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Player Written Story Note Archive

Note: If you see names without the note below, its due to their story not being posted to "All"


Writer: Symantha
Date Tue Nov 23 15:56:21 2021

Writer: Anbraxas
Date Tue Nov 23 17:49:22 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Andreyna Laendyn Skoden Marauders Xenophon Cayenna IMM RP

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers Part 18

The Blue's hubris was broken as the sounds of cannon fire cracked the air
with a defeaning cacophony of thunderous booms. It was too late to react
and maneuver himself out of the way at this speed. He had effectively
allowed himself to be broadsided by the escort ships. Cannonballs struck
the Blue like a swarm of furious hornets as he let out an earsplitting roar
of absolute hatred and anger in response. Most ricocheted off of his armor
like scales hardened over millenia, as if cast from a child's slingshot.
But for every five or six that left less than a bruise, one or two found
it's mark between the scales and blood erupted in spurts from the Blue's
chest at the impact.

As he swiveled his massive horned head swiveled in reactive surprise at the
sudden barrage, his keen eye caught the actions on the decks below just in
time. Armored elves had already cranked back the massive bows as the arrows
let loose in the air. As they left with blinding speed the Blue entered a
sudden dive in an attempt to avoid the arrows. Too slowly. As he avoided
the brunt of it, he was unable to dodge the final one. His eye fixated upon
it as it came directly for him. He maneuvered out of what would surely have
been a direct strike to the heart but instead the projectile found itself
easily piercing it's way through the relatively unarmored underside of his
front leg.

The terrible roar gave way to a cry of agony as the Blue tucked his wings to
his side and turned into a steep nosedive. His whole body took on an
aerodynamic shape as he made his way for the waves below, though his damaged
leg noticeably did not quite conform. He hit the sea like a speeding
meteorite square in the middle of the escort ships. White splashes broke
the calm sea as gigantic waves swelled outward from the site of the massive
creature striking the surface. The ocean heaved and splashed in a foam of
bubbles at the site as the silhouette of the Blue gradually faded into the

Writer: Raimbaut

Date Fri Nov 26 18:46:32 2021

To Knighthood New_Thalos Rahma Thasgerd Timmel All ( Imm RP )

Subject Libraries, Whiskey, Prayer.

Books. All the bloody books! He had seen libraries, but nothing quite
like the dusty volumes of Gareth Keep. He closed his bloodshot eyes for a
few moments, flashes of light and words and black spots in his vision, as
you get when you stare at something too long. A deep breath and a sip of
whiskey later, he opened his eyes again to the volume.

He had already thoroughly explored the ruins of Serpantol and Pan tol,
finding nothing new. He knew it was already known because he had already
read about it in the chronicles of those who came before him. He knew a few
Serpantol words now, All because of their efforts.

Of course, he grinned and continued, tipping his flask again to honor those
who came before him, closing his eyes again in a silent prayer for the work,
all the work, that was already done.

Writer: Timmel
Date Sat Nov 27 17:11:48 2021

Writer: Timmel
Date Sat Nov 27 17:19:13 2021

Writer: Timmel
Date Sat Nov 27 17:20:49 2021

Writer: Timmel
Date Sat Nov 27 17:20:52 2021

Writer: Thasgerd
Date Wed Dec 1 20:50:42 2021

To All Knighthood Althainia Rahma Timmel Carrionmaw Cayenna Xenophon ( IMM RP Religion )

Subject Hats for Worms

He remembered the day he saw it, the giant, mammoth, titanic worm. He
was strolling through Althainia, probably carrying more than his fair share
of coffee, bacon, and pastries. He stopped to look at the decorations that
Kyrlynn and Mercerion had the empire's builders set up for display.

Thas admired the tree, ornaments, and other decorations and sauntered off,
but a few steps in he blinked and his brow furrowed. "Wai'.. "

He turned around and his gaze fell on the worm, and it's monolithic form
seemed to wrap around the entirety of the city.

He spoke to Rahma and showed her, spoke to Timmel, and even Geirhart.
Through talking, and through Rahma he found out it wasn't just a giant
earthworm, but more a representation of the dragons of Shokono. Sleek,
skinny, and serpentine.

The man shook his head from the thought and sipped at his coffee while
standing and looking at the statue with a wry grin. Rahma wasn't around and
it was probably a good thing. He had ideas for the statue.

Thas took mental measurements and his grin got wider. Images started to
play out in his mind. He was going to need a lot of fabric, nothing too
expensive and he had an idea where to get amount he needed. A Shokonese
dragon should have some Shokonese fabric, hopefully they had enough of the
colors. The easily excited paladin ran for the Keep and dropped off his
goods, taking a cup of coffee, a few strips of bacon, and a few baked goods
and headed to Shokono.

The Archangel docked and he made his way to the obviously best choice there
was for such a ginormous task. He eagerly walked into the Algoron
Threadworks and beamed a question, "Ya'lls go's raed cloth an' so'e whi'e

The workers stopped what they were doing and just stared at Thasgerd. He
didn't even say hi, and secondly, he just kinda showed up in their work

A short woman came to Thas and looked up at him with a most confused
expression. Thas looked back down with a wide smile plastered on his face.

"First, how did you get in here? We're working. Second, you need what and
what, for what?

"Oh righ'. Sorraey 'bout tha'. " Thas looked around and gave a small
apologetic wave to everyone that was working at their looms and seperating
spools of different colored threads. "Oh! I'm naed'n a 'at. Li'e one o'
'em poin'y 'ats. Ya's know, tha ones ya's sae fol's waer'n 'round Gif' Daey

The little woman blinked slowly and shook her head, mumbling, "I don't get
paid enough for this.
" She sighed and asked, "I know what you mean. Do
you have measurements?

Thas happily handed her the measurements he hoped were right in his head
that he wrote down. The little lady's eyes went wide then she looked at the
man before her.

"You want--a giant hat? For what? And do you know how really big it's
going to be?

Thasgerd nodded eagerly, like a child who was excited to know he was getting
ice cream after dinner. "Ayup! It's for Toby! Tha Gif' Daey Worm! 'e's a
yuge worm, so gonna naed a yuge 'at!

The woman sighed, seeming as if All the care for life had left and took a
trip to get milk but never came back. "Fine. Give us a week. And I'd
bring--I don't know, something big for your big hat to be hauled off.
Thasgerd thanked the woman and left with a silly and proud smile on his

The woman looked at the measurements again and mumbled, "Big dumb hat. "
She rolled her eyes and then had All the workers gather around.

Writer: Ranan

Date Wed Dec 1 21:12:19 2021

To All Nordmaar Nadrik Imm Rp

Subject Last Ride

After a Long week of training he returned to the stable where his
Stallion was boarded. Walking in he could hear him pawing at the ground as
if he could sense his master. He opened the gate and walked in the stallion
rubbing againsed him fire still in his eyes but shades of gray now mixed in
the black hair of the aged stallion. After a moment of reconnecting he
began brushing him down knowing in his heart the next ride is going to put
them both out to pasture. Although his age does not show through he is
beginning to feel it. The both of them Have served four Generations of
Nordmaarian royalty. His love for his homelands keeps him driving on. He
whispers to the stallion "ahm sorrae ol frien ah need ye teu carrae mae on
one last Dutae fer tha Crown Et will bae ah long task but et will bae our
las roide"
Ranan walked over to a blanket in the corner and removed it
uncovering a saddle and a wooden chest. The black saddle with red stitching
and a claymore stitched into the sides of it still looked almost brand new.
He threw the saddle on the stallions back tightning the cinch and girt
straps and placing a matching bridal on the stallions head. He walked back
to the chest and kicked it open revealing his old black studded armor.
After replacing his training armor with the black studded leather he
strapped on his old weapons with his assassins belt. The last thing in the
chest a Gift from King Tiernan a Long black cape with a red Claymore
stitched on it. Throwing the cape on his shoulders he kicks open the gate
and climbs on the Stallion saying "Les try ahn wake tha hoighlands up
The two of them darting out of the stables headed toward the Gates
of Nordmaar.

Writer: Andreyna

Date Thu Dec 2 15:31:14 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Anbraxas Laendyn Skoden Marauders Xenophon Cayenna Zandreya Imm Rp Religion

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers Part 19

The bellowing cry of the Blue wyrm thundered through the air. The elves
had hit their target, but precisely where was hard to tell with All the
cannon smoke billowing through the air. Like a bolt of azure lightning, the
massive Blue dragon spiraled into the ocean with a magnificent force. A
massive tidal wave rolled over the sea, its large crest breaking over the
elven ships, rocking them back and forth. Elves who were caught off guard
stumbled about, staggering to keep to their feet, several even falling
overboard into the depths of the ocean.

Rope ladders and lines were thrown over the sides of the ships in hopes of
saving the fallen elves from the swells of the sea, the waves left by the
massive Blue overwhelming many. 'Where is he? ', the captain of the lead
galley shouted to the elf high above in the crow's nest, 'Do you see him?

The Sha'qelas office high above cupped his hands as he shouted back down to
the Captain, the Blue was no where to be found. The Captain turned to the
elves and began to shout orders, 'Pull them out of the waters! Quickly!
Keep your eyes open.
' He turned back to the elven crew manning the
cannons, 'Reload, now. Any sight of him, fire at will! Load another set of
' The elven Captain scurried about the deck, pulling elves to their
feet and steadying them, 'Everyone on guard! This wyrm is not dead until
the Speaker has his head!

Writer: Rahma

Date Sat Dec 4 12:32:31 2021

Writer: Rahma

Date Sat Dec 4 12:37:25 2021

Writer: Alatar

Date Sat Dec 4 23:55:02 2021

To All Shadow ( Imm rp )

Subject Death is only the Beginning

Hot piercing pain rips through Alatar's side as Telthian's poleaxe
pierces his flesh just missing the floating rip on his left side. Hot blood
flowing down his hip and leg as the wound, deep but not close to fatal, is
opened. He knew this time would come but he only had to endure a little
longer. Telthian prattled on about weakness but there was a glee in his
eyes as the poleaxe tore through Alatar's flesh. He had been waiting a long
time for this moment. Raising his weapon he brought it slowly down on
Alatar's right shoulder. The sharp blade like a razor needed only the
weight of the weapon to cleave through muscle and bone. With a twist his
clavical was snapped like a twig forcing it up through the skin to stick up
into the stale are of the Spider Queen's den.

The pain was excrutiating, and though Altar wouldn't give the man the
satisfaction of crying out, a groan passed his lips anyway. By the time the
poleaxe descended on his left shoulder his body was already numb. Shock had
set its course and he knew it wouldn't be long until it would be over.
Finally death would claim him and whatever waited on the other side of Life.
Then Telthian's words ripped through his fogged brain. Death would be far
to good, you will searve as the undead
' Pulling a dagger from his robes,
Telthian began to utter words Alatar had never heard. The dagger piercing
his flesh over his heart. Though he didn't feel it, he could hear the blade
slice through skin and bone. Efficiently and quickly Telthian spoke the
words of some ancient ritual as Alatar's heart was pulled from his body.
Alatar knew there were only seconds left before his suffering would end but:
As the moments passed and seconds turned to minutes, death did not come. He
watched as his heart was passed to Symantha as dread filled his mind. He
would not die. He would live on as something only spoke of in hushed
whispers. An Undead Servant.

Alatar's conciousness faded, his eyes turning from vibrant green to
blackened orbs, and as the ritualistic incantantations slipped away until
only a single thing focused his body. He serves Telthian.

Writer: Alatar

Date Sun Dec 5 00:08:47 2021

To All Shadow ( Imm rp )

Subject Death is only the Begining pt II

Alatar felt nothing, only the pull. His heart was moving, his Master was
out there.

The Spider Queen moved over her web closing in to wrap up her latest catch,
but Alatar was not prey. Without pain and without thought, Alatar ripped
himself free leaving swaths of skin left on the fibers of the web. Taking a
step, then another he walked through the darkness of her den into the
countryside west of Althainia. One thought, one impulse, drove him. He
must get to Master. Master needs him. Midday turned to evening as he
started to move from forest and swamp into the arid sands of the desert
surrounding New Thalos. By lights end he was on the trade road with Storm
Keep only a few miles out. Its ramparts and guard towers easily seen across
the arid sands.

As the sun dropped below the horizon and darkness was full, the stars above
glinting in a clear sky, Alatar arrived at the gates of Storm Keep. Master
will be waiting. The guards stood their ground but as Alatar went to pass
the Portcullus he was stopped. An invisible barrier prevent him from going
any further. With a howl of fury that caused even the seasoned guards to
cringe, Alatar paced. His heart was calling to him. His Master was in that
Keep. Stopping before the gates Altar waited and stared unblinking into the
courtyard of Storm Keep. Waited for his Master. Waited to Serve.

Writer: Joat

Date Sun Dec 5 13:21:45 2021

Writer: Laendyn

Date Mon Dec 6 21:42:00 2021

To All Shalonesti_Kingdom Shalonesti Anbraxas Andreyna Skoden Marauders Xenophon Cayenna Zandreya Imm Rp Religion

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue Answers Part XX

As the night blanketed the realm, the elves continued to erect the
fortifications in the makeshift camp. Trees were felled and buried half
into the earth while the other half was angled out and sharpened into
points. These facades were positioned offset from eachother All around the
camp to better funnel any enemies that chose to attack them. As it was,
kobold and lizardfolk alike continued to harass them. The kobolds would
ambush anyone sent to gather the material and the lizardfolk would attack
with bow, sling, and javalin. Yet the elves persevered. The elven scouts
catching many of the kobolds off guard and the eagle eyed archers taking
better aim than the lizardfolk. The elves did lose some soldiers, but the
dead of the enemy far outweighed their losses.

Two nights passed before the scouts that tracked the kobold came back,
kobold in tow.

"{oWhat have you found? And why is this thing with you?

"{nSire. We have followed this thing and found the main kobold encampement.
We nearly walked into quite a few traps before overtaking this one. He..
She... It would be able to guide the entire encampment through the traps
placed around them. Also, not only were there kobolds, but there were
encampments of gnolls and humans about the place as well
" With that the
scout laid out the roughly drawn map and indicated where the different
encampments were with pieces of stone.

"{oExcellent. We will move the entirety of the army against them. I want all
scout units to survey the land around it and take out as many traps as
possible. Should they get a chance to engage any enemies, they are to do so
without alerting the encampments. I do not want them to know we are coming
until the last possible second. {" Looking to the captains gathered around
him, "{oGet your soldiers ready, but we are staying here till the other half
of the army is in position, then we will meet at the other side.
" With a
hurried scribble he gave a missive to one of the runners. "{oI want those
ballista readied and on the move as well. They are to remain protected.

The messenger nodded and took off, two scouts flanking him as he made his
way into the darkened forest.

With that, Laendyn bent over the maps and began conversing with his
captains. It was time to take the fight to the Blue.

Writer: Madison

Date Wed Dec 8 23:58:21 2021

To All Symantha Telthian Ithelim Shadow Drakkara Cayenna Imm Rp Religion

Subject {uThe Tide Rises- XX

The minutes seemed to drag on for hours and the hours seemed like days,
yet Madison continued on dutifully follow the Knights through the rip. She
sat upon the seat of the supply cart, reins in hand, the horse trotting
forward pulling the stockpile of goods within the wagon. Her hair was a
mess, fiery wisps and tendrils flew All about her, escaping the tousled bun
the sat on top of her head. She smelled. The burying of the bodies from
their battle had caused her to sweat, and she did not have time to clean up
before the formation had set off again.

Her position was toward the end of the formation with the other Novices and
Petitioners of the Storm Keep, most of them carrying supplies and performing
the grunt work that was ordered to those of the lower ranks. Though the
work was hard, everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Their goal was one of
great importance- to bring the Infinite Night across the realms. They would
stop at nothing to see the Dark Queen's work accomplished.

The Dark Queen. Madison had a lot of time to think about the Lady of
Darkness while driving her cart forward. When Necrucifer died, Madison felt
it immediately. She felt as though part of herself, part of her soul had
died with Him. She had never experienced such pain, such a devastating
loss. At first, she was angry. The fire inside of her burned with a fury.
She blamed Drakkara for what happened to her Lord. Madison would have done
anything to bring Him back.

However in time, she had come to better accept His death. Though she had
yet to give herself wholly to Drakkara, and was unsure if she ever would,
she had come to accept that the Mistress now ruled the Darkness. Though He
may not be among the living any longer, His ideals, His plans, His desire to
bring Darkness upon the world was still strong within the Keep. That would
never die. Whether it was by way of Drakkara or Necrucifer, the Prophecy
would be fulfilled. Madison would do All she could to make it so.

Madison pulled back gently on the reins of the horse as she noticed the
Knights coming to a stop. They would make camp here for the night. She
slid down from the bench and began unloading supplies. She would be in
charge of setting up the tents. Naturally the Dark Lord's and Chancellor's
tents were the largest and with the aid of a couple of other Novices and
Petitioners, she would be setting them up first. Whether the work seemed
big or small, they each played their part. Each job had a meaning and was
important. Sometimes she had trouble remembering this and had to set her
pride aside. She had to remember her duties and her oath. There was work
to be done. The Infinite Night would be upon the realm before they knew it,
and it would be glorious.

Writer: Symantha

Date Thu Dec 9 05:20:21 2021

Writer: Andreyna
Date Thu Dec 9 16:54:15 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Laendyn Zandreya Xenophon Imm Rp Religion

Subject The Future of the Tree : Pt 2

Andreyna placed her hands to the soil surrounding the former blood tree,
her lips reciting an elven prayer to the Mother. She prayed for growth, for
protection, for nurturing, and for the Mother's presence to infuse the tree-
from its roots to the tips of its branches.

The tree had been dormant for some time. There could be many reasons on why
this was so. The tree had been through a lot. It had been grown from the
blood magic of Chaos and nearly destroyed the Vallens. It was then infused
with the magic of the moons during a ritual performed by the Queen and High
Keeper. Perhaps it needed time to heal.

The elves may also need to do more to bring the tree out of its dormancy.
Every day druids watered and prayed over the tree. It was still guarded,
for many still came to the Vallens and were curious about the tree.
Andreyna now called upon the Eldritch to use their powers to infuse the tree
with the strength of the Mother, the Moons, Stars, and Sun. The tree had
been grown with magic and saved with magic, perhaps magic was the answer in
continuing to heal this tree. Andreyna had more questions than answers.

Writer: Rahke

Date Fri Dec 10 11:18:43 2021

Writer: Lysoran

Date Fri Dec 10 12:28:18 2021

To All Knighthood Imm RP

Subject New Horizons

He looked out over the swells, dolphins following the wake of the ship on
which he had booked passage. He was dozens of feet above the deck, one hand
on the shrouds supporting the mast. The height and roll of the ship made
some queasy, but he seemed to love it. A joyous laugh rung out as he slid
back down to the rail and leapt onto the deck.

So much had changed since he had left his home and the farm for a life of
adventure, a chance to do some good and make a difference in a world gone
upside down. He was a Page of Knighthood now, still with much to learn but
with a new family of brothers and sisters, and an immense world of
possibilities ahead of him. The sea reminded him of this. Wide open
horizons with new sights and adventures at every point of the compass. A
future uncharted, holding experiences unfathomable, but full of possibility.
A fresh start.

He had no idea what was to come, but he was excited to find out.

Writer: Andreyna
Date Fri Dec 10 16:53:07 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Laendyn Zandreya Xenophon Imm Rp Religion

Subject The Future of the Tree : Pt 3

Andreyna hummed a soft tune as she watered the soil surrounding the tree.
Though they cared for the tree in many different ways and had more questions
than answers, each bit of care the tree received was scrutinized and thought
out. The water came only from the Vallens, from the freshest of springs,
and was blessed by the priests of Zandreya before being poured onto the

Three priests, one from each path of Zandreya, prayed for the tree
continuously. They sang Her praises, asked for Her blessings, Her strength,
and guidance. Druids tended to the tree physically. They tended to the
soil, the now smooth bark, and the dormant roots. They brewed herbs in
hopes of fortifying the water and soil, burned incense, and used their own
spells to nurture the tree and encourage its well-being and growth.

The Sha'enlas worked as well, the mostly mage house offered their protection
in guarding the tree. They brewed potions and studied spellbooks that may
help to enhance the pure magic that now infused the tree, hoping that their
work would aid in bringing the tree out of dormancy.

The Eldritch came in shifts. Those who walked the path of the Sun came
during the day, and those of the Moon and Stars at night. Each elf with
their staff in hand called upon their forces, drawing great power into their
staff, power created by Zandreya to fight Chaos itself. Andreyna thought
about the Eldritch, they may indeed be key to breaking the tree out of its
dormancy, as they were in ridding the tree of the blood magic.

The Sha'falas and Sha'qelas were dutiful as always. The tree was never
alone. It was never to be touched except by those involved in its care.
Throughout the day and night they guarded the tree, never faltering in
protecting the very thing that nearly destroyed their home and killed so
many of their kin.

Andreyna stood to her feet as she poured the last drop of water around the
base of the tree. She dusted the soil from her dress and placed her palm
against the smooth trunk of the tree. Something was inside, she could feel
it, something was waiting to come out. But what?

Writer: Madison

Date Fri Dec 10 19:34:45 2021

To All Shadow Symantha Telthian Cayenna Drakkara Imm Rp Religion

Subject {uThe Tide Rises- XXI

Madison groomed her horse carefully, smoothing his coat with a brush.
She whispered gently to him as she did so. She had become quite fond of the
horse that pulled the supply cart she was in charge of. The tents had been
readied, the fires built, water and food passed out. Patrols were set up
around the camp and Madison would need to sleep soon so that she may begin
her rounds of guarding the encampment in a few hours.

The journey had been long, it seemed never-ending, but their goal kept them
going. The Lady's Darkness would soon flood All of Algoron, All would bask
in the power of the Black Moon. Order would be brought to the lands, chaos
would be no more. All would bend the knee to the Queen of Darkness.

Madison placed the brush back into her bag and led the horse toward her own
tent. He would be tied up, fed, and watered then she would eat her own meal
and sleep for a few hours. She made her way back to the tent, leading the
horse along, both leaving footprints behind them in the black sand. She
could feel presence of Darkness All about them, the Darkness wanted to be
awakened, it wanted to spread its glory All across the lands, but achieving
the task would be no easy feat. There was much work to be done. There was
much ahead of them on their journey.

Just as she was approaching her tent, Madison heard a voice from behind her,
'De'fores! '. Madison whipped around to find the voice, she immediately
stood at attention and saluted the Dark Knight who approached her. 'Yes,
', she answered the call. 'You've been reassigned. Gather your
belongings immediately and report to the Chancellor's tent.
' With a nod
and a salute, Madison continued her walk toward the tent. Reassigned to the
Chancellor? There must be something the Priestess wanted with Madison.
Something that she was able to offer the Lady's priestess to aid them in
their quest. Whatever it was, surely it was better than pulling a supply
cart around.

Writer: Tasmia

Date Sat Dec 11 22:36:25 2021

Writer: Robaidh

Date Mon Dec 13 14:16:00 2021

To All Nordmaar Imm RP

Subject Awakening

Robaidh's eyelids reluctantly fluttered open, and he shielded his eyes
from the midday glare of the sunbeam that had found its way around the
curtains. Out of habit, he reached across the bed for his wife, Reygan, but
she wasn't there. He whispered "'ow lang 'as aet bane? Ah shoul' prob'lae
bae deid... "

He slowly sat up, wincing slightly at the creaks and pops in his back. Not
trusting his joints, he eased himself off of the bed and onto the floor,
eventually standing up to full height and stretching. Finding his
nightshirt crumpled on the floor next to the bed, he gingerly bent down to
get it. He was rewarded with a loud "CRACK" as something popped in his
lower back. With a gasp, he grabbed the nightshirt and stood back up. He
wrestled his way into the nightshirt, stretched his back again, then
shuffled over to the corner of the room where the mirror stood. Looking
into the mirror, he shakes his head at what he sees. "Ah luke abou' as bad
as Ah feel."

The only thing he could figure is that somehow the years of whisky and
haggis had given him unnatural longevity. He went to the wash basin and
found his scissors, trimming his unkempt hair back into a short military
haircut. After using the scissors to trim his beard as close as he could,
he sharpened the razor lying next to the basin and shaved his face clean.
He found his clothes and somehow managed to get himself dressed without
losing his balance.

Throwing the door to the street open, Robaidh shielded his eyes from the
glare of the day that was such a stark contrast from the dark of his house.
He stepped out, locking the door behind him, and slowly headed toward to the
city to see if it was still standing.

"Th' bloodae citae gate bet'r bae clos'd..."

Writer: Telthian

Date Mon Dec 13 14:18:20 2021

Writer: Telthian

Date Mon Dec 13 14:29:45 2021

To Shadow Alatar Symantha All ( Drakkara Religion Malachive )

Subject {uQueen takes Pawn

Telthian Schwartz was a patient soldier. The Dark Queen's enemies, of
which there were many, each required a different approach, a different
tactic to enslave or destroy. The fronts upon which Storm and the darkness
worked were many, yet it was the Rip that had demanded much of their
strength where progress continued forward slowly.

The Warp remained a concern, and though Atennim's influence had proven
blunted, he had a following in ways that Erebaal did not. So too was he
possessed of a methodical nature that the Everchosen lacked.

The outcast Alatar Rahl was barely worth his notice. He was just one man,
and yet there he was, lurking amid the crypts and graves in Abaddon.
Despite her assertions that the apostate sought Fatale's service, Telthian
was skeptical.

Any tactician worth their salt knows to take what the enemy gives you, and
so it was when the traitor Rahl found himself trapped and cornered. The
years had been unkind to the once-knight of Storm Keep. Unable to reconcile
that it was their own failure that precipitated the events on the Black
Moon, he had taken up with Attenim and Erebaal's cronies. Warpfire now
disfigured his skin, rot and corruption setting in. Where once zeal and
fervor lit his eyes, there was nothing but defeat and a longing for an end
that he would not find.

A heavy chain joined the ancient codex to Symantha's wrist where an azure
spark crackled out from the ancient balanxi tome as its locking mechanism
flipped open. Bit by bit, sinew, viscera and threads of the man's soul were
laid bare to the Chancellor and Dark Lord, their hard gray gaze discerning
all filth and corruption that was to be cut away.


Cool air billowed from deep within the earth, coursing through the catacombs
below Storm Keep where a solitary figure stood motionless. Upon a low
tiered altar a small basin smoldered, the aroma of finely ground incense
masking the smell of the rotting corpse that was once Alatar Rahl.

Writer: Maccus

Date Tue Dec 14 15:59:44 2021

To Shadow Imm All RP Drakkara

Subject {uThe Tide Rises-

At times Maccus often wondered how he had come into the position he had
been in life. A long moment passed, his breath slowing as he began to fall
into the near meditation-like state before shaking his head hard. He knew
it didn't matter. The Demon needed to be seen too, and Maccus knew Kaizlark
and Petricia would be coming to assist in it. With a hand, the mask that
rested about his neck would come up? Offering additional protection to the
man's face as he traversed through. His goal had been set forth and clear
it had been long past due that he seek its finality.

Maccus looked at the marker that had already been left for him. One of many
which had been laid previously. With a soft grunt, he'd pull the marker
out, whispering several words over it before the shimmering midnight blue
flames sparked from it. A quick throwback into the ground would signal that
he had been there.

Maccus would look up, watching the rippling energy before a shriek emanated
from his left flank. The battle-hardened man would drop his head, tilting
it to to the side and watching the diablerie appear from nowhere. He heard
from several that they had begun to become hostile. Now it was his turn to
find out.

Though he genuinely wasn't hoping to end the creature of the plane, this was
their home, not his. Ending it seemed more a cruelty than service required.
The diablerie would charge, raking at Maccus, its claws raking across the
chainmail, and the near searing cold could be felt immediately. Its screech
rips through the air again at its "successful" attack. A moment of
curiosity escaped Maccus, adjusting his stance and almost inviting the
diablerie to charge again. With another screech, the creature would charge
again. It was swiping left to right with its claws as Maccus would deftly
dodge each of its attacks.

As a shriek that could only be described as paralyzing escaped from the
diablerie, it charged again, catching Maccus off guard enough to rake its
claws against the skald's covered forearms. This time a bit of fire came
across the metal and leather. A snarl would finally escape from Maccus.
His hands finally dropped to the bastard sword at his hip. He'd begin to
circle the diablerie by bringing it up from its scabbard with both hands.
As it charged again, Maccus would sidestep, bringing his sword down with a
heavy two-handed cleave toward the creature's neck. As his sword found
purchase to its target, the head lopped off, rolling and hitting the burning

Writer: Maccus
Date Tue Dec 14 22:52:49 2021

To Shadow Imm RP All Drakkara

Subject {uThe Tide Rises-

Lazerus Talmont. The name alone sent a shiver down Maccus' spine. The
leathers protecting his chainmail and arcanium pieces had been thoroughly
ripped. Anyone who comes too close to the battle-hardened man can quickly
determine the acrid smell of burning leather. For several days, Maccus had
followed along the path set by Kaizlark, continually lighting the course
with the Eclipsian flame. Maccus thought back to what had been told to him,
though All that truly mattered to him was collecting whatever was left of
Lazerus Talmont

The prison was something to which Maccus hadn't seen. Its structure
mimicked an ancient keep, from a fake moat to the central gate. Beneath the
mask Maccus wore, he grimaced. He knew assaulting it would be easy if he
hadn't needed to worry about his own life. However, others would be joining
him, and it would be too risky for their lives.

Maccus rolled his neck and muttered absently to himself. A similar screech
appeared from behind him, and a groan escaped, 'Can you just not leave me
alone for five damn minutes
' As he spins to face it, the curved dagger at
his hip is already in motion, cementing itself into the diablerie's neck.
As its screeches of pain subside, Maccus walks over to it, making swift
movements with his foot against the handle of the dagger and watching its
head roll-off.

Maccus would reach into his bag, pulling out one of the landmarks once more,
and tosses it to the side, the Eclipsian fire emanating from it once it hits
the ground. Collecting the head in silence, Maccus would plant it on top of
the stake, 'May as well get camp set up... Only need it for three... The
other two are married...
' As he continued rattling off details to himself
as he prepared their encampment for the oncoming negotiations.

Writer: Rahma

Date Sat Dec 18 21:32:08 2021

To All New_Thalos ( immortal rp Siccara Taliena Zandreya )

Subject Grow your gardens: Tilling Thalos

"Grow your gardens."

The heat of the Thalosian sun baked the East Ishtar road. Here the broad
and slow Ishtar river was corralled into civilization as it slowly drained
its life giving waters into the sea to the east. Here there was water, here
life had bloomed. Civilized races had built a vast city thanks to these
waters. Yet as the Jewel prospered, the levees, docks, roads and walls had
transformed the banks of the river. A cradle of life had been transformed
into square, hot paved roads and walls. Stone and brick. Life and nature
long forgotten. Drab, dusty, and oppressive.

"Grow your gardens."

One might look to the broken sky of purple lightning or the river of blood
and shake one's fist at the evils and tyranny of gods and powers beyond
one's control. Yet this dead, dreary, hot plane of Hell in their city was
their own folly. A well meaning quest for order that had ended in tried,
heated streets, poverty, and petty crime.

The druid had marked the street and walls with stakes and chalk and plumb
lines. Piles of dirt and compost stood like bizarre dunes, dumped to the
sides of the road along the river for later use. This straight and dusty
strip of brick and stone would be a garden. This garden was the garden
closest to her heart. For the river was the very heart, pumping life giving
water into her beloved Sultanate. What years of civilization had turned to
hot brick, stone and dusty air she was working to soften and heal.

As a physician, bringing weak, sickly, or unhealthy people, creatures, and
plants back to eucrasia was her passion. The plan here included terraces of
healthy soil, irrigated by pumps with water from the Ishtar. It was still
controlled, civilized, but it was an invitation for life and growth to
return to the river banks. A way to revitalize the Jewel and grow healthy
foods and provide work to those in need of it. The joy and pride of working
towards a beautiful, useful, purpose. When the mind and heart are content
with one's labour, so improves the health of the body.

The garden project of New Thalos had been over a year in the making now. It
was Brother Tim's idea. He always had an interest in helping the lost and
needy in the Jewel find a healthy way to live. Not just gardens and
gardeners, but orchards and the fruits of labour to sell. The druid had
gladly seized the idea and worked with him to plan it. Their plans seemed
to bring joy even to their curmudgeon dark elven Sultan. The idea of
bringing plants into the city limits did seem decidedly elven in nature.

This garden project was the first and dearest to the druid. It was with
this garden in mind that she had prayed to the Gods of Good about. It was
to that prayer she had received an unexpected answer. If this strip of
hard, heated stone and dust could be turned to a garden, then so could life
take root anywhere. And where there was life, there would be healing. This
is what the druid contemplated as she walked along the Ishtar, and gazed up
to the broken sky.

"Grow your gardens."

Writer: Josteinn
Date Tue Dec 21 08:32:00 2021

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Writer: Andreyna
Date Tue Dec 28 14:12:14 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Marauders Chaos Laendyn Skoden Anbraxas Zandreya Imm Rp Religion Xenophon Cayenna

Subject Hunting the Warpbeasts

All about the blood tree elves were hard at work, the druids tended to
the soil, the roots, and the dormant tree itself. Priests and clerics
called upon the Mother's gifts to bless the tree, to protect it, and to fill
it with Her Natural grace. The Eldritch came and channeled their power of
the Sun, Stars, and Moons, working to counter any lingering affect the Warp
may have upon the tree. The tree would awaken soon, Andreyna could feel it,
the Vallens could feel it. The elves were still closely tied to the tree,
though they no longer felt the sickness that once consumed the Mother's Holy
Lands and Her Chosen.

'Majesty, I have a message for you from the fleet', a soft voice came,
breaking Andreyna's prayers. The Queen-Priest stood to her feet and dusted
the soil from her hands. She gave the messenger a nod and a smile of thanks
as she took the parchment into her hands. What could it be? Had the Blue

Andreyna exhaled a deep sigh of relief as she read over the missive. There
was still no sign of the Anbraxas. After the last battle, he had dove into
the ocean and had not been seen since, but there was no body either. He was
out there somewhere, waiting, perhaps healing, but he was certainly still
alive. However, he was not currently attacking the elves, so was a huge
weight lifted off the elfqueen's shoulders.

'Send a message back to the fleet and to the Commander of the Sha'falas',
Andreyna spoke in Elvish to the messenger. 'Tell them to continue to remain
on guard against the Blue, though I hope it is, this battle with Anbraxas
may not be over yet.
' The messenger nodded as she spoke. 'Tell the
Sha'falas to also send scouts about the Fort. Skoden is hiding those
Warpbeasts somewhere. He says they are not within the Fort itself, but
somewhere outside. He will not tell me where, though I have offered to
' The elven messenger furrowed his brows at the words and nodded.
'If he will not rid this world of the warpbeasts, we will find them and do
it ourselves.
' With a nod and bow the messenger placed his hood back over
his head, 'For the Mother. ' The Queen-Priest smiled, 'All the we do, we do
for Her.

Writer: Bragin

Date Fri Dec 31 08:26:21 2021

To All ( Malachive imm religion )

Subject Cleansing

It had been over a week after the incident on Icewall and Bragin still
felt unclean. Which likely was the point. The enchantor shuddered to
himself at the memory as he heated yet another bath. He had taken to
repeatedly cleaning himself after the incident. Elder Rahma even suggested
a variety of herbs to help relax and purify him while he did so. Yet still
the feeling remained.

Well when what appeared to be an old man turns into a bloody thing with dead
eyes and a mark of Chaos right before your eyes, that would have a tendency
to unnerve many. The scream that followed as he and Rahynia chased after it
was also unnerving. Though chief of that unnerved the young enchantor was
the defiled body on the road had reached up to grab him.

It had otherworldly strength and no matter how much he had struggled, Bragin
couldn't get away. As the thing pulled him down atop it and it leaned up,
possibly to bite him, Bragin had thought that was going to it. Then the
most frightening thing of that encounter happened.

The thing's face changed again. Instead of a hateful creature or a friendly
old man it was him. Bragin literally looked down into a mirror image of his
own face. It was still covered in blood, it's hair had been shaved away and
on it's head was the hateful star of Chaos. It gave a bloody smile and then
kissed Bragin's forehead.

To say that this freaked Bragin out would be an understatement. He cried
out and began redoubling his struggling. It was about then Rahynia and
Zorreau had managed to pull Bragin away from the body. By the time Bragin
came to his senses, it was just the body of the dead and defiled old man
again. That left Bragin shaken and covered in blood. But it was the
lingering feeling of that kiss on his forehead that made Bragin feel

The enchantor sighed as he slipped into another bath, trying to will himself
to relax. He had gotten on about his business as best he could after that.
Yet he still always felt soiled after that no matter how much he cleansed
himself. Was it in his head? Or did something happen to him? He didn't
know, nor had anyone he had spoken too.

Bragin didn't know if he'd ever feel clean again. He also knew that after
this, Malachive was most definitely not on his side, and likely never had

Writer: Bragin

Date Fri Dec 31 08:26:54 2021

Writer: Andreyna

Date Fri Dec 31 15:38:55 2021

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Marauders Chaos Laendyn Skoden Zandreya Xenophon Cayenna Imm Rp Religion

Subject Hunting the Warpbeasts: Pt. 2

In the dark of night four groups of elves departed from the Shalonesti
encampment. Silently they made their way into the forest, slipping quietly
into the territory of the Marauders. Cloaked in greens and browns, their
elven footsteps leaving no sound as they made their way through the trees,
the elves were practically invisible. The vallenwood scouts were experts in
stealth, especially in a forest, they would only be found if they wanted to

Each group had a portion of the Marauder territory to cover, but the land
was vast and would take time for the elves to search- there would be no
cave, no cliff, no valley or alcove that they would not search. The
warbeasts would be found, then the might of Her Chosen would be upon

. :*:. -. :+:. -. :+:.

'Majesty, the scouts are well on their way. There are four groups that will
spread out and cover the Marauder's territory. It is quite large, but they
will overturn each rock and log if they have to in order to find the
', an elven messenger reported to Andreyna as she sat by the blood
tree. A book lay in her lap full of prayers, songs, and stories of
Zandreya, the Bishop had taken to reading to the tree, becoming quite
motherly over it.

'Good to hear. I pray that it will not take them long to find the
warpbeasts. I know they are not within the Fort itself. The Highlord does
fear having them within the walls, especially with those markings. I do not
blame him. However, I am on the fence on how far away from the Fort he
would place them. Would he keep them close to watch them, or as far away
from the Fort and markings as possible. Near the coast perhaps? Ensure
they search the coast very well, there are likely many caves hidden along
the sea
', the Queen-Priest replied with a couple of nods at the messenger as
thoughts rolled through her mind.

'I shall do so, Majesty. My Queen, do you wish to inform the other
kingdoms, our allies, of our plans? Of the scouts?
', the messenger asked
as he rummaged through his pouches searching for parchment and quill.
Andreyna placed a hand in the air to stop him and shook her head, 'No, we
will not be informing our 'allies'. They have had plenty of opportunity to
aid us and no one came to our aid except the Storm. Which as much as I hate
to admit it, it is what I expected.

'We traveled to Arkane, leaving the Mother's lands exposed to attack from
our enemies, to aid our 'allies' to protect Arkane and the rest of the world
against the Fort and the Warp. We are attacked by a Blue dragon, over and
over again, did they come to our aid? Did they offer any help when our kin
died for them? Did Arkane? Did the armies of the Light? No, they did not.
The only ones who offered any sort of aid or information on this Blue was
the Storm and Verminasia. If we send missive to anyone, it will be to the
armies of the Darkness. They are the ones we can count on.

The elfqueen laughed softly in disbelief and shook her head, platinium curls
waving lightly around her, 'However when we find the warpbeasts, when we
strike, it would not surprise me if armies showed up from everywhere looking
for their glory.
' The Mother's Bishop narrowed her eyes at the messenger
as she continued, 'But now? Now we fight in the name of Zandreya and
Zandreya alone. She is done messing around. She has had enough. They all
witnessed Her Storms on the day of the sermon within the Fort. They've
heard the message from Her Aspect. That was only a glimpse of Her fury.

The messenger took a deep bow to his Queen and turned on a heel and back
down Emerald Lane. Andreyna ran her long, graceful fingers over the open
pages of the book within her lap, 'If they are not careful, they will find
themselves on the receiving end of Her rage.

Writer: Laendyn

Date Fri Dec 31 16:50:32 2021

To All Shalonesti_Kingdom Shalonesti Anbraxas Andreyna Skoden Marauders Xenophon Cayenna Zandreya Imm Rp Religion

Subject The Elves go to War: The Blue answers Part XXI

Laendyn scattered the bits and pieces of what was left of the kobold camp
and frowned. Still nothing from the scouts sent into the surrounding areas.
Nothing to be found of a lair that would fit a massive creature such as the
Blue. It was pestering him, but he knew it was not something to dwell on.
He had spoken with the Queen about the engagement at the port and it was
likely the Blue was bidding his time under the waves. Rumors spread that
that was where his lair was, but the Speaker thought better. It was a
terrible place to watch over "his" lands.

"{oCommander. It is time we left this place and returned to the camp. This
time we will fortify it stronger, begin building our own fort if it is truly
necessary. I want the entire place palisaded at least and us as entrenched
as possible for any further attacks from the sky or the ground.

The elf nodded and gave word to the others of the command given. They would
return to what they originally set out to do. And damn be to anyone who
would stop them.

Writer: Phemia

Date Sat Jan 1 15:27:41 2022

To All Marauders ( Imm RP Religion Xenophon Cayenna )

Subject A Perilous Passage part 1

Mere moments after watching the gargantuan Minotaur vanish beyond the
treeline, the Huntress immediately left the aviary to return to the
stronghold. With the oversized leather pouch kept tight against her form,
she made no attempt to remain undetected as the time was swiftly approaching
where there was no turning back. She had made a choice for the Free Army,
and most of them agreed. However, to follow the commands of a corrupted
Highlord would not sit well with them regardless of claims against that very
notion. Phemia's mind wandered through a sea of thoughts of what would come
of this course of action, yet All of them pointed to one of two scenarios.
Either she and the rest of the Free Army would fall, or those who truly
stood against the neverending tide in Raije's name would claim even the
meekest of victories.

Time was of the essence with the warpaint in her possession, for it must
reach the rest of the Free Army before the assault began in earnest. With
what little of her magic she had remaining, it would not suffice to carry
her swiftly back to the stronghold, yet this would not deter her. She
hefted the large pouch across her shoulder in the opposite direction of the
bow. The svelte feline turned to gaze back towards where the Minotaur came
from before nodding a single time and turning to leave as quickly as she
came. The gnomes were practically overjoyed by this fact and set to work
repairing the damage to their sanctuary. Just before she stepped foot
beyond the gates of this location, she drew her hood back over the top of
her head in addition to the mask that often covers her maw.

Knowing full well that many scouts would be keeping an eye out for any
movement, she had to stray clear of the main roads and, most importantly,
keep to the brush as much as she could. Waiting for reinforcements would
not do any good either as what precious little time there was, was rapidly
running out. So she quickly traveled back the way she came, though the
route would ultimately be longer due to the need for excessive caution in
all things while she was still in possession of the warpaint. By the time
she reached the treeline beyond the dirt path she had to cross, she had
heard a shrill whistle reasonably close to her position. Were that sound
more akin to someone gathering resources in the forest, it would hardly
concern her, but this was a specific whistle. One that she recognized to be
for a target being spotted.

Regardless of the potential danger of knowing that may have been for her,
she pressed ever onwards towards Northwatch Hold. Barely ten minutes passed
in her travels that an arrow struck a tree nearby towards where she was
heading, then another in the ground. Phemia spared only the barest of
glimpses towards the direction of where both of them came from, though her
keen senses only allowed her to take notice of a single scout. She ducked
around a nearby tree and through a generously sized bush, hoping to break
their line of sight. Unfortunately, with this heavy pouch, fighting back
would be difficult outside of close combat, and even that would prove

A third arrow, though farther off the mark than the last, struck a small
tree somewhere behind her. This only caused the feline to tuck her ears
down against her head as she darted from one tree to the next. Another
shrill whistle rang out nearby, and along with it, a series of arrows would
find purchase in a wild array directly in front of her. Had her assailants
known ahead of time where she had gone? That would imply that Skoden was
right. There were traitors still beholden to that corrupted Highlord hiding
amongst the Free Army and doing a fine job of it too if none have caught
wind of it yet. A singular streak of dark grey cut through a smaller tree
just ahead, barely grazing across her left arm, breaking her train of
thought immediately.

Writer: Phemia

Date Sat Jan 1 15:29:41 2022

To All Marauders ( Imm RP Religion Xenophon Cayenna )

Subject A Perilous Passage part 2

Phemia took flight from her position immediately, moving from one point
to another, yet never straying far from her intended path. Every few
seconds, another volley of arrows was let loose in her direction, though the
myriad of flora made certain most of them were harmless. All except the
mysterious grey projectiles that still had enough power behind them to
puncture even some of the more significant trees in the forest. One of
which caught her attention as it stuck in the one she momentarily stopped
behind. This thing was made of stone, and it came from the direction of the
stronghold? A darkened growl rose from within her throat as her eyes
narrowed. She would see that they are gutted and hanged alongside the warp
beast if it was who she thought it was.

This momentary pause was more than enough to get her blood boiling more than
she would ever admit, and it spurred her onwards toward her objective. The
warpaint being delivered to those loyal to Raije and who would stand against
the rising tide of the Marauders army was more important than anything else.
With that in mind, she took a moment to split the bow, tucking one of the
twin blades into the leather wrapping around her abdomen. Then, weapon in
hand, she moves out from where she was hidden, and in turn, a sudden earthen
spike rose from the ground, fracturing a large rock alongside the enormous
root from the tree itself. After that, it was only a matter of time before
it would become clear who was the hunter and the prey.

Knowing these lands better than most, Phemia was well aware of the current
setbacks, and the situation would not delay her for long. Barring
unfortunate events, she needed to cross a few more miles before breaking
into the open grounds where the Free Army cut the treeline back. She wasted
no time moving from point to point along the path she took. The barrage had
slowed down considerably, but that only gave her cause for concern. A few
quiet moments passed while she managed to cover a significant amount of
ground, yet her keen senses kept her aware of the presence of others nearby.
The moment she passed by a tree up ahead, the scent of leathers and blood
pervaded her sense of smell as she only briefly glanced towards the side of
the tree. A soldier bearing the armband of the Free Army, barely clinging
to life as a spike of stone had pierced their stomach, pinning them to the
tree itself.

The ground trembled momentarily before several earthen pillars erupted from
it, one of them catching her right thigh and forcing her off to the side
towards a tree. Even in the heat of the moment, she was wary enough to lift
her own blade in time to parry the incoming swing of a longsword from one of
the few members of the Free Army she recognized from the gatherings. But,
unfortunately, none of them seemed to realize that even for the kindness she
may have shown, few of them knew the true horrors they would unleash.
Pushing the blade to the side, she was quick to strike, cutting deep into
the leather armor her assailant was wearing. Yet, the wound was not enough
to prevent him from making another desperate attempt to cut the feline
Huntress down. The big pouch kept her from moving too quickly as she was
accustomed to, forcing her to block the attack once more, though this time,
she followed it by a swift stab into the side of the man. Phemia didn't
bother waiting to ensure he would not come after her if the wound was not
fatal. Her objective was not far from here.

Writer: Phemia

Date Sat Jan 1 15:32:55 2022

To All Marauders ( Imm RP Religion Xenophon Cayenna )

Subject A Perilous Passage part 3

Ever onwards, Phemia traveled towards her destination, finding cover
where possible while those who assaulted her had the means to keep track of
her location. Finally, she could see the forest's edge and the stronghold
in the distance with it. Yet even as she rapidly approached it, her
surroundings darkened, drawing her attention towards the quiet shifting
sounds behind her. A sheer metal wall began to form around her from behind,
which quickly encroached along where she was running. Though it had slowed
her down momentarily to examine the cause of the shadows. Even as the
realization washed over her, mismatched feline eyes narrowed as a rush of
adrenaline spurred her towards the only means of escape. The earth beneath
her trembled in a telltale sign with the Huntress a scant few feet from
freedom. She could see two familiar figures in the distance, though neither
easy to distinguish from one another. Kellam and Kerris stood weaving their
magics while a small contingent of soldiers stood at their backs.

Enormous earthen spikes sprang forth in front of her just as the metal walls
rose up on either side, sealing Phemia inside of a makeshift prison.
Without any sense of hesitation, she swung the gilded blade she carried,
striking at the stone wall yet barely leaving so much as a scratch. Again
and again, she tried to cut her way through the barriers to no avail. Her
struggles were for naught, even as the wounds she had from the trek so far
only bled more for her troubles. Sunlight could barely filter through the
cracks near the top of the stone pillars, though it did allow her to hear
the sounds of footsteps moving away from this place of isolation. Several
minutes passed before she could no longer hear any movement nearby. Phemia
spent some precious moments stabbing at the stone, though it would prove
useless outside of wearing her out that much faster.

After a short time, she calmed down and instead tended to the wounds she had
acquired in her flight from the sanctuary where she had met that giant
Minotaur. She spent quite some time in quiet contemplation, sitting against
one of the metallic walls. How long it had been, she was not sure, but it
would not be long before the assault would begin and the Marauders actual
quarry nowhere to be found. The mere thought of it enraged her in light of
not only her current predicament but also the fact that the twins who
labored to assemble the defenses were likely feeding information back to the
Marauders. If this was to be her end, no matter the cost, she would make
sure to present the warpaint to the rest so that they might carry on.

At that moment, she recalled her own wording of the means she claimed as a
follower of Raije. The very God who saw her fitting enough to bestow a gift
to deliver it to the Free Army. In an almost ceremonial manner, she
unraveled the leather wrapping from her right forearm, exposing the brown
fur that could barely hide the multiple curiously bite-shaped scar patterns.
Then, as she had done many times before this to cement her faith, she bit
into the flesh, tasting the familiarity of her own blood. Finally, she used
her own blood to write along the rear wall the words: Undying Loyalty. Once
the deed was done, she set the leather pouch aside and reassembled the
bladed bow.

Writer: Phemia

Date Sat Jan 1 15:34:36 2022

To All Marauders ( Imm RP Religion Xenophon Cayenna )

Subject A Perilous Passage part 4

The bow already thrummed quietly as it began to sup on her life force
from the bite wound. Phemia gripped the bow tightly, flexing the muscles to
further feed the weapon as the blood flowed freely. She stood far away from
the stone pillars, drawing a single arrow from her quiver. Within the
darkness, the gleaming crimson projectile was nearly capable of blinding
her, but she knew her target. Phemia closed her eyes, pulling the string
back slowly, calming herself somewhat until she finally released the arrow.
It shattered violently against the stone wall upon impact, leaving a sizable
fracture to spiderweb through it. Phemia let the bow hang limply at her
side for a moment while she placed her free hand against her forehead. The
day had taken its toll in more than one way.

It was clear that much of an offering to the bow was not enough. Phemia
removed the hand from her visage, carefully eying the bladed edges. Soon
enough, she took a deep breath and gave a simple nod as she then very
cautiously slit the palms of her hands, followed by opening a fresh wound on
the left forearm. Then, as she gripped the bow and drew an arrow, she felt
faint. The Huntress stumbled momentarily, leaning against the metallic wall
nearby until she could regain composure, All the while, the bow drew in the
offered life force. The crimson hue grew excessively bright, but it
darkened dramatically when she regained footing.

With a quick shake of her head, Phemia pushed off the encasing wall, drawing
the bow's string back. For a moment, several old memories of more pleasant
times flashed before her eyes. First, she could see her initiation with a
small gathering of soldiers, many of which horrified at the way she drew
blood. Then, her first true mission beyond the walls of Ironclad, followed
shortly by the announcement of the Great Hunt by Thrazgash himself. Lastly,
the moments before she lost consciousness, she delivered the killing blow to
the Great Wolf that once stalked the forests around Ironclad. Were any able
to bear witness to her currently, even they might notice the tears
threatening to brim over in her eyes.

The darkened energies from the bow gathered wholly at the tip of the arrow
before Phemia loosed it. Then, as it flew through the air, it rapidly was
engulfed in what appeared to be dark fire. Once it collided with the
fractured pillars of stone, an explosive force jettisoned from the tip of
the projectile. Being within such close proximity to it, it threw the weary
feline back against the far wall, forcing a loud grunt from her maw. By the
time she could pick herself back up, the devastation was evident. The
barricade of stone lay strewn across the open fields. She carefully stepped
outside of where those two yinn had trapped her, using the bow to keep
herself steady to the best of her ability. Though once back into the
sunlight, not only could she see the scattered debris, but also the marks
from the weapon. All throughout the area, numerous spatters of blood dotted
the landscape.

As Phemia began to make her slow trek towards the stronghold, she
practically clung to the bow as if it were just a cane. She could hardly
make it more than halfway through the open fields while cautiously avoiding
the pits she could still recall. Then, as luck would have it, one of the
archers on the eastern wall noticed her struggling to do much more than
stagger closer. They sent word to Lyle, who took it upon himself to gather
a few soldiers before rushing out to help carry Phemia and the oversized
pouch back inside.

Writer: Phemia
Date Sat Jan 1 15:37:33 2022

To All Marauders ( Imm RP Religion Xenophon Cayenna )

Subject A Perilous Passage part 5 - Fin

Lyle immediately carried Phemia to the Cleric's Ward himself, another
soldier took the bow that many recognized as Phemia's weapon of choice, yet
it had lost its golden color. Instead, it had been tainted by the excessive
draw of life force and now had a blackened, burnt look to it. The Huntress
was quickly laid out on the first cot they had available, the healer called
over for an emergency, and Alyss had come over the moment Lyle shouted for
the gnomish healer. Phemia slowly turned her gaze towards half-elf when the
scent reached the feline's nose.

"The pouch.. It is a gift, a boon.. From Raije. Its.. Warpaint. Use it
on the Free Army to, nngh.. Protect them. "

Even in the process of speaking, those there could see her eyes glazing over
before she closed them, breathing raggedly from the loss of blood alone. To
Alyss, who had taken Phemia's hand into her own, she was cold.

"Kellam.. Kerris.. Kill them. "

Alyss calmly repeated All of this to the rest who were gathered there. Lyle
had opened the pouch to see the contents within were indeed warpaint and,
while it was open, felt a radiating presence, unlike anything he had ever
known. Both Lyle and Alyss confirmed that neither of them had been seen
alongside a handful of other soldiers since Phemia left earlier.

"If you see... "

Phemia trailed off as though she barely had the strength to form the words
in her own language anymore. Her breathing had grown shallow by this point.
But, with their magic and knowledge, even the cleric could simply shake
their head.

"See.. See a giant Minotaur.. Listen... The druids.. Send... Home. "

All those who gathered there that day could only watch the Huntress's final
breath be drawn. A few of the soldiers lowered their heads to recognize a
fallen comrade. Many more walked away, returning to their duties, as they
had no ties to Phemia or anything she had done. Alyss was personally the
one who placed the cloth covering over the lifeless body. After a short
moment of silence, Lyle took the tarnished bow from the soldier who had
begun to pluck at the string to test his own strength and placed it gently
over the top of the fallen Huntress.

From beyond the veil, the ghostly figure of Phemia Whitefang would take
silent vigil over those within Northwatch Hold even long after those who
call it home pass from this mortal coil. Ever standing guard from the
walkways where some say even now, you could hear the iconic whip of a
bowstring being released in the middle of the night. Still, some few might
claim the apparition of a stoic feline walking along the walkways along the
palisade walls, bearing a striking resemblance to Phemia. Though shrouded
in mystery, her true story may still hold some meaning to those who stand
against the rising tide.

Writer: Fredrik

Date Sun Jan 2 08:57:20 2022

To All Skoden Marauders ( Xenophon Imm Rp )

Subject Moving Pawns

Fredrik rubbed his temples and took a deep breath before nodding to his aide
Pol and the Templar Xytris, who flanked the doorway to his office. He had been
expecting this visitor, but wanted nothing more than distance from it and all
the others like it. Fortunately, HighLord Skoden had come up with an excellent
plan to achieve that desire. "Come!" he finally responded to the door knock.

A grotesque amalgam of flesh and armor entered the room and delivered a clean
salute to Fredrik, before standing at attention. Despite the appearance and
mysterious origin, Corporal Padrig acted as any normal Marauder, and served as
the commander Fredrik had placed over the warped Marauders.

"Reporting for orders, as summoned, Sir." Padrig stated, tilting his torso in
a type of nod, as his face was largely fused into his chest.

"Aye, new orders Corporal. It turns out the home front has been more quiet
than we anticipated. The enemies seem content to camp about Arkane, and so
the talents of you and your soldiers go wasted. While it would be folly to
rush into their open jaws, we have decided that a force should be sent out
to harass their unguarded homes, and remind them the cost of their travels.
Fredrik explained with a smile, trying unsuccessfully to read any reaction
from the mound of flesh standing before him.

"Orders for those with warped strength are to report to Fiddichport. They
will join a small fleet there. We still require substantial defenses here,
but a small force consisting of soldiers with your immense strength can sow
quite a bit of havoc in the less defended lands abroad. Templar Xytris will
fill you in on more of the specifics and details.
" Fredrik finished with a
gesture to the stoic minotaur.

"Yes, Sir. We are eager to bring destruction where directed. I will see to
it that the troops are prepared for departure immediately.
" the warpbeast
explained, with what Fredrik hoped was an eager undertone.

"Thank you Corporal. Oh, and after your troops are delivered to Deception
Bay, you are to return to Ironclad. The HighLord intends to add you to his
personal bodyguard. Your strength and commitment serve us well. Dismissed.

Writer: Bragin

Date Sun Jan 2 09:42:55 2022

To All ( imm religion rp Xenophon )

Subject Searching

It wasn't a task Bragin relished, but it was something he felt he should
do. After the incident on Icewall, the Brother of the Gray Church had been
asking after the parishioner he saw on that fateful day.

He didn't know if that poor man was murdered or if he was always one of
them. But Bragin felt if he had any family or friends, they should know
what happened. Also if the man was a servant of the Warp, well that was
something they should know about too.

Bragin was slow to draw the connection, if there was one, but both the man
he sought and the quite literally warped vision of himself were both bald.
That gave Bragin doubts, as if he didn't have enough.

So the young enchantor spent some of his free time going to various
communities and churches on southern Icewall asking if anyone knew a man of
that description that was missing.

Perhaps it was a fools task, but sometimes the effort had to be made.
Bragin could barely remember what the man looked like before he literally
warped into the hateful creature thing that started that frightening
encounter. Now he was dead. If he was ever alive.

Bragin could just imagine family and friends of that man not knowing why he
suddenly dropped out of their lives, wondering what happened. Bragin also
wondered if he'd be doing them any favors by telling them what exactly did
happen. It'd be a nightmarish scenario to learn one you cared for was
desecrated in such a way. But what else could Bragin do there but tell the
truth, no matter how painful?

Bragin sighed as he made his way back to the warmth of the Gray Church on
Icewall. Nothing was ever easy.

Writer: Thasgerd

Date Sun Jan 2 16:58:57 2022

To All Austinian Taliena Nadrik Kantilles Siccara Kadiya Cayenna Xenophon ( IMM RP Religion )

Subject Two Pages and a General

The sound of sturdy reinforced platemail tinked in a soft rhythm as
armored fingers drummed over and over the stone head of the large hammer
sheathed at his side. Two of some of the youngest pages of Gareth Keep
stood behind the General, passing glances at each other, asking questions in
silence as the man in front's gaze wandered about the ash and rubble of
Taliena's temple. His eyes brushed from side to side, to the headless
statue of the Mother of Goodness, Light, and Love, then focused on the
always lingering symbol. The drumming of his fingers stopped and they
balled into a lazy fist and rested on the hammer.

The pages shot another glance at each other then looked up at Thasgerd from
behind, watching his shoulders rise then fall slowly in a rare deep breath.

"So'eone o' so'eones, 'ell, mebbe so'ethin baen 'ere. " Thasgerd took
another breath, not as deep as the last one but still rare none the less.
One of the pages, finally spoke, wanting to know.

"Sir, who or what has been here? " The young girl asked, her eyes wide with

Thas lifted his hand from his hammer and motioned to the ash that covered
the floor. "Thaere was a bi' mo'e ash thaen thaere bae nows. Wae've work'd
on i', bu' so'eones aelse baen 'ere. Dinna know who, bu' wae than' 'em no'e
tha laess f' tha 'elp.

The Crown General turned around, a concealed smile behind his face guard was
aimed at the two pages, "Lef' so'e coffae an' soups f' 'em. Tha El'er baen
ten'n t' tha lil saplin's a' tha edge.
" He pointed to a specific tree,
"Tha' one thaere bae 'aggis. El'er Rahm saed traes an' plan's li'e t' bae
talk'd t'.

The two pages, smallish, and a little skinny were dwarfed by Thasgerd's
large stature and frame. Their faces broke into smiles, but the curly
headed boy's smile faded. Thasgerd noticed the small hint of worry in the
boy's eyes as they focused on the symbol of Chaos.

"Sir, what are you--we going to do? " The boy asked, his eyes not leaving
the symbol.

Thasgerd's eyes steeled and answered, "Wha'ev'r wae 'ave t' do. Wha'ev'r
bae ask'd, o' naed'd o' us. Whet'er i' bae easaey o' 'ard, whet'r wae wan'
t', o' nah. Whaey wae're 'ere. Caetch mae drif'?

Both pages nodded, and answered in unison, "Yes, Sir. "

Thasgerd continued while he looked about the temple, "Nah jus' us, bu' all
o' us. An' those who dinna o' cinna, wae ta'e tha slack. If'n wae go's t'
tow o' 'old tha line, wae do. Up f' i'?
" The General grinned with the
tone of his question seeming to have some wondering humor.

The pages looked at each other then up at Thas and nodded. "Yes, Sir! "

"Goo', 'cause if'n shi'e goes dow', gonna naed ya'lls t' stan' in fron' o'
mae. I'm li'e a daelc'a'e flow'r.
" His cheeks rose from the playful grin
behind his face guard.

The pages chuckled and giggled, they knew better but it was still funny to

"Le's go. " He ordered before he scanned the temple again.

The pages saluted, and the trio from Gareth headed out of the burned out temple.

Writer: Thasgerd

Date Mon Jan 3 03:33:57 2022

To All Austinian Taliena Nadrik Kantilles Siccara Kadiya Cayenna Xenophon ( IMM RP Religion )

Subject Tired Is As Tired Does

He was awake but his eyes were closed and he grunted while he brought
himself to sit up. He was sore, he was always sore. Some days were better
than others but the soreness was always there. Giant killer snakes in a
river of blood, roaming vampires in the swamps and Gathna, people,
creatures, giant imps, emissaries, just about every weird thing that wanted
to end him had tried. Oh and that damn horn.

He grunted again, even opening his eyes was a chore sometimes. He looked
over and saw her breakfast was taken and she was gone and off to work in the
hospital on Tropica. That brought a smile and he smelled coffee. Fresh
coffee, and bacon! But there was a stipulation, the fruit had to be eaten
first then bacon. It was a fair trade. All three women in his life in some
fashion had gotten on to him, even banned him from bacon at one point until
he ate something healthy.

There was always haggis though. None of them liked it so it was All his.
He shook the cobwebs of dreams and thoughts from his mind and palmed his
eyes to help him wake up some more. There was something tugging at the back
of his mind, and maybe that's what woke him up.

He twisted at the back a couple times and few good cracks popped down the
whole of his spine and he sighed. He reached for the coffee and took a
healthy sip and made himself get up. He started gathering his stained
armors and tightened the leather straps and buckles. Each stain was
someone's blood, friend's and enemy's, and definitely his own. He cleaned
his armors but those stains had ingrained into the pieces, All of them
reminders of why he did what he did. Some understood, some didn't, some
agreed, some didn't of course, but it didn't matter. He knew what he had to
do. It was to lead Gareth Keep, and at times, others not in the Keep. Most
outside the Keep, save a very small few knew what he's seen, and been

The last buckle was fastened and his weapons were gathered, duffle bags
thrown over his shoulder, and coffee and bacon were in his hand, after the
fruit was eaten of course. He took another sip of coffee and thought for a
moment before he stepped out the door of his home. That thought at the back
of his mind, it was a feeling of something familiar to him, and he felt it
when he was with the pages.

He couldn't place it and shrugged in mild annoyance at himself for not being
able to place it. He was going to the temple to check on things. He needed
to stretch his legs and he'd walk, giving Buttercup a break from carrying
his bulk.

He did a quick look through of the keep. Pages were asleep in various
places, some still had tools in their hands, and knights found some
semblance of comfort on pews and benches here and there. It was quiet, but
they All would stir in a bit. Buttercup was at his side and they made their
way to the temple on Tropica through a portal.

A small walk brought the paladin and his warhorse to the temple, and looked
at the circles, the words, the small ember between them and the unfamiliar
script. He breathed in the air and eyed the symbol that hung in the air but
he felt some comfort, but the comfort had come when the circles had been

It hit him, not like a ton of bricks, but a warmth that washes over the
body, like a thick blanket that takes away the weight or burdens of the
world, like a hand on the shoulders. A hand!

That hand he felt once and never forgot it when he prayed at Austinian's
altar in the Church of Light. Maybe that's what he felt? Maybe he was
tired still? But that feeling of warm comfort added with the comfort even
in a temple dusted in ash and rubble strewn about was present. Thasgerd
dropped the duffle bags and smiled some while he patted Buttercup on the
cheek. He didn't want to say anything or think out loud of what he thought.
He could be wrong, so he'd work in that familiar comfort that was his.

Writer: Skoden

Date Mon Jan 3 16:23:26 2022

To All Fredrik Marauders ( Xenophon Admin Raije IMM RP )

Subject Moving Pawns: Presenting the Beast

A heavy fist beat against the door to the Highlord's office. Skoden grunted and
one of the two soldiers standing guard moved to open the door. Audibly, in
walked Padrig, the popping and cracking of his joints mixing with the sound of
platemail armor scraping and clinking against itself.

Padrig offered Skoden a crisp salute with his right hand before promptly sending
something rolling across the Highlord's desk with his left. Reflexively, Skoden
reached out to catch the object, flipping it in his hands and arching a brow as
he took note of what was delivered: the head of an elven soldier, helmet still
in tact.

"I laid waste to half a dozen of them on the way in, Highlord."

Skoden nodded, gray eyes idly scanning over the lifeless face of the elf another
moment, before he set the head back down and reaffixed his gaze upon the warped
Corporal before him. The arrival of Padrig meant that the rest of the marked
soldiers had landed in Deception Bay, and from there Admiral Taaik knew what
was commanded of him - and of them. In the meantime, Padrig and Skoden had a
mission of their own. The Highlord instructed Padrig to get whatever rest he
required, as the two would begin their work and preparation the next morning.
Padrig's body bent awkwardly as he seemed to nod and an uncomfortable grunt
accompanied the motion.

The Highlord dismissed the Corporal, and with another crisp salute the
beast turned and made his way out of the room. As the slam of the heavy
door behind him echoed through the Stronghold, Skoden nodded and then waved
one of the remaining soldiers over to his desk. The two conversed quietly as
they studied a map of the surrounding lands, and as the conversation
came to an end a sealed scroll was passed from the Highlord to the soldier.

A nod of understanding was given from the soldier to the Highlord before the
soldier, too, departed the room. Verminasia was a short ride away and the
courier knew exactly whom to look for, and where, giving the Highlord no
doubt that the soldier would be both successful and swift in his delivery.
The Highlord only needed to await the recipients response, and then the real
work could begin.

Writer: Laendyn

Date Tue Jan 4 13:26:33 2022

To All Andreyna Shalonesti_Kingdom Shalonesti Imm Religion RP Zandreya Cayenna Xenophon

Subject The Elves go to War: Defense of the Homeland

Laendyn sat in his tent and poured over the paperwork. Just before he
and his forces arrived, there was an attack by a Warpbeast and it claimed
Elven lives. He and the Queen had asked for reinforcements yet none came.
Between dragon and the Fort, they would be hard pressed by any attack, no
matter how defended their encampment was. He rubbed his cheek and closed
his eyes, head draped into his hands. After months of waiting, now the
Marauders would start harassing them? Or was this something else.
Something to draw them closer to the Fort. He raised his head and looked up
at the ceiling of the tent and frowned. Damn them all. Shalonesti would
not sit idle and die on a foriegn land for a people that refuse to even aid

', he called suddenly, his commander starting for a moment.
'{oSend the following units to Arkane. The rest, we return home. We will not
sit and give ourselves to the defense of Arkane's lands when they will not
even send reinforcements to deal with a dragon, let alone the Fort. In
twenty four hours I want every elf on a ship back to Shalonesti. Escorted
by the fleet. They All deserve to return home.

The commander nodded and stood, offering a quick salute before ducking out
of the tent. Laendyn sat for a moment and then sighed as he called in his
attendents to begin packing up his things and tent. He put on his helmet
and ducked out of the tent himself. It was time to return home.

Writer: Laendyn

Date Tue Jan 4 14:25:58 2022

To All Andreyna Shalonest_Kingdom Shalonesti Imm Religion RP Zandreya Cayenna Xenophon

Subject The Elves go to War: Defense of the Homeland

All around him elves worked quietly and quickly to organize their
movements to return to the dockside. Supplies and weaponry were packed into
large wagons with even larger wheels. Yet All around the tents remained up
and empty crates remained stacked where there were once full containers.
Laendyn's pace steadied as he came upon a group of wilders that were sitting
around a campfire. He waved them down as they began to stand and took a
seat with them.

'{oYou are All packed?
', he asked as he was handed a camp mug filled with
strong drink.

'Aye. Everything but the essentials, Speaker. You sure you want to do

'{oYes. I am staying till the the last to see this through. You, my knights,
and myself will be the last to leave. Your job is to start sabotaging damn
near everything you can. Pit falls, explosives, we're even leaving one of
the ballistae to show that we left in a hurry. Poison the foods. Anything
you can think of to give hell to the Marauders that find this place empty.

at the others gathered, All eager faced to begin laying their tricks down.
The captain chuckled and nodded, taking a long drink from his own cup.
'Alright, sire. Consider it done. We'll get right to work. ' He grinned
and looked at the others gathered, All eager faced to begin laying their
tricks down.


Laendyn sat upon Moonbeam and watched as the last of the sappers finished up
their job on the back gate. With a nod the whole group made their way to
the Knights and Speaker, grim smiles upon their faces. It was done.
Laendyn nodded and he and his knights flanked the sappers and began their
movement towards the docks of Arkania where their ships waited for them. It
didn't feel right to the Speaker, to leave their position, but there was
more to this war than pride.

Laendyn gripped his holy symbol tight and whispered a prayer to the Mother
as a unit of infantry materalized from the woods beside them, silently

Let the Marauders come. They would find nothing but death.

Writer: Andreyna

Date Tue Jan 4 14:59:27 2022

To All Shalonesti Shalonesti_Kingdom Laendyn Xenophon Cayenna Zandreya Imm Rp Religion

Subject The Elves go to War: Defense of the Homeland pt 3

Andreyna stood at the gates to the Vallens, watching the Sha'falas and
other volunteers leading empty wagons through the forest. The elves would
stop at every village, every home, ensuring each elf had a chance to pack
their belongings and load their families for the ride back to Shalonesti.

The priestess prayed this was the right choice. As Queen, she supported the
idea of calling the elves home and bringing back most of the troops from
Arkane. A few units would still remain and the scouts will still remain,
searching for the warpbeasts and any other information they could gather on
the Fort and its warp. As Queen, the elves came first. They were tired of
defending those who were not defending themselves, who were not defending
the elves who came to aid them.

As Bishop of Zandreya, she worried of the decision. The Mother had shown
Her displeasure in the Fort's decision to allow the Warp within its walls.
While Raije seemed to remain silent, Zandreya's Storms ravaged the Fort on
the night of the sermon. Andreyna would never end her battle against the
warp. The warpbeasts would be found and the Mother's elves would destroy
them. However, they needed a new plan. They did not expect to go at this
alone. They expected the other kingdoms to aid, and they had not, leaving
the elves to defend for themselves not only against a Blue dragon but now
against attacks from one of the Fort's warpbeasts. The warpbeasts the
Marauders claimed were loyal to them, the warpbeasts they claimed were
hidden away, from one of their own while they claimed they were not making
any attacks. Yet, here they were, attacking the elves while the elves had
not attacked them.

The priestess had stated many times to the Highlord and Fredrik that she
would aid them in any way she could to rid the Fort of the remains of the
Warp. However, the Fort had declined her offers and advice. They now used
the cursed creatures of Chaos as if they were their own. The warpbeasts
would be found and destroyed, and the Fort would have to be punished,
Andreyna told herself over and over again. She was not abandoning the
Mother, she never would, but they had to regroup and modify their plan at
going to war against the Fort's warp alone.

Writer: Fredrik

Date Tue Jan 4 21:00:20 2022

To All Skoden Taaik Marauders ( Xenophon Imm Rp )

Subject Moving Pawns: All Aboard!!

Makko growled and shoved back at the busy dockhand who had bumped into him.
He stopped and turned to give the bugger a piece of his mind, and probably
some fist, when he was pulled back into the line of soldiers making their
way to the small group of ships docked in the harbor of Fiddichport.

"Save yer fight, Mak. We gonner need it All fer warrin' soon enuf." one
of the soldiers he had travelled with grunted.

Makko was happy to finally be reassigned from gods damned latrine duty.
He wanted to fight, with a burning anger that he could feel pulsing from
the Mark seared onto his chest. Imbued with such strength, which was being
wasted by that fool of a Warlord they had. HighLord Skoden must have given
the pup a good whipping into action, he chuckled to himself.

Getting closer to the boats, Makko had noticed a number of Marauders he knew
shared his love of Malachive. Of course, they had learned quick enough to keep
quiet about it, once the vocal and angry ones had started disappearing from
the camps. Not Makko though, he was just a loyal Marauder who got branded to
save his skin during Barol's reign. At least, that's what he told the Templar.

"Oi there boys! We sure gonna bring quick a ruckus ain--" Makko's eyes widened
as he caught sight of a huge mass of twisted flesh moving through the crowd.

A formation of warped soldiers were boarding one of the ships, Glory, the
same one he was assigned too. Mak had heard that All the warped ones had
been assigned to this invasion, and seeing was believing. He was excited now.
Their target was a secret, but it mattered little. Makko was eager to carry
the Mark of Chaos into war, and become the spark that burns the world in a
blaze of glory.

Writer: Zorreau

Date Thu Jan 6 11:31:49 2022

To All Shadow Verminasia ( Imm RP Necrucifer Drakkara Carrionmaw Crelius )

Subject Memoirs of a Masked Man: Vol I - Into the Abyss: V

Darkness swirled and twisted, looping around and around, enough to make
even the strongest of stomachs nauseous. What was this? What had happened?
He didnt have long to consider as a dull ache throbbed. An ache that felt
oh-so familiar and was very much welcome. At least he was alive. His
predicament unknown but the bitter aroma of scorched earth wasnt overlooked,
neither the flames which had ignited following his rapture.

Prying his eyes open, his senses were assaulted by the acrid atmosphere
causing him to flinch his eyes shut again. Steadying himself for a second
attempt, Zorreau blinked his eyes open. Every light seemed brighter, too
bright causing him to squint. The already acidic air had grown worse since
the chain of explosions, a thick smoke lingered and slowly swirled around
the cavern making it tough to breathe.

Quite aware he was lay on his back, the dark knight attempted to sit up only
to be thwarted by a screaming pain along the back of his neck, a grunt of
discomfort being the only external acknowledgement. Zorreau gritted his
teeth, steeling himself for another attempt to stand. The searing pain
across the nape of his neck returned instantly, but not one to be floored
twice, Zorreau staggered to his feet using a shattered stalagmite to brace.

Reaching from one stalagmite to another, he weaves unsteadily towards the
centre of the chamber once more, avoiding the flames and debris which now
adorn the path before him. A ledge from the chamber wall falling and
crashing into the ground alerts Zorreau to a terrible ringing sound within
his ear, how long had he been hearing that? Actually, how long had he been
out for?

The ravaged pathway passes his make-shift camp or what remains of his modest
supplies, only his armour having seemingly survived the chaos. Shaking his
head, Zorreau continues to the path opening and takes in the destruction
from his raptures. Unstable tunnels collapsing and causing tremors, flames
scorching the barren lands and thick, ash-filled smoke swirling until
eventually escaping through the newly constructed hole in the ceiling.

Struggling to grasp control of his impaired senses, it was no surprise that
the hand appearing on his shoulder came as a shock. As did the voice, which
was mostly distorted through the ringing in his ears, but not one he would
ever forget.


He froze.

Writer: Devinn

Date Fri Jan 7 13:32:15 2022

To Abaddon All RP Imm

Subject Bloodlands at War: A Stirring Enemy

The Harbinger walked through the encampment slowly, his eyes drifting
between the small gatherings of soldiers on the beachhead. They were
restless, he could feel it, weeks of inactivity and waiting were taking a
toll on their nerves. Waiting was always the worst part of something like
this, but it was a necessary evil unfortunately. Devinn turned on his heel
and headed up another line of makeshift tents, slowing as he heard footsteps
approaching in the sand behind him. A plain clothed scout appeared beside
him with a quick salute, the Harbinger acknowledging him with a nod,
"Report. ". "Things are beginning to happen sir, we aren't sure what
exactly as of yet, but we are noticing enemy movements are picking up.
Devinn stopped walking entirely at this, turning to face the scout, his
expression pensive, "I want you to keep a close eye on it, if you can follow
some of them without being spotted, do it. We need more information on what
they are up to.
" The scout nodded his understanding, the Harbinger
levelling him with a stare before continuing, "Do not get caught...
" The scout nodded again, swallowing hard at the implications
looming silently in the Harbinger's stare. Devinn nooded, then dismissed
the scout, beginning his movements again, his pace quickened as he headed
back to his own tent, the Countess would need to be notified.

Writer: Rahke

Date Fri Jan 7 16:14:56 2022

Writer: Raimbaut

Date Sun Jan 9 11:23:54 2022

To Knighthood New_Thalos Rahma Thasgerd Timmel All ( Imm RP )

Subject Leaning on a tree.

He stood silently leaning against the oak at The Temple. He was gazing
upon the good things in the area, the rose, which he kept blessed, as and
when he could. Closing his eyes took a deep breath through his nose. The
smile faded from his face.

The circle still swirled within his gaze, ever upon his mind. Well, not
much else to do but stand watch, bring friends, have an absolutely fantastic
time and continue to tend to this place in the ways he could. A blessed
rose, a small flowing magical spring.

It was a small thing, so after placing the rose back upon the ground, he
left with a smile back upon his face.

Writer: Zorreau

Date Sun Jan 9 13:06:11 2022

To All Shadow Verminasia ( Imm RP Necrucifer Drakkara Carrionmaw Crelius )

Subject Memoirs of a Masked Man: Vol I - Into the Abyss: VI


The word repeated, likely due to his lack of response, the voice was easily
discernible even after All these years. The platemail gauntlet squeezed
against his shoulder before a strong pull whirled Zorreau around, the dark
knight losing his balance and stumbling a couple of steps before regaining
his bearings.

"Well, you look dreadful."

A scowl, the first thing Zorreau could muster to the heavily armoured
being. Squinting slightly to focus, his eyes trailed the length of the man
standing tall before him. The telltale signs of age had clearly withered the
mans face, deep set wrinkles creasing along his forehead and around his
eyes. A roughly kept stubble shadowed the bottom half of his face, his
natural hair colour now faded to a dark grey. The pristine dragonskin
armour of the past now looked beyond disheveled which was very out of
character for the venerable knight. One thing which remained the same,
the large gleaming war sword which sat at his hip, the blade still looking
clean and sharp. Perhaps the only thing this man actually took care of now.

"Not talking? Fine. You have made a hell of a mess which is impressive
in this inhospitable wasteland.

The man moved from Zorreau and stepped into the remains of the open
area nearing the lava stream which had caught fire, his dragonskin boots
being scuffed more as debris is kicked from out of his path. A long few
moments of silence passed as the knight surveyed the damage before
returning his steely gaze back to Zorreau, who had taken the effort to rest
his back against one of the few remaining stalagmite.

"I am surprised you are still here. I was a days travel away when I felt the
" The platemailed knight glanced towards the hole in the
chamber ceiling, watching the black smoke billowing through and into the
dark sky above. "You should know. I am not the only attention you have
managed to capture. Demons approach.

Grunting in anguish, Zorreau pushes himself to a somewhat firm footing
again and takes several short steps towards the remains of his
encampment. He drops to his knees besides his sand-ridden knapsack,
rummaging to locate his decanter and quickly quenching his thirst.
Soothing his dust-ridden throat was only the first step, without a second
thought the decanter is lifted and water poured directly over his face and
head. A sharp hiss of pain can be heard and a red tinge is seen pooling on
the floor as the water drips from his hair. Sighing deeply and clearing his
throat, Zorreau finally spoke.

"Old man. Good to see you still breathing."

Running his fingers through the long locks of his hair, Zorreau squeezes out
any excess water with a grimace as he sees the blood for himself.
Searching his knapsack once more to retrieve the cleanest bit of cloth he
could find, the dark knight wiped the grime from his features before tossing
the rag into the nearest flames. Somewhat refreshed, he turned his head to
the nearby presence.

"How are you, Lanival?"

He smiled.

Writer: Taaik

Date Sun Jan 9 17:32:06 2022

To All Skoden Fredrik Marauders ( Xenophon Imm Rp )

Subject Moving Pawns: Blaze of Glory

Five ships set sail from Fiddichport, the Admiral's ship leading the
formation. The Admiral walked the deck, his hands folded together behind
him as he inspected the crew he had aboard with a critical gaze. This
mission had been a long time coming, and was one that the Highlord, Warlord,
and himself spent plenty of time ironing out the details of prior to the
actual execution. The four additional ships fell into formation
accordingly, with Glory - the ship manned by the marked troops and
warpbeasts - nested safely in the center.

Hours passed and the group sailed further into the frigid reaches of
Icewall. Whispers were exchanged upon each ship about what their mission
might entail. Were they headed to Althainia to bring war to the retreating
Elves? Were they set to land on Icewall itself? Were they making a simple
supply run, since Glory and one of the other ships carried deliverable
cargo? A majority of the soldiers were unsure, but they followed their
orders anyway. Meanwhile, Admiral Taaik took the time now to coordinate
with Anares, one of the Fort's most trusted assistance, and patiently, yet
eagerly, awaited their moment. Warmagi. She and a handful of others from
the Magi batallion had come along to lend

The small fleet had long since rounded the eastern coast of Icewall and were
somewhere in the middle of the Puxnu'kiza ip Kupux ocean. No land was
within sight, and it was so dark that, without the light of a torch, one
could not even see their hand in front of their own face.

It was time.

The signal was given and each ship came to a halt. The two ships in the
rear maneuvered around to join the two ships at the head, leaving the ship
manned by the marked soldiers and beasts - Glory - virtually on its own.
One after another small, indeterminable flickers of light could be seen
forming along the edge of two of the ships, and the unmistakable shuffling
of boots against the hard wood decks could also be heard on the otherwise
still air. The troops were now prepared and in position.

With a flick of his wrist, the Admiral gave the signal, and a loud horn
bellowed through the night. The source of the flickering flames was obvious
suddenly as a volley of flaming arrows were loosed and came raining down on
Glory. Several soldiers were impaled, and the arrows that missed were not
wasted, as they ignited the water in a circle that surrounded the stranded
ship. Admiral Taaik had taken the time to ensure that Glory was stocked
full of gunpowder, rum, and other highly flammable cargo prior to the trip,
and without missing a beat, the flaming arrows were followed up by massive
fireballs that were loosed from the hands of experienced Magi soldiers,
several landing on the deck to set the wood ablaze, while others came in
direct contact with the troops and warpbeasts, and two were lucky enough
shots to hit barrel of rum and the sails, respectively, effectively blowing
a hole in the rear end of the ship and sending the mast up in flames.

The rain of fire was relentless, and blast by blast soldiers took their
chances. They would face death in one of two ways - trial by fire, or trial
by ice. That choice was their own. Some stayed aboard, and some jumped
into the glacial water. No matter their choice, their fate was sealed to
end the same way.

There would be nowhere to retreat to. No Gods, No Masters - this was true,
and as proof, there would be no one there to rescue them from the slaughter
of Raije's Army. The marked soldiers and warpbeasts had met their match,
and were brought to an end in a Blaze of Glory.

Writer: Symantha

Date Tue Jan 11 13:16:18 2022

Writer: Rahke

Date Tue Jan 11 14:06:30 2022

Writer: Raythe

Date Wed Jan 12 14:35:26 2022

Writer: Timmel

Date Thu Jan 13 13:00:00 2022

Writer: Timmel

Date Thu Jan 13 13:09:11 2022

Writer: Timmel

Date Thu Jan 13 13:17:31 2022

Writer: Timmel
Date Thu Jan 13 13:17:36 2022

Writer: Rahma
Date Thu Jan 13 15:54:33 2022

To All Raimbaut Tief Lothaw New_Thalos ( immortal rp Zandreya Taliena )

Subject Grow your gardens: Tree Temple

The druid oversaw the mixing of spoiled fish guts and manure into the
soil along the Ishtar. While Builders toiled with the mathematics of
plumbing, grades and waterflow, the year long quest to improve the soil for
the community garden continued. Soil had been imported from ancient
Thalosian lands that lay fallow. Kitchen and restaurant garbage had been
collected. The fish market had been harrowed. The Royal Stables and their
prized akhal-teke horses had made their donations. A certain Sheikh turned
page now was tapped to bring in offerings from Gareth's holy warhorses.
Apparently not too holy. The druid's last conversation with the Wizard
involved him pondering the possibility of breeding, magically? , Timmel's
mammoth to create a breed of sand mammoths to do their business by the
river. The world was crazy, but for now the sort of bull excrement she
dealt in was the most down to earth kind. It was from this disgusting work
that needed done that the base from which All the fruits of their labour
would rise.

"Grow your gardens."

The community garden project did not look like much, but it had expanded in
scope and spirit far beyond its bounds. Like an invasive plant putting out
suckers and spreading its influence, the hope, and now proof, that life
would go forth, grow, and heal was unstoppable. Many gardens, in many
places, some likely unknown to her or Brother Tim, had taken root in an
effort to bring balance and heal the dark and shattered lands. It was not
Brother Tim's impossible berry plot that she considered at the moment, but a
project near and dear to their Sultan.

The vast space of Common Square would be home to what she hoped to be the
crown jewel of the community garden. There would be planted a seed gifted
to the particular dark elf many years ago. His unfaltering adoration of
Nature and things elvish had won him a token from his Goddess unlike
anything she'd ever dreamed or heard of.

Would it sprout? What would grow from it? How many elven generations would
it take to mature? Would she or the Sultan even see it come to maturation?
Would it reach the sky, and bring balance and healing to the unnatural rip
above their home?

The rituals of growing Brother Tim's tipu tree were minor practice when
compared to the greatness of the Sultan's tree. It was not so much a garden
they grew anymore, but a temple. A place of worship, of reverence, of glory
and beauty to reflect upon something greater than oneself. A temple, to
Nature of course, but also Love, Math, Weather, Creation, Magic, Healing and
Peace, All the things they had brought to the project to make it real, all
the things they hoped to achieve from it. No one part seemed to grow
without being buttressed by another. Somehow the tree they would grow and
shelter, to in turn, shelter them, was part All these things to the druid.
All that was grand, beautiful, and painful about life.

So for a time the half elf druid would stand and daydream in the Common
Square of New Thalos. Imagining a great tree there giving shade to the
people of the desert jewel. Maybe a brown dragon would take human form and
picnic there, enjoying All the different fruits of the gardens, alone
remembering when the project was but a strip of dusty land along the Ishtar.
A silly vision, but one that seemed uniquely New Thalosian. She shook her
head. Much needed to be done yet. The Sultan needed to decide upon the
needed ceremony to plant his tree temple. The melon farmer upstream
promised a harvest this year, but just needed some more fertilizer. She
also did not see Brother Tim, which probably meant he could be anywhere
getting into anything.

The black rip in the sky marred the desert jewel. Dark where there should
be sunlight, purple where there should be sand. Yet life would go on, and
the world would grow and heal from its wounds. The world was alive, and
they worked their gardens to celebrate and keep it that way.

"Grow your gardens."

Writer: Raimbaut
Date Fri Jan 14 13:34:17 2022

To All Raimbaut Thasgerd Rahma Knighthood Imm RP Austinian Zandreya

Subject Carting Compost

He wiped the sweat from his shiny brow with a cloth. He had removed all
of his armors and was wearing rather simple and common clothes. He had
tended to the horses and steeds here in Gareth Keep offered by Giles. He
smiled, seeing the cart full of manure and straw.

Uttering a few soft words his horse materialized before him. Which he
promptly hooked up to the cart. Well, not so far a journey. He mounted his
steed, and began the ride to New Thalos. He was quick in his work, and the
sun would be down soon. He always enjoyed this dusk at the Jewel. He
shoveled and placed in rows the manure, the compost, of his own making. He
added a few things to it as well. Ground bone was mixed in, along with a
few other grasses. He lined the appropriate gardens. He attempted to apply
as best he could the compost to the growth in the rip, he rode his simple
cart and steed back to his keep to continue his duties.

Writer: Petricia
Date Sun Jan 16 00:18:15 2022

To All Shadow ( Imm RP Drakkara )

Subject Alone and Loss

( TW: stillbirth )

She was just finishing up a letter to her husband. The letter contained
information about her research and would aid the others if it got into their
hands in time. Her husband was back at Storm Keep continuing with his
duties. The time away from him weighed on her, but both gave their oath to
service before themselves. As she folded and sealed the letter, she felt a
slight twinge of pain. The pain was nothing she was concerned with as she
had had similar ones recently. She knew that pregnancy came with various
discomforts as the child developed within her body.

As she transversed the modest home from the private chambers to the central
hearth, she called for her cousin, who has agreed to be with her during this
delicate time. She knew it would be several weeks before the child should
be due, and to go a day or two without her cousin would not be an issue.
She assured her cousin that she would be fine without the extra help, and
all the work they did together would be enough to keep her comfortable. Her
only thoughts were to get that letter on the first ship leaving for

The rest of that day, she spent brewing small batches of potions to aid in
child care after the delivery. These potions were easier to make in her
current state, and she could do them without her cousin's help. That night,
she had a simple pottage with potatoes and lamb for dinner and finished some
darning by the firelight before she went to sleep.

She woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain ripping through her
abdomen. The wounds received from training or combat did not prepare her
for the gut-ripping feeling going through her body. Her mind, fogged with
pain, could barely concentrate on casting a simple illumination spell to
break the darkness of her bed-chamber. As she looked down, she saw the
thick pooling of blood staining her shift and bedding. Her mind started
racing on what she needed to do. She was alone, and it was not time for her
child to be born. Slowly, she made her way to the small hearth and stoked
the fire: heat and clean water. She stripped her body of the soiled
clothing before creating a makeshift bed by the fire with furs, sheets, and
any other clean linens she could muster.

Another wave of pain, and she screamed out in agony and for her Dark
Mistress to aid her in her darkest hour. She knew in her heart that prayers
to help her situation were useless, for Drakkara required devotion and
strength. To call to ease her pain would only bring mockery, yet out of the
need to endure what was happening, she called out.

She endured the night through cycles of pain and rest, and eventually,
slivers of daylight pierced through the drawn curtains. With what strength
remained, she managed to push the infant into the world. With tears running
down her face, she brought the still infant up to her nude body. The cord
was wrapped strangely around the neck. She removed the umbilical and
cuddled the tiny bluish body against her. Tears would not stop flowing from
her face as she continued to rock and pat the soundless infant on the back.

As the skies were beginning to glow magenta, her cousin returned. There,
her cousin found her still curled under the pallet by the fire with the
lifeless infant. The hope that she had to bring this life into this realm
was shattered. All she wanted to do was believe that her child would
eventually cry and take a breath, but that would not happen.

Gently, her cousin coaxed the still child away and swaddled it as if it was
alive. Next, a warm bath was drawn for her, and as she stayed in the tub,
numb with grief. She knew that her cousin was performing the customary
rites for the infant. Yet, All she could do at that moment was to sob dry,
heaving cries in a tub of cooling water as she ran out of tears hours ago.
How will she even tell of this loss to her husband? He will be as
devastated as she is now, and he has a mission to complete.

Writer: Devinn
Date Mon Jan 17 08:30:54 2022

Writer: Liviya
Date Wed Jan 19 00:12:13 2022

Writer: Murphae
Date Thu Jan 20 11:49:37 2022

Writer: Asyrlin
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Writer: Asyrlin
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Writer: Lavinah
Date Fri Jan 21 23:21:33 2022

To All ( religion rp immortal dragoth )

Subject In Service I

When given a task, she set right to it, and worked at it tirelessly.

First it was animals: deer, crows, rabbits and the like. Then gnomes.
Oh, so many gnomes. Each plagued, each watched die with her own eyes,
some pleading for help from whom none would come.


Next, it was the paladins and the rest of the holy order from the Castle
south of the city. Some plagued, some beaten to death - often with her
bare hands. Each dragged to His temple, His touch often festering on her
tattooed skin from contagion.


The whole of Glassrose Manor, sasquatches - countless sasquatches, the
entire Sylvan village. A plague started would linger in an area for days,
and the woman would wait as each succumbed, falling dead before her greedy
grin. She wondered if any noticed the dark red and black trail with bits
of flesh that stained the Arkane cobblestone before it washed away in the


Prisoners from the Bastille, the small tribe in the woodlands, and more
and more gnomes.


And she worked, tirelessly, continuing to bring corpses to His temple.

Writer: Murphae
Date Sat Jan 22 15:57:48 2022

Writer: Murphae
Date Sat Jan 22 16:26:37 2022

Writer: Maccus
Date Sat Jan 22 22:22:38 2022

To Shadow Imm RP All Drakkara

Subject {uThe Tide Rises- XXIV

The black sand swirled through the night, layer after layer being pelted
over the tents the Supplicant had set up. His eyes closed as the winds
howled. Within the moderate safety of the tent, the Supplicant prayed.

As night turned to day and day turned to night, Maccus prepared their
encampment, waiting for signs of those who were to join him. As day turned
to week, one week turning into a second, he stayed and prepared. He was
occasionally defending himself from the stray and aggressive diablerie;
however, they were not much concern to him overall. His problem remained on
the Keep that lay before him. Less than a quarter days walk ahead of him.

On the third week, noticing his rations were getting low and that those who
were supposed to arrive hadn't still, he prepared to move onto the Keep.
Through his diligent study of the foundation, he realized it was far more
akin to a single tower and courtyard. The tower, spiraling up thirty feet,
with its peak being cracked in half, offering protection only from its
northern face.

With a tug, he'd force his mask back down to his neck, offering it
additional protection while keeping his hood entirely up and stopping just
before the narrow gate. His mailed hand reached forward and gave the wood
several sharp raps. A disembodied voice that seems to twist and combine
both feminine and masculine before it fades into balance,

Writer: Maccus
Date Sun Jan 23 02:05:06 2022

To Shadow All Imm Drakkara RP

Subject {uThe Tide Rises-XXV

As the voice reaches his ears, his instincts kick in. His eyes were
narrowing, and his head was moving on a swivel. As the narrow gate opens,
he's greeted to a sight he hadn't reasonably expected. A table, about waist
high and twin, onyx chairs are more created for their elaborate backs and
legs than comfort.

With a disgruntled sigh, Maccus pushed through. Finding his seat at the
table and within an instant, a being appeared beyond him. 'It seems my
reputation might've proceeded me
' Maccus states softly, almost amused.

The being seems to shift and twist, continuing to take various shapes. From
man to woman to a tight sphere and back to something plainer, and within an
instant, an amethyst-eyed woman appeared. Her height is that of someone of
relatively short stature, but not that which could be confused with Dwarf or
Gnome. Chin-length blond hair with twisted green streaks claimed through.
The being spoke in a soft, feminine voice, 'It is not your reputation,
Stormbound. It is the fact that you have settled yourself less than a blink
from my domain.

Maccus seems taken aback by the presence. His hand comes up to clutch
tightly over his holy symbol, and though he steels himself, letting his hand
release after several moments before he states, 'Ah to that, I do apologize,
gracious host.
' As now, a teapot had appeared, already steaming with heat.
'I have come to this area in the desi--'

As he's cut off, the being begins to pour what Maccus assumed to be water
into their respective cups, 'Do not treat us for some fool, Stormbound.
Your intent can be felt within a mile. The bodies you have shed are
littered within the sand
' The voice takes on a tinge of anger as the final
words are spoken, its appearance shimmering and what once was pale skin now
turns into a light green.

While the tea is poured, Maccus watches the being, studying its movements
for some time. He begins to open his mouth once more before suddenly he
finds it closed by the being's "hand," 'We know what it is you desire. What
bargains you can offer mean little to us.
' As the creature rises and lets
its hand drop to the ancient darksteel medallion around Maccus' neck, 'Take
our desires to those who take charge. If they can be met, then you will
have your "prize"... Or at least... What's left of him
' Before the being
disappears into light, leaving but a scrap of what can be assumed paper for
Maccus to leave with.

Writer: Zorreau

Date Sun Jan 23 16:13:13 2022

To All Shadow Verminasia ( Imm RP Necrucifer Drakkara Carrionmaw Crelius )

Subject Memoirs of a Masked Man: Vol I - Into the Abyss: VII

A heavy silence lingered in the smokey chamber, the susurration of
spitting flames and crackling lava flow providing both a heated illumination
and ambient backing between the two longstanding comrades. Zorreau's
question went unanswered for a lengthy time, he wasn't sure the venerable
knight had actually heard his words. Standing, he faced his old mentor with
a quizzical look.

"I've found a serenity here. "

Having finally found his tongue again, the senior knights words were
well-thought out and calm. Zorreau studided his friend once more. His
posture, though still strong, did seem more relaxed and the tautness which
always found it's way into his jaw had loosened. Considering the number of
years that had passed and the harsh environment, time had been mostly kind
to his comrade.

"My return to Storm and second tenure as Dark Lord, that re-lit the fire
within. We blazed brightly and without fear of being burned. That same
fire smoulders still, but I use it to guard His lands. No politics, no
" Lanival raises his arms to his side, motioning to the
deteriorating construct surrounding the pair. "Until now obviously. "

Inwardly wincing at the elder knights final words, Zorreau took in his
surroundings once more with his senses finally clearing enough to scour the
scorched earth for his object of interest. Fallen stalagtites lay shattered
amongst the charred earth, marring any previous clear ground. It only took
a few moments of scanning until a glint caught the corner of his eye. Lying
among the debris was the very rapier he'd brought with him, the blade still
glowing white-hot with a faint crimson hue.

"What the hell you doing here anyway, Vega? " questioned Lanival, snapping
Zorreau out of his thoughts. Turning to face his friend, Zorreau glanced at
Lanival with a guarded gaze and turned answers over within his mind.
Lanival continued before he could continue, "I left you a Keep to run. "

The grimace came too quick for him to catch it, Zorreau's impenetrable mask
slipping for a mere moment and noticed by the ever-alert guardsman before
him. With a sigh, the dark knight relented under the steely stare of his
comrade. "That didn't quite go to plan.. And a lot has happened since.
I've made up for it with my current tenure.

Stepping forward through the debris-ridden chamber, Zorreau approached the
glowing blade which lay prone in the earth covered with a small layer of
rocks and dust. Aware that every move he made was being tracked by a set of
quizzical eyes, he started to enlighten his nescient friend.

"The power in the lands soars without control. We have elves as strong as
ogres, ogres as fast as elves.
" He runs his fingers through his hair once
before crouching beside the blade, his hand moving to check the temperature.
"Dont get me started on the pixies, the bakali and trolls. "

Tentatively wrapping his fingers around the hilt of the rapier, the knight
stood once more and retrieved the blade from the dirt. Zorreau slowly turns
back to Lanival, holding the blade before him and watched as the metal
continued to cool. The crimson hue of the blade remained with several
indecipherable symbols appearing along the flat of the blade.

"The power of the Sanctum wanes, Lanival. " regarding his friend with a
serious expression, Zorreau continued. "I came to find an equaliser,
something forged in His very fires.
" The blade swung down to his side with
a practised moulinet, a light hum reverberating from the blade as it pierces
through the air.

"I think I've found it. "

He smirked.

Writer: Thasgerd

Date Mon Jan 24 01:10:29 2022

To All Austinian Taliena Nadrik Kantilles Siccara Kadiya Xenophon Cayenna ( IMM RP Religion Storyline )

Subject Here, There, and Everywhere

He had visited the calamities time and time again, and always on his mind
was what he could've done. Could he have done better? Could he have tried
harder? What could have been done different? And could he have been a
better leader?

He sat on the top of the Keep's tower, looking to the east and the river of
blood, knowing well what slithered and lurked in it. He followed it to the
direction of Abaddon with his hazel eyes. He looked towards the mountain of
Thaxanos, knowing those creepy grinning gremlins in the crater. They seemed
harmless but when one like himself had been around long enough, one tends to
know the nature of gremlins. His mind wandered to Arkane and Verminasia
where that putrid sludge of a river ran through, and the times he trounced
through it, and felt unclean and almost sick, and that feeling coming from a
man with an iron stomach shouted volumes about gods know what was in that
streaming cesspool. The wind ripped around the tower of Gareth Keep, and
ripped around the tower of a Highland man, and his gaze zeroed in on New
Thalos and the rip. The overly lithe dancing demons, frenzied and never
stopping, and the closeness of the Black Moon always had him in a state of
silent and watchful caution.

He tried and failed, it was a collective failure, but he was leading that
herd of cats when the chance came to stop the coming of those blights. He
felt the weight of that failure on his shoulders every day, and she could
see it, feel it, and sense it, no matter how hard he tried to push it back a
little with a joke, or some reassurance that just because one effort had
failed, it didn't mean other efforts would.

He always took her words to heart, and she never said what she didn't mean,
and there was comfort in those words.

Thasgerd glanced up to the sky, he knew They were watching. He felt
Austinian's presence in Tropica, and knew He was with him, and would be with

Four chosen by the Bishop, each with a different background, each had seen
and been through much, just like many others had, including himself. He
told his friend, the Keeper of the Faith and Flame, and his Doctor, the
Elder of New Thalos that he prayed for the four, and like the Elder and the
Bishop, he'd be with them when they needed him. He'd be their hammer and
shield, their guide and mentor.

Thasgerd would see this through with them.

The General heard the soft sound of a thick porcelain against the stone
tower. He smelled bacon and coffee, both things he liked, not burnt. He
looked over his shoulder at the page who brought them and thanked her.

"Go int' mae offaece, dinna trip ov'r tha boo's an' scrolls an' ge's mae
duffle bags. An' than' ya's f' tha coffae an' bac'n.

"Yes Sir! " The young page saluted and ran off, wondering how in the hell
she was going to drag those heavy weapon and armor filled bags out by

Thas took a rare deep breath then chuckled softly through a small grin,
"Waesh i' coul' bae easaey f' 'em, buts nahthin' ev'r bae. "

He knew well it would'nt be easy for the four, and not easy for the Bishop,
the Doctor, and whoever else came to aid, and he knew for sure it woudln't
be easy for him, but he made a vow and he planned on keeping it. It was
time to start preparing.

Writer: Lavinah

Date Mon Jan 24 12:35:26 2022

To All ( religion RP dragoth immortal )

Subject In Service II

With each corpse brought to the Gardens in His temple, she knelt,
and repeated His prayer in the tongue of her homelands as it rotted away.
The language felt slippery, as if almost forgotten, at first. Soon,
though, she regained her confidence with the words and it's full
vileness unfolded.


Thunncer, an overweight gnome who worked on metals in some ways - or simply
liked his house hot as an oven. He did not plead for his wife or childer, as
most, but for himself. The vows and love quite disposable as he lay there, pus
dripping from his eyes.

Gnomes were also convenient as she could carry more of them at once.


The paladin, while woefully overmatched, fought to the end, true to the
spirit and lunacy of his pantheon. Sores and boils had erupted All across
the mans body, seeping out between the plates of armor, and still, his
body twitching just moments from death, he did not beg or whine - but simply
tried to lift his blade. She just smirked when he at last died, reading
His words engraved above the door: I AM HE WHO BRINGS FORTH LIFE FROM DEATH.


She did quite like the sasquatches. Gifted with more resistance than most
to His diseases, they provided the opportunity to experiment. And if
nothing succeded on a particular trip, they did burn nicely.


Each corpse, each prayer, taught her something, however small, watching each
rot and feed the Garden's vines and whatever lurked in the soil below.

Writer: Ikur

Date Mon Jan 24 18:57:36 2022

Writer: Nimiane

Date Mon Jan 24 23:53:01 2022

To Shadow Verminasia Symantha Telthian Zorreau All ( Drakkara Cayenna Imm RP )

Subject {pThe Tide Rises - XXVI

The scratching of a quill upon parchment can be heard coming from the
Tower of Verminasia. There was complete silence in the chamber except for
that scratching of quill upon parchment. Setting the quill down, Nimiane
looked over the parchment carefully before taking a small handful of sand
and letting it pour over the parchment. Letting it set for a few moments,
the young woman leans back in the chair and lets out a soft sigh. From some
dark corner of the room, a light scratching sound is heard, causing Nimiane
to jolt upright and glance towards the sound. This sound was more grating
on the ears as it sounded like claws dragging on a chalkboard.

Giving a shake of her head, Nimiane muttered something about imps and blew
the sand from the parchment. Stamping the royal seal of Verminasia at the
bottom, she rolled up the parchment and sealed it with more wax and a
ribbon. Getting up from the chair she was sitting in, the young woman moves
towards the balcony and gives a shrill whistle. A fox kestrel was sent up
and it landed on the balcony, which Nimiane was quick to tie the parchment
to its leg. It took off and flew back down to the one who had sent the
magnificent bird up. The young woman called down to the scout, only loud
enough for his own ears to hear. 'You have your orders! Do not fail! '
The scout gave a firm nod and soon disappeared from sight, likely to gather
up the scouts and an infantry unit that were waiting to make the journey
into the Rip.

Stepping back into the Tower and closing the doors behind her, Nimiane
closed her eyes for a moment, getting lost in her thoughts. The scratching
sound was back and louder than the last one, causing the young woman's eyes
to open quickly. Glancing about, she frowned for a bit before giving her
head a sharp shake. 'Just my imagination.. ' Stepping away from the doors
that lead out to the balcony, Nimiane glanced once more into the shadows
before leaving the Tower.

Writer: Phylip

Date Tue Jan 25 03:40:11 2022

To Abaddon ( Imm rp All )

Subject Resurrection of Phylip Consacus pt1

Phylip woke in blackness. His eyes opening to utter silence. Confusion
fogs his mind, he was not supposed to wake. In fact, he was content to
desiccate into ashes. He was not sure if that was possible but, he had been
willing to try. As his mind cleared something wasn't right. Something had
woke him. Something had fed him. It was only then did he realize his
weakness. He could not move. He could not speak. His eyes scanned what he
could see and there, in the corner, shuffling. Were they there to feed him
enough to waken his hunger, were they there to end him?

The curtains to the front window remain closed allowing no light, no prying
eyes from the outside world, yet from that hunched figure, a flash. Just as
quickly as he had seen it, it was gone. The shuffling reduced to silence,
the figure gone, yet his hunger had been awoken. It burned through his
veins like sandpaper. It ground against his insides like marbles grinding
together, incessant, needy. His finger twitched in the darkness. The
silence was broken again by raspy breaths. Whatever it was, it had not
taken him in desiccated sleep, it had woken him first, it wanted him to see.

He closed his eyes, resigned that his final moments would be in pain and
misery as the thirst consumed him. Wetness. Iron. Silkiness. His tongue
darts out to find warmth as an electrical charge flows into his mind. His
eyes open to see a wrist, the crimson flow dripping ever so slowly to his
lips Instinct took over what his mind was failing to comprehend. His fangs
extended and in the blink of an eye has latched on to the arm of the

Blood flowed freely, his mouth drawing in mouthfull after mouthfull of the
bitter nectar. His body in kind responded as life flowed into him. His
flesh that mere moments ago was gray and wrinkled slowly began to stiffen,
the wrinkles smoothing out to youthfullness. The color turning from
charcoal to ash, ash to cement, cement to new snow. The more he drew in the
darker it became until snow had turned to a darker pale. The heartbeat of
his ressurection was light. Its beating slow and thready. He was not done
with this one and the arm was released. The thud of the body was loud,
echoing through the small cabin as Phylip rose in an unnatural upward motion
to look down at what had brought him back. He didn't know the one
unconcious on the floor. Had never seen the man before, yet he had been
able to get into his home, had violated his sanctuary whilst he slept. He
should have killed it and returned to his bed. Instead, Phylip picked up
the half-dead man and put him on the couch. It would be several hours
before he had recovered enough to give answers. In the meantime Phylip
wanted to see what had become of the outside world.

Writer: Phylip
Date Tue Jan 25 03:41:40 2022

To Abaddon ( Imm rp All )

Subject Resurrection of Phylip Consacus pt2

He threw open the black curtains and what he found was not at All what he
had expected. He had expected the wild to have reclaimed his lands. He
expected to see his home covered in dust and filth. Instead he saw prestine
landscapes. The barn where his horses were stables looked to be in just the
same order as he had left it. The horses too looked healthy, full of spirit
and vitality. The inside was immaculate, nothing was out of place. Had
this man been here this entire time? He could sense Abaddon start to awaken
and he slipped from the light into the unseen shadows of his home. He was
not ready for them to know he was back in the realm of the mortals. He
still needed answers. Days passed. Phylip's hunger had started to scratch
at the back of his mind. It was not yet insistant, and he had learned to
block it out for the most part. The man on the couch stirred and groaned,
then jolted. With a grunt he hit the floor and was on his feet, paniced as
he looked about only to find the bed empty and Phylip nowhere in sight.
From the shadows Phylip spoke, his demon furious for being brought back to
this realm 'Why have you woken us? Why have you brought us back? ' The
man, for lack of a better term, eeped as he dropped to the floor, his face
only an inch from the polished floor. We were sent to watch over you
Master, to raise you when the time had come.
In a motion so fast the man
could make no sound Phylip had him pinned a foot off the floor against the
opposite wall. His eyes burning red in fury, his words coming out ice cold
and softly 'who sent you to watch me, human. There was no question in his
voice, it broached no want for anything but an answer. The man struggled
against the iron grip around his throat and managed to choke out 'The Co...
Countess, Ma... The Countess... Master..
Phylip dropped the man to the
floor with just as much subtlety as a rock. Turning his back to the man he
walked silently to the door and without looking back he said 'Your services
are no longer required. Do not be here when we return.
Without looking
back Phylip stepped into the sunlight leaving only the sound of sizzling
flesh, the smell of burnt meat, and smoke behind.

Writer: Symantha

Date Tue Jan 25 04:19:39 2022

Writer: Rahynia

Date Tue Jan 25 21:07:51 2022



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