with the blade. Upon connecting, one of the wraiths screamed with
anger, turning its faceless visage towards Wyltte, before simply melting
into the air without a trace.

Other's quickly followed suit, each calling out to their own Dark God as
they flung themselves towards the tormenting spirits. Shrieks and howls of
unearthly proportions filled the sky, drowning out even the howling of the
winds. One by one the spirits faded into the nether, but not before
claiming a few scared tradesmen, and a handful of new Deathwatch recruits,
their bodies nothing but wilted husks in new armor.

Wyltte reared his horse to the convoy, lifting his bloodied blade high, the
sleeve of his shirt wet with the sacrifice. "This is what happens when you
embrace courage and forget fear! This is what happens when you use Darkness
as your strength!"

Wyltte rode down the line, inspecting each of the elements of the convoy.
When satisfied, he motioned to the lead to begin again. He would deliver
them to where they were meant to go. Their Destiny.

Writer: Jermichael

Date Sun Apr 1 00:41:09 2018

To All Necrucifer Verminasia storyling ( Imm RP )

Subject Upon the ice

Jermichael looked out from where he stood at the front of the small boat
and sighed. They were here, making landfall, he thought to himself. The
boat slowed as the bottom drug upon the shallows and he stepped off the
front, his boots splashing as he landed in the chilled, shin-high water. He
raised a gloved hand, motioning for his men to disembark.

Jermichael scanned the temporary staging area, looking for the Priest-King
among the hundreds there. "M'lord, shall we begin unloading the other
, Quipped a young Squire, who ran up and snapped to attention.
"Aye, your orders have not changed. Unload our provisions, then see to the
The young squire snapped a salute and turned on his heels.
Jermichael turned back toward the encampment and made his way from the
shore, toward a group of tents set away to the far side of the main body of
the area.

He passed crates and barrels of rations, and a group of Verminasian officers
speaking in a small group. Each turned upon Jermichael's approach, some
tipping their heads in respect, while others gave salutes. "Greetings,
gentlemen, where might I find our King?"
A seasoned soldier, with a beard
to rival a dwarf, turned and pointed to a large tent set in the middle of
the others. "In there, sir.. Las' I saw. He had the Legate with 'em"
Jermichael smiled and gave a quick nod, "Thank you." He turned from the
group and made his way to the tent, followed by two knights.

He pushed the canvas flap aside and stepped inside. He lifted his head to
see the Priest-King leaning over a make-shift table, talking with several
others. Jermichael smiled slightly and bowed as the King turned his gaze
upon hearing him enter. "We are here, my King."

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Sun Apr 1 11:32:21 2018

To All Shadow Verminasia Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer Drakkara

Subject Lost City - Vanguard

"Land ho! " the seaman yelled from the crows nest. "About bloody time"
Rasavadi cursed under his breath. The voyage over was slow, rocky, cold and
wet. Miserable in a single word. Rasavadi hated sea voyages at the best of
times. Salt always found a way to crystallize in the most insidious of
manner in the worst places possible. One would think the armor with its
protective gel lining would keep that crap out, but no, never.

Looking around him he saw Jermichael, Elathan, Tamaska and a host of
Knight's of Storm. Nymaya and Narsh were already ashore scouting the area,
again, but they were missed. Time was short, but they had been able to
recruit from those that had answered the call to the banner. Luckily some
who had answered the call were trained, but the faces of far too many were
obviously untested in battle.

"Guardian, see to the men. I must speak with the King before we depart" he
said to Tamaska who nodded. {"Once the supplies are offloaded, and mounts
taken care of, get them dry. I'll not have the cold be our greatest enemy
out here. This goes for you as well
" he added with a wry smile knowing
she'd look after herself last.

Spotting Jermichael they headed to the kings tent.

Writer: Tamaska

Date Sun Apr 1 16:22:15 2018

To All Shadow Verminasia Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer

Subject Lost City - Vanguard

Suddenly the ship came alive, the crew members scattering across the icy
deck to make sure the ship was anchored, tied off and ready to begin the
task of unloading. Tamaska reached a clawed hand up and ran it along the
side of her muzzle and over her ears, muttering quiet curses as she
dislodged bits of ice from her fur. Her normally onyx colored fur now
lightly tipped in frosty ice crystals, something that was not likely to
change anytime soon.

Reaching for her staff, she tapped it against the deck and sent a cascade of
ice crystals and salt scittering to the deck floor before she made her way
off the ship. Her eyes scanned the gathering of Verminasians, Storm
Knights, and Eclipsians. It was no small gathering by far, impressive
really. Her attention was suddenly snagged as she heard her brother's voice
call out. "Guardian, see to the men." Guardian... It still caught her off
guard at times but each time she heard it she was humbled by it.

"Once the supplies are offloaded, and mounts taken care of, get them dry.
I'll not have the cold be our greatest enemy out here. This goes for you as
well. " She snorted as she saw his grin and huffed, obscuring her slightly
in a cloud of white as her breath froze in the cold air. Pulling her fur
lined cloak tighter around her and the hood down over her ears, she turned
and approached the vanguard members who were unloading.

She quickly divided them up, assigning some to unloading supplies and
directing where they needed to be. They needed to get unloaded but also
prepped for the journey ahead. Tamaska was already feeling the cold was
going to be brutal and was glad for her thick fur. Growing up on Shokono
had certainly not prepared her for this. She grabbed the arm of one of the
men who was unloading supplies, directing his attention to her. "There is a
pack with some extra furs and animal skins. Make certain that you locate it
and it ends up either with myself or my brother and whatever you do keep it
dry! "

The man darted off to search and Tamaska instructed another group to unload
the mounts. "Get them fed and saddled up with thick, dry blankets. Also,
someone get a fire made so everyone can get warm and dry before we head out.
This cold is brutal enough without being wet as well. " Once she had
everyone working, Tamaska joined in with the unloading. She needed to
gather her own packs anyways.. She had packed extra flasks for the fights
that they expected to encounter. The packs were heavy but she had balanced
them well with her other supplies and tested that she could handle the

It might be brutally cold but she was damn glad to be back on dry land. She
reached for one of her flasks on her belt and unfastened it. Tipping the
flask back she took a small pull before corking it and returning it to her
belt. Already she could feel the familiar warmth of the liquid, warming her
from the inside out. Moose piss... She thought to herself and snorted.
"Before this expedition is done he just might be wishing for some. " She
stated to no one in particular.

"Speaking of which, where is that extra pack of furs? " She called out
before disappearing among the knights and eclipsians who were now prepping
mounts, supplies and packs for the journey.

Writer: Mercerion

Date Sun Apr 1 21:29:19 2018

To All Immortal Religion Nadrik Cayenna Cahlizna

Subject Pilgrimage: Shifting Sands

Thunder sounded out across the plains as Mercerion drove his warhorse
onward, kicking up clods of earth as he raced towards the forest of the Haon
Daraan. The tracks left by the squire were easy to follow, left in haste
and with no effort to be covered in the desperate flight from the keep. The
Squire could only have left the keep minutes before Mercerion had followed,
and confirmed with the guard on duty that a squire had passed through,
heading towards the southwest.

Mercerion tightened the his grip on the reigns of the warhorse, his vision
narrowed in focus as the realization of where these tracks were heading came
to him. He was heading right for the temple of Devion in this forest.
Mercerion's free hand eased towards his scabbard, idling over the hilt of
the katana there as he pulled up the reigns, slowing his warhorse to a stop.

The Warhorse gave no protest, and Mercerion deftly dismounted, landing
heavily on his feet, taking a long moment to take in his surroundings,
before he saw movement. Ahead of him, he noted a flash of blue, a squire's
uniform, disappearing into the temple.

Mercerion whisper a prayer to Nadrik and rose to his feet. He affixed his
shield to his left arm and wrist, and dipped his head into the temple. As
his eyes adjusted to the dimness, he saw the squire teleport away. As
Mercerion attempted to follow, he felt his attempt fail, and cursed under
his breath. With a scathing look, he set his gaze upon the statue and
stated that this was not finished, before turning and leaving the temple to
inform the keep that they had been infiltrated, and they would need to be
vigilant in the future.

If the words of Amateras were true, than there would likely be movement soon
coming from Necrucifer's devoted, and if that Squire had witnessed what had
been said, and what had happened, then things were about to get a lot more

Writer: Da'tarith

Date Mon Apr 2 06:53:52 2018

Writer: Riordan

Date Mon Apr 2 13:10:19 2018

To All Verminasia Necrucifer Shadow Eclipse ( Immortal Tashio Kyri Ampersand Storyline )

Subject Lost City - Preparations and Design

The plan for the fortification at Eastdrift was something that occupied
Riordan's mind most of his time. It was pretty clear to him that he would
need some assistance in the construction and the maintenance of such a
prestigious project.

He had already had offers of from enchantresses of the kingdom and they
would surely be useful in numerous things around the fortification be it
raising barriers, managing the portals needed to move people and resources
back and forth between the kingdom and 'Fort Ashtiel' or a myriad of other

'Fort Ashtiel', he couldn't think of a more appropriate dedication, the
fortification was to be like the Queen (Long may she reign), a steadfast
protector of her people, dedicated to Lord Necrucifer.

The 'Where' when it came to starting the plans was fairly easy, having
reviewed scout reports and simple maps he received it was clear. Out of the
otherwise inhospitable land, the ground rose, a hill the shape of an almond
with one side gently sloped and the others more steep. The top of the hill
had jagged rocks sticking up a hundred feet like a crown of granite.

No one could argue that it'd be a bad spot given that it's position provide
a good view of the surroundings and, by God's providence, a fresh water
spring had been found pouring from the base of the crown rock.

Discarding his quill for a piece of charcoal, Riordan began to draw to
outline the initial buildings and to ease logistics by dedicating certain
areas for separate purposes. The spring would be expanded and series of
smaller reservoirs would be dug, allowing the water to be rerouted for more
convenience, the how he would leave to the engineers.

Rudimentary drawings were piling up with simple words, 'Storage. '
'Barracks', 'Tower' and finally a larger drawing that had lines cutting
through the land at the base of the hill. 'Ditch. ' 'Earth Bank. ' the
words signifying the simple but effective earthen fortifications. A thicker
line sits atop the 'Earth Bank. ' 'Wooden Wall or Palisade. ' Together
with the map drawing, a more detailed plan attached to it for each building
for the benefit of the builders.

A detail plan of a section of the map was set aside after he finished it,
labeling it 'Inner fortification. ' the part was triangular, like the point
of a star it stabs out from the fortification. The larger drawings showed
how the star-point fortifications would protrude at regular intervals. In
the end he stared at the plans for a moment, admiring the Star Fort.

As daylight broke, he had finished the last drawings of the fortification,
the almond-shaped hill was surrounded by what would become a permanent base
with walls added on. A testament to Verminasia's capability and the
dedication its people, Fort Ashtiel was to become as impressive as the
rumored statues created by the ancient empire that once ruled that land.

Indeed he would require a fair number of workers and have at least one
Wu-Jen trained in the arts of earth magics to accompany them to shift the
monumental amounts of earth that would need to be moved. He was determined,
the project would be a success.

The Advisor had promised he would be ready when the ships arrived at their
destination and true to his word, he was. Only moments after Jermichael and
Rasavadi walk past, a dark shape launches from the water, landing on the
shore, the sound of dolphins chattering mingling with the noise of the camp
before dying out.

Writer: Elysia

Date Mon Apr 2 15:54:55 2018

Writer: Ayrora

Date Tue Apr 3 14:56:07 2018

To All Drakkara Necrucifer Verminasia Immortal Tashio Kyri Ampersand Storyline

Subject Lost City - The Road

The road was very long, dangerous, and ice cold, the kind of cold that
seeped through your clothes and ate at ones flesh. Ayrora was prepared for
it. She had dressed Braedan in his winter Sacnoth colors and had changed
into the warmest clothing she had. Her cape was extra thick made with
feathers for much warmth with a hood to keep her head warm.

She had brought along a draft horse pulling a cart full of medical supplies,
herbs, extra blankets, extra water, extra iron rations, cots, and a few
small tents in case of the need to house the sick. The cold started to take
its toll on everyone and, as night fell, so did the temperature. The wind
was picking up so it was decided to make camp for the night.

No sooner were two tents erected and a few cots set up, the injured were
coming in. Nefratin and Amos assisted those who were barely able to walk.
"Amos, set up the wood stove in this corner." He nodded and ran to get the
stove. The wind was howling outside and the shivers went up her back.
"Nefratin, I will need water and bandages, many of both. He nodded. "Yes,
Viscountess. Right away."
Amos had finished with the stove and started a
fire. Nefratin walked in with the supplies, "Put the water on the stove and
come here."
Nefratin did as he was told.

Ayrora and Nefratin walked over to the first man who could barely open his
hands. She reached down to touch his hands and the man pulled his hands
away. "I cannot help if I cannot see what is wrong." She spoke softly to
him. He slowly opened his hands and she saw that his hands were raw. "Give
me one moment."
She walked over to the stove and grabbed a pot of lukewarm
water and walked back to the man. "I apologize but this will hurt and I
must do it."
She gently started to clean his hands. She could see tears
in his eyes but he shed none. She then mixed some herbs and made them into a
paste and spread it over his hands wrapping them with cloth strips. Three
others arrived with the same injury and were taken care of quickly.

Once she had them settled in walked Amos and Nefratin practically carrying a
very large soldier of the Deathwatch. He cold barely walk on his own two
feet and cried out in pain. Ayrora had them set him down on the cot nearest
the stove. He still had his boots on so she slowly and carefully removed
then as he screamed in pain. She then removed his socks to find the soldier
had a severe case of frostbite she had ever encountered. She asked Amos to
grab a pot of warm water and a basin as she went to get more bandages from
one of the boxes.

She returned to the soldier and found the bain half filled with warm water.
She gently put his feet in the warm water and proceeded to check the rest of
his extremities. He had a few ice burns on his finger but otherwise, his
feet were the worst of the injuries. A few more stragglers came in and out
of the tent with mild cases of frostbite but were taken care of and went
back to their posts.

Ayrora called Nefratin over, "Captain, the soldier that you carried in must
return to the city for further treatment or he will lose his feet. See to
it that he be returned immediately.
He saluted her, "Yes Viscountess, I
shall see to it right away."
He turned around and headed out of the tent.
Ayrora pulled out a blanket, took it over to the soldier and wrapped his
feet carefully finishing just as Nefratin arrived with two men who would get
the soldier back. She looked at the men, "As quickly as possible to the
holy guild. I will have someone waiting you."

Writer: Kaladon

Date Wed Apr 4 00:09:34 2018

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Fri Apr 6 14:03:19 2018

To All Shadow Verminasia Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer Drakkara

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Marching Orders

Rasavadi, Jermichael and the others left the Crowns tent. Marching
orders remained the same, but Rasavadi had an idea.

Scouts had reported back hints at observers from the snows. No attacks yet,
but no definitive attacks or even consistent descriptions of the observers.
They were at a distinct disadvantage, and even though Narsh was from this
region he had been gone for a long time now. Looking over to the Vanguard's
staging area Rasavadi saw Narsh, Nymaya and Tamaska talking. As he
approached the three they hurredly stifled a chuckle and attempted to act
like nothing was going on.

"Lo there, marching orders are much the same. Watch your front, flanks and
backs. There have been reports of watchers in the wastes, but no definitive
identification. Guardian, Keeper you are to lead the troops as planned and
accompany the Storm. I will be taking Narsh on a recruiting mission. We
are woefully lacking in regional intelligence and experience.
" Unbuckling
a small, fur lined pouch from his sword belt he handed the pouch, containing
Toxvah, to Tamaska. "She can funnel information back and forth between us
if necessary." A tiny, black head peeked out from the bag. Brilliant, red,
white, and black eyes peered at Rasavadi with an obvious look of displeasure
at this. "Don't worry little one, I will return in one piece. Besides,
someone has to keep these two out of trouble.
" he chuckled, an irritated
chittering was her only response before ducking back into the bag.

Both Nymaya and Tamaska watched the exchange in concerned silence. The four
of them had been together now for months and rarely apart, but this was
something that needed to be done and Narsh came from the yaenni refugee
camp. "Narsh, mount up we ride. " Rasavadi ordered as he approached
Choliaria and looked over her furred barding. He took notice of the not so
subtle bulging of her saddle bags. Reaching into another pouch he pulled
out a fresh apple encased in a magical field. Uttering the words to a spell
the field dropped and he gave it to her. Looking over his shoulder he
quipped, "You'll need your energy to hump All this gear. " At which point
both Tamaska and Nymaya stiffled a giggle and attempted to look busy with
their own mounts.

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Fri Apr 6 14:05:54 2018

To All Shadow Verminasia Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer Drakkara

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Recruiting

Rasavadi and Narsh road along quickly, yet quietly, towards the refugee
camp. No doubt he technically had relatives here, but by and large the
Eclipsian families shunned those that stayed in the camps. This was an
error that needed to be corrected. Family history had it that even before
the Sons of Malice murdered San Gohdam d'Aerthe, d'Fale, dra'Har and
Sho'Ghul had been welcomed into their ranks. Like much history there was
probably some re-writing and romanticism going on, but it was close enough
to the truth. The four families were of the Eclipse not dae'Tok.

Looking to the side he could see Narsh was deep in thought despite his hyper
awareness. Only just recently he had announced his belief in the truth of
the path, but his immediate family was here and not a hundred generations
removed like the d'Aerthe's. Narsh had been willing to join this rag tag
band, and was close to being imparted the Vision ritual, but Rasavadi knew
he was asking a lot. He was asking the same thing he had asked of Nymaya,
Tamaska, Krethen and many others. Join him, put your faith in his faith,
risk your lives for the cause. This was Rasavadi's burden, he would ask
these strangers just like he did his Brothers and Sisters to potentially lay
down their lives on a belief that he could achieve this goal. Little did
they know that the goal was only achievable by them. That Rasavadi was only
a figurehead and barely knew what he was doing most days.

Looking over to Narsh he said, "You know where we go? Why we go, and why
this must be done?
" Narsh nodded quietly and continued to scan the tundra.
"He is conflicted. This, more than anything, will be his test of me. "
Rasavadi thought to himself waiting for the inevitable.

Writer: Tamaska

Date Fri Apr 6 17:59:52 2018

Writer: Nymaya

Date Fri Apr 6 18:02:26 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Final Prep

The Vanguard staging area was arrayed with banners and rows of soldiers
trying to keep warm around fires and braziers. It was set apart only by its
somewhat ordered appearance and it was from this place that she watched
Narsh and Rasavadi depart together with a modicum of apprehension. A glance
at Tamaska suggested that she might be feeling the same but there was
nothing for it.

"I suppose we've more supplies to see to." She muttered into the fierce
but momentary rise of a bitter cold wind and, drawing her cloak tighter
around her, she turned to fully address the Yinn who promptly held out a
flask in invitation.

She'd heard Rasavadi go on about the unenviable taste of the stuff but she
only hesitated a moment. Accepting the flask with a grateful nod at Tam,
she had barely tipped it up when the full force of its potent nature struck
her and she had to struggle mightily not to cough it All back up. She was
still struggling when she handed it back to the amused Yinn with a nod but
even then, the warmth of the biting alcohol had begun to infuse her.
Apparently, years of being involved with hard whiskey drinkers had not
prepared her for the impressively robust Shokonese brew.

"...Rasavadi was right.." She ground out hoarsely, still trying not to
cough and laugh while Tam chuckled quietly, and then they both headed off
to the shoreline.

It was hours later when they finally stopped. Sweating freely beneath her
winter gear and armor, she knew she would be chilled and exhausted later.
The supplies had been stacked for the arrival of the caribou that Verminasia
had procured, personal packs had been prepared, the troops had been settled
into loose formation and All the Vanguard forces arrayed.

She and Tamaska stood side by side at the head of the Eclipse force, bound
in furs, waiting. The hour had long since passed late and the moons, though
in full swing above, would fade before long as dawn tinged the horizon.
There was low talk now, a prevalent hum of anticipation among everyone and
it was with some interest that she watched clergy, templar and shadowknight
move purposefully through the area.

The time was nearly nigh.

Writer: Tamaska

Date Fri Apr 6 18:43:46 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Nymaya )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Final Prep

Tamaska removed one of the flasks from her belt and tucked it into a
saddle bag before glancing down at the fur lined pouch and at the small
black bat inside. Toxvah glowered up at her from inside, the yinn simply
nodded and carefully fastened the pouch to her belt. "I don't like it
either but he'll be alright. " She pulled her fur lined cloak back into
place, shielding the pouch from the wind uncertain which of them she was
trying to convince more.

She shifted her gaze to Narsh and Rasavadi, watching them as they finished
loading up. Without looking, she unfastened a flask on her belt and freed
it. The cork promptly removed, she brought the flask to her lips and took a
hefty drink. She was long since used to the strength of the alcohol, its
bite a welcome distraction as she watched her brother and Narsh ride away.
Her gaze shifted towards Nymaya, worry evident in both of their eyes. She
held out the flask to the elf as her eyes flicked to the rest of the
vanguard at the elf's words. They did need to see to finishing

Nymaya took the flask, surprising Tamaska and drawing her attention back to
the elf. She'd half expected her to turn it down, especially since Rasavadi
liked to call it 'fermented mastadon piss. ' Tam watched with interest as
the elven woman tipped the flask up and took a drink. Almost instantly she
recognized the signs that the liquid was stronger than was anticipated.
Jaws clenched shut, Tam fought hard not to laugh as the elf struggled to
swallow the drink but her amusement was quite evident. Taking the flask
back in hand, the yinn took one more drink before returning the cork and
stowing the flask on her belt once more.

"... Rasavadi was right.. " Tam chuckled at Nymaya's words and grinned as
they joined the rest of the vanguard in preparations. It seemed like chaos
from a distance but up close everything was moving smoothly. Mounts were
being saddled up, layered with heavy blankets. Other supplies were being
uncrated and dispersed for personal packs. There was a balance to this...
They needed enough supplies to handle this bitter cold, to be prepared for
whatever they would face but they also needed to not be so burdened down
with weight that they exhausted themselves.

Huffing a bit both from the cold and the work, Tamaska glanced around at the
camp and stepped up beside Nymaya. Now that preparations were done, there
was a restlessness that could be felt through the camp. It was the
impatient anticipation of starting this journey mixed with the uncertainty
of what beings would try to stop them. For Nymaya and Tamaska it was likely
also mixed with concern for Narsh and Rasavadi. It was not something that
Tam was used to, family and friendship. A welcome change she thought to
herself and looked around at the other eclipsians.

Writer: Tamaska

Date Fri Apr 6 22:33:14 2018

Writer: Thrakhath

Date Sat Apr 7 06:57:44 2018

To All Knighthood Immortal Roleplay Religion Cahilizna Austinian

Subject Unfurling the Standards

The fur on the yinn moved ever so briskly, pushed by the wind blowing across
the tower. Over the years, the yinn has only been up to this section of the
Keep for a few times.

From this vantage point, the expanse and beauty of the Keep spanned before him
- he Keep which he had sworn a oath to - an oath of unwavering and unyielding
service. An oath he was committed to uphold.

The past few hours has been eventful. The Keep's prayers for divine guidance
has been answered. The votes of the officer cadre accounted for, he was
declared Lord Knight of the Crown. History itself, has been made. He wondered
how future historians will view his tenure, whether or not this generation of
officers, named personnel of the keep, would be enshrined as ground breakers,
or as a people so lost and blinded, betraying and bringing ruination to a proud
and rich heritage.

The yinn stared, stoically at the battlements across the Keep. Pages and
squires, directed by knights were unfurling and putting up the yinn's battle
standards. While he held no familial heraldry unlike many of his human
comrades, his battle standards were of relative renown - the symbol of a tower
marking him as the Sentinel of Austinian, now with a Crown over it. He knew he
had a lot to do, and 'to do', will not be enough. He would have to excel, to
stand beyond exceptional scrutiny from both inside, and outside his beloved

He knew too that the journey may not be entirely smooth. There would always be
various forms of resistance to changes, however small or large. But the yinn to
his faith - it had brought and carried him so far, why not further? The yinn
took a deep breath, drawing in the fresh Althainian air.

He squinted his eyes for a moment, a sudden reflection of a polished shield
from the training yard breaking his train of thought. The yinn tilted his head,
as he had always done. Aliera sought him out shortly after Theudoric Rho's
annointment to the Chancery. The Bishop's desire to serve and her feelings for
the Order were made clear and present to the yinn. The yinn felt not guilt, but
a heavy weight, the weight of leadership - the very burden he pledged to bear.
The yinn knew that the Bishop was driven by her sense of duty and love to both
her God and the Keep. He saw this instead as a source of strength that can be
channeled and tapped upon. And that, he would do.

The aged yinn closed his eyes. And there was that other matter that he promised
Mercerion to resolve, or rather, that he owed it to the Keep to address. There
may be rifts in relationships, between comrades and like any family, quarrels
and conflict would arise from time to time. But to stay united, cohesive
despite individual differences, that would fall on the yinn's leadership. He
thought of the words echoed by the long serving priest Jornhya: will the yinn
be a worker ant, or will he be able to rise above and truly lead? This would be
a small test, but a test nonetheless. He hoped, that with some luck, the Order
would emerge stronger and better.

The Keep will flourish. The Light will shine.

Writer: Jennaya

Date Sat Apr 7 12:39:46 2018

Writer: Ezessinth

Date Sat Apr 7 21:21:10 2018

Writer: Tamaska

Date Sat Apr 7 23:53:26 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Nymaya )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | On the March

The first rays of dawn were starting to rise over the horizon and the
camp was already bustling with activity. Tamaska was lost in thought,
staring at a small make shift map she had sketched by hand. She lightly
bounced a glowing ball in one hand, using it to see the map as she studied
it. The time to leave was nearing, she hoped that Narsh and Rasavadi would
catch up soon.

The clergy members rushing by caught her attention and she glanced over
towards Nymaya as she tucked her map away in saddle bag. All around the
vanguard the rest of the landing force had assembled. The Priest-King
stepped before them and both Nymaya and Tamaska dropped to one knee, the
rest of the vanguard following suit quickly. Telthian moved through the
group of Verminasians and knights of Storm and Eclipse, anointing an umbric
symbol on each of their foreheads.

Before he reached her, Tam lifted her hand and swept her fur lined hood back
to her shoulders. She, like the others, kept her head bowed through the
ritual and only briefly glanced up as she felt Telthian draw the symbol upon
her fur. Her ears twitched as voices around her began to join in but she
paused a moment to utter a quiet prayer for those not present.

She rose to her feet, her raspy voice joining the others as the chant filled
the camp. She pulled her cloak tighter around her as the wind whipped
through the camp, followed by the fire as it followed the path of the
firedust. Beneath her cloak she heard faint chittering, she lifted one side
and glanced down at the pouch. A small black bat with brilliant white, red
and black eyes peered up at the yinn, "Everything's fine. He's not back."
The creature screeched at Tamaska and dove back down into the depths of the

Telthian's words once again drew her attention, holding it as her and the
other vanguard gathered their packs and readied their mounts. Tamaska
gathered the reigns in one hand and hoisted herself into her saddle. After
adjusting her cloak for warmth and pulling her hood back up, she turned her
gaze to the others. The horse snorted and stamped a foot in the snow, the
horses were just as restless as she was.

At the blast of the horn, she felt Toxvah flop in her pouch but if she
chittered it was drowned out. All at once the vanguard members surged
forward, settling quickly into a pace and into their designated positions.
Already, the winds were picking up and the sound of the camp had died out.
The encroaching storm would be brutal, she hoped that everyone remembered
their orders. She glanced towards Nymaya for a moment before returning her
gaze to the path ahead.

Their journey had begun. God be with them and woe to whatever tried to
stand in their way.

Writer: Narsh

Date Sun Apr 8 00:53:12 2018

Writer: Narsh

Date Sun Apr 8 00:55:47 2018

Writer: Jermichael

Date Sun Apr 8 00:57:03 2018

Writer: Ayrora

Date Sun Apr 8 11:26:32 2018

To All Verminasia Immortal Roleplay Storyline

Subject Travel to Rashburne

The long ride to Rashburne was as scenic as it was dangerous, bandits
tended to hide within the the tree lines and attack when least expected.
Although Ayrora dispised travelling with guards, there was one who dispised
them even more, Nostarion.

Nostarion was not used to being with anyone other than Ayrora for long
periods of time so when Amos, Nefratin, and Salodorian joined them, he was
not happy. Ayrora rode Braedan closer to Nostarion, "How are you holding
Nostarion replied, "Such is not needed." She looked over at him, "I
have thought so many times but they have saved me a few times in my life.
You will grow accustomed to the point where you will not notice they are
even there. Believe me."
Nostarion nods slowly, "Very well."

Amos rode up next to Nostarion and Salodorian to Ayrora's right as Nefratin
road closer in behind them, "We are growing closer to the dark forest,
Viscountess. We must be vigilant."
She nodded. "Thank you for the
reminder, General."
They continued on cautiously. Ayrora looked to
Nostarion with a slight grin knowing full well that any bandit daring to
cross his path would never survive long enough for the guards to get them.

Darkness was descending as they uneventfully reached there destination.
Ayrora looked to Amos, "Get the horses to the stables and make sure they are
very well taken care of before turning in for the eve."
She nodded
tiredly. "Yes, Viscountess." He turned and headed to the stables as the
rest of the group headed to the Inn to square away there sleeping
arrangements. "Get some rest for tomorrow will be a long day."

Writer: Ayrora

Date Sun Apr 8 12:37:08 2018

To All Drakkara Necrucifer Verminasia Immortal Tashio Kyri Ampersand Storyline

Subject Lost City - The Road II

Ayrora was very happy when she saw Rosaeria walk into the tent. With a
small sigh of relief she called her over with the wave of her hand. Ayrora
gave her a huge hug and smiled, "I am so happy you are here I needed another
set of hands."
Rosie returned the hug, Where am I needed.. Ma'am?"
Ayrora nudged her a bit, "Ayrora, and we could use that wonderful beef stew
that you make to feed these men. Better nutrition means faster healing."

Rosie nodded in agreement, "Yes, ma.... Ayrora." She headed out to get
the supplies.

The weather was getting much worse, the temperature had dropped considerably
and the wings were so strong that each gust felt like it was cutting
unprotected skin. The stove continued to work as it should so the
temperature inside was not as bad but still cold, she would have to get the
second stove going on the other end of the temt soon. Nefratin walked over
to her, "Is their anything I can do to aassist you, Viscountess?" She
turned to him, "Actually, yes. We need the second stove lit on the other
side of the tent and Lady Rosaeria could use a bit of help with food
He nodded, "Right away, Viscountess. He turned and left the

It was hard to manage the flow of women and men coming and going, some
needed a short break from the cold and others with frostbite or raw hands.
She knew what to do and handled things well as Rosie took over the feeding
and consoling of those who had lost loved ones to the cold. They were yet
far from where they were headed and already the losses had started.

Night had fallen and everything was quieting down. Rosie was cleaning up
and getting things ready for the next day, Nefratin and Amos were just
awakening for their night watch, and Ayrora was was refilling the medical
supplies before getting a few hours rest. Morning will come quickly and she
had been awake a little over thirty eight hours. Finally. Rosie and Ayrora
fell asleep on a makeshift bed close to the stove.

Writer: Wyltte

Date Sun Apr 8 19:22:21 2018

To Ezessinth Necrucifer All Imm RP Religion Verminasia Eclipse

Subject Lost City - Narrowbreak - I

After the wraith attack, Wyltte had his scouts continually check the
surrounding area often, exhausting thier abilities. They spent long hours
int he saddle, moving ahead of the caravan and alongside the increasingly
steep countryside. They were headed towards a critical juncture in their
journey, the last test before hitting Eastdrift Redoubt. Narrowbreak.

Wyltte had every confidence in the advanced scouting party to protect the
King and Queen. The members of Shadow and Eclipse were elite warriors and
fearsome mages. Their skill in battle was both well-known and well-feared.
Plus, Ashtiel and Telthian were far from helpless. The Dark Gods were
pleased at the bodies they turned into dust in service to the Dark.

Wyltte's task was to make sure those who were to create a long-term hold in
Icewall were safe from All threats. The continent did not make this easy,
as even the weather could turn deadly in a matter of minutes. The snow
covered slopes started to close in on the caravan, forcing his caravan train
of four abreast to move back down to two across. It elongated the force,
and at every twist and bend, Wyltte lost the visibility of either end. It
was not a situation he wanted to be in.

It was nearing the evening, the sun starting to lower itself below the
ridgeline of the steep hills. A pale yellow light pierced the sky, and
clouds high in the atmosphere threatened total darkness tonight. The
temperature dropped sharply, each breath coming out in small puffs that
crystalized and fell to the harsh road. Wyltte ordered the torches lit.
Oil rags wrapped in wooden shafts were placed on the cornerposts of each
cart, and small balls of magical light floated in front of each soldier,
bathing the caravan in an eerie glow.

As they rounded a steep bend, a cutting cold swept through the camp. All
lights were extinguished, and the whinnies of horses and confusion of the
troops started to murmer it's whay through the camp. Wyltte's own crystal
went dark. In vain the group tried to relight their oil lamps and torches,
mages weaving their spark of lights into dim orbs which immediately fade.
Wyltte rode towards the front of the line, the cold piercing through the
layers of his bear skin cloak.

At the front of the line, the Deathwatch soldier's struggled to keep their
mounts from fleeing. A nervous energy was palpable, the horses near rearing
away from the passage in fright. Wyltte leans over to his front line, his
voice quiet but commanding. The last lights of the sun was disappearing at
the very top of the ridgeline, leaving an inky blackness which permeated

"Did you see anything" he asks the Centurion next to him.

"Nay Legate, when we rounded the bend... It was like we past through some
type of.. I don't know what to call it. It was like a door, but it wasn't
he says. Wyltte's eyes narrow, but a dull pain throbbed in his right
eye, the one in which he lost so many years ago. The Master may have
replaced it anew, but there was always a bit of sensation that occured when
something wicked this way came.

Wyltte rubs his hands together, a dark energy starting to pulse between
them. The winds started to whip around his body. The soldiers squint as
the winds pick up, cold blasts of air whipping up towards the midnight sky.
The massive winds start to turn around one another, a cone unto the heavens.
Wyltte's hands burn bright red, then he lifts them up towards the churning
tempest. Flames shoot forth from his palms, feeding the swirling vortex of
the tornado. Flames swirled into the night sky, creating a pillar of fire
that cast millions of shadows across the narrow passageway. With a great
effort, Wyltte pushed his arms forward, the flaming tornado moving through
Narrowbreak slowly.

And in the sky.... Thousands of pairs of eyes. And the screech of harpies.

Writer: Veronnica

Date Mon Apr 9 17:51:29 2018

Writer: Wyltte

Date Mon Apr 9 19:07:42 2018

To Ezessinth Necrucifer All Imm RP Religion Verminasia Eclipse

Subject Lost City - Narrowbreak - II

Their twisting, putrid flesh could be barely discerned against the fading
light from the pillar of fire. The harsh winds blew at their malformed,
filthy bodies, the scent of their uncleanliness wafting through the air.
Several people bent over and vomitted from the intense smell of decay and
filth. Many of their nasty feathers were ripped from their bodies, whipping
around in the air and stirring the already rotten smell. Once one soldier
started vomitting, the rest followed. Soon the entirety of the crew was
standing in piles of their own fluids... And the shrill calls continued.

Wyltte looked up into the sky, the cloud cover thick and making the night
all the more dark. With great concentration, Wyltte starts a dark
incantation to control the weather and move the clouds away, hopefully to
give his soldiers a fighting chance against the keen eyed harpies in the
sky. It as an act of desperation... Controlling the weather was more
chance than magic, but he had to try. As he lifted his arm up towards the
sky, a sharp pain raked across his forearm. He brings his arm down, and
feels the sickly warm trickle of blood seep into the sleeve of his shirt.
Three large talon marks oozed blood, and throbbed with a muted heat.


Wyltte watched like a man awakening from a coma, not sure of what he was
seeing. All around him, the disorientating screams of the harpies pierced
the inside of his skull. He watched soldiers being lifted in the air and
dropped from great heights. He saw flurries of feathers flap in the faces
of his Shades, claws viviously raking at eyes, the wriggling of abonimations
and their twisted bodies as soldiers struck out blindly with their blades,
trying to fend them off. Wyltte shook off the ache in his sword arm, though
he found his grab lessened with the pain, and concentrated as hard as he
could. Holy flames shout out of his left hand, sending one harpy flying
back, the smell of burnt chicken and fear. Its feathers ignited quickly,
the hollow bones of its wings quickly engulved in the inferno. Wyltte went
to conjure a firestorm, raising his hand as the red light pulsed in his
palm, but the magic was slow to come, fading almost as quickly as it

Wyltte stared in disbelief as he struck out against the approaching
bird-women again and again, his magic waning. What type of force was this
that could cause his magic to falter? What could kill the flames of

He stopped mid-thought, the dawn of realization upon him. Not All fire
comes from magic.

"Archers!" Wyltte screams, trying to be heard over the shrill calls and
roaring winds. "Archers! Inferno Rain!" He calls out once more. With a
concentrated effort, Wyltte was able to conjure one more holy flame, aiming
at a harpy high in the sky. It struck the demented bird-woman, sending out
its call of pain as it plummeted towards the ground.

One by one, arrows started to be lit from ground level, like small signal
fires on a mountain ridge. Soon, the Narrowbreak looked like a serpent of
fire, waving down All the road. He watched as the Archers tilted their
arrows into the heavens.

"Deathwatch! Wyltte yells. "Let fall the rains of Hell!" Arrows flew
high into the sky to their apex, then turned and fell down at the speed of a
meteor shower. They All prepared to see if their was an arrow with their
name upon it.

He would not let fear stop their advancement. They would burn these harpies
out, one way or another. Even if they had to burn with them.

Writer: Ezessinth

Date Mon Apr 9 21:34:50 2018

Writer: Narsh

Date Mon Apr 9 21:53:07 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Final Prep

It was a strange sensation, to feel both at home and out of place All at
once. Well suited to deal with the cold, and far from inexperienced with
physical labor or travel, the source of his discomfort was not the mission
or the work that came with it. Instead, it was the constant hum of
activity, the bustle of so many soldiers and beasts of burden, the swarm of
seemingly ceaseless movement that occupied the staging area as supplies were
unloaded, braziers settled into place and struck alight, as soldiers and
clergy gathered to share in the warmth and speak amongst themselves. He had
always despised crowds and attention, a creature deeply imbued with the
stereotypical tendencies of his kind for a inclination towards solitude and
quiet - and here, he found himself bereft of either. It was instinct to him
to be guarded, watchful, and alert - and with so much happening at once, and
so many unfamiliar, he found the task nearly impossible. He had a severe
dislike for the sensation of vulnerability it brought to him. All the same,
it was in many ways a inspiring sight - and his wariness a small price to
pay when juxtaposed against the reality of the matter. That they were here
at long last - a veritable army, making their final preparations for a
journey that if successful, would see them to Dae'tok. For him, it was a
journey that had begun long ago, guiding even his first steps as he left his
home at the Refuge, and took to wandering the world at large in search of
the history of his kind.

Stoic and quiet, as he often aimed to remain around crowds and those he was
unfamiliar with, he made haste with unloading the supplies, working with a
quiet diligence and thankful for the opportunity to mask the tempestuous
clamor of excitement that threatened to rise within him when he was afforded
the opportunity to dwell on the journey ahead. He knew there would be
hardship - battles both against the Ghuls and whatever manner of twisted
creature a land so deeply tainted would give rise to. Against a harsh
terrain that he knew as home - and so, knew well that even in spring would
test those who dared try to cross it. He knew there was risk - not only to
himself, but to his allies both unfamiliar and well-known. And yet, the
thrill of knowing they were near had a way of displacing those thoughts,
forcing them aside and leaving the Yinn to dwell on what answers might await
in those ruins. The only thoughts that seemed capable of vying against
those for his attention, were those that concerned his two allies, as the
three of them worked in tandem to unload and unpack supplies while they
waited to hear from Rasavadi.

He was deeply thankful for their presence. Surrounded by so many he was
unfamiliar with, Nymaya and Tamaska offered much needed reprieve from both
the anxiety of such a large gathering and the unwelcome and unbalancing rush
of excitement that captivated his attention when his thoughts lingered too
long on the task at hand. They were a steadying influence, especially here
- a bastion that offered much needed rest from his worries and grounded his
thoughts in the here and now. Familiarity had a way of loosening his
tongue, and the presence of the rare few that he truly trusted, a way of
bringing him the peace of mind that allowed him to lower his guard and
metaphorically catch his breath. And, in this particular instance, a chance
to catch his breath more literally, as he settled a particularly heavy chest
of lantern oil to the frost and snow laden ground, and stopped to watch them
stuff a seemingly excessive amount of furs and blankets into the saddlebags
belonging to Rasavadi's horse. The quiet snicker it drew from him as he was
the first sound he'd made since he and Nymaya had returned from their brief
scouting of the path ahead.

Writer: Narsh

Date Mon Apr 9 21:58:56 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Final Prep II

The three had spoke. Or, at the least - Tamaska and Nymaya had spoken,
while Narsh had simply listened.

A combination of the sheer number of those in earshot and his wandering
thoughts had left him with little inclination to speak, though in the
presence of his two friends, even he could not manage to remain entirely
stoic. A broad, toothy grin found it's way to his features, and on
occasion, his silence was broken by quiet, rough laughter, as he listened to
each speak and watched them continue in their efforts to ensure that
Rasavadi would not lack in either blankets or extra clothing should the
weather turn colder. Amusing at it was, it seemed to Narsh equally as
earnest - and it was good, by his own reckoning, that there could be levity
in a situation that had the capability to be as dire as the task at hand.
It spoke well of the trust the four shared, and of the bonds that had formed
between them in the last few months. Brought together by a common goal,
they had lived, fought, killed and aye, even been defeated, at each others
side. Kinship and comradarie that had been forged in battle, and sharpened
equally by the hardships each had faced as their ability to prove that they
were both capable and willing to face them together.

Nymaya, whose scars served as an apt indication of both her past, her
resilience, and her experience - but neglected to display just how graceful
a creature she truly was - not merely in physical motion, but in the adroit
manner in which she harnessed the lessons of each. She had proven herself
more than capable of being both a comforting and stabilizing influence on
her allies - while remaining equally as capable of accomplishing what must
be done regardless of the circumstances. This duality, a rare amalgamation
of loyalty, unflinching duty, and strength of will combined with
thoughtfulness, care, and wisdom had long since won her both Narsh's respect
and admiration.

Tamaska, who had the distinction of being the only Yinn Narsh had ever met
that was nearly as tall as himself, along with the far more endearing
distinction of being one of the fastest to ever earn his trust. He was
uncertain if he had ever met a more earnest creature. Accustomed to
solitude, speaking rarely even within their tight-knit group, filled with
both natural talent and shocking tenacity. Rough as the alcohol she favored
while still being capable of offering both wise counsel and the comfort of
friendship. A proper Yinn, if ever he had met one.

And Rasavadi.. Who seemed to be finished with his meeting, and approaching.

Writer: Narsh

Date Mon Apr 9 22:23:50 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Nymaya Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Final Prep III

Silhouetted against the backdrop of sunlit snow and the glare of it's
light as it danced off the waves of the turbulent sea, Rasavadi's
countenance struck a harsh relief against the natural landscape. A gaunt
figure, clad in a kingdon's worth of armor and trailed by a midnight blue
cloak that caught easily in the heavy winds of the sea, the so-far
unofficial Highlord of the Eclipse contrasted harshly against both the
landscape and the the numerous other heavily armed and armored individuals
that had gathered here. It was not simply the layer of dragon-skin armor
that set him apart, but to Narsh, it had always seemed as if a ghost of the
heavily disfiguring scars that comprised the Yinn beneath All the armor was
always somehow visible. A grim but emboldening testament to how much
Rasavadi had sacrificed in his battle against the Aspects, wounds that would
have left nearly any other lifeless, even if they had survived. What truly
set the creature apart, however, was that in spite of All of that,
Rasavadi's defining feature was not his armor or the scars it masked - but
his leadership.

The timing of his arrival was nearly perfect, as Nymaya and Tamaska quickly
secreted away the last of the extra supplies into those saddlebags, and drew
far enough away from Rasavadi's horse to allow them the benefit of the doubt
in their involvement of weighting them down with so much. It was likely the
trio's inability to hide their respective grins that gave them away, and
Narsh found himself snickering quietly along with Nymaya and Tamaska both as
Rasavadi drew near enough to speak.

"Lo there, marching orders are much the same. Watch your front, flanks and
backs. There have been reports of watchers in the wastes, but no definitive
identification. Guardian, Keeper you are to lead the troops as planned and
accompany the Storm. I will be taking Narsh on a recruiting mission. We
are woefully lacking in regional intelligence and experience. "

The words were enough to dispel the toothy grin on Narsh's features - his
expression flattening as one of his ears flicked in a show of curiosity. He
remained silent as he watched Rasavadi pass a small pouch to Tamaska,
glancing questioningly towards his companions a moment after the bat inside
made it's presence known. He was uncertain of whether he should feel
honored that Rasavadi would request him to accompany him on a mission, or
worried, that there was only one place nearby where his expertise would be
of any benefit when it came to recruitment.

"She can funnel information back and forth between us if necessary."
Rasavadi spoke, his raspy tone necessitating Narsh to draw nearer to his
companions out of fear that the words would be lost in the sound of the wind
and the commotion of the large gathering within the staging area. "Don't
worry little one, I will return in one piece. Besides, someone has to keep
these two out of trouble.". Rasavadi appended his words with a quiet
chuckle - but the humor was not shared by the other three.

For a moment, they All lingered in silence. Narsh's canine features were
drawn into a pensive expression as he shifted his gaze from Rasavadi, and
towards Nymaya and Tamaska in turn. Little as he cared for the idea of the
four going their separate ways, and in spite of the nagging worry that
hounded his thoughts as he considered the likely destination of his and
Rasavadi's mission, he only hesitated a brief moment when Rasavadi spoke
next. "Narsh, mount up, we ride." . With little more than a quiet grunt,
the Yinn complied - drawing away from the group to go and collect his own
saddlebags, and to ready his horse for travel. At least it would get him
away from this crowd.

Writer: Tamaska

Date Tue Apr 10 00:07:53 2018

Writer: Tamaska

Date Tue Apr 10 00:14:27 2018

Writer: Narsh

Date Tue Apr 10 01:06:12 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Nymaya Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | A shadow of a doubt

The sound of hooves against frozen ground, the whipping of the wind at
their cloaks, and the breath of their horses, which rose in great curls of
steam as their riders bid them to keep a crisp pace across the tundra. In
spite of the sounds of travel, the pair rode in mutual silence, born partly
of their own reticent nature, and partly of the tension of conflicting
interests that lingered in the otherwise clear air surrounding the two
riders. Far as the weather of Icewall went, they had chosen a good time for
such a detour. Relatively light winds accompanied the gathering of clouds
which provided a relief from the glare of the sun against the seemingly
endless stretch of undisturbed snow. Narsh was uncertain if he was thankful
for it, All the same. They would be easily spotted themselves, in these
conditions. Rasavadi, covered in dragon-scale, astride a dark horse, and
protected from the weather by a dark, midnight blue cloak, could likely be
seen clearly from a few miles away. Narsh, wearing the plain leather armor
and gray traveling cloak he had come to favor for combat and travel, was a
fair bit better hidden - especially with both the white horse he rode and
his own white fur.. But even still, it would not be difficult to spot
either of them as they rode South along the tundra.

It gave Narsh an excuse to pretend his thoughts were entirely preoccupied by
scanning the horizon, at the least - though the furrow of his brow combined
with the way his ears remained pinned slightly towards his skull rather than
straining against the environment and the sounds of their horses as they
traveled spoke easily of a creature who was anything but focused. He knew
these lands far too well to pretend he did not know where they rode towards,
and their surroundings only grew increasingly familiar as the pair guided
their horses from the tundra, and into the much rougher terrain of the
foothills that would lead them in short order towards a mountain pass and
the ever-blizzard that lingered near his home. He suspected they would not
reach the latter before they came to their destination, however.

"You know where we go? Why we go, and why this must be done? ".
Rasavadi's words were met by a sidelong glance from Narsh, the dull-grey
eyes of the larger Yinn seeming to study his friend carefully a long moment.
At length, Narsh had offered only a slight nod in response, before he turned
his attention back to both the landscape and to guiding his horse through
it. He was not a talented rider, and the focus that trait demanded of him
as their horses began to grow uneasy with the icy ground and the scatter of
scree that had been dislodged from the mountains above by the spring thaw
offered him the chance to dwell on the second part of that question only a
brief moment. Eclipse could not remain as it was if they were to succeed.
A rag-tag group of the hopeful, with a reserve of less than fifty soldiers
to its name. He knew this, aye - and he knew that the help of more Yinn
like himself, who knew this area well, would represent a indispensable
advantage when it came to finding their way across Icewall and to the ruins
of Dae'tok.

And yet, he found it difficult to justify weighing the need of Eclipse for
able bodies against the need for the same of his home.

Writer: Tamaska

Date Tue Apr 10 08:33:25 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Nymaya )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | The Road to Narrowbreak

Bitter cold. It was an understatement if the yinn had ever heard one.
Harsh winds.. Yet again it did not come close to describing the current
conditions. When they had started their trek the storm was just starting to
move in. The horn had sounded and they had All surged forth in a mixture of
apprehension, excitement and relief that it was finally starting. Nymaya
and Tamaska had quickly led their group of eclipsians to the left side of
the vanguard group. Jermichael and his shadowknights had joined them,
helping bridge the gap between them and Elathan who had taken his Rose
knights to the right side of the vanguard.

They remained spread out somewhat to begin with, they had All sides covered
and All members of the Vanguard had been given strict instructions to be
alert but not only that. They needed to be willing to say when someone else
needed to take over. As Rasavadi had said they needed to watch their
fronts, flanks, and backs. Rotation among those on the outer portions of
the group was necessary for protection. Tamaska hoped that had been made
completely clear, they didn't need single heros in this. They needed to
work together to insure they All survive.

As they pushed towards Narrowbreak and the storm intensified, they were
forced to tighten their ranks and move closer together. The luxury of being
spread out and able to survey more of their surroundings was no longer
something they had. The winds whipped around them, carrying with it wicked
cold air. It cut right through your clothing at times and other times it
just blanketed you in the snow that it carried. Visibility was barely more
than a few feet at times but even at its best one could only see ten or
fifteen feet in All directions.

It unnerved Tamaska greatly to be in such a position. Here they were
trekking through this hellish snow storm, barely able to see in all
directions and yet she knew something was with them. Sometimes, she thought
she caught sight of movement around them but it was so quick that she
doubted if it was real or her own imagination. The wind would howl around
them and the hairs across her arms and neck would stand on end.

( Continued.. )

Writer: Tamaska

Date Tue Apr 10 08:37:25 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Nymaya )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | The Road to Narrowbreak - ( Continued )

Something was out there in the storm, hell at this point she wondered if
whatever was out there was actually part of or causing the storm. Cold and
snowstorms were not something that she was used to but she didn't need to be
used to them to know this one was unnatural. They couldn't spread out much
nor did it seem safe to venture out from the group to investigate whether or
not something was out there watching them.

It was not a comfortable position to be in but thus far Tam was glad that
she could at least glimpse most of the group at times and they were making
headway. They were approaching narrowbreak and the closer they got the
worse the storm seemed to get, how that was possible the yinn was not sure.
Her eyes often cut to Nymaya as she kept watch, if nothing more than to make
sure the elf was still there.

She shook her head, shaking off snow and ice from the hood of her cloak and
fur. Despite the fur lined cloak and heavy gear that she wore, snow had
managed to creep into her fur in various spots, the normally black fur
mostly white. If she was this cold with her fur, she worried about how her
brother and Narsh were doing. Her mind didn't get to wander to the others
long before a mixture of a howl and scream pierced her ears.

Her hand quickly found its way to her staff, gripping it tightly as her
horse snorted uneasily. Her eyes made a futile attempt to search the white
out conditions. Was that the wind or was that something else? A soft
chittering caught her attention and she looked down deep inside her fur
cloak and met eyes with the tiny bat who as peering out of its pouch. "I
know... I feel them too. " She reached into another smaller pouch and
offered the bat a morsel.

Taking her food, the bat chittered again and dove back down into the bottom
of the pouch. The yinn pulled the cloak back against her body, trying to
keep the pouch as protected as she could. Her gaze shifted to Nymaya and
then around to others of the group as the wind backed off a slight bit,
"Anyone seen anything in this bloody storm? She called out to the group.
"I can't be the only one that feels something or someone with us? "

Tamaska waited to see if anyone would respond while her ears twitched and
shifted with every sound. She was about ready to grab a flask and start
blasting fire into the storm around them. If this storm didn't let up
soon... She just might. Either way.. On their next break she was having a

Writer: Nymaya

Date Wed Apr 11 02:31:04 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | The Approach I

She was still intensely aware of the umbric symbol the Abbott had traced
on her brow as the columns of Shadow and Eclipse soldiers moved forward but
there was a great deal on her mind and, though the blessing and the symbol
were important, her attention was inevitably drawn to those around her.
Tamaska was to her left, the Dark Lord to Tamaska's left and while she
glanced along the forward line, the Master of the Rose rode up to her right.

"Keeper." Elathan Blackmane said by way of greeting and nodded. The
crusader was heavily garbed in armor and a winter cloak. "How fare your

He had a unique insight to the thirty-some Eclipse-garbed forces riding
behind them for while Rasavadi had put out the call, the Master of the Rose
had utilized her knowledge of New Thalos to help find more than might have
otherwise come forward. She was tempted to glance back at them but she
refrained, instead setting her gaze on the dark skies in the distance while
she responded. "They'll hold."

The mountainous region ahead was nearly obscured now by a haze of the
incoming snow and wind from above. It would be a particularly severe storm
that set upon them before long and with each step forward she felt her
disquiet increase along with the growing intensity of the chill. She knew
the path, Narsh had made sure of that with their trek here several months
earlier, but with so many required to pass through it along potentially
treacherous paths...

"Something wrong?" He had pitched his voice a bit lower, clearly noting
the pensive expression that had come over her, and she glanced over at him
more fully.

"That." And she nodded toward the darkened state of the northern sky. "At
this pace, the worst of the storm may very well be on us while we try to
pass Narrowbreak."

The man fell to silence after that, his attention lost within the depth of
his cloak's cowl, though at length he turned to a Knight near him and began
issuing quiet orders. She turned her attention to Tamaska then and, not for
the first time, found herself mulling over Rasavadi and Narsh. Would they
make it before the full force of storm?

A wild gust of snow lifted before them and, as if to confirm the ominous
sense she had been experiencing, struck the Vanguard.

Writer: Nymaya

Date Wed Apr 11 02:37:12 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | The Approach II

Her steed held before the threatening rise of the weather, keeping in
time with Tamaska's mount though he snorted and shook his mane. She could
feel the tension through the beast and though it aided her confirmation of
what had been long suspected, it did little to set her at ease. She placed
a hand to the side of its neck and whispered softly in elvish to calm him
while turning her attention to the Yinn at her left.

The blinding white of the snow storm, driven by winds as fierce as any she
had witnessed, was only then beginning to converge on the Vanguard but it
was enough to reduce visibility significantly. She let a gust blow her hood
back, she needed as much range as she could get, and she turned in her
saddle to look back over the troops. They were tightly formed, Tamaska knew
her business and the Eclipse forces knew enough in their own right it
seemed. So bolstered by the Knights of Storm Keep, she let that concern
settle while she once again turned to address the rapidly deteriorating

By the time she heard Tamaska call out over the rush of the wind racing down
from the mountains, her hand was already on her staff and she drew it
confidently. The edging nearness to Narrowbreak Pass had brought the eerie
howling screams, sounds she had heard previously, back. It was comforting
to know she had not succumbed any sort of madness or hallucinations.

"Anyone seen anything in this bloody storm?" The Guardian's voice held a
mix of frustration at the weather and at what could not be seen but was
surely moving around them just out of sight. "I can't be the only one that
feels something or someone with us?"

"There is something." She called back to the Guardian and, uttering the
words to a spell, sent flames racing down her hand in the summoning of an
elemental of flame. It hissed into existence before her horse, a roiling
mass of anger stirred further by the wind. She then glanced at Tam and
nodded. "If these 'things' engage us within the Pass, we'll be in trouble."

Writer: Wyltte

Date Wed Apr 11 10:37:30 2018

To All Necrucifer Imm RP Religion Ezessinth Shadow Eclipse

Subject Lost City - Narrowbreak - III

The rain of flaming arrows decended, and with it, screaming husks of
harpies, their brittle, hollow, twisted bones engulfed in fire. Their
shrieks filled the skies, drowning out even the rushing gale of the flaming
pillar. The air smelled of charred avians and rotting meat, vomit and fear.
As the rain of fire fell, Wyltte felt a rushing wind of cold fly past him at
incredible speeds, watching whole flocks of harpies being rent from limb to
limb. Flashes of white and razor sharp teeth and claws flickered in the
firelight. She was here, and her might was being fully realized. A small
smile escaped the corner of his lips even while he was slashing at several
of the malformed harpies in front of his face.

Out of the corner of his eye, a quick flash of light and burst of heat was
felt on the side of his face. A streak of light strikes him directly in the
shoulder. Wyltte's horse rears up, and his body slumps in the saddle,
falling onto the icy ground below. Searing pain erupts in his shoulder, and
his vision goes momentarily black.

(The burning cart stood destroyed in the thick forest, bits of goods
scattered on the leaves on the hard-packed road. Wheel ruts from wagons
turn to into a patch of brush, a hidden trail heading towards the north)

(A few bodies lay strewn across the road. One of fair hair, a long flowing
robe made of light blue. He knows she is important, it saddens him to see
her, mouth open with a small trickle of blood at the corner of her lips)

(A huge man, with chestnut brown hair and a long beard stares wide-eyed with
a blade stuck into his abdomen. The light in his eyes quickly fading,
looking down at his bear skin armor stamped with old runes. He is also
saddened at seeing him with the light fade from his eyes, but also angry.
So angry.)

(There is one he can't see. Dark hair, grey eyes. They are nowhere to be
found. He's frightened. She should be somewhere, but he couldn't see her.
His head hurts. Something warm running in his eyes.)

(In the flame of the wagons, a symbol.. Old runes wrapped around the handle
of a blade, looks to be from somewhere cold. A sigil of a bear growling.
He knows this mark. It's on the man's armor)

The smell of burning silksteel and stench of the pass brings him too, the
arrow protruding from his shield arm shoulder. Wyltte reaches over to the
bolt, grabbing it with his right hand. As he tries to remove it, more pain
racks his body. His hand is pricked by the many burrs sticking out from the
shaft. The arrows do not fly as far, but they stick harder in their
targets. It was an invention of his own design. Now he knows how his
enemies feel. Wyltte sits up and gets to his knees. More flaming arrows
fall from the sky, hitting the ground, many with harpies pierced through.
Wyltte breaths in deep, and falls forward onto the ground, pushing the
barbed arrow All the way through. Blood shoots from the puncture wound
emerging in the back of his shoulder, as Wyltte grimaces in pain. He rolls
over to his side, and grabs the protruding arrow with his right hand,
pulling it from him. He lets out a grunt, and reaches over to grab a
handful of snowy dirt, stuffing it into the wound. He'll deal with the
wound later.

From his knees, Wyltte raises up, not seeing where his horse had ran off to.
He scanned the area, and his soldiers were doing a decent job defending off
the flock of harpies. There would be casulties and more than a few
injuries, but there would be some who make it. As he scanned the dark fiery
skies, Wyltte sees the Great White being beset upon by a large mass of the
screaming masses. He picks up his blade and charges forward, his grey eyes
filling with a pulsing red light.

Writer: Wyltte

Date Thu Apr 12 05:31:32 2018

To All Necrucifer Imm RP Religion Verminasia Eclipse Ezessinth

Subject Lost City - Narrowbreak - IV

It was harder going that Wyltte thought trying to get to the Great White.
He slashed his way through the flock of harpies, their incessent shreiking
rattling the inner workings of his brain. The foul stench offended his
senses, the dull throbbing in his arm intensified with pain, and his
shoulder still felt like liquid fire. All around him the Deathwatch battled
on, their mouldy feathers littering the ground, covering more square footage
than the snow now.

One harpy flew directly at him, talons raised towards his face and going for
his eyes. "Not this time, Icewall. I've already lost one before... You
shall not get another"
he says, raising his sword crosswise ahead of him,
one hand on the blade. The harpy grabbed at it, talons clasping the blade
and pommel. Wyltte twists hard, rolling to the ground on top of the harpy.
The womanly features of this monstrosity were hideous, more crone than woman
now. Wyltte grits his teeth as the harpy snaps and bits at him. He
releases his right arm and thrusts down forcibly, burying his hand in the
monster's chest. With a mighty pull backwards, he snatches the heart from
the abomination's chest, still weakly beating in his hand.

As the harpy struggles, Wyltte examines the thing in his hand. It did not
seem like any heart he has ever seen. It was blackened now and pulsing
weakly, a strange purple glow flowing through the vessels. It looked as it
had been baked in the sun and reanimated. Wyltte noticed that the beast
still lived, snapping at him with even more fury. With a squeeze of his
hand, he crushses the withered heart. It turned to dust, the sands whisking
away in the surrounding wind. The harpy ceases movement immediately, fading
into ether.

There was something foul afoot here, so Wyltte stands to his feet and looks
around at his soldiers. A large bear was seen swiping at a small grouping
of the harpies, one nasty crone's neck hanging in its mouth as it swings the
body like a weapon. Wyltte rushes over, careful not to get in the bear's
way. He helped dispatch a few more beasts, before tapping it on its large

"Shaman, you must take this message to the others. I hate to lose you from
the fight, but they need to know"
he says. The bear growls low but nods
towards Wyltte. "Tell them that they are not what they seem. They are not
alive, not really. Something has corrupted them. They seem to feed on
magic, suppressing it"
he continues. The bear nods once more. It's body
started to slowly change form, feathers where fur once was, until a Giant
Owl stood on the war splattered ground. It flies into the sky, careful to
not attract the attention of the harpies, and out into the wind.

Wyltte turns his attention back to the fight. The Great White still snapped
and clawed at the monsters, an his soldiers were gaining ground. All around
them fires blazed from the burning bodies. They were not through this
yet... But they will perserver. The Master demands it.

Writer: Ezessinth

Date Thu Apr 12 21:42:12 2018

Writer: Mercerion

Date Thu Apr 12 22:34:22 2018

To All Immortal Religion Storyline Cayenna Cahlizna Knighthood

Subject Shifting Sands Storyline: Scouting begins.

The torches burned low in the War room of Gareth Keep, and the mahogany
table at its center was completely covered in makeshift maps of the deserts
around New Thalos. In the southeast corner, markers were in place from
Mercerion's brief ride through the desert. There was a point of interest
marked for the sand worm hive, as well as the grouping of Bakali that was
located nearby. Mercerion frowned as he reviewed the locations of the
markers, and the vast wasteland that surrounded it.

It was going to be a damned chore to find any sign of the brown dragon
clutch, or the battlefield amidst All the damned sand. Knights would be
searching potentially for weeks and could come up empty handed or worse,
find these bakali in a larger force than already documented, and have a
large battle on their hands.

The Colonel pursed his lips and went to his duty rosters. He had a few
names that he could send with a cavalry unit for agile movements, and a
quick escape if need be. They would need an accurate depiction of the
forces present, if they were going to deploy a sizeable force for the

Mercerion reached for his quill and ink and began penning out assignments.
They would need to get started soon, if they were ever going to find this
site, and Gods willing, perhaps the weapon as well.

All in all, it looked like the scouting group would consist of a light
cavalry group, two groups of infantry, and a knight group. He had names
from the keep whom had come forward ready to lead, and he had assigned them.
It was time to send the scouts into play.

Writer: Wyltte

Date Fri Apr 13 14:57:51 2018

To All Verminasia Shadow Eclipse Nymaya Tamaska Narsh Necrucifer Imm RP Religion

Subject Lost City - Narrowbreak - V

As the shaman left, headed for the other groupings of their unified
forces, Wyltte took a moment to scan around. Deathwatch was prevailing, but
far too slowly. Many were heartened, albeit frightengly so, at the
appearance of Ezessinth, the Great White, whose ferocity knew no bounds.
Their spirits lifted and they fought with renewed vigor. The flock of
harpies was thinning, but it was still not enough.

Then, the battle frenzy came upon him.

From the outside in, a battle frenzy looks like a berserker rage. Whoever
is within its grasp strikes with such power and speed that it looks like a
blur, a stream of deadly movements and even deadlier strikes. To those
within the frenzy, it is a different story.

Time stands near still. Each moment feels like an eternity. You see with
such clarity, knowing when and where to strike, finding those
vulnerabilities and advantages while dealing out innumerable actions of
death. It is a thing of beauty.

During this moment, Wyltte looked around at his forces struggling against
the withered throng. Blades raised high, arrows stuck in mid air, body
parts laid strewn across the field. He moved towards Ezessinth, careful to
stay out of the range of her tail and get into her battle space. Watching
her was to look into the face of a perfect killer. He's seen the ferocious
prowess of the first borne before, brutal in their execution, visceral in
their dominance of their enemies.

Ezessinth was different. She was nay less vicious than the others he had
seen, but she was more deliberate in her execution. Each movement was
calculated carnage, thought out and precise. The frost crystals turning the
harpies to falling chucks of rancid ice was both malevolent and mechanical,
as precise as the Machine of Nothingness. It was terrifying to behold.
Each icy talon...

It hit him, and hit him hard. Time stood still, he couldn't even feel the
breath in his chest as he glanced around. The ice. The fire, the elements.
Where his holy magic strained him, that of true elemental magic was not
inhibited. That which stemmed from this world's realm was devastating to
their foes, dealing death with each contact.

His battle frenzy ended just as a harpy came to rake at his face with those
fetid talons. Wyltte grapped it buy its leg and yanked down hard with his
full weight, sending the creatures face hurling towards the ground. It
smacked the hard-packed soil with a sickening crunch, and bits of black and
purple liquid spilled out of the side of its face, never to move again.

His soldiers still struggled against the crew as he moved closer to
Ezessinth. There would be many injured after this fight, and Ayrora will
have her work cut out for her healing the wounded. Too many injured.

"This has to end... Now" he says to himself.

Writer: Wyltte

Date Fri Apr 13 15:15:05 2018

To All Verminasia Eclipse Shadow Imm Religion RP Narsha Tamaska Nymaya Ezessinth

Subject Lost City - Narrowbreak - VI

Wyltte was about as close as he was willing to get to Ezessinth, knowing
that her ferocity and deadly precision would buy him the time he needed. He
glanced over, catching the azure eyes of the Great White for a moment. With
a nod of his head, Wyltte lays down his blade in front of him on the ground.
He removes his gloves as well, letting them fall unceremoniously to the
pathway, bits of splattered blood and snow shifting as they hit the ground.

Wyltte kneels and takes his right hand, placing the palm on the frozen
ground. He was completely open and vulnerable at this moment, and some of
his Shades saw it. Several harpies made a dive for him, but between their
arrows and the lightning quick tail of Ezessinth, he was able to focus. His
almost numb fingers dug into the dirt as he began to pray.

"Master, you whose immortal blood runs within these lands, you whose
sacrifice was paid in pain for the struggle for Algoron, hear your servant,
Wyltte Kayen, now"
he begins. Wyltte's voice starts to rise, growing in

"It was you who fought for these lands, whose blood fell upon the grounds
and the ocean, who spawned the lifeforms of evil to do Your Will. It was
you who has given more than any God."
Wyltte's hand begins to clamp even
harder into the ground, beads of sweat on his forehead. The scrapes on his
right arm were fully throbbing now and bright red as he continued to pray.
'Grant me the power to fend off those who wish to see Your Will sullied, who
comes in the way of your Unified Darkness. Let your blood sacrifice course
through me so we may continue in service to you, Master"

There was a sharp pain that dug into his hand and ran up his arm into his
chest. Wyltte gritted his teeth as the pain spread through his entire body.
His eyes still pulsed with that dull red light, and the winds around him
started picking up.

Wyltte's blade was lifted up by small cyclonic winds, spinning in a mini
vortex in front of him. The sight of the blade levitating from the winds
startled many, though they were too busy fighting off the harpies to spend
too much time dwelling on the blade. Ezessinth continued to fend off the
flock of harpies, their shrieks filling the night.

Wyltte glanced up from where he knelt, heaving heavily as the pain coursed
through him. His skin had grown pale, but his eyes were burning brightly
with that crimson light. As he continued to mumble someting in prayer, the
ground around him started to rumble, a deep unsettling feeling. Even the
harpies could sense something was awry, looking over their chaos of the
battlefield for the sign of the disturbance. In the center of it All was

"It is time" he says.

Writer: Wyltte

Date Fri Apr 13 15:41:03 2018

To All Necrucifer Imm RP Religion Verminasia Eclipse Shadow Ezessinth Narsh Tamaska Nymaya

Subject Lost City - Narrowbreak VII

Wyltte's left hand started to turn a dull blue, ice crystals forming on
his fingertips, frosted wisps of air rising off the back of his hands. He
removed his right hand from the dirt, and it started to glow a dull orange,
heat melting the snow on the ground before him, bits of flames flicking
between the webbing of his fingers. The battle still raged around him, but
the lines had tightened. Many of the rear flank and the front lines has
pushed closer to the center, closing the gaps between them to make
themselves harder targets. He had taught them well.

The sword was now at eye level to Wyltte, the wind keeping it suspended in
the air with the blade pointed towards the ground. As his hands continued
to grow with the elemental magic, many of the harpies started to converge
above his position, leaving the outermost flanks and concentrating on the

Wyltte reached his icy left hand up, inches from the hilt of his sword. A
briefest moment of time past before he grabbed onto the hilt, half of the
sword instantly covered in ice as he wrapped his hands around it.

"Frost from tears of the broken he whispered. At the very moment he grabbed
the hilt, the snow from the ground and along side both of the ridges from
Narrowbreak exploded into the air in large chunks. The blizzard swirled
into the air, the massive shards of ice slamming into the bodies of the
harpies. Howls of pain and anger screeched back at him.

With his burning right hand, Wyltte reached forward to the right side of the
hilt. He wrapped his hand around it, the other half of the sword instantly
set ablaze. Teh fire from the arrows and smouldering corpses flew into the
sky, ricocheting off the other harpies, sometimes slamming into the massive
chunks of ice and instantly creating huge clouds of steam. Their angry
cries of torment were increasing, but Ezessinth and the Deathwatch kept them
from reaching Wyltte.

The air started to feel electrified as Wyltte knelt there, grabbing the
hovering blade. The cyclonic winds whipped at his short hair, the rocks on
the ground trembling and lifting up with static charge. Wyltte lifted his
head to scan around for a moment before speaking.

"Deathwatch!" He yells, the power of his voice echoing through the narrow
pass so loudly it was as if he was standing everywhere All at once. "Take
He screams, the ridges quaking with the power of his voice. All
at once, his soldiers knelt and lifted their shields high as if protecting
themselves with a volley of arrows. Wyltte glanced over at Ezessinth for a
moment, nodding before he slammed the sword deep into the earth.

Several things happened All at once. A cloud of darkness burst forth from
Wyltte as the blade slid into the ground, his holy power shielding the
entirety of the force around him. A large dome appeared over him and
Ezessinth, the iridescent shield a smoky grey and crimson in color. A
massive bold of lightning streaked from the sky and hit the dome,
penetrating it and slamming into the sword, another bolt streaking upwards
from the ground to meet it. From the dome around them, spider bolts of
lightning streaked into the ice and fire filled sky, hitting the flock of
harpies with such force that they exploded into tiny chunks of rotted meat.

The intense heat swept over the camp, but they were shielded by Wyltte's
holy word, but it didn't stop the rain of body parts and feathers that fell
from the sky. After the lightning hit, a thunderous boom blew outwards from
Wyltte, the wave so strong it pushed All but Wyltte and Ezessith over like
an invisible tidal wave. The echo of the blast could be heard for miles,
and bounced off the narrow ridgelines for many seconds before ending in an
eerie silence.

Wyltte's sword was shattered into a thousand pieces, and he pitched forward,
falling into the blood soaked ground.

Writer: Wyltte

Date Fri Apr 13 16:03:00 2018

Writer: Elathan

Date Sat Apr 14 14:29:35 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Tamaska Nymaya )

Subject Elathan: Lost City - Vanguard | The Approach

The wind was picking up and with it the visibility was beginning to
suffer as snow, both falling from the sky and being kicked up from snow
drifts, began to obscure his vision in All directions. He was thankful for
his heavy cloak and the extra layer he was wearing beneath his chainmail.
There was no doubt it weighed him down some, but he knew that the unholy
steed beneath him could handle the weight.

Nymaya was a short distance ahead and to his left and he rode up beside her
intent on finding out how the newly found Eclipse troops were holding out as
his mind had been focused on the few Knights of the Rose he had brought with
him and making sure they All knew their roles.

"Keeper. " he said as way of greeting to the recently appointed Keeper of
the Eclipse "How fare your troops? "

She seemed focused. Steady. That was good. These new troops needed strong
leadership and Elathan had faith in the Keepers long history and her ability
to provide just that.

"They'll hold, " she offered in reply, her eyes never leaving the sky ahead
of them.

She was a strong woman. Elathan knew this much. He knew less than he'd
like to about her save for her former relationship to Reklah Kayen, and what
he had been able to gather of her past, but she was a woman with a long
history and, with that, many secrets. This intrigued him.

Presently, she seemed lost in thought a moment. He reached down at his side
and made a signal informing the knight just behind him to approach as he
asked, "Something wrong? "

"That, " she said, nodding towards the ever darkening horizon and the storm
that was drifting ever closer, "At this pace, the worst of the storm may
very well be on us while we try to pass Narrowbreak.

Elathan didn't reply but grew quiet a moment, studying the coming storm. He
knew she was right and while he was confident his Knights could weather the
storm, he was concerned with what such a storm may bring and whether the
newly recruited men of Eclipse would hold steady.

He turned to the Knight he had silently summoned, who was now riding quietly
beside him, and leaned towards him so as not to be heard, "The storm will be
upon us soon. Tell the others to spread out among the new troops. We need
to be sure order is held.

The man nodded in reply and gave a crisp salute before riding off to spread
the news to the other Knights of the Rose. The Storm wasn't just coming, it
was already upon them.

Writer: Elathan

Date Sat Apr 14 14:42:55 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Tamaska Nymaya )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | First Contact

Visibility was lost within the blinding snow storm as it came in force,
the wind whipping violently and bringing not only snow from the sky but
finding it on the ground and anywhere else it had settled and now Elathan
could barely see anything within a 10 foot radius of himself.

He had already lost sight of Nymaya but through the howling winds he could
hear Tamaska's voice calling out and others answering. The few men of
Eclipse he could see near him were moving hesitantly, their nerves clearly
being tested by the Storm and whatever they were hearing coming through the

His mount below him jerked violently and Elathan was thrown to the snow
covered ground before he had time to react, but years of training had taught
his body how to recover from such a fall, even if his mind hadn't yet caught
up and he found himself rolling through the snow, chain, armor, and weapons

He had lost his lance in the fall and as he looked up quickly to find it and
get eyes on his steed he saw them. Gripping his charger by the ankles and
knees and clawing their way out of the snow packed ground, shaking snow off
as they stood.


An unnatural blue light glowed in their eyes giving the animated corpses a
sense of ominous intelligence as they clawed at his charger, ripping into
it. Elathan dismissed the beast with a thought and the wights, confused
only a moment, turned their attention on Elathan and the troops beside him.

"Stand firm! " he called out to whoever could hear him as he drew his
bastard sword, and with a spark of conjured flame, the pitch covered blade
flashed into fiery life, "Use fire! Remember your training! "

Before more could be said the wights were on him and more joining them from
beyond his snow impaired view. He swung down into the first in a violent
arch, parting it's head from it's body at the shoulder, the wight errupting
in flame where it had been struck.

The sounds of battle broke out All around him as the howling winds seemed to
pick up further, as if the storm itself was feeding on the chaos of the
moment. The screams of the living mixed with the unnatural sounds of the
dead as the forces clashed.

He struck down one more with a horizontal swing, parting it's top half from
the bottom as he turned his head in time to see one of the wights rip into a
recruit of Eclipse, tearing off his arm with disturbing ease.

The fighting continued and Elathan struck out around him as they kept
coming. Before long he started seeing new wights bearing the colors of
Eclipse and as he glanced around he saw that he was alone, but through a
brief moment of visibility he could see someone a ways away, still fighting.

Through the storm he could see Nymaya fighting the monsters off in an oddly
entrancing display of skill. She swung her staff and weaved in between her
enemies with an almost dance like grace, as if she were not fighting, but
dancing to some unheard tune. As he watched the skilled display the rhythm
of her attacks was broken in such a violent way it caught him off guard, as
she struck out with frustration, putting a fist alight with demon fire
through the chest of a nearby wight.

He had been so entranced in the display that he'd stopped looking at his
immediate surroundings and a wight took hold of his arm with a violent
strength, if not for the layers and chain he wore, the force of the
creatures grip alone may have done damage, but as Elathan snapped to and
raised his sword, the wight was demolished in a crushing fiery display of
strength as a towering elemental burst from just out of sight.

The Wight's arm alone still clung to Elathan where it had grabbed him and he
shook it free as he looked up to the beast of flame made living and nodded.

"Focus, Master Blackmane, " he heard Nymaya call from a short distance away,
and with a smile and renewed vigor, he laid into the wights surrounding him
with his flaming sword.

Writer: Jermichael

Date Sat Apr 14 17:15:25 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer Narsh Rasavadi Tamaska Nymaya

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Battle

Jermichael had fallen back a bit from the others, his steed had slowed
it's pace as the winded kicked up, bring the front of the storm. He
chuckled to himself, thinking back on what he had told the Eclipsians before
the vanguard had set off. He had seen the darkening Icewall sky, and knew
at some point they would run in to it.

Sleet began to fall, and the rough northen winds slashed it across his face
and armors. Jermichael lifted his helmet and placed it upon his head,
hoping for a little protection against the elements. He had just reached
down to pat the neck of his steed when he heard the first of the screams in
the distance. Grabbing the reins tightly, he spurred the mount forward,
toward the sound of what sounded like battle.

Jermichael snarled as he reached the tail of the force and saw the scene
before him. Wights.. And lots of them. They were pouring quickly in to
the vanguard, gnawing, biting and slashing. He pulled back on the reins,
sliding from the saddle and to his feet before the mount even stopped. He
reached back, slinging the shield on his back around and to his off-hand.
He charged forward and removed his hammer from his belt. He spied a group
of three Eclipsians, no older than sixteen or seventeen, doing their best to
ward off a group of the attackers.

The skull of the first Wight cracked and the creature folded as the edge of
Jermichael's shield struck the back of it's head. He used the momentum of
the swing to carry him in to a spin to his left. He raised his hammer, the
massive blunt face of it catching another of the creatures squarely in the
chest. He stopped and pulled his shield in toward his body and turned, just
in time to lift it to the downward swing of a sword..

Jermichael slowly lifted his head over the edge of the shield to peer at the
startled young Eclipsian. "I bae sorry sirah!" Yelped the soldier, his
eyes wide. "Behind you!" , Bellowed Jermichael, and used the shield's edge
to push the boy to the side as a Wight had jumped and narrowly missed him.
It landed on it's chest between them, snarling. The boy faultered from the
push and landed back atop several dead, as Jermichael rose to his feet and
kicked forward, catching the undead in the face with his plated boot.

He turned and reached down, helping the young soldier to his feet. As the
boy stood, he leaned down to pick up his sword while Jermichael spotted the
two others that had been with him, their bodies were torn and shredded
beneath a twisted pile of the dead creatures.

"Come boy.. we need to help the rest of the vanguard."

Writer: Azgur

Date Sat Apr 14 19:59:41 2018

Writer: Kaladon

Date Sun Apr 15 03:02:57 2018

Writer: Irilka

Date Sun Apr 15 13:04:20 2018

To All imm dragoth (rp) verminasia

Subject A Temple Visit

Irilka shuffled in to the temple, dragging a heavy looking cloth bag
behind her. It felt good to be in the building that had once been a
monastery, but had been converted to a temple dedicated to Dragoth. The
ancient stone walls were studded with hooks and heavy steel rings strung
with chains. There were several bodies hanging from the hooks in various
states of decay with the freshest looking one seeming to still be alive.
Where there had once been a small altar at the far end of the room, was now
a massive stone slab, crusted with blood and bits of rotting flesh. Behind
the slab was a wall decorated with tapestries made from rotting skin painted
with runes.

Irilka dragged her bundle towards the stone slab, hefting it up to the
surface with a small grunt. There was a small sound from the bundle as it
struck the rock surface, but Irilka paid it little mind. She proceeded to
unwrap the bundle, revealing a badly beaten human. She had found him
outside Althainia and had decided that he would make a fine decoration for
her temple. She picked him up by his throat and carried him to the wall
nearest the stone slab where she lifted him up and let the flesh of his back
settle on to the sharp hook stuck in to the wall. He made a muffled sound
as the hook pierced his flesh, but he was still unconscious from the beating
Irilka had given him earlier. She took his arms and clamped heavy looking
iron shackles to each wrist, looping the chains through the iron rings on
the walls and took a step back to admire her work. This human would make a
fine offering. As the life drained from his body, it would begin to rot and
would provide a suitable tribute to Dragoth.

After one last look to see if she had overlooked anything, Irilka knelt
before the stone slab and offered a small prayer, thanking Dragoth for his
blessings and to tell him that she had left an offering for him. As she got
back to her feet, she could hear the sounds of struggle from her newest
acquisition and it made her almost smile. It was a good start, but she had
many empty hooks to fill. Many offerings yet to make.

Writer: Azgur

Date Sun Apr 15 16:20:37 2018

Writer: Kaelowyth

Date Sun Apr 15 21:50:51 2018

To All ( Immortal Roleplay )

Subject A tale from Land's End

A cold wind blew across the last vestige of civilization upon the very
most eastern point of Verminasia's lands, a tiny refuge known only to the
most stalwart of travelers or the most foolish of adventurers. It had a
brief glimmer of fame in years past as the vaunted staging grounds from
which the Hold of Sylvestris was built, and the Follies range of mountains
were raised. Now, as during any time of the province's leader's absence,
the village was quiet and the lands followed the most meager of cycles of
life and death that they could.

However, this evening struck a different tone, as the winds were not their
normal blustery selves, and the sounds of wild beasts including the Night
Deer did not echo through the barren lands. Instead, there was a palpable
difference, as though something were greatly amiss and the very lands
themselves knew it. The winds blew hot and fetid, the very earth shook, and
even the constant crashing of waves grew into a cacophonous roar. No,
tonight was not like any other night. Tonight, something was gravely wrong.

The townsfolk, indeed All of the province's laymen could have had no idea
what was occurring. In fact, in the whole of Gyathoth there was but one who
did. And even then, he only knew because he was its cause. Its genesis.
Kaelowyth D'arvele, the founder of this keep, the redeemer and reshaper of
these lands, the one whom old wives tales claimed was as much of this land
as the very earth itself - was planning to leave.

It was the angry cries of a jealous lover or perhaps the begging pleas of a
mother unwilling to lose their child, that were personified in that elements
beyond Sylvestris Hold, and yet - this creature was indifferent. For
Kaelowyth, this departure was simply the next step. The next novelty in a
too long life begging to be drawn to its conclusion. How could the world
itself reconcile that? Something it had given itself over to, something
that had an indelible mark belonging to it -wanted- to abandon it? It was
unconscionable, it was mad, it was horrific.

Yet as the darkest point of night descended, the three moons clad in a thick
gauze of cloud cover, the wispy form of an Elf could be seen soaring over
the country side. Away from the rugged walls of Sylvestris. Away from the
folksy home of Lands End. Away from the baroque spires of Verminasia's
province entirely. And All that cloaked and shadow-like figure could think
to itself was...

How delicious it would be, to show the world its face again.

Writer: Nierwyld

Date Mon Apr 16 14:33:33 2018

To Conclave Rumptin Musen Bodrum Grushg Brutes All Imm RP Kyri

Subject A Pirate Still...To a Degree

The way was paid for and the meeting was set.

"Soon" Was All Nierwyld could think of. For far too long he struggled with
magics and the taunts of his childhood echoed in his memories once more.
Nothing else mattered but learning All he could while in the Towers, so he
flit here and there, studying the books of every discipline the towers
touched on.

He would be a great magi. Not out of one study, but out of many. He'd
study them all. He would be something the towers could be proud of. He'd
be strong and protect the Ivory, Crimson, and Ebony towers as something

The days lay ahead were to be gruesome on his brain, he decided, but it
would be well worth it in the end.

Writer: Galareth

Date Mon Apr 16 21:31:32 2018

To All Immortal Religion Storyline Cayenna Cahlizna Knighthood

Subject Shifting Sands Storyline: Scouting begins

Galareth stood on the precipice of a rock face that had been recently
uncovered by the shifting sands of the desert. The sands seemed to change
daily as if the desert itself was alive, or like a slow moving sea with
waves affected by the wind rather than the movements of the moons.

The desert heat was oppressive as it beat down like a weight against
Galareth. He could feel it warming up the limited plate he was wearing and
even feel the warmth of the sun through the light gambeson he wore against
his skin. He was thankful for each breeze that blew through and seeped into
his collar and cooled him by means of the layer of sweat that had already
soaked his clothes beneath his armor.

He looked over the vast, seemingly endless sea of sand and stood in awe of
the grandness of it all. Somewhere out in that nearly infinite expanse was
the site of Lord Nardrik's last battle. The last place He stood on this
realm before...

"Galareth!" a stern voice called from behind him, "Come. There will be
time enough to site see as we travel. We"ve a ways yet to go before we make

The voice belonged to Crown Captain Aeron Nordell, a righteous and stoic
man. Though his voice was stern it was not unkind. Galareth turned and saw
before him two divisions of Knights, each 100 strong, marching through the
sand in as organized a precession as you could make under such unsure
footing as these sands offered.

He ran and hopped down the jutting rock face till his boots sunk into the
warm sand below and made his way to the Crown Captain who was marching at
the head of the Knights. They had a few hours yet before dusk and the
blessed reprieve night would offer from the overbearing sun. Once camp had
been made they would set up a base of opperations from which the two
divisions would spread out and comb the desert for any signs of Bakali or
the greater prize they hoped to find here, and yet despite the scale of the
task ahead of him, Galareth found himself looking through the ranks of

Where was Elysia?

Writer: Taiyang

Date Mon Apr 16 22:57:33 2018

To All Immortal Religion Storyline Cayenna Cahlizna Knighthood

Subject Shifting Sands Storyline: The Shokonan Monk

The plain cloaked man left the keep under the cover of darkness. The
silence of the night broken only by the steady trot of his unassuming steed.
The darkness of the night cleared before the lantern grasped tightly in his
hand. The silence of night broken only by the stead trotting of his steed.

The eastern road was one he knew to be fraught with strife, thus the man
held the light to the surrounding darkness warily. Taiyang breathed an
audible sigh of relief has he passed the Cross Roads unmolested, grasping at
the only identifying apparel he wore around his neck, a white symbol of

As the road quickly turned to sand, night turned to day, Taiyang began to
sweat under his clothes. Taiyang found himself grateful for the cloth he
wore as opposed to his armor adorned with the Knightly colors of Gareth. He
unfurled colorful map of the Althainian continent before him, and noted the
rendevouz a single league southwest of New Thalos, chosen to ensure distance
between the coming allies, the Desert Jewel, and Storm Keep to the east.
Approaching the western gate, Taiyang offered a subdued Marhaba. To the
gate guard as he passed.

Taiyang passed through the magnificent market square of the Jewel, a single
hand on the coin purse afforded to him for this mission. He had found
himself without funds quickly upon his arrival in the Desert Jewel when he
first arrived on Althainia, and found himself suspicious of any possible
unscrupulous locals who pushed past his steed as he made his way through the
market. Grasping his staff in his hand, he kept his eyes about himself.

For now, he knew, no help would come from Gareth for at least several days
when an official party would ride forth with two captains assigned by Ser
Mamoritai. Lance Captain Deirinn had a reputation as one of the more
capable men of the keep. A true knight, Taiyang often knew this man was
often assigned out on a noble quest, rarely residing long within the
confines of the keep. Crown Captain Aeron Nordell was a man of some reknown
as a confidant of Ser Mamoritai himself. Taiyang chuckled to himself
absentmindedly, the thought of leading these lifelong knights was a strange
thought indeed, and one he had not come to terms yet.

Taiyang lowered the cloak of his hood as he entered the tavern, a
magnificent New Thalosian building two stories high, leaving his steed with
a young stablehand welcoming new guests. Discrete balls of magical light
lit the main entryway this tavern. Elaborate silk tapestries hung from the
ceiling, decorating the walls behind the reception. It was here, within the
Burning Sands, that Taiyang would prepare the quest afforded to him.

Writer: Tamaska

Date Wed Apr 18 11:09:46 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Nymaya )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Narrowbreak attack - Part 1 of 2

"There is something. " The words reached Tamaska's ears and she turned
in her saddle just in time to see the flames burst from Nymaya's hand and
come to life as a fire elemental roared into existence. The yinn turned her
head slightly from the boiling heat and as soon as her eyes at had adjusted
she saw them.. "If these 'things' engage us within the Pass, we'll be in
trouble. "

The words left Nymaya's lips only moments before Tam saw the movement to her
side. She barely had time to grab one of her flasks from her belt before
the creature slammed into the left side of her horse and the yinn's leg.
Immediately, she kicked her leg out furiously at the beast, knocking it back
a moment and allowing her a brief moment in which she threw herself of the
right side of the horse, landing in a crouch. She swatted the horses back
flank and hollered 'eyaah, ' sending it running forward.

As soon as the horse darted away, Tam was met with and tacked by some unholy
beast. She tumbled backwards with the creature on top of her. This was
when she finally got a good look at her assailant. It was clearly some sort
of undead, a walking corpse with one hell of a grudge it seemed. She held
it at arms length but it took a good bit of her strength to do so as it
thrashed and snarled, snapping its jaws at her.

All around the yinn battle was starting to break out, her ears were
twitching madly as the sounds assaulted her sensitive ears. She needed to
dispatch this beast. Moments later her fist slammed into the side of the
wight's head, crumpling the side of it. She shoved the beast off and
grabbed the flask she had dropped. Rolling to her feet, she popped the top
on the flask and shot flames towards two more advancing wights, blinding
them and sending them stumbling as the flame burned their flesh.

She turned to survey the battle, All around her were the screams of the
wights and the sounds of the clashing blades. There was but a brief moment
between attacks and she took advantage of it. She quickly grabbed a small
parchment and quill, scribbling some words hastily before rolling it up.
Out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of three wights charging at

Writer: Tamaska

Date Wed Apr 18 11:13:58 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Nymaya )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Narrowbreak attack - Part 2 of 2

"Toxvah," she called out to no one in particular as she reared back and
sucker punched one of the wights, knocking it out cold. The bat screeched
as it climbed out of the pouch and flew up above Tamaska. "Find him. Warn
them. " The small creature swooped down to grab the parchment from the
yinn's hand barely managing to take it before one of the wights launched on
to her back.

The guardian snarled loudly as claws dug into the side of her neck and one
of her ears. She swung her staff at the wight with one hand and grabbed at
the creature with the other. She managed to knock it into the third but
neither was out of commission. Red blood from the scratches seeped into her
fur, coloring the snow laden fur as the yinn stepped back, squaring off with
the two wights once again.

Everything seemed like it was moving in slow motion but yet it had all
happened quickly. They knew something was there one moment and the next
they were under full on attack. Tamaska held a hand against her side,
breathing heavily as an array of mangled of bodies lay nearby. She looked
around, her eyes quickly finding Nymaya who was fighting off a few wights of
her own. Her sword and feet work were mesmerizing to watch.

Scanning further as she moved to help an eclipsian who was injured fend off
a wight, she could see that they had taken some losses but the battle seemed
to finally be winding down. She noticed Elathan and some other
shadowknights dispatching a group of wights that had tried to retreat.
There was no way to know if others had escaped or not.. The storm was still
obscuring visibility but they had clearly done All they could.

She nodded to a few of the healers in the group and tossed one of them a
pack. "Lets assess the injured. We need to be ready because I doubt this
is over. " They nodded and split off to tend to the injured as Tam spotted
Nymaya and set off towards her.

Writer: Tahlia

Date Thu Apr 19 03:50:28 2018

Writer: Ayrora

Date Thu Apr 19 16:04:56 2018

To All Drakkara Necrucifer Verminasia Immortal Tashio Kyri Ampersand Storyline Religion

Subject Lost City - The Road III

The snow and wind were wicked as night had fallen on Ayrora and her party
rode back to camp. Salodorion led as Ayrora followed and Amos and Nefratin
flanked either side. The few volunteers she had sent ahead were probably at
the camp already and they were not too far behind. Even with the layers of
clothing and her thick cloak, the wind still chilled her to the bone.

The wind grew sharper as they were reaching camp. Amos collected the horses
and took them to the makeshift stable. As the rest made their way to the
medical tents. The warmth in the tent was welcoming as they entered the
tent and Rosie walked up to Rora helping her to removed her snow covered
cloak. "I am happy you have returned Ma'..... Ayrora." She offered Rosie
a sweet smile before saying, "I am also happy to have returned. I have
missed you.
She gave Rosie a hug. "Where shall we start?"

Rosie led her to a section of the tent where their were four men. Three of
the men look as if someone took a a dagger and slashed the poor men to bits.
"The wraith attack soldiers?" Rosie nodded with a slight frown. "These
three, I did what I could but the other will need us both."
Rora nodded in
understanding as she slowly removed one bandage at a time to repair the
damage. -It took some time for both of them to close and redress the
wounds. Time had gone by so quickly that they had not noticed that it was
almost dawn and they should get some rest but they quickly moved on to the
next soldier. The fourth soldier was asleep and had a simple wound so they
dressed it and were headed to their makeshift bed.

All of a sudden, Amos comes running in, "More wounded are here, Viscountess.
These men are a product of a harpy attack and they are All in a pretty bad
Rora looked at Amos and said, "Put them All in the second tent and
we shall be right over."
Amos nodded and headed back out of the tent.
Rora gathered a few volunteers and Rosie and headed out of the tent.

Ayrora entered the tent and looked about, their where about two dozen men,
many in dire need of care and others that were close to death. She assessed
each man and assigned the volunteers to those who needed critical care and
made sure the others, with lesser wounds, could wait until she or Rosie
could get to them. Rosie motioned for Rora to come to her in a hurry.

The first young man was near death as Rora reached and examined his wounds.
Ayrora turned to Rosie and said, "He is badly injured and his pulse is very
weak. We must work quickly." Rosie nodded in agreement. With Rosie in
his head sending him soothing thoughts Rora could work fast and hopefully
save the young soldier. The wounds All looked liked knife wounds so it made
it much easier to stitch him up. It took some time because he had so many
wounds. She mixed healing herbs and handed them to Rosie with a quick nod
she headed to the next soldier.

It was sunrise before they were done taking care of the soldier but Rora was
a bit saddened. The lost one young soldier. She also knew their would be
more fatalities before All of this was over. She turned to everyone, "Get
some sleep, we will need it."
She looked to the skies then over at the
mountain, "Who knows what else they will face before the journey is over."
Everyone went to find a spot to sleep except Rora.

Ayrora continues to look at the mountains above them, "What monsters they
will face. Dark Mistress keep them safe."

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Fri Apr 20 17:46:54 2018

To Narsh Verminasia Shadow Eclipse All Imm RP Drakkara Necrucifer

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Confrontation at the Gates

Rasavadi had seen the scouts of the refuge several times and had ignored
them. They had ridden in plain sight hiding nothing. Let their coming be
known to all. Narsh was obviously uncomfortable with this plan, not to
mention riding in general, but part of being a knight was knowing when an
obvious display was necessary just as much as stealth.

"You face a decision friend. I never had a home besides those ruins near
Verminasia. You grew up here, and as far as I can tell still consider this
" He said gently to Narsh. They could see the guards approaching
with what appeared to be the refuge's leader. "I know you fear for their
safety, but they will not be safe once the Ghul discover the passage out.
Rasavadi raised his exquisitely articulated glove and motioned to the ragtag
huts, and tents, that was the refugee camp. "Our kind was not meant to live
like -{othis-. " The last word nearly spit out with disgust.

He turned his head and full attention towards Narsh with a baleful glare and
growled, "You have come to the path of your own accord. Either we lead them
to victory or we will All die anyway.
Regardless if we return with our
shields, or on them, they deserve better.
" Unlatching the jaw of his red
dragon helm, Rasavadi removed it. "Look friend, no, brother. You have yet
to take the Vision or make the Blood Oath, but this is where you make your
choice. Tell me to leave, and I will go, but if we go into this camp there
is but one purpose and goal.
" Rasavadi sighed, he had hoped not to make
this ultimatum, but he also had no time for Narsh's notoriously thorough
examination of things either. "Here is our welcoming wagon, greet them and
make your choice.

Writer: Nymaya

Date Fri Apr 20 21:36:36 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | The Attack

Her world narrowed into a white funnel of the storm's fury, as if the
land itself were trying to push them back. The cacophony of wind, battle
and screams came upon her almost at once but into this chaos fell the drop
of her Haunt.

It whispered from the bitter dark, its tendrils a maddening dissonance that
taunted her to reach for it, to grasp what had been. So vividly could she
recall drawing on it, hearing it hum through her weapon. A state of focus
so detailed, so sharp and consuming, that it had taken decades to master was
there, so very close...

Her quarterstaff crushed the head of the nearest wight while her fire
elemental moved off from Master Blackmane to assault three more of the
undead creatures converging on a pair of Eclipsites but frustration met
restriction and in the brief moment it took her to draw the staff back,
undead hands wrapped around its end. The pitch of the battle was such that
she could not waste the time so she let it go and drew her sword.

She barely danced out of the grasp of a fallen wight, its fingers reaching
for her leg, but she was moving again and with sword in hand she weaved with
deadly purpose along the front. She saw Tamaska wrestling with a wight that
had slammed into her, she saw Jermichael and some of his Knights briefly
through the writhing undead throng and the blowing snow, and she heard
Elathan let out a rallying call but it was All momentary battle awareness -
offering nearly no time to move in any direction but the one she was

Demonfire lit in her free hand once again as she channelled frustration and
ran her fingers up along the plain elven blade, setting it alight. A wight
ran wildly at her from out of the white, she whirled out of its path to
reposition herself and struck it an ending blow before it stopped. It fell
to the ground with an otherworldly screech, aflame. The next lunged, giving
her only a moment's pause as she recognized the Eclipse uniform. She
parried it and, despite the flames on her blade, it gripped the metal. She
took the moment then to look at it, to study the gaping mouth, the pale
deathly flesh and the wrathful blue spark deep in its otherwise deadened

..this had to be the work of a terrible curse. Or a necromancer.

The realization shook her slightly but not enough to lose focus. The act of
pulling her blade free severed the fingers of the creature and, circling it,
she spun her blade with her rotation and let its momentum sever the wight's
head from behind. One last creature ran at her, mouth agape in its wild
rush but she was already moving toward it and using its own impetus against
it, let it impale itself on her blade. It's push forward slid her back
through the snow but in the process she set her hand to its head and
engulfed it in a surge of demonfire.

Writer: Nymaya

Date Fri Apr 20 21:53:04 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Narsh Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | The Tally

She snapped her fingers once, the sound unheard in the roar of the wind,
but the elemental was bound to her and it heeded the call. Nothing more
attacked from the white or from below and with a cautious certainty that the
vanguard had the threat well in hand, she set out to find her staff with the
elemental in tow.

Not surprisingly the weapon was only feet away, laying in the snow. Once
she had it back in her grasp she exhaled a heavy misting breath, sheathed
her sword and set the staff to the ground to balance her. She only stood
that way a moment before rousing, though she was beginning to feel the edges
of the exhaustion she knew was coming. There were certainly troops who
needed healing and it didn't take her long to find one once she set out. It
was in this way that Tamaska found her. Holding the side of her neck, she
knelt at Nymaya's side and the pair shared a knowing glance.

"Tallying the injured and taking stock now." Her sister of Eclipse stated,
though she practically had to yell to be heard in the roar of the wind. The
tips of her ears had begun to hurt and she pulled her hood up before turning
to Tam with a gesture at the gashes the woman was covering. It was while
she was healing the wounds that Blackmane and McCord joined them. Their
weapons were still drawn and both were splattered with gore, though the snow
was clinging to the red.

A moment was spent making sure each of them was still in working order and
then further plans formed. They would leave a single Knight of Storm to
oversee the injured and help them back to the main force while the rest
continued on. It would be immensely important to be sure that if they were
attacked on their way through the pass, they be as prepared as they could
be. It would be close quarters fighting and it was agreed that they split
up throughout the forces.

She was their guide through it though, much as the prospect left her a bit
uneasy, and while she considered the path ahead, a Yinn in Eclipse uniform
came up to the group with the tally. Five Eclipse and two Storm Keep dead,
four with potentially critical injuries and two middling that would stay
behind to help get the rest back. Too many horses had died or run off so
the majority would be on foot from here on out.

"I sent Toxvah with word to Rasavadi." Tamaska informed them even as
Elathan turned and summoned a charger. A black swirling portal opened and
from it ran an angry looking steed.

"I hope the bat can handle this storm." Nymaya murmured between the two of
them and then they All set out to get the troops moving again.

Writer: Mercerion

Date Fri Apr 20 22:05:18 2018

To All Knighthood Immortal Religion Cayenna Storyline Cahlizna

Subject Shifting Sands Storyline: Departure and Preparation

The air was crisp on the ramparts of Gareth keep, with a northerly wind
coming through the trees and ramparts. Mercerion's eyes followed the two
columns of knights which marched forth from the keep, heading towards the
sands of sorrow. It was a day long in coming, that these scouts would begin
the search for the battlefield where Nadrik stood alone against Dark
Pantheon. This thought made Mercerion bristle, is it had the habbit of
doing, and he tightened his grip upon the parapet. Before long it wouldn't
matter. These scouts were reliable men, they would find the best place to
establish a camp once the region had been mapped, and then they would set to
work. True, its likely the deserters would have to be delt with, and likely
they would have a considerable force, but there were far more knights than
the few whom were sent to scout.

With this thought, a slight smile played on Mercerion's features and he
clasped the symbol of Nadrik's faith about his neck. Soon, we will have
Your Wrath
. He prayed quietly. "And then, it will be brought to bear
against the Heathens whom would enslave this world, and see it reduced to a
dishonorable, burnt husk

With this prayer concluded, Mercerion began his descent of the tower. He
would need to meet with the other knights of the order to prepare the next
phase. Once the point was established for the camp, they would need to
begin moving supplies to build the camp, and establish patrols to secure it.

He had a few knights in mind to establish the camp. Some whom had
volunteered, and some whom had been volunteered. He made his way throgh the
museum, before slipping down from the War room towards the Temple. Therein
he knelt before the statue of Nadrik and begin to meditate. It was going to
be a long night, and he would need to find his patience not to rush into
this unprepared.

Writer: Bodrum

Date Fri Apr 20 23:15:26 2018

Writer: Ptithimir

Date Sun Apr 22 17:11:56 2018

To All Shalonesti Zandreya Rasavadi Eclipse

Subject A most natural struggle

Only the red moon was visible, and it was full, high in the night sky
over the Cross Roads. Cloaked in muted greens which shone not at All in
this blooded glow, Ptithimir was a shade too black and he flitted from tree
to tree in the dwarf forest.

To the north, at the head of an ordered formation, a ghastly yinn absent
fur, disfigured skin like sheets of wax left too long in the sun. The muted
glow of red moonlight, glinting off his chainmail armor, cast Rasavadi as an
even more ghastly figure than he already was.

The elf was overcome with disgust, a rippling wave of repulsion that made
him shiver. There stood a creature hell-bent on destroying the natural
order, determined to impose his own upon the entire world. Ptithimir
considered this for a few moments - perhaps it is natural for this Yinn to
seek order through conquest. And natural that others should struggle
against them. Perhaps to triumph and to thrive.

The deadly struggle of life asserting itself would continue, and the elf
found serenity in that, keeping watch over the Eclipse formation until

Writer: Ikkara

Date Tue Apr 24 14:02:37 2018

Writer: Narsh

Date Tue Apr 24 22:30:55 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Nymaya Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Beyond a shadow of a doubt

Narsh had taken point, as he and Rasavadi neared the Refuge. Concealed
by a dense thicket of evergreen trees, the short, twisting path was cast in
shadow by both the mountains above and the trees that lined the narrow pass
that lead deeper into the mountains. The shade brought with it a respite
from the wind and snow, as well as rest from the glare of the sun, which had
begun it's slow descent towards the horizon in the west. Here, the dirt lay
bare, freed from the snow and imprinted heavily with large bootprints - the
first indication of life, hidden away in the refuge beyond. Narsh and
Rasavadi had continued their journey in the same silence they had begun it
in, walking in silence as the narrow path forced them to dismount their
horses, and lead them by hand towards the gates of the Refuge.

They were greeted first by the scent of woodsmoke and searing flesh, the
sight of thin black smoke as it curled from the many fires of the refuge
before being quickly wicked away by the heavy winds of Icewall as they
rolled beyond the cover of the mountain and into the path of the gusts.
Soon, the din of life - voices and grunts, guttural and harsh. The scent
and sounds, Narsh reasoned, of a successful hunt. It did not take long for
them to make their way to the gates of the refuge, which stretched from one
side of the mountain to the next. Roughly hewn and hastily built from the
same Evergreen trees that nested at either side of the short path, they
indicated well the life of the beings that resided behind the thin layer of
security they offered. Constructions of necessity, lacking in adornment or
any sign of luxury.

Even in spite of his lingering doubts, Narsh could not help but grin to
himself beneath the shadow of his hood as their steps lead them hastily
towards their destination. The Refuge, a place more sacred to him than any
other. Home - and more than that, the last one that his kind had for
themselves. He had been born and raised here, and not a month had ever
passed that he had not returned, to take his turn in standing guard, to
offer his strength in the endless struggle to rebuild, or to offer his skill
in the hunt to furnish tables with that which was necessary for survival.
To him, it was more than home - it was the last bastion of his race, a small
but very real chance for the survival of a species that had been scattered
to the wind, and left quite literally out in the cold, by the Gods
themselves. He was as fiercely defensive of the place as that ideal
warranted, and while his reputation at the refuge was not pristine, he had
never been made to feel unwelcome when he returned from his travels.

His thoughts remained preoccupied by worry, as he and Rasavadi lead their
horses beyond the final turn in the path. He stopped and lowered his hood
and raised his hands to show them empty to the pair of guards that waited
some thirty feet beyond, stationed at either side of the roughly hewn gates.
Never had he returned home to do anything more than help, and he worried
that today may well mark the end of that trend. The Refuge was a fragile
thing, held aloft by the sturdiness of it's inhabitants and their will and
capability to survive in spite of the harsh environs of Icewall. They were
not here to take the weak, but rather, to gather from the Refuge those whose
strength was very much a necessity for it's continued survival. They would
garner their support not by appealing to those who sought to leave on their
own accord - but rather, by preying on their desperation and the inherent
nature of his kind to seek conflict. And every capable Yinn they took from
the Refuge would pass the burden of the loss on to another.

Writer: Narsh

Date Tue Apr 24 22:42:59 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Nymaya Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Beyond a shadow of a doubt II

Gauthrik was a simple creature. Lazy as he was tall, the lanky Yinn
often volunteered to guard the gate not because his black eyes were
particularly sharp, not because he was particularly adept in fighting, nor
because he enjoyed the cold - but because it was a simple and easy job. You
stood by, held a sword, and simply waited. Situated to his right, a Yinn
nearly his opposite tended to a small fire, and complained often about just
how boring the work could be. Naihe was a good foot shorter than Gauthrik,
though nearly twice as broad, skilled with a blade and generally considered
to be a good sort. A hard worker. Unfortunately predisposed towards trying
to be funny without having any of the skill he showed in his other pursuits
- but such a flaw was easily over looked, when juxtaposed against the Yinn's
many other talents.

Today had been particularly quiet - even by the standards of guard duty.
The cold had been particularly bitter - and the smell of venison cooking
somewhere within the Refuge combined with the less-than-appealing company of
Gauthrik had made simply standing in place silently far harder than it
needed to be. It was nearly a welcome relief, when he heard the first heavy
footfalls of someone approaching from the pass - and as he moved to gather
his weapon, he spared a brief moment to ensure Gauthrik had not simply
fallen asleep at his post. A broad grin found it's way to his muzzle as he
noted the familiar figure approaching. Narsh was nearly impossible to
mistake, not merely by grace of his size, but also by that travel-worn armor
and the missing ear - and more recently, by the strange magic that had
marked the creature, and left his fur entirely devoid of color. A welcome
sight on such a boring evening - for if nothing else, Narsh always seemed to
return with at least one story to share.

Less welcome, however, was the figure that accompanied him. Clad in armor
that Naihe had never seen the like of before, the other Yinn was a troubling
sight. A helm that should have left the creature featureless instead made a
mockery of whatever features lay beneath, and while Narsh seemed to be
grinning as he raised his hands to show himself unarmed, Naihe sensed that
something here was not quite right. A hint of worry seemed to accompany
each of the familiar Yinn's motions, a barely noticeable hesitation as he
reached to reclaim the lead of his horse and guide both it, and the
unfamiliar figure that traveled alongside him, nearer to the gate. A quick
glance towards Gauthrik informed Naihe that he was not the only one

"Kinsmen. I return." , Spoke Narsh - the grin on his features seeming
genuine, in spite of whatever anxiety seemed to plague him. "Aye, so you
do. And with company, no less." Naihe punctuated the statement with a
slight gesture of his sword towards Rasavadi, before he cleared his throat
with a quiet grunt. "Who is he?" Narsh paused, turning his gaze to the
armor-clad Yinn that traveled along with him, before he raised one of his
hands to scratch briefly along the side of his muzzle as if mulling over
what answer to give. "Hrn..This, is Rasavadi. Former master of the
Conclave, Leader of the new Eclipse, and a friend." Naihe and Gauthrik
exchanged a brief glance, before the shorter of the two grunted, and turned
to pry open the heavy gate, while the taller, moved to join him, casting a
short glance over his shoulder and back at the pair of Yinn. "Well. Hail
to you, Rasavadi.. Believe we best have Leader present to greet such an
esteemed guest, aye?"

Writer: Narsh

Date Tue Apr 24 22:53:13 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Nymaya Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Beyond a shadow of a doubt III

Narsh had ensured to close the gate behind them before leading the way
deeper into the Refuge. He'd always felt, that since he had taken to
wandering, that he had been viewed as something of a welcome oddity here.
The Yinn of the refuge could be a superstitious lot, and for as many of his
kin that relished to hear the tales of his travels, to see the strange
weapons and armors and trinkets he'd collected, there were those who kept
him at distance, worried that he had been marked by strange magic, or
viewing his tendency to travel as callow irresponsibility. Today, in the
company of a companion even stranger than himself, this seemed especially
true. Greetings were offered by some he knew - but from a distance,
accompanied often with distrustful glances towards Rasavadi. Even as the
two lead their horses to the center of the ramshackle town, where many Yinn
gathered to simply speak or see who the newest victim of the large wooden
gibbet was - they were given wide berth.

From where they stood, the vast majority of the Refuge was visible. Heavily
trodden snow and mud marked the winding pathways that lead beyond the
makeshift dwellings, some of the unkempt trails marked by stakes, and
others, by simple wear of the steps of those who wandered them. Smoke from
the many fires clung to the air, creating a thin veil that rolled slowly
across the refuge, stirred on occasion by a particularly stubborn breeze
that managed to find it's way into the heart of the mountains and beyond the
gates. The scent of venison cooking somewhere in the camp lingered in the
air, offering a much needed respite from the harsh scent of the bloated
corpse that swung freely from the gibbet in the center of the town. Narsh
noted dimly that it was a relatively fresh kill - likely some Nordmaarian
who wandered too close.

His thoughts lingered on home only a few moments longer, as he swept his
gaze towards the northern end of the town, and noted to himself that he
could count two new roofs of partially finished homes in the distance.
Slowly, they returned to the mission at hand - of what he would say to the
leader, of what he would say to Rasavadi. Of whether he could simply allow
his kinsmen to follow them, to risk life and limb for an organization they
likely knew little of, for a cause they likely cared little for, and in
doing so - allow the burden of survival to weigh even heavier on the
shoulders of those that remained. How many would be swayed by the simple
offer of a way out? Could the Refuge survive another winter, should even
twelve of it's most capable inhabitants were to disappear All at once?
Could he keep the ones that did follow safe? The last thought, in
particular, caused him to shift uneasily where he stood, as he glanced
towards Rasavadi from the corners of his eyes.

He was surprised to see Rasavadi's own eyes peering back at him, like
darkened pools of pitch from beneath the shadow of the Yinn's articulated
helm. "You face a decision friend. I never had a home besides those ruins
near Verminasia. You grew up here, and as far as I can tell still consider
this home." Narsh cast a brief glance back towards the North - in time to
catch sight of Gauthrik and Naihe - and four other guards, as they
approached with the leader of the Refuge in tow. It was a welcome chance to
avoid Rasavadi's gaze for the moment - but soon, that raspy voice came
again, and Narsh at last turned his attention directly to Rasavadi. "I know
you fear for their safety, but they will not be safe once the Ghul discover
the passage out."

Writer: Narsh

Date Tue Apr 24 22:58:22 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Nymaya Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Beyond a shadow of a doubt IV

Rasavadi raised his exquisitely articulated glove and motioned to the
ragtag huts, and tents, that was the refugee camp. "Our kind was not meant
to live like -this-." The last words carried a hint of disgust, and Narsh
could feel his lips curl back just slightly from his teeth in the faintest
hint of a snarl as he heard them. Rasavadi responded in turn, gaze growing
baleful as he centered his attention on Narsh - and growled the next words
with no hint of the gentleness that had accompanied those that came before.
"You have come to the path of your own accord. Either we lead them to
victory or we will All die anyway. Regardless if we return with our
shields, or on them, they deserve better." .

A quiet grunt was All the response Narsh could offer in the moment, though
he could feel the the snarl drawing across his features, the familiar rush
of anger as it flooded his thoughts. Of course they deserved better. Of
course they were not meant to live like this. But would leading them in
battle do anything at All to resolve either? Unlatching the jaw of his red
dragon helm, Rasavadi removed it. Narsh barely noticed the pause that
seemed to settle across not only the approaching guards and leader - but all
of those in the Refuge who could see Rasavadi's scarred features as they
were revealed. "Look friend, no, brother. You have yet to take the Vision
or make the Blood Oath, but this is where you make your choice. Tell me to
leave, and I will go, but if we go into this camp there is but one purpose
and goal." Rasavadi sighed, and for a brief moment, Narsh felt his anger,
which had began to raise in earnest and boil towards a frenzy, relent.
Shoved from his thoughts to make room for a simple realization. None of
them, himself included, had time for his tendency to approach every issue
with such caution. Nymaya, Tamaska, and the rest of Eclipse - along with
Shadow, marched now for Dae'tok. He would have to decide which was more
important to him - their success, or his home - and do so quickly, so that
he and Rasavadi could return to where they were needed.

"Here is our welcoming wagon, greet them and make your choice."

Writer: Narsh

Date Tue Apr 24 23:07:07 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Storyline Imm RP Necrucifer ( Nymaya Rasavadi Tamaska )

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Beyond a shadow of a doubt V

"Narsh." Another familiar voice, this one belonging to a figure of a
tall, battle-scarred Yinn. The Self-made leader of the Refuge. Tinged with
caution, which was reinforced by the flaming spear he held at the ready.
Guathrik and Naihe and the rest of the guards as well - clad in their heavy
furs and their scavenged weapons at the ready - though there was little
hostility in any of their demeanor. Simple caution. "Elder." , Narsh
responded, turning his gaze from Rasavadi, and taking a few steps to close
the distance between himself and his kinsmen. "Are we interrupting?" "Not
in the least. I believe Rasavadi would like to speak with you." . Narsh
raised his hand in a sweeping gesture, as if to indicate not only the
leader, but the guards that had accompanied him as well. For a moment, he
let his attention wander from the group, and towards the gathering at large.
There were not enough Yinn in the Refuge to truly gather a crowd - but the
combination of Rasavadi, himself, the assembled guards and the appearance of
the leader, had drawn as near to it as was possible.

"About?" "We need help." "You know we have little to spare." "I know." .
"And, with that in mind, what would you ask of us?" Narsh cast a glance
back to Rasavadi as the leader spoke the question - but it was brief, before
he returned his attention back to those of the Refuge. He didn't care for
just how much attention he seemed to be garnering. The leader and the
guards that accompanied him regarded Narsh curiously as he moved to the
center of the square, into the shadow of the gibbet and near the corpse that
hung from it. Wordlessly, he drew a small knife from his belt - and cut the
rope that held the bloated corpse aloft, a disgusted grunt following as it
tumbled heavily to the ground. Carefully, he moved to grab the remains of
the rope, and haul the corpse from the center of the square, appending the
motion with a small toss that sent it tumbling across the hard ground to lay
unceremoniously to the side.

"We seek to reform Eclipse." He spoke the words as he first wiped his
clawed hand against the cloth of his cloak - and then the blade of his
knife, before returning it to his belt. When he turned his gaze back to
those gathered, he saw confusion more than interest, a hint of concern where
he had hoped to see excitement at the prospect. "We march now along with
The Knights of Shadow, and the might of the Verminasian Empire, to reclaim
Dae'tok." Hushed whispers, a snarl from a elderly Yinn near the back of the
gathering crowd. "We come seeking those who wish to test their strength of
arm, those who wish to see our home - and those, who wish to pledge their
service to the Master, Necrucifer." . Narsh paused in his words, to take a
deep breath, and to study the expression of the Leader - who seemed only to
regard him with a mix of confusion and distrust. At length, he turned
towards Rasavadi, and offered a nearly helpless shrug before he gestured for
the so-far-unofficial leader of Eclipse to join him. "Speak well, Rasavadi.
We're not likely to be returning here after this." . He'd offer, as he
moved to step past the armor-clad Yinn and out of the center of attention
he'd created, moving to stand to the side of the bloodied ground that marked
the center of the square.

Writer: Wyltte

Date Wed Apr 25 18:14:49 2018

To All Necrucifer Imm RP Religion Eclipse Kyri

Subject Lost City - Lost I

Wyltte sat with his back leaning against the icy wall of the cathedral,
his left shoulder exposed to the chilled air within the holy place. Next to
him lay a metal pan filled with strips of his flesh, the red blood mixed
with black ooze, bits of barbs and steel, dirt and debris from the battle.
Zisuli spent her evening carefuly carving away the infection with precision,
fishing the rotten bits from the wound.

His breath was labored but he did breathe easier now. Irilka and Zisuli
both knew that the infection would have killed him eventually, and that he
should have seen a cleric much sooner. Wyltte chose to stay in the saddle
until the caravan was secure because he did not want his soldiers to see him
wounded. He needed to be strong for them, to see him an an invicible force
so they could keep up the morale. But he was not. He was mortal.

Wyltte sat in the comforting chill of the temple, leaning his head back,
bits of frost starting to form in his salt and pepper hair. He had given
his life to the church, everything he had to make sure he could aid the
Darkness. He had dedicated the entirety of his being to teaching His Will.
He had been a Bishop for years... Years now, sending out missives,
performing holy works in His name, leading the army of His city, and giving
everything he had without asking anything in return. He was a believer,
through and through. As he sat there, lost in thought, he began to wonder
aloud. "Is it enough?"

The words spoken so softyly amplified in the hallowed place, bounced off the
cerulean cracks in the walls of the cathedral and repeated themselves in a
loud silence. He knew it wasn't a crisis of faith but a matter of
reflection. What could he do now? Where does he go from this point? Would
he stand and call others to Darkness for eternity while his body ages faster
than his mind?

He stands up slowly from his spot on the wall, his left foot accidently
kicking the pan of infected flesh beside him. Is this why he didn't rush to
get help, or was it because he wanted to feel something after being lost for
so long? Questions to which no one has the answers to. Questions to which
perhaps he didn't want to know.

Wyltte looked over to Zisuli who was cleaning up her razor sharp
instruments, the crimson on the blade in sharp contrast to her snow white
hair and the blueish hue from the iced walls. The blood stood out, cried
out almost, in that space, almost as much as the dull pain in his shoulder
where she had been digging about with her tweezers, trying to save his life
from the corrupted earth.

He would soon rejoin the caravan after a short respite. The soldiers would
hardly notice he was missing, given their hyper-vigilance after the harpy
attack. He would don his armor, wear the robes of his station as a Bishop,
and continue along a road to the unknown. He would do this, because either
he was very lost, or because the road he rode down had never been trod

Writer: Lilya

Date Thu Apr 26 17:08:29 2018

Writer: Lilya

Date Thu Apr 26 17:24:57 2018

Writer: Elathan

Date Fri Apr 27 20:39:05 2018

Writer: Elathan

Date Fri Apr 27 20:46:24 2018

Writer: Elathan

Date Fri Apr 27 21:04:04 2018

Writer: Thrakhath

Date Sat Apr 28 10:54:01 2018

To All Taiyang Immortal Religion Storyline Cayenna Cahlizna Knighthood

Subject Shifting Sands Storyline: Interrupted Winds, Taiyang Zhao

The yinn stared at the map on the War Room. Little flags representing named
personnel of the Keep littered across the map of Algoron. The yinn was deep
in thought, considering his options and various tactical matters.

A slight shrug, a tilt of his head as he thought how much better he would
be at ease to be in the frontlines himself. But he knew that he was needed
more at a strategic level, planning and coordinating, in his current station.

One particular flag on the map called out to him. Plans were in motion for
this knight from the orient - Taiyang Zhao. Quite a odd one, in that he
practiced a far more dextrous form of the bardic lore, yet sought to serve
the Pantheon in his full capacity, the yinn thought to himself. This young
bard's service records have been exemplary, and shown consistency over the
moons. The aged paladin glanced at the code and measure on the southern
wall of the War Room. This knight's time has come. He would be called on to
serve a higher calling.

He proceeded to remove the flag representing Taiyang Zhao's position in the
city of New Thalos. The yinn beckoned for the attention of one of the
attending squires at the side of the War Room. A summons would be issued.
The shifting sands will wait for a moment for Taiyang Zhao.

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Sat Apr 28 19:32:03 2018

To Shadow Verminasia Eclipse All Imm RP Necrucifer Drakkara Scorn Kyri

Subject A Sunset Dawns (1/2)

'I have something that you need to take. Meet me east of the eastern
gates of Verminasia in five minutes time.
' The voice of the most ancient
of Highlords drifted to Rasavadi's mind. The last time any of the Eclipse
had spoken with him, he had declared Nymaya enemy. 'Aye' Rasavadi replied,
he would answer the summons. Even if unpredictable, and occasionally
seeming insane, he was still the last of the Highlord's.

'I remember a certain Dragoness handing you a copy of certain writings. '
Narsh said continuing their conversation, while Rasavadi hastily donned his
armor. 'Eh? Going to battle? ' asked Narsh. 'I go to meet Highlord

After putting himself together Rasavadi traveled the pathways of magic to
Verminasia and awaited Crelius' arrival in the Temple of High Magics while
paying homage to the Queen of Heaven. After a while, he heard Crelius
arrive at Necrucifer's temple, and was then instructed to join him.

'Warden. ' Rasavadi said in greetings to Crelius slightly apprehensively
considering they were at war as far as he knew.

'D'Aerthe. You've done your name well, ' began Crelius.

'I have done little, it is my siblings who do me honor. '

'As I've told you... I've known your ancestors. And I've seen your
efforts. You understand the precepts of what once was clan Eclipse?

Rasavadi pondered the question a bit. The only answer he had to give wasn't
much of one, but he would not lie. 'Frankly, I have largely been winging
it. None of us have resided in those hallowed halls.
I have examined
history, taking the good, and am doing my best to fix the bad,
and I try to
do honor by those who lie beneath our feat
' he answered rapidly, the anxiety
of his shortcomings obvious on his lips.

Crelius crossed his arms while listening and replied, 'You know more then
you say.
' Pausing a moment, he continued forcefully 'You are of the blood
of the old families. Your path is rightful.
' He took a deep breath, and
continued in a more somber tone, 'I was once a leader of a dead clan. One
that I fought for until the very end.
I knew its importance... As you do.

'She never died Sir, she always lived in our hearts. ' Rasavadi consoled,
the pain evident in both their tones.

Crelius face re-steeled and he peered coldly at Rasavadi saying, 'Tell me
your plan.

'In these times I don't suspect raising a new clan is possible. Though I
have told few this.

'Aye it isn't. Never the less the belief is there. '

Rasavadi hesitated a moment before actually answering the question with, 'I
would see the Storm open, and work from within to reraise Skull Keep in

'Skull Keep. Hmmm. '

'The Priest-King, you, Nymaya and Tamaska know the true plan. The rest of
the world thinks what I have led them to believe.

'Led them to believe? ' Crelius questioned in a not so approving tone.

'That I would essentially weaken the darkness by creating another entity to
draw bodies from.
' Rasavadi answered quickly. He himself never approved
of the duplicity involved in politics, but obsfucation of details which
allow for imaginations to make up their own stories wasn't lying.

'Hmmmm. That has never been god's path. Tell me more, D'Aerthe... Of your

'I suppose they are simple, I will serve God and do what I am able to bring
about His return.

'And your thoughts of Storm Keep?? ' Rasavadi knew this question was bound
to appear. He had been extremely critical of the Purists, and the Sons of
Malice, over the past year and had even received a warning from Crelius
about his rhetoric.

'The current Dark Lord, Chancellor and us have a good relationship. I do
not believe them to be "true" purists either.

Crelius chuckled and replied, 'Neither do I. But how could they ever know
what that word means?

Rasavadi continued on, 'There will be resistance from some, but in the end,
I think they see the fallacy of much of it.

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Sat Apr 28 19:33:19 2018

To Shadow Verminasia Eclipse All Imm RP Necrucifer Drakkara Scorn Kyri

Subject A Sunset Dawns (2/2)

Rasavadi continued on, 'There will be resistance from some, but in the
end, I think they see the fallacy of much of it.
They were right in their
way and took it too far, as was Gohdam when he let the cultists in.

Crelius appeared to be lost in thought contemplating something. After a
short time, he began to speak again. 'I was given something. One time. It
was the mark of the Highlord of Eclipse.

'Aye, The Hammer' Rasavadi interjected, glad for the uncomfortable silence
and judgment to be over.

'A weapon that symbolized the position of such stature. Vokkyn Dra'Har gave
it to me. I've kept it ever since.
' A brief pause and then Crelius
chuckled, 'He gave it to a human of All unlikely folk. That must raise some

Rasavadi's ire rose at the implied belief that he wasn't worthy of the
hammer. 'Though you claim to have led a dead clan, by All reports you were
one of the last good Highlord's.

Crelius shook his head shrugging off the compliment. 'None of that matters.
My question to you... Is are you prepared to raise the
flag of the Eclipse
once again?

Rasavadi pondered a moment. The reestablishment of Eclipse had been many a
person's goal, and his own, for ages. A pipe dream at first until he had
found fellow dreamers. Most of which seemed to gravitate towards his,
apparently strong, leadership skills. His grandfather had once told him
that "leadership was a choice, not a rank" and that even if you didn't
believe in yourself, that the faith of others was a responsibility to be
fulfilled. Yet this, if he answered, if he took The Hammer there was no
going back. Who was he to claim the mantle of Highlord? Who was he to
raise the banner, to lead his brothers and sisters into battle, to their
deaths potentially? All these things raced through his head and then the
inevitable echoed through his head. You are d'Aerthe, you are Eclipse, and
he answered with tears glistening in his eyes. 'Yes Highlord. '

Crelius unsheathed The Hammer and gave it a not only a wistful smile but a
forlorn look. 'Then you'll need a proper armament' he said handing over the
legendary weapon to Rasavadi. 'Don't do your family wrong, do not do me

Crelius looked over at the statue of Necrucifer, in the next room Drakkara's
statue could be seen at his right hand. Seemingly satisfied by this he
bellowed, 'For the lord! '

Rasavadi raised the weapon high in salute to the Highlord, Necrucifer, and
Drakkara then vowed, 'For God, for the living, and for the dead, I promise
to carry the weapon and the banner. It shall strike fear into the hearts of
our enemies, and embolden our troops.

Crelius exclaimed lastly, and then passed into the tombs to await the call
of service once again, 'Strike fear into their hearts. '

Thus passed Highlord Crelius Atennim, and rose Highlord Rasavadi d'Aerthe.

Writer: Wyltte

Date Sat Apr 28 20:39:59 2018

To Verminasia All Necrucifer Imm RP Religion

Subject Lost City - Lost II

Wyltte rode quietly in the saddle, the bumpy terrain jostling his
shoulder, sending small shockwaves up his arm. He tried to pay it no
attention, nor let his soldier's see his pain. It kept him awake, it kept
him alert, and it kept him from letting his mind wander too much.

Wyltte had always felt like an orphan. In many way, he was one. These
soldiers at his side he tried to consider as family, men and women willing
to lay down their life for one another. It was a good sentiment,
brotherhood, but there were flaws in its reasoning. Many here would kill to
have his position, to ascend to the rank of Legate and lead the Deathwatch
with prestige and glory. And he could not blame him. It was the nature of
evil to not be stagnant.

The Queen had informed Wyltte that since she had taken up the throne, the
family lands of the Kayens, Iagothal, had now fell to him to take care of.
Wyltte was now Count Kayen. This new struck him in the chest like a spear,
piercing the heart of his troubles. A man with such humble beginnings being
asked to rule. He felt like an imposter, a pauper playing prince. He bore
the name of Kayen proudly and used the entirety of his being trying to live
up to its dark reputation, serving Necrucifer with each breath. There was
something inside of him that pulled him back though, tugged at the strings
of his memory like a marionette.

The road had cleared up and the weather held. Bits of snow blew off the
mountain pass but did not slow down the caravan. Any day now they would be
through. Wyltte informed the masses not to sleep on the ground, and only
drink water imported from Verminasia. Until they learn the extent of the
corruption, he did not want to take any chances.

Along the route, there had been several Highlanders and Vikings who decided
to put their fighting skills to good use and work as a mercenary. Wyltte
used a few of them as guides after vetting their intentions, and the others
he used as an expendable force. He also believed this could buy a bit of
goodwill from the locals, though he knew in his heart of hearts eventually
they would turn on them. Might as well get some work out of them in the
meantime. `. F

One such Viking was walking along the outer rim of the caravan with a large
war hammer slung over his shoulder. He was a massive man with a forked
beard that hung down to the middle of his chest. Something caught Wyltte's
eye as he trudged along. In the center of his breastplate was a signal of a
large wolf, encircled by ancient looking runes. It reminded him of his
vision, or memory, or whatever it was that happened to him when the arrow
passed through his shoulder. Wyltte called the man over to him.

"Son of the North, what is the meaning of those symbols?" Wyltte asks the
main, gesturing to the sigil on his chest.

"They be runes ov protection, there to be vatching over us during battle,
Lord Kayen. Each clan be having their own signil"
he responds. He places a
fist to the symbol of the wolf is, looking up to Wyltte on Horseback.

Wyltte leaned over in his saddle to look at the sigil a little closer. "So
each of your clans have our own? Are they All wolves?"
He inquires,
eyeing the sigil closely.

"Nay Nay, Your Lordship. Each clan be having their own. Ve follow those ov
the Volf. Strong, Cunning, and be hunting in packs. Other clans be
following others. Owls, Hawks, Stags... Each be having their own family."
Wyltte nods, looking at the Viking carefully.

"And what of the bear? What clan is that part of?" He asks. The Viking
makes a quick sign that looks to ward off spirits, stepping back into the
crowd without so much as another word. Wyltte looked to call after him once
again, but instead took a moment to contemplate what had transpired. There
was something he was missing.

Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Ayrora

Date Mon Apr 30 11:14:54 2018

To All Drakkara Necrucifer Verminasia Immortal Tashio Kyri Ampersand Storyline

Subject Lost City - The Road IIII

Ayrora walked into the second tent, which was empty of personnel and
patients, and started to pack up the instruments that were no longer in use.
Most of the camp was still sleeping due to the long night the eve before but
she was determined to be ready when the caravan started to migrate yet
again. She was just about done with what she was doing when Amos walked in.
"Blessed morn Viscountess." She looked to him as she packed the last of
the instruments, offering him a soft smile. "Blessed morn Amos."

With the others caring for the soldiers left in the other tent, Rora and
Amos continued tear down of the second tent. Nefratin walked in and saluted
Rora and grabbed a few of the closed cots and loaded them into the wagon.
Once the cots, stove, and makeshift tables were loaded, the rest of the
supplies were loaded into the supply wagon then the men went to tear down
the tent. Ayrora returned to the original tent to see what she could do.

Most of the soldiers had returned to duty and those that could not return to
duty, who wished to stay on, joined the medical caravan. The wind had
picked up and it sounded like howling wolves. Amos ran to check on the
horses and to put their thick rugs on. He fed them a warm mash before
returning to the warmth of the tent. Ayrora heard that strange howl again
but knew, this time, it was not the wind. It was late and many had picked a
cot to rest in and had fallen asleep. Even her guards had fallen asleep.

Again she heard it. She stood up from the makeshift table, quietly pulled
her thick cape around her, and walked out to see where this howl was coming
from. The howl was coming from the left close to where the horses where so
she headed in that direction. As she walked around the leanto she heard it
again, it was getting closer and the horses were growing restless. "Dark
Mistress in Your name I shall protect this camp."
She prayed.

Everything went silent except the horses who where now spooked. She turned
to calm Braedan but was knocked to the ground the second she went to turn.
Whatever it was knocked the wind out of her and she was trying her best to
try to catch her breath. She finally was able to see the enraged wolf. It
was surrounded by a strange black and purple aura that she had only seen in
that one soldier.

Rora raised her arm to protect her face and grabbed her dagger with the
other. She swung the dagger at it but it jumped back away from it. Rora
quickly stood up waiting to see what his next move was as he charged at her.
She protected herself again with her left arm but this time he tore into her
forearm as she winced in pain. She took full advantage of his position and
stabbed it twice in the back causing him to release her arm and howl in
agony. He ran at her again but this time she was prepared. She sidestepped
the wolf, grabbed his head, and slashed his throat and watched as he landed
with a thud.

She glanced down at the poor wolf as she pulled her cape tightly around her
before heading back to the tent.

Writer: Elathan

Date Mon Apr 30 19:22:49 2018

Writer: Elathan

Date Mon Apr 30 19:22:57 2018

Writer: Elathan

Date Mon Apr 30 19:23:01 2018

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Tue May 1 17:25:05 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Ghislaine Drakkara Necrucifer Imm RP

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | The Ultimatum (1)

As Narsh and Rasavadi entered the refuge the condition of the place was
worse than he had imagined. The Yaenni families of the Eclipse definitively
descended from some in this place but had never bothered to return. Looking
around he had seen a few young and strong enough to wage war, but far too
few. Still, the last surviving memories of dae'Tok's layout lived here he
only hoped he had time to convince some to join.

The people reacted to Narsh with a mixture of curiosity and contempt. The
children obviously were enthralled. The stories from outside the makeshift
walls would be a welcome respite from the drudgery of hand to mount
existence, not to mention the potential for goodies from outside. He
himself, however, there was only fear and anger radiating from the populace.
As the leader, and some more guards, approached he noticed their substandard
weaponry and armor first and was glad he had squirreled away some weapons
for those that not only joined them, but those left behind to guard the
elderly, and those too young to fight. Rasavadi removed his helmet slowly
revealing his melted and torn face. He hoped they now at least knew he was
a fellow Yaenni and not just some full outsider in fancy armor. As he
tucked the helm under his sword arm, in a gesture of peace, he heard the
fearful cries of the children.

Narsh explained who Rasavadi was, what they sought to do, and who they
sought to do it with. The expected rabble was heard. A reaction to
non-Yaenni entering dae'Tok. After he was done, Narsh turned towards
Rasavadi and finished, "Speak well, Rasavadi. We're not likely to be
returning here after this." Rasavadi nodded to Narsh and remounted
Choliaria so All could see him, and began his bid.

"I have heard the mutterings of some of you as we approached and entered the
village. 'Who is this, what could they want, why is Narsh wearing the same
blue trappings as this thing in its pretty armor? '" Rasavadi the questions
resonate for a moment from the acid-scarred vocal chords.

"I am Rasavadi d'Aerthe, Brother and defacto Highlord of the Eclipse. In
ages past, after dae'Tayana's assault upon Algoron, the ancient bloodlines
were welcomed into the fold by San Gohdam and The Targeter. To serve with
distinction an honor. D'Aerthe, d'Fale, Sho'Ghul, dra'Har and others!" A
hush had settled upon most of the crowd. He could tell few knew what
families he was talking about, but some of the elders showed recognition
upon their face.

"Narsh has spoken the truth. The Eclipse rises again! Together with the
Knights of Storm Keep and the Dark City of Verminasia we march to reclaim
dae'Tok." Anger was rising in the mutterings now. Ignoring them he
motioned in a circular fashion to the surrounding areas. "You have done
well, created a life for yourself, and have continued to exist despite
Nordmaar and Ganth's attempts to end you. Yet... You are weak, you are
broken. You fear the outside world, and I'm certain that if it wasn't for
Narsh's presence you would have attempted to kill me by now." The anger was
apparent now, and intentional. These were All truths they needed to hear,
problems that could be rectified.

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Tue May 1 17:29:59 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Ghislaine Drakkara Necrucifer Imm RP

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | The Ultimatum (2)

"Yet, the path to the future does not end here. The path to the future
lies in reclaiming your past. More importantly, much like ourselves, in
correcting the mistakes of said past." He paused a moment to let the crowd
stir down a moment, and let the message sink in. "For aeons untold, we as a
species have tried to live in isolation, in seclusion. Many others have
tried the same to varying degrees of success. In the end, this system ends
in failure, defeat, and death." He let the last words trail out, pausing
again for effect.

Darkness was falling quickly. Rasavadi noticed the Ebony Moon was full and
casting its eldritch light upon the gathering. A single ray cast down and
landed upon a young girl reflecting off a tarnished silver chain which led,
apparently, to an amulet covered, but not fully hidden, by her cloth robes.
Tracing the ray of ebony light back to the moon the constellation of Devion
could be seen behind it. Thoughts raced through his mind. "A portent for
certain. This young girl is not of the refuge itself, her robes are worn
yet of better quality than the homespun wool of her peers. That amulet...
Could it be a d'Aerthe crest? There is time for that later.
" Looking back
to the crowd, others began to notice Rasavadi's attention upon the young
girl. "No matter what happens here, this one comes with us. " he whispered
to Narsh motioning to the youngling.

Turning his attention in full back to the crowd he continued. "The Ghul, as
they are called, are warped and twisted entities of those yaenni who were
present at the cataclysm. They are hell-bent on our ancient mission of
conquest. They are not yaenni any longer, and frankly, it is not truly
known if they are fully alive or not. The fact of the matter is they have
already found the way out of dae'Tok. Something guides them. Be it a lich
lord, necromancer, or their own kind. You are not safe here, not for long."
He could see some of the younger Yinn nod in confirmation. "I can judge by
the reaction of a few of you that something of these Ghul is known. Your
scouts may be able to divert them, and even slay their scouts for a time,
but not forever."

Rasavadi's ears reacted before his brain could process the panicked screams
of Toxvah, his bat familiar. Looking around he caught sight of the little
wonder who had brought so much joy and companionship in his life during the
dark hours when he was Master of the Conclave. Forgetting about the crowd
for a second he uttered the words to a cantrip shooting a flare of light
into the darkening skies to guide her way.

Toxvah landed, chittering, panic-stricken and nearly frozen to death.
Rasavadi took the small parchment she had dropped and glanced between Toxvah
and the girl he had noticed earlier. Toxvah looked inquisitively between
the two, took flight, and landed on the girls shoulder much to her dismay.

Rasavadi attempted to open the blood-stained parchment calmly, but his mind
was in a far worse state. "Brother... Wights, battle" what wasn't smeared
to oblivion read. Sniffing the parchment he realized the blood was
Tamaska's. Rage filled his mind and murder filled his heart. Turning to
Narsh he growled out a scream, "Mount up, weapon up, we ride! " They had
taken too long and his Siblings of Blood and Steel were in danger. Reaching
into his saddlebags Rasavadi pulled out a spirit hoard tossed it into the
air and uttered the words to dispel the magical field which made it possible
to store so much in so little space. Out fell more weapons, armor, and food
that this place had problem seen since its inception.

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Tue May 1 17:31:53 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Ghislaine Drakkara Necrucifer Imm RP

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | The Ultimatum (3)

"Much like Narsh on the way here, you now face a choice, a hard choice.
I do not envy you for having to make it, but it must be made.
" He
bellowed, All care and concern for these beings pandering and fear lost in
battle rage and his own. "Those of you that will be Yinn and fight with us,
arm themselves. Those of you that stay, arm yourselves. Because death
comes if we fail just as assuredly if I were to strike you down myself.
Though I would at least make it clean and merciful.

He turned to the young yaenni girl upon whose shoulder Toxvah sat. "You
girl, what is that necklace?
" She couldn't even speak as she trembled and
fumbled at the silvery chain. Toxvah chittered peacefully nuzzling her in
encouragement and she was finally able to get the small pendant out from
under her shirt. There it was, the midnight-blue shield bearing a tri-lunar
eclipse, the d'Aerthe crest. He peered directly into her eyes and said,
"You girl are d'Aerthe, my blood sister. Your other siblings are in danger.
Ride with me to your family, your destiny, or stay here and die with them.
The choice is yours as it was for them."

"This is your last chance! Reclaim what is yours or live in fear for the
rest of your short lives!" Rasavadi grabbed a warpstone from a pouch and
held it in his hand. Then lifted the parchment to his nose and concentrated
on the scent of his wounded sister. Uttering the prayer, "Drakkara, Holy
Mother, Queen of Heaven guide my magics
" he cast the spell and tore open a
huge dimensional portal, hopefully, to wherever his Sisters were. "When you
enter this portal we will be surrounded, and we will have them right where
we want them! When you enter this portal, some of you will not come back.
We are Eclipse, we die, that's what we're here for! But the Eclipse lives
forever. And that means... YOU LIVE FOREVER! " Rasavadi bellowed as he
spurred Choliaria into the rift to join the battle.

That last little part goes out to Gunny.

Writer: Elathan

Date Tue May 1 21:19:47 2018

Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Sierus

Date Tue May 1 21:38:17 2018

Writer: Lilya

Date Wed May 2 07:43:37 2018

Writer: Lilya

Date Thu May 3 01:16:18 2018

Writer: Jermichael

Date Thu May 3 21:23:37 2018

Writer: Ptithimir

Date Fri May 4 21:58:50 2018

Writer: Rasavadi

Date Sat May 5 00:50:47 2018

To All Eclipse Verminasia Shadow Imm RP

Subject Lost City - Vanguard | Arrival and Death

Rasavadi and Narsh charged through the poral bloodlust in their eyes.
Quickly assessing the situation at hand they appeared to be some distance
away from the battle, and though obviously hard fought the Storm and Eclipse
had held their lines well. Narrowing his eyes he could pick out the Dark
Lord, Chancellor, Keeper and Guardian tidying up the battle, yet there was
still shadows flittering through the storm.

Hoping there was someone behind him besides Narsh he bellowed, "Well? Do
you bastards want to live forever!?
" Spurring Choliaria he charged forward
into the area of darkest shadows where the enemy seemed to be regrouping.

Rasavadi's desire for battle, for revenge, had been rewarded in spades.
Entering the mists he quickly found himself surrounded. Narsh's battle cry
was echoed by those that had followed through the portal. He gripped his
steeds flanks tightly with his thighs using his weight by leaning to steer
her striking on both sides of him with his poleaxe and bec de corbin. Using
the raven-headed corbin he drug one of the wights out of the air, and pinned
it through a second before loosing his grip on the weapon. Nearly being
unseated by the unexpected drag on his off hand weapon he missed his mark
with the other before impaling a third and had to discard that weapon as

Then the wights were over him. Clawing at his armor and Choliara's barding
trying to pull them both down. She reared, stomped, and kicked several dead
while Rasavadi slammed them with his shield. Using its pointed bottom to
destroy the skulls of his enemies while attempting to grab a weapon.
Inevitably they were both drug to the ground and Rasavadi jumped from the
saddle to avoid being pinned. Choliara was on her own, and not winning the
fight. Her barding was only effective if she was upright and her tender
underbelly was being torn to shreds by the claws of the damned. Horrific
screams from her mingled with those of the wights as she fought a losing
battle for her life. Rasavadi had only one choice he finally unlatched a
double bladed axe from its harness and heaved with All his might
decapitating her.

Rasavadi's vision narrowed as his rage boiled boiled over, murder was his
only though, and he would send the corpses of these defilers to rot.
Reaching down he felt the shock of the Hammer of Eclipse as the unholy
magics layed upon it tried to resist, but he was too far gone to care about
the pain. He raised the weapon high and blackened lightning ran around his
arm and through his armor. As smoke began to billow out between the
articulation plates as his flesh burned its blackened steel head eclipsed
the sun like the ebon moon and he yelled {"RFOR GOD!
" and charged back into
the fray on foot.

Rasavadi was a blur upon the field. Knocking wights into the air with his
shield, and then driving The Hammer down destroying their bodies. Blood and
gore rained into the air with each foe felled. Looking forward he saw his
actual quarry. One of the wights was armored and larger than the rest, and
they commenced to the dance of death. Seemingly it lasted for hours, the
test of defenses, but truely it was only seconds before Rasavadi got his

Harmlessly the wights blade glanced off Rasavadi's dragonskin armor and he
took his opening knocking the wight into the air as he had done so many
before. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as the wight just hung there
thrashing. Curiously a song, of sorts, growled unbidden from his lips as he
raised the Hammer to intercept the falling body. Suddenly the snow in the
air crystalized into dagger, hovered a moment, and then slammed into the
wight like a thousand needles shredding its flesh, and then the Hammer hit
its mark turning the wight into a blackened mist of gore.

Finally hanging the Hammer from his belt hook he walked back to the vanguard
a visage of hate, sorrow, and smouldering gore.

Writer: Sierus

Date Sat May 5 16:31:30 2018

Writer: Theya

Date Sun May 6 14:57:35 2018

To All Marauders and Shadow - Raije and Necrucifer ( Ryim Admin Imm )

Subject The Death of Ryim Lemur [ Part One ]

The hallways of Fort Ironclad were relatively quiet. Some life remained
in the taverns and the guilds, but the great war machines had long since
grown cold and silent. What patrols were active were predictable to a
moment and it took only a short while to learn where they would pass and
when. None bothered to delve into the depths of the Fort itself to the
point that the quiet of Raije's temple was almost deafening.

Donning a mask not her usual, Theya slipped between the patrols, hugging the
shadows as she looked for anything and anyone of interest. She was not
hopeful. Ironclad was not the creature it had once been where the din of
their war preparations often echoed across the plains to Arkane city. It
was no longer the creature that clouded the sky with ash from their forges,
nor shook the ground from the force of their marches. But maybe the right
person could still be of use.

The figure of the Old Highlord, Sentinel Ryim Lemur caught her attention and
she settled into the darkness of the stairway to watch for a time. No one
came or went and the man with gray at his temples stood alone for countless
minutes, simply surveying the temple and the Fortress beyond.

She slid up the stairs on silent feet until she found herself behind the
taller man's back.

"To see His Fortress in such a state of disuse... One wonders if the War
God could weep over such a sight.

As predicted, the Sentinel turned. The ages were in his eyes -- a man who
had seen and done more than most humans were intended to. As with many
elves, he had reached a point where little surprised him, little truly
seemed to catch his interest. It was rare to see such in a human, but she
recognized it and the inkling of a thought and desire entered her mind.

He greeted her, and she smiled sweetly, a thing she had not done in decades.
She felt her cheeks dimple beneath the mask and watched Ryim come to a
semblance of life as the dragon blood within her veins worked its charm.
"Though it appears at least one thing will not change until this place is
reduced to rubble. Will you be the last remnant of a bygone age, Old

"Am I nay already?
" he returned, a dry chuckle on his lips. "Is this nay
a time where the best of us have long since passed?

"Perhaps you are, " she conceded, for his words were not wrong. "Will you
then go seek adventure elsewhere? Will you seek the last bits of Glory
hidden within the recesses of Algoron?
" she asked him, circling about him
slowly, looking over his guards, his manner. Even old wolves knew how to
bite if treated without respect.

He barked a laugh, a dry, wry one that echoed a place within her memories,
that harkened to where she had once been before renewing her purpose.

Writer: Theya

Date Sun May 6 15:13:24 2018

To All Marauders and Shadow - Raije and Necrucifer ( Ryim Admin Imm )

Subject The Death of Ryim Lemur [ Part Two ]

"Be there any such Glory or Triumph to be found? " he retorted. He knew
the answer, at least in his mind, she could tell. She saw in his features
that he was resigned to that fact, that he had given up on his hope long ago
for the world to cycle again (in his lifetime) to an era that Raije would
truly relish.

She stepped closer and repeated her sweet smile as she wrapped her arms
around his neck.

"Do you want me to help you, then? " Her question, she knew, was double
layered. Rumors of the lecherous Old Highlord were not unfounded and all
sense of his wariness slipped away as he lifted his hands to the edges of
her temples, testing the lines of her mask, testing the ribbon that bound it
to her face. "You could always leave if there is nothing left for you here,
" she encouraged as she manipulated her wrist to work the hidden dagger out
of her sleeve. Her ears strained to make sure she would catch the first
hint of approaching footsteps.

"Nay. As the same as there be no Glory left out there, then neither is out
there home.

His next words were scandalous, to some, but she found herself smirking as
she warned him of her intentions. She pressed the edge of her blade against
the back of his neck. And then she knew he was resigned to the fate she had
determined, for he neither tensed nor pushed her away, nor attempted to
disarm her.

"If it be my fate to die here on these steps I've watched for so long, then
I can be content in that.

He stole a kiss from her lips, but in the next moment she pressed her blade
through his enchantments until the arcanium found flesh, then artery. She
made sure that the wound was mortal, and then as he swayed away she helped
him to rest. She pushed back his graying bangs and took one of his daggers,
placing it within his hand so that he would die with a weapon in his grasp.
She kissed his cheek and smiled for him.

Fatale was not her God, but so few embraced their death as bravely as those
of Raije and she felt the need to honor him for it, even as she admonished
his choice in servitude. The things he could have done under Necrucifer's
Will instead.

"I send you now to Raije, Old One. Go to His side and revel in the stories
of your youth. I regret we do not have the time for me to explain why this
is necessary, but know that this will help stir the fires of war and perhaps
you have done enough that He might reincarnate you into the next era of

She waited until his fluttering pulse vanished, and then she slipped back
into the shadows, quickly ducking past the slacking patrols until she was
nearly free of the Fortress. Then she called upon her ventriloquism
training to mimic the shouting of one of the girls she had overhead in her

"Someone is trying to murder the Sentinel! "

And then she hurried to leave to make sure that the next steps of her plan
would unfold properly.

Writer: Ghislaine

Date Sun May 6 19:47:41 2018

To All Rasavadi Tamaska Astartix Nymaya Jermichael Eclipse Necrucifer Immortal

Subject From Humble Beginnings (Ghislaine's Perspective)

The cumbersome steamer trunk Ghislaine was rearranging landed on her foot
with a loud thump and enough force to make her curse out loud.

Instead of doing so, she rolled her lupine lips inward over her teeth and
grumbled deep in her chest. She glanced at Tamaska and Rasavdi in
embarrassment, but noted with relief that both were too busy in their own
worlds to have seen her bumble. She wiggle her toes slightly, satisfied
nothing was broken, and continued to look at her brother and sister as
though it was the first time she'd seen them.


Ghislaine had grown up sheltered from the entire world, in a little refugee
camp for Yinnae on the edge of Icewall. Pack being pack - that is, all
members considered family regardless of blood ties -- no one had bothered to
mention her lack of parents. So Ghislaine hadn't bothered to ask. The
living had been sparse, but not uncomfortable for her and status quo
stretched out longer and longer as she grew from a pup into a
self-sufficient young woman.

During the years of her growth, again and again, she'd heard stories of how
entire packs of Yinnae had fled from their homelands. How their villages
had been sacked and their homes burnt to the ground. How they'd faced a
brutal military campaign of torture and mass extermination. Tens of
thousands of their kind had been displaced.

It had taken years after reaching her age of majority before Ghislaine began
to ask: after hearing these distressing accounts and given All that these
people had been through, what were their hopes for the future?

Her answer would come when one day a traveling merchants brought with him
rumors of the new uprising, the stories of the rebuilding of the old
Eclipse, a new hope for The Prophecy and Yinnae kind.

Others in the camp dismissed the rumors as idle talk and nonsense, but
Ghislaine did her homework. Deep within her sparked a desire to help, to be
of use, to free her people who were guilty of nothing more than being born
different. The passion to assist them, to join in, to throw herself into
this cause blossomed within her like night-blooming plants reaching for the
full moon.

Little would she figure that two of those spear-heading this rebellion group
would turn out to be her blood siblings.

Rasavadi had his suspicions that were confirmed from sources that Ghislaine
was never made aware of, but once the knowledge was laid bare, and he
explained to her they had All been separated to avoid growing so attached to
each other they failed to fulfill their destinies, she worried they wouldn't

What if these were heartless people? People of determination but made
callous and hard by war?

Indeed, she came to learn; they were hardened by war, but callous they were
not. They All fit together like pieces of a puzzle and she'd never felt
more comfortable in her life.

And now, she had a purpose. A clear direction. She had a true place of
belonging and Necrucifer's Prophecy to help fulfill.

Whistling as she came to her senses, Ghislaine moved to gather more
enchanting supplies and re-arrange her little corner of The Spire, only to
whack her shin on the steamer trunk that had wounded her moments before.

With a grin and an amused grumble, she set to work readying her life.

Writer: Elathan

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Writer: Elathan

Date Mon May 7 01:03:10 2018

Writer: Nierwyld

Date Mon May 7 12:53:10 2018

To All Conclave Kantilles Imm RP Religion

Subject Protector or Thief

Nierwyld stared into his cauldron, stroking one of his sideburns, deep in

"How could I be a thief, when All I did was combine the magics into one

He had tried to talk to members of Conclave, his old allies and his old
wards, but he was just given cold shoulders and backs turned. Gone were the
countless hours and countless sacrifices he'd given and made for those magi
of the Tri-Towers. His arms folded over his chest and he flit around the
cauldron in annoyance.

"How'd Kantilles let them do this let them think like this! " he grumbled
at his cauldron, the words echoing back up to him from it's empty belly.

"Maybe Kantilles doesn't care about a little ol' pixie bug like me. Maybe I
did steal something from the Magi... And what if I did! Would be the
greatest thing I have ever taken. I have taken the might of the Conclave's
strongest arsenol and made it my own! Three disciplines under my control.
If they won't see that I'm a Guardian anymore, then I'll be their thief.

He cackled and began throwing ingredients into the cauldron, slowly filling
it up with the random nick-nacks. Soon a deep green sludge roiled around
within the cauldron. "Yes... I'll show 'em that I was right to do it,
damnit. Damn them and damn Kantilles for making them think that way...
Damn All three of the magical tri-fecta. I'll show them a might they'll
never have expected! BANGARANG! "

With that, he spit into the cauldron and filled up another gourd, delving
deep into the recipes of the cauldron.

Writer: Maccus

Date Wed May 9 02:04:39 2018

To Verminasia Bloodlust All (Fatale Imm RP)

Subject His new path

His hands shook as if they were a leaf in the wind. The trades had been
made and finalized. His new armor had been stored safely within the vault.
His blade and sidearm fitting in along side them as he tipped his head low
in respect to where they came. His time in the Dungeon was at an end for a
time. The memories left behind more positive than negative as he looked
back. The first kill he made... The first time accepting loss... Working
alongside famed and infamous killers as he grew himself. With each passing
second, the fears inside him grew and gnawed at his resolve. Like an arrow
from a bow, he let go. Released himself from his previous path of
swashbuckling and onto a new one for the first time.

With each breath he took he realized what he had done. He would be starting
again, right from the bottom. The fear continuing to gnaw at his resolve
continued to poke holes in his confidence.

'You wont make it.... You'll never last.... You're an outsider, what will
they care.... You'd be better served dead.... '

He shook his head slowly and took his first step into the sun. Looking over
his shoulder once out of habit, he began to feel the affects of constant
battle on his body. With a groan and a grumble he made his way to
Verminasia, where he decided he'd be spending some time there.

Writer: Cataleya

Date Fri May 11 00:29:22 2018

Writer: Sierus

Date Sun May 13 13:18:48 2018

Writer: Uruvion

Date Sun May 13 18:41:06 2018

Writer: Kalinath

Date Mon May 14 01:14:56 2018

Writer: Kalinath

Date Mon May 14 01:19:43 2018

Writer: Batite

Date Mon May 14 13:22:49 2018

Writer: Ezessinth

Date Mon May 14 15:13:09 2018

To Verminasia Shadow Eclipse Telthian Ashtiel Wyltte All Imm rp

Subject The Lost City - Narrowbreak | The Harpy Dens I

After the attack upon the Deathwatch from the harpies, it took a bit of
time to regroup with tending to injuries and properly seeing to the
fatalities. Particularly with the Legate's injury. Once it had been tended
to, it was clear that there was something more to the harpies, and how
similar they were to the yinnlike ghul within the remains of Dae'tok. So,
between Ashtiel, Telthian, Wyltte, and Ezessinth, it was agreed that the
White would investigate what may have caused the corruption of the
creatures. So Ezess would begin at their dens. They were hardly difficult
to track even from the air, because they stank so badly.

High up on the range overlooking the pass, the White spied a clustered
spread of cave entrances that had the telltale litter and filth of the
creatures she hunted. She winged her way over and alighted on the stone
face of the mountain, using her claws to grip the stone between dens. The
reek eminanting from inside was horrible. She sneezed, squinting her eyes
against the ammoniatic vapors, and sending a shot of frostbreath into the
nearest hole. The sound of shrieking protest and flapping wings arose and
multiplied before, like wasps, harpies exploded from the nearest dens.

The creatures were little more than a nuisance in the grand scale to the
Nightwind, but their numbers were what made them a hinderance to her task.
They would have to be driven off long enough for her to break her way into
the caves. Using her wings to shield her face from the pests as she looked
about for her options.

Snow buildup on a ledge above the caves. Potential. Was the Deathwatch
procession out of range? Largely. How much of the colony was rousted?
Hard to say.

Violently unfurling and flapping her wings to remove the creatures clinging
to her scales before roaring into the caves and slamming her tail upon the
exterior rocks. The disturbance had the desired effect of sending more
harpies from the dens, but not many. Any left inside must be young or else
incapable of defending their home. Some of the snow above shifted. Not
enough. Keeping the harpies engaged with her with her teeth and wings, she
adjusted her position on the cliff face and slammed her tail as hard as she
could against it. The ground shook under the effort, and a slight shift in
the snow.. A little more.. And down the snow came, taking the harpies and
Ezessinth along with it.

Writer: Ezessinth

Date Mon May 14 15:14:53 2018

To Verminasia Shadow Eclipse Telthian Ashtiel Wyltte All Imm rp

Subject The Lost City - Narrowbreak | The Harpy Dens II

The mountainside rumbled as the avalanche fell from above the harpy dens,
burying everything indiscriminately in its path. The twisted, filthy
creatures were shrieking as they were dragged from the air, their cries
quickly overcome by the snow into silence as they plummeted. Among the
chaos, Ezessinth kept her limbs tucked close to her body, letting the mass
of the snowdrift carry her along its otherwise deadly path. She was
practically invisible within the white as she dove into the snow below, only
to burst out several moments later unscathed, glittering in the meager light
of the pass.

Hovering, she watched the path of the freezing death as it plowed on its
destructive path until it finally settled some distance below. She was
certain that the Deathwatch was far enough away to suffer no losses, though
she could imagine with some vague sense of amusement, that her stunt may
have scared the living hell out of some of them. Flying back up to the
dens, unworried of any harpies who might have survived, she found the center
of the cluster and began digging, tearing away at rock and dirt and filth
with her claws.

Deeper in, she had little room to move except forward or back, and the
stench was nigh overwhelming. She pressed on, destroying nests as she went,
rummaging through garbage collected by the harpies. She wasn't fully sure
what it was she was searching for, but she knew that if it was there, she
would know it when she found it. The harpies weren't natural. They were
worse than the usual sort. Their limbs overly long and eyes too large.
They didn't bleed - they oozed a sticky black ichor from their mottled grey
skin. They still bore a sort of sense of what they once were, but not in
any particularly useful or pleasant way. Not that harpies were ever
pleasant to begin with. They still had their territorial aggression, and
they clearly still had the habit of finding absolute junk and hoarding it in
their filthy, disgusting homes.

Ripping into another cluster of dens, Ezess paused. Something tickled her
senses. It was difficult to express in words what the feeling was. A
little like a pressure.. A heaviness in the air. The skin on her neck
tingled. It was something powerful. She followed the sensation into a
larger cavern where she had more room to move.

Writer: Ezessinth

Date Mon May 14 15:16:29 2018

To Verminasia Shadow Eclipse Telthian Ashtiel Wyltte All Imm rp

Subject The Lost City - Narrowbreak | The Harpy Dens III

The wider cavern was much the same as the smaller tunnels and clusters
she had clawed through to get here. Whatever it was that was here had a
strong aura about it. Either the harpies had stolen something of actual
worth, or they had made their home around it. Considering the remoteness of
the region, it was likely that it was the latter.. Unless the harpies stole
it from the ruins. That was entirely possible. Either way, Ezess needed to
locate it and claim it.

The White followed her sense of the emination, clawing through den after
den, sifting through piles of junk and nesting material and filth. When her
claws hit something substantial, she abruptly dropped it with the jolt of
energy she felt from it. It didn't look like much because it was covered in
harpy mess, but the lump was hard and unusually heavy, and she knew that it
was what had tripped her senses. It practically thrummed with energy. This
had to be what she was looking for.

Carrying it in one claw, Ezess turned and crawled back through the tunnel
she had made and took once more to the air. She circled down to the snows
below and scrubbed the lump clean. A large, metallic stone with sharp,
jagged edges lay beneath layers of packed dirt and grime. She was certain
beyond any doubt that this was it.

Ezessinth took some time to bathe herself in the snow, cleaning off the
residue from the caves and returning her scales to a pristine shade before
she grabbed the stone again and soared off to meet with the king and queen.

Writer: Faythe

Date Tue May 15 07:34:39 2018

Writer: Aerron

Date Tue May 15 22:42:57 2018

To All Abaddon ( Vyasa Xentessa Immortal Fatale )

Subject Six Foot Deep Thoughts

'I imagined digging a hole would be easier. '

The half elf mused aloud as he hunched in the grave he had dug, a shallow
sort of pit that only came up to his knees, 'With the swamp, the ground
gives way without much effort, but...
' With a grunt of effort, he lugged
another splattering of marshy mud out of the agonizingly-slowly deepening
grave, where it splatted into the growing pile beside the hole.

'Caw, ' agreed the crow, a common bird that blended in amongst the ravens
that frequented the Bloodlands' graveyard. It had taken it upon itself to
perch on a nearby headstone, watching the young man work with avian
keenness. The grave worms wriggling in the mud held no interest for it,
only the steady struggle of the armored gravedigger catching its beady eye.

Aerron did not mind the crow. It did not bother him. It did not even annoy
him. The same could not be said of others. Since his return to the
Bloodlands, heeding the summons of his parents, he had witnessed the
fractious nature of the city's upper class, the two-facedness, the shrewd
dealings, the knives hidden in smiles and the poison dripping from honeyed
words. His shovel made a thick sound as it pierced the mud, and the ache in
his arms and back as he levered another clod of marshmud out of his
designated grave helped keep him from focusing entirely on his thoughts.

The politicking held no interest for him. In his classes abroad, he had no
desire to learn the complex histories of cities and kingdoms, or even
advanced theology as preached by the ancient crones and wizened orators that
had tutored him. His grasp of matters intellectual were more instinctual,
his manners trained into him at a young age, enough courtesies to hold his
own for cursory interaction. He did not care for much beyond that, while
there was work yet to be done.

The grave deepened as the night wore on, the sky darkening to inky black and
only the wan light of his lantern- the oil wick burning as it dangled from
the hilt of the greatsword plunged into an unmarked grave- provided enough
to perform his sworn task. To him, the road forward had always been clear.
The point of All life was to end, either pitifully at the end of someone
else's blade, or else to be the one holding the blade, and to continue the
harvest until his actions caught up to him. He had performed his share of
sacrifices, said his devotionals and smiled his way through endless
meetings, dignitaries and hangers-on who had heard of the line from which he
was descended, but the words and the smiles had become hollow, a mask to
hide behind.

Now there was only a dull resentment, an ache of the spirit that the
pettiness of his homeland had threatened to turn into anger. It was easy to
imagine the handle of his shovel as the leather-wrapped pommel of his sword.
The wet cutting sound of his spade spearing mud was the sound of flesh
parting. It was enough to elicit a true smile, not the wintry stretching of
his lips that had become a fixture on his features for some time.

He looked up, running his vambrace-clad forearm over his cheek and smearing
mud over his pale features. He had lost track of time, and the hole had
deepened to neck-height. He glanced back down, and saw the glint of bone, a
skull partially dislodged from the earth. Bringing his shovel up, he
shattered it with the tip of the spade, spearing straight through with a
grim laugh, 'Everyone's an enemy here, it seems. The only ones to be
trusted are blood-related... Or dead.
' He glanced up at the curtain of
roiling darkness that was an Abaddonian night, 'And there are exceptions for
those, too... But then, that's what the digging is for.
' He smiled again,
reveling in the sensation of being himself for the first time in a long

'Caw,' agreed the crow.

Writer: Cataleya

Date Wed May 16 02:02:54 2018

Writer: Vyasa

Date Wed May 16 19:16:02 2018

Writer: Aerron

Date Thu May 17 03:02:25 2018

To All Abaddon ( Vyasa Xentessa Fatale Immortal )

Subject Ten Foot Deep Thoughts

Another night in the graveyard.

Aerron drily mused that he alone could claim to have burned more midnight
oil than anyone in the city. So many gloomy personalities, so many brooding
sorts who were more fond of the dark. Who took advantage of the dark, whose
furtive actions in the shadows had put them- or put their parents, or their
grandparents- into the trusted positions of nobility in his father's land.

His back ached worse than the night before. He had not gotten sufficient
rest to stave off the muscle aches, and it had not been until almost
mid-morning that he had climbed out of his meticulously-dug, marshy grave,
glanced down at his handiwork dispassionately before he slung his shovel
over one shoulder, pulled his sword free of the muck with the other hand,
and made his way to the family home to make himself comfortable in his
childhood chambers. The next night, he was back in the mire and the muck,
resuming his backbreaking duties. Word had come of a sizable giant-ogre who
had met the Lord of Death this day, and the onerous duty had fallen to the
newest member of the Forsaken, to dig the trench that would serve as the
behemoth's final resting place.

Still, the monotonous duty gave time for his thoughts to wander, and the
anger those thoughts brought staved off the worst of his aching back and
limbs. Each shovelful of dirt and muck was flung with a grim determination
over his shoulder, creating a ring of displaced earth. Each plunge of his
spade was a stab, a momentary lapse into satisfying violence that quenched
and yet stoked his ire.

His father was not to blame. This he knew, as much as he knew that his
heart beat in his chest, that he knew his mother's love, that he knew that
all things must die. He had inherited a kingdom in disarray, a pack of
predators masquerading as refined nobility. Coming home had been a splash
of cold water to his sensibilities, dulled by distance and time as he had
been tutored abroad. It was the curse of inheritance, that those born to
power would grow up to squander it. Comfortable with their superiority,
with their titles and privilege, they turned to abusing it, to lying,
cheating, and stealing from one another, with one another, to one another.

His lip curled in anger as he jabbed his spade into the earth, leaning on
the handle of the shovel as he took a moment to rub at his aching hands and
wrists. Nobody was above the allure of power, and All that it could bring.
It was easy to blind one's self to the inevitability of death by indulging
in the myriad earthly delights open to one with resources. The curse of
birth and the promise of death, with any number of years in between to
succumb to decadence and open the way to chaos, disorder, and worse,
disloyalty to the Bloodlands and to its Count.

With a groan, he took up his shovel and continued his grim task, grunts of
effort the only sound he allowed to pass his lips as his thoughts churned
inwardly. His father had told him enough, showed him enough that he trusted
nobody outside of his immediate family. Better to be thought of as distant
and spoiled, a product of his own privileged birth than to know All that he
held close to his heart. If they knew how badly he despised this indolence,
this idle infighting...

His gauntletted grip tightened around his shovel, the leather creaking with
the pressure. Not even a week home, and he felt his gorge rise to think of
what it had become in his absence. Perhaps it was only his lack of
understanding when he departed that had painted such a more promising
picture. Perhaps it had been this way for years. For generations. He
stabbed the earth again with a vengeance, hurling mud and soil skyward. It
would not endure.

No matter what it took, he would help his mother, help his father reclaim
order in the city. Even if he had to dig a hundred more holes...

And then fill them.

Writer: Maithion

Date Thu May 17 12:14:44 2018

Writer: Vsevolod

Date Thu May 17 20:40:18 2018

Writer: Maccus

Date Fri May 18 05:30:53 2018

To Verminasia All (Fatale Imm RP)

Subject Bloodshackle chronicles: Initial report.

He snuck around the fortress silently, using the cover of darkness as his
friend. He counted the torch lites above the wall, during the daytime he
remembed that two men were stationed along each section of the wall.

'Two... Six.... Eight.... Twenty' He counted aloud to himself. His body
moving low within the grass, looking towards the gate he grumbled softly.
He looked out at what he believed to be the front gate, only this time a
single torch. 'Doesn't seem like they're expecting much company... One
torch... Two guards...

He creeped his way along the side of the fortress, making what he thought
was decent time. He noticed the air getting wetter, saltier, and finally he
looked out upon a cove. He spent sometime watching as a ship sailed into
the harbor, docked and unloaded its cargo. He counted the docks slowly as
to not miss and nodded, comming to an agreement to himself with the number
three. His eyes continued to watch as the cargo was unloaded, 'Slavers. '
He spat to himself in disgust.

He moved back towards the gate, beginning to move faster as he noticed the
moon beginning to settle and come down over head, signaling the changing of
guards. He rushed towards the entrance, attempting to skip past the guard
and into the fortress proper until he saw a stairwell headed down. 'Gotta
be where I need to look

He rushed down the stairs, paying mention to nothing and stumbled into one of
the guards. The poor guard didnt stand a chance. He pulled out his sword
and ran the guard through, dragging him down the stairs and into the closet,
placing the guards own sword within the wound. He made his way to the
bottom floor and began looking left to right, seeing only an endless aray of
doors. He turned left and felt along side the outside of the walls, moving
his way All the say down and back, and repeating the motion once more.
'Running out of time... Gotta report back in' He made his way out lf the
Fortress as quietly as possible, slipping back into the Dark City as the sun

Writer: Xentessa

Date Fri May 18 07:03:41 2018

Writer: Maithion

Date Fri May 18 11:17:37 2018

Writer: Cataleya

Date Fri May 18 11:19:08 2018

Writer: Sierus

Date Fri May 18 16:56:37 2018

Writer: Sierus

Date Fri May 18 18:34:46 2018

Writer: Vyasa

Date Fri May 18 18:55:28 2018

Writer: Cataleya

Date Fri May 18 19:20:20 2018

Writer: Maithion

Date Sun May 20 02:26:13 2018

Writer: Maithion

Date Sun May 20 02:56:26 2018

Writer: Maithion

Date Sun May 20 03:45:15 2018



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