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Web Page Quests



Caption This with something DSL themed.

Post caption to this thread on the DSL forum.

Contest Ends 06/11/14 at 5pm.  Winner receives 2nd merit and change merit con card.




The Best DSL Themed Pumpkin

Quest - Best DSL Themed Pumpkin - Ends October 31 2012.

Info- Carve a Pumpkin with something DSL related in theme.  Post your picture (or a link to the picture) on the DSL forums.  The winner will win 100 Hit Points added to a character of their choice.









Quest - Best DSL Comic - Due by Friday December 2nd.

Info- Draw a DSL comic strip.  The one Scorn likes the most will win a Copper Dragon.  (You may not sell this dragon.  It is not a con card)

How will we be judged:  Humor is most important.  I do not care if you use stick figures.  However, some artistic talent does not hurt.

To submit your entry, post the comic on the forums at: http://www.dsl-mud.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=58617. You may submit as many entries as you like.


WINNER:  Kessin (11/21/2011)


End of Contest:  November 1st 2011

Prizes:  100% skills and spells added to any character.

Contest Description:  Come up with an improved flag for the SLAYERS clan.  If yours is chosen, it will be used in the game and you will be awarded the 100% skills/spells award.



Essay Contest

"Why I Play"

Create a short (2-3 paragraphs) essay on why you play DSL.  The top 3 have won RANDOM remaining 2008 con cards. 

1st Place:  Rob Jones

Before I confess why I play,
my history I should convey:
A mere accountant by the day.
"Pecuniary disarray"
Is what I term as my forte.

But by the night, I'm not so bald.
A six-pack, muscled, long-haired skald
Who's swarmed by fans at his recall,
Who goes behind the Waterfall.

She's sexy, furry, leather-clad
(and probably a guy named Chad)
But that's okay, it's not half bad.
In real life folks would think me mad.

I've fought before a massive crowd
The last man standing, cheering loud
Axes cut like genius surgeon
(Even though I'm still a virgin.)

In my job I shuffle papers
Never getting into capers.
I never take the road less trod
But by the night I've met my God.

And now you know just why I play:
A mere accountant by the day
Can be a very different man
Within this Dark and Shattered Land.

2nd Place:  Autumn Jarvis

I play DSL because I like to write stories, and I'm just not very good at it by myself.  I love words.  I love writing, and I love the way that people on this MUD weave their stories sometimes.  Very little is preplanned; characters change, evolve, adapt to situations and it's all part of the stories and histories that are being fleshed and built out based on other people, other characters.

There is something addicting about being able to change the world, even in a context as small as the one on DSL.  There is something refreshing about being able to know that no character will ever be just like mine is, just because no other character will ever go through the exact same experiences and situations that my character has.  No other player will be able to exactly replicate what I have done, for good or bad.

The bottom line is that I play DSL for the people.  Logging on every day provides a new, unique setting.  I can walk through the same town twelve times in an hour and walk by different people each time, and if I wanted to, I could affect them.  I could make them different, as much as they do me.  The game, the people, the players are dynamic, friends that I will share things on a creative level that I will never share with anything else.  That is why I play DSL.

3rd Place: Anthony Tyger

Why I play?

An essay of moderate intention by Anthony Tyger

            When I initially started to play in late 2001, it was to enjoy the idea of a game that held none of the aspects of modern game play, i.e. interactive 3d images and NPC’s and/or fixed game interaction to the extent of simply following quests or quest like hints that led you in the appropriate direction during game play. Instead, DSL offered me something that had been lacking in my personal game experience, honest role-play. I love the idea of an entirely personal character, one that I decide the color of it’s skin, it’s eye color, the length of its hair, as well as any little personal detail I wish to enter into it’s description, including it’s equipment. Sort of makes the being more fleshed out in my opinion, and enables me to build it the way I want to. That’s generally not something one gets with general game play these days.

            Since then I have experienced a few select characters to some varying degree of success, but only because I measure my success by personal agenda. I have stormed the walls of a besieging camp, I have sat at the side of a queen while she gave birth, I have seen the rise and fall of several bloodlines of beings, and I have witnessed first hand the destruction of a whole society. Show me a game like those of today (FF 1-13, Wild Arms 1-5, etc…), and compare it to a MUD, and tell me what “others” might say is the better game to play. But should someone ask me, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the MUD, particularly the one called Dark and Shattered Lands.

            You ask my why I play? I wonder why more do not. I try my best at getting more and more people interested into the game, and time and time again the initial response is why play a MUD instead of what is out there today with upgraded graphics and more adept character control, instead of a text-based game with no graphics. All I tell them is let the game speak for itself. And it does, for anyone who has played DSL for longer than a month can tell you, that the gaming experience they receive during a session with DSL is so unlike anything today, that it is almost unbelievable. Why do I play DSL? Because I love it, because it has been there through the birth of both of my children and has been more true to me than any lover I have ever had.



DSL Costume Contest!

The Contest:  DSL Costume Contest!
The Prize:  a 100 HP Con Card for 1st place, a 50 HP card for 2nd and a 25 HP card for 3rd place.
The Contest:  Dress up as a DSL character and take your photo and email it or the link to it to scorn@dsl-mud.org.
Rules:  It HAS to be you, a friend of yours or a relative. You MUST prove this by submitting an additional picture of this person playing DSL (text on the screen must have the DSL intro screen or our web sitesomething offering solid proof)
Hints to Win:  Creativity and Humor are always appreciated.


1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:




Prize - 1 Con Card for 100 HP's.  (Use it, keep it, sell it, whatever)

On Wednesday April 9th 2008 at 7pm central time, we will be posting a DSL related subject here on this page.  You will have 4 hours to write a story based on the subject that we provide and email the story to scorn@dsl-mud.org.  All work MUST be original and be by one author.  No late entries will be allowed.

They will be read by Vivienne and graded. She will NOT know who the author of any given story is. The top story will be posted here on the page and the author will be rewarded with the con card.


Prompt WAR - Winner (Lock'nah)- Read Story Here

Prompt PRISON - Winner (Dunnikin) - Read Story Here



WINNER: Raa'kui

I liked his theme and intend to use these 4 banners on our advertising campaign. - Scorn

DSL Advertising Banners:  To be judged September 1st.

Submit an advertising banner by emailing the graphic to scorn@dsl-mud.org.  The banner must be in .jpg or .gif format (or even possibly flash, but send the .fla file) and the dimensions are 468x72.  Be sure to have DSL's name and address and if its animated and still small, even better.


Prizes:  If your banner is selected for use, you will get a giant of your choice to keep or give away (previous to logging it in). 

The banner chosen to be the best will receive an extra merit.


Quest Date: 06/21/2006

07/06/06 - WINNERS declared, here are NEW FLAGS:





Replace a Flag, Win a Giant!!

Here are our Flags. If you can do one better and I like it better and use it, you'll win your choice of a Fire, Frost or Cloud Giant.  Files should be in the GIF or JPG format and have the dimensions of 275x by 115h pixels.  Email the graphic (one at a time) to scorn@dsl-mud.org. (make sure to put DSL Web Contest in the subject)  The contest will end July 1st 2006.



Conclave The Conclave
Wargar Wargar
Shalonesti Shalonesti
Shadow Shadow
Justice Justice
Knighthood The Knighthood
Bloodlust Bloodlust


Green Dragon Story Quest

The best short story based on this theme will win a Green Dragon.

Theme and Rules:  It must be in the accurate present day DSL setting and the main character of the story must be a Green Dragon.

Due Date:  September 17th, 2005.


Title: Beauty Hatching

She is entombed in a strangling near-darkness, for all sides of her body press against a thin rubbery skin of membrane and the hard, porous walls of a prison she has given no name. She blinks, but can not see through the watery red interior of fluid that blankets her. Every so often her mouth moves, a cavity which is not really a mouth at all, but a long distended jaw without lips, and rows upon rows of tiny needle teeth. These teeth have served her well, already, for some time ago a voilent snap of her maw pierced the tense barrier that contained it, and with a thrust of her head found that her nostrils discovered a chamber of air.

What was her first breath remained unseen, but for the purposeful twitch of a large nodular egg. From a short distance, a mother watched with fixed interest, dark viridian in the shadows of her chill cave lair.

She is uncomfortable, this newly breathing consciousness. A scaffold of bone under a canvas of skin with her softly scaled body, cramped and new. She is aware of her helpless state, her tight quarters and weak form, and the slow realization that she is cut off from the world. Her earlier efforts of movement have exhausted her. She can only lie here as she is, and try to judge time from the red shadows inside her barely-seeing eyes.

She does not yet comprehend who or what she is, but already she knows her value. From her cramped position, her lizardlike hand with its long and spindly fingers can explore the top of her left haunch. She understands, even though she can not see it, that she is exquisitely beautiful for the the flurry of tiny scales covering her thigh is the most pleasant thing she has experienced. She loves and appreciates herself for this beauty, and yearns to discover its entirety.

With a violent twist, she curls her spine, wrenching her powerful body against the walls that contain her. She can feel the barrier stretch and give, and a single point near her shoulder that seems as if it could burst. She uses her feet now, pressing full-force at this weakening spot with obsessive determination. She presses with all the persistance of life, for the same reason that grass grows underneath a stone.

The tip of the egg bulges, and then a soft crack appears. Rubbery shell and membrane press upwards, as a mother watches closely.

She lays on her side, exhausted. The air smells differently, and for the first time she realizes that she is not alone in the world. At first, this knowledge angers her, but at length she finds pleasure in the idea. For now, she rests, ribcage rising and falling with desperate breaths. But soon she will emerge from her weakening bondage and gift her beauty to those who are destined to admire her.

She has no doubt in her mind that the world will be gracious.


* Remorts prizes are EXTREMELY easy to lose.  Any penalties given to a remort will result in the denial of that character.  Failure to Role-Play "Perfectly" with the said remort will also result in the characters immediate denial.  This does include using your remort to advance your other characters or its friends agenda's.  Inactive remorts will also soon begin to be deleted to make room for the new ones, unless the old characters have stored up a sizeable time investment into their characters.  Remorts who abuse Player-Killing a.k.a. use the their characters to grief other players will also lose the character without notice.

(August 9th, 2004)

Prize:  A manatonic set to your character!

How: Be the highest scorer of this quiz.  All tie breakers names will be randomly drawn out of a hat to choose the winner.  (to be judged in 1 week after posting)  Current manatonics may add +2 thauma to their characters if they win.

EMAIL the anwers to the question to scorn@dsl-mud.org.  Make sure to put the word DSL in the subject.

Question #1:  Who is the most successful AGL World Champion? (in terms of number of successful defenses)

Question #2:  Who was DSL's first level 51 character?

Question #3:  Name at least 3 past or present Manatonics.

Question #4:  Name the Kingdom Leader who conquered the most kingdoms.

Question #5:  Where was DSL's first Con/Get-together located? (city and state)

Question #6:  What year/make/model of car does Scorn drive?

Question #7:  What's the max record of people playing DSL at one time?

Question #8:  Which current artifact has been found and is IN the game?

Question #9:  Which keep was introduced to the game first?

Question #10:  What old immortal was exceptionally fond of Pepsi?


(February 2002)

Redo Arkane's flag. Same size is required. (275x115)

Winner:  Ursah

Quests (August 2001)

Design the next Jongleur skill

Design a new Jongleur skill for that class.  I will take into consideration game balance, overall originality, and difficulty of implementation when considering a winner.

Winner will have their idea coded into the game and receive a prize of 100 jeweled eggs.

WINNER: (100 eggs)
Scrumb - Polevault Jump, a polevault jump that allows the Jongleur to advance two rooms, skipping one of them.
RUNNER UP: (50 eggs)
Nactonees - Weapon Toss, a disarm that knocks the weapon into a connecting room.

Quest: (May 2001)
Draw a Human Viking and Celtic in the same picture
Winner: Jess Freeman (picture show below)

(October 2000): Draw a Felar

Winner:  Sorcia

Second Place by Lisa Pantalone
Third place by Jessica Freeman

(April 15, 2000)

Flag Quest!  We asked for the best Gypsy and Shadow Clan flags you could make.  The winners were:

Hex: Shadow -

Fl'nel: Gypsy -

Non-Reclass Player Killing Tournament.  Warriors, Clerics, Thieves, Mages, and Bards only.  No vampires or manatonics allowed.

Kylan won this tournament. All results will be posted later.

(1)- Cauthon ( 51 Sea Elf Mage)
(2)- Le'nal (51 Wild Elf Warrior)
(3)- Serpentis (43 Goblin Thief)
(4)- Sien (51 Human Warrior)
(5)- Jari (51 Half Elf Warrior)
(6)- Tasget (51 Kender Thief)
(7)- Driz (51 Wild Elf Warrior)
(8)- Topper (51 Kender Thief)
(9)- Freyr (51 Hill Dwarf Warrior)
(10)- Dezler (51 Shalonesti Elf Mage)
(11)- Yahitch (49 Kender Warrior)
(12)- Kylan (48 Human Warrior)
(13)- Blackblade (51 Yinn Cleric)
(14)- Azrai (51 Human Cleric)
(15)- Jalas (51 Human Thief)
(16)- Saran'tal (50 Shalonesti Elf Bard)

Backups: Ricaliu, Lanival.

February 10th, 2000
Short Story Quest

1st Place - Haplo
2nd Place - Hex
3rd Place - Topper

July 1st, 1999
Ganth Flag Winner

Serak -

January 18th - Best DSL short story winners announced!

Winner - Fool's Gold, by Spliff

2nd Place  -  Chairiste & Cyndele by Cyndele and Chairiste

3rd Place - Draghul's Dream by Draghul


December 15th - Best DSL Logo

By Tarion
logo5.gif (27000 bytes)




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