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Kingdom Wars Pricing

(Please see the Read About Kingdom Wars page for details)

Knights (5) 125 eggs Leadership, bonuses to all troops they are around.  Great against powerful units such a dragons and wizards.
Calvary (10) 100 eggs Best offensive unit with great defense.
Archers (10) 90 eggs Long ranged potent offense.
Crossbow Men (15) 80 eggs Short ranged potent offense.
Pikemen (15) 80 eggs Best defensive unit in the game.  Best defense against Calvary.
Axe Wielders (20) 80 eggs Great powerful offense.
Macemen (25) 75 eggs Damage ignores most forms of armor.
Infantry (50) 75 eggs Foundation of army, good numbers.
Wizards (1) 100 eggs Powerful unit to gain advantages in combat.
Clerics (1) 100 eggs Opposite powerful unit of wizards. Many advantages.
Assassins (1) 200 eggs Used to exterminate leaders and high profile targets.
Heavy Cruiser 200 eggs Most powerful ship in the water.
Great Galley 175 eggs Supreme military transport for average defense capabilities.
Light Cruiser 125 eggs Good offense and defense. Fastest craft.
Galley 100 eggs Good transport ship. Moderate defensive capabilities.
Catapults 100 eggs Great for damaging your opponent behind a keeps walls.
Battering Rams 45 eggs Only way to knock down a door, unless you got a Dragon.
Siege Towers 60 eggs Take your army over the wall, forget the long sieges.




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